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Umbrella Academy songs

Complied this awhile back for the 1st season.

Luther; Miserable at best Mayday Parade

Diego; 6:00 Grandson, Hit and Run Lola

Allison; My boy Billie Eilish, 911 Elise

Klaus; Numb Linkin Park, Everybody gets High MISSIO

I just realized I didn’t do any for Ben, so shit.

Five (this one is shit, the song); Head above Water Avril Lavigne

Vanya; Still Breathing Green Day

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Something I ADORE about the show but never see people talk about is how Diego, Klaus & Five react to Reginald. Mainly the contrast between how the talk about him VS how they talk to him.

Diego is always (rightfully so) shit-talking him, calling him out for everything he’s done and how he’s treated them, after he died. But when he gets to talk to him again in the 60s he finds he still craves his validation (also shown through his actions throughout the show, but made clearer then), and gets very affected when it’s not what he gets.

And Klaus is obviously very loudly mocking and insulting Reginald when he comes back for his funeral. Every chance he gets. But then he talks to him in the heaven barbershop or wtv and you can see the switch being flipped. He’s not nearly as confident anymore, he tries to speak up to him and call him out but he can’t. He tries to be angry but he’s just hurt, he’s a hurt kid all over again.

And lastly Five. Mature, apathetic Five who recognizes Reginald’s abuse and doesn’t show any love towards him, dread to talk to him again in the 60s, both before they met again and after he called him to speak in private, and feeling the need to apologize for being a “difficult kid”.

My point is David, Robert & Aidan acted out these contrasts so well and I love this detail and yes thank you for coming to my ted talk

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“What the hell was the point of that story?”

“The point is… frogs are bitches… and we do not negotiate with terrorists.”


*mysterious rift appears in garden*

*chucks fire extinguisher into rift*


“Cult is a very negative word… we prefer the word ‘alternate spiritual community’”

“Nope, you definitely started a cult.”


“Wait… but she can’t be our sister, she’s not biological.”

*adopted siblings seconds away from shooting him in the background*


*Five glaring at Lila*

“So much anger in such a tiny package.”


“You don’t know everything about me-”

“Oh, I know everything about you. You are an open book written for very dumb children.”


“Hey dad, can you stop playing tennis with Hitler for a second and make a quick call?”


“The apocalypse is coming, and all you can think about is getting high?”

“Well, I’m also quite hungry.”


“Hey, get up. We’re going.”


“To save the world.”

“Oh, is that all.”


“Is that my skirt?”

“What? Oh yeah, this. I found it in your room. It’s a little dated, I know, but its very breathy on the bits.”


“42 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, and not a single drop of coffee.”


“You are depriving some village of their idiot!”


“You killed one of ours, Olga, now we’re coming for you. You’ll be dead by nightfall.”

*walks into room*

“It’s oga for oga idiots. It’s Swedish for eye for an eye.”

*stares at phone*

“Sorry, wrong number, have a nice day.”


“Klaus! Is Ben here?”

“No, unfortunately ghosts can’t time travel.”

*Ben sitting in the corner* “Are you kidding me?”


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Klaus: Yeah, I haven’t gotten a real hug from someone who wasn’t dead in ages.

Five: *jumps over to hug him*

Vanya: *diving over to join*

Diego: *jumps through the window to put his arms around them*

Luther: *lifts them off the ground while embracing them*

Klaus: Guys, that wasn’t an invitation–

Allison: I heard a rumor you shut up and let us hug you.

Klaus, fighting back tears: Okay… *sniffles* Get your ass over here Benjamin.

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Yknow those military signals… I dunno what they’re called, but the ones they use to communicate how they’re gonna approach an enemy because they can’t talk or the enemy will hear them? I just wanna see Klaus and Dave use those to communicate with each other, except they’re no longer in Vietnam and Klaus is just using them to talk to Dave behind his siblings’ backs or something.

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We don’t really know for sure at this point (somebody ask Steve if you get the chance! Idk if he takes questions on twitter or anything…) but I personally headcanon that Klaus took them. If they exchanged them, they’d be risking getting the wrong medical treatment if they were injured and not recognisable. I imagine that when Dave died, Klaus felt that as his partner he was entitled to something of Dave’s to remember him by, and he knew that in the 60s and with no one knowing about them, he wouldn’t get it, so he impulsively took the dog tags.

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If I had to pick only one I think I would definitely go with the morning after the scene in the bar. I think it would be very sweet to see them waking up after their first night together. I think whatever conversation they had would give us a good indication of their dynamic together. It would still be early enough in their relationship that there would be a bit of that new relationship tension, but we could still get to see them being romantic and sweet to each other because they know the other reciprocates. I think it would be the perfect scene to choose if I only got one.

But if I could get more than one, I would also love to see them before they got together, before they knew the other reciprocated. I would love to see them dancing around each other, trying to figure out how the other feels, if the other is even a safe person to tell. My interpretation of the bar scene is that Klaus was oblivious to Dave’s feelings right up until Dave cupped his cheek, and that Dave was doing all the pursuing while Klaus was content to just pine without anything coming of it. So I would love to see Dave trying desperately to send out all the signals without any of the other soldiers noticing while Klaus is just like ‘I’m so glad we’re friends, Dave :)’

I would also really love to see them when they’re a more established couple, closer to the end of the 10 months. Just to see that dynamic and to see them just being really in sync with each other.

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Five is absolutely still a small, feral gremlin in the peculiar children AU. He and Klaus were living at a lab as infants and toddlers, where the twins ended up after their powers were discovered, and even back then Five coped by focusing every bit of energy on protecting and caring for Klaus. This extremely protective role has transfered to his family within the loop, and that´s why he is initialy very suspicious and cold towards Lila. Klaus on the other hand is mostly a small ray of sunshine, which might be hard to understand when one knows about his powers, and this also more or less makes the brothers polar opposits, but this also does not in any way mean they aren´t the closest and very best of friends. This in turn only makes this duo of the group´s babies even more chaotic, and the older children needs to take turns keeping them out of trouble, especially so when they leave the mansion after Grace determines it´s unsafe. Even when the headmistress announces they are unsafe and need to leave the home they have knows for most of their long lifes, the first thing Five worries about is Klaus, squeezing his hand and trying to reassure him

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