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chippolyta2 days ago
Tumblr media
Just a dumb joke that may or may not be based on a real conversation I had with my Fianc茅e 馃檮
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kirirua2 days ago
Tumblr media
me : please, please let me have a consistent artstyle
evil wizard : i will now cast "every-drawing-will-forever-be-different" spell
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thingsoverheardatua2 days ago
Monoma: Listen, Bakugou, I鈥檓 in the middle of something more important than whatever this is. So if you just wanna run along and bring back someone substantial say... I don鈥檛 know鈥 Deku? That鈥檇 be great.
Bakugou: 鈥 [deep breath] [EXPLOSIONS]
Monoma: Aw, what鈥檚 wrong, Pomeranian? Did I touch a nerve?
Kirishima: You pressed the 鈥楧eku button鈥.
Monoma: Excuse me, the wh- [gets decked]
Bakugou: Ya shouldn鈥檛 of did that.
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yukana1995a day ago
Hizashi: Kirishima how do you spell 'crocodile'?
Kirishima: K R O K O D I A L
Hizashi: no, that's wrong.
Kirishima: maybe it's wrong, but you asked me how 'I' spell it.
Hizashi starting to understand Shota's lack of motivation
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dustyriotsa day ago
Tumblr media
First kisses in the rain 馃導鈽
My personal HC is them having their first kiss in the pouring rain cause they get smushed together having to share an umbrella.
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bunnyramen2 days ago
Kirishima: I couldn鈥檛 be in Saw because I don鈥檛 want the police to discover my last moments were of me singing SOS by Rihanna at the top of my lungs as I motivationally shake my ass to hype myself into cutting off one of my legs to appease the trap I鈥檓 in.
Bakugou: Shitty Hair, it鈥檚 3 in the morning and somehow you鈥檙e absolutely fucking right.
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tiredartist30002 days ago
Btw the harmony? Idk what its called-- the best part in the song starts at 2:48 ;)
So you and your boyfriend went to a Karaoke bar with some friends. It was your turn to sing and you were a little nervous, but you loved this song and had the confidence that you were gonna kill it.
M i d o r i y a
He's heard you sing before, and he absolutely adores your voice. You sing when your cooking or washing dishes, usually in a quiet tone.
Regardless, he still loves it. And this song that one of your friends picked.
He can actually hear you now. No mumbling or humming. He can hear the melodies and the tone of your voice--
And my god, it's angelic.
He studies you with his big green eyes. Your sensual movements go with the song.
Then the song quiets down, like it's getting ready for you to hit a high note.
He scoots up a little on the couch, the anticipation is killing him.
And then you close your eyes and you hit that high note.
You looked eretheal to him, with the spotlight and colorful lights around you.
His heart is beating so fast and his breath hitched. All he can see is you.
When you were done with the song, your friends clapped for you and you dramatically bowed. You walk towards Midoriya and he's still in shock.
"Midoriya? You ok, hun?" You ask as you wave in front of his face. He blinks and immediately turns red. Facing you now, he hugs you tightly and whispers and your ear "can you sing like that more often at home?"
B a k u g o u
He took a swig of his beer as he watched you get on the stage.
He smirks. He's prepared to laugh at your shit singing. Although he has never heard you sing before, he's predicting that it sucks.
And that's ok, he still loves you.
But he'll still laugh at you.
Bakugou almost choked on his drink when you started singing. Staring at you with wide eyes filled with disbelief.
You lock eyes with him as you sing a verse and point at him, wink, and turn away.
How dare you make him feel flustered with your actions and voice??? This was supposed to be a laughing session, not an episode of AGT. (America's Got Talent)
But he's so impressed. All his attention is on you and your amazing voice.
And then when you close your eyes to hit that high note-- it's like he fell in love with you again.
You look so beautiful...
After you were done, you smile and sit next to him. "You ok Bakugou?" You asked.
"I- you... uhm, that was-- I--"
Fuck, he forgot how to talk.He was supposed to be laughing at you, but now you're laughing at him.
Oh how the tables have turned.
K i r i s h i m a
He knew you had an outstanding singing voice.
You sang him to sleep many times and it was wonderful.
And now you get to share that golden voice with others. And you know damn well he's gonna be boasting about it.
"My baby has a beautiful voice!"
"Prepare for your ears to be BLESSED"
You start singing and he immediately melts on the couch. Your voice brings him such comfort and bliss.
And then you close your eyes and sing that high note-- he's practically a puddle.
His cheeks dusted with pink and his eyes are literall hearts.
You get finished with the song and see your boyfriend not on the couch anymore, for he slid off of it and is now on the floor in a lovestruck manner.
"K-kiri! What are you--"
"Just let me be down here for a while.... I just witnessed an angel sing a song and I need time to collect myself." You chuckle at his words.
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alythekittenan hour ago
A Little gift ti my dearest Sunni 馃А鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lunaleiya14 hours ago
Katsuki and Kirishima get off late from their patrols and decide to stop somewhere to get a quick bite to eat.
After a quick bite and a few drinks, Kirishima is definitely too drunk to go home and begs Katsuki to let him spend the night. Katsuki agrees, grumbling.
Upon arriving home, Katsuki trudges to his room and lets Kirishima fend for himself. And there you are. Sleeping peacefully, half way under the covers with a smooth leg sticking out.
Your black panties slid to the side some, letting some of your cheek hangout, highly visible to Katsuki. Hurridly, and quite sloppily, Katsuki manages to get most of his hero gear off and then turns to you.
Soft breaths come from between your parted plump lips and little wiggling movements of you slightly humping the sheets below. And so Katsuki grins.
He moves over you. Towering above with his big beefy arms and tight chest. Slowly he leaves kisses that trail from the side of your neck all the ways down your spine. He repeats this action several times.
Alas, you haven't woken. In too deep a sleep to notice anything yet. Probably overworked yourself again, Katsuki hums to himself.
He manages to flip you over where you rest on your back. One leg up and the other down and to the side. Still, you breathe slowly and little whines come from your mouth every so often, exciting your boyfriend more.
He's had enough. He slides your panties down your smooth and silky legs and gets to work. One thick finger works his way in and then soon another. Slick covers them both and he takes them out to lick them, groaning at the taste of sweetness.
You're awake now. Mumbling soft little coos of acknowledgement. "Suki..what're you doing?"
He doesn't respond by words, only by leaning down and giving slow languid licks to your weeping pussy.
"Mm! No Katsu, we got work in the morning-oh!" And in goes his fingers. Pushing and prodding, bending and curling against your spot that he knows all too well. He dips his tongue in as well, moving it at a much slower pace than his fingers.
He stops and looks up at your face. Heavy breaths and huffs, face all flustered and red, drool slightly sliding down the side of your mouth. Such a sight to see.
His briefs are off in moments and his dick flops heavily against his stomach with a *smack* Precum oozes from his tip and he uses that as lubrication while his hand slides it up and down against his length.
"You want it now, Princess?" He asks, coming in close to your ear and licks the shell, pressing a soft kiss there afterwards.
"Yes! Suki please! I want it! Don't tease me anymore, please just fuck me!" You whine out and Katsuki is quick to shush you, though Kirishima is probably knocked way past out by now.
"You gotta be quiet for me okay? Kiri is the other room. You don't want him to hear, do you?" And you're quick to shake your head. Katsuki nods in approval.
He guides the tip to your entrance and slides it up and down your lips, gathering the sweet slick and leftover saliva, pushing in all together.
As soon as he met you to his base, your back arched and he groans. He wonders how you could still be so tight even after taking so much of his thick cock.
He wants to stay still, just to give you a moment, but he can't and he's immediately plowing into you. Quick and hard thrusts send you nearly over but he slows down some. Wanting to save that for when you both can do so together.
"Ah! Fuck Katsu! Mmm so good.." He doesn't care about you being loud anymore because he can't seem to be quiet either.
He lifts your leg up and over his shoulder to give you a few good last strokes-the way you like it- before seeing you tear up and stop making noise, he knows your close.
Soon he feels the clenching of your walls clamping down on his dick and your fingernails making bloodied trails down his back. And you both cum together.
He stays inside to catch his breath and then eventually pulls out. He sees his essence trail out but he is quick to push it back inside with a few fingers. He looks up and sees you sound asleep. Sleep comes shortly for him too.
The next morning, you were already gone for work, usually leaving an hour or two before Katsuki has to get up. He trudges to the kitchen where Kirishima is sitting at the table, phone in one hand and coffee in the other. No doubt you made it for him on the way out. You were thoughtful like that.
When rounding the corner to get himself some much needed coffee, Kirishima speaks.
"Morning man! I heard you had a big night. Totally manly dude. Putting the moves on y/n before a big shift today!" Slowly Katsuki turns around and throws an empty mug at him, who dodges easily.
"Shut the fuck up Kirishima. Atleast I got some."
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nikki1520062 days ago
All chapters until now - (Their links)
1. Your Fever - Tokoyami X Reader
2. Monster - Chisaki X Reader
3. My Light - Kirishima X Reader
4. Movie Night Heartbreak - Kaminari X Reader
5. Reunion - Shigaraki X Reader
6. Lavender - Shinsou X Reader
7. Cheater - Bakugou X Reader (Part 1)
8. Cheater - Bakugou X Reader (Part 2)
9. My man - Aizawa X Reader (Part 1)
10. My Man - Aizawa X Reader (Part 2)
11. The Letter - Hawks X Reader
12. The Stalker - Hawks X Reader
13. What is Love? - Todoroki X Reader (Hanahaki)
14. My Best - Bakugou X QuirklessReader (Part 1)
15. My Best - Bakugou X QuirklessReader (Part 2)
16. Since we were Kids - Bakugou X Reader (Most liked Oneshot)
17. Secret - Kirishima X Reader
18. Eleven Minutes - Kirishima X Reader
19. Not Her - Shigaraki X Reader
20. In the Alleyways - Shinsou X Reader
21. Love - Jirou X Reader
22. Old Mate - Chisaki X Reader
____________ ____________
Bless the person. AND This reminder
For Quotev users AND What if ; _ ;
I didn't actually think people would read until a few months but you guys are just awesome (^_^)
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scarlettriota day ago
I couldn't get the idea of Dad!Kiri out of my head so I started a fic (like I don't have enough I'm working on...) the full first chapter will be out tomorrow but I thought I'd give you all a little preview tonight.
No title yet.
Pairing: Dad!Kiri x F!Reader
Warnings: Swearing
UPDATE: The fic is out now. You can read it here :)
Most of the time, Eijiro Kirishima loved being a Pro Hero. He loved the work he did, the people he met and the lives he could protect. He knew he was risking his life every single day but he had the ability to help bring down those who strived to disrupt peace, and that was exactly what he was going to do. If villains wanted to come after him, his friends, other pros like him, let 'em! They were ready!
But four years ago all of that changed for Eijiro. Four years ago he was put in charge of protecting the most important person in the entire world, the whole damn universe! Four years ago was when his daughter was born.
She wasn't planned, not by any means, but she was his pride and joy. And, damn, there were so many things that could hurt her! If Eijiro could wrap her up in a bundle of bubble wrap and pillows, he would!
The fear that came with her learning to crawl, then walk, then tackling stairs, and even when her quirk manifested, no fear was greater than the day she vanished from the park.
You'd been sitting on a bench, feet sore as hell from walking all damn day. Job hunting was such a pain in the ass, especially in a city, scratch that, a country, that was completely foreign to you. The small stack of resumes you had left were being held down by your phone while you took a break, massaging the backs of your raw ankles.
The park you'd wandered into was peaceful with rolling grass that reminded you of home. It had a walking path that you might actually use one day but the feature that tied it all together was the huge pond at its center.
Flora flourished around the island at the heart of the pond, a faded blue bridge allowing people to walk across and admire the beauty up close. A family of ducks swam by in a perfect line and a little girl teetered after them right along the water's edge...
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iara-pnga month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FUSION AU Comic not necessairly ship intended ;3
This was too much work for such a simple joke asfiashfausf but well hope u enjoy it uwu
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