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#kinktober 2021
cafedanslanuit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ i know that a few of them talked to you, but you always prefer me ̖́-
Tumblr media
day thirty monster-fucking ft. levi [obey me!]
Tumblr media
☄  tags/warnings: +18, gn reader + no pronouns, use of levi's tail ofc— it's monster-fucking season, established couple, dry humping, slight constriction?, inexperienced levi, experienced reader
☄  words: 0.9k
☄  words: i know i left the fandom a while ago but this thought has been inside my mind for ages!!!! so now i finally feel comfortable to share it, heh <3
☄  masterlist
Tumblr media
There’s innocence in the way he clutches your waist. Tight, a bit harder than necessary, but with such fervour, you would never dare to complain. His lips move inexpertly over yours— such devotion in each move you fall onto them again, and again, and again.
You hum when Levi pushes his tongue inside your mouth. With your own moves, you guide him until he syncs with your rhythm. Your hands are on the sides of his head, gently cupping his face as you straddle him on his old bathtub. The hard surface makes your knees hurt, but you wouldn’t dare to move. It has taken a lot of time for Levi to be comfortable with you kissing this way, and you wouldn’t dare to disrupt this.
He shudders underneath you and you can feel his bulge tightening underneath you.
“Sorry, sorry, just let me,” he whispers, but you just take the opportunity to leave a trail of kisses down his neck.
“It’s okay,” you assure him. “It’s normal, don’t be—”
“Listen, if this happens I—”
You feel him shuffle again and you move back to look at him, you see a pair of small horns on each side of his head. Levi’s cheeks are incredibly red and you can’t help but press a chaste kiss on his lips.
“It’s okay,” you insist, your breath against his mouth.
“You make me lose control,” he whines, and you feel him tugging at your clothes. You rock your hips over him as a response, his crotch getting harder with the friction. Suddenly, you’re glad this happened while you were wearing your pyjamas, as there’s only a thin cotton barrier between the two of you. “Shit, don’t be like this.”
“Is it uncomfortable?” you ask, looking at his amber eyes. You see him biting the inside of his cheek before shaking his head. “So, what’s wrong with this?”
“I can’t control myself like this and if you keep—”
“I keep doing what? This?” you tease him, rocking your hips against his again. A small whimper leaves Levi’s lips, but before you can say anything more, you feel something wrapping around your waist.
Levi drops his hands and covers his face, utterly embarrassed.
“That,” he sighs. “Sorry, just— give me a moment and I’ll take it off. Shit, my body responds faster than my mind when you’re around. Just— just give me a second and—”
“Keep it.”
Levi lowers his fingers enough to uncover his eyes, looking at you dumbfounded.
“Keep it,” you insist.
You lower one of your hands to his tail and softly trail your fingers alongside his tail. It clutches onto you a bit tighter, but you can’t stop yourself from touching every scale, admiring the thick complexion of it and how it seems to respond to you.
Levi’s tail starts wrapping itself more and more around your torso until the end of it rests on the side of your neck. You have never experienced this before and you can’t help but realize now both you and he are tip-toeing into unknown territory, wanting to discover more about the other.
When you look back at Levi, his pupils are dilated, watching your previous loose tee now showing him every curve of your skin, thanks to his tail wrapping around you. You take one of his hands and roll your hips over him again, now eliciting a louder moan.
The hold of his tail loosens and tightens with each of your moves. You can’t look anywhere else but his face. Your cheeks are burning, and yet you hardly think you look as beautiful and blissfully hot and bothered Levi underneath you.
He thrusts his hips up experimentally and Levi thinks the whimper that leaves your mouth reminds himself of Heaven. What follows is a series of uncoordinated thrusts, from both you and Levi, the rhythm you had set forgotten as you both just seek for your own high.
You hold onto his hand tightly as your other hand rests on his chest as you ride him over his clothes, closing your eyes shut when you feel a bolt of pleasure roaming your entire body. Your moan is overshadowed by Levi’s loud groan, his tail clutching around your torso tightening as he comes in his pants, jolting your body up and down as he gives his final thrusts.
His tail loosens its grip and pools down on top of your thighs. You look down at Levi— he looks spent, his eyes closed as he tries to catch his breath. Even if you’re still panting too, you bend down and press your lips against the corner of his mouth. He hums, turning his head to ask for another kiss and you oblige.
You were aware he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes for at least a couple of days, his cheeks hot pink while he earnt snorts and laughs from the rest of his brothers. Somehow, Levi really thought they didn’t know about your late-night visits to his room and the stolen glances you’d give at each other during group activities. He’d act as if he didn’t let you sit on his lap while he played video games or make out with you between chuckles and inexperienced nose bumps.
But of course, he’d steal you away the moment he noticed anyone being a bit too friendly with you. And you’d reply by whispering teasing comments to his ear that made him flustered enough to bury his face in his hands.
As you nuzzled your nose against the crook of his neck, you decided to just enjoy the moment. You inhaled, the sea breeze scent feeling your senses as you sighed happily.
Maybe you’d find a way to tease him about this too.
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rosethornxs · 2 days ago
Late Kinktober 2021: Prompt 22
Day 22: Thigh Riding
Din Djarin x Fem!Reader
Kinktober 2021 Masterlist
Rated: Explicit 18+
Word Count: 964
Summary: Day 22 for @the-purity-pen’s kinktober 2021 prompt list. Thigh riding with Din Djarin.
Warnings: smut, thigh riding, tiny bit of cum eating, pet names, praise, dirty talk, implied PiV, no y/n
A/N: Hello, once again, I was inspired by one of the kinktober prompts well into November so here it is! 
“Come here, sweet girl,”
His voice is low, rasping with the hint of something wanting. It sends a shiver down your spine. You look up at him, hands stilling from their tinkering at the little mechanical object in your lap. He looks relaxed, spread out in the pilot’s chair of the Crest, armour shining under the glow of hyperspace — but his stare is intense, made even more so by the dark void of his T-shaped visor. 
“What is it?” you ask, brow pinching quizzically. 
“Come,” he beckons you with a crook of his gloved finger and you stand, setting your little project on the seat behind you before slowly stepping toward him. 
He reaches for you, large hands grasping your hips to pull you toward him. 
“I want you, cyare… can I have you?”
It comes out breathier than you’d meant it to — needier. But there’s something about his voice, and the broadness of his shoulders, and the way he sits so casually with his thighs spread wide — you can’t help the swell of heat in your lower belly. 
He rids himself of his gloves and wastes no time tugging at your clothes as you clumsily kick off your boots. Nimble fingers undo the button of your pants — the warmth of his bare fingertips seeps into your skin as he pulls the garment down your thighs. You lift your shirt over your head and allow it to drop to the cockpit floor with the rest of your clothes. 
When you’re left in nothing but your panties he slows, hooking his thumbs into the fabric to drag them down your legs. He takes a moment to admire you — all your soft curves in the starlight — the dip where your thighs and hips meet, the rounded swell of your breasts — you look so beautiful.
You grow impatient, the blooming ache between your thighs urging you to reach for the bulge in his pants. His hand closes around your wrist, pulling it away and you frown in confusion. 
“Not yet, sweet girl,” he murmurs, adjusting himself with a low groan.
“But…you said…” 
“I know. I want you to do something for me first.” 
He taps the Beskar strapped to his right thigh, “Sit.” 
You blink at his request but oblige him, lowering yourself onto his thigh as he reclines in his chair. The cold metal sends a jolt through you when it finally comes into contact with your hot cunt. Your breath hitches in your chest at the sheer intensity of it and you grasp his pauldron for support. 
“Make yourself cum.”
 You stare blankly at his visor, warmth rising in your cheeks as you process what he just said — what he just asked you to do. 
“Come on, sweet girl,” he purrs, “I know you can do it.” 
He places a warm hand on your waist and pushes gently, encouraging you to move. You shift slightly, gasping when your clit catches on the ridge of his thigh plate.
“Just like that, mesh’la,” he praises, “keep going.” 
You tentatively roll your hips against him, trying to angle yourself so your clit passes over that same spot again. It’s hot on cold, soft on hard and you whine at the feeling, growing wetter and wetter with each drag of your pussy over the Beskar. 
His filthy praises fill your ears as you grind against him.
Fuck, sweet girl, you look good like this — so pretty using my thigh. I bet it feels nice, doesn’t it… Maker, look at you — I could cum from this sight alone. 
He wonders if this is sacrilege — having you use his armour like this — so obscenely. But how could it be, when you look so divine — so ethereal taking your pleasure from the Beskar. Even the maker couldn’t deny, this is a religious experience. 
Your fists tighten in his cowl as you rock against his thigh, panting and whining as you work yourself closer and closer to release. He tears his eyes away from your face — plastered with the effects of your pleasure — and glances down at his Beskar. It glistens with the essence of you, shining and wet in the blue light of hyperspace. He groans, hand moving to palm his cock through his pants. 
He wants you so bad but he also wants to watch this — watch you come undone over him. He’ll take you after — bend you over the console and fuck you until you cry for him.
“Din…oh — ohh,” you moan, grinding yourself against the armour in quick, short movements. 
“Cum for me, sweet girl,” he urges, “wanna see you make a mess on my armour.” 
You shudder at his words, falling off the edge with one final roll of your hips. Your whole body shakes with the force of it and you curl into him as pure starlight burns in your core and travels up your spine. He runs a hand down your back, warm and firm against your fevered skin. 
It takes a moment for your senses to return and you rest limply against his chest. After a beat, he taps your hip and you sit up, watching as he drags a finger through the mess on his thigh. 
“Close your eyes,” he murmurs and you obey, squeezing your eyes shut. 
You hear the hiss of his helmet releasing and then the sound him sucking your slick off his finger. Your skin burns as it echoes in the cockpit.
He shifts and helps you off his thigh, gently turning you until you’re pressed against the console. His belt jingles and then he’s caressing your bare hips with his hands.
“Are you ready?” He asks, voice hoarse with desire as he presses the tip of his cock to your entrance.
“Please, Din.” 
Tags: @keeper0fthestars @deadhumourist @zinzinina @saradika
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oneoftheextras · 2 days ago
Day 30 | Dabi | Kinktober 2021
Tumblr media
kinktober 2021 masterlist
30th October - Degradation
paring: dabi x prohero!reader
summary: hawks was the last person you expected to betray you, especially to this level. you hated him, but not more than you hated the villain he left you alone with
words: 3.2k
warnings: no spoilers for any season, 18+, smut, dub-con, degradation, name calling, pain, emotional manipulation, hair pulling, restraints, oral (m receiving)
a/n: first time writing dabi, let me know your thoughts
← day 29 | spitting | tobio kageyama      day 31 | cucking | levi ackerman & erwin smith →
Tumblr media
“Come on, I dislike this as much as you do,” the red winged man rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration. It had been hours and your resistance was starting to wear him down.
If anyone was to be complaining it should be you. The chair they’d tied you to was cold and hard, your ass had gone numb ages ago and you could barely feel the tips of your fingers from how tightly they’d bound your hands to it.
“I doubt that,” you stared him down with a look that could kill. 
Hawks, Keigo Takami - your former best friend. Had sold you out to the League of Villains without batting an eye.
Hurt didn’t begin to describe how you felt. “Just tell them what they want and this’ll be over,” Keigo crouched in front of you and put his hands on your bruised knees, you immediately jolted in your chair to try and avoid his touch but your restraints were too tight.
“I’m not a traitor like you,”. His eyes still held their kindness for you whilst yours leaked with venom. 
“Nah, but you’re the dumb bitch that let yourself get caught,” Dabi didn’t give you the courtesy of glancing in your direction as he spoke about you, instead continuing to lay on his back and stare at is phone from the worn looking couch.
Your eyes darted nervously to the dark haired man, that was the first thing he’d said since you got here. He was the one that had overpowered you enough to put you in this chair and keep you there while Twice and Toga got to work with the rope. 
Dabi was the only person in this room that truly frightened you.
Suddenly, a memory invaded your vision. It lasted for a nanosecond but it felt like you were reliving the moment in it’s entirety. 
Keigo and you were drunk after a long week of Hero work, talking about things Heroes shouldn’t talk about - you’d confessed to him some of your darkest kinks; as well as some of your fantasies. 
Out of the corner of your vision you could see Hawks eyeing his newly found comrade, the small twinkle of an idea dancing in his golden irises.
You turned your head back so you could fully take in his expression, searching for anything that would tell you that your gut was wrong, but when Hawks made eye contact with you again you were met only with the essence of guilt.
“Kill her already, this is pointless,” Shigaraki waved his hand and Toga gripped her knife excitedly, “Wait!” Hawks shouted, extending his hand out in a pushing motion to stop any of the Villain’s advances.
His eyeline was on the floor as his mind quickly weighed up the pros and cons of the decision he was about to make.
“Keigo,” you whispered low enough for only him to hear, his eyes trailed from the floor and met yours, “Please don’t,” you begged - attention subconsciously darting to Dabi on the couch for a brief second.
Hawks swallowed a large lump of saliva before standing to his full height, “I’m sorry,” he muttered before lifting his head and avoiding eye contact with you.
“Dabi-” he called from across the room, “Keigo!” you sounded more desperate than before, voice cracking as you begged for him not to do this to you, “-Why don’t you give it a try?” Hawks stepped away from you and towards the group of people he’d betrayed you for.
“I’m not wasting my time on a Hero slut,” he moved his scarred arm to rest behind the back of his head as he continued to scroll through his phone.
A breath of relief audibly left you. Maybe you’d get out of this unscathed.
Hawks ignored the man’s protests and stood next to Shigaraki, he said something inaudible to him and you watched as his features lit up with what you assumed to be surprise.
Shigaraki stared at you with a shit-eating grin that immediately put you on the defensive, “The fuck you looking at?” you tried to sound as intimidating as possible and it worked for a second before you saw his expression go from smiling to grinning.
“Go on Dabi, scare her,” Shigaraki gestured towards you with his head. Your eyes flicked between Hawks and Shigaraki, the two men couldn’t be more opposite - Hawks seemed as though he was already regretting his decision whilst Shgaraki looked like his favourite show was about to start.
Maybe you should’ve kept your mouth shut.
A heavy sigh came from across the room and you refused to give your attention to it, when you saw the figure getting closer to your position you locked eyes with Hawks instead. This was his fault after all.
“Don’t hurt her!” you saw the blonde man say, “No, no,” the deeper voice waved his hand with a dismissive gesture, “If you ask for my help I do it my way!”.
You were very aware of the presence standing in front of you. His hands were in his jean pockets and you could feel his gaze burning into you already but you refused to give him the satisfaction of your attention.
“Hey!” a heavy boot kicked one of the chair legs and you felt the structure shake under it’s force - you ignored it, maintaining your death stare on Keigo who was looking between you and Dabi nervously.
A frustrated low growl came out of him as he gripped the arm rests of your chair, leaning his tall frame over your body just enough for only you to be able to hear his words.
“He’s not going to help you-” he started with a sigh, “-He’s the one that sold you out, remember? He abandoned you! Basically signed your death certificate,” he had an amusement in his voice that you found equal parts attractive and terrifying.
“Either way you’re dead so tell us what we want to know so I don’t have to keep looking at you,” you didn’t need to see his face to know he was clenching his teeth.
His patience was thinner than you thought. A hand shot up and gripped you by the cheeks, forcing you to make eye contact with him, “Look at me when I’m speaking to you,” you were met with the most fierce turquoise eyes.
“Or do you not know?” he tilted his head to the side, examining the defensive glint in your eye that was slowly fading at the realisation that Dabi didn’t mind getting physical if he needed to. 
A sickening laugh echoed off the walls and bounced back into your ears, “You don’t know! Imagine being that much of a failure that your boss doesn’t trust you with the smallest bit of information-”.
The skin around his staples strained as he made no attempt to stop the gleeful smile growing on his face, “What exactly were you to them?” he let the question fester in your mind.
You were an asset to the Heroes Commission, you knew that! That’s why they always gave you the tough jobs - although, Hawks seemed to get the more important and less life threatening ones.
“You’re expendable.” Dabi spoke the words that were forming in your brain.
“Probably a worthless bitch for them to fuck when they were bored. Yeah, you look like the type-” his rant was cut short by your spit hitting his face followed by a venomous, “Fuck you!”.
The room went silent as Dabi let go of your face and straightened his posture. The only noise in the room was your heavy breathing paired with the harsh rise and fall of your chest.
He stared at you, face devoid of emotion. The calm expression gave you chills; it was better when he was laughing.
“Get out,” his voice was quiet but it carried through the room, his palm crackled with a blue hue and you knew you’d crossed the line. “Don’t hurt her!” Hawks repeated his plea from earlier but it landed on deaf ears as Dabi placed his hand on your thigh and you felt a searing pain shoot through the fabric and directly onto your skin.
You grit your teeth together and clenched your jaw to hold back the scream that you trapped in your throat, half because you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction and half because you didn’t trust it to be entirely an anguished scream. 
The pain wasn’t that bad, you’d definitely had worse but you could tell he was holding back.
“Are you deaf? I said get out!” Dabi said a bit louder than before and the room started to move hurriedly towards the door. 
Hawks was practically forced out of the room by Compress and closely followed by the others, only Shigaraki remained to whisper something to Dabi before he too made his leave.
The door let out a metallic boom as it was pulled shut fully, leaving you and Dabi in an eerie silence.
“What did he say?!” your voice croaked from holding back your cries but you still tried to sound tough. Dabi made no attempt to answer your question, instead he walked over to one of the other metal chairs and dragged it towards the only exit this room had.
The sound of metal scraping across the stone floor was unpleasant, small sparks flicked the ground as he forcefully shoved the back of the chair under the door handle.
The first thought that crawled into your head was that he was blocking your exit, but a sickening feeling nuzzled itself in your stomach at the prospect that he was trying to stop other’s from coming in.
“Why do you wanna know? Got something to hide?” his voice rang through the room as he turned his attention back to you, strolling towards your bound body.
You did your best to meet his eye but the knowing tint in them made you look away, “Sick little fuck aren’t you?” he scoffed.
Putting the tip of one of his boots on the small part of chair that was visible between your legs, he pushed your chair backwards making you feel like he was going to tip you over completely.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m a-” you started but were interrupted by a yelp that left your mouth when the chair almost lost it’s balance entirely, “What? A good girl?” he mocked you, even though that wasn’t what you were going to say.
He put all his weight on the chair harshly and all four legs slammed back onto the floor, you were amazed that they didn’t break under the force. Dabi was surprisingly strong for such a lanky man.
“You Heroes are all the same, you think you’re the pinnacle of perfection but you’re not,” he crinkled his nose in distaste as he spoke, “What’d you think the Commission would say if they knew you had the hots for a Villain?”.
He waited and observed your face. He wanted to watch the realisation hit you; the realisation that he knew the dirty thoughts you’d had about him. He was disappointed when your face hardly changed.
“I don’t.” you said bluntly, turning your head to the side and avoiding eye contact with him. You had to stay calm, at this point it was Hawks’ word against yours, if you could just keep your cool then you’d be fine.
His fingers curled into your hair and yanked your head backwards making an unexpected moan come out of your mouth - it was quiet and it could’ve easily been mistaken as a pained yell.
He pulled and pulled until your whole throat was exposed to him and you had a choice between staring at the ceiling or closing your eyes, so you opted to inspect the ceiling, closing your eyes might make it seem like you were enjoying this. Which you were, but you wouldn’t let him know that.
“Sure you don’t,” his voice was laced with sarcasm, he shook your head lazily as he admired the strain your neck muscles gave against his grip.
His free hand cupped your crotch and your body jolted at the sudden contact. Instinctively, you tried to close your legs but your knees hit the steel toe of his boot.
He watched your face intently as he gently rubbed his fingers against the fabric, this was the first thing he did that wasn’t rough. “Are you trying to convince me or yourself? ‘Cause you’re already soaked,” he let go of your hair and your head dropped down from the lack of resistance his hand gave you.
You fought against your restraints as well as your own body, you wanted to make noise so badly but you wouldn’t give in that easy. “I’m surprised you-” you took a sharp intake of breath to stop the moan he almost pulled from you, “-can feel anything with those hands,” you mocked his purple patches bitterly.
Ordinarily, you’d never talk about someone’s scars but you were on the defensive and would try anything to change the subject.
He wasn’t deterred by your comment, instead it seemed to spur him on as he slipped his hand into your pants, “I can feel plenty,” he sigh like he was the one being touched, the feeling of your wet walls encasing his fingers was heavenly.
He pushed two of his fingers inside you without preparation, the angle wasn’t the best but the way your legs had been tied meant that your thighs would never meet even if you wanted them to.
A whimper struggled against your closed lips, you’d locked your jaw tight and bit down on your bottom lip, anything to keep the noises from spilling.
He had to admit, if the last couple of hours had taught him anything, it’s that you were stubborn - but he was more so.
When he picked up the pace and started to rub your clit with his thumb it was obvious that you were enjoying this, more than he had expected, you were practically a moaning mess with your mouth closed.
You scrunched your eyes shut, he was hitting every spot like he knew your body inside and out, you were getting closer to your orgasm and you weren’t sure you’d be able to keep quiet.
“You’re disgusting,” his tone contradicted his words, but you tensed around his digits regardless. He stopped his movements and you held back a whine at the lack of friction.
The cogs were turning in his head, Dabi wasn’t dumb, he quickly realised what was going on. He laughed a belly laugh at you, “No. Fucking. Way!” he punctuated each of his words with a pump of his fingers, “This is great!” he sounded like he was having the time of his life.
“Fuck you!” you snarled at him, trying to convince yourself that if you hated him enough then you’d hate the way he made you feel, “That is the plan, but not yet,” you looked up at him just in time to see him pull his cock out of his jeans.
Most noteworthy was the Jacob’s Ladder piercing trailing up the underneath of his length.
Your eyes widened and shot up to his face, “What?” he tilted his head to the side as he smeared his precum over his leaking head, “I would’ve thought a slut like you is used to seeing dicks,” there it was again, your walls squeezing his fingers.
He released his shaft and forcibly gripped your chin as he fucked you on his fingers, “Open up,” he taunted you but you shook your head while looking up at him with pleading eyes. You knew as soon as your mouth was open all sorts of noises would tumble out.
“Are you too fucking dumb to understand a simple instruction, I said open!” he growled as he forced your mouth open. The second your lips parted a lewd moan vibrated in the air, you prayed that no one had decided to stand on the other side of the door otherwise they would’ve definitely heard you.
He didn’t immediately shove his dick in your mouth which you expected him to do, instead he held your mouth open as saliva trickled down your chin. Once you’d truly made a mess of yourself, he slid his cock into your mouth.
You felt the weight of him first and then the cold bars of his piercing hit your tongue. He didn’t relent with his other hand, he instead added another finger and you screamed in delight around him. He placed his spit covered hand on the back of your head and moved it to meet his thrusts, he had no intention of being gentle with you.
No matter how badly you tried to hold back your noises, with him thrusting into your mouth wasn’t enough to muffle the sounds, instead they would be momentarily garbled from the action of his cockhead hitting the back of your throat.
It was too much, you glanced up towards his face and noted that he head was thrown back in pleasure. That was the tipping point, your walls fluttered around his fingers and you felt your release approaching, that’s when he pulled his hand from you and fucked your face harder.
You would’ve complained if your mouth wasn’t otherwise occupied. Dabi groaned and lifted his head so he could see just how disappointed you were at your orgasm being stolen from you.
He cooed at you and pouted out his bottom lip, “Aww, did you wanna cum?” he laughed as his own thrusts became erratic, he gripped the back of your head harder and forced himself to bottom out, “This is for spitting on me!” you felt his dick throb, then a deep moan rumbling from his chest followed by his release shooting down your throat.
The only option was to swallow, not that you opposed the idea, you just wished he’d given you a warning.
Just as quickly as his hand had moved, he slid himself out of your mouth, making no attempt to keep you clean. You gasped for air, not realising just how long you’d held your breath.
He’d tucked himself back into his jeans and composed himself, “Tell us what we want to know and I’ll think about giving you what you want,” he trailed off the end of his sentence as he removed the chair from the doorway and banged on the door loudly.
As though nothing had happened, he went back to sitting on the couch as the others started trailing in. 
Hawks paused in the doorway when he saw the state of you; dishevelled hair, spit and- something else- running down your chin as you panted like you’d just been for a run. 
“Well?” Shigaraki said aloud, “Did she tell you anything?” he asked Dabi. When you finally looked up at Hawks, he was staring at you with a expression of disbelief. It made you furious, what exactly did he expect to happen?
“Not yet, but she will,” Dabi tapped mindlessly on his phone, a wicked smirk forming on his face, “Just let her throat recover first,”.
Tumblr media
@mylife-demonstrates-murphys-law @hereticpriest @enagmaticether @anxiousgoddest @kodzu-ken @moonnei @diesinspanishbcimhispanic  @fvckmeupyoonz @homosexualjohnwayne @notplutos @moth-baybee @answer-the-sirens @ochakoakabane
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dreamlandcreations · a day ago
Day 27 - Reward
Tumblr media
Boba Fett x Reader (pre-sarlacc pit Boba)
Kinktober prompt - Day 27 - Swallowing
All prompts are taken from @the-purity-pen​‘s Kinktober List!
Reader title is R’egean (pronounced: rē jaən - if anyone cares), she is sort of tribe leader for all tribes, or king of kings if you like.
Warnings: filth with very little plot, oral (male and fem receiving), fingering, cum eating, PiV, unprotected sex, squirting, snowballing, rough sex, overstimulation, a hint of dacryphilia, a bit of size kink, cock warming, cream pie
“They say you are the best.” You end the staring contest with the helmeted figure, by starting to circle around him slowly as you speak.
“Why do you need me, R’egean?” Oh, you like this one, you decide. He’s clearly done his research and knows who you are and how you got your title with being the best of the best, defeating all that has challenged you in the tribes of legendary warriors AND he dares to mock you.
“He is a coward,” You show him a holo of the target “if I challenge him, he will decline it and that vile little man will not hesitate to use anyone to protect himself. I need you to take care of this quietly, preferably making it look like an accident while I have a very public alibi.” You hated politics and if you had any other way you would have dealt with this on your own, but this time you would listen to your council. 
“I’m not a contract killer.” He grumbles, his displeasure evident, even through the voice modulator, but he takes the device from you, reviewing the information on the man.
“But you accept bounties where the quarry needs to be delivered dead. How is this any different, Mandalorian?” You try to reason with him, really not wanting to kill him if he declines the job. You only let a few trusted guards and the councilor who suggested this in private stay in the room. The less people know, the better.
“I’m not a Mandalorian.” This statement is not as angry as the other and you know which way to take the conversation. You want to show him you know who he is as well.
“Your father was. And you wear his armour with pride. He taught you about their values, right?” You still circle around him slowly, giving in the impulse to touch his armour where he wears the sigil that marks his lineage.
“Is that why you have chosen me?” You swear his almost amused. By what, you are not completely sure. Maybe it is your suggestion, maybe it is the predatory way you keep moving around him. 
You are deliberately testing him, it’s not good enough to be a fighter like you, this job takes the patience of a hunter.
“It was part of the decision.” You answer him with a teasing edge, waiting for his reaction.
“And you can blame the Empire if I fail?” Clever wolf, you think. Seeing this trap, you have no doubt he knows what you intend to do if he refuses, yet he came here, which gives you a confidence to continue.
“That might have crossed my mind” You say, adding a singsongy attitude to your speech, stopping before him, dangerously close, you continue in a serious manner. “Name your price, bounty hunter.”
He looks at you with a slightly tilted head and you can feel his gaze run along your body, almost causing you to shiver. “We will negotiate it once I return.”
With that he turns and leaves you staring after him.
Fett returns two days after your conversation and you greet him in the same company as last time. 
“Is it time for negotiations?” You ask, making your way to him, showing that you are still not afraid, not like most of his employers.
“Yes.” He answers simply.
“Alright. What do you want, Boba Fett?” Your manner is as playful as you can get, not expecting the nature of his price.
“You. For the night.” The demand makes your councilor gasp with outrage and your guards moving to attack the bounty hunter until you raise your hand and stop them.
“You should be more careful with your words.” You warn him, placing a finger on his helmet where his mouth would be.
“You. For the night.” Boba repeats, taking your hand in his and pulling you flush against him. 
His boldness makes you laugh and you can’t help your mean side to come out with a sultry tone. “There are so many ways screw you over and still keep that deal.”
“You could, but you won’t.” There is so much confidence in this man you don’t really know what to do with it.
“And why is that?” When he doesn’t answer your question you raise an eyebrow at him and he motions to the others in the room. You huff at him and order them to leave.
“You want someone who could conquer you.” He says, once you are alone. Voice laced with lust, his grip tightens on you.
“I have no desire to be tamed.” You answer, disappointed that he is like all man before him, but he surprises you with his reply.
“I know, but you want someone worthy, someone who can prove it to you that he deserves you and even a hint of your submission.” He carefully brushes along your cheek, making you gasp at the touch.
“And you think you are worthy?” You challenge him again.
“I think I earned the right to prove it.” His reply is quick, like he already knew how this conversation would play out.
“Hmm.” You make an understanding sound, not quite acknowledging that he is right. If he planned this out you want to know what he had in mind. “What did you plan to do with me tonight?”
“It would be much more fun to show you.” He’s ready with his answer again, letting you go for a moment if you decide to refuse him, he would give you space and that’s what convinced you.
“Then show me.” You barely breathe it out, then is on you in a blink of an eye.
He ripped off his helmet and gripped you by your jaw, smashing a demanding kiss to your lips. You moaned into him and tried to deepen the kiss but he pulled away, giving you a warning look. You smirked at him and pulled him to you by the hand you sneaked into his hair. Tangling into the short curls, he let you pull him closer but his head moved to your neckline, denying you again. 
You groan, annoyed and amused at the same time. He will not give in, you expected that, but it’s hard for you to let go of control. He knew how to hunt, he was the best in the galaxy and you’ve just become his prey. 
Boba has been teasing you for long minutes, you have moved to your bed chambers and he immediately stripped you of your clothes, letting you take off his as well. He demands your obedience with his kisses, surprisingly gentle touches and he stops whenever you try to take control.
You never had much patience, so this is kind of torturing you but you don’t want to give up that easy. He guides you to the bed and makes you sit while he stands between your legs. He is so close his cock is almost touching your lips. Boba yanks your hair to make you look up at him so he can see your reaction when he speaks to you.
“Do you want me to fuck you, R’egean?” Your title is just as mocking as it was when he the first time he said it. You try to get out of his grip but he takes hold of your chin and demands you to admit defeat, to give in. 
“If you want me to give you pleasure you will have to prove it you deserve it.” His voice has gotten more raspy with arousal. He wants this as much as you but he has more patience than you and you both know that. “Be a good girl and suck me. Do this, prove to me that you can obey and I will show you pleasure you have never dared to dream before.” 
His hold on you gets less aggressive as he keeps your head in place while he pushes the head of his wide length to your lip. You part your lips and lick, taking the tip in your mouth and sucking so hard that it causes him to buckle into you. His taste and the feeling of him on your tongue overwhelms you.
“Hmm” You moan into him as you swirl your tongue around what you could take in with him keeping the distance. You lap at him, tasting the precum, making him more desperate, forcing him to move.
He goes slow at first, not pushing in more of his length than you can comfortably take in your mouth, your jaw is widened enough because of how thick he is.
You close your eyes and focus on your breathing, brushing your hands along his thighs, giving him a squeeze as you look up at him. He understood that you are giving him permission to be more rough and he doesn’t waste a second, sliding in deeper into your mouth, he makes your throat bulge, not stopping until your nose meets his pelvis. 
“That’s it, such a good girl for me.” His praise makes you more wet than you would care to admit. You love how he makes sure that he doesn’t hurt you, his dominating commands make you feel vulnerable, but his gentle care reassures you, makes you feel like you can let go for a night with him.
Bobe gives you a few slow thrust before he picks up a faster rhythm for a while, then slows down again when he is getting close to his end. With his movements turning lazy you have more freedom to pleasure him. 
He fucked your throat long enough to make it feel raw and tender but you ignore it and swallow around him when he slides in deeper, that earns you a groan at which you look up at him, batting your eyelashes at him, basically asking for permission which he grants you with a light smile.
Boba keeps moving in the same unhurried pace, letting you do whatever you want with him, you take in every little reaction, the tightening of his unyielding hold in your hair, his soft groans and the occasional hiss he lets out when you suck too harshly or he feels you grazing him with your teeth.
He doesn’t move as deeply as he starts to get sloppy with his thrusts. You begin to use your tongue more, pressing it to the underside of his cock when he slides in and swirling it around the tip of him when he barely remains in you as he pulls out. 
You start to pump the rest of his hard length with one of your hands and play with his balls with your other, you roll them gently, then you give them a firmer squeeze, careful not to hurt, when he slides in your mouth, making him grunt loudly and buckle into you, spurring cum on your tongue without warning. 
His hold on you tightens, keeping you in place as his other hand finds your throat, stopping you from swallowing with his tight grip. You keep gulping though, sucking on his twitching cock until all of that massive load of cum is gathered in your mouth. You knew what he wanted as soon as he changed to fucking you in a more shallow way, so you play the good girl for him and open your mouth as soon as he removes his softening cock, so he can admire his handiwork.
Boba licks his lips as he examines you with burning desire in his gaze, he didn’t expect you to give in this easy but he can still see that arrogant satisfaction which tells him ‘you didn’t tame me, I decided to play your game’. He wants more, he can feel himself getting hard again just by looking at you. 
He bends down to kiss you deeply, licking into your mouth and tasting himself before he gives you a last peck and nods to you expectantly when he is brushing his thumb down your throat, giving you permission to swallow.
You do as he asks, gulp down every last drop then you bite your lower lip and lick at your upper one while you moan for him.
Moving faster than you can follow he takes hold of you by your thighs and displays you on the bed. When he climbs over you, he turns you around so you are lying on your stomach while he is pressing you down with his weight.
Feeling trapped, you begin to breathe more quickly but he noticed your panic and starts to smooth his hand by your side, placing gentle kisses on your shoulder, calming you enough to continue.
Boba keeps most of his weight on his right arm, bracing himself on his elbow beside you and his other hands sneaks between you, finding you wet and ready for him.
“Is that how much you enjoyed pleasing me?” He murmurs into your soft skin as he finds your opening and slides a finger into you, making you gasp at the sudden intrusion.
He prepares you, adding another finger, opening you up and chasing your orgasm by hitting that spot in you over and over again. Scissoring his fingers, he keeps stretching you, though you both know it has nothing on his impressive girth.
Boba starts to grind on you and you move with him as he fucks you with his fingers, he makes you come hard, trembling against him while he keeps moving inside you to help you through it. When you slump on the bed he removes his fingers and you can hear him moan as he licks them clean, that’s the only rest you have because as soon as he is done with that you can feel him slide through your folds. 
He coats himself in your wetness before he starts to breach your still tight hole. The stretch is worse than you imagined, grabbing the sheets, you hide your face while you groan against the bed. He stops but you raise your hips, letting him know you can take it.
You can feel him chuckle against you and he presses another kiss to your shoulder while he keeps moving. He stops when he his completely inside you, Boba is soothing you with gentle touches and kisses while you adjust to him. 
When your walls start to flutter around him, he slides out of you almost all the way then slowly slides back so he is balls deep into you. You realise he is teasing you, when you try to tell him with another arch of your hips to keep going faster. He wants you to beg but you seethe silently for a while until you can’t help but moan, even at this maddeningly slow pace he is stimulating you enough to drive you crazy but not enough to reach the edge.
“Fuck..please.” You give in after a half an hour of this torture, you didn’t think it was possible for him to keep going for this long, especially with how much you have been squeezing him.
“What was that, princess?” Oh, you’re gonna kill the fucker later. When you don’t answer he thrusts inside you with a little more force and stays still like that. Which causes you to fucking whimper in frustration.
“Please?” You beg him simply, with tears in your eyes he cannot see. But he is not done with conquering you yet.
“Please, what?” He murmurs in your ear, plastering himself all over you.
“Ah, fuck me.” You say angrily, trying to buckle into him again but he is pushing you down, making it impossible to move properly.
“And what do I get in return?” He asks, rolling his hips, grinding into you which has you let out a half moaning half crying sound.
“What do you want?” You scream out defeated.
“Let me come inside you.” He phrases it almost like a question, he doesn’t want to push his luck but you freeze under him nonetheless. Having him come inside you would mark you, even the swallowing was a bit much, none of this is anything you have allowed anyone to do before.
Boba lets you move when you turn a little to look at him, you grab him by his curls and smash a kiss on his lips. “Earn it.” You practically growl against him.
That makes him smile rather wickedly before he moves you back in place, sits up and raises you up by your hips to fuck into you with fever. One hand stays there, your lower body held in place by the other on your back.
You can feel him so deep inside you, hitting your cervix each time he thrust back into you. It’s too much pain and too much pleasure, the mixture of both making your whole body tremble. Your walls tighten around him painfully as you orgasm with a shriek and he fucks you through it without ever slowing down. 
You are so wet, your pussy makes a squelching sound that echoes through the room with your moans and the sound of slapping skin against skin. His pace changes when you come down from your high, he pushes in you just as roughly but somehow with more strength and he starts to roll his hips again with each push, finding that spot inside you and he keeps hammering into it when your sudden jolt gives it away that he found the right angle.
He keeps at it until he makes you come again. This time you can feel that you have soaked the sheets under you as you soak his still hard cock that hasn’t stopped for a second to split you open.
“Oh, Boba” You moan his name when your high just doesn’t want to end and he takes this as his cue.
“Have I earned it?” He questions you, bending over you again, nipping at your earlobe after he spoke. His hand slides from your waist to your folds, cupping you while teasing your clit.
“Yes.” You scream, still riding your high as he keeps fucking you. 
That’s all he needed, three more thrusts and he slams into you as deep as he can and he paints your walls with his cum. At the same time he bites down on your shoulder, hard. He makes another mark on you that way and triggers a new orgasm with pinching your clit suddenly.
You scream again, you come so violently, your only thought is that truly never experienced pleasure like this. He kept his promise, so you keep yours and let him fill you up with his cum. You can tell he comes as much as he had in your mouth, if not more. If you would be on your back, you would probably see yourself bulge a little as he stuffs you to the brim, but then again his cock probably had you bulging on its own.
He surprises you again with the filthiest thing you had ever experienced when he pulls out and turns you on your back. Wasting no time to settle between your legs and lick into your oversensitive pussy, he pays little attention to your clit, only sucking it at one and licking a broad swipe against you from your entrance to your clit, rolling it with his tongue before focusing on you sloppy hole.
He pushes his tongue inside you, licking and slurping up his cum. His hands are holding you in place while he takes what he wants. You didn’t think it was possible but he has you coming again in a few minutes, it is not as intense but you still coat him in your arousal. He licks you through it and moves up on your body, brushing against your sides until his hands settle at the sides of your face, he motions for you with his thumb on your chin to open your mouth and you obey with wide eyes. He keeps his distance so you can see when he lets your combined cum slide on your tongue from his mouth. Boba grips your throat again, preventing you from swallowing until he had spit it all in your mouth. Then he kisses you again, smearing the cum on your lips too. This time he's the one to make a sound, he groans into you and you feel his cock hardening against your stomach.
You pull away with even wider eyes, swallowing when he lets you go. Your expression tells ‘you cannot think I can take this again’, but all you get is that wicked smirk. Boba silences you with a kiss before you can protest and shoves his still hardening length in you in one move. He is hard enough to fuck you again and you don’t have the energy to resist him.
He keeps his rough pace, pushing in and out of you, chasing his own pleasure this time. He kisses your tears off, which seemingly making him more desperate. Your abused core is so wet he can move without hurting you but the sensitiveness still makes it painful as you feel the familiar tightening, you grab onto him, hands around his shoulder and one leg around his waist.
He keeps going as you come, finally losing control when you return his bite, latching onto his shoulder as you flutter around him. His hips snapping into you one more time before he comes in you again. This time he doesn’t make a move to clean you up or even slide out of you.
Boba rolls you around so you are splayed over him and he brushes your hair while exhaustion claims you and you slip into a dreamless sleep. The last thing you hear is his voice, telling you to rest a little because he is not done with you.
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kingkatsuki · a month ago
Gloryholes | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 - 𝐚 𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐚 𝐰𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐫 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐥𝐲
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
This is another Kinktober fic that was supposed to be non-con but ended up soft as fuck. I am down so bad for this man I just can’t help myself-
Summary: Sick of his constant angry outbursts damaging his hero ranking, Dynamight’s PR team insist he attends one of the city’s “hush hush” clubs to try and blow off some steam. Bakugou thinks he has absolutely no interest being there, until he wants to find out who is on the other side of the wall.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x f!reader
Warnings: 18+, glory holes, spanking, marking (burns), squirting, slight mention of belly bulge.
Word Count: 4.5k.
Tumblr media
Bakugou did not want to be here, shocked that these private institutions even existed for Pro-Heroes. Sure, he realised sometimes they could be a necessity, having learned all about them in his training as a young sidekick. Just last month Kirishima had to be taken into one of the quirk rooms when he got hit with a nasty sex pollen quirk by a villain he was apprehending. The woman saving his life as she gave the hero Red Riot relief, but this? This was ridiculous.
Dynamight had far better things to do than this complete waste of his time, did his PR team really think he couldn’t get laid? He could go out and have any woman on their knees in an hour tops, but he had better things to do. His PR team insisting that another scandalous headline with leaked pictures on Twitter wouldn’t be good for his hero rankings, another Dynamight one-night stand already ready and willing to sell her stories to the tabloids. But why should he care? He was still going out and saving lives on a daily basis, the media talking about his dick wouldn’t change that.
Bakugou’s PR team booked him in for a session at one of the most prestigious clubs in the city, a place where Pro-Heroes could blow off some steam without any dirty laundry aired in public, the workers were discreet which meant the club had the price tag to reflect it.
Of course, his immediate answer was no. Until Kirishima had convinced him to try it out once.
“Just one time, Bakubro. If you hate it you don’t have to go again. But I know you won’t— there’s this one girl that’s so fucking hot man. She can make you cum in under a minute.”
“Pretty sure that’s your shitty fuckin’ stamina, and how do you even know she’s hot if you haven’t seen her.”
“I— look man, I can’t explain it but she just sounds hot.”
“Tch, whatever.”
This had to be the most ridiculous thing he’d done as a Pro-Hero, stood in a fancy bar with a bottle of beer as a deep bass tone played in the background. Waiting to be escorted into their room for the evening as he checked his watch, the quicker he could get in and out the quicker he could go home. Necking back his bottle of beer as they were called for their room.
You could hear laughing on the other side of the wall as you lay spread and exposed through the hole, listening intently as the Pro-Heroes chose which hole they were going to take. Trying to slip into the same headspace you liked to frequent whenever you started your shift, trying to push what you were about to do to the back of your mind and remind yourself of the hefty paycheck that waited for you at the end of the night. You were slowly paying off all your debts and truthfully, some nights weren’t even that bad. When you had your favourite clients in it sometimes felt as though you shouldn’t be getting paid for this, enjoying yourself so much that it no longer felt like a job. But other nights were hell and you ended up crying as you cleaned yourself off in the back rooms before going home. Your friends trying to remind you that it was just a job.
“Aw man, come on Denks. Didn’t you get her last time?” A man groaned as you heard them playfully banter.
“No, you almost tore her apart with that thing remember?” The man replied, instantly exposing the voices to be Chargebolt and Red Riot. You remembered your friend saying she felt like he’d split her in two as his thick cock slipped inside her tight hole. Worried for her safety but she insisted he was now her favourite client, you couldn’t deny you were curious but the thought terrified you. Hoping the red-headed Pro wouldn’t make it to your hole, your safety more important to you than morbid curiosity.
A gasp left your lips as warm palms brushed along your thighs, stretched out and ready for him as the upper half of your body was hidden behind the black wall. Unsure whether you preferred days where you had your lower half exposed or the days when you had Pro-Heroes slipping their cocks inside the holes for you to suck. Sometimes lucky enough to catch a glimpse at the Heroes that you were servicing through the small openings. You’d even learned to recognise men by their dicks, often excited when certain Heroes would come in because you knew you would be able to get them off quick.
You heard grunts of pleasure from the other side of the partition as the men had obviously begun their session, expecting the Pro-Hero that chose you to quickly follow as you braced yourself.
A squeak leaving your lips as you were caught completely off guard by his next movements. His hands smoothing along your inner legs to the apex of your thighs. Thumbs spreading your labia as even through the wall you could feel him staring at your bare cunt. You felt warm fingers graze along your exposed folds, sticky lube coated their digits as you felt well and truly exposed. Almost as though you could see his eyes staring at you, the same slight touch that had caught you off guard. 
No Pro-Heroes that were brought into the club were ever interested in pleasing you. The calloused pads pressing down on your clit as you eased your hips into his touch, the tense muscles in your thighs relaxing as you felt pleasure beginning to form inside you. He was so gentle compared to the other Heroes that frequented the establishment. So used to having men pushing their lengths inside your depths without notice, using your body for their own needs. The excessive amount of lube there to help soothe the ache when they plunged inside you without notice, to try and quell the burn inside you as they used your body as they pleased.
“F-fuck.” You spluttered, feeling your face heat up when you realised you’d spoken out loud. The rules of the glory hole were that you were to keep silent, speak only if spoken to. The clientele didn’t want their transgressions spreading like wildfire, and you were just here to be used.
“Tch, you like that?” The voice on the other side of the wall spoke and you felt your cunt clench around nothing, his fingers still pressing tight circles against your puffy clit.
“Yeah.” You whined, already breaking one of the first rules about the club. You weren’t allowed to talk to the clients, but rarely did any of the Pro-Heroes that frequented this establishment ever care about whether you felt good. Simply seeing you as a means to an end, paying their exorbitant fee and then leaving. You already felt your cunt beginning to drool with your slick and mingle with the lube that you’d slathered on before climbing into position.
“Yeah?” He mimicked, sliding his fingers lower to prod against your tight entrance, feeling your walls fluttering as they desperately tried to pull him inside, “Barely even fuckin’ touched you.”
The tips of his fingers caught against your hole as you tried to roll your hips to push him inside, your body trembling as you felt the heat begin to rise inside you.
“What’s your name?” The voice persisted and you paused, biting down on your bottom lip as you tried to work out how to answer. You weren’t even supposed to be talking to him, never mind telling him your name.
“We’re not supposed to talk—” You whispered but he was quick to cut you off.
“I don’t give a fuck what you’re supposed to do, Princess.” He goaded, adding a second finger to your slick heat as a grunt left his lips.
You mumbled your name in response and he repeated it through the drywall, the sultry sound of it had your entrance fluttering around nothing as he grazed the hole with his digits.
“Are you as pretty as your name, I wonder?” It wasn’t even a compliment, not really, but the words had your cheeks scorching with heat as he continued to pay attention to your naked sex.
“How are you so tight?” He groaned as the tip of his fingers pressed inside you, curling them to focus against the spongy spot inside you as he languidly began pumping in and out of your heat. Absolutely no sense of urgency in his movements as he watched the way your body reacted to his touch.
“What about you?” You mumbled, confused as to why he wasn’t getting himself off after paying so much to be here.
“I thought we weren’t supposed to be talkin’,” You could hear the teasing tone to his voice as he pushed his fingers as deep inside you as they would go, scissoring them as he pulled a surprised whine from your lips, “Well, what about me, Princess?”
You were certain you recognised the voice but you couldn’t quite place it, the gravely undertone sending gentle shockwaves directly to your clit.
“Don’t you want to get yourself off?” You whispered, your chest heaving as you felt his thumb graze your swollen clit, already feeling yourself edging closer to your release.
“Who says I’m not?” He probed as he continued swirling gentle circles against your clit, your inner walls pulsing around his digits.
You wondered whether he was touching himself on the other side of the wall, suddenly jealous of his hand as you imagined his thick fingers wrapped around his cock. Trying to picture it in your mind as he worked your body with precision, or maybe he meant that this alone was enough to satisfy him, but it couldn’t be that. This was the first time you’d ever had someone looking to satisfy your needs.
“Aren’t I the paying customer?” He continued, his fingers inside you speeding up as he moved to press them against your soft walls with each roll of his wrist, “Aren’t you supposed to do whatever I say?”
“Yes,” You cried out, your hips rolling into his touch as you eagerly tried to grind your clit against his thumb, feeling the coil inside you so close to snapping.
“Then cum for me.” He commanded simply, the tone to his voice had such an air of dominance over it that you found yourself complying. Your body began to shake as you felt your orgasm flow through you, your toes curling as he continued pumping his fingers in and out of you to prolong the sensation.
“Fuck,” He snarled on the other side of the wall as you came undone, making you wonder whether he was shamelessly staring at his fingers buried deep inside your walls. Making your body heat up at the thought of him staring at you so unabashedly without you knowing, “Good girl.”
You keened at his praise as he continued swiping slow, gentle circles against your clit. Feeling your body writhe beneath him as you rode out your release, chest heaving as you felt him slowly pull his hand back. Hearing the familiar jingle of his belt buckle on the other side of the wall, fingers tearing the foil packet of a condom as a formal requirement inside the glory hole as he lay the heavy weight of his cock against your pelvis.
He was big. He had to be from the sheer mass that was now resting between your thighs. Feeling the tip almost graze your belly button as you imagined just how deep he would be inside of you. Your cunt clenching in anticipation as he began to stroke the fat tip of his cock between your messy folds. Feeling them part for him as he nudged against your sensitive clit, making you cry out for him as he repeated the motion.
“So messy;” He mumbled, dragging his cock along your folds as the head caught against your entrance, shifting your hips to try and get him inside you. Annoyed that your thighs were bound against the wall so you couldn’t wrap them around his waist to trap him, “You’re drenched.”
That’s how you knew he was looking at you, imagining his intense gaze as he continued to tease your slit, coating himself with your creamy slick as he tapped the tip against your puffy clit. Your entrance still pulsing from your climax as he finally pushed himself against it, groaning when he felt himself slip past the first ring of muscle. A saccharine smell of burnt caramel lingered in the air as you felt the black dividing wall shake as he slammed an open palm against it with a grunt, the sweetness mingling with a smoky musk as your eyes widened in realisation.
There was only one man you knew with a quirk like that, you’d spent more than enough time searching his name over social media to know it. But you’d never known the explosive man to frequent establishments like this, judging by his socials he had no hardship finding sexual partners.
So why would he be here?
“Fuck, quit your clenchin’” He grunted on the other side of the wall as you flushed, focusing back on the man as you realised your cunt had been squeezing his cock like a vice at the realisation, “You want me to cum quick or somethin’?”
“No,” You whined, feeling as though someone had poured freezing cold water on top of you as he snapped his hips. Finally burying himself inside you to the hilt.
You’d never felt so full. His trimmed pubes tickling your clit as his balls rested snugly against the curve of your ass, your legs quivering as you heard the sharp intake of breath he made on the other side of the wall.
“Shit, look at you.” He groaned, bringing his thumb and index finger down to spread your lower lips so he could see his cock buried deep inside you, “Wish you could see what I can see, Princess.”
You did too, wanting to see the Pro-Hero on the other side of the wall so you could finally confirm your suspicions. If it was the explosive blond you knew he would be a marvellous sight to behold. Wishing you could run your hands along his chest and leave pretty red nail marks along his back.
“I wish I could see on the other side too,” You felt your cheeks heat at the implication. He wanted to see what you looked like, the words causing a ruffle of butterflies to erupt in your chest as you felt his warm hands begin to run along your thighs again as he started a soft pace.
Each forward thrust of his hips had you jolting inside the wall, your breasts bouncing inside your black bra as the tip of his cock hit deep inside your cunt. The engorged tip kissing your cervix as he began to increase his pace, the lewd sound of his balls slapping against your skin filled the room as it mingled with the noises coming from the other Pro-Heroes who were at the other walls.
“So noisy,” Bakugou smirked smugly as he heard the crude sound of your slick walls squelching around his cock, leaving creamy rings of your slick around the base of his cock and his blond pubes as he fucked into you, “You always get this wet for the Pro’s fuckin’ you?”
“No,” You answered honestly, you couldn’t remember the last time you felt this way. Possibly the occasions that Pro-Hero Grand would visit, his quirk giving him away in an instant as he sent so many vibrations through your core that you couldn’t feel your legs afterwards. Your cunt completely numb from the pleasure as he always bid you farewell with a kiss to your clit.
“No?” You could hear the exulting tone to his voice as he kept his consistent pace, “This is all for me, hah?”
You could already feel another climax swiftly approaching, your cunt gripping him like a vice as your toes began to curl. A motion that didn’t go unnoticed by the blond as he began to focus his motions directly towards the spongy spot inside you, bending his knees to change the angle as the forking veins of his cock caught against you with each movement.
“Fuck,” He snarled, “Gonna cum for me again already?”
“Yes,” You hissed, jolting when you felt him press his calloused thumb to your clit as he began to torture it, flicking it side to side in a frantic motion as you writhed beneath him. Your bound lower half keeping you in place as you came with a squeal, your cunt gushing all over his crotch as you squirted.
“Oh fuck yes— that’s it, baby.” He continued taunting your clit as he watched the clear liquid escape your slit and soak his slacks, continuing to piston his cock in and out of you as he prolonged your climax, “Make a fuckin’ mess on my cock.”
You pressed your hands against the wall, unable to stop him from torturing your clit as your body thrashed on the other side. Your cries turning to screams as he continued his assault, pressing it side to side as he continued to languidly pump his cock inside your clenching walls. Throwing his head back in pleasure as sweat began to head against his temples, blond hairs sticking to his skin as his eyes rolled back.
“S’too much, please.” You whined through the barrier, trying to get him to grant you a moment's respite as your body trembled. Finally giving you a second to recover as he pulled his thumb away from your throbbing clit.
“You’re so fuckin’ good,” Each word was met with a sharp thrust of his hips, a deliberate action to pull more sweet sounds from between your lips.
A harsh smack to your ass caught you off guard as the noise sounded in the room, your cunt clenching around him at the motion as your skin began to prickle, another gasp leaving your lips when he repeated the action against the other cheek.
You felt elated at his praise, your heart pounding against your rib cage at his words as he continued his long, slow thrusts. Each forward motion had the full length of his cock buried inside your depths.
“Can ya feel that?” He murmured, pressing his palm against your pelvis as he pushed down on the slight bulge his cock was making inside your walls, “‘m so deep inside your little pussy.”
Bakugou kept his palm there as he continued thrusting in and out of your tight heat, feeling the way you reacted to his touch, “Such a good girl for me.”
Bakugou smirked at the way your walls clenched around him whenever he praised you, laying his forearm against the wall as he pressed his sweaty forehead against it. Trying to calm his body down to stop himself from cumming too soon, the other Pro’s that had shared the room with him were now dressed and gone as he stayed firmly buried inside you. Not wanting this to be over so soon.
“Please,” You mumbled on the other side of the wall, your voice so quiet he wasn’t sure he’d heard it at first, feeling his cock throb at your desperate tone, “I need it—“
“Good lord,” He snarled, moving his hands to the fat of your thighs, fingers dipping into the flesh as he squeezed hard for leverage. Pulling his hips back so only the tip of his cock stayed buried inside you before pushing forward, bottoming out inside you with one sharp thrust.  
A motion that almost knocked the wind out of you as you let out a silent moan, lips parted in pleasure as he began a frantic pace. Tears began to cling to your mascara’d lashes as the sound of skin against skin filled the room, the barrier shaking with how hard he was pounding your cunt.
“You think this flimsy fuckin’ wall is gonna separate us?” Bakugou scoffed as he continued fucking into your tight cunt, feeling your walls spasm around his cock at his words. The suggestion that his brute strength could bring the partition down so you could see him, feel him.
“Shit,” He barked, his pace becoming sloppy as his cock began to twitch inside you, “‘m gonna fuckin’ cum.”
It was at that moment you wished it wasn’t a requirement to wear condoms, wanting to feel him paint your walls white with his release, to feel him fill you to the brim with his essence as it mingled with your own. His hips stuttering as he found himself coming undone, his grip on your thighs tightening as he came inside the condom. Giving a few more languid thrusts into your slick cunt as he slowly pulled out. Your thighs ached as you felt a scorching sensation against your skin, it shouldn’t have made your cunt throb but it did. A pain that swiftly morphed into pleasure as you cried out, arching your back as you felt the warmth spread along your thighs.
A muted ‘shit’ sounded from the other side of the wall as he noticed what he had done, he’d marked you.
“You okay?” He rasped, so gentle compared to his previous actions.
“Y-yeah,” You mumbled back, spent after what was probably the best sex of your life, “Thank you.”
“Tch, I think I’m the one that should be thankin’ you, Princess.” You felt his lips press gentle kisses against the darkened marks he’d left against your thighs, mumbling the softest ‘sorry’ against the skin as you wished you could reach out to touch him.
You wanted to speak to him more, to share his presence a few moments longer but you heard the door open on the other side. A noise signalling the end of his appointment in the private room, feet shuffling as you listened to his footsteps as he left.
When you got back into the changing rooms on wobbly legs you knew you were in trouble, the glare your boss was giving you enough to knock someone dead as you stood in a simple black robe.
“What have I told you about not letting the clients leave marks? I won’t be able to work you in any of the lower holes until you get rid of it, and you know they pay more. I’m going to have to put you on the small holes.”
You groaned internally at that, the holes where patrons paid to have their dicks sucked didn’t pay nearly as much as the lower body holes. Your bills already piling up as you felt the skin on your thighs tingling from the marks that Bakugou had left. You should’ve felt more upset but how could you when you’d just had sex with the Dynamight. Of course, you hadn’t seen his face but you knew it had to be him.
“—and you should know better, I have half a mind to dock your pay for tonight for your sheer stupidity.”
A knock at the door broke your boss from his rant as you were met with the piercing vermilion gaze of Dynamight. Your stomach doing backflips as you stood in his presence, the person you wanted to lay your eyes on all this time now standing in front of you. You couldn’t help but stare, the suit he wore clinching him in all the right places, his tie loose and hanging around his neck.
You were right, it was him-
“Sorry, Mr Dynamight, sir. This area is strictly for employees only. I can show you to our VIP lounge—”
Bakugou ignored your boss completely as he reached into his pocket, pulling a wad of cash from his wallet, "I’ll pay for however much her next week's shifts woulda been."
Your boss’ eyes widened at the wad of cash the Pro-Hero was holding out to him as though it was the daily newspaper. Quickly taking the notes out of his hand as he began to thank him, incessantly talking at the blond who didn’t pay him any mind, his gaze still completely focused on you.
“What are you doing now?”
“She has another client booked, but I can show you another one of our girls—“
Moving to pull more money out as he thrust it in your boss’ face, “She’s done for the night.”
“I’m sorry, Mr Dynamight, sir. That isn’t a service we offer here-”
Bakugou’s nostrils flared as he pulled out another wad of cash, thrusting it into your boss’ face as he accepted it with a greedy smirk.
“Have a good evening, Mr Dynamight.” He smirked as he tried to push you out of the changing room, still clad in just a robe without your shoes.
Bakugou growled as he told him to get out, your boss obeying in an instant as you were left alone in the room. Suddenly feeling extremely self-conscious as you began to busy yourself to leave, grabbing your clothes from your locker as you slipped your panties up your thighs.
“Why did you do that for me?” You mumbled, unable to look him in the eyes now as you faced the wall, “It was so much money.”
“It was my fault I ruined your income.” He shrugged as though it was nothing, “I’ve never lost my shit like that before,” his eyes drifting down to the distinct marks against your legs. “You should put something on those—”
“I’ll be okay,” You’d most definitely had worse, “You didn’t have to do that though, I could’ve made it work.”
He let out a low ‘Tch’ as you continued grabbing your clothes to change.
“What are you gonna do the rest of the night then?”
“I dunno— maybe get ramen.”
“Okay, let’s go.” You raised a brow as you turned to look at him, dropping your robe as his eyes stayed focused on your face. Somehow the action making you want him more as you slipped your shirt over your head.
“You’re going to come with me to get ramen?” You laughed slightly as you moved to pull your jeans on, his face morphing into a scowl as you pulled the denim up your thighs.
“What’s so fuckin’ funny?” He glared at you.
“I just didn’t think you’d wanna go and get 500¥ ramen with me at-“ You picked up your cell phone to check the time, “1.30am.”
“I can make you way better food than the shit they make in those places anyway,” He scoffed, “And you won’t die of food poisoning.”
“Oh yeah?” You smiled, picking up your bag as you eased it onto your shoulder.
“Come home with me.” The way he worded it was more of an order, but you could hear the questioning tone to his voice as he waited for your reaction.
“What?” This was insane, going to get ramen at a seedy all-night restaurant was one thing, but there was no way a Pro-Hero wanted to see you outside work in his own home, never mind the number two Hero Dynamight.
“You heard me. Come home with me.” His palm came forward to cup your cheek, turning your head to face him as his intense gaze met yours. “I’ll make you ramen, but after I want to actually see your face when I split you apart on my cock.”
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self-indulgentwriting · a month ago
Cardigan Sleeves - Kinktober - Bakugou x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Mina and you want a baby, Bakugou helps you out. 
Part 2
Tumblr media
AN: TW.Breeding, TW.impregnation, TW.Restraints, TW.Daddy kink, TW.Pussy slaps, TW.slight angst, TW.unconventional relationships
Tumblr media
It was hard to imagine you would be in this particular situation, standing in nothing but a oversized cardigan sweater in front of your high school friend? That wasn’t the right word. Crush? That held the right childish tone to it but you had been closer then that. Unrequited love? Someone you had only dreamt of being with in your high school day. But this wasn’t your high-school days anymore. You both had grown and changed. 
“Did you want me to stay y/n?” Mina called from the doorway. Your eyes snapped over to the pink hero and you smiled as best you could given your nerves. Mina had been your best friend in high school and once you two started working together at the same agency after school things just escalated. 
Soon holding hands turned into kisses on the back of the hand. To sweet nothings whispered in one another’s ears to soon kissing and dates. Then after several years of being together you were married lived pretty happily with your pets and doing your hero work . Coming home each night and kissing each other a greeting, cooking your meals together, maybe doing a work out or movie before showering together and cuddles. It was all so comfortable and simple. 
That was till Momo got pregnant, then you both just had a itch that couldn’t be scratched. Kids. Adoption had been impossible seeing as you were both heros. Too dangerous of a job to get approved for a child so you two had given up on it. Till one drunken night Mina suggested you get pregnant and two drunk fools spoke about who and when and how. Then the next morning two sober fools kept the plan going. 
“No, I will be alright, have fun with Jiro.” Mina nodded before looking over to Bakugou who hadn’t taken his eyes off you. He didn’t look terribly interested more like he was sizing you up. 
“Okay. Thank you again, Bakugou. I did prep her a bit for you.” Bakugou didn’t respond. “I guess I will see you two Sunday.” Mina called making the blonde grunt his response. Bakugou had accepted when you guys had proposed this idea to him. He had questioned why him but you both explained it came down to trust and attraction. 
Having a random donor made Mina anxious, she wanted to know what you were getting into. Kirishima was too emotional he definitely would have wanted to be in the kids life as a father. Same with Denki. Sero already had a family and you simply couldn’t bring yourself to try with Izuku. Shouto had been considered but his family drama was too intense. The last thing you two wanted was Endeavor knocking on your door trying to get his ‘grandchild’.
Bakugou was driven in his path to being the number one hero. The man didn’t date, didn’t try to either. He had been so focused that they were confident that he wouldn’t have any interest for children. Which he didn’t he had only his goal in mind and he wasn’t going to let anyone stop him. So when he had agreed you both were thrilled. 
He had some conditions, First: was Mina wasn’t allowed to be involved. He didn’t want to knock both of you up and he saw her more like a sister. Second: That he was to get 2 days each section with you so that the two of you weren’t rush and could both be comfortable. He didn’t want to feel like he was forcing you or make you feel forced to be with him. Third: he was going to treat it like his normal hook ups. Bakugou might not have been in any concert relationship but that didn’t mean he didn’t hook up to dom for people before. So aftercare was a must. 
As Mina left you shifted from one foot to the other with a blush on your cheeks. Things remained quite till you both heard the front door close. Pushing your thighs together was all you could do as the juices form Mina’s teasing threaten to leak down your legs. You knew that Bakugou was here for sex but the idea of him seeing you like this had you nervous all of a sudden. It didn’t help that he was just staring at you. His normally aggressive demeanor wasn’t present just his face relaxed in his normal resting bitch face.
You went to open your mouth to say anything but before you could Bakugou interrupted you. 
“Let’s go.” You instantly tensed up feeling overwhelmed all of a sudden. You didn’t expect to be wined and dined but the sudden command had you nervous. He had made such a big deal out of being patient and taking your time you didn’t think it would happen all at once. Slowly you moved over to the bed and as you got one knee up on the bed he spoke again. “Dumbass, I meant to the kitchen.” Oh! you blushed and brought your knee back down embarrassed that you must have seemed eager. “I’m going to make you dinner.” Nodding you moved over to your dresser behind Bakugou to grab some sweat pants. You were shocked when your hand was stopped from reaching in the drawer. “I didn’t say you could get dressed.” Your lips parted slightly as a gasp past through them. Your thighs clenching once more as you nodded. 
“Right. Sorry..” you looked away from his intents eyes that seemed to threaten to burn through you. He left go and walked out of the bedroom following behind you tried not to take in how his jeans hugged his ass as the two of you made your way to the kitchen. 
He started opening cabinets and pulling ingredients out one by one. “Is there something I can do to help?” He stopped for a second thinking it over before handing you an onion and a small knife out form the butchers block. When you took the knife he held a moment longer. 
“Be careful, don’t need you hurting yourself.” He said it like you’d been a child and you nodded staring up at him. Normally having someone acting like you’d never cut anything before would have annoyed you. You were in fact a very capable hero after all but the way he acted just made you blush. Finally letting go of the knife he got back to work pulling out what he needed. Bakugou had always been an amazing cook so you didn’t even bother asking what he was fixing. Knowing it was going to be good. Probably spicy but good. 
As he cooked he watched the way you cut everything he gave you. You could feel his eyes on you as if he was waiting for you to slip up.  By the time you were done chopping everything you were a nervous mess. He’d been so quite. You couldn’t remember the last time he had been this quite. Sure he didn’t talk as much as Denki or Kirishima but his volume normally made up for it. Walking over to the skin with a shaky hand you rinsed the knife. 
“Ow!” He was on you before the word left your mouth shocking you as he looked down at you. Had Bakugou always been so tall? 
“Dumbass! I told you to be carful.” He took your finger that you held near your chest and looked it over. The end of the blade had pricked your finger leaving a small drip of blood on the end. 
“I-I’m sorry. I’ll go get a bandage.” You went to move but Bakugou’s grip on your had stopped you. Bringing your finger up to his lips he let the blood drop spread across his lips before licking the pad of your finger. You didn’t know where to look. His blood stained lips, his acute eyes, Or the way the muscles flexed in his jaw and neck slightly moved as he licked your finger. Bakugou let your finger go having you bring it back down to see the little wound was nothing more then a small red irritation. “Ahh!” You.we’re taken by surprise as you were lifted onto the counter. Your bottom landing against the cool stone countertop made you gasp and clench around nothing as your pussy made contact with the cool surface. You’d almost forgot about the throbbing in your lower lips. 
“Can’t trust you to not hurt yourself. Just gonna have to sit there and wait.” You blinded a couple of times before nodding. He moved back to finish up dinner. You watched him now looking at his toned arms that held a couple of scars along with his side profile. He looked so manly. You couldn’t help yourself from smiling as you made the same compliment that Kirishima loved to throw around. “Whats so funny?” He didn’t looked up form his work which made your jump but stopped as you felt the stone push against your swollen lips again making you force yourself to calm down. 
“N-nothing.” He gave you a side look with his eyebrow raised as if saying he wasn’t buying it. You looked away and pushed your hand on your knees trying to stay as still as possible. “I just was thinking about how manly you looked. But then just though how that sounded like Kirishima.” You smiled at the end to help with your own nerves but Bakugou turned now resting his hip on the counter arms crossed over his chest. He didn’t look amassed by the compliment. 
“So your thinking about someone else while your with me?” His words were calm but you felt panic set in as your eyes snapped opened and gasped leaning forward pushing your bottom slightly off the counter. 
“N-no. I was just admiring you and the only word I could-“ 
“Was the word that one of our friends have trademarked. Sounds like you were thinking of someone else to me.” You panicked feeling your heart race in your chest as you leaned back adjusting your cardigan to cover more of yourself as you worried your lip trying to think of how to fix this. You didn’t want Bakugou to back out, didn’t want him to think that you didn’t want him here. “Your a good little girl aren’t you?” His tone was normal as if asking how the weather was but the moment you heard that your heart skipped a beat. 
He turned off the stove and walked over to stand in front of you. Leaning against the other counter across from you. “Mina and you are into dominant and submissive rolls right?” This time you nodded. “Tell me about it.” When you just held your mouth open unsure of what to say he exhaled. “What do you call Mina and what does she call you?” 
“Miss or Mistress.” Bakugou nodded. “She calls me all kind of thing. Baby, kitty, -“
“Princess.” You blushed hearing the pet name slip off his tongue it made your hips shift and shook your head. His eyes went form your hips back up to your face. “How do you play?”
“She likes eating me out a lot. Says I taste sweet.” Bakugou nodded again more so for encouragement. “She likes dressing up a lot. Maids, school girl, ears and tails.” Remember Mina putting the tail plug in you made you shutter as you remembered how the stretch felt you couldn’t help but push your ass out a little. Swallowing you rubbed your neck as you thought about some of the other thing you and Mina had done. Imagines of her thrusting into you tell you how good you looked while she fucked you came to mind. “She’s into spanking and toy. Strap on and stuff.” Bakugou rolled his eyes rubbing his forehead. 
“Your talking a lot about what Mina likes. What do you like?” You shifted again and this time you felt the small puddle you were sitting in. You’d finally started leaking and you couldn’t stop yourself as you clenched trying to stop yourself.
“Oh um…” trying to think about what you enjoyed most made you nervous. You didn’t just want to spill your guts to your highschool crush. So you started to play with your sleeves. Exhaling once more Bakugou pushed off the counter and placed one arm on either side of you on the counter trapped between his well defined arms had you blushed down your neck as you looked down to avoid his eyes that didn’t roam your exposed body but stared into your face. 
“Look I’m not trying to say that what you and Mina do isn’t good. I’m just trying to figure out what your comfortable with and what we can do together. If we just copy what you and Mina do it’s not going to be good for you because I’m not Mina.” His tone was dead serious as he spoke. What he said made sense to you. You didn’t want to copy what you and Mina had anyway. That was special just for the two of you. “So what I’m asking here is who do you want me to be for you?” You looked over at him shifted again. 
“What are my opinion?” That got a slight smirk out of the man. Amused by your little voice that was better about asking the opinions for a wine list then what type of dom you were about to get. 
“I normally am a hard dom. Brat taming is my go to when I do this kind of thing.” You bit the side of your lip. You could be bratty right? He tilted his head to the side slightly as he looked at you. “I don’t think that’s gonna work with you.” Some how you felt self conscious that you weren’t his normal flavor of sub. 
“W-why not? I can be bratty.” Now Bakugou laughed and leaned in close to your ear making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
“Then why haven’t you moved from this spot.” He leaned back with a cock grin on his face because he knew he was right. “Probably sitting in a little puddle aren’t you?” When you didn’t look at him he leaned back. Your legs were pushed flush together and you held the end of your cardigan’s sleeves. “Na. I think I know what I’m gonna do with you.” He moved back to the stove leaving you a blushing mess as if he had come to a conclusion and nothing more needed to be done. 
He scooped out one big bowl of the mixed vegetables and rice before coming over to you. He took a bite in front of you before getting another bite and blowing on it. “It’s a little spicy, well for you.” He held out the chopsticks for you and your eyes widened as you realize he was going to feed you. When you hesitated he gave one command “Open.” You quickly did looking past the chopsticks and bowl was Bakugou little half smirk. He placed the food into your mouth and you ate it off with a timed look on your face. The King Explosion Murder God: Dynamight was feeding you in your kitchen, it just didn’t seem real. “Too spicy?” You shook your head as the spices mixed well together even the rice had good seasoning to it. 
“Your cooking is always good Kat-.” He shoved another bite into your mouth to stop your praise. Shaking his head he waited for you to finishing swallowing before grabbing some water for you. 
“Quit trying to butter me up.” His words came out at their normal harshness making you pull your arms up to your chest for comfort, not expecting the harsh treatment after how soft he had been. Sighing he held up some more food for you. This time allowing you to take your time. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” You pushed your lip together before taking the bite. You waited till he took one for himself before specking again. 
“It’s not that I’m buttering you up. I’ve always admired your strengths. In high school I even had a little school girl crush on you.” You weren’t sure why you were confessing now. But Bakugou’s jaw clenched and he exhaled before smiling a little out of the corner of his lips.
“Yeah?” His question was more to prompt you for more info then anything. 
“Yeah it’s one of the reason Mina suggested you.” That got him to raise an eyebrow. Why would Mina want the guy you use to like to impregnate you? “She wanted to give me the opportunity to explore that. Mina and I aren’t restrictive. We’re pretty flexible.” Bakugou nodded he knew what you meant. There had been more then once that you two had gone home with a girl or the stumbling little fem boy. Not needing to know more details Bakugou had you take another bite. 
“What I remember from high school was you jumping every time I talked and always tired to give me those silly little…. Lunches” you smiled at the man playing with your shirt sleeve. It seemed to have clicked. Those ‘silly’ little lunches were lunch boxes fill with protein packed abomination wrapped in the cutest and latest in lunch’s in Japan. Each one had a little love confession in one and each one Bakugou had refused. “Shit.” He lulled his head back looking up at the ceiling. You could tell he was kicking himself probably for being a dick. 
“Hehe don’t worry so much.” He looked down to see you smiling up at him. “I mean I was a little heart broken at graduation when you wouldn’t even dance with me but I ended up dancing with Mina and well everything worked out from there.” His face was back to being that blank slate. You went to reach for him but he shoved another bit into your mouth making you realize that this was probably making him uncomfortable. “If your not comfortable any-“
“I’m here. I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.” He popped a bite into his mouth leaving you to watch as his throat bobbed as he swallowed. It seemed so sexual. “You know color based safe words?” Your back straighten at the mention of sex once more feeling like he could read your thoughts as your eyes snapped up to met his face. 
“Red mean stop. Green means okay to keep going.” He placed the bowl down in the skin next to you while grabbing a towel. 
“Yellow means slow down.” He took your chin in his hand and wiped your mouth for you making you blush but just sat there as he did so. “So If I’m doing something you like but it’s too hard, you use yellow and I will lighten up.” He dropped the cloth and look in your eyes and when you tried to look away he pulled your chin to make sure you looked back at him. “Are you comfortable with that?” 
“Yes. Are you comfortable?” You must have looked so bashful to him. Because that soft half smile came back as he push some hair out of your face. Before incasing you in his arms again.
“Yeah I’m good princess.” You clenched your thighs together, rubbing for some fiction. That name was nice. He leaned forward to your ear once more. “I’m not the one sitting in a puddle.” He whispered it as if it was a secret against only meant for your ears, your stomach feel like it had little butterflies in it. “Go on and show me that pretty pussy. ” His words felt warm on your ear and the heat of his breath traveled down your neck. He leaned back just slightly so you could move your knees better. You brought your hands up to your face as you hid them in your sweater sleeve before spreading your legs wide. 
You felt a warm hand on your thigh up near your center. You pulled your hands down to look at Bakugou and you saw him leaning back taking in the sight of your dripping cunt. Mina’s work on display for Bakugou as he moved your thigh to see how much had leaked out. He moved his other hand to push your shoulder back. 
“Lean back.” You did as you were told staring up at the chandelier in your kitchen face covered. You felt him spread your lips and your head rolled back against the stone. Still sensitive. “Yeah. I think I can definitely breed this little pussy.” He took his spare hand and pushed a finger into you causing your wall to immediately invite him in. “When was the last time you took a cock princess?” 
“Two days ago Mina an-“
“I said a cock not some shitty plastic toy.” He felt your hole clench and he smiled happy that he was correct in his assumptions about your preferences. That he was able to read you so easily. 
“Years. I don’t know when.” Bakugou raised an eyebrow. 
“What about those little boys you two take home. They never get to be in here?” He started working his finger slowly allowing you to rock with him as he did so. 
“N-no. They eat me out while Mina pegs them.” Bakugou rolled his eyes of course she pegged them. He moved his hands up to your clit causing you to gasp and moan. 
“So you’ve fantasize about me and now tell me this is the first real cock you’ve had in years. You trying to seduce me little slut?” You shook your head sitting up quickly causing Bakugou fingers to slide out slightly. 
“N-no. I-I was just being open with you.” You looked so worried that Bakugou wasn’t sure weather he should stop. But If he went too far you knew what to say. 
“Really because right now your clamping down on my hand. Hiding that pussy form me. Not being very open are you?” His raised eyebrow made you shake your head and you leaned back down letting Bakugou finger free. He pulled his hand out and you weren’t left with the cool sensation form his missing finger long before it was replaced with a stinging pain as he slapped your pussy. “That’s for not listening.” He hit you once more making you hiss and bit into your sleeve. “That was for thinking of someone else.” He hit you again this time harder then the last two causing  you to cried out and when you looked down his face greeted you with a smirk. “That for letting Mina prep you.” Your mouth hung out with tears in your eyes as your pussy pluses as the sensitive skin reacted to the abrasive contact. “I don’t need any help getting this pussy ready for me.” He moved his hand over the swollen lips making your hips shift at the pain and pleasure that came with his touch. “You gonna be a good girl now?” You shook your head and Bakugou gaze became stern. “Use your words princess.”
“Yes what princess.” You turned your head to the side and then you felt his finger tap on your clit make you jump as each landed. Once- twice- three times.
“Yes D-daddy.” Bakugou moaned making you look at him in shock. Did he really enjoy it that much? You fought yourself form pushing your legs together as you heard the rich sound. His hand traveled up your body under your cardigan and around your breast. Letting his thumb drag over your nipple. 
“That’s real good princess.” He watched as your face relaxed from the pain form his earlier punishment. He rolled the nipple between his fingers smiling as you reached out for him. He clicked his tongue. “Such a needy thing.” His hand found your waist and he lifted you causing you to gasp at how easy he was able to man handle you.  “Wrap your legs around.” You did as you were told. You we’re looking down at him from your elevated spot on his waist.  “A princess’ feet should never touch the ground right?” You bite your lip smiling at his words. You ran your hand over his flexed muscles that kept you up. 
“Not while daddy is around to carry me.” He let that half smirk show again as he started walking back towards the bedroom. He pushed some of your hair out your face. 
“Yeah.” He said it so breathless you thought if you hadn’t been on top of him you wouldn’t have heard it. He seemed so content but sad somehow and you just wanted to see him smile again. You placed both your covered hands on either side of his face and leaned down to kiss his nose before giggling. “You teasing me little girl?” He slapped your ass making you yelp. He dropped you on the bed earning another giggle as you bounced. He quickly ripped of his shirt in one motion leaving his torso on display. “Like what you see?” He was undoing his belt now. 
“Can I touch you?” Bakugou rolled his eyes as he undid his pants. But when he saw his belt in his hand and you’d cute little thighs pushed together he though he had a better idea. 
“No. Give me your hands.” You pouted as you held your hand out. It upset you that you couldn’t touch him. You’d always wondered what those muscles felt like. His arm had always been your favorite watching as he blew through enemies, walls, just anything that stood in his way. He loved seeing you so upset about not getting to touch him. He tied the belt around your wrist being sure that it wouldn’t loosen or tighten. 
You though he would wrap the other end around the head board but he made no such move. “Kneel on the edge of the bed.” Following the order you moved so your hands were in front of you while you knees partnered up to the edge. “Sit flat on that little pussy.” Spreading your legs you did as you were told. The cool sheets feeling nice against your cunt. He walked up and moved his knuckles up your chin to your jaw before intwining in your hair. It felt so sensual as he touched you. He tugged gently so you looked up at him. He pulled down his jeans one handed as he forced you took at him not letting you see his cock. 
“Mmm daddy please.” You reached your hand out to try and touch what you couldn’t see but he pulled your hair sharply. 
“Open your mouth.” You did, just as quickly as every order he had given you this night. He leaned over more and just when you were sure he was going to spit in your mouth he didn’t. He pushed two fingers under you wiggling them till they got to your sore clit. Using the fabric of the bed to move against your body. 
“Ahh mm Bak- Bakugou!” He smirked as he watched you call out in pants and moans. Soaking his fingers and your bed. 
“You see with your head back like this your voice just pours right out.” His responses was more pants and grunts. As you felt your poor clit get abused but the fingers working more and more friction against it. Your hips rocking despite you feeling swollen, sore, and overstimulated and so very close to cumming. “Go on princess. Get those princess juices all over my fingers.” 
“Daddy please. Need more!” He let go of your head shoved you back against the bed when your back hit the surface the two finger that had been on your clit were now shoved into your pussy. “Yes! Fuck!” He pumped his fingers into you but he leaned more of the bed off to the side. 
“Look at me.” He growled as you gripped the sheets and whined. When you looked on his face you saw his eyes burning with hunger. “I said fucking cum.” You moaned as you felt your core clench and you’d cum. It hurt as your wall tried to milk the fingers inside you. “Might wanna tell your pussy it’s not gonna get any cum from my fingers.” He teased you making you blush, you wondered if he could even see it over how flush you were. 
His words did make you look down finally to see his cock. He was bigger then what would be normal or any of the dildos you had but his girth was more of what you were interested in. You bit your lip as you wished you had your hands to feel his cock. He reached down and pumped his cock with the hand that had your cum on it. You went to reached forward with your tied hands only to have the tail end of the belt pulled down. “I didn’t say you could touch.” He pushed you back against the bed. “Your just a glutton for punishment aren’t you.” He only got to see a second of the look of horror before your body arched off the bed. He had slapped your sore cunt once more. You felt your legs giving out and tears formed in your eyes at the contact. 
“Y-yellow.” He stopped and looked up at you waiting for your huffs of breaths to calm down. “Not my pussy.” He moved his hand down your thighs rubbing the skin against skin felt nice and he slapped your thigh lighter then his first smack on your pussy making you moan. “I-I just got so excited to see the cock that’s gonna fill me up.” You sniffled “I’m sorry daddy.” He rubbed your thigh again. 
“Daddy isn’t here for his pleasure princess. Daddy’s here all for you princess.” He slapped your thigh again watching as you stiffened up. “But little princesses don’t know what’s best for themselves. That’s why they have daddy. Isn’t that right?” You nodded looking up at him with those big tear filled eyes. He had to bite his tongue to stop himself from groaning. You were just too cute. “That’s why it’s so important to be a good girl.” You nodded once more. “Good.” 
He wiped one of your teary eyes bringing his thumb up to taste the salty liquid. He moved more on top of you making your heave as you took him in. He looked almost like a predator, his words were all sweet but his looks were all primal. Taking his cock in his hand he started rubbing the tip against your cunt. Letting your juices soak the tip. It felt like he was trying to slowly push himself into your body. Pushing in just a little more and more. 
Your arms went up to cover your face, hiding in your cardigan once more. He pushed your restrains up more uncovering your face as his eyes went form where your pussy and his cock were to your face as if he didn’t want to miss a moment of this experience. Till his thrusted in taking it about half way. Your legs flexed you were shocked your didn’t kick off the bed. 
“Shit, I can’t wait to make you a fucking mommy.” You moaned and wiggled your hip to try and get movement out of him. His hand traveled up to your breast before bending down and tacking the bud between his teeth. You clenched around him while you hissed making him smirk against your skin. “Can’t push me out princess.” He started rocking his hip while his arms moved around your torso to held me rock you against his cock. Your slick wall inviting him in. “That it.” 
“Mmm daddy want it all in. Wanna get a baby fucked in me.” He slammed the rest of his cock in making your body tense up but your eyes rolled into the back of your head. Moaning for him. His head came down and kissed along your chest. “Feels so..” Bakugou smirked against your skin. 
“Big? Full? Good?” All those things were true. You could only pant as you tried to get accustom to the new feeling of being fill. His hand ran over your skin taking in the way every little part raised and any little scar he kissed. Till his hand made it to your hips he gripped them and started moving. “Shit.” He grunted as his paces picked up. “Princess looks so good taking my cock. Gonna look even better carrying my baby!” Your hands moved down to try and run your bound hands down his chest just desperate for his skin. He growled in the back of his throat making you shoot your hands back up. His thrusts were steady but rough as he slowly fucked you trying to get as deep as possible. 
“Daddy.” Your whiny voice brought Bakugou attention up to your face as you tried to move your hips against him. “F-faster.” Bakugou hand came up to the back of your neck forcing you to look down at him while doing an aggressive thrust causing you to gasp. 
“What did daddy tell you? He knows what you need.” His little half smirk made your heart pound in your chest as you tried to think straight. He kept his thrust deep and slow while looking in your eyes. You felt like you were going to explode, he was so intense with his stare and his movement you felt like he was trying to mold your pussy to the shape of his cock. With his hot hands on your hip and neck he kept you in your place while he worked. “Get those hands behind my neck.” 
You didn’t need to be told twice as your hand scrapped against his scalp on the way down  while you took them to rest on his neck. He shuttered and you saw a shift in his eyes. And his hands moved to your hips and he pushed his head down into your neck as he started thrusting into like his life depended on it. It was hard to contain your moans so you didn’t. You worked your hips with his the best you could before his hand pushed your hips into the mattress. 
“Princess if I have to tell you again then I won’t fill this little pussy, you hear me?” You whined shaking your head. The idea of not getting the prize your so desperately wanted was too much for you little fuck out brain to understand.
“Daddy please need it.” He moaned and trailed his hand down over your thigh to hook behind your knee to push your leg up. Half way into a matting press. “Yes! Want all your cum as deep as .. as” you couldn’t finish as you felt his other hand working your clit. “Daddy!” 
“Nosy little princess huh?” He felt your walls tighten and he couldn’t believe that you could get tighter. “Shit. Not gonna last long.” He swiftly copied his previous motions and had you in a complete mating press. Your shoulder stuck in place while he pounded into you. Your body unable to do anything but take the abuse that Bakugou was giving you. “Gonna fill you up. Gonna give you my fucking brat.” You mewed for him making him groan. “You like that? like the idea of taking all of daddy’s cum. Making me a real daddy?” 
“Yes! Fuck! Cum for me Bakugou. Please.” Your walls clenched around him and after hearing  his name from your lips caused him to cum before he expected to. Thrusting in he sat there on top of you feeling every little clench and twitch your pussy made. When he looked up to see your hair sticking to your face your chest raised and fell to catch your breath. One nipple covered by your cute cardigan while completely boneless letting your arm use the belt and his neck to support your arm he knew he had done a good job. He lifted your arms over his head and undid the belt. He asset the Damage and knew he’d need to put a little something on there but over all you were okay. 
As you finally caught your breath you felt Bakugou pull out making you bit your lip trying not to moan at the loss. Your brain went over what had happen and your mind went over what he said     ‘making me a real daddy?’ That was just a heat of the moment thing right? Looking over at Bakugou you watched as he pushed your hips up and pushed some of the cum that had leaked out before pulling his phone out. 
“Bakugou?” You became nervous as the little snap sound came from his phone. He looked up to you with that arrogant smirk. 
“Gotta show your lady my work, don’t we?” You smiled over at the blonde all your worries melted away. Convinced now that he was just fueling the fantasy but understood the rules. After all this was Bakugou under all his gruff and hard exterior he was a sucker for the rules. The best bad boy. Standing  Bakugou moved over to grab your phone. “You give Mina a call, I’m gonna run us a bath and call Kirishima, gotta check on my fish.” You smiled as you pressed the icon that had you kissing on the pink hero’s face. 
“Hey baby!” Her voice was slightly slurred and you knew she must have been having a good time. “I saw that picture from Bakugou. Mmm make him send me one for each load. Wanna save it for my spank bank.” She giggled making you copy suit. “Is he taken care of you? And not just in the dicked down kind of way?” You giggled again at her drunk wording. 
“Yeah. He made me dinner and is running a bath now. Calling Kirishima to check on his fish.” You heard some loud music in the background now. She must have made it to the next club. 
“Him and that Damn salt water tank. Well make sure you have lots of fun and call me if you need me.” You sighed hearing her slightly worried tone. 
“I will. I love you pinky.” 
“I love you too baby.” Hanging up the phone you stood on wiggly legs as you made your way over to the bath. You heard Bakugou and Kirishima’s voice now. Bakugou always had his phone up on the highest volume you assumed his quirk’s explosions had left him with some hearing loss. 
“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me y/n had a crush on me!?” He sounded angry, furious even. You stopped yourself from stepping into the bathroom. Leaving yourself to eavesdropping just outside the door. 
“Man you said you didn’t care about that stuff. Said you didn’t wanna know.” You heard him groan in frustration. “Look I know you had a crush on her but that was high school, she’s married to Mina now. You said you didn’t have time for relationships, that it was going to get in the way of being number one. Has any of that changed?” 
“Fuck… no your right.” You heard him shift. “I just fuck. I don’t know.” Kirishima sighed on the other end of the line. 
“Enjoy your time with her, fuck a baby into her and then get back to the grind man. You got this. Don’t focused on the ‘could haves’ just enjoy what you can.” His word of motivation seemed to kick in as Bakugou toned changed. 
“Yeah. How’s my fucking fish?” 
“Man this one keep staring at me and I think his eye is fucked up.” You stepped back to the bed with your cardigan sleeve over your hand you covered your mouth as Bakugou kept grinding Kirishima for info on his fish. Unsure on how you were going to face Bakugou now you just tried to catch your breath. 
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cellotonin · a month ago
impatient ➳ k. bakugou
Tumblr media
day 4 ➼ overstimulation + degradation
Tumblr media
⤷ { you've never had any shame when it comes to expressing your current needs, but disrupting katsuki while he’s at work will come with consequences. }
wc: 2.4k
tags/warnings: smut, 18+ (mdni !!), fem!reader, established relationship, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, mild/moderate degradation, unprotected sex, brief breathplay, hair pulling, squirting, a lil manhandling
a/n: damn i uh,,,,, i kinda made bakugou a lil mean in this one LMFAO,,, HE STILL LOVES U SO MUCH I PROMISE 😭 ngl this is probably the filthiest smut i’ve written thus far although this might still be pretty tame for a lot of u LMAO but this actually made me close my laptop halfway through so i could just. breathe. KJXKJSXDFVGB IM SO WEAK ANYWAYS,,,,,,, hope y’all enjoy <33 bkg enjoyers this is for u <33
Tumblr media
This isn’t a good idea, you scold yourself, he’s at work right now.
And yet your phone remains pressed to your ear as it rings Katsuki’s number. A part of you expects to be sent straight to his voicemail, insisting that you just hang up and forget about it. Another part of you is skeptical, doubting that he’ll drop everything he’s doing just to attend to your needs, especially not the one between your legs. Of course, you don’t listen to either of them. You opt instead to stay on the line and hope that you'll get the third option, the one where he rushes home as soon as he gets the chance and gives you the relief you can’t seem to obtain on your own.
His voice is rough when he finally picks up. “Yeah?”
“Katsuki! Hey - um… are you gonna be at work for much longer?”
“Why? Somethin’ wrong?”
“Well, I…” You sigh softly, attempting to make your voice sound as unintentionally seductive as possible. “I’ve just been feeling a little needy today… and I was wondering if you could come home a little early today…?” You know he can’t see it, but you gently bite at your lower lip for an added effect.
There’s a short pause, and then he responds. “I still have five more hours of my shift, you can’t just do it yourself until I get back?”
You pout. Not the answer you were hoping for. But you persist anyways, letting out a second, more exaggerated sigh. “But baby, it’s just not the same, you know? Your hands are so much thicker than mine, and they always know how to find the right places that just make me feel so good… I need them so bad…” 
A second pause. This time, you’re almost certain you can hear his breath catch in his throat, and you can’t stop the little triumphant grin that starts to tug the corners of your lips upward. You’ve always known that you have him wrapped around your finger. It won’t be long before he caves.
But the answer he gives you is not what you want to hear.
“Just be patient, okay? You’ll survive until my shift is over.”
“But Katsu—” The line cuts off before you can finish. With an indignant scoff, you set your phone down on the table and sink into the sofa in defeat.
Only for you to pick it up again in less than five seconds.
You’re a little too stubborn for your own good, in all honesty. You know fully well that the world won’t end if Katsuki isn’t back home within the next half hour, that you’re perfectly capable of holding your own until he gets off of work. You can wait. But the longer you think about him stretching you wide with his fingers, the longer you think about him circling your clit with his tongue until you’re shaking beyond control, the longer you think about him fucking you so good that you’re gasping for air by the time he’s finished, the more difficult it becomes to just be patient. Just thinking about what you want him to do to you when he gets back makes your core clench around nothing.
Sure, you can wait. But you really, really don’t want to.
And that’s how you end up with several new pictures in your camera roll, each one more provocative than the last, all lined up one by one to be sent to Katsuki’s phone. Your thumb hovers over the send button as you reconsider your decision. This really isn’t a good idea, your subconscious attempts to warn you again. And for the second time today, you ignore your better judgment.
Ten minutes pass with no new notifications. You let out a huff, wondering what’s taking him so long to respond to you. Perhaps he just hasn’t seen your message yet? It’s the only logical reason you can think of. There’s no way he could so easily resist all of those photos without saying something in reply. Growing impatient, you open your phone to check the status of your message.
A part of you is a bit offended. After all the effort you had put into those pictures, this is far from the reaction you expected. You frown, plopping face-first onto the couch. Sleeping off your hormones may be the only option you have for now.
You only get to close your eyes for five minutes.
The front door swings open with almost enough vigor to tear down the wall supporting it. Startled, you jump up into a sitting position, rubbing your eyes to better make out who your intruder is. But as soon as you sit up, you’re being pushed back down into the couch by a rough hand, and your heart begins to race as you quickly figure out who it belongs to.
“Wh - Katsuki? Didn’t you say your shift ends in five hours? What are you—”
“Don’t fucking play dumb.” You immediately bite your tongue when he cuts you off with a snarl. “You know exactly what I’m doing back here.”
You do know exactly what he’s doing back home. Yet, you can’t help the surprised gasp that escapes from you when your clothes are torn from your body with one swift motion, leaving you completely exposed. And you’re given no time to mentally prepare yourself before three fingers are being roughly shoved into your cunt. “Fuck - K-Katsuki…!” you cry out as you grab onto the couch.
“Couldn’t fucking wait, could you?” he sneers, plunging his fingers even deeper into your hole. “Just had to interrupt me at work today, didn’t you? Impatient little brat.”
“Katsu… slow - slow down…” you whine as his thumb begins to swipe back and forth across your clit, unable to keep up with the sudden onslaught of pleasure.
He scoffs in response, only increasing his speed. “Slow down? You’re joking, right? You think you get to tell me to slow down after calling me and begging me to come home like a little slut? And then sending me those slutty pictures while I’m at work? I don’t fucking think so.”
Your hips buck helplessly into his hand as you start to feel a familiar tension building up in your lower abdomen. But Katsuki pulls away before you can go any further, and you whine in frustration. “W-wait… don’t st— oh, fuck-!”
You were so caught up in the feeling of his fingers thrusting so roughly into your cunt that you didn’t even realize when Katsuki had freed his cock from his pants. And with not even a second to complain, your weeping cunt is quickly filled again with something much bigger. You let out a loud moan as you’re stretched out to your limit, your back arching off of the couch as your toes curl in on themselves.
“Tch, greedy little slut,” he starts again as he sets a relentless pace. “So desperate for my dick that you couldn’t control yourself for a few hours? Pathetic.”
You’d think you would be put off by the way he’s talking down to you so much. But you surprise yourself when your moans get louder in response as his words go straight to your cunt.
Katsuki catches on quickly, and his lips curl into a devilish smirk. “Oh, so that’s how it is, huh? You like it when I treat you like the fucking whore you wanna be.” You’re immediately on the defense, beginning to shake your head in denial. Of course, he sees right through your disguise. “Don’t even try and lie to me. You think I didn’t notice how your cunt started squeezing around me? Maybe I should start fucking you more like the slut you are, you’d enjoy that wouldn’t you?”
Once again, you’re tempted to shake your head no. But with the way he ruthlessly slams his cock into your g-spot over and over again, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure through your core, it’s impossible to pretend like you don’t like it even a little. So despite your pride, you nod your head. “F-fuck… so good… ‘nd so deep… gonna cum…”
A hand comes to your neck shortly after, gently squeezing your throat and restricting a bit of your airflow. Suddenly, every thrust of his hips seems so much more powerful, every ripple of pleasure through your body more overwhelming than the last as your body starts to tingle. And the limited supply of oxygen has started to send your orgasm barreling towards you with nothing to stop its momentum. “Gonna fuckin’ cum for me already, princess?” Katsuki growls as he tightens his hold on your neck. “Do it. Cum all over my cock like a good slut.”
“Oh - oh god… Katsuki, I’m—” Whatever you were attempting to say gets cut off as your orgasm crashes into you at a devastating speed, shaking your whole body like an earthquake. You let out a hoarse cry as your walls clench around his cock, and your thighs cling to his sides to stop them from trembling so uncontrollably. Katsuki finally releases your neck from his vice grip as he slides his cock out of your cunt.
But he spares you no time to take any deep breaths. Within seconds, he has you flipped onto your knees, the side of your face pressed into the couch as he plunges his cock right back into you. A loud cry is ripped from your throat as he quickly resumes his merciless assault on your poor cunt, and your legs threaten to buckle under you as they quiver from the overstimulation. “Fuck… fuck… ‘tsuki… please…” Those are the only three words you’re able to pull from your mouth, repeating themselves like a mantra.
“Look at you, so fucking greedy. Taking my cock like that’s all you’re fucking good for. Is that why you were so impatient today? Because all you know how to do is sit around and wait until someone’s stuffing your cunt?”
“Not… not someone…! Only you…” you whimper, rocking your hips back against his.
You can’t see him from behind you, but you’re certain that he’s sporting his cocky, triumphant grin as he pins your arms behind your back. “Only me, huh? You saying this cunt is mine, yeah? So I can use this tight little pussy however I want because you’re my own, personal cocksleeve.”
You’re embarrassed by how much your cunt is loving the way he talks down to you, pulsing around his cock every time he speaks. Whimpers and mewls continue to bubble out from your lips as his hips slam into yours. “Only yours, Katsuki… only yours…” you mumble over and over again as your ability to form coherent sentences rapidly declines.
Before you know it, you’re cumming for the second time in less than three minutes, your whole body buzzing from the ecstasy of your orgasm as your cunt gushes all over his cock.
But Katsuki doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t even slow down. Instead, you feel his fingers tangle themselves in your hair, and that’s the only warning you get. A startled yelp is forced out of your throat as your head is yanked back towards him, and a second hand pushes your back flush against his chest.
“Fuck - look at how fucking messy you are,” he growls into your ear as he pinches one of your nipples hard. “Drooling all over yourself like you have no sense of self-control.”
“Please - please… w-wait-!” you squeak just as his cock meets your cervix, eyes squeezing shut as your head falls back against his shoulder for some sort of support.
He simply chuckles, pressing a kiss to the exposed part of your neck before nipping at it with his teeth. “You don’t get to tell me to wait when a slut like you doesn’t know how to wait herself,” he reiterates with another hard squeeze to your hardened nipple.
“Please… please…” you dumbly repeat anyways, already trembling as his hand travels down your abdomen, lower, and lower still, before finally reaching its destination between your legs. You shake your head, attempting to tell him that you don’t think you can handle any more stimulation than you’re already getting from the way his cock abuses your poor cunt. But your mind is all scrambled with senseless words, and all you can say is “please, ‘tsuki… please” over and over again.
Katsuki seems to interpret your cries as a plea for more, and two of his fingers begin to rub furiously at your swollen clit. Broken sobs fall from your lips as the sudden addition of stimulation quickly becomes too much for you to handle. You’re torn, unable to decide between attempting to pull away and chasing after your third orgasm. But your body has already decided for you, opting for the latter as his fingers send destructive waves of pleasure through every nerve.
Suddenly, you’re seeing white, and a shrill cry is torn from your lungs as you feel a warm liquid shoot out from your cunt in short, violent spurts. “Fuck…” Your ears are ringing from the aftershocks of your orgasm, but you still manage to hear Katsuki curse under his breath. “So fucking tight… like I don’t fuck this slutty cunt enough.”
He’s cumming shortly after you with a low groan, stilling his hips inside you for the first time as his hot seed mixes with your own juices, only adding to the mess you’ve made on the couch. The second he releases his hold on you, you’re collapsing forward onto the couch, not an ounce of strength remaining to attempt to hold yourself up. Everywhere in your body twitches as you gasp for air, panting as if you’ve just finished running a mile.
Your moment of rest is far too short lived.
Before you can open your mouth, you’re being flipped onto your back as Katsuki bottoms out inside you yet again, still rock hard after what feels like hours. You whine as you wiggle your hips, attempting to pull yourself away from his merciless cock.
As soon as you start to withdraw, you’re being pulled right back. “Where do you think you’re going, pretty girl? I’m not finished with you yet.”
His fingers dig into the sides of your hips, forcing another cry from your lips as he holds you still. “Katsuki, I - I can’t… ‘s too much… I can’t take anymore…” you hiccup as your hands paw weakly at his chest.
“You can take it, and you will take it,” he simply retorts, pushing your knees up until they’ve almost reached your shoulders. “If you wanna act like a whore, then you better get used to being fucked like one, too.”
Tumblr media
➟ kinktober taglist status: open !!
➟ kinktober masterlist
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the-iceni-bitch · a month ago
Kinktober Day 4: Acarophilia (scratching)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
Words: ~1.3k
Summary: Bucky just wants you to mark him up.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, rough sex, marking), grumpy Bucky, mentions of ruining architecture and furniture with super soldier strength, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: I mean, I just really want to scratch him up. That’s all.
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!
Tumblr media
There were times Bucky really hated being a super soldier.
Most of the time, the accelerated healing and additional strength was nothing but a bonus. He was great to have in a fight, and could normally bounce back from any injury within a week.
But his relationship with you had really brought out the drawbacks in his unique situation.
It had taken months of you assuring him you weren’t going to break for the two of you to finally move past your oral only stage, much to your mutual frustration. And even then, it was another couple of months before he actually felt like he wasn’t constantly having to focus on holding back so he wouldn’t hurt you, at least in a way you weren’t ok with.
Now though, the two of you had finally reached a natural and almost comfortable rhythm. It had only taken a few broken bed frames and a couple of buckled columns in the compound for him to get a handle on the super soldier strength, and some uncomfortable conversations with Tony about what exactly had caused the damage in the first place. But he could lose himself in you completely now without having to worry about damaging you or the architecture, and he was taking full advantage of that fact.
There was still one major drawback that he had never even considered. He wanted you to mark him up.
You wanted it too. Every time the two of you got even a little nasty your claws came out, digging into his scalp or dragging across his thighs until sharp red welts decorated his skin in a pattern that made him want to fuck you until you were screaming. But then they disappeared after a few hours and he got all pouty, annoying the shit out of Steve and Sam whenever he’d see them the next day.
He was back from a particularly stressful mission, and he was as ready to either punch a wall or let you fuck him until both of you passed out.
“Hey Buck… whoa.” You sucked in a breath when you turned around and saw him starting to strip in a frenzy while he growled under his breath. “Mission not go well?”
“Sam and Steve are both fucking morons, I don’t wanna talk about it.” He finally got all the straps of his jacket undone and ripped it off, working on his fly as he gazed at you with list blown pupils. “Take your fucking dress off.”
“No foreplay, then?” Your smile was a little teasing as you pulled your dress over your head, a squeal leaving you when he suddenly charged you and picked you up to bury his face in your tits.
“Do you need foreplay, doll?” He gazed at you through his lashes as he nipped over the curve of your breasts gently. “‘Cause I could smell you as soon as I walked through the door.”
“Yeah? Well I missed you.” You tangled your fingers in his hair and smiled when he groaned at the feeling of your nails scraping over his scalp. “Tell me what you need, Bucky.”
“Need you.” He pulled back so he could rip off his henley, purring when you curled your hand around his throat and squeezed softly. “Mark me up, doll. Want you to make me bleed.”
“Buck, you sure? Oh!” Your body bowed backwards when he thrust into you with no warning, gripping his biceps and whining when he started fucking into you wildly.
“I’m sure.” He moved his face back to yours and pulled at your lips with his own. “Wanna show everyone who I fucking belong to.”
You beamed at him and nipped at the curve of your jaw as you wrapped your arms around his back, rolling your hips to meet his and moving your mouth back to his so you could swallow his moan when your nails pierced his flesh. He whimpered when you dragged them down his back, slamming his hips into you in a frenzy and shaking with pleasure when he felt a thin trickle of blood run down his spine.
“This what you wanted, baby?” You traced his lips with your tongue and watched closely as he fell apart for you, his breathing frantic and desperate as he clutched at your waist.
“Yes, fuck.” He groaned at the catch in your breath when he hit you deep, resting his forehead against yours and kissing you hard while he rolled until you were on top of him. “Wanna feel you everywhere.”
“Everywhere?” Your grin was wicked as you nipped at his tongue when he swept it between your lips, giving him one last kiss before you sat up over him as your hips ground against his nice and slow.
“Everywhere. You can do whatever you want to me, doll.” He pressed his lips to your palm when you cupped his jaw gently, gazing reverently at you while your other hand trailed over his chest. “I’m all yours.”
“That’s right, you are.” You leaned back and placed your hands on his thighs, digging your nails into the thick muscle and sighing when he bucked into you with a sharp gasp. “My good boy.”
He whimpered at the praise, grabbing your hips and holding you still while his hips moved wildly underneath yours. The feel of you dragging your nails across his skin while letting him take what he needed was everything to him, every muscle in his body quivering with the strain of holding his pleasure back until he felt you come.
You jolted forward when he drove into you harder, catching yourself on his chest and growling through clenched teeth as he sought out your sweet spot. He knew right when he found it, the way you tossed your head back and sucked in a harsh breath as you sank your claws into his chest and drew sharp red, trenches in his skin.
Bucky swore when you vibrated around him, driving himself as deep as possible and holding you down as your pussy clenched around him in waves. He was right behind you, his body arching off the bed as he shot thick ropes of cum into your quivering heat.
Both of you collapsed into the bed once you had ridden it out, Bucky’s chest heaving underneath you as you panted into his neck. You purred when he wound his arms around your waist, curling your knee over his hip and tracing the metal plates in his arm lazily with your blood stained fingertips while you gazed up at him.
“Was that what you wanted, baby?” You pressed your lips to the underside of his jaw as you snuggled closer to him.
“Sure was.” He smiled at you and kissed your forehead softly, wincing when he got a look at the small red stains that were now covering your bed. “Sorry about your sheets.”
“It’s fine.” You grinned at him when he rolled the two of you until you were laying on your sides, his arm wrapped around you to hold you close as he nuzzled into your hair. “I am looking forward to explaining to Tony why I need replacements, though.”
Bucky was finally in a good mood when he met Sam and Steve at the training gym in the morning. Even with his accelerated healing, he was still wearing thin red welts all over his skin from where you marked him up.
“Why are you smiling so much?” Steve was eyeing him warily as he got changed. After the shitshow of a mission yesterday, he had been fully prepared to deal with his best friend being a cranky bitch today.
“No reason.” He just shrugged at Steve and pulled off his henley, ignoring his eye roll when he got a look at the sharp red marks that covered his torso. “Just slept really good.”
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buckycuddlebuddy · a month ago
summary ─ bucky spared you a cold look; his eyes were icy, stormy blue now instead of a warm ocean one. “no,” he said.
pairing ─ avenger!bucky barnes x avenger!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, daddy kink, mentions of past sexual abuse, small talk of being “proposioned” (?), kissing, grinding, possessive sex bc bucky is a possessive mf, dirty talk
a/n ─ HELLO. i have abandoned this part of my blog for a year only for it to make a comeback exactly a year later lol. i’m hoping to complete my kinktober list. your comments will be my fuel, so please leave some! thank you! hope you like it! <3
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY EIGHT: avenger!bucky + enemies to lovers + possessive sex + daddy kink
Tumblr media
Ever since you passed the tests and stepped into the Avengers Tower, because you were now one of them, Bucky Barnes hated you. He didn’t hide his hate or his disgust; he made sure that you knew exactly how he felt towards you. It was alright. Not everyone had to like you, but Steve wanted you to get along even though both of you made it clear that you did not want to get along, and he thought sending you both on a mission together as husband and wife would be a good idea to start a friendship between you.
Stupid, you thought. Steve Rogers was a stupid person, and whoever said about him being a master at strategic thinking was clearly wrong because there could not be a worse idea, yet thanks to Steve Rogers, there was one now.
Bucky’s first reaction was to snort and chuckle. “Nice joke,” he said, but then he saw the seriousness in Steve’s baby blues. His smile dropped, brows drew in together and his face got hard all of a sudden. “You are kidding, right?” Steve smiled innocently as he shook his head. Bucky spared you a cold look; his eyes were icy, stormy blue now instead of a warm ocean one. “No,” he said and crossed his arms on his chest. “No, send me with someone else. I hear Nat is available.”
Ah. Nat. You gritted your teeth to keep your angry growl in you. That redhead had been irritating you do the hell and back ever since you’ve met her at the trainings, long before you were an Avengers, and now every time when a new mission came out, Bucky had been trying to replace you with Nat.
“No, she isn’t,” Steve replied coolly. “Fury sent her away with Barton two days ago.” He shuffled the papers in front of him and folded the map. “Besides, she’s as good as Natasha. You know it was Nat who trained her, so I’m sure she’ll do great.” He flashed a sweet smile. “I know you both will do great. You’re our one of the best agents.”
You see, in a normal day, a compliment like that would make you feel shy, and probably would make your cheeks heat up because it was Captain fucking America, but today was not one of those days.
“You must be joking,” you said, letting out a dry chuckle. Then, your face hardened just like Bucky’s and you stepped forward. “You are joking, Steve. This is not going to work.” Steve sighed. He gathered the papers and grabbed the now-folded map.
“I am not, and you are going to this mission together,” he said with a stern voice that left no place to complain. “That is final.” He sent you both a commanding look and walked out of the room, leaving you alone. You heard Bucky mumbling to himself angrily, hissing and growling sometimes.
“I better not get injured,” Bucky snarled. You rolled your eyes.
“Shut up, Barnes,” you said. “We both know that you will because you’re a dumbass who cannot stay away from getting injured while on a mission.” Bucky sputtered, blinking, and watched you leave the conference room.  
Things are going to be bad, he thought. I better hold on tight. Bucky sighed, fate accepted, as he, too, left the room.
Grunting, Bucky looked around as he tried to spot the guy they were after. He was one of the heads of HYDRA, and finding him meant finding all the other active HYDRA bases. He was playing a key role, was an important guy in that evil organization and Bucky knew him from his The Winter Soldier times. He was one of the commanders that he had to protect from all the other Soldiers. That bastard had been running and hiding for years now, and it was only fair for him to come forward and pay for what he did.
“Northeast corner, behind the purple jacket guy,” you murmured to him as you slid next to him at the bar, placing the faux-drinks in front of you. “He looks paranoid.” Bucky frowned as he looked down at the drinks and then you.
“What are you doing?” He asked, eyeing the drink you were taking to your mouth. “We’re on a mission.” You shrugged.
“I know,” you said. “These are not real drinks, geez, relax.” You rolled your eyes as you sipped the liquid in the tall glass. “Yours looks like whiskey, but it’s iced tea, and mine is sprite instead of a vodka.” You sighed witfully. “I wish it was vodka.”
“It’s not the time and place,” Bucky snarled. “We need to complete the mission.” You frowned.
“Look I get why you want to be done with it, trust me I do,” you started. “But you being impatient will make us rush things and the guy is already paranoid. You do not want to make him more paranoid, now, do you?” Bucky looked at you for a couple seconds, with a deep frown on his face and a clench on his jaw, he exhaled harshly.
“Fine,” he grumbled. You hummed.
“Drink then, husband,” you murmured. “We have a façade to put on, and I have dressed up just for the occasion.” You wiggled happily on your seat, happy to finally wear the dress you bought yourself month ago. Bucky’s eyes moved down, taking in your form in a body-hugging dress you had on.
“I can see that,” he muttered. Then, he frowned even more. “Fucking hell, I can see right through the fabric, what the fuck.” You giggled.
“I know!” You exclaimed excitedly. “That’s exactly why I bought this dress! This is my want-to-get-laid dress.” You looked at him smugly and saw the dark expression on his face. Surpassing a shiver, you cleaned your throat lightly. Bucky’s eyes traveled up and down one more time before they settled on your cleavage.
“Obviously,” he said, but it sounded a bit strangled. Your lips quirked up for a small smile. Bucky grumbled at your expression and turned his head away. You hid your full-blown smile into your sprite-filled glass.
Yeah, you didn’t like each other. Yeah, Bucky hated you for a reason you did not know yet. Yeah, you hated him back because he was being an asshole to you most of the time and always compared you with Natasha, but you could not ignore the sexual tension you both had since the beginning. He was not hard on the eyes, and you knew for a fact that he was good in bed. Like real good. Thanks to the girls in the PR, you knew how good he exactly was in bedroom because he slept with one of the girls there one night, and she didn’t shut up about it. In fact, she talked about it so much that you wanted to punch her and break her jaw so that she would stop, but Steve sent you on this mission with him before you could do that.
You weren’t jealous. You were lonely. It was too much sometimes, and hearing other people enjoying their free time with someone sometimes made you feel angry. When you thought about it, though, it did sound like a bit jealousy. Ugh, whatever, you thought.
“He’s on the move,” Bucky murmured, lightly nudging you. You quickly swallowed the cold liquid in your mouth and looped your arm in his extended one. “Ready?” You hummed.
“Ready, Freddie,” you said, wiggling your brows. Bucky frowned at you.
“Are you sure what you were drinking was Sprite? You act like you’re drunk,” he murmured. You rolled your eyes.
“That’s the point, idiot,” you grumbled. “I’m the drunk wife, and you’re the loving husband who’s taking care of his drunk wife. I’m gonna throw myself at him.” You frowned at him back. “We’ve talked about this!” It was Bucky’s turn to roll his eyes.
“I know,” he said. Then, he opened his mouth to say something but decided against it the last minute. “Whatever. Let’s go.” You whooped and started to hang off of his sculpted arm. You could feel the muscles moving under your palms and could feel the warmth seeping from him. He felt nice like this, but you weren’t going to tell that to anyone.
“I wanted to have another drink!” You said a bit loudly, pouting up at him. “Freddie, you promised me another drink!” Bucky clenched his jaw, and you saw a muscle twitch angrily there. You hid your smirk. His planned name was not Freddie, and you knew you were being annoying. You loved it.
“You’ve had enough, darling,” he said with soft voice even though his eyes were throwing daggers at you. “I think it’s time for us to go home, hm?” You watched the target with the corners of your eyes when you decided to fuck with Bucky a little. If he could be an asshole, then so could you.
“Hmm,” you hummed. “You gonna make me drink when we get home?” You asked him, batting your eyelashes as you licked your lips seductively. His dark eyes immediately snapped at your lips, watching the way your tongue wetting them, he swallowed.
“No,” he let out. “I’m gonna make sure your face is makeup-free, and you are in your pajamas before I put you to sleep.” You gripped his arm tighter.
“Aww,” you cooed. “You’re so good to me, Daddy.” You heard a choking sound coming from him, and you bit your tongue to stifle your laughter. You leaned against his body, plastering your barely covered one to his, you kissed his slightly pink cheek. “Would you like a reward?” You asked him with an innocent look on your face, but Bucky knew better. “I would give you all the rewards, Daddy, you know it.” You were afraid that Bucky was going to break a tooth by how hard he was clenching his jaw, but it was so fun to fuck with him like this.
“If you don’t behave I swear─” Bucky started, but before he could finish you saw the target moving towards you. “Don’t fuck this up,” he snarled. You hummed and purposefully stumbling and tripping while walking.
“Oops,” you murmured and giggled. “I think I had a bit too much, Daddy,” you whined. You stumbled once again and threw your body to the target’s lap. “Oh, crap, I’m sorry, sir.” You tried to get up, scrambling falsely while actually slipping your hand in the guy’s pocket to steal his keys and placing a tracker on his belt.
“Oh my─ Sheila!” Bucky exclaimed. You felt large palms grabbing you and pulling you up. “I’m so sorry, sir, she had a bit too much tonight.” He faked a nervous laugh.
“We were celebrating our anniversary, sir!” You exclaimed happily, a large grin on your face. “It’s our fifth year of being together,” you added for good measure and looked at Bucky with moony eyes. It was all fake, but you could see Bucky’s own eyes softening a bit. “He’s been taking care’a me real good. He’s the best.” You smiled shyly at Bucky and hid your face into this neck. You heard the other guys chuckle lightly.
“She’s cute,” the target mumbled. “You should keep that one.” You felt Bucky’s body stiffen.
“I know, sir, and I intend to,” he nodded. The target moved his eyes on your body; you could see that he had a hungry look in his eyes, and you suddenly wanted to punch him. Instead of doing that and jeopardize the mission, you snuggled deeper into Bucky.
“I have a room upstairs if you want to take care of her,” the target said. “I could have some men up there to help you if you want…” He winked at Bucky, and you felt sick. You whimpered.
“Fred, I think I’m going to be sick,” you murmured. You had to walk away from that motherfucker. Otherwise, one of you were going to hit him, you were sure about it. “Can we go?” You tightened your hold on Bucky, leaning against him even more. You came this far, and it would throw you both all the way to the beginning if you were fuck it up now.
“Yeah, honey,” Bucky murmured, a dangerous vibe in his voice tone sent shivers down your spine. “Yeah, we can go.” He gave the target a stern look. “Thank you for the… offer, but we have a room for ourselves. Have a good night.” You pulled at him.
“Suit yourself,” the guy grumbled. “You’d miss out a nice night. I could have had a couple more girls up in the room if that’s gonna make you say yes.” You dug your nails into his arms through the layers of fabrics.
“No, thank you, I’m good,” Bucky gritted. “I’m faithful to my wife and will continue to be so. Good night.” He nodded again and pulled you towards the exit. You followed him without saying anything, wanting to get out of the bar as soon as possible. Both of you didn’t talk until you were in the elevator and all alone.
“Motherfucker!” You growled. “I can’t believe─ Why can’t we kill him again?” You asked Bucky. He was fuming in silence; his eyes had fires going on in them, a dangerous darkness clouding his handsome face.
“Fury needs him to lead other high-level members of HYDRA,” he murmured quietly and calmy. He was way too fucking calm, though, and you felt the goosebumps licking all over your body. “You have the key?” You nodded and pulled it out of your bra. “Good. Tracker?”
“Placed it on his belt,” you said. He nodded.
“Good. Let’s go home before I go back and rip his head off for proposing me something… like that,” he snarled and got off the elevator when it stopped on your floor. You walked behind him, grimacing with each step because your heels were hurting your feet. Huffing, you stopped and took them off. You slipped inside the room when Bucky opened the door. Closing it behind you, you locked it.
“Hey,” you called out. “I’m angry, too, but it’s okay. We are away from him now,” you murmured when you saw his face. He was still angry, you could see it, he was practically vibrating. His eyes were dark, and he was clenching his jaw so hard that you were sure he cracked a tooth or two. “Bucky.”
“Why do you care?” He grumbled. “Get away from me.” You blinked. You weren't close, you knew that, and you weren't friends either. He hated your guts, so you hated his in return, but this… hurt for some weird reason. Swallowing, you nodded.
"I know what he did to you and just wanted to make sure you're alright," you huffed angrily. "Apparently you don't need it. Good night, Barnes." You walked into the joint room where the queen size bed was in with your heels in your hand and closed the door on Bucky's face.
You couldn't believe it.
You knew what your target did to him when he was The Winter Soldier; the sexual abuse and all the other disturbing jazz. You knew that in his HYDRA times Bucky got harassed and, hell, maybe he got raped. You honestly couldn't bear to read his whole file. After that proposition, you really just wanted to make sure he was fine, but he was busy being an asshole. Fine, you thought. Suit your-fucking-self.
You stripped the dress off your tired body and threw it on the armchair where your shoes were laying at the bottom of. You wanted to take a shower, to wash away the dirt and sweat, but you were exhausted and wasn't sure if you'd be able to finish your shower without passing out. So, you climbed into the bed only in your underwear. Relishing the softness of the covers and the mattress, you sighed, closing your eyes.
You didn't realize you have fallen asleep until you jolted awake when the bed shook a little under you. Frowning, you turned around only to come face to face with Bucky's tired but beautiful eyes.
"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I wasn't sure if you've read my file, so, I just didn't want to think about it. I… I'm sorry." You watched him for a while.
"It's fine," you murmured. "I guess. I don't know." He narrowed his eyes. "You were sort of an asshole." He rolled them, next.
"And you weren't?" He huffed. "'Daddy?'" He raised an eyebrow. "'Freddie?' You were fucking with me, and you know that very well." You smirked.
"Aww," you cooed. "If you liked me calling you Daddy and wanted me to fuck with you that much, you could have just said so." You batted your eyelashes at him, causing him to scoff.
"You're a brat," he grumbled. "That's exactly why I didn't want to do this mission with you." You frowned and sat up on the bed, suddenly furious at the imply of you being not good enough.
"We got the shit done, and you're telling me you didn't want me on this mission? You are an asshole. Stop fucking underestimating me. I may not be Nat, but I am me. There will be no other you. Just like there will be no other Natasha, there will be no other me. I am unique on my own way, and that's why I am on this mission with you—"
Your words cut off by soft lips covering your slightly dry ones. You let out a surprised yelp, but Bucky's mouth swallowed it right away. His large palm cupped you cheek, and you felt his thumb stroking over your cheekbone. You sighed. Placing your hands flat on his chest, you pushed him.
"What the fuck," you said with a slightly rough voice. Bucky kicked his lips.
"You've been teasing me," he started. "Sam kept saying that there is this tension between us and Steve once stated that it's sexual." You frowned.
"So, you wanna do what, fuck the tension out of your system?" He smirked. It was a filthy quirk of his lips that caused you to narrow your eyes at him. You didn't have to think about it too long, though, you shrugged. "Alright."
In a blink, you rolled over and straddled him. Bucky let out a deep groan as he wound his arms around you and pulled you down for a filthy kiss. Moaning, you wiggled on his lap, feeling his length hardening between your legs. You wiggled on his lap, grinding on the bulge that was getting bigger. You buried moans and whimpers into each other’s mouths as you continued to move on his lap. Your clothed core was grinding against his fabric-covered dick, making him hum and let out soft grunts here and there.
You didn’t know what made him so irresistible to you; you hated his guts, he underestimated and compared you to the others all the time, and he was an asshole to you most of the time, but there was something in him that made you let go the way you did. Whatever that something was, it had you writhing on his lap like a cat in heat, and you knew he was going to tease you so much in the following day.
You could care less, though. You were feeling so good, grinding on his bulge and kissing him stupid.
“God,” Bucky grunted. He dug his blunt nails into your skin, dragged them down and flipped you over with one smooth move. “Why can’t I resist you?” You whimpered brokenly into his mouth because, yeah, you would love to know the answer of that question. He let out a harsh exhale; his large hands pawed at your underwear, and you heard a ripping sound.
“You owe me a set,” you grumbled with a rough voice. You vaguely heard him humming approvingly and felt his hand on your bra next. Your ripped bra joined your underwear a second later, and Bucky draped his bulk over your body. He was grinding against your now-bare core, wetting up his dress pants and moaning into the crook of your neck. It felt fucking incredible. Your hands pulled on the hem of his shirt, secretly happy that he lost the tie and belt already, you moved your hands down and on to the front of his pants. The tent he made in his pants was huge, and you moaned.
“Take’em off,” you grunted. “Naked. Get naked.” Bucky hummed and pulled back to what you ordered him to. He got rid of his clothes in under half a minute, and both of you sighed deeply when your naked skins made contact.
“The way you wet my cock,” Bucky groaned. His hips moved against yours filthily, making you arch your back and moan. “I could slide right in, isn’t that right, darlin’?” You nodded. “You will let me, you will always let me, right?” You whimpered when his cock head bumped against your clit, and you nodded furiously. “And why is that? Hm?” You cried out as his hips started to move faster. “It’s because you’re mine,” he answered himself. “You’re mine and mine only. I can do whatever I want to do to you, and you will always let me because I own you.”
You arched your back even more, spreading your legs wider and throwing your head back, you whined. Bucky cursed. As much as he didn’t like you very much, he couldn’t deny that the sight right before him was fucking amazing. He groaned. Grabbing his dick, he lined it up and slid home in one go, making you gasp loudly. He could get used to these sounds, he thought.
“Yeah, jus’ like that, baby,” he hummed. “Let go. Scream. Sing. C’mon.” You whined as he started to move his hips. His cock was stroking all the soft and sensitive spots you have in your pussy, bringing tears to your eyes because it was just that good. You did as he said and cried out, gasped and whine loudly. You were going to deny that you made all of these sounds the next day, so you let them echo in the room freely.
For a while, both of you lost yourselves into the pleasure and good feeling of skin-to-skin contact. His cock was grazing over all the spots that had you gasping and moaning so sweetly into his mouth. They were driving Bucky crazy. He could feel that his orgasm was edging closer as his hips picked up the pace. You were moaning, groaning, whimpering and whining into his ear, curling into his body as he pounded into you when you decided to tease with him back. 
“Daddy,” you whimpered. “Fuck, Daddy, so fucking good!” You bared your throat to him as you felt his pace falter and felt him coming with a shocked gasp. You froze for a second before you chuckled. 
“Shut the fuck up,” he grumbled breathlessly. Your orgasm was right there, but you couldn’t stop yourself from giggling. Bucky grunted as he pulled out. He cursed. “I said shut up.” You just giggled harder. You never imagined calling him Daddy would make him come that fast, but you weren’t complaining. It was weirdly ethereal to watch him come. You heard him grumble one more time before your world turned upside down as he flipped your over on your belly and slammed inside you, all hard and ready to go again. 
You cried out. He immediately set up a punishing pace; the back of your thighs getting kissed by his own harshly, the obscene sound of slicked skin slapping against each other was echoing in the room and you could faintly hear the wet sounds that your pussy was making. You groaned throatily. 
“You’re not giggling now, are you?” He asked, voice tone all mean and rough. You shivered. He gave you a particularly hard thrust and made you choke on your next breath. He grabbed your hair, pulled it back and exposed your throat. “Aw, you’re crying, lookit you.” You sobbed. His cock was touching and grazing and stroking your sensitive walls so perfectly that tears wouldn’t stop rolling down your cheeks. 
“F-fuck, Bucky!” You cried out. You heard him tsk at your ear. 
“That was not what you called me a minute ago, now, was it?” He licked your neck, sucked on your earlobe and scratched the skin of your shoulder with his scruff. 
“Daddy!” You sobbed. Bucky let out an approving hum. “Daddy, please! Fuck, ‘m so close, please!” Bucky made a thoughtful sound as his pace got faster. 
“You laughed at me, bub,” he said. “I don’t know if I should let you come.” You whimpered. Bucky pulled on your hair more, making you arch your back deeper and baring your throat more. He leaned in. His thrusts slowed down, but with a slight elevation of your hips, they were suddenly long and deep. You gasped. 
“Please,” you whispered. Your orgasm was right fucking there. You were so close that you could taste it, taste the blinding pleasure waiting to explode behind your eyelids. You clenched around him, dug your nails into his thick thighs and tried to move your hips against his. 
“Bubba,” he whispered, sounding strangled. “What are you doing?” You whined. 
“Please, Daddy,” you whispered back. “Please, ‘m so close. Fuck, Bucky, please.” You clenched around him one more time. Bucky growled. 
“Fine,” he said, letting go of your hair, he pressed your face into the mattress as he started to pound into you with hard, quick and deep thrusts. You screamed. Your nails dug into his thighs fully, making him gasp at the pain and making him move even faster. “Only I can fuck you like this, you hear me?” You nodded. “Only I can make you fucking lose it.” 
“Yes, yes, yes, only you, fuck,” you babbled. Bucky groaned loudly. 
“Come,” he rasped. “Fucking hell, bubba, come.” 
With a loud gasp and choked off groan, you clenched around him tighter than ever and came on his cock. The breath knocked right out of your chest, mouth dropped open as you squeezed your hands on his legs. There was a buzzing sound in your ears, drowning out all the other noises around you. You vaguely felt him reach his own peak for a second time, filling you up with his come. You hummed. He pulled out, rolling onto your side with a huff, both of you lay like that for a while. 
“It doesn’t change a thing, you know that, right?” He said. You frowned lightly but nodded. 
“I still don’t like you either, don’t worry,” you murmured. “This was the first and the last time you ever fucked me, so,” you shrugged. “Hope you enjoyed.” You heard him hum. 
“I did,” he muttered. “I wouldn’t be so sure about this being the last time, though.” You let out a harsh laugh. 
“I’m not fucking you again, Barnes,” you said and got off the bed. “Go get yourself a fleshlight if you’re so desperate.” As you disappeared into the bathroom, Bucky frowned. Two seconds later, he was up and following you in to the bathroom. “What─ Get out.” 
“Why would I need a fleshlight when I have you to fuck my frustration out of?” He asked. “We both know it’s convenient for us both. Missions go bad, we find each other and fuck the extra adrenaline out of our system. Would it be so bad?” You narrowed your eyes at him. 
“Yes. I can’t be with someone in any way when they humiliate and underestimate me all the time,” you said and pushed him out of the bathroom. “If you excuse me,” you added, closing the door on his shocked face. 
“Fuck,” he whispered. He had some apologizing to do, apparently, and that was okay. Bucky would find a way. He always did.
i'm so sorry. i apparently forgot how to write smut and how to end a fic. please tell me what you think!
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
Work Me Out
Summary: You’re going to give Bucky an incentive to finish his workout. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, ab riding, fingering, beefy Bucky
a/n: Ultra late drabble. Requested. 
Banner by @its-just-may
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every time you see him, you’re convinced he was hand-carved with you in mind. Bucky is an impressive man, thick-cut abs, massive pecs that you can rest your head on, and the bulging muscles in his arms and back. He can easily toss you around like you’re his personal doll. To him, you weigh nothing and he has no problem personally reminding you of that fact every damn day.
You can have trouble keeping your eyes and hands off him when he’s wearing his signature Henley and black jeans that curve around his perfect ass.
But when he’s working out. When he’s making those sounds bordering on salaciously vulgar. When the veins in his neck and arms distended as he lifts weights that are triple your own body weight. When he’s hot and flushed and sweat beads along his chest moving in rivulets down his corded muscles and his natural scent, pure masculinity and all uniquely Bucky, wafts off him. Oh god.
That Bucky is irresistible.
Bucky has a personal gym in the garage. A few weights and a bench next to the treadmill. You can’t resist ogling him, knowing he’s out there getting even bigger awakens a primal part of you, it screams ‘ he’s your provider, your protector, your man, claim him, ride him, fuck him'.
You’re drawn to the soft breathy grunts drifting from the garage. Leaning on the doorframe, your eyes sweep across the large space, natural light shining through windows lining the garage door, his classic car shiny and red in the middle, the bikes tucked in the corner near his workstation.
And right in front of you, is your 6’4” man prone on the long bench. His sweaty laced chest and abs gleaming, a pair of black shorts plastered to his thighs. You can hear the faint sounds of his favorite song through his headphones, his arms flexing as he lifts the weights over his head. Tilting your head, you gaze at the number imprinted on the side, and oh damn- it’s more than you remember.
His elbows bend, his arms lowering the weights, and another breathy grunt slips past his lips. “Fuck.” The way he says it, borders on a moan, is like string tugging you to him. His eyes are scrunched shut, his focus on lifting the weights again.
He’s been working out for almost thirty minutes now. You decide he needs some cardio and you know the perfect way to get his heart rate up. Slipping off your shorts and panties, you pad over to the bench. You straddle his waist and wait until he lowers the weights to sit on his abs. Your lower lip rolls between your teeth at the feel of his warm, firm skin on your clit.
Bucky’s slate-blue eyes snap open.
You smile innocently like you’re not sitting half-naked on your massive boyfriend. “Hey, Buck. How’s your workout going?”
He says nothing in response.
He doesn’t have to, the way he’s looking at you speaks volumes. And it makes you shiver, the involuntary shudder trails down your spine, your hips slipping up his abs just a little, your drenched cunt slides over his abs and he feels your little pussy throb, his resounding, feral groan echoing through the garage. His darkening eyes drag down your face to your pussy. He drops the weights on the bar, the loud clank startles you, making you lift up.
Oh no, you don’t.
“Where you going you, bunny?” Headphones ripped off and tossed on the floor, he’s not going to miss a single sound from your pretty body.
You’re still hovering over him, entranced by his gaze. Large, rough hands curve around your waist and he slams you down, pushing you over him just as his hips snap up. “Oh-” you gasp, your fingers wrap around his thick wrists, nails digging half moons into his skin. “Bu-Bucky, right there, yes Buc-.” A burst of sensations steals your next words because he’s guiding your hips, up and down, harder and harder over his body.
“My workout’s going real good.” His eyes flitting between your slack mouth and your clit on him, the soft wet schlick of your pretty pussy resounds in his ears, that sweet noise has him grinding your hips over him faster and faster and faster until his stomach until he’s glistening, coated in your slick. “It’s gonna be better when you cum for me, you gonna do that for me, bunny? Gonna make a mess on my abs, get your tight pussy ready to take my cock?”
Yes, yes Bucky. You try to answer, but then he digs his fingers into your soft hips and he grinds you on him. Heady bursts of pleasure build on each other, climbing higher in your belly until it consumes you. His thumb slips between your bodies and he sweeps it over your clit. “Oh fuck,” you cry out, dropping your head back.
“There you go, bunny, use me,” he encourages, groaning under his breath as you greedily and erratically rocking your hips over him, his name becoming a chant on your tongue. One more filthy circle of his calloused thumb pushes you over the edge and your orgasm barrels into you. Bucky takes his cock, thick and long and aching for you, out of his shorts. He grins, a smug flash of pearly white teeth, he loves when you come apart.
You’re still caught in the throes of your climax when he lifts you up. Your head lolls forward and your breath hitches in your throat as he slides you down his cock. 
“That was the best workout I've had in a long time.” He praises, both of you watching inch after veiny inch disappears into your spasming cunt. A smirk stretches across his face and Bucky sits up, his large arms wrapping around your back. 
“But I need you to do one more thing for me.“ His lips ghost over your ear, his deep voice making you tremble. “You’re going to be a good girl and ride my cock until I finish my workout.” 
and I-
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arlerted · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WC: 833
TW: breeding, overstimulation, soft dom shoto, husband!shoto, cockwarming, multiple orgasms (m)
Tumblr media
Shoto always looks so pretty when he cums. This is the third night in a row you’re doing this, straddling his dick, letting him fill you to the brim with cum. 
You’re ovulating, Shoto tracked it. Ever since you both decided that you wanted to get pregnant, he’s been following your cycle, waiting until you’re in the perfect condition to breed. It was almost obsessive, the way he’d lay his hand over your tummy and tell you he’s gonna put a baby in it, warm and firm against your skin. 
You gasp over him when you feel him cum, a heavy load stuffed into your cunt. His eyebrows pull upwards, hands firm on your hips as he holds your squirming figure down on his cock. Shoto’s so pretty, hair falling in front of his face and a deep and low groan emanating from somewhere in his chest. You can feel his orgasm run through his body, the way his grip grows tight on your hips and how he angles his chin towards the ceiling. 
You can see the way his face flushes as he cums, spreading across his cheeks and up across his chest simultaneously. It’s almost enough to make you cum again, but you’re spent, nearly collapsing on top of him before he speaks. 
“Turn over. Don’t let me fall out.” Shoto says, though you’re not sure how he could with his size.
He’s not very chatty in bed. Your husband has always been the quiet type, sexy groans and whines rather than filthy vocal words. Though you can recall one night after a bottle or two of wine when he got incredibly chatty. 
You oblige him with a nod, wrapping your arms around his back as he stays seated inside of you. His weight is heavy between your legs while you lay on your back, pelvis aching from the way you’ve been spread open for him all night. 
Shoto fucks his cock into you deeply from there, overstimulating himself. He’s quiet, completely lost in your cunt and his breath shakes with each of his movements, eyes focused on yours. Shoto’s hair falls in front of his face and he leans down to kiss you with a shaky grunt, careful with each thrust to not let any of his cum spill from you. 
“We need to get it deep.” He says, voice strained. “Need to make sure it stays.”
“S’gonna stay, Sho.” You mumble, eyes darting between you both. “Gonna get pregnant n’ have your baby.”
He groans, hips stuttering like he’ll cum again. 
“Yeah? You’re going to be so pretty full of my babies.” Shoto says it matter of factly, like he’s certain that you’ll be the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen carrying his kids. “Gonna mother my kids.” 
Something about it rolls off his tongue so nicely and you clench down around him once again with a slight whimper. Shoto gives you an exasperated laugh, eyebrows pinched together as how overstimulated he is, still fucking his cum back into you. 
He’s so deep in you, both his cum and his cock. You’re gasping as you pull at the skin on his back with the pads of your fingers. He’s breathing heavily into your mouth and it’s all hands and fingers from you as he struggles to hold his weight up on his haunches, part of him just wanting to lay down on you entirely and trap him under him so you couldn’t run from it if you tried. 
You’re both delirious, this slow pace somehow too much. He wants to get you pregnant now. On your first cycle trying. He knows he will. Shoto knows that it’s going to work because with how deep he’s fucking his cum into you, how could it not? 
Shoto’s pace picks up a bit again and he’s groaning again, his unstable breathing becoming a quiet melody of moans and whimpers. 
“Gonna give you another one, okay?” He breathes, hips moving back and forth so steadily that you might lose your mind. 
He can feel himself kissing your cervix in this position, cock finding its way right to where it needs to be, ready to fill you up again. It’s twitching and throbbing, filling you up perfectly. And Shoto crumbles again, thrusts growing sloppy until he’s slowed completely, his body still while he keeps you plugged up. 
Shoto rolls over so you’re both on your sides, legs tangled together and his softening cock still in you. Finally, he removes himself from you, sitting up on the bed and rubbing circles into your tummy. He’s gentle, careful not to apply pressure because he doesn’t want it to spill out. He uses the back of his cool palm to calm you, rubs circles into your nippls and brings you down gently. 
“Mm, yeah.” He hums softly to himself, giving you a soft but cocky smile. “I definitely got you pregnant. Right here.” He places his hand over your lower stomach. “You’re carrying my kid here now.”
Tumblr media
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Day 31 | Erwin Smith & Levi Ackerman | Kinktober 2021
Tumblr media
kinktober 2021 masterlist
31st October - Cucking
paring: erwin smith x reader x levi ackerman
summary: levi knows you have a thing for the commander, he knew it before he started dating you. he just failed to mention that he’d be willing to share.
words: 3.1k
warnings: no spoilers for any season, 18+, smut, cucking, explicit consent, biting, choking, no prep, established relationship between reader and levi, slapping.
a/n: it’s done, kinktober is finally done!
← day 30 | degradation | dabi                                     my other works →
Tumblr media
This is not how you thought you’d be spending your Saturday evening. Levi had asked you to meet him in Erwin’s office at precisely midnight but he was nowhere to be found.
It was getting late and you were getting tired, but the idea of missing a meeting was out of the question - you’d only recently made Captain and you weren’t about to lose that.
Erwin’s door creaked open and you were about to apologise to the Commander when your eyeline shifted down significantly and you were met with the face of your boyfriend.
“Levi?” you whispered, “Why are you standing out here like an idiot, I said ‘in’ not outside!” he shook his head as he gestured for you to follow him into the dimly lit room.
You were expecting to see Erwin sat behind his desk ready to debrief you on whatever escapade was happening this time, but instead he was reclining in his large armchair, ankle resting on his knee and a book open in his large hand.
Although the book was fairly thick, he held it open easily with the stretch of his palm. “Good evening!” he smiled sweetly at you as he pushed his glasses back up his nose, they’d slowly slid down while his head was tilted from reading.
It was funny, somehow you never knew Erwin wore reading glasses. Although, how would you? Either way, they somehow made him that much more attractive to you.
“Commander!” you saluted politely as Levi shut the door behind you and trailed after you into the room. He clicked his tongue in disapproval and grabbed your wrist as he passed you, pulling your arm out of it’s salute, “Don’t embarrass yourself.” he commented.
For some reason, Levi was being extra cold with you today - of course you were aware of his disposition before you started dating him, strangely it’s one of the many things that drew you to him.
When Levi was kind and gentle with you it made you feel like you were the most important person in the world, which to him you were, he just wasn’t very good at showing it.
Erwin chuckled to himself at the display before gently snapping his book shut and putting it on the table next to his chair, resting his reading glasses on top of them. For some reason, the careful nature of his actions suited him very well.
Levi leaned against Erwin’s desk with his arms folded across his chest, he seemed displeased and anxiety started to creep up inside you as the two men shared glances.
“Is something wrong?” you asked boldly, looking between the Commander and your boyfriend, “Not wrong, no,” Erwin spoke for the both of them although his expression told you that he was trying to give Levi an opening to speak.
There was a silence between the three of you, it made you feel uneasy, like they were about to announce that someone had died or was dying. 
When Levi made no attempt to so much as open his mouth Erwin sighed, “Levi came to me today with a proposition-”, “Don’t call it that, you make it sound militant!” Levi interjected finally.
“What would you rather me call it?” Erwin didn’t raise his voice but instead directed his question towards his friend, you got the sensation that this conversation -more like argument- had been happening way before you arrived. “I don’t know, something less creepy!” Levi shuffled his feet on the spot, a big indication that he was nervous.
You stood in front of the two men, looking between them like you were watching a game of tennis. Although you were completely unaware of what was going on or what they were talking about.
Normally you would press to be put in the loop sooner, but your gut told you to stay quiet and let it come naturally. Levi rarely acted this way so it must be important.
“Levi has asked me to take care of you,” Erwin’s blue eyes met yours and held your gaze, “W-Why?” you tilted your head to the side slightly, clearly confused at his statement, the worst possible circumstances running through your head, “Are you going somewhere?” you turned your attention to your boyfriend who sighed heavily.
He shook his head side to side, his black bangs swaying in front of his face. Erwin smiled kindly at your confusion, “I didn’t mean like that,” he wanted to tread carefully but maybe being blunt and straightforward was the best way about this.
“He wants me to fuck you.” Erwin said as though it was nothing. 
Your eyes widened as you heard a quiet “Jesus Christ!” from Levi, you flicked your attention to your boyfriend who was staring at the floor with a dusted pink on his pale cheeks.
“I-” you didn’t even know where to begin, “Did you really?” you asked Levi in disbelief, you tried to hide the surprise in your voice. Instead of verbalising it, he simply closed his eyes and nodded.
At some point, your jaw had dropped and you were struggling to find any words that properly conveyed your thoughts.
“Don’t act so shocked!” Levi’s voice wavered with uncertainty but you could tell he was trying to get a part of his authority back, “We sleep in the same bed and you talk in your sleep!”.
Levi spent a lot of his nights awake next to your sleeping body, he tried not to pry into what your dreams were about. Mostly, they were nightmares, to which he would gently pull you onto his chest until it passed - but sometimes, especially more recently, you’d whimper for a different reason.
At first he thought they were the terror’s of previous missions, but your sounds were different and familiar to him. When Erwin’s name had fallen from your lips he didn’t feel jealous or angry like he thought he should’ve, he felt an idea forming.
Shyly, you eyed Erwin who was idly adjusting the sleeves of his dress shirt until they were rolled up around his elbows. “Did you..” you trailed off, gesturing to the blonde with your eyes, “Yes, I told him.” he sighed in annoyance, “Levi!” you scorned him for outing you to your Commander.
“I don’t mind, it’s flattering really,” Erwin continued to adjust his sleeves before glancing back up at the two of you, a hint of mischievousness in them.
In honesty you weren’t opposed to the idea, the thought of being with Erwin intimately made your stomach flip, but you had to be sure that Levi was okay with it.
“What’s this about, really?” you took a few steps closer to Levi until you could lace your fingers with his, his thumb instantly rubbing circles on the back of your hand, “What do you mean?” he still avoided eye contact with you but his voice was softer.
Erwin stood from his chair and started to pardon himself from the conversation, wanting to give you two some privacy but Levi held his hand up to stop him from leaving, “It’s fine,” he made eye contact with his friend to reassure him that it was okay to stay.
Finding the best way to word what you were trying to say was impossible, “I’m happy with just you, you know?” you said in a quiet voice, “I know,” Levi softly smiled, a trait he’d picked up since dating you.
“If I may interject-” Erwin boldly stepped forward, feeling slightly bad about interrupting your tender moment but when he had both of your attention on him he continued, “I don’t believe this request is solely for your benefit,” Erwin moved his attention from you to Levi.
That’s when everything started to click into place: the reason Levi was so off with you today, and why he was struggling to meet your eye now. 
He wanted to watch.
The realisation hit you like a train and immediately made your core throb. Erwin watched your expression change as it sunk in, he was relieved to see the ghost of a smile on your lips.
Though he wouldn’t admit it to anyone, he’d always had his eye on you. Being the Commander meant he didn’t have time for relationships, he didn’t want anything serious but he had thought about what your insides felt like.
“If you don’t want to that’s fine-” Levi tried to reassure you but your eyeline wasn’t on your boyfriend anymore, it was on the blonde in front of you, -I didn’t say that!” you interrupted him, Erwin’s mouth curling into a pleasant smirk.
Levi felt his heart jump, he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Truthfully, he’d been thinking about this for a few months and only just gained enough courage to put it in motion.
Killing Titans was easy compared to asking his best friend to fuck his girlfriend.
“As long as you’re okay with it?” you gestured to Erwin who had been scarily quiet for the last couple of minutes. He laughed through his nose gently, “How could I decline?” his voice took on a playful tint that you hadn’t heard before.
Levi brought your joined hands up to his mouth and kissed your knuckles affectionately, “I’ll be right here if you need me.” he reassured you.
You hadn’t noticed but Erwin had gone back to his arm chair and waited for you to make the first move, he didn’t want to rush you as much as he was eager to get started.
Levi let go of your hand and turned towards his friend, placing his palm on the small of your back and ushered you forward. With your heartbeat drumming in your ears you suddenly felt very shy - Erwin extended his hard out to you and gave you a gentle smile.
He’d never done something like this before but he knew the amount of trust that was being placed on him and he didn’t want to disrupt that.
“It’s okay, I don’t bite,” he chuckled through his words but glanced behind you to Levi - Levi wet his lips and nodded indicating that biting was on the table, “Unless you want me to,” Erwin looked back at you, smiling with his tongue between his teeth.
As soon as your hand was in his Erwin pulled you towards him, his other hand guiding your thighs to land either side of his own so you were straddling his lap. “Levi’s given me a brief summary of what’s okay and what’s not,” Erwin stated as he started to unbutton your shirt.
You whipped your head around to Levi, about to chew him out for openly telling his friend your kinks but Erwin gripped your chin and forced you to meet his gaze, “But I need you to tell me if something’s not okay,” his eyes were stern and serious. You nodded as best you could with his thumb on your chin.
“Good,” he said before slowly moving his head until his lips met your neck, your eyes rolled back into your head with a groan at the feeling of the open mouth kisses he trailed on the underside of your jaw.
Subconsciously you tilted your head to the side to allow him better access to your throat and he immediately jumped at the opportunity to suck hickies into your skin. He dragged his teeth against your flesh as a warning before clamping down on your throat making you moan, it wasn’t hard enough to draw blood but it would definitely leave a bruise.
His fingers continued to unbutton your shirt until you felt the cold air of the room hit your skin, he pushed the fabric and moved his mouth down to your shoulder and collarbone.
You returned the favour by unbuttoning his shirt as he unhooked your bra. Before you were able to get the last couple of buttons, he pushed you backwards so you were practically horizontal, nothing but his arms holding you up.
Your head dropped back until you could see an upside down Levi exactly where you left him.
It had barely even started and Levi was hardly able to contain himself, he didn’t think you’d be as responsive to Erwin as you were but he loved it none the less. 
He observed the two of you as Erwin leaned forward and nudged your loose bra out of the way with his nose and licked a teasing strip across your nipple while maintaining eye contact with Levi.
Levi uncrossed his arms and gripped the edge of Erwin’s desk until his knuckles went white as a low moan left your mouth. Your arms regained their consciousness as they gripped onto Erwin’s blonde locks, messing up his normally pristine mane.
With little to no effort, Erwin lifted you as he stood and you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. Admittedly, you were a lot higher up than you were used to with Levi so you held onto him a bit tighter than normal.
“Excuse me, Levi.” Erwin’s tone was the same as ever, as though his cock wasn’t straining against his jeans. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Levi step to the side as Erwin laid your back flat against his desk, a few pieces of paper trapped under you.
Erwin slipped your pants off of your legs, taking your underwear with them - both men’s eyeline went to your glistening core and you felt a wave of insecurity rocket through you.
Until you felt a finger tracing your entrance, “You don’t need to do that,” hearing Levi’s voice made a shiver go down your spine, “Levi, I don’t think-” Erwin was now the one sounding unsure, “-Trust me, she’s wet enough, she can take you without prep.” the dark haired man commented so casually, “She likes the stretch,” Levi had a mischievous glint in his eye.
You loved how well Levi knew you and your body. You let your head flop onto the desk with a whine as you felt Erwin’s fingertips be replaced with his cockhead, “Is that true?” Erwin asked, his question directed at you and you sheepishly nodded.
“Okay, but tell me if it’s- ah!- too much,” he grunted as he started to push into you. Levi reached down between you, you waited to feel his hands on you too but instead he undid the last couple buttons on Erwin’s shirt and let the two pieces of fabric fall freely either side of his toned torso.
He then moved back again and watched Erwin’s dick disappear inside of you inch by inch as you moaned lewdly at how he struggled to make room between your folds. Levi was right, you really did love the feeling of being stretched.
Erwin eventually bottomed out and you felt your chest heaving from how hard you were breathing. “Fuck!” a breathy voice exclaimed but it wasn’t Erwin, Levi’s eyes were transfixed on where the two of you joined.
His expression was practically feral, you’d never seen him react in such a way and you unintentionally tensed around Erwin. 
The larger man groaned loudly and fell forward, catching himself quickly so he didn’t completely crush you under him, but the impact of his palm hitting the wooden desk was loud.
“Tight isn’t she?” Levi was showing off while his friend struggled to regulate his breathing. Erwin pulled his hips back while holding you in place only to slam back into you with an audible “Gah!”, this eyes were closed and his mouth slightly parted, “You could’ve warned me!” he gasped, starting to find his rhythm.
You moved up and down the desk as the Commander pounded into you, the burning sensation had subsided quickly but it did nothing to help the constant barrage Erwin’s cockhead was giving your cervix.
He was trying to be gentle he really was but he could see how Levi had been so taken with you after the first night you’d spent together - he was addicted to you to the point where he’d gone to Erwin for advice.
Now he understood all too well what a drug you were. He made a silent prayer that this wouldn’t be the last time he’d get to do this, but by the looks of Levi frantically fisting himself from the scene in front of him, he had a feeling it wasn’t.
“Choke her, she likes that,” Levi grunted while gesturing with his head towards your neck. Like he was on autopilot, Erwin did as Levi said, intentionally reaching with his non-dominant hand so he wouldn’t block the shorter man’s view.
Erwin’s grip on your throat wasn’t too hard but you wrapped your fingers around his wrist for stabilisation and reached for Levi who interlocked his fingers with yours as soon as your fingers stretched for him.
You were getting close to your orgasm, your walls fluttered around Erwin and he groaned at the repeated pressure on his shaft. Something in him snapped and suddenly his hips moved faster and harder, making a loud scream rip from your throat.
Instantly Erwin’s hand moved from your throat to your mouth to muffle your noises; the two men could still hear your cries loud and clear but at least the rest of the building wouldn’t be woken up.
You squeezed Levi’s hand and your back started to arch off the desk, “She’s gunna cum,” Levi grunted, “I-I know, I can feel it,” Erwin removed his hand from your hip and slapped your clit a few times, making your whole body jolt.
Levi had never thought of doing that before and by the looks of your reaction, he was definitely going to try it for himself. “Come on, you can do it,” Erwin cooed, rubbing the area he’d just slapped as he felt you spasm around him.
The vibrations of your scream tickled his palm but the way you squeezed him triggered his own release, it made his hip stutter and a long moan join yours.
“Erwin!” Levi warned him with a deep growl. Immediately Erwin pulled out of you just at the last second and you felt his warmth hit your stomach in a messy splutter.
The three of you were breathing heavy, at some point Levi had also hit his climax and the evidence was covering his now exposed abs. “I wasn’t going to,” Erwin broke the silence and was the first to move.
He grabbed a cloth from his draw and helped clean you up while you were trying to stop seeing stars, “It sure looked like you were going to,” Levi took the cloth from him when he was done cleaning you up and wiped away his own mess.
The atmosphere in the room changed. Whilst Levi seemed pissed off, both you and Erwin knew better than anyone that he was just starting to enjoy himself. 
Tumblr media
 @mylife-demonstrates-murphys-law @hereticpriest @enagmaticether @anxiousgoddest @kodzu-ken @moonnei @diesinspanishbcimhispanic  @fvckmeupyoonz @homosexualjohnwayne @notplutos @moth-baybee @answer-the-sirens @ochakoakabane
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Day 28 - The only one
Tumblr media
Darkling x Reader
Kinktober prompt - Day 28 - Teasing
All prompts are taken from @the-purity-pen​‘s Kinktober List!
Warnings: allusion to sex, teasing 
You are the only one who gets away with it. Teasing him in any form.
Lately, when only his close, trusted circle is around, it is restricted to name-calling. Old man, grandpa, relic, etc. Ever since he took over the throne your relationship has changed. 
He found you when he was hunting down Alina. You were injured and ready to fight your attackers with your fire but he intervened, cutting them down in a single motion. 
You never imagined staying with other Grisha, you were on the run your whole life, mostly living isolated, never seeking out your kind but you always felt like you were missing something.
The General visited you frequently, he was intrigued by you for a reason he couldn’t name. He made sure you had a room of your own (close to his), and that you had everything you needed. You slowly got to know each other and you started to miss him when he had to leave.
Aleksander felt a power in you that could equal his own and once he got his throne and you found out the truth about him you didn’t turn on him, that gave him hope. You brought light to his darkness, stopping him from many rush decisions like the ones he made with Alina.
He really started to treat you as his equal, despite your often childish behaviour your advice proved to be sound and mature, revealing to the others as well that you are more than you show.
As the months had gone by you had gotten so close to him you allowed yourself to be more relaxed around him and with that came the teasing.
He would give you annoyed or outright terrifying looks that would scare anyone else, but you knew he wouldn’t hurt you. The downside of you teasing him because of his age was that you unintentionally pushed him away, making him think you wouldn’t be able to truly accept what he is. He told himself he could wait, in a few years when you stopped aging, you would see it his way.
When he made peace with that, he began to return the teasing to make you realise this sooner. The most common was ‘when you will be my age’. He said it just now, when it was only the two of you in his war room but your reply surprised him.
“I’d like to think I’m already an old soul, otherwise I’m just a bitter bitch of a witch at this point.” You give him a strained smile before you turn away, examining his bookshelf without aim.
Aleksander steps beside you and guides your gaze back to him by holding your cheek in his hand. He sees that tried sadness he is so familiar with and he frowns at you, not understanding how he could have missed this.
“What makes you feel so... down?” He doesn’t really know what to call that emotion he sees on you, he never wanted to put it in words when he saw it in his reflection.
You nuzzle his hand with closed eyes and reach out to envelop it in your much smaller palm. When you look at him again you let him see you without any facade you put up to hide your feelings.
“I don't have to live for hundreds of years to become weary with life, or people. Especially people.” You step back and turn away from him, his intense gaze became too much. You go back to looking at his books when you find one that was typically read for children, it was a story about the Black Heretic. 
“Aren’t you a bit old for this?” You wave the book at him and try to lighten the mood but it only makes him frown more. 
“Does it really bother you that much?” He asks quietly, too afraid of the answer, he’s not sure he could handle the rejection from you.
It’s your turn to frown, your confused look is all the answer he gets and after studying you for a few seconds he concludes that you really can’t imagine what he is referring to.
“That I’ve been alive for so long?” He watches as your expression changes a little, the frown doesn’t leave though.
“I don’t care...” Before you can continue he steps closer to you and pulls you in a kiss that takes your breath away. He consumes you, you try to return his passion but you can’t really keep up with him so you pull away to breathe.
He bends down to be eye-level with you as he holds you face between his palms and looks for any doubt. You give him a reassuring smile and a quick peck and he takes that as permission to continue what he started. 
Aleksander grabs you by your thighs and lifts you up, making you laugh with surprise and delight as he carries you to his bedroom. You spend the night with him, exploring each other and talking about your future.
You have been spending all of your nights in his room since then and the teasing has developed to be something more intense. You crave each other and you can’t help but taunt him with a flash of your decolletage, a flirty touch or a yearning look.
It always ends the same way. He carries you to his bed and returns the teasing in a much more sensual manner, forcing you to beg him to stop with the too little or too much stimulation. 
When you don’t provoke him, you still end up in his bed but you don’t receive that seemingly endless ‘punishment’. He cares for you with tenderness and you do your best to return his attention. 
For the first time in centuries Aleksander could be himself again and he found happiness with you, which made him see the world a little brighter and that has made him a better king.
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kingkatsuki · a month ago
Cockwarming | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 - 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐚 𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐝-𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐯𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐬𝐬 𝐬𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐭'𝐬 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐦 - 𝐚 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: You come home from work to find your boyfriend sleeping off a long, tiring work shift and you can’t help but seize the opportunity to get close to him.
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x f!reader
Warnings: 18+, slight somnophilia (Bakugou, not reader), cockwarming, pussy grinding, 
Word Count: 1.7k.
Tumblr media
Bakugou always looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, a serene aura captivating him as his normal rough expression softened. His brows no longer furrowed together as he slept, lips parted as gentle breaths left his lungs. A large, muscular arm thrown over his hairy chest as you watched the steady rise and fall of his breathing. Thick thighs bulging out of tight boxer-briefs that had risen up during his slumber, emphasising the bulge that lay beneath the grey fabric. Biting your lip as you saw just how large he looked even when he was completely soft, your thighs instinctively rubbing together as your thoughts flowed towards how he looked when he was hard and weeping for you.
It was becoming far more difficult to spend time together outside conflicting work schedules. The more you tried to synchronise your days off, the more society seemed to need the Number Two Pro-Hero. Bakugou would always give you an apologetic look before he kissed you goodbye, your eyes trained on the television as you watched your husband save another civilian life and catch the bad guys.
This time, however, you were going to seize the opportunity as it lay invitingly in front of you. Your hands were quick to slip out of your clothes, leaving them where they fell on the cool hardwood floor of your bedroom as you stepped towards your husband, leaving you clad in your bra and panties as you climbed onto the soft mattress. The material quaking as you shifted to straddle the sleeping man, legs spread wide over his thick thighs as you carefully tugged the sheet away from his torso before slipping your fingers into his boxer-briefs, eyes trained on his face as you watched for any signs of him waking up as you tugged the fabric down. His cock was soft as it lay flat pointing towards his hips, instinctively licking your lips as you lowered your face towards it.
Pressing a chaste kiss against the soft skin as you felt him slowly begin to twitch to life. Your tongue slipping out to lap at the softness of him as he began to grow in girth and length. Your tongue grazed along the skin as you slowly moved your fingers to wrap around him, jerking him gently as your tongue swiped against the fat tip. Watching as glistening pre began to leak from his slit, a hoarse grunt leaving his lips as he stood to attention for you. The meaty weight of his cock was too heavy to stay upright as it bobbed towards one of his thick thighs. Pouting your lips as you spat down onto his cock, smoothing the moisture along his length as you stroked him languidly. Your other hand moving to tease his heavy balls, massaging them beneath your fingers as you watched his adam’s apple bob.
Bakugou’s breathing remained even as you slowly sat upright, leaning your body forward to press your clothed slit against the underside of his cock. A breathless whine leaving your lips as his hardness caught your clit, your inner walls clenching around nothing as you began to grind yourself against him. Feeling yourself already dripping from the sight of your husband laid out invitingly for you on your return home, a body that was surely sculpted by the gods. Moving your panties to the side as you stroked your slick against his length, leaving silvery lines of you against his skin as you watched fresh pre continue to dribble from his thick tip. Each roll of your hips had your clit grazing the prominent veins that scattered along his length as you selfishly worked yourself towards your climax.
Raising your hips as you stroked the wet head of his cock through your messy slick, feeling it catch against your tight entrance as you let out an airy gasp, pressing yourself down on him as his thickness began to stretch you out around him. Rocking into Bakugou gently as you slowly began to drop yourself down on his length, even after so many years he still managed to give you a pleasurable ache whenever he breached your walls.
“Fuck, baby.” You gasped as you began to roll your hips, moving your hands to his chest as you felt the steady rise and fall of it as you began to ride him to try and allow more of his meaty cock inside you. Biting down onto your lower lip to stop yourself crying out in pleasure as you felt him bottom out inside you, his trimmed pubes grazing against your clit as you rocked yourself against him. Cherishing the sensation of him deep inside your quivering walls, being completely full as you clenched around him. Throwing your head back as you focused on the sensation, every single inch of your velvety walls stretched around his fat cock.
“Oi, Princess.” Bakugou’s rasped, his voice laced with sleep as thick muscular hands moved to your hips. Fingertips digging into the soft skin as he held you, making no attempt to try and get you to move on him as you remained still. Both of you enjoying the feeling of being completely connected, your bodies melded together perfectly.
“Hey,” You whispered softly, feeling Bakugou’s hands slowly begin to trace against your curves, thumbs stroking along the underside of your bra. Tracing along the swell of your breasts before palming them through the sheer fabric.
The movement causing you to arch your back into his touch, his cock scraping against the spongy spot inside you as you let out a low whine. Bakugou’s half-lidded eyes watching you quietly as his lips curled into a smirk, tugging down the straps of your bra as your breasts spilt out. Immediately moving his fingers to tweak and tug at your pebbling nipples. Pulling more sweet sounds from between your lips as your inner walls clenched around his cock.
“Must be my lucky fuckin’ day.” Bakugou groaned, trying to rut his hips up into you but your palms on his chest stayed firm. Stopping him from fucking into you as he let out a raspy growl, feeling it vibrate from deep in his chest.
“Mmm, been thinkin’ bout you today.” You murmured, feeling his hands tighten their grip on your body at the admission.
“Yeah?” Bakugou smirked, thumbs flicking your hard nipples, “This what you been thinkin’ about?”
You hummed as you nodded your head in affirmation, the dull ache from the stretch still brewing inside you as Bakugou continued to try and get you to move on top of him.
You clenched your thighs on either side of his hips, trying to keep him still as you continued to cockwarm him, your walls twitching around him as you pulled more pretty noises from his lips. Bakugou’s large calloused palms stroking along your exposed back and down towards your ass as goosebumps began to appear on your skin. Humming gently as you relaxed into his touch, nuzzling his collarbone as you pressed chaste kisses against the scar that marred his chest.
“Could get used to this, Princess.” He rasped, giving your ass the softest smack as he felt your walls clench around his cock. Lashes fluttering as he squeezed the soft mound, fingertips digging into the fat of your ass, “Waking up to being buried in your angel fuckin’ cunt.”
He smirked at the way your walls gripped him at his words, the prettiest whine leaving your lips as he brushed his lips against your temple. Evidentially bored from the lack of movement as he curled his palms around your body, grabbing for you as he pulled you down on top of him. Pressing your naked chests together as both his muscular arms tightened around your back.
His lips met yours in a slow, sensual kiss that was all tongue and teeth. Your fingertips tracing along the darkened stubble that scattered along his jaw as he moved his feet to sit flat on the mattress, legs bent at the knee as he held you tight. Catching you off guard as he began to rut into your slick cunt, keeping a harsh pace as the sound of skin against skin sounded around your quiet bedroom.
“Katsu-“ You gasped in surprise as each thrust had his cock dragging against your inner walls perfectly, your mouth open in a constant moan as Bakugou bounced you on his lap.
“So fuckin’ pretty, baby.” Bakugou murmured, watching the blissful expression on your face as he continued his pace, “Could wake up like this every damn day.”
His balls slapped up against the curve of your ass with his frantic movements, greedily searching for his release as he felt your inner walls beginning to clamp down around him. Arms keeping tight around you to prevent you from moving away as he worked you both towards your release.
“Come on, Princess. Cum for me.” Bakugou growled, deliberately focusing his thrusts to the same spot inside you, the coil inside you dangerously close to breaking, “Cum for me- that’s it. That’s my good girl.”
You gasped as you felt your climax surge through you, your thighs clenching against Bakugou’s hips as your body shook above him. His arms remained tight around you as he continued to fuck you through your climax, his lips pressed against your ear as you buried your face in his neck.
Bakugou smirked as he continued pounding into your quivering body, ruthlessly chasing his own release, “Gonna fill this tight little pussy with cum. Make you nice and full, you like that?”
Your inner walls squeezed his cock hard at his words, a sensation that didn’t go unnoticed by Bakugou as he smirked against your cheek, “Course you’d like that, my dirty girl.”
You cried out as you felt Bakugou thrust into your quivering walls, eagerly chasing his own release as his cock began to twitch inside you. Your name spilling from his lips with a grunt as he came inside you, coating your inner walls with white-hot spurts of his cum. His breath scorching against your skin, his chest heaving as he tried to steady his breathing.
Moving your palms to try and push yourself up and off him as you felt his arms tighten around your back, keeping your body pressed against his own, a light sheen of sweat making your skin stick together.
You settled back down against Bakugou’s chest, the steady rise and fall of his chest slowly rocking you to sleep as he began to trace absentminded patterns along your back with blunt nails. The sensation relaxing your body as his cock began to soften inside you, keeping you stuffed full of his cum as he tried to lure you into slumber.
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myherokatsuki · a month ago
Rainy Morning | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pro Hero!Bakugou Katsuki x f!Reader Word Count: 1.2k Warnings: 18+, PWP, fingering, creampie, slight daddy kink, slight breeding kink, light degradation/praise
a/n: I’m a sucker for soft!Bakugou and early morning affection.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The soft patter of rain against your apartment window was the first thing you noticed as you woke.  The second was your husband’s warm body curled protectively around you, his strong arms trapping you back against his bare chest.
“Mmm, mornin’ baby,” Bakugou murmured in your ear as he felt you stir, his voice still heavy with sleep.
“G’morning,” you purred in return, stretching languidly as Katsuki pulled you closer.
“Y’look so hot in the morning,” he rumbled, ducking his head to press his lips to your shoulder while his hand slowly traveled up your body to cup your breast, leaving a prickle of goosebumps in its wake before lightly pinching at your nipple, rolling it lazily between his fingers as it stiffened, reacting to his touch.
“I’m surprised you’re still in bed at this hour,” you moaned softly, arching back against him, pressing your ass to his stiff length, surprised to find him so hard already, though it was probably just morning wood.
“Wore me out last night, woman,” he grunted, the scrape of his teeth against your skin sending a shiver down your spine despite how warm you were—your husband a heater beneath the blankets.
“Yeah, me too,” you murmured, fighting a yawn as the rain grew heavier, the soothing patter nearly lulling you back toward sleep, though your husband had other plans.  “Still a little sore,” you added, luxuriating in the pleasant ache that yet filled you.
Bakugou chuckled against your shoulder, raising his head to nuzzle the shell of your ear, his warm even breaths fanning across your skin.  “Yeah, fucked you good, didn’t I?  I should do it again.”
“Maybe you should,” you agreed, huffing a laugh, squirming slightly as you felt his erection twitch against you, his hand skimming south to slip between your thighs, fingers delving your folds to find you already wet and wanting.
“Even after last night you’re still that horny for me?” Bakugou asked, a hunger to his voice that made your cunt throb, your juices beginning to coat the insides of your thighs and his fingers that still lingered there.  
“I’m always horny for you, Katsuki,” you purred, moaning as his fingers curled inside you, prompting you to part your legs for him, giving him more room to work with, the meat of his palm grinding against your swollen nub, sending electricity spreading outward with each deliberate thrust of his fingers.  
Just when you felt warmth suffuse you, reaching that plateau right before the fall, Bakugou pulled his hand away, chuckling at your whine.  “Not yet, Princess,” he murmured, reaching between you to take his cock in hand, positioning it between your slick folds before rocking his hips against your ass, coating his length in your slick while teasing you, enjoying your breathy whimpers.
“If you ask nicely, I’ll fuck you like the filthy little girl you are,” Bakugou rasped in your ear, his fingers digging into your hip, and you quickly obeyed, arching your back further as you pleaded for him to fill you.  “Good girl,” he groaned, repositioning his tip at your entrance and thrusting up into you slowly.  “So fuckin’ tight,” he growled, barely getting his meaty head inside before chuckling as you tried to press back against him, desperate to be filled.
“Tch, you’re still sore, remember?  Maybe we should take it slow, hah?” he taunted, his shallow thrusts doing little to ease the needy ache inside you.  “Or are you that much of a slut?”
“Katsuki!” you cried, reaching up to tangle your fingers in his spiky locks, giving an impatient tug to egg him on.  “Fuck me properly, dammit!”
“Alright, you asked for it,” he exclaimed, grinning against the curve of your neck, his free hand grasping your thigh and raising it as he suddenly rut into you, filling you to the hilt, his tip kissing your cervix.  
“Fuck—” you gasped, your breath hitching as you stretched around him.  For a long moment he didn’t move, torturing you further—merely watching you writhe in his grasp as you tried to roll your hips, desperate for him to move.
“What do you say, Princess?” he demanded and you cracked.
“Please!  Please, Katsuki, need you so bad!” you mewled.
“Good girl.”
Pulling nearly all the way out, he snapped back into you, the force of his thrust rocking you, jiggling your tits as his balls slapped lewdly against the curve of your ass.
“Oh—!” A surprised cry left your throat, and soon all sorts of sinful noises poured from your lips as Bakugou fucked you the way you wanted, his fingers bruising your thigh where he held you as you tugged harder at his hair, a hiss slipping past your teeth as he bit down on your shoulder, his canines worrying your flesh just short of breaking the skin, no doubt leaving a mark behind that you hoped would be easy to cover.
That thought however, left your mind moments later.  “Please, ‘m so close,” you whined, feeling that warmth return, spreading out from your loins and pooling low in your stomach, your release just out of reach.
“Hook your leg over my hip,” Bakugou panted in your ear, the words a command, and you were quick to comply, holding your legs open so he could continue to pound into you unrestricted, freeing his hand up.  Wrapping his muscular arm around your, his callused fingers found your clit and stars bloomed behind your eyelids as he rubbed at your swollen bundle of nerves, giving you the push you needed.
“That’s right, cum all over my cock, baby,” Bakugou groaned, knowing he wouldn’t hold out much longer with the way you were clenching around him.
Lost to your bliss, you let your head fall back against his shoulder while your toes curled, every muscle tensing deliciously and yet Katsuki didn’t stop, riding you through it.  “Fill me up, Daddy,” you whimpered weakly, your grasp on his hair loosening.
“You want me to?” Bakugou grunted, his thrusts becoming jerky and erratic.  “Want me to fill this fuckin’ cunt up til it runs down your thighs, huh?  Breed you like the good little wife you are?”
“Please!  K-katsuki—!”
The world around you fell away as he came, his cock giving a spasm as he buried himself deeply, twitching as he spilled his seed inside you, painting your cervix white as he crushed you desperately to his chest, the pounding of your heart and his ragged breaths in your ear drowning out even the pouring rain.
For a long moment neither of you moved, catching your breaths while Bakugou softened inside you, your fluids mixing and joining.  It felt too nice to be so close to him like that, and you smiled to yourself as you wrapped your arms over his, still snaked securely round your middle.
“Love you,” he murmured against your shoulder, the words so muffled you almost didn’t catch them.
“You’re awfully mushy this morning,” you observed, wondering what could have happened at work to prompt this, it wasn’t like him to be so clingy.
“Shuddup,” he muttered in return, though his voice held no bite.  “Just miss you.”
Gently turning in his embrace to face him, you tangled your legs with his as you took his face between your hands.  “I love you too, baby,” you whispered, not wanting to pry.  Instead, you peppered his flushed cheeks with kisses, moaning as he caught your lips, tightening his arms around you.
“Can we stay like this a little longer?” you asked, feeling slightly selfish, not wanting to share your husband with the masses he protected on the daily just yet.
“Yeah.  Today we can.”   
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dadplease · a month ago
kinktober 2021 | day five: a natural.
✷ written for eun’s 2021 kinktober ✷
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
today’s prompt | eating out
summary | bucky lets steve use you as practice for going down on a girl.
pairing | dark!stucky x reader
warnings | dark steve and bucky(steve's relatively soft, bucky a little less), noncon, bucky holds reader down(restraining), set in the forties before the freeze (but after steve becomes supersoldier)? if that matters?, implied that reader is bucky's partner unwillingly (idk i didn't choose to elaborate so whatever you prefer to imagine for those circumstances), steve "doesn't know how to eat pussy" but then destroys reader's, fingering, eating out, forced orgasm, crying, one (?) slap, praise, slight!jealousy from steve
an | hi sorry it's late but here's day five! wooh i just love something about like bucky having to explain so descriptively and steve being so eager to make you cum, like can you imagine :'-) also idk if it matters that this is set before the freeze but i just like the aesthetic of forties!stucky for this one. also wow this one also ended up super long oops :^) anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
"Shit, Bucky. She's even prettier in person."
Though you're putting up the best fight you can, you're no match for the two supersoldiers holding you down to the bed as you thrash and writhe pathetically; with frustration settling on his face to mix with his disappointment, Bucky tsks at you. "Come on, y/n. Give it up; you know you're not getting out of this."
"Please-" you try to beg once more, but with exhaustion settling in over you as Bucky secures you to his chest from behind with his arms wrapped around you, you know the outcome is getting bleaker by the moment.
"S'alright doll," Steve tries to sate you, noticeably more impacted by your tears and protests than his friend, "just gonna make you feel good."
"That's right, so for fuck's sake, would you quit squirming," Bucky demands, his grip tightening on you as he manages to raise a hand to strike swiftly across your tear-soaked cheek. Heat rises immediately to flood the battered flesh, a frightened whimper escaping your lips as you fall limp against the pair, earning a hum of content from the dark-haired man behind you. "That's better," he sighs in relief. "Now go ahead, pal. Lift up her skirt, I made sure she's got nothin' on under there."
Steve pauses for a moment to lock his eyes with yours, a hand reaching out almost appearing to offer peace as he nods. "Alright. Just relax, sweetheart," he attempts to soothe you, taking the fabric of your skirt lightly and flipping it up to reveal your bare thighs. Your knees close instinctively, but Bucky's quick to grab one in each hand, prying you open to give Steve easy access.
Now completely exposed to the cool air of the room, your pussy quivers in anticipation. Eyes drifting to your glistening heat, Steve's mouth beginning to water as he lowers his head to take a closer look. "Fuck," he mutters, his large length bulging visibly through his pants. Though you're no expert on all the technicalities of what the serum did to him, it's clear now that the young man's muscles weren't nearly the only thing enhanced by the experiment.
"She wet?" Bucky asks from behind you, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of your thighs beginning to ache.
"Just barely," Steve hums, still seeming half in a daze from the magnificent sight of your sex.
"You're gonna wanna use some spit then," Bucky advises. "C'mon doll, be a good girl and open up for Stevie." Feeling the pressure increase through his grip on you, you're quick to obey him. Eyes still wide, Steve gently slips his pointer and middle finger between your lips, a low groan rising through his throat as you provide him your saliva. "Now spread it around down there, over the opening," Bucky continues.
Doing as his friend's instructed, Steve brings his spit-covered fingers down to drag over your slit, his fingertips just barely teasing at your opening as his brow slants in concentration. "Start with one finger; work a little in at a time," Bucky says.
"Alright doll," Steve breathes, gently beginning to ease his middle finger into you. "Shit," he mumbles as you struggle to take the insertion, "so fuckin' tight."
"Yeah, she'll take some warming up," Bucky chuckles, straining your legs a bit further apart to make it easier for his friend as he pumps in the length of just one knuckle, then working up to a second, his motions careful, cautious. Though he hasn't said it, it's clear Steve's worried about hurting you given the size of his fingers. "There you go," Bucky murmurs approvingly, glancing over your shoulder to watch as your cunt's slowly opened up. "You can work a little faster now, and you can probably fit the whole finger in."
Nodding, Steve picks up his pace ever-so-slightly, the full length of his digit now filling you up each time he presses inside you. "That okay, princess?" he asks, his eyes raising back up to meet yours. Trying to keep from moaning out, you simply nod, a look of relief washing over Steve as he dares to go even a bit faster.
"Now would be a good time to add your mouth," Bucky tells him. "Find her clit up where her lips join together, looks like a little bead peaking out from between the folds. You're gonna wanna work it with your tongue; sucking on it's usually the best way to go."
Licking his lips, Steve lowers his face to meet your mound, his nose bumping against it gently as he runs his tongue over your engorged flesh, the soft sensation sending tingles running up from your toes. "There, that's it," Bucky encourages, "look at that, she's opening right up for you." Steve only hums in agreement, the warmth of his breath against you only causing your wetness to grow as his finger works inside of you. When his lips find your bundle of nerves and close in to begin suckling, you can't hold back your response; a heated whine escapes you as the tender bud is worked by the man's mouth, a familiar fullness beginning to build in your belly.
"Oh- St-Steve," you whimper, your hands coming up to cover your face in embarrassment. Keeping his lips locked on your clit, the blonde starts pumping faster in and out of your pussy with his fingers, not even needing Bucky's instruction to know when you're finally ready for a second. As the pads of his fingers work perfectly up against your soft spongey ceiling, you can feel your climax building inside you, your breaths starting to stagger as you grip the sheets beneath you in anticipation.
"There she goes, she's almost there," Bucky sings, his hands abandoning your legs to come up and cup your breasts through your shirt. "Keep goin', pal. She's about to cum- don't worry, you'll feel it when it happens."
"Steve, B-Bucky," you stammer, your head throbbing in pleasure as your peak approaches.
"C'mon, doll. Cum for me," Steve pants against your button, his words the exact push you need to be thrown over the edge as you clench down brutally against his fingers, your toes curling up almost painfully as your orgasm tears through you.
"Fuck, that's my girl," Bucky praises as Steve nurses your clit, his fingers struggling to continue pounding into you as you ride out your high. The intensity lasts for several moments, and only when you've finally begun to come down does Steve slow his movements, his lips ceasing from around your puffy flesh as he raises his head to look at you, adoration shining in his eyes.
"Pull out carefully," Bucky tells him. "She's sensitive now." Steve's careful to do so, surprising both you and the man behind you by bringing his soaked fingers to his mouth to lick off the juices.
"How'd I do?" he asks.
"I'd say you're a natural," Bucky decides, his hands now rubbing gently over your chest as you breathe heavily against him. "Though I'll warn you now, whatever girl you practice on next will have nothing on y/n."
"I'm sure you're right, pal," Steve agrees with a nod, a hint of sadness flashing in his eyes as he glances at the two of you before him.
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cellotonin · a month ago
that’s what friends are for ➳ h. sero
Tumblr media
day 1 ➼ corruption kink
Tumblr media
⤷ { hanta doesn’t understand why he’s so thrilled when you hesitantly ask him to teach you how to touch yourself. besides, he’s just helping you out like a good friend would, isn’t he? }
wc: 2.0k
tags/warnings: smut, 18+ (mdni !!), fem!reader, corruption kink, virginity loss, brief guided masturbation, oral (f. receiving)
a/n: once again i am starting kinktober properly with none other than The best character sero hanta and no that’s still not up for debate >:), and i am thoroughly convinced that virgin killer sero is such an underrated concept that needs to be talked about more so here i am 🥴 this was actually the fic i was supposed to do for the last month of kinktober and then that just,,, didn’t happen KJSXKJSDCF SO I HOPE THIS MAKES UP FOR IT <33
as always comments and rbs will earn u a big fat kiss from urs truly 🥰🥰 so i hope y’all enjoy !!
Tumblr media
Something changes in Hanta’s brain when he first finds out that his best friend is still a virgin.
He doesn’t realize it right away, simply dismissing his initial arousal at the thought as an unusual spike in hormones. This new information would do nothing to alter the way he sees you, and the two of you would go on with your lives the way you always do. Such a minor detail in your friendship would soon be forgotten. 
At least, that’s what he had thought would happen. Until it doesn’t.
It never leaves his mind, rooting itself so far in that he becomes hooked before he can even process it. Suddenly, he can’t stop thinking about having the privilege of being your first time. He can’t stop thinking about being the first to see what’s beneath your hoodie and your shorts. He can’t stop thinking about being the first to part your thighs, with nothing but your panties separating him from your untouched folds. He can’t stop thinking about being the first to sink himself into your warm core, the first to hear what you sound like as his cock presses against your most sensitive spot, the first to watch you tremble and arch your back as your walls gush around him for the first time. Hanta’s mind is plagued by the idea of being the one to rip your innocence away from you, and it’s nearly driving him mad.
But he keeps his fantasies hidden. It’s all that he can do when there’s so much to lose. Above all else, you’re his best friend, and the mere thought of causing a strain in your relationship scares him out of acting on his desires.
So when you approach him one afternoon with a request, Hanta nearly chokes.
“You - you want me to what-?”
“I… want you to show me how to touch myself,” you reiterate, confirming that he had heard you correctly the first time. “I just can’t quite get it right…”
At this point, Hanta doesn’t know what to say. The rest of his body has already decided, screaming at him to take the opportunity while he still has it. But his brain knows better, holding him back before he can do something he may regret. “Wait, but… why me?” he finally manages to ask.
“Well, I…” You shift your balance as you toy with the hem of your shirt, clearly growing more embarrassed by the situation. “It’s just ‘cause you’re my best friend and all… and I feel like you would know how to teach me best, so I trust you.”
He sucks in a breath, preparing to ask again if you’re absolutely sure that you’re willing to let him see you in such a manner. But before he can speak, you’re reaching for his hand, gently squeezing it between yours as you meet his gaze, and the burning desire in your eyes nearly does him in. How is he supposed to say no?
One more “please, Hanta?” is all he needs to hear before he finds himself hovering over your semi-naked form, gentle fingers gliding down the skin on your abdomen as you shiver under his touch. All the while, he’s repeatedly convincing himself that he’s not doing this to feed into his own fantasy. Even as he draws your panties to your ankles and gets an eyeful of your untouched folds, he reminds himself that this isn’t about him. He’s just helping you out, giving you a little tutoring so you know what to do. He’s simply being a good friend, is he not?
But that mindset becomes increasingly difficult to maintain as your legs subconsciously part for him, a soft gasp escaping from your lips when his thumb ghosts over your clit. He nearly suffocates under his self-restraint when he separates your folds, revealing the soft, sensitive flesh of your cunt. A perfect, virgin hole that has yet to be tainted by the hands of another.
Fuck it, Hanta wants to ruin you.
“Alright, show me what you can do first, then we’ll go from there.”
You nibble at your bottom lip, knees inching closer together as you attempt to close in on yourself. “Ah… I really can’t though…” you protest weakly.
Hanta hums, gently drumming his fingers against your thighs and coaxing you to open back up for him. “Just do the best you can, okay? I promise I’ll help you when you need me.”
You let out a shaky breath before nodding. “Okay, I’ll try…” With that, your right hand reaches down past your pelvis, one finger shyly inching inside you as you whimper quietly. You wiggle it around for a moment, pushing it in and out a few times, then you frown. “Feels like I’m doing something wrong…” you sigh.
He really shouldn’t find your frustration as adorable as he does, and he has to force himself not to chuckle as you struggle to shove your finger in further. “Wait - wait, hold on.” He grabs your wrist, pulling it away from you as he inches closer. “Let’s try this first, it might help.” He then takes your hand and leads it to your clit, gently pressing the pad of your index finger against the sensitive bud.
You gasp in response, almost startled by the sudden pressure. But as he guides your finger in a slow circle around your clit, you slowly begin to relax. “Ah… Hanta…”
“Feels a little better now, right?” Hanta asks. You nod. “Good, just keep going in a circular motion like that.”
The next few moments feel like the biggest test of his life, rigged in every way possible to ensure that he fails. It’s almost unbearable, watching you attempt to follow his instruction with a shaky hand while desperately fighting back the urge to jump in and do it for you himself, to replace your fingers with his own and give you the release you’ve needed for who knows how long. All he can do is just watch, giving you occasional nods of encouragement when you glance at him for feedback.
But then you pause, a pout tugging at the corners of your lips as you look over at him with what almost looks like a longing gaze. “I don’t think I’m getting anywhere,” you whine, slumping your shoulders in defeat.
And at that moment, Hanta realizes that he’s already failed the test. “Here, lemme help you…” Despite his better judgment, he’s pulling your hand away for the second time, allowing his thumb to continue where you left off. You keen softly at his touch, almost rocking your hips forward to meet his hand. He can’t stop the slight smirk that sneaks onto his face as you quietly chant his name like a melody. Soon, his other fingers are no longer able to resist the temptation. Two of them find their way past your folds, slipping into your cunt and gently stretching out your walls.
This time, you let out a sharp gasp, jolting at the sudden invasion. Hanta no longer has enough self-restraint left to wait until you fully adjust, and he begins to pump his fingers into your cunt in tandem with the circular movement of his thumb. The moans that fall from your lips only encourage him to go further, inching his fingers even deeper and curling them up until they find your g-spot.
Your reaction is immediate. You cry out as your back arches, hands grasping at the sheets underneath you. “O-oh god - Hanta…!”
He can’t help but stare at your expression, watching the way your eyes screw shut, the way your teeth cling to your bottom lip as an attempt to keep yourself quiet. Suddenly, he finds himself dipping forward, hooking your quivering knees over his shoulders. “I’m gonna try something, okay?”
Hanta barely gives you enough time to respond with a breathy “okay” before his thumb reluctantly parts with your clit, only to be replaced by his impatient tongue. And for a moment, he nearly forgets that you’re still new to all of this, too lost in your spongy walls to slow down. His tongue eagerly laps at your swollen bud, reveling in the way your cunt flutters around his fingers as he plunges them even further inside.
“W-wait, Hanta—” you rasp, grabbing fistfuls of his hair as your hips buck into his face. “I think… I think I’m—”
The rest of your sentence remains unspoken, interrupted by an abrupt outcry as your thighs snap shut around his head. You’re trembling now, cunt pulsating around his fingers as your juices slowly leak out and gather in his palm. Hanta finally slows down, allowing you to ride out your orgasm before he completely pulls away. As soon as he does, you go limp almost instantly. Your head falls back onto the mattress, your chest rising and falling drastically as you try to catch your breath. Your legs have finally stopped shaking, now laying dormant on his shoulders.
God, the things Hanta would give just to make you cum like that again.
“So, you think you learned anything today?” he asks, suddenly remembering how the two of you had ended up here in the first place.
You nod, smiling meekly as you bring yourself to sit up. “Yeah, I really did… at least now I know how it should feel next time I try it. I really appreciate the help, Hanta.”
Somehow, the painful erection straining against his pants has miraculously gone unnoticed and Hanta isn’t sure if he’s relieved or disappointed by that fact. He decides to ignore it for now, resolving to deal with it as soon as you go home. “Anytime, (Y/N). Tell you what, if you ever need any help with anything else like this, you can come to me, alright?” It’s a long shot, but there’s no harm in putting the offer on the table.
“Really? You mean it?” Your eyes widen, and a part of him wants to believe there’s a little excitement in your tone.
“Of course!” he grins, reaching for your clothes and handing them to you to put back on. “That’s what friends are for, right?”
He doesn’t expect you to come back the very next day, asking if he can give you another lesson just to make sure you have it down correctly. With less hesitation this time around, Hanta happily obliges, plunging his fingers into your eager cunt the way he had the day before and sucking at your clit until you’re creaming all over his fingers with a broken sob and thanking him for being such a good tutor.
Then you’re coming over to his house for a third lesson, then a fourth, then a fifth, and then he loses count. It’s not like he minds it, he’s more than happy to give you all the proper teaching you need until you’re confident enough to do it on your own. He’ll eat you out as many times as you ask him to, make you cum as many times as you want until you can’t anymore.
And then you’re asking him if you can go a little further this time, if he can take your first because you think you’re ready, but not ready enough to trust anyone else just yet. You’re already sitting on his bed and tugging your shorts down before he can even answer, so eager to start with your next lesson. He simply chuckles, following suit as you spread your thighs to reveal your glistening folds.
“So wet for me already, you want it that bad, huh?” he can’t help but tease, gently prodding his cock against your slit as you whimper and roll your hips against his.
“Yes, I want it, Hanta… please…” you whine in response. “I want you to teach me…”
And how can he say no? You’re putting all of your trust in him, leaving yourself so vulnerable for him because you know he would never lead you astray, because you know he’ll take good care of you. And Hanta has every intention of making your first time the best experience it can be, so good that he’ll be the only one you’ll ever need to go to.
Besides, that’s what friends are for, isn’t it?
Tumblr media
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the-iceni-bitch · a month ago
Bent Over It
Kinktober Day 13: Stockings Kink
Pairing: innocent!Steve Rogers x fem!reader
Words: ~2.2k
Summary: Steve can’t control himself when you’re dressed like that.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (public arousal, fingering, anal play, unprotected anal sex, brief f receiving oral sex, hyperspermia, anal cream pie, felching) slightly subby Steve, kinda public sex, sex at work, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!
A/N: Oh, to be the one to teach innocent Steve all the filthy things he’s been missing…
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!!
Tumblr media
Steve had been thinking about you all day.
Ever since he saw you making your breakfast this morning, it had been like an obsession. He didn’t have to think about what had caused it, he already knew.
It was those damn stockings.
Seeing you bent over the counter as you grabbed your toast, in that tight little pencil skirt and those seams running up the backs of your legs? You’d had to beat him off you with the newspaper when he tried to fuck you right there in the kitchen, laughing incredulously at his pouting when you scolded him for trying to make you late for work.
What was even worse was that he was stuck in meetings with you all day. Pepper and Tony were pushing a big PR initiative for a charity tour and that meant the two of you were going to be working closely for the next two weeks. He felt like such a damn pervert when every time you walked by he had to fight the urge to yank your skirt up and pull at the straps of your garters with his teeth. It didn’t help that Bucky was giving him a knowing grin each time he squirmed in his seat and tried to hide his growing erection.
“You doing ok there, punk?” Bucky was smirking at him after he swallowed another groan when he watched you stretch over the conference table to distribute the appearance schedules, the line of your legs even more enticing with that perfect seam running right up the back of them.
“Uh huh.” He just wanted to fuck you while he bent you over the conference table, it wasn’t a big deal.
“Sure.” Bucky just grinned at him, turning to Sam as he continued teasing Steve. “Y/N looks pretty good today, huh Wilson?”
“What?” Sam gave him a confused look before seeing the strain on Steve’s face and rolling his eyes with a bemused expression . “Yeah, she looks fantastic. Those heels are really working for her.”
“And the stockings?” Steve was going to kill Bucky, that man was such an ass sometimes. “I mean, her gams always look fantastic but those are really making it hard to focus.”
“Gams? Christ, you’re old.” Sam shook his head at the ridiculous slang. Fortunately the meeting was released at that point and Steve was able to escape the stupid commentary from those two idiots as they started arguing about appropriate names for women’s body parts.
“Hi Steve!” You gave him one of those heartbreaking smiles when he walked up behind you while you were talking with Maria, his breath fanning over your neck while he tried to wordlessly beg you to break off your conversation and follow him to your office. “Did you wanna do lunch, honey? I just need to discuss a couple things with Maria first.”
“But I need you, now.” He ducked close and ran his nose over your cheek, giving Maria a sheepish smile when she cleared her throat. “Um, tour business.”
“Sure. I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.” Maria rolled her eyes as she wandered away from you, shaking her head and laughing softly as Steve just turned to you with that adorable grin.
“You’re not gonna let me get anything done until we do something about this, huh?” You bit your lip and smiled softly when he just shook his head at you, winding your arm through his and starting to lead him towards your office. “I’m sure I’ll have to listen to another lecture from Tony about this. He thinks I’ve ruined you.”
“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” He was a little sullen thinking about other people talking about your sex life, but then you shut the door behind the two of you and he stopped caring,
“Oh, I dunno.” You sighed when he wrapped his arms around your waist and cupped one of your breasts gently, his lips tracing over the curve of your neck as he walked you towards your desk. “You’re turning into a little bit of a freak, couldn’t even make it through a whole meeting without getting a hard on.”
“Oh, umm, you noticed that?” He only paused his movements for a second before he started sucking on your neck again, not nearly as embarrassed as he would’ve been a few months ago at the thought of people noticing the effect you had on him.
“Of course I noticed.” You turned your head so you could catch his lips with yours, moaning when you bumped into your desk as he ground into your ass. “That big cock of yours is all I can think about.”
“Yeah? Fuck.” He whined when he dragged your skirt up over your hips and got a good look at the set you had on, the pretty lace thong disappearing between your cheeks and the garter belt keeping those gorgeous stockings in place, he was in heaven. “You’re gonna end up killing me, doll.”
You laughed lightly when he knelt behind you, kissing softly over the curve of your ass as he hummed to himself before running his teeth over the lines of your garters. He growled when he plucked at the suspenders with his teeth, the snap of them against your skin making his cock twitch in his slacks as you gave him those lovely, soft mewls that made him want to do nothing but please you. Maybe you had ruined him.
But he couldn’t bring himself to care about that. Not when he could smell the sweet, musky scent of your arousal so close to his face. He dove between your legs with a whimper as he dragged his tongue over the soaked lace of your panties, the heady taste of you overtaking his senses until all he could think about was burying himself in your wet heat.
“Steve, c’mere baby.” You moaned when he kissed his way up your back until he was leaning his whole body into yours, winding your fingers through his when he wrapped his arms around you again. “If would’ve known some stockings would get you this worked up, I would’ve done it sooner. You wanna try something new?”
“Yes, whatever you want.” He loved everything you introduced him to, he still couldn’t get over the first time he’d let you tie him up, he’d let you do anything to him.
“Oh, you’re so whipped, baby.” You reached over your shoulder to pat his cheek as he panted into your neck, his fingers digging into your hips as he whined needily. “Put a finger in my ass Steve.”
“What?!” Steve felt his knees almost buckle at your proposition, his eyes shooting open as his thoughts started racing a mile a minute. He’d heard of this, he knew it was a thing that apparently gals were into now, but wasn’t sure he could handle it if this was really what you were asking of him.
“Sshhh, baby, it’s ok.” Apparently he had been babbling like an idiot, finally calming down a little when you ran your fingers through his hair. “So nervous, don’t worry, I’m gonna talk you through it. Just slip your fingers in my pussy first, Stevie, get them nice and wet. That’s it, good boy. See? I’m already so wet just thinking about you splitting my ass open with that fat cock. Want you so bad.”
Your mouth was going to literally be the death of him. He didn’t know who taught you to talk like that, but he wanted to send them a goddamn fruit basket. Feeling your soft walls sucking on and leaking your slick all over his fingers was making him faint, his lips brushing over your neck as he whined into your skin and followed your instructions closely. He really would do anything for you.
“You’re doing so good for me, Stevie, so perfect. Now just drag them back, and slide one in my ass.” You turned your head to press your lips to his cheek as he did what you asked, purring when his index finger slid past the tight ring of muscle and he blew out a deep breath into your neck. “Oh, yes.”
Steve could’ve collapsed right then. He thought your pussy was tight, but compared to this? And so fucking hot and silky and pulling on his finger like nothing he’d ever felt before. He didn’t think he was going to be able to handle sticking his cock in that tight little hole, but he’d do anything you asked of him.
“Steve, put another one in. Oh god.” You’d trained this boy good, he followed instructions like a champ. “Stretch me, honey.”
“Fuck, you feel so fucking good, baby.” He was grinding desperately against your ass as he worked you open, his breath hot as it fanned over your neck while he panted desperately. “Another one?”
“No, want you to fuck me.” You grinned when he let out a choked whine, reaching back and grabbing his growing bulge when he took a little longer than you would have liked. “C’mon, Stevie, I wanna feel you for days.”
You didn’t need to ask him twice. Steve got his fly open as a rush as he sucked on your neck, whimpering as he slapped his cock between your legs to lube himself up before teasing his tip against the tight ring of muscle. As soon as he slid inside you his knees buckled, catching himself on the desk and groaning at the feel of the unbelievably snug warmth of you wrapped around him. He was going to buy you something sparkly for this, maybe some earrings.
“Steve, fuck, that’s it.” You rolled your ass back into him as he started slamming into you, his hips slapping lewdly against the backs of your thighs as he grunted into your hair with each deep thrust. “Oh god, I love that fucking cock. Turn my ass out, Steve, fuck it good.”
“Jesus Christ.” He curled his body over yours as he lost all semblance of rhythm, groaning into your neck as both of you collapsed on top of your desk. He could barely take it when you got so filthy, those breathy moans and the way your ass was clenching around him already bringing him right to the edge. “Baby, I’m so fucking close.”
“I know, me too. Play with my clit, Stevie, I fucking need it.” You whined when he immediately obeyed, spreading your legs as he slid a hand around your front and started circling your swollen bud with the tips of his fingers. “Good, that’s so good, my good boy.”
He whimpered when you called him that, grinding into you and muttering nonsense when you somehow started squeezing him even tighter. Even when you were ordering him around, your body still bent to his ministrations like a fine tuned instrument. You arched your back when he hit you real deep and drove his fingers into your clit, biting back a scream as you came apart. Steve hissed between his teeth when you clamped down on him, unable to move as he shot his load into you with a low growl. Both of you moaned together as he filled you up, his hips jerking against your ass while he pumped you full of a ridiculous amount of cum until it was leaking out around him.
“Mm, I love you so fucking much.” He panted into your hair as he came down, rubbing his hands over your hips and thighs as you breathed deeply underneath him.
“Love you too, Stevie.” You turned your head and grinned at him over your shoulder, groaning when he stood up and pulled out of you. “You gonna be able to focus the rest of today?”
“Maybe.” His hands were still resting on your ass cheeks, holding them apart and biting his lip as he watched his cum leaking out of your abused hole. It was making him feel some kind of way. “Wanna take care of something first.”
“What? Oh, shit!” You were not prepared for him to kneel behind you and start to lap up the cum that was dribbling out of you, pressing wet kisses all over your swollen skin as he cleaned you up. “Fuck, baby, I really did ruin you, huh? My perfect fucking boy, didn’t even need to tell you what to do.”
Steve just hummed his agreement, tonguing softly at the tight ring of muscle before wrapping his lips around it and sucking as he pulled you open with his fingers. His eyes fluttered shut as he felt his own cum flowing into his mouth, drinking it down greedily until you were completely cleaned up.
“Get back up here, I wanna taste.” You turned around and grabbed his hair when he rose to his feet, pulling his face to yours and purring when he opened up and let you slowly lick into his mouth. “God, you know, you’re ruining me a little too, Stevie. You fucking spoil me.”
“Good.” He grinned against your lips as he gazed into your eyes, pulling your skirt back down over your hips and smoothing the fabric with his warm hands as he let you trace his jaw with your fingers. “What d’you say this weekend, we can try this new thing I found out about called face sitting.”
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buckycuddlebuddy · a month ago
summary ─ “you’re doing this on purpose,” he murmured through his teeth. You grinned at him over your shoulder.
pairing ─ biker!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, leather kink, lingerie, dirty talk, fucking in the woods, rough sex, kissing, light dry humping, language
a/n ─ another day! hope you like it! please leave a comment if you do! thank you <3
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY FIFTEEN: biker!bucky + leather/lingerie + praise kink
Tumblr media
The gang was together at Peggy’s bar; they were drinking and talking and laughing loudly. They were singing sometimes, but the others were quick to shut them up because none of them could sing. It was all good fun, though, and sometimes those good fun times came in handy.
Like now.
They were distracted enough to not notice you and Bucky’s absence. That distraction allowed you to sneak into somewhere where Bucky could get his large paws on you because you looked sinfully delicious in that leather pants of yours. Your ass looked so fucking good, Bucky barely held himself back from grabbing it whenever he could. So, when he realized the others were occupied with their drinks and shitty singing, he grabbed you by the arm and pulled you out of the bar.
Your stop was the woods behind the bar.
“Bucky─” You started, but he cut you off with plastering his lips onto yours. He bent down lightly and grabbed your thighs to hoist you up. You moaned at the show off. He slammed you against one of the trees, making your breath escaping from your lungs with a gasp.
“Do you have any idea how fucking hot it makes me feel whenever you wear leather?” Bucky growled, finally grabbing and squeezing handfuls of your ass, digging his blunt nails. You whimpered when you felt his rings digging into your skin through the leather fabric. When you put on these pants, your intention was to seduce Bucky, and successful you were.
“Mmm,” you hummed. “That’s why I wore them today.” Bucky growled again.
“You’re driving me insane,” he whispered against your lips. His hands squeezed your ass one more time before they slid under your sweatshirt. “What─” You smirked.
“You should see the panties I’m wearing,” you whispered in his ear. “It’s just a bra.” Bucky looked at you with wide, dark eyes. His erection was growing harder and harder each passing second between your legs, and you bit your lip as you ground on it. Bucky’s eyes fluttered closed, and he moaned. God, you loved making him lose it.
Suddenly, you were dropped on the ground and turned around. Your chest was plastered against the tree while Bucky plastered his chest against your back. You moaned lightly as you canted your hips to grind on the bulge against your ass. Bucky grabbed your hips. His smart fingers found the zipper on the back, and he pulled it down, revealing the panties you wore only for him.
“Goddamn, sweetheart,” Bucky moaned loudly into your ear. His nails dug into the meat of your ass; your thong giving him the access he needed. “Lookit this peach, damn.” You giggled and shook your ass, making it jiggle. Bucky hummed appreciatively. His fingers slipped under the elastic band and pulled it, letting it go suddenly to mimic a smack on your ass, and you gasped.
“Baby,” you whimpered. “Don’t tease.” Bucky made a sound, moving his hand to your front to cup your pussy in his palm. You gasped again and ground your aching core into his hand. Bucky slapped it lightly over the fabric, you moaned.
“You’ve been teasing me whole day, love,” Bucky whispered into your ear. His fingers were now playing with your clit over the fabric; his light scruff was rubbing the skin of your neck raw and making you mewl at the feeling. You pushed your ass against his bulge again, rubbing against it a little just to feel it. Bucky grunted. “Y’re so desperate, though,” he said, chuckling darkly. You nodded. He let you rub against him a couple more minutes all the while playing with your pussy. Then, he pulled his hand back to free himself from his jeans. You tried not to fidget excitedly when you heard the telltale sound of zipper being pulled down. “Yeah, gonna fuck you stupid, baby.” You whimpered and pushed your ass out to him.
With a growl, Bucky pulled your panties aside and slid into you in one move. Both of you moaned, your moan turning into a cry when he gave you a sharp thrust without letting you adjust his girth first. His large palms were holding your hips as he started to pound into you. His thighs were slapping against yours harshly, making loud, obscene sounds of sex echoing lightly through the woods. You felt your whole body and face heat up with the thought of someone might hear you, but Bucky was quick to distract you.
“So good, dolly,” Bucky praised. “So tight around me. ‘s like a heaven made especially for me, hm?” You burned even more. The coil in your gut was getting hotter and tighter each of his thrust and the praise fell from his mouth. “Always so good for me. Always gets so wet. Am I turning you on that much, lovie?” You whimpered.
“Bucky,” you whined. You let your chest rest against the tree as your hands grasped his wrists. Bucky hummed. Without acknowledging you, Bucky continued to pound into you. Your pussy was making wet sounds that drove both you and Bucky crazy. You could feel your orgasm edging closes each second, and soon, your nails were digging into his wrists as you tried to warn him about your upcoming relief.
“Yeah, baby,” Bucky groaned. “Come. Come and I’ll give you one more before I let you have mine.” You whimpered. You panted and cried out as his pace got quicker and thrusts rougher. His balls were hitting against your already-sensitive clit in an amazing way, and it was your undoing.
Crying out loudly, you came on his cock; your walls going tight as fuck around his aching cock and making him hiss. Your legs were shaking as you wheezed and let your eyes rolled back. It felt so good, so intense, you thought you were going to pass out for a second if it weren’t for Bucky whispering you praises.
“So good,” he was saying. “God, dolly, you’re so good, so amazing, goddamn, baby.” He panted and started thrusting again. He was slow at the beginning, was being considerate about your sensitivity. Soon, though, his thrusts got rougher again because he was close, too. He sneaked a hand under your panties, and his fingers were quick to find your aching and still-throbbing clit. You whimpered loudly. “Sssh, they’re gonna hear, baby.” You panted.
“Don’t care,” you said between breaths. “Let’em, Buck,” you moaned. “Let’em hear how good you make me feel. Let’em hear the screams you make me let out every time you fuck me.” Your heard him curse, felt his cock twitch in you, and he bit your shoulder as his fingers sped up. You moaned. “God, you’re gonna make me come again so fucking soon.” Bucky hummed. He bit your shoulder and started to slam into you deeper and harder. The sound of wet skins slapping against each other was echoing through the woods, and in a normal day, you’d feel embarrassed about it, but it wasn’t one of those days.
“Shit,” Bucky cursed again. You hummed, tightening around him when you felt yourself at the edge. “God, honey.”
“Mm, I know, baby,” you murmured which came out more like a whimper. “’m close, too,” you whispered. “Make come while you come inside me, please, please. God, I want you to come in me, please.” Bucky snarled, and suddenly you were bent over even more, your thighs were on his as he continued to pound into you. But. But he was in sofuckingdeepholyshit─ You let out a loud cry and felt your world black out as you came again.
Bucky lost it when he saw how hard you came and let himself jump off the cliff right after you. Groaning and snarling in a way, he painted your walls with his come. He plastered his chest against your back and panted through his orgasm.
“Damn,” Bucky breathed, and you chuckled. He pulled out gently. You could feel his come leaking out slowly and shivered. You clenched unintentionally, but Bucky had different ideas. He cupped your pussy in his palm. “Let it out, dolly.” You felt your cheeks heat up and did as he said. You felt all the come you’ve tried to hold it in slip out into his palm and shivered again. Bucky hummed. He took his palm off, turning you around, he offered it to you. “Wanna clean it?” You froze for a second; a fire taking over your body as you leaned unconsciously to lick the come clean from Bucky’s palm. His eyes went dark once more while he watched you lick the come away from his hand. “We’re so fucking again when we go home.”
You chuckled and pulled back. You reached for your pants with your face on flame. You pulled them on quickly and turned around again for him to zip it up. Bucky growled.
“You’re doing this on purpose,” he murmured through his teeth. You grinned at him over your shoulder and shook your ass, making it jiggle like before. Bucky whispered things to himself all the while shaking his head and grumbling. You giggled. Bucky zipped your pants up and smacked your ass for the good measure. You gasped. He zipped himself up while you turned around and threw your arms around his neck.
“Hey, handsome,” you murmured. He smiled widely, crinkles appearing around his eyes in the way you adored. “Love you so much.” His cheeks painted with a soft pink color, and you wanted to squish him.
“Love you so much, too, gorgeous,” he whispered and leaned in. You happily accepted his kiss, burying a small moan into his mouth. Bucky’s arms wrapped around your waist as he lifted you up bodily and plastered you against the tree. His tongue was diving into your mouth to deepen the kiss when you heard Dum Dum yelling.
“Stop fucking!” You pulled back with a gasp. “We heard y’all coming from, like, ten miles away. Go home and fuck there. You’re traumatizing the animals.” You snorted while Bucky rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. Dum Dum shook his head as he grumbled to himself and went back inside. You snorted again and buried your face into Bucky’s neck. He chuckled.
“Let’s go home,” he whispered, and you nodded. He took your hand in his, kissing your knuckles, and pulled you towards his bike. You straddled it after him, snuggling deeper into him and tightly holding onto his waist.
“Finally!” You heard Morita exclaim. “God, y’all were getting me horny.” You buried your laughter into Bucky’s back.
“Go fuck your fleshlight, Morita!” Bucky exclaimed back and revved the engine. With one swipe of his foot, you were on two wheels and off like a bullet on the road; the wind licking both of your faces as you drove towards home.  
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angel4you · a month ago
my eager little girl - kinktober
regulus x innocent!reader
kinktober master list
warnings: smut, fingering, praise, innocence kink, not proofread lol
word count: 700+
a/n: probably the worst thing i ever wrote but felt pressured to post at least something
“Yeah that’s it, just spread your legs a little more for me darling,” Regulus coos, grabbing your thigh and gently pushing it out. “You see that, much much better love.” As his soft words hit your skin, your eyes close shut from the anticipation. “Nothin’ to be scared about pretty, ‘m gonna show my innocent little girl everything,” Regulus’ blushed soft lips brush across your shoulder.
“Love you Reggie,” You open your eyes to get captivated by his grey ones. Hiding a giddy smile you can feel Regulus’ erection grow as you sit on his lap.
“Love you too, my darling.” Regulus snakes his large hands that wrap around your thighs to slowly meet right above your clit. He can feel the heat radiate from your needy cunt. “May I play with your little button? Want me to show you how amazing it feels? Huh, beautiful?” He peppers small kisses across your neck until his warm breath sokes into your skin.
“Please Reg, need you always make me feel so good,” You nuzzle your head back into his toned figure that you lay against. Bucking your hips up until your wet cunt contacts Regulus’ cold hands. The temperature and friction create a rush that builds in your stomach.
“My eager little girl,” Regulus teases now spreading your arousal down your slit. “You don’t even know what you're doing, don’t you?" embarrassed whimpers fall from your tongue as Regulus starts to put light pressure on his circular motions that stimulate your clit. “My pretty little pussy s’all wet and puffy for me, perfect little cunt.” his free hand gropes at your thigh while making sure you can’t close your legs.
“Reggie?” you mumble holding back moans.
“Yes my love,” Regulus responds, not stopping his slow circles. “Does-” he gets interrupted by your nails that are harshly digging into his pale arms. “Silly little girl, do I make your pretty princess parts tingle that much?” repeatedly humming yes you begin to squirm.
“Yes makin’ me feel so so good,” Feeling his hands roam around your body just builds up tension. “C-can you please, um, put them inside,” you shamefully murmur.
“Put what in where my love, gotta use those big girl words,” Regulus coos. While he teases your entrance his pants become uncomfortably tight at his crotch. “No need to be shy.” biting down on your tongue you can't seem to get the words out. Regulus quickly detaches his fingers while you greedily grind on them. “My baby’s innocent little virgin mouth can’t even say it, huh?” he glides the pad of his thumb over your quivering lips while his grip on your chin increasingly tightens.
“Um.. can you put your fingers inside of me?” trying to look away Regulus forces eye contact. You instinctively open your mouth allowing him to slide his thumb down over your wet tongue.
“Where inside doll, needa be more specific.” Regulus knows he is frustrating you which turns him on even more.
“In my, you know,” looking down you can’t take it anymore. “My princess parts, where s’all tingly,” before responding Regulus goes straight to toying with your clit. He eventually slips a single finger inside of you. You hum a thank you grinding against his erection.
“Don’t get ahead of yourself darling, pretty pussy of yours cant take more than a finger,” The speed of his fingers increases, pumping faster and faster. An overwhelming amount of pleasure comes over you as you get closer to your climax. He can tell you are close due to the fact your dripping cunt begins to clench around him.
“Reggie, can’t hold it,” you whine while your legs twitch. “Feels all tingly, m’tummy, R-reggie,” you whimper Grabbing at Regulus’ hair as he keeps going.
“Gonna come on m’fingers?” Regulus increases the pressure on your clit until you are squirming underneath his powerful touch. “Couldn’t even last a little bit, my innocent little angel.” Heat grows on your cheeks, “Go on love.” you can’t feel the embarrassment as you release on his fingers. “That’s it, cum on my fingers like the good girl you are.”
“Thank you, Reg,” your chest heaves and your head rolls back pressing against Regulus’ chest. “Think next time I can handle, um more?”
“Don’t get ahead of yourself princess.”
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