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laineeys-blog · 24 minutes ago
Haikyuu boys and commitment issues.
Ft. Kuroo, Kita, Akaashi, Ushijima
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo grew up without a mom, his divorced parents is the reason why he sleeps on his stomach, head shoved down to his pillows to prevent hearing their nasty arguments. Which attributes to his signature bedhead. Because of them, he doesn't know what love is.
He may seemed overly nonchalant about relationships but he could actually be distrustful of love and romance, afraid that he'd lose the person he is once he falls in love. Afraid that he'll end up losing feelings to his significant other after years.
He does gets jealous of couples being lovey dovey in broad daylight, going on a dates, holding hands, and kissing but he couldn't picture himself in their shoes. In the end, he knows they'll end up breaking up and separating so there was no point in dating.
At most he'd have a fling or two, never getting anything serious.
Kita Shinsuke
Have you seen Kita with his parents? No, so he doesn't know what it means to love your partner unconditionally.
This guy just seemed extremely perfect in every aspect except one: relationships. He doesn't understand why a person needs to constantly pour all their attention to their significant other. The world doesn't revolve around love, he's got things to do, matters that actually needs attention. Why can't things remain as is? He doesn't understand.
It's exactly because he's so independent, physically and emotionally that he thinks his partner is too clingy and he gets suffocated easily. He tends to withdraw from all that affection to preserve his freedom.
He is so self reliant that he doesn't ask his s/o for any help making his partner think, they're useless.
Akaashi Keiji
Akaashi's habit of overthinking is the reason why he could never properly form a relationship.
Even before starting a relationship, he's already thinking of breaking up. He beats himself up thinking that if everything fails, it would be because of something he did. He thinks poorly of himself.
He tends to be clingy, giving a hundred percent of attention to his s/o but he gets too observant with their emotions that he's always on his toes for any changes because he's afraid that he might upset you or be disappointed.
He's hungry for your affection but he doesn't want you to think that he's desperate because he certainly think he is. Now he's staying away again to give you space.
If you ask what's wrong, he'll brush it off as nothing leaving him repressing all the negative emotions until he could no longer suppress them.
It's the hot and cold treatment that confuses you of his intentions.
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Ushijima is also a product of divorced family, thus, he barely knows what romance is.
Like Kita, he doesn't understand why people have to revolve themselves around their s/o when he also has his own life before the relationship. He has his own volleyball career and he doesn't want to choose between his career and his relationship. (We all know that his last remaining brain cell is just volleyball)
He avoids relationship in general for fear that he'll eventually forced to make a choice.
Sometimes, he seeks affection but will eventually draw back when it disturbs his normal routine. He doesn't want anything to affect his career.
He doesn't know what it's like to love unconditionally, he thinks it's just like being friends with added label which frustrates his partner. He thinks it's too much if he has to update you constantly, 24/7, about what he's doing, or demanding things from him.
I like to think about this all the time and I feel sad everytime i hear about their backstory.
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samxkita · 5 hours ago
*he stops at a sushi place* well let’s go eat
Wait one second *she grabs his face and gives him a quick kiss* now we can go
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samxkita · 5 hours ago
Hehe well thank you i appreciate you very much my love
I appreciate you too
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oikawakuns · 6 hours ago
I hope you're having a lovely day!
Tending to the garden with Kita? ;-;
thank you! i hope you’re having a great day, too 💕
Tumblr media
“good morning,” you greet your husband, settling next to him with your own set of gardening tools. saturdays are for tending the small garden you had in your backyard, and kita often takes it upon himself to manage it.
“oh, good morning.” you can hear the mild confusion in his tone. it’s not apparent, but you know shinsuke well enough. “it’s early.”
“mm,” you hum, steadfastly checking on the daikon you’d planted some months ago. the mornings are starting to get a little chilly; it would probably be okay to harvest now, but you want to give it another week.
“is... is something happening today?” he asks. 
“no,” you answer gently, and move to the tomatoes.
“oh.” a beat. “you’re... usually not awake this early.”
“i know.” you smile softly and glance at him before turning back to the vegetables. “i just wanted to join you.”
kita is very set in his ways. his every morning is determined by his every night, the soundness in his routine a blanket of security throughout his days. he’d never force the peace he found in it on anyone, much less his wife. you’re different, and it’s fine. time works differently for different people.
but still. he appreciates time taken for him.
you turn to smile at him, but the sight of his teary gaze takes you aback. “shin, are you okay?”
he leans over and presses a soft kiss to your temple. “thank you for joining me.”
Tumblr media
send me an hq boy + scenario! 💌
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samxkita · 6 hours ago
Hehe well that’s very nice I appreciate it thank you
I’m only telling you the truth, I mean look at you. I consider myself very lucky to have ended up having a guy like you who loves me and is married to me.
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samxkita · 6 hours ago
Really? Well thank you my love
Hehe yes really, you are the most handsome, gorgeous and hottest guy I know and love. No one can compare to you...
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samxkita · 6 hours ago
*he turns on the car and drives off and then grabs one of her hands*
You know you’re really handsome right?
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samxkita · 6 hours ago
Ok is everyone ready
Yes we are *she makes sure her hands is out in the open just in case Kita wants to hold hands again*
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samxkita · 6 hours ago
*he gets to the car and put Isaac in his car seat making sure he is safely buckled before getting into the drivers seat*
*she puts Brandon in his car seat making sure he is safely buckled before getting into the passenger seat*
*she gets in the car and puts on her seatbelt*
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samxkita · 6 hours ago
*he walks to the car*
*he follows him with lia*
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samxkita · 7 hours ago
Ok sounds good to me
Hehe let’s go
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samxkita · 8 hours ago
Well that makes me happy that I always make you feel loved
Hehe yeah, but are you hungry? We can go out for dinner
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iheartkuroorin · 8 hours ago
I’ve been home since the day i met you
Tumblr media
a/n: After almost six years of dating *Character Name* and Reader move into a two bedroom apartment.
Characters included: Kita & Sakusa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Home sweet home huh Omi?” You look at your boyfriend with a huge smile on your face with a box in your arms. He pulls down his mask and presses a kiss on top of your head then pulls the mask back up. “We are home. But we have to clean Y/n, this place is a mess” He looks around the house in disgust.
Sure there’s dust everywhere and maybe the small white fridge is covered in filth, and the stove in covered in grease but it was still your first place by yourself. Well with your boyfriend of course.
“God let’s hurry and put these boxes down and run to the store for cleaning products. We can’t sleep until it’s clean you got it love?” He looks at you as he sets the box that was in his hands down on the floor where the dining table is supposed to be. “Agreed! It’s filthy in here. Clean then we put our mattress in OUR room” You can see Sakusa smiling through his mask when you said ‘our room’.
After setting down almost of all yours and Sakusa belongs in the apartment you wipe your sweat off your forehead and look at your boyfriend. “Store?” He nods and reaches his hand for yours.
Coming back home you both begin to clean. After what feels like 24 hours of cleaning the whole apartment, when in reality it was only three, you both bring in your mattress into your room. “Hey babe! get up we need to take a shower. We stink.” You look at your boyfriend who is on your shared bedroom floor out of breath. He nods and walks into the bathroom with you.
“It’s our home Omi.” You say as your laying on your boyfriends chest playing with his fingers. You inhale his fresh scent and smile. “It is our home love, but i’ve always felt like i’ve been home since the day i met you” He kisses the top of your head and smiles.
Tumblr media
“We’re home love” You set a small box you were carrying on the kitchen counter. “Shin look at it! Isn’t it pretty” You look around your new shared apartment.
From your boyfriends point of view you looked like a child in a candy store looking at the different types of sweets, he absolutely loved the way you scanned your new shared apartment. He knew you were thinking of where the couch would go. Or which one of the five different tables you liked would go with your kitchen.
He walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Ya so beautiful” He kisses your cheek. “Thank you love. We have to hurry and clean then set up our bed!” He nods and goes to the car to get the cleaning supplies.
After a half an hour of cleaning the living room you enter your shared bedroom where your boyfriend is. “Shin bubbas i’m tireddd” You whine and crawl towards Kita and lay your head on his lap. “Love ya but ya gotta to get up. I’m building the bed I don’t wanna hurt ya” You sigh and roll onto your back and take a quick nap.
You’re suddenly woken up by your boyfriend poking your stomach. “Wake up. I ran you a bath. It’s already 12 am we gotta shower and sleep.” You nod and hold your arms out so he can take you to the bathroom. He lets out a small scoff and picks you up.
He lays you in the tub and sits behind you gently pouring the warm water on you. You lean your back into his chest. “No sleeping we’re almost done okay?” You nod and stay awake.
You change into one of Kitas shirts and lay down in bed and open your arms for your boyfriend to lay down. He smiles, turns off the bedroom lights, and lays in your arms. “We have a home together Shin. We finally did it. I know it isn’t the best but at least we can call it ours” He looks at you and presses a couple kisses along your soft jawline and smiles. “Y/n my love. I don’t care if we live on the streets or in a mansion. I only care if i’m with you because i’ve been home since the day i met you. You’re forever my home”
Tumblr media
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samxkita · 9 hours ago
And I will keep reminding you
You always know how to make me feel so loved
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atsuvu · 10 hours ago
bro just looked at hoshiumi and said "you think that's the little giant? that's kita" 💀💀💀
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samxkita · 10 hours ago
You are so beautiful you know that right
Hehe you remind me everyday
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samxkita · 11 hours ago
Umm you can take the lead
Ok *she leads them to a bunch of black and white paintings*
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samxkita · 11 hours ago
Hehe *he pays for their tickets*
Thank you babe, now where to first?
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