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#kiseki no sedai

Day 14: Favorite Member of Kaijo - Kise Ryouta 😍💛

Oh my boy,Kaijō no Kise…😭

He is the strongest player. But in order to preserve Aomine’s stamina, he sacrifices his own😭😭 he is too good 😭

He is playful, cheerful, and seems easy going. But in fact he knows who he is, he knows his skills and he knows his own worth. Fujimaki san says: “Kise is a person who only affable to those he admitted & feel worthy after measuring with his own eyes. Other than that, he is usually cold-hearted. I’ve recognized him who has two faces. He is not completely good-boy, you know.”

I’m just mesmerized

But I also want to include players, who are not GoM. Cause we all love them and for most of us they are the most favorite players of their teams. And it would be quite unfair. Soooo…


Kasamatsu senpai also owns (part of) my heart😂

He is the best captain, I think. He is responsible, motivated and he trusts his teammates wholeheartedly. And I really admire him cause he wasn’t affected that much by the fact that Kise is one of legen…wait for it…dary GoM. Ofc he knew about Ryōta’s abilities and he knew that he is the best player of Kaijō. But those are not the reasons to cut him some slack and ignore his inappropriate behavior (like in Too, but I like them too😭😂) “I’ll tell you what’s so great about it. Before you even factor in being good or bad, this is Kaijō High School’s Basketball Club. It’s not because we were born earlier. The second and third years here have been working hard on this team longer than you have. I’m telling you to have respect for that experience. Doesn’t matter if you’re from the “Generation of Miracles” or anything else. You’re now a freshmen at Kaijō. And I’m a senior here, the captain, Yukio Kasamatsu. Got any complaints?”

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Request: GOM having a movie night (or any kind of get together) and AoKise (especially Aomine) do a lot of PDA. [ @hkbs-world ]


pairing: aomine daiki x kise ryouta

genre: fluff, crack

trigger warnings: none

word count: 1,012

song recommendation: sucker by jonas brothers (

a/n: wrote this in class so this might be a little bad. sorry!! 😭 requests are open btw!! <33


“Can you fix yourselves, and just watch the movie?!” Midorima snapped, when he had enough of the chaos that is happening right before his eyes.

It has been 6 months since the gang got together. And Momoi being Momoi, she organized a “movie night” which took a lot of effort, and bribery so that the movie night would actually happen. It was easy to convince Kuroko, Akashi, and Kise since they are always down for anything. Akashi bribed Murasakibara with large packs of cookies, potato chips, and maiubo just so he would join the movie night.

Momoi asked Takao to convince Midorima, and Midorima being the tsundere that he is, he told Takao that he won’t go, but the green haired boy showed up the earliest at Momoi’s house, which is the venue for the movie night.

Momoi had no problems convincing Aomine because his boyfriend, Kise, is going, which means he would definitely not miss the movie night. Aomine and Kise did not see each other for 2 weeks now, which is why Aomine was so excited about the movie night.

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pairing: kise ryouta x female reader

genre: fluff

warnings: reader being insecure of her stretch marks

a/n: this has been on my notes for a month now lol might as well post it 🤪


• You and Kise are on your 8th month of relationship

• Your relationship w/ him is going well, but there are times that you can’t help but feel insecure and jealous every time Kise’s modeling w/ girls

• No, you support his modeling career, you are actually so proud of him BUT YOU JUST CAN’T HELP IT

• Seeing your boyfriend with girls whom you think are prettier and sexier than you makes you feel smaller than ever

• Not to mention their ✨f l a w l e s s✨ skin

• You were very, very jealous and very, very insecure

• But every time you felt like that, Kise was always there to assure you that you are the only one that he loves and he adores

• That you are the most beautiful girl in his eyes and no one can ever beat you

• You were on your 2nd month when he first saw your stretchmarks

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Akashi Seijuro 

Akashi had his eyes on you

No, not because he’s interested in you, well maybe he is but on a completely different context. He wants you in the team, after some time of being classmates he already took note of your observant nature and how good you were at plotting

Sure they were already strong, he knew that all too well. But a strong team needs a reliable manager, someone who could work well with them. Someone who could give them information that would give them the upper hand and help them in winning against even the strongest team that seems impossible to win against

And you were that person

Does he sound too sure of himself? Perhaps so, but he knows about how good his judgement is, from Kuroko to Mayuzumi and now you. His intuitions never failed him and this time he’s one hundred percent sure that you were someone the team was missing

So he didn’t miss a beat and walked towards you

It was a sunny day, you were in the library, hiding behind the shelves of books that surrounded you, concealing you from the other students inside the place as your eyes moved from word to word in the book you were reading, smiling at how the writer describes the fictional so flawlessly

But someone broke through your concentration

You felt someone’s presence behind you, turning around you were faced with the red-haired emperor standing behind you. A smile on his face as he takes in your appearance but despite the warmth of his smile, it didn’t reach his cold heterochromatic  eyes

“What book are you reading?” He asked but you knew he wasn’t interested in that. Maybe it was intuition or you just knew Akashi too well after being in the same class as him but you knew that he wasn’t interested in small talks and he just needs something from you

“Do you need anything?” You asked in your most polite voice possible. You knew the power the Akashi’s hold and this successor’s capabilities and you didn’t want to risk yourself with anything that could offend him

“You caught on fast.” He let out a small laugh, “So I’ll get straight to the point.” He straightened his posture and the aura around you two suddenly became serious

You were amazed at how he seemed to control the air around him, one minute it was comfortable, next it was serious. Maybe it was his eyes or just his mere presence but you’ve already figured that Akashi wasn’t as normal as a first year as you. He’s the leader of the Generation of Miracles and considered a prodigy, not just in the court but outside as well

“I want you to become our manager.” He stated while you were left in shock, why would anyone want you in their team? You weren’t sporty and you sure as hell didn’t know much about basketball

“Excuse me?” You asked, completely taken aback by his calm composure, “I think you’re talking to the wrong person.”

But he just smiled

You didn’t know whether to feel reassured or scared at his smile, it hardly reached his eyes and that scared you

“You enjoy watching people, notice their movements and can easily take in information and plan against their strength and use them as their weakness.”

Your mouth ran dry at what he said, sure you liked and you were sure that you were good in those things but you wondered how he managed to find that out? Or how he noticed it

“What I’m saying is,” He took a step towards you, “I think you’ll be a great asset to the team.” He once again smiled at you, already knowing that you were going to join and if you weren’t then he was going with plan b

“So what do you say, will you join us?”

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i wasn’t really sure about this one but i hope you like it! („• ֊ •„)

akashi seijuro

  • looks at you, a confused smile on his face but is very happy on the inside
  • drops everything he was doing at that moment to spend time with you on the couch, easily picking you up and putting you on his lap
  • “if my empress wants to cuddle, who am i to say ‘no’?” he says as he presses a kiss to your cheek

aomine daiki

  • he would pretend he doesn’t hear it at first, briefly opening one eye to see your reaction
  • but before you could repeat your words, he wraps his hands around your wrist and pulls you towards him
  • you end up falling onto his chest and he wraps his arm protectively around your shoulder, mumbling, “(f/n), let’s just stay like this.”

kise ryouta

  • cannot stop himself from grinning the second he hears your request
  • jumps onto the bed which you laid on and slides over to you
  • engulfs you in a warm embrace and lets you rest your head on him, while he wraps his hands around you, “i don’t mind staying like this for the whole day.”

kuroko tetsuya

  • expertly hides how red he turned from your words and instead, silently heads over to where you were on the bed
  • brings you closer to him as you both rest against the headboard, his arms encircling yours while you lean against his shoulder
  • ends up playing with your hair or just running his fingers through it, which helped you to unwind from your stressful day

midorima shintarou

  • “w-what?” your request was so sudden and out of the blue that he needed you to repeat your words
  • but when he sees your smile slowly fade away, he’s quick to place his book away and joins you on your bed
  • awkward at first, but eventually relaxes at your arms around him and the comfortable smile on your face tells him that this was the right choice

muraskibara atsushi

  • turns to look at you before nodding his head, a sheepish smile on his face
  • puts his snack away from you so you can cuddle up against him before getting his snack again so you two could enjoy the show together and eat at the same time
  • “(f/n)-chin, this is nice.” he would suddenly remark, enjoying your presence and how close you were to him
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Akashi Seijuro

  • Akashi’s mother always knew about how hard her husband makes her child work. She knew being an Akashi meant that her son has to keep himself at the top
  • That’s why she always makes sure that he still has a childhood
  • But she did not expect her son to suddenly confess at her that he likes someone in his class
  • It was just after his basketball practice, while on their way home in the car, while looking out the car window, Akashi’s mother didn’t miss the way her son’s eyes suddenly brightened upon passing a group of children
  • She asked him if he knew who they were and she was surprised when her son suddenly smiled shyly as his cheeks turned red
  • Akashi’s close to his mother so he ended up telling her about his little crush on this girl in his class
  • Akashi’s mother smiled at his son and ruffled his hair fondly, glad that he still got to feel such thing. She wouldn’t say it to her son but she worries about his life and how much he’s going to miss just because of all the expectations of her husband, even though she manages to persuade him to be a bit easy on their son, there was still things she couldn’t stop
  • She asked him about what he liked about her and she swore Akashi smiled so brightly that she couldn’t help but return his smile with her own
  • Akashi told her about how cute she is, that whatever hairstyle she wears she still looks good and that he likes how she always stands up for herself and really brave that she protects others, especially when they get teased by other children in their class
  • Akashi also told his mother how they would often play in the playground together and he always have fun with her and that they sometimes share their lunch with each other
  • Akashi’s mother haven’t met Akashi’s crush but she’s already getting fond of her, after all, this little girl is making her son smile so widely
  • She couldn’t wait to meet her, of course when she told this to Akashi, Akashi immediately nodded. Also saying that he wants his mother to meet her
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Kise Ryouta

  • The day’s suppose to be relaxing but it did not start on that note. By 7 am you were woken up with Kise shaking and poking you to wake up. You had to throw him a pillow so he would calm down
  • After you get ready, Kise basically jumps up from his sit and pulls you out the door and towards the mall, there he explained that someone from his agency managed to get some free spa tickets to a really well-known place and what’s more fun than shopping till you drop then relaxing in a spa?
  • Once you get to the mall, you and Kise haves fun! You go shop to shop and try on clothes, the other one would check if the clothes fit the other and if the price is reasonable, then you’ll buy it
  • Although Kise did try to pay for the clothes you deemed too expensive
  • “But ____cchi it looks good on you!”
  • “It looks good but has too many zeros on it!”
  • You also try on some wacky clothes and take pictures for his social media
  • On that note, his social media would be filled with either his face or your face with captions like ‘with my bestie!’  ‘so unfair everything looks good on ____cchi  😭’  ‘isn’t my best friend the coolest?’ and a bunch more
  • You got him to try on a minion like clothes, with the goggles, shirt and one piece. Once you posted it on social media it blew up, with some saying he looks ‘totes cute!’ ‘absolutely stunning’ ‘cute babey’ while some ‘nice job in making him look like an idiot _____😂😂’
  • You both bought matching onesies!!!
  • Once you two felt your feet aching the two of you left the mall and straight to the spa space
  • Upon entering you could already feel relaxed at the Jasmine scent around the place
  • Going to the counter, Kise handed the lady the coupons and smiled at her
  • You couldn’t help but snort when the girl giggled
  • After some time waiting, you and Kise were separated for the massage. Although he didn’t like the fact that he was getting pulled away from his best friend in their spa day, he knew he didn’t have a choice
  • After changing into the robes given by the place you laid on the bed, you could feel your muscles relax as the woman kneed your body
  • Kise was the same, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief upon the relaxation. After a long week with shoots and training, he was finally given some time to rest himself
  • After the massage you wore your clothes and proceeded towards the facial room. Thankfully since the two of you are dressed, you and Kise were allowed in the same room
  • “_____cchi!”
  • “Kise!”
  • The ones entrusted to work on you two could only stare as you and Kise prety much dramatized the whole meeting again thing
  • The two of you relaxed as they started working on your faces. Beside you, you could hear the woman working with Kise compliment him about his perfect, blemish free skin.
  • You could only wish
  • Afterwards it was hair, manicure and pedicure. You and Kise had fun looking at the nail art, taking at least an hour before getting to choose because according to Kise “Beauty takes time.”
  • In the end you two chose a matching design
  • You and Kise gushed about how this would absolutely look cute! Not only that but you two got excited about showing it off on social media. Thinking about how the photos would turn out and how people would feel jealous of your friendship
  • “____cchi your hair feels so soft and that new hairstyle really fits you!” Cue clicking of camera as he took pictures of you
  • “Don’t take too many photos!”
  • “But ____cchi looks so pretty! Oh I know let’s pose ____cchi!”
  • Afterwards, Kise will most likely pull you to go on a party or somewhere with him with the new clothes and new look because it would leave everybody blown away
  • You just chuckled and let him pull you away. Time with Kise was really never boring
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