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ace-culture-is · 2 days ago
ace culture is wanting more kiss averse ace reps where the romance is good because you are starved for representation
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indigo-inferno · a day ago
Tumblr media
... and we’re snogging, and we’re snogging, and we’re snogging .. and we’re never ever gonna be stoppin’! 💖💕 You know. You can always rush over to Patreon to see all the hotness in it’s full glory .. 😏
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euesworld · 2 days ago
"Sometimes you just have to kiss her on the forehead as softly as you can so she knows you love her.."
And I hereby place all of this love right here in the middle of your forehead, etched with my lips and heart - eUë
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spyyder · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
... soft wet kisses ...
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0liviao · a day ago
pairing(s): front man (in-ho) x worker!fem!reader
summary: y/n is walking around the hallway and after lights out she heads to the front man’s bedroom to check he’s asleep. she finds him injured in the bathroom
warning(s): mature themes, mild swearing, kissing, mention of bullet wounds (not in detail), unedited work
a/n: so, i made this when i got inspired by this hot ass man getting shot and barely even flinching- thought i’d make a cute lil’ one shot of reader taking care of him instead of the other way around. low-key not sure if this is dog trash or what but i think it’s mildly okay lol, enjoy!
date posted: 26.10.2021
Tumblr media
you walk around the hallways, not looking for anyone or anything in particular, just wondering around.
the lights are dim and you can hear the countdown in the background for lights out but nevertheless carry on walking around aimlessly. it’s only when the lights go out and you’re left in the dark that you realise you probably should have started going back to your room.
luckily, you know this place like the back of your hand. right around the next corner there should be a storage cupboard with supplies in, and hopefully flash lights.
tentatively, you stick your arms out in front of you incase you walk into anything and proceed with caution. after three or four steps you should be at the corner, so you stick your foot out to see if it reaches the corner of a wall.
it does. at this, you carry on walking and turn right. after walking at least three-quarters down the hallway you go to the left of you and try to feel for a door handle. for a moment you don’t feel anything and groan, now thinking you’re in the wrong place.
that is until the fingertips of your hand brush against some cool metal, making you stop in your tracks and feel for the rest of the handle. you twist the knob as soon as your hand is secured on it, pushing to open the wooden door.
unlike the others, you didn’t wear the same type of uniform as them. you didn’t wear the gloves, hence why you could feel the metal, and didn’t wear a mask. you only didn’t wear a mask when you were off duty though (which was now) and wore black cargos, a tank top and a fitted t-shirt on top.
the door opens and the hinges squeak slightly, now was the hard part. hopefully the light switch was still working since you had last fixed it and short circuited it for times like these. you push against what feels like a light switch and a bright yellow light fills the storage cupboard.
it takes a second for your eyes to adjust before you’re reaching to find a flashlight, rummaging through the cardboard boxes. eventually you reach a box full of them and rip it open, taking one out and sliding some batteries into it using the ones you had spare in your pocket.
switching the flashlight on, you in turn switch the room’s light off, closing the door behind you and making your way to in-ho’s room. usually before you went to sleep you would check on him ever since he told you he never slept.
you would go in and make sure he was asleep each night. surprisingly he didn’t have a problem with this, but you told yourself it was probably because you’d seen him without his mask on before anyway.
you were just a rank underneath the front man. where he ordered the square guards around and controlled the games, you would be in control of decorations, making sure all the guards were doing as told, etc.
so it was expected that the two of you would see each other often anyway. after swiping your key card to get into the heavily secure area, you walk in and take a right. to check he isn’t in his office of course.
when you’ve inspected the room and come to the conclusion he’s probably in bed, you walk out and open the door to his bedroom. instead of being met with his body slumped against his sheets fast asleep, you instead see an empty bed.
it was neatly made and hadn’t been touched. so where was he? you walked into the room, shutting the door behind you and looking through the brightly lit room. everything was all in its place, organised.
his mask lay on top of a cabinet, the top half of his clothing astray on the floor leading to the bathroom. you nudged the slightly ajar bathroom door open with your foot, looking up to see in-ho stood in front of the large mirror by the sinks.
he had a black tank top on that was fitted to him, a pair of black trousers on and his hair messy, skin glistening. you frown at the sight, confused as to what he was doing until you notice his arm bleeding. after looking even closer you realise it’s a bullet wound, and he’s dabbing at the injury with a cotton pad.
“what happened?” you ask concerned, walking over to him.
“nothing. you should be in bed, why are you here?” he asks, not even looking at you as he continues with his actions.
you scoff, rolling your eyes and dismissing his unusually cold tone. “you know why i’m here. i always check on you before bed, why the fuck do you have a bullet wound?”
you ask the question again, moving next to him this time and pushing even further to get an answer from him. he ignores you, lifting the hem of his top up to wipe his brow, giving you a glimpse of his slight abs.
after letting his top fall back down, he starts to clean the wound further and you realise it’s luckily more of a graze wound than straight through his arm. “i asked you a question. answer me, you can’t jus-” you start to speak again but you’re interrupted when he turns to you and grabs your face.
“do you really think you’re in a position to ask questions?” he seethes, obviously pissed off before you had came in and your questions had most likely angered him further.
you shake your head from side to side, unable to say anything from his tight grip on your jaw. he keeps his hand there and tightens it for a moment, releasing his grip and turning away from you.
“if you’re so concerned don’t just stand there watching. help me fucking out then.” he grumbles, ripping the packet open for the dressing and wincing when a pang of pain hits his arm.
you nod; even though he was your superior so you had to listen to him, you still wanted to help him because a part of you liked him. a lot. “sorry.” you mumble, taking the dressing off of him and sitting up on the area you could of the sink.
you put the dressing on and cover the wound, using medical tape to secure it properly. he watches you all the while, eyes fixated on you as you continue to focus on what you’re doing, oblivious to his stare boring into you.
you reach into the medical kit to the left of you, getting a bandage out and starting to wrap it around his arm, over the dressing. one of his hands rests on the sink beside you, the other by his side to make it easier for you to wrap the bandage.
just as you’re finishing up, you notice his head dip to the level of your neck; pressing a kiss to it. you stop in your tracks, his warm breath against your skin making your heart flutter. he does the same again, but this time his lips linger against you for longer.
he leaves open mouthed kisses along your throat, his head dipping lower and tilting to the side so he can access you better. he mumbles a ‘thank you’ and a ‘sorry’ before pulling away with one last nip at the soft flesh.
his hair is even messier now, stray hairs falling from his head and some over his forehead. his eyes are blown out black and his lips are parted, the slight rise and fall of his chest underneath his tank top more noticeable than ever. 
you finish securing the bandage and place a hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat thumping loudly. he uses both his hands to move your legs apart so he can stand between them, letting you wrap them around his waist afterwards. resting his forehead against yours, you close your eyes and focus on the faint beats of his heart against your hand.
your eyes flutter open as his lips capture yours slowly. he moves them against yours carefully, the softness from the flesh surprising you. you pull away briefly to get a breath then carry on kissing him, neither of your movements were rushed and you took your time.
your lips mould against each other and it felt as though your were worshipping each others’ mouths. he sucked lightly on the plump flesh of your lower lip and then upper lip, alternating between the two. when the both of you pulled away, a string of saliva was left between your lips.
he held onto your waist lightly and picked you up, turning around and walking out the bathroom door. on his way out you switched the light off for him as he used his foot to close the door slightly. he walked over to his bed, pressing kisses to the small corners of your mouth whilst he leaned down onto the mattress.
he turned around and lay on his back, leaving you straddling the top of him comfortably. with one last kiss to his lips, you pull away out of breath and he watches you. he slips your top off delicately, the tank underneath it following afterwards.
he then slips your trousers off and you kick your shoes and socks off as he does this. you’re now left in your underwear and bra; you slip his tank top off as he lifts his arms up. pulling his trousers off afterwards, he’s now left in just his boxers too.
he leaves a kiss at your temple, letting you cuddle up against him and nuzzle your face into his neck as he reaches over to switch the light off until the room is filled with darkness. you can hear a faint goodnight from him as you drift off to sleep, clinging to him.
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janainafaraujo · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[WWDITS] [Nandermo] [Fanart]
I´m here for Guillermo kissing Nandor... respectfully.
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cupidford · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sink Like a Stone by pennydreadful
Johnlock Love Letters #2182
After defeating Moriarty at the pool, life isn't quite the same around 221B Baker's more peaceful. And stranger.
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kai-strophics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Goldric Week: Day 2 | Opposites |
Solar eclipse.
Basically when the sun and the moon smooch.
Accidentally ended up with something reminiscent of an old disney film which is pretty neat.
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therealfailwhale · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I looked at the panel where they shake hands after getting their fencing pins and said “but what if they kissed instead.”
Cred to Johanna the Mad
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euesworld · a day ago
"Torture me baby, like hold me down and kiss me until I start squirming and then kiss me more.."
I'm always down for kisses so just push me back and slap your face up on mine, haha - eUë
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oldinterneticons · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
In Love...
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one-time-i-dreamt · 7 months ago
I kissed a catboy, like a real catboy, ears tail and everything, but then he looked at me with this really cute smile and said, “Reality is collapsing,” and I woke up in a cold sweat.
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gajo1987 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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