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#kirishima eijirou

Like in most good stories, a lot of the stuff about UA can be explained by either suspension of disbelief or by hero society just being Like That.

But one thing I never understand was don’t they care about dress code violations, like Deku wears his red shoes with his uniform and doesn’t know how to tie a tie, and Kirishima dyes his hair, Bakugo doesn’t even wear a tie. Like what sort of elite school is this?

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Nothing to see here. Just me making stickers to decorate my sketchbook.

I’m definitely not done yet. But so far we got my fursona, and a TfA Prowl, and some Qinter (Qibli x Winter wof), and then my boi Kirishima. I posted an extra pic of him because I was especially proud of him.

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To be continued XD

I made a comic! That I’m actually proud of! There’s still some things that didn’t turn out the way I wanted exactly but overall I feel like I’ve improved, especially with colouring. I tried out a bunch of new stuff this time!

I was working out in my living room and The Days by Avicii came on and I was struck by a POWERFUL URGE TO DANCE so I did that, and then because of that this comic idea hit me in the brain and now here we are. (The song he’s singing is the same in case that wasn’t obvious haha)

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I love when people are surprised that kirishima dyes his hair, because basically everyone else’s hair is genetically every color of the rainbow. Like it coULD have been naturally red, but having it be delibrate on his part is really interesting for his character idk

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Just Some BNHA General Headcanons to Keep Me Humble


Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • Kaminari is the type of person that makes friends with everyone.
  • And I mean EVERYONE
  • (Hence the fact that he’s seen with Momo, Shinsou, Todoroki, and let’s not forget Bakugou)
  • Bakugou has a very large extended family, but they live all over the world, so he doesn’t get to see them often.
  • Family reunions happen once every year or two, and it usually ends with Katsuki and some of his other cousins taking care of the younger kids and babies while their parents get drunk as all hell.
  • Also his extended family is exactly like his immediate family. There were no spoilers.
  • Speaking of kids, Katsuki is very good with them.
  • They just love him for some reason.
  • (He takes Kirishima to one of these family reunions and everyone immediately assumes they’re dating)
  • Before they were put into dorms, Momo and many of the other UA girls would do charity work on the weekends.
  • They got special permission from Aizawa to leave the dorms for that specific reason.
  • Out of all of their classmates, Momo and Izuku are the only ones to have ever beaten Sans in the Undertale Genocide route.
  • Momo because she remembers all of his attacks and predicts the ones she doesn’t know.
  • Izuku because he literally could not sleep unless he beat it.
  • (Neither of them actually played the game for themselves. They beat it for for Kaminari and Mina).
  • Shinsou has a cat of his own. A tabby kitten named Hachi that he found before they moved into the dorms. Kouda could bring his bunny, so nothing could be said about his owning a cat.
  • There are only two people in the dorms that Mineta is afraid of besides Aizawa.
  • Shouto and Shinsou
  • He’s scared of Shouto because he’s learned, time and time again, that Todoroki will not hesitate to free him into a block of ice if one of the girls asks him to.
  • Shinsou only because his Vibe is 100% different from Mineta’s. We can fight if you don’t think Hitoshi chugs his Respect Women Juice.
  • Can and will brainwash Mineta into leaving them alone during certain times of day (when they’re getting ready, if someone is showering, changing, etc).
  • Kouda’s bunny has committed war crimes
  • There is always a competition to see who in the class gives the best hugs.
  • The three students in the lead are Kirishima, Izuku, and Todoroki.
  • Out of all three of them, Kirishima is overall the most experienced at giving hugs and has the best technical ‘skill’. But Izuku easily adapts his hugs depending on the person, and Todoroki can change his body temperature to accomodate and is so, SO soft that the person he’s hugging melts into it.
  • Uraraka makes random things float to see if someone will find them.
  • They have yet to find the granola bar that she floated one day. Even she doesn’t know where it is.
  • It’s a running joke amongst the class to hide things and see if Izuku can find them.
  • He finds them every. Single. Time.
  • His booksack? Hiding in the common room, under the sofa. A platinum edition All-Might figurine? Tucked carefully behind Bakugou’s door, still in mint condition. Any of his clothes whatsoever? Probably hidden away in someone’s closet.
  • And he finds it every time. Sometimes within minutes of it being moved.
  • People become more wary around Izuku, seeing as nothing is missing to him. Just in another place.
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- nsfw hcs

this is also for @iwaigroomi birthday, happy birthday you horn knee bitch I was gonna do more of your faves but I didn’t have the energy enjoy tho :))

dabi :


Originally posted by cesar-arcangelo

• most definitely a dom he doesn’t like giving up control

• Homeboy is a sadist like he won’t stop till your crying and even then he won’t stop he’ll just mock you

• Is more of a receiver rather than a giver but don’t get it twisted he likes giving but just prefers receiving more

• As I’m sure you can guess bro he’s a tease

• His favorite way to tease is orgasm denials

• Dabi always I mean always leaves marks

• And I’ll hide your makeup so you can cover them

• his after care game kinda wack but he try’s 🤷🏽‍♀️



Originally posted by bokenoboke

• he’s baby I love him

• He’s a dom but if you ever wanted to top him , he really would care

• Whatever makes you feel comfortable he’s ok with

• he’s on the rougher side and likes biting

• But nothing to much he doesn’t wanna actually hurt you

• Kiri most definitely prefers giving over receiving

• It’s something about seeing you fuck out because of him just gets him going

• after cafe with kiri is *chefs kiss*

• Gets you cleaned up , gets you food if you want whatevea you want you get

- like I said before not back from de break just wanted to post for jujus birthday 🙈🦶🏽

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Kirishima Eijiro x Reader



Short description: Kirishima shows you how a summer date with a real man looks like.

Words: 1k


  • To Krisihima, its all about being manly. If you manage to do that, everything else will fall on its place. At least he believes that. But under that hard skin (literally), a big soft goof is hiding, and that is were his efforts to stay as manly as possible began to fall apart.
  • Your enticing curves would not be the first thing he would notice, but your loud laughter would. You would have fun with your friends on the beach, enjoying the sun and refreshing cocktails. He acts faster than he thinks. There is nothing much to think about anyway, the answer is always the same. Stay manly. He ran to a nearby bamboo house where they are renting surfboards, tossing a ten-dollar bill to a salesman who was already half asleep due to the high heat under his wide straw hat, grabbing a large white surfboard in front. Jumping on the board, he landed on his feet like a cat. Everyone turned. That precision, energy, balance … made everyone laugh out loud. He stood like a statue on a calm sea. Not a whiff of wind anywhere. He floated on that board together in rhythm with the grandmothers on their inflatable pillows. Kirishima is accustomed to his classmates mocking his crazy ideas. He is used to Bakugo making fun of him when his haste results in a bad outcome. But he won’t let your first impression of him be that he’s not manly enough. He thought of a plan in a second . Bakugo was just coming out of the water after swimming. Kirishimas sharp teeth were now shining under the sun, forming a satisfied smile. With his quirk he hardened his leg, kicking the surface of the water, spraying Bakugo directly in the face. That act was more than enough to make Bakugo launch a chain of explosions aiming at the playful red-haired devil.
  • “Bingo,” he grinned contentedly as Bakugo’s explosions raised the water, stirring it, making huge waves that lifted him to the very top. He was surfing as if he had many years of experience, showing his tricks on the board, directing all his attention to you. He jumped, landing on his arms. His biceps tensed as water dripped from his wet boxers over stone muscles reminiscent of sculptures of Greek gods. 
  • When he saw your admiration, he would wink, give you a sign that you were the one he was trying to impress. No shame, no hesitation, that’s not what real men do.Once he was done with his tricks on the board, he would walk in front of you and your company. He would enter the woman’s lair without fear. Whispers and giggles didn’t bother him, he would keep his ruby ​​eyes on yours, while his sharp teeth could be seen under his lips pulled into a seductive smile. He would give you a hand, but not to shake hands. After you handed it back, his heart would skip with excitement as he saw the fruits of his labor. He would grab your little hand in his wide palm, bringing it closer to his lips, squeezing a kiss on it.“Name is Kirishima, and I want to take you out on a date!” - simple and direct, so basic that it’s too sweet. You agreed, like there is any other answer, you want to see what the guy with the pointy hair that looks like horns has in mind.
  •  He would pick you up on time, because a gentleman is never late. He would have a white shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned and black short jeans. You can smell his AXE deodorant. He put on a little more than he should have, as if he wanted to catch prey with that scent. He hit the right spot  again, because now you are wrapped around his arm, and he squeezes it under his forearm and ribs, keeping you protected like a real pro hero. For dinner, he decided on a restaurant by the sea, not with excessive luxury, but still with a slightly finer interior. He wants to impress you, but he doesn’t stop at getting dressed up and taking you to a nice restaurant.He’s comical, he makes you laugh, but not only by telling endless jokes, your conversation makes sense. Enjoyment and fun is mutual. To make matters better, he turned out to be a great listener. Not to nod mindlessly and agree with your every word, but to comment, have sub-questions and finally, try to give meaningful advice.
  • While eating, there is no silence. The conversation continues. He almost dropped a meatball from his fork onto his white shirt after waving it playfully in the air, trying to explain to you how best to escape Bakugo after you steal his chocolate bar at lunch. 
  • The walk back is long, you are in no hurry. In fact, you don’t want to go home. Before he can ask himself, and he would, you drag him to an empty sandy beach under the moonlight. Your feet tap on the warm sand as your laughter travels in a pleasant breeze. He poked you, you poked him back. You ran to prevent him from poking you back again, but he’s faster. He grabbed you around the waist, lifted you up and without any trouble turned you into his arms. Maybe he lost his balance a bit after all and you ended up on the floor, you in his arms, your faces only inches apart. You can see a slight blush on his face, you can feel his rapid heartbeat under your palm that is on his strong chest. But he didn’t hold back, because again, real men aren’t afraid to make the first move. His hand is now on your cheek, traveling to your ear  and through your hair, when he gently pulls you towards him to make your lips meet his. His lips are soft, they taste like the strawberry ice cream that you two ate for dessert at the restaurant. He is a great kisser. His tongue moves sensually with yours as his muscles tense, but he is still gentle. He plays with your hair as you kiss, traveling the back of your head, not interrupting a kiss at any point.
  • He escorted you home. You wanted him to come in, but he refused. “It’s ok, go rest, because you’ll need your energy for tomorrow because I’m taking you to the water park!” He said while your hand was still in his, and he planted another long kiss on your lips. He did not enter because, as he had already stated, a real man is a gentleman, and it is not difficult for a gentleman to wait.
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