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#kit herondale
safinss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kit & Ty
“I love you Ty. I love you.”
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sandersgrey · 2 days ago
I think it'd be really funny if Thule!Kit escapes to their world to run away from something, stumbles upon Dru, Kit and Ty, sees Kit's runes, sees Ty, and jumps to Conclusions
"Wait you little bitch did you ACTUALLY sell your soul to the fucking shadowhunters because of a hot boy??"
"I can explain-"
"Really?? Can you? What's that- oh my fucking god he's wearing mom's necklace. Whats next? A family ring?? Whats your fucking problem?"
"We're not dating!"
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foxglove-airmid · 2 days ago
I want Thule Johnny Rook to be alive and to come to our world just because I want to see Ty absolutely DECK him in the face
It's what we all deserve
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allysbookshit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
kit and ty by arz28 on ig.
This is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my whole life. and kits face
“First of all, don’t worry. The device I’ve included is not dangerous and is in no danger of exploding. (When Professor Wingate saw me packing it up, she suggested I inform you up front that it is not a bomb. Of course I would never send you a bomb but she seems to think it looks enough like one to cause concern.
I started looking through the records. So far I haven’t found anything about Blackthorn Hall being haunted, but a lot of weird stuff did happen there in the past, so it’s quite possible that there could be ghosts….”
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ilovetyblackthorn · 2 days ago
First-aid Kit | My First Long And Angst With A Happy Ending Fic "Wanna Have A Little Taste So Let Me Lay You Down Nothing Better Than Your Skin On Mine And I've Been Looking For That Feeling, Looking All My Life Boy, You Give It To Me Every Time..." [Holiday - Little Mix]
“Oh, hey. I was just wondering when you’d get here.”
“Well, you should’ve known it wouldn’t have been long. I was just in the neighbourhood.”
“Yeah, tell my paranoid brain that.”
“Isn’t … that the same thing as telling you that?”
“Yeah, but you’d be specifically telling my paranoia then.”
“Oh then, hello, Paranoia Of Kit Herondale. Please stop worrying. I can hold my own in a fight.”
“My paranoid brain just considered that, and you just weaselled your way out of trouble. Congrats.”
“Weaselled,” Ty mused, shrugging off his wet boots and entering the house, looking around curiously, completely drenched and leaving a trail of water behind him as he walked in. “Peculiar verb, but perfect in this case. Weasels are very good at escaping after all. Great wording Watson. I did just weasel my way out of trouble, as you call it.”
“Yeah, well. Why were you out in the rain anyway?” Kit asked, taking the very wet and cold gear jacket Ty handed him, and tried to ignore the fact that this was the first time Ty had ever been in his apartment. “It’s raining heavily. You might catch a cold.”
“I was chasing a Behemoth demon. You know what they’re like.”
Kit sighed. “I do. Are you hurt anywhere?” The heavy concern in his voice made Ty chuckle, then double up in pain.
“Oh my God! You are hurt!” Kit put an arm around Ty’s shoulders and hurriedly helped him to the chaise lounge that lay practically unused. “Ty! When were you going to mention this?”
As Ty lay down, he grunted. “In a few minutes? I’d hoped to last longer than this though.” His strained voice sent Kit into a frenzy.
“Where is it? Ty, tell me fast! Demon poison can be fatal!”
“Lower abdo- Aah!” Ty gasped as Kit clenched the blood-soaked fabric in his fingers and forcibly lifted it. He hissed when he saw the injury.
There was a great slash across Ty’s stomach abs, and it was oozing green fluids that Kit guessed was the poison Ty’s angel blood was repelling from the body. The demon poison had also burnt the flesh around the injury, and when Kit touched the practically sizzling skin, Ty tried but failed to hold in a moan. That spurred Kit into action.
He took hurried steps to his bathroom, in search of his stele and first-aid kit.
Ty watched as Kit took long strides into the room that probably led to his bedroom, and his gaze fell on Kit’s muscled legs. They were long, and as shown from his loose sweatpants, very strong and thick. Ty had to admit, he had quite often played the silent spectator when Kit did his push-ups, and as all the back muscles shifted and contracted, Ty found himself unreasonably sweaty. Undoubtedly, Kit was very handsome, and quite buff too, but what was it about him that made Ty so… nervous around him? Not the usual kind of nervous, the oh-my-god-i-am-going-to-burn-up-if-he-touches-me, my-heart-is-pounding-with-a-single-look-from-him kind of nervous. Not to mention sweaty Kit exercising made Ty want to rip his clothes off.
His own, he hoped.
As Kit disappeared into his bedroom, Ty pondered over it. Sure, Kit was handsome and sure, his blue eyes seems depthless to Ty when he looked into them and made his heart pound, and sure, Kit cared about him, and sure, Kit knew a lot about Ty when he was going through a breakdown and how to calm him down when he was going through it, but what was about him that made Ty so… hot?
So much that his face was red?
No. That was probably the pain.
What? Ty abruptly shook his head, making the bleeding slash on his abdomen hurt even more so. As the room began to swim before his eyes, Ty giggled, almost delirious. Why was I thinking about Kit’s muscled body again? Yeah, because I saw Kit’s strong and thick thighs. Ty burst into giggles once more. Strong and thick? Really?
“Ty? What is it? Why are you laughing?” Kit came into his blurry vision once more, now carrying a first-aid kit and a stele. He looks adorable, Ty thought, as Kit looked on with a concerned look on his face. With a furrowed ‘V’ formed between his eyebrows, and blue eyes, an endless expanse of a clear azure sky on a sunny day, and a pout on his full, pink lips, he looks absolutely adorable.
Not to mention ravishing.
“Ty?” Kit voiced after getting no response apart from an intense stare from Ty. He lifted the box. “I brought the first-aid kit with me. Do you mind?”
First-aid kit.
First-aid Kit.
Something about it struck Ty as hilarious, as he burst into helpless laughter once again. But the pain in his abdomen chose to double up in pain right then, and he started gasping in agony instead.
“Ty! Wait! Lie down! And for God’s sake, quit laughing! It’s hurting your stomach!”
Eventually, Ty sobered, the sudden pain making the world clearer again. Kit bent down and kneeled, putting the white box nearby and took the stele. “Ty? I’m going to use the Repel Poison rune on you. Is that okay?”
Ty appreciated that Kit asked before he drew the rune, even though the demon poison was making him delirious and harder to think. But then again, Kit knew exactly how to take care of Ty and what he liked and didn’t like. It made his heart beat faster. Something he loved about Kit.
Wait, what?
Ty nodded in response to Kit’s question, desperately trying to focus, and shove the thoughts away. Now was not the time to think about it and ponder over it. Why did he love Kit?
His mind helpfully offered fifty or so reasons why, but before he could go through all of them, the light pressure of Kit’s stele, a welcome burn invaded Ty’s mind, and he moaned at the relief as the rune began to work its magic. Kit patiently held a wet runed cloth beneath the ugly slash, collecting the demon poison pouring onto it. As the pain began to subside, Ty became hyper-aware of the fingers Kit had braced on his bare side, and goosebumps began to appear on his arms. Kit, clearly misunderstanding, stroked the skin there, thinking Ty was in more pain, and Ty couldn’t be more frustrated at Kit at that moment as he fought the urge to moan again valiantly. The throb on a lower part of his body began on a steady rhythm, and Ty tried to wriggle out of Kit’s touch. But Kit firmly stopped him, a warning in his sky-blue eyes. The intensity of his gaze was like a stroke on his body, and Ty couldn’t look away as he shivered.
Their locked gazes lit a soft fire in Ty’s veins, the flames licking the insides of his body, under his skin, and in his heart. He so badly wanted to reach out and touch Kit’s sharp jaws, wondering if the skin would be as soft and smooth as he had imagined. Kit’s eyes seemed to burn a hole in him and he was more than welcome to do it. Burn him whole. Rip him apart. Agonise him. Because it was Kit, and he knew he wouldn’t mind. As long as it’s Kit.
Kit must’ve recognised the expression on Ty’s face because he swallowed and oh-so-slowly looked towards his own fingers on Ty’s bare skin and brushed them across. This time, Ty couldn’t fight the moan that escaped his throat. It was deep, breathy and almost like a growl, in a voice that Ty didn’t recognise.
Kit’s eyes were blown wide, and it would’ve been almost comical were it not that Ty was lying on Kit’s lunge half-naked, with Kit touching him on his bare skin. Yes, definitely not comical, Ty thought, as the blue eyes now staring into his grey ones darkened, turning into a deep shade of stormy ultramarine blue. The arousal swirling in them had every part of Ty stiffen in attention.
But the moment was ruined as soon as Kit went to touch underneath his other side, on which he was lying - and brushed to find a sticky fluid substance. His fingers came away red and Ty stifled a curse. Kit exclaimed looking down at it.
“We need to bandage your injury! Jeez!”
Ty laid his head back, leaning back but still facing Kit. “Yes, of course,” he said in a resigned tone. “Go right ahead.”
Ty stared up at the ceiling fan and followed their graceful movement as Kit bustled about, wrapping the bandages around Ty’s lower abs. It relaxed him and also helped lessen the painful throb ringing through his body. Until that moment, Ty had never thought he would’ve been so glad that tight protective leather was part of the gear made for Shadowhunters; it hid the evidence of Ty’s excitement, and as he lay there in Kit’s apartment, on his chaise lounge, albeit bleeding out from an injury and dripping wet, he had never felt that relaxed in a long time. He slowly drifted off to sleep, Kit’s humming his lullaby and the smooth spinning noise of the overhead spinning fan his cadence.
Home… This feels like home.
Kit stared down at Ty’s beautiful sleeping face as he slept on his lounge, half-naked, his arms splayed apart. He didn’t know how long he’s been standing that way. All he knew was that he couldn’t take his eyes off the sleeping dark-haired boy who had walked into his heart the moment he’d held that knife to his throat. Kit chuckled, thinking of their first encounter.
“Who are you? What are you doing here? You’re too young to be Johnny Rook.”
“No. I’m not.”
“Go on. Figure it out.”
“You’re his son. Johnny Rook’s son.”
Kit remembered thinking, how beautiful, then. And how true it was, Ty was most certainly beautiful. With his sharp jaws and delicate features that he had grown into in the past few years, he was handsome as well as beautiful. And he took Kit’s breath away.
Not to mention the bare abdomen, half-nude bit. Kit was trying his hardest not to look, but it was difficult not to when the built abs were practically inviting him to look.
He mentally chided himself. Stop acting like a creep!
Hard to when you’re just about to carry him to your queen-sized bed ‘cause you don’t have a guest room.
Kit grimaced. Oh, it’s gonna be hard alright.
Oh, the puns.
In the dream, Ty was chained to the ground.
Hazily, he noticed it was the rainy weather of London and the Thames was flowing in front of him.
I’ve been here before, he thought dimly. I’ve been here with -
Kit and -
The name shot a shard of pain right into his chest. Ty tugged at the chains and wondered what was happening.
Just then, he heard thundering hoofbeats. Ty’s blood ran cold. He knew the sound. A sliver of dread crawled down his spine as he hoped against hope that what was happening was not going to happen.
But as Kit flung himself over the gate set into the railing separating the path from the river, and ran right through Ty as though he was there, the Mortal Sword grasped tightly in both hands as he prepared himself against who Ty dreaded were going to arrive soon, in an unsteady stance.
Ty wanted to scream, Run! But where would he go? Jump into the Thames? There was no other way. Kit was going to die and Ty was to watch. Just the thought of it made him cry out in agony and yank viciously at the chains imprisoning him. But Kit didn’t hear him, Ty wasn’t visible to him, he was like a ghost, a trapped one.
Just then, the Riders arrived. And Ty screamed, and screamed, as he watched Ethna knock the Mortal Sword out of Kit’s grasp with a vicious flick of her wrist. He thrashed about, trying to tear the chains up with mere brute force but they won’t budge. Instead, Ty was imprisoned, helplessly forced to watch as the six Riders of Mannan took turns slashing across Kit’s body, as Kit was also held immobile by the faerie magic they possessed, the protection of the Mortal Sword failing when Kit was disarmed. As blood flowed, the last Rider to torment Kit paused and looked back to smirk at Ty, and he screamed louder and louder, a piercing siren of agony that had no words at first, but soon formed a single word repeatedly - Kit, Kit, Kit and -
“Ty! Wake up! It’s a nightmare!” Urgent hands touched him where he wanted to be alerted, on his shoulders, hands, biceps, rousing touches that he knew were important and Ty lurched out of sleep, sitting up ramrod straight in a dark room he didn’t recognize. The curtains were drawn, and as his eyes began to adjust, he saw it was a little small but had two windows on two sides of the room, north and east. He began to panic when he didn’t see anything familiar, but a familiar rough hand grasped his own and he began to relax a little - or at least as much as he could.
“Ty?” It was dark, but Kit’s face was slightly visible, mostly because of his golden curls and luminous blue eyes. Ty relaxed oh so slowly as Kit squeezed his hand hard, just like he knew kept him grounded. Ty interlaced their fingers and squeezed back. There was a pause, in which Ty regulated his breathing and tried to focus on the dark shadows of the larger than life features of the room he was in, like the study pushed up against the west wall, with imperceptible objects lying on it; the air-conditioner attached to the lower part of the north wall, a sliver of moonlight reflecting off it; a vanity table against the very corner of the south-eastern wall, and of course the person beside him staring at Ty with worry in his eyes. Bemusedly, Ty realized he was in Kit’s bedroom, sitting on his bedroom, a blanket tangled between his legs and noticed that he was out of his wet drenched clothes and was now in a silky hoodie soft and sleek pants that were soothing to the touch. Ty was touched, Kit didn’t really have to do this. But then, realized that he probably saw his briefs while doing so, and turned bright red and hoped Kit couldn’t see it.
“Yeah?” His voice was raspy and hoarse like he had been screaming.
“Do you want some water?”
“Yes, I would love some.”
“Okay.” Kit crawled off the bed but paused at the edge. “Ty?”
“If you want some water, you need to let go of my hand.”
Ty noticed then that he was still holding tightly onto the other boy. The thought of letting go was really scary and he started to panic. “I-”
“Or not. It’s fine. Keep holding on.” Ty breathed a sigh of relief. He thought he heard a slight chuckle from Kit, who single-handedly poured a glass of water kept on the bedside table and switched on the table lamp. Now that they were not in darkness, Ty kept his eyes completely on Kit as he stood there, beside the bedside table, biting his lips in a way that he really wanted to say something but was holding back. Ty drank the entire glass of water and felt a little better as Kit sat down beside and, was delighted when he held his hand tightly. He squeezed back.
The next words out of his mouth had Ty stilling. He knew this was coming, but it hurt more so when the memory of it was still fresh in his mind. ”Want to talk about it?”
Ty wanted to say no, wanted to say anything, but he couldn’t. He could only withdraw and curl up into a tight ball, shuddering violently as the images from the dream penetrated his mind. How the blood flowed from the gashes on Kit’s body, how the expression on his face, provoked the Riders more because he wasn’t making a sound even though he was dying, the smirk on Eochaid’s face he made the killing blow and -
“Ty!” There was an urgent touch on his shoulder again, and through the agony, he felt Kit shake him a little, then grab his hand. “Ty. Listen to me. Look into my eyes. Listen to me.” The firmness of his voice had Ty immediately follow his orders, and he looked. There was concern, reassurance, firmness and determination in his eyes, and he spoke, “Ty. It was just a dream. I am not hurt, and nor is anyone else right now. Whatever happened in your dream will stay in your dream. Dreams are fleeting things, Ty. That is the truth. And what I know so far is that whatever you saw was terrifying enough to rive you to panic, so let me assure you. We are safe, for now. We are Shadowhunters. And whatever it is, we will fight it. Together.”
Ty slowly relaxed, looking away. He knew Kit would not, under any circumstance, lie to him, so he was saying must be true. He rocked back and forth still in ball, his fingers wandering in the sir, fluttering and catching at thin air until they reached Kit’s own. Kit interlaced them, his voice calming, husky and almost hypnotic as he said, “Lie back on the bed again, Ty.”
“What if I had a nightmare again?”
“Then I would chase it away.” The rasp of his deep voice did wonders to Ty’s body. “Come lie with me, Ty. Come sleep in my arms. I’ll protect you, I promise.”
That was when he finally look at Kit again, and his breath hitched. Kit had leaned in, but not too much, just enough to emphasize that the offer was sincere and so was the reason for the rasp in Kit’s voice. Ty swallowed, his heart skipping a beat, but took just a split second to make his decision. He crawled over to the place he was sleeping and lay down. But Kit remained sitting up, and he was looking at Ty as though stunned.
Oh so he didn’t really expect me to agree. Ty repressed a smile, and instead, crooked a finger at the golden haired angelic boy who seemed to be his saving grace everytime. At that cocky move though, Kit was roused and moved immediately, crawling to his side and stretching his arms wide for Ty to crawl to. “Come here?”
Ty needed no other invitation. He was in his arms in an instant, the instant warmth that engulfed him was so delightful he held onto Kit tight. A chuckle rumbled out of Kit’s throat, who was already drowsy, and as the blue eyed boy drifted off to sleep, the one in his arms pondered what was it about him that made him so damn irresistible? It took him a minute to convince Ty to give up his personal space which he guarded so zealously, and almost grovel his way into his arms. As Ty pondered over this, an arm hugging Kit tightly, a leg thrown over his, wearing clothes that unquestionably belonged to Kit since they smelt strongly of him, an important question occurred to him and he voiced it out loud:
“Kit, why do you have only one bed?”
But Kit was already asleep. And Ty wasn’t sure he really wanted the answer anyway.
He smiled to himself and slowly drifted off to sleep too, and this time his sleep was not marred by any nightmares.
He was wrong when he thought the lounge felt like home. This was home, wearing Kit’s clothes, snuggling with him and falling asleep with his warmth and scent all around him, this warmth and shared breaths and loving embrace was home. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Ohkay. this fic took a loooooooong time and is even longer when you read it.
yeah no shit, it took 8 pages in a google doc XD
buuuut anway, here's a compiled fic, containing all the sleep-deprived shit i've written over the... 12 days? i'm sorry, there was this celebration thing i did on my main acc for which like, 15 people sent me asks and i had answer them so, atleast i have a reasonable excuse hehe
but i hope u enjoyed the long read. i love u for even reading so far. <3333
tagging @gayforcarstairsgirls @buttcrflys-rose @ghafa-dale @ddepressedbookworm @tinypenguinenemy @the-enchanted-dreamer @khaleesiofalicante @blackasmysoul @noah-herondale-lightwood @gabtapia @roseberrylight @bookwormslounge @imapparantlycoolandfriendly @usual-disaster-bi did i forget anyone?
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kestrafagnor · 19 hours ago
Since we have all the necromancy thingy and Kit leaving without saying goodbye, does that mean that Ty will be the brooding dark haired extremely hot male love interest in twp?
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sandersgrey · a day ago
AU where Tessa sees Emma after her parents die, realizes she's a Carstairs, and internally goes "ah fuck I cant leave her on her own"
So she offers to take Emma in but Emma goes "you're not taking me away from Julian." Who the fuck is Julian? Sure, we can take him in too. Can't be worse than Lucie and James.
But then Julian is like "you're not taking me away from my siblings!" Siblings plural? How many- ah, fuck. Okay. Let's go.
Tessa ends up with like six kids. And she's still trying to locate Kit.
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immortal-enemies · a day ago
No one:
Me, in a few years: *Sobbing as I read the Kitty reunion with "The Boys Are Back" blasting in the background*
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foxglove-airmid · 2 days ago
Ty realizing that Kit used magic to save him and runs to him like “what the hell was that,” only to realize Kit’s eyes are rolling back into his head and he falling and Ty catches him and tries to wake him up yelling “Kit, Kit, wake up! Christopher Herondale wake up.”
@sandersgrey Alex do you SEE the pain I am being caused????
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jesse-is-spiralling · a day ago
All the ways you’ve changed (A KitTy fic)
(Chapter 35) (All previous chapters)
Chapter 36: Bad habits
Mrs Jones sat by the window, staring down at the street for a long time after her son had disappeared from view. The cigarette in her hand had burned itself out long ago, but she did not notice. She had never wanted a child, but she had done her best to do right by Rupert. She had given up on all her own dreams to put a roof over his head and put him through school.
How could he do this?
Was it her fault? Was it the video games? A sign of modern society?
Or perhaps, that Herondale boy was to blame. There was something off about him. Right from the start, she had never liked him. How could two people as well liked and well respected as Jem and Tessa have such a degenerate for a son?
Perhaps, she reflected, sometimes it was simply the fate of good parents to have awful children.
In the next room, tucked under Rupert’s bed, the hastily abandoned Ouija board began to shake. The planchette rattled, then righted itself, sliding slowly across the glossy wooden surface in a smooth figure eight. It moved faster, and faster, until it came flying off the board and crashed into the wardrobe, shattering the glass circle at its centre.
Still seated by her window, unaware of the disturbance, Rupert’s mother dropped her head into her hands.
Kit had barely set down Rupert's bag in the entryway when Mina came sprinting towards him, chubby legs pumping adorably fast.
"Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!" she shrieked, raising her fat little arms. He scooped her up and kissed her head as she wriggled happily.
"Hey, Mina-Moo!" he greeted her, blowing a raspberry into her hair.
Aidan tickled her cheek and she held out her arms to him. Out of all Kit's friends, she adored Aidan the best. Kit could understand why. He had a bunch of little cousins, and he was amazing with all of them.
He handed the gleeful toddler to Aidan and stepped aside to let Rupert in the door. They had walked back to Cirenworth in silence after dropping Clive off at the diner, and Rupert's expression had grown increasingly closed and distant in the setting sunlight.
"Kit!" Mina waved her hands to get his attention. Soft yellow curls of magic trailed from her fingertips, causing both Kit and Aidan to start.
"Woah! Where did you learn that?"
"Max, I think." Tessa appeared in the doorway, looking bedraggled. Her long brown hair hung tangled over her shoulders, and her shirt was inside out. "He taught her some kind of anti-gravity spell and she's had things floating around the house all day. Hey, Rupert. Hey Aidan."
"I didn't know she could do magic!" Aidan exclaimed.
"Neither did we," Tessa sighed. "My other children had powers, but none of them could outright do spells."
"Maybe it's something to do with Jem being a Silent Brother?" suggested Aidan. "She has interesting genetics from both sides."
Tessa stared.
"I forgot you know all about that. I think you're right, though. This is exciting, but right now we're all a bit exhausted from last night."
"Me too," said Kit, stifling a yawn. "We've had an... interesting day."
Tessa looked around, and noticing Rupert's bags and dazed expression, seemed to understand the situation.
"Oh no, Rupert, darling, are you okay?"
Wordlessly, Rupert shook his head. Tessa held out her arms.
"Come here."
As though in a trance, Rupert crossed the room and let her fold him into a motherly hug. After a moment, his shoulders started shaking, and Kit realised in surprise that he was crying. Rupert never cried.
"I'll take Mina into the lounge," Aidan said softly, bouncing the grinning toddler, who was babbling nonsense and shooting yellow sparks from her hands.
"Thank you. Jem's around somewhere, too." Tessa's voice was muffled by Rupert's chest. Aidan disappeared down the hall cradling Mina, and Kit wondered if he should follow. He was itching to call Jace, but Rupert's distress was more important right now.
After a long moment, Rupert pulled away, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.
"I'm sorry."
"Oh, darling, don't apologise.” Tessa smiled sadly. “It looks like you've had a rough day. Do you want a cup of tea? Are you staying here tonight?"
"I was going to stay with Aidan for a while," Rupert mumbled. "His Gran won't mind if I crash on their couch for a few days."
"Nonsense," Tessa put on what Kit and his friends called her 'mum voice'. "We have plenty of spare rooms. I don't know what is going on with that mother of yours, but you can stay here as long as you need to."
"Really?" Rupert looked to Kit in disbelief.
"Of course, man," Kit shrugged, "Taking in troubled teens is what she does best."
"Oh, stop it," Tessa laughed lightly. "Have you boys had dinner? We've just eaten, but I'll heat something up for you. And Rupert, if you feel up to it, you can tell me what's going on."
“Thanks, Mom,” Kit gave her a quick hug, which surprised her. He very rarely felt comfortable enough to initiate physical contact with anyone, even Ty. But watching Rupert’s mother throw her only son out onto the street with nothing but a few bags had made him appreciate Tessa far more than usual. In fact, he felt confident enough to stare directly at his shoes and mumble, “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” Tessa replied instantly, voice full of warmth, as though she had been holding the words in her mouth for a long time waiting for him to say it first. Still not looking at her, Kit smiled. Then he remembered his plan for tonight, and felt a bolt of adrenaline.
“After we eat, I need to call Jace.”
“That’s your hot cousin, right?” Rupert asked, trying for his usual humour.
“I mean, objectively speaking, as cousins go, he’d probably be up there. Man, I can’t believe I ever thought you were straight.” Kit laughed, glad that Rupert could at least make a joke.
“Why do you need to call Jace?” Tessa’s voice was wary. Clearly, she knew Kit well enough to know this wasn’t a social call.
“I, uh, need Clary to make a Portal? So I can, uh, go see Ty?”
“Christopher Herondale,” she put her hands on her hips, “Last night you almost turned into a werewolf, you were subjected to powerful experimental magic that affected every cell in your body, you look absolutely exhausted, you called in sick to work today so you could rest, and yet you smell like vodka and cigarettes. You are not going anywhere except to bed.”
“Moooom,” Kit complained. “I’m an adult now, I can drink and smoke if I want to.”
“Kit, we know you’ve been smoking for years.”
“Uh… you do?”
“Jem and I are both well over a hundred years old. We know what tobacco smoke smells like. I wish you would stop, but that’s not my point. You look utterly exhausted, Kit. Please go to bed.”
“I can’t,” Kit straightened. “I just sculled a massive can of Monster so I’m not tired at all.” Beside him, Rupert snorted. Kit ignored him.
“You should never mix energy drink with alcohol, Kit. You know that’s dangerous.”
“I know, Mom. But it’s done now and I’m wide awake and I need to go and see Ty. I have to tell him how I feel.”
“You have to tell him how you feel.” Her voice was flat.
“Romania is two hours ahead of us, so it’s almost the middle of the night there. You have to go illegally through a Portal right now, when you’re almost dead on your feet, to the middle of nowhere in Romania, to wake Ty Blackthorn up and tell him how you feel after nearly three years of not speaking to him, one week of spending time with him, and then another week of not speaking to him again?”
“And you can’t just call him? Or send him a fire-message? Or wait till tomorrow?” Tessa pushed her tangled hair out of her face. She looked fondly exasperated, like she already knew the answer.
“No, I need to see him in person. I don’t want to wait.”
“Kit,” Tessa sighed. “You are such a Herondale.”
Taking this as permission, Kit beamed.
“You need to eat something first, though,” Tessa warned, beckoning the two boys to follow her into the house. “Rupert, darling, leave your bags there. Jem will carry them up to your room.”
Jace and Clary met them in the training room, stepping casually out of the glowing Portal the way one might step off a bus. The swirling emptiness closed silently behind them, vanishing without a trace. Aidan’s eyes were bugging almost out of his head, his mouth hanging open. Rupert was blinking fast, staring from the doorway to Clary and Jace, and back.
“How did you- never mind. At this point I’m getting used to only half-seeing things.” He shook his head. “Hey, Jace.”
“Hello, Rupert. By the Angel, you’ve gotten even taller. I’m jealous. Hello, Aidan. I’m glad you both know about the Shadow World now. Makes it easier to talk to you.”
“Jace, if you were any taller, I’d have to chop you off at the knees just so I could kiss you,” Clary told him fondly. She turned a warm smile onto the boys. “Hey, guys. It’s good to see you, Kit. It’s been too long.”
“Hey, Clary.” Kit grinned at her, then pulled a face at his cousin. “Johnathan.”
“Christopher.” Jace stepped closer to ruffle Kit’s hair. “Raziel, you sound more British every time I talk to you! I almost thought it was a member of the royal family on the phone when you called me.”
“Shut up,” Kit told him good-naturedly, ducking out from under his arm. He surreptitiously tried to fix his hair as soon as Jace looked away, but gave up when he realised Jace was watching him out of the corner of his eye. “Thank you for coming so quickly.”
“Well, we were on a date, which was super important, and super romantic, so you owe me.”
“Jace!” Clary chided. “Stop teasing him! We were only out for lunch.”
“He’s my only living blood relative, and I’m the older and clearly better-looking one, so it’s in the job description. Unless you count Tessa,” he mused, “But she sort of scares me, so I will not be teasing her.”
“Tessa scares you? How?” Kit scrunched up his face. Tessa was the least scary person he knew. Except for maybe Clive.
“She’s just so motherly,” Jace shrugged. “I’ll never get used to it. But back to you. You know, before you called me begging me to bring Clary to open an unauthorised Portal to the Scholomance, which, incidentally, is illegal on two different counts, so you could confess your love to a boy you ran to another country to avoid after a miscommunication when you were fifteen, I was beginning to wonder if you were even a Herondale at all. But clearly, you are. No other family would do something this spectacularly stupid. And I mean that as a compliment.”
“Thank you?”
“I mean it. You’re a true Herondale, Kit. Now, I can see that you’re jumping almost out of your skin to go right this second, so we can catch up later. But first, uh,” Jace’s golden eyes scanned Kit from head to toe, “Are you sure you want to wear that shirt? I, personally, love it, but the wider Shadowhunter community can be a little, uh-”
“Homophobic,” said Clary flatly, frowning in distain.
“Oh, yeah, right.” Kit glanced down at his shirt. “I’ve already caused enough problems with this shirt today. I’ll be back in a sec.”
Kit stared judgmentally at himself in the bathroom mirror. Clive’s eyeliner was holding up impressively well, and he’d managed to get his hair almost back to normal after Jace’s affectionate assault. He’d brushed his teeth and sprayed himself with what was probably too much cologne, and applied the peach chapstick that Ty had liked. Things might still go badly with Ty, but it was always good to be prepared.
His cropped black “Consent is sexy” shirt was only marginally less gay than his “fag” t-shirt, but at least it wasn’t pink, and it didn’t have a slur printed across the front. Besides, it made his stomach look good.
Overall, he thought he looked okay. There was nothing that could be done about his eye-bags without a lot of concealer, and he didn’t want to waste time on that. He debated taking out his piercings – Ty hadn’t seen them, and he didn’t want to shock him with the change – but Kit really liked them, so he left them in.
With a few quick, deep breaths to psych himself up, Kit flicked off the bathroom light, grabbed his jacket, and headed back to the training room.
“Okay, I’ve been to the Scholomance before, so I’ll direct the Portal for you,” Jace told him, watching Clary with a soft smile as she inscribed runes onto the training room wall. “Just make sure you don’t think of anywhere else, and you should get there fine.”
“How are you going to get back?” asked Aidan, concern clear in his tone. “You probably won’t have cell service up in the mountains.”
“Um,” Kit hadn’t thought that far ahead.
“I can’t keep the Portal open for you,” Clary warned. “I’m not even supposed to be making it, so once you’re through I’ll have to close it right up. The Scholomance has wards that will inform them of your arrival, so you won’t have to worry about not finding the hidden door. I just hope you don’t get arrested.”
Kit waved his hand. “I’ll be fine. I’m good at talking myself out of things.”
“And into them,” Aidan smirked.
“It’s a Herondale trait,” Jace nodded seriously. “Besides, you know Ragnor and Catarina, so if something goes horribly, I’m sure one of them will be around to help.”
“You have a stele, right?” Clary asked. “You can send me a fire-message when you want to come home, and one of us will come through and get you.”
“We’ll hang around here for a few hours. I want to catch up with Tessa. But, if you’re there longer than that for whatever reason,” Jace smiled, raising his eyebrows suggestively, “The fire-message will still reach us in New York, and it’ll be almost no effort to send you back here.”
“I’m going to stay here the night,” Aidan put in. “That way Rupert won’t be by himself. Is that okay?”
“Of course, man.” Kit nodded. “I shouldn’t be gone long anyway. I just want to clear the air with Ty, and then come home and finally go to sleep.”
“Good luck!” Rupert’s expression was distant, but his tone was supportive.
“The Portal is ready,” Clary announced, stepping back from the wall, where a glowing doorway was opening. Jace moved in front of it, forehead creased in concentration. The swirling mist inside the Portal resolved itself into the shape of mountains and trees, and he moved aside.
“Like I said before, don’t think, just step. Good luck, Kit. Although, I don’t think you’ll need luck. You’ve got all the Herondale charm.”
“Shut up,” Kit grinned at him, then, bracing himself, he stepped through the Portal.
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