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My Hero Academia Hogwarts AU



Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

Izuku Midoriya:

  • Muggle Born
  • Hatstall between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, he’s now a Gryffindor at the 5th year
  • Gryffindor’s prefect, he’s really proud about it
  • Best student of his year in History of Magic, being really interested in Magic World’s story bc of his muggle’s origins
  • He can’t fly at all, he wanted to be a Quidditch’s member but he can’t for this
  • But he’s great at cheering, though he tends to cheer for each team on the pitch
  • Quite good at Defence Against Dark Arts
  • He wants to become an Auror when he grow up
  • He doesn’t care about the houses’ division, good friend with almost every student in his year
  • You can find him often in the Common room of Gryffindor Tower with a notebook on his knees
  • He writes to his mother every week to keep her updated about his school’s life
  • Best friend with Uraraka and Iida, you can find them together quite often in corridors or in the library

Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

Kirishima Eijirou:

  • Halfblood (mother muggleborn, father halfblood)
  • 5th year as well, the Sorting Hat wasn’t even on his head when it declared his house
  • One of the Gryffindor’s Beaters in the Quidditch Team
  • One time he was hit by a Bludgers in the face, but he kept playing without problem until the last moment
  • Then he spent one week in the infirmary
  • Fan of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, he always go to Hogwarts with a suitcase full of them
  • When at Hogsmeade, he’s satisfied by Zonko
  • Not excel in any subjects, but he’s pretty good in Transfiguration
  • Wants to continue his career in Quidditch
  • You can find him often at the Slytherins’ table talking with Bakugou even if it’s against the rules
  • Regular at punishments

Originally posted by kunikidaz

Kaminari Denki:

  • Halfblood (both parents halfblood)
  • 5th year as well
  • He participated in the Quidditch selections but wasn’t taken in the team, he fell three times from his broom while flying
  • Bad at every subject, specially Charms, but he magically passes the year every time
  • Tends to electrify everything he uses his magic on
  • Lots of the students in his class when using Riddikulus change their fear in him after a magic spell
  • Doesn’t know what he wants to become when out of Hogwarts, but he’s thinking about working at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, being a fan like Kirishima
  • Regular at punishments for trying to cheat in exams
  • Scared by the Shrieking Shack
  • You can see him usually wander around the corridors, even in classes’ hours
  • He was the one to find out the Room of Requirement

Originally posted by tintanas

Mina Ashido:

  • Ibrid (she has a goblin ancestor by mother’s family)
  • 5th year as well, she wanted to be in this House
  • Seeker in the Quidditch team, she’s the main reason of team’s winning
  • One time she caught the Golden Snitch 10 seconds after the start of the match againts Ravenclaw
  • She talks about it a lot
  • Bad in every subject, if helped she could take an A without problems
  • She wants to start Apparition’s lesson soon, and she’s interested in Divination, though not good at that subject
  • She loves to go to Hogsmeade, usually at the Three Broomsticks with her friends
  • She tried to approach the Whooping Willow, but she just went to the infirmary
  • She always change table to sit in the Great Hall, so she can stay with her friends in other Houses
  • She’s also interested in Muggles’ fashion, since she lives in a Pureblood family

Originally posted by foolishchesspawn

Hanta Sero:

  • Halfblood (father muggle, mother muggleborn)
  • 5th year as well
  • Quidditch member, the other Beater in the team
  • Good in Transfiguration and Flying, but he’s A in the other subjects just bc he spend lots of time studying before exams
  • Regular at punishments bc he wanders around the school at night
  • Always late at classes, since he doesn’t sleep a lot
  • He wants to work at Ministry of Magic but he doesn’t know in which office yet
  • Always joking with Peeves, he’s a big fan of the poltergeist, he talks a lot with the ghost too
  • Usually he took a walk in the Forbidden Forest, but he met Centaurs and now he doesn’t have the courage to go back there
  • You can find him in the Gryffindor Tower, lying near the fireplace or running after the Chocolate Frogs

Originally posted by darkgreenmeadow

Rikido Sato:

  • Muggle Born
  • 5th year as well
  • Captain and Keeper of the Quidditch Team
  • When he starts a match, he always eat a Fizzing Whizzbees for superstition, thinking it could help him
  • When he wins a match, he fall asleep on his broom, so the others have to help him
  • When he loses, he pass out for the sadness
  • He wants to continue in the Quidditch field, but not playing, he wants to become journalist on the Daily Prophet
  • A in all subjects, but he’s one of the better students in Muggle Studies, being a Muggle Born
  • You can find him in the kitchen often, helping the elves (though they don’t want his help) and baking muggle sweets
  • Honeyduke is his second home

Here’s all the Gryffindors in the 1A! Hope you liked it! I’ll do the other houses another day~ Which one would you like to see first?

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Ashido Mina: Bakugou says he hates Deku but deep down I believe he truly does care for him!
Kaminari Denki: What else is new? Guy's a total tsundere.
Kirishima Eijirou: Kaminari, don't say such a stupid thing. Tsunderes have DEPTH.
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Newanon. I think this is why I could never get into the KRBK ship. Kirishima was super sweet and friendly, but he never really got to know who Bakugou was. He kinda idolized him from the start and let Bakugou act fairly shitty without worrying about it cause whatever, he’s a bit grumpy! But if he knew how bad it got back in middle school? Bakugou mellowed out when he saw his classmates were strong and the teachers weren’t gonna let shit fly but yeah there’s stuff Kirishima doesn’t know about him

yeAH. i agree with all of that tbh. like, i like krbk as a ship because their personality types would make for a cute dynamic, but i can’t really seeing them being together until bakugou goes through some major growth.

that being said, people who’ve done shitty things in the past do have the capacity to change, and bakugou does deserve to be happy. at the end of the day, bakugou was a product of his environment, and it’s been shown over the course of canon so far that he reacts pretty well to positive influences like kirishima and aizawa.

i really like the idea of kirishima finding out about the bullying, and the two of them having a fight over it. and i like the idea of them making up and having a stronger relationship afterwards.

i want bakugou to want to apologize to izuku without kirishima having to tell him to (because otherwise it feels too disingenuous)

and i want kirishima to use this opportunity as a learning chance. i want him to actually get to know bakugou as a person, and not just as an ideal. their current relationship in canon isn’t a very healthy one because it doesn’t have a foundation of mutual understanding, but there is potential there.

i want this revelation of bakugou’s past bullying to tear down their relationship, and for them to build something more beautiful in its place!!

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Squeee, henlo. I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I- Uh- Was wondering if you could do headcannons about the Bakusquad having an S/O who’s hands and wrists are covered in paint 24/7 and the one time it’s not, they see scars?? This could be separate (or not)! You can make the story behind the scars if you want :D squeee, thank youuu (I love your writing and you)

hi anon!! thanks for your request and i love you too 💓


Bakugou Katsuki

  • he doesn’t even really notice you have paint on your hands at first
  • man is oblivious to everything that doesn’t involve school or hero work
  • when you guys become friends is when he finally notices that there’s something on your hands and wrists
  • never really questions it until you become closer
  • you answered him somewhat honestly, saying that you prefer having your hands covered, but never tell him why
  • he doesn’t really care about it until you guys become super close and start dating and then he’s extremely curious
  • when he catches you one day without paint on your hands and sees all the scars
  • takes him weeks to build up the courage to even ask
  • when he finally does, he’s lost all cool, practically screaming at you about them, though he means well
  • you confess it was a brutal accident from your childhood, nothing that traumatized you for life, but you hated the way your hands looked, so you wore paint, simple as that
  • definitely fascinated by all the lines and edges on your hands, but never asks you to not wear your paint
  • hints at it quite a lot though, calling you stupid for ever thinking your hands looked ugly, telling you you shouldn’t be ashamed for how they look
  • his words resonated with you, and though you still wear your paint, it’s not as often because he hyped you up so much

Kirishima Eijirou

  • total opposite of Katsuki
  • wants to know about your hands almost instantly
  • takes you awhile to finally admit anything
  • you guys were already dating before anything happened
  • finally broke down after being so annoyed and just scrubbed the paint off your hands
  • told him about the accident when you were a child, how it didn’t affect you that bad but you were still uncomfortable with your scars so you hid them
  • Kirishima suddenly became your hype man
  • wouldn’t realize how intense he was being sometimes, but it all came from a good place
  • really just wanted you to feel good about your scars
  • told you how manly it was to have scars and to not be ashamed of your body
  • after quite the love and affection from Kirishima, you finally began wearing your hands naturally in public
  • some people, like your friends, noticed and asked questions, but many more didn’t and it was liberating
  • still wore your paint because it was a part of who you were, but weren’t afraid to show your hands anymore because you had your personal best friend by your side to help you out 

Kaminari Denki

  • totally insensitive to the situation at first 
  • does not realize why asking that question garnered him so many withering looks from his classmates
  • you were more than used to it, however, and just brushed it off your shoulder
  • took a long time to confess to Kaminari about what happened, even after you guys started dating
  • even after he saw your scars, and asked once again, you didn’t feel comfortable telling him
  • you thought that he would make fun of you and wouldn’t understand
  • it was only when he pestered you that you finally snapped, tears streaming down your face as you recounted the story of your childhood accident to him
  • he was totally blown away, not expecting that reaction to you
  • literally short-circuited his brain
  • he finally snapped out of it as you walked away from him after getting no reaction
  • thanked you sincerely for confiding in him
  • promised he wouldn’t say anything
  • took awhile for him to talk to you about it again 
  • but when he did, it was the nicest thing he had ever said to you
  • really made you feel good about yourself and your hands, gently stroking them with his own fingers, telling you his own stories about his quirk and the things it’s done to him
  • really connected to him on a deeper level after that and began showing your hands more, first to him and then to the rest of the world

Hanta Sero

  • honestly the nicest and most gentle about the whole situation
  • waited until he was friends with you before he ever asked what happened
  • didn’t try to pry when you didn’t want to answer at first
  • often carried little containers of paint in his bag for if you ever needed a touchup
  • was just so supportive of you
  • this led you two to start dating
  • actually caught sight of your scars while you were reapplying paint after it wearing out from training that day 
  • didn’t mean to pry and certainly wasn’t going to ask questions
  • you caught him staring and went into your story about a childhood accident, feeling fully comfortable telling him about what had happened
  • nothing changed for awhile, him still being silently supportive
  • but one day, he sat you aside and asked a couple questions, nodding in understanding
  • wanted to continue helping you out if you wanted but also wanted you to know that your hands and wrists were nothing to be ashamed of 
  • knowing you had someone like him in your life to help and support you allowed you to feel more comfortable in your own skin and you slowly started showing more and more of your hands and wrists to everyone

Ashido Mina

  • so loud about the whole situation
  • honestly thought it was a fashion statement at first
  • when you explained that it wasn’t, she backed off, but now she was curious
  • would pester you about it but in a nice way, not in large crowds and backed off when you were feeling uncomfortable
  • asked you out after you guys grew close from all the talking
  • eventually, you started noticing that paint adorned her hands too
  • she told you that she didn’t want you to feel left out or ashamed of whatever was going on, so she would join you 
  • she had secretly seen the scars through paint that was scrubbed off when you were in the bathroom, but she didn’t want to you that 
  • you confessed to her right then and there, wanting her to know what had happened in your childhood, assuring her that you were okay and it was just your preference
  • you two rocked hand paint together from then on out, but she noticed on days she forget, you scrubbed the paint off, wanting to show her how you were willing to work on your issues too
  • she was so proud and so were you
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had a post by @honey-stick in my drafts forever abt a kiribaku florist/tattoo artist au where kirishima stops at the flower shop everyday to get references for the flower tattoos 


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Say both Kiri and Testsutestsu had a crush on fem reader. How would they go about trying to get her attention/get reader to choose him and not the other? (I know they're similar but I also believe they would be different in their approaches) they are sweet boys and deserve to be noticed!

Fun fact!!! My birthday is the day before their bday :) 💋 i agree!!! The goodest boys!

  • When they are both near you they throw themselves in front of you
  • “Hey Y/N! Hows youre day?!?” Kirishima would ask you while shoving Tetsu outta the way
  • Tetsu would yell pushing Kiri outta the way and run to you holding his hand out “you look lovely todaAH” kirishima punched him
  • They would end up on the ground wrestling and Momo would drag you away leaving them
  • If Tetsu found you alone he would be really eager but would try to be calm about it .
  • “So Y/N? How do you like it here? Do u like UA? I was wondering if heh.. maybe if you needed a training buddy. “
  • When Kirishima is alone with you he is kinda nervous and awkward
  • “So .. heh. Well. I saw you training with Momo.. if you are lookimg for a heh challenge maybe..”
  • You told thek both to meet you after school
  • When they did meet up with you they stared each other down not realizing you grabbed both of their hands .
  • “What if we…all date?” You ask blushing
  • They both say “HUH?” And look at each other then you
  • “I.. like you both and i dont wanna hurt anyones-“
  • “OKAY!!!” They both say
  • You giggle agreeing and they hugged you
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