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So I’m trying to make an instagram for my new kitten, Gizmo. She (I think. They’re very young so it’s hard to tell) is a cute lil bab who bit my face and climbed up my leg and side when I first met her. I have other cats, but I regretfully didn’t make them an instagram so I want to do one for her as a little memory thing for her. The problem is that I can’t think of a good username for her. Any ideas are welcome. 

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“Lily and I went to a friend of mine, who’s cat recently got babies, and Lily was allowed to choose one of them to adopt. We are getting the orange/black one soon! Hey, @ask-a-hot-murder-boi @stefano-art-thot you better watch out for this fluffball! We haven’t decided on a name yet. It’s a female! Wanna help with a name?”

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