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#kiryuu sento
pleuvoire · 2 months ago
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scenario that wouldn’t leave my mind
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narashikari · 3 months ago
Acchan’s Faces When He Got a Rare Pikachu Card
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Surprised Acchan faces
Tumblr media
(Literally stares at it for ten seconds without blinking)
Tumblr media
Laughs in utter disbelief at his own luck
Tumblr media
Has to drink water to calm himself enough to get through the rest of the cards
(Also, when he got this card he went out of his way to use the BGM for when you win battles in the games asdfghjkl)
Tldr: this fucker is a cute nerd 
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zaruba-needslove · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This running gag I swear....
Just look at Sento’s face he’s just so done with everything lol
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asknarashikari · 22 days ago
Funny idea: Sento being dragged on the floor while Ryuuga is pulling him by the leg
probs to drag him to bed away from his experiments
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tokusatsu-incorrect · 2 months ago
Sento: Does anybody have any stupid questions?
Banjou: *raises his hand*
Sento: Well, what is it?
Banjou: How many stupid questions are we allowed to ask?
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takeru-tenkuuji · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
you get to decide who you are
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Don’t know if this is feasible, but would you do a crossover between Build and Cherry Magic? Maybe with like Kurosawa and Adachi going over to the cafe for family dinner and they meet the whole squad, not just Sento and Banjou, but Misora, Kazumin, Sawa, and maybe even Gentoku? With the prompt “Why are you staring at me”
Darling, your brain is massive.
15. “Why are you staring at me?”
“How did you find this place?” Yuichi says as they round the corner into the little alley.
“Fujisaki recommended it to me, actually.” Kiyoshi grins up at him. “Apparently she and a couple of her girlfriends like to go here sometimes. She says the coffee’s only ok really, but the pastries are really nice. Here, this is it, Cafe,” he squints at the sign, “Nas--nascita.”
The only other customers inside are a group of people who seem to be friends, clustered around a couple of tables pushed together in one corner. Not wanting to intrude, Yuichi goes to get a table in the opposite corner, and Kiyoshi heads to the counter to order.
The barista’s a middle-aged man with a pork pie hat and tinted glasses who looks like he should be playing jazz at a nightclub, not serving coffee to bored twenty-somethings. He’s cleaning a glass as Kiyoshi approaches, and he glances up, says, “Good afternoon and welcome to Nascita, I’ll be with you in just a--” and then cuts off for apparently no reason.
There’s a long, awkward silence before Kiyoshi says, “Uh, why...why are you staring at me?”
“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, you just.” The barista shakes himself. “You look a great deal like someone I--”
“Hey, do you have a problem with me or something?”
The barista looks past Kiyoshi, frowning, and Kiyoshi himself turns around and nearly runs into...
...himself. Except...different.
The other him is scowling at Yuichi, who’s looking at him wide-eyed. “No, seriously, do I have stuff on my face or something? You’ve been staring at me since you sat down, it’s making me--” He turns towards the counter, nearly runs into Kiyoshi himself, and stops dead. “Uh. Sento?”
Someone else stands up from the cluster of people in the corner and blinks at Kiyoshi several times. “Well, this is unexpected. Banjou, is that you?”
“That’s me. I thought there was only supposed to be one other me.”
“No, uh, I’m me. I’m fairly sure.” Kiyoshi laughs nervously. “Kurosawa, help.”
At this point Kiyoshi’s getting the worrying feeling that their new friends might all be insane, which makes it very nearly a relief when Sento, who says he’s a physicist and whose hair has been standing up at the back for most of the conversation thus far, says, “You must think we’re all insane.”
Kiyoshi suppresses a hysterical giggle. “Of course I don’t think you’re. You’re.”
“Oh, no, don’t worry, it wouldn’t be an unreasonable assumption. I mean, we aren’t, I promise there’s a scientific explanation for all of it, it’s just really lengthy and in some places kind of stupid.” Sento peers at him. “You look exactly like him, it’s amazing.”
“Actually pretty sure Banjou’s taller.” That’s the man at the far end of the tables, who speaks with a broad country accent and whose name Kiyoshi vaguely remembers being Kazumi. He keeps looking back and forth between Kiyoshi and his double--Banjou Ryuuga, who’s got red hair and a silk bomber jacket with a dragon on the back, Kiyoshi’s never met someone who looked so much like a comic book character--and sort of gesturing vaguely, as if he’s trying to figure out how tall they are exactly. “By, like, an inch or two.”
“No. He can’t be. Can he?” Sento frowns. “How tall are you, Adachi, if you don’t mind my asking? Strictly for science, of course.”
Next to Kiyoshi, Yuichi seems much more comfortable. In fact, he’s practically giving an impromptu sales pitch to Banjou and Sento’s friend Sawa, who’s a journalist, and who’s listening to him talk about Toyokawa’s new organizational tools with unfeigned interest. Next to her is the cafe owner’s daughter, Misora, who Kiyoshi feels like he recognizes from an idol video he saw Rokkaku watching the other day, although she’s dressed much more simply. She seems less interested in planners than her friend, and after a moment she turns to him and says, “If Sento keeps getting on your case just elbow him or something, he’s always like this.”
Kiyoshi feels his face go red. “No, no, it’s fine.”
“You know,” Banjou says around a mouthful of pastry, “under the circumstances I feel like this worked out pretty well.”
Kiyoshi blinks. “What did?”
“This whole double-whatsit thing. The Swedish word Sento used before.”
“Doppelganger.” Sento rolls his eyes. “And it’s German.”
“Yeah, that one. I mean, it could definitely be way worse. I mean, there’s the other actual me, the one with the same name, but apart from that you seem cool? Like, I’d rather share a face with an office worker than, I don’t know, a cannibal serial killer or something.”
“Was that...likely? I don’t think another version of me would be a cannibal serial killer...”
“Me neither, but you never know, yeah?”
“I mean,” Kiyoshi says, frowning absently into space, “I wouldn’t have expected to have the same face as someone who does shoot fighting, that’s sort of a surprise. Not a bad one, though.”
“Yeah, this isn’t so bad.” Banjou pauses, blinks, and then stands up. “I’m gonna be right back. Hey, babe, if Gentoku shows up before I’m back tell him I said why the hell is he late, I thought politics guys were supposed to be on time for stuff.”
“I’m not telling him that.” Sento leans his face up for a light, brushing kiss, and then Banjou’s off in the direction of the bathroom. “Besides,” called after his retreating back, “you know Kazumi’s going to say it anyway.”
Kiyoshi stares in his direction for a moment, looks back at Sento, and, suddenly, smiles. So we’ve got that in common.
The bell at the cafe door rings, and Kazumi lurches upright in his chair with an abrupt, bright smile and waves. “Hey, Beardy, you’re late! I thought politicians were supposed to be on time for shit!”
At Kiyoshi’s elbow, Yuichi says, weakly, “I’m sorry, Ms. Takigawa, is that the prime minister’s son?”
Kiyoshi looks up in alarm at--the prime minister’s son, who’s wearing a black leather jacket which he opens to reveal a t-shirt that reads:
Kazumi snorts. “Oh, poor you, you had to play tennis.”
“Fuck you too, Potato, just because you can--I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize we had compa--Banjou?” The prime minister’s son blinks several times and then shakes his head. “Did Banjou dye his hair?”
“No, I’m,” Kiyoshi scratches the back of his head, “I’m Adachi, hello.”
Sento beams up at the prime minister’s son as Kiyoshi stifles a nervous giggle and Yuichi shakes himself. “They have the same face, it’s very exciting.”
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stickers-on-a-laptop · 3 months ago
Kamen Rider Build as Superfight
Tumblr media
Sento: Mad Scientist-Memories Have Been Erased/Suffering From Delusions Of Grandeur
Banjou: Alien-Is Really Really Stupid/Is Really Hangry
Misora: Sailor Moon-At Half HP/Is Just Cosplaying
Kazumi: Redneck-Trapped In A Potato Sack/Took An Arrow To The Knee
Gentoku: Billionaire Playboy-Clothes Are Way Too Tight/Is Wearing A Red Shirt
Sawa: Femme Fatale-Carrying Way Too Many Grocery Bags/Wearing Sharpened Stilettos
Evolt: Death Knight-Can Take The Form Of Anything They Touch/Just Rolled A Critical Failure
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amethysthunder · 8 months ago
Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai VS Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko
A plain looking young man lives in a world that runs on the conventions of BL manga. He doesn't want any part of it, but he can't help but comment on the trends he sees.
Tumblr media
Me and homies in another platform had talked a lot about how this particular BL manga would be perfect to be adapted to anime.
It's a completely hilarious and goofy story filled with anecdotes surrounding BL tropes where the protagonist is actually only the mob character in all those dramas unfold before him and straightforwardly points out how cliches they are in his inner-voice but still support them nonetheless.
It also has drama CD and well, we'll get an adaptation albeit a live action. I'm so curious how they wud tackle this one since they're gonna have to hire lots of actors playing those BL scenes with multi couples 😂.
The manga isn't licensed in English. Read the fan translation here credit to @yaoi-sekai
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thornstone8773 · 3 months ago
Kiryuu Sento, a genius man-child who lived in a basement/warehouse with no steady job.
Tokiwa Sougo, an ordinary high school student with impossible dream.
Hiden Aruto, an ordinary young adult who gained his fortunes through nepotism.
Kamiyama Touma, a successful young writer who owned his own bookstore.
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narashikari · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
^Me rn
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asknarashikari · 2 months ago
Minific : Other Riders (except Emu and Shinnosuke) either jealous or shocked, after they saw Sougo abs..
“...What’s gotten into that guy?” Touma asked, pointing to Haruto sulking in a corner, glaring at his phone like it had personally offended him.
“You haven’t seen it?” replied his senior. “That photo Sougo posted on his SNS?” Aruto clarified when the novelist frowned in confusion.
“Oh, that!” Touma exclaimed in recognition. “I’ve seen it... but what does it have to do with Haruto acting like that?”
“Apparently, he never thought the Baby Rider would get abs before he ever did,” Sento heckled. “But what else does he expect when the kid’s a pro dance teacher and he’s a lazy ass who eats doughnuts all day long and couldn’t even be bothered to stand and walk a few feet to get them?”
Aruto and Touma sniggered. “I guess that happens when one is too reliant on magic,” the latter supposed. 
Haruto made an offended noise as he turned to the author. “Like you’re any better, Mister I-Can-Affect-Reality-on-a-Cosmic-Level-With-My-Sword!”
“Yeah, I can do that... And I also got worked to the ground by my friends making sure I actually use the sword as a sword.” Touma deadpanned. “Do you have any idea how heavy a sword forged by the fucking stars weighs? Yeah, imagine swinging that around for a few hours daily.”
“And, before you try to do that on me,” Sento cut in, “I’ll remind you that my husband was a former pro fighter and we spar regularly.” 
They turned to Aruto, who held his hands up in surrender. “I don’t have abs, but I try to keep in shape at least!” he defended. “unlike you!”
Haruto pouted and turned away again. True to form, he summoned a rune circle and pulled out a baggie of his favorite doughnuts from within, aggressively munching on one as he stewed. 
“...Really, Haruto?” Sento deadpanned. “And you wonder why you’re still a twink after all these years...”
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tokusatsu-incorrect · a month ago
Banjou: You’re controlled by your emotions. Ruled by your heart.
Sento: Actually, I like to think I’m ruled by logic.
Banjou: *grabs Sento's wrist and checks his pulse* Then why is your heart beating so fast?
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prompt #1: ryo & any rider in need of a dad rider looking out for them, 21! other character can be from saber or any other season, whatever you're feelin!
A belated happy Father's Day, folks! Sento needs someone to make him eat.
21. "Do you promise?"
The last box of Sora's favorite pasta is on the top shelf at the grocery store, and normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that it's gotten shoved so far back that it's impossible to reach comfortably. Ryo grins at his son. "All right, you ready to help?"
Sora's grinning back. This is his favorite part of every grocery trip. "Yeah!"
Ryo lifts him out of his seat in the shopping cart and hoists him up onto a shoulder perch. "All right, grab me down the box of wheels and we'll get it in the cart."
Sora leans forward and grabs the box of pasta, handing it down with a little gleeful noise. "Pasta for dinner!"
There's a soft cough next to Ryo's elbow, and then someone else says, "Excuse me."
"Heck, we in the way? Sorry, lemme move the cart--"
"Actually, ah." Awkward laughter from the other shopper. "I was going to ask if your son could pass me another box while he's up there."
Blinking, Ryo looks over at the speaker, who's about his height but looks at least ten years younger than him, and probably thirty kilos skinnier to boot. Before he can stop himself, he says, "Sure, you look like you could use the calories. Shit, sorry, that was rude. Uh, Sora, you wanna reach down another box of something?"
"No, it's fine, I...probably could. I don't eat a lot." The young guy blinks sleepily, shakes himself, and then looks farther up to Sora. "You're very tall, did you know that?"
Sora giggles. "Dad's a giant! I'm going to be a giant too someday!"
"That seems like an excellent plan. Is there any elbow macaroni up there?"
"Yeah!" Sora tips forward again to grab another box and pass it to Ryo, who in turns hands it to the young guy, who accepts it with a polite nod and stows it in his own cart.
Ryo blinks. "You, uh. Do a lot of bodybuilding?"
Apart from the elbow macaroni, the young guy's otherwise seems to contain primarily instant noodles, a single jar of tomato sauce, a bag of carrots and one of potatoes, a bunch of bananas, and, inexplicably, an enormous container of protein powder. The protein powder is set into the top section of the cart, buckled in like it's a child. The young guy lets out another one of those awkward, quiet laughs. "No, that's for my, ah, my friend. Who I think is over at the butcher counter getting into an argument about chicken, he's got some very strong opinions about it."
"Yeah, I got a friend like that, I think he's getting into it with the fish guy right now." Ryo lifts Sora down and seats him back in their cart. "What's he do that he needs all the protein for?"
"Shoot fighting. I mean, not so much lately, but he likes to stay in shape."
"Why not so much, he retired or something?" They're walking now, the young guy having fallen into step behind Ogami with unexpected ease. He seems to be watching Ogami shop, like he doesn't quite know what he's doing and is hoping he might pick up some tricks. "I had a buddy who used to do shoot fighting, takes it out of a guy."
The young guy laughs again. "Not exactly retired? We're, uh. We're sort of new to the area. Not as new as we were, but--I mean, I guess we've been here a few years now, but there are. Complications."
"Really? Where'd you move from? Oh, you probably don't wanna get that brand unless you like your curry real runny. Actually here, hang on, I got a spare coupon if you like the House ones."
"I would appreciate that, thank you." The young guy accepts the coupon with a grateful smile and another tired blink. "I, ah. I guess I should introduce myself. Kiryuu Sento, it's a pleasure to meet you."
"Ogami Ryo. And this here's my son Sora." They're two aisles over from where they started now; Kiryuu seems pretty content to follow him and watch what he's doing. Like nobody ever told the guy how to grocery shop, and he's only just now realizing that there are ways to do it that don't just involve throwing everything in your cart and not having a plan. "You said your buddy's a fighter, what do you do?"
"I'm a scientist--well, I don't exactly have lab space right now, I guess...I'm an inventor."
Sora immediately brightens up. "Cool, what kind of science do you do? Uncle Tetsuo is kind of an inventor. Do you invent stuff that blows up?"
Kiryuu actually laughs. "Not nowadays, but I'd prefer not to get into my past. What do you do, Mr. Ogami?"
"I'm, uh. I'm in public safety."
There's a pause, in which Kiryuu's eyes flicker over him, and then a look that says, I know you're hiding something. Which, sure he's hiding something, "I'm a swordsman protecting the world from evil" is kind of a hard sell to some random guy at the grocery store. Except that it's also a look that says, I'm hiding something too, and it hits Ryo suddenly that this guy's air of exhaustion makes him think of someone else.
Makes him think of the novelist.
They come out of the aisle near the fish and meat counters, and Ogami says, "You know what, you said you're pretty new in town, you wanna come over for dinner? Couldn't hurt to know more people in the area. Long as you don't mind Sora grilling you about your inventions."
Kiryuu blinks. "I. Would love to, thank you, but I don't want to im--oh, what the hell is he doing?"
Despite the phrasing, he sounds more amused than annoyed, and Ryo follows his gaze to where a redhead in a bomber jacket is having a pretty intense-looking argument with Tetsuo in front of a display of cuts of tuna. "That your friend who goes through all the protein powder?"
Kiryuu drags a hand down his face in exasperation. "Yeah, that's him." He freezes. "And I'm guessing he's arguing with your friend who has the fish opinions. This sucks."
"Nah, don't worry about it, Daishinji's got opinions about everything. Kinda surprised to see him arguing in public, though." Ryo glances over at Kiryuu and grins. "So obviously now you both gotta come to dinner, Daishinji's not a real friendly guy. If he's chatting with your buddy like that they must've hit it off."
Kiryuu eyes him uncertainly. "If you say so."
"Sure, come on, Daishinji's kind of an engineer guy, you'll get along just fine." Another glance in his new friend's direction. "Besides, like I said earlier, you look like you could use the meal. And Sora can grill you about your inventions, like I said."
Sora bounces in his seat. "Yeah! If you don't make stuff that blows up now, did you before? Will you tell me about it?"
Uncertain but smiling, Kiryuu nods. "Sure. I, uh, I used to design stuff for...a superhero. I'll tell you all about him."
Even more enthusiastic bouncing. "Do you promise?"
"Sure, I promise. I'll tell you the whole story of Kamen Rider Build if you want."
Ryo feels himself blink several times. "You know, I think I might like to hear that one too."
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