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#kirishima eijirou
May I please request whatever boys and girls are YOUR FAVORITE to write for with a girlfriend who is basically Mercy from Overwatch, with angel wings and an ability to either heal people or boost their stamina, depending on whivh hand she uses, kinda like Shoto? Thank you, and stay safe!!

a/n: the chance to write abt my faves??? an absolute blessing thank you so much

kirishima eijirou

  • ok, is this a dream team i hear?? i think so. this quirk just works so well with his, like he’ll be taking blow after blow in a fight but can keep going like nothing’s ever happened because you’ll be there, healing him
  • can, will, has, and loves helping take care of your wings. you need help cleaning them? this boy is on it. will stroke his fingers along them and i’m not saying he gives you bird nicknames, but he gives you bird nicknames
  • your biggest fan, no matter what. the second they start selling your merch, if you’re in the hero course, he’s already got like 20 of them. and if you’re not it doesn’t matter, anything you’re into he’s gonna at least give it a try because he’s a sweetie and will do anything to see you smile
  • trust is big for him. he relies on those he loves 110% and will never doubt them. of course, it’s magnified a lot with your quirk because he knows that, heaven forbid, something bad happens while you’re out and you take a critical hit, you can handle yourself 
  • he hates feeling like he’s taking advantage of you in anyway, but when he comes back after training or class or work study or whatever and is super worn out, you can’t help but offer him a massage. and if you “accidentally” activate your quirk, well, he doesn’t have any complaints

yaoyorozu momo

  • momo thinks it is the absolute coolest quirk ever. she’s all about helping people any way she can, so having an s/o who can help anybody at any time?? super badass
  • your girlfriend is obviously a fan of the finer things in life. case in point: you. she’s 100% convinced you’re an actual angel from heaven that came down to bless her
  • she WILL make this known too. her love language is definitely gift giving, but words of affirmation are an extremely close second
  • when she’s researching the structure of different things she might need while in a battle and testing whether she can generate them successfully or not, you get called in no matter how big or small the contraption is
  • sometimes it’ll be to just help make sure the mechanism actually works the way it’s supposed to, or if it take a lot out of her, you’re not just gonna let your girlfriend work herself to exhaustion 
  • either way, she wants you there and it’s very cute because sometimes she’ll get kinda shy and blushes a lot when she asks you to help but obviously you’re always gonna say heck yeah because who wouldn’t wanna spend time with momo?? she’s perfect

todoroki shouto

  • he’s definitely not going to rely on you as much as the others. shouto is just more of an independent guy, he doesn’t like to get attached because growing up he never had the opportunity to bond with people
  • thinks it’s neat how your quirk isn’t like an attacking quirk and yet you’re still able to kick major ass. he’s surrounded by people with these out-there quirks where it’s a lot of brute force, so it’s like a breath of fresh air to see someone be a team player, but also hold their own
  • also, he likes that your quirk is kinda similar to his in how one hand is one quirk and the other is the other. typically, this leads to some late night questions along the lines of, “ok, be real, if your fire and ice quirk switched sides do you think you could still control is as well as you can now?”
  • he’s a very lowkey hawks stan. that being said, he loves the wings and, i’m gonna die with this headcanon, he’s a little spoon so he loves when y’all are cuddling and you just wrap your wings around him and he feels protected all around!!
  • if you ever doubt yourself for any reason, whether it be you feel you aren’t strong enough or something, he’s going to be reassuring constantly until you feel better. he knows what it’s like to feel insecure and he never wants you to feel that way
  • overall, he just really really cares about you and, yeah, he may have a hard time showing it but he’s a ride or die for you
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I'm currently stuck at work with nothing to do 😢 Can I please get hcs for Kaminari, Kirishima and Shinsou (sep.) visiting their s/o for a lunch date to cheer them up?

Omgggg bb

  • “Hey !! I brought you lunch!!!”
  • You look in the bag and its a donut with a lightning bolt on it
  • “Denki..”
  • “Yeah? I made it myself !”
  • You hug him and sit him down with you
  • “Thank you”
  • He asked you all about youre work and if you like the donut
  • He gives you a kiss before leaving

Originally posted by sajoou-moved

  • “Kitty.”
  • “Huh? Hi Shinny.”
  • “ lets go get lunch.”
  • “Oook? But i gotta come back in 30 minutes”
  • He grins
  • He does take you out to eat
  • Asks you about youre job
  • You eat in his car so he can snuggle you
  • “Shinny i gotta go back..”
  • “Mmm do you? Ill use my quirk on youre boss”
  • “On second thought..”
  • He grins “thats my kitten”

Originally posted by haruicchi

  • “Baby!!! I brought you lunch “
  • Runs right over to you , picks you up taking you away from the customer and goes to the breakroom
  • “Kiri !!!”
  • He sits you down kissing you
  • “ open it !!!”
  • You whine opening the bag to see youre favorite snacks
  • You smile at him and he kisses you again spending youre lunch with you
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I just combined these two because they’re so similar! hope that’s okay ;;

kirishima eijirou

  • Eijirou’s very unused to cuddling in public spaces, but he can’t have you cold. That’s simply not acceptable.
  • So, when you lift his arm and crawl into his lap, he moves his hand to ghost over your arms, rubbing them up and down to try and cause warmth via friction. He’s very attentive to you this way, going out of his way to make sure you’re comfortable and secure.
  • Lay your head down on his lap and he’ll just melt. He’ll want to take a picture of you being so cute and then he’ll bend over to pepper your face in kisses. This is just the most adorable thing to him - he mentally begs you to do it more often.
  • Such a cuddlebug out of public. He doesn’t have many reservations, sure, but he still does reserve some of his more intimate affections for private situations. Just let him scoop you up and cuddle you - you both want nothing more.

kaiminari denki

  • What is self-consciousness? Denki knows no boundaries. Feeling a bit cold? Come on over, he’ll wrap his arms around you immediately and try to warm you up as soon as he can.
  • Doesn’t matter who else is in the room. If anyone gives you two a cross glance, he’s immediately back on it, eyeing them with just as much tenacity, daring them to try him again.
  • He thinks about offering you a jacket, but then he realizes that your UA uniform is warm enough. You could stave off the cold if you really needed to.
  • Lay down on his lap, and Denki’s gone. He finds this absolutely adorable, and runs his hands through your hair as he smiles down at your content form. He’ll adjust his posture to make things more comfortable for both of you, and continue on with what he was doing before.

midoriya izuku

  • Izuku’s always happy to try and warm you up, but he does take a while to get used to the constant physical affection, especially in front of everyone else.
  • He offers you jackets to carry around with you, at first, but when you keep declining in favor of snuggling up to him on the dorm couch, he starts to take the hint.
  • When you move his arm and lay your head down in his lap, he’s blushing like there’s no tomorrow. He understands getting tired, sure, but Izuku’s so unused to this sort of display of affection that he’s just not sure what to do.
  • He’s most likely touch-starved, as, well - we all know he’s not getting much affection - so he adores cuddling and physical contact with you. He loves to hold you close and nuzzle his face into the space just below your neck. There’s many, many times where Izuku would gladly do nothing but hold you and stay in your embrace all day.
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↳ warnings: purely based on opinion, a bit of spoilers in the anime if you haven’t gotten that far, variety show spoilers (is that even a thing? lol), me fangirling over exo and bnha, hard.

↳ love letter: this was a request by another anon and I enjoyed this. more than i needed to (whoops)! i literally re watched all of exo’s episodes on knowing brothers, their appearance on star 360 and researched everything i could to refresh my mind. i hope i did this justice! again, these are my personal opinions, so if you feel that any member would make a better character feel free to comment down below! I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions!


 Xiumin as Kirishima Eijiro


Originally posted by chanshine


Originally posted by haruicchi

  • ok, hear me out. I’ve watched a lot of Minseok compilations over the years and he just reminds me so much of Kirishima.
  • It may be because they both look like soft boys but are actually super manly like, no joke
  • Actually that is the reason why I chose them, not gonna lie.
  • I based my decisions by my personal knowledge, compilations on youtube and Star Show 360.
  • The members describe Minseok as this soft, cute looking guy who’s actually really manly.
  • Which for me, really fit into Kirishima’s whole vibe. He’s also really supportive, and very wholesome.
  • Yeah I’m not changing my mind.

Suho as Iida Tenya


Originally posted by dazzlingkai


Originally posted by sairenji

  • I’m not going to lie, this was the easiest to do.
  • It’s not just because they’re Both leaders of their respective groups.
  • It has a lot to do with how they as leaders interact with their groups.
  • They have good intentions, they definitely want the best for everyone but sometimes it doesn’t go their way (it’s not even their fault lmao) and it just leads them into situations where they feel embarrassed while the other members laugh at them.
  • Also, they’re Both so proud of their respective groups like the amount of times they go on and on about it just really gets you.
  • And finally, they both have hidden gems underneath their ‘soft yet stern’ personalities (boy when suho showed his Abs in the exo concert i almost fainted)

Lay as Togata Mirio


Originally posted by getlayd


Originally posted by yyh-archive

  • Lay and Mirio are just two peas in a pod.
  • They’re both sunshines with a wacky sense of humor.
  • I mean we have Yixing on one hand who loves to play with his members’ butts. Then we have Mirio on the other hand who appears for the first time by scaring Midoriya (I loved that scene it was so funny).
  • They’re both kind, gentle and caring but also stern and serious when they need to be.
  • They also kind of 4D ish like they’re personality is very animated which is so cute and just makes you want to burst in laughter.
  • They’ve both also been seen as like a ‘senior’ with Mirio to Midoriya and Yixing to the idol show he was on.
  • I love them, end of story.

Baekhyun as Inasa Yorashi


Originally posted by exo-stentialism


Originally posted by illuminousorb

  • When I first saw Inasa in the anime, I was blown away, my wig was snatched, and I was impressed. 
  • That’s honestly how I feel about Baekhyun as well 
  • They just command the room they’re in. 
  • You can see this in all the Knowing Brothers episodes Exo appeared on (especially the first one) and especially when Inasa eliminated 120 participants in one go 
  • Not too mention these two are loud, and expressive and aren’t afraid to show their skills. (and we aren’t complaining)
  •  But also, Baekhyun would look so hot in Inasa’s hero costume, I’m not even going to lie. 

Chen as Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic)


Originally posted by vogueksoo-archive


Originally posted by starless-planet

  • We all know that Chen is our vocal king. Heechul even mentioned it in their latest Knowing brother’s episode that Chen’s Voice was ‘surprisingly’ loud (but are we even surprised when this man has pulled off ‘Tears’ in the original key??)
  • So I hope it doesn’t surprise anyone when I say this man is Hizashi because he is Hizashi in a nutshell.
  • They both have powerful voices, extra personalities. I can totally see Chen hosting the sports festival
  • But at the same time when they’re not their loud selves they can be extremely caring and sincere like how Hizashi stopped Aizawa from going off at the media or how Chen is named the Fansign Boyfriend (someone please take me to a fansign I want to have a good conversation with him while he looks me in the eye)

Chanyeol as Midoriya Izuku


Originally posted by gucci-soo


Originally posted by soleil-rising

  • I think among all the Exo members, Chanyeol strikes me the most as being the main character of a series or a show.
  • Well, it isn’t just because of his acting experience, it’s moreso because of his attitude and pure, wholesome personality that makes him so fit as Midoriya
  • They both strike me as that positive character who is awkward, clumsy, goes through character development, is very much loveable by a good percentage of the fandom, and is just you know, wholesome
  • I can also totally see Chanyeol rocking those abs Midoriya has, not going to lie. (He’d look hot)
  • But overall Chanyeol and Midoriya need to be protected at all times. No question.

D.O. as Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead)


Originally posted by mayrubyy


Originally posted by giorno

  • There was no questioning this one.
  • Aizawa often catches people off guard, like when he first appeared and scared Midoriya and Uraraka. It kind off reminds me of how Kyungsoo would scare other people furing his trainee days because he had to glare all the time due to his astigmatism. (I laugh everytime Heechul impersonates this in Knowing Brothers)
  • Also Kyungsoo strikes me as the type of guy who cares a lot for his members but is also just so done with them which describes Aizawa a lot.
  • I mean just imagine Kyungsoo trying to handle class 1-A but giving up and retreating to his yellow sleeping bag
  • Just me? Ok then. Y’all can also go the quirk route where Aizawa’s quirk kind of represents Kyungsoo’s eyesight (again referencing Knowing Brothers)

Kai as Keigo Takami (Hawks)


Originally posted by kaiauch


Originally posted by kunikidaz

  • Now I know Kai is all hot on the outside but is actually a baby big boy but let’s focus on the hotness.
  • Do y’all know the scene in the anime where Endeavor and Hawks are walking to a restaurant and on the way Halks just casually saves the day to the people he sees.
  • Also he’s just loved by everyone, I mean look at his fanbase. His voice? His looks? Yup a total Kai right there.
  • But he has his joking side like when he told endeavor that he wanted to partner up with him based on some rumors he’s heard (not facts) about a case
  • I really feel like that’s something kai would do
  • But you know what? Kai with wings and that costume?
  • Oof. K.O.

Sehun as Todoroki Shoto


Originally posted by starrynightofexo


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • Whenever I see Sehun in like variety shows or competitions he likes to go with the flow. Like he never initiates something, and his comments are more on the introverted side (i cannot believe I am saying this). Like on Knowing Brothers he contsantly keeps his comments to himself, like saying he can’t believe this
  • But you see Todoroki is awkward in a cute way (kind of like Sehun) but is so mysterious, chic, and very loveable (also like Sehun)
  • And they both always get the fangirls.
  • Always. I feel like our chic, fashionable maknae would make a perfect Todoroki especially with the character development
  • Basically I just chose Todoroki cause their vibes were similar please don’t kill me lol.
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request: Hello! How about a soulmate au where you start to see colours as you start to fall in love with your soulmate instead of immediately seeing colours when u met them with kirishima/bakugo/shinso (whichever character u feeling inspired to do) Thank you!

a/n: sorry for the late update! i have a lot of other stuff to do atm! i added in another trope (the hanahaki disease)

warnings: angst and vomiting



Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

Eijiro never saw himself as the type who would ever fall in love at first sight. Which made the whole “see colors as your falling in love” very tedious… and even if he did fall in love… would they love him back?

As soon as he got into UA all those things flew out the window. All of his focus went to studying to become the hero he always wanted to be. He didn’t give a single thought to it since middle school… but something started to change.

He was friendly with everyone in his class, this didn’t mean that he knew everyone. So when he got to do a project with one of his classmates, whom he didn’t really know, he was excited to get to know a knew person.

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Soft boi kiri hcs?🥺

The softest


Originally posted by haruicchi

  • Kiri is deff the person you want with you when you need some fluff
  • He hugs you till you ask him to let go, even then he will squeeze you
  • He has the best little talks with you about anything you want
  • He could spend all day with you on the couch watching whatever you wanted
  • Plays with youre hair telling you how soft it is
  • Orders take out so you dont need to cook
  • Wraps himself in a blanket with you for warm naps
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My first MHA fic, and it’s going to be a multi-chapter KiriBaku one! A special thank you to my lovely wives @wingsonghalo and @ittybittytoostormy, and my dear friend @musics-lifes-record. This insanity wouldn’t have been possible without your constant encouragement. A special thank you to Wing for helping me with edits <3 I love you lots, babe

Title: Mocha Choco Latte
Pairing: Kirishima/Bakugou (with background Izuku/Ochacco)
Rating: T, mostly for language 
Wordcount for chatper 1: 3,039
Summary: Katsuki hadn’t anticipated spending his senior year of University working at a cafe, but who was he to complain when it paid the bills? Besides, what could be the worst thing that could happen?
Also available on: AO3

Chapter 1: Caramel Mocha Frappuccino 

If there was one thing that Bakugou Katsuki despised, it was people. Specifically, idiotic people. Like the ones who came in with a stupidly complex order that he had to repeat back twice to make sure he got each and every instruction right. Or the ones who would watch him make their drink, and the moment he would finish it, they would mention that they needed a milk alternative because god forbid they say something when ordering, or when they saw him grab the container of milk. And don’t even get him started on having to take their food orders; that was a new level of idiocy he hadn’t believed could be possible. Whoever said the customer is always right should be kicked in the face. He swore that this cafe was a beacon for idiots, and here he was, front and center, having to cater to their every whim.

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