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kittykittyhunter replied to your post: WHAT!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!

I always wonder… how do you find these books fjfjf

I go to kobo’s ebook store and then type in a completely random keyword based on what i’m feeling (vampire in this case) and then navigate to the LGBT section under fiction, or the gay section under erotica, because those are apparently two different things, but i’m pretty sure that a lot of books are just. in both. 

anyways kobo is similar to amazon in that a lot of amateur authors use it but unlike amazon you can offer books for free or for a ridiculously small amount of money so there’s a lot of super cheap short stories up on there for like. 99 cents and shit. and free books too of course. 

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Magoichi comes over to the apartment that Mitsunari shares with Motochika often enough that it feels like she practically lives there too. Mitsunari could do without her constant presence, but he’s grown used to her, over the years. 

Most of the time, at least. 

He’s having a meal of plain rice when she stands in his doorway, taking in the plain white walls of his room and complete lack of furniture besides his bed. The rest of the apartment has been taken over by Motochika’s inventions over the years, but Mitsunari’s space is bare by comparison, adorned only with his dirty laundry on the floor and the mussed sheets on his bed. 

He narrows his eyes at her when he sees her, and has to fight down the urge to hiss like a disturbed cat. She doesn’t really seem to be looking at him, though. 

“You need to get out more,” she says, and Mitsunari glares. He leaves the apartment to attend his classes at the local university, and that is more than enough. He’s about to say so, as well, when Motochika seems to be summoned out of thin air beside her. 

“Oh? We’re going drinking, you say?” he says brightly, and a hint of a smirk appears on Magoichi’s face as Mitsunari growls under his breath, immediately realizing what this is about. 

She’s still angry about the time he put her nice bra in the dryer when she stayed over. How was he supposed to know you weren’t supposed to do that? 

Motochika is excitedly hurrying into Mitsunari’s room, ushering him off his bed and into the hallway so they can go to a bar, no matter how Mitsunari protests. He glares at Magoichi as he goes, and swears he’ll get her back next time.

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(3 sentences who??? I’ll just take it to mean ‘short fics’ ghughg)

Taiga groaned as he leaned back against the wall of the alleyway, nursing a sore rib and hoping that Kuroko wouldn’t see him. He hasn’t really fought much since he moved to Japan, though street tussles were common enough in America that he wasn’t completely inexperienced. But it seemed that some guys from another school in the area had an issue with his face, or his voice, or his height, or /something/ that he had no way of controlling, and they’d decided to gang up on him. 

He knows that there are people who don’t like him, for the sole reason that he is who he is. His father is rich, he’s athletically skilled, he has a nice apartment in the middle of the city. He doesn’t really blame anyone for their animosity, but he isn’t going to apologize for what he has either. 

Bullies don’t take well to that attitude, it seems. 

He doesn’t fight back, because he would never risk his spot on the team because of his hot temper. But he doesn’t fall to his knees, no matter how long they wail on him, and he meets their eyes the entire time. There’s ferocity in his gaze, even though he doesn’t move to meet their punches, and it doesn’t take long before the group is unnerved and scatters. Only when he’s alone does Taiga finally slump. 

He’s used to this, in the physical sense and more. He had truly felt like he fit in at Seirin, moreso than any other school he’d been to in the past, but he knew that there was no way everybody would like him. 

It doesn’t make it hurt any less when he saw the familiar Seirin uniform on students who rushed by in a hurry, not wanting to get involved. He tries not to let it bother him, and just hopes that the bruise he has on his midsection won’t affect practice tomorrow. 

He needs another minute to breathe before he moves, though. He closes his eyes and focuses on ignoring the pain, silently using the hem of his shirt to carefully wipe the blood from his jaw. 


The voice knocks him out of his thoughts, and he looks up to see a familiar face standing in front of him, handkerchief outstretched. 

He blinks dumbly as he stares at Aomine Daiki, who looks incredibly bored as he holds out the cloth for him. It takes Taiga a moment to realize that he should actually take it, and he wipes his face and the dried blood from beneath his nose with muttered thanks. 

“Geez, I don’t wanna see what the other guy looks like,” Aomine drawls when Taiga tries to draw himself up straight and winces. The redhead scowls at him, tossing the handkerchief back in his face. 

“I wasn’t fighting,” he says harshly. Man, he had hoped Kuroko wouldn’t find out about this. Now that Aomine knows, it’s pretty much a guarantee that his little shadow will be worriedly following him around everywhere by the end of the week. Aomine side-eyes him, then hums. 

“I don’t really care,” he says, sticking one finger in his ear. He’s quiet for a moment, and Taiga thinks he’ll just leave, but then he speaks again. “I already knew that anyways. You wouldn’t do something stupid like that.” 

Taiga tilts his head to the side, eyeing Aomine and the bloody handkerchief that he’s folding to put back into his pocket. There’s a thin sheen of sweat on his face, and his breathing is carefully slow. Taiga remembers him mentioning that his house is somewhere around here, during one of their weekly one on ones. The handkerchief is light blue, lacy and monogrammed, and Kagami can’t help but smile. 

Aomine would never step into a fight on his behalf. Taiga would be furious at him if he ever did, because he doesn’t need anyone to fight his battles for him. But Aomine, much like a stubborn stray cat, has his own ways of showing affection and concern, and after nearly three years of playing against one another, Taiga finally thinks he’s starting to figure them out. 

He can’t help the smile that comes to his face. 

“Well, not fighting has made me hungry,” he says with a painful stretch. He mostly doesn’t want to get jostled around on the train on the way home right now, and it would be a bit less busy in a few hours. “Wanna grab burgers?” 

Aomine wrinkles his nose in that way that says he couldn’t be bothered, but Taiga spots the interest in his eyes, and he’s proud of himself because of it. 

“You’re buying,” Aomine says finally, and Taiga rolls his eyes, but he knows Aomine will spot his own bill anyways. 

He always does. 

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@kittykittyhunter said: Oh boy.  Please give me the AU where Kanbei and Tsuru team up together to stop themselves being manipulated dbdjd         

I’d say “create the AU you want to see in the world” but I’ll probably never be fast enough to draw comics which is A SHAME because honestly I can see how that’d be hilarious!?

To be fair, Tsuruhime trusts almost everybody EXCEPT Kanbei, and Kanbei trusts basically nobody UNLESS there’s mention of The Key, but usually he’s the manipulator, not the manipulated… I mean the whole lead up went like this:

- Kanbei goes “Huh, maybe I can use her divination powers to my advantage”
- he somehow tries to win her as an ally by very directly warning her that people will try to use her powers by taking advantage of her naivete and ignorance
- it goes as well as you’d expect, not because she goes “whoa you’re right but what about YOU”, but because she goes “!!! How RUDE!”
- RIGHT AFTERWARDS Tsuru gets a letter from Yoshitsugu sweet-talking her into working for him and because he’s “SO NICE” she enthusiastically accepts doing their dirty work and needs like three additional reminders by different people of what Kanbei warned her about right at the beginning before she catches on
- Kanbei and Tsuruhime meet again at Sekigahara where they immediately start bickering again.

in conclusion, given the chance they could… actually learn a lot from each other?? Like not listening when people are overly polite, mentioning keys, or just. Yoshitsugu.
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continuing from here, sorry about the formatting but I think tumblr killed the quote-replies functionality…


I know like Hideyoshi i don’t think is much older thank keiji since they were friends. Can you imagine like some 40 year old guy running around beating people up with like a 22 year old?? nuts.

Considering Sengoku Basara is the defintion of nuts when it comes to beating up people (and ages) and that adding a few years to that gets you exactly what Kanbei and his new found grandpa/bestfriend Ujimasa did in SB3? Yea, I can absolutely imagine that. (that said?? I’m all for inter-generational friendships)



On the other end of the spectrum, I always found it funny to think of Shimazu or Tadakatsu as bizarrely young. Shimazu going on and on about handing the country over to the young ones, and it turns out he’s in his late 30s, early 40s, at most.

I guess he thinks that if he wants to prepare the crazy youths in Basara for the future he has his work cut out for him. I mean. Just look at them.

I don’t even know where I’d place Tadakatsu’s age, mainly because I don’t even know if I view him as entirely human?? It’s another trait he shares with Kotaro, the other super-human (???) who does an exceptional job but doesn’t talk.



What are even age groups in Basara?! XD No but seriously these all make sense to me! Though I’m kinda reeling from the idea that Mama Hanbei is probably older than Kojuro….OAO

I’m almost certain that’s the case IMO? Where’d you place Kojuro, age-wise? Obviously he’s a few years older than Masamune but I used to think the difference was more, now I think he might not even by in his thirties yet. Having to deal with Bontenmaru/Masamune as his boss he probably just had to mature pretty quickly lol


Motonari is a CHILD of the Sun.  You can’t have a  hold looking like a mouldy okra.

I…. I… I don’t know why this reply just made me think of the Teletubbies, where can I return that mental image please

okay that said, do you peeps have any age headcanons that we didn’t touch on yet?

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kittykittyhunter replied to your post: “Tumblr is hurting my eyes.”

I thought that maybe the darker shade would be easier for you? :/ It sucks that it’s not working it for a lot of people.

Oof, I actually thought the new background colour was pretty nice tbh [though I’ve had the Tumblr bg changed to something else with Stylish anyway lmao], until I saw the increased saturation of everything else on TOP of the dark background x_x The contrast is what’s searing my retinas. Like, the B R I G H T blue links the colour of the Post button here:


And other stuff like usernames and “Radar” + “Recommended Blogs” are stark white instead of the old softer grey, and even notification icons are way brighter.




Also the update broke my Stylish extension too, so I’ve gotta re-code almost all of my userscripts to try to fix it hhhh

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kittykittyhunter said:

>> Arkee. My love. My friend. WHAT PARROT?

You activated my trap card, my friend. Let’s go into a story about a bird I love because I’m in the mood to talk about him.

So, my uncle once had this parrot. They were mean to each other (my uncle’s an asshat, poor bird was defending itself) and it was made worse by the fact that my aunt didn’t like the yelling of the bird all the time, so she covered the poor thing’s cage a lot.

Birds don’t like this. Birds will grow very stressed if they’re kept like this.

Besides being an absolute asshat, my uncle’s also a risky idiot. So he goes about kissing this bird’s head like a stressed bird will do nothing to him. Parrot attacks his lip. Uncle attacks back, being the asshat he is. Aaaand this bird doesn’t like people very much anymore! Things get super awkward and my uncle is like “I can’t keep this asshole bird anymore, I’ll just give him away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

So I’ve had this green baby for many years now because of that. His name is Zeca and he’s an absolute menace to everyone and himself when left outside his cage. (Flies everywhere, flies into things with no regard to his own well being, tries to attack feet, tries to climb everyone, etc.) He loves yelling and headpats but because he has a history of abuse, he still tries to attack even if you’re not being mean to him. (It took forever to even get him to allow headpats because he has an issue with being touched, and also I keep my nails somewhat long to try keeping my fingertips somewhat safer.)


(Note: he tried to attack me after I took this picture, I love him)

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kittykittyhunter replied to your photoset: I DON’T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO…


Yeah, and given how they’ve been before about this sort of thing - Spiritus having to save Seymour so that he stayed in the game, rather than getting killed again - I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they meant, not just what I read into it?

Especially given how Kuja’s clearly finding out things that Mog more likely than not thinks Kuja Should Not Know. He knows too much. He has to go.

Too bad Zidane might be pissed off with his big bro but values his family being alive and actually getting answers over listening to the moogle, huh?

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Last sentence meme!

Rules: post the last sentence you wrote, and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

Tagged by @kittykittyhunter !

“But I asked, and he said yes.”

Tagging @shroom-boi @onyeenhok @solosorca @sundaygay @strangelyhotlogicalbangs @beauty-grace-outer-space @lieutenant-sapphic (I hope it’s okay that I’ve tagged a few of you who aren’t technically mutuals with me (you follow a side blog of mine and probably don’t know it’s me) but I thought you might enjoy it)

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