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what if i told you
the spirit of the lor starcutter was the one to essentially get magolor obsessed withe the crown
he wasn’t interested in it until the lor began manipulating magolor into wanting to obtain this crown, with the help of marx, who he also pressured.

keep in mind the lor starcutter’s spirit isn’t inherently one sided evil, he just enjoys causing chaos with everyone that isn’t him
when he isn’t risking being dismantled, anyways
which is why he hasn’t caused any chaos around magolor since

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Fuck it post mecha shit

• Most of the robotics weren’t armor. It had to be surgically embedded and shit to get him to actually behave like a product and respond to the code. He was also awake for some of the process but couldn’t move.

• The Meta-Knights got most of the robotics off. By the time Meta actually made it to the Halberd he couldn’t keep up the strength to fly for any longer with just how ridiculously heavy and agonizing everything was and crashed into the ship while his crew was repairing it.

• The crew was absolutely mortified seeing Meta like this. He was heavily damaged and obviously in pain, and he didn’t even try to get up so they thought he was dead for a moment.

• Trident, being a cyborg, reacts the worst to this and can barely stomach looking at Meta like this

• They had to very carefully remove everything since it was both inside and outside of meta. Some of the stuff he was awake for and it was not a good experience for anyone.

• Meta Knight was conscious and aware of what was happening the whole time as being Mecha Knight. He just couldn’t do anything.

• After getting everything removed, Meta REALLY struggled with recovering. Everything was constantly sore and he felt very tired very often. But he was also busy and had to do things which led to people forcing him to rest.

• After the incident, Meta can’t stomach looking at any large piece of scrap metal. It makes it so much worse if some falls at him or somebody bumps into him while holding one. Instant flight or fight mode, most of the time he chooses fight.

• Trident is the one Meta vents to the most about it (aside from DDD). Trident doesn’t know how to feel about it since he’s so used to Meta not having problems and not being so weak, but it’s better than him bottling it up like he did during the first few days of recovering.

• Meta absolutely does not forgive Susie. Ever. If she ever asks someone for something he either forces himself in or spies to make sure she doesn’t do the same to anybody else.

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it is night so that means time to upload blingeeeeeeeeeeeesss

ngl i couldn’t do justice to both smh…….

adeleine? could be a bit better, but holy frick it was hard to look for a good white frame,,,,, they were all so good,,,,,,,,

and marx? grape so bad i can’t do a decent gif lmao,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nope i don’t like it at all but imma share it anyways

marxs with glitter,,,,,,,,on his face, hat and ball,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cursed af i hate it

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halberd shenanigans. axe and javelin are in troubleeeee…

also, random hc time: Sailor Dee’s weapon of choice is a yo-yo. It always confuses people when the Halberd crew pulls up with their swords, axes and whatnot, but then they see a little waddle dee with a yo-yo. They get even more confused when they find themselves unable to move, tied up in its string. He keeps it under his lil hat c:

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