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Can someone tell me just what in the FUCK is going on in these panels??? Look, I know I’m a pervert, but I have been expending a great deal of energy to read these panels in a non-sexual way, and I am failing. Who licks frosting off their baby sitter’s finger????? “I have a few ideas”??????? “If you’re willing”??????? “LEAD ON I’M ALL YOURS”??????? You cannot tell me the writers and artists were not trying to make it look like these two were about to do some savagely inappropriate shit. This creeped me right out the god damn door, because it’s fucking gross, and it came OUT OF NOWHERE. (Excalibur #24 – July 1990)

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Remember that one episode pilot for a X-Men cartoon that was made wayyyyy back in 1989?

I first saw this on a old VHS tape back in the mid 1990′s.

At the time it was really cool to see another X-Men cartoon besides the 1990′s X-Men cartoon.

There was also an arcade game that was based on this.

In the 90′s I didn’t have a computer or the internet so I didn’t know much about this cartoon. I thought there were more episodes.

Years later once I had a computer I learned the truth and was disappointed to learn that there were no other episodes.

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Whoa ho ho, Kitty Pryde was only 14 years old before this??? How in the FUCK is that possible??? Didn’t she almost have sex with Colossus?? Was she 13 when that happened? Did I already freak out about that?? Hasn’t she been going to Euro-raves and doing drugs and partying and lusting after 40 year old scientists and having deep existential crises?? Talk about living beyond your years. When I was 13 I couldn’t eat a bowl of cereal without getting my junk caught in the zipper of my Cookie Monster footie pajamas. Anyway, in the last issue, Widget managed to teleport Kitty back to Earth-616 but then a building fell on him before the rest of Excalibur could follow her, so with no one else to turn to for help, Kitty took refuge in Captain Britain’s London bachelor pad where Courtney Ross was staying for some reason. This leads them to a bonding moment where Courtney becomes Kitty’s guardian in a weird and unsettling way. Wondering what I mean by that? Just wait. (Excalibur #24 – July 1990)

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X-men Evolution

Logan, a tired dad: Help me carry these.

Rogue: I can barely carry the weight of my depression…

Logan: Just pick up the grocery bags!

Bobby: Good news and bad news!

Logan, already dreading the answer: Good news first.

Bobby: It is highly unlikely that I will EVER do it again!

Kurt: Rather muggy outside today, don’t you think?

Kurt: *sips milk from a bowl*

Logan: *looks outside to see all the mugs on the lawn*

Logan: It is…

Logan: *sips coffee from a bigger bowl*

Logan, trying: How was school today, half-pint?

Kitty: School was a 10 year old junior league baseball star who’s parents just announced their divorce and I am the festive birthday pinata.

Logan: *genuinely concerned*

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Okay wowowow brain rot time but small little X Man fam facts bc the storyline is moving sjsjsj

  • Originally, Kitty was born and raised in San Francisco, but while she was still living with her parents, they moved to a small, picket fence, cookie cutter town in Kansas. The kind where it was mandatory to attend church if you wanted to exist in the elusive community of he wash up up, boring and bland who make plastic mannequins seem real. The only upside of it is being able to chase the jerk who tried to peek under her skirt with a rifle in hand.
  • Bobby is from Houston, not having stepped foot much outside his hometown. The furthest he’s been from home was running away from the baseball field he grew disdain for when he realized he was the only one who remember it was just a game. He hitched a ride to the next town, somewhere between Angletown and Bay city before his father found and made him walk home beside the car. He doesn’t like baseball anymore after that.
  • Jubilee lived in a crime reeking neighbourhood in Seol, SK, cornered by people who thought it was painfully interesting that a 6 year old could do what she did.
  • Despite growing up in the Mansion, Charles always made sure to tell Kurt that his roots can always be found in Berlin, in case he ever wants to explore his past. Sometimes, when he was little, Kurt would teleport in Logan’s room to play with his old army equipment, his favorite items would be the steel plates with the German map on it. Logan sat through him painting every town, village, and city, because Kurt was excited about the possibility of finding his parents.
  • Laura’s origins seem similar to the ones she had in Logan, - her birth place may have been Eden Labs, but she seems to be very knowledge about Spanish. My take on it is that the nurse who sent Charles and Logan the message in the movie smuggled as many kids as she could to Mexico before she was caught.

  • Despite Logan saying “I know parenting ‘bout as much as Charles knows about track racin’ ” it’s an unspoken rule that every problem or issue linked to the kids is linked to him. Scott will always give him a hard time,- at this point, it’s all they know and all they can. Logan is impulsive and rash and curt, too untamed, too aggressive and too little of what Scott respects for them to bond properly, but he will never criticize Logan on how he is around kids, nor will he let anyone else to.
  • Nightmare or night terror or a school affair, superhero insecurity, being alienated for their x gene or general bigotry, - They can all help with those, but the kids ( Storm deliberately calls them Logan’s kids and no one is looking to contradict her) actively seek him out, not because they trust them less, but because they trust Logan the most as he just? Knows what their specific needs are, understands that it’s both an isolated and individual incident, tip toeing across the line of mutant and human. He just Knows.
  • Logan of course freaks out about having been seen as a father figure– The man should barely be seen as a person figure, let alone a pillar of discipline, protection, security and guidance. Storm and Charles don’t really know how to break it to him that when he drives the kids to the mall, movies, park, buys them stuff and makes them eat and take breaks and just generally not die,, it’s a bit top late to say he doesn’t want to be a dad JSJSJSM
  • Bobby is the oldest, Laura is the baby
  • Bobby is 17 (May 12th), Kitty is 15 (August 11th), Kurt is 16 (December 31) Jubilee is 12 (July 4th) and Laura is 7 (November 12th)
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