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Party Favours | k. eijiro/ reader/ k. bakugo
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Perhaps the situation you are in hasn't been entirely unforeseeable. But you never thought your Kirishima and his best friend would be fighting for dominance between your legs
Pairing: Kirishima/ reader/ Bakugo
Warnings: 18+ MDNI dom (and kinda mean and kinda asshole) Kiri, oral sex (f! receiving), fingering (f! receiving), threesome (mfm), kinda drunk kinda fwb (?) All characters are aged in their 20s
Word Count: 2k
Tumblr media
You suppose, you never thought it'd come to this -laying on your back with your feet pried open in the basement in Kirishima's house- when Kirishima told you he wanted to make his ex jealous, or when you agreed to let him film a snippet of him drilling his cock into you so he could accidentally send it to her, or when he dragged you to a club because he saw she was there in a story and fucked you in the toilets while she was waiting in the line outside or when-
Perhaps the situation you are in hasn't been entirely unforeseeable. Because you don't really say no to anything Kirishima says.
There's music thudding in the background from upstairs and your head is hazy by the previous game of beer pong -or cups, you don't really remember- you played back upstairs at the party, the smoke that was almost littering every wall in the house, the dim, strobe lighting that kept flickering to the best of the sound of music.
In all the times you've been here, you've never thought the basement has been soundproof anyway, but at least it's held back your screams as Kirishima splits you on his cock better than the thin walls of his room would.
And that has been efficient enough, and it still proves to be sufficient enough when Kirishima tags you down into the room, his best friend being dragged along with you, begrudgingly at it, but that doesn't stop you from feeling excitement non the less.
The buzzing in your head might have put you on a trance but still, that does nothing but add to the fire in your stomach, your groin; in fact the more you feel yourself lean into the rundown couch further when the redhead hooks his elbow under your knee and spreads you open, your skirt riding up your thighs and bundling over your hips.
You really would have thought that Kirishima wouldn't run his mouth all over Bakugo about how you had expressed that before him and you got tangled up that you had your eyes on his best friend, but you should have known better.
Best friends don't keep secrets
And best friends share.
Still, you shy away the second Bakugo drops to his knees next to Kirishima, the thugs of his knees on the floor sending vibrations to your chest. And Kirishima is mean, so so mean when he sees you hide your face inside your palms, legs struggling to close.
"Oh don't shy away now sweetheart" He says but he chuckles when your thighs start shaking and he grabs the intimate plush flesh of the inside of them with both of his with rough palms. Next to him Bakugo watches the interaction with his breath stuck in his throat and when he eyesight say a word your legs start shaking again.
And duck, Kirishima knows he had to mellow you both, judging by the blush on his best friend's face, by the way he's biting his lip but doesn't make another move forward and towards you. "fuck bro, I promise you've never seen such a pretty pussy" He says and hooks his finger under your panties, his middle finger daring to push them to the side just one bit, he's pushing the back of his finger onto your skit. "If you don't touch her, then I won't either"
The euphoria that's gathered in your groins from that simple touch is quickly taken away when Kirishima pulls his finger out of your panties and gives your heat a playful slap. You moan and writhe under him once again. "Give her a sec and she'll be soaked bro" He groans at Bakugo and the blond leans closer in between your thighs, his own hand digging into your skin for leverage.
He might not be talking much, you guess he's in the same state as you are, buzzed out of his head and not used to sharing such a moment with an extra person in addition, but that thought alone sends shivers down your core.
And Kirishima knows, when he lays his hand flat against you, the tips of his fingers toying with your underwear when he presses it onto you, the pad of his thumb pressing the seam that runs across the lace of your panties painfully onto your clit. He rubs a circle around it once, twice and you forget to not peak down when you feel one hand warm up against your skin, groans filling the room much louder than whatever weekend song is playing in the background.
"You said you wouldn't touch her if I didn't fucking shitty hair" Your hands leave your face when you listen to skin slapping on skin and you whine when the tingling pressure of Kirishima's hand leaves you.
"Come on bro don't be mean"
Bakugo grunts at him, then nods in your direction "fuck show me how wet she is" He says and Kirishima places a kiss on your forehead, lips dry but eyes slanted and foxy, he keeps kissing down your face, cupping it, twirling his tongue onto your cheek, to the top of your mouth while his hand runs down your body teasingly, purposely avoiding your nipples, that soft spot in to your navel, past your skirt and finally, when his tongue has seeped into your mouth he pulls your panties to the side.
Your eyes widen into his when you feel his best friend's hot breath ghost over you, your head starts rising in short breaths, your throat barely keeping down and inside lewd high pitched moans.
"Damn, he was your first choice babe?" Kirishima says onto your lips and you're sure Bakugo swears at him from over you, but the way the red head plants delicious kisses across your chin and your neck you're not sure you can pay attention to whatever he says "with the way he's staring at you like he's never seen pussy before?" He chuckles and the sound of his tongue clicking against his palette fills the room.
"Fuck you, you're an asshole" The blonde groans and Kirishima grabs your chin, he tilts it down so you can watch as Bakugo finally closes the distance between his face and your dripping cunt. You can't help but moan when he wraps his lips around your clit and lightly sucks, before laying his tongue flat against you, running it along your slit. Your breasts are finally spilled from your chest when your redhead wiggles his hand under your shirt, you moan loudly when both Bakugo's and Kirishima's fingers latch onto your nipples, ready to tag at them with equal force
And the competitive look they give each other as they try to snap each other's hand away perhaps, is hotter than you thought it would initially be. You wonder when did this become a fight for dominance, when did this, along the lines of a high state and a sober mind stopped being an act of sharing
Kirishima, as if he reads the filthy thoughts inside your head, runs a hand through the blond's hair and pulls him even closer into you and when he moans against you, his nose nuzzling over your clit, you go crazy, your cunt burning with desire and your legs shaking even more than before.
"Eiji, eiji fuck" You whine and Kirishima's assault on your neck stops abruptly, his hand.
"I'm not the one salivating over your cunt sweetheart, you better call out to your Katsu" He says, his teeth digging into your bottom lip "isn't this what you wanted? And didn't I make it happen for you?"
"Use your words baby, didn't I"
"Yes, yes you did" You choke as Bakugo gives you another flick with the tip of his tongue on your clit
"Is he any good?" Kirishima prompts and Bakugo once again moans against you. Your stomach flutters this time and you nod while looking into Kirishima's eyes. "Not as good as me huh?" He asks and you shake your head, the cockiness in his tone back, this time consuming every piece of confidence in this room, just to revive his "yeah thought so. Katsuki come up here bro, gimme a taste"
Fuck, even the way he taps his finger on his mouth to ask for a kiss is hot and fuck he can probably see the fucked out look you're giving to him, almost obliterating any thought of yours that isn't him. But Katsuki doesn't seem to like the way you stay quiet, staring at Kirishima's finger with gooey eyes.
Red eyes squint from behind your crotch and the blond's thick fingers refuse to loosen their grip on your thighs. He dives deeper into you, pulling back with a loud pop before diving in again, his lips working against you. You choke on the angry huff Kirishima lets out once he realizes he's being dismissed "oh okay, I see how it is"
"If you want something, come and get it shitty hair" The blond speaks against your clit, and your stomach is weak at the sight of your sleek connecting your cunt to his mouth, shining over his cheeks.
Kirishima eyes darken at the challenge, the fingers that are toying with your nipple rolling it harshly again and again until he feels you twitch. He gets up from his position right next to you and groans when he chips your breasts and kisses each nipple individually, then the middle the of your chest, with wet, soft and swollen lips.
You watch as he trails the path of his hands across your body, placing kisses anywhere his mouth can reach and before you even know it he's kneeling right next to Bakugo, sucking bruises across the sought skin of your thighs
"Fuck" He stretches the word, his eagerness rushing to his own cock at the sight of you this wet, dripping in delicious in streams of sweetness into your ass "this fucking pussy, you're so swollen babe, I'm gonna fuck you so good after this, you don't even need me to prep you"
"Oh don't worry, I'll stretch her for you" Bakugo says against you once again and Kirishima tilts his head to the side, like a confused puppy and your heart combusts into your chest, how can he look like this when he's so big, with his brows furrowed as he's eyeing his best friend with greater cockiness than the first is known for, kissing a dangerous path closer and closer to your core, blowing hot air in all the soft parts of your skin that he knows drive you crazy.
At your responses, at the way your legs shake and tremble for the thousandth time tonight, he knows he'll get it just right when his head pushes against his friend's and swipes his tongue against you
You shriek. You moan. And you close your eyes because if you're not able to deal with having to look at one set of carmine eyes between your legs you surely and most definitely cannot handle two.
But your abdomen tightens at the feeling; both their mouths running onto you, hungrily sucking, biting, and your cunt is burning st the sensation of it, you're clenching around nothing and you don't feel like you can hold back for any longer, but the waves of over stimulation and over sensitivity are prolonging the release you're chasing.
Or perhaps, you find your chest tightens and your mind indulging in thoughts you've never even known you had before, how youre panting that you want "more" or "please, please don't stop"
"Fuck open your eyes at me" Kirishima commands, and his shoulder bumps against Bakugo's and you wonder, how, how can two men this big, this good make a mess of themselves just for you.
And they are set on non stopping their ministrations until they've gotten it right. They feel so good against you, each lingering onto their own pace as they circle their tongues all over your clit, you jump when their wet muscles meet or when either of them dips his tongue into your velvety entrance. You writhe and you cry out when Kirishima wraps his lips around your clit and sucks but Bakugo's tongue finds its way between the redheads lips and licks softly, his own bottom lip rubbing against you getting coated in the sleek that's dripping out of you.
Your chest jolts when Kirishima bucks away and sucks your folds into his mouth and Bakugo almost tries to push him away, shoving his whole face between your thighs and licking fast at your clit with his soft tongue -Kirishima decides he doesn't like that, he doesn't like the cockiness in which he's thrown onto your thigh with, his teeth left to dig onto the puffy skin between your thigh and your folds. He dives back in, his tongue clashing with Bakugo's and you fail to understand if the purpose of this is to make you come or to assert dominance against each other, but either way you enjoy it.
Palms sleek, chest heavy, nipples perking and hardening even with the simplest huff over air that blows against them you place your hands in both their heads and pull them against you, your hips bucking into the air your voice loud and sweet as it scratches your throat and just before the fire in your abdomen combust Kirishima sticks a finger in you, accompanied by a very Bakugo and your vision goes white when they drill their fingers inside of you, your velvety walls clenching all around them as they both go for that one spot that will send you over the edge.
And they do, and you bite your lip so hard to think you've drawn blood, the metallic taste that floods into your mouth doing nothing to spoil the never ending feeling of your orgasm, your body jerking and snapping as you're holding off to both men to stay grounded and not fall off the couch and your core, it's clenching, you feel like you have a second pulse growing rapidly.
"Fuck, Kirishima said you had the best pussy but fuck princess, it's even better then I thought" Bakugo says and he plants kisses in the spread of your legs, despite your body visibly twitching "has she ever squirted like that before shitty hair?"
"I've never- I've" You breathe, eyes still shut, vision still white "I've never done that"
"Well I'll make her do it again"
"Only if you get to it first" Kirishima says in a dark tone and when you open your eyes again, you come to realise, this is going to be a very long night.
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Maneater Reader getting caught Pt. 2
Dilf Bakugou, Dilf Kirishima, Dilf Izuku x Maneater Reader
Tumblr media
You find yourself stuck in between two of the pro hero’s Bakugou and Kirishima. Every time one pushes in the other pulls out and it just keeps going, bringing you closer to your orgasm. Then you have Deku fucking your throat. Tell you how pretty you look, because of  him and his buddies.
Bakugou is below you thrust up into you every time Kirishima pulls out degrading you, calling you a “dirty fucking slut taking all of us at the same time” but Kirishima is above you praising you “your taking us so well babygirl”  and it gets so overwhelming you squeeze both Bakugou and Kirishima and you cum moaning around Deku cock in your mouth sending vibrations through his shaft causing him to cum quicker than expected. Coming down from your high you swallow his cum without a second thought.
Bakugou and Kirishima continue to chase their orgasm, bouncing you in their dicks as you mumble incoherent things in Bakugou’s ear. Kirishima cums first feeling his warm load empty inside you cause you to moan out. While Bakugou dump his warm sticky cum in you calling you a “good girl for taking him “
Both men pull out at the same time watching as their cum slowly seeps out falling on Bakugou low half of his body. Catching your breath Bakugou grabs your chin telling you “if you wanted to get fucked by my friends all you had to do was ask princess” and you nod you head cause your still coming down from the most amazing orgasm you have experience in you life.
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How MHA boys masturbate……. Part 5
Tumblr media
*aged up* (18+)
Eijirou Kirishima 🥵
Y’all think his dick gets hard every time he uses his quirk like….. his body gets rock hard shouldn’t his dick get that way to? 😏
Anyway this boy probably gets horny more then you think
And not to mention he is constantly working out so he’s got to get a little excited most of the time
Kiri just got done with his homework and flopped into his bed, shoving his face into his pillow
Allowing the rest of his body to relax kiri shifts around trying to get more comfortable
While doing this kiri unconsciously starts pushing his hips into his bed
Lightly groaning as the sensation grows between his legs kiri brings his elbows underneath him to get a better angle with his hips
Slowly thrusting his hips with more and more pressure he can feel himself start to twitch inside his shorts
Not satisfied with the friction kiri quickly gets off his bed to take down his shorts
After slipping them off Kiri can clearly see the tent in his boxers making his hips buck into the air
Jumping back onto his bed kiri gets on his knees and grabs his pillow
Straddling it he leans forward, completely towering over the pillow kiri moves his hips forward to get some delicious friction on his slightly damp tip
Kiri starts slowly rubbing his cock up and down the pillow pushing hard into it
Moaning he starts to go faster wanting to increase the friction on his rock hard cock
Accidentally setting his quirk off in his hand due to his intensity kiri grunts with one last thrust before he sits up
Pulling down his waist band to reveal his blushed tip kiri swirls his figure on it before lightly pushing into it making it while body jump a little
Getting excited he pushes his cock away from body making it parallel with the pillow below
Lining his knuckles up with his length Kiri starts fucking his hand while his thumb brushes against his balls
Kiri bites his lip to keep the grunts and moans muffled allowing a small trail of drool drip down his chin
Unsatisfied with this position kiri grabs another pillow and stacks it on the other one allowing kiri to slip his cock in the gap
Pressing on the top to add extra pressure on his dick kiri starts to go crazy
Fucking the pillows Kiri allows little grunts and whines to leave his mouth not even caring if anyone heard
His pre cum now coating his pillow cases Kiris dick is able to slip in and out super easy
He gets louder and faster with every thrust going absolute crazy
Activating a little bit of his quirk in his hands kiri causes more weight to be added into his cock
Kiri’s whispering while he gets close to his release begging to cum
As he tips over the edge and allows his cums to shoot out of his cock coating his pillow sheets kiri moans and cry’s out a little to loud
Failing into his back now coated in sweat and cum kiri smiles lazily at the ceiling
Completely satisfied
Ooh kiri his an animal
Love how rough he can get and how his quirk can effect his performance
Such a good boy begging for release ☺️
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Tumblr media
Soft Like Diamonds
Pairing: Eijiro Kirishima x afab!gn!Reader
Word Count: 2.9k
Contents + Warnings: Body worshipping, praise, biting, marking, vaginal fingering, oral (f receiving)
A/N: I guess I do art now? Lol
This is a custom fic for @lexieanneheart! Thanks for all your patience babe 💕 and I hope you love the art!
All characters have been aged up and are 18+
It’s a beautiful day. The sun’s shining down on you and your boyfriend, spread across a blanket in the middle of a grassy field, watching the clouds roll by.
Your head rests in the crook of where his shoulder and bicep meet, cheek pressed to the side of his pec as he wraps his muscular arm around you.
It’s peaceful. The sounds of a breeze through the trees and little birds chirping fill your ears.
Your eyes feel heavy, like you could drift off in his arms, safe and warm. You might even let yourself, despite it being the middle of the afternoon.
But any ideas of taking a much needed nap are quickly wiped away when you feel big, calloused fingers dig into your sides, tickling you at your most sensitive spot.
“Eiji!” You giggle, “Stop it!”
You thrash on the blanket, feeling the grass poke through the thin material and prick your back. Giggles spill from your lips as tears sting the corners of your eyes, desperately trying to catch your breath amidst the onslaught of tickles.
“E-Eiji! Ba-aby! Can’t b-breathe!” You blurt out between gasps, tears now rolling down your face in fits of laughter.
He lets up a bit, lightly rubbing the areas his fingers had previously dug into your sides, leaving a deep-ache in your core as you try to recover.
“I’m sorry darlin’, but you know I love this dress on you! I couldn’t keep my hands to myself…”
You roll over onto your stomach, chin now resting on his chest as you look up at him through glassy eyes, “Doesn’t mean you have to tickle me!” You chastise, but you’re unable to hide the smile tugging at the corner of your lips.
He playfully rolls his eyes, “You know you secretly love it when I do.”
“Who actually likes being tickled?” You quip, hiking one leg over his waist, thighs just barely able to straddle his large frame. You glide your fingers down his chest, bunching up the material of his t-shirt enough to see the trail of red hairs leading from his belly button to below the band of his pants. You twist your fingers through it, tracing his abs with a feather-light touch.
He looks up at you with quizzical eyes, one eyebrow cocked as he takes in your figure, practically petite in comparison to his massive form. His sturdy hands find purchase on your hips, first gliding up the fat of your thighs as he bunches the hem of his favorite dress in return.
You let him wrinkle the fabric, knowing he has the perfect view of your white panties at this angle. His fingers grip at the flesh of your inner thighs, scarlet eyes trained on the cute divots that appear as your flesh gives way to his touch.
“I really, really like this dress.” It’s almost as if he’s speaking to himself, eyes fixed between your thighs, practically drooling at the sight of you.
You can tell he’s mesmerized, no longer paying attention to what your hands are doing as his thumbs inch closer and closer to the cotton between your legs.
You tease him by rocking your hips forwards just a little bit, making the pads of his thumbs brush against your panties. He can already feel the warmth emanating from there, imagining a pool of slick soaking through the thin cotton at his touch.
What he doesn’t notice, are your hands perfectly wrapped around his sides, primed and ready to return the favor. As soon as he moves to touch you again, you rip him from his fantasy and throw him into a fit of giggles, digging your fingers into his sides.
It’s the same as what he did to you, except you forget how much bigger he is and how he can easily overpower you.
With a single buck of his hips you’re suddenly thrown to the side, landing on your back with him now between your legs. You try to wrap yourself around his waist, ankles not even close to touching, and whine at the utter failure of your plan.
“Think you can get me back so easily, pretty baby?” He looms over you with a devious smile on his face, dipping down to kiss your neck with a honey-laced voice. “All I wanna do is touch you all over… is that so bad?”
Your breath hitches at his words, innocent yet coated in lust. More whines spill from your lips as he kisses up the length of your neck.
He sits back on his knees, grabbing one of your legs and pressing the side of his cheek to your smooth calf. His eyes flutter closed as he runs his fingers over your skin, face turning to press his lips to the muscle. “Just wanna mark you where everyone can see… let ‘em know this beautiful body of yours is mine.”
His lips part just enough to let his sharp teeth sink into your flesh, suckling as you whimper below him at the sting. After a few moments he pulls back, admiring the angry red mark he left behind. “Jus’ like this.”
He looks down at you, your pouty lip worried between your teeth when he stares into your pathetic, needy eyes, “Can I keep going, love?”
You nod silently, neither of you breaking eye contact as he goes in for another bite. He creates a trail of bruises and hickeys down your leg until he reaches your inner thighs, tongue now snaking out to lap at all the marks he’s given you thus far.
“These look so pretty on you darlin.” The collage of red, blue, and purple decorating your smooth legs is practically impossible to hide now.
“I like being marked as yours.” You squeak, hands balled into little fists as you cover your mouth, flushed from your cheeks to your ears.
“What was that, little one?” He grabs your other leg, repeating the process of littering your delicate skin with love bites. Your breath hitches with each new one, moisture pooling at your core as he inches closer and closer to your warmth.
“E-Eiji… more please.” You’re so shy in front of him, watching as his massive hands feel up your legs, kissing and marking and caressing every part.
He flashes you a warm, yet mischievous smile as he sets both legs down, hands moving up your thighs again as he pushes the hem of your dress up to your waist.
His thumbs dig into the plump flesh of your inner thighs again, massaging small circles into the supple skin closest to your center.
He notices a small wet patch in your cotton panties, tongue swiping out to lick at his lips subconsciously. He lets a thumb brush against your lower lips, feeling the slick seep through the cotton and onto his digit.
He presses it to your clit over and over again, watching as thin threads of your arousal stick to the pad, keeping the two of you connected even when he pulls away.
He withdraws his hand, protests and whimpers leaving your mouth until he pushes his thumb into your mouth. “Do you taste good, baby? Should I try some too?”
It’s rhetorical, of course. Surely he wants a taste for himself, with or without your review.
But you nod your head anyways, humming around the digit like the good baby you are for him, arousal behind your eyes.
With his other hand he pinches the thin cotton between his fingers, tugging upwards to see the bulge of your cute, puffy lips. The cloth grazes against your clit, the friction causing you to whine around his thumb.
“You like that? When I stare at these pretty lips of yours?” He tugs at the fabric a few times, watching as your plump pussy bounces with him, more of your slick soaking through the fabric.
He lets go with a *snap*, chuckling at the way you whine and try to close your legs. He drags your bottom lip down as he pulls his thumb out of your mouth, shifting his weight so he’s looming over you again. His lips meet yours in a tender kiss, his other hand pulling apart your thighs.
His fingers easily find your clit, all puffy and swollen through the clinging fabric. He rubs slow circles over the sensitive bud, not really trying to help you cum, just wanting to keep you wet. He’s not in a hurry. He likes drawing out your pleasure for as long as you’ll let him.
He kisses across your jaw to your ear, teeth grazing the shell as he speaks, low and seductive, “Gonna mark this beautiful body as mine, yeah?”
It’s like he’s asking permission. But he knows you’re gonna give in to him no matter what, so it’s more of a courtesy than a question.
“Please-” is all you can manage, too flustered to even give him a proper response.
He starts just below your ear, kissing and sucking until there's a cluster of little red bruises on the side of your head. He continues down to your pulse point, tongue lapping at the subtle thrill of your artery before gently sucking another mark into your skin.
His hands slip the spaghetti straps of your dress off your shoulders and down your arms as he makes his way to your collarbones. He kisses his way across your chest, peppering the thin skin with love bites until he’s reached the other side.
Then he sits back on his haunches, watching as his sturdy fingers toy with the top of your dress, slowly pulling the thin material down to reveal your breasts to him.
The cool breeze entices your nipples, hardening them before his eyes as the pert buds pop out and into the fresh air. His eyes widen as he watches, practically drooling at the sight.
“Your tits are perfect… you know that, right?” Both hands eclipse your breasts, massaging each one beneath rough skin, excess pooling between his fingers. You feel his cock twitch against your thigh through his shorts, moving your hips just a bit to give him some friction.
He puts one hand on your knee to still your movements, “Uh-uh babe. Just you.” And in that moment you’re overwhelmed with the man above you.
You reach up to grab his face instead, pulling him down until your lips meet. You’re spellbound by how attentive he is. When you really think about it, you realize you love this man. You know you do. Which is why you decide to steal away your nerves and just confess already:
“I love you, Eijiro.” Your forehead presses against his and your eyes search for a response, since you’re the first to really admit it between the two of you. You know he loves you too, but your heart wants to hear him say it.
The hand on your breast freezes, his breathing paused as he hears your words repeat in his head over and over again. Suddenly he’s the one who’s too flustered to reply, simply staring back at you with cheeks as red as his hair.
You prop yourself up on both elbows, craning your neck to kiss him again. And again, and again until he snaps out of it, all the while whispering little I love you’s in between each kiss.
He blinks when he feels your tongue swipe across his bottom lip, that small action bringing him out of his daze. He relinquishes his hold on your breast, instead cupping your face and swiping his thumb against your cheek.
“You mean it, Y/N?” His voice is soft yet urgent, like he doesn’t quite believe it but needs to.
You cup his face in return, laying back on the blanket again and bringing him down with you, “Of course I mean it Eiji… I love you.”
You move to kiss him again but he stops you, pulling back with eyes flitting between yours. “I love you too, Y/N.”
For a moment it’s as if the world’s standing still… until something snaps and Kirishima can no longer help himself.
His lips are on yours in an instant, tongue slipping past to map every corner of your mouth, covering it with traces of himself. One hand posts next to your head to keep himself upright as he rips off those cotton panties in one motion.
You yelp out of shock, barely audible as it’s swallowed by his mouth.
He drags a single finger up your slit, the sensation making you writhe in embarrassment. He hums against your lips to get you to stop, withdrawing his finger and popping it into his mouth with a lewd moan.
“Taste so good baby… wanna try?”
You nod eagerly, big doe eyes silently begging him for another taste of your own arousal.
You feel his finger return to your slit, easily gliding through your folds a few times before it’s gone, leaving you wanting more.
He brushes his finger over your lips, watching as they glisten with your slick. He leans down to peck you twice, tongue swiping against his own lips as he lets you take his finger.
You moan in content, swirling your tongue around the thick digit as you taste yourself. The sensation has Kirishima’s cock twitching again, pre leaking out and staining his boxers.
He pumps his finger into your mouth a few times, pulling it out with a strand of saliva still sticking to it.
“Look at how good my pretty baby is. Can’t wait to make you cum…”
With a mischievous chuckle he leans down to kiss your breast, sucking on the supple skin until he leaves another mark. “Eiji… please babe…” you whine above him, making his heart swell at how cute and needy you are right now.
“Okay darling, don’ worry, I gotcha.” He presses his middle finger through your folds and past your tight entrance, feeling your little pussy clench and flutter at the intrusion. “Relax f’me. You gotta relax.”
With big, deep breaths you shut your eyes to loosen up. Sex with Kiri is always incredibly intense for you, his fingers alone enough to make you feel sore the next day. But he’s always so sweet and gentle–until you tell him not to be.
“Mmk. Y-you can move.”
He smiles into your chest as he slowly starts to pump his finger in and out, feeling the drag of your gummy walls along his digit, soaking his hand until it’s wrinkled. He easily slips a second finger in, scissoring you open so you can fit his cock.
You keen at the stretch, back arching off the blanket as you chase your high. He buries both fingers inside you, pumping a little faster now just to hear you whimper.
“You like that? You like gett’n stretched by my fingers?” You nod eagerly, eyes half lidded and fluttering shut. “Y’look so pretty when you’re all stretched out f’me.” He leans down to press his lips to your sternum, trailing kisses between your breasts and down your stomach. “Taking my fingers so well…” He focuses his attention on that little space just below your belly button, nipping and sucking with soft moans until he’s left a love bite there too. “So beautiful Y/N… every part of you.”
You let out a little sob when he curls his fingers against your most sensitive spot again, his words hardly registering as your vision starts to fade, “Eiji, please baby. W-wanna cum f’you!”
He knows you’re close. Incredibly close even, if the way you’re clenching around his fingers is any indication. He drops his head even lower to find your pretty clit, swollen and throbbing for his tongue. He flicks across the sensitive bud with a smile, your moans from above music to his ears as they gradually get louder.
“That’s it baby. Doin’ so good f’me! Cum on my tongue now, okay?” He wraps his lips around your clit and hums, those little vibrations enough to push you over the edge.
“O-oh fuck-! Eijiro, fuck!” You cum with a loud cry, saying his name over and over again, hands fisting his hair, trying to push him away and get more friction at the same time.
His fingers work you through your orgasm, slowing as your walls massage his digits, slick dripping down your ass by the time he’s done.
He slowly pulls them out, earning a small whimper from you at the loss of sensation. He stares at his work, spreading your sloppy folds and watching as your tiny hole flutters around nothing. His tongue laps at your entrance, gathering the beads of your arousal that’re trickling out and savoring the taste. He cleans your folds in the same fashion, placing a sweet kiss to your clit before climbing back up your body.
“You did such a good job, Y/N.” He lightly kisses along your jaw until your lips meet, “Always so good f’me. My pretty baby, aren’t ya?” You’re in a daze, eyes closed and chest heaving from your orgasm, but you still nod, a small smile on your lips.
“I love you, Eijiro.” You repeat thoughtfully, turning to lay back against his chest like you were at the start.
“I love you too, Y/N.” He repeats back, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and lightly trailing his fingers along your spine, “I always have.”
Tag List: @ochakoakabane @zerisfelin @lovemegood @eijiphoric @finalfantasyweirdo @kingdumkum @scarlettriot @ambrodias
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ztoji · a month ago
# : title just for shits and giggles, almost… smut under the cut.
tags : breeding, lots of cum?, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms hinted, use of daddy
Tumblr media
he’s keeping his hands on the back of your thighs to reach deeper inside of your already cum filled cunt, your lower half in the air because of the angle. his cock so deep in you it keeps bumping into your cervix and making your stuffed cunt cream around his cock fit snugly inside of you.
you keep mumbling about how he’s reaching too deep, but the way your hips move towards his every time he pulls out makes it hard to believe.
“look at the way your cunt is creaming. ‘s painting my cock white baby.” he says, making you whine louder. “i should keep filling you up until your pretty pussy can’t take it anymore. keeping my cum plugged in until you get round with my baby?” he asks while slowly picking up the speed of his thrusts.
“y-yes, please put a baby in me! wanna make you a daddy.” you answer, now full on thrusting back onto him. making him reach even deeper and causing his thick cock to rub against your g-spot.
he lets go of your legs and reaches down to touch your clit. sensitive after hours of fucking, the light touching making you cum almost instantly. the tightening of your cunt almost forcing him to slow down, keeping your hips sealed together and your hips still against the mattress.
once the tightening from your cunt stops he picks up the speed again, your moans getting even louder and begs for him to slow down because you’re still so sensitive.
he’s panting by now, “gonna cum soon.” he mumbles, pressing a hand flat on your tummy to feel himself. “’m gonna cum in you baby, yeah? want you filled with my cum.” he continues.
“p-please cum in me daddy.” you mumble out, finding his eyes “wan’ be filled up with your cum, wan’ your baby in me.” he leans down to kiss you hard, hips stuttering as a showing that he’s gonna cum soon. “yeah, want you to cum with me.” and once again he’s reaching down to rub his thumb on your clit, pushing your legs over his shoulders to watch as his cock ram into your wet cunt. a white ring forms on his cock from both of yours cum.
you push against his hips when you feel yourself get close again, hips stuttering together as to show you are both going to cum soon. but this time with him and deep inside. “please please please, cum with me.” you beg, watching with wide eyes as his groans gets louder and hips thrusting even harder against yours.
with a loud moan you cum together. his warm cum filling you up and your cum squirting onto his lower stomach. you are both left panting as he stops thrusting, but keeps his softening cock flush inside of you.
separating from you he smiles softly to you, “we should clean up.” he says, “mhm, later though. want to be close now.” you mumble, hiding in his neck. you feel him chuckle and pressing a kiss to the side of your head.
“hope that makes a baby.” he smiles.
Tumblr media
# a/n : he wants a baby *gasp* /j. old piece tho so yuh i tried to change it to the better aND those older drabbles will probably have so u decide who matches best? if that makes sense
2022 © all content belongs to ztoji. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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itsruiblue · 2 months ago
Maybe I Just Wanna Be Yours | E.Kirishima
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: Eijirou Kirishima has always wanted to fuck his cute little best friend. And he's really not nice enough of a person to pass up the opportunity when it eventually comes around.
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x fem!reader
Warnings: Swearing, smut, dub-con, slight dom!kirishima and sub!reader, mastrubation, fingering, creampie, dirty talk, daddy kink, slight perv!kirishima, peeping, some degradation, unprotected sex, characters aged up to early 20s!
Word Count: 7.3k
Note: Not edited in the slightest. Also, the entire point of this fic’s existence was for me to practice my smut writing skills. So, uh, yeah.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are times where Eijirou Kirishima wishes he wasn't as nice of a person as he is. 
Times where he really, really wishes. 
Wishes that he was just a little bit of a womaniser like Kaminari. Wishes that he was just kind of a douchebag like Sero. Even wishes that he was just a straight-up huge asshole, like Bakugou. 
Anything but the nice, caring, absolute sweetheart that he is. 
Because he's sure that if he were, he'd be able to do something about you. 
You - his sweet little best friend. You - the person who's looked up to him for as long as he can remember. You - who always comes to him with your big, teary eyes and whiny voice to lie on his bed in those little shorts and complain about how you've yet to find someone who can actually make you cum. 
You - whose name is on Kirishima’s lips as he lies in bed in the dead of night, dreaming about your sweet skin as he fucks his first like an animal. 
He's always thought you'd look just so pretty stuffed full with his cock. 
Unfortunately, he's never been able to make his fantasies a reality. Because while you cycle through guys on a biweekly basis, fucking them a few times and then discarding them when they fail - and they always fail - to satisfy you, you've never once made a move on him. 
And because Kirishima is just so nice of a guy, he can't get himself to make a move on you. 
It's become a vicious cycle of sorts, one that started years ago when you were all let loose on the world after UA. And as much as he hates it, Kirishima's grown used to it. He figures if he can’t have you the way he wants - face down and ass up on his huge king-sized bed - he'll at least be happy with the bare scraps you do give him when you come prancing into his apartment after a night of bad sex, full of alcohol and ready to tell him hours-worth of stories about just why this most recent guy was such a failure. 
Kirishima thinks if he was just a little bit more shitty of a person, he'd do it then - when you're drunk and giggly and so soft he knows you wouldn't resist if he were to push you down on the bed and fuck you until your eyes crossed and all you knew was his name. 
He can never bring himself to do it, though. The little voice in the back of his mind is always too loud, telling him no, telling him that he's sick, that he shouldn't think these things about his best friend. It’s always there, whenever he thinks about you; when he's going through your Instagram and zooms in on your pictures (of your ass) when he has wet dreams about how good you'd feel around his cock, when he humps his folded pillow until he cums with a moan of your name into the silence of his bedroom. 
It's especially loud the day he drops by your apartment on his way home from work, looking for a nice relaxing evening where he can watch a movie and drink beer with his friend, and finds you touching yourself in your bedroom. 
His mind doesn't put two and two together immediately; he hears your low moan after he quietly shuts your front door and wonders briefly if you're watching a movie. 
But when he hears another as he passes through the hallway towards your bedroom, his steps falter and he comes to a staggering halt.  
Your bedroom door is slightly ajar and the lights inside are on. They cast a single beam out into the dark hallway, a strip of golden the runs up the opposite wall. Kirishima freezes before he can step into it, hiding still in the otherwise dark space. His eyes are wide and he slaps a hand over his mouth to muffle the sound of his own breathing. 
The noises are unmistakable now in the deathly silence of the hallway; soft moans, sighs, the shifting and rustling of bedsheets, and the occasional low, wet squelch. It’s obscene but has Kirishima's ears pricking nonetheless. 
For a moment there's a sick weight in his stomach and all he can think is 'oh god she's fucking someone' and 'I need to get out of here.' 
But, after he lingers for a single split second, he realises that he can only hear one voice. Your voice. And the weight dissolves once again. 
You're alone. You're all alone and you're touching yourself. 
It's not something Kirishima is supposed to see. It's a horribly private moment, a vulnerable moment on your part and he should be running in the opposite direction to banish whatever he'd stumbled into from his mind. 
But it's at that moment that Kirishima realises maybe he's not as nice of a person as he always thought himself to be. Because despite all his knowledge, despite the voice in the back of his head that's screaming as him to get the fuck out, he doesn't move. He hesitates, struggling with himself as he searches for an answer to a question he doesn't realise he's asking. 
 That hesitation is all he needs for his answer to appear. 
 Your voice is loud, louder than before, and so lewd as his name croaks from your lips. It's followed by a long moan and then a soft thud - possibly a pillow falling from your bed. 
 Kirishima is rooted to the spot now, every single muscle in his body pulled taut. His eyes are wide, jaw slack and mouth agape as suddenly, all at once, something tightens deep in the pit of his stomach. 
 Because you've just said his name. You've just said his name as you fuck yourself. And it's in a way that makes it impossible for him to ignore the connotations. 
 His dick twitches alive in his cargo pants as a rush of arousal trickles down his spine. What he's always thought turned out to be right; his name does sound amazing when it's being moaned by you. 
 It's this that gives him the courage to step forward. To align himself with the crack in your bedroom door so he can peek inside the room for the first time. He takes special care not to be seen, remaining far enough back so that even if you were to look directly at him through the gap, he'd remain swathed in darkness and unseen by your eyes. 
 He almost blows his own cover, however, when his gaze finally locks onto the scene occurring on the other side of the door and has to choke back a moan at what he sees. 
 You're spread out on your bed, head thrown back and legs throw wide. Soft light from the headboard lamps bathes your body in a glow that has your skin glistening in a way that's far too perfect. You're resting on top of the covers and though they're rumpled beneath you, they do nothing to detract from the way your body looks in the yellow light. 
 It's a mouth-watering sight and Kirishima has to press a hand to the wall behind him to stop his legs from giving out. Because he can see everything. 
You're on your back and your legs are spread wide towards him. The soft flesh of your inner thighs ripples just a little as your legs shake and your breathing is heavy, putting your fully bare chest on display. One of your hands is kneading violently at the flesh of your breast, pinching and flicking at your own nipple as you stimulate yourself. The other is buried between your thighs, your fingers - which are oh so much smaller than his - forcing their way deep inside your pretty cunt. 
 Your hips roll frantically, jumping upwards over and over in order to push your digits deeper and deeper. Your legs are thrashing, kicking out across the rumpled duvet cover and Kirishima has to bite his tongue to muffle a groan as he watches your toes curl.
 "Ah," you moan as your back arches and your eyes scrunch closed. "Ah fuck!" 
 Kirishima's cock is completely hard now and he paws at it uncomfortably as he watches you fuck your own fingers. He can see your arousal, watches with glassy eyes as it drips between your fingers and to the bedsheets below. He watches at your muscles tense and your legs shake and your back arches, and without thinking about it, his hand begins to slip into the waistband of his pants. 
 But he forces himself to stop when you moan his name again, suddenly scared that he'll cum right then and there if he so much as strokes his cock once. 
 Your slick fingers move up to rub circles over your swollen clit and you almost scream. "Eijirou! Oh god, oh fuck, please!" 
 He's not sure what you're pleading for since its obvious you don't know he's there but he wants to give it to you. He wants nothing more than to force the door further open and press you further into the bed to sink his throbbing cock inside your tight heat just as you reach your climax. His eyes are practically crossing as he thinks about how good your cunt would feel, how much you'd scream as he pressed bruises into your hips and ruined every other man for you. 
 But he knows he can't. 
 He slips away just as you hit your release, the sounds of your desperate cries ringing in his ears. He moves back down the hall and towards your living room, forcibly ignoring the way his cock strains at the fabric of his trousers. Because he's still your best friend and he's sure that if you ever found out he'd seen you like that, you'd throw him out of your house and tell him never to speak to you again. 
 Still, he can't force himself to leave your place completely. Instead, he flops down on the couch and picks up the first magazine that's on your coffee table, opening it to a random page. He doesn't read it but he pretends to as he listens, body alert as if he's about to take flight. The noises from your bedroom are muffled by the distance however he can still pick them up, still hear the slight rustles and sighs as you sort yourself out after your orgasm. 
 He knows your routine well enough by now - it's almost seven-thirty and you’re going to be coming through to the kitchen any second to begin making dinner. You're going to realise that he's there, inside your home. And it'll be up to him to play it off as if he doesn't know you just came with his name on your tongue. 
 And still, he doesn't move. 
 The sound of your footsteps against the wooden floor of the hallway ring out them, slightly irregular as if your legs are still a little weak. Kirishima listens intently, eyes remaining glued to the magazine – he can pinpoint the exact moment you enter the open plan living room and kitchen area, and exactly the moment you realise he’s sitting there. There’s a small, shocked gasp.
 He almost chokes at how differently you say his name now, as if it's just a word and not the prayer it was minutes ago.
He looks up to meet your eyes and his throat tightens even further, his tongue suddenly feeling heavy in his mouth. Because you're so obvious. Everything is so obvious and he's so stupid.  
Briefly, he wonders how many times this exact situation has happened before without him knowing. He wonders how many times he's unknowingly bypassed your flushed face and glassy eyes, too wrapped up in his own thoughts to put the pieces together.
"Hey, princess." 
You're completely flustered and for the first time, he can see it. He can see the way your collarbones rise and fall with your heavy breathing, the way your eyes flit nervously between him and the door of your bedroom. You're dressed now, in those little shorts again and a thin tank-top, and he watches as your hand balls into a fist against the hem of your shirt, pulling on the fabric just slightly.
(He wonders in a strange, detached way if you’ve washed your hands yet since there were stuffed so deep inside you)
 "H-how long have you been here?" You ask and again it's so obvious. 
 Kirishima says the wrong thing without thinking about it. Because his brain is far too muddled to lie. 
 "A while." 
 "A w-while?" you repeat in a faraway voice and he realises immediately the implications of his words. He sees it too, the fear on your face, and the shock. 
 Because now you know. You know that he knows and now neither of you know what to do. 
 Kirishima suddenly wants to throw up. He’s genuinely on the verge of rising to his feet, of apologising profusely to you, and of running right out of your apartment to go hide under his bed until you, hopefully, forget. 
 But the look in your eyes stops him. 
 “So… did you hear?” 
 Kirishima blinks at you. His grip on the magazine he’s holding tightens, as does something in his lower abdomen. It’s horribly inappropriate but as you take a step closer, eyelids low and hands still balled at your sides, there’s something about you that makes his cock - still semi-hard - stir again. 
 “U-uh,” Kirishima tries his best to deflect. “Hear what? I didn’t hear anything.”
 You smirk. You smirk and it sends an ice cube sliding down the back of Kirishima’s throat because you’re not embarrassed. You look, dare he even say it… smug. 
 “You know,” you say in a low voice as you take another step forward. “That magazine is upside down.”
 Kirishima doesn’t bother to check, captured as he is by the sultry look in your eyes. He’s in shock, surprised, and terrified as you inch ever closer and his mind is spinning too fast for him to keep up. Because you’re acting like you like the idea of him having heard you. You’re acting like you wanted it. 
 Had you planned it? 
 No, that wasn’t possible - he hadn’t given you any indication that he would be dropping by. But even so…
 Kirishima stifles a gulp and rips his eyes away from your smooth legs. His cock is full hard again, straining against the dark fabric of his hero-costume pants and he hopes you haven’t noticed it. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if you’ve noticed it. 
 You do notice it and it makes you smirk in a way that pulls a soft groan from his throat before he really knows what’s going on. You’re looming over him now, the front of your thighs pressed practically against his bent knees as he stares up at you from where he’s still sitting on the couch. 
 “Eijirou?” you ask and lean down until he can actually smell you - the sweat still on your skin, the sweetness of arousal and the overall intoxicated scent that’s just so you. “Are you turned on right now?” 
 He can’t lie to you - never could. And so he doesn’t. 
 Slowly, he nods. 
 You straddle his lap before he can even blink, and the weight of you on him is so perfect it goes straight to his dick. Your arms loop around his neck as you look at him through your lashes. Your eyes are dark and lustful. 
 “Did you like it, Eiji?” you ask him then and Kirishima swears he sees stars. His hands automatically reach for your body, his fingers pressing into your hips with more force than is probably necessary. But when you roll your hips against him, pressing into the pressure, he decides he can’t let go. Not ever. 
 “Eiji?” you ask again and he realises that you’re actually expecting an answer. His tongue feels heavy in his mouth, so heavy, and he’s not quite sure what words to say until they all come in a rush, jumbling and pushing to escape his mouth before he can think. 
 “I loved it.” 
 “Yeah?” you blink up at him with those wide doe eyes that seem to sparkle even in the plain light of the living room. “You did? How much?” 
 “So much,” he groans back. His face is so close to yours now, close enough that he can count your eyelashes and make out the tiny coloured details in your eyes. Close enough that when he speaks, his lips brush against yours. “You’re so fucking hot.” 
 “Mmm?” You know exactly what you’re doing as you look at him so innocently and shift on his lap in such a way that your core grinds right up against his bulge. “I am?” 
 “So fucking hot!” he says again and his voice is shaking. His grip on you tightens even more. 
 “You really think that?” you ask, teasing him. When he nods, you almost smile. He can see the mischief and lust burning deep in your eyes. “You wanna fuck me, Eijirou?” 
 Kirishima lets out a long groan and his head drops back against the back of the couch as a rush of pure want burns through his body like acid. His hips involuntarily thrust upwards, forcing more contact between him and you, and you let out a surprised moan of your own, obviously not expecting such a show of need. 
 Kirishima blinks once, twice, and then lifts his head to look at you again. And this time it’s him that smirks, cold and dark and dangerous. It’s like a switch has flipped inside him and he’s suddenly aware of how much bigger he is than you and just how much power he holds as you sit with spread legs in his lap. 
 You seem to notice the change too and it makes your eyes widen. 
 Kirishima leans in until his mouth is right by your ear. He can’t hold back his smirk as he growls out in a low husky voice, “I am gonna fuck you so hard, you forget your own name.” 
The moan that falls from your lips is so erotic is makes even you blush. “Is that a promise?” you whisper as your fingers find the hairs at the nape of his neck. One of Kirishima’s eyebrows quirks and he gives you a warm look. 
“Do you want it to be?” 
“Of course.” You lean in until your chest is pressed against his and he can feel the swell of your breasts through your shirt. Your breath is warm against his ear as you murmur, “Please, Eiji. Fuck me better than anyone ever has.” 
And that’s all he needs to lose control completely. 
You’re flipped before you even know it and then he’s looming over you, a huge hulking figure that presses your face down into the couch. You can feel his body against your back, his broad chest and toned abdomen holding you down as the hard bulge in his trousers rubs deliciously against your ass. One of his huge hands is spread across the small of your back and Kirishima himself feels a sick rush of power as he applies just a little bit of pressure and watches the way your back arches so prettily. 
“Fuck,”  he groans low and gives an experimental rut of his cock into your ass. You whine at the feeling and squirm, trying to force yourself back onto him. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” 
“Yeah?” you pant, sounding breathless already. “Please, Eiji, don’t wait. Please fuck me!” 
This makes him laugh and he leans down to speak directly into your ear again. “You want it that bad huh?” 
When you nod, his lips curl into a cruel smirk. “Well, I’m not quite sure you deserve it, princess. You did tease me a whole lot back there.” 
You shake your head frantically as one of his hands snakes from your back up over the curve of your ass and then starts to play with the flimsy hem of your shorts. He’s teasing you so, so close to your heat, to what he just knows is throbbing between your legs, and seeing you grow so desperate, despite having just made yourself cum already, makes him snort. 
“Please, Eiji,” you keen between short breaths. “I promise, I didn’t know you were there. I didn’t mean to tease you. Please- ah!”
His hand comes down on your ass before you can finish your sentence and your whole body jolts as your words are broken by a sharp moan. Kirishima runs his hands over the flesh he’s just spanked, before repeating the action for a second time. He can’t help but smile at your yelp. 
“Stop whining, sweetheart. Otherwise, I might just have to give that pretty mouth something better to do.” 
You whine at the hard tone of his voice and roll your hips back into his again. Kirishima can’t help but reciprocate the movement and he lets out a long groan of his own as his dick runs up between your ass cheeks. “Shit, princess. So pretty for me.” 
He watches as your fingers curl against the couch cushions, searching for something to grab a hold of as you pant. “Please,” you whisper one more time, although your tone is different now; you’re begging and it goes straight to his cock. 
He’s almost feral as he wrestles with the button and zipper of his pants, suddenly all too eager to feel your skin against his dick. However, he doesn’t miss the way one of your hands slides beneath your body, going, he’s sure, to your pussy that’s no doubt leaking once again. 
He grabs your wrist with reflexes only a trained pro-hero could have. “Nuh uh, no way,” he growls out as his fingers close around your much smaller hand and he forces it hand down against the couch, using his own weight to hold you down. “You just touched yourself, princess. It’s my fucking turn.” 
He rips your shorts down with his other hand and then reaches into his own pants to help his cock spring free. It jumps eagerly from its confines, hard as a rock and so big that for a second he wonders if you’ll actually be able to take him properly. You don’t seem to share the thought through, as the only sound that escapes you is a choked moan as you stare at it with wide eyes over your shoulder. 
Kirishima uses his free hand to pump his cock, once, twice, three times as he watches you for a reaction. Precum already stains the tip and dampens his skin, the head of his dick bright pink. You bite your lip viciously as your eyes trail over it and then your hips rut back into him, desperate for the friction he’s denying you. 
Kirishima grabs your body and forces you away, giving you a dark glare. “Don’t be fucking greedy,” he snarls and you moan, turning to bury your face in the couch below you. “You’ll get my cock when you deserve it, you little slut, and not a second before. Understood?”
You nodded meekly and he chuckles. 
“Use your words, princess.” 
“Yes, daddy.” 
And that has Kirishima going feral. 
 His hips rut violently into the curve of your ass, throwing your body forward with a jerk. You moan and claw at the cushions beneath you and then almost scream again as one of his hands snakes around your waist to press flat against your lower abdomen. Kirishima chuckles darkly as he plays with the waistband of your shorts - he’s just as desperate as you are but he’s forcing it down, burying it beneath his desire to tease you as you have been with him. 
 “God, you’re so needy,” he growls in your ear as his fingers brush up against your clothed cunt. “Screaming my name as you touch yourself, huh? Bet you were thinking about how good you’d feel if I were to pound you into the mattress.”
 “Ngh,” you can only whimper brokenly. “Yes!” 
 His hand slips beneath the waistband of your shorts and he sucks in a low breath at the feeling of your soaked lace panties. “You’re so fucking dirty,” he tells you as he runs the tip of his finger back and forth, collecting your slick. He feels the shiver that rushes through your body and the way your pussy clenches around nothing as you cry into the cushion beneath you. “You want me to touch you?" 
“God yes!” you cry out and your voice is thick and wobbly. “Please touch me Eiji! Need it so bad!”
Kirishima hums and then presses his middle finger right against you, going as deep as he can with the thin fabric of your panties still in the way. “You’re dripping,” he slurs out, practically giddy at the feeling. “So fucking wet! You must be so turned on, princess.” 
“Yes!” you squeal out. One of your hands slips beneath you again, only this time you grip his wrist hard in a desperate attempt to prevent him from removing his hand. Kirishima allows this as he smirks down at you, getting high off how desperate you’re acting for his cock. 
“You ready for me to be the first man to make you cum?” he grits out into your ear and takes your long, pornographic moan as a ‘yes’. With little effort, he forces his way past your panties and dips his fingers into the searing heat of your pussy for the first time. 
You both let out simultaneous groans - Kirishima’s as he marvels at the fact that you really are soaked and yours as your legs kick out and your muscles tense up completely at the feeling for your best friend stroking along your folds for the first time.
Kirishima bites his lip as he presses his long middle finger directly into you - your cunt is so fucking warm and so fucking tight and he’s already salivating at the thought of how it’s going to feel wrapped around his huge cock. Slowly he pumps his finger and listens with bated breath as you whine and your fingers tighten around his wrist. “Oh yeah?” he asks in a low voice, leaning down so his chin is resting on the curve of your shoulder. “That feels good, gorgeous?” 
“Ah, so good!” you choke back as your legs shake. “Fuck, Eiji, please!” 
He chuckles darkly. “Please what, angel? Huh?” 
“More!”  you shriek and there are actual tears beading in your eyes now as he pulls his finger in and out of you agonisingly slow. “Please - fuck - need more, Eijirou!” 
“Alright.” Kirishima smiles. “Since you asked so nicely.” He adds another finger and feels a string of sparks running up along the back of his spine at the sound you make. Desperately, you rut your hips against him, trying to force more friction from his hand. Kirishima swallows at the feeling of your arousal trickling in little rivers from your pussy and turning your thighs sticky and slick. 
“Fuck,” he groans to himself as he listens to the obscene squelching his fingers make as they thrust inside your hot cunt. “Gonna have to get you to ride my face when this is all over. Bet you taste amazing.” 
You babble something nonsensical and then sob as all the muscles in your lower abdomen begin to tense. Kirishima smirks to himself when he feels your inner walls flutter against his fingers, clamping down on him. “Ah, baby,” he coos in a voice like molten sugar. “Are you gonna cum?”
"Ah!”  you whine back and bite your lip. Kirishima lifts his thumb to press it to your clit and begins to rub, still smiling. 
“So soon? God, you’re such a slut.” 
One of your legs kicks out as your toes curl, and tears stream down your face as he continues to rub your clit at a mind-numbing pace. “God, please, Red Riot, make me cum. Please, please, please!” 
 His hips give an involuntary thrust and his cock, still painfully hard, rubs right up against you. “Cum for me, princess. Fucking cum all over my fingers and show me what a slut you are,” he snarls into your ear. 
 Your entire body trembles as you finally let go, cumming so hard against him that you’re seeing stars. Your legs shake violently and your thighs clamp around his hands. Kirishima can’t hold back his smile as he feels your cunt clench hard around his fingers, trying to squeeze the life out of them - he can’t even imagine how heavenly that would feel if it was his cock buried so deep inside you. 
 “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mumble over and over again as you come down from your climax. Your body goes limp against the couch cushions, your eyes sliding closed, however, Kirishima is having none of it. With his free hand, he grabs the back of your head and forces it back, only to stuff his fingers which were just buried so deep in your pussy now in your mouth. Your eyes bulge and you gag around his huge digits, tears immanently beading in your lower lash line again. Even so, he feels your tongue lave over his knuckles, greedily lapping up your own cum. It makes him smirk and he lowers his body even further over yours, his cock slotting right between your still trembling thighs. 
 “You thought we were done?” he growls out when he finally pulls his fingers from your mouth. “Not a chance in hell, princess. Not until I’ve fucked you into these cushions and pumped you so full of my cum you won’t be able to move for hours.” 
 You choke back a moan because you know as much as he does that it’s a promise. 
 Kirishima pulls back briefly to rip the top half of his hero costume off. He throws it to the ground, not looking long enough to see where it falls before he drops back over you, caging you down to the couch with a thick arm on either side of you. You remain as you are, chest pressed into the couch with your ass up, plush cheeks pressed hard into the chiselled muscles of his v-line. Kirishima’s huge hand makes its way up the back of your soft thigh, massaging the flesh gently as he goes. Then he reaches up to tug at the hemp of your small top. 
 “C’mon,” he mumbles, “Get this off for me, princess.” 
 You help him as best you can, with weak arms and tired muscles until eventually, you manage to wiggle out of the garment. There’s no bra beneath and Kirishima sucks in a long breath as he’s exposed to the sight of your bare back, arched so beautifully. Without thinking he leans down to leave a trail of kisses along the line that runs between your shoulder blades. 
 “You’re so fucking pretty, angel. So pretty, all f’me.” 
 “All f’you,”  you whisper softly in reply and it makes Kirishima smile against your warm skin.  
It doesn’t take him long to rip your shorts and then your panties off your legs - though he can’t help but pause for a second to stare down at the ruined lace of the garment, still soaking to the point that he’s sure if he were to twist the fabric, it’d drip with your arousal. He deliberates for a moment, hesitating in tossing them over his shoulder along with the rest of your clothes. Then he stuffs them deep in his pocket, making a mental note to take them out again later when he gets home. 
 He’s not sure if you notice his actions, although you do let out a long whine and wiggle against him. His cock rubs hard between your ass cheeks and Kirishima himself lets out a short groan as he watches the way his own pre-cum leaves glistening trails along your smooth skin. “Fucking hell,” he mumbles, almost to himself, as he goes to grab either side of your hips and pulls your body back towards him. “God, I can’t wait to fuck you.” 
 “Please,” you breathe back and turn your head to stare up at him pleadingly over your shoulder. “Please, Eiji, fuck me. 
 Kirishima grips the base of his cock and gives it a languid stroke. A rush shoots up his back as, after so long just waiting and watching, he’s finally stimulated. Then he leans forward to rub the head of his dick along your dripping slit, coating his own tip in the delicious smoothness of your slick. You practically shake at the feeling, crying out as he brushes across your overstimulated clit and your fingers dig divots into the fabric beneath you. 
 Kirishima himself can’t help the way his eyes roll back at the first contact between your sex and his; even now, he can feel your warmth, radiating from the place between your legs and practically begging for him to sink himself inside you. “You’re so fucking perfect, princess,” he breathes out as he rubs his dick back and forth, fathering a thorough coat of your slick. “So perfect. Can’t believe I’m finally getting to stuff you full of my cock.”
 “God, please Eiji,” you whine at his disgusting words, your own jaw falling slack. “Please just fuck me already.” 
 “M’kay,” Kirishima mumbles, appearing nonchalant, although in truth he can’t hold himself back anymore either. “Just for you, princess.” Then then he thrusts forward and fills you completely in one go.
 You scream and bury your face in the couch cushions. There’s no resistance from your body - in fact the sheer amount of juice that’s dripping from you makes it impossibly easy for Kirishima to slide balls deep in one thrust. And yet you’re still so tight, so fucking tiny around him that it has him choking on air and collapsing forward just slightly against your body. 
 “Holy shit, you’re so good!” 
 Your words have deserted you and as he pulls his hips back and then throws them forward again, delivering the first of many bruising thrusts, you can only moan brokenly. Still, Kirishima doesn’t mind - his own eyes are crossing at this point as he begins to set a rhythm, slipping and back and forth and back and forth within the heaven that is your tight, perfect cunt. 
 “Shit, I should have done this years ago!” Kirishima chokes as his fingers dig deep into your hip bones. “If I’d know you were so desperate for my cock, I’d have fucked you so hard. So fucking hard, you’d never be able to look at another guy again.” 
“Oh fuck,” you whine at the idea and your inner walls clench around him. “Ah, Eijirou.” Then your whole body jolts even more as the tip of his dick collides with that one spot inside you that has you thrashing, and Kirishima has to practically pin you to the couch to prevent you from squirming. He gives you a dark look. 
“You’re really enjoying this huh? You little slut? You enjoy being my little fucktoy, using you as I please?” 
His words make you cry, fat tears welling again to your eyes, but you can’t deny it as his cock drives even deeper, drilling into you with power you’ve never experienced before and hitting your g-spot in a way not even you yourself have been able to do so before. 
Kirishima reaches forward to wipe your tears, his huge hand engulfing your entire cheek as he coos. “Aw, it’s alright baby. You don’t need to be embarrassed.” Then his tone turns dark and his voice rumbles like thunder in your ear in a way that makes your skin shiver. “Come on, say it. Say how much you love being daddy’s little fucktoy.” 
You choke and whine, and in response he suddenly uses his outrageous pro-hero strength to pull your entire body up until you’re balancing on your knees, back held flush against his chest as he smirks down at you from over your shoulder. One of his hands slides up from where you two are connected to your chest, grabbing a handful of your boob just as you had done earlier when you’d thought you were alone in your room. “Come on,” he murmurs into your temple, his lips ghosting over your hair and the sensitive skin of your ear. “Don’t be shy. Tell me how much you love my cock, how you just wanna get railed by me every single second of the day.”
His hips give a particularly powerful thrust and seem to jolt the response from where it’s stuck deep inside your throat. “Daddy,” you whine in a tone so lewd it makes Kirishima’s heart skip a beat. “’Love your cock, love it so much. You fuck me so good - ah - please, daddy, don’t stop.” 
 Kirishima groans low into the hollow of your neck and if possible he’s suddenly reaching ever deeper inside you. One of his hands sneaks around from your hip to press flat into the skin at the base of your abdomen and then he sucks in a long breath as he feels the prod of his cock on your insides through his palm. “Fuck… can feel how deep I am, baby. God – fuck - you feel so good!” 
 “Oh fuck,” you croak as your body becomes tenser in Kirishima’s grip. “Oh shit, I can feel… God, I’m gonna cum soon!” 
 Kirishima is too - he can feel it building within him - the desperation to meet his own release, as well as the desperation to get you to yours. His thrusts become more erratic, though no less powerful, and as if to add insult to injury, he reaches down in front of you to drive his hand between your legs. Your back arches away from him and your whole body shakes; Kirishima’s sure that if he wasn’t supporting you, your legs would have given out by now. 
 “Eijirou!”  you squeal as your thighs clamp together. “M’gonna-!” 
 His rubbing at your clit is incessant, far too much and he can see you’re losing your mind as you’re forced closer and closer towards the edge of your orgasm. His breath is hot against your ear as he growls out, “Fucking cum then, slut. Cum all over my cock and prove to me that you’re mine.” 
 You cum with a scream as your entire body convulses, rocking against his hold as your orgasm washes through you. Kirishima doesn’t stop though, fucking you brutally through your high as he chases his own high. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he can hear you pleading, begging for him to stop because “s too much!” but he can’t, not with his head so clouded with desperation for his own release. The clenching of your cunt around his cock is so delicious, so fucking good, that he rushes towards his orgasm far quicker than he expected. It’s all he can to do deliver one last bruising thrust into you, that will surely have your body aching the next morning, before his dick twitches and then he cums, hard enough that he’s seeing stars. 
 You seem to feel the way he pumps you full because a long whine slip between your lips and you stop squirming. Your head falls back against his shoulder and then one of your hands slides up to join his where he’s feeling across your lower abdomen. 
 “Fuck!” Kirishima curses loudly as his cum continues to paint your insides white. “You’re so good to me, baby.” 
 You can only whine in reply as you go limp against him, and Kirishima’s grip tightens immediately around your body to prevent you from slipping away completely. Without thinking, he leans forward to bury his face in your neck as the last of his release ebbs away, along with the adrenaline and exhilaration of the night.
As his head clears, his eyes slowly begin to widen with realisation as the implications of what the two of you have just done finally start to sink in.
“Shit, Y/N, I -” But you’re too fucked out to care, far too overstimulated from three almost consecutive orgasms. It’s all you can do to gently cover his hand with yours and turn your head to kiss his temple lightly. 
“I know,” you mumble in a weak voice. “Don’t worry. Just... later.” 
Your body slowly begins to pull away from his and he realises suddenly how sweaty the both of you are. There’s a sheen that coats the skin of your back and his chest and while it’s a little uncomfortable as you slowly slide away, it fills him also with a sense of pride. 
You lower yourself gingerly back down onto the couch, settling comfortably of your stomach. Kirishima gazes down at you from a moment, admiring your fucked out form, before he shifts his hips back and pulls his now softening cock from the warmth of your cunt. You groan a little as he slides away and Kirishima finds he has to agree with you; compared to the heaven that is your insides, feeling the cool air of the living room gliding across the wet skin of his dick is downright uncomfortable.
 His cum is now starting to drip out of you, and when you make no move to get up and clean yourself off, Kirishima himself heaves his body off the couch. He tucks his dick back into his trousers again as he slips into the kitchen to grab a warm, damp cloth and a glass of water. When he returns, he thinks for a moment that you might be asleep; your eyes are closed and your breathing even as you lie soundly on the couch.
Your eyes blink open however when he kneels down beside you on the floor, placing a gentle hand between your shoulder blades. You give him a slightly hazy look, and Kirishima has to hold back an ‘aww’ at just how cute you look with the fat of your cheek, smushed into the couch cushions and your eyes half-lidded.
“Can you roll over for me, angel?” he asks you softly, his hand sliding down to guide you gently by your hip. You do as he asks, and let out a contented sigh as he carefully begins to clean you up. Kirishima makes sure to keep his touch light as his hands smooth over your body, rubbing at your tense muscles and soothing tentatively over the bruises that run along the bones of your hips. Once he’s done, he leans forward to kiss your forehead sweetly. “You did so well, princess.”
“Mm,” you mumble back and then reach out for him. Kirishima’s eyes widen a little as you grab at his arms and then before he knows it, he’s being pulled down on top of you until his chest is pressed flush against yours. You blink up at him for a second before smiling slightly and closing your eyes.
 Kirishima blinks. “Princess-“
“Stay,” you say again, a little more forcefully. Your arms come up to wrap around his neck and hold him to you as your breathing starts to even out again. “Please.”
He bites his lip as he watches you slowly drift off to sleep. Even so, he can feel a blanket of calm beginning to envelop him, weighing him down until his head drops into the crook of your neck and he too closes his eyes. He knows you’ll have a lot to talk about when the both of you wake up, and some of it might not be a conversation either of you wants to have. But right now, he’s content to simply sit in the moment, listening as the sound of your gentle breathing slowly lulls him off to sleep.
Right before he slips into conciseness, he takes a moment to thank the universe that he turned out not to be as nice of a guy as he once thought.
Tumblr media
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purest-sins · 2 months ago
Thinkin bout sweet, dumb, jock Kirishima and his smart, intimidating, no-nonense girlfriend.
Everyone thinks you wear the pants in the relationship, cause of your chronic rbf and constant reprimands, while Kiri is all smiles and laughs. His only shot at scary is the fact that he’s literally a giant, and even then: a gentle giant. You don’t really blame them, I mean, Kiri totally looks like he’d call you mommy. But Kiri is also an egotistical meat head who hits the gym every day, and comes home every day juiced up on adrenaline and testosterone and ready to distract you from whatever textbook you’ve got your little head buried in. And suddenly it doesn’t matter how intimidating you seem or how many times you swat at kiri to stop him interrupting your studying, because the second he bullies his fat cock into your tight hole, you fall apart. His pretty baby, his good little girl. Drooling all over your textbooks and begging so sweetly for daddy. Because of course Kiri would make you call him daddy. Some people are just too stupid to see it. That uptight act might have everyone else fooled, but daddy knows that all you need is some dick in your cunt to remind you of your place.
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cyancherub · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
bakusquad boys x reader
Tumblr media
PAIRING.  (very scummy) frat!bakusquad boys x fem!reader
LENGTH.  19.8k words (ao3 link)
GENRE.  nsfw, aged up characters (20+)
EXTRA.  art by @/crikeygatormate !! <3
CONTENT.  gangbang, bukkake, virginity kink, corruption kink, sexual coercion + manipulation, very dubcon, tagging noncon just in case, power imbalance, intoxication, exhibitionism, creampie, noncon creampie, dacryphilia, double penetration (one hole & two), cum eating, cumplay, oral (m & f receiving), stomach bulge, spit kink, impact play (choking, slapping, biting), objectification, teasing (+ bullying), degradation kink, humiliation, praise kink, breeding kink, multiple orgasms, noncon recording
SYNOPSIS.  are you sure you want to tag along to that frat party? your roommate’s friends might not have the best of intentions.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re leaning over your homework desk with your chin cradled in your palm and your pencil scratching at paper when you hear knocking at your door. It’s the kind of knocking a kid would do: a playful, familiar little rhythm you’ve heard tons of times before.
Your roommate locks her phone; the comedy skit that was playing on it just a moment ago ends abruptly. She rolls out of bed with a little huff, then crosses the floor of your shared dorm room to answer the door.
There’s the creak of the door opening, and then a cheerful voice saying, “Hey, Pinky.”
“Hey, Dinky,” your roommate replies, popping her gum. “Do you have my order?”
“You know it,” the stranger says, pulling a little ziploc bag from his shirt pocket. The pungent scent of the substance inside hits your nose immediately.
You put your pencil down and lean your chair back just slightly to peek over at the door. You’re trying to discreetly catch a glimpse of the newcomer over Mina’s shoulder. But your plan backfires; the stranger notices the movement behind Mina, and his eyes snap to yours.
His face breaks into a friendly smile.
“Hey,” he says brightly, leaning to the side to get a better view of you. “Who’s your cute little friend, Mina?”
Your eyes widen. He’s tall. Blonde, with a little streak of black going through his hair. And he’s pretty. His gold eyes are sleepy-looking and catlike in a way that’s almost effeminate. His nose is narrow, adorned with a little silver ring on the nostril.
This must be one of the guys in the crowd that Mina hangs out with. She talks about them all the time. Apparently, they had all graduated from high school together, ended up at the same university. And now the boys are in a frat together. This must be…
“Denki, y/n,” Mina says, shifting her body sideways and gesturing between the two of you as she introduces you. “Y/n, Denki.”
“Y/n,” says Denki with a wide smile, pushing past Mina to enter the room. “That’s a cute name.”
Mina rolls her eyes and shuts the door behind him. “Don’t get your disgusting cooties on my bed,” she scolds. “You’re filthy.”
“I was skating,” he pouts, plopping onto the beanbag in the middle of the floor.
Now that you take a good look at him, his clothes are a little grimy. His khaki chinos are dingy and littered with black marks. The socks peeking out beneath the rolled bottom of his pants are in even worse condition; you can just barely make out the naked pinup girls printed on them. And his old Vans are the worst of all; they’re filthy, faded, and ripping apart at the seams.
Denki sees you studying him; he meets your eyes with a smile.
“Whatcha workin’ on, cutie?” he asks curiously.
“Organic chemistry,” you answer shyly.
He finds your soft, demure voice adorable.
“Damn, o chem?” he whistles. “Well, aren’t you a little smarty pants?”
“No, nothing like that,” you say, shaking your head.
“She has a 4.0,” Mina interjects, like a proud mother.
Denki raises his eyebrows at you. “Oh yeah? Beauty and brains, huh?” he teases, fishing a little black canister out of his pocket. You smile sheepishly. He opens the canister, takes a pre-rolled joint out of it.
“Don’t embarrass her,” scolds Mina.
Denki chuckles, pulling a lighter from his pocket. He sticks the joint between his lips, then looks up at you with a grin. “I’m shit at chem,” he laughs; the words are distorted by the joint in his mouth.
“In fact, I might need a tutor,” he grins up at you. He flicks the lighter on, brings the flame to the joint until it catches, then takes a deep drag. “You free?”
“Oh… for tutoring?” you say hesitantly. “Well… I have my internship on the weekdays, and I volunteer on the weekends, so -”
“Aww,” Denki pouts, taking another drag and blowing the smoke out the side of his mouth. “Are you sure? I’d pay you well,” he teases, holding the joint up pointedly.
“I don’t smoke,” you laugh sheepishly.
“Oooh, she’s a goody-goody?” he taunts, looking over at Mina.
“Shut up,” Mina scolds; she’s sitting at her desk now, checking her makeup in a small circular mirror. “You’re totally making her nervous.”
“It’s okay,” Denki shrugs, smiling. He’s leaning back in the beanbag now, with his legs and arms spread out languidly. “I like good girls,” he says, deliberately. He takes another drag of his joint before outstretching a long arm to Mina. She accepts the joint, brings it to her glossed up lips for a puff, then passes it back.
Good girls… You look away awkwardly, fidgeting with your hands.
Denki continues to take long, slow drags from his joint, studying you with a look of amusement on his face. Mina’s mentioned you to him a few times. He remembers her saying that you’re an overachiever. That you’re very involved in school, very bookish. You definitely look the type. He likes that - that type. Cute little nerds like you, with your cute little reading glasses.
Cute, sweet, innocent girls like you. He smiles to himself, looking at your hard nipples poking at the fabric of your worn crew neck shirt. It’s chilly in here, and he’s very glad for it.
“You sure you don’t wanna try?” Denki teases, holding the joint out to you with an amiable smile. “I could take real good care of you for your first time, you know.”
He watches with amusement as your eyes widen. He wonders if you caught that little innuendo. Based on that flustered expression on your face, he thinks that you did.
“Oh, I shouldn’t,” you laugh nervously. “Really. I have to finish this homework by tonight. Thank you, though.”
He laughs. “Well, don’t let me bother you,” he says cheerfully, jerking his head toward your desk. “Go on, get to work.”
“Oh, um, alright.”
You flash Denki a weak smile as you rummage through your drawer. Once you find the pair of earphones you’re looking for, you plug them into your computer and focus your attention back on your pre-recorded lecture.
Denki decides that he’ll hang out for a while, at least until he finishes his blunt. He likes seeing Mina’s studious little roommate at work.
As Mina fixes her hair with her eyes glued on her small circular mirror, Denki chats to her about their friends. Mina’s not paying close attention to Denki, but if she were, she’d see him taking every free opportunity to glance your way.
Right now, he’s bringing his eyes down from your slightly messy hair to look at your pajama shorts. They have lollipops printed on them, and they’re just long enough to be modest. If he had to choose a superpower, he’d definitely choose x-ray vision, if only to get a glimpse at your panties.
His eyes wander downward, to your thighs. They look so soft. They’re bouncing a little as you tap your foot. He finds it so adorable, the way you bite your lip as you take notes, glancing between your paper and your computer.
“Gross, Mr. Recruiter,” Mina says, eyeing him out knowingly from her seat. “You’re such a perv, and she’s so sweet and innocent.”
Innocent… that word has his ears perking up. He’s a shark, and that word is blood in the water.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mimi,” he says, smiling.
“Yeah, right,” Mina laughs, watching him rise to his feet. He offers her the remainder of the joint; she accepts it, rests it between her fingers. You see Denki rise out of the corner of your eye, and take out your earphones to look over at him.
“I’m starving,” he announces lazily. “So I guess I’ll leave you ladies to it.”
“Okay,” you say, nodding. “Have a good night.”
“Tell the boys I said hi,” Mina says, taking a drag.
Denki passes you on the way out of the room. He pauses for a fraction of a second to give the back of your neck a light squeeze. A shiver goes down your spine, and you jolt upright. He chuckles.
Denki pauses at the door before opening it. He’s glad to see that your wide eyes are focused on him. He likes the attention from you.
“We’re throwing a party on Friday,” he says brightly. “At the frat house. Mina knows all the details. You should come, y/n.”
“Oh,” you stammer. “Well, like I said, on the weekends, I usually volun -”
“I have some friends that you might get along with,” he grins. “And I’d like to get to know you, too.”
“Um, alright,” you say awkwardly. “Maybe.”
“Okie dokie,” he says cheerfully, before bidding you and Mina one last goodbye and heading through the door. It closes behind him with a muted thump.
As you’re turning to Mina with raised eyebrows, Denki’s walking down the hallway at a lazy pace and pulling his phone out of his back pocket.
There’s a half-formed plan surfacing in his hazy, smoked out mind. It’s a plan for you, Mina’s innocent bookworm of a roommate. Really, he’s kicking himself for not making it a point to meet you ages ago. After all, he’s heard tons about you from Mina. Tons about how shy and quiet you are. He can’t believe it took him this long to scope you out.
A wicked grin spreads across his face.
Denki would bet his entire weed stash that you’re a virgin, and he wants to absolutely ruin you.
He opens his phone and taps to his messages.
To: ALPHA CHI BOYS - i found one, guys. she’s a real cutie.
FRIDAY, 3:45 P.M.
“So are you bringing your little friend tonight?”
It’s Denki’s voice crackling through the speaker on Mina’s phone. Several low voices come through the line too, wondering the same thing.
You peer over at Mina from your bed. It was a long day of classes, and you’ve just laid down to rest before starting your seemingly endless pile of schoolwork.
Mina shoots you an apologetic glance from her bed, before looking away to study her nails. “No, guys,” she says. “I don’t think she’d be down. I don’t think she’s the partying type.”
“Come on, Mina. Just ask her,” Denki pleads sweetly.
“I don’t know,” Mina sighs. “She looks super busy. But let me ask her.”
Mina pulls the phone away from her face, turning her head to look over at you. “Hey, y/n?” she asks, with a smile. “What are you up to tonight?”
“I have to finish my homework,” you say regretfully. “I was planning to go to bed early since I have my internship in the morning…”
“Aaaaw,” Denki whines over the phone; Mina clicks her teeth.
“Oh,” you say, frowning. “They’re having that party tonight, right?”
“Yeah,” Mina says brightly, perking up. “Why, do you wanna come?”
“Oh, no, I was just asking. I don’t think I can go,” you say sheepishly. “I just have so much to do…”
“Come on, y/n,” Denki urges brightly. “I can tell you work so hard. Don’t you think you deserve a break? At least a little one?”
“But I have my internship tomorrow morning,” you argue weakly.
Mina sighs. “You’ve never called in sick as long as I’ve known you. One day won’t hurt. Just come, y/n. It’ll be fun.”
“Yeah,” Denki pipes. “Pleeease?”
“I don’t even have anything to wear,” you stammer nervously.
“Let me lend you something,” Mina says cheerfully, sliding off her bed. “In fact, I have the perfect dress for you.”
You hear someone whistle over the phone; Denki laughs. Mina’s rustling through one of her drawers now, tossing clothes every which way. Finally, she finds the dress she’s looking for and brandishes it proudly, holding it out in your direction.
“Here, try it on,” she says, tossing it over to your bed.
You pick it up and look at it, frowning. “This dress is tiny, Mina,” you croak disapprovingly.
“Tiny?” a deep voice laughs over the phone. “Call us back on Facetime, let us see it on her.”
“Shut up, Kat,” Mina tells the stranger over the phone. “You’re such a tool.” Then she directs her attention back to you. “Go ahead, y/n,” she says, smiling. “Try it on.”
“Oh… okay,” you say nervously, as if the guys talking into the phone were actually in the room with you and Mina.
“Don’t worry,” Mina chirps, making a show of covering her eyes. “I won’t peek.”
“She’s shy?” comes an unfamiliar voice through the phone as you drop your clothes to the floor, leaving you just in your bra and panties. “That’s so sweet.”
You pull Mina’s dress over your head, smooth it over your body, then peek over at her.
“I’m ready,” you say demurely. “You can look now.”
She uncovers her eyes; her face lights up when she sees you. “Whoa. Do a spin for me,” she says, making a swirling motion with a manicured finger.
“Does she look as good as I’m imagining?” Denki laughs.
“Yeah. She looks great. Except for one thing.”
“What’s wrong?” you ask, frowning.
“You can’t wear a bra with that, silly,” Mina grins. “The entire back’s open.”
Someone over the phone lets out a mean-spirited laugh. You can hear something else in the background, too. Muffled shooting sounds. A video game, maybe.
“But…” you start, lowering your voice. “But what if my nipples show?”
“That’s the point, stupid,“ sighs Mina. "Now take your bra off.”
“Oh, okay,” you say slowly, turning around to unhook your bra and wrangle it off of yourself. You fix the top of the dress, then turn back to Mina.
“Did she free the nipple or what?” Denki teases.
“Yup,” Mina smiles. “She looks great. And she’s got a nice pair on her, too.”
“Send a picture,” someone snickers in the background of the call.
“You’re all dogs,” Mina laughs into the phone, before looking back at you. “You’re wearing that tonight, right, y/n?”
You stammer out a shaky, unintelligible response that Mina takes for an affirmative.
“So she’s in?” asks Denki.
“She’s in,” Mina says quickly, before you have the time to open your mouth and say something.
“Good,” Denki says. You can hear his smile even over the phone. “It would be a shame if she didn’t show that body off.”
Mina laughs. “Right? We’ll see you tonight.”
The call ends; Mina locks her phone, gives you a wide smile.
FRIDAY, 10:50 P.M.
The thick scent of weed hits your nose as you follow Mina through the door to the Alpha Chi frat house. For how stately the outside of the building is, you’re taken aback by the complete wreck that you see as soon as you step inside.
The lights are low, so you can barely see anything, but there’s an intermittent flashing - something like a strobe light - that illuminates everything in sporadic intervals. Each time the lights graze over the floor, you see a new atrocity.
Clearly, the party’s been raging for a while. You and Mina sidestep a pile of discarded beer cans leaking onto the sticky wood floor, before stepping over a guy who’s passed out in the middle of the entryway. There’s a grand staircase right in front of you, and there are several people passed out there, too. People are staggering up and down the stairs, spilling their drinks onto the carpet.
Mina says something to you, but you can barely hear anything over the deafening music and intoxicated, rowdy crowd packing the house.
“What?” you yell.
“It’s so fucking crowded in here,” she shouts back over the music. “I’m gonna call Denki.”
You nod, wincing as a group of people pushes past you, heading for the stairs. Mina raises her phone to her ear. Denki must answer immediately, because she starts to shout into her phone. You can’t make out the conversation, but it’s quick, and she’s hanging up not long after.
You and Mina have only been waiting for a few moments when you feel an arm enveloping your neck. You jump. When you look upward, you’re met by a wide, mischievous smile and sleepy gold eyes. Denki tightens his arm around your neck, looks over at Mina.
“Heeeey, you brought the cutie,” he laughs lazily to her. He’s smoking again, holding the joint between his lips.
“I told you I would,” she teases, plucking the blunt out of his mouth to take a drag from it.
He takes it back, takes a puff.  Then he blows the smoke out slowly into your face and laughs when you flinch.
“That’s a cute dress,” Denki says, looking blatantly down at your tits. He meets your eyes with a grin.
As you babble a nervous thank you, Denki’s thanking his lucky stars for Mina. He can’t believe she got you to wear a dress like that. You weren’t kidding when you called it tiny over the phone. It’s so short that your ass is almost hanging out of the bottom of it. Of course, he’d gotten a nice, leisurely look when he’d approached you. But he needs much more than that.
If it was this easy for Mina to convince you to wear something so slutty, he bets that his plan will go much more smoothly than he’d expected.
Mina’s tapping intently down at her phone - texting someone, you think. Denki asks how the drive to the frat house from the dorms was. You speak to him in a shaky voice. You’re so quiet that he has to lean his head down right next to yours to hear what you’re saying.
Really, he’s glad for the excuse to get right up in your face.
“Hey,” Mina shouts suddenly. “Y/n, can I leave you with Denki for a bit? I have a, uh, friend waiting for me upstairs.”
Denki laughs. “Don’t forget to use protection.”
“Shut up,” she snaps, looking back to you for approval.
“Well, I -”
“Don’t worry about it,” Denki answers Mina, interrupting you. He looks down at you, smiling. “I’ve got you. I’ll take good care of you, I promise.”
“Great,” Mina chirps. “I’ll see you guys later, then.”
And then she’s off and up the stairs, and you’re still pressed tight up against Denki’s body, with his arm looped around your neck. He lets you go and leans back against the wall behind him, looking down at you curiously.
“What’s up, cutie?” he teases, raking his eyes over the bottom of your dress, which is riding high on your thighs. “Are you nervous or something?”
“I’m not used to parties,” you say softly, looking down at your feet.
“Awww,” he pouts. “I can tell.”
He laughs, then stands up straight and puts a hand on your back, leading you away from the entryway and down a long, dark hallway. “Come on,” he says. “Let’s go sit down and relax for a bit.”
He’s asking you about your class schedule as he guides you through the crowd and into what seems like a living room. There’s a big couch against the wall opposite a massive TV.  It’s dark in here, too, and the couch is bathed in the white light coming from the TV screen. There are several people sitting on the couch, a few passed out on it, and a couple making out on the far end. But there’s a little free space in the midst of all the chaos.
“So, with all that homework you do,” he says, leading you toward the couch, “I bet you don’t have time for video games, huh?”
“I’ve never played anything,” you admit sheepishly.
“No way,” he says incredulously, his eyes widening. “Well, I guess there’s a first time for everything.”
“I guess so,” you mumble, watching him grab the Playstation controller off the coffee table and lower himself onto the free space on the couch. There isn’t room for you on either side of him, and you fidget awkwardly with your hands.
Denki grins knowingly up at your doe-eyed expression.
“What are you waiting for, pretty girl?” he teases. He settles further back into the couch cushions, spreading his long legs out, before patting his lap pointedly. “Come sit,” he says playfully, holding up the Playstation controller. “I wanna play with you.”
He laughs when your cheeks go bright red at the innuendo. “Don’t worry,” he winks, blowing smoke out of his nostrils. “I’ll show you the ropes.”
Denki rests the joint between his lips, then puts his hands out towards you with a sweet smile. You accept them, let him wrangle you onto his lap facing outward. You feel your pulse at your throat as he pulls you tight against him.
He reaches both arms around your waist to rest his forearms on your thighs - below where your dress ends, where it’s just your bare skin. You look down at your lap, watch his fingers move deftly over the controller. They’re slender and long; his fingernails are painted black.
“What game is this?” you ask shakily, feeling him rest his chin on your shoulder as he clicks through the menu screen.
“Resident Evil,” he says. His breath is hot against your neck, and it sends a chill down your spine.
“Wanna try it out?”
“Um -”
“Here, hold this,” he says, handing you the controller. You accept it, wrapping your hands around it. Then you watch his hands encompass yours.
Denki moves his fingers on top of yours on the controller, explaining what each button does. He’s talking into your neck, smiling. He can smell the perfume on your neck, feel the little tremors running through your hands. You’re so nervous, and he can’t help that he’s starting to get hard with you on his lap. Especially peeking down over your shoulder, where he has a perfect view of your dress falling open to reveal your tits. It’s riding up obscenely high on your cute thighs, too.
If he had it his way, he’d slip your dress up right here on this crowded couch and bounce you up and down his dick in front of everyone.
But he knows he has to share.
“You got it?” he asks, squeezing your hands under his.
“I think so.”
“Great,” he says against your neck, releasing your hands. He reaches up to his mouth to retrieve the joint from between his lips. He takes a deep drag, blows the smoke out against your neck. You squirm a little; it makes his dick harder.
“Just try not to die, ‘kay?” he says.
You nod, then start the game.
He watches, amused, as you shakily navigate your character through a dilapidated, snowed-in village. You’re alright until shapes start to fly at you through the screen. The controller starts to vibrate; you jump. Denki laughs, rests one hand on your thigh, drags a fingertip under the bottom of your dress.
As your character is swarmed by werewolves, you struggle to remember what button does what. You try to escape, but it’s futile. And before you know it, you’re dead.
You drop the controller on the couch with a pounding heart, looking down at Denki’s hand on your leg. He gives your thigh a little squeeze.
“Man,” you say shakily, turning your head back to look up at him with wide eyes. “That was scary.”
Denki grins, amused. He takes a final drag, blows the smoke out against the side of your face.
“You’re too fucking cute, you know that?” he says.
You break eye contact, nervous.
“I can’t wait to introduce you to my friends,” he says, grabbing your stomach to steady you as he leans forward to flick the remainder of his joint onto an ass-shaped ashtray sitting on the coffee table. You feel his dick press against you before he leans back, and you stiffen under his grasp.
“What’s up?” he teases. “You okay?”
“Y-yeah,” you stammer.
“Why don’t you try again?” he asks, picking the controller up and handing it back to you.
You obey. And this time, just a fraction of a second after you’ve started the game, he brings both hands to your thighs, slipping the bottom of your dress up slightly.
“I like this dress on you,” he says, with his mouth pressed against your neck.
You take a shaky breath, struggling to control your character in even the most basic ways. “I’m so bad at this,” you say quietly.
“Nah,” he teases, pressing a little kiss to your jugular that makes you shiver. “You’re doing great.”
You’ve just died for the second time at the hands of the werewolves when you feel Denki take his face off your neck.
“Hey, guys,” he yells.
You look in the direction he’s yelling and feel your stomach drop when you see who he’s addressing. It’s a group of three guys pushing through the crowd as they come into the room. You thought Denki was big - and he is. At least six foot, you’re sure of it.
But they’re monsters. Taller than Denki, towering over the people in the crowd. Especially the last guy, who has to duck through the door frame to enter the room. He smiles sheepishly, says something that you can’t hear to the blond guy he’s with.
“I swear they’re building door frames smaller these days, man,” the big one is saying.
“No, they’re not,” his blond friend replies irritably. “You just need to lay off the steroids.”
“How does that affect his height?” snickers their other friend. “You’re just salty that Kiri’s taller than you.”
“Fuck you, string bean,” replies the blond.
“My friends are gonna love you,” Denki laughs into your ear as they approach. Your heart is racing, watching their massive figures part the crowd.
“Kiri,” he says, pointing to the big guy with the red hair and friendly face.
“Bakugou.” The angry-looking blond with the tattoo snaking up his neck. “But we call him Kat, because he hates it.”
“Sero.” The lanky, dark-haired one with the cocky grin on his face.
As they round the couch, Bakugou snaps at the people beside Denki to clear out, opening seats up on either side of you. The displaced people leave the room, retreating somewhere into the dark depths of the frat house.
And now Denki’s friends are towering over you, staring down at you like a hungry pack of wolves. Bakugou smirks down at you, then raises his beer bottle to his mouth and takes a sip. Kiri and Sero eye you out appraisingly, passing a blunt back and forth.
You fidget nervously with the bottom of your dress as their eyes graze over you. You try to pull your dress a little down your thighs so there isn’t so much skin showing, but this just ends up pulling the fabric further down your tits. Bakugou’s grin deepens.
“This is Mina’s roommate, y/n,” Denki says, squeezing your thighs. “Isn’t she sweet?”
“Super sweet,” Sero grins, blowing smoke out into your face. He’s the first one to sit, settling into the couch on your left side. His eyes wander blatantly over your chest, where your dress is hanging obscenely low.
“What did I say about starting without us, short stack?” Bakugou sneers to Denki over your shoulder. He takes another sip of his beer, then leans down to you so he’s right up in your face. You flinch and lean back against Denki’s chest to put some space between you and Bakugou. Denki chuckles.
“You didn’t tell us she was this cute,” Bakugou grins. He brings his fingers to your cheek, gives it a hard, nasty pinch. You wince.
“Aw, sensitive little bitch?” Bakugou laughs. He gives your face a light slap; Sero snorts.
“Ouch,” you say quietly. Your eyes are tearing up from the treatment; you frown.
“Don’t be such a fucking asshole,” says Kiri, shoving Bakugou roughly toward the couch. Bakugou just laughs in response, then sits down on your right side with his leg touching yours.
Kiri crouches in front of you. He’s a giant: so big that crouching brings him to eye level with you. “Hi, sweetheart,” he says, smiling sweetly. “It’s nice to meet you. How are you?”
“I’m good,” you say, trembling slightly. “It’s nice to meet you, too.”
“Are you okay?” he asks, concerned. “Is this little perv bothering you?” he jokes, jerking his head over your shoulder, toward Denki.
You shake your head quickly as Denki laughs. “I’ve been taking good care of her, big guy,” he says, bringing his arms around your waist and squeezing you close to him.
Kiri places a massive, hot hand on your knee and smiles amiably up at you. “You can tell me if he gets out of line,” he says reassuringly. “I’ll put him in his place, okay?” he smiles.
You nod. “Thank you.”
“Anytime,” he says, settling onto the ground close to your leg. “What are you up to, princess?” he asks, taking the blunt back from Sero and taking a long drag from it.
“Denki was showing me how to play Resident Evil,” you say demurely.
“It’s her first time,” says Denki, looking at his friends pointedly. “Can you believe that?”
“No way,” Sero drawls. “You popped her cherry without us?”
“Just for the game,” Denki says, smiling.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Sero laughs, handing you the Playstation controller. “You’re gonna show us what you learned, right?”
“Um… okay,” you say shakily.
They watch you navigate the village again, and you can feel them all staring at you as you keep your eyes glued to the screen.
“She’s doing great for her first time, huh?” Denki laughs against your neck.
“Yeah,” Kiri says, resting his head against your leg. “She’s doing so well.”
Even though you know what’s coming, it still startles you when the werewolves swarm your character.
You jump; a little yelp falls from your mouth. The still-vibrating controller falls from your shaking hands, bounces off your lap, and hits the carpet.
“She’s pretty jumpy, huh?” Bakugou grins at you, sipping his beer with his leg pressed up against yours. “What, are you really scared? From a little game?”
You frown. “Well, I —”
“Awww,” Sero says sarcastically. “I think you hurt her feelings. Poor little thing might cry.”
“You’re both such fucking assholes,” Kiri says. “No wonder nobody likes you.” He picks the controller up off the ground, hands it to you with a sweet, sympathetic smile.
“Thank you,” you say shyly.
“Whatever,” Bakugou says irritably. “This is boring as fuck. Let’s go play beer pong.”
Before you can argue, everyone rises to their feet. You’re dumped, standing, off of Denki’s lap. Someone’s big hands envelop your hips; another hand squeezes the back of your neck. A sneaky one gropes quickly at your ass as the four of them push you toward the table near the wall on the other side of the room.
There’s a huge mess on the table: blunt roaches, plastic cups, half-full cans everywhere. Several bottles are tipped over, leaking sticky liquid onto the tabletop.
Kiri grabs the big black bin resting against the wall and starts to sweep the mess into it. You hear the cans and bottles clattering on top of each other, the thick liquid sloshing into the bin.
Bakugou grabs a package of plastic cups off the floor and starts to set them on the tabletop in a triangle formation. Once there’s a triangle on each side of the table, he rummages through a cooler near the table and cracks open several beers, pouring them messily into the cups. Once the cans are empty, he throws them into the bin Kiri’s holding.
“Um, how do you play this?” you ask, tugging at Denki’s sleeve. “I’ve never really done something like this before.”
Denki laughs. “Of course you haven’t,” he says, pausing to bend over and grab a ping pong ball out from under the table. He brandishes it with a grin.
“So basically, you throw this ball. Try to make it into a cup in the other team’s triangle of cups. And if you make it in, they have to drink the beer out of that cup. Each team takes turns throwing. Whoever runs out of cups first loses.”
“But I don’t drink,” you croak weakly.
“There’s a first time for everything,” Sero interjects, smiling.
“Nah,” Denki says, rubbing your back reassuringly. “I’ve got you. I’ll drink for you.”
“Fuck that,” Bakugou says, from across the table. “We’ll raise the stakes, then, since you idiots are cheating. Everyone on the losing team has to take off one article of clothing.” His face twists up into a mean-spirited grin.
You gulp, fidgeting nervously with your hands. All you have on under your dress is a pair of panties. What if you lose? You look around the room with your heart racing in your chest. There are still tons of people around.
Kiri’s leaning back against the wall, taking his turn with the shared blunt. He looks at you, low-eyed. “That’s not really fair,” he argues, sparing you a sympathetic glance. “What about the lady? That’s fucked up, guys.”
“We’ll stack our team, then,” Denki shrugs to Kiri. “Three against two. Me, Sero, and y/n. Against you and Bakugou. We’ll have an extra, so there’s an advantage.”
Before you have the chance to ask how that really counts as an advantage, Kiri shrugs in agreement. And you completely miss the sly look that Denki and Sero exchange. Because neither of them has the slightest intention of letting your team win. Really, they’re all in on it, because they all want to see what kind of body you’re hiding under that slutty little dress.
The game doesn’t last very long.
For some reason, your teammates are awful at throwing. So the opposing team dominates. Bakugou and Kiri land the ball in your team’s cups every single turn and, soon enough, Denki and Sero are slurring their words and letting their curious hands grope your ass between turns.
It’s over before you know it, and your team has lost miserably.
Kiri must be on cleanup duty. He takes it upon himself to clear the plastic cups off the table again, sweeping the empty ones into the black bin that reeks of mixed alcohol.
“Go on, losers,” Bakugou says to your team with a wicked smile, downing the alcohol remaining in one of the cups.
Sero pulls his shirt off first. You gulp, try not to stare at his lean, lanky frame.
“You too, short stack,” Bakugou says to Denki.
“Fine. Pervert,” Denki slurs. He peels his shirt off, throws it to the side. You take a deep breath, eyeing out his exposed body. He catches you staring and offers you a wide, satisfied smile. He’s lean too, especially around the waist. But he’s well-built, with big shoulders and a solid V leading down into his waistband.
And the piercings: one on his belly button. Nipple piercings too. Little stick and poke tattoos scattered around his body. You avert your eyes.
“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a guy shirtless before,” Denki teases, laughing at your awestruck face. “You’re too cute.”
You’re babbling an incoherent response with burning cheeks when Bakugou points at you from across the table. “You don’t think you’re getting out of it, do you, loser?” he sneers, before downing the contents of one of the few remaining plastic cups and tossing it into the bin.
“Don’t make me come rip that fucking dress off you,” he grins, laughing when your eyes widen fearfully.
“Chill the fuck out, Kat,” Kiri says, taking a deep drag from his blunt. He’s resting back against the wall, looking at Bakugou distastefully. “You’re being a fucking ass, you know that?”
As you’re thinking about what a gentleman he is, Kiri’s picturing his friend ripping your dress off you and leaving it in shreds on the floor. He’d like to see you standing there all naked and vulnerable with your tits out. He wonders what kind of panties you’re wearing.
But he’s worked hard to curate his nice guy reputation, so he suppresses the perverted smile that’s threatening to surface on his face as he looks at your timid figure.
“I’m just enforcing the rules of the game,” Bakugou drawls.
“You know…,” starts Sero, turning to smile down at you. You feel like you’re shrinking in front of his hungry expression. “I guess it is only fair, y/n,” he laughs. “I mean, you did agree to it when we all started playing.”
“But what about all of the people in here?” you say weakly, shooting Denki a panicked look. “They’re gonna see… I’m not even wearing a bra…”
Bakugou’s grin deepens; he’s a second away from walking over there and grabbing you by the throat so he can tear the fabric off of you. And Kiri’s shifting against the wall, because his pants are getting tight from hearing your innocent voice whine in fear.
“It’s okay, cutie,” Denki says. He gestures between himself and Sero. “Look, we’re shirtless, too. Don’t even worry about it.” He smiles reassuringly. “You’re with all of us. No one’s gonna mess with you, ‘kay?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” you say shakily.
“Look,” Denki smiles, coming closer to you. He sits at the edge of the table, with his knee grazing your thigh as you stand in front of him, cowering. “You’re fine,” he says, bringing his long fingers to the bottom of your dress.
He’s getting impatient now; he’s been waiting way too long to see your cute body out of that dress.
“You’re fine,” Denki smiles, tugging your dress up slightly so it rides higher on your thighs. Sero smiles, watching the bottom of your ass pop out just slightly.
“I’ll even help you take it off, see?” Denki grins.
Kiri comes over to your side of the table now, handing the blunt off to Sero before leaning against the table to watch you curiously. His eyes flick back and forth between your face and your thighs. He can’t wait to get his big hands on you, to squeeze the fat of your thighs hard and make you yelp.
Bakugou finishes off the beer in the last remaining plastic cup, then tosses it into the trash can and comes to join the rest of his friends at your side of the table.
And now all of them are crowding around you like a ravenous pack of wolves, grinning down at you in anticipation. Your heart is going wild in your chest.
“Okay,” you agree weakly.
“Attagirl,” Denki laughs, gripping the bottom of your dress and pulling it up, further and further and further.
Denki’s friends watch intently as he pulls your dress upward. They savor every new inch of skin they see, licking their lips in anticipation like they’re going to eat you alive. And soon, they can see the apex of your cute thighs, your sweet little panties. They’re looking hard enough to see the outline of your pussy through the thin white fabric.
They can barely hold themselves back, watching Denki pull your dress off of you so slowly.
The best part of it is when Denki pulls your dress up over your tits. Their eyes go wide as they watch your tits bounce a little, coming free from the tight confines of the fabric.
Maybe if your dress weren’t obscuring your view, you’d be horrified at the predatory leers on their faces.
As Denki drops your dress to the floor, your hands shoot up to cover your chest. Your cheeks are burning with embarrassment. You’re sure the people in this crowded room are all looking right at you. But when you glance around, you find that no one but the four boys really seem to care.
It’s almost as if this is a regular occurrence here in this debauched frat house.
“Awww,” Bakugou sneers. “Look how shy she is.” He laughs when you flinch. “You’re gonna show us your tits, right?”
You look at the ground, too embarrassed to meet their eyes.
“Don’t be shy,” Sero smiles, blowing smoke in your direction. He passes the blunt to Kiri, who watches you with intent, puffy eyes. He’s waiting for another glimpse of your perfect tits, his dick throbbing hard against his pants.
“Come on, pretty girl,” Denki says sweetly. “Can we see?”
“Ah, guys,” Kiri says disapprovingly, failing to restrain the little smile pulling the corners of his mouth up. Little puffs of smoke come from his mouth and nose with each word. “This is a little fucked up, don’t you think?” he says.
But even as he says it, he’s eyeing out the way the fat of your tits spills between your fingers, and he wants to pin your weak little arms down so you can’t cover your chest up anymore. He’d like to amplify that sweet, embarrassed look you’re wearing on your face.
“Nah,” Denki smiles, wrapping his hands around your hips. “Who’s gonna bother her when we’ve got her?”
Bakugou laughs, takes a puff of Kiri’s blunt.
“You’re okay, right?” Denki asks, cradling your face sweetly.
You nod. He smiles, brings his greedy hands down to your ass and squeezes it needily before hoisting you up and turning to set you on the table. It’s sticky under your thighs, wet with spilled alcohol.
“Look, relax,” Denki says, nudging his hips in between your thighs and caging you in with a hand on either side of you. His friends tower behind him, leering down at you.
“We’ll take good care of you, cutie,” Denki says, placing his hands lightly on your thighs. He runs his thumbs over your skin lightly; you shiver. “We’ll keep you safe. ‘Kay?”
You’re still covering your chest shyly, and Denki’s sick of waiting to see your tits. He puts his hands out palm up with a sweet smile, gesturing for your hands.
“It’s alright,” he says, smiling. “We just wanna see how pretty you are.”
You nod hesitantly, then slowly take your hands off your chest and put them in Denki’s.
“That’s a good girl,” he says, looking hungrily down at your chest. You have such a nice pair of tits; he wants to pull you off the table, force you onto your knees, fuck your tits until he’s cumming all over your face.
But he has to share.
“Fuck,” Bakugou grins, reaching out to tweak one of your nipples roughly. “Why would you wanna hide these from us, baby?”
You flinch and try to pry your hands free of Denki’s to cover your chest again. But he tightens his hands around yours so you can’t get free. Bakugou laughs in your face.
You look around nervously, hoping one of the others will be nicer to you. Kiri’s finishing a can of beer. He crushes it in his big hand, then tosses it over the side of the table. You hear it clatter into the bin. Then you watch him glance down at your tits, running his tongue over his lips. He’s completely hard now, and he wants to bury his dick inside of you. He’s dying to spill all his cum in you, to see it dripping out of your pussy.
He looks up at your face, smiles sweetly.
“Why are you so nervous, huh?” Sero laughs, holding the blunt in between his lips. He adjusts his pants to give his hard dick more room. He thinks you’re a disobedient little brat, covering your tits up like that, and he wants to punish you for it.
“I don’t know,” you say shakily.
“Hey,” Denki coos sympathetically. “Why are you so worked up? Why don’t you relax, pretty girl? Can you do that for me?”
You nod. “I think so.”
“You’re so sweet,” he says, bringing a finger up to your chin. He nudges your face upward, smiling sweetly down at you. His pretty eyes are sending butterflies through your chest. He pushes a little further between your thighs, spreading them around his hips, as he brings his face to yours.
You can hear his friends snickering as Denki pushes his tongue between your lips. He grabs your ass, brings you right to the edge of the table so your legs are completely spread open around his hips. Your pussy is pushed right up against his hard, aching dick; you can feel the heat of it through the thin fabric of your panties.
He kisses you a little harder, and you reciprocate it, squeezing your hands on his shoulders.
If he had it his way, Denki would rip your panties off right now. He’d lay you out on this slick table and fuck the shit out of you in front of all his friends, just to show them all who you’ve been acting like such a little slut since you showed up at this party.
“Aw, she’s really getting into it,” Bakugou sneers. “How cute.”
You feel Denki supporting the back of your head. As he kisses you, he pushes you down until you’re laid out flat on the table, with his bare chest pressing into yours.
He pulls back, supporting himself on his left forearm with his right hand spanning across your waist. You use the chance to gasp for air, taking in your surroundings.
Denki’s friends are leaning over the table, watching you curiously as they ingest their substances. They all think you look absolutely adorable, your chest heaving as you catch your breath. And that embarrassed little expression on your face is just so cute. The best part of it is the way you squirm against Denki’s hard dick, with him pressed up against you, and your legs spread wide open. They all wish it was them between your legs. Each one of them thinks they would be the right one to give you just what you need.
Each of them wants to be the one to stretch out your tight, wet pussy for the very first time.
Denki watches your eyes dart nervously between the boys behind him. A look of embarrassment crosses your face.
“My friends think you’re so cute,” Denki says sweetly, still leaning over you. “They can watch, right? You’ll let them watch?”
“Oh… okay,” you agree demurely.
“Good girl,” Denki says.
“Does it hurt to have your head on the hard table, princess?” Kiri asks, towering over Denki’s shoulder. There’s a look of sweet concern on his face.
You nod, biting your lip.
“Poor thing,” Kiri says, frowning. “Let me help you.”
Kiri leans his big figure slightly over to pull his hoodie over his head. As soon as it comes off, your eyes widen. It’s not like you couldn’t tell he was big, especially with the way he dwarfs his friends. But maybe his sweet demeanor was preventing you from really realizing the extent of his size.
Now that he’s shirtless you can really take it in. He’s huge, so massive and cut that you’re afraid to look at him for too long. Like the just the sight of his ripped body could break you in half. You watch his arms flex as he folds his hoodie up into a little pillow for you.
“Lift your head up for me, princess,” he says, leaning over you.
You do, allowing him to slip the hoodie under your head. It’s soft, much more comfortable than the hard, sticky tabletop. And it smells deep and aromatic, just like him.
“Thank you,” you say quietly.
You’re still slack-jawed, looking up at his body. Kiri moves a little hair out of your face, then laughs softly. He’s used to girls looking at him like this: apprehensive, awestruck, sometimes even a little bit fearful. And he likes that look best on innocent faces like yours, because it makes it even more rewarding to see your eyes rolling back when he splits you open on his dick.
“What’s up, huh?” he asks, with an anticipatory smile on his face. He’s thinking about how good it’ll feel to get your little virgin pussy used to the monster he’s hiding in his pants. “You good?” he says, feigning concern.
“Y-yeah,” you croak, letting out a little gasp as you feel hands spreading your thighs open even wider.
You prop yourself up on your elbows to look down between your legs. Denki’s spreading them wide open, standing back slightly to look down at your pussy. He runs his fingers lightly over your panties. You squirm, gasping, and all of the hungry eyes on you widen greedily.
Denki runs his teasing fingers slowly over your panties, watching you gasp. He wants to take his time getting you wet. Because it’s fun to make his friends wait. He knows that they get all worked up, and he likes to be the one to tease and tease while they just sit there, watching. His dick is throbbing in his pants, sticky with precum, but it’s worth it. Because he knows that the longer he waits to fuck you, the better it’ll feel when he finally gets his dick wet.
“Um, I’ve… I’ve never done something like this before,” you stammer nervously.
As you look back and forth between the four of them fearfully, their faces twist up into nasty grins. The way your virgin body is spread out so obscenely on the sticky, dirty table is driving them crazy. So is the puffy outline of your pussy that they can just barely see through your damp white panties.
They just can’t wait to absolutely ruin you. You’re so sweet, so innocent; they can’t wait to get their dicks wet, to hear what your demure little voice sounds like moaning as you take their dicks. They want to show you what it feels like to get fucked.
They want to initiate you.
“… So you’re a virgin?” Denki asks, feigning surprise.
You nod, biting your lip. “Is that okay?”
Bakugou laughs, takes a big swig of his beer. He thinks your confused, embarrassed face is the sweetest thing he’s ever seen; he wonders what you’d look like covered in cum.
Sero blows smoke out of his nose, grinning. “Even better,” he says.
Now that they know for sure that you really are as innocent as you seem, they’re getting even more excited to fuck you. Bakugou’s dick is aching, leaking precum on his thigh. It’s been a while since he’s fucked a virgin. He’s missed the feeling of turning an innocent, timid little thing like you into a nasty, screaming slut. And that’s his favorite thing about this: being the one to fuck that frightened little expression off your face until you’re moaning on his cock.
Denki laughs, squeezing your thigh softly. He knew from the first moment he saw you.
“I didn’t think you could get any cuter,” he says.
Kiri’s still leaning close to you over the table; he has been, ever since he gave you his jacket. He strokes your hair, trying to resist the urge to pull his dick out and shove it between your slightly parted lips.
“So you’ve never had your pussy eaten, then?” Denki grins.
You wince at the dirty words, then shake your head. The boys are thinking about how adorable it is that you can’t even stand to hear the words. They can’t wait to see how embarrassed you’ll be when Denki actually puts his face between your legs. They just know your face will be priceless. Bakugou shifts, adjusting his hard dick in his pants.
“I didn’t think so,” Denki laughs.
He brings his hand to your pussy again, runs his slender fingers over the outside of your panties until you’re squirming. He’s leaning over you a little now, and he loves how your expression is changing as he teases you: the way your eyebrows are furrowed up, your innocent little mouth hanging open.
“You’re so fucking sensitive,” he smiles, brushing his fingers over your clit, watching you shiver. He looks down at the little wet spot on your panties and bites his lip. He really wants to bury his face between your legs, taste those sweet juices leaking out of you.
He wants to be the first one to eat you.
“I wanna taste you,” Denki pouts. “Can I taste you?”
“I —” you start, but pause to twitch as he gives your clit a few light slaps through your panties. “Oh my god,” you say quietly.
“I promise it’s gonna feel good,” he says sweetly.
“I don’t know,” you say nervously.
The boys are starting to get impatient. They’re all so hard, aching to fill you up with their cocks. They want to stuff every single one of your virgin holes, touch every part of you that’s never been touched before. And each of them wants to be the first to feel the tight wetness of your pussy, to stretch you out until you’re screaming.
“What if my friends help you relax first?” Denki smiles. “You want them to get you nice and relaxed before I taste you, pretty girl?”
“Yes,” you say shakily. Your eyes dart up to Kiri, who’s still stroking your hair tenderly.
“Oh, you want Kiri?” Denki says sweetly. “You like the nice guys, huh?”
Bakugou and Sero both snicker, swapping substances. They’re not surprised you want Kiri. After all, that’s his thing. He works hard to get girls comfortable, because they’d be terrified of him otherwise — especially sweet little virgins like you. So he puts on his nice guy facade, gets them used to it until they look to him for protection.
And that’s okay with them. Because neither of them have the patience to play nice. They just want to abuse you.
“Well, go on, Kiri,” Denki teases, continuing to rub at your clit lightly through your panties.
Kiri smiles sweetly down at you, then leans further toward you over the table. You’re still propped up on your elbows when he brings his face down to yours. He can feel you trembling, and for some animalistic reason, it makes him want to fuck you even more.
“It’s alright,” Kiri says softly. “We’re gonna make you feel real good. You want that, princess?”
You nod, whimpering as Denki teases you a little harder through your panties. He crouches down, places light kisses on the inside of your thighs. A shaky moan falls from your mouth, and he squeezes his dick in his pants. He wants to hear you moaning more. Louder. Until you’re screaming his name, cumming all over his tongue.
“Shit, look at you,” Kiri says. He’s devouring the expression on your face; he loves to see your eyelids fluttering, your mouth hanging open. That expression is addicting to him. He bets you’d make even cuter faces if he shoved his hard dick into you and fucked you dumb.
“Feels good, huh?” he teases.
“Yes,” you say breathily.
Denki continues to place sloppy kisses on your thighs with his fingers pressed to your panties, feeling the fabric there get wetter and wetter. Kiri’s mouth meets yours, slow and gentle. And soon, you’re moaning into it, squirming desperately against Denki’s teasing fingers.
Kiri moves his mouth down your neck, places soft, sloppy kisses on your skin. He has one massive hand wrapped around the back of your neck, supporting your head; the other is kneading your tits gently. It’s taking everything in him to keep from squeezing them so hard you cry. But that’s okay; this is the price he has to pay to win your favor. He can tell from the way you grab desperately at his hair that you’ll let him stretch your tight little pussy out.
So he’ll be patient.
“You like this, baby?” he asks against your neck, rubbing your tits gently.
“Yes,” you gasp. You’re starting to get overwhelmed by the pleasure from the two of them toying with your body. Kiri’s licking your neck and squeezing your tits, and Denki’s kissing your thighs as he teases your clit.
Kiri brings his pointer finger and his thumb to his mouth, licks them to lube them up. He uses his fingers to tweak your nipples softly.
“Fuck,” he smiles, watching you squirm under his touch. “You’re so fucking adorable.”
Bakugou and Sero are leaning against the edge of the table with amused smiles on their faces as they watch you get groped by their friends. The two of them are excited to wreck you, but it’s taking so long. Sometimes it’s tedious for them to wait while the two nice guys get girls ready.
But it’s always worth it to go in and ruin a dripping pussy. They like taking advantage of their friends’ hard work. After all, the two of them aren’t patient enough to do the teasing themselves. They’d definitely lose control, end up fucking you with no prep.
So instead, they settle for trading substances as the nice guys test their patience. They watch the show intently together, getting higher and drunker.
Denki looks with sleepy eyes at the growing wet spot on your panties, drags his fingers lazily over it, savoring the feeling of the soaked fabric.
“Aw, pretty girl,” he says. “You’re so wet for us already.”
Denki licks his lips, then presses his mouth to your wet panties. He kisses and licks your clit softly through the fabric until you’re gasping.
Kiri wraps his hand up in your hair and pulls your head a little to expose your neck. He drags his tongue up your neck to your mouth, meets your lips in another messy kiss. Denki keeps licking your cunt through the damp fabric of your panties, and it has you gasping into Kiri’s mouth between kisses. The heat of Denki’s tongue is getting you wetter and wetter.
Kiri wants to be where Denki is; he bets your pussy tastes as good as your sweet mouth, if not better. But Mr. Nice Guy is getting impatient; his dick is aching in his pants, and he’s dying for some kind of relief.
So he wants to hurry this up.
“Can my friends touch you, too?” Kiri asks against your mouth.
You nod obediently.
“You’re such a good girl,” he says, as he lays your head gently back down on his jacket.
Sero laughs, taking one final puff from the blunt before flicking the roach into the bin. “Perfect timing,” he says, smiling.
“Always takes so fucking long to get them ready,” Bakugou says as he pulls his shirt off.
As Kiri brings his hungry mouth back to yours and pushes his big tongue deep into your mouth, Bakugou and Sero cage you in on either side. They’ve been waiting so long for this, and they don’t hold back when they start groping you. You flinch with each nasty pinch, each squeeze to your thighs and tits.
Denki’s starting to lick at your clit harder, and your hips start to lift off the table as you moan into Kiri’s mouth. Bakugou grabs you by the hips, slams you roughly back down onto the table.
“I thought you were a virgin,” Bakugou taunts. “So why are you moaning like such a little whore?”
You whimper into Kiri’s mouth. He kisses you deeply, ignoring the way his friends are manhandling you. Bakugou slaps and pinches your tits until tears are rolling down the side of your face. Your mind is hazy and confused, muddled by the combination of wet pleasure and stinging pain. The area between your legs is so swollen, and Denki just keeps teasing you through your panties.
You feel Sero’s mouth latch onto your nipple. He bites you hard, and you cry out into Kiri’s mouth.
“Don’t worry,” Kiri says sweetly against your lips. “They’re just a little overeager. But you’re a big girl… you can take it, can’t you? You’ll do that for me, won’t you, sweetheart?”
“Mhm,” you say tearily, nodding your head obediently.
Kiri pulls back and looks down at you curiously, watching you flinch as Sero delivers another nasty slap to your chest. Bakugou spits onto your chest right after, rubs the slick liquid over your tits.
“Is she ready?” Denki asks his friends, with his face still between your legs. He hooks his fingers over the sides of your panties.
“Do you want us to make you feel even better, princess?” Kiri smiles down at you.
“Please,” you whimper.
“She’s ready,” he says, grinning over your body at Denki.
Your heart jumps into your throat as you feel Denki pulling your panties all the way down until he’s untangling them from your feet. Kiri’s mouth comes back down to suck at your neck.
“Fuck,” Denki murmurs. “You have such a pretty little pussy.”
You wince at the words, tangling your hands up in Kiri’s hair as he works at your neck, squirming slightly each time Bakugou and Sero get too rough with your tits. Denki starts with a little lick at your pussy. Finally feeling his hot, wet tongue on you after so much teasing has your eyes fluttering closed.
While your eyes are closed, Bakugou and Kiri exchange glances. They switch places, so Kiri’s at your side, and Bakugou’s near your head.
Your pussy is extra sensitive after all of the teasing and touching you’ve endured. So the moans flow easily from your mouth as Denki licks your pussy and eats up all the juices dripping out of your slit. He lets out a soft mm, right before turning his attention to your throbbing clit. He sucks on it, gets your back arching off the table again.
“Look at her,” Bakugou laughs nastily, watching you squirm with a smirk on his face. “All that after just one lick to her pussy.”
“I bet she’ll cum before one of us even fucks her,” Sero grins.
“Such a cute little virgin,” Bakugou sneers. “Where do you even find these girls, Denki?”
“Fuck,” Denki groans into your pussy, squeezing his dick through his pants. He’s too distracted to answer his friend’s question, too drunk on your pussy. “You taste so good,” he says breathily.
He continues to lick at your clit, enjoying the noises he’s drawing out of you: demure, quiet little moans that make his dick twitch in his pants. His friends are all leaning over you, staring down at your squirming body hungrily. You look so good when you’re feeling good like that. They’re all wishing they could be in Denki’s spot. They want to taste your tight little pussy until your juices coat their tongues.
You shudder and squirm as Denki flicks his tongue faster on your clit, your hips raising off the table again. Kiri and Sero exchange a look over your body, and then you feel their hands on your hips, slamming you back down onto the table to keep you still for Denki.
“She’s doing so fucking well for her first time, isn’t she guys?” Kiri grins at his friends over your body. “You think she’ll cum for us soon?”
“Looks like it,” Sero laughs, watching your eyes roll back with an amused smile.
“Oh my god,” you whimper, balling your hands up into fists as Denki’s tongue teases your dripping slit.
“Feels fucking good, doesn’t it?” Bakugou leers. He brings his hand to your face to scrunch up your cheeks. “Open your eyes,” he commands roughly. “Look at me.”
You force your eyes open, making a conscious effort to keep them from rolling back. The feeling of Denki’s tongue lapping at your pussy as Kiri and Sero tweak your nipples is too much, and your muscles are starting to tense up.
“Such a cute rack,” Sero says, before delivering a sharp smack to your chest. You cry out, bringing a hand up in self-defense.
“Uh uh,” Bakugou says, shaking his head.
He grabs your hands roughly and wrenches them above your head, pinning them against the table with one hand. Your eyes are blurry with tears, but you can see the smile twisting his mouth up. And now that your arms are pinned above your head, Sero slaps your tits until you’re sniffling, tears running down your cheeks.
Denki spits on your clit and delivers a slap to it. Your hips jerk upward reflexively; Kiri bars his arm over them, slamming your body back down onto the table so you can’t move again.
“Is this what you wanted, wearing that tiny little dress here?” Bakugou sneers, leaning right over you. His chain swings over your face. “You nasty little bitch,” he laughs.
“I didn’t —” you start, but you trail off as you feel Denki’s hot tongue pushing at the entrance of your pussy. Bakugou frowns; he doesn’t like that — disobedient little bitches who can’t even answer simple yes or no questions.
“Answer me, you fucking slut,” Bakugou says, slapping your cheek. He tightens his fingers around your wrist, watching you wince. “At least tell me what a little slut you are,” he spits. “Say it.”
“I’m a slut,” you answer tearily.
“That’s right,” he grins. He loves that. An innocent girl admitting just how much of a whore she is really gets his dick hard.
Denki’s eating you sloppily now, drunk off the sweet taste of your pussy. He’s fucking his tongue in and out of your tight hole, rubbing his hand over his dick through the fabric of his pants. His little moans vibrate your pussy and heighten the incredible feeling of his mouth for you.
It’s too good. You can’t take it much longer. Your muscles are tightening, and your legs are clamping hard around his head, pulling his face so hard against your pussy that he can barely even breathe. But he loves that, because he loves to know that you’re feeling good, that you want his tongue to fuck you that badly.
“Gotta keep your legs spread open, sweetheart,” Kiri says, exchanging a scheming glance with Sero.
From their places at either side of your body, each of them grabs one of your legs and holds it open. Kiri uses his free arm to keep your hips held down.
Now that you’re pinned down on the table with your legs held open, Denki has more space between your legs. He brings his fingers up, draws soft circles over your clit and licks up and down your slit until you’re gasping for air.
“Wow, you’re sensitive,” Denki laughs from between your legs. “Fuck. You’re so cute. And you taste so fucking good.”
“If she tastes that fucking good and you don’t wanna share, why don’t you give her a little more, Kami?” Sero laughs. He uses his free hand to grab Denki’s hair, shoving his face into your pussy roughly.
“Damn,” Bakugou laughs into your fucked out face. “I bet we can turn this one into a little slut for dick. Look how much the cute little bitch loves getting her pussy eaten.”
You moan, making a futile attempt to free your aching wrists from Bakugou’s hand. When Kiri and Sero bring their faces to your tits to suck your nipples, you cry out. It’s so much, and you’re so sensitive, so stimulated everywhere, that you can barely take it.
“Feels fucking good, doesn’t it?” Bakugou laughs.
You’re too busy moaning to say anything in response, and Bakugou doesn’t like that one bit. He likes his bitches responsive. Obedient.
“What, are you fucking stupid?” he sneers down at you, slapping your face. “Can’t fucking answer me?”
“I’m sorry, I — I — oh my god,” you whimper, your mouth hanging open as the tension inside of you builds higher.
“I — I —,” Bakugou mocks you nastily. “Dumb bitch can’t even talk,” he laughs.
Bakugou’s pissed off now. If you’re going to act like a stupid whore, he’s going to treat you like one. So he leans over, spits messily onto your mouth. Most of it goes inside of your mouth, landing on your tongue; the rest of it splatters over your lips.
“Be a good little slut,” he laughs into your face, slapping your cheek hard enough that your eyes tear up. “Swallow that for me.”
Obediently, you choke his hot spit down, feeling Denki speed up his pace on your clit eagerly.
“There you go,” Bakugou leers.
“It — feels so good,” you gasp. Because the boys are all going at you eagerly now. Sero’s squeezing your thigh hard as he laps messily at your tits. Kiri’s pressing messy kisses to your stomach, marking your skin with hickies so you know just who you belong to.
Bakugou brings his mouth to yours and kisses you aggressively, nipping at your lips until you taste blood. He squeezes his hands tighter around your wrists.
“It’ll feel even better when that little pervert sticks his fingers inside of you,” Bakugou grins against your mouth.
“Inside of me?” you say shakily.
“Don’t be scared,” Denki says against your thigh. “It’s gonna make everything even better, pretty girl.”
“Okay,” you say fearfully, right before Bakugou’s mouth crashes back into yours. He forces his tongue into your mouth, wraps his free hand around your throat.
Denki presses his hot fingers against the glistening entrance of your pussy as he sucks eagerly at your clit. He pushes one inside of you slowly, waiting patiently for your pussy to stretch enough to accomodate the slender length of it.
“Fuck,” Denki says. “She’s so fucking tight.”
“Shit,” Kiri laughs breathily, looking down at your pussy. “Hurry up, Kami, let the rest of us get a turn.”
“You want that?” Bakugou laughs into your mouth as Denki starts to pump his finger in and out of you. “Do you want us to take turns using your little virgin body?”
“Y-yes,” you stammer obediently.
“You take forever, Denki,” Kiri laughs.
“We’ve gotta prep her a little or we’ll break her, big guy,” Denki laughs up at Kiri. Then he looks back down at his finger moving in and out of you, savors the way the slick of your warm, wet pussy coats his long finger as he eases it knuckle deep and back out again.
“That’s the fun, right?” Bakugou says, pulling away from your mouth to look up at his friends.
“I hope you know you’re not going first this time,” Sero says snidely to Bakugou. “You got the last few.”
“Then who the fuck is?” Bakugou retorts.
“Why don’t we let her choose?” Denki says. He’s curling his finger inside of you now, grazing against the sweet spot pulls the most delicious moans out of your innocent mouth. He presses a soft kiss to your clit, then spits on his hand to lube up his fingers so he can fit another inside of you.
While the boys are arguing over who should get you first, Denki’s fingers are curling inside of you against that sweet spot just right, and your moans are getting louder and louder.
“Fuck,” Bakugou grins, watching your flushed face get more and more euphoric. “She’s gonna cum.”
“Shit, look at that,” Kiri laughs. He’s looking at your thighs, watching the way they tense and shake as Denki’s fingers stroke your g spot. Each pump and curl into your twitching pussy feels better and better, and your dripping walls are starting to clench around his fingers.
“Hoooly shit,” Sero laughs. “Already?”
Denki sees how close you’re getting, and he’s dying to taste your cum, to get it squirting out all over his fingers so he can eat it up. So he latches his mouth back onto your clit and tongues it as he fucks you with his fingers. He keeps curling them, grazing them over the tightening walls of your pussy until chills are rolling down your spine.
His friends can all hear just how wet you are. They love the messy squelching sounds your pussy makes each time Denki’s fingers move inside of you. Those noises get them so hard that it hurts. They’re all aching to fuck your body, to relieve the tension building up inside of them.
Denki loves how sensitive you are. You’re so sweet, just dripping all over his tongue, all over his fingers.
“What a good fucking girl,” Kiri grins, watching the rapid rise and fall of your chest as you get closer and closer to cumming.
You’re shuddering, your pussy leaking out onto Denki’s fingers as they stroke against your g spot and build up the tension in you even higher.
“Come on,” Bakugou says, squeezing your neck so hard that you can barely breathe. “Be a good whore for us,” he sneers. “That little perv between your legs wants to drink up all your cum.”
“Oh,” you whine, gasping for air.
“Are you gonna cum in his mouth?” Bakugou leers.
“Y-yes,” you gasp.
“Tell me what you’re gonna do,” Bakugou commands. “Use your words like a big girl.”
“I’m gonna — oh, god, I’m gonna cum,” you gasp. Denki’s tongue hits your clit one more time, and all the tension starts bursting out of you. Your hips buck upward, met by Kiri’s big arm barring you against the table.
“She’s too fucking cute, cumming so quick,” Kiri smiles, holding your hips down and forcing your legs open as your pussy contracts around Denki’s fingers.
Denki can feel every little contraction, the way your convulsing walls get even wetter. Your cum gushes out onto his fingers, and he watches your clit twitch as you groan into Bakugou’s greedy mouth.
“What did I tell you?” Sero laughs to Kiri. “Look at her little toes curling,” he teases, playing with your tits.
Denki keeps curling his fingers until you’re whining and tearing up from overstimulation. And when you’re finally all done, he puts his two fingers in his mouth and licks all the wetness off of them, feeling his hard dick twitch in his pants. He brings his tongue down to your pussy again, licks the dripping juices from your slit.
“You’re such a nasty little slut, cumming from a couple fingers in you,” Bakugou laughs into your gasping mouth. “I bet you just can’t wait to cum all over a dick, huh?”
You’re still catching your breath, and you gasp obediently, “Yes, yes, I want to.”
“Whose dick do you want first?” he grins. “Hmm?”
“Give her a second,” Kiri laughs. “Damn, can’t you see that she’s still going through the aftershocks?”
But even though he’s being a gentleman, Kiri’s just as guilty as the rest of them. They’re all hard, aching, waiting impatiently for you to choose who will be the first of them to stretch out your pretty pussy.
“So fucking what?” Bakugou says, scowling.
“You okay?” Kiri asks disingenuously, moving your hair out of your sweaty face as you catch your breath.
You nod, looking around hazily.
“So?” Sero asks, looking down at you expectantly. “Who are you gonna take first?”
“F-first?” you stammer groggily.
Sero laughs. “I mean, you can take two of us at once, if that’s more your thing,” he says sarcastically.
“Don’t be such an ass,” Kiri scolds.
“Come on, pretty girl,” Denki says, leaning over you and wiping his wet mouth on the back of his hand. Now that he’s tasted you, he wants to feel you. Your pussy is so sweet and tight; he’s dying to feel you clenching around his cock. “Who do you want first?” he asks, smiling.
Your cheeks are burning, and you’re shying away from their towering figures.
“Don’t act so innocent,” Bakugou sneers. “You’re lucky we’re even letting you pick who goes first.”
They’re all looking down at you expectantly now — even Kiri, who has a slight smile on his face. Your eyes dart around until they settle, instinctually, on the one that’s shown you the most kindness tonight.
Kiri smiles. He’s glad that you picked him. But at the same time, he feels a little guilty for what he’s about to do to you.
“Interesting,” Sero laughs.
Bakugou shrugs, smiling. “It’s your funeral, baby.”
“W-what?” you squeak.
But no one bothers to clarify. Instead, the four of them grab you, rotating you over the table so you’re laying over it width-wise and slightly diagonally. They stop moving you once your head is hanging off one edge of the table and your ass is hanging off another.
Kiri’s between your thighs now, and the other three are clustered around your upper body. You’re staring right into their crotches. You gulp. You’re upside-down, taking in the big, rigid shapes of their dicks pressing against the fabric of their pants. You feel Kiri spread your legs wider, before bringing his massive hands to the sides of your ass and squeezing it hard.
You watch, wide-eyed, as Bakugou brings his hands to unbuckle his belt. He pulls it off, folds it in half, and strikes you across the chest before dropping it to the ground. You squirm, teary eyed, but Kiri keeps you pinned in place.
Bakugou crouches, brings his face right up to yours. You wince; his face looks even more malicious upside-down. You hear another belt hit the ground, a zipper being undone.
“Why are you being such a little slut for Kiri?” Bakugou laughs into your face. “That wasn’t a very smart choice. Didn’t you notice how big he is? He might rip your poor virgin pussy apart,” he teases.
Sero laughs.
You feel Kiri’s hands tighten around your hips, pulling you closer to him until your pussy’s pressed tight against the fabric of his pants. Your stomach drops when you feel the very hard, very big shape of his dick through them. You raise your head to look fearfully up at him as he unzips his pants.
“Aw,” Kiri smiles sympathetically. “Don’t listen to him, princess. It’s okay.”
Kiri brings two big fingers to his mouth, licks them messily, then brings them to your pussy. He drags them against you first, then pushes them inside of you one by one. His fingers are so big, so thick. Bigger than Denki’s by far. You gasp as he pushes them into you. And he starts to finger you, pumping them in and out of you brutally until you’re whimpering.
“God damn, you’re wet,” he grins. “And so tight.”
“Gimme your hand, pretty girl,” says Denki.
You look upward, reaching your hand out obediently to Denki as Kiri fingerfucks you. Denki brings your hand to his crotch, presses it against the hard outline of his dick.
“You’re so cute,” Denki says, smiling down at you. “See what you do to all of us? We’re so fucking hard, just from watching you.”
“Oh,” you say fearfully, letting him rub your hand over his dick. It’s thick, hot through his pants, which are wet with his precum.
“Did it feel good to cum in my mouth earlier?” Denki smiles.
“Yes,” you say, nodding eagerly as you look up at him.
“You should thank him,” Bakugou sneers, tugging at your hair roughly.
“T-thank you,” you whimper.
“Are you gonna make us feel good, too?” Denki asks curiously.
You nod.
“You’re so sweet,” he says. “Now come on, give Sero some love too.”
You reach your other hand out obediently and grab Sero’s dick through his pants. He inhales sharply through his teeth. Bakugou just watches it all happen, amused at how you’re struggling to focus with Kiri’s big fingers fucking you.
“Shhhit,” Denki laughs breathily. “You wanna feel us for real, cutie?”
You nod obediently, watching the boys on either side of you pull their dicks out. Your mouth forms a little O as you look back and forth between them. Bakugou’s amused at the shocked look on your face. Your mouth looks so perfect hanging open like that; he’d like to shove his dick in it, make you choke and gag around him.
“She’s getting so wet,” Kiri laughs from between your legs. He pushes a third finger inside of you, impatient to stretch you out so he can get his dick all coated in the juices that are leaking out of you.
“Kiri,” you whine tearily, “your hands are so big, please.”
“You can take it,” he says. “You’re such a good girl. I know you can take it.”
As Kiri slips a fourth finger inside of your pussy, Denki and Sero guide your hands to their dicks. They’re both so slippery, so big and heavy in your palms. You gulp, wrapping your hands around them weakly.
“Come on,” says Sero disapprovingly. “Grip it.”
He wraps his hand around yours, tightening it around his dick. “You can do better than that, right? Or do I have to show you step-by-step how to stroke a dick?”
You’re trying your best to focus, but Kiri’s fingers are filling you up so well that you’re struggling to even keep your eyes open.
“Fine,” Sero says nastily, pushing your hand off his dick.
He brings his hand to your mouth and forces his fingers between your lips. He shoves four fingers far back into your mouth until you’re gagging and choking, and he only stops when his fingers are lubed up with your spit.
“Since you’re gonna be a disobedient little bitch, I’ll give you easy to follow instructions, okay?” he laughs down at you, lubing up his dick with your spit.
Bakugou snorts, grinning.
“It’s not difficult,” he leers, watching you sniffle. “Hold it tight, and stroke it,” he says, jacking off in front of you.
“Got it?”
You nod obediently, bringing your hands out to wrap them around Sero and Denki’s dicks. You follow his example, jack the two of them off messily.
“Are you ready, princess?” comes Kiri’s voice from between your legs.
“Huh?” you ask groggily, keeping your hands moving on Denki and Sero as you look up.
Your eyes widen, seeing Kiri free his dick from his pants. Your jaw drops as you watch him drop a glob of spit onto it. He jacks a hand over the massive length of it, pushing his spit all the way down to the base, and you gulp. Bakugou was right — he might rip you apart. There’s absolutely no way he’ll fit inside of you.
“It’s so big,” you say shakily.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Bakugou sneers from behind you.
“But —”
“It’s alright,” Kiri grins as he rubs the slick, precum-coated tip of his cock over your glistening cunt. “You’re gonna be a good girl for me, aren’t you?”
“It’s too big,” you choke. “I don’t think it’ll fit.”
“You just took four fingers for me,” he says sweetly. “I know you can take my dick.”
“Oka—” you start, but before you can even get the word out, Kiri’s shoving the fat head of his cock inside of you, pushing in deep without even giving you a second to adjust.
“Oh my god,” you cry, with tears rolling down your cheeks. “It’s so big, it hurts.”
Kiri looks feverishly downward, watching your tight little pussy swallowing up his aching, leaking dick. It feels so good inside of your warm, tight hole. He bites his lip, closes his eyes, feels all of your slick wetness dragging down the thick length of it as he pushes further into you. He can barely keep himself from bottoming out on the first thrust. If he really wanted to, he could shove it all the way inside right now, make you scream, bruise up your cervix.
“It’s s-so big,” you choke.
“You’re okay, right, princess?” he breathes. “You can take the whole thing for me, can’t you?”
“The whole thing?” you say in alarm.
Your neck is getting tired now, so you let your head hang off the edge of the table. Bakugou leers down at you, laughing at your shocked, pained expression. Denki and Sero grin, groping your tits, watching as you squirm and struggle to take Kiri’s dick as you stroke theirs with shaky hands.
“It’s just a little more until I’m all the way in,” Kiri grins.
“What do you mean?” you say tearily, not sure how he could possibly be any bigger than what’s filling you up right now.
Kiri answers by pushing his cock the rest of the way in. Precum gushes out of the tip, lubricates your clenching walls. He bottoms out, balls deep, the tip of his dick pushing against your cervix painfully.
“Oh, it hurts,” you say tearily.
But for some reason, the pain is so good.
“It’s too bi — oh, god,” you moan.
The boys watch hungrily, intently, as your toes start to curl and your back starts to arch.
“Fuck,” Kiri says, feeling you start to tighten around his throbbing dick. “Does my cock feel good, princess?” he groans, grabbing the base of his dick. “You’re tightening so hard around me, shit.”
“It feels so good,” you gasp. “I think I’m — I’m gonna cum,” you say tearfully as the tension inside of you starts to release.
“Shit,” Kiri breathes, feeling your pussy start to contract around him.
“Cumming again, just like that?” Bakugou laughs down at you, squeezing his hand around your throat. “What a filthy fucking slut. She’s my new favorite.”
“Fuuuck,” Kiri groans. “She’s cumming all over my dick.”
He fucks you feverishly, watches your body squirm as you cum. You’re getting so wet, gushing so much slick out on his dick, that he can’t help but slam his entire cock into you over and over again as your pussy convulses.
“Holy shit,” Denki laughs, watching your face intently. He couldn’t see your face as you came earlier because his was buried in your pussy. He thinks your innocent, sweet face looks so hot like that, with your eyes rolling back, your mouth hanging all the way open as Kiri pounds into you.
“Don’t fucking stop stroking my dick,” Sero says. “I don’t care if you’re cumming.”
You try your best to obey, moving your hands shakily as your orgasm rips through you. Bakugou leans over and brings his mouth to yours, kissing you messily, letting you gasp against his lips.
Kiri knows he should hold back a little, because you’re so tiny compared to him. But it feels too good, so he just lets himself go. He slams hard into you over and over again, making you take the entire length of his dick. He loves the way your stomach bulges out each time he pushes all the way in. And the way you clench around him, getting his cock so wet as you cum, is better than anything he’s ever felt before.
He holds your hips tight, pounds into you until you’re crying. He really doesn’t want to hurt you, but right now he’s too focused on himself. It’s been so long since he’s been able to bury his entire dick into a sweet little virgin like you, and he needs to get the whole thing wet while he can.
He keeps fucking you like this even after you’re finished cumming. He digs his big hands into your thighs, watching feverishly as you pant. He just thinks you sound so cute like that, yelping into Bakugou’s mouth each time he bottoms out.
Bakugou stops kissing you to grin up at Kiri.
“The girls always think you’ll be the nicest, Kiri,” he laughs. “You do them so fucking wrong.”
“You should really stop making the poor virgins cry,” Sero snorts.
“She’s fine,” Kiri says breathily, pulling out almost all the way. “She’s taking my dick so fucking well. Aren’t you, baby?”
“Y-yes,” you gasp tearily, right before he slams all the way into you again.
Kiri picks up his speed, fucks you hard and fast with his big hands keeping your hips pressed hard into the table. Your moans are loud, punctuated by teary sniffles. Bakugou’s grinning down at you in amusement. He wraps his hand around your throat, brings his mouth to yours again as you cry out.
“Damn,” he sneers into your mouth. “For a virgin, you sure do moan like a fucking cockslut, huh?”
He looks up at his friends. “Hey, guys,” he says. “Don’t you think she’s getting kinda loud? Maybe I should shove my dick down her throat, shut her the fuck up.”
“Aww,” says Sero, watching you stroke his long, slippery dick. “But she sounds so pretty crying like that.”
“You’re such a whore,” Bakugou laughs into your mouth. “Letting us do whatever the fuck we want to you. It’s only your first time, and you’re already a disgusting little slut, aren’t you?”
You nod tearily.
“Have you ever sucked a dick before?” he sneers.
“No, I —”
“That’s okay,” Bakugou laughs. “I’m gonna fuck your little virgin throat until you get used to the feeling of having a cock in your mouth.”
You watch, trembling, as Bakugou unzips his pants and takes out his dick. He wraps his hand around it, jacks himself off a few times as he watches Kiri fuck you. Your heart is racing; you have no idea how his dick is supposed to fit in your throat. He’s way too big.
But Bakugou’s going to make it fit. He grips your face, smacks your cheeks with his dick until you’re tearing up.
“Open your fucking mouth,” he says sharply.
You obey, and he pins you down on the table by your throat, with your head just hanging off the edge.
“Stick your tongue out,” he commands.
You do, watching him grip his dick, squeeze it from base to tip until a glob of precum is dripping out of it. He rubs it on your tongue, shuddering.
“How’s it taste?” he laughs.
“S-so good,” you groan submissively, as Kiri bottoms out again.
Bakugou laughs, then shoves his dick in your mouth without warning, prodding at the back of your throat until it gives for him. You’re choking and coughing around the sudden intrusion, struggling to breathe. You try to free your hands to push him back and out of your mouth so you can take a breath, but Denki and Sero pull your hands back and wrap their fists around yours, forcing you to grip their dicks tightly.
Bakugou fucks your throat hard, holding your neck down against the table. He shoves his dick all the way in, fucks your throat raw until you’re gagging and crying. He looks down, watches you squirm as he thrusts his spit-coated cock in and out of your mouth. And each time he bottoms out, his balls slap your cute little face.
He loves seeing virgins like this: messy, disgusting, and absolutely humiliated.
“Fuck,” you hear Kiri groan as his hips start to move erratically. “I’m about to cum.”
“Wow, you usually last a little longer, huh, big guy?” Denki laughs.
“It’s too fucking good,” Kiri says feverishly. “I’m gonna — fuck — fill her pussy up.”
Kiri thrusts into you hard, and it pushes you back onto Bakugou’s dick. You choke, gagging as his precum coats the ridges of your throat.
“I wonder if she’d mind you shooting your cum in her,” Bakugou laughs, tightening his hand around your throat, feeling his dick move in and out of it.
“Shit, I wanna fill her up so bad,” Kiri groans, tightening his grip on your hips hard enough to bruise.
“Too bad we can’t ask her opinion, right?” Bakugou laughs. “It looks like she’s too busy gagging on my dick like a whore.”
The words have your core tightening; your back starts to arch again.
“It’s gonna feel so good to have my cum fill your pussy, princess, I promise,” Kiri groans. “Maybe we’ll even get you pregnant, keep you here with us so you can be our good little fucktoy forever.”
Your pussy tightens harder, and you’re moaning around Bakugou’s dick, your toes twitching.
“Shiiit, she likes that?” Denki breathes, moving your hand quickly over his dick. He flicks your tits, watches hungrily as your body tenses up. “What a little freak.”
“Maybe we won’t have to give her the plan B after all,” Sero laughs.
Your pussy keeps tightening, getting wetter and wetter, dripping onto Kiri’s dick as he fucks you.
“Man, it was so easy to turn you into a whore for dick,” Bakugou sneers as he continues to thrust into your bruised throat. You’re gasping for air, your nose running, your jaw aching, and it’s all so good.
Finally, the tension building inside of you reaches a head, and your pussy starts to twitch around Kiri’s dick.
“Shit, she’s cumming on me again,” Kiri groans. “Holy fuck, it’s so wet… I can’t hold it anymore… oh, shit,” he gasps.
He leans forward, shuddering, as he presses his big fingers hard into your thighs. His balls tighten up right before the cum goes shooting through his twitching dick. He lets it out inside of your contracting pussy, shoots his entire load deep inside of you.
“Fuck,” Bakugou groans. The moans you’re choking out are vibrating your throat around his dick. He’s picking up his rhythm, spurred on by your pathetic choking and crying. The tension inside of him is rising, too, and watching you squirm helplessly around Kiri’s twitching cock is doing it for him. He thrusts a few more times into your wet mouth, then buries his entire dick deep balls deep in your throat, shooting his cum out there.
He pulls out before he’s done, stuffs his balls inside your mouth, and jacks the rest of his load onto your chest. Your tits are coated in white now, heaving as you try to catch your breath.
Kiri’s leaning over to kiss your thighs, watching big globs of his thick cum drip out of your pussy and onto the floor.
“You’re so full, princess,” he says, shoving his fingers inside of you to push his cum even deeper. He’s already getting hard again, looking at how full he got you.
But he knows that he has to be nice and share with his friends.
You’re limp from your third orgasm, eyelids fluttering as Denki and Sero continue to jerk your hands over their slippery dicks, swearing under their breath. Bakugou wipes the rest of the cum off his dick, then smears it on the side of your face.
“Wake up, brat,” he says nastily, leaning over into your face. “You’re not fucking done.”
You blink the grogginess out of your eyes, watching Bakugou pull his pants up and rise to his full height.
“Where’s your stash at, Kami?” Bakugou demands, sweat beading and dripping down his chest.
“Shirt pocket,” Denki answers distractedly, jacking your hand over his leaking dick. “Lighter too.”
Bakugou retrieves a pre-rolled joint and a lighter from Denki’s shirt, handing it to Kiri. He grabs a can of beer off the floor and cracks it open. And the two of them lean back against the wall, catching their breath and swapping substances.
They’re both watching the show with mild amusement. The two of them have the most stamina of the four, and they could go again if they wanted, but they have to give their friends a turn. That’s part of the arrangement.
Bakugou snorts as he watches you. You’re clearly tired, struggling to move your burning arms enough to jack Denki and Sero off. He thinks it’s pathetic.
“Don’t get lazy, baby,” Denki pouts. “You better do a good job, or Sero’s gonna want to punish you.”
“Uh oh,” grins Bakugou.
Sero looks up at Denki, jerks his head toward the couch. You’re a lazy, disobedient little bitch, and you haven’t been giving him or Denki nearly enough attention.
“No way,” laughs Denki to Sero. “You’re so fucked up, dude.”
“Damn, you guys are ruthless,” Kiri says, blowing smoke out of his nose with a slight smile.
Bakugou already knows where this is going. So he goes ahead to clear the crowd off the couch, prepping the space for his friends.
You cry out in surprise as Sero hoists you over his shoulder. He delivers a hard smack to your ass, feels you squirm. When you look up, you see Denki and Kiri following, passing the joint between themselves.
Sero sits on the couch, wrangling you onto his lap so that you’re straddling him. Denki settles in right next to the two of you, with his leg pressed up against yours. You gulp, looking back and forth between the two of them.
“What are we doing?” you ask fearfully.
Kiri and Bakugou settle into the couch nearby, watching the events unfold curiously.
“You’ll see,” grins Denki.
Sero brings his mouth to your ear, using both hands to knead your ass. “How many times did we have to correct you back there?” he asks, nipping at your earlobe.
“I’m not sure,” you stammer. “A lot?”
Bakugou snickers.
“Yeah,” he laughs. “A lot.”
“I’m s-sorry,” you stammer quietly.
“See, we have to punish you now,” he pouts, kissing your ear. “I guess you shouldn’t have been so lazy.”
You look fearfully over at Denki, but he’s just smirking at you.
“Punish?” you croak.
“I think Kiri and Kat punished your poor little pussy and mouth enough,” Sero laughs, nipping at your ear. “But there’s another place they didn’t even touch, right?”
He brings both hands down hard on your ass, grins when you yelp at the stinging contact. He spreads your ass cheeks out, runs a finger over your tight hole.
“I bet your little virgin ass is so tight,” he laughs. “What do you think, Kami?”
“Oh, I’m sure it is,” he agrees, smiling.
“Since you wanna be a disobedient, lazy bitch, you’re gonna find out how it feels to take a cock up your ass,” Sero laughs into your neck, gripping your ass hard.
“Damn,” Bakugou says, sipping his beer. “I guess she’ll be getting all her firsts today.”
“Yeah,” Kiri smiles, blowing smoke out as he stares at your ass. “Brutal.”
You squirm in Sero’s lap. He pulls back to look at you curiously, wrapping a big hand around your throat. He can feel your pulse racing, and it makes his dick twitch.
“Your heart is beating so fast,” he says. “Are you scared?”
You nod.
“Aw,” he pouts. “Come here, gimme a kiss.”
Sero pulls you to his mouth by the neck. He parts your lips with his softly, before meeting your tongue with his. He kisses you for a while, just enjoying the way you grind needily on his lap.
“Don’t forget about Kami,” he says, pulling back slightly. “He treated you so nice earlier… you wouldn’t want to ignore him, right?”
You nod obediently, then let Sero wrap his hand around your neck again to direct your face toward Denki’s mouth. You kiss Denki, listening to the messy sound of his fist moving over his dick.
“Can you stroke it for me?” Denki asks sweetly, pulling back from your face momentarily.
Obediently, you wrap your hand around his cock and pump your hand up and down the slick length of it until he’s gasping softly. And at the same time, you grind downward on Sero’s lab, rubbing yourself over his hard dick.
“Open up for me,” Sero says.
You pull back from Denki’s face and open your mouth for him. He dips four long fingers into your throat until you’re gagging, and only pulls them back when they’re coated in your slippery spit.
Then Denki pulls your face back to his hungrily, kissing you hard as you stroke his dick and grind on Sero’s lap.
You feel Sero’s hands spread your ass out, then his fingers teasing at your tight hole. You whimper into Denki’s mouth, let him rough up your tits as Sero teases you.
Sero plays with your ass until he can slip a finger in; it goes deeper and deeper, until you’re gasping against Denki’s lips. Sero brings his fingers to your wet pussy, drags the slick of your juices up from your slit to your ass to lube up his fingers as he tries to fit two into your tiny little hole.
“Fuck, you’re tight,” Sero says through his teeth.
Denki groans into your mouth as you hit a particularly good spot on his dick. He’s so sensitive, so slick. He’s just aching for you, because he’s been waiting patiently for his turn to fuck you. He can’t wait to get inside of you.
You cry out when Sero buries his two fingers up to the knuckle inside your ass. Denki’s still groaning into your mouth at the same time, using his hands to squeeze your tits needily. Straddling Sero’s lap, you can feel the way he’s getting harder off watching you swap spit with Denki as his fingers stretch your ass out.
“Do you want another finger in your ass?” Sero asks, bringing his mouth to your throat.
You nod, mumbling an affirmation.
“Come here,” Sero says, “tell me.”
You bring your mouth to Sero’s and let Denki take his turn kissing your neck.
“Yes, I want another,” you say obediently.
So he gives you a third, squeezing it in beside the other two. Your ass is so tight around his fingers, impossibly tight.
“How does it feel?” he asks against your lips.
“It’s — oh, it feels weird,” you gasp as he buries his three fingers deep in your ass.
He smiles against your mouth, feeling his dick twitch. Because this is nothing compared to what he’s about to stuff  you with.
Sero’s getting tired of prepping you; he’s just dying to relieve his aching dick in your tight ass. And Denki’s getting impatient, too — Sero can tell from the sloppy way he’s kissing your neck. Sero takes his fingers out of your ass suddenly, flips you around on his lap. He presses his hard dick against your ass, rubs the tip of it against your tight hole.
You can hear the messy, slippery sounds of Denki’s hand fisting his cock. He watches intently as Sero nudges the head of his dick against your ass. Denki thinks he might die from waiting for so long. He can’t believe his friends are getting to fuck you before he does.
“Oh, fuck,” Sero says, slipping the head of his dick in your ass. He relishes the submissive whimpers falling from your lips as he does. “It’s so fucking tight,” he groans.
“It hurts,” you say weakly.
“You gotta relax,” Sero says through his teeth, “unless you want it to hurt.”
He presses sloppy kisses to the back of your neck as he nudges more of his dick inside of you. Your ass is so tight, squeezing all the precum out of his dick. It lubes up your insides, lets him slip a little further inside. He lets out a groan.
Finally, he feels you relax a little. He feels the tight muscle give, just the smallest amount. He takes the opportunity to shove his dick deeper inside of you, moaning as he does.
You’re squeezing him so fucking tight. He’s never felt something clench around his dick this hard; he could cum just from the pressure of you squeezing him like this. He could pump all of his hot, sticky seed into you right now, if he wanted to.
But he wants to fuck your tight ass a little first.
When you’re finally able to sink almost all the way down on Sero’s long dick, Denki rises from the couch. He crouches in front of your spread legs, watching your ass swallow up Sero’s cock. You sink lower and lower until, finally, it’s all the way in. Denki rubs your clit, looks up at you from between your legs as your eyes roll back.
“Spread her out more,” Denki says. “Lean her back for me.”
Sero does, giving you a second to adjust to the full length of his dick inside of your ass. Denki brings his face right up to your pussy, watches the thick, creamy cum still leaking out of it from when Kiri came inside of you.
“Damn,” he grins, “you’re a mess. Do you want me to clean that cum up for you, pretty girl?”
“Please,” you whimper.
You watch, wide-eyed, as Denki brings his tongue to your pussy, licking the dripping cum out of you.
“You’re fucking sick, dude,” Bakugou laughs from the couch, adjusting his hard dick in his pants. Kiri just smiles as he smokes. He knows Denki is the most depraved of all of them; he’s not surprised by anything he does anymore.
“What?” Denki asks, grinning. He sticks two fingers inside of you, then drags Kiri’s cum out of you. He looks at his cum-coated fingers, then licks the white liquid off of them.
As Denki stands, Sero holds your legs up and spreads them a little wider.
“Are you gonna share with me?” Denki grins over your shoulder.
“Fine,” Sero laughs.
Denki plants his hand on the couch cushion behind your head, guiding his thick dick to the entrance of your puffy cunt. It takes him a second to slip inside. With Sero already stuffing your ass, it’s unbelievably tight in your pussy.
Denki thrusts in deep, and when he pulls his dick back out, it’s coated in Kiri’s cum. And soon, more precum is leaking out of Sero’s dick, and he’s gliding in and out of your ass easily, pushing all the way in and back out.
The two of them fuck you just like this: Sero holding your legs back and open, bottoming out in your ass and getting you so full while Denki slams into your pussy. You can feel them both moving at once inside of you, hear their soft moans in your ears. You’re too full; each time the two of them bottom out at once, you squirm. But with Sero’s hands securing your legs, you can’t really move. Really, you can’t do much but get pounded by both of them at the same time.
You watch hazily, still getting fucked in the ass, as Denki pulls his dick out. He looks down, runs his hand across the length of his dick, until his palm is coated with Kiri’s load. Denki looks at you, then grins as he licks the cum off his hand.
And then he leans down to kiss you, pushing his tongue into your mouth as he guides his dick to your pussy again and starts to thrust inside. You can taste Kiri’s cum coating his tongue as he fucks you. And you feel your pussy tightening up, your muscles tensing as the two of them use both of your holes at once.
Your toes are already starting to curl, and then they both hit a perfect spot inside of you at the same time. Your head drops back onto Sero’s shoulder. They can both tell you’re almost there.
“Are you gonna cum on my dick?” Sero asks.
“Yes, I’m gonna cum,” you whine.
Denki brings his hand to your clit again, rubs it as he fucks you until he feels you getting impossibly tight. The both of them shudder at the sensation, and then your pussy and ass contract hard around them. They fuck you through your orgasm, struggling to hold back their own.
“Shit,” Sero says through his teeth.
He digs his fingers into your spread thighs, feels the tension inside of him boiling over as your ass twitches on his dick. He can’t hold it, so he thrusts into you several times, buries his dick deep in your ass, right before his cum shoots out and coats your insides.
“Holy fuck,” Denki says, pulling out.
Sero lifts you up off of his dick, and the two of them watch the cum drip out of your gaping, twitching ass onto Sero’s lap.
Kiri smiles and hands his blunt to Bakugou, before rising off the couch. You can barely process anything; your mind is still dazed. But you can see how hard he is, and you’re still struggling to catch your breath, thinking that he can’t possibly —
“You ready to go again, big boy?” Denki laughs.
“Give her to me,” Kiri grins to Sero.
Sero hands you off, and you feel Kiri’s big arms enveloping you. He sits on the couch underneath you, moving you on his lap easily, like you’re a toy. As you’re still coming down from your orgasm, he hovers you over his massive dick, with Sero’s cum still leaking out of your ass and dripping onto his lap.
“You okay, princess?” he teases into your ear.
You nod groggily.
“Mm,” he smiles. “You want some more cum in you?”
“Yes,” you say obediently.
“Good,” he laughs. “Because we’re gonna breed you, baby.”
Kiri sits you down on his big dick, shoving the entire thing into your pussy at once, sinking you all the way down to the base. He lifts your legs up and moves them back until he has them behind your head, over his forearms, with his palms resting on the back of your head.
Now that he has you folded in half, with your head tilted downward, you can see the bulge in your stomach from Kiri’s dick stuffing you so full.
“Shit,” Denki says, jerking his slippery, lubed-up dick as looks at your stomach. And then he lowers himself to you again, sticks his dick inside of your pussy above Kiri’s.
You gasp, looking down at the both of them moving in you at once. They’re both so thick. You can’t believe they can both fit inside of your cunt. And it feels like they can’t, feels like they might rip you apart at any moment.
Denki fucks you quickly. He can’t last much longer; it feels so good, so tight inside your pussy. Each time his cock rubs up against your tight, wet walls, he gets closer and closer.
“You’re gonna take so much cum in you today, baby,” Kiri says from behind you. “Do you like being so fucking full of it?”
“Yes,” you gasp.
“That’s a good fucking girl,” he says.
“I’m cumming,” Denki groans, speeding up his pace as his dick starts to twitch inside of you.
He keeps fucking into you as he cums, shooting the hot, sticky wetness of it deep inside of you.
Kiri picks up his pace. He groans, because the feeling of Denki’s hot cum coating his cock as he fucks you is too good. It’s so wet, so messy inside of you as Denki’s cum mixes with Kiri’s first big load. You’re so full that the cum is leaking out of you and dripping down their dicks.
Denki brings his hand to your throat as he catches his breath. He chokes you lightly, kisses you with his dick still inside of you.
Now that Denki’s filled you up, it’s Kiri’s turn again. So he plants his feet on the ground, tightens his grip on you so you’re folded even tighter in half. He slams up into your pussy hard, over and over again. Cum gushes out of your pussy and onto his lap as he thrusts in and out of you. He loves the way you’re whining and crying into Denki’s mouth as his dick abuses you. He can hear your moans heightening in that familiar way, can even feel your ruined pussy trying to tighten around his cock.
“Are you gonna cum for us again, baby?” Kiri asks.
“Ye-e-s,” you groan, as he slams into you.
“Come on, give it to me,” he says sweetly.
Denki pulls away from your mouth and chokes you, watching you start to squirm, teary-eyed, as you cum again, your pussy contracting on both of their dicks. The sight of you falling apart on their dicks, combined with the hot, wet mess coating his cock is making him hard again.
“Mm… fuck,” says Kiri through gritted teeth. Each time your ass contracts he can feel a little bit of Sero’s cum gushing out onto his lap. Your moans are killing him, and he needs to pump another load into your cute body.
So he slams up harder into your twitching cunt, feels his balls tighten right before he blows another big, hot load in your pussy. He groans softly, drains himself inside you until there’s nothing left.
You’re so full now that the cum is just dripping out of you, white beads rolling down the shafts of their dicks.
Denki pulls out, plopping onto the couch next to you with a heaving chest. At the same time, Bakugou rises from the couch. He hands Denki the blunt before finishing off the beer in the can he’s holding. He crushes it, tosses the can onto the ground.
Kiri’s still fucking you slowly with his hard dick, using his massive hands to rub your tits gingerly. He presses a gentle kiss to your cheek as you catch your breath.
“My turn,” Bakugou grins down at you. You look hazily upward as Kiri lifts you up, handing you off to his friend.
The contrast between the two of them is apparent as soon as Kiri’s hands leave your body. Bakugou flips you over roughly so you’re on your knees, then grabs your hair and slams your face forcefully into the couch cushions.
Bakugou can see the cum in your pussy leaking out onto your thighs and dripping onto the couch. He loves this. You were so innocent before you met the four of them. And now look at you. You’re disgusting: face shoved in the couch cushions, sniffling, with cum dripping out of your ruined pussy and ass.
“God, you’re a fucking mess,” he says, slapping your ass hard until you’re shaking and crying into the couch.
Once he’s had his fill of abusing you, Bakugou shoves his dick into your ass with no prep. You cry out, but it’s muffled by the couch cushions he has your face shoved into.
“Still so fucking tight,” he says, pounding into your ass. He pulls your hair back hard as he fucks you, watches you squirm and cry. The other boys share drinks, watching him fuck you intently.
You’re struggling to take his dick, but Bakugou doesn’t really care. He just keeps fucking you balls deep, regardless of your panting and twitching. His dick is lubed up by Sero’s cum, and it feels good — wet and tight inside of you. So he doesn’t really care how you’re feeling, or if you’re comfortable.
“Arch your fucking back, take it deeper,” he leers down at you, pushing your back down with his free hand as he shoves your face so deep in the cushions that you can barely even breathe.
You arch your back as much as you can, feel him hit deep inside.
“That’s right,” he snarls. “Be a good fucking cumslut, show me how much you like to take a cock.”
You whimper demurely. Bakugou continues to fuck your ass as his friends jerk their hands over their cum-coated dicks. The way you’re taking his dick so deep in your ass, bearing the nasty abuse he’s giving you with tears rolling down your cheeks, has them all so hard again.
“You want more cum? You want it all over your pretty little face?” he sneers, grabbing you by the cheeks, forcing you to look back at him.
You nod tearily. “Yes, please,” you say.
He pulls out, then grabs a handful of your hair. You whine, clutching at your scalp as he drags you off the couch by the hair.
“Get on your knees, you filthy bitch,” he says.
You obey, sniffling, and the four boys crowd around you, stroking their dicks right into your face.
“What do you want from us?” Bakugou grins nastily down at you.
“I — I want your cum,” you stammer.
“Why don’t you ask us nicely?” Bakugou asks, slapping your face with his dick.
“Can I have your cum, please?” you ask tearily.
Your sweet, pleading face does it for Kiri first. He grabs your hair, fisting his big, thick dick quickly with his free hand.
“You’ve been such a good girl for us, taking so much cum,” he says breathily, as he jacks off into your face. “Let me give you some more.”
He groans, and you flinch as the first hot spurt lands right in your eye. He keeps stroking his cock until your cheeks and mouth are coated in his gooey cum, and then he’s stepping backward, collapsing onto the couch.
Denki cums right afterward, shooting his cum onto your chin, onto your neck, inhaling sharply through his teeth as he finishes.
Sero starts cumming before Denki’s even done, stroking his cum out onto your tits, until it’s coating your chest and dripping onto your nipples.
As his friends plop, exhausted, onto the couch, Bakugou grips your hair and leers down at your hazy, cum-coated face.
“Fuck, you look so fucking nasty. Open your fucking mouth for me,” he says. “Stick your tongue out.”
You obey, with drops of Kiri’s cum dripping from your lips onto your tongue as Bakugou jacks off between your lips. He lets out a soft moan, then shoots his load into your open, waiting mouth. The liquid hits the back of your throat, makes you cough. Bakugou thrusts without warning into your mouth several times as he finishes, pumping his cum into your throat.
When he pulls out, you cough tearily, resting your hands on your knees. You’re exhausted, shaky, with cum all over your face, neck, and chest. There’s some burning your eye, and some drying in your hair.
“Hey,” Bakugou laughs down at you. He points at his grinning face. “You have a little something right here.”
You shut the light off in the unfamiliar bathroom with a sigh. You’ve gotten all of the cum out of your hair and off your face, but your eye is still red and burning.
Mina’s waiting for you against the wall opposite the bathroom door, smoking a cigarette.
“So,” she says, smiling knowingly.
“So?” you ask, rolling your eyes. You pluck the cigarette out of her hand, take a deep drag and exhale slowly.
“So, did they fall for your little innocent act?”
“Of course they did,” you smile, tapping ash on the sticky floor before handing the cigarette back to her. “Frat boys are too fucking easy.”
She laughs. “Especially the virgin hunters, right?”
“Mhm,” you say. “Did you get my video?”
“Yup,” she responds brightly. “Set the camera up right where you asked me and everything.”
“Perfect,” you say, studying your nails. “That was another one for the books.”
“Uh huh,” she laughs, looping her arm through yours. She looks over at you with a knowing smile.
“You’re not gonna call in sick for your internship tomorrow, are you?” she laughs.
“Of course not. Now let’s get going.”
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Tumblr media
so i’ve decided to make the twt links their own masterlist :)
↳ if some of the links don’t work, please keep in mind that twt does suspend accounts from time to time
izuku midoriya [38]
(sub) izuku midoriya [10]
katsuki bakugou [13]
sero hanta [6]
eijirou kirishima [13]
tenya iida [9]
shoto todoroki [20]
denki kaminari [12]
mezo shoji [5]
neito monoma [7]
hitoshi shinsou [13]
aoyama yuuga [7]
(sub) tamaki amajiki [10]
(dom) tamaki amajiki [6]
dabi [15]
tomura shigaraki [17]
keigo takami [12]
shota aizawa [8]
mirko [9]
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ৎ୭ synopsis. kirishima hates the way his friends talk about his step-sister— he knows that you’re hot, knows that you’re filthy, but only he gets to see the dirty sides of you and his friends will just have to sit this one out.
ৎ୭ wc. 4174.
ৎ୭ genre. mdni, 18+, smut, dark content, college!au.
ৎ୭ cw. please read ! heavy smut, characters aged up to twenties, fem + switch!reader, step brother!kirishima, humiliation!kink, slight!impact play, consensual non-consent, step-cest, overstimulation, dom-sub relationships, handjobs, forced orgasm, tummy bulges, voyeurism, unprotected sex. not proof read, beware of errors.
ৎ୭ author’s note. happy friday everyone, i hope you had a great week! welcome to my second kinktober installment! this time ‘m providing some good ol eijirou content and i love the dialogue in this, enjoy my loves!
ৎ୭ now playing. naked - doja cat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
in the last of the september heat, bleeding into the october months— the aircon in sero’s car does nothing to combat the heavy humid air outside. kirishima wipes his brow, barely suppressing giggles as he listens along to one of bakugou’s stories from their trip to the mall, something about denki fucking up his flirting with the girl from the smoothie bar— the entire plot’s barely heard over the boys’ obnoxious laugher and the running of the engine as sero keeps them parked in the driveway to the red head’s house.
“it’s not like you’re any better kacchan,” the electric blonde cries, tired from catching heat from his friends— being the one they point at for shits and giggles. kaminari accusingly points his fingers to his explosive companion buckled in, to his right, bakugou having stopped slurping on his smoothie, straw caught between his pointed teeth.
the ashier blonde raises a brow, the other boys in the front seats going silent. “hah? whatcha talkin’ about shitstick?” bakugou growls, turning his nose up.
“you couldn’t even tell that the goth kid, yanno izuku? was practically drooling over you at the checkout in hot topic— you two have been going at it for months!” kaminari snaps back, flinching away when bakugou threatens to throw his hands around the latter’s neck. the car erupts into body-shaking laughter once more, the jeep belonging to sero, rattling from how rowdy it gets.
however it quietens down considerably when the man in question lets out a low whistle. the boys all turn their heads to get a glimpse at what the hanta had been catcalling; kirishima included. in that moment, you could have compared the four of them to dogs after water on a hot day— four sets of eyes bulging out of skulls at the sight of you walking over the driveway with your step-dad’s dog on a tight leash. in the heat of the sun blaring above, kirishima can’t help but notice how you’ve stripped down to basically nothing— breasts spilling over your tight pink tank top and shorts cut so high that your fleshy cheeks peek out of the bottom of the fabric with every step you take. your skin shines like rare diamonds and gems in the sunlight— glowing from it’s golden rays with gentle perspiration.
you’re his step-sister, a walking fucking sin, and eijirou kirishima can’t tell if that makes you angel from up above or an succubus right from down below.
“hi miss yn,” the squad of boys call in chorus, sleazy gazes darting over your form as you head up to the front door in a light jog to keep up with your kirishima’s dad’s pup. it’s a tiny thing that’s faster than it looks, barking like nobody’s business to get inside for some cool shade.
you pass the car, only turning back to wink at your step-brother’s little friends— deciding to play into their antics as you bite your glossed lip between your teeth, waving back at them while you unlock the door for the dog. “hiya boys,” you coo almost sickly sweetly, batting your eyelashes as the pack of boys stare at you with puppy love struck eyes. “been good today? looked after my eiji for me?”
“yes ma’am!” denki shouts from his seat, although he’s half out of the window—chest heaving and dick pulsing from just how fucking sweet you are. once he slips back inside, he turns to kirishima in the front seat. “god, i know i say this every time we swing round but...dude, your sister’s hot.”
the heavy emphasis on hot makes the red head groan, turning back into his seat with flushed skin and his lip between his pointed teeth. it’s not that kirishima didn’t know you were hot, god only knew how hard he tried to put up with your heavenly level of attractiveness everyday— no, it’s just that your family relationship made things complicated. you were everything a guy could want in a girl, good with parents, good grades in your senior year at college and even better career prospects, not to mention your looks crafted by the gods. you were exactly kirishima’s type, the only thing stopping him from going after you was the dinner your mother hosted one friday night— announcing her engagement to his dad.
becoming your little step-brother only meant you were off limits to kirishima. he could only watch you from afar, think about you in his dreams— whisper your name into freshly washed sheets from your mom every time he fucked his cock the memory of your breasts squished together while you leaned over the table at dinner.
it was living hell for eijirou.
“fuck…” bakugou swears hoarsely, watching the curve of your ass intently as you reach down to pick up your step-dad’s excited puppy— pulling poor eijirou from his train of thought. “yanno, if that was my sister she’d never fucking get off my cock. dunno how you haven’t fucked her yet.”
instantly, the blushing redhead turns around, eyes flaming as bright as his cheeks as he chucks a bunch of napkins from the glove compartment at his friend. “shut up, she’ll hear you,” kirishima whines through the horny hoots of his friendship group, desperately trying to shut them up. “she’s not even my real sister, she’s my step-sister! m-my dad married her mom! t-there’s a difference! so stop making it weird!” he cries out.
sero speaks next, eyes hooded and sleazy as he watches you too. “that’s even better buddy! it’d totally be less weird if you’d stuck it up her ass then…” he pauses, taking his sunglasses between his teeth as if he’s imaging bending you over and fucking you hard. “you think she’d like that man? let me put it up her juicy, fat ass? good god.” the car erupts with howling and barking noises— four horny basterds thinking of all the ways to ruin kirishima’s older step sister.
“guys!” eijirou begs, pleads whatever upper power there is that you don’t hear how his friends talk about you, shame burning beneath his skin. “shut the fuck up, that’s my step-sister! you’re being fucking weird, immature even.”
kaminari cuts in next. “ah, ah ahhh— step sister, remember? you’re not even blood related!” he leans forward to jab a finger between kirishima’s eyes. “so you can’t get mad at me for wanting to fuck yn like the dirty slut i know she is—“
hands slam down harshly on the dashboard, making all three of kirishima’s friends jump and pull their eyes away from your bouncing breasts and the soft globes of your bottom. “stop it,” he scolds, red eyes glaring at the three other pairs. “you guys are bein’ fucking disgusting. yn is my step-fucking-sister, some chick living in my house ‘cause my dad married her mom. she’s not even hot, she’s probably more annoying that she is attractive. i’ll never see her that way. so just shut up!” eijirou finishes with a curse, jumping out of the car without another word and storming into the house after you— knowing his friends would follow.
he’d rendered them silent for the time being, without a clue that you’d been listening in— which would only make poor eijirou kirishima wish you hadn’t.
Tumblr media
kirishima feels his back hit the fridge door before he sees you coming— a shocked whimper laying flat on the seam of his lips.
sero, bakugou and kaminari had long snuck upstairs, apologising to their friend by letting him pick whatever stupid game he wanted to play on the switch next. he’d only headed downstairs to grab a couple snacks for the rowdy bunch thudding around in his room when you’d cornered kirishima in the kitchen— ready to teach him a lesson.
“oh? so all of this finds me annoying, right?” your eyes are menacing, holding a darker form of lust than the redhead is usual as your smaller-than-his hands force their way down eijirou’s loose fitting basketball shorts. you grip the base of his hardening cock, squeezing it tight to make your poor step-brother choke on a moan. “i’m just your step sister, eiji? how disappointing.”
soft fingers slide up and down eijirou’s fat girth—pressing on the sensitive forked vein on his underside in a way that makes him shudder, tip already leaking an embarrassing amount for someone who’s only just been touched. “t-thats not true, i only want you, always want you—fuck, yn wait...” he whimpers, ruby gem eyes locked away as he hisses through sharp gritted teeth. but there was truth to his words, the only person he’d ever craved like this, with the insatiable burning deep in his chest— pumping diaphragm sending smoke up into his lungs— was you. ever since you’d caught kirishima jerking off to the lewd pictures he’d sneakily taken of you over the summer break— the ones he’d zoomed in and screenshot from your snap stories and instagram— you’d made it a silent rule that you were the only one allowed to see him like that.
touch him like that.
it didn’t matter who he was dating, what girl he’d brought back from college for family holidays.
eijirou kirishima would end up with his back against your sheets, your hand on his cock with the words ‘this has to stop, sis,’ moaned out into the night air.
“oh eiji, my precious little brother...almost forgot how nasty you are,” you coo all but gently, your tone is sinister and laced with feral desire. your thumb digs into your step-brother’s tip to spread his arousal over his bright and angry red tip, other hand tugging his shorts down so his dick can slap freely against his toned stomach— standing at full attention. eijirou throbs with need, cock angry and aroused and begging for more of your touch as you spit down on him— using your soft palm to coat his length in a slutty mixture of spit and pre. “y’cock’s so hard, is this really all for your big sister?”
he feels pathetic when you call him that. your little brother. made to feel small even though he towers over you— sweaty mop of dyed red hair and black roots lazily dropping to your neck as you jerk him off, the sticky of his own dick sounds rattling off kitchen counters and causing his libido to bubble brightly in his lower stomach.
“s-step-sister! you’re my step-sister,”
your eyes roll before growing hooded, pushing kirishima further up against the fridge and squeezing the base of his dick as his own arousal drips down to his heavy bores—sore with cum. “isn’t that better though? makes you a little less nasty for you letting me play with you like this baby brother,” your voice lowers, fogging up your step brother’s brain, sending crackles of pleasure across it. “you should be ashamed.”
of course he is, eyes stinging with embarrassed tears and cheeks as red as his hair— a needy sob leaves kirishima, his hips bucking into your soft palm as it brushes against the bold and blue vein throbbing on his cock. “please, please s-stop…” eijirou hiccups, chest burning with a new wave of tears. “f-fuck! you feel so fucking good.”
liking his reaction, you pull eijirou back by the thick roots of his hair and slot your lips against his. they’re a perfect fit no matter how bad this is, how wrong this is. but he’s addicted to you, gets the same high from you as anyone would an illegal drug— his body goes slack when he has you in high dosages and even the taste of you controls every waking moment of kirishima’s life and he needs you just to get by and function.
fucking you takes the edge off, fucking his step-sister is his fix even if he does jail time in eternal lust.
your tongue slides over eijirou’s, your saliva pooling into his mouth to the point where the room spins and only makes his mouth heavier, jaw weak as he moans heartily into your mouth— sucking on the pink muscle just to take back some control while your hand makes the trek down to play with his swollen balls. “why eiji? don’t you wanna cum f’me?” you whisper against his lips, they’re puffy from your kiss and connected to you by a string of spit. “or is it too embarrassing for you to admit that your friends were right? bakugou said i’d make a good fuck, kami said i was a slut. and look at you, fucking my fist like a wet dog in rut. am i good, eiji?” your words are cruel but your head is cocked up at him innocently, like you don’t know just how much yearning he has for you in his bloodstream.
“y-you’re not a slut! you’re mine—fuck,” the redhead blubbers, lips in a pout, cock aching from your sweltering touch. “i’ve only ever wanted you, that’s why i only ever let you...shit s-sis...let you touch me,” his hips jut forward into your cushiony hand, by now— soaked in all of milky precum, helping you guide your fist up and down his shaft. “but please yn… i can’t...we can’t. i need more of you,”
the low buzz of the cool fridge against kirishima’s temperate back does nothing to cover the wet squelch of his blistering tip through your closed fist, his ruby eyes fluttering shut, his breath stuttered, condensed against your skin. “you’re so fucking nasty eijirou. disgusting, even,” you mewl, sickly sweet like glacé cherries, but that doesn’t stop the shivers of ecstasy wracking his hench body. “oh little brother, you wanna fuck me so fucking badly and you don’t want your friends to know but you’re moaning so loud, maybe they can hear you. bet you want them to hear you.”
your words are like silk, slipping through his soul, soft and enticing— stuffing his ears to the point where all he can hear is you and how dirty you're being instead of the thumping of his friends upstairs— messing about in his room. kirishima wills his body to go rigid but he can’t stop his hips as they drive forward, face stained red from your tourment. he shakes his head in last minute desperation to get you to stop, even if his shaking legs gave away how turned on the redhead was but the way your thumb rubs through his slit, only making his cock drip more and tummy fill with butterflies.
he knows exactly what you’re doing, pushing at his sensitive limits. “i can't cum yet, don’t wanna cum yet, wanna be inside you,” kirishima babbles, feeling as if he had been taken above the clouds where oxygen was low and he was forced to breathe in everything that was you— crimson orbs dilated with lust as he stares down at you tugging on his cock.
“you know eiji, i really don’t care,” you drawl, mouth dropping open to follow his as he moans from deep in his chest. “filthy boys, don’t get to cum in my pussy. especially not my dirty baby step-brother, you don’t even deserve it.”
kirishima shudders, your mean words shooting straight to his dick, face lined with sweat and pleading for you to stop. “‘m not close, ‘m not please just lemme get close,”
no matter how much eijirou pleads, his body manipulated to only follow your touch, gives into your command. a broken cry catches in the ridges in his throat, suffocating him from the inside out. kirishima’s dick dribbles pathetically, a tiny stream of white seed coating the warmth of your hand, it’s barely enough to call an orgasm and the signt makes you laugh cruelly— only embarrassing your step-brother further.
“there’s barely anything there eiji, y’got such a big cock and gave me so little cum,” you tease viciously, giving his length a harsh squeeze as he sobs, letting him go only to yank down your shorts and tug your underwear to the side. the scent of your cunt, how wet you are makes the boy groan in frustration. “how pathetic little brother. think i’m gonna tell your friends how bad of a fuck you are to your step-sister. better make it up to me when you get inside me.”
the boy is barely breathing when you hike your thigh up against his hip, pushing his larger frame back forcefully. kirishima’s entire body shudders as his length brushes through your gooey folds, dousing him with your arousal as if it’s holy water and he needs to repent for committing a sin against whatever higher power there is. there’s no way you can be an angel when your wings and eyes are blackened with animalistic and malignant craving to ruin him and your touch is as hot as the hell beneath your feet— especially when he finally sinks into your plush, enticing and drenched hole, sucking him in selfishly, clinging onto him as if you’re the only one he’s allowed to be inside.
his tip, bleeding with excessive amounts of milky precum jabs against your gummy, ribbed walls— making you hiss in ecstasy, mouth forming an ‘o’ shape as kirishima’s sheer size stretches you open just as deliciously as it always does. watching the lust transform your face is almost enough to send your step-brother over the edge, he’s too sensitive and knows he won’t last long— clinging onto his sanity and holding off his orgasm just for you.
“can feel you throbbing inside me ei, at this rate you’re so close to losin’ your shit you might not even be able to make me cum,” you mock him through pouted lips, pushing yourself down on his dick until your swollen clit is pressed up against kirishima’s pelvis. you moan quietly, sound vibrating in your throat as the feeling of your clit grinding against his skin and your step-brother filling you up to the brim— makes you clench down hard. “g-god, can’t you do anything right?”
you’re breathless, grinding down on his fat dick, your viscous juices making it easier for you to slide up and down and set a satisfying pace— the skin of your joined, sweat sheen bodies slapping against each other and echoing through the kitchen. kirishima’s hands fall to your hips as he pushes through your puffy folds, revelling in how tight you hug him and speeding up the rhythm you’ve already set. crimson eyes, sparkling with a need to fuck you, drop down to where your sexes meet and the boy goes slack mouthed— never getting used to the way your pussy looks stretched on his cock.
you’re torturing him, with every slow flutter of your juicy cunt around his aching dick, every lip bite and wet kiss you press to his sore ruby lips— you both know kirishima can’t hold on anymore. the fridge behind you thumps against the wall, louder and louder the faster you snap your hips down on your little brother to make him cry— saltine tears stinging tracks down the apples of his rose tinted cheeks. weakly, eijirou finds it in him to push back on your thrusts, meeting you halfway and plugging you full of his veiny dick.
it’s a miserable attempt to make you feel as good as you do to him, choked and stuttered grips laying on the seams of his lips as kirishima’s hips canter forward, churning up your insides due to his size alone. his thick fingers slide between your parted thighs, rubbing lazy shapes and circles onto your pleasure nub while cries of your name become intertwined with the loud squelching of your sopping, blazen core. there’s pride in his chest, heart fluttering when your head tips back and you lament in bliss— each swipe at your clit sending ripples of pleasure through your body, hitting high heaven as your legs tremble.
but in the next stroke, kirishima misses your clit again, too busy latching onto the junction between your shoulder and your neck with sharp teeth to pacify himself—groaning into your salt licked skin as he works love bites into the area. “y-you’re so stupid,” you huff in exertion, working your hips in circular motions as kirishima dribbles against your ribbed walls, activating your pleasure centres. “look so stupid f’trying to make me cum ‘n you can’t even touch my clit right, f-fuck!”
your mean words shoot straight to his dick pulsing eagerly inside the warmth of your spongy walls, eijirou’s hips angled upwards to prod against your g-spot when flicking at your clit doesn’t work. they perfectly cover the way his indecent burning touch against your bouncing breasts and hardened nipples make you go insane. he smears precum against you, making your sexes wet and slippery as you slide together in a sweaty mess of limbs, fucking loudly in the kitchen while your step-brother’s friends roundhouse a few floors above.
“i-i’m—‘m sorry!” kirishima whimpers, large hands brushing your waist every time you pull away, never letting his cock leave the safety of your aching pussy— eyes fluttering shut.
your hand connects with eijirou’s tear stained cheeks, snapping his eyes wide open, pupils blown out to watch you. “are you really? put on such a big show for your friends,” you sigh, squeezing the life out of him, essence dripping down his balls while strings of it hit the floor from the force of the redhead’s cantering hips. “y’act like you’re too good to fuck me, when you’re not even worth fuckin’ to begin with. so… so fucking undeserving of such a big c-cock, ‘specially when you’ve barely got any cum in there for me—oh fuck!”
your eyes roll back in your skull when kirishima hits deep and then you’re pinning him back to the fridge, the magnets your parents own scratching his back— pain prickling under his skin in the best of ways as your nails dig into his arms. you grunt words of ‘just like that,’ ‘maybe you are good for somethin’,’ and ‘do that again,’ as you fuck yourself down on your step-brother’s cock— reaching the seventh heaven in when he jams up against your gooey pleasure spot over and over. you clamp down every time, milking him with your hole right around his fiery tip when kirishima pulls his dick back during one stroke of his hips.
his body is wracked with the shakes, a gluttoral beef bouncing between you as he takes you both to your highs, sloppily fumbling with your clit— hips stroking into you slowly and deeply, kissing your cervix. together you both tumble into your orgasms— essences gushing and spilling over you both, your arousal splashing against kirishima’s tummy as you finally cum and let go of all that you’ve been holding back.
“oh shit, ohmygod—yn please, cum f’me, please!” kirishima whines brokenly, grabbing at any skin of yours he can— your doughy thighs and soft breasts— anything, to coax you a few steps closer to cumming.
prompted by your juicy, fluttering cunt— kirishima follows suit, dribbles of his seed spilling into your core and lining your insides with hot, thick opaque spurts of white— you cream around his base, rings of your mixed arousals drenching the redhead in new shades of orgasm as he barely fills you up— shaking and shuddering from his half formed high. seed seeps down your inner thigh, when you pull out, barely giving kirishima time to come down. his head is dizzy with that post orgasmic haze and lust, mop of his soft locks collapsing against your shoulder as he continues to cum and twitch against you.
you push him back by the roots of his hair, tutting at your step brother in disappointment. “you barely gave me enough cum to breed me, eiji, i can’t believe my step-brother is this pathetic,” you spit with false sympathy, letting him go to pull your panties back on and tuck eijirou back into his shorts. “good thing i don’t need my fucktoys to actually cum.”
you don’t waste a second longer after that, peeling away from kirishima and finally freeing him from your clutches— sending him back upstairs to his group of stupid, horny friends, not giving him the time of day.
kirishima’s face burns with humiliation, the heat of it spreading right up to the tips of his ears as he heads for the staircase— forgetting the reason he even came down as he searches his scrambled sex-crazed brain for an excuse for why he’d been gone for so long.
except, he doesn’t make it back to his room— for kaminari, sero and bakugou have gathered on the stairs. their faces are pulled into knowing expressions, having heard more than a fraction of your antics with kirishima in the kitchen...only embarrassing their red headed friend even further.
“h-how much of that did you hear?” kirishima says, swallowing the shame-filled nerves in his throat thickly.
“enough,” kaminari pipes up once again, a smirk gracing his lips. “i’ve said it before and especially after that, i’ll say it again. dude, your sister’s fucking hot.”
Tumblr media
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kingkatsuki · a month ago
Panty Theft | Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐟𝐭 - 𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐞𝐱𝐮𝐚𝐥 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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I’m sorry this took so long to get out! I literally just threw this into a post and I’m running away so I’m sorry if anything is dumb! A special thank you to @katsukikitten​ for constantly encouraging me and telling me I can do things!💕
Summary: Being a sidekick at Dynamight’s agency was hard, especially under his strenuous work regime and to top it off someone at the agency has been stealing your panties.
Pairing:  Bakugou Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, noncon/dubcon (reader is into it but is heavily coerced), implied age gap, blackmail, panty theft, exhibitionism, implied voyeurism, one pussy slap, praise, degradation, Bakugou is pretty mean, spit roasting, rimming (f!receiving), cunnilingus, fingering, creampie.
Word Count: 6.9k.
Tumblr media
Your dream had been to work at Dynamight’s agency since you were a little girl, watching the young sidekick in his former years slowly climb his way up the ranks without caring what anyone thought of him fuelled the desire inside you to be like him. The blond hero definitely sat proudly at the top of your list of favourite Pros.
It was also hard not to notice how attractive he was, even pushing forty he was still giving the younger Pro’s a run for their money. Sitting comfortably in the top five, defending his position in second, even though his shape had become less defined, more rounded, he was still a hulking mass of muscle. Grey hairs began to glisten between his blond locks as they mixed with the light stubble that graced his jaw. It was hard not to stare at the seasoned Pro whenever he was around, his mere presence dominating any room.
The only problem is being a sidekick under Dynamight was hard. He only accepted the best, a fact you knew all too well, and you were determined to prove to him that you could be the best. You wanted to make him proud, but it was taking a toll on your body and your mental health. The ache in your chest at the idea of disappointing your favourite Pro-Hero, your idol, is far too apparent.
The only thing keeping you around was Red Riot, the sturdy hero had an office right beside Bakugou’s and didn’t seem to hold any issues with working under his best friend. The male had no animosity whatsoever that it wasn’t his hero name plastered along the top of the building. He’d been so sweet and kind to you ever since you joined the agency, often inviting you into his office to talk to you. Constantly asking you whether there was anything he could help you with or trying to calm you down when you were bawling your eyes out to him about just how hard it had been. The stress and pressure of trying to prove yourself to Dynamight was often so overwhelming, but Kirishima would always be there to hug you and tell you that everything would be okay.
Shamefully, you were certain that without Kirishima, you probably would have given up weeks ago. The Sturdy Hero seemed to constantly go out of his way to make you feel better about your position at the agency. Often finding sweet notes from him inside your locker when you’d start your shifts, motivational words or simply “have a good day” written in his messy scrawl, sometimes telling you to come up to his office for tea when you had your lunch break, that he’d make time for you.
Something that you were hoping to take him up on after the terrible day you’d had. The mission had been a disaster, your body aching as you made your way towards the staff showers. Stripping out of your hero outfit as you lay your clothes on the bench in front of your locker neatly. Stepping towards the cubicles at the side of the room as you allowed the warm water to hit your skin, standing beneath the stream as the liquid began to wash away all the dirt and grime from your horrible day.
“She’s fuckin’ hot, Bro. Are you really telling me you wouldn’t want a piece?” You could hear the voices from the other side of the wall, turning off the faucet as you moved to wrap a towel around your frame, “What I wouldn’t give for one night-”
“No wonder you’ve had a permanent fuckin’ hard-on when this is what you’ve been doin’- is that why you’re always sniffin’ around her.” You recognised the voices instantly as Red Riot and Dynamight, assuming that the men were also looking to shower after a tedious day. Planning to grab your stuff and give them space in the showers so they could have some privacy as you turned the corner, your heart stuttering when you noticed what the redhead had in his hands.
A pink pair of lacy panties.
Your lacy panties.
The last few weeks at the agency you’d noticed whenever you used the locker rooms to shower your panties would go missing. The first time it happened you didn’t say anything, convinced that they’d just dropped down the back of the wall so you were unable to retrieve them, or maybe they’d been swept up. But then it happened again. Every time your neat pile of folded clothes would remain untouched, but your panties would be gone. Even when you kept them locked shut in your locker when you went to shower you’d come back to find them gone.
The only problem? How were you supposed to explain that your panties were going missing at Dynamight’s agency?
How were you supposed to begin that kind of conversation with your boss when you already felt like you were trying so hard to prove yourself. You’d began to think it was the other sidekicks at the agency doing it as a joke, that they wanted you gone or it was like some sort of initiation into the club. But you weren’t going to give up that easily.
“Oh, hi babe.” Kirishima smirked, “That was a quick shower for you wasn't it? You’re normally in there for at least thirty minutes.”
Bakugou and Kirishima stood by your lockers in their hero attire, sweat and grime sticking to their skin after presumably a hard day's work. The scent of sweat mixed with smoke potent in the locker room as both men crowded your clothes, your heart hammering in your chest at his words.
How did he know that?
Your eyes immediately glanced down to his hands which were holding your most recent pair of panties. The ones that you’d taken off moments earlier to have your shower. All of the pieces finally coming into place-
“Wait-” You gripped your towel tighter to your body as you felt both sets of dark red eyes roaming your exposed skin, feeling like a docile antelope cornered by a hungry pack of lions, “You’ve been taking my panties?”
You flushed as you said the word in front of the older men, feeling shy about it even though you had nothing to be ashamed about. They were the ones that had been making you walk home bare and biting into a chunk of your measly paycheck each month.
“Don’t look at me, sweetheart.” Bakugou scoffed, “It’s all him.”
“Do you blame me though, man?” Kirishima held the panties up in front of you, thumbing the lacy fabric, “Fucking look at them.”
“W-why would you do that?“ You felt your lower lip trembling as you tried to fight back tears, not wanting to cry in front of the two Pros.
“She ain’t gonna tell anyone, are ya Princess?” Bakugou scoffed, pushing the sweaty spikes back from his forehead as some wispy hairs stuck to his skin.
“You think they’d believe her even if she did?” Kirishima grinned, his scarred chest exposed due to his hero costume, trying your best to avert your gaze from his chiselled muscles. His gut was far rounder in his older years, black hairs now scattered along his chest, but still ever the muscular Pro-Hero Red Riot.
And he was right, who’d believe a little sidekick just starting out like you over two established Pro-Heroes.
“No one’ll fuckin’ hire her again if she tried,” Bakugou smirked as he reached out to grab the pink pair of panties from Kirishima’s hands, ignoring his whines of protest.
The thought of losing your job and the pair of them making it so no other heroes would ever consider you made you feel sick, bile rising in your throat as you tried to ease the tension in your chest.
“I’m surprised it took you so long to work it out, Princess. He ain’t exactly what you’d call subtle.” Kirishima laughed, leaning back against your locker, “My favourites were those cute frilly red ones, you know the pair?”
You knew the exact pair he was talking about, ones that had gone missing a few weeks into your shifts at the agency. You’d started wearing them when all your practical pairs had gone missing, the sheer fabric was barely enough to cover you as you hid them beneath your neatly folded hero costume when you’d gone to shower but when you’d come back they were gone.
“Oh, and let’s not forget those Dynamight ones, huh?” Kirishima grinned, “I’m so sad you don’t have any Red Riot ones, babe.”
“Clearly she likes me more.” Bakugou grinned smugly, shoving his best friend's shoulder.
“You’re not gonna tell anyone, are ya?” Kirishima gave you a grin, moving to pocket your panties.
“Course she fuckin’ isn’t, look at her,” Bakugou muttered, his lightning reflexes grabbing the pink fabric before he had a chance to keep them, beating him to it. Snatching the pair out of his friend's hands as he held them in a fist, watching as you tugged your fluffy towel tighter around your frame as the men gazed at your exposed skin hungrily.
“You’ve got more than enough already, these are mine.” Bakugou scoffed, confirming the fact that it had been Kirishima taking your panties every single time.
“Is this what you wear when you’re out on patrol with your boss, hah?” Bakugou sneered as he held the lacy thong out on one of his fingers, the sheer fabric making them seem even smaller as he gave you a smug smirk, “You trying to impress someone or somethin’, Princess?”
“N-no,” You stuttered, feeling his musky scent surround you as it was clear he was coming into the locker rooms to do the exact same thing you’d been doing. The press outside cornering him before he had the chance to wash, giving you a head start.
“No?” Bakugou’s warm breath fanned your cheek as he leaned down, his lips grazing the shell of your ear, “Then you just like bein’ a slut at work, hah?”
Your body shivered at the words, feeling your body betray you as a heat began to grow between your thighs. The scent of both of them invaded your senses as you felt their sweaty bodies pressed against your own.
“They were pretty damp,” Kirishima almost sang in a teasing tone, “She was definitely thinking naughty thoughts when she was out with you, man.”
“Is that so?” Bakugou grinned at the way you worried your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to calm your body down but both men had you caged in between their hulking frames.
“You ever wear those Dynamight panties when you were out with me?” Bakugou pulled back to meet your gaze with inquisitive eyes, “Are those your favourites, hah? Those tiny little Dynamight panties you’ve been wearin’?”
You felt your entire body flushed with embarrassment, avoiding eye contact as Bakugou reached out to grasp your jaw, angling your eyes up to meet his piercing gaze.
“Bet they fuckin’ are.” He grinned, “I can give ‘em back if you want ‘em. I’d love to see you wearing them for me.”
Kirishima pressed his back against you, feeling his bulge pressing against your lower back as large palms moved to the hem of your towel, his sweaty chest sticking to your exposed shoulder blades, “You’re not gonna tell anyone; are ya?”
Bakugou cupped the back of your neck to pull you into an intense kiss, his teeth scraping against your pursed lips as he forced his tongue inside. Lashing against your gums as he tightened his grip to prevent you from moving away, your eyes darted around the room as one of your hands reached up to fist his vest. You could just about make out Kirishima in the background telling Bakugou how unfair it was, that he’s wanted to kiss you for longer but instead, his large hand began to tug at the corner of your towel.
“N-no, please.” You gasped in horror as you imagined being completely naked in front of two of your favourite Pro-Heroes, never mind your boss.
“I don’t really think you’re in a position to be making demands right now, Princess.” Bakugou smirked as his blunt nails dug into the curve of your neck, smirking down at you as you felt the heat radiating from his palm, “Unless you want me to tell everyone what a filthy slut my little sidekick is.”
“You were the one stealing my panties.” You whispered, more to yourself than anything as the realisation dawned on you.
“Yeah, but how many times have you touched yourself in those panties to the thought of me?” Bakugou replied cockily, your face deceiving you as it gave away your answer.
You’d lost count of the number of times you’d touched yourself to sinful thoughts of the number two hero, even though he was almost twice your age. But being with him now, in such an open setting you found yourself trembling beneath his grip as he began to press chaste kisses along the apex of your neck. It was completely different forming this picture of him in your mind at night as you pushed two fingers inside your slick heat, trying to imagine how he would feel instead. Painting this perfect picture of him in your mind as you worked yourself towards your release, moaning out his name as though he was there with you. But this? This was completely different.
You gasped in shock as you felt Bakugou’s rough palm slip beneath your towel, fingers delving between your folds as he gave your slit a rough rub. Almost lifting you off the ground from the force of his movements as your eyes fluttered, calloused pads of his digits slipping between your puffy folds.
“Shit, you’re fuckin’ dripping.” He groaned as you felt warm lips pressing against the apex of your neck, Kirishima groping your chest through the towel from behind, “And you really want us to believe you don’t want this? You can stop pretending now, you dirty slut.”
You wished your body would stop betraying you, your mind screaming for you to use your quirk to get out of there. To stop this from happening like this, your fantasies were nothing like this.
“Told ya man, she must be permanently wet or something. Her panties were always covered.” Kirishima groaned as his teeth latched onto your pulse point, pulling a loud cry from your lips as his tongue lapped at the mark.
“Besides, who do you think they’d believe?” Bakugou held up his fingers to the light as he began to scissor them, strings of your slick glistening between his digits as he wiped them off against your cheek, “You’re the one standing in front of us drippin’ right now, and you really want us to believe you don’t want this?”
“It is two against one,” Kirishima whispered against the shell of your ear as he tugged at the corner of your towel again, this time you allowed him to pull the fabric away from your body as it pooled around your feet on the cool tile.
You gasped as the shrill cold of the room hit your bare skin, goosebumps rising against the surface as you moved your hands up to try and cup your bare breasts in a feeble attempt to shield them from view. The side of Bakugou’s lips curled into a smirk as he leaned down to press a sloppy kiss against your neck, the short stubble of his beard tickling your skin as Kirishima reached up from behind to pull your wrists away from your breasts, letting your arms drop down to your sides.
“Don’t hide yourself from us, pretty girl.” Kirishima cooed almost kindly as he moved his own hands up to replace your own, feeling your taut nipples harden from the cool air, “You’re going to enjoy this just as much as we are, I promise.”
You cried out as Kirishima’s calloused fingers tugged at your nipples, twisting the buds between his thumb and forefinger as he rut his hips against you. Feeling the tent in his pants pressing against the small of your back as he pulled more lewd sounds from your lips.
Bakugou reached out to wrap one of his large palms around your wrist, pulling your hand towards him as he pressed it against the bulge between his thighs. A gasp left your lips as you felt how big and hard he was for you, a man of his stature had to be well endowed, but you weren’t expecting this. As if sensing your trepidation Bakugou pressed an almost sweet kiss to your cheek, putting more pressure against your wrist for you to begin to palm him yourself as he let out a low grunt.
“You feel that?” He rasped, “This is what you do to me.”
His words made your cunt flutter as he began to roll his hips against your touch, your hand squeezing the length of him through the fabric as you tried awkwardly to stroke him. The faint sound of a belt being unbuckled sounded behind you as Bakugou stared down at you with half-lidded eyes.
“See, it’s not so bad is it, Princess?” Bakugou’s own hands moved to unbuckle his belt, your hand stilling against his crotch as you watched the finesse of his movements, moving back slightly to allow him to tug his pants down just enough to free his aching cock.
You swallowed thickly to try and mask the fear that grew in the pit of your stomach, your mouth dry as you saw him bare for the first time. It was certainly nothing like you had imagined before, the mushroomed head an angry pink colour as pre-cum oozed from the tip, leaking down the underside of his length while bulging veins made his already large size seem impossibly bigger. A heavy set of balls sat at the base, his palm wrapping around it to give himself a teasing pump as he watched you with amusement as you took in the sight of him.
“Like what you see, Princess?” Bakugou murmured, a hand on your shoulder as he moved to push you to the floor, “Bet this is better than those dirty little daydreams you have hah?”
Complying as you sank to your knees between both men, Kirishima came round to stand beside his best friend as you caught a glimpse of his cock for the first time. If you thought Bakugou was big, there were no words that could describe Kirishima’s cock. Fear now growing inside of you at the thickness of it, barely able to fit two of your own fingers inside your slick heat you had no idea how you would fit his mass within you. He was nowhere near as long as Bakugou, but he was thick. The angry red tip leaking so much pre it was creating a glistening sheen against his skin, his palm stroking it along the meat of his cock as he glanced down at you with flushed cheeks.
“You know how many times I’ve fucked my fist to the thought of you, babe?” Kirishima smirked at you, rutting his hips forward so the messy tip grazed your cheek, leaving a silvery line of cum in its wake.
“It’s all he fuckin’ talks about.” Bakugou scoffed, his hand moving languidly against his cock, rolling his palm around the tip as he gathered the fresh pre to smooth it along his length.
“Do you blame me, Bro?” Kirishima groaned, “Look at her.”
Bakugou didn’t reply, instead, he arched his hips to press the thick tip of his cock against your other cheek, his hand knocking against your skin as he continued to stroke his length.
“Please,” You mumbled, the slight movement of your lips enough for Bakugou to breach your mouth, the tip of his cock slipping inside as your eyes widened from the intrusion. Tasting him against your tongue as he let out a low growl at the sensation.
“Don’t act like you don’t want it, Sweetheart.” Bakugou groaned as his palm stroked the back of your head, angling you up so he could push more of his length inside you. Teeth grazing him slightly as you adjusted position as he hissed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as you languidly began to bob your head along his length, “So. Fuckin’ Good-”
Each word was punctuated with a rut of his hips, causing you to gag slightly as he knocked the back of your throat. Saliva mingled with his pre as your mouth struggled to contain it. Dribbling down your chin as tears began to clump in your lashes, trying to remember to breathe through your nose.
“Shit, she’s so fucking pretty.” Kirishima groaned as he watched you suck his best friend's cock, pushing the wet tip against your cheek as he coaxed you to wrap your hand around him. Smirking with glee as you complied, your hand barely able to wrap around his girth as you pumped him slowly. Trying to work into a rhythm between both men and ignore the fact that you were currently on your knees in the middle of the agency locker rooms where someone could walk in at any moment. 
The thought of being caught in such a compromising position in between the two beefy Pro-Heroes had your cunt clenching around nothing as you felt Kirishima’s fingertips graze against your scalp as he pulled you off Bakugou’s cock with a ‘pop’, manoeuvring your head towards his as you swapped hands. Wrapping your palm around Bakugou’s length which was now wet with a mixture of pre and spit as you tried to fit Kirishima’s size inside your mouth. Your jaw aching as you felt the man above you shudder at the sensation, unapologetically rutting his hips into your mouth as you felt him hit the back of your throat. This time pulling back to catch your breath, spluttering as spit dribbled from your lips and down onto your tits, leaving messy lines of slick in their wake. The sight made both men smirk at one another as Kirishima tapped the head of his cock against your lips once more, “Come on, pretty girl. I know it’s big, but you can handle it can’t you?”
His hand came up to cup your cheek almost caringly, as his thumb stroked away the tears that trickled down the apples of your cheeks. Crimson eyes staring down at you as he pushed his hips forward again, slower this time to give you time to adjust. Fresh tears began to pool down your cheeks as you set a steady pace, shuffling uncomfortably as your knees dug into the cool tile. Bakugou’s hips pushed forward so the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat again, his palm holding you down on his length as he let out a low grunt. The trimmed hairs at the base of his cock tickled your nose as you began to feel lightheaded, a muted “shit” leaving Kirishima’s lips as he watched you take the entirety of his best friend's cock. Your hand clawed at Bakugou’s inner thigh to try and get him to pull back, to have mercy as you felt the oxygen slowly leaving your body. Leaving bright red welts against his skin as he finally granted you a moment's respite. Pulling back as he watched you splutter, chest heaving as you inhaled large gulps of breath.
“C’mere.” Kirishima cooed, helping you to your feet as your legs wobbled beneath you, your knees aching from being pressed against the hard tile as you tried to keep your footing. The redhead lifting you as though you weighed nothing to lay you back on one of the long, wooden benches in the room. The bright fluorescent lights above your head left white spots in your vision as the sturdy hero tugged his pants off, letting them fall to the ground as he was left naked in front of you. Taking a seat at the base of the bench as he pushed your thighs up towards your chest, crimson eyes focused on the mess between your legs. Strings of your slick sticking to your outer labia and glistening against the apex of your thighs, his hands pushing your legs up further so you were almost bent in half as Bakugou stared over his best friend's shoulder at the sight.
“Look at that messy fuckin’ angel cunt.” Kirishima grinned at the sight, seeing the way creamy globs of your slick dribbled from your tight entrance.
“Real fuckin’ dirty for a sidekick.” Bakugou scoffed, he stopped halfway from before shrugging his vest off to slap the flat of his palm against your slit. The pain made you jolt in surprise as you let out a loud cry, Kirishima’s hands tight on your thighs to keep you from moving away as he arched his back, leaning forward to dive between your thighs. Letting out a low groan as his nose pushed against your slit, inhaling deeply.
“Smells even better up close.” He smirked, “No wonder your panties smell so good.”
“P-please don’t-” Embarrassment coursing through your body as the Pro shamelessly breathed in your scent.
“You’re not really in a position to be makin’ demands, Sweetheart.” Bakugou husked as he took a seat on the other side of the bench, his heavy cock drooping down as it hung by your forehead. His eyes focused on where Kirishima was between your thighs.
You gasped in surprise when you felt Kirishima lick a long stripe along your slit, the rough pad of his tongue catching your clit as you jolted. His fingers dipped into the fat of your thighs as he held you steady, lewd sounds leaving his lips as he slurped at your slick.
“F-uck,” He groaned, spitting onto your messy folds before moving straight back down to lap it up again. His movements are feral and animalistic as he shamelessly slurped at your cunt. The tip of his tongue caught against your tight entrance as he felt your inner walls flutter around him, sliding lower as he licked the flat of his tongue against your asshole.
“No, not there- please.” You felt your cheeks flush as he teased the tight rim, rolling the tip of his tongue around it as he pressed against the ring of muscle.
“Don’t worry, baby. We’ll save that for next time, yeah?” Kirishima pulled back with a grin, your essence glistening against his chin as he moved back to your cunt. Lips circling your clit as he began to suck at it harshly, Bakugou leaning forward to grab hold of your thighs to keep you spread as Kirishima moved one of his hands between your legs. His thick index finger pushed against your entrance as you felt the tip slowly breach your walls. A gasp left your lips as he began to wiggle it gently, a muted “shit” leaving his lips.
“She’s fucking tight, man. I dunno if I’m gonna fit-” Kirishima growled as he pushed his finger forward, sinking deeper inside your wet heat as he felt your body continue to constrict around him.
“We’ll make it fit.” Bakugou snarled, the words sending jolts directly to your core.
“Fuck, she just clenched-” Kirishima grinned, “You like the sound of that, huh?”
You bit your bottom lip between your teeth as Kirishima began to sluggishly pump his finger in and out of your walls, curling his finger so it dragged against the spongy spot inside you each time. Feeling the built up pleasure inside you continued to grow as you began to roll your hips into his touch, trying to focus on the sensation of him pressing against the same spot each time. Kirishima took the opportunity to slip another thick finger inside your walls, grinning at the way your body eagerly took him in, slowly stretching you out in preparation for his cock. Two fingers now working your slit as his thumb began to press messy circles against your clit, the movement causing you to whimper in pleasure as Bakugou let one of your thighs fall, the plush of it landing over Kirishima’s muscular thigh as he leaned down to play with your tits. Gently rolling your pebbled nipples as he squeezed at the soft skin, pulling more pretty sounds from your lips.
“I’m gonna cum.” You whined, the stimulation from Bakugou and Kirishima working you towards your release as you felt the familiar sensation brewing inside you. Your chest heaving as you tried to focus on the pleasure that was slowly taking over your rational thoughts, the coil inside you desperately close to breaking.
“Yeah?” Kirishima cooed down at you, continuing his languid movements, “You gonna cum for us, pretty girl?”
“Yeah,” You whined, your nose scrunching as you felt yourself on the cusp of your climax.
“Go on, show us how pretty you look when you cum.” A loud cry left your lips as you began to buck your hips, Kirishima using his forearm to hold you down as he continued to pump his fingers into your sloppy pussy. Feeling your walls squeezing his digits as he worked you through your climax, pushing messy circles against your clit as you felt both men watching you intently, the pleasure clouding your mind.
“Fuck, look at you. So fucking pretty-” Kirishima praised you as he pulled his fingers from your messy folds, bringing them up to his lips as he shamelessly lapped them clean. Readjusting himself as he lay both your thighs over his, the heavy weight of his cock now resting against your mound as you stared down at it. There was no way that would fit inside you-
“I’m going first,” Bakugou sneered as he watched Kirishima line the leaking tip of his cock up with your messy pussy.
“Come on, bro. You said if I stole the last pair I could go first-”
“You’re gonna stretch her out with that fuckin’ thing-” Bakugou snarled, moving to get up and shove his friend out of the way but Kirishima shot him a cheeky grin.
“Nah, trust me, man. She’s tight.” You whimpered as Kirishima bullied the fat head of his cock between your folds, coating it in your essence as he moved lower. Slowly beginning to sink his hips down as he breached your entrance, the stretch stealing the air from your lungs.
“S’too much, I can’t.” You tried to ignore the intense ache between your thighs, your body stiffening from the burn that began to ebb through your veins.
“Shh, baby. S’okay.” Kirishima cooed sympathetically, but didn’t once stop easing his hips forward, “You can take it.”
“I can’t-” You choked back a sob, “It hurts.” You felt tears begin to prick your eyes as they streamed down your temples.
“That’s not fair though, is it Sweetheart?” Bakugou’s vermilion eyes gazed down at you as he pushed some of the hair away from your forehead, “You got to cum, we didn’t.”
Your bottom lip trembled as you tried to blink back tears, sniffling as you felt Kirishima pause his movements, his thumb rubbing sloppy figure of eights against your clit as he stayed half-buried inside your tightness.
“You don’t want us to let the rest of the agency know how selfish you are, do you?” Kirishima pressed, rocking his hips slightly to try and gauge the resistance.
“N-no,” You shook your head slightly, trying to ignore the searing pain through your lower half as you felt Kirishima begin to press his hips forward once more.
“That’sa good girl,” Kirishima hissed as he watched more of his cock disappear inside you, watching the way your walls seemed to suck him in the deeper he got, “See, you can do it.”
As if to try and distract you from the pain Bakugou moved to hover above you, stroking the meat of his cock as he pressed the head against your parted lips. Smearing his glistening pre against the surface as you slowly took him inside your mouth. Muffling your whimpers as he slowly began to rut his hips against you.
“Yes,” Kirishima hissed as he finally bottomed out inside you, his balls pressed snug against your ass as his black pubes tickled your clit, “Look at this man."
Kirishima began to languidly pull his hips back, watching his cock slowly slip from your folds before canting forward again, pushing your body up the bench as he set a slow pace. Bakugou’s palms cupped your face gently as you focused on sucking his cock, your tongue swirling around the bulging tip as his smell invaded your senses. His lips parted in a silent moan as he cherished the sensation of your lips wrapped around him.
“Hear that?” Kirishima grunted as he set a steady pace, the lewd sound of your juices filling the locker room as he fucked into your body, “At least your pussy’s fucking honest. You love this, don’t you?”
“Shit—” Bakugou grunted, resting one of his knees against the bench as he moved both his hands to wrap around your neck. Feeling his cock all the way to the back of your throat, expanding your windpipe as he slowly clenched and unclenched his palms. Tightening the sensation as you tried to remember to breathe through your nose, his heavy balls knocking against you with each forward rut of his hips, “You have no idea how fuckin’ long I’ve been thinking about this.”
You couldn’t describe exactly how you felt at this moment except inexplicably full. Both men buried deep inside your body as they worked in tandem, rolling their hips against you as they worked themselves towards their release. Both men towered over you as they used you for their own pleasure, the firm mass of muscle digging into your skin bruisingly as they stretched you out completely. A sensation unlike anything you’d ever experienced before. You’d be lying if you’d said you’d never thought about this before, of course you knew that both men were attractive, you’d be a complete fool to think otherwise. But to think that both men would ever want you? It had your cunt fluttering around Kirishima as your moans vibrated around Bakugou’s cock.
“I think I’m gonna cum, Kats.” Kirishima groaned, throwing his head back towards the ceiling as he tried to hold back his impending climax, his thrusts becoming sloppier as your walls continued to squeeze him.
“Don’t fuckin’ cum inside her, I want a turn.” Bakugou snarled, flexing his fingers around your throat as you let out a muffled whine.
“Shit,” Kirishima groaned, leaving you feeling empty as he pulled out of your messy cunt, fisting his cock furiously as he came undone, spilling hot globs of his cum along your slit as he called out your name. His chest panting as his body continues to twitch from his release, the final drops of cum dripping onto your messy pussy.
You gasped in surprise as Bakugou pulled his cock back from your mouth with a groan, taking a deep breath as oxygen began to fill your lungs again as he roughly spun you around on the bench. Your head rested on one of Kirishima’s thick thighs as Bakugou bullied the fat head of his cock between your folds, coating himself in a mixture of your essence and Kirishima’s cum as he ground against you.
“Please—“ you mumbled, glassy eyes staring up at him as you rolled your hips in a feeble attempt to get him to breach your entrance.
“Aww, please?” Bakugou mocked the desperate tone of your voice as he gave you a sarcastic pout before his lips curled into a smirk, watching as you tried in vain to get him to push his cock inside you.
“You like being full, don’t you?” He wrapped a palm around his length as he grazed the tip of his cockhead against your tight entrance, feeling your walls trying to drag him back in, “Want me to stuff this pretty cunt?”
You mewled in response as you felt him begin to cant his hips forward, siding more of his cock inside your wetness. Your prepped body provided minimal resistance as he slipped inside you to the hilt, starting a selfishly rough pace as he fucked some of Kirishima’s cum back inside your pussy.  
“Fuck, she’s tight.” Bakugou rasped, his fingertips digging into your hips as he held you steady. His brows furrowed in focus as you felt him even deeper inside you than Kirishima was. His cock longer, with a slight curve to it in order to hit the same spot inside you over and over. Desperate whimpers left your lips as you willed him to help you over the edge of your bliss.
“I fucking told you, bro.” Kirishima grinned, his hands reaching down to massage your soft breasts, his thumbs circling your darkened areolas as he watched his best friend fuck you hard and fast, “Even better than we thought.”
“‘m gonna cum,” You choked out through a high-pitched squeal, your cunt clenching around Bakugou’s cock as you felt the impending signs of your climax.
Your toes curled as Bakugou weaved his hands under the backs of your knees, folding your body in half as he stood on the hard tile, feet on either side of the bench. Pistoning his cock in and out of your sloppy heat, searching for that spot inside you that he knew would have you coming undone for him. A smirk graced his features when he finally found it, the desperate cry that left your lips a sign of it as he angled his body to hit it with every cant of his hips. His sharp hip bones left bruises on the backs of your thighs as he focused his thrusts, eager to have you crying out for him. To hear his name on the tip of your tongue as he made you drunk off his cock.
“Walking ‘round the agency actin’ like a fuckin’ tease-” Bakugou’s voice sent shockwaves directly to your clit, his rough tone causing your body to throb, “You were just beggin’ to be fucked.”
“Fuck,” You gasped, your hands reaching behind you to hold onto Kirishima’s thighs, nails leaving red lines in their wake as you felt yourself teetering on the edge of your bliss.
“Come on, slutty girl.” Bakugou snarled, “Wanna feel what your angel cunt feels like when it’s cumming all over my cock.”
A loud cry ripped from your lungs as you felt your climax surge through you, your body trembling as Bakugou continued his harsh pace. The white lights above blinded your vision as your cunt throbbed around Bakugou’s cock, trying to milk him of his release as pleasure took over.
“Jesus christ,” Bakguou grunted, feeling the way your walls spasmed around his cock as the tremours of your release rolled through you in waves, throwing his head back in pleasure as he felt himself succumb to his bliss. His heavy balls tightened as thick, hot ropes of cum began to spurt from his cock. His hips stuttered as he emptied himself inside you, gently rolling his hips as he continued to languidly fuck into your tired body.
Groaning from the back of his throat as he slowly pulled out of your velvety walls to see his cock still dribbling with oozes of cum. The rest trickled onto your clit as it left messy lines along your slit, Bakugou’s vermilion eyes watching the mixture slip towards your asshole before he used the tip of his cock to smear it into your stretched hole.
“Why did you get to cum inside her,” Kirishima whined, a pout on his lips as he watched his best friend's cum slowly start to spill out of your convulsing walls.
“Cause you got to go first, asshole,” Bakugou muttered, wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand as his messy blond hair stuck to his temples.
“You’re not gonna tell anyone about this, huh baby?” Kirishima cooed, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek as Bakugou reached down to grab his pants off the floor. Pulling out his cell phone as he pointed the camera towards your abused cunt, smirking at the screen as he took some photographs of you. Deliberately leaning forward to get the sheen of his cum glistening in the fluorescent lights of the locker room, “Look at the camera, Sweetheart.”
All of your energy expelled, your tired body lax against the bench as you glanced at the camera through half-lidded eyes, seeing Bakugou take a final picture of all of you. Including your face.
“Please don’t show that to anyone.” You mumbled pathetically,
“A little insurance policy.” Kirishima smiled, “You keep our secret, and we keep yours-”
The Sturdy hero moved to scoop you into his arms, intent on bringing you towards the shower stalls, “But I’m sure you’d wanna do this again, right pretty girl?”
You couldn’t deny how good they’d made you feel, the thought of doing it again with both Pro-Heroes already had your overstimulated clit throbbing between your thighs. But the thought alone of them showing those pictures to anyone had a fear pooling in the pit of your stomach.
“No one would fuckin’ believe her anyway,” Bakugou smirked, reaching out to cup your cheek as he stared at you through those intense vermilion orbs, “It’s our little secret, right?”
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scarlettriot · 2 months ago
Head Over Heels
Pairing: Bakugo x Kirishima x F!Reader
Warnings: SMUT! Minors go away. Earthquake. Blood. Swearing.
Contains: Poly Relationship. Porn with Plot. Slight soft dom tendencies, nipple play, biting, DP, one hole, unprotected sex, voyeurism (kinda), fingers in mouth. Pet names/nicknames: baby girl, good girl, baby, princess, Tink (per Bakugo), slut.
Summary: You were assigned to work with Kirishima and Bakugo as a part of your support course training at UA. What you didn't plan on was developing crushes on the hero course couple and you certainly weren't prepared for them to have crushes on you but, it's funny how things progress and life happens.
SMUT happens post UA.
W/C: 5,395
A/N: This stemmed from a conversation that @thepuckishrogue and I had the other night. I hope you all enjoy these two beefcakes as much as we do <3 I really didn't edit this at all, by the way.
It was nearly three in the morning by the time Eijiro unlocked his front door. He'd showered at the agency after his patrol because there was no way he wanted to risk waking up you and Katsuki. And, to further ensure he didn't, Eijiro tiptoed as quietly as he could through the house.
Removing his shoes, setting them to the left of yours as he always did. He didn't bother turning on any lights, he knew his home perfectly by now and certainly didn't need any lights to tell him where to go. Leaving his bag slung over one of the dining room chairs since the table was covered in your gadgets and other work before making his way down the hall to the bedroom.
When he nudged open the door, his heart swelled at the sight before him as it did damn near every time he laid eyes on the two people he loved most in the world.
Katsuki was starfished out as he usually was with arms and legs splayed wide, leaving you clinging to his body like a little koala.
You'd all been together for roughly seven years though, he'd been with Kat for just a year longer. It didn't really matter though, he was head over heels for the both of you, just as much as he'd been at 17. The girl from the support course that he and Katsuki had been assigned to, charged with helping them with all their technical and support item needs.
He thought you were cute as a button, he couldn't help it, and Katsuki was quick to catch onto his crush, we have to work with her so don't make it weird, Shitty Hair. So, he did his best to keep things strictly professional, just like a real pro would do.
His best lasted a day, 25 hours to be exact.
"You're ripping these sleeves to shreds every other day, Kirishima!"
Just because you'd been recently assigned to each other, didn't mean you didn't know about him. It was just that you specifically were now tasked with fixing his sleeves and anything else they needed.
"I-I can't help it!" He told you standing in the doorway of UA's lab, "I use my arms, like, a lot! And the fabric rips no matter how careful I am! And if I have to go Unbreakable, yeah, there's nothing left of 'em at that point."
He could feel the heat rising in his cheeks as he watched your nose crinkle with thought. Damn if it wasn't the most adorable thing watching you work. The way you paced around examining, muttering words he didn't even understand, he even thought the pen kept constantly behind your ear was cute! He was a goner.
"Alright. I'm gonna figure this out! I just know it. I just gotta think... I'll have another pair of these ready for you tomorrow, two actually so you have a spare, so swing by before training but, I'm gonna make something that'll actually last you. Might take me a while though."
And it did. Not days, not weeks, even after a month you hadn't figured it out completely. Bogged down with other tasks and assignments. Eijiro didn't mind though. It gave him an excuse to visit you, to get more sleeves, and also to check up on your progress. Sitting with you to keep you company and helping when you let him.
"That can't all be for you?" Katsuki caught him walking out of the lunchroom for the third day in a row that particular week.
"Uh, it isn't. Y/N, she's been working really hard trying to update my suit, and, well, she usually works through lunch. Figured if she's working that hard for me, bringing her brain fuel is the least I can do. Wanna come too?"
Anyone else, anyone but Katsuki Bakugo, would have been jealous of how much time their boyfriend was spending with another person. But, Eijiro knew damn well Katsuki had a crush on you too. He saw it in Katsuki's eyes when they'd gone to pick up a prototype gauntlet you made for him.
Hatsume was hovering, pointing out other attachments and modifications you could have made to better your baby. You kept quiet, kept focused only on Katsuki, fitting the gauntlet to his arm, making a minor adjustment here or there, and letting her babble incessantly the entire time.
When she touched him though, touched the item you created, Katsuki looked ready to blow her mouth off but you beat him to it.
"Alright, I need you to back off! He's assigned to me, not you. Why don't you worry about the 500 projects you have for Iida and Midoriya before you go worrying about what I'm doing for these two. Okay?"
She walked off in a huff, muttering about how you needed to be more creative while you just kept working and Katsuki, well, he was grinning like a damn fool.
"Fine! Yeah, I like her! That what you wanna hear? I'm with you though! Not gonna leave you just because I got some crush!"
He'd badgered Katsuki the whole way back to their dorms that night, Eijiro kissed him because he was so damn cute when he was flustered. "Katsuki, you don't have to leave me to be with her you know."
At first, Katsuki balked at what he was insinuating, but, if the redhead was being honest, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about the both of you for weeks now. But, he let his boyfriend sit with the idea for a while, meanwhile, he just kept building a friendship with you.
Until one morning, a Sunday, his day off, his phone started to ring at five in the morning. There were very few people he'd answer for that early, you just happened to be one of them. "Y/N? You good?"
"Kiri! Kiri, I did it! I figured it out! I'm outside, I didn't think, I just sort of came right to your dorm but now I'm thinking that probably isn't really allowed this early but I've got your sleeves, you know, the ones that have been a massive pain in my ass for like three months, and I'm out here because I didn't think about what time it was. I just finished at the lab and came right over-"
He opened the front door and you stopped your word vomit. "Get inside! It's cold this morning."
You both quietly moved through the dorm, whispered giggles in the elevator all the way up to his room where he slipped the fabric onto his arms while you went over specs and technical jargon that were utterly lost on him.
"Okay, now, it's not invincible," You were telling him, "But, it's the most elastic material I could put together but was still able to withstand the texture of your skin in its most rigid state. Now, as that increases, I'll probably have to make more modifications, probably find a new material altogether with the way your progression has been over the last year alone but," You finally took a breath, "but, for now, I think this should work. I hope it'll work..."
You looked up at him with wide, eager eyes. "Could you try it, please?"
He'd been hanging on every word you'd said, so caught up in the sound of your excitement that he had to shake himself from the trance you put him under and shift the skin on his arms.
You moved around him, manipulating his arms this way and that, something he'd gotten very used to in the last couple of months. "Okay, so far so good. But, we both know this is practically child's play for you. I need to know if this can stand up to your Unbreakable."
"I won't go that far in my dorm. I can be a bit clunky when I get like that, and just, big."
Of course, you knew that though. You'd watched their training enough times to know his skillset.
"Yeah, I figured you'd say that." The small pout of your lower lip while you inspected your work had this heart aching. So, he pushed himself just a little further. The collar of his shirt ripped and the little gasp you let out in shock sent an ache right to another body part.
He ignored it though, as best he could at least, and instead looked at his arms. He could see the jagged ridges, the plates of his skin that would usually be poking through were well contained. "I'll be damned. You really did it!"
"Did you doubt me, Kirishima?"
"No, not for a second."
You'd been running a hand down his arm, looking for any kind of tears or split seams, thrilled that you couldn't feel any sharp edges when Kirishima's door opened. "Shitty Hair! The sun's not even fuckin' up what the hell- Oh. Oh, you're here."
"Bakubro look!" He held out his arms, "Y/N did it!" He hugged his boyfriend with his quirk active despite Katsuki trying to shove him off.
You hurried over to your bag. "I didn't forget about you, Bakugo."
"I don't need any modifications."
"Just because you don't need them doesn't mean I'm going to not keep trying to help you."
Eijiro couldn't even hide his shit-eating grin.
"These are strictly experimental and should only be tested outside for the time being." You gently passed him three glass vials. "You already store your sweat in its original form inside your gauntlets which is great for those big attacks but I got to thinking, what if you could have more of a surprise element, something that would help you with stealth."
"'M not really a stealth kinda fighter... quiet ain't me."
"This might be able to change that. See, I think I've found a way to transform your sweat into a gaseous form. A sort of vapor trapped inside these little vials. My rough analysis estimates they linger in about a twenty-foot area for about two minutes without losing potency. And the gas can live within the vial itself for close to a week without losing potency."
He held the seemingly empty glass tube up to eye level. "So, find a way to distribute the gas prior to a fight and-"
"Boom." You and Kiri said together.
"You really only need a tiny spark to set it off but if you ignite it with an AP Shot, I'm estimating an increased damage range of 30-40%."
Eijiro's eyes darted between the two of you, waiting for Katsuki to say something but, his boyfriend only turned on his heel. "Okay. Just keep it down in here. Some of us are still trying to sleep."
And that look that washed over you, that settled into your eyes when Katsuki shut the door behind him, Eijiro decided at that moment he hated it. "I- I thought he'd be happy. He's always looking for new ways to apply his quirk and improve his technique..."
"Hey, I'm sure Bakugo's gonna really like it. He's just grumpy when his beauty sleep is interrupted."
You nodded your head but sure as hell didn't look like you believed him. "Well, I'll let you go back to sleep, Kirishima," You gathered up your bag, throwing it over your shoulder, "If you need anything else, ya know where to find me."
He thanked you about a dozen more times while walking you back to your dorm before marching back to his own and practically knocking down Katsuki's door.
"The fuck is your problem!"
"My problem! What's my problem! She worked hard on those and the best you can do is, Okay, keep it down." He mocked and took off his croc, "Seriously, man, what's wrong with you!" Launching the shoe at him.
"I didn't ask her to do it!"
"So! People can still do nice things for someone without being asked and, it's a really good idea!"
"Yeah, I know it is."
"I'm surprised you hadn't thought of something like it already. You should really be thankful."
"Yeah, I know, I am."
"Y/N looked so tired, bet she stayed up all night again working on stuff probably because of us."
"I said I fuckin' know!"
Eijiro stopped talking then, watched his boyfriend pull his knees up to his chest and look out his window. "Crap, Kats, you actually really like her, don't you?"
"'M not good with these things, Ei. Never have been."
Eijiro sat at the foot of his bed, a hand coming to rest atop his with a soft smile on his face because he, of all people, had first-hand experience knowing how not good Katsuki could be with these things. "You're getting better every day though. You can admit to liking her. That's a pretty big improvement!"
"Yeah, but every time I wanna say something nice to her it gets stuck in my throat! So, I don't say anything and I look like a bigger jackass than I already am!"
He just leaned forward, kissing Katsuki's brow before promising him that they'd work on it together. And it was a promise Eijiro took very seriously.
It took a while, but, Katsuki eventually did start opening up to you. Letting you see little bits of himself outside of the lab. He even started joining you and Eijiro for lunch, beating him once or twice and already in conversation with you by the time Eijiro arrived.
The day he gave you a nickname, Eijiro was smiling from ear to ear. "Always messing with something... tinkering... damn tinkerer... Tink."
Eijiro noticed Katsuki's training times had lengthened and Midoriya, whom he usually stayed late to train with, was already back at the dorms. "Tink, she wanted to learn some basic hand-to-hand combat stuff. Mentioned it once during lunch, so I, ya know, offered to help."
He couldn't have been more proud of Katsuki's progress.
Before he knew it, you weren't just befriending Katsuki but the rest of their little group of friends too. Soon enough, the boys didn't just see you for hero needs or in the lab but simply because they wanted to. Inviting you to movie nights and shopping trips. Anything they could do to be around you and you were always in such a wonderful mood around them, all smiles and laughter. Welcoming hugs and playful touches.
Things were great, like, really great. And that was why Eijiro had been so damn confused the day he heard crying coming from Mina's dorm. "-they're with each other so why do I feel like this? It's so fucking stupid, Mina! 'M gonna ask someone to switch pairs with me, I can't do it anymore."
That look on your face when Katsuki broke your heart months ago in his dorm had nothing on that moment. Eijiro felt the world slip under him, felt everything slipping through his very fingers. He burst through Katsuki's door. "We've got a problem!"
The pair raced back to Mina's room but just found her alone in the room. "I just walked Y/N out but, guys, I think we should talk-"
"Later!" Eijiro shouted. Bakugo already pushing the door open to the stairwell hoping to catch you.
"Tink!" Eijiro heard him yelling after you, saw you turn and wipe your cheek trying to hide the evidence of what happened in Mina's room.
"H-hey guys, what's up?"
"W-wh..." Katsuki choked on the words again but before Eijiro had a chance to explain, Katsuki finally got them out, "We like you too."
You looked dumbfounded. Taking a step back from Katsuki, your head shaking with confusion.
"He's right," Eijiro added once he caught up, "We both like you, like, a lot."
"Both of you?" They nodded in sync, "Like me?" Nods, "But, you're with each other..."
Eijiro was the one to propose the idea of a poly relationship to you, and like Katsuki, you needed time to think, to process. They could practically see the gears turning in your head trying to sort it all out.
"Take all the time you need. And whatever you decide, we'd still like to be friends, if that's alright."
You gave a weak little nod and that was the last they saw of you for two whole weeks.
Katsuki was grumbling something in the evening about how he was going to sabotage one of this own gauntlets just so he had an excuse to see you when they felt the ground rumble. Everyone looked outside and saw the three dorms furthest way collapsing, the fourth starting to shake violently.
"Villians?" Someone asked.
"Feels like an earthquake!"
But panic overtook both guys because they knew the second building, that was your dorm. One look shared between the two was all it took, both of them racing towards the rubble remains.
Katsuki was faster, explosions propelling him forward. Eijiro had to stop along the way despite not wanting to. The fourth building was cracking, falling in large chunks and students were still running for cover. He shifted, holding up as much of the entryway as he could until the last of them were out.
By the time he caught up with Katsuki, you were already bundled up in his arms. Blood coated the right side of your face, trickling down onto Katsuki. He could see your shirt torn open, blood pooling from there as well. "I-Is she?" He was so scared to even ask.
"Her pulse is fine. Passed out a second before you got here. Just gotta get her to Recovery Girl. Gotta get her for a lot of people..." Katsuki gingerly passed you over to him. He didn't even have time to process how small you looked in his arms because he could feel the warmth of your blood from another wound on your back. "Take her somewhere safe and be mindful of aftershocks. There are more still inside."
He remembered telling Katsuki to be careful before taking you and a few others off to safety.
An infirmary had been set up in one of the gyms, temporary sleeping quarters in another since six dormitories in all had been destroyed in the earthquake.
Recovery Girl assured them both that you'd be fine, maybe some scars but fine. They still refused to leave your side until you woke up though. And, by the following morning, you had stirred. Eijiro hugged you before your eyes had opened fully, Katsuki had to shove him back, reminding him that you were probably sore as hell.
You muttered something about how fast Katsuki had been, how gentle Eijiro was when he held you, he hadn't even been aware you knew he did that... but you grabbed both their hands, "Thank you. Both of you."
They intended on leaving you to rest now that they knew you were okay. But your hands tightened in theirs, "Stay, please."
And so you did. Together, you all stayed for the last seven years. The good and bad, you went through it all together.
Eijiro tugged off his shirt and tossed it along with his jeans into the hamper, letting his hair fall free of the tie he had it back in while memory after memory played through his mind.
You could feel the bed dip beside you under Eijiro's weight, never able to get that deep sleep until both your husbands were home safe and sound. You smiled sleepily when he placed a kiss on your temple, carefully leaning over you to give Kat one too.
Most nights, he'd settle in beside you, snores quickly filling your bedroom but some nights, like tonight, he was restless. Too much energy that he didn't burn off during the day. On one hand, that meant work was quiet, on the other, he'd be fidgeting for hours unless something was done.
And so you rolled off Katsuki and into Eijiro, "Eiji, baby,"
"Awe, lovebug, did I wake ya?"
You shook your head, "You know I don't really sleep 'til you're home."
He wrapped thick arms around you. "You've gotta quit doin' that."
Your nose crinkled. "You've known me for how long? You really think my sleep habits are gonna change now?" His rumbling laugh was quiet but you could see his eyes crinkle at the corners even in the darkness. It was such a small feature, the subtlest sign of aging and it filled you with warmth. "You should get some sleep, Ei."
"I don't think I'm gonna be able to yet. Not that tired."
"Want me to help with that?" Kissing the hollow of his throat, moving to the junction of his shoulder and neck, one hand snaking between your bodies so your thumb could brush his nipple. Teasing him in the best ways that had him squeezing you tighter. "Is that a yes, Eiji?"
He slipped a meaty thigh between your legs, bumping it up to rub against your core so you'd give him your little gasps he'd always been weak for. "When you give me such a compelling offer, how's a guy supposed to say no?"
Eijiro drew you closer, smiling before his lips met yours as they so often did. It was a familiar dance that you loved. The way his sharp teeth would so gently tug on your lower lip when he rolled on his back, placing you atop him. His hands grinding you down by the fat of your hips letting you rut against him while you kissed down the center of his chest, playing with each nipple and hearing him hiss before returning to his neck.
"Think I should wake up Kit-Kat?"
"Let 'em sleep, baby girl, he's only got an hour before he wakes up anyway."
The two of you scooted to the far side of the large bed, hoping your activities wouldn't wake up your blonde husband. It was one thing to wake him up for sex but another thing entirely if he was woken up by sex.
Eijiro marveled when you pulled off your shirt, well, Katsuki's shirt technically. Letting it slide soundlessly onto the floor while he brought your tits to his mouth. Swirling his tongue around sensitive nipples before playfully nipping them, sucking harder when your hand dipped below his waistband and wrapped around his hard cock.
Biting down on the fatter part to suppress a sinful moan with how you stroked him, swiping the pre that had accumulated all around his head before gliding all the way down to his base and back up again.
He let you tease and play, bouncing you still on his thigh until he couldn't take anymore. Eijiro flipped you onto your stomach, his hands running over your skin, the curves and divots he knew by heart, and hooked his fingers into the flimsy band of your panties. With a single hardened finger, the fabric tore without a single sound. "You didn't really like these, did you?" His breath was hot on the back of your neck, kissing just behind your ear when you whined. "Yeah, I didn't think so."
His cock rested playfully between your ass cheeks, moving ever so slightly, his hips lazily rocking while he explored with his mouth, making you moan when his thumbs ran over the sides of your tits, and sending goosebumps all over when he kissed your back, halfway down and just slightly off-center, where you had the faintest scar from the earthquake Katsuki pulled you from.
Finally, his fingers made it back to your hips and he hiked your ass right up in the air, those fingers gathering the slick he'd caused and spreading your folds so they could dip inside. "Did Kit-Kat play with you before bed?"
You shook your head. "He had a headache so I got him off so he could go to sleep."
Eijiro pulled you up to him, your back to his front. "We have the best little wife," His fingers sinking in deeper, "You know that, don't you?" Fingers curling against that sweet spot. Eijiro has to use his other hand to cover your mouth. "Oh, I know it feels good but you've gotta stay quiet. Nod if you understand. Yeah, that's my good girl."
He brought the hand slowly down your body, trailing over your nipple, squeezing it just slightly before abandoning them to pay close attention to your clit.
You had to bite down on your lip to stop your cries, screwing your eyes shut while Eijiro set his pace. Just as he felt you tip over the edge, your walls spasming around his digits, he removed them leaving you empty for only a second before popping the head of his cock in your dripping hole.
"Fuck! Eiji-!" You tasted yourself on the fingers he was quick to shove in your mouth.
"Baby girl, I told you, you've gotta be quiet so you don't wake Kat. You've gotta listen."
He sank you down further on his cock, your walls still fluttering around him, still toying with your clit. Eijiro was halfway in when his teeth pieced your shoulder and a moan ripped from the both of you. While he was busy fucking you through your first orgasm, you had your tongue coiling around his fingers. Licking and sucking your juices right off him, starting to bounce your hips, eager to hit that high again.
"Shit, you feel so damn good, so fuckin' good. Take my cock perfectly every damn time." He jammed his fingers further in your mouth, "Take 'em, babe, I know you can." Biting your neck this time so you squirmed on his dick. "Fuckin' perfect's what you are. Ngh, yeah."
The sounds of wet, sloppy skin filled the air around you, and yet the both of you were too engrossed in the other to notice the glaring set of garnet eyes watching the show.
Katsuki thought it might have been a dream at first, one that had him groggily waking up with a painfully stiff cock. He watched with eyes slightly unfocused, Eijiro lifting you up, your tits on full display for him. His husband's fingers buried deep inside your cunt, all nice and warm. Mmm. He wanted to be all nice and warm.
He palmed his own cock when Eijiro told you to be quiet, so thoughtful and you were trying so hard to for his sake. Gods, he loved the both of you so damn much. He wrapped his fingers around himself when your body twitched, and when Eiji teased you with his fat cock, he smirked. But, it was when the redhead shoved those long, thick fingers right in your mouth that Katsuki started pumping.
He took you both by surprise, how quickly he moved to pull you forward towards him. "Get those fingers out of your mouth right now. I got something else you need to suck on." Katsuki tapped your cheek and Eijiro slipped his fingers free.
"Sorry, babe."
"No, you're fuckin' not."
Eijiro laughed, fully this time, no longer needing to hold back. He slammed into you from behind just as Katsuki entered your mouth making him collide with the back of your throat in one go.
"I guess work was uneventful?"
"Ngh, yeah, boring night."
They talked nonchalantly above you. Katsuki's hands teasing your tits so you'd moan around his dick for him. And after a minute or two, Eijiro stopped holding up his end of the conversation. "She got you feelin' good, huh?" The larger man whimpered, "It's so easy to please you, lay the fuck back."
"Take her with you, dumbass."
He pulled himself from your mouth with a pop. Strings to spit fell down your chin and the shift in positions had you moaning, now laying on Eijiro's chest while Katsuki loomed above you both, "You blew me right to sleep, Princess. I didn't get to fuck you earlier. Be our good little slut and take us both in one go, yeah?"
It wasn't something you often did. You saved it for when you didn't have to work the next day because of how sore you always were but Kat knew your schedule, knew it was your day off, and so you muttered, "Y-yeah, y-es, sir."
Katsuki went slow, he had to with how full Eijiro already had you. "Damn, Kat. Don't fuckin' break her."
"I got 'er."
You could feel them both sliding into you, Eijiro had an arm around your middle, his other hand was smoothing back your hair while he whispered about how well you took them both. Katsuki's tongue toying with your nipple to aid in distracting you, scarred fingers on your clit, so very different from Eijiro's rough calloused ones and yet, making your moan all the same.
All three of you were panting, coming to a rest with both men stuffed inside you, both pausing to check on you, waiting for the okay to continue on.
Small thrusts at first, barely snapping hips, working opposite each other so you were never left without. You'd tried lifting your head, wanting to see them both but Katsuki hit your sweet spot with a snicker making your head fall back on Eijiro's chest again.
Eijiro barely had to do anything at all, Katsuki's rocking had the two of you moving with him. Though, he did have to throw a hand back, onto the floor, to keep the three of you stable and not let Katsuki fuck you all right off the bed.
The blonde rested his head right between your breasts. "Damn it, Eiji, you're so fuckin' big. Can feel every inch in here. You take it so fuckin well, Princess."
You watched Eijiro run a loving hand through ashy blonde locks. "Yeah, we love you too." Their cocks twitched at the statement.
He gave a hard thrust and you both grunted. "Shut up, Shitty Hair. Or I'll make you cum right fuckin' now."
This time you felt the laugh bubble from Eijiro, "Yeah, think I'm gonna be doing that regardless." He lifted his hips, lifting both you and Katsuki on a slight incline so he could fuck properly. "Maybe I'll take you with me."
A large hand held you in place while he thrust, his voice, low in your ear. "Come on, baby, let's make 'em cum."
"Guys, oh shit, ah fuck!"
Both of them felt you squeeze their dicks, pushing them closer together. Eijiro's hand went right to your clit, his hips picking up the pace while Katsuki latched onto the opposite tit this time moving his own hips, matching Eijiro perfectly. Hitting you so deeply, Eijiro's cock reaching just a bit further.
"'M not gonna last," Eijiro grunted and his teeth on your shoulder sent you over the edge. Katsuki groaned feeling the two of you let go and joining in. Before Katsuki collapsed on your stomach, he pulled Eijiro back fully on the bed so he could properly relax.
You were effectively sandwiched between the two, Eijiro waited for Katsuki to settle and then wound his arms around you both. "You've gotta get ready for patrol soon." His hands trailed down his spine.
"Don't remind me. Didja eat?"
"Had dinner around nine."
Katsuki kissed your cheek. "Did you work up an appetite, Princess Tink?"
The nickname had you smiling. "If you're making breakfast food, you know I'll eat."
"Gotta lemme outta your vice grip so I can make it to the kitchen."
You wrapped your arms behind Eijiro's back and let them both pull free with a grunt, "On second thought, showers to clean up this fuckin' mess, then food."
"Can I have pancakes with whipped cream?" Eijiro asked Katsuki who was already walking towards the bathroom.
"You want whipped cream, ask Tink real nicely. She's fulla cream."
He'd scooped you up in his lap, wiggling his eyebrows, knowing damn well your legs were shot. "Eiji, baby, no."
He pouted that adorable lower lip that could get him just about anything he wanted. "Maybe for dessert."
After a warm shower, Eijiro set you down on the sofa, pulling a dark blanket around you with a kiss atop your head.
"Thanks for putting on a show for me," Katsuki commented just to Eijiro when he walked into the kitchen. "Choking on your fingers was a nice fuckin' touch."
Eijiro kissed his cheek, "Thought I'd give you something fun to wake up to, Blasty. Glad you enjoyed it."
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smallmight-papi · 4 months ago
✩ embarrassing/taboo things that turn on the mha boys
includes: touya todoroki (dabi), tomura shigaraki, tamaki amajiki (sun eater), toshinori yagi (all might), eijiro kirishima (red riot)
i just choose random characters at this point so y’all thirsty hoes can drink up.
warnings: mentions of slapping, hate sex, dacryphilia, threats, teacher/student roleplay, panty stealing, somnophlia
touya todoroki (dabi)
Tumblr media
when you’re angry
✩ he can’t help it, you just look so cute when you’re mad, brows furrowed, an angry scowl strewn across your features as you scold at him
✩ will absolutely not hold back, he’ll tell you mid argument how hot you look when you’re pissed at him, making you more angry
✩ he’ll just stand there with a stupid smirk on your face, watching you reddened with frustration. his cock tense against his boxers, palming himself.
✩ he’ll shut you up with a kiss, grabbing you by the hair on the back of your head, pulling it back to make you look at him
✩” why don’t we let out your frustrations in other ways doll? i’ve got a few ideas”
✩ knows you won’t say no to angry hate sex. you’ll slap each other around, cursing and shouting the whole time.
✩It’s hot asf ngl
tomura shigaraki
Tumblr media
when you cry
✩ shigaraki is creepy as hell, we all know this. now when I say crying turns him on, I don’t mean like hyperventilating and sobbing during a panic attack.
✩ i mean the type when you’re begging him to stop when he overstims you and tears run down those pretty cheeks of yourself
✩ having you all tied up, 4 fingers on your throat, warning you to keep still or you’ll meet a painful fate
✩ ‘keep crying you slut, just makes my dick harder anyways’
✩ he WILL mock the shit out of you, repeating back your whimpers and cries in a demeaning tone, evilly smiling the whole time
✩ his dick aches whenever you start to sob, barely able to get words out your so overwhelmed
✩ you just look so pathetic, how can he help himself?
tamaki amajiki (suneater)
Tumblr media
stealing your panties
✩ he knows it’s wrong, especially since the two of you weren’t dating when it started. he just doesn’t have much self control when it comes to his bunny
✩ he’d sneak into your room, steal a lacy pair and run back to his room to rid himself of his aching erection
✩ for some reason, the perverted act turns him on so much. using his tentacles to jerk himself off while he nuzzles his face into your used panties. inhaling your scent. the idea of being caught in such an act only spurring him on more
✩ he’d bite down on his bed sheets, whimpering and moaning. imaging how you’d sound, how you’d feel, how you’d taste. pre cum leaking out of the angry red tip.
✩ he’d wind up pumping himself with the panties wrapped around his cock. his hot cum spurting out all over them, leaving a sticky, sweet mess.
✩ as much as he’d love to return them with his mark still on them, he’s a gentlemen and he’d nicely clean them before returning them to your room while you sleep.
toshinori yagi (all might)
Tumblr media
teacher//student role playing
✩ don’t get the wrong idea, he’s never been attracted to a student. but one day when you put on your old UA uniform, he nearly passed out.
✩ it was too small so the skirt showed off your ass, the top trying to stretch over your breasts, it had toshi drooling
✩ he doesn’t feel very powerful since he no longer can use the power of one for all, so anything role play that puts him in a position of power, thrills him
✩ call him mr. yagi and he will wind up coughing up blood
✩ “do you like my uniform mr. yagi? It seems to have caught your attention..”
✩ “that’s quite scandalous for such a hardworking student like yourself ms. (L/N)”
✩ would love the idea of having you spread out on his teachers desk, toying with your panties under your skirt, watching you squirm around with pleading eyes
eijiro kirishima (red riot)
Tumblr media
✩ cut this boy some slack, he’s on patrol a lot so he usually comes home to you sleep peacefully in your shared bed, watching how your chest rises and falls with your breathing.
✩ the soft hue of the lights in your room make you look like an angel, his angel.
✩ he’d remove his hero clothes before crawling in next to you, needing stress relief after a long patrol he comes up with an idea
✩ rolling you onto your side, pulling down your panties from under your night dress, making sure you’re still asleep, he’d slowly slide his cock between your thighs, feeling the slick from your cunt as he moves back and forth
✩ the feeling of your thighs pressed together around his cock has him on the verge of cumming right after he started
✩ kneading your breasts and smelling your hair, he’d buck up against you. panicking that he might have woke you
✩ he’d finish quick, leaving his thick sperm to stay coated all over your thighs all night, wanting you to wake up with a fun surprise.
a/n: expect a lot of new fics this week, im in a writing mood as of late.
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figaraki · 9 months ago
— nsfw // f. reader + various characters 
— dick prints + hand jobs + lap sitting + more
ft. deku, kirishima, shinso, aizawa, hawks, dabi, and shigaraki. 
— 1.1k words
Tumblr media
deku can’t resist playing with you when he realizes how much you want his cock. having caught you staring one too many times, he tugs you into his lap eagerly and holds you close, so close that you can feel his breath on your lips, a whisper away from a kiss. he asks you what you need, wants to hear you say every dirty detail until you’re squirming, shy and undone while sitting atop his thighs. 
his kiss is fervent, a fevered prayer as his hands guide your body in his direction. he holds your hips in place nudging your legs open a little further with his knees until he can grind against you, feeling your warm cunt through your panties, already slick against his cock. he chastises you for being such a silly girl; would you have let just any man toy with you like this? don’t you know whose cunt this is?
he’s rough on your clit, finding it quickly and attacking it with practiced fingers, proud at how quickly you’re reduced to little more than a slick, precious mess. he is unforgiving, cruel to your sensitive cunt, but he treats the rest of your body with care, as if you were a doll, holding you close and cooing honeyed words into your ear between each kiss and nibble down your neck, contradictory to each slap of his hips against your parted, trembling thighs.
“that’s my girl... tell me how you want it. you know how to ask, don’t you?”
kirishima isn’t shy when he realizes you’re staring. he laughs good-naturedly, baring sharp teeth in a sweet grin, and pulls you into a warm, playful kiss. he asks if you really want it, or you just like the view. do you wanna touch it, pretty girl? 
gently, he envelopes your hand in his. he guides your palm between your legs, lifting it to meet the bulge in his pants and curling your fingers surely around his half-swollen cock. adoration softens his features, drawing color to his cheeks, and he sucks in a shaky breath, pressing his forehead to yours.
“feel that, baby? that’s for you.”
shinso likes to compromise; you get to wear his hoodie, and he wears the sweatpants - that’s all. it’s good grounds for snuggling, a solid excuse, and nothing beats the sight of your pretty thighs peeking out of his sweatshirt. it‘s not his fault that his sweet little girlfriend needs his hoodie more than he does.
you pad into the bedroom after a sower, clad in little more than that while you towel-dry your hair, to find him lounging on the bed, bare-chested and lazily splayed out on top of your duvet. your eyes follow every curve and plane of his form, down to the cut v at his hips and the dark hair beneath his belly button, trailing lower and lower still, stopped only by the waistband of his sweats, settled dangerously low on his torso.
“see somethin’ you like, honey?”
aizawa finds himself hunched over his desk far too often, loses himself in the paperwork and grading he has to get done, even with you sitting so close. it’s hard to focus with your hand crawling up his leg, grazing his thighs every so often while your curious eyes wander over his lithe, powerful body until he heaves a sigh. 
his shirt rides up as he stretches, pushing away from his desk, baring toned muscle with the slightest motion; he sees you peering up at him, so innocent, sitting cross legged on the floor, and his breath all but catches in his throat when he realizes why your hands start to tremble. 
he doesn’t have to be hard for you to see just how big he really is, and you wait for him to open his arms to you, cooing out an invitation to his lap and promises of a reward for being so perfectly patient for him. 
“c’mere, baby... you want some of this?”
hawks is sure his heart skips a beat once his gaze leaves the book cradled in one single, sure palm, watching you crawl towards him, as ravenous as a starved predator seeking the satisfaction of sinking fangs into the hide of untold prey; the sway of your hips and the curve of your back catch his eye as you cross the bed, lighting an unspeakable hunger inside him. in one fluid motion, he preens, running a hand through his hair, still damp from the shower, and spreads his legs a little wider as you crawl his way, closer and closer still. 
“hey, pretty thing... i see you. ‘s hard for you - come ‘n get it.”
dabi watches you nibble on your lower lip as he checks himself out in the mirror. he’s no longer invested in his own vanity, and instead, peers back at you. your eyes do not meet, and you admire him from behind, sure that if you were to look directly at him your face might be lit aflame in embarrassment.
he is agonizingly irresistible, taking the time to trace a finger over the hard lines of muscle, the jagged scars and the staples that follow his flesh, and when you finally tear your gaze away from him, he turns to you.
clutching his fabric-clad cock loosely, he makes a show of adjusting to the size of it; he wants you to watch.
“you just gonna stand there ‘n drool, or are you gonna put that mouth to good use, doll?”
shigaraki clutches his controller, and his eyes hardly leave his console’s screen despite the familiar sink of the couch under your weight, shuffling as you crawl towards him, watching his gaze intently. deep reds shifting to violet in the cool, unforgiving blue light that casts upon his face, highlighting the shadows of his features. with every swerve and expert maneuver, the muscles in his back flex, rippling towards his biceps, and he knows you’re watching. 
warmth creeps up his neck at the feeling of your stare. he’s played this level enough times to know what’s coming next - he isn’t worried about losing, but he doesn’t expect you to touch him so soon, running soft fingertips over the rough, scarred skin of his shoulders; it doesn’t tear him away from the game, and he ignores the way his cock twitches to life, rearing at the subtlest graze of your hands on his body.
your lips tip up in a small, coy grin, and you lean in, daring him to look away from the screen while your fingers creep up his thigh, whispering a sweet promise to behave on the condition that he doesn’t let you distract him.
he curses, working his lower lip between his teeth when he catches you slinking to the floor, falling to your knees and finally settling your warm hand over his cock, practically throbbing at the first hint of attention.
as much as he wants it, he warns you:
“you shouldn’t start something you don’t intend to finish, dirty girl.”
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druighoney · 7 days ago
MHA men and their guilty pleasure!
Tumblr media
Synopsis: MHA men x guilty pleasure
➷Characters: Denki, Bakugo, Kirishima, Shoto, Dabi
➷ CW. F! Reader, aged up characters, dacryphilia, sadism lmao, electrostimulation, cnc(?), minimum prep, branding, degradation, praise, choking, size kink, corruption kink, dirty talk. mdni.
➷ Note: idk what this is, I was just entertaining yoko till she went bacc to sleep... Now hab this before I go to watch the new demon slayer episode😌 not proofread lmao
#tags. @yesitsmewhataboutit
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari
With your legs quivering on his shoulders, Denki lost track of his powers. Soft jolts of golden electricity flowed from his fingers to your thighs where he gripped the soft flesh as he accidentally zaps you. But the way you clench around him— his eyes are blown out with realization and lust. He feels bad that his cock throbs inside your warm cunt at the little tears pebbling in your eyes.
His eyes roll back and mouth falls open in a breathless curse when he feels you clench even harder as his fingers tap a little jolt into your swollen clit.
"Fuck just like that, baby, cum f'me, you fucking love it when I zap your cute little clit, don't you?"
Katsuki Bakugo
It's no secret that he's a sadist. But he loves to fuck you with minimum prep. Seeing you squirm under him, beg him to slow down, it's just a massive turn on for him. Bakugo's favorite is your little cries of 'Suki please, 's too much turning into incoherent babbling as you start drooling because his cock keeps assaulting that spot inside you till you're creaming on his cock.
Besides, you got your safe word, so it's not like you dont want this. He knows that you not so secretly enjoy it when he manhandles you into taking his cock before he fucks you dumb.
"Weren't you saying it's too much not a while ago? Then why are you cumming already?"
Eijorou Kirishima
Everytime your hands push at his broad chest and you huff with a meek,"Kiri, too big, won't fit-" He coos at you, soft praises of how you're doing so well for him but in reality, he knows it's at least a bit painful for you. And he hates the rush of arousal to his dick at the thought of you whimpering from the slight burn when he shoves his huge cock in your tight little hole.
Kiri is soon stuttering because his head reels from feeling your slick walls clamp down on him. Your little whispers tuning off into breathless moans with each hard thrust from him.
"It's alright, baby. You're so good for me, now shhh take it all, yea'?"
Shoto Todoroki
"Sho' please, need ya' to fuck me till I pass out." Shoto's chest swells in pride as he urges you to say the filthy stuff you want him to do to you. When you look up at him with innocent doe eyes but the words spilling from your tongue is anything but that. He loves to corrupt your body, soul and mind. A rosy tint spreads on his cheeks at your words.
He rubs his cock at your entrance, teasing by dipping just the tip. Heterochromatic eyes observe as your greedy cunt pulsates in need, swallowing his cock.
"Go on baby, tell me, where do u need my cock?Here?"
He wants you all desperate, taking his cock like a good girl. He'll edge you before finally fucking you, this way you'll be an obedient little whore for him. And just as you are about to cum, his hand wraps around your neck like a collar, "Do u wanna cum or breathe?" He heaves hastily, cock twitching from how you look at him with wide eyes and your hands claw at his wrist.
His other hand placed on your thigh heats up when you gulp fresh air just as soon as he let's go of your throat, "Bad girl," He's gonna leave a hand mark on your thigh, you're sure of it from how your skin stings from the blue fire.
"You don't deserve to cum. Maybe I should just leave after fucking this slutty pussy."
Tumblr media
2022 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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touyasdoll · 4 months ago
So I’ve never really been a fan of DILFs until I read your fics and I need you to know that I would give absolutely anything to be railed by a group of DILFs right now - 🧚‍♀️
Okay, you said the magic word, so lemme just take a moment & see what kind of DILF snippet I can cum come up with
DILFed Down
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bakugou, Shouto, Kirishima, Izuku, Shinsou x reader
Warnings: cheating, daddy kink, ball gag, restraints, gang bang, anal, impact play, quirk play, breeding
Basically: You’re dilf!Shinsou’s new nanny & he wants to show you off to his Pro Hero friends.
Tumblr media
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Your boss turned lover gives your leash a soft tug, beckoning you forward.
He gently runs his fingers along your scalp as you crawl, your fishnet clad knees sinking into the thick carpet of the living room floor. The coffee table has been moved aside, so that you can be put on full display for Hitoshi’s envious friends.
They were all very curious about the new nanny they had seen shuffling his child to and from school and play dates with their own children. And now here you were, giving them a real good look at you.
A sheer lace bralette covered your breasts, a matching thong was hiked high on your hips beneath crotchless fishnets that came up to your waist. The ball gag in your mouth punctuated the notion that you were here to be seen, not heard.
“She’s fuckin’ gorgeous,” the number two hero has his eyes glued to your body, shamelessly ogling every inch of you. “You know you don’t have to fuck Eyebags over there, right? Come work for me, princess. I’ll double whatever he’s paying you.”
You blush a deep shade of pink and it seems to amuse the gruff blonde, his lips curling into a dangerous smirk that lights up his vermillion eyes. You now understand why Toshi was reluctant to invite him in particular.
“Shut it or I’ll break out a spare gag just for you,” Shinsou spares a warning glance to Bakugou.
“She is really pretty,” Red Riot’s grinning at you with a gentle look in his eye. Gentle, but still hungry enough to stir something deep in your belly.
“Yeah,” Deku agrees, scratching the back of his neck nervously as his eyes linger over your frame. “So pretty..”
“Stunning, really,” Shouto agrees. Heterochromatic eyes level with yours, a soft, lopsided grin on his lips as he holds your gaze. “I think you have to be the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen.”
Shinsou and Bakugou both take notice of the way you fluster, their eyes narrowing at the half and half hero, who doesn’t seem to notice the way they’re staring at him.
There’s another gentle tug on your collar and you sit back into a kneeling position, your hands folded in your lap as you cast your eyes down.
“Good girl,” Hitoshi murmurs, his tone as soft as the way he brushes the back of his hand along your cheek. “I trust that you’ll be on your best behavior tonight; you’ll behave for all these fine gentleman, right?”
You look up at him to nod in understanding and he caresses your cheek again, this time holding your face in his palm.
“Such a good girl,” he smiles softly, “Just remember what we talked about. You say the word, this ends.”
But you never wanted it to. You hadn’t ever been this thoroughly satisfied in your life and it was such an exhilarating experience.
The feelings of so many hands wandering your body, so many mouths savoring the taste of you on their tongue, so many cocks in and around you at all times.
Rarely were any of your holes ever left empty. There were too many eager hands and dicks around, ready and willing to fill you up like you deserved, as they were doing now.
Bakugou rolling his hips behind you, sliding his fat cock in and out of your throbbing pussy, still slick and gushing with your juices as well as the fat load that Izuku had erupted into you.
Kirishima teasing your puckered hole, making you whine at the slight sting of his thick digit pushing inside, even as he let a generous amount of spit drop from his mouth to help work you open again.
Shouto’s kind eyes and soft, steady stream of praise juxtaposed your frantic moans and desperate actions as you felt yourself approaching yet another orgasm that was sure to fry your brain for a moment or two.
“You’re doing such a good job, babygirl,” Shouto pushes both hands into your hair, holding the sides of your head as he guides it to bob up and down on his cock. “Fuck, you are so, so good at that. I think I’d like to keep you for myself too.”
“Get in line, Icyhot,” Bakugou grumbles from behind you, his hips coming flush up against your ass as the head of his cock kisses your cervix, pulling a wanton cry from your lips that’s garbled around Shouto’s rock hard cock in your mouth.
He hunches over, taking your hair into his palm to grasp it as he humps you faster, inadvertently sinking Kirishima’s digit deeper into your ass while he loses what had remained of his self-control.
“I’m gonna make you cum so hard that you forget all about these extras,” he rasps in your ear through gritted teeth. “You won’t even remember their fuckin’ names by the time I’m through with you, princess.”
“Kitten?” Shinsou calls to you from his position on the couch, stroking his leaking cock.
You hollow your cheeks as you slowly lift your mouth off of Shouto’s length, “Yes, daddy?”
You hear the word and your mind goes blank for a moment, your body going slack in tandem for a split second before it’s convulsing, wracked with pleasure as you cling to Shouto’s thighs and keen, loud and long while he rubs your back, once again admiring how beautiful you look when you come completely undone.
Bakugou is fuming behind you, jealous of having been robbed of the ability to gift you with another round of euphoria. He’s hammering his hips faster against yours in an attempt to bring you right up to the edge again and much to his satisfaction, you’re right back there in no time.
Shouto’s easing your mouth back down onto his cock while Bakugou leans back to find as much leverage as he can to knock up against your womb once again as Kirishima slowly thrusts his finger in and out of your tightest hole, marveling at the way you feel clenching around him as a groan leaves him.
Shinsou is still content to watch as Deku stands from his seat on the couch, looking to join back in on the fun as he languidly strokes his cock and saunters over to the heap of bodies in the middle of the living room floor.
“I don’t need to play mind tricks on ya to give ya the best high of your life,” Bakugou sneers, cracking a warm palm against your ass, growling at how it jiggles under his assault. “You’re gonna come crawling to my place on hands and knees, begging to watch my fuckin’ brats, so I can put a fresh one inside you while they’re off at school.”
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katsukisriot · a month ago
important! (please help me leave my household and escape my abuser.)
hi everybody, so sorry I haven’t posted in awhile and I hate to have to turn to social media and ask for help but I am completely out of options and severely desperate at this point. I’m currently in a very toxic living environment and my safety is at risk. My parents are kicking me out of the house for exposing mine and my younger sisters sexual abuser (who also is living in the same space as us.) I’ve been working 2 jobs and trying to gather as much as I can to get my own place but I am running extremely short with money. Please please please consider helping out, again, nothing is obligatory but absolutely anything will help me and I am running out of time. Thank you so so so much in advance, reblogs would be extremely appreciated. Even just a dollar would help.
PAYPAL - katsukisriot
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scottishselkie · a month ago
Since it’s sweater szn! Let’s have nsfw hcs of Hawks, Kirishima, Shinsou, Aizawa, and Bakugo react to y/n wearing a knitted or ribbed sweater dress (that shapes the body like a bodycon dress) and to make em ascend, she’s wearing thigh highs or tights under them 🌚
NSFW content, if you are underage don’t read. I ain’t your Maw, you don’t heed the warning then it’s on you hen x
Poor boy is out here feeling ATTACKED, like he got back from patrol to see you looking like an ethereal being. Looking all cosy and cute, with perfect hips and curves. Who gave you the right to be at home looking the way you do, as good as you look at home.
It just dips and hugs where his hands would fit perfectly. Keigo can’t decide if he wants to hike it over your hips or throw it on the bedroom floor. The tights???! Really babe??? I guess everything is staying on and he’s just ripping the thin material and whatever skimpy underwear you have on along with it. He rather enjoys seeing them fall apart along with you as the picks you up and takes you against the nearest wall.
Let’s pretend you are just sitting minding you business, he picks you up in the exact position you are in. Just man handles you, sliding his strong arms under your frame, no time to wrap your legs round his hips because he is just feral. Your knees pressed against his chest as he holds you helplessly like a little ball in his arms and just rails you. He might sit you on a counter to feel a little more secure but his pace is brutal. His wings flutter in time with his thrusts just adding to the momentum.
It’s all sloppy kisses and desperate grabbing hands, as Hawks has you dumb on his cock. You are only vaguely aware of the fur from his coat and his soft locks ticking your fingers as you grip his neck to pull his mouth to yours.
Look Kiri is a simple man, so as phenomenal as you look in that dress he is going to be on his knees begging to help you peel it off. If your feeling bold give him a show, you have his full attention.
Have him kneel in front of you as you slowly peel off the garment, the thigh highs stay on okay? The lil pudge where the socks meet your perfect thighs is sending him. He is eating you up, expect to be covered in marks. He will buy you more of these dresses, they have a turtle neck so he can bite and nip at your neck and chest and not worry about the consequences!
He will push you back onto the couch just so he can see your thighs expand slightly when you land less than softly, he’s excited and forgets his own strength sometimes. He is a big guy, but the sight of him looking over your with a predatory look while being dwarfed by his huge frame is enough to have you dripping. As soon as your eyes meet he drags his hands from your waist to your thighs leaving red streaks in his wake. Maintaining the firm pressure and eye contact as his large calloused hands grip behind your knees and part your thighs just to sink his fingers into the plush flesh, push your panties to the side and drags his thick hot tongue along your sex savouring the taste.
(Look I know okay I KNOW, he was shopping in my last post but I personally hc him to never come back empty handed when he has been working all day? He just likes to bring his bab something sweet, it’s his love language.)
Sweet babe, the man’s head was already in the gutter from the shitty villain he just dealt with. Fully intent in taking out his frustration on your cute body, he even stopped by the store to grab some snacks cause he was planning on making your legs shake well into the early hours.
So to see you wearing that adorable little sweater dress, the ribbing pulling his eyes towards the hem, a small section of your thighs are exposed as you rock back and forth on your heels ready to greet him? The only warning you get before your back is making contact with the mattress is the sound of the bags hitting the floor.
Shinsou is pressing his lips against yours with bruising force as his hands grab fistfuls of the dress, shoving it up past your chest and exposing as much skin as he can before the need to sink his teeth into you and add to the pretty purple, blue and red already decorating your body. Warm hands gripping your face to turn your head so he can admire his work before sliding his other hand to rub through your underwear, have you creaming his fingers before you can form a coherent thought. Desperately grabbing at his wrist, trying to remind him you need to breathe between orgasms only for him to pin your arms down above your head and continue.
Listen, like listen. He knows it’s the weather and this clothing choice is completely appropriate and makes perfect sense. Your execution of this look is flawless (even his fashionably challenged ass can tell) It’s also date night, but the dinner reservation isint really that important. It’s so cute, elegant really but also looks soft and he wants a cozy night in where you are wrapped in his arms with your heels and nails digging into his back. The colour of the dress just makes you glow and the way it clings to your figure has his eyes lingering in places for too long to be considered even remotely appropriate. The combination of the tights and heeled boots is just, fuck step on him?
Shouta is nothing if not calm, he simply clears his throat and comments on how beautiful you look. Extending his arm, pulling you towards him before twirling you so he can really appreciate you. Dramatically dipping you in his arms and stealing kisses, his scruff tickling your neck as he pulls your thigh towards his hip. (Smooth motherfucker.) The main give away about how much he loves this dress is the death grip he has on your thigh before commanding you to jump so he can carry you to the bedroom. Palming at your backside roughly as he walks as though you weigh nothing. Nipping at your ear all the things he’s going to do. Gently placing you on your back as he crawls over you, eyes heavy and dark with lust. When you go to remove your boots, he stops your small hands with his own. Pushing you back down to tear the material between your legs and sinking into you completely. It’s date night after all, he wants to keep it romantic. Lipstick and gloss smeared across both your mouths as he takes you deep and slow, circling his hips to give you enough friction and push you over the edge. He plans to take his time and have you babbling about how good he fills you and crying out his name till your throat hurts. Sho has you so overstimulated you swear you can feel every vein on his thick cock rubbing your walls. It’s going to be a long night.
Blondie is sitting on your big ass couch, man spread. Leaning back waiting patiently for you to get dressed so you guys can go out for the day. It’s nothing special, just a casual outing with your fiancé. So why, why the fuck are you taking so damn long? He’s trying to push down his irritation and impatience and focus on the tv as he clenches his jaw cause half the damn day is gone. He had learned to stay out of your way when your getting dressed to avoid your “trap questions” about your outfits.
So when you come into the room putting in your earrings, shoes in the other hand to meet his eyes and slightly slack jaw with a raised brow you offer a questioning look. He simply stands with a growl (not unusual, he acts like a 60 year old man istg) before encircling your upper arm with his hand and dragging you back the way you came. Consider the not so fleshed out plans for the day cancelled. Bakugou kicks the bedroom door closed before gripping your chin and stealing your lips in a kiss that’s messy and heated.
Sliding to his knees and pushing one leg over his shoulder, you need to quickly steady yourself on his shoulders to stop yourself falling as he tears the material with his teeth then dipping his tongue between your folds. Reaching his large palms up to squeeze your waist, breasts and slide his fingers to the back of your throat. Gruff voice ordering you to suck before he sinks them knuckle deep between your legs. Even when you fall back onto the bed from the sheer force of the orgasm as the moans fall from your trembling lips he doesn’t stop. Nearly follows your hips attaching his mouth to your clit and sucking till you cover his mouth and chin in your slick. The only reprice you get is when he frees himself from his boxers before stretching you out on his dick.
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onemillionvolts · a month ago
bnha men - various nsfw headcanons
nsfw content ahead!
mdni. 18+.
izuku has godsent levels of stamina. it takes literally forever for this man to wind down and get tired, he can cum soooo many times before he even starts to slow. of course, he'll stop when you're all tired out, though.
katsuki is the filthiest talker. constant dirty words flowing from his mouth. "y'gonna cum for me, slut?" "i'm fuckin' addicted to this soakin' cunt, baby." "use your words for me, baby, tell me how good i make you feel."
kirishima gives the absolute best aftercare. he makes you into a total mess, and the manly thing to do is to clean you up! clean you up with a towel, make you some tea, draw up a warm bath, he'll do anything and everything for you.
sero loves when you cockwarm him. there's something about cuddling with you as his hard cock gets warmed up by your sweet lil cunt that just gives him such joy.
keigo is the loudest in bed. grunts, groans, curses, even the occasional moan. he gets so into it, gets so enveloped in the moment when he's fucking you that he can't help but let those noises out.
i have a wip tamaki fic that i meant to finish tonight but i'm tired so hopefully tomorrow
oh btw! my inbox is open i welcome asks & requests!
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tteokdoroki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: welcome to my very first kinktober event! for five weeks, every friday until october 31st, i’ll be posting a short fic based on five kinks and characters selected by you guys ! dynamight.net proudly presents —  fuckin’ her five ways.
ʚ♡ɞ cw. the following pieces contain dark content and nsfw themes, each is tagged with it’s own warrnings. please heed these for your own safety. minors do not internact.
ʚ♡ɞ a/n. join the kinktober taglist here ! likes + rbs are always appreciated.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. izuku midoriya + breeding.
ৎ୭ synopsis. after years of hiding in the shadows and being on the run, our beloved vigilante izuku midoriya returns to his girlfriend’s home to help you build the family you’ve always dreamed of.
ৎ୭ cw. including; dub-con, somnophilia, cheating, lingerie, breathplay, tentacles, pregnancy kink. 
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. eijirou kirshima + overstimulation.
ৎ୭ synopsis. kirishima hates the way his friends talk about his step-sister— he knows that you’re hot, knows that you’re filthy, but only he gets to see the dirty sides of you and his friends will just have to sit this one out.
ৎ୭ cw. including; step-cest, humiliation, forced orgasm, voyeurism, impact play, dom-sub, consensual-non-consent.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. koutarou bokuto + dumbification.
ৎ୭ synopsis. when the volleyball off-season rolls around and things get a little lonely for bokuto, he adopts a precious husky hybrid to keep him company— however, you’re not as well behaved as he would like.
ৎ୭ cw. including; hybrids, pet play, collars-leashes, marking, brat-taming, size kink, degredation.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. megumi fushiguro + mirror sex.
ৎ୭ synopsis. a girls day out with nobara has you blowing up megumi’s phone with pictures of you in the cutest, tightest, shortest dress he’s ever seen—and after a few more sinful messages, your dress makes its debut in your boyfriend’s private show.
ৎ୭ cw. including; body worship, clothed sex, sexting, exhibitionism, orgasm control, praise, bondage. 
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. katsuki bakugou + possesive sex.
ৎ୭ synopsis. your best friend’s girlfriend doesn’t like you, but can you really blame her? i mean, you’re perfect ! pretty, smart, likeable and you have her boyfriend wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger.
ৎ୭ cw. including; dub-con, recording, cheating, cherry chasing, manipulation, spit, thigh-ridng, cumplay.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. mikey / manjiro sano + babysitting horror prompt.
ৎ୭ synopsis. as part of @/cyancherub’s wheel of misfortune collab. nearing the anniversary of his brother’s disappearance, mikey gets stuck with babysitter he doesn’t want, for protection, as ordered by his parents. he should count his blessings that she’s around too, don’t you know mikey? there’s a killer on the loose.
ৎ୭ cw. including; corruption, knife-play, branding, manipulation.
Tumblr media
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