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#kishou arima

oh hey!  my french is severely limited but - comment ça va? 

  • Arima Kishou is something of a traditionalist. Not too big on experimenting or extreme kinks, he’s more inclined to take his time, to savor the moment when it happens.
  • Perfectly fine with letting you take the lead. In fact, he really likes having you on top of him while he’s relaxing against the headboard of the bed. He can see all of you, can touch you wherever he wants - what’s not to love?
  • When he is on top, he usually has his face buried in the crook of your neck, murmuring your name and sweet nothings in your ear or against your skin.
  • Speaking of which, he’s a quiet man, not overly vocal. Small moans and grunts are about the extent of the noises he’ll make, but he likes complimenting you too. Telling you how good you feel, how well you take him, etc. etc. 
  • Sometimes however… If he’s been stressed, that strictness he shows among subordinates at work carries over into a more dominant personality with you in bed. He’s rougher, bossier, oftentimes challenging you in a way that feels more like a critique. (”Is that the best you can do?”
  • The man has s t a m i n a >;^)
  • If you work with/for him, and if he’s feeling especially sadistic, Arima likes it when you go to work with one of those little vibrators inside of you - with him manning the remote control, of course. It’s amusing to him to watch you fidget and squirm throughout the day while he randomly switches the vibrator on and off, adjusting the intensity as he sees fit. All the while, he’s relentless with his comments. “What’s wrong, Y/N? You seem distracted…”
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Tokyo Ghoul Week 2020 Oct 28:



Arima was always and will always be exactly what he is now: the Reaper.

He is not tied to any specific faith, yet his name is spoken in all tongues and all kinds of voices. Hopeful, fearful, resentful. They all know his reputation.

They all know that he’s a killer, and it is for this reason that their opinions of him are divided.

Humans think he kills the enemy, and he does. Ghouls think he kills them, and he does. They think that they have been placed on opposite ends of a spectrum that they only imagine they can understand, but Arima knows the truth.

The world is more of a sliding scale than they may think.

So yes, he kills ghouls. But one very small, yet infinitely important fact of his life has been blotted out with tales of heroic apathy in the face of overwhelming odds; the black and white morality of good versus evil in a world where all that exists is a scale of grey.

He kills humans too.

As the Reaper, it is not his place to pass judgement on who is or is not worthy of life and death, so he does not ask. He swings his sword, his club, his shield, and he comes to rest with red-stained hands and not a flicker of doubt in his mind.

He is a puppet with too many strings, all tangled together until all he is capable of is the only thing every one of his puppeteers have in common; their singular collective purpose in the small part of the world they occupy: to control lives that are not theirs to control.

So Arima does what he thinks anyone would do if faced with his situation.

He cuts the strings.

The Reaper does not belong to any one faith.

In his last moment of being, watching the thinly woven lines of fate wrap around his appointed successor, neither does he.

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Retreat! [Arima Kishou]


Originally posted by toukatan

summary: reader cares too much about their squad and arima discovers he cares too much about them.

word count: 798

tw: blood

Shit was going down.

Around you streets were covered in red, pavement wet with the blood of your comrades. It was a suicide mission designed to destroy the roots of the aogiri tree, it was horrifying. Ghouls seemed to rain from the skies and inexperienced investigators fell like flies under the creatures’ attacks.

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hello i just wanna say that,,,, i love kishou arima?? so much??? he deserves so much more love. SO much more. he’s my most favorite character of all time, truly. he really means a lot to me ahh,, idk he deserves so much love ok.

i wanna hold his hand and make him feel loved!!!! like he belongs in the world!!! listen i know he isn’t real, of course, but he just means a lot to me. he didn’t deserve to be depressed. to be forced to live a life he didn’t want to live. i wish that i could give him all of the freedom and love he deserves,,, he’s such a good character in my opinion and just idk. i’ve loved him for years and i think he’s going to continue to stay my absolute fav for a long time. once again, i know he isn’t real, but despite that i’ve grown really really attached to him.

he was a kind man. he cared deeply for haise, hirako, akira, the quinx squad, etc. he really really did. arima never wanted to kill anybody or hurt anybody and if highkey makes my heart ache that he was forced to do that. he tried his hardest to help make up for his actions by advocating for the rights of ghouls in secret. he helped lead them to their well-deserved equality. i respect other people’s opinions but arima was a good man and that’s a hill i’m willing to die on.

i could honestly go one forever about how much and why i love him but maybe i’ll write out a proper list of why at another time. i would right now but i’m rather tired. i’m gonna hop back on my mushiness first a second and say that i really wish i could cuddle w/ him and sleep w/ him okay 🥺 he seems like he’d be super warm and comforting. like he’d be a good person to cry to cuz if he was really close to you he’d hold you against his chest and i just 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 my heart is exploding rn i care him so much!!!!!

ok ok arima lovemail over for now!!!! sorry to bother your guys hsjsjsjsj. (i hope i didn’t sound weird!)

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