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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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There aren’t many of us Black SWs on tumblr (or many SWs on this hellsite at all for obvi reasons) but I will say that my voice WILL be heard. For now, I’m scouring the tags for Black Sex Workers to reblog. I will share non-black / white SWs in due time and I see you supporting us ✊🏾

What does NOT help is reblogging STOLEN images of black models (CHECK THE SOURCES OF YOUR POSTS) or deactivated black model accounts with broken links (they literally might have deleted from exiting SW, or any other reason) please use your discernment


My empowerment video will be back up when I’m healed enough to do so, it was a big blow and I gotta find the right hosting site and loopholes and god knows what else. (Plus I got ultra period pain / anemia rn so I cannot deal on top of emotional pain)

If you want to still share the video, find my twitters: @krystalgempromo @krystalgem_xxx

(Look in the replies for more ways to share, thank you)


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So, uh, that merman!Ford, huh? Any plans for a companion piece to your merman!Stan fic? Just for symmetry? ;)

I’m so glad you requested this and I’m sorry it took me the entire month of mermay to buckle in to write it. Is it any good? Who knows!! My brain is mashed potatoes but I tried my best!

Gender neutral reader.

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Long distance? Not able to meet thanks to covid-19? Don’t worry, I got you.

A tip for those dd/lg, d/s or whatever relationship you’re into if life got you on long distance (and a personal favorite)

Tell your little/sub what to do.

Check on them via message. If you can do a videocall do it, if not, you’ll have to trust them.

Tell them exactly what you want them to do. It can be little things such as “Make your bed” “Watch some cartoons after doing your homework” to describing them step by step how do you want them to touch themselves since you can’t be there.

As a little/sub, let me tell you that most of my fantasies are about being told exactly what to do.

As a bonus, if you can, try to send them a voice note with the orders.

And if I’m the little?

It depends.

  • You can send them a pic of your clothes so they can pick your outfit for today (dressing up even if you can’t go out is pretty great)
  • You can send them a recently woke up selfie telling them how much you missed their presence
  • If you’re mostly a sexual couple, you can send them cute pics of you while you touch yourself or with no clothes/not that much clothes

Just remember than it can be physical distance, but do never let a mental/love distance make a barrier between your dynamics.

Stay safe and have a nice day sweethearts✨

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askjdashfd I did NOT even know that was a trope but I like it 🤤🤤😏 now that I do know, I’ll have to think about working it in someday… 

I could totally go for accidental knotting with Geraskier. Geralt by now has learned how to control it so he can come without actually triggering his knot don’t ask why it’s just ‘cause I want it, which is what he usually does when he has sex. But the first time he fucks Jaskier after soooo much pent up lust and longing, he gets super fucking into it and possessive and bitey and before he knows it, he’s knotted Jaskier and Jaskier is shocked senseless and just fucking wailing. Geralt feels guilty but it still feels just SO fucking GOOD because he hasn’t done it in so long, and anyway it turns out Jask absolutely loved it (even if he was NOT expecting that). 

Thranto gets premature knotting. Thrawn’s told Eli what to expect and they’ve gotten him ready, but Thrawn is so fucking touch-starved after not getting laid for like DECADES that he barely even has time to get in there before it swells and locks him in while he just comes absolute buckets. All he can do is gasp and shudder and ride it out, and Eli is just completely wide-eyed and panting with shock, he can barely believe how it just keeps getting bigger and Thrawn just keeps coming, because it’s one thing to have it explained to you in textbook terminology and quite another to actually feel it fill you to the brim like that, tyvm. 

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I want to know everything about you

Tell me your darkest secrets, your deepest cravings, show me your most vulnerable side.

Your thoughts

Your feelings

Your desires

Your memories

Everything that made you who you are today.

I want to learn every single detail about you.

Become one with me.

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June starts tomorrow and here’s your yearly reminder that

Kinksters and leather culture are LGBTQ+ as hell and belong at Pride and deserve to celebrate their subcultures during Pride month and always.

If you don’t agree, you know where the unfollow/block button is.

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