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#kit x ty
shadowhuntertrash · 2 days ago
imagine kit taking braiding really seriously. he started learning with dru during their horror movie nights but then when he moved in with tessa, she'd let him do her hair. so when mina was born and old enough for kit to braid her hair tessa would always let him do it until it basically just became his job. mina never really went up to jem or tessa to do her hair she would just flop in front of kit.
when he meets up with ty again he saw that ty had let his hair grow out and he immediately wanted to play with it and braid it but obviously it was tense and he couldn't. when they had their first midnight picnic (something they did together pretty often before) together after they had everything sorted kit couldn't help it and after asking ty he braided his hair, adding flowers here and there.
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fevermadness · 2 days ago
in gotsm is mentioned that ty writes a letter every week to julian and sends a lot of post cards -> secrets of blackthorn hall is entirely based on letters, texts and media -> ty pov in sobh
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badassapphic · a day ago
I bet Kit and Ty have playists for each other when they are missing each other.
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foxglove-airmid · a day ago
Ok, but Kit in one of Ty’s hoodies that is so large in Ty that it looks like a dress on Kit.
Tumblr media
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the-blackdale · a day ago
Hi Ire Congrats again 💙🎉🎊 I love the theme in your blog and you were always so kind to me when I was starting to use Tumblr, thank you so much 💙 you deserve so much more followers, you are so sweet 💙
Tumblr media
For the celebration can I get a Kitty header please?
Afagafaf thanks gaby, that means so much to me 😭😭, god I love you all so much im gonna give you all my property 😭😭😭 ❤️❤️
I tried a collage one, hope you like it 🙈
Tumblr media
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cygna · 2 days ago
I don’t want Tynush to be a thing.
Now making myself completely clear if they do date I’m not going to be mad(but if their endgame I might be?), It’s completely normal for Ty to be in more than one relationship throughout his lifetime.
I don’t think they will date though given Ty’s flower card.
I do want Ty and Anush to be really really good friends however. I want Ty to have people he loves outside his family and love interest.
Friendships who aren’t Parabatai haven’t really gotten much of a chance to shine but TWP could change that with Ty and Anush. 
Christina and Emma were lucky enough to have a very beautiful memorable relationship but others like Tessa/Sophie, James & Matthew/the other merry thieves, and Lucie/Cordelia were not so fortunate.
I personally hope Anush and Ty can be very close friends however.
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Will the KIT in SoBH be 16 years old? Cassandra said it goes 1.5 years after TDA and 1 year before after TWP.
so how old is the kit in this image?
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apple-bottom-jeansx · 2 months ago
I am a WHORE for “the love is requited, they’re both just idiots”
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carstairgray · 10 days ago
two bros, chilling in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they are gay and in love but also idiots so they won’t freaking COMMUNICATE!!!
(has this been done before??)
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adoravel-fenomeno · 2 months ago
Aaaaand here are my own interpretations of Kit's and Ty’s flower cards feat. Ty wearing the Joshi family ring
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: The first image is a drawing of Kit Herondale sitting on a chair with Mina playing on the ground. He is wearing a denim jacket, a black t-shirt, and jeans. Mina is wearing a pink dress. The background is a garden with white and pink flowers. On the bottom of the picture is written ‘Satin Flower - Am I Forgotten?’. The second image is a drawing of Ty Blackthorn sitting on a wooden box. He is wearing a black jacket, gray pants, an orange sweater, and white headphones. On his right hand, he is wearing the Joshi family ring. A hand is reaching out for him on the top right corner of the drawing, and Irene is sitting right in front of him. The background is plain green, and there’s a plant with orange flowers decorating the entire left side of the drawing. On the bottom of the picture is written ‘Clove - I have loved you & you haven’t known it’. /End ID]
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the-unseelie · a month ago
Tumblr media
"Ty, stop." His hands shot out, grabbed Ty's shoulders. He knew he shouldn't - Ty didn't like to be startled - but terror was fizzing in his blood like poison. "Ty, don't do this."
Finally finished this WIP after glaring at the sketch for 3 weeks
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toka-sketch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Soooo the amazing @alma-berry asked how Kit would react when he sees Ty's flower card and if I could draw it?
Queen... your wish is my command! 👌🏻❤
Have fun with how I imagine Kitty's reactions to each others flower card! 😂
It's crack! It's stupid. It's quick and I love it!!! (Kit is literally my reaction when I saw them 😆)
Characters belong to @cassandraclare
Flower cards are made by @cassandrajp
Tap for better quality.
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fevermadness · 2 days ago
what you favorite blackthorn boy says about you:
jesse: you really want to go on bookstore dates with someone that deeply knows you
mark: at least once you have wanted to go to the middle of nowhere and scream
julian: you are the eldest daughter in a family of color. or you're really horny. or both.
ty: you're gay. really gay. you are also the Elite in this fandom.
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juliacthefangirl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Kit and Ty 💙 The Wicked Powers
It's been a month since the last time I posted and my life has been crazy! However, I found some time to make this quick fanart of my favorite boys because they're 18 now... these kids grow up so fast 🥲 CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WICKED POWERS!! I hope you like this, my loves! @cassandraclare
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chibi-tsukiko · 2 months ago
All Grown Up 🌻📚
Tumblr media
Kit Herondale & Ty Blackthorn
Tumblr media
Ta-dah!! Our beautiful KitTy all grown up 😭🤧
I cannot wait to have these two back in TWP! The reunion alone is going to destroy me!
For the background on this piece I created a collage of sunflowers and alstroemeria (peruvian lily).
Sunflowers represent positivity, strength, admiration, and loyalty. (I’ve always associated these with Kit)
The Peruvian Lily symbolize devotion, support, survival, and love.
I just think the two fit KitTy perfectly. 🥰
I hope you like it! 🙈
Click on image for better quality
Characters owned by @cassandraclare
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radisv · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“Ty was near Kit, as he almost always was, like a magnet clicking into place.”
They are sooo beautiful I can’t😭🥺🥺😭 twp be good to me please 😭😭😭😭😭
Tags: @khaleesiofalicante @anarchistbitch @chibi-tsukiko @magnus-the-maqnificent @youngreckless @fair-but-wilde-child
Characters belong to @cassandraclare
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starry-lu · 9 days ago
Kit: I have an excellent gaydar. I can determine if a person is gay or not with a mere glance.
Dru: Ty has been in love with you for years.
Kit: he what
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lovejoysmp · 7 days ago
Okay, so I was rereading Lady Midnight and I noticed something. When Emma was showing Cristina Ty’s room, it mentioned how his books were sorted by colour, and books that were his favourite colours would be near the front or closer to him.
Now hear me out, it said his favourite colours were blue and gold (there were more but look at those specifically). Does that make you think of anyone??
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