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#kiyoko shimizu

hahahaha wow it’s so fun that the words ‘our spring is over’ are literally enough to make me start crying :DDDDDD

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Hi, loves. I know there aren’t a lot of you here, but I’m back to interacting. However, there will be a few changes.

I will not be entertaining explicit NSFW asks. If you send me one, I’ll reply privately that that’s not what I do. However, I will still be entertaining SFW domme/sub asks. As such, I will still require minors to not interact.

This blog will become mostly SFW with emphasis on me being a platonic or older sister figure. You can expect mostly older sister talks from now on, like skincare, makeup, boys.

The soft domme is still here, though.

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@tofutendou Hihi! Thank you for your request and patience! I hope you enjoy your matchup!

I match you with, 

Kiyoko Shimizu

We have another “peace in similarities” attraction (it can also be a good mix if you really squint and look)!

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Couple Pictures The Two of You Would Take | Karasuno Edition

genre: general

warnings: none

a/n: these are purely to show the poses/expressions of the couples in the pictures in correlation to you & the characters & in no way, shape, or form are for the purpose of the appearance of the people in the picture. The race, build, gender, etc. are completely up to your imagination. also if you’d like a pt. 2 w/ another team feel free to lmk !

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posted on insta like half a month ago but here’s my take on ballet!au for hq feat kiyoko

was in a mood after watching royal ballet vids and it turned into this with like 2 different art styles?

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guys..I have to play Kiyoko for my acting project….🥲 I’ve been taking notes on volleyball for the past hour. The whole point of the project is to stay in character ALL DAY! they be expecting too much from us honestlyyyyy….well anyways, we also have to include an activity, so I was going to teach people about basic volleyball skills/attacks/positions etc. Does that seem interesting or like….good enough? 😭 I’m actually really worried because everyone else is the class is doing something so much cooler

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Family or Winning?


In this AU all the Hq character goes to one big high school but they have different volleyball clubs because so many people wanted to join. Only some of the charcters goes to the same school (see which teams are in the schools). Two of my ocs will join you in your adventure (might add more ocs).

School #1: Karasuno, Inarizaki, Aoba Johsai, Nekoma and Fukurodani

School #2: Date Tech, Shiratorizawa, Inubushi East, Johzenji and Kakugawa


001 {New adventure}

In which it’s your first day at school and you meet some people.


Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon


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Coming soon

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.in the rain <- kiyoko shimizu [hq]


-> the mid winter downpours are icy, disgustingly cold. the frigid rain drops felt like miniature blunt bullets being sniped from rain cloud. you hate the feeling of that rain, the coldness could cut your skin through its fleshy fabric.

although, you loved the sight it graces you in the morning, nothing beats watching your neighbour mad dash through the rapid icicles. ever since you moved into the area with your parents to your home which is closer to your school, you have fixated on your neighbour, 𝐤𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐤𝐨.

you figured she is a track runner from her form and speed but you didn’t expect to see a determined one. she usually in the early morning, you wake up early just to watch her run. her dedication to keep up her physique and habits in any weather is jaw dropping.

her motivation pushes you to be the morning person you never were. your parents found it odd by your new habit of waking up, making breakfast and peering at the window like a middle-aged suburban housewife. you shrug them off because they don’t understand the sight you get every morning isn’t one to miss out. you treated the sight like it was your morning prayers.

your watch tower view of kiyoko is a grace from god because you were to help her in need. one morning you can guess that the highway was backed up because of the traffic on the side roads. you did your normal ritual and you peered out the morning to see her stretching for getting a head start. a driver slowed down and went behind her while stretching- basically being a prick.

you felt disgusted so you yelled at the driver to get back in his car to respectfully fuck off. kiyoko looks up at you and behind to see the driver, she got anxious, you presume and ducked back in her house. for a few days, she didn’t run or maybe she switched her running time. you felt some withdrawals not watching start her day with a good jog.

though, a little gift basket appeared at your door with a little ding from the doorbell. you jog down the stairs with a rhythm and answered the door in your groggy glory- it was kiyoko?

seeing her in person was an awkward experience because you could only focus on hoping she doesn’t know about you watching her like a hawk from your window. oh she does and she appreciates your kindness from the other day, handing you a thank you basket with associated fruits that looked handmade.

you thanked her and told her, its not a problem. your reward was the basket and surprisingly her number… you never expected the progress into being the pretty track runner’s friend. but you aren’t complaining because you landed yourself a coffee date with her at three on friday.

maybe running in the rain isn’t so badly, icy showers of blessings perhaps?

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kiyoko relationship headcanons cause i’m feeling extra gay rn i try to keep my hcs as gender neutral as possible tho of course i just meant i’ve been crushin on her hard at the moment and she doesn’t get enough love so

  • kiyoko is the type to watch, learn and predict. you’re having. an off day? she’s there with open arms, ready to help however you need. forgot your umbrella? ready and waiting to walk you home and share hers.
  • when she’s reading a book and a particular part reminds her of you she’ll place stinky tabs on them and give you the book after
  • on cold days she’ll hold your hand in your pocket 🥺 that shit is too cute
  • nose smooches for sure. for sure
  • may not seem like it but will probably steal some of your clothes. eventually gives them back freshly washed, ironed and folded tho 
  • late night phone calls, her voice is just so soothing how could you sleep without it?
  • she crochets and i will yell about this for as long as it takes. makes sweaters and blankets for you! with nice yarn too not that super acrylic stuff 
  • give her forehead kisses!!
  • what do you mean you haven’t thought of an afternoon tea date with the kiyoko shimizu? well you better now. this girl  deserves all the damn tea and sweets and little sandwiches that she wants!
  • sends you little notes when you haven’t been able to spend much time together, you are both independent people after all so she likes to show that she’s thinking about you
  • she loves holding arms like a couple courting in the eighteenth century
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a list of ships that could be gomez and mortician adams for halloween without anyone batting an eye:

  • Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden
  • Bokuto Kotarou and Akaashi Keiji
  • Tanaka Ryuunosuke and Kiyoko Shimizu
  • Denki Kaminari and Kyoyka Jirou
  • Riyuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka
  • Chat Noir and Ladybug, OR Nino and Alya
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i may not stand on the court... i may not wear the uniform... but right now, at this very moment... i stand with them on the front line of the battlefield.

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Kiyoko x gn!reader


Originally posted by miilkyxway


I’m In LOVE with this girl! Move aside Tanaka and noya IM THE BEST KIYOKO SIMP!!!! Yamaguchi next then yachi💗💗


You honestly should’ve known better. You really should’ve but when when you walked into the kurasuno gym to return your girlfriend’s forgotten book you couldn’t help but lean in for a quick peck on the lips. Biggest mistake of your life.

So there you stood cowering in front of Noya and Tanaka as the two second years screamed at you for kissing “their goddess” (she was yours but that’s besides the point). You helplessly tried to explain yourself and tell them that you were her s/o and that you guys were dating but the duo refused to let you get a word in.

That was until your savior, asahi managed to drag them away as daichi scolded them. Suga stood behind him trying desperately to stop laughing but failing, horribly. Your black haired girlfriend jogged over to you and kneeled next to where you sat, still shocked by the whole experience.

She quickly checked for any injuries you might’ve gotten when you fell to the floor before pulling you into a hug. Her lavender perfume was suffocating but comforting as you leaned into the embrace. She pulled and looked you in the eyes before speaking

“N/n-Chan are you okay?”

“Yeah, but your team is a bunch of weirdos.”


Omg i love herrr!! But I made this sound so dramatic and for what???😭

Anywhooo requests still open!💗🌸

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