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aqua-regia009 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
− Forever and a Day − Káosmos by Maéna Paillet
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porunareff · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Ermes and Kiss defeat Thunder McQueen - manga vs anime
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anordinaryseal · 21 hours ago
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laila-s-world · a day ago
Haikyuu - Where they love to kiss you (body parts)
I don’t know if this title is correct, but I didn’t know how to call it. I wrote my headcanon and then I get to the title and I’m like "🧍🏽‍♂️", I hope you understand the content of this.
As always, I remember that the requests are open and I am ready to make other parts of all these headcanon. Feel free to ask!
Have fun!
Daily reminder: I apologize for the mistakes, feel free to report them to me, so I can correct them.
- Hinata Shoyo;
- Suna Rintarou;
- Sakusa Kiyoomi;
- Tsukishima Kei;
- Bokuto Koutarou;
Hinata Shoyo
Tumblr media
Oh this guy LOVES to kiss your cheeks, especially if you have freckles or dimples;
He loves to press his little face on your skin and be able to observe you so closely;
Also, when he lowers to kiss you on the cheeks, he can see more closely your beautiful eyes and fall in love with them even more;
When you cuddle he likes to touch your cheeks, make a drawing with his fingers and then kiss it. He finds it extremely funny and affectionate;
He loves to kiss you on the lips as in all love relationships, but I assure you that with him you will receive many more kisses on the cheeks, not because he loves you less, but because, according to him, he shows you more love doing it;
(If he’s taller than you) He likes to lower himself to your height and kiss your cheeks, putting his hands on your shoulders and offering you his sweetest smile;
(If he’s shorter than you) He loves to hop on his little feet, get you down and finally reach your cheeks to give you the sweetest kiss you’ve ever have;
Extra: If you have freckles on your cheeks, he will draw small lines of kisses from one freckle to another.
Suna Rintarou
Tumblr media
Don’t ask me why I think it or how I got this idea, but Suna LOVES to kiss your back;
Whole back, doesn’t have a favorite point;
He likes to caress it, while you’re lying next to him, lift your shirt up to your shoulders and pass his hand all over your back;
Then move on to kissing various points;
Sometimes it will track your spine with kisses, from the neck to the end of your back, and then the other way around;
Other times he will choose to kiss you near the moles you have;
Other times again, he’ll kiss it completely at random, when he’s quieter and he just does it to pass the time;
He doesn’t admit it, because, really, he doesn’t have favorite spots, but he loves to kiss you at the end, the lumbar curve, the lower part, to better sink his face into your skin.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tumblr media
This guy doesn't like physical contact and this also applies to kisses. He may love you more than his life, but he’s always a little hostile when it comes to touching you;
But that does not mean that he will never kiss you, far from it;
Sakusa loves to kiss your hand, fingers, wrist. He finds it extremely elegant and charming;
He likes to bring your hand close to his mouth and start from your little finger, then to kiss all your fingers, palm and, finally, wrist, always looking at you with attention and love;
Also, when you go out together, maybe in a restaurant, he likes to hold your hand until you sit down, and then keep shaking it and kissing it like a real gentleman;
He can’t help it, despite the hands we often have many bacteria, he is simply fascinated and in love with yours.
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Oh, this great boy has a weakness for your forehead;
Usually the people he has a relationship with are always lower than him (this man is 190.1 cm (6' 2.8") tall, I mean), so it’s a habit for him to lower and kiss your forehead. Find this very sweet;
He knows that it is a gesture that, usually, is made between parents or, in any case, between people who have a relationship other than that of love;
Do you really think he cares?
His favorite moment to kiss your forehead is when you are falling asleep or it’s been a long time that you are cuddling: he caresses your face, looks you in the eyes, moves your hair (if you have any) from your forehead and then kisses its tenderly for a few seconds;
If you have been in a relationship for some time, it is likely that he will also tell you that he loves you very much;
It’s also a "secret" code of his way of telling you that he is always there to support and protect you, he feels that kissing you at that point is a very mature and quiet gesture, which does not create agitation but, on the contrary, relaxes;
If he is in a happy mood, you may have the whole package: kiss on the forehead, kiss on the cheeks and then kiss on the lips. It’s rare, but it’s so nice to get these kisses from Kei.
Bokuto Koutarou
Tumblr media
Oh this little bastard owl has no favorite place;
He will literally kiss you WHEREVER his lips may reach;
On the face, on the neck, on the arms, on the hands, on the belly... On the ass;
I think, however, that if he had to choose, he loves to kiss your neck;
He likes, in general, when you hug him and can hold his head in the recess of your neck and from there can kiss you comfortably;
Bokuto LIVES in your arms when you cuddle, so that became, automatically, his favorite place;
He loves it anyway, but if you have long hair, he likes to move them aside and create space to kiss you;
He likes to make a path of kisses between the shoulders and the ear, including the whole neck, and then get to your lips and laugh like a little child, amused for these "games";
Finally, if you’re ticklish, he’ll love the sound of your laugh and enjoy continuing to kiss you, just so he can hear you laugh more, and then stop and look at you in love, because you’re the most beautiful thing in his life.
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broomiepen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Second time I draw Frans kiss
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amilahs-tears · 2 days ago
the fact that i havent been tenderly kissed on my collarbone yet is simply devastating and i think this terrible injustice should be fixed asap
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naviernet · a day ago
Just a glimpse, of what we could be
Gojo Satoru x Reader (Reader’s Pov)
Tumblr media
I truly hated the way he stared at me. The hint of softness behind the fortress of his eyes were enough to make anyone melt to the ground. I truly hated the way he brought this whole other side of me; only him.
“A year ago I told you no one stood a flame against you,” he slowly slid his hands up my shirt, and a shiver ran down my spine at the unfamiliar yet pleasant sensation, his rough hands gripping my waist firmly. “And it hasn’t changed at all.” He whispered into my ear as my breath stopped.
“Then why are you with her?” I hissed, palms against his chest trying to push him away.
This time, it was his turn to show anger. “Because I couldn't stand seeing you in his arms.”
“Justify your venom, Satoru,” I released him in a swift move, “he never did anything to you.”
“Why are you still defending that goddamned bastard? He used you, he left you, and guess what, he’s never been in love with you!”
I took a step back. I always knew those words were the truth, but hearing them out loud was a harder blow than I expected.
“A part of me still loves him. And that’s the truth, no matter how hard I deny it.”
Disappointment and hurt swirled in his eyes, unwilling to meet mine. “And no matter how hard I try to deny, you’ll never love me, right?”
“You’re my best friend. Of course I love you.”
“Don’t bullshit me,” he spat, “you know I didn’t mean it that way. I’m in love with you; for as long as I can remember, I’ve only wanted you; as my best friend, my wife, the future mother to my-fuck” he stopped as if something inside had snapped. He froze for a few seconds, his body stiffening before he abruptly moved forward, both hands grasping my face as he smashed his lips into mine, hands sneaking behind my neck, pulling me closer to him.
“Why do you keep falling for people who hurt you?”
After a few moments, he pulled away, our faces inches from each other; and he softly spoke;
“I’ve seen you get hurt your entire life. I’ll make sure your heart never breaks again.”
Like melted butter, I succumbed to his words and closed the distance between us again, this time feeling a salty taste on my lips. His thumb grazed my cheek, swiping across a tear I didn’t know had fallen. But the tears kept coming; for some reason. Perhaps it was the realization that all I needed, all along was some understanding; which no one ever gave me.
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rock-and-roll-hell · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
December 6, 1978
Paul Stanley at Peaches Records on the promo tour for the Solo album
📸 Jay Gilbert
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