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Kawanabe Kyōsai, “Kaijo Anzen Bandai Kotobuki” (1863)

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~Chronicles of Aarianth Creature Concept #1~

I bet you guys were totally expecting another dragon. Huh? Amirite? Am I? Well, I actually felt like drawing something new for once, so SURPRISE! *magically throws confetti into the air*

I’ve actually had this idea in my head for a while. It’s SUPPOSED to be a kitsune, but I’m not sure how well I did. Anyways, these mysterious kitsune come in two variants, Light, which originate from Empyria, and Dark, which originate from Infernia. They help guide lost souls to their destination. The one I drew here is the dark variant (design may change in the future as I work on them). The light variant has feathered wings and a halo. Both are extremely intelligent, and have multiple tails. While both are neutral, the light variants are generally more calm and relaxed, and the dark variants are more playful and mischevious.

For the longest time I have been calling these Spiritsune, but I’m rather hesitant now, as I haven’t searched to see if anyone else is using it yet. I’ll keep it in mind for now, just in case.

Note to self: look at pictures of foxes for reference on my next attempt at drawing one of these guys…

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The original fire-type vulpix seems to be less popular than its more recently introduced ice-type version, but it will forever be my personal favorite.

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Commission completed. This was requested by a dear friend and supporter of my work.  They wanted a chibi version of there cute anthro OCs. Expressing their love for one another. I hope they loved how it turned out. This was a challenging one. ( Due to all the technical difficulties.) But it still turned out lovely.


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I want a petition for BABYMETAL songs to be on JustDance™️ please.

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“You see,” she whispered onto his warm slender arms, wrapped with thick cotton. “They were kicked out of the palace.”

“Palace?” Seiji looked at the girl in his arms. “What do you mean ‘palace’?”

“Oh! I didn’t tell you yet, haven’t I?” Her amber orbs looked right into his blueberry orbs. He flushed all shades of red. He can’t find the reason why but it made him…uncalm or what’s the word? Ah, uncertain that makes his heart beat an unhealthy pace, I guess? He then shook his head slowly, still staring onto those two sparkling stars of the petite girl.

“I’m a crown princess. I’m part of the Imperial Family. Not the human Imperial Family, but the Imperial family of Kitsunes…”

“Oh, you mean a Kitsune or a fox spirit?”

“Yeah! Wait how did you-”

“We learn Japanese Mythology.”

“Oh-wait-Japanese Mythology?! We’re myths?!”

“Yeah. Why are you so shocked about it?”

“Baka! We thought that human beings-li-like you know that we’re real.”

“No, you’re just myths to us. I feel like I’m dreaming when I saw you.”

She was now the one who was flushing all the shades of red. She saw that statement differently. Like, she was a miracle or a blessing from the heavens to him. Maybe she’s being a little assuming. But, while he spoke that statement, she heard him muttering it, so softly that she doesn’t know if she really heard it right. Seiji gazed down, staring at the concrete playground ground with rose-coloured cheeks.

“Dreaming? Did I hear that right?”

“Yes, you heard that right,” He baffled out the words, not making contact because of shyness.

“Well, this isn’t a dream.”

He looked at her.

“You just hugged me.”

He stared at her.

“Are you okay?”

He was back in reality.

“Sorry, I spaced out.”

She giggled, he flushed all colours of red once again. The feeling in his stomach and mind is woozy, he’s quite unfamiliar in what he’s feeling. Has he fallen in love? His older brother said to him that if you feel something peculiar in your stomach and head, your heart beating fast, and you feel warm with them, you have fallen in love. He wants to deny these feelings, he just met her. But his heart whispers, she’s someone that he will spend the rest of his life with, even after death. He started to forget the reason why her twin brothers were kicked out of the palace, her too.



Osamu, who was making Origiris for Akari, looked startled when he heard someone say his name angrily. He looked at the person to shout his name, being irritated that the fact it was his bothersome and dramatic twin, Atsumu.

“What do you want?” He inquired with an annoyed tone in his voice.


“What do you mean, I never touch your things-”

“My bracelet?!”

“Oh that,” he then looked back at his Onigiris. “I did nothing to that.”


“Because,” He answered, wished he did not but he needed to or he will hear his annoying brother scream at him for the whole day. “We share the same room. Are you an idiot?”

“NO!” He groped the grey hakama Osamu is wearing and shake him hard. “WHERE’S IS MY BRACELET?!”

“Alright! Fine!” He then pushed Atsumu’s hand away from gripping his shirt then gave the chrysalis blue bead bracelet from his pocket and gave it to him. Atsumu then snatched it from him, leaving a grumpy pout on his face. “I don’t like you!” He then left. Osamu the shouted.

“Do you think I like you too?! Baka!”

“Hmph!” Atsumu then squirmed out of the room, wearing his blue bead bracelet on his left hand. He stopped in his tracks and looked at the bracelet in his wrist. This bracelet was given to him or practically made for him by his older sister, to know he lost contact to. He looked up at the sky with a sad expression on his face.

“Onee-chan,” he began to sob, missing his elder sister. “I miss you…”

“I miss you so much. I want to see you again.”

Osamu then went out of the kitchen, holding an Onigiri in his hands. He then strode over to his sobbing brother, looking at him.

“You miss Onee-chan?”

“I do…”

“Here,” He then handed the Onigiri to Atsumu. He gladly took it.

“I also miss Onee-chan…I wonder what happened to her now?”

“There are rumours that she turned into a human and married one too.”

He then took a bite from the Onigiri, still looking up at the sky with crystal tears shedding from his eyes. Then, to his surprise, the one beside him started crying too. He looked at him, confused.

“Why are you crying?”

“I-I-I…” He covered his face with his fists, crying as softly as he can. Atsumu then softly patted his back.

“I miss her…”

“I want to see her again. Play with her again. I want to her incredible stories, her vicious imagination. I want to hear her pleasant and angelic voice. I miss her hugs. I miss her advice. I miss her love. Onee-chan…come back…please…”

Atsumu started to cry even more.

The two foxes cried in the middle of a meadow, screaming on top of their lungs how much they miss their beloved sister.

And from afar, Akari was eating her Onigiri, dumbfounded about why his older brothers (that’s what she calls them) are crying on a happy day in Autumn.


Hinata looked at the distance with blank eyes. He’s always curious about that forest, so dark that you can’t see anything else from 5 feet deeper into the forest. His best friend, Yamaguchi and Yachi looked at him, then looked at each other with 'what’s wrong with him’ faces. Yachi then tapped Hinata’s shoulder, he looked at her.

“Why do you always look far if we pass this forest?”

“I do?”

“Yeah,” Yamaguchi muttered, looking at the forest standing in front of them.

Yachi then moved closer to Hinata, whispering in his ear. “There’s a rumour that an old Shinto Shrine stands in the middle of the forest.”

“I also heard that once you go in, you’ll never find your way out,” Yamaguchi scooted closer to Hinata, also whispering.

“I want to go inside…”

“You’re going to get lost!” Yachi whisper-shouted, looking at Hinata. Yamaguchi nodded in agreement.

“I know…’s killing me..what’s out there…”

“Just, don’t,” Yamaguchi took Hinata’s arm and held it tightly. Yachi pleaded him with sad eyes.

“Why are you two looking at me like that?” He inquired, giggling.

“Please…” Yamaguchi muttered.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll get lost,” Yachi said.

“And you won’t come back,” Yamaguchi started to sob.

Hinata laughed as carefree as he can. Yachi and Yamaguchi looked at each other, confused.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be lost! C'mon, let’s go back home.”

And the three children went back home, Yamaguchi clinging onto Hinata’s arm and Yachi leading the way. But little did the two children know that Hinata, the oldest one out of all of them, is going to go there at night out of curiosity.


He braced himself. He’s ready.

“Alright, I got my flashlight. I’m good to go,” He told himself. His friends told him not to go into that scary forest but he will, though he himself is scared too. He looked at the distance, the forest having no artificial lights except the sidewalk’s light. He walked towards the dark forest, putting his flashlight in front of him. His hands are shaking, he breathes in and out slowly and quietly. He thinks there may be predators ready to eat him, a little child, alive. He stopped in his tracks hearing a faint rustle of bushes in the distance. The sound went closer and closer until it was approximately 10 meters away. He looked at where the sound came from, only to see almond eyes tinted chestnut. He gasped. He wanted to run away but his feet are glued down the ground. The figure then got out of the bush, making Hinata scared even more that made his cry. The figure then spoke with a gentle voice, taking all the child’s worries away.

“Why are you awake at this hour?”

Hinata then looked at the guy. He had a slender built, his hair coloured like the sun, his tail also coloured the same hue, his eyes tinting different shade of chestnut, hinting with a little bit of green and grey. He had 9 tails spreading out behind him, and his ears tall and large. He stared at the child. Hinata stared at the mysterious young man.

“Who are you?”

“Before I answer your question, answer mine first," His tone so cold that it made Hinata tremble more in fear.

"I-I just as cu-cur-curios abou-about-t th-thi-this pl-pla-place,” The words were clogged up his throat, the feeling of fear arousing.

Is this a predator? Is he going to eat me…He thought.

“Thank you for answering my question. But, aren’t you scared?”

“I am.”

“Then, why are you here?”

“Before I answer your question, answer mine,” he smugged.

This boy, Atsumu said to himself, scoffing mentally.

“Miya Atsumu. I’m a fox spirit. You?”

“I’m Hinata Shoyo…”

“Now, answer my question.”

“Rumours say that there’s an abandoned Shinto Shrine here so I want to check it out…”

He looked away, Atsumu tilted his head in confusion.

“You want to see it?”

“Yes please…”

“Follow me.”

He walked away slowly, showing the little boy the way. Hinata then put his flashlight in front of him to see where the fox spirit is walking towards. Atsumu then stopped then turned to where the light came from.

“What’s that?” He inquired, stepping closer to the boy. He kneeled and stared at the small artificial plastic-covered light the child’s holding. “Can I see?” Hinata then gave the flashlight to Atsumu, who was playing with it in curiosity.

“That’s a flashlight…”

“Like a lamp?” He looked at the owner of the flashlight. Hinata nodded.

“Oh. Never have I seen this before.”

He then handed the artificial plastic-covered light back to Hinata. He stood up, steadying his position. He then dug in his shirt to find something. Hinata watched Atsumu, he has no clue what he was taking. Atsumu then showed a green pendant tied up in a brown rope. It then lit up. Hinata was amazed.

“You like it?” He asked, smirking with arrogance.

Hinata nodded.

“This will help more,” He then placed it on his neck, and it emitted more light. He then offered his hand to the little boy, and Hinata gladly took it.

“Let’s go.”

“Hmm!” He said, beaming.

Atsumu’s heart then skipped a beat.


They then arrived at the old abandoned shrine, where vines and leaves inhabitant it. This is what Hinata imagined, but a little dirtier. Atsumu then let go of Hinata’s hand. And when he let go, Hinata runs around the shrine.

“Shoyo-kun!” He then shouted as Hinata is on the verge to trip. Good thing he caught the excited little lad. “Are you okay?! Don’t go running here! It’s dangerous!”

Hinata then looked at Atsumu’s tail. He looked at it and offered, “You want to touch it, don’t you?”

“It looks soft…”

Atsumu then gave one tail to Hinata. He then smiled and started touching it. 


Atsumu then wrapped his tails around Hinata that made a comfy chair for him. He then stood up, carrying the small Hinata in his tails, and went to the shrine’s stairs, in which where he sat down, still Hinata behind him, playing with one of his sun-tinted tails.

“Is it soft?”


“Is it comfy there?”

“Hmm,” he mumbled a yes, he was busy getting comfortable with the soft tails around him.

“Mr Atsumu…”

“What’s with the foreign honorific?” He questioned, looking at the distracted boy.

“Oh sorry, I’m used to it.”

“Alright, what’s your question?”

'Can I come here to meet you often?“

"Of course,” He gladly agreed. It feels like there’s a connection between them.



“I don’t know which way.”

“Oh right…”

“I also don’t know how to go home…”

“It’s getting late, I guess…”

Atsumu then saw something shimmering from his wrist. To then, it was the bracelet his older sister made for him. He didn’t really want to give it to the child, but he has to. The bracelet has its kind of peculiar magic to show the way, where you want to go and way back home. He then removed the bracelet from his arms and gave the little boy the bracelet. Hinata stared at it.

“What’s this?”

“It will help you find me. It has some magic that will tell you your way back home or the way to me.”

“To you?”

Atsumu then realized what he just said. 

“To the shrine, to the shrine.”

“Oh, okay,” Hinata then took the bracelet and wore it. The blue chrysalis then shimmered brighter, making Hinata amazed by it.

“It’s glowing!” He then looked at Atsumu, who was staring at the glowing bracelet. “Is this normal?”

“Ah yes, it is.”


Atsumu then looked at the sky. The full moon watching over us. He then found someone watching them, like the silhouette of a woman. When Atsumu made eye contact with that mysterious woman, she looked at him with fondness in her eyes. He found out that her eyes were coloured amber, just like her sister’s. She then glanced at the little boy who was sitting on Atsumu’s tail. A tear then fell from her eyes, making Atsumu tilt his head to the side in confusion. and in a blink of an eye, she was nowhere to be seen. He thought he was seeing things. Then, Hinata’s voice suddenly caught his attention. He turned around, seeing the little boy gazing at him while holding his tail.

“I want to go home, Atsumu-san…”

“Alright, I’ll walk with you until you find your way out.”

But instead of Hinata getting off from his tails, he then wrapped his arms around Atsumu’s neck and rested his head on his shoulder. He then fell asleep.

“Shoyo-kun? Shoyo?” He then looked behind him, he found the little boy is asleep.

“Oh no, how am I going to do this?”

He then carried the little boy and walked him home, using the bracelet’s line light to show the way home.


“So, how was he?” A man then stood up from the living room, ready to greet his wife home.

“He was with someone,” she looked at him with eyes wet. The man then went towards his wife, holding her in her arms. She then started to cry.

“It’s him…”

“You found him?”

She then looked up at his husband.

“Looks like your sister took care of him…”

He then smiled.

“I’m happy.”

Chapter 3 is done! Finally! Good thing this just took me just a few days than before…and wow, that word number…more than 2500…wow…

But anyway, I posted this story on too! If you want to check that out, then check that out!

And yeah, about the 6th vignette, I just wanted to add suspicion…

But again, Notes:

-In the anime (and manga I think?), Atsumu called Hinata by his first name, Shoyo-kun (kun is a Japanese honorific).

-the bracelet and necklace are just made up. None of these is part of a fox spirit’s traditions nor equipment. They use magic, but this story will be different from how it should be to fit the storyline.

-Onigiri is a type of snack or traditional food of Japan. After the time skip in the manga, Osamu owned an Origiri shop called “Onigiri Miya” (I think, I’m not sure).

-A chrysalis is like a cocoon, strictly used for a butterfly pupa. I’ll use chrysalis (in this story) as the name of a stone. This story is fictional, anything can be made-up or changed.

-Amber eyes are a golden yellow or a coppery colour without specs of gold, green, and brown. Hazelnut eyes somewhat have specs of gold, green, and/or grey in it, the base colour being brown. Atsumu’s eye colour will be hazelnut, not chestnut-tinted like the manga and anime.

-there are flashlights that have a plastic or metal over in it. I’m basing it off by my flashlight I have at home.

That is all, I hope you stay tuned for the next chapter! Goodbye!

And, if you want to talk, you can dm me on Twitter (Moon_ARMY007, with the same Japanese name as in my profile)

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