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#kirishima eijirou

Here’s what pets would class 1-A have (just my idea) Bakusquad version:

Bakugou Katsuki: Dogs

Eijirou Kirishima: Both cats and dogs (or any animal he thinks it’s cool)

Kyoka Jirou: Canaries

Denki Kaminari: Ferrets

Mina Ashido: Axolotls

Hanta Sero: Geckos or Snakes (reptiles)

Dekusquad version

Rest of the class

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“Pose now, Bakugou!”


“What the hell is this? That supposed to be an heart!!!”

“This has more perwsonalità.”



This is a profile picture for Instagram (@dynamight_redriot) and TikTok @dynamight_and_redriot) I started with a friend! Soon we will also add cosplay 🖤

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what bnha characters do on your birthday

Hi these are just some random headcanons of things bnha characters would do on your birthday. If its somehow your birthday today, happy birthday to you and enjoy your day! 

⇥ genre: fluff/headcanons

⇥ order: denki, kirishima, bakugou, hawks & shigaraki


Originally posted by maddox-rider

  • Denki would be hanging out with the bakuquad late at night, talking about what he could get you.
  • They would be fucking around with him, thinking he wouldn’t take anything serious until-
  • “You should wrap yourself up for them.”
  • Denki would laugh and say it’s a pretty good idea just for fun and asks Sero to help him.
  • And oh boy, that was just the begin of chaos-
  • On your birthday, he would have an actual gift prepared, it was something you always wanted.
  • When you’re out with the girls for a bit, Denki tells Sero to come over and help him get wrapped up.
  • He would have picked the cheesiest wrapping paper and laugh at the result.
  • That’s when realization hits him, that he can barely move and has to stay like this until your back.
  • You would walk in, seeing the complete chaos before you and laughing softly, making him laugh as well while you “unwrapped” him.
  • “I just thought I was the best gift I could give you.”

Originally posted by khyvadraws

  • Kirishima would be prepared for your birthday and with prepared I mean, having everything ready months for your birthday.
  • He was gonna surprise you.
  • He thought about you possibly not liking surprises, but he still wanted to do it and he was pretty excited for it as well.
  • He would have almost told you about the surprise several times before, forgetting that you didn’t know.
  • Kirishima always told you anything after all.
  • So when the day gets closer, he would be acting more and more distant than before, being scared that he’ll accidentally tell you.
  • When it’s your birthday, it was clear there was something up but whenever you asked Kirishima, you never got an answer back.
  • Later on that day when the both of you got ready and were just enjoying each others company on the couch, you decide to ask it again.
  • “It wouldn’t be too manly if I told you that.”
  • He would laugh it off and kiss your forehead, hoping you’d stop asking because it was getting harder for him to keep it a secret.
  • When the night would be over, you couldn’t be happier.
  • The surprise wasn’t that bad and in all honestly, you felt really appreciated and Kirishima was happy.
  • He put a lot of effort into it after all, everything to make you happy.

Originally posted by giorno

  • Bakugou wouldn’t be too fond of surprises.
  • He would sinply tell you happy birthday while hugging you from behind, it would be the first thing he does in the morning, waking up next to you.
  • He wouldn’t really care if you were awake or not, he would repeat the two words during the day several times anyways.
  • Bakugou would just start the day nicely, making you breakfast in bed.
  • “I’m gonna be straight up, I don’t like surprises, I don’t like doing them either and I’m pretty sure you don’t either so just let me take care of you for the day, got it idiot?”
  • He would do anything you want that day, not really caring how much it took.
  • You wanted to go out? You wanted to shopping? You wanted to stay in bed and cuddle all day?
  • It would all be okay with him, he didn’t mind as long as you were happy.
  • When the day was coming to an end he finally gave you his present, it was something you had been talking about for a long time now and he got it for you.
  • He would smile at your reaction and pull you in a kiss, being glad the day went so well.

Originally posted by the-chikyuu-times

  • Hawks would tell you, you were going out and not give you any reason why.
  • He wouldn’t even have said “happy birthday” yet and the night was coming close, you kinda lost hope.
  • But you didn’t know he had something planned.
  • “Hold on tight.”
  • Would be everything Keigo says, before flying up with you in his arms.
  • You guys would fly around in the city, having the prettiest sunset you have ever seen.
  • It was honestly breathtaking but also scary because you were so high up in the sky.
  • But Keigos strong but gentle grip would make you feel safe, he held you so tightly and closely but yet still gently.
  • He would land on some random building after a while, telling yoh happy birthday and apologizing for not saying it before and that he wanted to wait for this moment.
  • You guys would share a really passionate kiss there and enjoy having each other so close to each other.
  • Until the owner of the building comes up the roof, telling you guys to leave angrily, making you and Keigo pull back and him flying off with you in his arms quickly.
  • You both would laugh in the sky as you held on to him gently, being happy with what he did, not knowing that it only was the beginning and he had so much more planned at home.

Originally posted by loweater

  • Tomura would be upset knowing your birthday was close, it was a hard time for the league and he didn’t have much money left.
  • He wasn’t the most affectionate boyfriend to begin with, so you didn’t expect much from him.
  • He just didn’t know how to do it since he was really young the last time he got love and affection until he met you.
  • Shigaraki would somehow get you some cupcakes and candles, lighting them up with Dabi’s help.
  • He had two small cupcakes and that was all he could get, it was better than nothing right?
  • “Happy birthday y/n, I couldn’t get more-”
  • He would be a bit more affectionate than normal, but not too much, kinda being upset about the fact he couldn’t get you more.
  • You would tell him it’s okay and gently hold him, telling him it was okay and he didn’t have to feel bad for anything, you were happy that he even thought about it.
  • After that he would just cuddle you and give you small kisses, mumbling sweet nothings into your ear, hoping you still liked your birthday even though you spent all day with him.
  • Little did he know you wouldn’t wish for it to be any other way.
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Lose Somebody - Chapter 1 - imdestieltrash33 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Bakugou, to Kirishima: You are too good for this world.

Bakugou: But that’s okay.

Bakugou: I’ll be an asshole for the both of us.

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A/N: Inspired by a tweet I saw where someone asked what you would call a strawberry flavored cranberry. My response to them was “KiriBaku”. It’s KiriBaku.

Please enjoy this little fluff piece that I FINALLY managed to get transferred here properly~

Warnings: Bakugo curses a lot


Words: 2,818

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Who do think is hornier?

Katsuki. Eijirou.

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Bakugou: Rugby 

Kirishima: Wood working

Sero: Soccer

Denki: Improve 

Mina: Yearbook

Momo: Tutoring

Iida: Speech/debate

Todoroki: Wouldn’t take any to spit his father though sometimes tags along with Izuku or watches Iida

 Izuku: Environmental awareness club

 Tokoyami: Poetry

Tooru: Astrology club

Koda: Photography

Shoji: Hockey

Uraraka: Cheerleading 

Jiro: Jewelry making

 Aoyama: Dance

Asui: Biology club

Ojiro: Material arts

Sato: Baking club

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Introducing our first Guest Writer, Kitty! Her gritty and immersive world building sets the tone for her atmospheric narrative flow, and her niche style brings a unique voice to our zine.

Check her out on Twitter and AO3 😼🧡

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Update for Lose Somebody should be up in the next 10 minutes. IT HURTS DO NOT HATE ME


Update will be added to my pinned post

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The picture quality for all of these is gonna suck ass so just-
Bare with it.
Kirishima ft. A shit ton of notes I apparently didn’t feel like cropping out, just ignore it.
The name at the bottom? Old username for a lot of shit, it’s now migrated to a variant of that for my discord username and something completely different for like, half my other accounts on shit.

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For some reason I was like “What if Kirishima was Hidgens” and I ended up drawing this.
The picture quality sucks ass, but I can’t be bothered to go find the notebook it’s in and re-take the photo, so-
We ignore the hands.
We always ignore the hands.
The thing he’s holding is supposed to be an Alexa, doesn’t look like one though.

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Thank You For Your Service! - Chapter 14 - Purple_Rayne17 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Kirishima: Crepes sounds like a child approved cuss word

Bakugou: You mean child appropriate dumbass

Kirishima: Wait what?

Bakugou: Child approved means kids like of it, not that it’s a fuckin cuss word that kids can use

Kirishima: English is hard okay, gimme a break

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