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sanifaras · 2 days ago
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binart · 15 hours ago
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klance comic SRPA page 91! (First) (Previous) (Next)
and that's the end of that LOL
i wanna get back to keith and lance being gay at each other I HAD TO CUT THE FIGHT SHORT OK
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I didn't get this at first😳
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blamblambitch · 2 days ago
• lance finding out keith can draw and pestering him about seeing what’s in his sketch book
• keith refuses to show him shit cause he’s insecure 
• then lance starts asking if keith can draw him instead
• which, surprise, it’s a big fat no
• lance kept poking keith until he finally gave in- sort of anyways
• irritated, keith gets out his sketch book and quickly sketches a two minute drawing of lance 
• (think of lance’s face on the winner flag from that 1 ep)
• then he shoves it at lance, all huffy and annoyed and goes “there. happy?”
• lance only stares for a moment
• he smiles
• thanks keith
• then runs off to hang it in his room (out of keith’s reach even if he’s like an inch or two taller)
• lance will be all like “look at the masterpiece keith made for me. isn’t it great?”
• while grinning like a dork because keith drew something for him and it made him feel special
• even if it looked like the kind of drawings his niece and nephew would give him
• keith on the other hand was embarrassed by it and would try to take it down
• but lance was always there so it never worked out for him
• no matter what happened, the drawing stayed untouched 
• eventually, keith draws a more detailed sketch of lance
• and he’s obviously honored, showing it off 24/7
• lance also put his new drawing next to the other one which bugs the crap out of keith
• lance simply claims it shows how much he’s progressed 
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kiraiushi · a day ago
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chaotic-fanficwriter · 2 days ago
i might be weird but sometimes i read posts about ships that i don't ship (which contain people of my ships with other people)
like i would never comment something mean or attack the shippers because they have every right to ship whatever they want but i like seeing their POVs even if i completely disagree with their takes
[don't get me wrong if i see people being toxic and bashing my ships as a way to make their ship look better i will either remove myself or politely ask them to stop - it's never okay to be toxic]
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probablykatietalking · 2 days ago
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Happy Bi Visibility Day to the love of my life!
To all the people out there who are bisexual and/or biromantic: you’re all very loved and valid! enjoy your special day! <3
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shitty-voltron · 2 days ago
Pidge: I am going to strangle you
Lance: can you even reach my neck lmao
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multifandomnonsense · 2 days ago
Coran: I bet you’re wondering why I gathered you here today. It’s because we need to have a discussion about how some people in this room aren’t getting along with other people in this room
Keith: why did you say that so vaguely? Lance and I are the only people in this room
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coolnonsenseworld · a day ago
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vldkeith · 3 hours ago
keith is just not a reserved person. like motherfucker look at him
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dead-deadashell · 23 hours ago
Keith: *gets injured*
Lance: Want me to kiss it better?
Keith, on the verge of a gay panic: Wha-what?
Lance, now a little flustered: Well, I used to do it for my little siblings all the time so...
Keith: I see.
Keith: Shiro, I need you to punch me in the face.
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dailyklance · a day ago
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klance-dreams · 2 days ago
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I’ve seen some #Keithtober lists going up and since i had a lot of fun making one last year, i wanted to share one for this year too! this list is for anyone (writers, artists, cosplayers, etc.) to use to celebrate our boy ☺️💕 you don’t have to for sure, but if you use this list, i’d love it if you could tag me somewhere so i can see and share your post! 🥰 also,, i absolutely expect to do them out of order so feel free!
the prompts are:
1. Red Paladin
2. Galtean / (Galra Keith)
3. Broganes
4. Pajamas
5. Kosmo
6. Vampire
7. Hurt Comfort / Angst
8. Past / Young Keith
9. Autumn
10. Garrison
11. AU (of choice!)
12. Black Paladin
13. Leather
14. Merman
15. Soulmate
16. Jacket
17. Pride
18. Formal Clothing
19. Hogwarts AU
20. Blade
21. Future / Older Keith
22. Monsters & Mana
23. Birthday
24. Meme/Tiktok
25. Cryptid
27. Chibi
28. Selfie
29. Bonding Moment
30. Witch
31. Halloween
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jiinlan · a day ago
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i cant decide if i love it or hate it, but anyways here you go, another klance fanart
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"You Will Be Found" - Dear Evan Hansen
Lance as Evan
Saw the movie yesterday. It was pretty good
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