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#kissing prompts
screnwriter · 2 days ago
Hi, I don't know if you've done this before but can you do a enemies to lovers with fake dating prompts? Thanks :)
enemies to lovers — fake dating prompts
“ you fucking hate me. “ “ hate is a very strong word. “
“ would you just do me this one favor? “
“ maybe this will be a chance for us to see that we're not so different after all. “
“ if you want to kiss me, all you have to do is ask. no need to orchestra this whole ordeal just because you're too afraid to admit what you want. “
“ it's one weekend. “ [beat] “ is the sight of my face really that repulsive? “
“ you're too much of a wimp to be honest about what you want. “
“ don't flatter yourself. you're simply nothing more than a means to an end. “
“ what better way to piss off my parents than to date the one person in this world they would actually consider driving over? “
“ with your mouth on mine, there's less bullshit coming out of it. so i guess there's that. “
“ don't fucking speak, or you'll ruin everything. just sit there and look pretty, and maybe hold my hand. “
“ don't be such a grump. you should be honored. “
“ considering how you treated me last night — you're lucky i didn't kill you, so unless you want that to happen, why don't you shut up, and do this one thing for me? “
“ remember that time you stabbed me, left me to die? yeah, you owe me one. “
“ clearly, you're desperate. otherwise you wouldn't be here. “
“ i can't stand the sound of your voice — let alone the thought of kissing you. “
“ if i give you ten dollars, will you do it? “ “ i think that's an entirely different service, but sure. “
“ just kiss me. “
“ you? protective? boyfriend? “
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delilahfairchild · 3 months ago
kissing prompts
kissing your lover's knuckle before a dance
during the dance's climax, you and your lover lock eyes, and your lips met
place a kiss on your lover's nape after taking off their necklace
kissing your lover in the shower, water running on your face
your lover leans in for a kiss, but they just kiss you tenderly and pull back to see your reaction, only then to crash their lips against yours passionately
alternatively, your lover places a small kiss on the corner of your mouth before their mouth lands on yours hungrily
kissing your lover in a completely dark room, their hands in yours. no light will get in, it's only us here
your lover kisses you goodbyes as usual, but when they start going towards the door, you run towards them and give them another deep kiss
your first passionate kiss with a person. you touch your lips absently, feeling the phantom of your lover's lips
your lover ate all the caramel tartlets, so you pushed them on the couch to jokingly kiss them, and god their lips are sweet
kissing in the rain, where your hair is an entangled mess, but you both don't care. you have each other and that's enough (bonus point if it was during a thunderstorm and you cup your lover's face to make them look at you)
imagine this you had covered your lover against the enemy's arrows while they were unconscious. your back is scarred and you tried to hide it from them. but then your lover discovered it and they go feral like "why did you do this, i am not worth it" and they proceed to land soft kissed on each of your scars.
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malabu · 4 months ago
prompts  —  casual affection
covering the other with a blanket when they fall asleep on the couch
making playlists/mixtapes/cassettes for the other
showing the other a meme/video that reminds them of them
smiling at each other from across the room
teasing each other good-naturedly
laying their hand on the other’s leg
embracing them from behind
talking about how much they love the other to their friends/family
giving the other the comfy seat in the car/kitchen/living room/etc.
plugging in the other’s phone when they fall asleep
bringing the other leftovers
rubbing the other’s back when it hurts
looking in each other’s eyes during a conversation
taking a photo of the other smiling or in their element
doing the other’s hair
doing the other’s laundry/dishes
changing the lyrics of a song so it says the other’s name
buying the other something small they mentioned they wanted
winking at the other
putting an arm around the other’s shoulder
letting the other have the umbrella/hoodie
bumping the other’s shoulder when they say something funny
ruffling their hair
laying their head on the other’s shoulder
squeezing the other’s shoulder
fixing the other’s clothes
cleaning the house when the other is at work
leaving cute notes for the other on the fridge
asking the other how their day was
hyping the other up before they do something big
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awhitehead17 · 6 months ago
A list of prompt lists
I’m forever finding various of prompt lists to look at to try and generate story ideas in my mind. I’ve decided to put together all the lists I have liked into one post in hopes that it would be easier to find things. Hopefully someone else will find this as helpful as I will! 
General prompt lists:
List of prompt tags
Master prompt list
Prompt list 1
Sensory prompts
Character hang out locations
Dialogue prompts
Prompt list 2
Drabble prompt list
Good fucking tropes
Fake family
Horror concepts
Hero/Villain prompts 
779 writing prompts 
Prompt list 3
Drabble challenge 
Writing prompts
Sick character prompts
Christmas writing prompts
Festive prompt list
OTP alphabet challenge 
30 day OTP writing challenge
Dialogue prompts 2
Teaching ideas
Sentence starters
50 Dialogue prompts compilation
Fic Titles: Alphabet A - C 
OTP with children prompts
Writing prompts - masterlist
Prompts & Tropes, oh my!
Writing prompt list
Fluff prompt lists: 
Comforting/soothing dialogue prompts
Hand holding
Hug prompts
Displays of affection
Domestic OTP prompts
30 days of domestic fluff
100 ways to say I love you
100 ways to say I love you list 2
Fluff prompt list
Physical affection prompt list
Soft writing prompts
20 OTP with children prompts
Kissing prompt lists:
Types of kisses
50 types of kisses
15 different kisses 
Kissing prompt list
Small details for fictional kisses
Angst prompt lists:
50 angsty questions prompt list
Angst/fluff prompt list
Oxygen mask whump
Drugged prompts
Healing magic whump
Angst/horror prompts
A shit ton of angsty prompts
100 angst/argument prompts
100 Dialogue prompts - angst edition 
AU prompt lists:
AU prompts master list of lists
AU list A - Z
Ways to meet
Master list of soulmate AU’s
Soulmate AU story ideas
OTP zombie apocalypse AU
Vampire AU prompts smut/fluff list
Soulmate AU’s
Roommates prompts
Mythical creatures prompts
Arranged marriage AU
AU ideas
Enemies to lovers part 2
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rawrkinjd · 3 months ago
Geralt/Eskel or Lambert/Eskel - first kiss?
18. First Kiss.
It was Eskel’s idea. No, wait… it was Geralt’s idea. Hmm. Eskel wasn’t sure, actually. All he knew was that they talked about it for the first time on the roof of the western turret. What if they never kissed anyone? The instructors had already told them that the world saw them as heinous and bestial, much like the monsters they hunted. Eskel knew he certainly didn’t want to kiss a forktail or a gravehag, so he really didn’t blame the humans for being wary.
And what if they were lucky enough to attract a dame, then what? Without practice, it would be like kissing a dead fish and said dame would run a mile. That simply wouldn’t do. “We need to practice,” Geralt said, wise beyond his years. The white that was growing out through his auburn hair certainly made him look older, so Eskel was sure to remind Geralt that Eskel had at least six months on him according to Master Barmin’s records.
“Yeah, but on who? None of the girls at the temple will. They think we’re boys still.”
“We’re men now,” said Geralt, puffing out his skinny chest. The overlarge shirt he was wearing slipped off one of his slim shoulders and he hastily pulled it back. "‘S’fine. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.”
“Still,” Eskel hummed, wrapping his arms around his upraised knees, “doesn’t leave us with any options ‘sides the rattin’ terriers, the horses or our fists.”
“Hm.” Geralt fiddled with the hem of his shirt. “What about each other?”
Eskel blinked and took a moment to study the tree-studded horizon. He hadn’t even thought of that. “You’d wanna kiss me?”
“‘Long as you wash your mouth,” Geralt said, shoving Eskel lightly in the shoulder and receiving a cuff in return. “Need to do some research first.” This was a new monster they were hunting; a fresh sword drill to practice. A new skill entailed a few hours of study first; every witcher knew that.
“Alright. We’ll do some research, then we’ll practice.”
They left the rooftop and snuck into bed before Master Dorian could spot them skulking through the halls. He was ancient—probably older than Barmin—and his ears had been damaged by a siren at some point, so it wasn’t too difficult. The following day, they completed their chores and rushed around the orienteering trail set up by Hemminks, before committing themselves to several hours of research on the library. They scuffled in the hallway to decide who would approach the librarian with the reference ‘kissing’. Finding anything in the records without his help would be nigh impossible. It was Geralt who ended up face down on the floor, his arm twisted behind his back, so it was Geralt that sidled up to the desk with his request scrawled on a piece of paper.
It wasn’t the first time an adolescent witcher had sought out this kind of reference material apparently, and the librarian stood with a sigh. At least it wasn’t a request for outright pornography. The initiates usually stole that from the Witchers. He pulled some manuscripts of old fairytales from the archive and set the boys down before the fire to read. A storm was rolling in and the temperate in the library would drop lower as the evening progressed. Eskel and Geralt took notes on every kiss they could find, sketching a few examples from the illustrations. They talked occasionally, giggling at certain references, but were otherwise wholly focused on their mission. By the time the candles sputtered out, they had several pages of carefully organised research.
The library was only their first stop. They hung around outside the baths where some of the path Witchers got a bit amorous with each other, and were chased away more than once with a slipper or a belt for being ‘little lechers’. Geralt managed to steal some pornography from Vesemir of all people—a staggering betrayal that Eskel had to comfort him through for an hour—but they couldn’t get much information from it because they were too busy laughing, tears rolling down their cheeks.
“Oh, how your voluptuous form doth stir up my fuck,” Eskel crooned to the ceiling, arm outstretched in his best approximation of an Oxenfurt-trained poet.
“Thrust, thrust, good fellow! Doth my ass not beckon?” Geralt cawed back.
Gweld opened the door to the dormitory and shook his head as he strolled past. “You two are fuckin’ weird.”
Geralt threw a pillow at him. The brawl lasted until Eskel sat on them both, recalling more lines from Vesemir’s porno. They decided to keep it.
By the end of the week, Eskel and Geralt felt ready for their kiss. Eskel wasn’t sure why his belly felt odd, or why he spent twenty minutes trying to organise his hair so it looked less like a bird’s nest. He washed his mouth out three times too, chewed on some mint, and then decided the taste would be too overpowering, so washed his mouth out a fourth time. The rest of their dormitory were out drinking in the Grand Hall, trying to get invited to dice games with the older Witchers, which meant their room was empty. Geralt arrived a few minutes later and threw himself down on Eskel’s bunk. “Right, let’s do this.”
“Yeah.” Eskel left the mirror, smoothing his hands over his hair once more, and sat down on the edge of the bed. “So, we… we hold each other’s faces, and—.” He reached forward, touching Geralt’s jaw with hesitant fingertips. It was stupid. He had touched Geralt a million different ways—wrestling, helping with injuries, washing—but this felt different somehow. Did Geralt have the same tightness in his chest, Eskel wondered?
Geralt shuffled closer, pink tongue darting over his lips, and lifted his hands to Eskel’s jaw. His touch was like lightning and Eskel fought to keep his eyes open as the sparks arced through his body to fizzle deep inside him, joining the butterflies flapping around his belly. They tilted their heads the same way twice—“go left,” Eskel said—and then their mouths were touching. It felt a little awkward. Eskel had forgotten all the notes, because, for some reason, holding Geralt like this was making him feel a little dizzy. But Geralt hadn’t. He sucked gently on Eskel’s lower lip and then tended gently to the upper. It gave Eskel a little confidence, and he remembered one of the knights had slipped their arm around his lady’s waist, so he did that.
Geralt made a soft noise—it sounded okay, so Eskel held him a little tighter—and closed his eyes. Their kiss deepened and Eskel’s head emptied of everything but the touch of Geralt’s lips and the warmth of their bodies pressed together. He decided then and there that he never wanted to kiss anyone else. No dame that he’d just met would feel like this. It was like… like holding another half of himself for the first time. Eskel had thought it would be weird, kissing your best friend, but it felt like the most natural thing in the world. Of course he wanted to kiss Geralt—enjoyed kissing Geralt—he loved Geralt.
They had to part eventually. Breathing while kissing was something they hadn’t factored in. Lips a touch swollen, faces flushed red, they sat back. Geralt’s eyes glistened and Eskel was pretty sure his were too if the ache behind them was anything to go by. Geralt leaned in and tucked his nose beneath Eskel’s jaw, nuzzling at the light graze of stubble there. “If we keep practicing, we’ll get real good.”
“Yeah,” Eskel breathed, wrapping Geralt in a tight hug. “Those… uh, those dames don’t stand a chance.”
“Right,” Geralt hummed, curling his fingers in Eskel’s shirt. Neither of them were much thinking of kissing any dame.
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callmemrsbakugou · 3 months ago
Do bakugou x reader kissing prompt number 4
pretending you're going to kiss your best friend to see how they're going to react, they grab your face and kiss you back
Warnings: aaaa slight nsfw, not proofread
You were scrolling through your phone and you realized that there's this trend going around where people are apparently kissing their best friends. The corner of your lips pulls up to a half smirk as you thought of doing this. Knowing Bakugo, he would probably blast your stupid face away with his quirk.
But then again, knowing that he's never had a girlfriend and probably hasn't kissed anyone before makes you kinda curious how he'd react to it.
And right on cue, your door bursts open and in comes Bakugo in all his gloriousness, perpetual scowl on his face and dressed down in his pyjamas.
"God, what a fucking day!!" He groans as he flops down on your bed beside you. Bakugo then starts going off about how annoying Todoroki and Midoriya were during their time at Endeavor's agency. He then turns his head to you and knocked his forehead on your shoulder as he hid how hard he cringes as he tells you all about the awkward dinner in IcyHot's house.
You set your phone on the bedside and turned to face him too, a mischievous smirk playing on your lips. Right now, it would be so easy. His face is literally just centimeters away from yours. He is now talking about their great big save just earlier with a shit eating grin on his face, but you already know this since you saw the news flash.
Only then does Bakugo notice that you don't seem to be really listening to him and you had this weird look on your face.
"Oi, are you even fucking listening??" He grumbles, hand coming up to flick your forehead. It's something he always does to piss you off or get your attention but to his surprise, you caught his wrist as you got up and staddled him.
Bakugo's brows twitch, initially thinking why the hell are you wrestling him right now? But then you grab his face with your other hand and you start to lean down.
As your face inches closer to him, the more you realize how insanely good he smells up close. You make a mental note to ask what body wash he uses because damn, he smells so dang fresh and clean. You also notice how fucking intense the reds of his irises are. Wow.
When it finally struck Bakugo that you're planning to kiss him, you see his eyes widen and you burst out laughing. You let him go and sat back on your legs, head thrown back as you continued to laugh.
"You look so fuckin' scared!" You chortle. "Oh my god, Katsuki. You should have seen the look on your face!" Bakugo flushes red and that only made you laugh harder.
You were about to apologize and tell him it was all because of this stupid trend, and that you only wanted to see his reaction when suddenly, you felt his hands on the back of your neck and the small part of your back.
Before you could even react, Bakugo was already pulling you back down in the bed with him. His lips presses against yours as his hand slid to your waist, squeezing. Your hands go to his chest, balling his tank top in your fists as your eyes went wide.
His hand that was on your neck goes to the back of your head, tugging your hair a little harshly as he manuevers you so he can kiss you deeper. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as he slips his tongue in, his taste dancing in your mouth.
All you could think of was, you were fucking mistaken!! He was clearly experienced at kissing! And second, OH MY GOD, Bakugo fucking Katsuki is kissing you!
When he pulls away, he smirks up at you. Eyes flickering down your kiss bruised lips. "Next time, fucking commit to it, nerd." He teases, giving you another peck.
"Otherwise, I'd be happy to do it again for you."
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kankuroplease · 3 months ago
YamaIru in R3 for the kissing prompt, pretty please 🥺👉👈
Tumblr media
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euthoricspidey · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to my prompt list! A list of 200+ prompts that I love, whether they be from fics I've read or other lists I've seen floating around. I hope you enjoy ♡
“Please don’t leave me.”
“I’m scared.”
“What happened to us?”
“I thought I’d never see you again.”
“I can’t lose you.” “You already have.”
“Don’t look at me like that.” “Like what?” “Like you still love me.”
“You left without saying goodbye.”
“You were better off without me.”
“You promised you would be there and you weren’t. I needed you! And you weren’t there!”
“Wake up. Please. For me.”
“What happened? Are you okay?”
“Did you mean any of it? Or was it all just a lie?”
“What are you doing here?”
“I’m sorry.” “For what?” “Everything.”
“I hate seeing you with them.”
“I’m leaving.” “Of course you are. That’s all you know how to do.”
“But it’s my fault, right?”
“I love you.” “No, you don’t.”
“Maybe they were right about you.”
“I can’t keep doing this.”
“It’s them, isn’t it?”
“I gave up everything for you!”
“I wish we never met.”
“Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?”
I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye.”
“If it means anything, I love you.”
“You’re in love with someone else.”
“You were the one that walked out on us. Not me!.”
“You don’t get to call me that.”
“Would you have said yes?”
“What happened to all the promises?”
“I’m not ready to lose you.”
“You just had to go and ruin everything!”
“I never asked for this.”
“How bad is it?” “It’s bad.”
“Who did this to you?” *silence* “Hey, look at me. Look at me. Who did this to you?”
“Does that hurt? Are you okay with me touching you?”
“No… No! Come on, I can’t lose you!”
“I know you’re hurt, Y/n.”
“You can’t seriously believe that I had anything to do with this?”
“You owe me a kiss.”
“Can I walk you home?”
“Keep it. It looks better on you anyway.”
“I’ve never felt this way before, and honestly it scares me. But, the idea of never trying scares me even more.”
“If I asked you to stay, would you?”
“Is that my shirt?” “You mean our shirt?”
“I promised to love you forever and that’s a promise I intend to keep.”
“You make me want to do better. Be better.”
“I think I’m in love with you.”
“I don’t care what they say, I want to be with you!”
“I wasn’t sure what love really felt like until I met you.”
“You promised you wouldn’t fall in love with me.” “I lied.”
“I just… I want you, all of you. And that might be selfish, but I don’t care.”
“Take my jacket. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”
“I will never stop fighting for you. I’m not giving up on us.”
“I can’t… I can’t get you out of my mind.”
“Can I kiss you?”
“I think I’m falling in love with you.” “I think I’m okay with that.”
“What are you doing here?” “I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“It’s you. It had always been you.”
“Kiss me.”
“I love you.”
“Could you say that again?” “Why weren’t you listening?” “I was. I just like hearing your voice.”
“I’ll take care of you.”
“You’re the only reason I’m still here.”
“I’ve never cared so much about somebody before.”
“My heart has always been yours.”
“Are you cold? Do you want my jacket?”
“You make me nervous in the best way.”
“Just stay with me a moment longer.”
“Of course I forgive you. I’ll always forgive you.”
“Come here. I’ll carry you.”
“We should get married.” “Very funny” “I’m serious.”
“Did you really mean what you said?”
“Can you stay with me tonight?”
“I’m here… because I care.”
“Oh my god, you smell so good.”
“I love you, you idiot.”
“You’ve got to be the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.”
“I can’t believe how lucky I am.”
“I’ve never told you that before.”
“At least I kept my promise.”
“I saw you looking at it last time we were there, so I got it for you.”
“You can’t get rid of me that easily.”
“You don’t actually have to like me, you just need to pretend you do.”
“You’re bleeding.”
“I don’t think I’m alone.”
“Stop complaining and just tell me where your medicine cabinet is.”
“I can’t believe I let you convince me into this.”
“We really need to stop meeting like this.”
“What happened to your hand?” “I hit it on something.” “On what?” “___’s face.”
“I heard that!” “You were supposed to!”
“Are you drunk?”
“Stop looking at me like that.”
“You need to sleep.”
“I miss you.”
“I’m right here, and I’m not going anywhere.”
“At least let me clean it.”
“It’s pouring rain. What are you doing here?”
“Come back to bed, please.”
“Is someone jealous?”
“Hey, look at me. Focus on me, alright?”
“They don’t need to know.”
“Do you trust me?”
“I didn’t know where else to go.”
“I’ll take the couch.”
“You know this means nothing, right?”
“We’re best friends, what’s so wrong with us making out every now and then?”
“You’re relentless. Do you act this way with everyone?”
“I told you the stars were going to be out tonight.”
“How many of my shirts have you stolen now?”
“Oh my, god! Get off of me!”
“Remember when we first met…”
“I’ll never forget you.”
“You should be more careful.”
“I saw you were almost out of __, so I went and got some more for you.”
“You’re overworking yourself… Please take a break.”
“I didn’t make you uncomfortable, did I?”
“We can look out for each other.”
“You don’t owe me anything. It’s totally fine.”
Smiling into a kiss
Wiping away tears
Brushing hands by accident
Hugging from behind
Kissing knuckles
Bumping into each other
Linking arms
A lingering hug that lasts for far too long
Pinking swearing
Lifting someone out of excitement
Squishing their cheeks
Play wrestling
Tugging on the bottom of someone’s shirt
Peppering kisses all over their face
Caressing someone’s cheek
Confusing a hug for a kiss
Playing with the other’s hair
Sitting on the other’s lap
Wrapping an arm around the other’s shoulder or back
Rubbing a thumb over the other’s knuckles while holding hands
Falling into each other
Falling on top of the other
Snuggling into the other’s neck or chest
Touching foreheads
Shielding the other with their body
Spooning at night
Pushing a strand of hair behind their ear
Holding the other’s chin up
Bandaging up an injury
Falling asleep on the other’s shoulder
Washing the other one in the bath
Sitting close and touching knees
Holding onto the other for support
Putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up
Tracing over the other’s scars/tattoos
Hiding their face in the other’s neck
Nudging the other
Dancing together
Rubbing the other’s frown away with their thumb
Littering small kisses across their face
Throwing their arms around the other’s neck, hugging them and then kissing them passionately
A kiss that lasts so long, they are sharing each other’s breaths
An accidental kiss given in front of others without thinking
Sneaking away to share a kiss
Having a pout be whisked away by a kiss
Kissing in a stairwell, creating an artificial height difference
Kissing the other on the back of the shoulder as they sit on their lap
Deep kisses with hands tangled in each others hair
A kiss that starts to heat up when a third party interrupts
Running a finger across their lip until they can’t resist any more, tilting their chin towards them for a kiss
Pulling away from a kiss to whisper words of love to each other
Being pulled together by an unseen force after staring at one another’s lips
Whispering “I love you” and the other sighs with relief before kissing one another delicately
Saying “kiss me” as a breathy demand before doing so
Kissing away the other's tears
Distracting the other from what they are doing with kisses
Gently kissing the top of their head
Jumping into the other's arms, knocking the wind out of them, paired with a desperate kiss
Bumping into objects and nearly tripping over things in a hasty attempt to get to the sofa, or bed, as they exchange broken kisses.
Stopping the other from rambling on with a kiss
A gentle kiss on knuckles after tending to wounds
Kissing each other goodnight
Smiling into the kiss
Kissing each other to seal a promise
Kissing the other on the jaw and neck while they’re trying to talk but they get flustered and lose focus
Deep kisses of relief
“I thought I’d never see you again” kisses
Waking the other up by peppering kisses all over their face
A kiss given with their last dying breath
Hushed conversation in-between kisses
Break-up kisses.
Nuzzling into their neck and kissing them out of comfort
Cupping their face and pressing the softest kiss possible to their forehead and staying like that for a few seconds
A kiss meant as an apology
Kissing the palm of their hand
Kissing their cheek
Kissing a scar
Kissing the parts of their body that they’re insecure about
Playfully licking their lips or cheek after kissing them
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startanewdream · 6 months ago
#15 from kissing prompts please😂😂😂 with sirius interupting them?
Hello! This prompt fit so well with Shirtless (Braless?) Lily June, that I just had to write it, so thank you so much for providing me the inspiration.
And because #15 was rather steamy, this is rated M ;)
‘You are gonna be the death of me, Evans,’ declares James, voice heavy and strangled, all of his attention occupied with kissing her neck, his hands sliding over the curve of her waist unable to decide where to focus.
Lily lets out a snort, amused (unlike him, her hands are purposefully feeling his chest under the opened buttons of his shirt, because Lily knows exactly what she wants).
‘Am I back to Evans, now?’
James could answer, something about how he only slips into her last name when he isn’t thinking clearly because he very much enjoys calling her Lily, but words are overrated. And he has much better use for his mouth, now busy with finding that particular spot under her ear that always makes her let out a soft moan.
Two weeks. They’ve been dating for a fortnight and James already knows one particular spot in Lily Evans and, by Merlin, he wants to know so many more; there are so many things he wants to share with her.
Like that night, for instance. Slug’s Club traditional Christmas party. It’s an event, and it's a big one as far as James is concerned; it’s their first formal date for all purposes, and he was intent on doing everything right, being the perfect boyfriend.
Things had been according to his plan — he’d given her flowers to celebrate it, nice winter flowers of the colour of her outfit (which he had goaded Mary into telling him); he’d trained dancing to waltz with her (Sirius had helped him as his best friend, under the chuckles of their friends); he had even managed to comb his hair so it looked moderately tamed for once.
Then everything had gone south the moment Lily had taken off her cloak when they reached Slug’s office, to reveal a sparkling blue dress that matched less the cold night and more of James’ dreams of her.
It was not that it wasn’t obvious that James was quite attracted to her; it wasn’t like it was a secret that he found her beautiful, and particularly tonight with the careful make-up on her face, that strawberry red on her lips and the smokey effect around her eyes that made the green glint dangerously.
But his attraction for her became corporeally obvious the moment she revealed her dress, a light blue, sleeveless satin dress with a v-neck, that hung loosely above the waist and clung to her hips.
He should be able to drift his eyes from her cleavage, he should ignore the swell of her breasts that the dress made sure to highlight, if not for the fact that when his gaze met hers, Lily was smirking.
Not any smirk.
That I-know-I-am-driving-you-crazy smile that James himself had used on her before they began dating.
He can respect her for choosing carefully the moment to make him prove his own poison. Merlin, he loves her for that.
A better man might resist, might pull off a fight for his pride and refuse to let her tempt him so easily, but James was never proud when it came to Lily. So he endured all the party, still relenting in the idea of being the perfect date, and the moment dessert started being served, James figured it was enough.
Lily didn’t bat an eye when he asked her if they could go back. That smirk had not left her face all party, and she didn’t even look surprised when at the moment the portrait closed behind them in the Common Room, James pushed her against the wall, his lips crashing over hers with a desperation that suggested he hadn’t seen her in weeks.
Not in those clothes, that he hadn’t seen her ever, but it’s a sight he can get used to as far as he knows.
They are alone in the Common Room, only the embers of the fireplace illuminating the room, with no expectation of anyone coming to find them. So it’s easy, embarrassingly easy, for his hand to slide the strap of her dress until the middle of her arm, only her breast holding it in place.
His lips are still over her neck, now arched to give him the best access she can, and his gaze falls to her cleavage that the dress reveals so nicely. She’s not wearing any bra and somehow this realization — though he should already know it — presses more his desire for her. He let his mouth follow the trail of the freckles she has on the shoulder until he’s kissing the top of her breast. She shudders but does not reprimand him.
He places small kisses over any exposed flesh he has access to, then he raises his hand on her waist, just enough to hold her under her breast. His thumb moves carefully, feeling the swell of her breast, and her sharp intake of breath makes him pause.
His eyes meet hers when he raises his head.
‘James,’ she calls him, breathless; her green eyes are a black pool as she stares at him, unblinking. ‘Don’t stop.’
It seems both a request and an order, but whatever it is, James will fulfill it. His hand moves away from her breast enough to finish sliding the dress strap off her arms, and then the sight of her left breast greets him, the nipple hard, up and down with her heavy breathing.
Merlin, he could stare at it forever.
But it would not be enough, so he lets his hand touch it again, feeling it, thumb over her nipple in a way that makes her moan (particular spot number two, he thinks, recording it dutifully), and then his lips replace his thumb. Her hands react immediately, burying themselves in his hair, messing it in a much more spectacular way than James could do it, and giving him a very clear instruction.
She doesn’t want him to move away.
Which suits him just fine, because he feels he won’t ever want to move away either, not with the sounds that escape from her lips as he slides his tongue over her breast, desperate to kiss everything, to taste the flavour of her skin, to immerge into the scent of her body.
A hand searches her other breast, over her dress, urging him to find some balance after all, and the other hand holds her back, dangerously close to her bum, and by Merlin he doesn’t want to stop. He frees both of his hands, trying to lift her dress, but the skirt is too tight.
‘James,’ she calls him once more, his name feeling eternal on her lips, a siren call he can’t refuse. He stops kissing her just enough to lookat her. ‘We can go upstairs.’
That made him hesitate, not because he is unsure, but because he wants it very much; his body is making it obvious how much, and by the way Lily rocks her hips carefully against the front of his body, she knows it too. He takes in her figure, lips swollen from the precious minutes they spent kissing each other, face pinkened with the heat of their movements, and then her dress, strapless on one side to reveal her breast, so tantalizing.
And still…
‘Are you sure?’
‘We don’t —’ she pauses, a flush heavier than before arising in her cheeks. ‘We can just —’
‘We’ll see,’ he agrees, his mouth covering hers while his hand helps her put the dress strap back in place.
Then she holds his hand and follows him upstairs, pausing only to take down her heels so she can walk quietly. The door of his dorm room opens without any sound; the entire room is silent, all curtains down in the beds, and James was never more grateful for this fact.
He guides Lily to his bed, careful to push the curtains around them, letting only a tiny gap for the moonlight to illuminate the bed; it’s not a full moon but it’s more than enough for him to see Lily’s face and that’s all he wants. She looks both defiant and nervous.
She lays in the bed, her gorgeous hair now out of the braid she had used for the party, all curls spreading out over his pillow. It’s a gorgeous sight and he lays on top of her, careful to sustain his weight on his arms as he bends down to kiss her again. Her hands work expertly in his shirt, finishing to open the buttons there, her nails sinking into his back. He muffles his moan into her mouth.
Now his hands can work into both of the straps of her dress, sliding them out of their arms so she is laying in the bed naked from above the waist; he feels her breasts touching his chest and this notion (Lily is his bed half-naked) sends a wave of pleasure and desire down his body, inhumanly stronger than before. He breaks their kiss desperate to feel again the taste of her skin, to let his tongue glide against her nipple, to hear the pure purr in her throat.
‘Lily,’ he moans, and she stops him, so close to her breast, that it’s almost painful.
‘Shhh,’ she remembers, a finger over his lips in warning; he answers by kissing her finger, then her wrist, raising her hand above her head. She offers him her other arm, allowing him to trap them together as he moves his free hand over her chest. Her heart is beating so fast that he can see the vein of her neck pulsing. ‘Please,’ she mouths.
He complies at once, lips covering her breast, enjoying how she arches her back as if she needs to be even more close to him. That’s a feeling he certainly shares, moving his body just enough to centre with hers, a soft groan escaping from his mouth as her hips move to match his movement.
And then he needs to stop kissing her at all, biting his lips with enough force to draw blood, because Lily’s hand are working now over his pant, one hand opening the belt and the other feeling the length of him, the one undeniable evidence of how much he wants her —
Sirius’ voice breaks the silence of the room, sounding louder than a bell, a call to reality in a dream James really doesn’t want to wake from at the moment.
Lily’s hands stop suddenly, still around him, her eyes open widely as they stare at each other, both wishing that Sirius was just dreaming (and James won’t even tease Padfoot for calling his name in his sleep).
‘I know you are there,’ Sirius says, voice dangerously close. ‘I heard you coming.’
No, you didn’t, James thinks.
‘Is everything okay? You came back early.’
James forces his voice out. ‘Everything’s fine, Padfoot, go back to sleep.’
‘Are you sure? Is everything all right between you and Lily?’
In another moment James would appreciate Sirius’ concern for his relationship — that he roots for more than anyone else, he knows. But now, as her hands leave his body to redress herself, embarrassment all over her face, James feels only flustered.
‘Yeah, yeah. Just let me rest.’
There is a pause. ‘Fine,’ Sirius says, evidently upset, walking back to his bed. ‘Forget that I asked.’
Now James sighs guiltily, and Lily throws him a sympathetic look. James moves, coming to rest at her side, their moment painfully broken.
‘Sorry,’ he whispers, as low as he can.
She turns to him, her hand supporting her head. ‘It’s fine. We shouldn’t really…’
He refrains from sighing unhappily. He knows Lily is right. They’ve been only dating for two weeks after all, and there is no rush for anything. They can enjoy just each other’s company, taking this slow — Merlin, he’s so stupid for not being able to control his feelings — no, his lust, so unchivalrous —
‘I mean, your friends are there,’ she adds, oblivious to his thoughts. ‘In the holidays we can find a room just for us.’
He blinks, eyes widening, heart racing desperate in his chest.
‘So you mean —’
‘Only if you want.’
In answer, he looks down, to the place where his body still makes evident how much he wants her. She lets out a giggle, that he muffles kissing her longly.
‘Holidays,’ he agrees later, breaking apart with difficulty. She watches him with fondess before sighing.
‘I should go.’
‘No, stay, please.’ He offers her his arms, which Lily accepts with a soft smile, sinking into his embrace. He caresses her back. ‘Very innocent.’
‘Hmmm. Just a while. Until Sirius sleeps.’
He agrees with his head, placing a kiss on her forehead.
‘I think he’s already sleeping, Lily,’ comes a voice from the other bed.
‘Yeah, he sleeps quick,’ adds Peter.
This time James doesn’t bother muffling Lily’s nervous giggle, joining her. Holidays, he thinks. A room just for the two of them. No noisy friends.
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malabuj · 5 months ago
a “this isn’t the end” kiss when their lover is moving away.
tender kisses on the forehead as to not wake their lover.
kisses in the rain.
knuckle kisses.
passionate first kisses after doing their best not to kiss the person they have a crush on.
kisses after saving each others’ lives.
kisses while slow dancing at prom/homecoming.
kisses after they see their lover naked for the first time.
ecstatic kisses after their lover says “i love you” for the first time.
drunk/high kisses.
kisses from behind while their lover cooks.
kisses at the altar.
cheek kisses.
kisses after a first/second date.
kisses where they can’t stop laughing.
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screnwriter · a day ago
hi! could you please make some dialogue prompts for the "one bed" troupe?
Only one bed prompts
“ it's just a room with a bed. “
“ i can't wait to spend the night with you. “
“ don't hog the blanket. “
“ there's only one pillow? “
“ are you sure you're okay with this? “
“ why don't you take the pillow? “ “ i can't... “
“ i can always take the couch. “
“ the couch isn't comfortable, but if you'd rather have me there... “
“ come on, let's not make a big deal out of this. “
“ it's just for sleeping, right? “
“ it's cold. “ “ c'mere. my arms are warmer. “
“ this is just.... i mean, of course there's only one bed. “
“ at least it's a king sized bed. “
“ you can't sleep on the floor, come on. “
“ we can share a bed. “
“ you're cute when you're sleeping. “ “ flattering, but creepy, put in the wrong context. “
“ this isn't so bad. it's quite cozy, actually. “
“ come on, we're friends. we've been through worse. “
“ hey, can we cuddle? i mean, seeing as we're here... might as well. “
“ what side are you taking? “
“ it's only weird if you make it weird. “
“ things could always be worse. “ “ you're right... “
“ this is awkward. “ “ i know. “
“ it's not like any talking's necessary. “
“ you're on my side! “
“ stay on your side, or so help me god, i will set this entire thing on fire. “
“ your feet are cold, move them! “
“ please, don't snore... “
“ you're snoring. it's annoying. “
“ you're snoring. it's cute. “
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delilahfairchild · 2 months ago
Hey! Hope you are having a nice day!
Can I ask prompts about two friends loving each other, but being totally oblivious about it? Like, totally unaware of how the other is feeling despite their crush dropped several hints about their feelings?
hi anon! i hope you are having a good day too, and thank you for your support <3 my ask box is still open for requests and other stuff
your typical grumpy x sunshine friends duo. the grumpy one started complimenting awkwardly everything their sunshine friend does, but sunshine isn't so used to that
A has the habit of kissing B's forehead or knuckles every time they meet, but now A's kisses seem to linger a little bit longer, but B still hadn't noticed
every single person just take one good look at A and B smiling at each other like the other is the world and just automatically sighs "these two are the worst idiots i have ever seen"
A's and B's families treat the other like their own child. they also plan the future wedding in secret
always a pair of shoulders for the other to cry on. no matter the circumstances, i will always have you in my arms, and quietly pouring my heart to you "i love you, i will love you if your ex couldn't. i am here"
i bring food to your place in the middle of the night because you said that you were hungry and you were like "you are such a good friend to me!" and i want to leave because you're such an idiot you're lucky that you're the love of my life
you actually brought me food at midnight because of a text??? i love you so much but i don't want to ruin our friendship right now because of some corndogs so i tell you that you are my best friend why your eyes are twitching like that-
you idiot shit i am the one who forgot my textbook and why the fuck did you push yours under my notebook and now the teacher is giving you a disciplinary slip you stupid motherfucker-
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malabu · 7 months ago
prompts  —  kisses edition, part 2
small kisses littered across the other’s face
a kiss that is leading to more, but is interrupted by a third party
an unexpected kiss that shocks the one receiving it
breathily demanding, “kiss me”
wet kisses after finding refuge from the rain
a kiss pressed to the top of the head
stopping to ask “do you want this?”, only to be answered with a deeper kiss
tangling hands in each other’s hair to pull them closer
a small, hesitant kiss immediately followed by a passionate, hungry kiss
kisses exchanged while one person sits on the other’s lap
kissing to prove there’s no chemistry, even though it’s a lie, the kiss proving it
an awkward kiss given after a first date
a kiss so perfect that neither can open their eyes for a few moments afterwards
tracing one person’s lips with a finger before tilting their chin up for a kiss
kisses shared under an umbrella
pulling away from a kiss, whispering words of love against each other’s lips
placing hands under the other’s shirt, making them gasp at their cold hands
a kiss that quickly descends into passion, ignoring what’s going on around them
kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height equality
hugging their love close before kissing them passionately on the lips
desperate whines of surrender when they know they’re done for
slow and drawn out kisses where neither wants to let go
laying a gentle kiss to the back of the other’s hand
that moment where they know they shouldn’t, but they kiss anyways
not being able to stop themselves from touching each other
pressing a kiss to the other’s forehead as they sleep
staring at each other’s lips for a moment before giving in
having to hold each other while the world is spinning and they're out of breath
morning kisses exchanged before either opens their eyes
winding around each other, refusing to let go until they are finished
whispering “i love you” before a chaste, delicate kiss
that ‘oh shit is this actually happening?’ moment before it actually happens
kissing as they move around trying to get to a bed, bumping into everything
a lingering kiss before/after a long trip apart
a kiss paired with a tight hug, knocking the breath out of each other
almost kissing before turning away from each other
avoiding each other at all cost, yet somehow ending up together and kissing
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elvensorceress · 16 days ago
39 for buddie if it sparks joy
for the kissing prompts
(read on AO3)
#39 - Kissing tears from the other’s face
Set sometime after 5x08
(small cw for blood / very minor accidental injury that may or may not have come from Actual Events. Don't look at me. I'm bad with knives.)
Usually, it’s calming. Repetitive motions, practiced cuts, specific techniques, measured ingredients, set times. He doesn’t even have to think much anymore when he cooks. It’s meditative in a way, when he’s alone. It’s lively, silly, and instructional when he’s not. But he hasn’t had that in months. A lot of months.
Not that he’s cooked much in months either. He never quite got it right, the food she liked. He never got anything right.
Nothing is okay. Nothing is the same. Everything is falling apart.
He has a pile of diced onion and one of minced garlic ready to be sautéed in a pan, and a small portion of rice already cooking on the stove for a carb heavy, comforting meal. Even the onion didn’t make his eyes water.
But the knife slipped and he’s bleeding. The butternut squash on the cutting board is now witness and casualty. No amount of cleaning and scrubbing is going to save it. Blood is difficult. It doesn’t come off. It’s always there.
It’s all over his hand, all over his squash, all over the cutting board. All over his shirt and his face and his mouth, and why can he still taste it? Why is it still there?
The knife is stuck. The tip of the blade is embedded in flesh. His own. The soft part between thumb and index finger.
It doesn’t feel like anything. There’s blood seeping around the metal, but there’s no pain. No panic. No fear. No sadness. Nothing. There’s nothing.
He should feel something. He should feel anything at this point.
Maybe it became too much? Maybe he finally, inadvertently learned how to flip that switch and turn everything off. Everything is stuck in the off position. Maybe everything was carved out of him. No more guts in the little squash.
There’s blood all over his hand, sliding over his palm, down his wrist. It drips in a slow, thick rhythm. Little splats of red falling onto crisp white cutting board. Like crisp white shirt that Chimney took from him at a hospital. Traded for one that didn’t show where he was gouged and bleeding. Where his soul was ripped in half and nearly taken from him, and though he knew it was alive because he’s still living breathing beating, he’s alive he’s alive he’s alive, they’re still severed.
Maybe Eddie is the part of him that feels.
(continue on AO3)
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mammonprotectionsquad · 4 months ago
11 with Juju 💗💞💗 thank you!
Aah thank you so much for requesting this! It was so fun to write... I'm a sucker for soft Jumin 🥺
From this Kissing Prompts list, if someone would like to request something as well 😊
11. Morning kisses that are exchanged before either person opens their eyes, kissing blindly until their lips meet in a blissful encounter
Jumin x Reader
It was already late into the night when you heard the apartment door getting closed, but your sleep clouded mind wasn't quick enough to catch up with the meaning of it; Jumin was back home from his two weeks business trip. And before you knew it, the book in your hands got gently taken from you and put on your nightstand, followed by a brief kiss pressed to your forehead.
"Welcome home", you murmured, followed by a yawn. "I'm sorry, I wanted to wait for you but I guess I fell asleep."
"That's okay, my love. It's late anyway. Go back to sleep, I'll be with you in a few."
You only managed to nod, settling back into the pillows as you watched your husband disappear into the bathroom. Normally you would've been immediately at his side, helping him get ready for bed and just showering him in much needed affection. But your body refused to move, feeling too heavy from the still lingering sleep. And it didn't take long until you were already sinking back into a peaceful slumber. The knowledge that your husband was finally home again comforting.
You were the first one to wake up in the morning, or so you thought. Your limbs were etangled with his and his steady breathing could've easily made you doze off again. Especially since you weren't willing to open your eyes just yet, instead basking in his scent, the warmth radiating from his body... You hated to be seperated from him for so long. The bed always felt way too big and too cold when he wasn't right beside you.
And while it was very tempting to admire his face while he was seemingly still asleep, you instead opted for burying your face on his chest, shielding it from the cruel morning light that way.
"I've missed you so much...", his low, husky voice whispered into your ear. The hand on the small of your back pulled you closer, while the other one moved into your hair.
"Mhm, I've missed you, too", you hummed, tilting your head a bit to be able to press your lips to his neck. "... How long have you been awake for already?"
"A couple minutes. But I didn't feel like getting up. After all neither of us has anywhere to go today, so why not spend the morning in bed, just this once?"
It was true, being able to have carefree, unhurried morning cuddles in bed with him was a rare thing. Usually he was awake and up early. Letting you sleep longer as he read the news and prepared for his day. Most of the time he even brought you your coffee, so you could slowly wake up in the comfort of your bedroom.
But this? This was a very welcome change of pace. Especially seeing how Jumin, who usually seemed to have trouble sitting still and not working, was just as desparate to be close and forget the world around you. Even if just for a little while.
You got pulled out of your thoughts by lips pressed against your closed eye, the irritated sound accompanying it making you chuckle. So apparently he had missed his itended mark.
The fact that you shifted again in an attempt to make it easier ended up making things more complicated, seeing how neither of you had yet opened your eyes at that point. Both your lips missed for quite some time because of that. Instead what ended up getting kissed were cheeks, jawlines, noses, brows... With each missed kiss, you both chuckled more about the silliness of it all.
Eventually he moved the hand in your hair to instead cup your cheek, finally leaning in for a much needed and anticipated kiss. Your heart fluttered at the gentle touch, making you even more aware of just how badly you'd missed the raven haired man.
"Good morning~", you chirped when you pulled away, finally opening your eyes. Only to immediately be met by his gaze that held nothing but pure love and adoration for you. Making your breath hitch.
"Good morning indeed", he smiled, brushing a stray strand from your forehead, before he leaned in for another kiss, that one deeper than the first.
Masterlist I Masterlist II
If you'd like to get added to the tag list, please let me know 💕
@ayamewhump @the-purpleblushh @just-a-key @dis-gorl @otomaticallyobsessed @latte-delf @hopebunnywrites @duhsies
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rawrkinjd · 2 months ago
hey i'm so excited you've opened your requests! Would i be able to get #14 and Lambden? np if not :)
Tumblr media
14. A kiss good morning
[One warning: reference to drunken sex the night before. It was enthusiastic].
Lambert was in a strange bed.
This wasn’t unusual. In fact, it happened to him a respectable amount, thank you very fucking much. But he didn’t really remember getting into this one. Not at first. His consciousness stirred with all the energy of a salted slug. The throb in his temples and the twinge in his hips brought with them bleary recollections of the night before.
Cards. Dice. Yeah, that was pretty standard. Ale, some cider—oof, yeah, added some Gull to that, which explained the thumping headache.
Lambert shifted on the lumpy pallaise and a dull, familiar ache throbbed in his pelvis. Oh, oh. Yeah. He remembered the size of the dick that had kept him company into the early hours. But the face attached? Nothing. Fuck, where did Aiden go when he headed off with Mystery Dick? Probably scored a decent tumble with one of the serving girls.
With a groan, Lambert rolled out of the bed and onto the floor. The woodgrain was coarse under his plans and he took a moment to steady his head before he looked up.
Huh. Aiden's swords were propped up in the corner like they were when they shared a room for the night. It was cheaper, you understand. If they weren't allowed in the communal room and were forced to shell out for a private one, then doubling up just made sense.
His bags were there too...
Lambert flopped onto his rear to sit against the edge of the bed and put his hand on a shirt. Not his shirt. He lifted it close to his face and the familiar woodsy spice of Aiden's scent curled through his senses. And even without it, Lambert would recognise that shoddy stitch work anywhere.
A memory hit him like a brawler's fist. A vivid physical recollection that sent sparks through his entire body. His palm on Aiden's chest, Aiden's at his waist. Then his lips tingled. Lips. On his. Aiden's... Aiden's lips.
Lambert's eyes blew wide in panic. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He'd slept with his best friend. Broken a golden rule: don't ruin a good thing by making it messy. And stuff tended to get messy when either his dick or heart were involved, and...
The door creaked open and familiar bootfalls drummed on the creaking floorboards. "Morning, sunshine," said the equally familiar drawl. "I brought fuel for the fire in your pa--what's that look for?"
Lambert was staring at Aiden with wide eyes. "I..."
"Oh, oh no," Aiden dumped the paper bags on a nearby shelf and knelt down at Lambert's side, "no regrets, not letting that happen, I promised you last night."
"Did you? Because all I remember is how good your dick and lips felt," Lambert blurted out, and then scowled at Aiden's triumphant grin. "So, now what?"
Did their friendship end? Did it all fall apart? Did Lambert fuck up the one good thing in his life?
Aiden considered Lambert with a tilted head, one thumb stroking over that unkempt beard. When Lambert's chin tilted into his palm, he smiled. "Now," he stood and collected their breakfast, flopping back at Lambert's side, "we eat breakfast."
"Lambert," Aiden said as he pulled a fresh bagel from its grease paper and passed it over. "We play the game as the pieces fall. Not everything needs to be planned meticulously down to the finite detail. I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay right here, for as long as you want me, and hell, even beyond because you have the finest ass I've ever fucked."
Lambert punched Aiden on the shoulder and then took a large bite out of his bagel so he didn't say something stupid like 'good, because I love you'.
Unbeknownst to Lambert, he had already said it. Tears brimming in his eyes; a drunken, emotional confession. And Aiden had said it back. He would probably remember halfway through the day as his brain pieced last night together. The hard part was convincing sober Lambert that his heart was safe, but Aiden could be patient. Lambert was worth it.
Aiden leaned over and placed a kiss on Lambert's stubbled cheek, before digging into his own bagel. He pretended not to notice the wide, bewildered eyes trying to absorb every inch of him.
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chaoticyuna · 10 months ago
Breathless Stairwell Kiss (SUKUNA RYOMEN X READER)
Tumblr media
*reposted from my previous blog*
Request: Combining another request which was ( could i request 20 w/ sukuna pls? :) ) / Can I get 9 with Sukuna? Love your writing~
Author Note: I hope you enjoy this small drabble. Thank you so much for letting me know you love my writing. You made my day! 🥺
Word Count: 156
Prompts :
A kiss that lasts so long, they are sharing each other’s breaths.
Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference.
Sukuna had to grasp your chin before pressing his kiss against yours roughly and keeping a hand behind your head to keep you from moving away. He could feel your fingers cupping beside his cheeks. One way or another, you end up being pushed against the wall having your legs around his waist. Your hands running through his hair with your nails scrapping his scalp gently. You were tugging on his hair to release you to breathe for a moment which he did for solely a few seconds. You could feel his intense stare staring down at your soul and feeling each other trying to catch the oxygen to settle into your lungs again.
“Break is over.”
He shuts you up by pressing his lips against yours again and grabbing on your butt-cheek to lift you up a bit higher than him. You relax into his rough kiss and getting into the mood once more.
Thank you for reading!
Feel free to send in your request :D,
Comments/Reactions are greatly appreciated!
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tojakku · 5 months ago
32 with Rex or Wolffe? :)
a wolffe™️ moment
| 32. A kiss so passionate, so perfect - that after they part, neither person can open their eyes for a few moments afterwards. |
[ no warnings! softness ]
prompt list
“That was delicious.”
“You ate all of mine,” you chide. “Those soufflés are my favourite.” Wolffe catches your chin between his fingers and pecks your pout away.
Coruscant is warm tonight. The speeders soar open and free about the high rise jungle, lights like stars in an already trillions-populated universe.
Wolffe is like the moon. His civvie kicks make him look almost hilarious — at least the awkward curve in his spine is gone, and he’s stopped bitching about how tight the shirt is at the shoulders. He glows, though, beaming with happiness unseen on his normally-gruff face.
“And it was delicious, you were right.”
No one pays you a second look on the street. To everyone else wandering their ways through the market lanes, you’re any other young couple in love. Heart-eyes galore, chest to chest, intertwined in more ways than just fingers. Souls.
Your souls breathe together.
“You’re so beautiful, sweet one,” Wolffe whispers. He leans close enough to brush his nose against yours, his breath tickling away your confidence. You are shy — he makes you shy like no other with his own glowing beauty.
He kisses you in the starlight. It feels like falling down into the Underworld of the planet, past speeders and transports, through the hum of conversation and the song of people.
You lose yourself in him. You smile and you let him smooth his rough, ready palms along the small of your back. He laughs. It’s low, hoarse, and it’s your moon and stars.
“I love you,” you whisper. You don’t mind you have to say it first most of the time.
“I love you, too, sweet girl.”
You know he loves you, no matter what.
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darkverrmin · 7 months ago
1, 4, 6, 11, 14, 15, 17, 27, 33, 36, 42, 45, 46, 47, 50 .For the kiss prompt with Geraskier ... umm ... is this too many? lol I'm sorry, I tried so hard not to put down every number, this is what my restraint got me. Please pick whichever one (or more than one if I'm lucky XD) that makes your muse sing <3
Your ask really made me smile 😆❤️ I chose (1) and (14)!
1. Small kisses littered across the other’s face.
14. A kiss so desperate that the two wind around each other, refusing to let go until they are finished.
Jaskier paced nervously around the room, glancing out of the window every couple of minutes.
It’s been almost four months since he and Geralt last seen each other, and Jaskier had missed him so badly. Jaskier missed Geralt every year, when they parted for the winter.
But this year it was a bit different.
After confessing their feelings for each other, he and Geralt had barely two weeks of sharing breathless giggles between kisses and holding each other, before they had to part ways. Geralt was almost about to join Jaskier on his trip to visit his parents (Jaskier’s father fell ill at that time), when Jaskier insisted on Geralt going to visit his own family. Jaskier knew how much Geralt wanted to see his brothers and Vesemir. 
And although he knew he’d miss him terribly, four months was a small price to pay for his Witcher’s happiness. 
And there he was. Pacing around the room he rented at the inn Geralt and he agreed to meet at when spring comes.
Just as Jaskier managed to sit down and try to focus on writing his latest song, a familiar voice coming from the outside caught his ear.
Jaskier rushed to the window, gazing down at the street outside. His breath hitched in his throat. 
Standing beside the stables, there they were. Lambert was talking heatedly to Eskel about something, waving his hands in the air. Geralt was loading his bags off of Roach, glancing at his younger brother with an amused smile.
Jaskier’s heart started hammering in his chest. His hands begun to sweat as he rushed out of the room and went down the stairs, two steps at a time. Once he was outside, Jaskier froze by the door, staring at the three men.
He took a moment to gaze at Geralt, a warm, fuzzy feeling spreading itself in his chest and belly. He looks beautiful, Jaskier thought. His hair was slightly longer and he grew a small beard, which really suited him. He was wearing a short-sleeved, dark-grey shirt, the one Jaskier confessed to him about that he really liked. Jaskier smiled to himself, realizing that Geralt probably wore that shirt on purpose today. 
Gulping quietly, he started slowly approaching the three men, not knowing what to do with his hands. How should he greet them? Should he just give Geralt a hug, or should he also kiss him? Would Geralt be okay with Jaskier kissing him in front of his brothers? Do they even know about their relationsh-
“Jaskier!” Eskel cried, waving at him. “It’s great to see you! You were deeply missed during the winter. How’s your father? Geralt told us he had fallen ill”.
Jaskier returned Eskel’s smile. “Thank you, he’s doing alright. It was just a bad cold. How was yo-”.
Before Jaskier could finish his question, he was crushed between two muscular arms and pulled against a broad chest. Geralt buried his nose in Jaskier’s soft hair, inhaling, before moving down to catch his lips in a deep kiss. “I missed you,” Geralt whispered in a low voice, placing another kiss onto the tip of Jaskier’s nose, causing the other man to grin. “Been dreaming of this moment for weeks”.
Jaskier wrapped his arms around Geralt’s neck, pulling him into another passionate kiss. “I missed you too, darling. I love the beard, by the way. Suits you well”.
“Hmm,” Geralt smiled in return, moving to kiss the corner of Jaskier’s mouth, his cheeks, his eyes, his forehead. “You look good as always”. Geralt tightened his embrace around the other man’s waist, as he continued littering small kiss all over his face.
“You’re tickling me,” Jaskier chuckled, but didn’t make an attempt to move away from Geralt’s embrace. He was still a little shocked by Geralt expressing his emotions like this, but he could definitely get used to it.
“Oh, and congratulations on that.” Eskel called, giving them a warm smile. “I’m happy you two finally got a hold of a single braincell”.
“One can argue about that,” Lambert muttered, not unkindly. “Can you idiots take this up to your room, after we eat? I’m fucking starving”.
Geralt rolled his eyes, chuckling, and pulled Jaskier into another kiss. This kiss was deeper than the previous ones, and Jaskier sighed quietly as he buried his hands in Geralt’s hair.
“Gross,” Lambert called, pulling a smiling Eskel after him. “I’m stealing your coin to buy myself dinner”.
Geralt couldn’t give a damn at that moment. He squeezed Jaskier’s waist and smiled in return, when he felt Jaskier smiling against his lips.
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