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litaratura · a month ago
how do you do the images for you quotes?
Hi love! I'm not too sure what you mean.
My web-weaving posts are just photosets, if that helps in any way! The quotes are images not text.
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ellitx · 5 months ago
have you ever considered kitsune kazuha-
I did 😳
Imagine kitsune kazuha is like miketsukami from inu x boku ss, a very loyal servant and familiar of yours as you are one of the gods in inazuma who’d always follow you everywhere and always abide by your orders. The decreasing number people worshipping you has lost your energy and powers but there are few devotees out there who still faintly knows of your existence.
And there are few kind shrine maidens who’d clean up your temple to preserve and not let it rot. Kazuha is always in his fox form, watching intently on any passerby if they ever dare try to trample your shrine
Kazuha is a really loyal familiar towards you. But the thought of losing you, his god who took care of him and loves the most will disappear. There are times he’d get stubborn abiding your orders since they’re too extreme especially he’s not really a human such as to interact with the mortals. He doesn’t like it when you’re talking something that’ll made him so gloomy, like you’re glad you were able to bless many devotees, help them in any ways you can to grant their wishes and pleads when they visit your shrine before you’ll be forgotten.
I also have another idea but i think this fits kitsune scara the most since he’s really stubborn but whatever. Kazuha’s a lone servant who watches over his master’s shrine. You, a fellow pilgrim, has noticed the emptiness and gloominess of the shrine. Perhaps this has been forgotten?
But there you saw a nine-tailed fox staring right at you. Mesmerized by the colors of its fur and presence of a kitsune, your body moved on its and followed it inside the temple.
This is going to be a spirited away-esque or like has the concept where there is a world separating the lands of mortals and lands of yokais. You kind of regret following that fox without thinking and now you’re lost. And as you make your way to find an exit, you saw a young man with white hair and red kimono. Both of you locked eyes for a brief moment but before you could ask him for directions he suddenly disappeared in the middle on nowhere.
Huh maybe you’re just hallucinating. You really need to rest but first you have to get out of here. Continuing your search, among the realm of yokai and spirits, a word has been spread there’s a wandering mortal traversing their world.
You were getting irked you’re walking on a loophole, the same repeating path wouldn’t change and you’ve been walking for hours. You suddenly felt chilly and cold, the sudden drop in temperature scared you. This place is really getting weird and you’re scared that perhaps you’re intruding a god’s abode. After all, who in the right mind would enter a suspicious looking shrine and follow a fox?!
Just as you’re about to take a step, a cold, rough and firm hands latched on your ankle. Looking down, your face paled, the hairs on the back of your neck and arms are rising when a demon’s eyes are piercing right through you. You try to shake it off, anything to let this demon let go of you.
You fall onto your bottom and the fight to stop this horrendous monster from crawling to you is most likely to fail. It kept chanting, mumbling about finally getting to eat a human flesh. This is it. Perhaps this is how your death will go.
From the corner of your eyes, you saw the familiar white haired man you’ve seen in your previous travels. Reaching out to him, you begged, cried and plead for help.
“P-please…! Save me!”
He can’t. He’s been abided by a contract to not follow anyone’s orders unless it’s his own god. However there is one way for you to make him follow you.
I really dont know how to insert this scene cuz it mostly fits scaramouche since he’s a bastard that’ll watch you get eaten by the yokais for his amusement.
Anyways for him to help you and abide your orders, commands, and/or requests you have to kiss him to form a contract and boy does scara hate it and is disgusted you actually have the guts to do that and even let your pride down just to save your own life.
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thesadboisguidetolife · a month ago
The super smart, talented, and artistic @iamanimaginarybeing tagged me in a new fun little thing he came up with and after a couple of days or racking my brain (sorry about that btw, i think my over thinking got in the way) i finally got it. So here we go.
Post 5-10 pics/gifs of childhood cartoon characters that you related to as a kid and/or still as an adult
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First up is Jane Lane and Arnold Shortman
Jane because she was pretty smart, super artistic, and a pretty great friend. Her family was big and dysfunctional and i still wish mine was more like hers.
Arnold was one of the first cartoons i watched that felt like it representing what it was like for me growing up. A big group of diverse friends from different walks of life and Arnold was the idealistic great friend that i still strive to be lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Double D was the smart one, kinda timid, kept the ed's in line and i definitely felt more like him. Not to mention he came across soft and i felt that more than anything
Courage was ALWAYS scared and yet my man still figured out a plan to get his family out of the psychologically traumatizing thing he went through. Also, sassy computer. Like if it isnt me googling, idk what is. Lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Velma Dinkley. The icon. The legend. The Blind Queen we dont deserve. Haha another smart character i WISHED i was like
Bubbles. Sensitive and gentle but a badass nonetheless. I love her. Thats about it lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pinky you sweet sweet son of a narf. He may have been suuuper dumb but he was kind as hell and just wanted to help his buddy Brain. Also, what he lacked in intelligence, he made up for in wisdom.
Chucky Finster. I had his Burger King watch when i was small lol. Also, im starting to notice a trend of scared but brave characters.
Tumblr media
TINAAA!!!!! i dont even know where to begin with Tina. The confidence, the awkwardness, her shyness, her creativity. She likes boys. She likes butts. (Same girl, same) the only one on this list that i am looking to get tattooed lol. Heres a bonus one just because.
Tumblr media
Haha i know you didnt ask for descriptions but i figured why not lol
Im gonna tag a buuunch of people in case anyone wants to do this @campcrow @dangerghost20 @makeyouradiate @505913568 @kitsune-kaos @poliwhirl-swirl @pollofrita @cubone-attack @catgifsinthesenate @thickness-protection-program @bisexual-paladin @zelmoe @vidibit @c0smoggy @deciduousgay @ragsweas @exit-pursuedbyabear @ricky-rawrasaurus-rex @aegisblaze @dickspooky @dropitlowbandit @pachyvore @hamandcheesy @legardulenotch @guyyfromtheinternet @vulnerary-prince @hermionegrindr @concretehhearts @floodnflow @skiingcows @stormesandshowers @h-i-e-r-o-p-h-a-n-t @poisoned-vitamin-water @princess420 @princess-aries @tehwitch @imogenic @druidofthegrove @jawshuahtree @death-stranded @pocketphoenix @jacob-blogs @the-sad-boy @the-good-blood-mage @alternate-route @august-lux @retro--rocket @yddaw @onlyyams btw did you guys know theres a 50 person tag limit? Which is good because this was starting to feel like a Raybans sale 🤣
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soft-for-shoyo · a year ago
Atsumu x Fantasy
Tumblr media
AN: Ah, welcome, one and all, to my addition to the fantasy NSFW server collab. Gather round on this, the spookiest day of the year, and let me tell u a tale about a foxy boy. 
If you’d like to hear more halloween-appropriate stories, go check out the other fics, here! 
Pairing: Kitsune!Atsumu x Witch in the woods!F!Reader
Summary: There’s a new resident in your forest and, unfortunately, he’s not behaving himself.
Genre/tags: Smut, fantasy, hurt/comfort? eventual fluff, 
Warnings: 18+, Dark content: kitsunefucking/knotting :3, non/dubcon (atsumu thinks he’s non-conning but all participants are actually more than willing haha), Blood- from significant injuries and maimed livestock as well as a lil bit from nomming with them sharp teefs, drugging
Prompt: Fantasy (Kitsune)
It all began with an urgent knocking at the door. 
Anyone knocking at your door was unusual enough. You weren’t well liked by the villagers in the town over, which skirted the edge of the forest, and the feeling was mutual. Fitting in with ‘normal’ folk wasn’t high on your agenda. You liked your privacy and they tended to keep well clear. 
Not one of them fancied getting on the wrong side of a witch. 
But nonetheless, the knocking was persistent and impossible to ignore. You’d opened the door to find a young girl, crying and scared out of her mind. Her eyes were swollen, red-rimmed from sobbing, and she could barely get a coherent sentence out between soft gasps and sniffles. 
“P- please, Y/n-san.” She choked out. “I n-need you- your help. It’s m- my sister.”
As much as you hated company, you couldn’t well turn her away when she was in such a state. Just because you were a witch, didn’t mean you were heartless. There was little to be done but to invite her in for tea and hear her out. 
The girl, she had said her name was Yachi, hadn’t seemed keen when you’d initially invited her in, peering past the door frame with obvious apprehension. 
She had been so nervous- the picture of unease, with trembling knees and white lips- but after you’d settled her in a chair, and thrust a warm cup of tea between her hands, promising that you wouldn’t bite, she seemed a little less afraid. Between frantically relating her troubles, her attention was caught by the shelves of dried herbs and the many hundreds of plants decorating your home. It would have been funny how easily distracted she was by her curiosity, but the story she told was too troubling for you to be amused.
Sighing, you sipped at your own mug and smoothed over the creases on your forehead. “Alright, tell me again, but slowly this time.”
Calmly, Yachi told the story once more, sparing no detail. 
About how, just last week, a mysterious stranger had rolled into town, with golden hair and a shining smile. Charming and seductive, the man had courted her sister, Shimizu. Strange things had started to happen, soon after. Livestock had gone missing and the hunting dogs had been on edge, even going so far as to bite one of their owners. And yesterday, the man had disappeared suddenly, along with Yachi’s sister. 
When it had happened, no one could remember his name. Yachi admitted that even recalling his distinct facial features was difficult. And that very morning, Shimizu had been found on the edge of the woods, alive but wrong. 
“It- It’s like there’s nothing behind her eyes. N- no semblance of life,” Yachi whispered, horrified. “She won’t speak, she won’t eat. She’s like a shell.”
“Soulless.” You muttered and Yachi nodded. 
The scent of blood and freshly killed livestock was easy to follow. Cattle didn’t just wander into the forest of their own accord to be slaughtered. You eyed the stripped carcasses with remorse. There was a pile of three or four of them, each clawed apart and ripped of it’s vital organs. You sent a quick prayer to the forest gods, hoping that the poor beasts would meet a better end in their next lives. 
Leaving the gruesome scene as you found it, you pressed on, paying careful attention to your surroundings and taking pains to mask your presence. But all the while, frustration twisted in your chest. The forest was your home, your domain, and this new visitor was overstepping their bounds. How had this behaviour gone unnoticed by you for a week? 
The forest, as always, held answers. Because, there, as you walked the familiar pathways, unmapped to all but yourself, you saw it. The evidence you were looking for. Caught on the rough bark of a pine tree, was a stray piece of yellow, gleaming fur. 
Frowning deeply, you pinched at it and rolled the golden tuft between your fingers. It was smooth and silken. At first glance it appeared to be from a fox, but the tiny piece of hair was unusual. It caught the sunlight as it filtered through the forest’s dense vegetation, brilliant and shining. Yet, despite it’s glow, it was strangely unassuming. Something about the fine hair made your eyes want to slide over it. Made you want to ignore it. 
But you knew your craft well, and you knew kitsune fur when you saw it. 
From the bright colour, you guessed the owner was likely quite young- barely over a hundred years old- which was a relief. White kitsune were truly dangerous, with wisdom to back up the powerful magic stemming from their nine tails. But this fox’s fur was yellow as could be, with not a streak of paleness to it. You sniffed it and got a heady pine scent- musky and earthen. A male. That lined up with Yachi’s story. 
He was probably a reckless one, too, judging by how easy it had been to find proof of his presence. That or he was overconfident, marking his territory shamelessly with his previous kills- so sure that he would remain unchallenged. Either way would work in your favour, but even as your plan began to come together, you frowned. 
This would be dangerous- risky, even- and the thought of doing this in aid of the townsfolk left a bitter taste in your mouth. 
You didn’t owe them a thing. Not after the many years of being shunned and spoken badly of behind your back. But when you thought about Yachi, pleading for your help to save her sister, well. Call it what you will, sympathy or sentimentality, you wanted to help. Nobody deserved to have their soul stolen away. 
Magic vibrated from the small clump of fibres, thrumming warm in your hand. The energy fluttered between your fingers and you could feel the life in it- A connection to its origins. It took three days even for the most experienced of kitsune to craft a marble, sealing away a human soul. You doubted this one even had as many as three tails. There was still time. You twisted the tuft into a loop and pocketed it for later use.
Stepping back, you twisted your hair out of the way and rooted around in the leaves and dirt, underfoot. When you found large prints pressed into the mud, spread further apart than the average fox’s, you smiled. The tracks lead northwards, into the heart of the forest. 
Now, you knew where to set your trap.
Atsumu held his newest marble up to the sunlight, admiring it between long fingers and sharp nails. His cheeks ached with the force of his grin, and his twin tails swayed lazily through the golden leaves littering the forest floor. The tiny sphere was still clear, not quite misted over with the soul of that village girl. But soon it would be as beautiful as the rest of his small collection. He could scarcely wait until it was. 
You’ll never manage to make a marble without my help. Osamu had said. Ya’ too careless and too impatient. Ya’ need to be careful.
If his dumb brother could see him now, he’d be eating his words. Atsumu thought to himself, scoffing. Despite it only being a month since he’d turned a hundred, he was doing quite well for himself. His human form had taken some getting used to, but he’d put that- along with the powerful magic from the new tail- to good use. 
Humans were so much fun and so easily manipulated. In every settlement he passed through, he’d had them all captivated, practically worshipping him. ‘Samu didn’t know anything about anything. Atsumu didn’t need to be careful around such fragile, naive, little creatures. What were they going to do? Bite him with their small, rounded teeth? It was a laughable notion. And laugh he did- loudly, and to himself.
Still grinning, he placed the marble against a thin, metal chain around his neck. It fused instantly and as he shifted into his fox form, the chain remained hung about his neck, hidden in a dense layer of fur. Transformation into either of his forms tended to leave his muscles tight, and in an effort to stretch out his limbs, Atsumu broke into a run, heading towards the stream. Normally, smaller animals would flee before him, but the thick coat of magic covering his body allowed him to go unnoticed. 
Birdsong echoed in the trees as wind rustled past his pointed face. Though he’d only been in the area for a week, Atsumu had already decided that this was a nice place to settle down. He had time aplenty to explore the rest of the human world, but it would be nice to have a place to call home. 
This entire forest was seemingly unoccupied by any notable predators. Other than him, of course. There was plenty of prey to hunt down, and the nearby village was full of mortals to play with. And the latter was particularly noteworthy, since it meant an abundance of livestock to steal, merchants to swindle and women to seduce. It was the perfect territory to claim for himself. Maybe he’d send a message to Osamu sometime, get him to come visit- show off his achievements.
But Atsumu’s fantasies about gloating to his twin were cut short, when he heard the sound of singing, soft and sweet. He skidded to a stop, triangular ears pricked upright. The voice was coming from just beyond those bushes, barely audible above the stream’s babbling flow of water. 
With his nose to the air, he could smell a female- Could smell delicately-scented soap and fragrant skin. Huffing quietly to catch his breath, he padded through the tall grass. And as he peered through the overgrown vegetation, he saw discarded clothes on the river bank, droplets of water carressing soft curves, and wet hair trailing down smooth shoulders. A woman, whose naked body was covered in nothing but soap suds.
Atsumu shifted forms and smirked, all teeth and fangs. It had been a while since he’d had such easy prey. He didn’t even need to rip the clothes off your body- it was like you’d been waiting for him to come along and take you, there and then. The peculiarity of the situation didn’t strike him in the slightest. 
He wouldn’t steal your soul right away, Atsumu thought to himself, as he watched you carefully bending over, rinsing lather from your legs. 
He still had his last marble to finish and besides which, it would be such a waste to steal your soul, without first enjoying everything else your body had to offer. Inadvertently presenting your ass to him like that, had his cock twitching. He wanted to be sliding into those perfect, pink folds you were showing off. 
With a slight shiver, you resisted the urge to look in his direction. You’d felt his presence the moment he’d come within earshot and now it was time to put on a show. Slowly righting yourself, you slid your hands up through your hair, to squeeze the water from it. The movement had the soft mounds on your chest rising, shapely and exquisite, nipples pointing skyward. 
Atsumu’s head spun as his blood instantly descended downwards. How perfect were those bare tits going to look, when they were bouncing up and down as he rammed his cock into your tiny hole. What noises would you make when he teased you, kissing and touching, until you lost yourself to the pleasure. He’d have you begging to be fucked senseless. Begging for his cum. And when he finally gave you what you desired, letting you writhe and struggle to take his knot- he could just picture your drooling, fucked out expression- you’d scream for him as he flushed your insides clean with cum. 
Then and only then, after you were completely taken with him, exhausted and satiated, thanking him for the best lay of your mortal life- then he’d charm the soul out of you. 
Careful not to disturb any dry twigs or leaves, Atsumu crept closer. He kept an eye on you for any signs of alarm. He didn’t want to scare you- at least, not yet. 
When he was a few metres away, he inhaled deeply, pulling his magic inwards. His vision flashed golden as he channeled the pulsating energy of it into his throat, before revealing himself. 
“Bathin’ all alone, out here? That’s bold.”
You had to hide your smile as you twisted around in the water, giving the best imitation of shock you could muster. 
He’d taken the bait. 
Slapping your arms across your body, you squealed, quickly stepped from the stream and snatching up the first piece of fabric in your pile of clothes, to cover up. 
“Not so fast, ya pretty, little thing.” Said the Kitsune. His voice was smooth, layered with suggestion and enchantments. “Drop that. I wanna get a better look at’cha.”
His magic fluttered over you, energetic and raw, but it failed to take. You felt the pull of it though, and went along with what it was encouraging you to do, pretending to obey. 
Swallowing your own pride, you let your hands fall to your sides, taking your thin shirt with them. It was humiliating, but necessary. The Kitsune’s lip curled upwards, as he studied your chest intently. You did your best to remain motionless as he saddled up beside you, circling you, to inspect your body from every angle. Biting the insides of your cheeks, you fought from flinching as his clawed hand stroked over your ass cheeks. 
While he was appraising you, you took the time to do the same. He was handsome- but then all foxes were- with skin smooth and flawless. He wore ill-fitting clothes, likely stolen from some place or another, but even those were easy on the eyes. The overly-loose shirt dipped low, revealing some defined pectorals. And his trousers clung to his lower half sinfully, doing nothing to conceal the substantial outline of his equipment. 
His slitted eyes caught your wandering gaze and he smirked. When the kitsune pulled his shirt off over his head, you didn’t have to pretend to be impressed. His body was perfect, hard planes and edges, lined with ropes of muscle.
His magic however, left something to be desired. The glamour over his ears and tail was weak- you could break it just by staring. After a few seconds of scrutiny, the outlines of pointy, golden ears slowly came into focus atop his head- they matched his hair colour. Your earlier assumption of his youthfulness was confirmed by the two bushy tails that glittered into existence, swinging behind him. 
And if you’d needed any more proof, his age was made even more obvious by the simple joy on his face, when he reached out to paw at your chest, palming at each breast.
“Tell me your name.” He ordered. 
The urge to roll your eyes was impossible to fight off. You had to disguise the look skywards, playing it off as nervousness, as you demurely whispered your name.
“Well, Y/n, my name’s Atsumu,” he murmured, stepping in closer, sliding one hand down to your waist and adjusting the other, to thumb across your nipple. “There’s no need to be scared. We’re goin’ to have a little bit of fun, you and I.”
He brought your bodies together at the waist, so you could feel his hardness against your thigh. But you ignored the brazen move, instead commiting his name to memory.
“That sound good to you?”
He watched you intensely, waiting for the charm in his words to take root in your brain. To convince you. To entice you. The drag of his sharp nail over the soft skin of your breasts had your nerve endings sparking furiously, as you replied. 
“Y-yes, master.”
Growling in satisfaction at your obedient response, he dipped his head down to yours. You almost felt bad as he leaned in to kiss you. So eager to seduce, so easily tempted. 
Atsumu’s tongue prised at your sweet lips and you let him do as he pleased. He tasted every part of your mouth, tapping against the roof of your mouth, running a line across your teeth, and sucking at your tongue. He nibbled at your lower lip, tugging it between his dangerous teeth. When he drew blood and lapped at the tiny indents in your mouth, you had to work very hard not to think about all the livestock he had killed and eaten. 
He bought your act, hook, line and sinker. But, loathe as you were to admit, his touch was good. Better than good. 
It had been so long since you’d last taken a lover, you’d almost forgotten what being with someone had felt like. And just for a moment, you let yourself sink into the delusion. You let him kiss up your neck, leaving possessive bites and bruises without complaint. As his fingers fumbled between your legs, you closed your eyes, making all the appropriate noises without having to exaggerate. 
It was as Atsumu laid you down on the river bank, settling over you and rutting against your mound with his clothed lower half, that the drug laced into the paste on your lips finally started to take effect. 
His piercing eyes clouded over and his vision became hazy. He tried to blink himself out of the stupor, but his eyelids had grown unbearably heavy. He crumpled onto one of his forearms, then rolled over sideways till his back hit grass. He was very nearly unconscious as you sat upright and threw a leg over his hips, straddling him.
“Sweet dreams, Atsumu.” You murmured, with a wry smile.
Confusion was his last emotion, before he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. You waited a couple of heartbeats, before clicking your fingers near his ears. They twitched, but his face and body remained still and unresponsive. Reaching up to his neck, you pulled the metal chain between your fingers. It wouldn’t snap, but you twisted it round, until you held Shimizu’s soul in your hand. 
There was nothing you could do for the people trapped in the first two marbles- they’d been gone for too long from their bodies. But thankfully, the one you held in your hand was incomplete. Power crackled through your fingertips as you wrenched it away from the metal, and shattered it with pure force. 
The sphere broke into hundreds of shards and a swirl of smoky essence hissed from the remains. It pulsed around you, in a way that seemed to convey gratitude, before darting off into the distance- back to its body and devoted younger sister. 
The kitsune trembled in his sleep as the marble was destroyed- you could sense the ripple of pain through his system, but your potion held strong, keeping him sedated. You let out a sigh of relief. That had been the most nerve-wracking part of the plan.
Cautiously, you started backing away from his body, but when you moved the tent in his trousers bumped up against your exposed folds. You jumped in surprise, accidentally sliding against him. The pressure against your sensitive cunt pulled a keening moan from your throat. You had to fight the urge to grind against him some more. 
Embarrassing though it was, after all that foreplay you were extremely aroused. Part of you was tempted to explore a little further- indulge your curiosity and learn a little about the genitalia of a kitsune. He had tried to take advantage of you, so morally speaking, it wouldn’t exactly hurt to do the same to him... 
But that would be wrong. 
Besides which, you knew you didn’t want to be around when Atsumu came to. His reaction when he discovered the broken glass pieces would likely be an ugly one. 
You could feel the slick between your legs seeping into the fabric of his trousers. So, when you stood up, you didn’t look back- a little ashamed of your wayward body fluids. Stalking back over to your pile of clothing, you dressed quickly and marched home, leaving the golden kitsune half-naked and asleep by the stream.
The antidote you’d taken prior to the incident was a curious bitter, brown concoction that encouraged sleeplessness, and left you feeling jittery. You hadn’t wanted to take any chances, so the batch you’d made up had been stronger than usual. 
It took about a day to work through the worst of the shakes and a wakeful night of insomnia before your body returned to normal. 
Most of that time was spent buffing your wards, well aware that you had just tricked a kitsune- even if he was a young one- and that you had no intention of letting him find your home. It was a task that was made infinitely more difficult by your restless fingers and lack of focus- putting down ingredients, to go fetch others, only to forget where you’d put that initial sprig of mint, or lavender cutting or lemon balm paste. 
It was infuriating. 
So, it was with drooping eyes and intermittent yawns that you headed down to the village, to check up on the object of your heroism. It was quite a distance to traverse in the chill of the early morning, but your cloak was thick and your boots were good. Yachi had described the house that she lived in, but in the end, her instructions were unnecessary. The entrance had all sorts of flowers and well wishes laid outside it, as well as a steady stream of people in and out, hollering and cheering.
As you approached, the townsfolk quietened. Some of the cheekier women whispered to each other behind their hands, but they stopped when you shot them dirty looks, gasping. No doubt they’d be claiming that they had been cursed for weeks after the fact. You rolled your eyes, sweeping past them into the house. Nobody dared to stop you. 
When you reached the girl’s bedroom, you hovered in the doorway, observing the scene before you. Shimizu was sat up in bed, greeting each person that came her way, with Yachi curled up next to her on top of the covers, fast asleep. Though weary from the whole affair, you had to smile. 
“Oh. Y/n-san,” You blinked in surprise as Yachi’s older sister turned to address you, soft-spoken and polite. “Thank you for saving me.”
Shimizu really was beautiful. You could see why a kitsune would want to steal her away. 
Reluctant to disturb the gathering- at least anymore than you already had- you brushed off her thanks, keeping the interaction brief. You asked after her health, gave her a quick once over, and handed over a couple of soul-strengthening potions. Then, before the local physician could come by and protest your malevolent involvement in her recovery, you left with a cheery farewell and a quick ruffle of Yachi’s head. 
“Don’t go getting stolen away, again. Your sister would miss you terribly.” You said over your shoulder, flippantly. 
Perhaps you should’ve stayed a little longer- clarified some of the ways the villagers could avoid being preyed upon by certain golden foxes. 
The thought crossed your mind briefly, but amid all those sneers and fearful glances, your heart hardened. 
If that was their attitude towards you, then frankly, they could fend for themselves. Anyone stupid enough to be taken in by Atsumu’s antics, were a lost cause, and deserved what they got. If they wanted to come to your door, setting aside their prejudices and getting down on their knees to beg for your help, then fine. But otherwise, you weren’t about to go giving them advice for free. 
Truthfully, these people had done you far more harm over the years than Atsumu ever had, or even could. The desire to trick humans and steal their souls was simply in his nature. It was why you hadn’t killed him. He didn’t deserve to die just from following his natural urges. Although his eating habits were a little offensive to your tastes, and he could definately afford to be taken down a peg or two, he hadn’t been cruel to you, or vicious, or mean-spirited. 
Quite the opposite of all that actually, you thought with blushing cheeks as you remembered the way his fingers had danced across your clit, playful and skilled.
For weeks afterwards, you managed to avoid crossing paths with your new neighbour, in a careful, delicate dance; staying far away from each other, whilst still being inexplicably aware of the other’s existence. 
Atsumu, as you had surmised he would be, had been quite angry with your trickery. When you’d walked past the river again- near the spot where you’d left him- the grass along the edge of the bank had been clawed up and burnt away to nothing. Destroyed in his ire. And you weren’t stupid enough to let your guard down, just so he could exact his wrath on you, too. 
However, Kitsune were known for their mischievousness, and unfortunately, Atsumu soon found other ways to get his own back. Though your misdirection spells prevented Atsumu from finding you or your home, they didn’t stop him from playing other indirect pranks on you, in revenge.
Once, he enchanted several bushes of inedible berries to look like blackcurrants. Obviously, you hadn’t fallen for the illusion, but all the nearby travellers had succumbed to his trickery. Your door had been inundated with furious knocking, and people accusing you of cursing them with stomach cramps. A lot of your supplies had gone to waste, crafting digestion remedies, as a result. 
Similar instances had occurred with fruit trees, crops and even live stock- the latter incident had resulted in a farmer receiving a broken leg, whilst trying to pair a bull to another bull, who had been charmed to look like a cow. He was utterly childish. Infuriatingly, many of his pranks seemed to land you in trouble, despite you yourself not being a direct victim. Which, you supposed in hindsight, was probably the point. If he couldn’t get to you, then he’d make your life just that little bit more difficult. And boy was he doing a good job of it. 
When he got the rare opportunity to target you specifically, he always took it. On one occasion, you’d gone to do your laundry by the river, but had forgotten to bring soap. It had only been a few minutes that you’d left your dirty clothes by the waterside, unattended, but when you’d returned, several articles had been missing. Specifically, items of underwear. You’d found them later throughout the week, scattered along the main path through the forest. Each set torn and filthy, stained with what you could only assume was dried semen. 
Classy. Real classy. 
Atsumu’s behaviour was annoying, but for the most part it was quite harmless. None of his tricks were ever fatal. And over time, as you refused to retaliate, his antics grew less and less frequent. Even his eating habits become more polite. 
You still found the occasional bloody trail here or there that, with your knowledge of the local fauna, you could attribute to him, but it seemed like the kitsune was being less brutal with his kills. Or at the very least less brazen. 
It became normal for you to find tufts of golden fur caught on tree bark and huge padded footprints in the mud, on your daily trips through the forest. And slowly but surely, the more he behaved himself, the less you minded sharing your home with him.
But unfortunately, the villagers were not quite so forgiving. 
It was his screams you heard first. 
Held halfway between a shriek and a howl, they echoed through the trees in the dead of night. The force of the sound startled you awake and you lurched upright, back straight as a pole, cringing at the wounded cries. At first, you had been confused, scrunching up your face, unable to work out what animal was making such a racket. 
But that was just it. The scream was foreign to you. 
Your exhaustion fell away very suddenly. There was only one creature in the forest whose cries you wouldn’t recognise- who you never would have imagined was capable of producing such gut-wrenching sobs. Something was very, very wrong to provoke a reaction like that out of Atsumu. The raw pain and desperation in his voice had you tugging on your boots and coat, rushing out the door, without even the slightest hint of a plan. 
It was a simple matter to follow his cries while they lasted. And when those died away, you reached into your pocket, finding the tiny loop of yellow hair, still curled up at the very bottom from weeks before, coated in dust and lint. You held it between open palms, funnelling magic into it, until the strands glowed brightly and began to hover, pointing you in the right direction. 
South. Near the human village. Your heart jumped into your throat, tight with apprehension. You ran at twice your usual pace, took a sharp left, veered right round a hawthorn bush, ducked under one, two, three sets of low branches. Racing through shrubbery and dense vegetation that tore your uncovered legs to shreds.
As you got closer, the finding spell soon became unnecessary. You knew you were close from the sharp scent of copper hanging thick and heavy in the air.
You stumbled into a small clearing and there, slumped on the ground, whimpering, and breathing shallowly in a growing pool of his own blood, was a huge fox. Atsumu. It was the first time you’d seen him since the incident and the sight of him made you blanch. His previously glowing, golden fur was dull- matted to a dark brown and caked in a mixture of dirt and blood. Sunk deep into his hind leg, were the metallic teeth of a huge bear trap. 
Immediately, you slipped to his side and dropped down to the floor, unphased by the crimson coating your bare knees. Any other time, you would’ve been impressed by the size of him. He had been handsome as a human, sure. But he was breathtaking in his natural form. Putting aside your awe, you forced yourself to look down at the human-made contraption that had near severed his leg. There was a strong illusion enchantment on it, along with a high-level binding charm. It must have cost the townspeople a fortune.
Anger blazed in your chest and your vision pulsed red. In your naivety, you had taken pity on them. You had helped those villagers- showing them great kindness in returning one of their own to them- and this was how they chose to behave in return. With hatred, with violence. 
“I’m so sorry,” you whispered in horror. “This- This is my fault.”  
Stricken with guilt, you realised it was up to you to fix this. Frantically, you began to rummage around in your coat pockets for potions, ingredients, something- anything to save him. Squinting, you held various bottles up to the moonlight, trying to read their labels. With little hesitation, you chugged a vitality potion, knowing that you’d need the energy. In the darkness, you struggled to identify your herbs by sight, so you crammed all of them into your mouth, chewing at acrid sprigs and leaves, hoping for the best.
Somehow, Atsumu summoned a weak growl and bumped his tails against your body. If he had been at his normal strength, the force of them would have toppled you over, fur crackling with the signature flames that kitsune were known for. But as he was now, they fell against your thigh, pathetic and weak.
‘Go away, Witch.’ You heard his voice quietly echo through your head. ‘Yer the last person I want to help me. Just let me die.’
“That’s not going to happen,” you told him adamantly. “Like it or not, you’re getting my help.”
To that end, you tapped his jaw, holding up a healing potion. “Now, open up, and you’d better not bite me.”
You said the last part, half jokingly. Of course, it would have been sure death to get mauled by a beast as big as he was, but you doubted he had the strength left to carry out such an act. And as you’d expected, Atsumu huffed, but didn’t retaliate as you pried his lips apart and tipped liquid down his throat. 
“Good boy,” you murmured, tossing the used vial over your shoulder. 
The contents of another vial were tipped out into the palms of your hands, and you spat the ground up herbs into it. As you rubbed the essence into your skin, the mixture itched and burned, reacting to the power coursing through your veins. You turned your attention back to the trap, examining the damage more closely. The jagged metal shards had descended deep into Atsumu’s flesh, all the way down to bone. Muscles, ligaments and sinew had been ripped apart. It was bad. Really bad. You took a shaky gulp. 
“O- Okay. This is going to sting.”
Magic gathered around your hands in a thin layer, like a leather glove. It only took a light touch, before the metal trap began fizzing and sparking. And after a moment, it opened and fell away, disintegrating beneath your fingers. Immediately, you firmly pressed your fingers to either side of the lacerations to stem some of the blood flow. Atsumu hissed between his canines but you ignored him. He had lost a lot of blood and he was going to lose a lot more, if you didn’t work quickly. 
In your mind, you pictured a straight, undamaged bone and with your mental image, a thrum of magic followed. Energy glowed pure and bright, flowing from your skin into Atsumu’s, but it was distracting. You closed your eyes, imagining his internal tissues knitting themselves back together. Each layer took a significant amount of time and concentration to repair, especially since the wounds had been inflicted by a high-class magical object. 
You were sweating by the time you’d fully fixed his muscles. And when the bulk of his leg had been reconstructed, you were on the verge of collapse. But it wasn’t enough. You couldn’t stop halfway through. You kept going until the last of your energy was used up, and then some. It was only when you felt soft, freshly-regrown fur between your fingers, that you finally gave in to the sweet call of unconsciousness.
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kaita0 · 4 months ago
His Neko Maid: Chapter Three
ɪ ꜱᴇᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟɪᴘꜱᴛɪᴄᴋ ᴏɴ
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multifandom-hcs · 3 months ago
((You’re the first person I’ve found who write for Glitter Force, Glitch Techs, LWA and BNA and I love you for that/p)) Can I request Michiru with a Fem!S/O who is a Kitsune beast man?
Aww thank you I love you too <3!!!
And sure I "ll do my best!!!
Michiru x Kitsune! Reader
★ She would try to make her tail look just like yours so you two can match
★ She would cuddle on your tails if you are busy or just lay her head on yours
★ She would and will compliment how soft your tails are and would always ask how you make it look so fluffy
★ She likes to sit on your lap and fall asleep when you both get to relax when she doesn't have to help Shirou
★ Talking about Shirou it could be possible you two met a few or hundred years ago
★ Partners in crime , as much as for work or to play a couple of pranks on Shirou - Insert evil laugh - 😈
★ She likes to spoil you , sometimes with her money and sometimes using Shirou s money because yeah we know she uses it
Tumblr media
I hope it's what you expected :"3
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yandere-sins · 11 months ago
The Fox Wedding - Marry Kita
Tumblr media
Summary: You are to marry the fox spirit Kita Shinsuke after you accidentally agreed to become his wife by signing the deed to your new home. A contract is a contract, he says, but is there more to this marriage than you know? Will you be whisked away by one of the foxy twins instead, or have to marry Kita after all? Can you be with a creature that only seems tender on the surface, or will you try to run even if it might cost you your life? Choose your route carefully, you never know what these foxes are up to!
Characters: Kitsune!Kita Shinsuke x afab!Reader
Rating: Explicit Warnings for this chapter: Yandere, Kidnapping, Forced/Unhealthy Relationship, Rough Handling, Blasphemy, Tying of wrists/ankles
Tumblr media
You heard about Fox’s Weddings, however, only ever in connection with rain on a sunny day. How fitting that outside the small preparation room you had been led to, sprinkles of rain were falling to the ground, lit by the sunshine sparkling in them. For almost an hour now, you simply watched the droplets fall, all while everyone around you was pulling and tearing on you, bustling about with preparations. It might not have been the best time to contemplate your life, but what else was there for you to do. 
Beneath the white, beautiful, ceremonial kimono, your wrists were tied with ropes, and so were your ankles. The rope itself seemed to had better days in the past, but the knots were intricate, and the woman who did them seemed like she knew what she was doing. As if this wasn’t the first time she tied someone up like that. 
Perhaps, there had been others before you. You hoped not, but you wouldn’t put it past them. Your life was transient, while theirs seemed to be boundless. It was weird, and you had only been here for a night, but you were slowly getting used to their faces. Yes, their eyes seemed too sharp, and their mouths too wide, but some had wrinkles, scars, or pimples. You saw your own species in them, even with their tails sticking out from their kimono and their ears twitching on top of their heads. Scary as it was, the longer you watched them hustle about, the less weird they looked to you. The more you could find yourself accepting them. 
Sighing was all you could do as you looked back outside, the tall grasses still swaying in the wind. Occasionally, you saw a fox run by. Sometimes the animal stopped, sometimes it didn’t. You didn’t see the two men - three if you counted the one that came with Kita - from your window again, and no one came to help you escape. The more hours passed as you were alone in your cell, the less hope you had for anyone to come and save you. Even the gods - if there were any - seemed to have abandoned you, allowing something like this to happen. You began to despair, but soon enough, you slept. Slept until they woke you up with their sharp nails and hectic demeanors, having to make you presentable and, as they put it, make a jewel out of a rock.
You were still drowsy when they bathed you in shockingly cold water, your reaction being enough for them to decide they did not want to deal with you throwing another tantrum, tying you up before proceeding with their preparations. Surrounded by their yapping voices, their nails leaving many, many tiny cuts on your body, something in you… gave up. You weren’t proud, and you weren’t happy, but at least they stopped lecturing and patronizing you as your struggles ceased and your expression turned somber. 
Finally, they stopped their nagging, gave you water and bread instead to consume. The women of the village let you go to a proper toilet, and they sent out the guards before they undressed and re-dressed you. At least, that much dignity you regained by not resisting. Of course, it was still strange to imagine you were about to marry the head of their clan, a fox spirit nonetheless, and looking into their faces was nothing short of agonizing. But staring out into the rain and being able to block their voices out from your hearing gave you some peace with the situation, no matter how absurd it might be.
“Miss?” you heard from beside you. Slowly, almost as if in pain that you couldn’t resist the urge to acknowledge the person who was speaking, you turned your head, letting out a soft hum instead of an answer. “Kita-sama wishes to speak to you before the ceremony. We’ll close the doors now, is that alright?”
Silly question, you thought, nodding slowly. You still had a hard time remembering anyone’s names or faces, but you were sure the young fox woman who just spoke to you got introduced as your liegewoman or maid. Whatever she was, you couldn’t quite remember exactly, but they never asked you for your consent for anything before, so you didn’t know how else to react but to nod. 
“Isn’t it bad luck for him to see me before the wedding?” you asked her. It wasn’t like you cared if he saw you or not, but now that someone had spoken to you like a normal person, the question that came to mind just fell off your lips without any restraints. 
“I… I--” she stuttered, her brows furrowing while her ears twitched nervously. “--I don’t know?”
What had you expected? Of course, she didn’t know. She was a fox. How would she know human rituals other than the ones that might have been passed down to them hundreds of years ago? At the same time, you felt the dread of knowing you’d have to marry into this kind of environment. An environment that wasn’t going to nurture your talents, skills, or knowledge, aside from - and you dreaded this thought the most - producing babies. 
She looked at you curiously, yet hesitant, as if she wanted to ask something, but decided not to last minute. Perhaps it was the fact you were wearing the wedding robes now that they started to respect you more. Or maybe, she just fulfilled expectations of her, which you found most likely. In the unlikely event that she merely pitied you, you couldn’t help but agree with her.
As they closed the sliding door to the outside, you watched the rain - your only source of comfort - vanish from your vision, pitying yourself too.
One more sigh did you heave before the door to the hallway opened, the foxes respectfully bowing their heads. Even if you had wanted to bother getting up, you couldn’t have, considering your feet were rendered useless, with your ankles tied up still. You didn’t acknowledge him or looked up as he spoke, asking everyone to leave him alone with his ‘bride’ - a word that sent a chill down your spine - and you didn’t face him even as he sat down beside you, covering your fist with his hand. You made him responsible for all of this, for all the emptiness you felt. But all you could do to punish him was avoiding him, no matter how much it upset you that there wasn’t more you could do. 
“[Name],” Kita spoke softly, and you weren’t sure if you heard happiness swing in his voice as he called out to you or if it was the usual indifference you were used to from him. Unfortunately, Kita knew what to do with you, even if you tried to ignore him so vehemently. By lifting your hand, he also pulled on the second one, and though you forced yourself to stretch, you were no match to his insistence that you’d turn around to face him. Letting your eyes sink to your hands, you watched him kiss both of them on the back lovingly, nothing but affectionately despite how demanding Kita was. 
“It’s finally the day,” he sighed, and for a matter of seconds, his lips curled into a smile. “I’ve been waiting for you for too long. I did everything I could, not for the Gods, but for them to finally gift you to me in this ceremony.”
“There’s no such thing,” you whispered, genuinely believing in the absence of gods if they allowed a mere spirit to capture, kidnap and force you into a marriage with him. 
“It wasn’t easy to get to this day, but you’ll soon see that life will be good. I will protect and cherish you, no matter what. I’ve been--”
Breath hitching, Kita stopped, and for the first time, you looked up at him as you expected the sentence to finish eventually. But all he did was look up, right back at you, and smile. As if these words never left him. As if there was something he was hiding. That moment you swore, even if it was the last thing you did, you’d find out what. There was no way you’d let him off that easily. Even if it was a tiny spark, you felt the fire burn up again inside of you. The fire of resistance and fight that you had drowned with your sorrows returned as you yanked your hands out of his, letting him know exactly what you felt. 
“This marriage is nonsense! None of us will be happy with it, even if you declare your devotion as if you’d actually care about me!”
“I do,” Kita was quick to counter, even with hints of indignation in how clearly he spoke those words. 
“You don’t. If you did, you’d let me go.” Unyielding, your hands returned to their place in your lap and your eyes back to the tatami mats on the ground before you. “A caring husband would listen to his wife and help fulfill her wishes! But you don’t do that at all… All you do is keep me like an animal, captured in a trap--”
For the first time, you actually felt fear that froze you as his hand landed in the back of your neck. Even with the fabric covering you, Kita instinctively found it, his fingers clasping right around the flesh around your spine. Never before had he raised his voice like that, and though for a moment his eyes widened too, when you finally looked at him again pleadingly, unable to even reach back to pry him off you, all you saw was disgust. 
“Stop saying things you don’t understand anything about.”
Giving your helpless body a rough shake, you couldn’t help but burst out into tears from the pain of his hand in your neck and also the fear you felt as he scolded you like a young dog, looking at you condescendingly. “P-Please--” you winced, and Kita let go as suddenly as he had attacked you. Cowering low and rubbing the back of your neck with only one hand carefully, you could feel a headache growing, your body not being made for being disciplined like an animal. 
You flinched as Kita leaned over you, his hands on both of your shoulders, holding you down. He didn’t do anything as you sobbed your eyes out, just sat there, covering you with his body and keeping your head down low. If this was his way of comforting you, it was shitty, but you were too afraid of what he’d do if you resisted or made a fuss again. 
“I want to go home,” you pressed forth between sobs and gritted teeth. “Please just let me go home.”
“This is your home now,” he answered you, his lips next to your ear so that his voice spoke over the sound of your thoughts. 
“No…” you sobbed, shaking your head and feeling his face pressed up to your hair and shoulder with every movement.
“Once we are married, you’ll be happy, I promise. You’ll come to understand your role as my wife, and you’ll feel as happy here as in any other place.”
Finally, the weight on top of you lifted as he sat up, pulling you with him by the collar of your kimono. Once up, this time, he focused his hands on your face alone, turning it over towards him, and wiped away the tears from your eyes with discontent in his expression as he held your cheeks. “I’ll make you happy, [Name]. I am the only one who can do that, for I owe this to you.”
“What?” you croaked, but Kita merely leaned forward to kiss you between your eyebrows before letting go of you completely. Having to support yourself on the floor, you reached out towards him as he stood up. Your pointer was able to snag the seem of his kimono to which you held on tightly even though it almost made you fall over since his movement pulled away the support you had. “Don’t go! Talk to me! Stop speaking in riddles, damnit!”
Your frustration was getting the better of you, but Kita merely leaned down to brush off your hand from his clothes before his hand settled at the back of your head, pushing your forehead down to the ground in a deep, involuntarily bow. “It’s time you learn your place, [Name]. You might find the answers you keep nagging me about when you make me happy.”
Kita didn’t wait for another complaint from you before he strode off, the door opening without him even having to lift a finger. You looked after him, disgruntled and frustrated. In how many riddles could one man speak, without ever giving answers despite seeing you in this pitiful state you were in? Making demands as if he had any right over you and treat you like a pet despite swearing he cared about you? There was no end to his mysteriousness, and even if nothing about this situation was resolved for you, he made it seem like his will was absolute, and it would be a waste of time to tell you more since he had already made up his mind.
“Please return her to a presentable state before the wedding,” Kita ordered softly to one of the women standing in wait in front of the door. “I don’t want to drag this out any longer.”
That was the last you heard of him as he disappeared in the masses of - you assumed they were - servants and curious onlookers which glanced at you with nothing short of irritation. You tried to get yourself up from the floor again, idiotically feeling embarrassed as if you cared about their opinions. But only with the help of the fox lady assigned to you were you able to sit up again.
They were quick to rearrange your hair, which had come loose from Kita’s touches, and when one of the older women threatened to burn your tear glands shut, you even managed to stop your crying so they could fix your make-up. The time spent making you ‘presentable’ seemed even more unreal than the one before where they prepared you for the wedding. Your head was bursting with questions and also the anger over the situation dwelling in it, and at least a little bit, you wished your overthinking would actually end you. 
As they finally pulled you into a stand and led you outside with the ropes replaced by shimmering shackles, allowing you the bare minimum of movement, the drizzling rain and sparkling sunshine no longer consoled you, the rain merely weight heavily in your mind, reminding you of your fate with its name. 
You were to marry into a family of fox spirits, as you agreed upon by a contract. 
You’d marry their head no matter what you thought about it, though he claimed that it would make you happy, even if it really wasn’t.
There was no saying what the future held for you, and the more you thought about it, the less you hoped any of your ideas would come true. 
Yet, what else was there to do but take Kita’s hand as he waited for you at the head of the ceremonial procession? Taking it out of your own free will was less scary than you expected and less painful probably too. His hand was soft, and though awkward, he held it gently, leading you into the direction of what you assumed was a shrine from the looks of it.
“Kita-san, I can’t make you happy. No matter what you say, there’s no way I could love or cherish you after all that happened,” you whispered, only for him - and perhaps some very sharp other pairs of ears - to hear. “I don’t think our marriage will be a happy one, and as long as I live, I will remind you every day.”
“Shinsuke. Call me Shinsuke.”
“Shinsuke… I--”
“I know,” he chuckled, and it made you look up at him wide-eyed. You weren’t even sure he was able to laugh from his demeanor, but for a moment, you caught yourself thinking that it was better than his indifference. “I know you don’t love me, but I…”
His eyes swayed from you up to the green of the trees, the sun reflecting in his irises in sparkles. You followed his gaze from beneath your hood, wondering what he was seeing in the leaves. “I waited many years for this. I can wait many more until you do.”
Stepping through the stone lantern entrance, you didn’t expect the sight of hundreds of different creatures waiting for you. Subconsciously, you squeezed his hand tighter, and he squeezed back almost reassuringly. There was no time to scan through all of what was gathered, some having bodies, others simply… didn’t. You saw feathers and more tails, green skins, and disfigured proportion, but your fiancee kept pulling you forward towards the waiting shrine where the same mysterious flames from the night before were dancing up and down through the hall.
What a world this was, you wondered as you lowered your head again, pitying yourself more than anything at this moment. Why you? What had you done to deserve this treatment? To be confronted and forced into a world you didn’t want to be part of? And, oh, why were there more questions than answers? 
Kita - or Shinsuke, you weren’t sure if you wanted to call him that - took the first step up into the shrine, leading you by his hand, but stopping you before entering further, keeping you outside in the rain still and gaining a defeated sigh from you as you came to a halt. Some part of you just wanted this to be over and not prolong it as he said, but you realized that this was only one of the first of many times that Kita would put his demands on you, ignoring your wishes in favor of his own.
“Even if we are bound by this contract, I want you to know…”
His free hand reached up, brushing a stray strand of hair out of your face. A gesture for friends or lovers, not mad spirits that forced you to marry you. But he seemed to have learned how to touch you without his claws hurting you, and as unnerving as his ability to learn was as gentle was his touch to your cheek, caressing your skin even if his touch made your stomach turn in disgust by how intimate it felt. 
“I do love you. I loved you all this time, and by marrying me, you’ll make me happy - even if you aren’t.”
That was when you finally realized it. All this time, you had been bothered by him claiming to care for you, despite putting you through this situation. The hypocrisy of it had nagged you endlessly, but just by his words, you seemed to finally have figured it out. 
Kita did what he thought was best.
It didn’t matter if you disagreed or if it hurt you, as long as it seemed to be the best option for him. Perhaps, in a twisted, self-righteous idea, he did love you in his own way, and no fighting, screaming, and struggling would keep him away from this idea, he manifested in his mind. The idea that wasn’t even remotely close to how humans perceived ‘love’. Even worse than that, you realized that there was nothing you could do that would change his mind. 
Not even the rain falling onto your face and his hand could hide your tears as you realized what kind of a monster you were about to be married to. Someone who didn’t care about you beyond this love he felt and who’d not stop fulfilling his own desires rather than your wishes. But what could you do? You, a mere human who did everything you could have thought of to convince him otherwise? Was there anything else you could have done besides yielding under his pressure? 
Was there anything else than accept Kita’s so-called ‘love’?
Tumblr media
➤ Embrace the marriage
➤ Go back to the prologue to change your fate
➤ ?
Read other routes first to unlock more fates
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mrfeenysmustache · 4 months ago
SessKag Week Day 4: Sacred; Death and Mourning; Truth
For previous days: 💚 🖤 ❤️
Summary: Deep in the frozen clutches of grief, desperate to save his house from swallowing darkness, Sesshomaru finds a little, unexpected light that illuminates all the shadows. And then another. And then another.
Warning: this fic deals with such sensitive topics as miscarriage, infertility, and pregnancy/infant loss. Please take care not to read if you find such topics distressing.
Also read on: AO3
The thick pall of mourning that permeated their home threatened to choke him.
He could smell it in every corner, every room, no matter how far he got from their personal quarters where she’d wrapped herself in sheets away from the world, the very walls and floors were soaked in it.
He just wanted to get away from it for a while, pretend that he, too, wasn’t drowning in a pit of his own despair, but there was nowhere to hide here.
He slid open the door to their room and stared down at her, the motionless ball of agony laying on their futon where she’d been for days.
What was left of his heart cracked further, and he sighed a broken, dusty sigh.
“Kagome, I am going on a patrol. I should return sometime in the night. Next morning at the latest.”
“Alright.” Her voice was small, afraid, a thin, shattered warble so different from her usual bright tones, and the raw wounds still littering his soul pulsed with new pain.
Disgust roiled through him that he couldn’t conquer this enemy for her, couldn’t vanquish the demons of her heart and mind as easily as he could demons of the flesh who sought to harm her.
But this was a fight they’d had to fight before, many times, and though each time they felt weaker, more tired, more weary, they still managed to claw their way out. Somehow, some way, they always made it out.
When the light of the day touched his skin he exhaled, his shoulders falling as he breathed in the sunshine and fresh air.
It had rained recently, so the earth smelled wet and rich, perfect for a clarifying trek through the woods.
His mind turned, ready to process his most recent traumas now that he could breath freely, and the overwhelming smell of sadness wasn’t bolstering all of his own dark feelings, and he grit his teeth against the onslaught of images he had to wade through.
Kagome, screaming and bloody, the teeny, tiny life she’d tried to grow for them limp and lifeless.
Another loss.
Another failure.
Another small grave marker in the garden by the hydrangeas.
His hands curled into fists and he paused, lashing out to punch a tree on his left.
It splintered into dust and he watched as all the pieces settled, wondering why all the pieces of life couldn’t settle just so.
His yoki was too strong. Her reiki was too pure.
They battled against each other in her womb and ripped a child apart, snuffing it out before it had a chance to start, and nothing any healer or midwife or witch or wise man had offered to help had made any difference.
But Kagome was always full of so much hope. So much damnable, soul shredding hope.
She was born to be a mother, of that he had no doubt, the Kitsune Shippo was a credit to her nurturing hand.
Even Rin had flourished once Kagome had joined his household, and his heart panged again at the memory of his first child.
She’d been gone for nearly 100 years, old and frail and leaving behind a life well lived.
Her children’s children called them grandparents still, she’d been such a joy since he’d found her orphaned in the woods.
He stopped. His eyes widened.
Found her.
He’d found her.
That’s right, his first child, mute and human and poor, had been a child he’d found, who’d found him.
His brow furrowed in contemplation as he continued his trek.
But now he looked a little closer, listened a little harder, sniffed a little deeper.
Weeks passed and rolled into months, and Sesshomaru watched Kagome once again tentatively blossom like a damaged flower.
She would peel herself out of bed, eat a bit of food, sit next to their unfortunate pups in the garden, and lay in his arms, listening to his heart beat.
Her smile was sad, but at least it was there, and she laughed softly when Shippo would come and bring her some sunshine.
It warmed his heart and made his own healing that much easier.
When he readied himself to leave again for another patrol, he smiled down at her as she stood in the door with him, her robe pulled tight around her form.
“You’re going again? How long will you be gone?”
It was, so far, the most she’d said when he left.
A good sign.
He brushed a kiss on her cheek, on her nose, on her lips, leaving her starry eyed and breathless. A promise for more, a hope for tomorrow.
“I will be back before morning breaks.”
“Okay. Please be safe.”
“As if there is anything that could be a threat to me, woman.” He said, tilting his head up, staring down his nose.
She giggled, bright and true, and his haughty facade broke as his entire being sagged in relief to hear such pure delight from her.
The quiet stillness of the woods was cut through by the steady, quiet thrum of life. It was peaceful, perfect, and his eyes scanned back and forth, accounting for every tree and twig and stone.
Nothing in his realm was out of place. Nothing in his home was sullied or tainted or stolen. Nothing was-
A cry pierced the night, shrill and hopeless, and before the he knew what he was doing he was sprinting to find the source.
A body- human, female- dead and cold on the ground, wounds gouged across her chest and spilling her blood into the earth.
A baby half hidden in her clothes shrieked into the night, hungry and alone, spared of the gruesome attack on his mother save for one slice near his eye.
He pulled tenseiga from his side, but the sword did not respond; she had been dead too long, and her soul was long gone.
He reached down and scooped the wailing babe up and sniffed around its head to ascertain its health.
Male. Neko. Healthy, with the edge of infection.
‘Ah. So that’s what happened.’
She had been coming to him for refuge and was cut down on her journey.
It had happened before, hopeless human parents with hanyo children seeking asylum with the vicious demon lord who’d chosen a human as his mate.
The world was still cruel to them, as this woman had learned.
But her baby would not share her fate.
“He will be safe. He will live. This I assure you.”
He melted her corpse with his poison, leaving nothing behind for scavengers to pick at, and then turned toward home, thinking of the other children he’d loved who’d come to him similarly.
He was done burying pups.
But he wasn’t done raising them.
The minute she’d been presented with a newborn orphan in need of a mother, Kagome bloomed from her shell of sadness and took action. He watched her swaddle him, feed him, sing and coo and scratch at him. His kitten ears flicked much like his half brother’s did, and she found the little whiskers that grew near his nose worthy of more praise than he’d heard for any accomplishment of his entire life.
“Look Sesshomaru! Watch him stretch! Isn’t he darling?”
He picked him up and braced him on his shoulder, listening to his little purr of contentment, and Kagome smiled at them with a heart full of love.
It was another fifty years before he found another orphan, a small half fox who clung to his pants and trembled right until he met Kagome. He’d launched himself at her and they’d been inseparable since.
60 years later they found an Inu-Hanyo girl, with hind paws and a tail instead of hears and fangs.
15 later they found the two remaining babies in a set of triplets, little matching bear cubs nearly too small to make it.
But Kagome would not lose another baby, and with her constant vigilance as well as his healing sword, they came through healthy and alive.
By the time they reached her birth era, they had a swarm of children to introduce her mother to, and Kagome’s tattered heart had been stitched back together as whole as it could be.
And every scrap of her happiness, he counted as his own.
“I’m sorry I could never give you children of your own.” She said a little sadly as she watched her mother mingle with her menagerie of grandkids.
“They are my own.” He replied matter-of-factly, pulling her closer and kissing her head.
“You don’t regret that it could have been easier if you’d found someone else?”
He tilted her chin up and met her eyes, staring into the still tender depths of hers will all of his fiery surety.
“I would regret any life save the one I have with you.”
She closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against his chest, and he ran his hand up and down her back as he watched his children woo their grandmother. All ages, all species, all across the spectrum from completely human to completely yokai, it never made a difference. They were hers, and they were his, and his heart had grown with each new orphan he’d brought home.
“Thank you Sesshomaru.” She whispered into his clothes and he smiled.
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khaotic-kitsunes · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Not a bad idea really...I can definitely see this as something that eraserhead would do, so lets see how it goes! As always, click on the read more to see what scenario you’ve been blessed with today~
Well, not blessed with but you get the idea...anyway, be sure to let me know what you think! Though, this is an old request that I never got around to...ahah...
Click Me 
Cheeky Kitsune 🦊💋
Tumblr media
 You moaned out loudly in surprise, moaning as you felt Shouta’s fingers thrust deep into you, wiggling inside of you until you felt him brush up against your sweet spot; the tell-tale whine making him chuckle low. Unfortunately for you, you couldn’t see his signature grin, the grin that you had oh-so-easily fallen in love with; for you, there was only darkness.
 Sensory deprivation. Shouta had suggested the idea to you a few nights prior, asking you if you would trust him to blindfold you and of course, you had agreed to the idea without a second thought and truthfully, it had sounded like fun when he first brought it up. Sadly, you had to work the very next day, so you had to ask him to put it off until today; a nice Saturday night with no other commitments.
 However, right now you were questioning your sanity. You were so stupid, you should have realised that being blindfolded would make his torturous teasing feel even more pleasurable for you, that he would use your helpless state to push you to the brink of orgasm; only to deny you time and time again.
 But no, you had been an idiot, you had trusted him and believed that he wouldn’t tease you this one time. You had been so incredibly wrong and you had long ago lost count of the number of times he had denied you what you so desperately needed.
 “You’re trembling, Kitten…”
 Your hips bucked down against his touch as his thumb brushed over your clit teasingly, his fingers thrusting at a slow pace that was driving you insane; building your pleasure back up to an unbearable point, but still not allowing you your release. You had no idea when he would finally allow you to orgasm, the only thing you could do; was hope that it would be sometime soon.
 “It’s nice though, you look good like this” He added the words quietly, his hot mouth closing over your overly-sensitive nipple; tongue circling the bud mercilessly. Shouta was truly a cruel man when it came to pleasuring you and he always had been. He always teased you and never let you orgasm until he was ready; it didn’t matter if you were more than ready for the release. The decision was his and his alone.
 “Shouta…Shouta come on, please…” You whined out quietly, mewling when he rubbed his thumb over your clit again, making your back arch from the sudden rush of pleasure that came from his touch; you were starting to get dangerously close again and he was well-aware of it.
 “Say, ‘please’ for me again Kitten” Shouta instructed quietly, lifting his head from your chest while his fingers moved harder and faster, making it increasingly difficult for you to stutter out the word he wanted to hear; though it was almost impossible when he was teasing you like that.
 “P-Please…! Please, please, please, please!” You cried out the word over and over again, whimpering when he removed his fingers from your trembling body; a quiet chuckle falling from his lips. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, he was actually going to deny you again, even though you had done exactly what he had said.
 “Well done Kitten, such a good girl.” Shouta let the praise fall from his lips moments before you felt him rub up against your soaked folds, seconds before he buried every inch of his dick inside you; the action causing a loud gasp of relief to spill from your oversensitive body.
 “That’s it, nice and easy…don’t worry Kitten, I’ll make you cum soon. I promise.”
 You moaned out loudly when Shouta began to move his hips slowly, each thrust causing that all too familiar heat to quickly build up in the very pit of your stomach; signalling your fast approaching release. Your hands moved up to his back as his hips moved at an unforgiving pace, nails dragging over his muscles while Shouta bit over your neck, making his way along the sensitive skin; his hips bucking each time your walls clenched down around him. You were so close; if he stopped now, you might just kill him.
 You cried out his name loudly, curling your toes as your orgasm rushed through your body; Shouta still continuing to move his hips and helping you ride out your much-needed orgasm until you were a shaking mess beneath him with moans spilling from your lips continuously.
 Unable to stop yourself, you whimpered out helplessly while Shouta continued to fuck you, your body relaxing into the bed from the mind-blowing pleasure. When Shouta had promised you that he could make you feel good, this most certainly wasn’t what you had imagined. Though you couldn’t say that you hated it; you only wished that he would let you cum sooner next time.
 “Look at you…I didn’t break you did I, Kitten? Do you need a break?” Shouta questioned you softly, fingers running over your cheek, causing you to shake your head; not wanting the seemingly endless pleasure to come to a stop just yet.
 You were a big girl; you could handle it.
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idkimstupidwoman · 10 days ago
Ok since no one has requested her yet .... Hazelnut cookie x reader headcanons??? Please <3?? I've been in love with your OC since I saw it!! :D
ufufufu~ awww ty!
-fluffy tail so she cuddles you with it
-she literally uses her tail as an advantage to tease you and cuddle randomly
-she acts like a mother so she protects you
-you two go to the bar sometimes
-you go and meet her she'll be up on a tree branch petting Kitsune her pet cat.
-she has some days she loves but some days she hates
-cloudy days is one of her most hated days so she stays in her house all day or go outside to chil with Kitsune
-shes warm as the sun so when its winter shes good to cuddle up with with some hot cocoa but not summer days
-Kitsune loves to reax on your lap while she laughs
-her fan usually helps her keep her temperature when its summer
-she pulls you into a cuddle or hug when your feeling sad
-kisses on your cheeks or head
-her usual song that repersents her is camel by camel by sandy marton :P
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turquoisezircon · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Here, finally new heroes to the Miracles of the Creek AU: 
Welcome to my AU. Basically, the miracle box is lost in the multiverse (it is set during Lego Dimensions) and the box end up in the Creek. Then, some of the creek kids get kidnapped by Lord Vortech, and now, Bug Boy, Sárkány and J-Ape.
Bug Boy: Craig with the Ladybug Miraculous. Decided to give Craig the ladybug miraculous since he has a lot of creativity and could use the Lucky Charm with a lot of different uses. Also because they need this miraculous to purify the akumas.
He put the earrings in his shoes and his hand is in front of his yo-yo. Since the guardian is “Ladybug” not “Marinette”, he is now the official guardian of the box. Sárkány: Kelsey with the dragon miraculous. I thought it matched her because Kelsey likes to pretend she is a knight and has this interest in mythical cratures. I gave her this jacket to make her slightly different from Ryuko. Her name means dragon in Hungarian.   J-Ape: JP with the monkey miraculous. I gave him the monkey miraculous because he is the funniest of all of the Creek Kids. Also, he is really umpredictable, which, in my opinion, matches perfectly with the ability of messing with the powers of others.  
His name is a pun, because “Ape” sounds a bit like P, and monkeys and gorillas are often confused, so I thought it made sense.
Shell Queen: I gave Sewer Queen this miraculous since it’s the only aquatic animal miraculous at the box. I also believed the power of protection could be useful to protect her people. Her name is Sewer Turtle, since I hadn’t thought about anything better. Her design is more inspired by Jade Turtle than Carapace.
Bee Bob: I gave Bobby the bee miraculous, because of the Hivemind Operation episode. The fact that Bobby was the only interested in helping the bees. His name is Bee Bob, since I believe Bobby wouldn’t be that creative to name himself anything else. I chose this name because this way his nickname could be BB. He uses the miraculous as a belt instead of a comb, since I thought it made more sense for him. (Also, stop arguing about who is better. Queen Bee or Vesperia are both the losers. Bee Bob is the winner).
Kitsune: I gave Kit this miraculous since she is really smart, and her and her trade involves a certain amount of deception and manipulation, which I think matches with the power of illusion. Her name Kitsune because I know that in some culture, they are fox with powers of illusions and has the bonus of being also a pun with her real name. Her design is more inspired in the book’s old fox hero than Rena Rouge and Volpina.
Cunnicula: Wren’s interest in dimensional and time travel made me choose this miraculous to her. She is an specialist in this topic, even a little bit obsessive about it, and I thought it made sense. I dare to say that she could use the miraculous even better than Bunnix herself. 
Dame Horse: Well, it was obvious that I needed to give one of the horse girls the horse miraculous. I chose Maney, because she seems the nicest of the group. Instead of this more modern Pegase style that Max has, I thought about giving Maney a look closer to a farmer.
Medusa: Since I already gave Wren the rabbit miraculous, I thought about giving the Timekeeper another time miraculous.I think the snake matches her because: she knows how to play a musical instrument; she could use her instruments to warn her allies when she is going to use her power and because she has a lot of watches in her wrist, so, I thought she wouldn’t be bothered by a new bracelet.
Rat King: And last, but not least, Jason with the mouse miraculous. Jason, as a scout, knows about team work, but, his bossy attitude makes thing difficult. So I though “What if he made a team made of his clones?” and then, well, I gave him this miraculous. I wanted to do something creative with him, reason why I gave him this crown and this name.
Edited from wiki images.
Miraculous and Craig of the Creek belong to their respectives creators and channels.
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bunnywithablog · a year ago
couldn’t get the thought of how denki would be with a gf that had a kitsune type quirk (including ears and tails!) out of my head so here’s some headcanons!
rules | masterlist
pairing: BNHA/MHA - denki kaminari x f!reader - kitsune quirk s/o hc's
Tumblr media
- when i tell you this boy almost short circuited when he first saw you-
- he thought cat girls were cute but kitsune girls??? especially you?????
- anyways 👀
- actually finds your quirk really cool!
- thanks to the smarts that accompany being kitsune-related, you're p good at most of your subjects so you tutor denki sometimes, that's actually how you got to know each other!
- genuinely surprised to find out how much of a goofball you were considering how diligent you seem
- was quick to introduce you to the bakusquad after hanging out a couple times! though he’s very perceptive to the fact you get shy around large groups of people so he introduces them one at a time
- you get along with mina and sero the best
- mina absolutely adores how playful you are and often helps you pull pranks, especially on denki!
- sero is often up late and since you're mostly nocturnal, you two hang out and vibe to music together
- all in all, enjoyable time with those two, 10/10 friendship
- denki definitely calls you ‘vixen’ a lot
- was surprised to find out about your love for round objects but that explained why you liked things like volleyball, soccer and ping-pong
- "hey [name] if you like playing with balls,,," ;)
- "denki i swear to whatever god is out there-"
- plus it also explained why the balls from the ping-pong table always seemed to disappear whenever you were around
- almost cried when he saw how excited you were over a little shiny bell trinket he got you!!
- the fact you have fox-like fangs doesn't surprise him that much, i mean he is friends with kirishima
- but he does find it fascinating
- startled you by accident once and got bit
- may or may not have liked it
- he’s always kinda "bro are we flirting or are we friends flirting" whenever you flirt back at him, genuinely isn't sure if it's your playful nature or if you like him back-
- with some encouragement from mina and sero, you make the first move and tell him how you feel!
- he short circuited in response,,,
- so that's a yes!
- you mostly spend time in one another's dorms either talking or gaming together!
- either that or you're challenging each other to all sorts of crazy things-
- still flirts back and forth with you a lot!!
- whenever you can't sleep, you usually sneak into his dorm to cuddle up beside him
- and his heart always just melts whenever he wakes up to you fast asleep and so peaceful next to him 🥺
- feels so honored to be the only one allowed to touch your tail(s)
- it's just so soft and fluffy and he loves brushing through the fur for you!!
- he knows how grumpy and stressed you can get sometimes, especially during winter. his solution? ear scritches!!
- loves the little chirps and trills you occasionally make whenever he does that 🥺
- you're always there to help him out whenever he accidentally shorts out
- always in the front row of people cheering him on, whether it's in academics, hero work or just personal growth
- absolutely give him all the kisses and words of affirmation whenever he's down, he deserves it
- most supportive gf? you bet your ass!!
- overall you two are very cute and flirty together, it's a fun pair! your mix of both a playful yet down-to-earth personality melds well with denki's and i love it!!
Tumblr media
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burnyanocs · 2 days ago
Naw the villain trio are taking over in what would be part 2 of the Restaurant season.
Tumblr media
The villain duo set up a restaurant, with the help of Barley, to distract from their plans. When the "update" is released the restaurant environment will change with tables and chairs knocked over and some cans or Ram's Soda is found lying around.
First is the new brawler, Gemini, the final member of the villain trio.
Tumblr media
Gemini is a Magic powered robot that can split in two. He swings his pandat back and forth to deal damage. If it glows, his pandat deals 1.5 times damage. It switches from glowing and not glowing with a timer (not glowing: 7 secs, glowing: 5 sec). For his super, Gemini dashes to the side and summon his clone that has less health and speed but a longer range and constantly attacks. Geminini is a Cloning Assassin with the Canon Classes. With my version of the class name changes found here, he is a Summoner or Assassin/Summoner hybrid.
Next are the skins but first is a skin that arrived late. Barley helped the villain trio with their plan but had to go hiding due to someone catching on the plan. Here he is now that the plan is in action on tier 0, "The Waiter" Barley.
Tumblr media
He has unique attack animation and victory+losing animations.
Next is the other Skins. All three are brawlers that gone under mind control.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"King Cobra" Byron. Unique attack animations and victory+losing animations.
Emperor P. Unique attack animations (unique ally?), unique attack sounds, and unique victory+losing animations.
"Kitsune" Lola. Unique victory+losing animations.
Finally another skin, a club Skin.
Tumblr media
Bubble Bath Carl. Carl was finding out the mystery that is some Brawlers disappearing. He invited the news crew over but he was in a middle of a bath. Unique attack animations and sounds, and unique victory+losing animations.
And that's all of them, if you like this concept check out the previous 3 I made. I like making these and I might make more next year. And like I said check out the other 3 I made on the previous days. For now see ya.
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kyogre-blue · 4 months ago
Anonymous asked:
(sorry for the long ask, but you're the only one I've seen so far that really went in depth with the lore and I wanted to see what you thought about this!! and, if it's okay to ask, what was the kitsune saiguu about? I haven't encountered much in inazuma because it's so big and I'm p. weak, but she sounds really interesting if everyone was into her [simped for her? lol])
The Kitsune Saiguu was a priestess from before the Cataclysm. She had kitsune blood (whether entirely kitsune or mixed with human) and was from the eminent Hakushin bloodline. Her role was protecting the Thunder Sakura and helping it deal with various forms of corruption, which the Sakura absorbs and needs help purifying out of itself. 
Everyone loved her. She was just apparently an awesome person all around, and she had entire cast revolving around her, which included many other youkai, humans, and her familiars. She seemed to have been a fairly playful person, who liked to rap others on the head with her tobacco pipe, but also insightful and introspective. 
She was also Baal’s companion. 
She died in the Cataclysm 500 years ago, protecting Narukami Island and its people. I really loved the scene where explained her concern for Ioroi back then... Her death broke her friends’ hearts. Several fled or went into seclusion, and even those that continued on were deeply saddened and often thought of her. 
Her memories were so strong that they didn’t dissipate and instead seeped into the land, eventually coalescing into a new being. 
We have some perspectives on her from others, but it’s quite fragmented so far. We don’t even know her name. 
After her death, her familiars became the fox statues all over the place, waiting for her return. Kazari also mentions that there is something like one of her familiars at the top of Narukami, which would probably be Yae, but this is speculation. 
Now, for the rest...
I’m putting the rest under a cut because, if these leaks are true, they are massive spoilers for act 3, beyond just speculation.
I don’t particularly care, but tbh this level of spoiling ahead of time is not always enjoyable and definitely not for everyone.
Anonymous asked:
Leakers confirmed scaramouche's reappearance in 2.1, and the previous leaker who said the thing about the two archons sharing a body said that scaramouche wanted to save his sister from the og!electro archon, and that when baal loses her gnosis to la signora scaramouche will be there (and that the og!electro archon started the vision hunt decree because they wanted power to go against something [maybe the unknown goddess?? altho sus because it's been so long, so did the unknown goddess then recently reappear, or was it just that the og!electro archon recently woke up??]. Something I found interesting too is that her ultimate art, (like her divine punishment) as her chara skill mentioned that it grows more powerful depending on how charged your bursts are with your party members, so it does make some sense as to why she thinks collecting visions make her stronger.
They said that her divine punishment would be repelled (?) three times though, and that eventually she would realize how powerful mc can be, even with the visions collected they still won against her etc. etc. and leave the task of defeating unknown goddess to traveler, by then travelling the world with scaramouche instead.
(sorry for the long ask, but you're the only one I've seen so far that really went in depth with the lore and I wanted to see what you thought about this!! and, if it's okay to ask, what was the kitsune saiguu about? I haven't encountered much in inazuma because it's so big and I'm p. weak, but she sounds really interesting if everyone was into her [simped for her? lol])
you don't have to answer if it's a hassle 😅
This all sounds extremely speculative, so I don’t really have anything to say. 
Personally speaking, I feel this is a massive overcomplication and doesn’t bode well at all. Genshin writing (especially in the main storyline) always nosedives the more complex a plot they try to do. We’ve seen Baal in ONE scene where she expresses basically nothing as a character. Anyone who hasn’t played Unreconciled Stars, a time-limited event from close to a year ago, won’t even know who Scaramouche is. 
And we’re going to shove this entire revelation and backstory into the last arc? On top of needing to have us understand the... front-facing Baal’s motivations, like the livestream said we would? On top of the Fatui showing up and yet more MC shilling? 
In regard to the Traveler, I’m particularly already feeling salty because “she’ll realize how powerful the MC is” doesn’t sound enjoyable at all. Because the MC’s power is just totally baseless and undeserved. 
Anyway, my lore dumps are way different than my opinions about Genshin’s writings, which are super negative lol 
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featherednutcase · a year ago
10Sentence Masterlist
A/N Some Shorts may be in multiple places if Poly-
Gum Stuck in Fur
Scenting You
Monster Petshop
Monster Hospital
Monster Dad at a Recital
Monster w/ Reader w/ really strong perfume
Monster Really likes Surströmming
Chubby Monster Boyfriend 
Fainting in front of your Monster Boyfriend
Monsters making you Breakfast
Monster under the Bed Going with you to College
Author enjoys the Notes
Cyclops scared to Squish S/O
Cyclops trying to get Glasses
Braiding your Cyclops S/O’s Hair
Dullahan playing Hide and Seek
Space Dwarf
Eldritch comforts Stressed, Sleeping Reader
Elemental (Earth) BF tracks mud through the House
Elemental (Fire) Burns something after seeing a cute patron (you)
Enderman doting over you during a rain storm
Frog Prince
Genie (Soulmate AU)
Overprotective Ghost BF in Quarantine
Ghost Possesses Reader (With Consent)
Dressing in Clothes from a Ghost’s time period
Griffin (Pet/Platonic)
Insectoid (Bee Person) is Overprotective and won’t stop buzzing at people
Invisible Monster as Imaginary Friend
Bundling Up your Invisible S/O
Kissing a Gorgon
Gorgon kissing You
Kelpie who lets Reader Tack them
Kitsune apologizing over prank
Lizardfolk: Pants that weren’t made for Tails
Mandrake Plant Monster Allergic to their own Flowers
Pooka w/ Hardworking Witch
Hugging a Porcupine Monster
Winterizing your Plant Monster
Rabbit Sea Slug Monster getting a massage
Shadow Monster with Reader who is afraid of the Dark
Sheep Monster needs a Shear
Skeleton playing Ribs like a Xylophone 
Skeleton Dog
Sylph helps Reader Fly
Venus Fly Plant Person
Tall Alien GF loving her Tiny Human
Red String of Fate AU
Alien with Notes on Dating Humans
Alien GF w/ Male Reader (Who’s in a Wheelchair)
Small Alien Cuddling on the Couch
Alien Prince wooing You
Proposing to your Alien Boyfriend
Angel wrapping S/O in Wings
Angel tasting Human Food
Angel who can be Holy or Dirty
Poly Angel/Demon
Gluttony Demon Pt 2
Poly Demon/Fae
Poly Angel/Demon
Witch summons Demon (Who’s a Softy)
“Whole World in my Hands”
Botanist Demon w/ Adventurer Reader
Shy Incubus
Dragons and Lizard Folk
Dragon Leaves Courting Gifts on Porch
Dragon Bringing a Birthday Present
Werewolves find a Dragon Cub
Dragon arguing w/ Reader over where the Hoard goes
Not recognizing the Dragon Prince
Drider who’s afraid of regular spiders
Camping with a Drider
Drider on Liquid Diet discovers Human Soups
Drider that is spider size
Peacock Spider Drider doing Courting Dance
Drider trapping you in their Web
Drider with Reader who used to be afraid of Spiders
Drider who Knits Silk Presents
Drider & Human S/O House Shopping
Drider with Arachnaphobic Girlfriend
Elf BF being Mistaken for a Girl
Elven Boyfriends Sparring
Tiny Elf that likes to feel Tall
Dark Elf & Dragonborn: Meeting the Parents
Injured Elf Knight
Poly Demon/Fae
Star Crossed Lovers (Fairy Prince)
Fae with Deadnames
Fairy Owning You Part 2
Fairy Offended by Fairy Lights
Autistic Faerie & Autistic Reader
Fairy Getting Hit on
Fairy who wants a Kid
Butterfly Fairy that fits in your Hand
Fairy Prince w/ Male Reader
Fairy Real Estate Agent
Shy Fairy with Shy Reader
Fae Boyfriend showing you how to make Flower Crowns
Nymph whos A Classic Lit. Nerd
Nymph on Mars
Flower Nymphs marking Spring
Dryad sleeping in Leaf Pile
Dryad who lives in the Community Garden
Dryads who Woo their human with Spring Blooms
Dryad enamored w/ Human S/O’s garden
Dryad changing leaf colors
Rosh Bush Dryad thanks the Gardener (You)
Dryad pretends to be a Tree
Naiad comforts crying Reader
Giant BF getting used to Living in the City
Giant Couple takes care of Kid
Giant finds Kid in Snow
Giant carries you in their Pocket
Giant carries you everywhere
Present shopping for a Giant BF
Giant raised by Humans
Goblin Soulmate (Not worth the Black Jelly Beans...)
Goblin GF using Shinies to Flirt
Goblin Kid getting a Krenshar
Goblin BF getting ready to make a Ring
Harpy & Feathered Monsters
Siren Solidarity between Harpy/Mermaid
Harpy Boyfriend Preening You
Slipping on Ice, “Are you an Angel?”
Teaching Harpies to Fly (You are not a Harpy)
Bat Harpy BF hanging out in the Woods
Harpy w/ Loud Mating Calls
Harpy w/ Fluffy Feathers
Harpy Making the Nest Bed
Harpy Boyfriend wants to Cuddle
Penguin Harpy
Barn Owl Harpy trying to Court Barn’s Owner (You)
Harpy Boyfriend Preening you
Kenku Clock Maker
Living __ & Haunted Things
Haunted Armor Fretting over your Squishy Body
Living Doll in an Antique Shop
Living Scarecrow w/ a Broken Arm
Living Snow Person
Disguising yourself as a Living Statue to Their Parents
Disguising a Living Statue to meet your parents
Fixing a Living Statue up
Living Voodoo Doll Bonded to Reader
Merfolks & Amphibian Men
Diving with a Zebra Moray Eel Mer
Eel Merman Teasing Reader
Tripping over an Octopus Merman’s tentacles
Octomer Line Cook
Octomer Being Self-Concious about being Octomer
Cecaila Boyfriend Cuddling with You
Mermaid cuddling Reader Underwater
Merfolk teaching you to swim
Jealous Bettafish merfolk
Orca Mermaid
Scared, Curious Mermaid Trapped in Net
Merfolk with a Wheelchair
Spending time w/ your merfolk
Swimming in Underwater Cave w/ Merfolk S/O
Shy Reader Unknowingly Sings to (and woos) Local Siren
Merman trying to get S/O to Sing
Merfolk Reader sees Man fall off Surfboard
Mermaid trying to wash Cotton Candy before eating it
Merman w/ Blushing S/O
Merman Boyfriend w/ Harpy S/O
Siren Solidarity between Harpy/Mermaid
Siren Can’t Bewitch Reader
Merfolk Accessible Canals
Mershark smelling your Blood
Tries to Court Reader through the power of L Ä M P (and sweaters)
Mothfolk Cuddles you with his Wings
Moth GF eats your Favorite Sweater
Mothboy nibbles your sweaters
Moth BF who can’t resist the Lamp
Mothfolk Kisses Writer
Mothfolk getting a New Spring Look
2 Headed Naga
Touch-Starved Naga
Naga Saves you when Lost in the Jungle
Naga Boyfriend Cuddling to Comfort You
Tsundere Naga
Tiny Naga Reader w/ Orc Part 2
Titan Boa Naga
Naga getting ready for Winter Hybernation
Knitting a Long Sweater for a Naga
Naga giving you a Massage
Naga Prince Fluff
Naga at the Beach
Orc GF Defends your Honor at the Bar
Scary Orc BF is Soft with Babies
Soft Orc w/ Interior Designer
(D)orc Boyfriend who loves Anime
Orc BF asks to be Little Spoon
Lifting your Orc BF up
Tiny Naga Reader w/ Orc Part 2
Getting into a Car Accident w/ an Orc
Orc Buys Things He doesn’t need to see Worker
Orc picking up his Workaholic S/O
Rakshasa & Nekos (Cat monsters?)
Catboy who hates Stereotypes
Cat Person Pets You
Allergic to Neko S/O
Tiger Rakshasa w/ Botanist Reader
Brushing out a Rakshasa
Fluffy Rakshasa escaping the Summer Heat
Robots & Androids
Reader’s Robot Learns to Love
Clothes Shopping with Robot
Robot who Makes sure their Artist S/O takes care of themselves
Alien Robot Soulmate AU
AI sets up a VR Vacation
AI who lives on your Phone
AI with an Arcade Date
Selkie Wrapping Borrower! Reader in Pelt
Selkie Lends you Pelt and Boom. Seal
Selkie sneaks into the Zoo
Slime who thinks they’re a Star
Slime pestering S/O for attention
Slime that tracks slime all over
Slime with Baby {Read: Jello Cup}
Snuggling with A Slime
Slime Person Trying not to Make a Mess
Slime and Scientist Reader
Trading riddles with a Sphinx
Sphinx who asks you Riddles before you come or go
Sphinx Librarian
Taurs & Co
Centaur with Farrier!Reader (Soulmate AU)
Centaur Getting Caught in Sliding Doors
Brushing out a Centaur’s Coat
Centaur with Borrower Reader who lives in Barn
Brushing Out a Centaur’s Winter Coat
Tailoring a Centaur’s Tux
Riding your Centaur Boyfriend for the First Time
Cow Centaur (Bucentaur) Jumping
Reindeer Centaur Working for a Mall Santa
Rockclimbing with a Goat Centaur
Minotaur who’s Cat keeps Dragging Borrower!Reader to him
Minotaur (Bull in a China Shop)
Satyr who Stress eats Flowers
Cooking Show with a Vampire
Being the Voice of Authority for Vampire Kids
Vampire Hires Lawyer to Challenge Lifetime Warranties
Vampire in a Mirror Maze
Vampire w/ Packed Lunch
Musical Werewolf and Nerd Vampire
Vampire Boyfriend drinking your Blood for the First Time
Rescuing your Vampire Boyfriend from a Sunny Day
Werewolves and Shifters
2 Werewolves & Dragonborn (Poly)
Werewolves find a Dragon Cub
Werewolf with Selkie Mechanics
Werewolf Jumping into the Pool
Werewolf Coming back from Deployment
Werewolf Coming home from Deployment
Reader’s First Time Shifting
Recently turned Werewolf
Giving a Werewolf Peanutbutter
Werewolf Dad helping with Kids first Shift
Reader Howls at the Moon
Werewolf who Acts like a Puppy
Werewolf who Drools
Werewolf nervous to Shift in front of Reader
Stir Crazy Werewolf 
Werewolf w/ Flea Collar
Werewolf Vacuum Shopping  Part 2
Werewolf Boyfriend with Mermaid Reader
Werewolf Boyfriend in Quarantine
Werewolf Guarding Reader
Werewolf Pack Part 2 Part 3
Werewolf getting Overwhelmed by Perfume Shop
Werewolf who’s tail won’t stop Wagging
Colorblind Werewolf
Werewolf Who Sheds
Werewolf w/ Shower Thoughts at 5 AM
Werewolf Alpha that’s actually a Pomeranian
Werewolf wakes up in Someone’s Bed
Musical Werewolf and Nerd Vampire
Giving a Werebear a Teddy Bear
Park Ranger w/ a Werebear who’s Always Getting into Trouble
Waiting for your werebear to wake up from Hibernation
Wereflamingo & Werepossum
Weremouse escaping Mouse Traps
Wererabbit Cuddling
Werewhale Saves Reader in Storm
Shapeshifter: Messing with your Family
Shapeshifter who acts like the Animals he Becomes
Shapeshifter Posing for You
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aer-in-wanderland · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
 구미호뎐 | Tale of the Nine Tailed - Lost in Translation EP01
In which my sister and I sat down with a pint of mint chocolate chip and wrote down everything that occurred to us while watching the fan-subbed version of TotNT EP01. Contains mild spoilers. 
We open with an excerpt from the Hyeonjoonggi (현중기・玄中記), which the internet informs me originated in China sometime between 265-317 CE. In Korea in particular, gumiho are typically thought of as being female, but this is an example of a classical text that says they can be either. From what director Kang Shin Hyo said at the TotNT press conference, the premise of TotNT began with the idea of challenging this base assumption by making the gumiho male and placing him in modern-day Seoul. I would translate the passage as follows:
When a fox becomes 100, it can become a beautiful woman, or become a man who has relations with women. A fox that lives for 1000 years communes with the heavens and becomes a cheon’ho (heavenly fox). Its gifts are like that of a powerful shamaness; it can perceive things more than 1000 leagues distant.”  
To my sense, the passage was introduced to show precedent for the existence of male gumiho in traditional folklore, as well as to illustrate that foxes over 1000 (cheon’ho) can be closer to deities than monsters.
On to the show. The year is 1999. I’m surprised the subs left ‘Fox Ridge’ untranslated as Yeou Gogae since it seems like it would be relevant information that the place where the accident takes place is somehow tied to foxes. 
When the imposter parents (who I believe are also foxes) chase little Ji Ah up into her room and her not-dad says, “You little brat!” (or at least, that’s what the subs we’re watching say), this is an example of what’s called ‘code switching.’ His phrasing is somewhat old-fashioned, which in this case helps to give the impression that he’s not human since it’s the cant of creatures in traditional fairytales. For anyone studying Korean, the line is, “요 년 봐라,” where ‘nyeon’ might mean anywhere from ‘girl’ to ‘wench’ or even ‘bitch.’  
Okay, I have to ask. Does no one else in Seoul drive on Fox Ridge? How did Ji Ah have time to go home, get attacked, and then be returned to the scene of the accident (I’m assuming by Yeon) before anyone came across it? 
Also, how did Yeon know where to take her? He tells grown Ji Ah that he just happened upon her after catching the scent of blood, but I get the sense there’s more to the story than that. I feel like this is part of a larger pattern wherein Yeon goes out of his way to rescue someone and then pretends as if he didn’t.
Episode 01 Title Card: What Happened on Fox Ridge
According to Yeon’s alarm, our current timeline begins on Saturday, August 29, 2020, and he has a wedding to attend. 2020 yet no COVID19? I guess this really is a fantasy drama. ;p
The BGM playing while Yeon gets ready is called ‘The Fox's Wedding Day,’ or, more literally, ‘day when a fox goes to be married’ (Yeou ga shijip ganeun nal) and it’s actually Yeon’s theme. I was expecting his theme to be the track entitled ‘Gumiho,’ but I guess not lol
The sun-shower. In both Japan and Korea, a sun-shower is known as ‘a fox’s wedding’ (kitsune no yome-iri/yeou ga shijip ganeun nal), so this is already cluing us in that the bride is a fox (I say ‘bride’ because both these phrasings typically apply to a bride marrying into her husband’s house. The phrasing is different for grooms, who ‘receive’ the bride). This is what Yeon means when he arrives at the wedding hall and says, “That’s because a fox is getting married today.”
It’s strange to me that the bride’s identity has completely dropped out of the subs. She’s Yeou Nui (literally ‘fox sister’), a folklore character of the Brothers Grim-style horror school of fairytales. Her thing is that she’s a gumiho who preys on families with only sons who desperately want a daughter. She insinuates herself into their lives, brings calamity down upon them, and finally, eats their livers. Like most fairytales, there are many permutations of her story, but many of them feature her saying she’s consumed 999 livers. I understand where - absent this context - some people might have seen Yeon as the bad guy here (spoiler: he’s not). 
The subtitle here for Yeon’s line says: “But you need to know that changing your identity isn’t as simple as you think.” What he literally says is:
Yeon: How did you go to ground so completely? You think that if you change your face and your identity, your blood-stained past will change too, right? But changing lives isn’t as simple* as changing subway lines. [*Note: ‘simple’ is in English]
This is the first real dialogue we get from Yeon, and one thing it’s doing very intentionally is showcasing just how much he’s adapted to modern life. It does this both with the content of what he says (talking about changing subway lines), as well as with the amount of English loan words he tosses around. So I personally would have kept the bit about the subway in if I had been translating. 
Yeou Nui’s line was translated as, “Please forgive me,” but it should more properly be, “Spare me,” or “Let me live.” Yeon is an enforcer, not a judge. (Also, ‘forgive’ is another word entirely).
Yeon’s line that’s subbed, “Listen, you fox. How could you dare dream of having a happy ending after eating so many livers?” is the result of what’s called diagonal translation, which is an unfortunate side-effect of subtitling conventions. What he literally says is:
Yeon: Yeou Nui, after eating the livers of countless adoptive parents and older brothers* how can you dream of a happy ending? 
[*Note: The word he uses for ‘brothers’ here is 오라비들, which is a semi-antiquated word, and again, the sort of language used in folktales] 
Yeon’s line, “Here’s a piece of advice” is more literally, “Here’s a bit of advice stemming from experience,” which is the first hint we get in-drama that he’s been in a similar position. 
Nam Ji Ah
We get our first introduction to adult Ji Ah as she narrates the script she’s editing for her TV program on her way to the wedding hall. When Jae Hwan worries about her changing the script without the writer’s permission (again lol), Ji Ah's response translated literally would be: 
Ji Ah: Then let’s go with this. PDs’ livers have to be swollen or coming out of their bodies. 
That’s a pretty disgusting image in English, so I don’t blame the subs for changing it to something more sensical and less graphic. But as a cultural note, in Korea and Japan, having a large liver means to be gutsy or brave. Ji Ah’s character description similarly describes her as, ‘a woman whose liver is [so large it’s] coming out of her body,’ meaning she’s about as gutsy as it gets. 
Okay, call me a cynic, but I loved Ji Ah’s line about not being able to digest wedding food due to the choking atmosphere of forced happiness pfft 
Jae Hwan saying, “Who knows? You may meet your destined partner at a place like this,” as Yeon walks by in the background = Jae Hwan unwittingly hitting the nail of the head #1
Lol Yeon acting like a bored kid held captive at a dinner party while the wedding takes place. Bless Lee Dong Wook because I’m sure it’s all ad libbed. I feel like this could be a game: spot the LDW ad lib. 
The Wedding Hall Incident
When Yeon returns to her dressing room after the wedding, Yeou Nui changes tactics from begging to putting her hackles up and challenging Yeon. Linguistically, that’s marked by her code switching to an archaic cant. Yeon, however, remains unfazed and responds with the most modern thing possible, completely undermining her bravado:
Yeou Nui: Oh former master of Baekdudaegan, what authority have you to condemn us?
Yeon: Get a hold of how she’s talking (rhetorical). Hey, if it wasn’t for you I would’ve been watching American TV shows while eating ice cream today!
Okay, I love the way Yeon materializes his sword. I thought he was (un-)transforming his umbrella at first, but he later does it with a plank of wood so I assume he can do this with pretty much anything?
On the topic of his sword, I posted a gif set not long ago referring to it as a sa’ingeom (사인검), literally ‘Four Tigers Sword’ (referring to the year, month, day, and hour of the tiger when such swords were supposedly forged). You’ll notice it doesn’t have a cross-guard since they’re traditionally ceremonial swords rather than actual weapons. The first sa’ingeom were made during the reign of King Taejo (1392-1398), but I assume they gave him one despite it being somewhat anachronistic because they’re also said to cut down evil spirits and ward against calamity. Mostly, though, it looks really cool and is very traditionally Korean. 
Not for anything, but I love this BGM track that’s playing during the wedding hall fight (‘The Uninvited’). This short action sequence was so great. I wish we could have seen more of Yeon hunting down supernatural baddies. Also more of those gumiho eyes. More gumiho everything in general. 
As he stabs her, Yeon’s line to Yeou Nui in the subs was rendered as, “Don’t do something stupid like falling in love in your next time.” I would have translated this as, “If you’re reborn, don’t do something so [useless] as falling in love.” Again, for anyone studying Korean, the phrase is ‘사랑 따위" (sarang ddaui). ‘Ddaui’ means ‘such a thing as,’ and it’s always used to disparage whatever proceeds it. There’s no good way to communicate that disparagement in English grammatically, so I opted for ‘useless’ in an approximation. 
The BGM that plays the first time Ji Ah spots Yeon leaving the wedding hall is called ‘White Pupils’ (or literally ‘white eyes’). The imagery typically associated with that is death, so I’m curious what inspired the track title. Maybe they mean ‘white eyes’ like the fortune teller since it’s used at fateful moments?
“Who knows? That may be the story you were destined to cover.” = Jae Hwan unwittingly hitting the nail on the head #2
“Were they mass hypnotized or something?” = Jae Hwan unwittingly hitting the nail of the head #3. Thank you, exposition fairy. ;)
Okay, when Ji Ah and Jae Hwan examine the scene, Ji Ah’s line is subbed, “I need to see what that woman of this love story looks like,” which is ungrammatical in addition to being wrong. What she actually says is:
Ji Ah: I need to see the face of that protagonist of the Romance of the Age. [And I believe the ‘protagonist’ she was referring to is actually Yeon ;) This is bordering on meta, seeing as he’s actually the protagonist of the epic romance that is TotNT] 
Kim Soo Oh
The BGM playing while Yeon sits in the park people-watching and then looks pensively at his hand is called, ‘Thread Rings.’ Between that, what LDW alluded to in his VLIVE, and some still cuts I saw of deleted scenes from EP16, I’m convinced there was something more to those rings that got cut due to time constraints. ㅠㅠ
Fun fact: This scene between Yeon and Soo Oh was the first scene of the drama that they filmed.
When Soo Oh asks Yeon what he’s doing there, the sub for Yeon’s response was, “Nothing other than waiting for someone.” That strikes me as off in tone as well as pacing. I would have translated it as, “Just.....waiting for someone.” (which is literally what he says).
When Soo Oh asks Yeon why he’s waiting, the sub says, “Because a fox can only love one person till death.” I don’t really have a problem with that translation, but what he literally says is, “Once a fox takes a mate they never forsake them. Until death.”
Sub: “How are you coping with that?” / “Not well.” > Literally: “Are you okay?” / “I’m not okay.” I actually like the sub here since it better conveys how precocious Soo Oh appears in this scene. He seems to alternate between precocious and adorably dim throughout the drama depending on who he’s with, though when he’s with Rang, it’s mostly the latter pfft
When Yeon turns down Soo Oh’s offer of friendship he says, “Your nose. I’m not big on men with runny noses. And human lifespans are too short to be friends with me.” Yeon's use of ‘men’ struck me as funny since I guess to someone over 1600 years old, an 8 year old and an 80 year old aren’t all that different. Also, Yeon giving serious life advice to an 8 year old is adorable. He talks to him like he’s an adult. 
The Afterlife Immigration Office
Between the BGM and the way the camera pans up the endless levels of shelving, did anyone else feel like Yeon entered Hogwarts for a sec? (not complaining) ;)
For the record, Yeon uses banmal with Taluipa and calls her halmeom (granny). In contrast, Hyeonuiong is pretty much the only character Yeon speaks to in jondaetmal and addresses respectfully as ‘elder’ (eoreushin). He speaks to Ji Ah’s parents politely as well, but it’s mainly because they’re her parents.
The text introducing Taluipa’s character wasn’t translated in the version we’re watching but it reads: ‘The god who rules over the River of Three Crossings (Samdocheon), the boundary between this world and the next.’ The hanja for her name (奪衣婆) refer to her traditional role, namely, removing the clothing of the dead for her husband to weigh on the Uiryeong’su (su = tree) to measure the weight of their sins. This is the same tree that the Uiryeong’geom (the wooden sword that appears in EP13), is allegedly carved from.
Lol Taluipa saying she has to keep up with the times but also using a computer that’s positively ancient (come to think of it, it’s probably from the 80s since that’s her favorite decade)
Again, I’m surprised that Yeou Nui’s character name dropped from the subs completely. The subs here just say, ‘the female fox.’
For Taluipa’s line, the subs say, “You’re to obey the order and capture who you’re sent after,” but that’s a loose approximation. More literally, it should be: “If the higher ups say to bring someone in, then you just have to bring them in.” I’m only mentioning it because the line implys that both Taluipa and Yeon report to someone higher up the chain of command. Otherwise they may be misconstrued as Taluipa’s orders. 
Yeon’s line, “My compulsory military service has gone on for 600 years. How could I not go crazy?” is hilarious when you consider that Korean men are required to complete 2 years of military service, and even that often feels like an eternity, so I think for any Korean, the idea of 600 years of it is just exceptionally cruel. The line is iconic enough to have been included in Yeon’s character profile.
I noticed this a while back, but ‘mountain god’ is being consistently translated as ‘mountain spirit.’ Technically, Yeon is (was?) a god, if a low ranking one in the grand scheme of things (the Korean word is ‘sanshin’ where ‘san’ = mountain and ‘shin’ = god). I understand the use of ‘spirit’ though, since he’s not a god as gods are typically thought of in western mythologies. 
Lol Yeon sticking his fingers in his ears (I would bet money this was also an ad lib)
Taluipa has a line that’s subbed, “Foxes never stay in debt.” More literally, it should be, “They say foxes repay eunhye no matter what.” You can find my explanation of eunhye here.
Wow, the subs really dropped the humour ball on Taluipa’s line here. First off, she says, ‘Right now’ in English. And while the sub says “Do you want your freedom back?” what she literally says is. “Do you want to be discharged?” (since Yeon had just likened his duties to military service).
On his way out, Yeon actually tells Taluipa, “Halmeom, you’re going to go to hell” (which is not the same as the underworld/afterlife as it said in the subs. Taluipa’s job is literally to ferry souls, so she goes to the afterlife all the time anyway). Also, when he says “I’ll pray for it everyday,” his phrasing is that of an elderly person pfft
As I mentioned, Yeon speaks formally to Hyeonuiong, who in return affectionately calls him Yeon-ie or Yeon-ah, which I find adorable.
Lol I’m not used to Ahn Gil Kang playing such a friendly character. Seeing him wheedle Taluipa with aegyo is hilarious. 
Code Red
Somewhat of a side note, I can’t help but wonder, is Shin Joo’s last name ‘Gu’ because he’s a gumiho, a la My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)’s Gu Mi Ho-ssi?
I wish the subs had just left ‘Lee Yeon-nim’ as-is, instead of changing it to ‘Mr. Lee.' As a general rule, I’m in favor of preserving character forms of address when translating. 
Personally, I would have translated the name of Ji Ah’s TV program as: ‘In Search of Urban Legends’ rather than ‘Unveiling Urban Legends.’
I really like the dynamic between Ji Ah and writer Kim Sae Rom. “Should we fight?” / “Yeah, let’s fight~” How great is it that this drama doesn’t have a single catty, bitchy, stuck-up or otherwise obnoxious female character? 
For anyone keeping track, Shin Joo speaks to Yeon in jondaetmal while Yeon speaks to Shin Joo in banmal, underlining their master/retainer dynamic. 
Side note: There are actually multiple ‘types’ of jondaetmal: what I think of as ‘neutral polite’ (i.e. simply adding ‘yo’ to the end of all your sentences), the more formal polite (i.e. ending with ~[seu]mnida), that which elevates the subject, and that which lowers the speaker. The interplay of the four allows for varying degrees of politeness. The way Shin Joo speaks to Yeon is pretty much the highest degree. That doesn’t mean they aren’t close. Polite language can indicate distance but also level of regard irrespective of distance. This applies to Rang and Yoo Ri as well.
Again, Shin Joo calls Ji Ah ‘PD-nim’ but that became ‘that female director’ in the subs. PD-nim is a respectful (and non-gendered) form of address, and it’s perfectly suited to Shin Joo’s genial and deferential personality, so I wish the subs had just kept it. 
I read an episode recap where the recapper mentioned she wasn’t sure what Shin Joo’s deal was. At the time I was confused, but now I think I get it. In the subs, Shin Joo says, “When I’m a seasoned veteran? I’m now up to the point where I’m wondering if I’ve turned into an actual person.” What he actually says is:
 Shin Joo: No way~ How long have I been living in this (the human) world? Recently, I sometimes even have an existential crisis wondering, ‘Am I a person or a fox?’
[So he flat out says he’s a fox here, but that wasn’t reflected in the subs.] 
Fun fact: this was Hwang Hee’s first scene that he filmed with Lee Dong Wook, and the BGM as they exit is Shin Joo’s theme.
I love the way Lee Dong Wook played this scene where they pay their tab. That is all.
It’s only as Yeon and Shin Joo exit the restaurant that we see that the sign out front reads ‘The Snail Bride’ (Ureong Gakshi). This is another folktale in-joke, since the snail bride’s whole thing is that she cooks delicious meals for her human husband everyday. 
For the record, the Snail Bride (Bok Hye Ja) also uses honorific language towards Yeon and calls him ‘Lee Yeon-nim.’ I just assumed it was in deference to his ex-mountain god status, but it turns out she has a personal reason for holding him in high regard as well that we discover in the final episode.
As Yeon and Shin Joo walk away, Shin Joo’s line is subbed, “That show’s actually quite famous.” Since Korean doesn’t require a subject, the sentence is somewhat ambiguous, but I understood him to be referring to Ji Ah herself rather than the show since he says: “[Something is] really famous around the broadcast station.” 
Lee Rang
Lol Kim Beom. How are you 32 years old? 
I love how sharp and no-nonsense Ji Ah is. It’s so refreshing to not have to wait for the characters to catch up to what the audience already knows. 
Rang’s theme that plays as he transforms back into his suave self is so iconic. The music director (Hong Dae Sung) really is a genius. It’s funny when you think about how different Rang’s theme is from Yeon’s. 
Fun fact: Kim Beom shared in his Instagram LIVE that Rang ‘picking the wrong shoes’ was actually intentional. He was testing Ji Ah to see if she’d notice. 
Okay, Rang says here that he likes, “everything about her (Ji Ah) from head to toe,” (not in a romantic way but in a grudging respect/she’s fun to toy with kind of way) but what happened to that? Are we supposed to assume that he would have liked her if she hadn’t been the object of his brother’s affection? But he approached her knowing that’s who she was...? I don’t know. I do know I wish they’d had more scenes together. Their verbal sparring is great.
Side note: One Korean fan nickname for Rang and Yoo Ri that Kim Beom liked was ‘Hoket-dan,’ playing off the Korean for pokemon’s ‘Team Rocket’ (Roket-dan) and mashing it together with the ‘ho’ from ‘gumiho’ haha
Yeon’s obsession with mint chocolate ice cream is a hilarious counterpoint to his status as a cheon’ho and his ex-mountain god title. Point to the writer. In Japanese, this would probably be called ‘gap-moe’.
When Yeon tells the man behind the counter, “When I’m indebted to someone, I’m obligated to return the favor,” he’s once again talking about eunhye. As a fox, he’s supernaturally bound to repay good deeds done for him. As far as I’m aware, this is unique to the drama and not part of the traditional gumiho lore. 
Yeon eating ice cream like a happy kid XD Lol Lee Dong Wook, how are you 39?
Fun fact: Yeon’s line when he answers Rang’s call, “The number you have reached doesn’t exist, you punk” was an ad lib by Lee Dong Wook. The combination of the formal phrasing found in a typical voicemail recording followed by ‘you punk’ is particularly funny. It’s so witty I actually wouldn’t have known this was an ad lib if LDW hadn’t confessed as much himself. 
“Let’s meet.” / “I refuse.” /  “I’ll set your house on fire.” Hahaha What is with these brothers? Are they 1600+ and 600, or 16 and 6? Are the zeros silent??
Bus 1002
Ji Ah: “If possible, pick a different dream. I’ve been on the clock for 22 hours straight now.” I like Ji Ah so much. She’s unpretentious, intelligent, honest, driven, resourceful and witty. 
Lol As Ji Ah struggles with the old man, you can hear Yeon offscreen urging the driver to get moving. Only he calls him, ‘driver yangban.’ Yangban is originally a word for a nobleman, but much like the word ‘lady’ in English, what was once a term of respect is now...not. lol Also, I’m pretty sure this was another ad lib by Lee Dong Wook since it happens entirely in the background.
This scene with Ji Ah piggybacking the old man is so classic spooky-folktale. I love it. 
"You’re the only person I saw.” *Close up of the totem pole* They managed to make that whole sequence creepy despite nothing actually happening. Cool cool cool. 
So our old drunkard is revealed to be a Mokjangseung (mok = wood). Jangseung in general are totems that stand at crossroads and the entrances to villages. tvN published some backstory info explaining Ji Ah’s past with this particular Jangseung and why he elected to save her which I translated here.
Aaaand we’re back at Fox Ridge. I can’t believe I only just noticed this, but the episode title could refer equally to the accident in Ji Ah’s past and this bus accident in the present. 
Of course Rang staged the accident at the site of Ji Ah’s greatest trauma. Also, the fact that he knows that about her is telling. 
Appropriately, the BGM playing as Ji Ah arrives at the scene of the accident is ‘Fox Ridge’ (Yeou Gogae). Iconic.
Back over to Yeon. The first time I watched this I wondered where on earth he was heading in that downpour but it turns out he was in pursuit of Rang, who had given him the slip. 
Seeing Yeon limping injured through the rain ㅠㅠ  Also, while Yeon later tells Ji Ah he carries his umbrella everywhere because he hates his fur getting wet, he clearly isn’t bothered here, choosing to keep it sheathed on his back instead. I guess all bets are off when he’s in Gumiho Mode. 
Detective Baek and Ji Ah speak in banmal and he calls her ‘Nam Ji Ah,’ which I assume means they’ve been friends for a while. 
Wow, good for Ji Ah for having made note of the exact number of passengers in the midst of all that chaos. I certainly wouldn’t have. 
Hospital Encounter
So after Rang gave his brother the slip, Yeon realizes the next day that he’s at the hospital thanks to the news article Shin Joo reads out to him. Idk but I like that shot of the two of them heading out. There’s something vaguely Avengers about it. Which is maybe not surprising given that was another early influence for the show. 
I liked this conversation between Ji Ah and ‘Soo Young.’ We get to see Ji Ah’s own resolve and drive in the advice she offers: “Even so, I hope you’ll become strong. It’s way more fun to be a PD than a victim.” 
As with when he arrived at the wedding hall, the cinematography + BGM as Yeon approaches the hospital with his red umbrella is just A++ 
The BGM playing when Ji Ah spots Yeon approaching the hospital information desk isn’t on spotify or anywhere else that I’ve seen. It reminds me a bit of the ‘Tubular Bells’ theme from the Exorcist (a movie I actually haven’t even seen). If anyone knows what it is, I’d love to know. 
“My only talent is my face~” pffft  Also, decidedly untrue. 
When Ji Ah tells Yeon, “Yes, I’m scouting you, but not for that,” She literally says, “but not for that genre.”
And now the subs say ‘Fox Ridge.’ Okay, then. 
When Yeon says, “From the sound of it, it won’t be well made,” ‘well made’ is in English. Again, the peppering of English through Yeon’s speech makes him sound more modern.
When Yeon says, “Plus, I’m very devoted” his line is more literally, “Plus, contrary to how I look, I’m the devoted type.” Are you saying you look like a player? pfft
Yeon is such a big softie, so why does he keep threatening to kill people? Does he not realize they might take him seriously?
For this entire conversation (interrogation?), both Yeon and Ji Ah are switching back and forth between polite speech and banmal, almost on a sentence by sentence basis. On the whole, it gives the impression of a verbal sparring match.  
“It’s not as if this was a blind date. No thanks on a second one.” lol I do enjoy cheeky Yeon. 
Oh, I love that Ji Ah thinks on her feet. Using her leather bag to lift Yeon’s fingerprints was a smart move. Although, I’m not entirely convinced it would work that well in real life. 
The ‘grim reaper’s outfit’ exchange was a coordinated ad lib between Lee Dong Wook and Hwang Hee. I mean, of course it was lol Casting Lee Dong Wook is the gift that keeps on giving. 
Was that supposed to be Yoo Ri entering ‘Soo Young’s’ hospital room in those boots?
Minor detail, but ‘Soo Young’ calls Ji Ah ‘eonni’ meaning ‘older sister.’ It’s common convention in Korean to refer to people by familial ‘roles’ that fit their general age range even when you’re not actually related. I could digress, but I guess I just find it jarring when they have her addressing Ji Ah by name in the subs since Ji Ah is older and virtually a stranger. 
Okay, when ‘Soo Young’ hears that Ji Ah lives alone, the smile she gives is effectively creepy. 
The contrast between ‘Soo Young’s’ narration and the events of what actually happened on the bus that we see as viewers is great. Point to the director. 
Wow, Rang really just slaughtered a whole bus worth of innocent people without a thought. I feel like we all managed to forget that about him as the show progressed. Hats off to the writer and to Kim Beom’s compelling performance. I actually worried initially that Rang would remain a one-note character because that would have been such a waste of Kim Beom, who is a fantastic actor. I’m so glad that wasn’t the case. 
I love the subversion of viewer expectations when it turns out that Ji Ah knew all along that ‘Soo Young’ wasn’t who she claimed. This is something TotNT does repeatedly and well. We get both the dramatic tension of her being in danger and the satisfaction of her having had the upper hand all along. Point to the writer.
I’m pretty sure Ji Ah knocked that pitcher over with the express intent of using a shard from it as a weapon. Point for character consistency. Past or present, Ji Ah is apparently a ‘stab first, ask questions later’ kind of girl.
The Brothers
“Hey you! I clearly told you I didn’t want a second date?!” Haha Oh, Yeon. 
I saw comments from Korean fans about how Yeon burst into her house with his shoes on here, and now I can’t not think of them when I watch this scene: ‘Entering the house with your shoes the Republic of Korea...Ha...’, ‘Even if you bust the whole house apart, you have to take your shoes off before entering...’ lol
I love Yeon’s line that’s subbed as, “As if, brother.” In Korean, it’s “Do you want to die, little brother?” The word he uses for ‘little brother’ is ‘아우야,’ which, while still used occasionally today, is an antiquated word Yeon might just as easily have called Rang 600 years ago. It’s also, in contrast to the first half of his sentence, quite an affectionate term of address. 
Rang’s line subbed as, “It’s a long story, but the family has a dirty past,” should more properly be: “It’s a long story, but you might say we come from a broken home.” Saying they have a dirty past makes it sound like they’re the mafia or something. Also, as a fun language note, the expression is literally ‘a bean-powder household.’ 
“Are you worried I’ll be sucked into the Underworld?” should be: “Are you worried I’ll go to hell?” Not sure where they got ‘sucked into.’ Rang just means when he dies. Also, I wish the subs would do a better job distinguishing between hell, the underworld, and the afterlife. They’re three different words. 
“It’s because you embarrass me, that’s why.” Lol at the way Yeon covers his eyes. That’s definitely another ad lib from Lee Dong Wook. 
When Rang calls time here, he actually calls Yeon ‘hyung.’ I suspect this wasn’t in the script but rather something that slipped out subconsciously on Kim Beom’s part, since the writer was clearly saving that word for when it would hurt us viewers the most. ㅠㅠ
Yeon’s line is subbed, “Old habits really do die hard,” but it should properly be: “You still haven’t fixed that habit?”
“If you don’t find it until the end of the next month, this woman will die.” This should actually be: “If you can’t find [that] by the next end of the month, your woman will die.” The subject is actually omitted so it’s unclear to what exactly Rang is referring, which is intentional. I also understand hearing ‘your woman’ (ni yeoja) as ‘this woman’ (i yeoja), but when they later flash back to this conversation they use a different take in which the line delivery is clearer and I’m confident it’s ‘your woman.’ This also explains Yeon’s confusion, since at this point he didn’t even know she’d been reborn. 
I Waited for You
For anyone wondering how Ji Ah got into Yeon’s apartment, apparently his house code is 0000 lol
From his expression as he discovers and then watches the video she secretly took of him, I feel like Yeon is impressed with Ji Ah in spite of himself and I’m 100% here for it. 
For the record, from this point forward, Yeon and Ji Ah use banmal with each other. Ji Ah has a tendency to speak to many of the supernaturals in banmal, which is honestly the opposite of what I would have opted for in her shoes. 
Yeon’s question of, “How did you come here?” could mean either, ‘What brings you here?’ or ‘How did you get [in] here?’ in Korean, and honestly they’re both valid haha
Minor note, but she actually says his Korean age is 36, which would be 35 by the typical reckoning...except he’s actually ~1636 so it’s a moot point, really. 
Ji Ah’s line, “Now I can proudly say that it’s fate,” translated more literally would be: “At this point, it really is fate and not coincidence.”
I feel like Ji Ah’s strategy of throwing herself off the balcony here is possibly the only thing she does in this entire show that strikes me as dumb. Like, I’m pretty sure if Yeon hadn’t been both benevolent and able to fly (and she had no guarantee that he was either), letting her just fall here would have been the easiest way for him to resolve the matter/the only thing he could have done. 
Yeon’s line, “Did you just test me?” is one of the rare instances in which he code switches to archaic speech. I guess using his gumiho powers put him in a Gumiho frame of mind. ;)
On the whole, I prefer the instrumental OST tracks to the lyrical ones, but ‘Blue Moon’ is just sooooo catchy. I wish they had continued using it more. 
And that concludes Episode 1. I’ve never posted anything like this before, but hopefully it was at least mildly interesting. Let me know what you think. 
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crazyfreckledginger · a year ago
Ikemen Sengoku x Reader - “Wrong Move” [Part 1]
Under unfortunately ironic circumstances, you get taken hostage by the the very person that made the truce between the Oda forces and Takeda-Uesugi alliance happen. However, angering these warlords and using the person that brought all of them together in a heartbeat was probably the worst strategy anyone could come up with. 
Tumblr media
Requested by @djanowski15 : “I have no idea how bisy you are, I’m guessing it’s pretty busy since I’m a college student in quarantine too, but I was wondering, if you have time, if you could do a fic for the sengoku warlords having a meeting about a new oc enemy after their truce signing only to learn that this new enemy somehow ended up kidnapping mc and threatening to kill her and all of the warlords decide to finally stomp this guy down into his rightful place with a fluffy reunion with everyone afterwards?”
A/N: Sorry this took so long, I kind of went overboard with this because I loved the idea so much, it comes in two parts, I’ll post them in succession and I’m sorry if the ending isn’t as developed as you wanted, it would have gone on for too long otherwise T-T.
Dusting her hands off on her cloth, she walked back from Masamune’s manor towards the castle. It stood tall for tonight’s ‘celebratory truce dinner’ -- although it was clear it wasn’t a celebration for any of them, but it was compulsory. Despite the thorough organisation that went through with this, it was an in-between warlords event so only two or three vassals per side were going to be present, for protection purposes. 
Switching hands, her fingers curled around the bag of vegetables that the One-Eyed Dragon needed. Finally arriving at the entrance, she wobbled down the corridor, having to stop every now and again as her palms burned. This wasn’t the best fabric to carry heavy things with, but then again, what is?
“Whoever ordered my beautiful angel to carry such a heavy load and injure her precious hands is on his way to hell.” (Y/N) recognised the honey-dipped voice with a stern tone. Turning around, she faced the tall man. Elegantly, he took it out of her grasp and carried it, making it look effortless.
“Thank you Shingen,” she smiled, massaging herself as she walked alongside him.
“Although you shouldn’t curse Masamune to hell, I volunteered to go to his manor to get these supplies.” She defended.
“Would you mind showing me his manor?” he grinned widely as they both turned into another hallway. Giving him a you-are-all-my-friends-and-I-wouldn’t-help-either-side-try-to-go-against-each-other look. It would also be a little indecent to collect information on a newly formed ally. 
“Oh, it’s you.” the familiar grumpy voice made the man’s smile fall immediately. 
The spikey blond hair came into view as he exited the kitchen. 
“Look my darling, we’re all getting along.” Shingen chuckled sarcastically, sliding an arm around her shoulders as he dropped the bag on the floor.
“We might be on a truce but not all of us take kindly to other men being so touchy with Nobunaga’s lucky charm.” a stray kitsune passed by the hallway.
“And by ‘not all of us’ you mean you.” Yukimura, who was following being, chimed in.
“Too many people in the kitchen, everyone except the lass leaves!” The Tiger ordered. 
“He did that to have her all by himself.” Ieyasu grumbled at Mitsunari's innocence.
Because (Y/N) is the most reasonable when it comes to cooking out of the rest. Pff, my ass.
He rolled his eyes. Maybe it could be true but everyone knew that wasn’t the reason behind it. Well, everyone except Mitsunari of course.
Nobunaga glanced at the door when Hideyoshi wasn’t looking.
“I’ll just go see if (Y/N) and Masamune are nearly finished.” started to stand up, Hideyoshi interrupted.
“I took the candy away, it's not in the kitchen.” Pouting, he sat back down. 
“Candy?” Shingen straightened his posture from his bored one.
“Dinner.” (Y/N) announced as the door was slid open for her, followed by Masamune and two maids, who were also carrying plates of food. 
Plopping down beside Nobunaga -- as required, he leaned over to her giving her a knowing look. Rolling her eyes and sighing, she slipped the tiny satchel from inside her sleeve and sneakily handed it to him.
“I’ll take you wherever you wish as payment for this, I’m eternally grateful to you for saving my life.” He thanked me. Shingen kept his attention on the bag.
“Don’t be so dramatic, now hide it before I get scolded by Hideyoshi!” 
Looking around in the kitchen, she waved the lantern around, searching for the spice that the maids forgot to take for dessert. (Y/N) was the only one in the room, it was dark and not necessary to add more light since she was passing by. On her way here, she crossed paths with the occasional guard on for obvious reasons, they were the only ones in the castle tonight. 
“Oh!” she jumped.
Speak of the devil.
“What are you doing here?” the woman breathed out as the man bowed.
“I apologise, my lady, I heard some suspicious noises and thought it was best to investigate.” 
“Oh, I was just getting some seasoning.” the (H/C) haired chuckled in embarrassment, he was too sweet and she didn’t want to waste his time further “and I think I found it.” turning away to reach the small jar that was on one of the shelves. 
Right after, footsteps grew louder and she felt him right behind her.
“Hey, what are you-MMH!!” she wriggled as something was placed against her mouth and nose and then pulled against his chest. Her muffled sounds grew more and more silent, muscles limping as she drifted off into unconsciousness.
“The desserts are getting colder by the minute. What is taking her so long?” Masamune frowned.
“This talk is becoming dull.” Yukimura huffed.
“The whole point of this truce is to discuss how we’re going to deal with him.” Ieyasu mumbled.
“You weren’t the one travelling all those days on horseback porcupine head.” the vassal retorted. 
“P-porcupine?!” the blond’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Hideyoshi made eye contact with Nobunaga, for once, ignoring the pointless banter. Something was definitely up. The leader of the Oda forces understood immediately, nodding to his vassal. The latter stood up, walking towards the door.
“I need to make sure she’s alright.” 
“I’ll come with.” Sasuke volunteered.
“She’s gone??” Ieyasu’s eyes widened.
“The search party hasn’t come back with anything yet.” Mitsuhide expressed with a scowl.
“My lords!” One of the guards rushed in, bowing deeply.
“What is it?” Mitsuhide turned around. 
“It’s a letter.” he handed it to him before scurrying outside like he was supposed to. 
Nobody moved but the kitsune could tell all their eyes were on him as he unfolded the letter to read. However, his heart dropped as his eyes fixated something else that was included: hair of a familiar colour, tied in a ribbon. His fingertips pulled it out and he inspected it.
Kenshin felt his hand grip his sword tightly, it was unbearably frustrating finding out that (Y/N) was kidnapped and on top of that not knowing who did it, he needed to know and he knew he wasn’t the only one thinking the same. 
No one spoke but the tension grew thick in an instant.
Unfolding the piece of paper, he began to read it for himself before doing it out loud for all to hear when Nobunaga accepted it.
When he finished reading the letter, his eyes darted across the rooms, seeing the anger among everything despite maintaining their composure. 
“Emergency meeting.” The look he gave implied that their new allies were not going to attend.
“We want in!” Yukimura frowned.
“No.” Ieyasu’s tone was stern.
“We’ve signed a truce, and there is no point in keeping us out of this because of our own motives when we cherish (Y/N) as much as you do. We need to put our differences aside, as she would say.” Shingen chipped in.
“Fine.” Nobunaga’s eyes narrowed. 
They sat formally as they would at any meeting before.
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scilessweetheart · 11 months ago
here is my personal opinion about what personality types the teen wolf characters would have
scott: ISFP 2w1
as we see, he is generally pretty introverted and isn’t concerned with parties and being around lots of people. he’s more of an S because he focuses on the more immediate details, as opposed to the bigger picture. he cares more about people and feelings than about finding the most logical solutions, as we see in instances such as when stiles was void. he is a P because he is more spontaneous and is willing to deviate from plans when he sees an open opportunity. he is definitely a 2, as his main goal is to help others and be supported by them. he also struggles with failure, is concerned with morals, and seeks perfection, which makes him a 1 wing.
stiles: INTJ 5w6
he, like scott, is introverted, though he comes off as more outgoing. though a big reason for his more cheerful nature is to mask his thoughts and feelings. unlike scott, he sees the big picture, rather than the little details. he also is able to analyze situations and people, rather than focusing on how things appear. he is a T because he always tries to find the most logical approach to a situation, and makes his decisions based on that. while he can be emotional, as we see with lydia, that is not normally how he processes things. he comes up with the plans, and tries to stick to them as much as possible and doesn’t appreciate unknown variables, making him a J. he is a 5, because his biggest concern is research and knowledge. that’s what provides him comfort and gives him his place in the pack. he’s a 6 wing because of his loyalty to those around him and his desire to have a place with them.
lydia: ENTJ 4w5
lydia is very similar to stiles, except that she’s an extrovert. throughout the series, we see her affinity for throwing parties and her desire to be surrounded by a large group of friends. she instantly approaches allison and starts to talk to her. she focuses on logic and is generally the one who gets the others to focus on the big picture. she doesn’t like improvising and plans almost everything out, showing her TJ. we also can see this aspect of her come through when she gets frustrated about things she doesn’t know. it makes it harder for her to plan and rationalize, such as in season 2. she’s a 4, which we see by her individualism and desire to stand out, both as the pretty, popular girl and as being smart. she’s a 5 wing because of her intellect and how important knowledge is to her.
allison: ESTJ 8w7
allison is an extrovert. she transfers to a new school and is instantly able to make friends, start conversations, and go on dates. she gets side tracked by small things, as seen by her actions in season 2, which is why she’s an S. she focuses on facts and doesn’t try to find meaning or reasoning. she tries to make decisions based on logic and is a planner which is why she’s a TJ. she’s obviously an 8, as she changed her family code to “we protect those who cannot protect themselves”. she’s a 7 wing, as we know based on her relationship with scott that she’s concerned about excitement and adventure.
malia: ESFP 7w8
malia is an extrovert. we see her go out to parties, seek comfort from others, and be confident. in addition to this, as we see at the beginning of season 6 and her relationship with stiles, she doesn’t like to be alone and seeks the company of others. she struggles to see the big picture, in a similar way to scott. when she sees something, she makes a decision, rather than trying to understand deeper meanings or reasoning. she generally makes decisions based on her emotions, mostly anger, which is why i think she is an F, even though she isn’t particularly in tune with how others feel. this comes through when we see how she handles the desert wolf. she is impulsive and spontaneous, making her a P. she is a 7 and seeks excitement and adventure, such as her desire to go off to france and participate in school activities with her friends. she is an 8 wing, which we see in her protective nature towards her pack, especially stiles.
kira: INFP 9w8
kiras an introvert, as we see from her first appearance. she’s shy and has a difficulty making friends due to her hesitance to start conversations. she also is a dreamer and imaginative, showing she’s an N. she makes decisions based on her emotions, and the feelings of others, which we see from her reaction to finding out she’s a kitsune and her interactions with scott, so she’s an F. she’s also more passive and casual in terms of decisions and situations, which is why she seems like more of a P to me. she’s a 9 because she’s concerned with making everyone around her happy and keeps peace within the pack. she also has a 8 wing because she is hardworking and can assert herself when necessary.
isaac: ENFP 6w7
when we first see isaac, he is more reserved, which is why you make think he is an introvert. but after he gets bitten, he becomes more outspoken and constantly seeks the company of others, which shows he’s an extrovert. he is similar to stiles in that he focuses on the bigger mission, while scott gets sidetracked by the details. he trusts people based on intuition, rather than getting to know them. he is an F because he is influenced by his emotions, especially when it comes to love (he wants to protect allison) and anger (how he attacks ethan and aiden). he is a P because he is willing to improvise and get side tracked, as shown in season 2 when he and Erica are attempting to threaten/extract information from the pack. he’s a 6, as he wants to stick by scott and be accepted by the pack, and a 7 wing because he wants excitement and power, which is why he became a werewolf.
derek hale (istp 3w2), sheriff stilinski (isfj 1w9), chris argent (istj 8w7), melissa mccall (esfj 8w7), liam dunbar (enfp 4w3), jackson whittemote (estp 3w4)
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witchofinterest · a month ago
If Sam were suddenly transported in Teen Wolf how do you think that’d go?
ohh!! good question, thank you!!
i think that would be so funny first and foremost! i’m p sure stiles has read comics? it’s hinted at once i think? and while there’s a general knowledge of the flash, the rouges gallery for him is usually only known by fans, so recognizing sam is probably only gonna be done by stiles … at first.
so, sam, transported to another dimension where meta humans don’t exist, and all her friends/associates are fictional characters? she’s gonna go the only thing she can, blend in. miss grifter is going back to high school.
she’s not gonna change her name, so when stiles here’s it, he definitely decides to stalk her for a bit (Scott: you’re chasing around a girl bc she has the same name as a character you like? I’m a werewolf and I think that’s insane) and then he catches her using her powers … immediately starts theorizing. Scott: she is not a comic book character. Sam, when confronted: i am a comic book character.
Then on, it’s sam helping and the rest of the pack trying to help sam get home (sam reading the comics: it didn’t go down like this). i’m picturing around s2 era, but i’d be fun if sam stuck around till kira showed up! doppelgängers! (even more fun mystery with what kira is!). actually, i think kira would be the key to sam getting home! bc kitsunes are mischievous in folklore, i’d imagine maybe it was one from the comics that transported sam, and one could send her home! (did we ever find out what type kiras mom was?)
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