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kinschi · a day ago
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Bruno: "I'm sorry Pepa, it was a vision!! Please don't hurt me!!"
Pepa: "YOU kicked me!!!"
Bruno: "Ah but alas, I cannot change the future"
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broadsandbroadswords · 6 months ago
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Meet Kinschi! She can be found on tumblr as kinschi and on twitter and instagram as kinschi_draws. To Kinschi, women alone are amazing enough, but when you give them swords they are undefeatable and probably the cause of her gay awakening. 
She has also always wanted to have a sword and be able to radiate that powerful sword lesbian energy herself. Broads and Broadswords is an art zine celebrating swords, girls with swords, nonbinary people with swords, and any combination therein. Proceeds will be donated to the Transgender Law Center.
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derpyfins · 2 years ago
Are you with me?  (All the way.)
With one second left until total shutdown, Falman chose to mentally simulate an impossible scenario in which Roy Mustang escaped alive.  The simulation pleased him.
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Havoc wondered for a moment how Breda had crossed the battlefield to reach him.  But of course the Force had reunited them before the end.  Breda’s callused fingers rubbed life into the back of Havoc’s hand.  “It’s okay,” Havoc said.  “It’s okay.  Look for the Force, and you will always find me.”  He tried to smile, but he was no longer sure he could.  The words of the chant echoed in his heart once more before he died: I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.
(When death had come for him in the shadow of the walker, he had faced it with defiance.  Now there was grief.  There was no fear.  Heymans Breda died in pain, but it did not last long.)
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Kain Fuery heard the ring of metal once, twice, in the cabin, and then the soft clatter of something rolling across the deck.  He turned in time to glimpse the detonator.  He heard nothing as the cabin flared impossibly bright.  Like a pilot should, he died with his ship.
Tumblr media
The rumbling overwhelmed all other sound.  Riza tightened her grip on Roy, and he found the strength to hold her. The world grew brighter, emerald at first and then a clean, purifying white. In Riza’s mind, the cave below the broken hatch was illuminated with the strength of a sun, and then the walls turned to dust and there was no longer a cave but only her spirit and heart and everything she had ever been: the daughter of Berthold, the angry fighter and the shattered prisoner and the champion and the friend.
Soon all those things, too, burned away, and Riza Hawkeye—finally at peace—became one with the Force.
Tumblr media
So I was able to commission some FANTASTIC artwork from @kinschi / @kinschi-draws and clearly decided to use my powers for evil rather than good.  
When we do angsty AUs, we dial that shit up to 11 and break off the knob.  Go hard or go home, ferda
(( Fullmetal Alchemist / Rogue One playlist can be found here – because of course there’s a playlist ))
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kevuvu · 3 years ago
Plush for the ask meme ^-^
plush - how many stuffed animals do you still own?
just a few
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capthawkeye · 3 years ago
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sararaiden · 3 years ago
6, 7 & 19 for the fanfic asks :)
6. What’s the last thing you read that made you laugh? HAHAHAA, i was reading @shogamardo‘s last fic for the royai smut week and i’m going to quote this: Riza squeezes her eyes shut and trains her gaze on the ceiling, searching for something, maybe patience to keep from mauling him for being so careless. 
The mental image was way too powerfull for my childish soul.
7. What’s the last thing you read that made you cry? actually, i don’t kn--- oh yes i do. the last fanfic that made me cry like a bitch was one of the armistice series by @rizahawkaye. thank you for reminding me, now i’ll go plot my vengeance.
19. What’s your favorite character headcanon? if we are talking about fma.... in which case my fave is riza, i like to think that she was able to perform alchemy but her father’s demeanor scarred and scared her too much to even want to... try to like alchemy.
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queenwinry · 3 years ago
5 & 19 :D
5. What’s a crackship you love?
God, I’m not even sure if I have a fave crackship. Let’s do rarepair instead. From fma, it’s definitely a tie between edling (which from the looks of it is getting less rarepairish each day woo!) and winry/paninya 
19. What’s your favorite character headcanon?
I am the BIGGEST sucker for Winry and Riza being bff’s. Literally any interaction with them (au or in canon) people put in their fics has me LIVING. I also try and include it as much as possible in my own stuff. Don’t know if that counts as a headcanon but arakawa teased us with the riza/win stuff the first few chapters of the manga and then they hardly interacted at all but they would LOVE hanging out, age difference or no. 
Send me fanfic asks!
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sh1m1sen · 6 months ago
for the first time i took part in the dtiys challenge from instagram. cool au with amazing monsters adrien and marinette by @kinschi, i love it! ✨
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aardvarkinjune · 3 months ago
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Drew up a quick drawing of Marinette and wolf Marinette from @kinschi ‘s monster in Paris Au
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rebbi-sonnenhell · 3 years ago
Fma Faschingskostüme!!! 😍😭 warum hab ich das nicht gemacht
Du hast ja noch bis Mitternacht Zeit wenn du dich beeilst? Sonst nächstes Jahr…
Ich würds echt gern von dir gezeichnet sehen!! 😍
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shijaeger · 4 years ago
Happy belated Birthday!!!
Thank you,Kinschi! 🖤
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kinschi · 11 days ago
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They just wanted to test the limit of Julieta's healing powers... and Alma's nerves
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reptile-garden · a year ago
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A while back I commissioned @kinschi to do a memorial drawing of Roy, due to Covid happening soon after I got it, I was unable to go out and get the frame I wanted. Today I was finally able to get the frame and remove it from the protective packaging it was shipped in.
I can’t wait to hang it. I adore it, thank you so much @kinschi for this again, really it means so much to me. It’s beautiful and amazing. Words can’t describe how much I love this drawing is Roy.
It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 2 years since I said good by.
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thenerdyalchemist · 2 years ago
2019 Creative Review
Thank you to the fantastic @kinschi for tagging me in this creative throwback! Your amazing 💕
Okay so wow there is a loot to cover in here and I don't know if in gonna cover qbsolutlry everything? But here we go!
In December of last year I saved up to make probably one of the best purchases in ever made for my art which is get an iPad and wow did I ever start drawing digitally like crazy. I wanted to start t off big so I told myself in January that every day I was going to do a full drawing on the iPad which I did!... For two months and then dropped it but there was reason for that and here are a few examples of those
Tumblr media Tumblr media
March came along and with that a huge annoncment from DPCC my girl the voice of Riza Hawkeye was attending the con! My motivation went up like crazy and I went to go draw her an original piece to sign! Cool idea I thought until my mind was blown out of the water when the whole freaking critical role cast was announced they were coming too. This event kicked off like my entire first half of the year creating stuff. Ashley Johnson was also announced and umm I almost cried... I wanted to do something cool for the critters as well so just like that my first sticker set was born. Here are some of the pieces that I made in prep for that con. I think I can officially also say I got comfy with pen and ink
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I did all that in 3 months :D... past me how? This year I think I tried to get into art school 3 times? Finally I was able to go this winter semester! Post con I got denied and stated working on personal things to help me improve! First one is before and second was a project for school
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A Great friend of mine also gave me this sketchbook that has a draw every day theme. I took it to heart and as of today have kept with it for 154 days? Some of those are also my most popular drawings so that's really cool.
Tumblr media
I also started a sticker business this year??? AND GOT ACCEPTED INTO AN ARTIST ALLEY?!?! HOW?!?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Really I am blown away at all the stuff I was able to create this year. I'm never worked so hard and been so grateful of all that's going in in my life right now. I can only hope that I will be able to create more this upcoming year :)
I'm gonna tag @candyfoxdraws @tomochingus @raspberrydeathcake394 @bobobkins and @riptydecosplay
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kevuvu · 3 years ago
copenhagen, dublin and athens :3
copenhagen: how many languages can you speak?
surprisingly... i DO know english.... hehe
my dad knew french as a child! but he forgot the language growing up :( so i missed out on that
dublin: where was the last castle you visited? 
does my house count
athens: favourite greek myth?
the one with persephone and hades!!! i love it so much... my teacher let me do a project on it and everything :D
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ladywolfz-no-hawkeye · 3 years ago
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~Lust & Riza~
I like this yuri so much (...sorry Roy, they taken again your lieutenant x'D)
#fma #fmab #fmafanart #lust #rizahawkeye #lustxriza #yuri #nosebleed #sexy xD
@kinschi / @kinschi-draws
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crossedstreams · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
@kinschi did this amazing commission of husbando and I.  This is literally my favorite thing currently, and will probably be made into this year’s Christmas card.  
My second favorite thing to do with this image the following conversation:
“How convenient that you’re the only one armed...”
“Fun story: Jay and I were driving home in the car last night, and he handed me a package that came for me in the mail.  I started to rip the packing tape off.  He looks at me like I’m a maniac and asks, ‘What are you doing?’ 
I tell him, ‘Opening this box the hard way as I don’t have a knife.’  
He does the thing where he pinches the bridge of his nose and says, ‘Feather, you are surrounded by knives at all times.  There are at least six in this car right now.’  Then he reached into the arm rest and handed me a swiss army knife.  ‘Please, please, for the love of god, learn where all the knives are!’”
Forgetting where the knives are has gotten me into trouble before, but I wasn’t thinking about that when I had Kinschi draw the knife.  I like to drink and cook on weekends and that’s really what that’s referencing.  
Anyway thank you for coming to my TED talk
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wishlaced · 3 years ago
"artist ask meme!!" ALL OF THEM !!!
kajhdkfh WILD BUT OKAY THEN !!
1. what is your favorite color to work with?
2. who is your favorite character to draw?
3. what song(s) do you listen to when you do art?
Kpop songs! I associate them with the character haha just like the todomomo one? For Todoroki I was playing some BTS songs nonstop to get the feel of it, and same goes for Momo - Bad Boy was on repeat lmao. For RoyAi I mostly play sultry songs….don’t judge 😂
4. how often do you draw?
5. digital or traditional?
As much as I would like to say digital… I’d say traditional is better. 
6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!
oh no they’re too many to tag! my fav artists are on twitter but on Tumblr: @pfeffersteak, @hazel0217​, @hanromi, @kinschi​, @tofublock​, @so-xu​, @alexiadraws… there’re a lot, so I forgot most of them 
7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?
I love outlining because I can see how I can correct the lineart from the sketch!
8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.
9. what drawing program do you use? (if the artist does digital art)
I use Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop for color adjustments + effects!
10. are you right or left handed?
Right handed.
11. warm or cool colors?
Warm colors are very appealing to the eyes tbh,, I love the red/pink tints!
12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.
why only 15 seconds – i cheated bc this is 30 sec HAHAHA here’s a Momo
Tumblr media
14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?
Food?? I really like drawing pastries before, but now I haven’t drawn any..
15. when was the last time you did art?
Just a while ago to answer #12 haha
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toruhoe · 3 years ago
Tagged by my favorite hoe @goddamnitdazai​ <3
Name: Camila Nickname: Cams/ Cami/ Cam Gender: my crotch says female, my heart says idk Star sign: Leo Height: 5′05″ Time: 11:11am (what the fuck, make a wish) Favorite bands: Panic! at the Disco, Incubus, Arctic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots, pre-hiatus Fall Out Boy Favorite solo artists: John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds Song stuck in my head: Say Amen (Saturday Night) by Panic! Last movie I watched: Black Panther in the theater, Coco at home Last show I watched: I literally have no idea. Help When did I create my blog: Uhhh I can’t really remember? I’m pretty sure late 2015 for bandom stuff, then I forgot about it, and then became active again at, like, late 2016 for fandom stuff and then around early 2017 I started also making content Last thing I googled: ,,,, Various flight dates/ prices Do I have another blog: @cams-draws​ is my art blog! Do I get asks: Rarely, but odds are if you send me one I’ll love you forever  Why I chose my url: I like Riza Hawkeye and butts Following: 295 Followers: 616 (I rarely ever get more followers in here since all my original content is now in the art blog) average hour of sleep: 6-8 Lucky numbers: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Instruments: I played piano for a couple years in middle school, ditched it because I’m a thot and always ditch everything, and now I regret it What I’m wearing: Light green string top and navy blue sweat pants Dream job: Freelance illustrator, or part time art teacher and part time illustrator Dream trip: WELL ACTUALLY I’d love to travel anywhere. I’ve a serious case of wanderlust I can’t nurture all that much. But a dreamlike trip would be finally getting to know Europe, especially Spain and Italy. I’d love to go back to Canada, I loved Canada so so much!!! I’d also die to go to New Zealand!!! Fav food: Anyone who knows me knows I’m a SLUT for mexican food Nationality: panamanian and spanish (inherited) favorite song right now: ??? I don’t have one??? They’re a lot sorry sexuality: grey-bisexual hogwarts house: Hufflepuff favorite animal: ALL OF THEM why you got a blog: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I’m tagging @themelancholyofblackandwhite @sinenceq @queenxolivier @capthawkeye @kinschi @yatos-tracksuit @celestial-nova and anybody else that would like to do this!
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reptile-garden · a year ago
I’ve commissioned @kinschi to do a starry drawing of Roy and I’m so excited and I can’t wait. 💕💕💕💕 I miss him so much.
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