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little-witchys-garden · a day ago
How to hang dry herbs!
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Start your at home Apothecary now!
Herbs should be picked on season of course so do your research on whwn your herbs are ready! Or do as I do and just watch them.
Now you can do this before or after the flowers develop depending on the flavor you want from your herbs.
They should be harvested on warm, dry mornings after the dew has completely evaporated but it's always best to still dab them down just in case!
 you’ll need to discard any damaged leaves or stems.
Check for bugs and dirt!
 hang drying herbs is super easy!
tie sprigs or branches into small bunches! We do small because large, dense bunches can develop mold and discolored leaves!
Hang the bunches up to dry, leaves downward, wrapped loosely in muslin or thin paper bags to keep out dust and to catch falling leaves or seeds.
Avoid using plastic bags because of mold development from the moisture!
Allow seven to ten days to dry, depending on the size of the branches and humidity.
If the leaves sound like crisp cornflakes when crushed, they’re good to go!
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paaxindigenouswitchcraft · 2 days ago
Feed my soul
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saduniblin · a day ago
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Cozy witchy things
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howlingxmouse · 2 days ago
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Saffron sourdough with a hunt of turmeric and a cornmeal-sunflower seed crust. Still not getting the lift I want from my wild yeasts but it's a learning process 🍞🥖 the saffron flavor came through beautifully though
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the-honeysuckle · 20 hours ago
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Latin name is salvia rosmarinus
planet: sun
element: fire
magical properties/powers: love, protection, healing, sleep
you can incorporate rosemary into your cooking (with intention) to give your foods a magical touch—plus it makes your food tastes better :)
medicinal uses: improves circulation and memory, boosts energy
Note: Rosemary can replace any herb/plant
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grandmawitch · 2 days ago
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Hello dear ones✨
I hope your morning is slow, soft, and untroubled 🖤
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ad-astrum · 23 hours ago
I'm not being paid to promote this haha, but I have to share my adoration of Sam Guay's Blood Moon Tarot! It consists of a full set of 78 standard-sized tarot cards, with original watercolor art on each one. The minor arcana consists of Dreams, Songs, Skins, and Honey!
You can learn more about it here:
It's currently available to order from a few independent shops in MA!
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gr33n-w1tch · 10 months ago
The best crystals for... Part 1 🤍
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
@lovebyluna on instagram
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llyrian · a month ago
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l-vingdeadgirlz · 2 months ago
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sea salt - though not technically a herb , sea salt is great for purification and cleansing while also helping to balance emotions .
black pepper - black pepper is most commonly used to protect and banish negative energies . it also tends to ward off evil .
basil - the magical uses behind this herb span out from protection to love to wealth to driving away the evil eye . basil is also sometimes known as the witches herb .
sage - sage is both a powerful and magical herb with varied different uses . these properties include wisdom , cleansing , lifting spirits , purification , healing and longevity .
rosemary - this herb is blessed with a variety of different uses — from purification to lust and love to good health to cleansing and preventing nightmares .
oregano - this herb is good for promoting joy , strength , vitality and energy .
bay leaves - one of the most common herb found in a witches cabinet — these are good for love , protection , money , success , manifestion and binding . they can also be used to remove jinxes .
lavender - most commonly used for protection , peace , love , purification and clarity . lavender can also be used to assist in mediation , divination and even sleep . pair lavender with a piece of amethyst for a great night sleep .
chamomile - primarily used in love , healing and stress reducing spells , but can also used for luck and gambling .
thyme - the best herb for attracting loyalty , affection and a good reputation . other properties include courage and strength . it's also believed to be a stimulant for psychic gifts .
peppermint - peppermint is a great herb for cleansing energy , rest , dreams , renewal and prosperity , passion , fluidity and psychic stimulant .
cardamom - cardamom is an amazing herb for love and lust , sexuality , building and reigniting intimacy .
cloves - commonly used to attract prosperity & friendship . some other uses include , banishing evil , attracting love , promoting home and personal protection , attracting money and preventing gossip .
ginger - provides protection from evil and is widely used to heat up love affairs and sexuality . some other properties include passion , love , money , luck and energy .
parsley - this herb is used for purification and protection . it can be used to promote fertility and lust .
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airyfrasc · 4 months ago
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The Witch’s Apprentice pt. 1 🌙
they’re making potions! 🔮
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little-witchys-garden · 2 days ago
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nikkas-cottage · 28 days ago
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Some delicious gingerbread cookies I made on Christmas Eve ✨🌲
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the-dark-diviner · 11 months ago
Botanical Collection by amandaherzman
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themirroredmoon · 6 months ago
Methods of Spell Work
To Banish: • Burning to ashes and sweeping away the ashes • Cast out a window, down a cliffside, etc • Bury it and spit on the spot
To Bind: • Wrap in black thread • Cover in wax or other material • Seal in jar and hide in dark spot
To Hide: • Wrap in ribbon • Place in a (painted) black jar or other container • Cover in cloth or other material and bury
To Encourage: • Plant or bury near the front door/steps • Plant or bury near a window • Place near a window
To Communicate*: • Anoint a candle • Leave out an offering • Meditate • Open the front door and/or windows
To Glamour: • Leave under the full moon • Work with its reflection
To Cleanse: • Bury in salt • Burn herbs and pass through the smoke • Let it bathe in the moonlight
To Protect: • Leave sigils/wards on doors and windows • Carry sigils/wards on every day items (keys, phone case, etc) • Enchant jewelry with protection spells
*: Communication with deities, spirit guides, etc
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anna-haze · 9 months ago
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lunvrwitch · a month ago
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astrology cheat sheet ✨✨
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crecimiento-mental · 14 days ago
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hallow-witxh · a month ago
What I Burn When I Need Help
Burning herbs can be more than just cleansing. It can help banish, invoke, encourage, invite, and much more. A lot of times, when I feel like I'm struggling with a specific issue (with myself or with what is around me), I find myself drawn to burning single herbs to help me get back into the headspace I need to be.
Cinnamon: When I feel like I'm falling behind in my shadow work, I burn a bit of a stick of cinnamon to help encourage healing and mindfulness.
Dried Apple Peel: Apples are symbols of friendship and love. When I feel particularly down on myself or lonely, burning apple peels can help invoke an increased sense of patience towards myself.
Pine Needles: Burning pine needles welcomes new beginnings and fresh starts. Super helpful for things like breakups, graduation, and repelling negativity.
Rice: A bit tricky to burn! I tend to hold two or three in tweezers ad just roast the ends for a moment or two and waft that little bit of smoke around my space. Burnt rice invites financial gain, and protects you from negative energies.
Rose Petals: Rose petals invoke soft, genuine feelings of love and appreciation.
Rose Thorns: On the other hand, burning rose thorns protects you from people who have terms for their love, and protects you from people who lie about their affections for you.
Rosemary: This herb encourages good health, and is helpful in strengthening memory when burnt. It's also effective as a shower/bath additive!
Tangerine Peel: I use tangerine peels because that's what I have, but orange peels work the same! Burning these citrus peels invites more energy into your space, and can be great for sleepy mornings and early morning college classes.
As always, practice in a cleansed environment and do your research! There are many, many things that can be burnt for great effects. Blessed Be! <3
Tips and Commissions for a struggling witch: Ko-Fi
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catstoday · 28 days ago
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