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I will never have the courage or natural urge to kiss a guy. I wish someone would kiss me because I’ve never been kissed as an adult. I would really like to know what it feels like to have someone who likes you kiss you. It would be really helpful in letting me know if it’s something I want. I’ve never been physically attracted to anyone. When I think about someone kissing me it freaks me out because I always wonder if that’s just my compete lack of experience talking or my true feelings.
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aziraphales-library · a day ago
hello, you guys are amazing!! i was wondering if there were any fics where crowley has freckles because they're angel kisses, since it's so common in fan art! have you ever seen any? thank you enormously <3
Hi, thank you, not guys! <3 There are fics where Crowley has angel kiss freckles...
Spring freckles by Angelic_Disaster (G)
There is a common say that freckles are angel's kisses.
Every winter Crowley goes to nap, and every spring he wakes up fully covered in misterious freckles.
Your love on my skin, beautiful like stars by Nenchen (G)
Crowley and his relationship to "freckles" through the ages.
Starting sad, ending soft AF
Side Effects of Sun Exposure by ginger_mosaic (G)
Crawly keeps coming back to Hell with these weird spots all over his corporation’s skin. Hastur and Ligur are on the case to figure out what the Heaven they are.
angel kisses by mechanicalUniverses (T)
On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, an angel makes a startling discovery about a demon.
kiss me once by IneffableDoll (T)
Crowley has collected a handful of freckles over the years. He has no idea where they’re coming from.
Five times Aziraphale kisses Crowley, and one time, Crowley kisses back. (Okay, it’s more than once, but still.)
i received your message in full (a few days ago) by orderlyhouse (T)
Thinking that Crowley didn’t have to, and wouldn’t know it if anyone’s treated his plants to some loving, Aziraphale lifted one of the leaves with his finger to his lips.
After the failed Apocalypse Crowley's plants become slightly more sentient, so he can't bully them anymore without feeling as bad as they do afterwards.
Aziraphale shows up to an empty flat and thinks that he'd love to see the potted orchid in bloom.
Neither of them know about the myth of angel kisses.
(OR: Crowley suddenly has freckles, but doesn't know why.)
- Mod D
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okay but i need to know, is the girl Ben is kissing in heartstopper becky?
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Kissing her neck against the wall.
Six Sexy Words
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