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#kirishima x reader
lace-bun · 2 days ago
crybaby s/o → bnha
Tumblr media
including; bakugo katsuki • kirishima eijirou • dabi • shinsou hitoshi
warnings; degradation, dirty talk, pet names, blowjob, deep-throating, face-fucking, cum eating, usage of “daddy”, implied daddy kink, praise, receiving on both sides
a/n; bakugo katsuki is a daddy♡
Tumblr media
⤷ he was fucking you full of his cum. stuffed to the brim with his cock. your face was stuffed into the pillow, thighs quivering with each sloppy thrust. he reached forwards mid thrust, bottoming out to pul your face from the pillow, a stupid grin on his face. “slutty baby, you’re fuckin crying’ aren’t ya?” he marvels at the hot tears running down your face. he bottoms out hard just to watch your eyes roll back. his pretty cum-dump.
⤷ the hero in training tries especially hard to be gentle with you, but today was one of those difficult days. he was whining loudly while you greedily sucked him off. that slight roll of his hips transitioning to sharp thrust right into your throat, the longer he watched the tears that dripped off your face the more he became feral. “‘m sorry ‘m sorry m’sorry, a-AhN-“ he finished, cum spurting thick ropes down your throat with that loud cry. fucking amazing.
⤷ what a lucky girl. getting excellent head from touya. his tongue stud felt so good on your little bean, his timing was amazing as well. “you’re getting lucky today.” he reminds, treating you for being his good doll. he notes the way your body arches of the bed, screeching his name so high it rings in his ears, or what he could hear from between your thighs. he ate ALL of your fun, coating his tongue white. “you taste sweet baby, let’s go again.” and he has you going till you’re practically drunk off his tongue.
⤷ a session of punishing his kitten. you had been a bad girl, and now, you were facing the consequence. “you did this to yourself brat. now take daddy’s cock like a good girl. ‘not allowed to cum unless i say so.” he purrs, gazing at the tears staining the sheets with pure amusement. “this pretty pussy is sucking me dry, i’ll make sure you have your turn. now my lovely cocksleeve, be patient.” he tuts. and he was right. you were sitting ass up, drooling nonstop. daddy’s cock was so good. your sounds told him so.
Tumblr media
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hannamakki · a day ago
when they’re touch starved !
✸ ft. bakugo, deku, todoroki, kirishima, denki, & sero
✸ info & warnings: fluff
Tumblr media
✸ BAKUGO rarely ever explicitly asks for affection. he’s more likely to hint at it and hopes that you pick up on his subtle requests. things like standing or sitting closer to you than normal or hanging around when you’re partaking in activities you usually do alone are telltale signs that he’s craving your attention and touch. though, all of that subtleness is out the door when he’s tired. if he’s sleepy or just had a long day, he will walk through the door and envelope you in his arms without a care.
✸ DEKU never wants to come off as clingy or overbearing, but you’re always able to tell when he’s being more touchy than usual. he’ll play with your fingers and aimlessly trace patterns on your palms when he wants some attention. he especially loves when you play with his hair, so when you guys are on the couch or in bed, he opts for laying his head in your lap in hopes that your fingers will tangle in his emerald green strands. he’s more than satisfied when your nails finally reach his scalp, gently scratching away.
✸ TODOROKI is the silent but obvious type. growing up in his family, he never thought asking for affection was an option. he’s working on adjusting to a new environment, but old habits die hard. so he often ends up following you around like a lost puppy, just waiting for you to pay him attention. if you don’t catch on as soon as he’d like, he’ll rest his chin on the top of your head or on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your waist. and he’ll stay like that as long as you let him.
✸ KIRISHIMA sees no shame in being open about wanting some more physical contact. he knows that you’re busy and wouldn’t want to be a hindrance to your usual routine by asking you to set aside time for him, so he sneaks his way into your daily tasks. crawling into your arms while you’re scrolling on your phone or making his way into the shower with you are both norms when he’s feeling particularly touchy-feely. this way you’re able to carry on with your day as normal and he gets the contact he was seeking out.
✸ DENKI lightheartedly whines about needing to be held. he’ll ramble on about you neglecting your duties as his significant other and insist that you rectify it immediately. he doesn’t take being told no or being brushed off lightly. he’d rather not try again later so he always ends up taking matters into his own hands. he’ll lay on top of you and snuggle his head between your neck and shoulders, his hair tickling the sensitive skin. protesting is futile because as long as he’s comfortable, he’ll keep you trapped beneath him.
✸ SERO isn’t afraid to let you know he’s craving your touch. so when he sees that you aren’t too busy, he’s quick to ask you if you’re up for some cuddling. he usually likes being the big spoon, but every now and then he’ll want to be the little spoon so he can be held in your arms for a change. he loves when you litter kisses down his neck and over his shoulders. he’s also a fan of when you play with the hair at the nape of his neck and when you whisper sweet nothings in his ear.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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kujousarasgf · 22 hours ago
taking your fav home for the holidays hc
Izuku who is crying and throwing up because your parents make him sleep in the guest room and he can’t cuddle you to sleep. Guess he’ll just have to silently fist his dick to the naughty texts you send from the next room over.
Denki who gets the same treatment so anytime your parents leave he’s begging you to touch him. “Come on, baby please!” “Please, I’ll do anything. Need you so bad.”
Katsuki who’s calm and collected, albeit a little pissed when they relegate him to the room next to yours. So when your parents ask you two to go out and get some more flour and eggs he’s slipping on his coat and shoes before you can even say ‘yes.’ After you’re done at the store, he misses the turn to your house. “Kats, you missed-” “Shut up, brat. Backseat now.” he grunts as he pulls into an abandoned parking lot ready to absolutely rail you.
Sero who’s so sneaky and quick, that he’s able to creep into your bedroom after your parents are asleep without being heard. His hand covers your mouth as he slips into your bed. “Quiet, pretty. If you make too much noise, we’ll get in trouble.”
Eijirou who helps your dad in the yard then talks with him about football at the dinner table while he rubs you through your panties.
Shouto who takes YOU on a vacation with his dad and siblings and their s/o’s. “I wanna eat you out.” “Shouto if your family hears us we’ll never be able to face them again!” “…speak for yourself.” And before you know it he’s making his way under the covers and between your legs.
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boomboomkatsuki · 2 days ago
➢ You Stole His Hoodies
↳ Bakugou Katsuki│Todoroki Shoto│Shinso Hitoshi│Kirishima Eijiro│Mirio Togata│Takami Keigo│
Warnings} So much love. They love you so much. Fluff, fluff, fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N} This is my first SMAU post! I hope you guys liked it :D.
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Taglist} @aomi04
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red-writes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
kirishima x reader
content contains: oral (fem receiving), pet names, dumbifacation.
red’s note: he’s just so big ‘nd so strong and I-
Tumblr media
Kirishima is a man of his word.
When he told you he would fix the leaky faucet, he was on it within a day
When he told you he would buy you a puppy for your birthday, you two were surely at the shelter when the day rolled around.
When he promised you that on his first day off he’d give you all of the attention you wanted and then some (you didn’t get much time together due to work) he kept his promise to you.
Which is how the giant ended up hovering over your limp body and damp sheets. For three hours now he wouldn’t let you stop cumming, your legs felt as if they weren’t there- the numbness from holding up for such a long time finally getting to you. Kirishima didn’t allow time for you to think though, his mouth only attacked your poor clit again, your back arched off the bed as rough hands swallowed your thighs whole as they spread your legs apart giving the large male more access to his meal.
A shock wave coursed through your whole body as his tongue flicked the enlarged sensitive bud relentlessly, his fingers only gripped your thighs harder to keep your writhing body in place, bruises of his fingers surely to be left there for weeks. You couldn’t feel anything other than his tongue, the way it brutally assaulted your poor clit. You felt hazy and warm, that signature feeling of an approaching orgasm on the horizon, you couldn’t do anything other than moan out his name that came out as clumsy mixtures his name and a pornstar like moan. You felt so lightheaded but you wanted more, your desperation transforming into action as your hips bucked against his ravaging mouth, he stopped moving his head opting for you to grind up on his face instead, you were so close you didn’t want him to stop now!
“-lease..! Eiji!-…please!” You whined, pathetic hips snapping up against his plump lips, he only gave you a chuckle laced with faux sympathy for your situation.
“what princess? please what?” mouth moving against your arousal oozing cunt. 
“just- Ei!” you moan out, at this point your hips flailing around in the air, feeling yourself slowly coming down from the nearing high words failing you as your eyes tear unable to express yourself.
“my dumb, pretty girl, can’t even speak properly? don’t worry I’ll make you cum horny girl” he concludes his statement with a final slap to your throbbing cunt and it has you raising your hips in the air against chasing the pleasure.
Kirishima is man of his word after all, his hands still your writhing hips in place as his head ducks down between them again, his tongue assaulting your dripping hole before the muscle slides inside of the tight canal. You can only grip the sweat and cum soaked sheets when the pleasure becomes too overwhelming when his fingers find your twitching clit, rubbing his fingers back and forth over it, you can actively feel yourself being closer and closer to your orgasm, his wriggling tongue grazes over your abused g-spot and it has you cumming again, your body flails around as you feel your cunt clench and unclench on his tongue refusing to let it go and he doesn’t stop, his tongue punching your g-spot with every move it makes, you’ve sat up, hips scrambling backwards to avoid the painful pleasure of another orgasm. He only groans at your movements and the added vibration has those tears streaming down your face and your body convulsed for a second time, hips stuttering upwards and you fall backwards onto the mattress. 
His mouth finally releases you with a pop and he gives you a soft smile crawling over to where you are, your body still twitching, you can’t even think everything feels so light and hazy. You only realize he’s speaking to you when you feel a gentle pinch to your nipple.
“how was it princess? feel good?” he asks sweetly hands massaging your breasts in his hands. 
You respond verbally but not with words only being able to nudge out a pitiful “mm” 
He gives you another one of those cute chuckles and kisses your forehead gently “good girl”
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mrskurono · a day ago
ok i think here is my request, my brain this last days went full kirishima brainrot, all the range sfw to nsfw, like to the public he's sunshine pro hero Red Riot amazing father and husband, at home not only he is amazing father and husband but he sobs of pleasure when inside you and would kiss the ground you walk on if asked, he just gives himself to you, the trust he has is immaculate and unique🍋
a/n: my left arm is all kinds of fucked up but today is a day for giving thanks (for us Americans) and I wanted to give you guys something to tell you how thankful I am for this little pit in the interwebs. Being a sahm is isolating at times but you guys make it worth it. Especially you regs like my lovely lemon anon and others. Thank you all for being here <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tags: fem!Reader, fat!Reader implied, smut, top!dom!Reader, sub!bottom!Kiri, overstim/mu, cumplay/spit, brief oral, praise kink, anal fingering, dirty talk, handjob, prostate massager/sex toys, dacryphilia if you squint, unprotected sex, creampie(s), unedited word count: 1.5k character(s): Eijirou Kirishima (bnha)
Tumblr media
The kids opted to stay with your parents. 
Holiday season upon the two of you meant rowdy kids were more than welcome to stay at their grandparents. Giving you and your husband the well needed break when Eijirou had an extra day off. Alone time together something you two didn’t have often. It was only accustomed that you show your husband how much you loved him for being the perfect hero and hubby.
“T-Too- So much-” Eijirou’s lips fell open. Slick with saliva as he licked his bottom lip right before sinking his sharp teeth into the pout lip, “L-Love ‘n too much-”
A string of sweet hushes came from your mouth. Fingers curling around your husband’s cock when you drew your fist up his twitching length. Cum beading up through his slit after his orgasm had already hit him. Eijirou’s stomach dipped in and his muscles rippled under your touch. He couldn’t tear you away from his body though. 
“But you don’t want me to stop do you?” Your silky tease didn’t require an answer.
You knew the answer.
Eijirou still nodded with his eyes fluttering to the back of his head when you leaned down and drew your tongue along his slip. Swiping up the cum on you tongue. Just to spit it back out on his cock and rub it into his length.
“That’s what I thought.” Drawing your touch from his cock. Hands coated in cum now drying and sticking to your palms. You lean forward and draw your souled digits down his abs just to watch the massive frame of your lover tremble. 
Red Riot might be terrifying for villains to meet in the streets. But here in bed he was nothing but your whipped toy.
Sweat beading along his dark hairline. Grow out ready to be retouched. You loved the way he looked with those dark roots peaking under his red mop. It made you crave him more.
“Mommy wants more.” You don’t even waste time cleaning your hands. Eijirou still gathering his breath when you sling your leg over his hips. Saddling yourself on his lap with his cock pressing up against your clit when you sit your weight back on him. 
Eijirou’s wide toned hips the perfect seat for your ass. His cock pressing to your clit all but the perk of your husband’s massive stature supporting every ounce of you. As it was, a big deal hero, deserved a wife just as big and delightful as he was.
Unable to keep his hands to himself. Eijirou gripped fistfuls of your sides as he moaned under you. At your mercy with you on top reverse cowgirl. Your soaked slit coated his cock when you reached down to adjust. Allowing his sensitive cock to slip past your entrance. 
“F-Fuck-” Eijirou groaned. Knuckles turning white with your sides dimpling under his grip, “It’s so sensitive-”
“Heh, I know.” You wiggle your ass down on him and can’t help but moan when the curve of his fat cock hits right up against your bladder, “Mmm fuck- That’s the point.”
You simply rested on his cock though. Eijirou’s hips pinned down under you. He could rock back and forth. But that’s all he could get. He’d have to drown in the fluttering of your walls around him if he wanted anything. Lucky for Eijirou though, you weren’t done there.
“Relax for me handsome,” You coo. Eijirou’s eyes shut so he sees nothing as you dip your fingers in the bottle of lube. Even more of a moan drawn from the brawny man when you reach back down. Cupping and massaging his cum heavy balls before slipping your finger down and pressing just one against his ass, “Mmm I know you can do it for me, huh Red Riot?”
Thoughts quickly vanishing. The best he could do was spread his legs a little. Shifting you on his cock when just one finger slipped inside him. Drawn from his slack jaw was the deepest moan. His fists utterly full of your sides as Eijirou lay under you at his mercy.
“S-Shit- That feels so good this time-” He managed in baited breathes. Red hair clumping against his forehead and his body turning to mush under you as you swished your finger around his insides. Making sure there wasn’t a single inch of him not slippery with lube. Until your finger was pumping in and out of him with no resistance.
Cock twitching to life inside you. All your weight prevented him from doing anything but taking it all. So when you decided he was stretched enough. Eijirou simply had to go along with it.
Another finger slipped inside him. Lifting your hips up just a little bit to reach. Meant when he rutted his hips into you, Eijirou got the sensation of his cock being milked by your walls just when you found his sweet spot. 
Fingers quickly pressed to his prostate the moment he bucked up. The flintiest moan drawn from your husbands lips. Looking back over your shoulder. Eijirou looked more like a fucked out whore than a pro hero. And the sight could only make you smile more.
“Mmm that’s a good boy. You came already but-” Your words accented with your fingertips brushing roughly against his g-spot. Quivering around your fingers as his cock throbbed inside you, “But you have so much more cum in you don’t you big boy?”
Pointed teeth sunk into his bottom lip. All he could do was nod. Overwhelmed with the sensations of your cunt milking his sensitive cock simply would be enough on any other day. But now with your fingers working magic over his ass meant Eijirou would come unraveled in a matter of seconds.
“ ‘s much-” You heard your husband gasp from behind you. His entire body shuddering under you. Eijirou pulled you down on his lap. Even with his cock buried so deep in you. It was like he couldn’t get enough. And just when he thought the rush of cum painting your insides was inevitable. You suddenly withdrew your fingers.
Met with a whiny noise bubbling up behind his lips. You can’t help but giggle as you reach for the real show stopper.
“You thought I was gonna do the same ol’ same ol’ when we have the house to ourselves?” You held up the deep purple toy so he could see it over your shoulder, “No, I want you to utterly relaxed for the holidays.”
The extra reach of the toy would be enough. But when the vibrations came into play. Eijirou was reduced to nothing more than a cumming virgin again when the toy was cranked up.
How sensitive your fingers had made him. When the bulbous head of the toy touched your lovely husband’s prostate, it call came crashing down. Eijirou’s raspy moans behind you accentuated with the way you tightened around him on purpose. His balls tightened up as cum poured inside you. 
A string of praises leaving your lips. Keeping the intense vibrations right against his prostate. Eijirou was drooling down his cheeks when your hips started grinding down on him. All his cum making it slippery and disgusting. Perfect to lead him from one orgasm right to another. 
Your cunt tightening around your husband’s cock. Your juices adding to the mixture of cum that was already seeping out around him. You had enough balance to find your clit with your other hand still keeping that toy rightfully pressed to his prostate. The stench of sex filling the air the closer you got.
Toy assaulting his sweet spot. Making sure no blood left his cock and he remained rock hard for you to ride. Eijirou was writhing and bucking into you. Tears pricking in the corners of his eyes as you reached your own satisfaction.
His harden cock the perfect shape to cum on for yourself. Your plush walls swallowed him up when your clit throbbed against your own fingers. Driving you to push the toy deeper in him when you reached your climax. Drawing out one more gasping orgasm from Eijirou as well.
Vividly feeling his spent cock spasm inside you. He came hard. White knuckled grip on you hard. No cum to speak up but the tiny dribble from his cock inside you as his balls worked over time to give you his third orgasm in such a short time. Eijirou was all but choking on his moans when your hips went from frantic grinding. To slow circles to savor the feeling of your orgasm rippling through your walls.
When all motion finally ceased. You pulled the toy from his ass and could only let out a little laugh before tossing it aside and laying back on him. Eijirou’s arms coming up on either side of you. Groaning when his cock slipped from your warmth. But his body still so sensitive that just the cold air was enough to make him tighten his hold on you.
Taking one of those hands that rested on your tit. You gently kiss his palm just to feel Eijirou giggle slightly under you. The two of you staring up at the ceiling panting. You giggle too but smiel to yourself when your eyes shut, “I don’t know what you’re laughing at Mr...those kids are gone all weekend. I’m just getting started.”
Tumblr media
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myherokatsuki · 2 days ago
The Right Moment | Kirishima Eijirou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Country Boy/Mechanic!Kirishima x f!Reader Warnings/Tags: 18+ mdni, smut with feeling, alcohol consumption, marking, vaginal penetration, sub!Kirishima, praise kink, unprotected sex, skinny dipping, public sex (there’s no one around though), belly bulge, creampie, proposals Word Count: 5.4k
Summary: Kirishima’s been carrying around a ring for too long now, waiting for the right moment.
a/n: I knew I wanted to write something with Kirishima, but wasn’t sure what.  So @sad0ni0n​ suggested cowboy!Kiri, which made me think of @katsupeach​‘s southern gentleman!Kiri headcanons.  However, this sort of became something a little different, drawing on some of my own experiences (I may not be from the south, but I have lived in the country all my life lol).  Takes place in the same au as Dirty.
Tumblr media
As you stepped into the garage, fresh glass of lemonade in hand, a grin tugged at your lips at the sight of your boyfriend bent over the engine of his truck, grease up to his elbows.  He hadn’t noticed you enter over the sound of the music playing from the radio nearby and you took the moment to admire him.
Sweat rolled down the chiseled planes of his suntanned skin as he leaned over the open hood of the truck, humming along to the song on the radio.  At some point, he’d unzipped his grimy coveralls to tie around his waist, giving you a nice view of his muscled arms and shoulders as he worked, and you had to fight the urge to come up behind him and give his ass a firm squeeze.
Turning, Eijirou finally caught sight of you and a large grin spread across his handsome face as he straightened.  “Hey there, pretty girl.  How long have you been standing there?” he asked, reaching for the rag in his back pocket to wipe his hands on, though it was already as grease stained as he was.
“Not long,” you laughed, arching an eyebrow at him.
“Long enough to check out me out though, right?” he asked, shooting you a knowing wink as his grin widening at the way you flushed.  “I saw the way you were watchin’ me,” he teased, his sharp teeth flashing.
“Well, can ya blame me?” you shot back, moving closer and offering him the drink.  
“Thanks babe,” he chuckled as he accepted the sweating glass, tipping the lemonade back, his adam’s apple bobbing languidly as he drank it down, letting out a refreshed gasp as he finished. 
“That hit the spot,” he exclaimed, wiping the sweat from his brow and leaving a dark smudge behind to match the one smeared across the bridge of his nose to his cheek, and the one decorating the bandana tied around his forehead to keep his hair from falling into his face.
“You’re welcome,” you replied, taking the empty glass back from him, noting the dark fingerprints around the side.  “How much longer do you think you’ll be?” you asked, leaning your hip against the side of the truck.  “We’re supposed to meet the guys soon, aren’t we?”
“Shouldn’t take too much longer,” Kirishima assured you, craning his neck to glance at the clock hanging above the workbench.  “Give me ten more minutes and I’ll come in and clean up, and then we can head out.”
“Alright, I’ll hold you to that,” you murmured, grabbing hold of his tank top to yank him in for a quick peck to the lips.  As you pulled away he tried to chase your retreating lips for more, pouting when you gave him a stern look.  
“Maybe once you’re clean, mister,” you admonished, unable to keep the smug grin from your lips before heading back inside to finish washing the dishes, remembering the last time he’d taken you right there in the garage, bent over the hood, unable to wait.
Dropping Eijirou’s dirty glass into the sudsy water, you turned up the radio on the counter, letting your thoughts drift as you worked, reminiscing on the first time you’d met.  It was nearly two years ago now that your car had broken down on the side of the road in the middle of the summer heat, leaving you stranded.
None of of your friends had been around to pick you up, so you’d had to ride along in the tow truck to the nearest shop and wait there for your car, hoping the mechanic wouldn’t be as rude as his tow truck driver—the surly blonde had called you an inconvenience and grumbled under his breath the entire trip.  However, as soon as you’d stepped into the shop, the man that had met you couldn’t have been more different, practically stealing your breath, his bright smile leaving you speechless.  
You laughed at yourself as you remembered how quickly your mood had turned around, only too happy to spend the next few hours watching Kirishima work, completely besotted with him from the get go.  It hadn’t helped that he’d flirted shamelessly with you the entire time, charming you easily.  By the time he’d finished your repairs, he’d given you a discount (for “bein’ so pretty”) and he’d gotten your number.
Suddenly two strong arms wound around you from behind, folding you into a warm embrace and Kirishima’s voice rumbled in your ear, pulling you from the fond memory.
“Hey, beautiful, I’m all finished.”
Before you could respond, his lips were on your neck and you hummed, leaning back against his broad chest, your eyelids fluttering until you realized he hadn’t washed his hands yet, smearing dark grease all over the front of your shirt as his hands wandered.
“Eijirou!” you cried, stiffening against him as you tried to catch his hands to pull them away from you.
“What, ‘m not allowed to kiss my gorgeous girlfriend?” he teased, playing innocent, a soft snort leaving his nose as he nibbled at your neck while his hands cupped your breasts, giving them a playful squeeze.
“You’re getting me dirty, you ass!” you huffed, though the words hold no real heat.
“Oops, I didn’t even realize,” he murmured, smirking against your skin before gently turning your face so he could claim your lips, not letting you go.  “Thought you liked getting down and dirty,” he drawled, flashing you a sharp toothed grin between kisses.
“You did that on purpose!” you gasped, turning in his embrace, his hands instantly traveling to your ass and squeezing before easily lifting you into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist.
“I swear I didn’t!” Kirishima exclaimed, though he was grinning like a fool, a hunger lingering in his deep vermilion eyes.  “But now that you’re all dirty too, you might as well come clean up with me.”
Not giving you a chance to argue with his reasoning, he carried you with him to the bathroom, leaving your dish water to cool in the sink.
“Eiji—!” you whined, laughter tinging your words.  You didn’t struggle, kissing him as he kicked the door shut behind him and lowered you to the edge of the sink.
“My dirty little girl needs to get all cleaned up,” he drawled in your ear, sending heat pooling low in your gut as he pulled back to look in your eyes.  “Unless, you want the guys to see who you belong to,” he mused, his thin eyebrows bobbing.
“I’m not going to the bonfire with your dirty handprints on my tits and ass,” you snorted, biting your lip before you lowered your voice.  “But you can show them in another way,” you whispered, your lips brushing the shell of his ear.
Kirishima’s grasp on you tightened and a soft moan left his lips before they were latched onto your pulse point, his sharp teeth teasing your sensitive skin as he sucked, drawing colour to the surface.
“There, pretty girl,” he breathed, pulling back to admire his handiwork with a soft grin.  Letting you slide off the sink to your feet, he gave your ass a sharp smack before reaching around you to turn on the shower, leaving you to glance in the mirror, heat filling you afresh as you eyed the dark mark he’d left behind in full view on your neck.
“Took ya fuckin’ long enough!” Bakugou exclaimed in greeting as Kirishima opened the truck door and jumped out, leaving you rolling your eyes as you followed suit.
“What happen, you get lost, Shitty Hair?” he muttered, following your boyfriend around to the back of the truck to help him unload the cooler and chairs.  As soon as his friend’s sharp ruby gaze caught sight of you, however, he rolled his eyes.  “What happened to you?” he scoffed knowingly, eyes going straight to the dark purple mark at your throat.  “Shark attack?”
“Nice to see you too, Kaachan,” you shot back, grinning wryly.  The trick to dealing with the explosive blonde was not to take his harsh words seriously.  He may have rubbed you the wrong way the first time you’d met him, but now that you knew him you counted him as one of your friends too.
“So that’s why you were late, huh?” Kaminari snickered, joining the three of you, nudging your boyfriend’s arm with a smirk.  “Got lost in some pus-say—”
“Denki!” Jirou snapped, smacking the other blonde upside the head.  “Don’t be crude.”
“Sorry babe!” he called as his girlfriend grabbed your arm and pulled you away, rolling her eyes fondly.
“Seriously, though,” he hissed as soon as you were out of earshot, “I can’t believe you get away with marking her up like that!  Kyouka would kill me if I left ‘em where anyone could see.”
“Will you shut up?” Bakugou grunted, pulling the large cooler from the truck bed to haul closer to the fire pit.
Kirishima merely grinned at his friends, spreading his hands apologetically.  “Sorry Denki, it’s not manly to kiss and tell.”
“Oh, come on!  But leaving hickies all over her is?” his friend exclaimed, trailing after him.  
“Yeah, seems a little hypocritical,” Sero added with a laugh.
“Hey now, she asked for that,” Kirishima chuckled.  “I’m just giving my little lady exactly what she wants, and that’s the manliest thing of all.”
As the sun sunk below the horizon, the sky above turning dark and inky while the faintest pink hue yet clung to the treeline, Bakugou soon had a roaring fire going.
“Hey babe, c’mere!” Eijirou called from his spot in front of the fire, patting his thick thigh for you to perch on while you nursed the beer in your hand.
“Hey you,” you murmured as you sat down, leaning back against him while his arms instinctively snaked around you, holding you in place, his chin resting on your shoulder.
“Hey,” he replied, brushing a kiss to your warm cheek.  “You having fun with the girls?” he asked, glancing at your friends.
“Mhmm,” you hummed, hypnotized by the fire.  “Are you having fun?” you echoed, pulling your gaze from the flames to turn to him.
“Course!” Kiri exclaimed, flashing you a grin.  “It’s a perfect night, I’m surrounded by good friends, a cold one in my hand, and my girl on my knee.  What could be better?  I got all I need right here,” he murmured, nuzzling into the crook of your neck.
“Aren’t you just the sweetest?” you cooed, feeling your heart swell with affection.
“Be a lot sweeter if you laid some sugar on me, darlin’,” he drawled, holding your gaze, his ruby eyes darkening.
“How can I refuse when you ask so nicely?” you quipped, your lips tugging into a playful grin before leaning in to kiss him, only meaning to leave him with a peck to the lips, but he had other plans.  His arm tightening around you, his tongue swiped out to tease your lips, drawing a soft moan from you as you leaned in closer, opening your mouth to him.
“Get a room, you two!” Mina called, followed by a chorus of laughter, but Kirishima held you in place when you tried to pull away, languidly caressing your tongue with his before finally breaking the kiss on his terms, a string of saliva still trailing from your mouth, connecting you.
“Y’all are just jealous,” he laughed, wiping his lips with the back of his hand as he leaned back.  Bringing his half finished bottle to his lips to chug, his other hand rested on your hips, giving you an innocuous squeeze, the action warming your cheeks.
“Need another beer, babe?” he asked, leaning over to reach into the cooler at his side for a fresh bottle and you quickly polished the rest of yours off as well.
“Yes, please!”
Kirishima grinned and handed you the first bottle before fetching another for himself.  Leaning back against his chest, you sipped at your beer, listening to your friends’ antics while you ran your fingers through the long loose red locks that hung down the back of your boyfriend’s neck, nuzzling into him every so often to press soft kisses to his cheek and neck.
After a while Kiri’s free hand wandered to the top of your thigh, squeezing your leg absentmindedly.  “You keep teasing me like that, missy, and I’m not liable for what I’ll do,” he whispered, slipping his hand higher, his fingers barely dipping under the frayed hem of your shorts.
“That a threat or a promise, mister?” you replied, raising an eyebrow at him.
“Both,” he breathed, his eyes holding yours as Bakugou groaned in the background.
“Again, really?”
“These two obnoxious love birds!” Sero taunted as the others clamoured to tease you further.  
“Alright, alright,” you laughed, swatting his hand away before getting to your feet.  “I’ll be right back,” you promised, heading for the house. You needed to cool off or you’d be pulling Kirishima into the woods to relieve the growing ache between your thighs.
“So, when you gunna make an honest woman outta that one, huh?” Kaminari asked as soon as you’d gone, nodding toward the direction you’d left in, a shit eating grin playing at his lips.
“Actually…” Kirishima murmured sheepishly, his cheeks growing red.
“No way!” Mina gasped, sitting forward in her chair.  “You haven’t already asked her have you?” she exclaimed, ready to be upset with you that you hadn’t told her about it.
“No, I’ve been carryin’ the ring around for a couple months now though,” Kirishima answered, rubbing the back of his neck.  “I wanna find the right moment to pop the question.  I want it to be perfect for her, but…”
Bakugou frowned at his friend’s words and Kiri half expected him to taunt him for his indecisiveness or the fact that he was already thinking about marriage so soon, but the ash blonde took him by surprise.
“Stop overthinking it, idiot,” Bakugou huffed quietly.  “Just ask her already.  If you keep waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment, you’re gunna be waiting forever.”
Not expecting such an insightful and downright helpful answer from Bakugou of all people, Kirishima nodded, taking his words to heart.  He was right, he’d already put it off this long, what the heck was he waiting for?
“Hey,” he exclaimed as soon as you returned, jumping to his feet, “I was thinking we should get outta here, maybe go for a drive or something.  What do you say?” he asked excitedly, wanting desperately to get you alone.
“You read my mind,” you laughed, letting him grab your hand and pull you back to the truck.
Opening the door, Kirishima helped you up into the cab before rounding the other side to slide behind the wheel.  As the engine roared to life, the radio came on and Kiri threw it in drive before reaching across the console to rest his hand on your bare thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze.  Flashing him a smile, you placed your hand over top of his, stroking his rough knuckles with your thumb.  As he drove, the warm summer air caressed your face through the open window, bringing a contented sigh to your lips.
“So, pretty girl, where you wanna go?” Eijirou asked, glancing over at you, taking the moment to admire you, his gaze turning soft.
“It don’t matter much to me,” you answered, meeting his gaze.  “Long as I’m with you, I’m happy anywhere.”
Your words made Kirishima’s grin widen, his sharp teeth flashing in the moonlight, and he turned the steering wheel one handed, leaving the paved back road for a dirt drive, nearly hidden by the press of foliage on either side.
“Perfect,” he laughed.  “It’s a nice night for a swim, I reckon, and I could cool off,” he exclaimed, his grip tightening momentarily on your thigh.
The further down the wooded lane he drove, the more the trees began to thin out til the branches reaching over the road barely touched each other, allowing the moonlight overhead to filter through.  Up ahead, a single-lane covered bridge spanned the thin crick, and as soon as the truck rumbled over the boards, Kirishima pulled off to the side of the road to park, turning the headlights off and leaving you in darkness.
Luckily, you’d been down to the boys’ secret swimming hole more times than you could count, so even in the press of the dark and the shadows from the trees overhead you could pick your way down the sloped path, but Eijirou took your hand anyway, holding you steady as you walked together, listening to the sounds of the summer night around you.
“You’re lucky it's so warm out tonight,” you said as you reached the water’s edge, Kirishima already peeling his t-shirt over his head and unbuttoning his jeans, kicking his worn cowboy boots away.
“How come?” he asked, turning to gape at you, already down to his skivvies.
“Because otherwise you’d be swimming alone,” you teased, a shriek of laughter bursting from your lips as your boyfriend caught you, lifting you as if to toss you in fully clothed.
“Kirishima Eijirou!  You wouldn’t!” you gasped, struggling in his embrace, a warning in your voice.
“No, I wouldn’t,” he agreed with a smirk, letting you down, though his hands lingered at your waist.
“See, I knew you were a gentleman,” you murmured, letting him lift your shirt over your head before pulling you into a heated kiss, his lips pressing sweetly to yours as his hands slipped behind your back to unsnap your bra.  As soon as your tits were free, they were engulfed by Kirishima’s large hands and you contented yourself with running your own palms down his chiseled chest, feeling the way it heaved beneath them, his muscles twitching at your touch.
When you pulled back to finish undressing, your breath caught in your throat and you froze, gaping up at your boyfriend.  With the full moon overhead shining down around his mane of crimson hair, he looked rather ethereal and you lost yourself in his ruby eyes and his gentle smile.
“What’re you looking at me like that for?” he asked, amusement lacing his words and you shook yourself out of it, heat rushing to your cheeks.
“Sorry,” you stuttered, quickly shedding your shorts.  “You just looked so beautiful,” you breathed and Eijirou’s laughter enveloped you like a hug.
“Could say the same about you, y/n,” he replied, giving your warm cheek a teasing pinch before pulling his boxers down and jumping into the pond.
When he surfaced, Kirishima shook his long hair out of his face, a grin already tugging at his lips as he turned toward you, bobbing in the water.  “You gunna stand there all night, or join me?  Not that I’m minding the view, Pebble, but the water is rather nice,” he called, eyeing you boldly, and you realized you were standing there in only your panties.
“I’m coming, I’m coming!” you cried, hurriedly kicking off your underwear and stepping into the water, wading out to him.
“You’re right, the water’s perfect,” you mused as you swam into his waiting arms, Kiri’s grin meeting you as he pulled you against his chest and spun you around.
“Told ya,” he laughed, kicking his legs lazily under the water, keeping you both afloat.  “Are you having a good time?” he asked, almost hesitantly.
“Course I am,” you answered, snaking your arms around his neck, your chest pressing against his.  “Nowhere else I’d rather be,” you murmured, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth and his hold on you tightened.  For a moment you felt his length brush against your hip, his cock already hard just from holding you, and heat flooded you at the thought, pooling between your thighs.
“I thought we came here to cool off,” you teased, arching an eyebrow at him.
“What?” he asked, faux innocence in his deep voice as he fought back a smirk which cracked all too easily, a raspy chuckle tumbling from him before he dipped his face to yours, his parted lips barely brushing yours.
“I know what you’re up to Eijirou,” you countered, though you were easily pulled under his spell, waiting with bated breath for him to kiss you.
“Do you?” he replied, his mouth suddenly stretching into a wolfish grin before he easily lifted you, throwing you for real this time.
“Eiji—!” you screamed, your shriek cut off as you hit the water, leaving you spluttering when your head breached the surface.
“That help cool you off, little lady?” he asked, throwing his head back and roaring with laughter.
“That was so unmanly, Kirishima Eijirou!” you retorted, trying not to grin while aiming a large splash at him, your laughter bubbling forth despite your best efforts.
Kirishima gasped, wiping the water from his face.  “Oh, it is on, missy!” he exclaimed, splashing you right back as you retaliated as well, the still night air broken by your shrieks of laughter and the splashing of water.
Finally, Eijirou caught you, pulling you back into his arms and you didn’t fight it as he kissed you, barely restrained hunger hiding behind the caress of his lips.  “Caught you,” he boasted, pulling back to look you in the face, his cheeks flushed and water dripping from his long hair, plastered wetly to his forehead.
“You sure did,” you agreed, pushing his bangs from his eyes.  “What are you gunna do to me now?” you asked breathlessly, anticipation coursing through you.
Kirishima’s eyes roamed your face for a moment, as if deliberating before he hoisted you into his arms, holding you in place as he kissed you again, slower this time, nipping playfully at your bottom lip.  Wrapping your legs around his bare waist, your breath hitched as his cock pressed against your core, trapped between you, and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, groaning softly as you opened wider for him.  His hands slowly slid down your back, readjusting his grip so he was holding your ass in his palms, giving him better leverage to grind against your aching cunt, his head slipping easily between your slick folds.
“Eiji,” you moaned softly, whimpering as he caught your bottom lip between his sharp teeth and sucking.  
“Hmm?” he hummed, tilting his head to trail kisses down your neck.
“Want you,” you whispered, clutching at him.  “Please?”
Kiri chuckled softly against your skin, his tongue tracing the hickey he’d left earlier.  “Well, since you asked so nicely…”
Wading back to the shore, he left your clothes where they lay as he carried you back up to the truck.
“What about our clothes?” you asked, nuzzling into his neck, only half worried about them.  
“I’ll get ‘em later,” he assured you, his cock slapping heavily against you with each step he took, climbing his way back up to the road.  Holding you with one arm, he lowered the tailgate of the truck before setting you down and jumping up himself, pulling a blanket from his toolbox and spreading it out for you to lay on.
“C’mere, pretty girl,” he drawled, taking your hand and pulling you atop him, capturing your lips as you threw your leg over his waist, lowering yourself astride him, hovering just over his weeping cock.  “So, where were we?” he asked, grinning up at you, his hands slowly traveling up and down your still wet back.
“Pretty sure I was about to ride you, cowboy,” you purred, grinding down against him with a lazy roll of your hips, drawing a delicious moan from him.
“I like the sound of that,” he murmured, his hands falling to your ass, giving it a playful squeeze.  “Love having you on top of me, baby.”
“I know you do, babe,” you giggled, wriggling your hips as you smirked down at him, enjoying the way his gaze traveled over you, his pupils dilated, blown wide with want.
Lifting up on your knees, you reached between you to guide Kiri’s cock to your entrance, teasing your folds with his tip, coating it with your slick.  A breathy sigh left Eijirou’s lips as you slowly sank down on him, taking your time in stretching yourself around his dick, stuffing yourself inch by maddeningly slow inch.
“You’re so tight, baby, feel so good,” he groaned, drawing his bottom lip between his teeth as he massaged your hips, rubbing soothing circles with his thumbs.
“You always stretch me so good, Eiji.  Every time’s like the first time,” you breathed, settling atop him fully, your hands splaying over his broad chest.  “Love being filled by my big strong manly man,” you cooed, wriggling your hips as your walls clenched around him.
“Keep squirming and squeezing me like that and I’m gunna cum real quick, baby girl,” Eijirou whined, his fingers digging into your hips.
“Shh, focus on me babe,” you murmured, leaning down to lay against his chest, pressing your lips to his, kissing him to take his mind off how good you felt, distracting him as you began to move, grinding slowly against his pelvis with his cock still buried deep inside you.
The sinful sounds you drew from him with each movement, each shallow thrust of your hips were sweeter than anything you’d ever heard, and each choked gasp and moan and whimper went straight  through you, turning you on even more.
“You sound so pretty, baby, so pretty for me, Eijirou,” you praised, pushing back up to ride him properly, rolling your hips faster as you admired him, his blissed out expression making your heart flutter wildly.
“Love the way you ride me, y/n,” Kirishima moaned, his chest heaving.  “Make me feel so so good, baby girl,” he whimpered, reaching up to take your hands, threading your tiny fingers between his thick callused ones.
“I love making you feel good, Eijirou,” you purred, kissing his knuckles as you lifted your hips, only to sink back down atop him, taking him all in again.  As you bottomed you, he jerked beneath you, unable to keep from thrusting up into your cunt, and you gasped as his tip kissed your cervix, your belly bulging slightly at how deep he was.
“O-oh!” you cried, your grasp on his hands tightening in surprise.
“Did I hurt you?” he asked quickly, nearly stilling beneath you, but you shook your head as you caught your breath.
“No, I’m alright,” you assured him, not stopping, beginning to bounce on his cock.
“Oh, f-fuck, baby,” Eijirou gasped, his breath hitching.  With each bounce, each thick vein, each pronounced ridge of his giant cock dragged against that sensitive spongy spot inside you, sending wave after wave of pleasure rolling through you, and you didn’t know how much longer you could hold out.  From the concentrated look on your boyfriend’s face, his mouth open and eyes squeezed shut, you guessed he wasn’t far off either.
“Eiji, you close, baby?” you asked, and his eyelids fluttered back open, his glazed over ruby depths struggling to focus on you.
“M’close, y/n,” he rasped, swallowing thickly, the languid motion of his adam’s apple as it bobbed beneath his sweat slicked skin catching your eye.  “Want you to cum first,” he insisted, untangling one of his hands from yours to press his thumb to your clit, rubbing frantic circles against you.
As soon as he touched you, it was as if a spark of electricity shot through you and you let out a loud keen, glad you were out in the middle of nowhere, miles from anyone that might overhear.  The friction against your puffy clit, coupled with the pressure of his cock against your g-spot was just what you needed to tip you over the edge, that white hot coil of pleasure in your stomach finally releasing.
Riding through your high, you collapsed atop Eijirou’s chest, kissing him weakly as he began to thrust up into you, moaning lewdly into your mouth as he came inside you moments later, painting your velvety walls as your tight little cunt clenched and fluttered around him, milking him with each shuddering thrust of his hips til he was spent, finally stilling beneath you.
Breathing heavily, you lifted your face to smile at your boyfriend, running the tip of your finger down the bridge of his nose.  “That was pretty amazing,” you murmured, completely relaxed, still connected to him.
“I’ll say,” Eijiriou grinned, pressing a kiss to your forehead before gently shifting you to his side, throwing the edge of the blanket over you as you cuddled up next to him, resting your cheek against his chest as you half draped your arm over him, drawing idle patterns across his flushed skin.
“The stars sure are beautiful tonight,” he pointed out softly, lifting his eyes skyward and you tilted your face to look up at them as well.  “Though, not as beautiful as you,” he added, making you smile.  Silence fell and the sounds of the summer night surrounded you as you watched the stars together, feeling his warmth soak into you as his seed leaked from you, making a sticky mess between your thighs, but you were too content to move and clean yourself up.
As you lay there, Kirishima’s mind was racing.  Bakugou’s words echoed in his ears and he bit his lip.  
“If you keep waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment, you’re gunna be waiting forever.”
Maybe it was spontaneous, but what could be a more perfect moment than this?
“Hey, you know I love you, right?” Eijirou asked suddenly and you shifted, pulling your gaze from the heavens to prop your chin against his chest.
“Course I do, babe.  You show me every day,” you murmured, wondering what he was getting at.
“I’d like to show you every day… for the rest of my life,” he whispered, a solemn expression filling his eyes as he watched you, and you half pushed yourself up, frowning slightly.
“What are you saying, Eijirou?” you asked slowly.
For a moment he hesitated, his tongue flicking out to wet his lips.  “I-I’m asking… if you wanna be my wife.” 
“Oh my god, Eiji…” you breathed, your heart nearly stopping at his words.  “Really?” you asked, half unable to believe it.
Pushing himself up, he nodded, cupping your cheek.  “I wanna take care of you, y/n.  I wanna wake up next to you every morning and fall asleep with you in my arms every night.  I wanna share all your burdens and ease them for you.  I wanna make you laugh and give you as many babies as you want.  I wanna be the only man you’ll ever need.  So, what do you say, y/n?  Will you marry me?”
“Yes—“ you gasped, nodding frantically as tears began to blur your vision, welling in your eyes and spilling down your cheeks.  “Yes, I wanna be your wife, Eijirou!” you cried, launching yourself into his arms.
Kirishima smiled wider than he ever had, squeezing you tightly, his face falling to your shoulder as his heart ached with affection, only to remember that he’d left the ring in his jeans down by the pond.  “Shit,” he muttered under his breath.
“What?” you asked, taken aback to gape at your boyfriend’s rueful expression.
“I… give me just a sec, baby, I have to go… uh, get your ring,” he explained and you laughed as he scrambled up out of the blanket, still ass naked to bound back down to the swimming hole to collect your clothes.  When he returned, ring in hand, he found you perched on the edge of the tailgate waiting, blanket wrapped around you.
“Give me that finger, baby, lemme make it official,” he exclaimed breathlessly, a wide grin still gracing his handsome features and you giggled as you held your hand out for him to slip the ring on your finger, pulling the blanket closer around your shoulders.
“It’s beautiful,” you whispered, sniffling softly as you admired it, the moonlight catching on the small rose coloured gem and Eijiriou gently wiped the tears from your eye with his rough thumb.
“You’re beautiful,” he insisted, tilting your chin up so he could kiss you, pouring all his love into it.
“I love you so much,” you breathed against his lips, pulling him between your knees to hug him fiercely against you.
“I love you too, darlin’,” he replied, never wanting to let go.
“Just wait til I show your friends this rock,” you laughed and Kirishima joined you, knowing exactly how they’d react.
Tumblr media
Tag List: @super-predictable98​​ @sad0ni0n​​ @dinodumbass​​​ @aomi04​ (If you’d like to be added to my tag list, just drop me a message/ask!)
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scarlettriot · 2 days ago
You can thank @mistyfoxsong having a typo for bringing you this evening's Kirishima thirst:
May we present to you the concept of HR Kirishima.
Office setting AU
Kiri X F!Reader
Warnings: Smut 18+ (Minors leave), sexual harassment, unsolicited pics, blood, swearing, oral (m receiving), slight angst
WC: 900
A/N: I probably made this more fluffy than I should have but I'm feeling especially soft tonight so.
You're getting dick pics sent to your work email from an account you don't recognize and so you do the block the email but, hell, this is the fourth different account this perv has made, and now they've gotten so bold as to send pictures of your own ass from various locations around the office!
You'd tried to catch them in the act. Looked in the background of the images to try and figure out who the hell was doing this but, in the end, you needed some help.
That was how you ended up in the HR office, telling Kirishima how you wanted to handle this by yourself but you couldn't figure out who the sender was.
He'd always been a kind man, despite looking intimidating as hell, Kirishima was always ready with a hearty laugh and a thousand-watt smile that could warm even the coldest of hearts.
It was odd to see the large man look anything other than cheerful and pleasant but as he looked at the emails you had saved for proof, his lips had set into a dangerously thin line, his brows knitting together. He was quick to school his features when he handed you back your phone.
"I don't take these things lightly," He told you, his voice slightly lower than you were used to, "Thank you for telling me, you shouldn't have to deal with this." Kirishima slid off his suit jacket, draping it over the back of his black leather chair. "I'll make sure this gets sorted out right away and doesn't happen again. You have my word."
He walked you to the door, rolling his sleeves up to his elbows. You'd went back to your cubicle, went back to work as usual, and for the first time in weeks, weren't harassed!
It wasn't until much later that you saw Kirishima again after everyone had left the office and just as you were shutting your computer down for the day.
There were flecks of something now splattered across his crisp white shirt and the maroon tie he'd been wearing was undone, hanging around his neck. He had a handkerchief in his hands, rubbing something away, something red, but the man is smiling so sweetly at you.
"I'm glad I caught you, I am happy to report your problem has been taken care of."
"Y-you didn't have to do, whatever it is you did... I just wanted the messages to stop." You told him, clearly able to see the blood he was covered in.
He perched on the edge of your desk. "I kinda did. The person was put on probation once before and I gave them a second chance after they swore they wouldn't do it again. It's my fault this happened to you and I'm very, very sorry about that."
"Hey, it's not your fault for wanting to see the best in people, it's a hard quality to find nowadays, actually." Kirishima smiled sheepishly, unable to maintain eye contact. "Could I buy you dinner as a sort of thank you?"
"Oh. You don't have to do that, I was just doing my job, plus, I now have to file termination papers for the guy."
"Order in?" You suggested with a shoulder shrug and he agreed with thanks.
Dinner arrived and you chatted in his office, pulling a chair around to watch him work and before you knew it, you were thanking him for what he'd done in a different manner; on your knees behind his desk, choking on his fat cock.
Those bruised fingers fisting your hair while he cooed about how pretty you looked in between muttering how he really shouldn't be doing this.
That didn't stop him from pulling you off his dick though before he could burst.
You'd had the ache between your legs since you'd realized what he'd done for you. Something about a man defending your honor was far more attractive than it should have been!
He bunched your skirt off before pulling your panties down your legs, over the heels you still wore. "W-wait." Kirishima stopped instantly, his chest rapidly rising and falling.
"'M sorry, I got carried away, I'm-"
You rested a hand against his bare chest. "It's not that at all! Could we- how would you feel about doing this on their desk?"
It took a second to click but then Kirishima was lifting you off his desk and through the empty office. With a broad sweep of his arm, he scattered all the papers and files to the floor giving you a place to sit while he aligned himself.
Your eyes fluttered closed, feeling his head run between your folds. He waited for the subtle nod of your head, the permission he clearly wanted before pushing forward.
He had to be quick about things, not able to give you the attention he not only wanted to give you but he damn well knew you deserved because the cleaning crew would be coming around any minute now.
That didn't stop him from taking his time with you later at his place though. Off the clock, on his cock. Then again, work hours didn't really matter either. Kirishima found every spare minute he could to block off his schedule, pull you into his private office, and lock the door. Making it a point to break every HR code he could think of with you.
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saturnsorbits · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Arm Candy
Fandom: My Hero Academia, Warnings: Angst, Miscommunication, A Tiny Bit of Violence (One Punch), Smut, Semi-Public Sex, Lacking Prep, - Happy Ending! Word Counts: 5.6k.
Summary: Since your break up, Kirishima has had a rotating door of side-kicks on his arm, but when his antics stop you attending Hero events, Mina comes up with a plan.
A/N: Ft. A little surprise in the end.
Tumblr media
'Do I have to go?' Perched on the bed, wrapped in nothing, but a towel you scowl at Mina. She looks back at you through the mirror, mascara hovering in the air in front of her face and pouts. 'It'll be fun.'
'It won't.'
'Everyone's going to be there...' She whines.
'He's going to be there.'
Mina pauses, arm dropping down until her forearm is resting against the wood of the vanity she's sat at. 'Babe.'
It's almost immediate the slow, acidic bubbling that begins in your stomach. The sickness swirls inside of you making you want to curl in on yourself and clutch at your sides. You swallow it down, beyond used to the poison souring your chest. 'Don't babe me.'
Spinning on her stool, Mina tilts her head onto her shoulder and sighs. 'You can't just not see everyone.'
'I'd rather never see anyone again than see him with another girl on his arm.' Letting your head fall into your hands, you sigh. It's been exactly six months, thirteen days and about, two hours, give or take a few minutes since you and Kirishima broke up. Since then, there's been a rotating door of girls, and on one or two occasions men, who have been seen swinging off his arm at the various galas, events and parties the two of you have been unfortunate enough to attend.
'Come on...' She coo's. There's a shuffle, the scuffing of a stool as it's pushed back on hard wood and then, the mattress dips beside you as Mina takes a seat.
'He's gone through half the city since we broke up and I haven't even been on a date, Meens.'
'I mean...' She bites her lip, wrapping an arm around your shoulders, but whatever excuse she had lined up never comes.
'I just...' Swallowing a sob, you bite your tongue when you feel the familiar swell of pain rise in your chest and pop, causing tears to well up in your eyes. 'He couldn't even make it to our fucking anniversary dinner, but now he can find time to take a new girl out every week...'
Mina grimaces. 'I -.'
'Please don't make excuses for him.' You sigh and wipe at your eyes. 'I've had enough of them from Katsuki.'
'Okay. Just...' Her fingers dig into your shoulder when she knocks her head into yours. 'Come with me, please.'
'Meens...' Lifting your head, you turn to her hoping to convey the surge of sickness that creeps up your throat at the thought of coming face to face with your ex and his latest piece of arm candy.
'No.' She twists, grabbing at your cheeks and squashing them in soft palms. 'I'm putting my foot down, you're coming...' Administering two playful slaps to your face, she reels back spinning from the bed and twirling back towards the vanity.
'But -.'
Snatching her phone off of the table, she fixes you with a glare. 'Shut up. I have a plan.'
You groan, head finding your hands again. 'A good plan?'
There's something mischievous in her eye when you peek through your fingers to look at her, but she just beams back. 'The best.'
Tumblr media
Mina's plan was not the best. In fact, it might have been the worst plan imaginable.
'Hey...' She knocks against your shoulder, silver jewellery rattling on her wrists. 'Smile, c'mon.'
You snarl, jaw tense as you look over her shoulder to the man hurrying towards you. 'Next time you say you've got a plan, remind me to punch you.'
Giggling, she rolls her eyes. 'I told you he's changed... Plus, he's like certified Kirishima repellent.'
'Ready?' Monoma grins, offering his arm out for you to take. Mina's partly right, at least. He looks different these days. His chest is broader, his smile a little more subtle and he doesn't ooze that painful aura of vanity that used to make people want to cave his face in.
'I really don't think this is going to work.' You sigh, but slip your arm into his anyway.
'Don't know until we try...' Mina sings. She springs up on her toes, tottering on too-high heels towards the back-entrance of the convention, not bothering to wait for the two of you to follow.
'For what it's worth...' Monoma starts, swallowing around something hard in his throat. His arm tenses, securing you tight between bulging bicep and firm side. 'I'm glad you -.'
'This isn't a date, Neito.' It's better to set the record straight now, rather than have an embarrassing conversation later when he gets the wrong idea.
Monoma blushes, the tips of his ears turning pink as he slowly leads you after Mina. 'I – ah...'
'Mina didn't -.'
'Say it was a date?' Flicking his tongue over his lips, he chuckles at his feet. 'No. Guess I was just hoping that I wasn't just enlisted to keep your ex at bay.'
You grimace, sucking air in through your teeth. 'When you say it like that.'
'Sounds bad?'
'It's okay.' Throwing a hand on the back door, he holds it open allowing you both to slip inside. 'I'm just glad to have someone so pretty be my not-date.'
You roll your eyes hard, but let him take back your arm.
The music hits you almost as soon as you enter. Tonight, the city hall has been transformed, decorated to within an inch of it's life in order to become a fitting venue for the annual Hero-tech convention. There's already a wealth of people milling about, all dressed up and perusing the booths before the speeches begin. Some you recognise, like Pro-Hero Mount Lady and her new boyfriend. Other's you don't, like the business men from far off cities and foreign dignitaries from honestly, who knows where. They all weave in and around each other, creating an odd hero-civilian soup of voices and pleasantries that thrums under the music. Scanning the room, you spot Mina to the left, two champagne flutes curled tightly in her hands. She raises one of the glasses when she spies you edging towards her through the crowd and beams, noticing that you're still entwined with Monoma.
Mina hands you one of the flutes as soon as you're within range. 'Cheers.' She tips her glass against yours and brings it to her lips, smiling.
Following suit, you sip at the champagne and only jump slightly when Monoma's hand presses to the small of your back.
He leans in close, crowding over your back slightly as he mumbles into your ear. 'Going to the bar, back in a minute.'
You nod, smile and glance over your shoulder when you feel his weight vanish from behind you, only catching a glimpse of him as he moves into the crowd.
'See.' Mina hits your arm, pulling your attention back. 'Told you he's not as bad as he used to be.'
Humming something vaguely affirmative, you take another sip of champagne and settle in, watching the hubbub surrounding you. It's nice. Being back in hero society again, rubbing elbows and watching and everyone come together. Maybe you'd even see a few old faces, get chance to catch up and drink. 'Holy shit, Hawks is here?' You elbow Mina in the ribs and point at the familiar ruffle of red feathers slowly easing its way through what looks to be a gaggle of side-kicks.
'We should say, hi.' Mina snatches at your wrist, eagerness thrumming through her vein's as she moves to tug you over to the number two hero.
You slip from her hold immediately. It's hard to see him in the mess of bodies, but he's there. There's a familiar shock of bright red hair, a glimpse of strong shoulders and a bright smile that makes your chest hollow out.
'What?' Mina spins on her heels, eyebrows furrowed until she catches the flat line of your mouth. 'Oh.' When she turns back around, she sees it. Kirishima's broken through the crowd to reach Hawks, Bakugo at his side as they exchange hand-shakes and wide smiles, but the thing that makes her mouth sour is the small, brunette woman clinging to Kirishima's elbow.
'Mina -.' Pawing at her shoulder, you swallow the stone pinning down your tongue and bite down on your lip. The sight of the woman pressing in close to his side, her fingers curled around his bicep barely able to squeeze at the muscle, makes you want to be sick. This, this is why you don't come to hero events any more.
'Shit.' Mina tries to pivot, tries to cover your body with her own and block you from view, but it's too late.
A pair of crimson eyes meet yours across the room, a sad smile twitching his lip as you tear your gaze away. It burns when you see him cover the woman's hand with his own and lean down to whisper something in her ear and you can feel the tears welling in your eyes when he moves to cut through the crowd. Your whole body tenses ready to run, but then there's a voice coming in over your head.
'Didn't know if you'd be done with that so I bought -.' Monoma ditches the drinks in his hands onto a near-by table when he sees that you're shaking. His hand meets the flesh of your waist, arm slinking around you until he's able to hold you steady and pull you into his chest.
It's not enough. The panic is still rising in your throat threatening to choke you and you can hear him. The quickening steps of Kirishima's shoes inch closer as he fights the tide of the crowd to reach you. The idea of him coming over makes your stomach thick and your knees weak. You can't do it. You won't.
'No!' You push back against Monoma and twist violently away from him when you spot Kirishima break into a jog. 'Get off me.' Shoving with a little more force than necessary, you slip from his hold and run, hurrying as fast as you can towards the back of the hall.
Monoma yelps behind you, crying out a sharp: 'What the fuck man -.' before a growl reverberates around the hall and the distinct sound of bone meeting bone makes you jump half out of your skin.
You don't hear what happens after. You shuffle into a hallway, letting the door slam behind you to trap the commotion outside. It's almost immediate, the prick of tears at your eyes as your back collides with the wall. Shaky legs refuse to help you stand and within seconds you're on your ass, knees tucked up to your chest as you choke down the sobs desperate to escape your throat. The idea of standing there, of entertaining a conversation with the man you where still evidently in love with, while the woman he was fucking smiled at you from the sidelines made your stomach squirm. There was no way you'd be able to handle it, not when just the sight of them alone had you here: crying in a random hallway.
When the door swings open for a second time, it's not Mina in the doorway like you expect, it's not even Monoma, come to check up on you, or ask about your sudden disappearance: it's Kirishima.
He looks like he's just been hit by a bus. His shirt is torn, his tie swinging loose around his neck, the knot pulled tight as though he's been swung around by it and there's blood dripping from a cut on his cheekbone. Licking his lips, he hauls in a shaky breath before letting the door slam shut behind him. 'I broke his nose.'
'You what?' In an instant you're back on your feet. Your legs threaten to stop holding you, but you push through it, moving back towards the door. If nothing else, you should check on Monoma, apologise, offer to take him to the recovery centre at the very least. You barely make it to the doors before a large hand is wrapping around you elbow.
'Where did he touch you?'
The growl sounds strange painted on his lips and you recoil instantly, trying and failing to yank back your arm. His eyes are on fire when you look up. 'Kiri -.'
'Did he hurt you?'
'What?' When you pull away this time, you manage to slip his hold.
'Did he hurt you...' Face softening Kirishima reaches up, rough fingers stretching tentatively towards the soft skin of your cheek. His skin touches yours, searching it gently as if checking for bruises, but he doesn't pull back even when he feels no pain. Instead, he lingers letting his palm flattening to cup your cheek.
You recoil, turning your head away from the touch. 'Monoma? What, no.'
'What? Then...' Eyebrows scrunching on his forehead, he sucks in his bottom lip gnawing on the soft flesh. 'I thought he hurt you.'
It's the puppy-dog like glimmer of guilt reflected back at you from his eyes that converts the simmering panic in your gut to anger. You slap his hand away, forcing him back. 'No, he didn't fucking hurt me.'
'Shit.' His eyes hit the floor.
'Yeah, shit.' Feeling a little more secure with your legs steeling underneath you, you let the anger bubble up under your skin and loosen your tongue. 'Who the fuck do you think you are?'
A noise near a whine slips from Kirishima's lips, his eyes snapping back up to yours instantly. 'I thought he was touching you...'
'He was touching me.'
Your tongue finds a back molar as you huff, disbelief colouring your breathing. 'He wasn't touching me any different than your date was touching you.'
'I thought -.'
Not giving him time to speak, you fold your arms and blink up at him, willing the tears to stay out of your eyes. The unfairness of it all stings, but not as much as the dumb-founded parting of his lips as his eyes widen. 'No you didn't fucking think. You know, I've had to watch you dote on every fucking side-kick you've been bringing to these events for months and not once have I broken anyone's nose.'
I -.'
'I'm not finished.' Tears slip from your lids, but you power through. 'Do you know how fucking hard it is? I've watched you fuck your way through half of the city and I show up one time with a guy and -.
'It's Monoma.' Kirishima gapes, head tilting as he struggles to contain the heat in his own chest.
'Oh, so because you don't like him that makes it okay, does it?'
'No. I -.' Kneading at his eyes with a thumb and forefinger, he clenches his jaw. The thought of Monoma's hand on you, of him touching your skin, his breath on the back of your neck, it turns his stomach and whittles down his resolve. Still, when he looks at you, with your eyes aflame and your mouth set into a half-snarl he can't help, but feel his heart stutter in his chest.
'I can't do this...' Reaching for the door, you wrap your hand around the handle.
Kirishima shifts his weight and lurches forward, slamming a hand on the door to keep it shut. 'Wait.'
Pulling back again, you spin back to face him. Looking at him hurts, but if you don't purge yourself of the sickness infesting you now you don't know when you'll next get the chance. 'For what, Kiri? I waited for years for you to get your priorities straight and you couldn't manage that, so I don't know what you want me to wait for any more.'
He fists his hair, yanking at flattened red spikes before blowing hot air out of his nose. 'I know I was working a lot, but -.'
'You didn't come home for a month. I thought...' New tears stain your cheeks. 'I thought you were fucking cheating on me.'
'I was sleeping at the agency...' Kirishima's heart strains, his throat constricting around his words. This was a well travelled argument, but that didn't mean the dust it kicked up didn't sting. He knew he'd been selfish, pushing himself too hard because of the insecurities that ate away at him while you waited at home, a home he'd barely gone back to towards the end. Life had become an endless cycle of work and somewhere along the line, he'd lost touch with what really mattered. That was until Bakugo had forced him to go home when he'd been about to pass out in the agency's over-night room. He'd walked through the door of the apartment and bumped straight into the back of the sofa. You'd rearranged everything, but he hadn't been home enough to notice. Then, there you where, suitcase at your feet as you dropped your front door key in the palm of his hand. The argument that came after was blurred in his mind, the tears too, but once you'd left being alone had become impossible. It was easier to be around people, to not think about how his heart creaked in his chest with you gone, so that's what he did.
You huff, watching as something dark crosses his face, but you're in too deep to turn back now. 'You couldn't even make it home for our anniversary, but there hasn't been one single shitty hero-event you've missed in the last six months. You've put more effort into keeping your pretty little dates wined and dined than you ever did in our entire fucking -.'
'Don't.' Kirishima's hands have balled into fists at his sides. He doesn't need to hear this, not when you've got it all wrong.
You laugh. 'Don't, what?'
'Don't say shit you know isn't true.' His teeth grind, clashing against each other as he snaps his jaw shut. 'Because, you know that shit isn't true. You know -.'
Your voice cracks as you blink back tears. 'Do I?'
Kirishima shatters. 'I love you.'
'Yeah.' Folding your lip behind your teeth, you swallow. 'But I love you doesn't really fix anything, does it?' You turn back to the door, hand yanking at the handle to make your escape, but the thing doesn't budge.
Kirishima's palms splay on the wood, stopping it from opening. It creaks, splintering under hardened skin as he towers over you, chest heaving. His forehead hits the door soon after, crowding you against it as he mumbles into the air. 'No. It doesn't.'
'Kiri..' The heat from his chest seeps into your back as he presses against you, enough to be felt, but not enough to be oppressive.
'I've been getting better.' He steadies himself, breathing you in. 'Don't work half as much, make sure Kat kicks me out of the agency if I do anything over 48 hours...'
A chuckle leaks from your lips, although the sound carries no joy. 'That why you've got time to spoil all those dates of yours?'
He licks his lips, sighing. 'Sounds stupid, but... I – I've kind of been having a hard time being alone since we... Kat started calling it babysitting duty, started palming me off onto the side-kicks...'
Turning in his arms, you tilt your chin to look him in the eye. 'So you're not actually seeing any of them?'
'God no.' He shakes his head, snorting. 'Not that they're not... Nice and all. I just – they all knew I wasn't...'
'Good.' It falls out of your mouth before you can stop it. Something stutters in your chest. You really have missed him, even now you can feel your body calling out to him, but you can't – can you?
'What?' Tilting his head, he lifts his hand from the door and brings it back to your cheek. His thumb ghosts your cheekbone, eyes lingering on the place where you skin touches his.
'Nothing.' You shake yourself. No. You can't.
'Seeing you with him... I -.' Flame licks the insides of Kirishima's stomach again. His hand curls instinctively, wrapping around the back of your neck to bring you closer until your foreheads touch and when you don't move away, he pushes in closer. 'I wanted to kill him.'
'You broke his nose.' This time, you don't move away from his touch. You sink, falling helplessly into the warmth of his palm even as you can feel his hardening ripple through his skin as he growls out his issues with Monoma.
'Yeah, but I wanted to kill him...' He's so close, he wouldn't even have to push to close the distance. The thought of kissing you again sends shock waves of excitement down his spine, making it harder for him to stay put as every atom of his being screams with possessiveness.
Chewing on the edge of your lip, you let your body guide you and tip forward. Your lips catch on the edge of his mouth, planting the briefest of kisses on his skin before reeling away. 'I should get back – Monoma's probably...'
'No.' Kirishima's grip hardens. 'Stay... Please.' Gradually, his hand slinks from your neck to your shoulder. Each touch is soft, despite the fact you can feel the jagged callouses of his quirk raking over your skin. When you make no move to impede him, the rough of his palm ghosts down your side, skimming the full curve of your hip before following the bend of your stomach and inching down towards your cunt.
'Kiri...' Your voice wobbles, a moan betraying the want burning in your stomach as you arch into his touch, urging him lower. 'Kiri, I – fuck...'
Hardened fingers push lower and grope at you over the thin material of your dress. 'When was the last time this little cunt got treated properly, huh?'
The tips of his fingers graze your clit causing your eyes to roll. You reach for him, hands balling in the cotton of his shirt as he drags the bump of his knuckle over your underwear and earns another strangled moan from your lips.
'Tell me to stop...' Lowering himself over you, his nose finds the turn of your neck. His lips follow soon after, pressing gently to your skin as he breathes against it, willing his body to stay put for just a second longer.
'Don't -.' You swallow another moan when your hips rock back into his hand forcing him against you once more. 'Don't Stop -.'
There's no waiting for you to finish, he's on you before you ever have time to spit out the end of your sentence. He yanks you off the door, gathering you up easily in his arms before turning and looking for something, anything to throw you against.
The small side table shoved against the wall of the corridor becomes his target and no sooner have your feet left the floor, than your ass is connecting with polished wood. Your back presses to the wall, allowing him to crowd you in and soon after, his mouth finds yours again.
He kisses you only once before a thick thigh comes between your legs, spreading you open enough for him to slip between. The gasps that leak into his mouth from yours fuel him, encourage his efforts to get your hips to press against his and your nails to dig into his biceps. A growl rumbles in the back of his throat. 'You're wet.'
The only response you can manage is a mewl. You melt into him, lift your hips and grind as best as you can into his ministrations as he toys with your clit. Each touch is electric causing you to soak through your underwear. You haven't been touched like this for months and it shows.
'So needy, baby.' Kirishima chuckles against your skin. His fingers, despite their size are lithe and tuck their way under your underwear to slide between your folds. When his fingers re-emerge from the fabric they're slick, coated heavily in your wetness. He smirks before popping them into his mouth. His tongue laps at them, curling around large digits as he works to rid himself of your essence.
'Don't tease.' You whine and move to grab at his wrist, anxious to have his hands back on you, but he snatches himself away.
A wicked grin takes his lip, sharp teeth glittering on full display as he slowly reaches for you. His hand lands on your chest and slides up until his fingers can curl around your throat. 'Patience, little one. You'll get what you want.'
Preening, you wear his hand like a necklace and settle, letting him move you to his whim. A large hand cup your ass, kneading the flesh for a second before you're being hauled forwards. Your hands grip at his shoulders with the sudden movement, but it doesn't take long before you're exploring his body again. His chest is firm under your palms, the ridges of his pecs and stomach firm when you trail lower and grip at his hips. Your thumbs trace the crease leading to his cock, digging into the flesh slightly as you smooth across his skin before slipping under the waistband of his pants. Quick fingers make quicker work of his buttons and zip, exposing the spreading stain on the front of fire-truck red boxers.
A deep groan vibrates through his chest when you take hold of him over his boxers, massaging the pre-cum soaked material against his cock. His hips stutter into your palm, hand twitching around your neck as you dip in to take him out.
'You're going to have to be quick.' He chuckles even when his cock pulses in your hand, smearing pre-cum all over you.
Already there's a heat building in your stomach as you take in the weight of his cock. The thing is huge, framed by a thicket of wiry black hair and gently reddened at the end, where a bulbed tip peaks from wrinkled foreskin. You've never been able to take it without prep. All the other times you'd fucked have involved you coming apart around Kirishima's tongue or fingers first. He used to delight in preparing your body for him, eating you out for ours and slowing making you cream around his fingers until you where spread open wide and gasping. Even then, it had always been a tight fit.
Inching back, he moves the hand at your neck to nudge your chin up. 'You need me to prep you, baby?'
Shaking your head, you shimmy forward and pass a hand over his cock before lining him up to your dripping cunt.
'Don't want to hurt you.' His voice is weak, but his hips cant forward pressing his tip past your slick folds.
There's not enough time. Your cunt aches, fingers itching at the thought of being impaled on his cock again, but without prep it's sure to tear you in two. The noise of the convention seeps in through the door reminding you of the very real risk of someone walking in and spoiling your fun. 'I don't care.' Lifting your hips, you ease him deeper, making him prod at your entrance before looking him dead in the eye. 'Hurt me.'
A choke sticks in his throat as hesitancy claws it's way up his throat. 'But -.'
'Please..' If you go a second longer without his fullness inside of you, you'll combust, you're sure of it. 'I need you.'
That's all it takes. The whining edge to your voice makes his head hazy and his chest tight. Leaning forward, he connects your lips before pushing in.
Pleasure and pain bursts through your body as the first inch of his cock sinks home. It carves you out, forces your body to mould around him as you gasp and cling to his shoulders for dear life.
'Shh, baby. You're doing so well – you're tight – I...' Stealing each moan that slips from your mouth, he trades you his own as your cunt squeezes around him. Your walls are fluttering already, insides tender as he presses in another inch. 'So good for me... Taking me so well, aren't you.'
Whimpering you let your head fall to his shoulder as he keeps feeding you his cock. Your thighs are shaking, even under his calming palms that smooth over them with each of his dull thrusts. 'Ei...'
'Almost there. Fuck, you're beautiful... Look at you taking me so well.' His hands hook under your knees and ease your legs around his waist as he presses the last few inches inside of you and stills while you pant against his neck. Cooing against your crown, he kisses your forehead.
Your ankles clasp behind his back, pulling him closer until you feel the faint tickle of his pubes against your clit. Any pain you felt from the initial push has faded, leaving only the dull throb of pleasure that buzzes gently through your core. 'Ei, move... Please – need -.'
He doesn't need telling twice. Pulling out just enough to slip his hand between your bodies, he thumbs lazily at your clit while sliding back in. A moan shakes in his chest when he bottoms out again and then, he's setting a pace. 'Not gonna last long... Feels too good, you -.'
Pulling him closer, you bring his lips back to yours to steal his breath. You're not going to last long yourself, but any response is crushed in your chest when his cock presses up against your spongy insides. You can feel him in your stomach, feel him punching the air out of you as he fucks into you again and again and again.
'I'm -.' He barely chokes through his sentence, barely gets a solid dozen thrusts in before he's spilling clean inside of you. 'Fuck, so – sorry. I -.' His thighs shake as his orgasm takes him apart, causing more cum to be forced into your little hole, but he doesn't stop. Sensitivity burns in his stomach as he keeps fucking into you and forcing you to feel him in your throat. There's desperation in his voice when he stutters against your ear, almost begging to feel you lose it around him. 'Cum for me, come on. Please, please. Need to feel you, want – want -.'
You're already seeing stars, already clinging to him for dear life as your orgasm crashes into you. A silent screams rips through you as you bite at his shoulder, forcing the noise back down your throat. It feels like you're floating and falling all at once, balancing on the edge of pleasure itself as he fucks you through it with sloppy thrusts and messy passes over your clit with his thumb. If you where anywhere else, both of you would be embarrassed. You've barely started, barely been able to use any of the stamina you know he has, but with his cock nestles inside of you and him pressing kiss after kiss to your crown, it stops mattering.
'Did so good for me, fuck – I've missed you so fucking much, missed this -.
You're coming down, still cock-drunk and dizzy from the orgasm Kirishima has earned from your body when the door to the corridor creeks open. You're barely able to turn your head, forced instead to loll lazily, twisting your cheek onto Kirishima's shoulder.
He's already twisted himself, covering the fact that his cock is still nestled inside of you, keeping you full and heavy with his cum.
'For fucks sake.' Bakugo groans as he brings a large palm up to shield his eyes. 'The – fuck. They need your Hero info. You know, on account of you breaking that dickhead's face.'
'Oh.' Kirishima chuckles, eyes darting from Bakugo to you. His gaze slips down your body, settling on where you're both connected, on where he's inside you. 'I'm uh -.'
'Still fucking – I can see that. Just – Just hurry up or some shit, I can't hold them off forever. The commission are mad as fuck.' Puffing out his chest, Bakugo peeks through his fingers and hisses when he catches a glimpse of your cunt, puffy and red still struggling to stretch around Kirishima's cock. 'I assume you two are back together –.'
'I – uh... Maybe?'
In truth you don't know. The time for labels and relationship talk is certainly not now, but you squeeze at his arms and smile, hoping for it to convey the hope of a later conversation. Hands still gripping Kirishima's arms, you push backward gently urging him out of you. As soon as his cock shifts, cum begins to seep out around it. It leaks lazily from your cunt and drips down his balls and onto the floor. The sight makes your stomach tense. 'No... Wanna – wanna be full, Kiri.'
Pushing back in Kirishima stops the flow. 'I can't... Uh -.' He glances up, looking around for something to fix his problem. His eyes land on Bakugo.
'What the fuck are you looking at me for?' Bearing his teeth, Bakugo snaps, hand falling from his face to expose the soft blush coating his cheeks.
Kirishima licks his lips, eyes falling down to the notable bulge beginning in his friends suit pants. 'Well, if you want me to go out there.' He hooks a thumb towards the door. 'I'mma need something to take my place here, if you catch my drift.'
You whine and cling to Kiri, cunt clenching at the thought of Bakugo sliding into your soft heat to keep Kirishima's cum filling you.
'You like that baby?' Kirishima bumps his nose against yours. 'Want Kat to help us out?'
You nod.
Bakugo's eyes blow wide, pupils swallowing his iris' as a lump forms in his throat. 'I -.'
A wicked grin takes Kirishima's lip then 'So, you going to help or what?'
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— ❧ wanna make him jealous?
k. bakugo x succubus!reader x e. kirishima
Tumblr media
tip’s kinktober 2021, piece II
summary: when you saw the guys who summoned you, a good time was guaranteed. but one of them just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
cw: smut (18+), AFAB reader, threesome, cucking, anal (f), rimming (m), oral (m), impact play, degradation, restraints, praise, overstimulation (m), pain play (m), a little blood, spit, a little choking, leashes, dom reader, sub bkg n kiri, reader is VERY condescending and a hard dom, kinda sadist, and afab!reader gets called daddy
wc: 2.1k+
a/n: man i’m dead. almost. this is my first dom reader and threesome piece, and i wrote most of it w an iv in my hand LMFAOO what a MESS. anyways, i enjoyed writing this, a little bit out of my sub reader comfort zone but a good piece nonetheless, and i wanna apologize for being late ajeekeuhesiebwkah this friday’s fic is gonna be on time me thinks. <- HA IT WASNT
enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
“Atta boy”,
If you weren’t already Satan’s spawn, you would’ve given up your soul to capture this moment forever.
A man built like a god, big enough to crush you if he wanted, laying beneath you, completely fucked out.
Drool seeping out of his mouth, eyes rolled all the way back to his skull, a nasty pool of cum gathering underneath you both. 
 “I told you, you could cum again.”
Your own thighs were quivering violently, both from exhaustion and the unceasing bolts of pleasure coming from your drenched cunt, beautifully spread open by such a massive cock; in your years of experience, you’ve never met someone so well endowed. 
‘How many women have cried because of him?’ you wondered. But that wasn’t important. Right now, making him cry was your goal.
God, just the thought of it, the mental image of fat, hot tears running down his prominent cheekbones made you clench.
“Fuck, stop! please, I can’t anymore, I-“, you quickly bent down, and grabbed his face between your hands, sharp nails threatening to dig into his skin.
“How many fucking times do I have to tell you? This is about me, not you. Learn your place, bitch. You were being so good for me, what happened?”, you said, tracing his jawline with your finger.
You were getting ready to start bouncing on his over sensitive cock once again, but muffled shouts and curses snapped you out of your power trip.
“Mmph! Mmm-!”, you made his gag disappear into thin air. “What the fuck do you want, blondie?”
From the moment you had arrived, he’s been behaving like a brat. He expected you to please him? Goddamn idiot, had another thing fucking coming.
 You hopped off Kiri’s cock, both hissing from overstimulation. You figured he could use a little rest while you talked to the brat tied to the chair. 
 “Untie me, bitch! You gon’ keep bouncing on his cock like a slut or wha-“
 You were fuming. What the hell was going to take for this motherfucker to behave? 
 You were used to people behaving, being good boys and girls just for you, always pliant and eager. But this brat was getting on your last nerve.
“Speak to me like that again and see where it fucking gets you. Understood?” You spat out, grabbing him by the throat, squeezing more with each second that passed. You could feel his pulse under your fingers, his shaky breaths.
 He was sweating profusely, and his hips were humping the air, your closeness clearly affecting him.
He was jealous. Frivolous envy running through his veins—watching his best friend getting fucked beyond coherence, while he was forced to sit there and watch. Helpless. Raking your fingernail on his bulge, he hissed.
 “Let’s make a deal. You make that cute redhead cum within 5 minutes, and I’ll let you fuck me. Sound good?”
 He looked at Kirishima, and back at you. Contemplating. Were you insane?
 “If you think I’m putting that in my mouth you’re so-“ You laughed, interrupting him, sharp teeth showing. “Who said you had to do it with your mouth? I know you, boy. I know how much you love stuffing your ass. Don’t lie to me, pretty.”, you said as you tilted his chin up.
 Kirishima snorted in the background and your head snapped at his direction, looking at him with cold eyes. “You. Behave.”, he went stiff. Nodded once.
 “Now. Get going, blondie.” 
 He hesitated for a minute. “Fuck. Okay. Untie him first”, the restrains on Kirishima’s wrists vanished into thin air. Kirishima seated on the edge of the bed, Bakugo kneeled in front of him. He hated this, but he was so close to getting what he wanted, and he certainly wasn’t a quitter.
 “Don’t touch me or I’ll bite your dick off.”
Harsh. You let him be. He took a hesitant lick from base to tip, and fuck, he looked so good.
 It was pretty amusing, seeing such an intimidating man turned into a babbling mess when the other below him took him balls deep. The way Bakugo gagged and how Kirishima’s toes curled—a sight for sore eyes indeed, but you were getting impatient.
 “Alright, enough. Cutie, lay down. You, on all fours” Bakugo shot daggers at you, Kirishima shortly complied.
 After a few seconds, Katsuki was on his hands and knees, tight ring exposed, cock hanging heavily between his legs. You approached him, sliding your hands over his asscheecks, while he tried to scuttle away.
 “The fuck are you doing?”, he barked at you, “What? You scared of me? Don’t want daddy eating your ass?” You said with a smirk plastered on your face, his breath hitching in his throat at the way you referred to yourself. 
 You didn’t spare a second, spitting straight away into his puckered hole; he let out a choked moan. “The only sounds I want to hear is you gagging on his cock or my fucking name, understood?”, he stayed silent.
 “Yes,”—he sounded weak, almost broken—“Yes what?”, his tongue felt heavy, cheeks red, “Yes, daddy.” Good.
 You slapped his ass and immediately got to work. Searing tongue making contact with his tight rim, pink muscle prodding into his entrance. Your hands wandered to his back, forcing it into an arch, thumbs resting on his back dimples.
 His sounds were muffled by Kiri’s cock, the redhead moans filling the air. Your cunt was dripping, feeling empty, craving to be stuffed full of cock once again.
 With your thumbs, you spread his ass further, tongue slipping past his entrance, making him squirm. 
 You grabbed his cock, giving it a few teasing pumps. He was leaking copious amounts of precum, it staining the sheets underneath. 
 He felt like he was in hell, blazing flames buring him from the inside out, but still not enough, never enough, to feel completely satiated.
 Kiri had a white nuckle grip on the sheets, trying his best to restrain his moans but every attempt was futile. Katsuki’s cock twitched violently in you hand, so you sped up your ministrations, causing him to thrash forwards, deepthroating Kiri’s cock. He was bout to cum; mewls and groans muffled.
 You stopped. Reached forward and yanked him by the hair, until his back was pressed against your chest.
“I felt you were about to cum. Yet, you never asked for permission. What the fuck is wrong with you, slut? Too cock drunk to think or what?” You tugged his hair tighter.
 He looked beautiful. Tears streaming down his cheeks, black trails decorating his face with the residual of his eyeliner. His eyes glazed with overwhelming pleasure, too lost to focus but anchored enough to beg for more.
 You pushed him a little forward, grabbing his cheeks so he could look at you straight in the eyes. “You like it when I’m rough, dont ya?” He nodded, blinking slowly. 
 You slapped him across the face, hard. A sick grin was growing on your face. “I asked, you like it, don’t ya?” His cheek was turning bright red, his eyebrows furrowing up. 
“I-, I do.”
 You placed him on the bed, and crawled on top of Kiri. “You’ve been so good for me,” your thumb played with his bottom lip, opening his mouth and pressing down on his tongue, “Open wide,” he did as you said, an you spat in his mouth messily, massaging your spit on his tongue, “Good boy, so fuckin’ good.”
 You kissed down his jaw, back arching and presenting your ass to Katsuki. “Oh? Didn’t your mom taught you manners?”, you nipped his ear. “Thank you, daddy.”
 Content with his answer, you smeared the slick from your cunt on your puckered hole. “Blondie, c’mere. I think you earned it. Switch places with pretty boy here.”
 Now you were sandwiched between two men so devilishly hot you would’ve sworn they were sexual deviants like yourself. Hands on Katsuki’s plump chest, nails slightly digging into his skin, huge hands grabbing your ass from behind and spreading it open.
 You aligned Katsuki’s cock with your dripping cunt, slowly sinking down his length. His cock filled you up so good, and he was panting like a dog, brows knitted tight and eyes screwed shut. “You were that needy, huh? Like a mutt, pathetic”, his bottom lip was pushed out slightly. 
 Kiri sucked on his thumb, releasing it with a loud pop, tracing circles around your rim with his now wet digit. You were slowly losing your composure, with his thick finger prodding your entrance. Once he felt you becoming increasingly more relaxed, he pushed you forwards, spitting a thick glob of saliva on your puckered hole.
 His cock was still covered with your slick, but his sheer size made it difficult to push it even further. Your mouth was agape, hand circling your clit and cunt clenching down on Katsukis cock, trying to distract yourself from the stretch.
 “Fuck...I’m almost fucking there, just a little bit more-!”, with his gruff voice hoarse from overusing, he groaned, biting your shoulder. You let out a mewl, relishing on the feeling of fullness, two cocks splitting you open in the most divine way.
 “Are you gonna move or something?,”—Bakugo sucked in a sharp breath—”please,” He opened his eyes, hooded and dark. “Can I move, please? You feel so good, please let me move-!” Kiri dragged his voice, whining, begging for a treat. You giggled slightly, butterflies blossiming in your tummy; hearing men who might as well be demigods reduced to bitches by you.
“Go to fucking town.”
 That command was enough for Kirishima to start pounding you, groaning and grunting right into your ear, humping you like an animal in heat, powerful thrusts pushing you forward and knocking the air out of your lungs.
 With every thrust, you bounced on Katsuki’s cock, him releasing short puffs of air, pretty teeth showing and gritting against each other. 
 You grabbed his face between your hands with an uncharacteristic delicacy. “Lemme hear you, mutt.” Your words had a sharp tone that made him hot and bothered, and your hands reached up to his hair, pulling it harshly.
 His eyes shot wide open, a vulgar moan ripped from his throat. His moans faltered with every thrust, and the sound of both men alone sent you into a frenzy.
 You made a leash appear on Kirishima’s throat, tugging on it harshly. “Make me cum, and maybe I’ll let your friend cum inside.” After Katsuki heard your words, his hands searched for Kiri’s, “Fuck! Ei, I wan’ to cum inside, please, fucking- just- lemme cum inside!” He sounded desperate. If he had behaved, you might have let him cum without much hassle.
 Apparently, he wanted to make up for himself, since his fingers started to rub fast circles on your clit. “Fuck! Atta boy, keep fucking going,” you felt like you were going to lose your mind. Something wet hit your shoulder and started to trail down until it landed on Bakugo’s pec.
 Glancing back, you saw Kirishima’s face; he looked ruined. Fat tears from overstimulation falling down his face, eyeliner smudged and smeared all over his eyes and cheeks, drool seeping out of his mouth and eyes rolled all the way back to his skull.
 “Look at you, h-handsome. F-feelin’ good?” Your own voice faltering, already close to your climax. He mumbled a half assed answer, unable to open his mouth and speak coherently.
 Katsuki looked even worse, and you realized that you nails had broken his skin, carmine blood decorating his chest, cock throbbing inside your gummy walls. “Pretty pain slut,” you digged your nails a little deeper, “cum for me, my pretty pain slut”,
 With that, a wavering string of moans left his mouth, hips stuttering up into your pussy, mushroom head grazing your cervix, thick globs of cum filling your up. Kirishima followed shortly after, triggering your own orgasm as well, sweaty bodies grinding against each other. It felt incredible, your nipples perked up and clit engorged and throbbing, your holes milking both of their cocks dry.
 Kirishima collapsed on top of you, your tits pressed up against Katsuki’s. Once you recovered your breaths, you made the leash on Kirishima’s throat disappear and tried to push the almost 7’ feet sack of meat off of you. “Alright, big boy, get off.”, he groaned and flopped beside you. You tapped Katsuki’s face until he opened his eyes; lapping up his blood and making an exaggerated relishing sound before hopping off his softening cock.
 “You two okay?”, you asked, eyes scanning over their bodies for serious injuries. “My chest hurts a little and I’m pretty sure Kirishima’s dick hurts,” you both snorted, glancing over to Kirishima. He spoke, “Besides that, my throat is a little sore. But I’m fine”, “Want me to get you something?”, “Nuh-uh”, you were still a little hesitant, “You sure?”, both men nodded.
 “Alright, Imma get going,” you walked towards the red star painted on the floor, “you know how to reach me.”, you blew a kiss to the readhead, “See ya’ later, pretty boys”, you winked at Katsuki.
 You vanished into thin air, black smoke replacing your silhouette. Oh, what a fun night.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments, reblogs and asks are deeply appreciated and encouraged! for more works like this, visit my masterlist!
Tumblr media
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shigarakisbabyy · 2 days ago
Okay I freaking loved your Aizawa x insecure healer reader. And it had me smiling
Could you possibly do bakusquad boys (separate or poly) with a reader who has anxiety attacks when someone touches their stuffed animal that reminds reader of their boyfriend/a?
Thank you my friend, and I am so freaking glad I decided to follow you! I hope you have a good day/night!
Bakusquad Boys x Reader with a Comfort Plushie
Of course!!! I hope you like this!!! Gender neutral reader. I did separate because I’m not sure exactly how to write poly relationships, I hope that’s okay!
Warnings: brief mentions of violence
Tumblr media
Bakugo Katsuki
Secretly thinks u and ur plushie are super cute, won’t admit it though
Always makes sure you have ur plushie before going out
Makes sure you don’t lose it
Will blush and softly smile when you tell him that the plushie reminds you of him
Will always lightly tease you for it, but if anyone else says anything he’s quick to blow them up
If anyone else touches it he’ll blast them to fucking shreds
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari
Super supportive and honestly just thinks it’s cute
He has nicknames for you both it’s adorable
Whenever he kisses you he makes sure to always kiss the plushie too
This man gets so flustered and happy when you tell him that the plushie reminds you of him
Will gladly hold your plushie whenever you’re in public and you have to use the bathroom, eat, etc.
Thinks it’s so cute that you take it to class and stuff with you
If anyone else touches it and causes you anxiety he’ll scream at them
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima
Says that it’s super manly you’re not afraid to carry it around with you
Whenever y’all are having a sleepover and you leave to use the bathroom he’ll cuddle ur plushie because as much as it reminds you of him, it reminds him of you
Death glares anyone that makes fun of you for always keeping it in you
Literally almost cries when you tell him that it reminds you of him
If anyone else touches it he’ll tear them to shreds
Tumblr media
Hanta Sero
He thinks that it’s so cute and a really really cool aspect of you
He probably has a habit of slingshotting you to him with his tape, but he always makes sure that his tape never touches your plushy in case it gets ruined
Calls you both “my loves”
If anyone else touches it he’ll wrap them in tape and leave them until someone finds them lmfao
When you tell him that it reminds you of him he kisses you all over your face because he’s so happy
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sendhelpimstupid · 18 hours ago
Imagine dating Kirishima and having to introduce him to your parents....but your dad is Crimson Riot.
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shiggyscumrag · a day ago
I want Kirishima to fuck some babies into me. My uterus is crying for me to have a baby. I wanna feel his cum flood my fertile pussy and pump me full of his children😩😩
Wanna make a cute lil big chunky baby that has his cute shark teeth and spikey black hair. I wanna be the bitch to make a mini him. I want to have lil kiris running around, only for the big one to come home every night and fuck me to sleep <3
I want him to rock our sweet lil baby to sleep every night while I sing a lullaby. Wanna watch him paint the nursery while I sit back and talk to him about possible baby names. Wanna go to the beach and watch him hold our lil chunky baby as they splash in the water and laugh those tummy jiggling giggles.
I want make him and our kids lunch every morning and send them off to school and work with a kiss and a 'have a good day!' as they wave goodbye and say love you back.
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katsukisriot · 10 hours ago
important! (please help me leave my household and escape my abuser.)
hi everybody, so sorry I haven’t posted in awhile and I hate to have to turn to social media and ask for help but I am completely out of options and severely desperate at this point. I’m currently in a very toxic living environment and my safety is at risk. My parents are kicking me out of the house for exposing mine and my younger sisters sexual abuser (who also is living in the same space as us.) I’ve been working 2 jobs and trying to gather as much as I can to get my own place but I am running extremely short with money. Please please please consider helping out, again, nothing is obligatory but absolutely anything will help me and I am running out of time. Thank you so so so much in advance, reblogs would be extremely appreciated. Even just a dollar would help.
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zujime · 2 days ago
ᴛɪᴛʟᴇ → ᴋɪss ɪᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ → ᴋɪʀɪsʜɪᴍᴀ x ғ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ → ғʟᴜғғ〟ᴀɴɢsᴛ〟ᴏɴᴇ-sɪᴅᴇᴅ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ → ᴜɴᴇᴅɪᴛᴇᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ᴘᴏssɪʙʟᴇ ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴀʀ ᴇʀʀᴏʀs sᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ → ʏᴏᴜ ғɪɴᴅ ʏᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ ғᴀʟʟɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ ʏᴏᴜʀ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ɢʀᴏᴡɴ ᴀ sᴏғᴛ sᴘᴏᴛ ғᴏʀ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴅᴏᴇs ʜᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛʜᴏsᴇ sᴀᴍᴇ ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢs?
Tumblr media
It's been five years since I've first met Kirishima and Mina.
The two are inseparable.
They've been through more together than I have by myself. I thought their friendship would prohibit me from becoming any of their friends, but here I stay, in a fast food joint, sitting down at a booth with the both of them laughing their asses off cause of some stupid joke as I hold in even the smallest giggle.
They both came up with the idea of hanging out here, especially after finding out that I wasn't feeling like my best self. Their company was always so warm and welcoming, yet so obnoxious and odd, but it suited them both nicely.
But something about Kirishima drew me in and Mina knows, and to my surprise, she's the only person that knows. She'd usually tease me about it - especially when we're doing hero training - but it was usually in private or through text and never in public.
"You alright there, milkshake?" Mina asked with an obvious hint of mischief. I stop aimlessly sucking on the straw connected to my milkshake, my mouth slightly open from the taunting nickname.
"Milkshake?" I inquire. "Yeah, cause sucking the life outta that milkshake. But listen, had Bakugou been here he would've used some weird and insulting nicknames. Can't have that happen when your day is already shit as it is." She shrugs, throwing a curly fry into her mouth and smacking on it. "I guess you're- eww! Mina, eat with your mouth closed, I can see you turning that fry into mash potatoes in there!" I playfully gag as she lets out a "fine."
"Like I was saying, I guess you're right. You guys have made my day better, even if I wasn't in much of the conversations." Kirishima's gaze on me softened as I spoke. "It's no problem, milkshake," He started. "That's what we're here for." The words leaving his lips like honey and the usage of the new nickname causes the words I was soon going to put to use, catch in my throat.
What was it about him that left me so...lovestruck? So speechless that it nearly leaves my head empty and unable to comprehend.
Mina's yellow eyes glance upon me as a smile appears on her pink lips. Stop speaking to me with your eyes. I thought and mentally groaned. She'd often look at me in a certain way whenever this happened and it was a way of nudging me to tell him, but I never do. It's far too soon and he might not reciprocate those same feelings back.
I stare Mina dead in the eye and shake my head which earns a groan of impatience from her.
My hands move to pat down my pant pockets but breathe out a sigh of distress when I don't find what I was looking for. "What's up, milkshake?" Mina continues to tease. "My wallet," I drawl out my words. "I left it at home." A whine leaving me.
"Don't worry about it," The redhead fidgeted around as he dug into his pockets. "I'll pay. It'd be rude of me not to." The hugest, toothy, ear-to-ear grin formed on his lips, making my heart shudder in my chest. "Aww! Thanks, Kiri!" Mina cooed, nudging me softly. "You guys can go outside, stretch your legs, I'll catch up in a bit." He spoke once more.
His permission to go out was all I needed and I wasted no time getting out from the booth and walking out of the fast-food place.
Fresh air.
The feeling of breathing in the humid air was nice.
Not too far behind me, my name slid from off of Mina's tongue. "Come on! Now's the perfect time." The pink-haired teen envelopes me in a hug from behind. "I know you see the way he looks at you. You get him all shy and shit. He has to like you back!" Mina whines.
"He does all those things with everyone, Mina. He's just polite, nothing more." My voice lowers a little as the embrace that once was now leaves me cold from her departure. "It never hurts to try." Mina beamed.
Though her kind words are appreciated, I feel as if that won't be the case. Footsteps get closer to the two of us. A flash of red was present in my peripheral. "So, did I miss anything?" Kirishima says through winded breaths. Mina was a millisecond from opening her mouth to probably spill my little secret, but I cut her off. "No" was all I could muster up, thankfully Mina went along with it.
"Yeah, not much happened. We're just sitting here enjoying each other's company." She tried so hard to sound convincing. So hard. "You're lying. I'm not that stupid." He laughs.
A shaky breath left me. "I'll-... I'll tell you later," I say reluctantly. Mina's face quickly shifted to one of pure joy. "Well, I'm gonna head out. I promised Toru I'd go shopping with her later." Mina snickers, backing away slowly. "Wha- Mina, you liar!" I exclaim as I pick up a pebble and throw it at her as she bolts away.
There we both stand in silence, though he breaks it with a question, "What's up with her?" Two, even. "Was the conversation that bad?"
"" I answer, not knowing what to tell him which results in me receiving a head shake from him, along with my name falling from his mouth as he chuckles and wobbles over to me. "Come on, I'll walk you home." His toothy smile making another cameo, which caused me to attempt to hide the shy smile that tried to form on my lips.
"Thanks, that's very manly of you." I tease. "Really?!" He perks up like a dog, but I roll my eyes and laugh before nudging him to follow along.
The walk felt painfully slow but for him, it seemed like a normal walk in the park. Maybe he forgot, maybe I don't have to tell him- "What were you guys talking about before I got out of the diner? Shit. My face grew pale. How am I supposed to say this? Strings of um's and uh's coming from me as I thought of a response."If you can't remember, then don't worry about it-" "No, I was gonna tell you eventually." I sigh. My house was only a few feet away, so we stop walking, Kirishima turning to face me. His scarlet gaze staggered my train of thought, but I pull through nonetheless. "This is sudden and I'm honestly surprised you never took notice, especially with how Mina would act, but I like you. Not in a friendly way, but like a crush, if that makes any sense." His eyes were left wide at my confession and the silence that once was grew far too loud. "Sorry, this might fuck up our friendship and it'll be all my fault," I mumble, examining my fingers as if they were the most interesting thing on the planet. The smack of his mouth opening is what brought me back yet the world continued to stay slow. "It's-... I won't deny, that was a lot to take in, but I don't see you in that way." The shattering of my heart nearly drowned out his voice. "Don't get me wrong, you're really attractive and I'm surprised you aren't already with someone, but I see you as my friend. My best bro-ster. And that's why I can't give you those same feelings, and I'm sorry I can't." He was on the verge of tears, voice breaking, fist clenching. He was upset. Upset that he had rejected and hurt his friend. Upset that he'd hurt me. The sight and feeling left me bittersweet, but he's still my friend. "I'm just glad you understand, Kiri." My voice is now hoarse as it starts to break as I spoke. "See you later." I wave off before taking the last few steps needed to get home. Kirishima looked at me with teary eyes as his mouth opened to speak once more, but nothing came out. The minute- no, the second I step foot into the house, waterfalls of tears rush from my eye sockets. Loud sobs threatened to spill from my trembling lips. The sound of my phone being spammed with messages and occasional calls that went ignored, reverberated against the floor. It didn't hurt as much as I thought cause it was worst than what I anticipated. My body was shaking violently as my heart shattered sobs continued. Though after a while I calmed down and checked my notifications. Most of the messages were from Mina, but only one was from Kirishima. I turn off my phone and go to the bathroom to wash my tear-stained face. The water from the sink pours out after I turn its knob and into my cupped hands soon making contact with my face as I splash my face with it. My phone buzzed as if someone were calling me as I dried my face and turned the running water off. It's Mina. I answer. "Hello?" I say groggily. "How did it- I don't think it went well..." She trails off on the other line. "Yeah, it didn't." I sigh, wiping my face with my free hand. "He didn't feel the same and that made him cry." "That made him cry? Why?" She asked, genuinely confused. "Because he noticed how hurt I was after his response." I deadpan. "I'm sorry. I thought you two both liked each other, but I didn't know," She whispered my name, while her tone was sincere. "It's alright, Mina. It's not your fault and I'm sure I'll get over it soon, but I might avoid him for a little bit." "Aw, man!" She whines. "Do you want me to tell him so he doesn't panic?" She inquires. "No, I'll text him. I'd hate to leave him in the dark after all that." I chuckle a little to lighten the mood. "Alright. If you need anything, call me, but I gotta go, Toru's asking which outfit will look cute on her, bye!" She ends the call, not giving me a chance to say my farewell and leaving me to acknowledge the silence that inhabited the place I call home. I lean on the wall in the bathroom and look at the singular message Kirishima had sent. The moment I tap on his notification, my eyes widened. An apology. "I'm so sorry. I
know you're hurt and I'm sorry I couldn't give you those same feelings, but to me, you're my best friend. Maybe one day I'll have those feelings but you might not have them anymore. If this makes you feel awkward around me then I'd understand, but if it doesn't I'll just pretend like this never happened if that's what you want. I just hope we can still be friends. I'm sorry." That is what the message said and it left me with another heartache. I text back an "it's okay," and an "I'll text you an actual response tomorrow cause I'm super tired, but it's okay" and turn my phone off and head to bed.
Tumblr media
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ғɪʀsᴛ ᴀɴɢsᴛ ɪ'ᴠᴇ ᴡʀɪᴛᴛᴇɴ〟ɪ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʟɪᴋᴇᴅ ɪᴛ! ɪ ᴀʟsᴏ ᴘᴏsᴛ ᴏɴ ᴍʏ ᴀᴏ3
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tteokdoroki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ʚ♡ɞ SYNOPSIS: welcome to my very first kinktober event! for five weeks, every friday until october 31st, i’ll be posting a short fic based on five kinks and characters selected by you guys ! proudly presents —  fuckin’ her five ways.
ʚ♡ɞ cw. the following pieces contain dark content and nsfw themes, each is tagged with it’s own warrnings. please heed these for your own safety. minors do not internact.
ʚ♡ɞ a/n. join the kinktober taglist here ! likes + rbs are always appreciated.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. izuku midoriya + breeding.
ৎ୭ synopsis. after years of hiding in the shadows and being on the run, our beloved vigilante izuku midoriya returns to his girlfriend’s home to help you build the family you’ve always dreamed of.
ৎ୭ cw. including; dub-con, somnophilia, cheating, lingerie, breathplay, tentacles, pregnancy kink. 
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. eijirou kirshima + overstimulation.
ৎ୭ synopsis. kirishima hates the way his friends talk about his step-sister— he knows that you’re hot, knows that you’re filthy, but only he gets to see the dirty sides of you and his friends will just have to sit this one out.
ৎ୭ cw. including; step-cest, humiliation, forced orgasm, voyeurism, impact play, dom-sub, consensual-non-consent.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. koutarou bokuto + dumbification.
ৎ୭ synopsis. when the volleyball off-season rolls around and things get a little lonely for bokuto, he adopts a precious husky hybrid to keep him company— however, you’re not as well behaved as he would like.
ৎ୭ cw. including; hybrids, pet play, collars-leashes, marking, brat-taming, size kink, degredation.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. megumi fushiguro + mirror sex.
ৎ୭ synopsis. a girls day out with nobara has you blowing up megumi’s phone with pictures of you in the cutest, tightest, shortest dress he’s ever seen—and after a few more sinful messages, your dress makes its debut in your boyfriend’s private show.
ৎ୭ cw. including; body worship, clothed sex, sexting, exhibitionism, orgasm control, praise, bondage. 
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. katsuki bakugou + possesive sex.
ৎ୭ synopsis. your best friend’s girlfriend doesn’t like you, but can you really blame her? i mean, you’re perfect ! pretty, smart, likeable and you have her boyfriend wrapped around your perfectly manicured finger.
ৎ୭ cw. including; dub-con, recording, cheating, cherry chasing, manipulation, spit, thigh-ridng, cumplay.
Tumblr media
ৎ୭. mikey / manjiro sano + babysitting horror prompt.
ৎ୭ synopsis. as part of @/cyancherub’s wheel of misfortune collab. nearing the anniversary of his brother’s disappearance, mikey gets stuck with babysitter he doesn’t want, for protection, as ordered by his parents. he should count his blessings that she’s around too, don’t you know mikey? there’s a killer on the loose.
ৎ୭ cw. including; corruption, knife-play, branding, manipulation.
Tumblr media
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itsruiblue · 24 days ago
Maybe I Just Wanna Be Yours | E.Kirishima
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Eijirou Kirishima has always wanted to fuck his cute little best friend. And he's really not nice enough of a person to pass up the opportunity when it eventually comes around.
Pairing: Eijirou Kirishima x fem!reader
Warnings: Swearing, smut, dub-con, slight dom!kirishima and sub!reader, mastrubation, fingering, creampie, dirty talk, daddy kink, slight perv!kirishima, peeping, some degradation, unprotected sex, characters aged up to early 20s!
Note: Not edited in the slightest. Also, the entire point of this fic’s existence was for me to practice my smut writing skills. So, uh, yeah.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There are times where Eijirou Kirishima wishes he wasn't as nice of a person as he is. 
Times where he really, really wishes. 
Wishes that he was just a little bit of a womaniser like Kaminari. Wishes that he was just kind of a douchebag like Sero. Even wishes that he was just a straight-up huge asshole, like Bakugou. 
Anything but the nice, caring, absolute sweetheart that he is. 
Because he's sure that if he were, he'd be able to do something about you. 
You - his sweet little best friend. You - the person who's looked up to him for as long as he can remember. You - who always comes to him with your big, teary eyes and whiny voice to lie on his bed in those little shorts and complain about how you've yet to find someone who can actually make you cum. 
You - whose name is on Kirishima’s lips as he lies in bed in the dead of night, dreaming about your sweet skin as he fucks his first like an animal. 
He's always thought you'd look just so pretty stuffed full with his cock. 
Unfortunately, he's never been able to make his fantasies a reality. Because while you cycle through guys on a biweekly basis, fucking them a few times and then discarding them when they fail - and they always fail - to satisfy you, you've never once made a move on him. 
And because Kirishima is just so nice of a guy, he can't get himself to make a move on you. 
It's become a vicious cycle of sorts, one that started years ago when you were all let loose on the world after UA. And as much as he hates it, Kirishima's grown used to it. He figures if he can’t have you the way he wants - face down and ass up on his huge king-sized bed - he'll at least be happy with the bare scraps you do give him when you come prancing into his apartment after a night of bad sex, full of alcohol and ready to tell him hours-worth of stories about just why this most recent guy was such a failure. 
Kirishima thinks if he was just a little bit more shitty of a person, he'd do it then - when you're drunk and giggly and so soft he knows you wouldn't resist if he were to push you down on the bed and fuck you until your eyes crossed and all you knew was his name. 
He can never bring himself to do it, though. The little voice in the back of his mind is always too loud, telling him no, telling him that he's sick, that he shouldn't think these things about his best friend. It’s always there, whenever he thinks about you; when he's going through your Instagram and zooms in on your pictures (of your ass) when he has wet dreams about how good you'd feel around his cock, when he humps his folded pillow until he cums with a moan of your name into the silence of his bedroom. 
It's especially loud the day he drops by your apartment on his way home from work, looking for a nice relaxing evening where he can watch a movie and drink beer with his friend, and finds you touching yourself in your bedroom. 
His mind doesn't put two and two together immediately; he hears your low moan after he quietly shuts your front door and wonders briefly if you're watching a movie. 
But when he hears another as he passes through the hallway towards your bedroom, his steps falter and he comes to a staggering halt.  
Your bedroom door is slightly ajar and the lights inside are on. They cast a single beam out into the dark hallway, a strip of golden the runs up the opposite wall. Kirishima freezes before he can step into it, hiding still in the otherwise dark space. His eyes are wide and he slaps a hand over his mouth to muffle the sound of his own breathing. 
The noses are unmistakable now in the deathly silence of the hallway; soft moans, sighs, the shifting and rustling of bedsheets, and the occasional low, wet squelch. It’s obscene but has Kirishima's ears pricking nonetheless. 
For a moment there's a sick weight in his stomach and all he can think is 'oh god she's fucking someone' and 'I need to get out of here.' 
But, after he lingers for a single split second, he realises that he can only hear one voice. Your voice. And the weight dissolves once again. 
You're alone. You're all alone and you're touching yourself. 
It's not something Kirishima is supposed to see. It's a horribly private moment, a vulnerable moment on your part and he should be running in the opposite direction to banish whatever he'd stumbled into from his mind. 
But it's at that moment that Kirishima realises maybe he's not as nice of a person as he always thought himself to be. Because despite all his knowledge, despite the voice in the back of his head that's screaming as him to get the fuck out, he doesn't move. He hesitates, struggling with himself as he searches for an answer to a question he doesn't realise he's asking. 
 That hesitation is all he needs for his answer to appear. 
 Your voice is loud, louder than before, and so lewd as his name croaks from your lips. It's followed by a long moan and then a soft thud - possibly a pillow falling from your bed. 
 Kirishima is rooted to the spot now, every single muscle in his body pulled taut. His eyes are wide, jaw slack and mouth agape as suddenly, all at once, something tightens deep in the pit of his stomach. 
 Because you've just said his name. You've just said his name as you fuck yourself. And it's in a way that makes it impossible for him to ignore the connotations. 
 His dick twitches alive in his cargo pants as a rush of arousal trickles down his spine. What he's always thought turned out to be right; his name does sound amazing when it's being moaned by you. 
 It's this that gives him the courage to step forward. To align himself with the crack in your bedroom door so he can peek inside the room for the first time. He takes special care not to be seen, remaining far enough back so that even if you were to look directly at him through the gap, he'd remain swathed in darkness and unseen by your eyes. 
 He almost blows his own cover, however, when his gaze finally locks onto the scene occurring on the other side of the door and has to choke back a moan at what he sees. 
 You're spread out on your bed, head thrown back and legs throw wide. Soft light from the headboard lamps bathes your body in a glow that has your skin glistening in a way that's far too perfect. You're resting on top of the covers and though they're rumpled beneath you, they do nothing to detract from the way your body looks in the yellow light. 
 It's a mouth-watering sight and Kirishima has to press a hand to the wall behind him to stop his legs from giving out. Because he can see everything. 
You're on your back and your legs are spread wide towards him. The soft flesh of your inner thighs ripples just a little as your legs shake and your chest heaves up and down, putting your fully bare chest on display. One of your hands is kneading violently at the flesh of your breast, pinching and flicking at your own nipple as you stimulate yourself. The other is buried between your thighs, your fingers - which are oh so much smaller than his - forcing their way deep inside your pretty cunt. 
 Your hips roll frantically, jumping upwards over and over in order to push your digits deeper and deeper. Your legs are thrashing, kicking out across the rumpled duvet cover and Kirishima has to bite his tongue to muffle a groan as he watches your toes curl.
 "Ah," you moan as your back arches and your eyes scrunch closed. "Ah fuck!" 
 Kirishima's cock is completely hard now and he paws at it uncomfortably as he watches you fuck your own fingers. He can see your arousal, watches with glassy eyes as it drips between your fingers and to the bedsheets below. He watches at your muscles tense and your legs shake and your back arches, and without thinking about it, his hand begins to slip into the waistband of his pants. 
 But, he forces himself to stop when you moan his name again, suddenly scared that he'll cum right then and there if he so much as strokes his cock once. 
 Your slick fingers move up to rub circles over your swollen clit and you almost scream. "Eijirou! Oh god, oh fuck, please!" 
 He's not sure what you're pleading for since its obvious you don't know he's there but he wants to give it to you. He wants nothing more than to force the door further open and press you further into the bed to sink his throbbed cock inside your tight heat just as you reach your climax. His eyes are practically crossing as he thinks about how good your cunt would feel, how much you'd scream as he pressed bruises into your hips and ruined every other man for you. 
 But he knows he can't. 
 He slips away just as you hit your release, the sounds of your desperate cries ringing in his ears. He moves back down the hall and towards your living room, forcibly ignoring the way his cock strains at the fabric of his trousers. Because he's still your best friend and he's sure that if you ever found out he'd seen you like that, you'd throw him out of your house and tell him never to speak to you again. 
 Still, he can't force himself to leave your place completely. Instead, he flops down on the couch and picks up the first magazine that's on your coffee table, opening it to a random page. He doesn't read it but he pretends to as he listens, body alert as if he's about to take flight. The noises from your bedroom are muffled by the distance however he can still pick them up, still hear the slight rustles and sighs as you sort yourself out after your orgasm. 
 He knows your routine well enough by now - it's almost seven-thirty and you’re going to be coming through to the kitchen any second to begin making dinner. You're going to realise that he's there, inside your home. And it'll be up to him to play it off as if he doesn't know you just came with his name on your tongue. 
 And still, he doesn't move. 
 The sound of your footsteps against the wooden floor of the hallway ring out them, slightly irregular as if your legs are still a little weak. Kirishima listens intently, eyes remaining glued to the magazine – he can pinpoint the exact moment you enter the open plan living room- kitchen area, and exactly the moment you realise he’s sitting there. There’s a small, shocked gasp.
 He almost chokes at how differently you say his name now, as if it's just a word and not the prayer it was minutes ago.
He looks up to meet your eyes and his throat tightens even further, his tongue suddenly feeling heavy in his mouth. Because you're so obvious. Everything is so obvious and he's so stupid.  
Briefly, he wonders how many times this exact situation has happened before without him knowing. He wonders how many times he's unknowingly bypassed your flushed face and glassy eyes, too wrapped up in his own thoughts to put the pieces together.
"Hey, princess." 
You're completely flustered and for the first time, he can see it. He can see the way your collarbones rise and fall with your heavy breathing, the way your eyes flit nervously between him and the door of your bedroom. You're dressed now, in those little shorts again and a thin tank-top, and he watches as your hand balls into a fist against the hemp of your shirt, pulling on the fabric just slightly.
(He wonders in a strange, detached way if you’ve washed your hands yet since there were stuffed so deep inside you)
 "H-how long have you been here?" You ask and again it's so obvious. 
 Kirishima says the wrong thing without thinking about it. Because his brain is far too muddled to lie. 
 "A while." 
 "A w-while?" You repeat in a faraway voice and he realises immediately the implications of his words. He sees it too, the fear on your face, and the shock. 
 Because now you know. You know that he knows and now neither of you know what to do. 
 Kirishima suddenly wants to throw up. He’s genuinely on the verge of rising to his feet, of apologising profusely to you, and of running right out of your apartment to go hide under his bed until you, hopefully, forget. 
 But the look in your eyes stops him. 
 “So… did you hear?” 
 Kirishima blinks at you. His grip on the magazine he’s holding tightens, as does something in his lower abdomen. It’s horribly inappropriate but as you take a step closer, eyelids low and hands still balled at your sides, there’s something about you that makes his cock - still semi-hard - stir again. 
 “U-uh,” Kirishima tries his best to deflect. “Hear what? I didn’t hear anything.”
 You smirk. You smirk and it sends an ice cube sliding down the back of Kirishima’s throat because you’re not embarrassed. You look, dare he even say it… smug. 
 “You know,” you say in a low voice as you take another step forward. “That magazine is upside down.”
 Kirishima doesn’t bother to check, captured as he is by the sultry look in your eyes. He’s in shock, surprised, and terrified as you inch ever closer and his mind is spinning too fast for him to keep up. Because you’re acting like you like the idea of him having heard you. You’re acting like you wanted it. 
 Had you planned it? 
 No, that wasn’t possible - he hadn’t given you any indication that he would be dropping by. But even so…
 Kirishima stifles a gulp and rips his eyes away from your smooth legs. His cock is full hard again, straining against the dark fabric of his hero-costume pants and he hopes you haven’t noticed it. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if you’ve noticed it. 
 You do notice it and it makes you smirk in a way that pulls a soft groan from his throat before he really knows what’s going on. You’re looming over him now, the front of your thighs pressed practically against his bent knees as he stares up at you from where he’s still sitting on the couch. 
 “Eijirou?” you ask and lean down until he can actually smell you - the sweat still on your skin, the sweetness of arousal and the overall intoxicated scent that’s just so you. “Are you turned on right now?” 
 He can’t lie to you - never could. And so he doesn’t. 
 Slowly, he nods. 
 You straddle his lap before he can even blink, and the weight of you on him is so perfect it goes straight to his dick. Your arms loop around his neck as you look at him through your lashes. Your eyes are dark and lustful. 
 “Did you like it, Eiji?” you ask him then and Kirishima swears he sees stars. His hands automatically reach for your body, his fingers pressing into your hips with more force than is probably necessary. But when you roll your hips against him, pressing into the pressure, he decides he can’t let go. Not ever. 
 “Eiji?” you ask again and he realises that you’re actually expecting an answer. His tongue feels heavy in his mouth, so heavy, and he’s not quite sure what words to say until they all come in a rush, jumbling and pushing to escape his mouth before he can think. 
 “I loved it.” 
 “Yeah?” you blink up at him with those wide doe eyes that seem to sparkle even in the plain light of the living room. “You did? How much?” 
 “So much,” he groans back. His face is so close to yours now, close enough that he can count your eyelashes and make out the tiny coloured details in your eyes. Close enough that when he speaks, his lips brush against yours. “You’re so fucking hot.” 
 “Mmm?” You know exactly what you’re doing as you look at him so innocently and shift on his lap in such a way that your core grinds right up against his bulge. “I am?” 
 “So fucking hot!” he says again and his voice is shaking. His grip on you tightens even more. 
 “You really think that?” you ask, teasing him. When he nods, you almost smile. He can see the mischief and lust burning deep in your eyes. “You wanna fuck me, Eijirou?” 
 Kirishima lets out a long groan and his head drops back against the back of the couch as a rush of pure want burns through his body like acid. His hips involuntarily thrust upwards, forcing more contact between him and you, and you let out a surprised moan of your own, obviously not expecting such a show of need. 
 Kirishima blinks once, twice, and then lifts his head to look at you again. And this time it’s him that smirks, cold and dark and dangerous. It’s like a switch has flipped inside him and he’s suddenly aware of how much bigger he is than you and just how much power he holds as you sit with spread legs in his lap. 
 You seem to notice the change too and it makes your eyes widen. 
 Kirishima leans in until his mouth is right by your ear. He can’t hold back his smirk as he growls out in a low husky voice, “I am gonna fuck you so hard, you forget your own name.” 
The moan that falls from your lips is so erotic is makes even you blush. “Is that a promise?” you whisper as your fingers find the hairs at the nape of his neck. One of Kirishima’s eyebrows quirks and he gives you a warm look. 
“Do you want it to be?” 
“Of course.” You lean in until your chest is pressed against his and he can feel the swell of your breasts through your shirt. Your breath is warm against his ear as you murmur, “Please, Eiji. Fuck me better than anyone ever has.” 
And that’s all he needs to lose control completely. 
You’re flipped before you even know it and then he’s looming over you, a huge hulking figure that presses your face down into the couch. You can feel his body against your back, his broad chest and toned abdomen holding you down as the hard bulge in his trousers rubs deliciously against your ass. One of his huge hands is spread across the small of your back and Kirishima himself feels a sick rush of power as he applies just a little bit of pressure and watches the way your back arches so prettily. 
“Fuck,”  he groans low and gives an experimental rut of his cock into your ass. You whine at the feeling and squirm, trying to force yourself back onto him. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” 
“Yeah?” you pant, sounding breathless already. “Please, Eiji, don’t wait. Please fuck me!” 
This makes him laugh and he leans down to speak directly into your ear again. “You want it that bad huh?” 
When you nod, his lips curl into a cruel smirk. “Well, I’m not quite sure you deserve it, princess. You did tease me a whole lot back there.” 
You shake your head frantically as one of his hands snakes from your back up over the curve of your ass and then starts to play with the flimsy hem of your shorts. He’s teasing you so, so close to your heat, to what he just knows is throbbing between your legs, and seeing you grow so desperate, despite having just made yourself cum already, makes him snort. 
“Please, Eiji,” you keen between short breaths. “I promise, I didn’t know you were there. I didn’t mean to tease you. Please- ah!”
His hand comes down on your ass before you can finish your sentence and your whole body jolts as your words are broken by a sharp moan. Kirishima runs his hands over the flesh he’s just spanked, before repeating the action for a second time. He can’t help but smile at your yelp. 
“Stop whining, sweetheart. Otherwise, I might just have to give that pretty mouth something better to do.” 
You whine at the hard tone of his voice and roll your hips back into his again. Kirishima can’t help but reciprocate the movement and he lets out a long groan of his own as his dick runs up between your ass cheeks. “Shit, princess. So pretty for me.” 
He watches as your fingers curl against the couch cushions, searching for something to grab a hold of as you pant. “Please,” you whisper one more time, although your tone is different now; you’re begging and it goes straight to his cock. 
He’s almost feral as he wrestles with the button and zipper of his pants, suddenly all too eager to feel your skin against his dick. However, he doesn’t miss the way one of your hands slides beneath your body, going, he’s sure, to your pussy that’s no doubt leaking once again. 
He grabs your wrist with reflexes only a trained pro-hero could have. “Nuh uh, no way,” he growls out as his fingers close around your much smaller hand and he forces it hand down against the couch, using his own weight to hold you down. “You just touched yourself, princess. It’s my fucking turn.” 
He rips your shorts down with his other hand and then reaches into his own pants to help his cock spring free. It jumps eagerly from its confines, hard as a rock and so big that for a second he wonders if you’ll actually be able to take him properly. You don’t seem to share the thought through, as the only sound that escapes you is a choked moan as you stare at it with wide eyes over your shoulder. 
Kirishima uses his free hand to pump his cock, once, twice, three times as he watches you for a reaction. Precum already stains the tip and dampens his skin, the head of his dick bright pink. You bite your lip viciously as your eyes trail over it and then your hips rut back into him, desperate for the friction he’s denying you. 
Kirishima grabs your body and forces you away, giving you a dark glare. “Don’t be fucking greedy,” he snarls and you moan, turning to bury your face in the couch below you. “You’ll get my cock when you deserve it, you little slut, and not a second before. Understood?”
You nodded meekly and he chuckles. 
“Use your words, princess.” 
“Yes, daddy.” 
And that has Kirishima going feral. 
 His hips rut violently into the curve of your ass, throwing your body forward with a jerk. You moan and claw at the cushions beneath you and then almost scream again as one of his hands snakes around your waist to press flat against your lower abdomen. Kirishima chuckles darkly as he plays with the waistband of your shorts - he’s just as desperate as you are but he’s forcing it down, burying it beneath his desire to tease you as you have been with him. 
 “God, you’re so needy,” he growls in your ear as his fingers brush up against your clothed cunt. “Screaming my name as you touch yourself, huh? Bet you were thinking about how good you’d feel if I were to pound you into the mattress.”
 “Ngh,” you can only whimper brokenly. “Yes!” 
 His hand slips beneath the waistband of your shorts and he sucks in a low breath at the feeling of your soaked lace panties. “You’re so fucking dirty,” he tells you as he runs the tip of his finger back and forth, collecting your slick. He feels the shiver that rushes through your body and the way your pussy clenches around nothing as you cry into the cushion beneath you. “You want me to touch you?" 
“God yes!” you cry out and your voice is thick and wobbly. “Please touch me Eiji! Need it so bad!”
Kirishima hums and then presses his middle finger right against you, going as deep as he can with the thin fabric of your panties still in the way. “You’re dripping,” he slurs out, practically giddy at the feeling. “So fucking wet! You must be so turned on princess.” 
“Yes!” you squeal out. One of your hands slips beneath you again, only this time you grip his wrist hard in a desperate attempt to prevent him from removing his hand. Kirishima allows this as he smirks down at you, getting high off how desperate you’re acting for his cock. 
“You ready for me to be the first man to make you cum?” he grits out into your ear and takes your long, pornographic moan as a ‘yes’. With little effort, he forces his way past your panties and dips his fingers into the searing heat of your pussy for the first time. 
You both let out simultaneous groans, Kirishima’s as he marvels at the fact that you really are soaked and yours as your legs kick out and your muscles tense up completely at the feeling for your best friend stroking along your folds for the first time.
Kirishima bites his lip as he presses his long middle finger directly into you - your cunt is so fucking warm and so fucking tight and he’s already salivating at the thought of how it’s going to feel wrapped around his huge cock. Slowly he pumps his finger and listens with bated breath as you whine and your fingers tighten around his wrist. “Oh yeah?” he asks in a low voice, leaning down so his chin is resting on the curve of your shoulder. “That feels good, gorgeous?” 
“Ah, so good!” you choke back as your legs shake. “Fuck, Eiji, please!” 
He chuckles darkly. “Please what, angel? Huh?” 
“More!”  you shriek and there are actual tears beading in your eyes now as he pulls his finger in and out of you agonisingly slow. “Please - fuck - need more, Eijirou!” 
“Alright.” Kirishima smiles. “Since you asked so nicely.” He adds another finger and feels a string of sparks running up along the back of his spine at the sound you make. Desperately, you rut your hips against him, trying to force more friction from his hand. Kirishima swallows at the feeling of your arousal trickling in little rivers from your pussy and turning your thighs sticky and slick. 
“Fuck,” he groans to himself as he listens to the obscene squelching his fingers make as they thrust inside your hot cunt. “Gonna have to get you to ride my face when this is all over. Bet you taste amazing.” 
You babble something nonsensical and then sob as all the muscles in your lower abdomen begin to tense. Kirishima smirks to himself when he feels your inner walls flutter against his fingers, clamping down on him. “Ah, baby,” he coos in a voice like molten sugar. “Are you gonna cum?”
"Ah!”  you whine back and bite your lip. Kirishima lifts his thumb to press it to your clit and begins to rub, still smiling. 
“So soon? God, you’re such a slut.” 
One of your legs kicks out as your toes curl, and tears stream down your face as he continues to rub your clit at a mind-numbing pace. “God, please, Red Riot, make me cum. Please, please, please!” 
 His hips give an involuntary thrust and his cock, still painfully hard, rubs right up against you. “Cum for me, princess. Fucking cum all over my fingers and show me what a slut you are,” he snarls into your ear. 
 Your entire body trembles as you finally let go, cumming so hard against him that you’re seeing stars. Your legs shake violently and your thighs clamp around his hands. Kirishima can’t hold back his smile as he feels your cunt clench hard around his fingers, trying to squeeze the life out of them - he can’t even imagine how heavenly that would feel if it was his cock buried so deep inside you. 
 “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you mumble over and over again as you come down from your climax. Your body goes limp against the couch cushions, your eyes sliding closed, however, Kirishima is having none of it. With his free hand, he grabs the back of your head and forces it back, only to stuff his fingers which were just buried so deep in your pussy now in your mouth. Your eyes bulge and you gag around his huge digits, tears immanently beading in your lower lash line again. Even so, he feels your tongue lave over his knuckles, greedily lapping up your own cum. It makes him smirk and he lowers his body even further over yours, his cock slotting right between your still trembling thighs. 
 “You thought we were done?” he growls out when he finally pulls his fingers from your mouth. “Not a chance in hell, princess. Not until I’ve fucked you into these cushions and pumped you so full of my cum you won’t be able to move for hours.” 
 You choke back a moan because you know as much as he does that it’s a promise. 
 Kirishima pulls back briefly to rip the top half of his hero costume off. He throws it to the ground, not looking long enough to see where it falls before he drops back over you, caging you down to the couch with a thick arm on either side of you. You remain as you are, chest pressed into the couch with your ass up, plush cheeks pressed hard into the chiselled muscles of his v-line. Kirishima’s huge hand makes its way up the back of your soft thigh, massaging the flesh gently as he goes. Then he reaches up to tug at the hemp of your small top. 
 “C’mon,” he mumbles, “Get this off for me, princess.” 
 You help him as best you can, with weak arms and tired muscles until eventually, you manage to wiggle out of the garment. There’s no bra beneath and Kirishima sucks in a long breath as he’s exposed to the sight of your bare back, arched so beautifully. Without thinking he leans down to leave a trail of kisses along the line that runs between your shoulder blades. 
 “You’re so fucking pretty, angel. So pretty, all f’me.” 
 “All f’you,”  you whisper softly in reply and it makes Kirishima smile against your warm skin.  
It doesn’t take him long to rip your shorts and then your panties off your legs - though he can’t help but pause for a second to stare down at the ruined lace of the garment, still soaking to the point that he’s sure if he were to twist the fabric, it’d drip with your arousal. He deliberates for a moment, hesitating in tossing them over his shoulder along with the rest of your clothes. Then he stuffs them deep in his pocket, making a mental note to take them out again later when he gets home. 
 He’s not sure if you notice his actions, although you do let out a long whine and wiggle against him. His cock rubs hard between your ass cheeks and Kirishima himself lets out a short groan as he watches the way his own pre-cum leaves glistening trails along your smooth skin. “Fucking hell,” he mumbles, almost to himself, as he goes to grab either side of your hips and pulls your body back towards him. “God, I can’t wait to fuck you.” 
 “Please,” you breathe back and turn your head to stare up at him pleadingly over your shoulder. “Please, Eiji, fuck me. 
 Kirishima grips the base of his cock and gives it a languid stroke. A rush shoots up his back as, after so long just waiting and watching, he’s finally stimulated. Then he leans forward to rub the head of his dick along your dripping slit, coating his own tip in the delicious smoothness of your slick. You practically shake at the feeling, crying out as he brushes across your overstimulated clit and your fingers dig divots into the fabric beneath you. 
 Kirishima himself can’t help the way his eyes roll back at the first contact between your sex and his; even now, he can feel your warmth, radiating from the place between your legs and practically begging for him to sink himself inside you. “You’re so fucking perfect, princess,” he breathes out as he rubs his dick back and forth, fathering a thorough coat of your slick. “So perfect. Can’t believe I’m finally getting to stuff you full of my cock.”
 “God, please Eiji,” you whine at his disgusting words, your own jaw falling slack. “Please just fuck me already.” 
 “M’kay,” Kirishima mumbles, appearing nonchalant, although in truth he can’t hold himself back anymore either. “Just for you, princess.” Then then he thrusts forward and fills you completely in one go.
 You scream and bury your face in the couch cushions. There’s no resistance from your body - in fact the sheer amount of juice that’s dripping from you makes it impossibly easy for Kirishima to slide balls deep in one thrust. And yet you’re still so tight, so fucking tiny around him that it has him choking on air and collapsing forward just slightly against your body. 
 “Holy shit, you’re so good!” 
 Your words have deserted you and as he pulls his hips back and then throws them forward again, delivering the first of many bruising thrusts, you can only moan brokenly. Still, Kirishima doesn’t mind - his own eyes are crossing at this point as he begins to set a rhythm, slipping and back and forth and back and forth within the heaven that is your tight, perfect cunt. 
 “Shit, I should have done this years ago!” Kirishima chokes as his fingers dig deep into your hip bones. “If I’d know you were so desperate for my cock, I’d have fucked you so hard. So fucking hard, you’d never be able to look at another guy again.” 
“Oh fuck,” you whine at the idea and your inner walls clench around him. “Ah, Eijirou.” Then your whole body jolts even more as the tip of his dick collides with that one spot inside you that has you thrashing, and Kirishima has to practically pin you to the couch to prevent you from squirming. He gives you a dark look. 
“You’re really enjoying this huh? You little slut? You enjoy being my little fucktoy, using you as I please?” 
His words make you cry, fat tears welling again to your eyes, but you can’t deny it as his cock drives even deeper, drilling into you with power you’ve never experienced before and hitting your g-spot in a way not even you yourself have been able to do so before. 
Kirishima reaches forward to wipe your tears, his huge hand engulfing your entire cheek as he coos. “Aw, it’s alright baby. You don’t need to be embarrassed.” Then his tone turns dark and his voice rumbles like thunder in your ear in a way that makes your skin shiver. “Come on, say it. Say how much you love being daddy’s little fucktoy.” 
You choke and whine, and in response he suddenly uses his outrageous pro-hero strength to pull your entire body up until you’re balancing on your knees, back held flush against his chest as he smirks down at you from over your shoulder. One of his hands slides up from where you two are connected to your chest, grabbing a handful of your boob just as you had done earlier when you’d thought you were alone in your room. “Come on,” he murmurs into your temple, his lips ghosting over your hair and the sensitive skin of your ear. “Don’t be shy. Tell me how much you love my cock, how you just wanna get railed by me every single second of the day.”
His hips give a particularly powerful thrust and seem to jolt the response from where it’s stuck deep inside your throat. “Daddy,” you whine in a tone so lewd it makes Kirishima’s heart skip a beat. “’Love your cock, love it so much. You fuck me so good - ah - please, daddy, don’t stop.” 
 Kirishima groans low into the hollow of your neck and if possible he’s suddenly reaching ever deeper inside you. One of his hands sneaks around from your hip to press flat into the skin at the base of your abdomen and then he sucks in a long breath as he feels the prod of his cock on your insides through his palm. “Fuck… can feel how deep I am, baby. God – fuck - you feel so good!” 
 “Oh fuck,” you croak as your body becomes tenser in Kirishima’s grip. “Oh shit, I can feel… God, I’m gonna cum soon!” 
 Kirishima is too - he can feel it building within him - the desperation to meet his own release, as well as the desperation to get you to yours. His thrusts become more erratic, though no less powerful, and as if to add insult to injury, he reaches down in front of you to drive his hand between your legs. Your back arches away from him and your whole body shakes; Kirishima’s sure that if he wasn’t supporting you, your legs would have given out by now. 
 “Eijirou!”  you squeal as your thighs clamp together. “M’gonna-!” 
 His rubbing at your clit is incessant, far too much and he can see you’re losing your mind as you’re forced closer and closer towards the edge of your orgasm. His breath is hot against your ear as he growls out, “Fucking cum then, slut. Cum all over my cock and prove to me that you’re mine.” 
 You cum with a scream as your entire body convulses, rocking against his hold as your orgasm washes through you. Kirishima doesn’t stop though, fucking you brutally through your high as he chases his own high. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he can hear you pleading, begging for him to stop because “s too much!” but he can’t, not with his head so clouded with desperation for his own release. The clenching of your cunt around his cock is so delicious, so fucking good, that he rushes towards his orgasm far quicker than he expected. It’s all he can to do deliver one last bruising thrust into you, that will surely have your body aching the next morning, before his dick twitches and then he cums, hard enough that he’s seeing stars. 
 You seem to feel the way he pumps you full because a long whine slip between your lips and you stop squirming. Your head falls back against his shoulder and then one of your hands slides up to join his where he’s feeling across your lower abdomen. 
 “Fuck!” Kirishima curses loudly as his cum continues to paint your insides white. “You’re so good to me, baby.” 
 You can only whine in reply as you go limp against him, and Kirishima’s grip tightens immediately around your body to prevent you from slipping away completely. Without thinking, he leans forward to bury his face in your neck as the last of his release ebbs away, along with the adrenaline and exhilaration of the night.
As his head clears, his eyes slowly begin to widen with realisation as the implications of what the two of you have just done finally start to sink in.
“Shit, Y/N, I -” But you’re too fucked out to care, far too overstimulated from three almost consecutive orgasms. It’s all you can do to gently cover his hand with yours and turn your head to kiss his temple lightly. 
“I know,” you mumble in a weak voice. “Don’t worry. Just... later.” 
Your body slowly begins to pull away from his and he realises suddenly how sweaty the both of you are. There’s a sheen that coats the skin of your back and his chest and while it’s a little uncomfortable as you slowly slide away, it fills him also with a sense of pride. 
You lower yourself gingerly back down onto the couch, settling comfortably of your stomach. Kirishima gazes down at you from a moment, admiring your fucked out form, before he shifts his hips back and pulls his now softening cock from the warmth of your cunt. You groan a little as he slides away and Kirishima finds he has to agree with you; compared to the heaven that is your insides, feeling the cool air of the living room gliding across the wet skin of his dick is downright uncomfortable.
 His cum is now starting to drip out of you, and when you make no move to get up and clean yourself off, Kirishima himself heaves his body off the couch. He tucks his dick back into his trousers again as he slips into the kitchen to grab a warm, damp cloth and a glass of water. When he returns, he thinks for a moment that you might be asleep; your eyes are closed and your breathing even as you lie soundly on the couch.
Your eyes blink open however when he kneels down beside you on the floor, placing a gentle hand between your shoulder blades. You give him a slightly hazy look, and Kirishima has to hold back an ‘aww’ at just how cute you look with the fat of your cheek, smushed into the couch cushions and your eyes half-lidded.
“Can you roll over for me, angel?” he asks you softly, his hand sliding down to guide you gently by your hip. You do as he asks, and let out a contented sigh as he carefully begins to clean you up. Kirishima makes sure to keep his touch light as his hands smooth over your body, rubbing at your tense muscles and soothing tentatively over the bruises that run along the bones of your hips. Once he’s done, he leans forward to kiss your forehead sweetly. “You did so well, princess.”
“Mm,” you mumble back and then reach out for him. Kirishima’s eyes widen a little as you grab at his arms and then before he knows it, he’s being pulled down on top of you until his chest is pressed flush against yours. You blink up at him for a second before smiling slightly and closing your eyes.
 Kirishima blinks. “Princess-“
“Stay,” you say again, a little more forcefully. Your arms come up to wrap around his neck and hold him to you as your breathing starts to even out again. “Please.”
He bites his lip as he watches you slowly drift off to sleep. Even so, he can feel a blanket of calm beginning to envelop him, weighing him down until his head drops into the crook of your neck and he too closes his eyes. He knows you’ll have a lot to talk about when the both of you wake up, and some of it might not be a conversation either of you wants to have. But right now, he’s content to simply sit in the moment, listening as the sound of your gentle breathing slowly lulls him off to sleep.
Right before he slips into conciseness, he takes a moment to thank the universe that he turned out not to be as nice of a guy as he once thought.
Tumblr media
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scarlettriot · 9 hours ago
I don't know what got into me with this Kiri thirst but here ya go.
Dom Kiri x F!Reader ft. Monoma
College AU
Warnings: Smut, Minors DNI, Dom/Sub, Unprotected Sex, Dubcon, Voyeurism, Oral (F Receiving)
WC: 1K
Listen, okay, I don't usually write dom scenarios or anything too angsty but I really wanted to write about Kiri originally taking a liking to you just because it pissed Monoma off, but then you two actually become friends and closer you and Kiri get, the meaner Monoma becomes towards you.
And when Kiri asks you to be his girlfriend a year later, Monoma calls you every horrible thing he can think of. Obviously, Kiri comforts you but he knows exactly why Monoma is lashing out, he took you from him, and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't a little proud of that.
But, you're still hurting and Kiri won't stand for that. No, Monoma has to make up for making his pretty girl cry. That's why he pulled you into the little room he knows the blonde always goes to study in.
Why he set you down on the table a couple minutes before Monoma was do to arrive, sinking between your legs to relax you. Kisses running up and down your thighs before he loses patience and dives right in. His tongue glided between your folds, flicking that little bundle of nerves and dipping fingers inside you.
He's got your thighs so tightly pressed around his head that he can barely make out your pleas for him to, keep going and please, Eiji.
And Kirishima ate you out better than ever before, better than anyone ever had. Perhaps it was because he was growing more and more excited for what was about to happen...
He was quick about undoing his belt, so fucking eager to be inside you. If he was fast enough, he could still feel your walls spasming around his cock. And, damn, we're you. So much so that Kiri was thinking he'd have to do this with you more often.
When the door squeaked open Kiri had your lower half off the table, your legs hooked to his arms while he slammed into you over and over again. Monoma hadn't stepped in the room but he met those blue eyes through the crack in the door. The perv was watching and somehow that made the whole thing better.
"Say my name, baby."
He was so glad he looked down at you then, completely fucked out with glassy eyes, hips bruising yours. "Come on, who's fuckin' you this good?"
"Y-you are."
"No, sweetie, say my name."
You said each syllable of his name between a thrust, "Ei-ji-ro."
He picked up the pace, making you say his name faster and faster while Monoma still looked on.
"Eiji!" Your nails dug into his flesh, back arching up off the table.
"Cum on this dick, baby girl. If you do, you'll get your reward."
Of course, Kiri ran this whole thing by you days ago because the last thing he wanted was to make you uncomfortable. He enjoyed watching Monoma squirm but not at your expense. He'd been thrilled when you'd agreed to the idea of him fucking you while Monoma watched, cumming right inside.
You tightened around him with a strangled cry and tears pricking your eyes as he fucked your faster and harder, not giving you any time to recoup. Instead, you babbled about how good he felt, how full you wanted to be.
"Oh, don't you worry, little one, you'll be stuffed so full when I'm done with you."
"Gimme it, Ei, wanna be full."
He couldn't hold back, not when you looked like you did, not with another set of eyes watching the two of you. Kiri kept true to his word and filled you completely, rope after rope coating you leaving a white ring around the base of his cock since he kept fucking it deeper into you.
"Get in here." Red eyes shooting up at the blue pair at the door, "Now."
Neither of you really expected Monoma to actually listen but you'd discussed it just in case. Kiri wanted him to make up for what he'd done to you and you sure as hell weren't going to get it by conventional means.
Monoma walks in and shuts the door behind him, the sound of the lock clicking into place. "Enjoy the show?" Monoma didn't answer. "Gods, you really didn't deserve one. Been such an ass to my pretty girl," Kiri kissed your forehead. "I think you owe her an apology, Monoma. Why don't you get down there and eat her out and you better make her cum. It's the least you can do after being such a fucking ass."
Blue eyes went wide but he doesn't step away, rather walks up between your legs Kiri still had parted. Your boyfriend moved behind you, watchful eyes over your shoulder as Monoma tentatively licked some of the cum off your leg.
"Don't tease, just get to work."
Kiri's fingers toyed with your tits while Monoma started sucking your folds, the combination of orgasms now running down his chin thanks to him using his tongue trying to remove any and all traces of Kirishima's cum within you, basically trying to fuck you on his tongue.
You squirmed, trying to get friction where you needed it but Monoma wasn't paying attention, he couldn't read your ques but, Kiri always could.
He walked behind the blonde, running fingers from the base of his scalp to the crown of his head, and tugged those locks back pulling him off of you. "You're doing it wrong. Can't you see this isn't doing it for her? Stop worrying about yourself and that boner of yours and make her cum."
Minutes ticked by and soon you were begging for Kiri to help, you needed him, Monoma couldn't do things the way he did.
"Move." The redhead barked, "Can't believe you finally get a chance to satisfy the person you've had a crush on for a year and you can't even make her cum." Kiri's thumb lightly circled your clit and it had you whimpering with relief. "'S alright, baby girl, I'll make sure he learns. He's got a lot to make up for after all."
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eijisho · 6 months ago
twitter p*rn vids | bnha men p.1
NSFW! minors do not interact! 18+ only!
warnings: twitter p*rn videos (pls i beg wear earbuds) + brief descriptions of sex (fem!reader), breeding, dom/sub
includes: kirishima e., bakugou k., midoriya i., shinsou h., kaminari d., & todoroki s. (all characters aged over 21!)
Tumblr media
kirishima e. | red riot ʚ♡⃛ɞ ( •ᴗ•❁)
eijirou loves seeing your ass bounce in reverse cowgirl. he also adores hearing you whine, struggling to breathe n keep up with his thrusts. he'll encourage you to take the lead, but won't let you have full control (soft dom kiri>>)
bakugou k. | dynamight ♡ ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)
katsuki is a simple man; he just wants you face down n ass up. also his thrusts are mind numbing, rhythmic and sure movements, enough to make you pass out. if he's about to cum his breathing gives him away, all high off your pussy.
midoriya i. | deku (●♡∀♡)ヾ☆*。
izuku is so consumed by your pussy he loses all control. one minute he's taking his time, slowly making sure you can take him well- the next he's pounding you into the mattress. just can't stop his dick from stuffing your sweet little cunny.
shinsou h. | mindjack ૮(˳❛ ⌔̫ ❛˳)ა ✿.°~
hitoshi is the biggest tease here. this man will change his pace like seasons, he'll slowly pump into you then switch up and thrust so rough you're seeing stars, with like zero warning. lots of slapping your ass too. he's dangerous.
kaminari d. | chargebolt ⁽⁽ ଘ(ó﹏ò。)ଓ ⁾⁾
denki thinks fucking standing up is the hottest thing ever. loves watching your legs shake, barely holding yourself up while he fucks into you carelessly. he likes to watch your tits bounce too, makes him wanna pinch your nipples.
todoroki s. | shouto (◍ ⺣◡⺣)☆*.
shouto is so touch deprived he needs to feel your ass. desperately. he'll get an iron grip on the fat and just drag you up n down n up n down on his dick for hours on end. then he'll fill you up nice n good when he's done.
Tumblr media
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