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So you want to talk about the bad boy dave au? How about another solid handful of headcannons? And maybe just some extra fluffy ones even though he is a bad boy? Its optional-

You asked for it, so here it is! More Bad Boy Dave headcanons! (TW: domestic abuse at some point)

  • Dave loves spooning Klaus but he secretly wonders what it’d be like to be a little spoon sometimes. He never mentions or admits it though.
  • But I said it once and I’ll say it again: Dave loves having Klaus on his lap. At any given moment, he just wants him to be there, be able to wrap his arms around him and keep him close to his chest forever.
  • It’s pretty clear that Dave’s a huge cuddler.
  • One thing Dave’s insecure about is his smile, which is one of the reasons he’s grumpy all the time. But Klaus loves to see him happy and he always tries to make him smile. He also never misses the opportunity to tell him how cute he looks the times he does smile.
  • He doesn’t really like people playing with his hair because his father would pull on his hair and drag him around when he was a kid.
  • But he trusts Klaus with his life so he lets him do it anyway because he’s always extra careful.
  • And sometimes all Dave wants is to put his head on Klaus’s lap and let Klaus play with his hair and stay there with his eyes closed and relax.
  • They fight about stupid stuff a lot but it always ends with them making out because they can’t stay mad at each other for more than 10 seconds.
  • One time they went on a “road trip” and drove all the way to nowhere and they ran out of gas and they had to wait until dawn for help.
  • Dave’s motorcycle is named Sally.
  • Speaking of names, Dave secretly likes to name almost everything that has sentimental value to him.
  • Dave isn’t a great cook. He really isn’t, but every time he makes something for Klaus, he’s extra careful and tries very hard to make it good so Klaus eats it.
  • Hershey’s Kisses are Dave’s weakness. (Klaus’s too but those are different.)
  • Dave’s one of those dudes that walks around the house shirtless sometimes or y'know, with a white tank top to show off his arms. Klaus absolutely loves it.
  • “Do you know my brothers’ names?” “Yes.” “What are their names?” “I know their names-”
  • He doesn’t.
  • He only remembers Diego, because they don’t get along at all. Mutual hatred for each other.
  • Back to soft, Dave loves tucking Klaus’s hair behind his ear whenever he gets the chance. Klaus loves it when he does that too. It doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just a cute gesture that they both like.
  • Dave has many nicknames for Klaus; usually it’s just doll or baby/babe, but he avoids using words like sweetheart because it reminds Klaus of past relationships.
  • Dave has a very hard time going to bed, but when he eventually does sleep, getting up in the morning is torture. He’s super grumpy and if he doesn’t have his morning coffee it’s almost impossible for him to function. Also he needs morning cuddles.
  • Forgot to mention he’s a bartender. Not much else he can do.
  • Dave has no regard for his personal safety. He doesn’t wear a helmet when on his bike, he doesn’t look before crossing the street. Basically he just lives on the edge since he only had himself to live for. But that changes when Klaus shows up. 

Sorry if this one’s a little shorter than the previous one, I’m writing this at 5AM and these are all I could think of (also apologies for any spelling errors). Let me know what you think!

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a friend 3D-printed this for me… Klaus is a hitman now I guess; he’s got the best hands for it

I should paint it or something but what does a handgun even look like

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Avrei voluto dedicare di più che dei semplici #sketch a questo film ma purtroppo va così sob Sicuramente non è l'unico disegno che farò Sicuramente non sarà l'ultima volta che lo vedrò (l'ho già visto 3 volte) Perché #klaus è un film meraviglioso signori Klaus è gioia, bontà, comicità, amore e tanto altro Ma soprattutto è inaspettato Come le migliori sorprese

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of conversations and coffee
by swbookworm13

Some secrets aren’t really secrets after a while, but other ones are. Then again, some secrets are more believable than others. Sometimes. Or: Klaus wants to come clean about a couple of things, but doesn’t realize there’s not much to come clean to, oops. Hitoshi mostly just wants coffee, but he gets an excuse to explain some things of his own. [#2, Purple Umbrellas ‘verse]

Words: 2965, Chapters: 1, Status: Complete, Language: English

Read Here:

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Diego: I just realized I talk a lot more around y’all, is it annoying?

Allison: No I’m just happy to be around my siblings


Diego: …but this kind of knife is definitely my favorite-

Allison: If you say anymore on this subject, I will murder you

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