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I have a lot of issues with The Umbrella Academy, particularly the writing, but the few scenes with Ben are always delightful. He’s so cynical, and understandably so, but he also knows that Klaus is just going to get hurt again and again and again and he can’t do anything to stop it and has to go through it all with him. And then he got to lay down in the dirt and it was just so pure and joyful!

I also COMPLETELY lost it at Backstreet’s Back! Klaus is so good at bullshitting his cult with song lyrics, and then Ben gets to do it ONCE and he’s like, I shall share the wisdom of the Backstreet Boys.

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word count:1222

summary: Reader accidentally let’s it slip that she’s in love with her best friend Klaus.

warnings: Probably bad grammar, it’s not my strong suit I’m sorry guys! a curse word or two! Angst??

Your head rested in your hands, then ran through your hair. Klaus voice rang out and you looked up to give a small laugh at his antics. He was currently sitting on the floor of your room with multiple sharpies all different colors. He sat there scribbling the most randoms things that came to his mind. Your walls were slowly being taken over by the doodles, and thoughts of your best friend. 

“(y/n), what’s on that beautiful mind of yours?” Klaus asked. You broke your stare at the wall to look at him. “Oh nothing I was just trying to find my favorite thing you’ve done. It’s very difficult seeing as I love it all.” you say. Getting up from the spot on your bed you move to the wall that your observing. you heard a shuffle and turned to see Klaus crawling along the floor to sit in front of the wall. You looked down at him and laughed. he looked up at you with his beautiful green eyes. “c'mon sit next to me. show me your favorite. I know you said you can’t choose but I know you too well to know that the only reason you’re saying that is because you want it to be fair, and don’t want just one to stand out to you, out of all the rest because you think it’s rude.” he said, almost out of breath. Sitting down next to him, you turn away to blush softly. “Ok, Klaus.. you’re right.. I’ll tell you which one is my favorite. ” you say and look up at him once more. “that’s my girl, alright now tell me which one!” he exclaimed. 

you blushed when he called you his girl.To be honest you had fallen in love with this crazy eccentric yet vulnerable man.  

you scanned the wall looking for the little sketch of you and him, that said next to it: “KH +(y/i)” (y/i= Your initials) 

He also put a little heart next to it. It gave you butterflies every time. sitting up slightly you pointed it out to him. A smile formed on his lips and chuckle slipped out. “I remember that one, It was the night your ex dumped you; and you called me crying. Wow, that was a long time ago. ” he traced over the sketch gently. You just turned to admire him as he admired the sketch. His jaw was sharp, and his brow furrowed in concentration. His lips slightly parted as he put his focus on the art on the wall. The sun hit him perfectly, and bounced of his shiny curls. The sight was perfect. 

“I love you Klaus.” You blurted out. Your eyes grew wide at what just escaped your thoughts, and became words. His hand instantly dropped into his lap from its place on the wall. his shoulders tensed and he said nothing. 

“Klaus, I’m sorry just.. uh.. just forget it ok. I didn’t mean to say it..” You said swallowing thickly, begging your body to move away from him.  “(y/n),wait.” he mumbled. You whipped your head around his words giving you a sinking feeling but the slightest bit of hope. “Did you just say you loved me?” he asked. This time he slowly stood and looked at you. his eyebrows even more furrowed in confusion. It took a moment before you finally spoke. “Yeah.. I did.. I love you Klaus, and i have for a long time now..” you trailed off staring at your hands as you played with them. not daring to meet Klaus’ gaze, in fear of coming undone. 

Silence, that’s all that was left, and that was the only sign you needed to know that he didn’t feel the same.  Finally you gathered the courage to lift your head up to look at him. his eyes were wide in shock, but that shock slowly melted into this look of fear.  Seeing this you let out a breath you didn’t have any clue you had held. Hearing no response after almost a minute of the silence your eyes began to sting. he opened his mouth about to speak finally until you interrupted him. “No, Klaus. You don’t have to say anything. I get it, you don’t feel the same. Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.” You said. Your voice was surprisingly calm, but you felt your lips tremble.  

He felt heart broken as he looked at you crumbling before him. Feeling as though it was his fault for your pain. “Please (y/n), you have to understand.. Your my best friend and I do love you but we could never happen. I can’t even picture it. Me and you would just not be good at all, it would be so weird to be seen with you as my girlfriend. ” He said. 

Your eyes stung and the tears fell at his words.  Your heart shattered like ice falling from a stain-glass window. he couldn’t even picture being seen with you as his girlfriend?

“It would be weird to be seen with me? You can’t even picture us, what? With you holding me in public. I’m that ‘weird’ that you wouldn’t even want to be seen with me?” you asked.  At this point tears poured down your face.  Hearing your words he realized what he said. he didn’t mean it like that, but that’s the way it came across. 

“No, that’s not” he didn’t get to finish “let me guess. that’s not what you meant? It didn’t come out the way you wanted it to?” you snapped back. Klaus stared at you in horror and panic. “Well, guess what. All you had to say was that you didn’t love me back. But you crossed a line and you’re so far past it that it’s invisible now. All you had to fucking say was that you didn’t feel the same. then maybe we’d be ok. But you didn’t.” you state. Your voice shook, as you looked at him through teary eyes. 

He stayed silent, as if unable to speak or move one bit. You scoffed as you looked at him. “Klaus, I need you to leave.” You said pointing to the door. He snapped out of his weird state of mind to rush towards you throwing apologies at you. Trying to grab your hands and explain. 

“You’re my best friend (y/n), the only one who has ever understood me.. please don’t leave me. I love you so much. I love to be seen with you. You’re my witty, smart and beautiful friend, that I love. I’m sorry it’s not the way you love me.. but please know that I love you. ” He pleaded with you. 

“Klaus I’m not leaving you. I’m asking for you to leave, I need to be alone right now. I need to figure myself out before I can see you again.” You said. He placed his lips to your forehead before nodding silently and walking through the door. you closed your eyes, and fell apart. Thinking to yourself 

“I just ruined everything.. Things will never be the same, that is, if we ever come back to each other.” You sighed and just sat there. swimming in guilt that you just broke not only your heart but his as well. 

All you had to do was keep it to yourself. 

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