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i didnt watch voltron sorry but i googled the characters and thats like the ship™ on that show right but never went canon huh? so for me its just the blue x red gay type of thing so

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

and zukka, well lets not get too deep into it but in general

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

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Our physical zines have finally arrived!

We are still waiting on our charms in order to send out all the orders with merch, but for those of you who ordered just a physical zine, we will begin shipping your orders this weekend! We will also begin emailing put the PDF zine this coming week as well for all of you who purchased a copy of it.

For anyone who missed out on pre-ordering the zine, we will be selling any leftover zines and merch in the shop once everyone has received theirs. The PDF will also be available to purchase again starting December 19th.

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Alright it’s been a minute since I watched Voltron, forgive me for any inaccuracies


Keith pressed his hand to his to his stomach and tried to make himself as small as possible. He had not gotten a good look at the thing that pierced through his armor, but he hoped it did not have venom.

The wound was bleeding sluggishly and in the dark it looked like tar. He could taste blood in the back of his throat.

This is it, he thought idly, I am going to die alone.

It would, perhaps, be scarier if he had not been so frightfully lonely for so long that it clung to him like a second skin.

He opened his eyes to a familiar sound, he wasn’t sure when he had shut them.


He could see the lion land in the distance. It couldn’t be. He thought to himself that it was a little pathetic that he was hallucinating his lion in his last moments. Not even a person.

Not your lion, a voice in his head said and he laughed. It was a small, brittle thing.

He saw a familiar figure rushing towards him.

“Oh this even more pathetic,” Keith mumbled.

“Keith?” hallucination-Lance cried, “Whoa you don’t look good at all.”

Keith looked at him and laughed. Even his hallucination was being mean to him.

“Oh man, are you hurt? Okay okay, let’s take you back okay? Coran will patch you right up,” he was right beside him now, hands fluttering like he didn’t know where to put them.

He was in his sleep clothes, hair all messed up. Keith drew in a long, shaking breath, and for once in his life he allowed himself to look. Lance wasn’t really here. There was no one to notice how long his eyes lingered. He drank him in. Wide, worried eyes.

“You’re worried about me,” his voice came out soft and confused, voice cracking.

“Oh, good. You didn’t say anything for a while and I got a little concerned. Let’s get you on Red, and you’re gonna be fine.”

Keith’s vision was swimming, darkening around the edges. Lance was standing back up, and Keith felt a rock set in his gut. He didn’t want to die alone, he didn’t want Lance to leave.

He really wanted to touch his hair. He reached out, and his hand loosely wrapped around a wrist.

“Don’t go,” he remembered saying, and then the ground below him was gone.


Keith hated how he felt when he got out of a pod. There was this odd, tingling feeling that clung to him each time it happened. Even without opening his eyes he knew where he was. He internally groaned as he realized Lance had not been a hallucination at all. He stretched until he felt his back settle into place and tried not to meet Allura’s very concerned eyes.

“You gave us quite the scare, Keith.”

“Uh, hello, princess. I didn’t mean to.”

“Of course you didn’t. None of us would have had any idea what had happened if Red had not gone berserk and brought Lance to you.”

Keith flinched at the name. He pushed down the urge to ask her where he was.

“He was beside himself with worry. You must be more careful Keith, especially since none of us are around to support you.”

Keith rubbed the back of his neck and nodded.

“Uh,” he began, “What about my armor?”

“Ruined, I’m afraid. But there are still some clothes you left behind here. Why don’t you go get changed and find Hunk in the kitchen? They’ve all been itching to see you.”


It had been too much, the warmth of it all. Pidge ha hugged him, which was odd for her, and he remembered that he thought he was going to die, so they probably had too. Hunk had stuck a ladle in his mouth before he knew what was happening. He kept his eyes trained on the two, but not even blindness could keep him from feeling Lance’s searing gaze. He had missed this more than he allowed himself to.

He pressed his head back against the wall and squeezed his eyes shut. He had his things. He had contacted Kolivan. Everything was ready for him to leave.

He thought of Allura’s steady presence, of Hunk’s warmth and Pidge’s smile. He thought of how Coran treated him like family right away. He thought of Shiro.

He thought of the terrified look on Lance’s face when he thought he was going to die.

I don’t want to go, he thought to himself. Yet another thought he would never say out loud.

“Running away?”

Keith’s eyes shot open at that. No, he couldn’t deal with this right now.

“I’m not running away.”

“Sure looks like it,” Lance was smiling, but it wasn’t the smile Keith so often found himself dazzled by. This was bitter caricature of a smile, and Keith hated it.

“I have to go,” he met his eyes dead on for the first time since he had woken up.

“Do you?” the smile melted of his face, his eyes softening.

Keith no longer wanted to look at him. He had stepped closer.

“You don’t have to go anywhere. You belong here, with us, where all of us can look after each other. They were just going to leave you there to die!” His voice had grown hysterical.

“The mission comes first,” Keith said, even though he knew that was weak at best.

Lance spun around and ran his hand through his hair manically.

“I don’t care about the mission!”

He had a sort of intensity in his eyes that Keith had never seen before.

“We need you here, Keith”

“You don’t,” he replied and Lance shut his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Listen to me,” he put his hand on Keith’s elbow and Keith wondered how many times he was going to feel like he was dying, “Listen to me, you are important to us. We care about you. We want you around, and we want you safe.”

Lance’s eyes had that look again, the one he had when he saw his right before passing out.

“Red misses you terribly. We’ll figure something out. We’ll co-pilot. I’ll step down. Just stay, please.”

His voice was terribly soft and Keith could feel prickling behind his eyes. Lance slid his hand gently down his arm and tangled their fingers together. Keith made a terrible choked off sound and looked away. He could feel the hot tears sliding down his cheeks.

“Stay with me,” Lance whispered.


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yknow voltron reboot may have been kinda bullshit after like season 3 and i know this and am very mad about it but. im still holding on to klance like a leech. like a disgusting little mosquito. a stupid little barnacle attached to a whale. i hate it here

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. :)

I tried to look through my archives because I know people have asked me for fic recommendations before but…man there are a lot more than I realized, and I’m a bit lazy, so I’ll just put some others I’ve recently discovered and liked:

I do have some bookmarked on my AO3 if that helps, too.

Sweetheart by jilliancares
This Thing by BleedingTypewriter (NSFW)
Take Me Away by sleapea
I’ll Be Your Safety by Queerklancing
Tell Me Again, Do You Love Me by hiuythn
Coming to Terms by gtgrandom (long)

I haven’t been reading as much lately because I’ve had more work than usual, but here are a couple that I’ve enjoyed! :)

Feel free to go through my archive to find the other two (?) posts with recommended fics, but…ooof. It’s a lot lol.

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klancemas prompt #3: ice skating

The atmosphere around Keith reeks of semi-soured cologne, fake spices, and anxious people; he’s surrounded by coats and fluffy hats bustling about, shopping bags smacking into him as he stands at the edge of the indoor-rink, clutching roller skates and gazing, absolutely spellbound, at the figure looping around the massive Christmas tree, grinning wide and skating like he’s flying.

Keith is having the time of his life.

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a preview

He isn’t saying yes because he’s the best friend in the universe.

His acceptance isn’t so holy and exclusive.

Because there is a part of Keith that is wild and selfish, tired of staying quiet and day-by-day gaining more strength to speak up. There’s still a crushing amount of fear hanging over his heart, but it isn’t overwhelming his curiosity anymore. He’s losing the weight of uncertainty too - because he knows Lance is one of his best friends and if he doesn’t feel the same way, one of the brilliantly irritating traits he has is the inability to leave someone on their own.

He still feels like all of this has been done before.

A thousand times before.

The music from the living room increases just enough to make itself known, to make the words and tune unavoidable, making the small, shy smile of Lance’s slowly grow into a smirk as he punches the volume button on the side of his phone and Keith lets it happen. Doesn’t give him trouble for playing Christmas music a little too early for Keith’s tastes when the shadow of the boy dressed nicely in disappointment melts away.

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Writing idea: you hire a hit man to finally kill your long-time rival… but what you didn’t know, is that the hit man you hired doesn’t kill people. In reality, he’s the ultimate wingman, who will go and hit on someone in your behalf, guaranteed results in one week. Exactly one week and one day later, you hear a knok on your door. You answer and see your rival, and the first thing they do is blurt “wanna go on a date?”

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Okay, 12 days of writing hell, I finally completed the chapter! I hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving and were being responsible!

Once again, thank you for the support and thank you for so much for reading!

Onto the chapter!

Lance’s eyes burned as he ran through the smoke, taking in the intense heat. He scanned the area frantically, trying to find any semblance of his leader, but to no avail. He halted his running as he felt another round of coughs emerging from his throat, bringing his hand up to his mouth while doing so. After a minute, he finally released his hand from his mouth, his eyes recognizing the small red puddle that formed within his palm. Within seconds, his head began to pound as he began to walk on shaking legs. As soon as he took the first few steps, he heard a pained yell shout through the smoke.

“Keith…” Lance rasped out, trying to slowly speed up his pace. He felt tears fall from his eyes as his vision slowly began to blur. However, he noticed a tall figure in the distance coming towards him. He could make out the outline of their broad shoulders and protruding ears. The figure began to chuckle as they started to come closer.

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