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#kipo season three

So quick thing that no one seems to notice.

Are we going to ignore the fact that Benson is the whole reason that Kipo believes that humans and mutes could actually create a life together? If he never introduced her to ratland, then I’m not sure if Kipo would believe it was possible. And the whole story would be changed. Would Kipo even have the thought? Benson has done a lot more than just BE there. He and Dave, and ratland is the entire reason Kipo thought it was possible. Somebody should make him a statue.

✨And that’s on period✨ BYEEE

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I finished “Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts” and i miss it already! I really liked it! At first i was a little skeptical because of the drawing but the animation is really good (the fight scenes 👌) and the story for how easy it seems it’s actually really engaging, with a perfect pace, funny jokes and FANTASTIC music. Really recomend to anyone that want a short but beautiful ride on a new post apocalyptic world, the world of the wonderbeasts!

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Am I the only one who didn’t like the ending of Kipo?? Like Scarlemagne’s death was so very unnecessary. The show really had me thinking oh! Here’s a villain who’s been redeemed without death! And then suddenly the writers said SIKE and killed him. Like what the fuck. Scarlemagne realized what he’d done, regretted his actions and tried to better himself and yet they still killed him while Emilia over here was a HORRIBLE person, had no guilt over anything, and yet she still gets to live?? Do y'all not see the problem here??? And they still haven’t found an antidote for the mutes who turned back to regular animals?? Idk, I just didn’t like how things ended.

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Imagine if Hugo had lived and sang about how he no longer had to hide in fear and could finally play piano to someone - in essence, an alternate version to Play It In My Head.

Maybe it’s after Emilia is defeated, and Kipo is extremely exhausted from the fight, so she goes to take a much-needed rest.

Hugo, on the other hand, realises something: he finally has somebody he can trust and rely on, someone that he can play piano to, so he sits and starts playing a piano piece that expresses his joy at this revelation, that after all these years, he can finally play piano to someone, and that someone is his dear little sister.

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Oh, to lie down knowing the worst is over - Kipo

Kipo always believed in friendship, I found this part of the song a bit reciprocal: she is the hero, but as no one can make it alone, she has her friends to back up her, so the second part of this series is Kipo! Surrounded by the ones she loves.

Part 1

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so i’ve been having this secret ‘what if’ scenario/headcanon in my head…

what if scarlemagne, jamack and yumyan were friends/best friends???

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Oh, to lie down knowing the worst is over - Wolf

I love it when characters overcome their fears and decide they will stop hiding.

This is the beginning of a mini series of drawings I’m planning on doing with the song Heroes on Fire. Wolf leaving her wolf’s clothes in understanding that she can trust people (and mutes) is the first one ;)

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