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#kingsman x reader

Request:  i’m craving some harry hart angst with 37 and 38 because he’d literally flip if anything happened to the person he loves

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: chilbirth?? idk, mentions of fighting 

Words: 880

37. “It hurts.”

38. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be here sooner.”


Ever since Y/N and Harry had informed their friends and family that they were expecting a baby, everyone had smothered Y/N with advice on getting all the necessities, the best music to listen to so the kid would turn out a genius, what are the best foods to cravings and how to avoid the hormonal spikes she’d have to endure for nine months. She had been glad, as it was the first time for both of them and with her parents no longer in the picture Y/N took every advice no matter how crazy or lunatic it sounded and kept it close to her heart.

Right now she wished someone had told her what to do when your spy husband brings his work to the home resulting in you having to hide. In the middle, of goddamn childbirth.

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Can We Keep Him?

Pairing: Agent Whiskey x Reader

Summary: The last thing Jack expects to see when Y/N comes home from her mission is a puppy. But he can’t say no to those precious, pleading eyes. And the dog’s cute too.

Warnings: None, Fluff. My first real fic so probably shitty writing?


Originally posted by bestintheparsec


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Originally posted by rottencoconut

Title: Cliched

Pairing:  Eggsy Unwin X Reader

Word Count: 530

Summary: Tough guy Eggsy isn’t quiet as tough as you would think

Warnings: too cute to handle

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Request: hi, could u do 68,79,89 with harry hart please?

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: nada

Words: 530

68. “I could help you with that.”

79. ”This is the last time I wear this tight dress on a mission.”

89. “Oh, those are some glittery trousers.”


Originally posted by soierose

“This is the last time I wear this tight dress on a mission”, Y/N grumbled under her breath as she walked towards the lobby, her arm hooked around Eggsy’s. They passed multiple other couples, who were interested in the illegal weaponry trade Kingsman was trying to bust. Y/N and Eggsy were meant to portray a buyer, meaning they had to act like a couple, meaning Y/N had to wear the most uncomfortable piece of clothing Kingsmen had to offer.

“I could help you with that if you want to”, Eggst joked after he showed the guard their fake invitation. Y/N had been too busy eyeing the other guests as subtly as she could to notice.

“Eggsy”, Harry’s voice spoke through the comm. He and Merlin stayed behind on the jet, trying to hack into the seller’s database while Y/N and Eggsy kept them busy.

“Yeah, Eggsy, focus”, Y/N said in a childish manner after practically hearing her boyfriend’s eye roll through the communication. She looked around as they walked through the crowd and stopped by the counter. Eggsy asked for two glasses of the champagne they were serving.

“I mean look at those pants. Those are some glittery trousers”, Y/N mused quietly out loud and heard Eggsy scoff from beside her.

“Aren’t those the Swarovski diamond pants someone stole last year?” Y/N hummed thoughtfully and pretended to sip her drink.

“Harry, where’s the dude? I wasn’t kidding when I said I cannot fight in this dress without ripping it”, Y/N pulled her dress down a little and then up from the neckline. She frowned after hearing her boyfriend chuckle as if the situation was funny.

“Coming your way, grey suit, three o’clock.”

“Yea, I see ‘im”, Eggsy noted and corrected his glasses. Y/N pretended to laugh at something he said and placed a hand on Eggsy’s. When she felt she had ‘accidentally’ bumped into the man of the hour she abruptly turned around.

“Oh, I am so sorry”, and here we go…


“Finally”, Y/N sighed when they walked back into the jet and she got to take her ballet slippers off and unzip the zipper on the side. Finally able to breathe in successfully she fell on the couch in the jet and let her hair out of the hairstyle she had worked two hours to make.

Y/N rolled her shoulders and thanked harry when he handed her a small scotch glass. She held it up to him.

“I am so tired”, she said, blinking slowly. She had forgotten how draining a normal undercover job could be. They had been at the party for five hours with Eggsy, listening to their seminar about the new semi-automatic handguns they would soon begin to manufacture. Or would be if their all blueprints weren’t stolen by yours truly.

Harry sat down next to her and pulled Y/N to his side, she gladly leaned her whole body weight against him.

“That’s cute ‘n all, but please for the love of god wait until we get back”, Eggsy prompted while walking past the two. Y/N flipped him off lazily and snuggled even closer to get her point across.

“I’m never wearing a dress ever again”, she complained, much to Harry’s amusement.

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Characters: Y/n, Eggsy, Merlin

Pairing: Eggsy x Y/n (NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, cute Merlin, flirting…cuteness…

Word count: 450

Summary: You have half the Kingsman in the palm of your hand.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic from anons-eggsy talking about the water trial, “I almost fucking drowned”, “Well, with that fat ass weighing you down, it was no surprise.” and Merlin x daughter reader, comfort after she passes through the room filled with water scene’…the requests are way cut down, and I changed them up quite a bit, turned them neutral, then mashed them both together…but I think it’s sweet…Hope u like it!! Gif made by me…


“Would you just…stop!” you huffed, snatching the towel from Merlin and throwing it on the desk.

You’d hoped he’d leave your relationship outside of the workplace-but Merlin just couldn’t seem to see you as anything more than the child he’d promised to take care of. The child who was still drenched after waking up in a giant fish-tank.

“And when you catch a cold, who’ll be taking care of you?”

“That’d be me”.

You grinned when Eggsy sauntered into the room, arms outstretched as he modelled his suit for you.

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Team Work-Eggsy Unwin x Reader


Originally posted by zhivchik

(GIF credit to @zhivchik​)

Tags: @amirahiddleston @bloodorangemoonlight @elliexo

Requested by @lula132: ‘Hey! Could I request an imagine where reader and Eggsy (Kingsman) break up and they’re sad and stuff, so the rest of the agents try to get them back together,please?’

Characters: Eggsy Unwin x Reader, Harry Hart x Reader (platonic), Merlin x Reader (platonic), Roxy x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name

Warnings: Sadness, fluff


“Agent Percival, the files please?” Merlin grabbed my attention, making me snap out of my daydream.

“Oh, uh…y-yes the files…they’re…” I scrambled through the folders, hands shaking as I felt the embarrassment creep up inside me.“They’re not here.“

Merlin sighed, leaning back in his chair. It was just the two of us. I had been doing extra surveillance work, helping Merlin gather evidence before they fully went whoever they were after. But life hadn’t been so easy at the minute, and although work should come first for everything, it was hard to focus on even the simplest of tasks.

“I’m so sorry Merlin. I’ll go and get them straight away.” I stood up.

“Wait,” Merlin gestured for me to sit back down,“sit down for a moment, compose yourself.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Yes you do. We all do.” he typed away at his computer again.

“I shouldn’t be so upset over it. It was both our decision.”

“Neither of you wanted to go through with it.”

I pursed my lips, twirling around the pen in my hand. He was right. Eggsy and I had broken up, thrown a spanner into the works. We pretended it was a well thought out decision, but it was in the moment, in that one argument we had that we were both screaming at each other, tears streaming down our faces. Neither of us had been the same since. Always so tense, constantly trying to avoid one another in the hallways, praying that we didn’t get signed onto the same mission. All of the team were effected, making me feel guilty. I didn’t want them to have to witness this, it was humiliating; we should be professional about this, but once you’ve found that person who you love more than you thought you ever could, it was extremely hard to let them go.

The next day, I had told myself that I would be organised, I would get my work done, and I wouldn’t let down anymore of my friends. I had my folders, with the files inside, I had decided to make an effort with my look that day, and I had a confident stride. 

“(Y/N), I don’t think I’ve seen you smile in two weeks!” Roxy exclaimed as I stepped inside, already making her way towards me.

I just smiled in return, though it wasn’t like my usual self.

“I’ve been put on the case with you, so you’re stuck with me today.”

“Oh thank god.” I breathed out.

“You seem very relieved.”

We made our way to one of the many offices, needing to brief each other.“Did it really sound like that?”

She nodded.“I don’t think it would have been that bad if you two were on a case together.”

“Are you joking?” I scoffed as I shut the door behind us. We sat down next to each other at a table, laying down our folders.“The last time we tried to have a conversation…Well it turned into an argument pretty quickly.”

“All I’m saying is that you’re both just as miserable as each other.” she paused.“He’s not being allowed out in the field.”

“What?! But he’s one of the best.”

“Too emotionally unstable, that’s what Harry said.”

“He wouldn’t let that get the best of him.”

“Apparently it has…which is why you’re not going out either.”

“What?!” I raised my voice.

“Harry thinks it’ll be best, for both of your safety. You might make rash decisions.”

I groaned, flopping back further into the chair.“What’s going on in my personal life should have nothing to do with my work.”

“But it does. Kingsman is your life, it’s everything. That why it worked out so well for you and Eggsy. You understood each others lives and they molded into one.”

“See how you used the past tense there?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

I abruptly stood.“Look, you get started with this and I’ll get us some tea.”

“(Y/N), we don’t need-”

I didn’t hear the end of her sentence, slamming the door shut to make a point. Various agents walked by, but I ignored them, not sure where to head. Roxy was only trying to help, but I didn’t like other people getting involved. And now they wouldn’t let me do my job? It was bullshit.

Countless nights I had laid awake thinking about him, wondering what would have happened if we never argued. Perhaps a more adult conversation wouldn’t have landed us here. I missed him so much. He was on my mind constantly. I could only hope he felt the same, because that meant that some small part of him still loved me.

“Agent Percival? A word.” I heard Harry call.


Following him into one of the meeting rooms, I felt shaky as he closed the door, walking all the way to the end of the long table, I on the other side. He didn’t sit, instead holding onto the chair in front of him.

“Percival, it has come to my attention that you have not had the best concentration over the last fortnight. I’ve had numerous complaints that you are behind on work, losing important information, and that your negative attitude is starting to have an effect on others.”

Being so vulnerable, I bit the inside of my cheek to stop my lip trembling, breathing deeply through my nose to calm myself down. I wasn’t going to cry, I wasn’t going to cry, I wasn’t going to cry.

“All I have to say is this.”

Here it comes.

“Come in.”

Not what I was expecting.

The door behind me opened, and I froze as Eggsy walked in. He too stopped walking until Harry instructed us to sit in the chairs either side of him. I couldn’t believe he was here, after all this time of avoiding him.

“You will both sit here and discuss the problem at hand. You both know your true feelings, so stop suppressing them. As soon as you have fixed this, you can leave this room, whether you are back together or not.”

Eggsy moaned.“Harry-”

“Only when this is resolved.” 

With that, Harry swiftly left the room, closing the door and starting the silence. Eggsy and I avoided looking at each other, the uneasiness building up. I glanced at him, lucky that his gaze was somewhere else; I could feel myself crumbling as I took in his face, having not seen it for weeks. I was a trained agent, I was supposed to be amazing under pressure, yet here I was. This was different, this was personal, he was my boyfriend, and I wanted him to be mine again.

"So…” I breathed out.

“So…” he copied.

I couldn’t hold it back anymore, blurting everything out, not caring that I looked like an idiot.

“Eggsy, I miss you. I’ve not been right since…since that night. I miss seeing you lying next to me in bed, hitting you with a pillow if you snore. And that wonderful feeling of seeing you after one of us comes back from a mission, the relief that washes over me when you’re in one piece. But my work has been effected massively, and I can’t concentrate anymore. It’s actually scary how much we were a part of each others lives.”

“I miss you too.” Eggsy breathed out.“I knew this would happen, and yet I didn’t stop it. I don’t know why we did this.”

“We thought it would be easier, better. If we stayed together and someone…got hurt or died, it would lessen the pain. But I think it’s had the opposite effect.”

“What were we thinking? Better to have spent all that time together than to waste it. We’re such idiots.”

“So, what shall we do about it? Harry said we can’t leave until it’s sorted.”

He reached his hand across to me, taking my own and squeezing it. That gorgeous smile spread across his face, a twinkle in his eye which I hadn’t seen for ages. I hadn’t looked at his face properly for weeks, and I wanted to slap myself for it.

“I think we both know the answer.”

“Leave it in the past?”

He nodded.“Like it never happened.”

Instinctively, we raised out of our seats, leaning across the table to kiss. I stupidly thought it was going to be short and sweet (save the passion for later), giggling through the kiss as he deepened it. As I got excited for it to go further, we heard squabbling coming from outside the door. Smirking at each other, we rounded the table, putting our ears to the door.

“I told you, less then ten minutes!” Roxy snapped.

Merlin scoffed.“I don’t recall making any bets.”

“They still haven’t come out yet Roxy, you don’t know what’s going on in there.” Harry stated.

“That sounds like you are implying something else that I don’t want to think about.”

Eggsy pulled me away from the door.“I mean, Harry did say don’t come out until it’s resolved…”

I pulled at his tie.“At work? Really Eggsy?”

“Well, it’s the only place we haven’t done it.”

“Better tick it off the list then.”

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Harry Hart x Reader 
Warnings: NSFW
Word Count: 1,033
A/N: My 6th Harry Hart x Reader fic! Something for the Colin Firth thirst ;) Originally planned this to be short, I’m not sure what happened. 


As a kid, you were the type of girl who hates wearing a dress, even those fancy blouses. You felt that it was extravagant and completely unnecessary, so you were always comfortable in t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.

That didn’t change when you grew older. Though you wore gowns, high heels, or skirts but only when you had too.

And tonight’s one of those occasions.

Merlin called you in earlier that day to give you your outfit for the gala. “Your uniform for tonight, I hope it fits.” Merlin said before handing the garment bag to you. “I hope you’re not calling me fat.” Merlin chuckled. “No, but it was specially made, so it is bulletproof. Now, go on.” He said before showing you out of his office.

To prepare for the mission and your lack of experience with high heels, you trained to move around and fight wearing a pair for a week. The last thing you’d want to happen is to be a liability during the mission.

You had your make-up done by a professional, because you weren’t so sure how long it’ll take for you to do a decent job on your own. You were finishing putting on your spy gadgets that were disguised as accessories, when your glasses, which was sitting on the table, pinged. “Ready?” Your mission partner asked, to which you swiftly responded with “in a minute.”

When you arrived downstairs, Harry was already waiting by the door with Merlin for a final mission brief before you two head off. And when you walked into their view, Harry looked at you from head to toe before looking at you intensely. He knows you’ve been nervous about this mission, and that look certainly didn’t help. Merlin stared at you as you walked towards them and had to clear his throat, as if to snap himself back to reality, “You clean up good, Lancelot.”

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Request: If requests are still open, can you please do a Harry Hart x reader with 45, 88, and 99? 

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: Some dudes being annoying dipshits

Words: 500

45. “Stop.”

88. “I’m not getting paid enough to do this.”

99. “Say the word and I’ll kick their ass.”

Gif’s not mine, credit to the original maker!


“Alright, first things first”, Y/N’s authoritative voice boomed across the gym room as she walked in, a tablet in her hands and a very unimpressed look on her face. The new recruits stood in line in front of her, this time most of them were men. Y/N wanted to roll her eyes went she saw the nudged they thought they did discreetly upon seeing her.

“I am Agent Bedivere and I’ll be training with you every day until we have our newest addition to the service. That is that one of you will survive all the tasks”, she added under her breath looking through the names on her tablet. After a brief scanning, she could see most of them had ether military or navy training, so it set them all into pretty equal starting points.

“Today we begin with a stamina test, to see where your physical conditions lie.”

“I’m sorry miss, but I think that’s easiest tested in my bedroom”, one of the men joked, making everyone else chuckle. Y/N was quiet for a while, pondering whether she would be kicked out tampering with the test results.

“As I was saying”, she began again, voice stronger than before. “Today we challenger your overall condition. Next week we’ll begin with extreme conditions training and for the poor lot who have actually managed to stay here until then, we’ll train your diving and swimming techniques. Has everyone understood?”

“Yes, uh will you be joining us on the swimming training?” Another recruit piped up, earning a high five from another guy. Y/N sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, murmuring to herself.

“I’m not getting paid enough to do this.”


“Stop”, Y/N pointed her finger at Harry, when she walked int his office. “Don’t you even dare to laugh. Those recruits are worse than the ones before.” She sighed and placed the tablet on the table. Harry made a face that said ‘poor you’ before pulling her on his lap. Y/N sighed and leaned her head against his chest, trailing the sharply made tie with her fingers.

“But somehow you always manage”, Harry comforted her, placing small pecks on top of Y/N’s head. She hummed in thought and tilted her head back a bit, to see his face. She looked tired, that was for sure.

“Well, I’ve got to deal with quite a handful every night at home”, she teased, a lazy grin appearing on her face. Harry raised his eyebrows, tightening his grasp on her legs and waist.

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really”, Y/N giggled as she was pulled closer. She kissed him gently, drawing small circles into the back of Harry’s neck.  The familiar burning sparked in her body and she fixed her position to have more advantage.

“Hmmm, still”, Harry murmured into the kiss. “Say the word and I’ll kick their ass.”

Y/N laughed and threw her head back, her hair tousled around. Before diving in for another kill she smiled smugly and nibbed at Harry’s lower lip. “Whatever you say, darling.”

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Request: Hey if your still doing your prompt list maybe 60 with Roxy because they aren’t that many Roxy Fics out there

Pairing: Roxy Morton x Reader

Warnings: Some flirting nothing much

Words: 470

60. “I’m quite the screamer”

Gif’s not mine, credit to the original maker!


Originally posted by e-ripley

Y/N, Roxy, and Eggsy had been sent to a mission, to retrieve blueprints from a secret missile ring leader in Budapest. The trio was ecstatic about getting to go work together, as it was scarcely Arthur sent them anywhere. Something about Eggsy distracting the other two and Y/N being easily roped into the play. Roxy sometimes felt like she was working with two chaotic 5-year-olds, who were bickering over the new toys in kindergarten.

“Y/N, Eggsy, focus please”, She sighed as they hopped into the hallway of an underground base Merlin had worked on months locating for them. Y/N had threatened to push Eggsy out of their jet after the mission if he pushed her down the chute they had climbed in through.

“Yeah, Y/N, focus. Your girlfriend is working”, Eggsy, who was painfully aware of Roxy’s long-lasting crush on the other woman commented, making Roxy’s cheeks heated up. Y/N rolled her eyes and jabbed him into his ribs, oblivious at Roxy’s reaction.

“Well, then you can stop drooling after her the next time we go undercover into a party.”

Roxy cleared her throat and took out the electric lock breaker, placing it on the door in front of them. “Seriously, guys. This is the reason we’re never sent anywhere together.”

Y/N shrugged her shoulders and twirled the gun in her hand before putting it back into the holster. She was on ‘knock-the-guards-out’ duty tonight, her personal favorite.

“I like working with you more anyways”, She said nonchalantly, noticing the rosy red now creeping up Roxy’s ears. Y/N briefly glanced at Eggsy, as if to make sure she was seeing correctly. Was Roxy flustered? Over what she had said?

Eggsy winked at her, that knowing shit-eating grin on his face and Y/N turned around feeling victorious. Maybe she did have a shot with the newest recruit after all…

“You sure you can handle them all?” Roxy asked as Y/N went to open the door to slip through it. She leaned her head back so she was looking at Roxy pretty much upside down and winked at her.

“I’ll be alright.”

“Ask for help if you need it”, She stressed again, making Y/N chuckle a little. She stood up straight and leaned to the now slightly open door. She glanced at Eggsy behind her, who was having way too much fun and stuck her tongue out at him before looking at Roxy again.

“Don’t worry, I’m quite the screamer”, Y/N reassured Roxy, slightly biting her lip before closing the door behind her.

Roxy turned around and looked at Eggsy, who had his arms crossed over his chest. She squinted her eyes at him and urged them to continue.

“Not. A. Word”, She threatened him, to which Eggsy mumbled a few incoherent 'okays’ and followed behind her, hands in the universal I surrender motion.

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Request:  Hellloooo if you’re still open to requests, can I ask number 73 with Harry please I need more Harry Hart heartthrob on my dash

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: angst if you squint your eyes, otherwise just fluff

Words: 500

73. “Please, stop biting your lip.”

Gif not mine, credit to the original makers!


Originally posted by tate-yum

Harry didn’t know what it was about her, that made him inwardly scream like a bloody teenaged, hormone-filled young bloke straight out of school every goddamn time he saw Y/N. Which was almost every day, since after those two men, Eggsy and Merlin, had decided to stay and spew their delirious talk about agents and… Kingsmen? Hell, Harry didn’t know how many times he’d have to say he did not understand what that meant!

As a complete opposite, Y/N was quite a wonderful company. A couple of times, she’d sneak into his room and sit on his bed and ask Harry to tell her about the butterflies. There was something about her, that made Harry feel extremely lucky. Like he had won the grand prize because someone like Y/N was so interested in spending time with him. Although she did look a little sad behind her cheery smile.

”Hi”, her familiar voice spoke from the door. Harry looked up with a smile, Y/N slowly and quietly closed the door, wearing her Pj’s. It was rather dark outside, and the lights were dimmed in Harry’s room.

Y/N skipped over to the bed and sat on it cross-legged. ”Tell me about the butterflies again, please?” As if she needed to even ask, with those eyes Harry would commit a robbery for her.

So he told her about them, Y/N listening very attentively. Her arms resting on her knees and eyes following every small mannerism he made like she was studying him. A couple of times she’d chuckle, making Harry smile victoriously for making her laugh with small jokes.

It was slowly after their first encounter Harry had found himself more and more indulged with Y/N, her laugh, her voice, her eyes, lips… it made him quite uncomfortable really. Not towards Y/N but towards himself. She was a genuinely delightful person, who deserved to be treated and thought with respect. And not treated likes she was the protagonist of wet dreams.

”Please stop biting your lip,” Harry suddenly cut himself off, in the middle of explaining about Lycaena Cupreus. Y/N, not even realizing she was biting down on her lip in concentration and wonder quickly rolled her lips together and looked down. They both were blushing profusely and fumbling with their words.

”Am I distracting you?” She asked, teasing grin on her lips. Harry kept his eyes there, once again feeling the overwhelming feeling of safeness and familiarity fill his entire body.

He chuckled and looked down at the notebook he was reading from. ”I, uh- a little, yes,” Harry admitted weakly. Y/N looked at him, with that sad gleam in her eyes as she smiled widely.

”Anyway”, she eventually said and scooted a little closer, moving her hair out of her face and looking down at the notebook. ”Is this", she tapped one of the butterflies in the notebook, leaning closer to Harry, “in the same family like that one?”

Harry looked at her for a one more second before nodding and furthermore telling her about the butterflies, not able to keep the smile off of his face.

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Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x reader
Warnings: car crash, blood i guess, some angst, some fluff.
Summary: on a mission Eggsy and Y/n gets in a car crash together


Originally posted by agent-enchantress

Eggsy and Y/n were both fairly new agents at Kingsman, they were the perfect team both on the job, and in life. Y/n felt like she could trust Eggsy with all her heart, and lucikly for her, the feelings were mutual. When they were on a mission, they had been strictly told to not mention anything that could give away their relationship. It was hard for both of them, but they knew it had to be done, or else something much much worse would happen.

They’d been assigned a mission a few days ago, and were now almost done with it. For the most part it had been a very successful mission, they’d completed it, now they only need to get away before someone could catch them.

“Eggsy, the keys” Y/n whispered to him, as they were leaving the house they’d just attended a party at. The party had been filled with criminals and mafia people, Eggsy and Y/n weren’t totally sure what they were going to do, but Merlin usually knew all the information. “Shit! I thought you had them” Eggsy sighed in frustration. They both looked at each as they were trying to figure out what to do in the situation.

“My god..” Y/n sighed, “We can’t just go back in there”. Eggsy looked around, trying to see if there were any people around them, happily he spotted no one. “I’ll break the window, we have to leave soon” as he hit the window it broke into pieces and he quickly unlocked the doors. They both jumped in, as Y/n turned to look at the house they’d just left, and Merlin was hacking right now, she saw four men run out of it. Looking directly at her and Eggsy.

“Shit. Drive!” she yelled making Eggsy look up and see the men as well, he quickly started the car and they drove off. But of course the men hadn’t just given up, they were right behind them. “Drive faster!” Y/n shrieked when their car was being bumped by the others car.

Eggsy tightened his grip around the steering wheel as Y/n turned around aiming her gun at the other car. She shot but missed, she ducked in time before a bullet were shot right besides her head. “Merlin! We need help!” Y/n called out, but no reply came, “Merlin?!” she tried once more. “Fuck! The connection went to shit, what do we do?” she looked over at Eggsy.

“Buckle up, i think this one is gonna be a wild one” she did as he said and then the real race was on. She closed her eyes once or twice, trying to steady her breath. Then suddenly the people following them bumped into their car again, this time with more force. Y/n looked behind them to see the car right behind them, then a sound caught her attention. She turned to her side looking out of the window where a truck was headed right at them. “EGGSY!” she cried out before the truck hit them, causing her to black out.

After the crash their followers had left them be, thinking they’d died from the collision. Eggsy was the first to open his eyes, even though it was a struggle he was able to finally. He looked to his side where Y/n was, there were blood all over her and there were cuts filling up her face. Eggsy tried moving over to her, but his legs were caught under the car that had completey crumbled around them.

“Y-y/n…y/n?” he tried to speak in a groggy voice that almost couldn’t be heard. “Y/n. Wake up, we have to get out of here” he said as he shook Y/n, trying to wake her up. “Merlin? Merlin we need help. A truck hit us, please, Y/n isn’t waking up” he waited anxiously for a response, which eventually came.

“Eggsy!? Fuck…where are you? I’ll come get you” Merlin spoke in a hurried voice, scared the connection would flake out again. Eggsy told him where they were and hurried on Merlin, he was unsure of how long Y/n would make it without getting help.

“Y/n wake up, Merlin is coming to get us…Y/n?” Eggsy continued calling out for Y/n, he’d never been more scared before. After some time did he hear the sound of a helicopter approaching. Silently did he thank God for their rescue team, as he shook Y/n even more. “They’re here now Y/n, wake up, Merlin’s here!” he said.

“Eggsy?!” Merlin called out for him, “here!” Eggsy called out to Merlin. He then saw Merlin, Harry and Roxy running towards them. Roxy and Merlin got out Eggsy, while Harry got Y/n. “Y/n’s not waking up Merlin, you need to help her” he said in a serious voice, trying to stop tears from falling. Merlin and Harry looked at each other, concern and sadness filled all their eyes.

When they all got in the helicopter they quickly flew back to the headquarters, hurrying Y/n off with the medical team. Eggsy tried to go with her, but Harry held him back. “You can’t go with her just now, we’ll have to wait here” he said, sitting Eggsy down on one of the chairs that were standing in the hallway.

After half an hour had Eggsy fallen asleep on Harry’s shoulder, to which Roxy quickly took a photo off while giggling slightly. Then when 2 hours had passed a nurse came out and told them they could go see Y/n now. “Eggsy c’mon we’re going to see Y/n” Harry said shaking Eggsy awake. 

Eggsy were up on his feet in a matter of seconds and on his way to Y/n’s room, with the other right behind him. He opened the door and was taken aback by her state. Y/n had bandages all around her head and her shoulder was also bandaged up. She looked so broken. “Oh my…Y/n…” Eggsy said quietly letting a few tears fall down.

He went to sit with her, taking her hand in his, holding it carefully, as if she was made out of glass. Harry had walked out of the room, followed by the others, giving them some privacy. Then the monitors started beeping more rapidly, when Eggsy looked up he saw Y/n wide eyed and franticly looking around trying to get out of the bed.

“Shhh darling you’re alright, you’re safe, don’t worry” Eggsy said calming her down, making her lay back down on the bed. “Eggsy? wh-what happened?” her voice was shaking and her confused look flew around the room. “We were in a car crash, but you’re alright, they took care of you…” he reassured her. 

“What about the mission? Did we complete it?” she asked, Eggsy was surprised at her question. “What…babe, you almost died the mission is nothing. The important thing is that you’re alright” he said kissing her hand, then her forehead and lastly on the lips.

“You almost gave me a heart attack darling” he said leaning his forehead against hers. “I’ll try not to do it again” she giggled a little, and he joined her giggle fit.

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Request:  Hey!! If your still doing your Kingsman prompt list, can you please do 51 or 52 and 56 with Harry hart …. Thank you!

A/N: I know you said or, but… it’s Harry!

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: Suggestive tones

Words: 350

51. “Staring’s bad manners.”

52. “You shouldn’t walk around looking like that.”

56. “Liking what you see?”

Gif not mine, credit to the original makers!


“Why is it always meeee?” Y/N whined as she walked down the hallway from her room at the HQ, pulling down her dress while simultaneously pulling it upward on her chest as if it would magically grow longer from both ways.

She was going to a mission in the US with Eggsy and Agent Kay, with the intention to blow the cover of some sort of human trafficking circle that had grown to spread in San Jose. And with Roxy working on another undercover mission, it was Y/N who was put to play the ‘victim’. Meaning they’d go to the club where most of the disappearances happened, wait until Y/N’s drink would be spiked, and catch the bastards red-handed.

“Maybe you shouldn’t walk around looking like that”, Harry joked as Y/N walked into his office in their home to say goodbye, knowing fully well how much Y/N hated being in that dress. She exhaled dramatically, and on his lap and leaning her head on his shoulder.

“Well, I’ll change as soon as I’m out of that damned club. I don’t really enjoy this thing either”, she genuinely admitted, looking down at the excuse of a red dress which looked like it was missing the lower part. She tugged it down a little again and glanced up at Harry.

“Liking what you see? Staring’s bad manners, you know?” She teased, after realizing he was indeed very much fixed on her figure, that was now very visible under the flattering dress. Harry chuckled a little and tightened his grip on Y/N’s thighs, making her sigh and wish she could just there forever.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing you in this again,” He said and pecked Y/N’s lips. The latter one giggled adorably, almost too innocently for the situation (making Harry blush profusely) and threw her head back a little.

“Yeah, you would like that wouldn’t you?” She kissed him once more before hopping off and slipping the ballerinas she had been carrying around on her feet. “Maybe after, I get back”, Y/N said and gently pulled Harry’s tie to bring him into one last kiss.

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Request:  64,70,75 with harry hart please

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

A/N: Had to change one prompt a little to fit better

Warnings: Suggestive themes, cursing

Words: 330

64. “Make me.”

70. “Can’t we just have hatesex and then continue with our day?”

75. “Or what?”

Gif not mine, credit to the original makers!


Originally posted by ahs-monster

“Can’t you two just have hate sex and then continue on your day? ”, Eggsy annoyed spoke through the mic the all had on, while kicking some guy unconscious. “Seriously, first at HQ and now here, is there ever a time where you two don’t fight.”

“We don’t fight”, Y/N disagreed, while sneaking up behind a guard and kicking them on their knees.

“She’s correct-”

“I’m simply just always right”, She continued before Harry had the time to even finish his sentence. With one last punch, the last guard fell down in front of Y/N.  She sighed as she walked down the seemingly empty hallways, the floor littered from the unconscious, and injured agents. “Harry just makes everything so much harder.”

“Sure, whatever you say, princess”, was his response, accompanied by a sarcastic huff. “Next time I guess we’ll just leave you with the paperwork.”

“Oh, ha ha ha, or what, exactly? You and I both know I would only be stopped if I was cuffed to my bed.”

“I can make that happen.”

“Ah for fuck’s sake! The mission!? Focus please”, Eggsy groaned out of disgust, cringing loudly. It was like listening to your parents! He met up with Y/N who had secured the west wing for them, so they could go and look for the kidnappees.

“Hey, your idea”, Y/N defended herself jokingly, raising her hands in the universal surrender motion. “Besides,” She skipped over a couple of guards, and into the lobby. “We all know he wouldn’t last that long.”

“I am beginning to side with Eggsy, are you ever silent?” Harry asked as they gathered up at the rendezvous point, he walked from the East side of the building, looking sharp as ever. Y/N made a slight face and wiped an imaginary spot of blood off of his suit jacket.

“Make me”, She teasingly said, lowering her voice into a whisper purposely before turning around to walk towards the hostage room. “C'mon, we don’t have all day!”

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Request:  Fingers crossed no one has requested these already… 63 and 66, still with Harry?

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: Suggestive themes (no smut tho), cursing

Words: 936 (idk what happened honestly)

63. “You talk too much.”

66. “I can be quiet if I want to.”


Originally posted by rottencoconut

It wasn’t a secret in Kingsman that Y/N Y/L/N and Harry Hart didn’t necessarily like each other. Ever since day 1, the tension could be seen miles away. And no one knew why it was like that. Merlin, who was one of the people who had had the privilege to follow the two agents bicker like an old married couple with a real love-hate relationship, was pretty sure Harry nor Y/ knew why it was like it was either. 

Y/N had joined the Service when she was 20 after she had moved away from her home country to properly get away from her family, and most importantly her parents. Having high success in her global SAT’s and martial arts, she quickly caught the interest of Arthur and made Merlin to keep tabs on her until he deemed she was ready to be approached.

 Maybe it was because she was quite a few years younger than Harry, Y/N had always thought., immediately accompanied by a huff at the thought of such a childish excuse. Why’d it should bother how old or young she was when she was recruited? Roxy and Eggsy were even younger than her. Okay maybe, with only a few years, but younger nonetheless. 

It felt like no matter what Y/N did, let it be an extremely successful mission, or almost dying to get that file they had been after for months, there was always something wrong. And it was quite annoying to deal with, especially after they’d come home, tired, beaten and hungry. And especially, when Harry would just stay calm and somewhat collected (and extremely passive-aggressive) while Y/N would just let go, wanting nothing more than to just solve the situation so both parties could go home.

 Today was one of those days.

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Harry Hart x Reader
Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 1,084
A/N:  Hey guys, It’s been a while! I’ve finally managed to finish writing a fic this quarantine. How are you all doing? I hope you and your family is in good health. This fic was inspired by @verdonafrost‘s ask a few months ago. I hope this is good enough, and thanks again for reading my fics! Hope you will all enjoy this. Stay safe!


After the toast with the 1815 Napoleonic brandy, it seemed like someone had hit a play button, and the world spun again. The Kingsman agents focused back on their own missions, or was given one. Everyone knew what they had to do next.

Harry Hart had proposed another unsuitable candidate according to Chester King’s standards.

Halfway through the training of the final six candidates, news that one of them is the daughter of an agent had been circulating.

And there’s only one female candidate left.

She was usually seen taking a walk on the manor grounds with agent Galahad. No one paid attention at first, the other recruits thought that it was mainly because it is Galahad who proposed her, and he was just checking up on her.

But as the training went on, she and Galahad were frequently seen spending more time together. One time, they were seen together having lunch in the Kingsman Manor. And shortly after that, her co-candidates had started to notice, that’s when the rumor started. 

(Y/N) is tall and exceptionally beautiful, her brown locks falling just a few inches below her shoulders. And a female recruit guaranteed that most of the boys have been wanting to hook-up with her from the very first day. One recruit even tried a pitiful attempt at flirting just moments after she arrived. And that’s just what’s on the surface, the more they got to know her, her wit and her skills, half of the male recruits were smitten, and the other half were threatened.

Galahad’s colleagues have caught wind of this, too. Only no one had dared to ask. like the recruits, they simply assumed she is either Galahad’s daughter or niece.

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Originally posted by theforceofdarkandlight

Jack Daniels (Agent Whiskey) X Statesman Agent Moonshine!Reader

Summary: Your favorite agent is finally home from a long mission

Word Count: 683

Warnings: None!

Author’s Note: This is just a little Whiskey piece I found sitting in my notes. Hope you enjoy!


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Pairing: Harry Hart x daughter!reader
Warnings: kinda sexual assault (TW), sadness, ANGST, fluff at the end.
Summary: Y/n feels like Harry looks at Eggsy more of his child than her, so she tries to run away (Y/n’s about 17).


Originally posted by papercats-world

Once again, Harry had called and told he’d be home later than he’d expected. It happened almost every week night, and it was almost always the same thing he’d say. He and Eggsy were going out for drinks. He and Eggsy were doing some extra training. He and Eggsy needed to check up on something together. 

Always Eggsy this, Eggsy that. Ever since he’d recruited Eggsy and he’d join Kingsmen, it seemed as if your normally strong father and daughter bond had been starting to fade. It hurt that her dad never saw it, Y/n hadn’t the heart or guts to confront her dad about it. Maybe she was just wrong about the whole situation, maybe it was just a little fling of sorts. She could understand if her dad just had gotten really engaged or enthusiastic about something, but he rarely went into detail about what he did.

She went to bed, trying to shake off the feeling of being replaced. Right before she felt asleep, a horrible thought popped up into her mind; maybe she just wasn’t good enough, or she’d dissapointed her father somehow. With that in mind, she felt asleep. 

It felt as if she’d just closed her eyes when she woke up, the curtains where still covering the window. They never used to on a weekend, Harry would always open them, and make breakfast for the two of them on the weekends. She felt extremely restless as she walked out of her room, looking for her dad. 

“Dad?” she called out in the house, there wasn’t a response. Quickly, she ran to her dad’s room, no one was in there and there was no sign that he’d ever been there and slept. Fear began filling the place where confused had been just a few moments before.

Y/n walked back to her room, grabbing her phone. As she turned it on, she saw a single text from her dad. I won’t be home tonight, Eggsy and i are working on something. It felt as if she’d been punched in her stomach, she felt as if she couldn’t breath. The air were being sucked out of her. The sadness were quick to be mixed up with anger. How dare he? Y/n always tried to make him proud, but he always just wanted to be with Eggsy. What did it even matter, he obviously wouldn’t mind if she just left.

With thoughts, she started packing a back pack. She packed a few articles of clothing, a book, a picture of Y/n, her mum and her dad. She walked into the kitchen and found the drawer, where she knew both her parents used to hide money from her. Y/n didn’t find much, but took what she could get. Without another thought she was out. And she made sure to slam the door behind her.

Y/n wasn’t entirely sure if it was such a good idea, but she just couldn’t stand being at home or to hear anymore about Eggsy. She had to get out. With a sharp breath she started walking towards the bus stop, it was just around the corner and then she’d be a long way from home.

While she waited for the bus, doubts started to form once more, but this time the bus got there before she could turn around. Y/n jumped on the bus and watched her home get further away from her, and eventually she couldn’t see it no more. It felt both good and extremely wrong, but she couldn’t go back, not now. A single tear fell from her eye, but it was quickly wiped away.

She’d been walking for God knows how long time, it must’ve been a few hours since she’d jumped off the bus. It had become dark outside, grey skies hung threathing above London city. Y/n defiently wouldn’t wanna get caught outside in the rain, with nowhere to go to.

A few moments later she saw a neon sign, it must be a bar. Y/n had visited pubs before, and didn’t think this would be any different. Except this neighborhood was so different from where the pub she’d went to was. This was defiently not a place for a energy drained 17 year old to be wandering around.

She walked into the bar, even though her instincts where telling her to turn around, and just go back home. The bar smelt horrible, the smoke was so thick you could cut it, and the smell of alcohol almost made her gag.

Y/n walked over to the bar and sat down on a stool, she ordered a coke. The bartender gave her a funny look, but didn’t question further. As she sat there drinking her fizzy drink, wondering where she’d sleep tonight, a man made his way towards her. He was clearly drunk and was way bigger than her, so an instant pang of fear were send through her body.

“Hey there pretty lady…” he slurred, touching her hair and leaning way too close to her. Y/n tried wiggling away from him, but he grabbed her tight around her arm, looking her directly into her eyes. “Where you g-going? We’re only getting started” he said and forced her to stand, as he made his way through the crowd, still having a strong grip on her arm.

He pulled her into a small dark room, where he pressed his body against hers. She felt disgusting and tried fighting him off of her, but he was like a rock, she couldn’t move him at all. “Let go of me!” she screamed, to which he hit her head against the wall. Y/n felt the blood trickle down her neck, causing her to cry out a little. “Shut up you whore!” the man yelled at her, he continued to either slap her or forcefully kiss her. “I don’t want to do this, please let me go!” she begged, feeling utterly helpless. His only response was to grab her neck tightly, he would defiently leave a bruise if she got out of this situation alive.

While he focused on squezzing the life out of Y/n, she saw her chance, and kicked him right in the balls. He buckled over, letting go of her, and she was quick to pull open the door and sprinting out. Her head was spinning and the pain from her head only seemed to worsen with the smoke and alcohol smell.

When she made her way out onto the street again, she’d run to quickly she’d nearly gotten driven down by a car. It caused her to jump back with a small cry. She dropped to the curb, tears were streaming down her cheeks. What had she done? She should’ve stayed home, she wished she knew where she was, but she was completely lost.

Y/n got up and started to walk, not knowing where she was walking to. When she’d ran out of the bar, she saw a clock. It had been 01.20am at that time. Her feet hurt and her eyelids were so heavy, she was tempted to just stop right then and there and sleep on the sidewalk.

But she kept going, not knowing why. Soon though, she discovered that the neighborhood she’d walked into had been Eggsy’s. No matter what she had against Eggsy, she would do anything to rest, even if it was to knock on some almost strangers door at 2am in the middle of the night, looking like someone had dragged her through all of London.

She’d found Eggsy’s appartment, without a single hesitation had she knocked on the door. As if someone had been expecting a person, the door flew open almost immediately. Y/n was met with Eggsy’s worried eyes that quickly moved her inside, and sat her down on a couch.

“Y/n, you look horrible where did you go? Harry is scared shitless” Y/n didn’t say anything, she kept on looking into his white apartment walls. “C’mon Y/n, you gotta talk to me, what happened?” and with that, the tears started welling up and spilling. The day as a whole had been way to much for Y/n to handle right now.

“i…i went to this bar…and then there was a man there…and, oh god.. Eggsy i promise i tried to say no, and fight….but he just didnt stop and he was much more stronger than me…i got out but i…i was so scared” she cried into his shoulder, he had an arm around her. But he felt as if some of the story were missing. “But why did you run away in the first place? You’d packed a bag and all” he questioned.

At first she didn’t answer, scared of what he’d think of her. “You can trust me Y/n, i know we haven’t talked much but i want you to be safe” Eggsy said which just make Y/n cry even harder, she’d been so cold towards Eggsy because she was jealous of his and Harry’s relationship. “It’s just…ever since…i’m gonna sound like such a dick..but i felt like my dad wouldn’t care if i just left” she took a sharp breath. “Because he’s always hanging out with you, and doing stuff with you…i just felt like he’d found someone who’s more like him…so he didn’t need a daughter when he could just have a son” she said between tears and she could feel a headache slowly getting bigger.

Eggsy was silent for a good moment, making Y/n wanting to just dissapear. It was stupid to vent about her problem to Eggsy, he wouldn’t understand. “I’m sorry Y/n…i really didn’t know that was how you felt” Eggsy started but Y/n quickly interrupted him. “Nono, it’s me…i just have to complain about everything and I’m sorry…i shouldn’t have ranted..” she sat up, and moved herself away from Eggsy feeling incredible embarrased.

“No! Y/n it’s not anything you’ve done, and don’t feel bad about how you feel. Your dad loves you so so much, he won’t shut up about you whenever we’re together. He could never replace you or live without you, he’d go mad!” Eggsy said pulling Y/n back in a hug. It warmed her heart hearing that, and she felt the sadness being put aside as she realized how sleepy she actually was. 

In the time where Eggsy had held Y/n in his comforting embrace, she’d fallen fast asleep. Eggsy first realized that when he heard her light snores, and looked down to see Y/n asleep with her head pressed against his shoulder. He chuckled a little at the sight, as he reached out for his phone and called Harry.

“Y/n knocked on my door, she’s here now don’t worry…and she’s sleeping, but uh…just get here, she needs you” Eggsy said, deciding against telling Harry all the details through the phone. In a matter of minutes Eggsy heard Harry knock on the door, and walk into his flat. Eggsy still had an arm around the girl, and moved to stand when Y/n began sleep talking and moving around, so he just sat down again.

“What happened to her? Why did she run off?….Is that a bruise?” Harry questioned in a quiet voice not wanting to wake her up. Eggsy shushed Harry a little, calming him down. “She told me she felt as if…as if you were replacing her with me, and that she didn’t matter to you, so she run off…but when she walked into a bar, there was a man…who tried to force her to something she did not want…She got out, and then she showed up at my door” Eggsy explained, feeling even worse about Y/n having to go through all that in just one day.

Harry was silent but his face was filled with worry and sadness. He never meant for her to feel left out, he loved her more than anything in the whole world. He walked over to her, as Eggsy stood up so Harry could sit down. He held Y/n in his embrace, brushing a hand through her hair as he gave her a small kiss on her forehead. “I love you so much” Harry whispered to her, feeling a tear slip out of his eyes. “Don’t ever do that again, i felt like i would die” he felt as if he finally could breathe, for the first time in a very long time.

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Warnings: Some protective and obsessive behavior

Notes: I feel like this is pretty tame lol. Anyway for this let’s just pretend there were two spots open in the first movie so Roxy still becomes Lancelot


Originally posted by danniejgrayson


  • Eggsy meets you on the first day of training and he’s inmediately drawn to you because you’re very fit
  • You’re one of the few others that’s decent to him so it quickly becomes more than that
  • The two of you start to bond with each other and with Roxy, but your connection is something different
  • He’s even more eager to wake up every morning and start training because he knows you’ll be right there with him
  • You blow off all of the other dickheads there that flirt with you and Eggsy’s pretty pleased about it
  • And he’s definitely ecstatic once Charlie is finally out and it’s just you, him, and Roxy
  • Eggsy knows he should be really worried about you becoming an agent because it’s extremely dangerous
  • But strangely he’s not as much because he knows you’re at least as skilled as him and Roxy if you made it to the end
  • He’s devastated when he fucks up and ruins his chance to be a Kingsman, partially because he’s convinced he’ll never see you again
  • All he can do is think about you from the moment he leaves
  • Then you’re soon in Valentine’s bunker fighting alongside him and he’s never felt better even though he’s fighting like hell to save the world
  • When all that’s over, you and Eggsy become an item
  • He takes you to meet his mom and little sister, telling them that you met at his job at Kingsman tailors
  • He ends up buying you a ring pretty early too because as an agent you never know how much time you have
  • You work really well together on missions when you’re paired together even though he can get distracted by you sometimes
  • He also goes a little overboard with his protectiveness if things get too dicey
  • Other than those moments, he knows that you’re a badass and is very supportive
  • Eggsy’s favorite moments are when the mission and debrief are done and the two of you can just go home and be together for a while


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