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#kita shinsuke x reader
kageyamathegrump · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— pairing; kita shinsuke x fem!reader
— warnings; choking, mean!kita, daddy kink (teehee)
Tumblr media
your sweet, soft spoken boyfriend has just about had it.
the twins were driving him up the wall, their endless banter wanting to make kita scratch his ears off. on top of that, he’s been overworking himself — not giving himself a rest from practice due to the upcoming game. the endless practicing has resulted in him getting sloppier.
just when he thought he would be able to rest at home, relax on the couch with you while watching his favorite drama — you decide to be a brat, grinding yourself against your boyfriend and whispering dirty things in his ear to make his cock throb.
so, he snapped.
the second you slipped your hand teasingly past the waistband of his boxers, he pushed you back against the couch and pushed his thick cock into your, already wet, tight little cunt; keeping you there while you whined and sobbed for him to move.
“i’ve had enough of you being a cock whore, princess. all you did today was yap and whine for me to fuck your tiny cunt with my big cock. why should i? hm? you don’t deserve daddy to fuck this messy cunt... you should be glad i even put my cock in you, you disgusting whore.”
“but daddy-“ you cut yourself off with a gasp when a pressure was put around your throat, kita’s hand wrapping around your neck and squeezing ‘till your pretty eyes rolled back.
“just shut. up.”
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gimmemattsunsdick · a day ago
Kita Shinsuke: Ameliorate (Part 4)
Tumblr media
Part 3
Warning: There is TRIGGERING content in here.
Kita’s mood was off the next morning, he kept thinking about Y/n, over and over again. He glumly tended to the rice crop; it was strange… He was used to the quietness of the countryside, but he found himself thinking of his chatty tenant yesterday. She genuinely seemed to be having fun until they got back to the cottage…
He sat by his tractor, eating some onigiri, watching Ton-Ton dash around, until his ears perked. He could hear voices from behind his tractor, making him put his food down. He walked around where he caught sight of an older woman and younger man. They both were dressed so flashy, standing next to a fancy car, looking around the area in confusion…
“There’s no way she’s staying in a place like this. That stupid taxi driver doesn’t know what he was saying! “The lady scowled, crossing her arms before she huffed, sitting back inside the convertible. Kita frowned when the young man turned, and he seemed familiar.
He turned and noticed Kita, quickly calling him over
“Excuse me, sir?” He asked and Kita nodded,
The man just shook his head, dusting his suit
“Not exactly, I’m looking for someone. Someone very important.” He pulled his phone out before he tapped on his screen
“Have you seen woman?” He asked and Kita’s eyes locked onto Y/n’s face. He kept a stoic face when he finally realised Ankoku Kai stood in front of him. Kita heard Ton-Ton growling, he looked at his dog who looked instantly hostile towards the man, who ignored her.
‘She doesn’t trust him…’
Kita found himself, nodding his head and Kai’s shoulders perked
“You’ve seen her?” He asked and Kita nodded,
“Yeah… this lady showed up a few days ago, lost. Said something about a taxi driver dropping her off at the wrong town…”
Kai grinned, and Kita felt sicked by it… This man seemed so evil. He wanted to get rid of him fast
“Any idea where she was going?”
Kita thought for a moment, what should he say… He didn’t want this man coming back here…
“I remember, she was looking for this town”
He pulled his phone out and showed Kai the furthest possible town from his farm. Kai nodded, noting the information down before he grinned,
“Thank you so much sir, please take this”
He handed his card to Kita, giving him an appreciative nod
“If you happen to see her, please let me know”
Kita raised a brow, pretending to play dumb
“If I may, why is it so important to find her? Has she done something? If I see her again, do I need to call the police?”
Kai immediately shook his head,
“Not at all… She just has something of mine, and I need it back. Its very important to me… extremely valuable…” He said, before he glanced at Kita, giving him a wary look.
“Well… thanks for your help…”
Kai got back into the car, where she sat waiting
“So? Where is that brat?” She asked and Kai just grinned,
“Calm down L/n-san, she’s an 8-hour drive away… but this time, we’ve got her. I found a reliable source” (AN: Ha! idiot.)
Kita watched them, drive away leaving him standing alone by the fields as they raced off…
He looked at the business card in his palm, instantly crushing it before he chucked it away.
He was not going to reveal Y/n’s location, she was extremely adamant about it when she arrived. And this man was involved in the scandals with her. He’d be the first person she wanted to avoid. Kita had no idea who the lady was, that wasn’t his fiancé…
Days passed and Kita kept himself busy with work… He was taken back by her reaction that he had no idea how to approach the woman. Those late nights he’d find himself sitting on his porch, looking at the dark cottage. It almost felt like no one was staying there but he knew she was there. Every morning as soon as he would open the back door, Ton-Ton would immediately make a beeline towards the cottage and she would return at the end of the day with a new bow in her fur.
Kita’s gaze was still locked on the cottage, he kept pondering over whether she was eating or if she was lonely, right now. Y/n seemed so happy when they spent the morning together… He still couldn't get over her smile, the way her cheeks lifted when she saw the fields.
“I don't want to go to town anymore… I don’t want to eat. Stop trying to make me eat… I’m not stupid, I know you’re doing this because you’re pitying me. I don't need your sympathy… I don't need you or anyone else telling me what I should do with my life. So please leave!”
Her words still echoed in his mind…
The way her sweet face twisted into despair, made him swallow a lump in his throat. He was never bothered in making connections with any guests staying over. He just did his duty by being friendly when need be and then he was on his way.
But her…
Kita couldn't stop thinking about her. She plagued his mind all day, he kept trying to think of excuses to go see her but alas, there were none…
What happened in the city with her? Why did she run away? What was on that SD card? What was causing her so much pain and turmoil? All these questions raced in his head, he let out a deep sigh,
His ears perked when he heard sudden barking, straightening himself, he realised Ton-Ton was erratically barking by the porch steps
“Ton-Ton, quiet… You’ll wake up Oba-chan” He said but she kept jumping and yipping at Kita. He hummed realising Ton-Ton was distressed, getting up, he slowly walked down the porch steps
“Ton-Ton? What’s wrong?”
Before he could bend down to pick her up, she immediately barked, racing towards the cottage. Kita stood there for a moment and when she ran back, yipping again. She dashed towards him, biting his trousers, trying to tug him towards the cottage. Kita finally understood that something was indeed wrong… Even his friendly dog was on edge…
He immediately followed behind her, finding his pace getting faster the closer he got. Ton-Ton ran to the back of the cottage, where he followed, and he realised the backdoor was open. She barked again, rushing inside and he was reluctant for a minute. What if Y/n got mad again, seeing him in the cottage… especially this late at night…
He could hear Ton-Ton barking again and he knocked a few times
“L/n-san?” He called, but he was just met with the tiny dog running towards him, jumping against his legs. Kita made his way inside, calling her name again as he looked around in dark apartment… Nothing seemed out of place, but he followed his dog’s yipping up the kitchen.
Calling out for her again, he waited for a response before making his way to the dog. He could see the faint light dimming the hallway, and he could hear Ton-Ton barking inside. Kita pushed the door opened and immediately panicked, when he found her laying on the floor. Immediately rushing towards her, he bent down, pulling her in his arms.
“Y/n!?” He called, lightly shaking her but she groaned… He took sight of how sickly she seemed, she was panting lightly, and he felt how hot her skin was.
“Y/n?” He said gently, putting his hand on her forehead. Her fever seemed really high, quickly standing up with her in his arms. He carried her up the stairs, towards the bedroom. Her body was so light in his embrace, it worried him. He managed to place her down, quickly propping open a window, letting the cool air in. He heard her whimpers, turning to press his hand on her face.
“It’s okay, you’re okay” He said softly, and she opened her eyes,
“K-Kita-san?” She asked ever so quietly but he heard her, he rubbed the top of her head, calming her form
“You have a fever and you’re really weak… Just sleep for now”
Her eyes welled up in tears, and he felt the strings on his heart tug when he caught sight of her trembling bottom lip. He was so tempted to swipe his thumb against it.
“I’m sorry…” Her voice cracked and he hushed her, putting his palm over her eyes, hushing her
“Sleep… I’ll take care of you, okay?”
She nodded and he pulled his palm away. Pulling the covers over her, before he quietly crept outside. His heart was pounding, he had never been terrified before but seeing her collapsed like that… His heart had almost stopped. He heard Ton-Ton yipping by the stairs, and he went to her, picking her up
“Good girl” He muttered, walking to the backdoor when he put Ton-Ton outside. He closed the door and could hear her whimpers, paws knocking on the door
“Sorry Ton-Ton... but Y/n needs to rest…”
Making his way to the bathroom, he searched for a bowl and washcloth.
He filled the bowl with cold water. Making his way back upstairs, he stepped into her room. His eyes darted at her sleeping form, her face displayed so much discomfort, coaxing him to be by her side. He sat on his knees, putting the bowl next to him. His fingers dipped the cloth in the water, squeezing out the excess. She gasped lightly, feeling the cold washcloth against her skin when he placed it there.
Watching her face soften a little made him feel relief. He quietly got up, going back downstairs where he entered the kitchen. Searching for ingredients, he opened a cabinet, he frowned looking at all the untouched food. He looked around the kitchen again, realising that hardly anything was eaten, there was an untouched cup of tea sitting on the counter… He thought for a second before realising that Y/n must have been making tea before she fainted.
Looking at the bin, he peered inside. There were many teabags and fruit peel or two in the trash but that was it. His jaw tightened, realising she starved herself… It was no wonder why she was ill. She probably got dizzy and collapsed.
Kita stepped away from the bin.
He felt pensive…
Why wouldn't she eat?
Y/n was so guarded when it came to food… She looked so depressed; it was a different contrast from the brief photos he had seen online. They were so fake… She was so much more beautiful in reality… The ordinary Y/n was the best version
It was late but Kita didn’t have the heart to leave her alone. He idly cleaned the cottage, checking on her once (or twice). He felt at ease, watching her sleep peacefully. He took the spare blanket, draping it on the sofa downstairs where he lay there, wide awake. Sleep couldn't come to him and he sighed, getting back up. He crept upstairs, checking on her again. Dipping the cloth in the water, he covered her forehead again. He pressed the back of his hand against her cheek, feeling her fever slightly reduce.
“Good…” He sighed, standing up again.
Kita picked the bowl up, going to the dresser. He placed it there, about to turn around when he caught sight of it.
The same SD card that caused her hostility, just sitting there…
He felt guilty but he realised the answers to her problems were in it.
“Why do you have that!?” She said in an alarmed tone, rushing to him to snatch it away from his hands
“It was on the table… I just-”
She moved away from him, holding the SD card in her hand, her shoulders trembling
“Did you open it?”
He was having an inward argument with himself… He couldn't just betray her trust like that… but he had to help her. It made him feel sick for taking granted of her sickly state, but he picked the card up…
He felt his breath hitch, walking out of the door, feeling like a criminal.
Kita knew what he was doing was wrong, but his feet took him back to his house, immediately going to his room. He didn’t even bother turning the lights on. He grabbed his laptop, flipping it open. He sat in tension at his desk, sliding the card into the slot. Kita was never an impatient man, but he found his foot tapping against the floor. His heart was pounding when the folder appeared on his desktop. His mouse hovered over the folder,
He asked himself once more, if this was the right thing to do. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, his finger tapping on the trackpad. It took a few moments before he opened his eyes and he saw the folder. There were multiple folders, and he clicked the first one.
‘There’s nothing…’
He scrolled through some random photoshoots of different models, a few of Y/n but that was it. He was confused, as he skimmed through different folders, they all were just photoshoots… Kita was about to give up until he scrolled all the way down and suddenly a folder marked as PRIVATE came into his view
Kita clicked on it and he realised there were multiple videos, labelled with different women’s names. Furrowing his brows in confusion,
“Audition tapes?” He asked himself
Scrolling down, he stopped when he found Y/n’s name. Kita clicked on it
Almost immediately another window opened up and he waited impatiently for the video to load. At first, he was confused, he could only hear muffle noises, but his heart stopped when he realised the screen was black because a man was covering the lense, before he walked away
When the man crouched down to eye level of the camera, he realised it was Ankoku Kai. He gave sickening smirk before he moved from the camera vision and that’s when Kita saw her… He instantly paled, seeing her blindfolded and gagged body on the mattress. Kai made his way to the mattress when he gripped her jaw ever so harshly, before looking towards the camera.
“How cute… I get to shoot Y/n’s first movie…” He grinned and she let out a scream muffled by the gag, her arms trying to move but Kai gripped her throat so harshly, making her cry out again.
Kita felt sick…
If he knew about this earlier, he would’ve docked Kai in the face immediately. He could feel the nausea build in his system before his attention was distracted when Kai’s slimy fingers began undressing the lingerie on her body
“Your mother told me you’re a virgin… How exciting… I get to be the first man to embrace you fully… I’ll make you my whore” He growled, when she struggled, before he pulled his hand back to slap her.
Kita immediately closed the video, standing up, he felt dizzy… He felt sick… He had to rush to his bathroom where he threw up. He was bent over the skin, panting… Even splashing cold water on his face didn’t help.
He now understood everything…
Her mother sold her out…. And Kai was blackmailing the models in his father’s agency… No wonder Y/n ran away, she stole the SD card… He raped her, took away her innocence… He took everything from her… She was suffering, all alone by herself with no support… No family to rely on, no friends…
No one…
Kita went back into his room, he pulled the SD card out, tucking it into his pocket. Closing the door behind him, he checked on his sleeping grandmother before leaving the house. He made his way to the cottage, unlocking the door. He went back upstairs. Kita peeked into her room, where she lay asleep. He quietly put the SD back in its place, before he sat at the end of her bed.
Kita was in a solemn mood, he watched her sleep peacefully, but he wasn’t at peace. His hand reached out to grab hers, squeezing it gently. Looking at her thin and nimble fingers, her small wrist, eyes travelling up her thin arms to her face. He didn’t know what possessed him, but she was so deprived of love… His fingers caressed her sleeping face, feeling her fever had reduced significantly.
Just looking at her, he sensed his heart fluttering…
He wanted nothing more than to protect her.
Y/n stirred that morning, she grumbled a little before cracking her eyes open. She registered the pants in her ear, confusing her. Opening her eyes, she was met with beady black ones before Ton-Ton yipped, licking at her face
“H-Hey… Ton-Ton!” She muttered, forcing herself to sit up but she held her head, feeling dizzy. Ton-Ton whimpered, when she heard her groan, crawling in the woman’s lap trying to soothe her.
As she tried to recollect herself, she tried to move but her body wouldn't let her. She felt far too weak…
“How’d you get inside?” She asked, while Ton-Ton yipped, wagging her tail. Y/n tried to reach for her phone but her fingers were met with a bowl full of water and a wash cloth…
“When did I…?”
It hit her so fast, she remembered what happened… She was making tea while Ton-Ton ran about in the kitchen. When she suddenly felt dizzy and after that… everything was a blur… but she remembered seeing Kita’s face, just briefly…
There was a knock on the door, and she stilled when Kita stood by the door frame
“Morning… Feeling any better?” He asked and she nodded, looking at Ton-Ton
“A little… How did you know I was sick?”
Kita made his way inside, and she realised he was holding a tray, he moved the dog from her side before placing it on her lap
“Ton-Ton… She was barking like mad last night… I know you wanted privacy, but I couldn't ignore her… I found out on the kitchen floor… You passed out because you haven’t been eating” He said and she bit her lip, looking at the bowl of porridge on her lap, he had even cut up fruits with juice.
She looked back at Kita, only this time she realised he was wearing an apron, a bandana tied to his head. A giggle left her lips and he perked up, looking at her
She shook her head, still giggling
“It’s nothing… It’s just, you look very domestic right now…”
He gave a small smile before he politely sat at the end of the bed
“Y/n, I need you to eat… Please… This stuff isn’t heavy at all and its nutritious… I know you don't like it when people look at you, so I’ll give you some space, but you have to eat.”
She stared at the food, feeling uneasy but he leaned forward, picking up the bowl, he brought the spoon to her lips
Y/n avoided looking at his eyes, she reluctantly parted her lips and Kita smiled, feeding her.
“Good girl” He cooed and she blushed, slowly chewing on the rice porridge. She didn’t know what to say but she realised just how hungry she was, somehow the anxiety of being judged was forgotten and she ate every bite he fed her, including the fruit. Kita was relieved, the colour was coming back to her skin and she looked much better. He reached for the cloudy water, handing it to her
“What’s this…?” She asked, grimacing and he shrugged,
“Electrolytes… They’ll give you energy, so drink up”
He made her chug the water and she felt extremely full after a long time. Kita picked up the tray, making his way outside
“Thank you… Shinsuke…” He heard her muttering, turning he gave her a smile
“No need to thank me… Y/n…” He said, before he walked to the kitchen to clean up. Y/n lay back down in bed, letting Ton-Ton curl into her side. She was feeling very guilty for the way she treated Kita earlier. He had done nothing wrong and she lashed out on him. All he was doing was trying to help.
Feeling better, she pushed the covers off. She picked up Ton-Ton letting her on the floor before she got up. She made her way to the hallway, and in that moment, Kita had walked out of the bathroom.
“I was just coming to get you…”
“Oh… I was looking for you too…” She said softly and he nodded, opening the bathroom door
“I’ve filled the tub for you. You sweated out your fever early this morning, so a warm bath would do you good”
She didn’t get a second before he pushed her inside, closing the door behind him
“I’ll be downstairs if you need me” He called through the door before walking away. Y/n stood in the bathroom, a little baffled at how kind he was treating her. She thought his words over
“You sweated out your fever early this morning…”
The bowl, washcloth, food… Did he stay with her all night? She felt so touched, no one had ever cared for her like this… Even as a child, of she was ill. Her mother would leave her with the nanny (who wasn’t really good at her job…) Stripping from her grimy pyjamas, she sat in the tub. A sigh left her lips feeling the warm water surround her body. She sat there, hugging her knees, thinking about him even more
He was so gentle, so kind… She kept thinking of his sweet smile and the way he praised her while she ate
“Good girl…”
Her cheeks heat up and she sunk lower in the bath, trying to calm herself down. She was not in the right state of mind to be crushing over him...
She got out of the bathroom, making her way into the bedroom where a clean pair of clothes lay. They weren’t hers but they were women’s clothes. Picking up the simple shirt and sweats, she wondered if Kita had borrowed his sister’s clothes again. It made her feel a bit better to wear something different from the two outfits she had left, because of her breakdown last week. But she still felt guilty for wearing her clothes…
Y/n made her way downstairs where Ton-Ton happily yipped, jumping at her legs. She laughed, walking around looking for him.
“Shinsuke?” She called out, waiting for a few moments when he walked out of the kitchen, coming up towards her. Her breath hitched when he came close, placing a hand on her forehead
“You’re temperatures back to normal, that’s great…”
Kita glanced at her eyes, suddenly feeling his cheeks heat up. He pulled his hand away, muttering an apology. She was so weak last night that he constantly checked her temperature, it became a habit. He cleared his throat, lifting the glass he was holding towards her
“Here, drink another glass of this”
He handed her another cloudy glass of water and she didn’t question him, chugging it before handing it back to him. He patted her head, muttering another praise, making her cheeks heat up again
“You’re treating me like Ton-Ton…” Y/n muttered in embarrassment and Kita just chuckled,
“Its because you’re being a good girl and listening to me, can’t help it” He shrugged and she rolled her eyes, rubbing her arm shyly
“Um… You’ve done a lot for me Kita-san, I’m really grateful and I’m sorry for the way I behaved last week…”
She bowed and he put his hand on her shoulder, making her stand straight
“Hey…” His voice was so gentle, soft eyes looking at her “Don’t apologise, it’s alright… Water under the bridge okay?”
She nodded, feeling the tension leave her shoulders. Kita spoke again,
“I’m going to town in a little while, would you like to come with me? Might do you some good to get some fresh air” He asked, and she immediately nodded,
“Yes please, I’d love to go!” She said eagerly, and he chuckled,
“Let’s go then”
She sighed leaned back in the passenger seat of Kita’s old pickup truck, random tunes played from the radio while she enjoyed the wind blowing through the open windows. Kita kept stealing secret glances at her, he could see her lifted cheeks, eyes closed as she leaned against the window, breathing in the fresh air.
They were alone together again, as he drove, he couldn't ignore the memories of last night. He kept picturing her defenceless state from the video, he could still hear her muffled whimpers echoing in his head. His fingers gripped the steering wheel, knuckles turning white. How dare those people… How fucking dare they
He shook his head, snapping from his thoughts, looking at her for a moment
Y/n was still looking out of the window, she didn’t turn to face him but she spoke
“You’re a really kind person”
He raised a brow, his eyes concentrating on the road ahead
“I think you’re kinder”
Her hand dropped and she looked at him, but this time he was looking ahead. He seemed really troubled and she wasn’t sure why. Leaning forward, her fingers brushed his bangs and he almost slammed on the breaks… His heart was pounding and he blushed,
“S-Sorry, your eyes were furrowed, so I thought your hair was bothering you because its so windy but you couldn't fix it because you’re driving…” She rambled and he hummed,
“Thank you Y/n, its much better now”
She felt happy seeing a smile on his face, feeling a bit chirpy as she looked at the road ahead
“So why do you have to go to town?” She asked, trying to make conversation. He nonchalantly replied,
“I gotta deliver the rice at the back, plus my bike’s almost done being repaired today, I need to pick it up”
“Bike? Like a cycle?” She asked, “But you have a tractor and this truck!”
Kita looked at her, before his shoulders shook lightly and a laugh escaped his lips
“I can’t travel all over the countryside on my tractor or this old thing… Motorbikes are quicker”
She gawked at him, and he gave a curious look
“What’s wrong?”
She shook her head,
“I’m sorry… I just never pictured you to ride a motorcycle…”
Kita grinned,
“Yeah, a lot of my friends were shocked when I visited Tokyo last month… They didn’t expect me to come by bike… To be honest, I love being on the open road. I want to ride my bike all over Japan, one day…”
Y/n listened to him, looking at the passionate look in his eyes
“Where do you want to go?”
Kita didn’t even need to think,
“I have no destination in mind, I’d like to visit every place I can go”
She suddenly pictured him riding his bike along the seaside, the wind whooshing face while she hugged him from behind, looking at the scenery go by…
Her cheeks heated and she pinched her arm
‘Stop it…’ She told herself.
It was nice to see someone have such a meaningful goal, there was nothing materialistic about it.
‘If only you could take me with you…’ She thought
“What is it that you truly like to do?” He asked and she cocked her head,
He nodded,
“I know you model but… is that what you’re truly passionate about?”
She stared at the road ahead of her, she could see the town approaching, her shoulders perking
“Oh, is that it!?” She asked pointing and he was distracted, looking ahead
“Yeah, we’ve reached. It’s a small place but it’s got a shops and other things. I’ll show you around.”
She was intrigued, it was so different from the city. Everyone looked so normal, they all knew each other and were friendly. Kita made her cover her head with his hoodie,
“You’re a celebrity so someone might recognise you and cause trouble…” He handed her a face mask, “I know you don’t want to attract attention, right now”
“I didn’t think about that… Thanks Kita” She said, his hoodie was baggy and loose on her and she could smell his scent faintly lingering on it. It made her feel giddy. She slipped on the face mask, hiding her blush and he felt better, parking the truck in front of a shop. Kita simply waved at two men before they began unloading his truck
“They help us ship our rice to other towns and cities.” He explained and she nodded, before he drove further ahead. Kita rolled into a garage, parking the truck before he got out. He opened her door for her, letting her hop down. Her eyes zeroed in on a sleek motorcycle resting in the middle of the shop.
“Is that yours?”
Kita hummed in appreciation, and she gave an impressed look
“You’re pretty badass” She said and he chuckled.
“Would you like to explore while I finish the repairs here? I might be an hour or two, so take my phone. If you get lost, just call on this number. It’s the shop phone, so you can contact me”
“Thank you so much Kita! I promise I’ll keep it safe!” She said and he laughed,
“Trust me, even if you lose it. Someone will return it to me, they’re honest people here” He said and she grinned under her mask. He gave her a wave when the mechanic appeared and she shyly waved before stepping out.
What a thrill it was for her. No one was bothered by her, everyone she passed greeted her. She looked at the shop windows, she was passing by. Before her eyes landed on a small boutique. Humming, she stepped inside, looking at the racks of clothes. There were some intriguing pieces… that reminded her of her mother… She felt her shoulders droop, turning to leave before she caught sight of one rack…
“Excuse me?” She called for the shop assistant, who was a chirpy older woman
“Yes dear?”
Y/n pointed to the clothes,
“Can I try these on?” She asked and the lady nodded, showing her to a dressing room. She tried on different outfits, feeling happy. Nothing was figure hugging, the dresses she picked were modest and flowy. She loved the new outfits she was conjuring for herself, hanging everything she wanted to buy. She ended in the last piece, a simple white sun dress. It wasn’t anything special, its skirt ending just above her knees, the thick straps resting on her shoulder comfortably. Looking harder at herself, she frowned seeing her bleached hair… Her dark roots were growing in… The longer she stared at herself, the more upset she felt. Grabbing the clothes, she made her way to the till, grabbing some lingerie on the way, dropping the entire pile on it
“Oh my! You’ve given me more business in a single day compared to a week!” The shopkeeper beamed and she gave a sheepish smile, watching the lady scan and fold all the clothes, putting them in bags. Y/n paid her and thanked her, taking the bags, just before she stepped out of the shop, she stopped turning around
“Um… Aunty?” She asked and the older woman hummed,
“Is there a hairdresser in this town?” She asked
Kita helped the mechanic load his bike in the back of his truck, they secured it and covered it. Thanking the older man, Kita looked at his watch, it had been just a little over two hours. He had picked up some food for them to eat on their way home, storing it in his car. He tried to call his cellphone, it took a few rings but she didn’t answer and he frowned.
Walking out of the shop, he tried to call again while he looked at the busy street around him. As his phone rang, his vision kept darting back and forth and finally he heard his ringtone. Turning, he saw a woman in a white dress, holding a lot of bags, her face was covered by the sunhat she wore.... He wasn’t sure if he was dreaming… but she look an awful like
He was awe struck, looking at her dark hair, brushing her shoulders… Especially when she opened her bag, looking at his phone, gasping, she quickly answered
“Kita!” He heard her, as she looked around
“I-I’m sorry, I think I'm- Oh!”
She turned to bump into said man, stumbling back. Kita’s eyes were glued on her, and she froze, blushing, quickly setting her bags down…
“Sorry Shinsuke… It took longer to cut and dye my hair… I hope you weren’t waiting long…”
His eyes were glued onto her dress, it looked so good on her… He couldn't help but look longer than he intended before he caught her flushing face, she gave a shy smile, fiddling with the sunhat in her hands
“I didn’t want to be recognised so I thought I’d change my look… Does it look weird?”
She felt a little insecure, it was the first time she styled herself… She didn’t want anything bold or new, all she wanted was her original hair colour back… She wasn’t a fan of her long hair, finally cutting it just above her shoulders. The stylist was quite talented, Y/n’s hair looked healthier and she felt so much better.
Kita was still entranced, his hand reached out to twirl a piece of her hair between his fingers. She looked so much better, it felt like she had life back in her. She looked so happy…
“It’s not weird at all…” he muttered, Y/n’s heart stilled when he smiled at her,
“I think it’s perfect”
Her heart fluttered, and coincidently so did his.
Kita pulled his hand away, turning around. His face was heated, and he put his cap on, pulling it down slightly to hide it. She covered her head with her own hat, hiding her blushing face. Both of their hearts were beating madly…
Y/n realised she was in love. For the first time in her life, she knew she had feelings for someone, and it scared her. He was perfect, he was too good to be true. She bit her lip, Kita deserved to be with a better woman. He was reserved and well mannered, unlike her. She was dirty, tainted and those scanty photoshoots she had to do… There was no way he’d want someone like her…
Kita’s heart was still speeding, it was a feeling he hadn’t felt in a very long time. He found himself wanting to spend more time with her. He didn’t want her to leave, he had to keep her safe…
His eyes widened and Kita realised he was in love… He opened the truck door for her, letting her in before he placed her shopping in the back. He covered the back of the truck, making his way to the driver’s seat.
Sliding in, he smiled at her
“Did you enjoy yourself?” He asked and she nodded,
“I had a lot of fun! Thank you so much!” She beamed and Kita smiled, starting the truck. They drove back out, getting ready to start their journey when he turned to her,
“There’s one last stop” he said, and she nodded, leaning back. He drove on and they were quiet. As the land stretched out and she eyed the grassy fields, Kita began slowing the car down. She sat up when it came to a full stop, looking at him in confusion
“Where are we?”
He grinned,
“Come on”
Opening the door, she slid out and he came around the back, a basket in tow. He slowly walked down the slope onto the grass before he turned extending his free hand. Y/n reached out, clutching his hand, intertwining her fingers with his, as she tried making her way down.
He walked further ahead and she followed him, before he stopped. Confused she looked ahead of him, seeing a little pond.
“Wow… Its beautiful” She gasped and Kita hummed, setting the basket down
“Thought it’d be a nice spot for a late lunch. I’m a bit hungry so…” He hinted and she stopped, looking at the checked blanket on the floor as he seated himself, he turned to pat the space next to him
“Aren’t you?” He asked
For the first time in her life, she didn’t feel afraid to nod. She slipped her sandals off, sitting next to him.
“I’m hungry too” She said.
Kita looked at her and she looked at him too,
“Good girl” He teased, and she blushed, looking away
“I’m not Ton-Ton!”
Kita laughed opening the basket, taking out different things
“I got them from the bakery in town, they’re still fresh”
She perked up,
“I walked past it! The food smelled so good, my mouth was watering!”
He handed her some cranberry bread and she thanked him, happily taking a bite,
“It’s so good!”
She let out a moan of delight and he swallowed… Picking up a sandwich, he munched on it, distracting himself. They both talked and laughed about various stuff. He told her about his past and she learnt about his friends from school. One name actually struck her
“Oh gosh, you’re close to Miya Atsumu…?” She muttered and he gave a confused look
“You know him? I mean, he’s a celebrity too…”
She sighed, leaning back
“Yeah… Met him at a party… Ended up slapping him…”
Kita thought for a moment,
“That was you?” He let out a laugh
“I heard from Osamu that he was drunk and his attempt at flirting went haywire… Apparently he deserved it”
She giggled, nodding
She plucked some grapes, enjoying the sweetness and he watched her lick the stray juice of her lips. He had to look away, she was absolutely captivating him.
Sighing, she leaned back, a hand on her belly
“I’m full”
He nodded,
“Me too…”
His eyes picked on the dark clouds approaching, the wind picking up. Clicking his tongue, he stood up
“A storm’s coming… We should leave before it begins”
She took his hand, letting him pull her up as they gathered up their little picnic. Making their way to the car, they got in and he started the engine. There was silence between them, letting the radio play. The sky was getting dark and she realised that drops of raining were beginning to patter on the windshield. Kita cursed, and she raised a brow
“What should we do?” She asked when the rain began pouring faster and he sighed, slowing the car down.
“I have to cover the hood, this trucks pretty old so I can’t handle the engine being flooded or else we will be stuck. Opening his door,
“I gotta get the plastic from the back, I’ll be back”
Y/n felt bad, watching him get out of the truck, into the pouring rain. She could hear him at the back and she opened the door, rushing to him
“Y/n, get back in the truck” He said and she shook her head, ignoring the rain
“Let me help you, it’ll be faster”
They grabbed the heavy plastic, quickly bringing it to the front where she helping him secure it. Kita and her rushed back into the truck, clothes wet from the rain. They sat in the car and he realised her dress was almost transparent… His cheeks flushed when he caught sight of her nipples peaking… He looked away, outside the window, looking at the dark dreary clouds as the rain poured harder. The windows were fogged up and they were the intense droplets hit the roof. He didn’t want to lust after her, it was wrong… She’d been through so much, she needed time to herself, he had to help her heal first
“Will your bike be okay?” She asked and he nodded, still looking away
“Yeah, luckily we covered the back just incase this happens. So I’m not worried, you’re shoppings safe too”
She laughed,
“I forgot about those”
There was silence between them and she began thinking. He seemed so lost in thought but so was she, except when her mind wandered, so did her lips
“I don't know what I’m truly passionate about… I’ve never gotten the chance to”
He looked at her and she was looking at her lap,
“My entire life has been led by other people… My decisions were made by my mother, the way I lived, ate, dressed, my friends… and even my boyfriend was chosen for me… Okasan said it would make great publicity after highschool… Then she made me break up with him for even more publicity…” She didn’t know why she was telling him this, she stopped and apologised but he shook his head, his hand sliding over hers. He didn’t realise how horrible her life was…
“Talk to me”
She sighed, looking at the rain hitting her window
“I never wanted to be a model… My mother has been working with this agency since before I was born… She’s not even my real mom…” She brought her knees to her chest, hugging them. He kept quiet, listening to every word
“Okasan adopted me when I was 5… Apparently I stood out compared to the other children… She just knew I’d be a star… I remember being really happy, leaving the orphanage, she was holding my hand and she said we were going to be so happy together… It was a lie… She immediately pushed me into modelling, any chance she got, she made me do it, even if I didn’t want to”
She remembered when she was a child, she suffered severe stage fright and her mother would force her to pose in adverts. She used to cry and wail, eventually puking after almost every shoot but it only resulted in punishment.
“I don’t know who my parents are but they didn’t want me… I probably did something horrible in a past life… Maybe I deserve the life I have now”
“No you don’t.” He cut in, leaning forward, “You don't deserve any of this. You’re not capable of horrible things…”
She could feel her eyes well up in tears, she always felt so alone but Kita’s company meant everything to her. She knew she was safe. He reached out to her, putting his hand on shoulder, rubbing it gently
“Y/n… I promise you can trust me. I know you need help so let me help you. You don't have to go back to that life, I’ll set you free… She doesn’t own you. You’re your own person, don’t be afraid of them… Y/n, look at me…”
She shook her head and he sighed, wrapping his arm around her shoulder
“Let it out…”
Her shoulder’s shook and she leaned into him, finally opening her lips
“Shinsuke, I’m in trouble…” She whispered, and he held her close,
“Y/n, tell me everything…”
Taking a shaky breath, she poured her heart out, she told him every measly detail of her life, leaving him feeling angrier and angrier at her ‘mother’. She was a horrible person, he could never imagine his own mother like that… He let her cry, just comforting her but she stopped, for a moment, thinking really hard if she should tell him the next part… Looking at him for a moment, she took a deep breath
“You probably heard about the scandal with Ankoku Kai… I’m sure your sister mustve told you…” She began and he nodded,
“I-I didn’t go to hotel with him… willingly… My mother had tricked me, she said we were having dinner with the Director and his son, Kai… She made me getting decked up, forced me to wear that dress… Told me to meet them there… When I did, it was just Kai waiting for me… I didn’t realise the paparazzi where tipped off on our location and they were taking our photos…. Um…” She became hesistant but he rubbed her back, encouraging her to go on
“He ordered us wine… and I drank it… After that, everything was a blur… I didn’t realise where I was going and that he was taking me upstairs…” Her eyes watered again and Kita knew where this was going, now on edge
“H-He… forced me on the bed… and he t-tied me up…” Her words dropped in a whisper
“…he recorded everything… Told me if I told anyone, he’d expose my edits on any porn fetish site… I-I told my mother and she didn’t bat an eyelash… She told me to go along with what Kai said and then I realised she planned it… The scandal was her idea… She would provide Kai models to corrupt and blackmail… The week I booked your cottage, I had planned everything a little haphazardly… I knew my mother would force me to see Kai again… I didn’t want to but… I did, I planned my arrival at your cottage on this date… so I could run away on time…. This time when he brought me to his hotel room, I managed to lock him in the bathroom… I stole the SD card from his camera and ran here…”
Kita didn’t want to tell her he already knew, he rocked her slowly back and forth, trying to calm her down, whispering sweet nothings in her ear
“Y/n, you’re not going back to them”
She looked at him confused,
“But where will I go? I-”
“Stay here” He said and she froze,
“Kita, how can I? My tenancy ends in two weeks, I don’t have enough money-”
“Forget the money, your safety is important to me…”
She could feel her tears slide down again and she shivered, feeling cold from the chilly air and her damp clothes. Kita noticed immediately, leaning against the side of his car door, he extended his arms
“Come here”
She crawled onto his lap, her back against his chest as their stretched their legs on the seat. Y/n felt his arms wrap around her and her bottom lip quivered,
“Why are you so nice to me?” She cried and he hushed her,
“Because you’re the nicest person I’ve ever met”
“L-Liar” She mumbled but he hooked his finger under her chin, making her look at him
“I don’t think I’m capable of lying to you…”
“Shinsuke” She whispered, he wiped her stray tears, letting her lean her face against his chest
“Let me protect you, Y/n. We can get through this together… Please” He whispered, rubbing her back. She nodded, finally letting herself trust someone else
“I need you”
Kita looked at her and she looked back up at him, they couldn't take their eyes away from each other, but his hand cupped the side of her face and she found herself leaning forward. Both of them closed their eyes, her arm travelled to the back of his head and he kissed her hard. It was like the breath was taken out of her body, she felt an immediate spark in her heart and Kita was sure he did too. He licked her bottom lip and she parted them, letting him slip his tongue in her mouth. They were panting, light moans leaving her while they made out.
They parted just for a moment, catching their breath. It took just a moment for him to gaze into her eyes, almost asking if it was okay that he did that. She leaned forward, kissing him this time and he closed his eyes, letting himself be completely taken over by her.
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hajibun · 2 days ago
PAIRINGS: sugawara koushi, kita shinsuke, kuroo tetsurou, akaashi keiji x gn! reader
GENRE: fluff
A/N: i’m in love. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
SUGAWARA would take you to a little picnic. you guys would take cute pictures, draw each other, listen to music, etc. he would feed you chocolate covered strawberries as he moves your hair behind your ear. gazing at you with love and adoration in his eyes. then he’ll take you to a flower field to enjoy the scenery. you guys take a couple more photos and then watch as the sun sets before your eyes. painting pretty golden hues on your faces.
KITA would take you stargazing on his field. a blanket underneath both your bodies, an arm around your waist, your head on his chest. the sounds of rustling trees and crickets filling in the comforting silence. a soft breeze touching your cheeks and necks—cooling the hot summer night. he would stare at you as if you were the most beautiful person in the world. no you were the most beautiful person. the way the moonlight illuminated your features made him feel like he was falling in love all over again with you.
KUROO would take you roller skating. the sound of chatter filling in the room. the way you held onto his arms to find balance. laughing at each other when one fell. dancing in place together to the beat. once you guys got the hang of it, he’ll follow behind you incase you fall. taking selfies together to save to his album of you. the disco lights shining different shades of colors on everyone as they moved. although there was chaos happening around him, the only sound he can hear clearly was your laughter. the one that never failed to make him smile.
AKAASHI would take you dancing in the rain. instead of the usual dates he took you on—he wanted to do something different. he remembered how you always loved to dance in the rain when you were a kid. slow dancing in each other’s arms as the rain poured on both your bodies. finding comfort and warmth amongst each other. the lampposts providing as much light it can. twirling you around with his hand and catching you with his other. the smile that gracefully came on your face as you stared up into him. this was a sight he’ll never forget. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━© HAJIBUN 2021 — all rights reserved. please do not copy, modify, or repost my works and claim as yours. thank you :)
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greedybri · 2 days ago
a/n;; new character unlocked ✓
Tumblr media
SUNA: you and Suna had been driving throughout town, and the number of turns he made managed to make you tired, so despite the freezing and uncomfortable position, you just laid your head against the window and dozed off to sleep. he was about to start talking about some random topic when he noticed your figure tilting to the side. suna then pulls over, pulls out a blanket from the back seat, and drapes it over you.
IWAIZUMI: he'd been training with oikawa for an upcoming practice match, and Iwaizumi had offered to take you home once he finished, so you chose to remain until he did. to pass the time, you did some reading, homework, or anything else that would keep you busy. you were suffering from a headache as a result of all you had been doing, and you decided it would be best if you laid down and stopped doing anything. putting your backup as a pillow for your head you had closed your eyes and went to sleep. he peered up at the bleachers to check on you after a few more spikes and quietly gasped when he spotted you and your sleeping body. he then advised oikawa to take a break or drink some water before going to his bag to get his team jacket to throw over you so you don't get cold in the gym.
KITA:  kita is aware that you have been studying diligently in order to pass these marking period exams. and, of course, he supported you, but he didn't want you to strain your body only for the sake of your academics. you waved him off, claiming you were just going to study for a few minutes and then go lay down with him. he nodded and respected your word, but after two hours, he peered over at your desk and found your head buried into your arms, napping. he sighed gently, smiled softly, and walked to the closet to retrieve your favorite cotton blanket, which he wrapped over you and kissed you on the head.
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rintarouss · 2 days ago
if at all possible can u do more fwb texts w atsumu ?? 🥺 i loved them sm
Tumblr media
𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐦 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐞𝐱𝐭𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚
𝗮𝘂𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗿'𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲: thank you for the request ! so these are a sort of 'sequel' to the fwb texts i suppose. hope you enjoyed !
𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝟭 𝟮
𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: bf!atsumu x f!reader, established relationship, fluff and a sprinkle of angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭: @dancingazaleas @izukine @txzierbaby @mitsuluv @xenihime @conniesspringersgf @fiaficsxo @s4ijohs @oblxvion @inumakizone @megumisbimbo
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amjustagirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Childhood friends to lovers with Kita Shinsuke - 607 words of fluff
as requested by @kitastowel​
Tumblr media
You’ve known Kita Shinsuke your entire life. Your family owns the farm right next to his, your grandmothers are best friends, and when you were just a baby your mother swaddled you and tucked you next to him in his cot whenever she pops over to his family’s home for a chat. 
You’ve grown up with him. He’s your first playmate, always to help you out when you fall whilst climbing trees or riding a bicycle too recklessly across the farm, always willing to entertain your fantasies of being a princess, acting as your knight and saving you from the dragon - his father’s old bulldog that only seems to snore. He’s your classmate, waiting patiently at your front door to walk together to you, chiding you whenever you fall asleep in class or catch a cold from forgetting to pack an umbrella. 
You’ve known him all your life, and yet you can hardly recognise the figure striding across the fields towards you. 
You have the excuse that you’ve been busy, been away at the university studying business at your parents’ insistence instead of taking over your family’s farm like you always intended. You could plausibly argue that your last memory of Shin is of his serious, lean teenage self - the photos his grandma sent you hardly does his present self justice. 
None of these excuses hold water. Hard labour and the sun’s rays have sculpted your solemn childhood friend with chubby cheeks into a handsome stranger with golden skin, starbursts of freckles across his broad back, making your heart stutter in your chest as he greets you with a polite bow and an uncharacteristic wide smile. 
“Hello Kita-san”, you greet him politely. 
“Ya make me sound like a stranger”, he says with a chuckle. “What happened to yer Shin-chan?”
Shin-chan got hot that’s what happened. The gods have mercy on you - you shared baths with him as a child, but if you look at him any longer you will spontaneously combust.
Kita’s mouth falls open. Oh gods what happened to your sense of self-preservation? Did you really say that out loud? 
“Please”, you beg. “Could you erase the last fifteen seconds from your memory?” 
Always the gentleman, he nods even as he chokes on laughter. “I’ll try for ya, princess”, he says, eyes shining with mirth as your heart explodes at his use of his childish nickname for you. “Anyway, I came over to ask if you’d like to stay for dinner.”
Grandma Yumie chooses this exact moment to pop her head out from the farmhouse. 
“He means to ask if you’d like to stay forever!” you faintly hear her call. 
You watch as Kita flushes pink - you’re pretty sure it’s not just from the day’s heat, scratching the back of his neck as he resolutely lifts his gaze to you. 
“I thought it might’ve been a bit too early to ask that of ya”, he says calmly, even as his pink flush travels down the column of his neck.  
You imagine standing in fields of gold with Kita Shinsuke by your side, harvesting crops that you’ve grown from the rich earth with your own hands. You imagine mornings where he kisses you awake and teases you for refusing to get out of bed, insisting that the sunrise is the prettiest ever despite saying that everyday. You imagine nights ringing with laughter over hearty bowls of food in front of crackling fireplaces, cuddling up beneath blanket forts for warmth.
“I don’t think it’s too early”, you say softly with a wide smile. “Not at all.”
His hand is warm against your back as he leads you inside.
Tumblr media
a/n: fluff to heal your hearts <3 hope you enjoyed it :3
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Haikyu!! Brain Rot Headcanons
Tumblr media
✎ Summary: Random haikyuu headcanons that are rotting my brain
✎ Pages: One, Two
✎ Characters: Miscellaneous haikyuu characters
⚠︎ TW: None ⚠︎
✎ Genre: Fluff
✎ WC: 279
Tumblr media
-> KYŌTANI has a mild fear of animals - cats especially
-> IWAIZUMI is lowkey a big sucker for Disney movies and knows nearly every song by heart
-> BOKUTO lays awake at night wondering if his friends really like him (They do)
-> DAICHI and SUGAWARA run every morning with each other. By the end, SUGAWARA has it turned into a race
-> SUGAWARA loves the smell of rain
-> KITA marks his calendar with everyone’s birthday
-> KAGEYAMA spends a little bit of time every morning practicing his smile in front of the mirror
-> SUNA randomly lays down on the floor for no reason. He has tripped people numerous times because of this
-> BOKUTO’S older sisters used to dress him up and put sparkly makeup all over his face and tied his hair into ponytails
-> SUGAWARA’S favorite jokes are puns and pranks
-> IWAIZUMI carries around an extra jacket/umbrella/etc. with him for the possibility that you forget yours
-> AKAASHI reads reads to you when you can’t sleep because he knows his voice soothes you
-> BOKUTO requires a good morning AND good night kiss every day. He will whine until you do so
-> SUNA either has you paint or his nails or paints them himself. It doesn’t matter what color
-> NISHINOYA and TANAKA have competitions to see who can make the weirdest sound possible
-> YAMAGUCHI buys TSUKISHIMA a slice of strawberry shortcake every year on his birthday
-> KIYOKO is amazing at making flower crowns
-> During AOBA JOHSAI sleepovers, when everyone falls asleep, HANAMAKI and MATSUKAWA will draw on their faces
-> When ATSUMU and OSAMU got in fights as children, their parents would put them in the “Getting Along” shirt until they stopped and apologized
Tumblr media
Sorry that some of the characters repeat more than others, I did my best to randomize it
I hope you enjoyed this. Consider dropping a heart? Reblog maybe?
Be safe, drink your water, and I love you 💋
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itskierrababyy · 2 days ago
02. wth did you do?
Tumblr media
Atsumu’s shameless flirting always got to you one way or another, you said goodnight to Kuroo and Bokuto and turned your phone off. Rubbing at your temples in frustration you let out a heavy sigh, a sigh that carries exhaustion, and worry. School was everything to you, and that’s because from a young age your parents drilled one phrase into your head.
“Be addicted to success.”
And you were, those four words bombarded your mind every time you studied for the past three years of high school. But it wasn’t enough. You were graduating in a month, as salutatorian, second best, even though you were always told to strive for first. Who beat you to it? Kita Shinsuke, head of Inarizaki’s student council. You two are neck and neck with your grades, both sitting at an average of 99% but with Kita practically running the school he was bound to knock you down a peg. On top of it he’s annoyingly nice, but you always thought it was a facade.
As your pen runs smoothly along your paper, writing neat notes that others would call pointless, you hear a knock at you door, oh how you’ve been waiting to hear that goddamn knock.
Not acknowledging how you were dressed in the comfort of your dorm you carelessly answer the door to the six-two brunette who’s holding a black binder. He pauses once making eye contact with you, in which you realized you answered the door in a t-shirt and your thong. Not that it bothered you for him to see, after all it was one in the morning and you could care less.
“Shit.” He mumbles under his breath in hopes that you don’t hear him as he eyes you lustfully. You pry the binder out of Suna’s hands which breaks him out of his trance, grabbing his shoulders you turn him around to face outside of your dorm as you push him out of the door frame.
“Do you answer everyone like that, or were you dying to see me?”
Arrogant bastard. You roll your eyes at his comment not expecting anything less from the popular fuckboy.
“You wish” Closing the door with a smile you return to your desk to study this binder. It had notes from every subject, perfectly designed, and colour coordinated. God was Atsumu Miya starting to sound great right now. Maybe you will hookup with him you thought, to say thank you, you know?
Suddenly cheating didn’t feel too bad.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- i don’t have a posting schedule but i think something like every other day i reasonable
- also in this smau all the haikyuu characters go to inarizaki
masterlist | prev | next
taglist: (open, send an ask to be added)
@satorinnie @ohajime @rintarovibes @lilith412426 @orphicepiphany @nomdabi @starrysuna @lucyrocks86 @90s-belladonna @kachuuha @black-rose-29
Tumblr media
itskierrababyy 2021
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yoonrey · 2 days ago
"You do it right. And you do it everyday."
Imagine being sexual partners with Kita Shinsuke
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Plays Ariana Grande's Everyday-
He giving me that good shit
That make me not quit, that good shit
He giving me that good shit
That make me not quit, that good shit
Oh, he give it to me
Everyday, everyday, everyday
He give it to me
Everyday, everyday, everyday
Oh, he give it to me
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txsukenx · 2 days ago
haikyuu playlist
hey hey heyyyy! another playlist from me tumblr and ao3 do be making me act up... anyhow,,, share the playlist if you can, it would mean a lot to me hope you guys like it : )
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bleedinqhearts · 2 days ago
paper rings ; drabble compilation.
• premise; a snapshot of the moment right before he proposes. • pairings; atsumu miya x reader , tooru oikawa x reader , shoyo hinata x reader , shinsuke kita x reader
Tumblr media
atsumu miya
The Tiffany blue ring box currently resides in the second drawer of his night stand, unceremoniously buried underneath several pairs of Calvin Klein briefs.
He forced Osamu to come with him to the jeweler, partly because Atsumu enjoys dragging along his brother for any adventure, but mainly because his heart at the time was beating so fast at the idea of finally proposing that he felt he needed someone nearby in case he collapsed from a heart attack. So, with sweaty palms and a sort of nervous jitter to each of his steps, Atsumu found himself picking up the ring his bank account will forever hate him for.
“Y’know—” Osamu tells him later on that day, with food (that Atsumu has to pay for as reparations for making him spend his only free weekend watching Atsumu scrutinize tiny rings) shoved sloppily in his mouth. “—ya don’t have to get married if you’re that nervous over it.”
“Ya think I shouldn’t get married?”
“Don’t put words in my mouth, idiot.” Osamu takes a minute to chew thoughtfully, swallows, and then takes a few more seconds to come up with the least offensive wording he can manage. “I’m just sayin’, if ya don’t feel ready, don’t do it. No one says you have to get married.”
That’s true, he’ll give Osamu that much credit. It’s not like getting married will automatically guarantee that your relationship with him will last forever, but...
But — you’re his best friend.
But — he can’t imagine a life without you by his side.
But — he loves you. He knows that’ll last forever.
It’s that last thought that urges him to dig through his underwear drawer ‘til his hands can grab at the smooth ring box that contains the promise of a future that will last forever with you tucked inside of it. Usually, when he thinks of the ring and the amount of commitment that comes attached with it and the fact that it’s not a matter of whether he’s ready, but a matter if you’re ready — willing, more like — to spend your life by his side, he panics. Usually, when he’s holding the box, his chest feels tight, and there’s a lump in his throat, and he wants to hide that little box right back in his drawer, buried deep under layers of spandex and cotton. Usually, he chickens out at the last minute.
He realizes, while he’s on one knee, looking up at the way your eyes are wide and glistening with what he hopes to be tears of joy, that the tightness in his chest and the lump in his throat and the anxiety for the future doesn’t plague him. All he can do is barely contain his smile before he asks you the four little words that he’s been wanting to say from the moment he met you.
tooru oikawa
He’s spent the last few months painstakingly studying up on engagement rings that, if for some tragic reason he ever had to give up volleyball, he could easily find a job as a ring jeweler.
Nothing is in his head besides information on cuts, carats, clarity, and colors of diamonds. Nothing but the best for you, he decides early on.
Which is exactly why he deems every ring, no matter the price tag or the weight of the stone topping it, not good enough.
He’s annoyed pretty much any jeweler he’s come into contact with, has exhausted every single source he can gather to further his growing knowledge of wedding rings, and has ultimately lost sight of the bigger picture while searching for the biggest ring.
He’s easily brought back down to reality when he sees you subtly eyeing the ring on the finger of his teammate’s fiancée. He just proposed — it was this whole spectacle, but Oikawa reckons that he can do his proposal on an even grander scale, if he chooses to.
(He won’t, because he knows you and knows that the him that you like the best is the one that doesn’t put a show on for the cameras.)
“Do you like her ring?” He whispers in your ear, eyes zeroing in on the dainty diamond that pairs well with her dainty fingers.
“Mmm, it’s nice, I guess.” You reply back, leaning into his warmth. Your hand finds his, squeezing it gently. Your left hand. Your horribly bare left hand that deserves to be adorned with a ring that can at least try to compete with your beauty. It should be you, he thinks, trying to subtly show off your new ring to everyone. He could go out right now, call a few people, and get you a ring of your own. He’ll do it, if that’s what you want.
“So what kind of rings do you like?” He’s been waiting for the perfect opportunity to ask you this, and now’s the perfect chance. You’ll never suspect that he’s been tossing and turning at night, trying to figure out what’s the perfect piece of jewelry that you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life.
“I think my favorite will have to be whichever one you decide to give me.” You hum, looking up at him with that smile of yours that tells him you can read him like a book that you’ve already read; like you can anticipate what’s coming before it even happens.
You laugh at his frozen expression. “You’re forgetting that I’m the person you’re going to be marrying. I can tell when you’re stressed out about stuff, and you’re not nearly as secretive as you think.” A quick brush of your lips against his warm, flushed cheeks. Another gentle squeeze of his hand. That bright smile of yours that can rival a thousand suns.
He’s been an idiot to think that there’s some perfect ring that’s capable of emulating the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
(It doesn’t mean that he gave up the search for one, though. The only difference is that this time, you’re right next to him, giving each and every jeweler in the country a migraine.)
shoyo hinata
Hinata’s grown to love the beach. The way the sand clings to his warm skin that’s been at the mercy of the sun for several hours. The cool water and the sound of crashing waves. The way your laughter rings out as he chases after you. The way your eyes shine when you turn around, seeing how close he is to catching you (even though the both of you know that if he was really trying, you would’ve been a goner within two seconds). The way he feels happy and whole as he lays next to you on a beach towel that’s just a bit too small to have the both of you laying on it, which forces you to have your body pressed against his (neither of you mind).
Maybe it’s not the beach, he realizes. Maybe it’s just you.
Because while the sun is setting, you’re watching it, but he’s not. The sunset, he decides, looks infinitely prettier when its warm, orange-golden glow is kissing your skin. The color suits you perfectly; he’s starting to think that maybe it’s just you that makes everything better.
The weight of the velvet box feels heavy when he presses it into his palm. You haven’t noticed yet, eyes still focused on the sight of a view that dulls in comparison to the one he sees right now. You rest your head on his shoulder.
“I wish we could stay like this forever, Sho.”
He’s flicking open the box.
“Yeah? I have an idea...”
shinsuke kita
Shinsuke Kita is a creature of habit.
He has his routines, a specific sequence to how he likes things to be done and when they should be completed. So, the surest sign that you’re a significant part of his life is proven by the fact that all of his routines are centered around you.
(You had came into his life as a variable he never considered.
You are now the only thing he finds himself factoring in.)
Here’s the thing: his job requires him to be up at four in the morning. Yours doesn’t. This means that there’s not a reason for you to wake up at the same time he does, but you still do.
He’s grown used to listening to you grumble as you slap around the surface of the nightstand, trying to shut off the blaring alarm clock. (He’s also gotten used to the fact that you can never find it, so he has to reach across to turn it off. You always get mad that he can get it on the first try — without even looking! — but he just smiles when he tells you that once you do something enough, it becomes second nature.) It’s muscle memory that guides the two of you to the bathroom (you’re both practically sleepwalking). He knows that you’ll insist on helping him by getting the toothpaste for him, and he also knows that you’ll end up squeezing too much.
“Oops.” You’ll say, before taking your own toothbrush and scooping up some of the excess. “I did that on purpose.”
(You didn’t. He plays along.)
If there’s one thing that Kita has gotten used to, it’s the fact that the only predictable thing about you is your unpredictability. You’re spontaneous. You do a lot of things without clearly thinking through the consequences. He comes home one day, and it turns out you’ve decided to take in a stray dog. He’s seen you take up (and abandon) just about every hobby known to man. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t love this about you; after all, it’s because of this reckless trait of yours that got you to pack up your things and agree to live on a farm with him without a single moment of hesitation.
He knows that around this time, you’ll toss him his hat and keys with a wink and a “don’t have too much fun out there without me”, before realizing that you handed him your set of keys. He knows to expect you to realize this mistake only after he takes the first step out of the door (he’s already turning around to walk back). He knows you’ll laugh it off, with a ridiculous, loud laugh that doesn’t suit the tranquil atmosphere of five in the morning. He knows that you know you can always count on Kita to never get sick of this same routine.
But this time, it’s a little different. This time, he wakes up before the alarm goes off, just a minute earlier. He checks under his pillow, feeling for the box hiding underneath it. He slips it into his pajama pants’ pocket, and as you squeeze too much toothpaste on his toothbrush for him, he thinks to himself that he can go through this whole entire routine for the rest of his life and never, ever get tired of it.
Shinsuke Kita is a creature of habit, but—
“Shin! Wait, come back, I gave you the wrong—“ You have his keys in your hand, fully expecting to see him already turning around with that knowing smile of his, ready to swap keys with you. That’s the routine. That’s how this is suppose to go every morning. This time, though, he’s down on one knee.
—he supposes it’s okay to break the routine every once in a while.
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exoskeletondotcom · 2 days ago
Ayyy so how about wanting to escape your old life, so you buy a little cabin in the country side, that’s basically falling apart, and one day as you’re fixing it up, your neighbor comes to greet you. His name is Kita, and you can see his farm from the little clearing of trees in your yard. And he’s so nice!! He’s so happy to offer his help in whatever projects you need to get done. It’s all because he could tell right from the beginning that you were gonna end up being his beautiful little wife (sigh<3). Kita is a very patient man, and he will take his time to teach your your place in life. The perfect life <3<3<3
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justanawolf · 3 days ago
Giant's Combat
Tumblr media
Summary: They finally got their dream girl, but not everything's a bed of roses: especially with her annoying and protective brother.
Characters: Kuroo, Terushima, Kita and Iwaizumi (boyfriends); Daichi, Kogewama, Akaashi and Ushijima (brothers).
Note: The ideia popped out and I had a lot of fun writing it. I might do others combats like this in the future if you guys enjoy this one. And for those who notice, yeah, each boy is from a different school🤭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Round One: Kuroo Tetsuro X Sawamura Daichi
Kuroo knew what he was getting into when he asked you to date him. It won't be so easy to gain Daichi's trust, but he has nothing to hide. He likes you, you like him, and if your brother doesn't, well, he's free to sulk about it. It won't change anything.
Daichi on the other hand, was very apprehensive. The fact that you're dating one of his rivals is a bit awkward, so to speak. Not that he doesn't like Kuroo, but imagine if you guys get married? He will have to see Kuroo's smug face at every family gathering. Not to mention that the two of you are actually dating, which means pet names, hugs, kisses. Yep, definitely not a comfortable situation for Daichi.
Their first interaction after the dating news was pretty comical. You and Kuroo were going out to the movies, and he picked you up at home. But was Daichi who was waiting for him at the door.
"Hi." Daichi tries to be friendly, but there's too much tension in his body. Kuroo feels it, but he only puts his hands in his pocket and nod his head to the boy. "Hi."
An uncomfortable silence takes over, and to disguise the pressure, they start looking around, doing their best to not look at each other. You arrive in a few minutes, and after giving Daichi a hug and greeting Kuroo with a kiss on his cheek, you say goodbye to your brother.
"Goodnight to you guys. And don't forget _____, you must be home by eight." Daichi says, making you and Kuroo to frow, both incredulous.
"What? But it's seven o'clock now, and the movie lasts an hour and a half!" You exclaim to him.
"Alright, alright. I give you another half hour." He couldn't be serious, could he?
"I don't think you understood, mate." Kuroo intercepts the conversation, approaching Daichi menacingly. "We're going out on a date. And usually couples spend as much time as they want together. I don't know if you ever dated before, but I can gladly explain to you how things works." He ends with a smirk on his face.
But Daichi doesn't give up. "Well, mate, things here works a bit differently. You see, dating my little sister means respecting my wishes, which in the end results in you have one hour and half to bring her home."
You not only lost the movie, but also needed your parents and a bucket of cold water to calm them both down.
Tumblr media
Round 2: Terushima Yuji X Koganegawa Kanji
"No... Please tell me you're joking!" It was the first words Kogane said when you told him about your new boyfriend. He would accept anyone, anyone at all, But why did it have to be the stupid, womanizing Terushima? Kogane knows his fame, and knows how much a guy like him can hurt you. But you emphasized how much Terushima changed. So he decided to give the guy a chance. But only one.
Terushima, even with his enormous confidence, was nervous about meeting your brother. He wanted to make a good impression on your family, and show them that he's really serious about you. After all, if his plans work out, Kogane'll be his future brother-in-law.
Since you wanted them to get closer, you proposed a game night, just the three of you, and to your surprise, they treated each other well while playing. In the middle of the game, you went to the kitchen to heat up some snacks for you to eat, leaving them alone.
The two didn't know what to do. Terushima, for being nervous, and Kogane, for still being suspicious. But the youngest decides to tear off the bandage and put all the cards on the table.
"Terushima, look. I don't mean to be rude, but I wasn't happy to know that you're my sister's boyfriend. Maybe I judged you too much, but the fact is, you've had a lot of girls. I've seen you hitting on them before, and I can recognize a womanizer from far away. _____'s my only sister, and I don't want her to get hurt. So, if you're just here to play with her feelings, I ask you to please, leave her alone." Kogane says with a more serious tone. He wants to make sure Teru get the message.
"You can rest assured man, I'm not here to 'play games'. " Terushima then watches the table full of board games. "Well, actually I am
, but you know what I mean." Kogane purses his lips to hold back a laugh, but he keeps listening to what Teru has to say. " I know of my past, but I changed. She changed me for better, and all I can do to repay her love is cherish the amazing girlfriend I have. Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but it's just how I feel." Terushima offers him a kind smile. "And I also wanted to make things right between us, you know? You don't have to be my pal, but I would like to have a good relation with you. So, what do you say?"
Kogane doesn't take long to shake Terushima's hand, believing in his honest words. The two smile at each other, and sigh in relief. "I'm so glad you aren't playing. Otherwise, I would have to let Aone take care of you."
Tumblr media
Round 3: Kita Shinsuke X Akaashi Keiji
Kita had no problem to know that your brother's Fukurodani's greatest setter. Even though he never played against Akaashi, Kita has already seen some games, and was very impressed with your brother's talent, especially for providing the stability of the team. It would be interesting to get to know Akaashi up close.
Akaashi, well, he did a lot of research. There weren't many things about Inarizaki's captain on the internet, but from the games he's seen, and the way you talk about Kita, the guy seems perfect. Too perfect, to his opinion. But no matter how perfect he is, if he doesn't treat you right, he's just another moron.
Your brother's the one who proposes a meeting between him and your boyfriend, which doesn't surprise you as Akaashi loves to inspect the boys you like. But Kita don't feel an ounce of fear from it, and calmly goes to the cafe, a buquet of daisies in hand. He arrives there just in time.
He spots Akaashi on a table, and after they greet each other politely and placing their orders, they start the conversation:
"Kita Shinsuke. I've heard a lot of good things about you. Glad to you know you're thinking about my sister." Akaashi refers to the bouquet in Kita's hands intended for you. "She's going to be a bit late, but in the meantime, how about some questions? "
Akaashi literally interrogated Kita, asking questions from "where do you meet?" to "what's her favorite color?" and even "what you're going to give her for Valentine's Day?". He didn't mean to be mean, he only needed to make sure that your boyfriend appreciates you the way you deserve.
Kita remained calm and collected. It's funny to see your brother trying to make him fail with tricky questions, but Kita knows a lot about your every detail. He wouldn't be a good boyfriend if he didn't. And to Akaashi's surprise, the guy didn't get any wrong answers. How's that even possible?
"Akaashi, I don't know where you want to go with this, but I think I've already proved to you what needed to be proved. You have nothing to worry about it. She's in good hands." Kita guesses as he sips his tea, with a small smirk on his face hidden by his mug.
"I'm glad to know that." Akaashi smiles tightly. He takes a long sip of his coffee, and faces Kita in a challenging way. "But every man has a flaw, Kita. And soon or later, I'll discorver yours."
Tumblr media
Round 4: Iwaizumi Hajime X Ushijima Wakatoshi
"Oh no." That's what popped into their minds when they heard that they would now be related. The two never had a pleasant relationship, especially after the volleyball games between their schools.
Iwaizumi detests Ushijma because he, along with his team, was the reason Aoba Johsai never went to Nationals. With just one look at him, Iwa remembers every moment he saw his dream stolen by Shiratorizawa.
Ushijma knows how hated he must be for the teams he defeated, so he would rather not have to hang out with someone who clearly doesn't like him. But unfortunately for him, he can't control your heart.
But they decided to put their differences aside, only because of you. It was difficult for Iwaizumi to be at his rival's house, but maybe, just maybe things could work out.
As the three of you have lunch and enjoy the lasagna bolognese you made especially for them, the phone rings, and you leave the table to answer it. Leaving Iwaizumi and Ushijma to glare at each other.
The two looked like two alpha wolves fighting for territory, the tension between them's so thick a knife would probably cut it. The lasagna that was being devoured before, cools on the plates.
"Is there something on my face?" Iwaizumi asks rudely, crossing his arms.
"Stop being so rabid. You're the one who has a problem with me here." Ushijma says, wiping his mouth with a napkin after eating another bite of lasagna. "But I'm trying to be as friendly as possible to you, for my sister. You have a golden girl in your arms, I think you know that by now."
"I don't have any doubt. And if I weren't so in love, I wouldn't even have this lunch with you. But you're her dear brother, and even though it's impossible to believe, you're a cool guy in her eyes. So for her happiness, I'm willing to play pretend. Our differences can't be resolved in a day, but I can make an effort to bear it." Iwaizumi confesses.
Ushijma reflects on the possibilities for a moment, but he nods and answers "We have a deal, Iwaizumi."
Tumblr media
Did you like the story? Feel free to reblog, give a like and leave your comments. Your feedback means a lot to me!
Thank you for your support,
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nishiannoya · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
18+ Only
kita shinsuke x f!reader, language, smut, spanking, coercion?, degradation, sort of brat taming, m!dom, little bit of manhandling, very light ass play, breeding, mentions of spit/drool, overstim, established relationship (married), hair pulling, (2k wc)
۞ Ever so gentle and caring, Shinsuke just wants to be soft and sweet with his love - and yet he ended up with you, who brings out the rotten side of him.
Tumblr media
The door to your bedroom creaks open and you quickly shut your eyes, pretending to be fast asleep. Shinsuke quietly makes his way into your shared room when he sees the lights are out and hears your light breathing against the duvet. You knew he'd be late coming home from some deliveries into the city as well as catching up with Miya-san at his shop. 
You smile when you feel him slip underneath the covers that you have pulled all the way up to your chin. He settles in and quickly rolls to his side so he can wrap an arm around you from behind, and pull you into his chest. You don't dare to move, though there's a small playful smile on your lips hidden in the dark. He instantly stills as soon as he feels you against him, realizing that you're a lot more naked than he expected - no shirt, no pants, and as he slowly brushes a hand over your hip, he draws in a sharp breath when he comes to find no panties either.  
He presses his hips to your backside, face twitching as he contemplates waking you up or ignoring the jolts of his cock. Thankfully, you're considerate enough to grab his hand and guide it to your breast, encouraging him to squeeze to his heart's content. 
"Oh, so ya are awake," he says in a low voice as he moves his face closer to yours. 
You simply hum at the feeling of his gentle gropes and let your smile stretch wider. His hands move lower on your body, one softly cupping your ass, though you wish he'd just indulge himself and grab you more roughly. He's always been careful with you, though he's learned the things you like and does his best to oblige in his own way. 
"Harder," you breathe, squirming your back into the heat of his body. 
"Don't wanna hurt ya, darlin'," he protests lightly as his palm continues to trace ticklish circles over your skin. 
"Please, Shin. Want it to hurt," you whine, growing frustrated with the need to be used and handled. 
He grunts quietly and draws his hand back before smacking his fingers to the flesh of your bottom - enough to make a pretty sound, but not enough to burn as you crave. 
"Again," you demand, wiggling your hips in temptation. 
He lets out a small, slightly annoyed sigh through his nose that you feel fan across the back of your neck. You think for a moment that he won't do it, but you hear the blankets move and suddenly your ass cheek is greeted with the sweet stinging sensation and resounding slap that you so desired. You don't have time to turn your head into the pillow to muffle your high-pitched squeal. There are stars in your eyes from the welcome shock that only leaves you desiring more. 
"Harder, please," you beg, hungry for him to light your skin up. You don't know what it is about getting your man riled up, perhaps seeing the shift in his usual level demeanor. It was difficult to persuade him that it was okay early in your relationship, but you learned over time that he has his own ways of treating you roughly. 
"Bein' awfully demandin'. If ya want me to do as I like, then let me be gentle with ya," he says in a low voice as he digs his fingers into the fat and muscle of your ass that draws a throaty moan from you. It's not that he doesn't like to get rough with you sometimes, but Shinsuke's not one to be rushed - and if you push him too much, you might bite off more than you can chew. Still, you long for his more punishing streaks whenever you can coax them from him, even if you're left sore and wobbly the next day. 
He lets go when you remain silent, taking it for your compliance to behave. His calloused fingertips graze your skin, dancing up the plane of your stomach before reaching the curves of your breasts. His touch is featherlight as he teases your nipples. Your breath shudders at the tantalizing sensations and you can't stop yourself from whining, "M-More. Need more."
"Are my touches not 'nough for ya, darlin'? Since when did ya get so greedy?" He asks, his usual cool tone starting to turn a bit heated. The warmth of his breath tickles behind your ears in such a way that you worry you'll lose your head from how light it feels. 
"'m sorry," you whimper, feeling a little guilty for being so pitifully aroused, though the need to feel him inside you outweighs it by much more. "Please, Shin. Want you. Been waiting for you to come home."
"Okay, okay," he relents with a small smile, unable to resist the need to take care of you. He leans forward to kiss your temple affectionately and sits up. "Lemme find the lube."
"Just spit on my pussy,” you say, urging him to just take you already.
The line snaps something in him. The absolute filth of your lack of patience has him gripping at your thighs, forcing your ass up, and tearing the sheets away from your body. He dips his head down, nose buried in your cunt, and licks a nice, wet stripe up your folds, spreading the juices you worked up from getting spanked and teased. He doesn't spit at your request, but manages to get you just as slicked up with the practiced workings of his tongue that have your toes curling and thighs quivering. 
You try to rise to your palms, but he pops up from behind you to push your chest into the sheets with a firm hand between your shoulders. You stay down as he commands, listening to him shuffle his shorts off until you squeak in surprise at his fat cock slapping between your ass cheeks. You do your best not to wiggle and squirm too much, but it's difficult to contain yourself when he rubs the smooth tip at your dripping wet entrance. 
“Why’re ya so dirty? So desperate to be treated like a tramp,” he hisses as he steadies your hips, bringing his hand down for another echoing spank to the side of your ass. The head of his thick cock pushes through the tight ring of your pussy and you know it's only going to take a few strokes to have you come undone. That sweet stretch that you've become addicted to as he fills you more and more with every sliding inch, has your eyes crossing already while you grip the bed sheets. 
All it takes is a few steady pumps into your pulsing heat for you to be crying out his name. There's not even a need for you to announce your undoing. He can feel every twitch and flutter of your sensitive walls squeezing his hard length for every bit of pleasure that's being offered. Your quickness to unravel isn't anything new, but he marvels every time he gets to witness how lewd your body can be under his care. 
"Came already, darlin'?" He says, almost sounding like a tease. You simply whimper in response, already trying to back your ass into him more as you hungrily dig for another orgasm. 
"Shameless little slut," he grunts as he picks up the pace of his hips. Such a vile phrase coming from your polite and proper man. It forces your recovering pussy to tighten around him, and you swear he's going to drive you to the brink of madness tonight with how quickly you feel your pleasure building again. 
"Just wanted a sweet little wife who'd let me dote on her, and instead I ended up with such a needy whore," he growls over the sound of his skin slapping against yours. With every pronounced thrust, his tight and heavy balls tap to your swollen clit. The wanton mewls stream that from your lips only fuel the machine-like pace he's working into you with. 
It's quite the sight for him: your figure outlined by the small amount of moon and starlight coming through the window, both your and his thighs covered in the mess of your cunt, and your ass shaking delectably with every smack on his hips. Rugged hands start to squeeze tighter into the soft, bouncy flesh of your ass cheeks, spreading them for a better view of all of you. His thumb grazes over your puckered hole, easily gliding with the excess slick he's pulled from your sopping cunt. A gentle press, not enough to enter, but just enough to tickle a strange spot inside you that has your eyes struggling to blink in time with one another. The drag of his dick along your inner walls is enough to drive you mad, but the added pressure on your other hole causes blank spots in your vision, and unholy noises to rise from your throat. 
"If I knock ya up, maybe then ya might let me be gentle with ya. Will ya let me do that? That 'nough for yer greedy little pussy?" He's nearly snarling his words as he grabs a handful of your hair, pulling your face from the mattress and forcing your back to curve your backside even more toward him. The slight change in angle has you choking on your own sobs of ecstasy as the curve of his cock rubs against that sweet spot inside you. 
You can't even speak or make any sounds despite your mouth open wide, tongue pushing out, and drooling onto the sheets. The mention of him breeding you barely registers. The only thing you can focus on is the delicious ache in your back from arching your ass at him for so long, and the way he's ramming into you even harder than before. His heavy breathing and the vulgar squelches of your pussy overflowing with slick fill the room as you struggle to keep hold of your surroundings. His name and the word "cum" are the only contents of your verbiage. 
"Ya tellin' me to cum, darlin'? Little whores like ya get dumped full of cum, ya'know. Gonna give ya a baby just to show ya," he groans through clenched teeth. 
You can practically feel yourself heavy and full with his child at his words, marked by his seed and undoubtedly belonging to him. You know he'll make good on his word - this not being the first time he's let such filth slip. All you can do is plead for it as desperate tears slide down your cheeks at the need to be claimed by him in such a way, as if the gold band around your finger that matches his can't satisfy that desire quite the same. 
His hips stutter against you and you hear rare curses falling off his tongue as he empties himself inside you, cock tip nestled nice and snug to your cervix. Your body shivers in satisfaction as a wave of warmness washes through your veins. You try to award him with sloppily slurred words of gratitude when he pulls out, but he doesn't acknowledge the praise and only twists his hand on your hip bone to flip you on your back. He grabs your leg to let himself between your thighs and leans forward to cage you between his forearms. His face is close enough to yours that even with your bleary vision, you can see the wild look in his eyes and the feral twitch of his lips. 
"Don't think I'm done with ya. Gonna fill ya up the way I want now."
He's going to make you regret being such a cock-hungry slut. 
Tumblr media
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i-just-like-goats · 3 days ago
Kita Shinsuke x Reader Fluff
Summary: you’re beating yourself up about a bad grade, good thing your boyfriend Kita is there to make you feel better.
TW: reader doubts their abilities
AN: I know exams and tests are extremely stressful but don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you do get a bad grade don’t get too hung up on it and instead learn from it. Good luck for anyone who’s doing exams right now or who will do some in the future!
Maybe you should’ve revised more. Maybe if you sacrificed another hour of your sleep you would’ve received a better grade. Maybe you just weren’t smart. Maybe-
“Yn. Stop it,”
“Stop what?”
“You’re spacing out again and you have a sad face,” your boyfriend, Kita replies.
“There’s no need to be sorry to me, you should, however be sorry to yourself,”
“What, why?”
“I’ve known you for several years now, it would make me a bad friend and boyfriend if I didn’t know what you were thinking and what was bothering you,”
“And what’s bothering me then?”
“You’re upset about your grade for the test you spent hours revising for. You’re beating yourself up about it and you’re pondering what would’ve happened if you maybe spent even more time revising. Believe me when I say you shouldn’t have spent more time revising and you should’ve instead spent more time sleeping,”
Upon hearing Kita’s words, you’re left stunned. How could he possibly know exactly what had been bothering you?
“Sorry,” you weakly reply.
Kita sighs.
“We all have our off days where we don’t do our best on tests. It happens. But what’s important is that you don’t wallow in misery about it and instead see what your mistakes were and learn from it. That is what you should be doing instead of doubting your abilities. You’re smart and you have shown many times before what you are capable of, so have confidence in what you can do,”
Your boyfriend’s blunt statements caught you off guard, but you would be lying to yourself if you said that they didnt brighten your mood. It is what you loved about him, the simplicity of his words never failed to bring anyone’s spirits up. You sigh contentedly and lay your head on his shoulder, deciding to take a well earned break.
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ellewords · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
summary : you have a few questions for your boyfriend, kita.
word count : ~2k 
Tumblr media
fic notes : timeskip!kita shinsuke x gn!reader, fluff, established relationship
from elle ! this was supposed to be a short thing but my brainrot took over so... anyways thank you for reading and i hope you have a lovely day <3 
Tumblr media
“Why are you here?” your voice holds nothing but clear shock, almost losing grip of the phone in your hand. 
Kita Shinsuke stands outside your office building, jacket draped over his shoulders. He has a hand stuffed inside the pocket of his jeans, the other held an umbrella. Every now and then a car passes by, its headlights illuminating his face for just the briefest of moments. You can’t always tell what he’s thinking; mouth pressed into a thin line, but his brows are relaxed. His breathing is as even as they come, but his shoulders are tense. His foot taps on the ground beneath him, but it’s nothing compared to the rain that aggressively hit the concrete, drowning out its sound. 
Thunder rumbles in the distance, making you flinch. There are much better things to do late on a Wednesday night, and stepping out the mechanically chilled air of your office building and into the  freezing cold of the starless night certainly isn’t one of them. You’re unsure if he has heard your question, but you don’t want to break whatever trance he was in. Kita’s staring straight ahead, a low hum beginning to leave his lips. A shiver runs up your spine, goosebumps covering every inch of exposed skin. There’s nothing you want more than to lay in the warmth of your bed, preferably with your boyfriend’s arms wrapped around you. 
So you ask again, this time louder, trying your best to break through the competing sounds of rain and thunder, “what are you doing here?”
This time Kita turns, an exhale escaping him once his eyes settle on your features. The tension in his shoulders slowly — and visibly — disappears, his posture relaxing as he makes his way over to you. His steps are small and quick, the ghost of a smile on his lips as he stops a couple of feet away from where you stood. 
“You forgot to bring an umbrella,” Kita says it nonchalantly, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. He shrugs off his jacket and places it on your shoulders, hot breath fanning your cheek as his face is merely inches away from yours, “it’s raining.” 
A single beat passes as you blink back at him, speechless. You feel like you should say something, and you probably should. At ten in the evening, he could have been relaxing on your couch after a hard day at work. Yet he’s here and his jacket is keeping you warm from the violent winds that blew through the streets. He opens up the umbrella, holding out a hand for you to take afterwards. You’re frozen at the spot, feet glued to the ground and mouth slightly agape. Why is he here? 
Kita looks at you expectantly, an eyebrow raised at your lack of movement, “Should we get going?”
“Okay,” you nod, placing your hand in his. He intertwines your fingers and presses a kiss to your knuckles, keeping you close as you walk towards the parking lot.
Tumblr media
“Why did you do this?” your voice holds nothing but complete confusion, the question plaguing your mind the entirety of the drive back to your place.
Music plays from the car’s speakers, but it’s quiet and gentle, your intakes of breath much louder than its sound. It’s classical, evident in the melodic piano keys and the violin strings. Kita claims it helps him relax whenever he’s driving at night, it helps set the tone — allowing him not to go too fast or too slow. 
The garish yellow glow of the streetlights that lined the streets to your shared home reflect in his face, allowing you to see each distinct feature; the way the corner of his mouth twitched up the slightest of bits, the gentle look in his eyes, the shape of his nose, the length of his lashes. A breath gets caught in your throat, a certain kind of ache beginning to fill your chest. Your fingers begin to toy with the seatbelt, tearing your gaze away.
Kita looks at you just as you focus your attention on the view outside your window, only for a few seconds before placing them back on the road before him, “What do you mean?”
“It’s just…” you keep your eyes elsewhere, pressing a fingertip on the window, watching each individual rain drop fall or merge with another. It’s fascinating, but not enough to distract you from the man in the driver’s seat, “…I could have gone home by myself. I usually do that anyways. And I could have waited for the rain to let up.”
Thunder booms the second you end your sentence. It seemed like it was trying to prove a point, letting you know that the weather was only on its way to becoming much worse by the hour. You cross your arms, rolling your eyes at the timing of it all. 
Kita shakes his head, his movements are so small that you’re unsure if they had happened at all. He keeps both hands on the wheel, loosening his grip for a couple of seconds before he tightens it. You miss the warmth of his hand in yours, admiring the way it calmed the beating of your heart the second he laces your fingers together. Part of you wonders how he can still see despite the rain’s heaviness. In your eyes, everything ahead was a blur. You rub your palms together before your hands could even attempt to shake, blowing warm air between them. 
“It’s late,” Kita keeps the tone of voice he used to answer your previous question, not even sparing you a glance. He yawns before continuing, “even if it wasn’t raining or if you had remembered to bring your umbrella, I still would have come to your office to get you. It’s too dangerous for you to be out on your own.”
“I can take care of myself, you know?”
Your reply comes without hesitation, the words forming in your mind before he had even finished speaking. Your voice comes out our harsher than expected, just what are you trying to prove? Perhaps you could chalk it up to feeling bad, he’s tired and in need of rest, yet he’s driving in what might be the stormiest night you’ve experienced in a while.
“I know,” your tone doesn’t seem to affect Kita though, replying with the same lack of hesitation, “I suppose you could say that I’m doing it for myself.”
“What do you mean?”
He turns to face you, gaze soft, “I wouldn’t be able to relax if I weren’t with you.”
You don’t know what else to say, silence settles between you. It stays there for the rest of the drive home. 
Tumblr media
“Why do you love me?” your voice is barely above a whisper, small pout on your lips as you stand by the end of your shared bed, events from the past few hours replaying in your head; almost like it’s taunting you, how you don’t deserve someone like him. Someone who picks you up from work in the late hours of the night, or drives through a storm to get you home safe. 
Kita’s on his side of the bed, already in his pyjamas, a book in his hands when you entered the room. The lamp that rest atop his bedside table is turned on, providing him the right amount of light. From the window you see a streak of white light cracking through what would have been a completely dark sky. It barely lasts a second, but the beating of your heart only grows restless. You know what’s about to come, but the combination of thunder and lightning still makes you flinch.
But he doesn’t move an inch, voice as calm and collected as ever, “Did you say something?”
You make your way over to your side of the bed, shoulders relaxing at the freshly laundered cotton sheets against your skin. With no longer a road to drive on and his book now forgotten on the nightstand, all of Kita’s attention is now on you. He’s waiting for you to lie down, to snuggle up to his side so he can wrap an arm around you. It’s become a routine at this point, one that he wants to maintain, especially on nights like this one — when the thunder did nothing but make your heart race, when the lighting stole the air from your lungs. You’ve always noticed how he held you tighter whenever the weather was as bad as it is now. 
But you stay seated on the edge of the bed, only sparing him a quick glance before your gaze lands on your hands neatly folded on your lap, “Why do you love me?”
Kita tilts his head to the side. Of all the questions you’ve asked him in the past few hours, this is one that is simultaneously the easiest and the most difficult to answer; easy in the way he immediately knew, difficult in how hard it was to explain. But he’s going to answer your question anyways, placing both of your hands in his.
“Because I love you.”
He uses that same tone of nonchalance and obviousness as before, except this time he’s gazing into your eyes as he answers, thumbs brushing against the skin beneath them. Sure, it’s nonchalant, it’s obvious, and he says it without hesitation. But it’s also sincere, his voice as warm as the feeling that fills your chest. It’s an answer as simple as the ones he’s previously given, so why did your heart beat as fast as it currently did? Growing even louder with each passing second.
“Why are you even asking me that?”
The tables turn and the question is now for you to answer. Truthfully, you hoped that he wouldn’t ask that very question. Answering will make it feel real, all the insecurity and uncertainty that began building in the pit of your stomach will rise through you. But Kita’s stare is intense, almost like he was trying to read your mind — pick apart any thought that raced through your head. It’s the strangest mix of intimidating and comforting; you want to hold back, but you also want to tell him everything. Trying to keep your breathing even, a sigh escapes you.
“It’s just…” You hesitate, tears beginning to prick the corners of your eyes. Kita holds your hands tighter, silently telling you that everything was going to be okay, despite not knowing what exactly it is you’re feeling. That alone somehow makes you feel better.
“I don’t feel like I deserve all these things that you do for me, whether it’s picking me up or offering to wash the dishes after dinner, or rubbing my back after a long day of work even though you’re probably just as tired…maybe even more. How long did you even wait outside my office building earlier?”
He shrugs, unsure of where this was going, “Around half an hour.”
“Exactly!” You exclaim, like his answer just proved the point that you were trying to make. You let go of his hands and threw them up in exasperation, “Why would you even do that?”
“I do these things for you because I love you,” Kita cracks a smile, hoping that the sincerity of his words reaches you, “And I love you simply because I do.”
He doesn’t really know how else to say it and you don’t know if it entirely makes sense. But love often doesn’t make any sense anyways. More often that not, there’s no rhyme or reason to human emotion. You just feel it in the first place. So you’ll let Kita pull you close, and you’ll let him press his lips on your temple, and you’ll let him tell you he loves you one more time before the two of you drift off to sleep.
“Mmm, okay. But I may love you just a little bit more.”
Kita chuckles softly, eyes beginning to flutter shut, “Impossible.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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bunnybokuto · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: shinsuke kita + female, gender neutral, “hairy” reader.
word count: 1.4k
warnings: female but gn reader, established relationship, praise, reader hasn't shaved in a few days, possible body hair kink, oral (reader receiving), "pretty cunt" and "pussy" are used.
note: body hair is absolutely, completely, and one hundred percent normal. having body hair, liking body hair, or finding it to be attractive or beautiful is nothing to be ashamed of. beauty, whether it be natural or created, is beauty nonetheless. enjoy <3
thank you so much, carter @keishinslove , for beta-reading! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“can i eat you out?” shinsuke asks as he pulls away from your face, lying on his side while his hand cups your cheek. it all began as a lazy, tender morning makeout session to celebrate him coming home from a short trip with some old friends, but as shinsuke's hand occasionally squeezed and kneaded at the flesh on your hip, it was clear that he wanted a little more.
you blink in surprise, eyes focusing as you gasp, “what?”
“can i eat you out?” he repeats.
“right now?” you ask incredulously.
“yes,” he says, unbothered by the boldness and seemingly odd timing of his request, with it being so early in the day. “if ya don’t want me to, then i won’t. it’s ‘s simple as that, my love.”
"but i haven't.. shaved in a few days, shin.." you trail off, unsure but not unwilling, leaving it up to him-- although he wants the opposite. he wants a definite answer; one that's clear and sure. he won’t take a cloudy answer, and you know that well enough.
"that doesn't bother me, sweetheart. ‘ya know i think yer attractive regardless of any of that," he says. "'s natural, right? how could i be disgusted by what's natural?"
"shit," you say, covering your eyes embarrassedly with your fingers. "okay."
"okay?" he questions.
"yes," you say more firmly. "you can eat me out."
"n you're sure?"
"yes," you say, embarrassed at having to repeat it.
without missing a beat, shinsuke moves down the bed, moving the assorted blankets to the side and sitting on his knees near where your feet point toward each other nervously. his hands find your knees, parting them slowly with strong arms while you look on in anticipation and desire.
"let's get these off of ya," he says, gently pulling off the shorts that keep him from you. the wet spot on your underwear doesn't go unnoticed, and shinsuke rubs a line over it with his middle and ring finger, smiling lightly at the small, pouting whimper that falls from your lips.
"shhhh," he whispers, barely loud enough to hear. "it's okay, baby, 's gonna feel so good, i promise. 's no need to be embarrassed. not with me, yeah?"
his eyes flick up to your face as his warm fingers loop into the waistband of your underwear, asking for your silent consent to go any further. you nod, body heating with a desperation that could only be helped by the man between your legs. he pulls the soft cotton down and over your legs, setting your underwear on the floor before refocusing on you-- the most beautiful thing he's ever seen.
his lips kiss the soft skin of your inner thighs, the soft hair there not even a sliver of a bother to shinsuke—who thinks it’s beautiful and whose cock only gets harder at the sight of it. he makes his way further inward, placing open mouthed kisses over your soft, plush pussy lips as his broad palms grip and hold your thighs. your clit throbs with every hot breath he pants right onto your cunt, and you're barely able to keep your legs open to accommodate him. he detaches to praise you.
"you're doing so well, sweetheart. i know 's hard to keep these pretty legs open when yer feelin’ good," he says, lightly tickling your fuzzy thighs, "but yer doing such a good job for me. just a little more, yeah?"
you nod, pressing your thighs further into the mattress and doing your best to fight through the shame of being spread open like this, with your sweet pussy dripping right in front of his lucky, lust-filled eyes. he licks his lips, moving closer once again and stopping right before his mouth would have met your sex.
"no more teasing, baby. i promise," he says, reassuring you.
pulling your hips forward into his mouth, shinsuke licks a long stripe through your cunt, collecting the heavy juices on his tongue and moaning at the flavor. as eager as he's ever been, he flicks and presses his tongue over your clit, focusing on the sensitive nub as if it's all he knows how to do. and in this moment, it wouldn't be wrong to say it's all he wants to do.
shinsuke's expert tongue swirls and laps at your cunt with desperation, as if he needs your cum to fill his mouth, as if he's been waiting for you to let him have a taste of your cunt when it's as pretty as this. it was always shinsuke's favorite thing to remind you of how pretty and perfect your cunt is, but when it's like this— it's practically a dream come true. he moans into you as your hips jolt up into his face, vibrations traveling like lightning up your spine and through your nerves, and you're not sure who's enjoying this more.
with a wet, humiliating smack of his lips, he sucks as much of your pretty cunt into his mouth as he can-- the sound making your face scrunch up even more than it already was. shinsuke pulls your hips harder into his mouth, applying more pressure and more heat to your clit, unashamedly and messily mixing his spit with the arousal that coats his lips and chin.
it's all too much-- so good and so close to being relieving, as if the pressure that built up while he was away was slowly increasing, quickly building until it all-- bursts, crashes down, and explodes into fireworks. your back arches--pushing your hips up even more, pressing your gushing cunt further into his eager mouth and jolting away when he doesn't stop licking and sucking at your sensitive clit.
"oh! shinsuke!" you moan out desperately. quickly, your hands move to push his head away as you watch his tongue continue flicking forward, laughing at his lack of shame and willingness to spend hours between your legs.
“sorry, honey,” he hums, smiling. blushing, he admits, “got a little carried away, i guess..”
“i can tell,” you manage to whimper, the waves of pleasure and comfort still washing through your body, satisfaction and sleepiness settling low in your belly.
you clear your throat before saying, "thank you, honey."
his head tilts in confusion, "for what, my love?"
"for.. taking care of me, and liking me as I am," you say sheepishly, avoiding his eyes once again.
"i always think yer beautiful, my love. ya never have to change anything about your body to suit some silly taste you think i might have, because clearly..." he trails off, "i enjoy feeling good with you regardless of any 'a that."
you smile, heart full of adoration for your handsome husband, whose eyes still glimmer with the excitement of your previous activities. he lies down beside you again, pulling the blanket over you and settling into the soft cotton sheets and fluffy pillows before giving you a soft, quick kiss. you say, "i love you, y'know."
"and i love you," he says, his heart in your hands. "now, would ya like to stay in bed a little longer or shower so we can go have a little lunch picnic?"
"shinsuke, you romantic," you tease, pretending to swoon and fawn over the common, but still special, occasion. "let's hop in the shower and get all pretty before we inevitably wrinkle our clothes on the picnic blanket."
he chuckles knowingly, but plays dumb anyway. "and how would that happen?" he asks.
"oh you know," you say, teasing him with a cheeky smile. "someone likes to get handsy, so if our clothes get wrinkled during our picnic, at least we'll be pretty and clean to make up for it!"
"mhm, suuure," he says, squinting jokingly and accusingly at you. "'s just me who likes ta get handsy underneath the tree when we have picnics. not you, oh no, not at all, not ever."
"well, i'm glad we're on the same page then, honey," you say, turning over to sit up and peel the blanket from your half-naked body. "and we'll have to wash the sheets later along with the picnic blanket, so let's try not to forget that, hm?"
"yep," he says, blushing at the implication. "you're right about that."
"and are you going to join me in the shower or leave me all alone again?"
"it'd be my pleasure to join ya, baby."
Tumblr media
taglist: @taones-main @davi-gz @keishinslove @kissesdenji @xomiya @devilkou @pinkkento (ask to be added!)
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