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#kipo season 1

So quick thing that no one seems to notice.

Are we going to ignore the fact that Benson is the whole reason that Kipo believes that humans and mutes could actually create a life together? If he never introduced her to ratland, then I’m not sure if Kipo would believe it was possible. And the whole story would be changed. Would Kipo even have the thought? Benson has done a lot more than just BE there. He and Dave, and ratland is the entire reason Kipo thought it was possible. Somebody should make him a statue.

✨And that’s on period✨ BYEEE

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As promised if anyone cares, here’s my reaction to Season 1 Episode 1 of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. MAJOR KIPO SPOILERS!

-*As Kipo gets washed up to the surface* Woah there child stop panicking. Wait…is that Karen Fukuhara?! 

- *Kipo stops to play the guitar* 1. Honestly same girl   2. Either Kipo and the guitar is going to be a running theme or they just needed a good shot for the trailer.

* Kipo gets scared by Mandu’s many eyes* Wait can she look in two different directions and be fine? *Later when Mandu’s eyes looking in different directions cut Wolf in half in his vision* Damn I guess she can

- Wolf? You mean my new comfort character?

-Wolf and Kipo have such chaotic sibling vibes it’s great

- Kipo gets more costume changes in the first episode during that *finding clothes* montage than most characters get through the entire show.

- When Kipo saw the milk was from 2020 I genuinely expected Wolf to make some apocalypse joke about how everything went haywire in 2020 but I guess season 1 came out before 2020

- I hope those frogs come back their suits are impeccable

- “And maybe slight memory loss” Wolf I love you already but please be more cautious with that stick we all know Kipo is not going to be more careful around you just because you have it. 

- “We’re officially sisters!” YESS I’m already expecting a 3rd season episode where Kipo gets reunited with her dad and brings Wolf with her 

- Also wtf is a mute? It seems like it’s some kind of non-talking animal? Was Wolf’s wolf jacket a mute? Idk, but Wolf really doesn’t seem to like them. 

- I fully expect for them to raise the bug baby. It must happen. 

- Me about the soundtrack: talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before…

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so i’ve been having this secret ‘what if’ scenario/headcanon in my head…

what if scarlemagne, jamack and yumyan were friends/best friends???

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If Kipo was in Among Us

Wolf: Okay, Kipo where was the body?

Kipo: The body was outside of electrical.

Dave: I think it’s Asher.

Asher: What?! Why me???

Dave: Idk, I’m bored.

Troy: Asher did a scan, they’re fine.

Wolf: So then Daliha, what were you up too?

Daliha: I did a download, like I JUST finished it.

Wolf: Okay…where were you Troy?

Troy: MEDbay. That’s where I saw Asher scan.

Dave: How do we know your not lying?

Asher: I guess your just gonna have to take our word for it.

Dave: Troy could have killed you!!!

Troy: I would not! I’m not the imposter!

Asher: Wait…Troy I’ve been sticking with you this whole time because I thought you were innocent? Are you imposter?!!

Troy: No!

Daliha: Guys…

Everyone looks at Daliha

Daliha: Kipos been real quiet.


Everyone arguing

Benson who is actually the imposter: “:> …

Jamack who just got killed: This fucking kid will feel my wrath-

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In season 1 of Kipo:

‘Kipo you’re part mute ’

Kipo’s friends:😲

Kipo’s underground neighbors:😲

Kipo, the only human with a fuchsia skin tone between surface and underground dwellers:😲

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