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Name a more iconic Duo: Kitty Pryde & Piotr Rasputin

It’s sometimes the length of a friendship that really tests its mettle. Kitty and Piotr have meant different things to each other at different points in their fifteen year acquaintance, but one thing is certain, they have always cared deeply for each other. Whether there’s a foe to fight, or a future to save, or just a bad day, Kitty and Piotr can always count on each other.

Kitty Pryde • Shadowcat and Piotr Rasputin • Colossus are available for applications.


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N/A: Merciful short if we´re lucky here. Tied up some looses ends here.

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

Things never stay the same, is one of the great truths in life- Amanda reads the Call of Zaorva´s books enough to know about this and how is futile to fight changes life throw at you- and Amanda can only rethink about what she once considered her only truth. Magic comes with a few rules and Amanda is one to follow at least a few rules.

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somebody write me an mi13 coronavirus pandemic fic. of like, now, so all the storylines that vanished into the ether have happened with good results. so like faiza and dane are married and dane converted, pete’s still serially single but probably regularly bothering kitty as a friend over zoom while he’s trying not to drink himself to death coping with brexit and now bojo and covid while still heading up an official government intel org, and blade and spitfire are like ‘faiza tell your da he’s not immune even though vampire’ faiza: 'why’ jac: 'this idiot thought he was immune because he’s the daywalker and la, and now we’re both in damned quarantine’ faiza: 'IDIOT’, brian literally figured out how to facetime from otherworld where he and meggan are staying so that otherworld doesn’t get infected, alistaire’s been in a biohazard suit since new year’s day or in his lab sealed off from the world and pete finds out he’s not actually IN THERE when the next time he calls there are dinosaurs in lab coats behind him and is like 'you better not be spreading this shit crosstime’ and alistaire is like ’wisdom, really. i just called to let you know the researchers here and i will be availing ourselves of brian’s otherworld internet connection to share research and–’ pete: 'they’re dinosaurs they can’t catch it how do they even–’ alistaire: 'oh that’s why i asked them for help.’ pete, desperately: 'brill but while you’re out there can you borrow ventilators from whoever’s not overrun by satanic baby-eating nazi wizards? i wouldn’t trust their ventilators’ kitty, who was gonna zoombomb their call and then was delighted when she didn’t even have to because they were doing it to themselves, just says 'pete i am so proud of you for not even noticing you said that with a straight face’

okay well i’m not actually that picky, just i want an mi13 covid fic please

edit: and to see pete dealing with bojo and brexit i mean like

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N/A: based on an ask I did last night and yes this is a great idea. We all hate slutty Kurt.

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

A gasp escapes from her mouth- and only that as she refuses to cry or even scream because of the pain- as Excalibur´s resident healer, Faiza, is taking a look on her femur. Kitty Pryde is on the handmade hospital bed and continues to wince even through Faiza is using her powers. “So, this happens out of blue?” Faiza asked as her hands are glowing and are gingerly touching her leg kindly and in slow motions.

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Soulmate prompt the one where soulmates share extreme physical sensation — if one gets hurt, the other gets hurt, and etc. (Any au)!

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

N/A: X-men AU. Kitty has 18 and Kurt is 5 years older than her.

In the circus of Szardos´s family, Kurt Wagner is confident in his own looks-in fact, he´s extremely popular because of it. To the point it makes Kurt think if this acceptance or fetishization- however when his soulmate tattoo appears in his forearm and glows Kurt is taken by some insecurities that he knows is not his.

Am I pretty enough? DO people notice or they still think I´m a silly little girl?

“It seems, my son” Margalia speaks once Kurt told her about his tattoo “your soulmate is a bit insecure about her own looks” and this broken his heart. How his soulmate could have insecurities?

A few days later, Kitty Pryde is working in a project when she suddenly stops and falls to the ground-hugging her leg and it prompts everyone to help her, yet, her leg is fine. Once Dr MCcoy sees the glowing tattoo it explains everything.

“So…my soulmate broke his leg? or her leg…it could be a lady too” she jokes and only stops winced when Dr MCcoy offers a bit of painkiller to Kitty and it solves some of her problems.

“Is what it seems”

“And …how I can meet this person and stop this pain?”

“…That I have no idea”

And Rogue have to check out Kitty from the mission in Germany since her leg is in pain. Arriving there Nightcrawler, the mutant who wants to enlist on the group has his leg broken too.

Is this…just a coincidence? Thought Rogue.

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N/A: one last chapter and it will be done. Another completed fic.

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

When Prof X envision the X-men it was, of course, an attempt to make the world a better place for mutantkind-sure, he has his own agenda. He wanted a better place for his son. Who passed away as his powers were too much and took a toll on his body and mind-and was so focus on his own narrow perspective that never considers anything else in this reality.

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‘ you’re the giggle at a funeral. ’ (EW!verse)

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

N/A: My imagination will guide me here.

What to say about Baroness Mariana that wasn´t said and repeat more than once? Princess Talia is well aware of the political situation Genosha has with Baroness Mariana (“just to be clear…granpa was sleeping with her or …” “Tommy, I think this is the case of all the alternatives are correct”) and is nothing more fitting than do a proper funeral with all honours.

Wanda is sighing and is fuming her father with her looks. Why her family must be dragged to say goodbye to her father´s booty call is something she does not want to know, yet, she´s doing her part. Pietro is in a mix of either laughing or bet annoyed at the situation.

Lorna has no idea who Baroness Mariana is, but, judging by how her own father speaks about her…they must be pretty intimate to make Magneto, of all people, goes out of his way to make her funeral an event that everyone must attend.

Billy, Tommy and Vision are paying respects to a total stranger that Magneto once label to them as their future grandmother. “Billy, do you ever meet this Baroness?” and Billy shakes his head and Vision also pipes in how he has no idea who she is.

And among all the visitors paying respects to Baroness there the evil necromancer who is trying to speak to Kitty-who was looking Magneto even put a wedding ring in the coffin. She has no idea if this is meant to be sad or a cry for help- and finally gives Kurt attention. “What?”

“Katzchen…I think there´s nothing in this coffin”


“I said I think there´s nothing in this coffin”

And Kitty now looks a bit concern to Magneto.

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“You just hate seeing me happy.” (Guardians of Childhood AU)

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead  @everykurt

N/A: Karma is the heroine here because of fuck marvel.

Xi´an is writing a new story. A horror story in regards Chaos and Zaorva- her editor give the suggestion since everyone is making a retelling on how those two became an item and well, why not try to give her own two cents?-and Kitty is helping in the house since she does not likes to stay idle in Xi´an´s house. “You´re too kind and I feel I need to repay you, so, let me do something for you” is what she says with her cute smile and Xi´an let her, but, nothing too big.

As Kitty is making a soup- looking at the rain hitting the window gentle and smiles kindly as the scent of the soup hits her nose-and looks at the shadows near her own. Now, now she can see the difference in her shadow and this.

“Hello, you!” she speaks without fear and no response is given. “Do you want to make soup with me?”

“She won´t like you so much if she ever finds out what you did in the past…Katzchen”

“You´re just hating seeing me happy” she replies and if Nightcrawler-as she likes to call now- would strike down with his words it is lost as Xi´an enters in the kitchen saying she smells the soup and is now hungry.

Nightcrawler watches the interaction with keen eyes. Hating how happy Kitty is without his influence and hating this Xi´an writer is beating his plans so effortless.

I want my toy back…Karma.

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Law of Surprise (Egypterra AU)

N/A: Not Going to continue Egypterra au. Sorry. This is from the Witcher…ok.

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

Magic is nothing is a tool. Dr Strange and Scarlet Witch are magic users in a land where magic is seeing as a problem, yet, as much Dr Strange and Wanda would like to fit. “Magic is in my blood. To deny its origin is to deny my own life” is a mantra many magic users repeat in their little and secret society. Jean Grey may have sacrificed her own life to make sure Apocalypse wouldn´t conquer the world, yet, there are many cults celebrating many things and Jean Grey is never the priority.

Amanda Szardos, however, was never one to follow rules or to respect idols and Gods. So, why Amanda couldn´t take what she wants from those small cities? Screw Jean and her sacrifice and the Gods…if Amanda wants to be seen as someone bigger… “I must take what I want”

And sadly for her, it grants the attention of the X-men and also of a hunter who does not take kindly to witches stealing from innocent people. “And there it is…the famous hunter the X-men put all their hopes” Amanda is quick to cast a spell on Kitty.

And wrapped ropes around Kitty´s petite from. “Pathetic. What you have to say for yourself, you pathetic human?”

Kitty only smirks and screams. “LAW OF SURPRISE!” and before Amanda could say how stupid she is Nightcrawler teleported and behead Amanda in one swift move.

“Katzchen, what is Law of surprise?”

“No idea, elf”

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N/A: Merciful short if we´re lucky. I just want to show a bit of Kurt and Kitty and Emma and Loki.

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

Emma is a seductive woman. No arguing here. And as much Emma loves to use her good looks to get what she wants and needs, and she does that regularly, Emma is also a woman of her word, so if Magneto wants to see his long lost daughter Lorna Dane Pryde.

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N/A: This plot is closing and YES. another fic will be completed.  Merciful short if we´re lucky.

@djinmer4 @dannybagpipesarecalling @bamfoftheundead @everykurt

Amanda is very popular, though Amy looking at her friend, but is still human and seems to be falling under another bad boy´s charm. And this makes Amy stop and think for a moment. Was Kurt Wagner ever a bad boy? Sure, he´s German (red flags raised in her mind and she did voice her concern with Amanda. Amy at least is 100% honest about her prejudice with Germany) but other than that, nothing is a bad boy like in his persona.

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