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ticcisimon · a day ago
Piss kink stufffff
I hate this, this is shit also I didn't know what kind of piss kink stuff you wanted so yeah...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
type :: smut
tw/cw:: piss kink
Tumblr media
“Finally, God I thought it’d never end,” you groaned, sitting back in your chair, crossing your legs and holding yourself. You'd had to piss for the last hour and having to act like you were totally fine had killed you.
“Yeah congratulations," Dream laughed.
You rolled your eyes and maneuvered your mouse to hover over the end call button.
“Well I’m gonna head off, take this thing off.”
“Ah! Wait, turn your camera on for a second," Dream asked, practically begging the older.
“What? Why," you asked, squirming in place.
“We want one last look at maid [Y/N]!”
“What- Sapnap?”
The man in question giggled at your response.
“Come on [Y/N], show us the goods!”
You blushed, Dream always had that effect on you. You couldn’t say no to him. But then again, you also really needed to pee.
You decided to turn your camera on anyways, watching as Sapnap turned his on as well. You sat there, trying to be as still as possible as to not give away your intense need.
Dream gave a cheer.
“Wow~ you really rock that maid outfit!”
You felt your cheeks heat up once again, not used to such sincere praise, especially not from Dream.
It wasn’t like you were in love with him, you and Dream were just friends and the last thing you wanted to do is break apart your friendship.
If you sometimes thought about the blonde when you touched yourself, well that was your business.
“Look at him Sapnap, he’s gorgeous,” the man in question gushed, to which Sapnap nodded in agreement, an amused smile painting his face.
You on the other hand could barely believe your ears. You tried to steady your breathing, but a heat was growing in your stomach and a tent in your boxers. Dream's praise was going straight to your dick and you were quickly forgetting about your desperation, instead all you could now think about was getting some friction on your cock.
You rubbed your thighs together, slowly, letting out a slow breath of content. It was like you were in your own little world, you could hear Dream complimenting you but the words didn’t stick, going in one ear and out the other. The tone of his voice, the sincerity, was doing a lot to you.
But then, suddenly, you started to pee.
In a panic you reached under your dress and gripped your dick around the base, legs crossed, doing everything in your power to stop the stream. After a few seconds it stopped and you finally looked down at your boxers, being met by a wet spot, about the size of a baseball. Once you'd gotten yourself under control, you heard a cough. The sound fromyour headphones brought you back to reality.
You sat up straight and quickly pulled your dress back down over your lower half, before looking up at your monitor where your friends were watching.
Sitting up so fast made you lose control once again and so you once again gripped yourself, this time through the dress though.
“Man, you really -uh- need to go, huh?”
You didn’t think it was physically possible to blush any more. This was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to you. You looked up at the monitor, not quite sure of what you were going to say to your friends. You saw Dream slap his roommate on the arm, he hesitated for a second before;
“Come on Sap don’t be mean, he’s doing such a good job at holding himself.”
Dream's words mixed with the feeling of your hands around your cock caused a moan to leave your lips. You couldn’t help but lean forward and move your hand up and down your cock. It felt like you’d die without stimulation.
Sapnap raised his eyebrows and looked to Dream who gave a smile and shrugged.
“You like it when Dream tells you how good you are, how you're doing so well for us holding your piss like a good little boy,” Sapnap says hesitantly, as if testing the water. Both him and Dream are blushing now.
You, hearing the ravenette's words, leaned back in your chair, a guttural moan exiting you. Common sense is thrown out the window as your arousal takes control.
“Y-yes! Yes! I love it! P-please Daddy~” you exclaimed, the last word sounding pornographic in nature.
Sapnap bit his lip, heat gathering in his lower stomach as he looked at his friend, who was breathing heavily beside him. Dream nodded once, giving permission.
“You're being such a good boy for us,” Sapnap pauses.
“Such a good boy," Dream adds in.
“Put your legs up so we can see your pretty little cock.”
You keened at the man's words, hand stuttering around your dick before you did as Sapnap asked and raised your legs up to rest on your desk, a small leak escaping and dampening your dress, causing you to whine.
“Good boy~ now pull your pretty dress up and take your dick out of your boxers, but don’t take them off," Dream said, licking his lips.
Once again, you did as you were told and lifted your dress up, tucking the bottom of it under your arms to keep it up. You then moved down to your boxers and slowly removed your cock. Hissing as your sensitive cock hit the cold air liquid started to bead at your tip as you gave it a slow stroke. You couldn’t quite tell if it was pre-cum or piss.
“Look at you. You're gorgeous, and I bet you’d look even better as Sapnap fucked you.”
Your eyes opened wide at that, a surprised moan escaping you as your hand sped up.
“A-ah yes, please please, God Sapnap, Daddy, please I want your cock in my ass!”
“Yeah, you want me to fuck you 'till you cry baby? What if I fuck your throat, I bet you’d look so pretty with your mouth around my cock don’t you think,” Sapnap said, his voice deepening and his hand disappearing under the table.
“Yes, yes, yes! Use me! Please!" You were babbling, your mind was filled with fuzz, all you wanted to do was please.
“What if Dream sat on your face as I fucked you?”
The man in question let out a groan at his roommate's words.
“Yes! Yes, I want to make both of you feel good!”
“Are you close baby, you're doing so well, so good for us.” Dream said, voice breathless.
You bucked your hips as you weakly nodded.
“Yes, yes I’m close. Can I cum, please Daddy, Daddy please can I cum I need it so bad," you begged.
“Cum for us baby.”
With the blonde's words, with his permission, you let out a shriek of pleasure as you came, cum dirtying your dress.
Almost immediately afterwards you started to pee, your orgasm had make you loose all control over your bladder. The dam had burst, piss erupted from your tip, pooling under him, ruining the brand new chair you'd bought just a few days earlier.
And all throughout you kept stroking yourself, even as the overstimulation became painful, you didn’t stop until your last stream tampered off and you came again, a dry orgasm.
You looked over to your monitor, to your two best friends. They looked absolutely debauched, sweaty and red faced.
“You did so good for us, so good [Y/N].”
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buggybearr · 2 days ago
New vidoes and photos out tomorrow 🥰😝😘
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Tumblr media
New cock sucking vidoes with me and my master will be uploaded tomorrow 🥰
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vickie1 · 2 days ago
In the mood for a cute soft dom to bend me over because I bratted a little to hard 🥰❤️
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cutiecutiekarla · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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cumdumpvxn · 3 months ago
I just want someone to pull my skirt up, force my panties down and ram your cock into me.
Shove my face down on my desk and make me take it. Grunt and moan in my ear. Make me take it.
Grab my hips and my ass cheeks. I want it to rip my pussy apart.
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marrikko33 · 2 months ago
How They Rearrange Your Guts
How the Jujutsu Kaisen 🌟 d a d d i e s 🌟 rail you
Tumblr media
Characters: Toji Fushiguro, Gojo Satoru, Sukuna Ryomen, Itadori Yuji.
(Itadori is aged up) ) )
Warnings: 18+, daddy kink, bdsm, marking, unprotected sex, breeding kink, slight dacryphilia, dirty talk, virgin! reader, humiliation, fingering, oral sex, degradation.
NSFW, DO NOT read if you are a minor please 😃🙏
Gojo Satoru
Would whisper dirty words in your ear while fucking you stupid with his long, slender fingers, asking you how much you needed his cock. "Aww, look at my little mochi, look at how she's grinding against my fingers, what a little cumslut. Tell me, how much do you need my fat cock in that little pussy of yours, hm?". Have you begging, sobbing to cum as he pulls his fingers out every time he can feel you clenching around them.
"P-please Satoru, need you in me" you would whine desperately, trying to relieve the aching throb in your pussy, grinding against the air. Smirking, as he manspread the chair he was sitting on, he spanked your ass. "Not my name princess". "Daddy! d-daddy please". As if you had pressed a button, you immediately felt something, thick, long and girthy being thrusted violently into your sopping wet hole, as you cried out and wailed, Gojo's smirk only growing wider. "Your gonna be a good little kitty for me and take my cock till your begging for me to stop".
Sukuna Ryomen
Unlike Gojo, he would waste no time prepping you quickly, your pussy on full display in front of his greedy face as he ate you out like his last meal. "Taste so good baby, taste so fucking delicious" he would growl against you, his raspy voice creating vibrations along your sensitive clit. "Want my cock? Your gonna get it all night and day". Whining as you felt his cock brush up against you, Sukuna's face split into a wide, sadistic grin.
Because of how desperate you were, you hadn't spent the time actually preparing yourself for Sukuna's cock, or ever thought about how big it could potentially be. Thats why, the minute you felt his girth stretching your tight walls, you saw stars. It was so, so big. "Ah fuck, so tight for me" he rasped, as he began to thrust in and out of you, practically swallowing your virginity.
The bed sounded broken by the time this demon had stopped fucking you, drool running out of your mouth and your eyes rolled to the back of your head, a deep flush on your cheeks as you opened your mouth. "Your my little whore aren't you? That's it, swallow it all".
Itadori Yuji
An absolute angel at first, gentle with his movements, as he watched his cock disappearing down your throat. Little moans would escape his mouth as he felt the hot, wet cavern swallow him so well. A slight blush dusting his cheeks as he came in your mouth, a little drool visible near the corner of your mouth. After you tantalizingly licked the remains of his load from his reddening tip, he would pull you into a sweet kiss, pushing you to the bed as you wrapped your arms around his neck. "Tell me if it's too much" he'd say softly, as he begins to push his girth deep into your folds.
The sensation was almost too pleasureful, as you felt him push through your virginity. The sweet shyness he had displayed earlier was beginning to fade by now, his eyes filled with lust as he thrusted faster and deeper into your pussy. Apart from deep groans and pants, Itadori wouldn't talk too much, too engrossed in the way your back curved with each thrust and you whimpered under his touch.
Toji Fushiguro
Oh my ~ don't even get me started on this hot dilf. I'd imagine he would have you on your knees, clad in chains and handcuffed around the bed. More of a receiver than a giver, but will enjoy drinking your sweet nectar now and then, hearing your little squeals and stammers. Everytime your body makes his cock stiffen, the only thing on his mind is to ruin. you.
That's what leads you to your position, chains clawing at your bruised wrists, a collar wrapped around your neck in a humiliating position, soft legs spread wide for Toji to admire the wet mess you were. "Toji, c-can I move now?" whimpering you'd ask him only to receive the same answer you always did. "Aww, but you look so pretty like this, cumslut. Wait a little longer". It wasn't until you were sobbing and crying for relief and Toji's cock was painfully straining against his pants that he pounced on you, ripping of your blindfold and lingerie before clasping his hands tightly around your neck and rapidly thrusting into you, groaning in relief. "Taking my cock so well princess, so tight and so warm ~".
After what seemed like days of him pounding you ruthlessly and breeding you like there was no tomorrow, he would pull out, watching your body shudder and shake as his loads leaked out of your abused hole, and the bruise on your neck, marking you as his, flashing a brilliant purple. "All mine princess, all mine".
Author Note
That took forever to write, it was basically one of my first smut fics.
Tumblr media
have a good day and try not to be stupid
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