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#klaus hargreeves

No one:

Not a single soul:

Me: Nullifications kinda hot am I right folks 👀

Anyway Klaus is my model for this piece cause he’s kind of a freak (and I love him for it)

If you wanna see the full thing you can find a link to it here

I guess slight warning for body horror??

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So Five and Luther are twins and I love the idea they they share the same allergies… but remember how @smallsnzplz and I wrote a whole ass fic about Luther and Klaus both having an allergic reaction to the same perfume…. AND I’ve just recently learned that Tom is allergic to cats (I already knew Rob was)….

Can it be canon that Klaus and Luther are both allergic to cats then bc… there’s no logical reason for it but I want it :) and 🤷🏻‍♀️ their actors are so why not…. it’s just biological proof that this should be canon for their characters

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[Umbrella S2 all hyped on my dash and a new batch of Luther hate]

Me, an intellectual: Reminding everyone to that Luther is a child of abuse too, with severe Stockholm syndrome, who was literally instructed to be a leader by the shittiest leader/”guardian” ever, who took his job very seriously and abandoned all hope of a normal life in pursuit of this goal, only to find out that his aforementioned shitty leader/”guardian” didn’t give a damn about anything he was doing, and literally cast him out to a barren waste land for his failure that he pawned off as Luther’s. Just sayin’

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Days Go By

Klaus Hargreeves x sibling!reader

warnings: reader is deceased

a/n: this isnt as great as i planned on it being but i still kind of like it 😤😤

prompt: this was inspired by @johnnyshellby’s recent gif imagine: Ben using your death to motivate Klaus to stay sober. Check it out, I absolutely love it! My queen Enna is a fantastic writer 💖💖


Originally posted by tamsly

It had been some time since you had died, some time since Klaus had fallen to your doorstep and begged for your comfort. Now you looked upon him with a mixture of guilt and pity filling your lost soul. He was barely keeping it together when you were there to help him back on his feet, now he had no one left to go to.

The only company you had here was your other deceased sibling, Ben. He had been stalking Klaus for a while now, much to Klaus’s dismay. But your brother had a useful power now that bodies were dropping around him, bodies he wished he cared for in life more than in death.

“How is he?” You asked Ben in a low and disappointed tone, leaning over on the lonely bench the afterlife had provided you with.

“He’s still…Klaus.” Ben sat beside you and rubbed your back, you exhaled and shook your head, heartbroken that your time had come so soon, you didn’t have time to take care of him like you desperately wanted to. “You’re not going to see him?”

“No,” You gulped, biting your lip to stop it from quivering, “I can’t do it.” You choked your tears back and looked at Number Six. “It kind of sounds like he doesn’t want you around either.”

“Yeah, well, he can’t get rid of me that easily.” Ben’s chuckle faded into silence and the two of you sat there, thinking about what life would have been like if you had survived in that harsh world. Maybe if you weren’t born unwanted. You leaned on your brother’s shoulder and let time pass ever so slowly before he got up again. “I’d better look after him again, I’ll see you later, y/n.”


“Why?!” Klaus screamed into the air with his dead brother as his only audience. “Why can’t I bring them here? I don’t even want you here and here you are!” His insults very rarely affected Ben, who leaned his ghostly body against the wall. “You have to know why I can’t do it, Ben. Why can’t I conjure y/n?” Klaus strained himself as he continued his effort to bring you before him.

“Maybe you should take a break.” Ben cautioned, only agitating his living brother more.

“No!” Klaus snapped, clenching his teeth and pulling his fingers through his hair. There were tears pooling in his bloodshot eyes once more, he’d been crying over this failure for some time now. “I’m sober, Ben! I don’t understand!” He fell to the floor with a thud and sobbed, leaving Ben with the burden of comforting him.

“Klaus, y/n doesn’t want to see you now…” He finally admitted, not knowing if that would make this better or worse. On one hand, Klaus wasn’t a failure, he was just being denied by a spirit. On the other, his favorite sibling refused to see him in the afterlife, yet he was one of the only people who you would actually be able to interact with out there.

“What?” Klaus sniffled, wiping his tears on his sleeve and peeking up at Ben, who’s frown only made him feel worse. “Have you seen y/n?” He asked and received a hesitant nod from his brother. “What?!” There was an echo from his shouting, he had turned angry at record time, but this had to be better than his pity-party.

“They told me they weren’t ready yet, Klaus. You have to respect the dead’s wishes.” Ben argued, which didn’t improve the situation at all. Klaus’s blood was boiling, but he wasn’t mad at you, he was mad at himself. There had to be an underlying reason why you wouldn’t see him. You were disappointed maybe? Ashamed to have called him your brother? Maybe during your life you had always hated him, you just found yourself responsible for him…

Klaus stormed through the hallways of the Academy, stomping on the old wooden floors. Maybe he could get your attention this way.

“Y/N!!! Y/N!!!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, you could hear it from the afterlife, it was like torture. “Come out and face me!” He demanded as more hot tears began to stream down his cheeks and neck. Your tears mimicked his own, it was painful to hear his voice calling your name like this. “You’d better see me!” His voice began to tremble and before you knew it, Ben was with you in the afterlife again.

“What should I do?” You closed your eyes and listened to your frustrated sibling who was banging on walls throughout the house.

“I’m begging you, y/n…” He fell to his knees and let his sorrow take over him, a heavy weight to carry. “Please, talk to me. It’s all I ask.” Klaus was a mess without you, it didn’t take a genius to figure that out, but returning to Earth was such a hard thing for you, it reminded you of all your worried from before death, Klaus most of all.

“Maybe you should talk to him…” Ben placed a hand on your shoulder and let you take a moment to absorb this heartwrenching situation. “He loves you, y/n. You might be the only sibling he could actually say that about. I know he ended up being your burden, but he valued how much you cared for him when you didn’t have to.” Ben took a slight pause and you sighed.

“He wasn’t a burden, Ben.” You admitted as Klaus cried alone on the Academy floor. “He was my brother and he helped me without even realizing it.” You left without another word and appeared behind Klaus in the hallway, sitting beside his curled up body. “Klaus?” You whispered and snapped him out of his shame. He scrambled to sit up and face you, filled with so many emotions by your warm presence gracing him once more.

“Y/N?” He asked in disbelief, not thinking his pleas to the afterlife would actually work on you. “Y/N, I’m sorry for everything. All of it. I was a shitty, good-for-nothing brother up until the day you died and even now I’m no good, I’ve missed you so much, you were all that was good in my life, you—” You were hit with a wave of whiplash among his many confessions to you, you had to stop him.

“Klaus.” You repeated, grabbing his undivided attention as he gazed at your barely-there figure.

“Yes?” He smiled at the comfort of your return, wishing it could be like this forever.

“You have nothing to apologize for.” You reached out to his cheek, despite not being about to touch him, he still appreciated your gesture. “I’m proud of you, and I hope that you continue down this path whether I’m here or not. You have so much to live for, don’t take it for granted like me or Ben. Live on for us and our memory.” You asked of him, hoping that your post-death wish would hold some weight. He nodded eagerly and wiped away another round of tears that began to rain down once again.

“Please don’t go anywhere for a while. It’s all I ask…”

taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @cullens-stuff //

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Is anyone else completely ready to see Ben hold nothing back, when it comes to the stupidity of his entire family? Like I know he loves them, but much like my own family you wanna shake them too XD

I’m totally ready for the sarcastic quips and jabs now that they know he’s there and Klaus can make him corporal.


Family: Glad to have you back buddy!

Ben: *large grin, that’s all teeth, on his face as he’s ready to rip them a new one* Hold that thought.

Klaus: *knowing what’s gonna happen and grinning like a lunatic, despite being lumped with said idiots* *also looking for popcorn where there is none*

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Umbrella Academy Fanfiction search

Hello! I am on the hunt for some fanfiction and I believe that through the power of Tumblr I will be able to find what I am looking for. I wanna find some stories of Five finding out that Vanya was locked up. It can be either ship or no ship of them, this is just a story topic that I wanna read but have not been able to find. Tumblr help me out por favor! DM if you have an answer to my search!

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Something I kind of love is that the show brought back Gerard’s early concept for the Sèance. Part of the early ideas for Sèance was that he summons/gets possessed by dead superheroes, and is able use their powers. But as the story and characters changed, that concept seemd to disappear. There didn’t seem to be other superheroes, so we have yet to see that.

The show, however, did that. With the added idea of Klaus developing his powers and Ben’s cnstant appearances, they were able to do that early concept, but improve on it.

He’s not just summoming a superhero, he’s summoning Ben. Their brother whose the others haven’t seen since they were teenagers, with a power needed most in that finale.

I just sort of love it

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I think many of them, in a vacuum, could absolutely be read like that! And possibly all of em together, although I do feel that they… invalidate a certain common interpretation of Klaus as a happy-go-lucky idiot sweetie pie who has never done anything wrong. I ALSO think they indicate a deeper anger that he hides a lot, and I love that, and I want more people to discuss it. Klaus is an angry person, and an impulsive person, and he is more of both of those things the more he hurts. 

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You’ve touched on something I love about the season 1 finale: when Five says they have to fix Vanya, it hits you immediately, as a viewer, that it’s not just Vanya they have to fix. Five doesn’t know that, and that’s a him problem. It’s one of the things HE needs to fix. He focuses in on one singular thing to fix, to track down, to save, and ignores everything else along the way. The message of the show, as I’ve talked about way too much I’m sure, is that it is important to do good right now. The Hargreeves starting a fun second apocalypse in 63, probably without Vanya needing to BE the bomb as Five says, I think will be a pretty huge moment in helping him realize that they’re all broken. His brother who he has always, who they have all always, seen as steady and reliably Silly and Loose being vicious on purpose would be another good one, huh? For all of them. This isn’t a Vanya problem, this end of the world thing, this is all of them (except Allison) continually choosing, for whatever reason, not to do good on a human level. They’re gonna have to fix that, and I think helping a vicious Klaus could be part of that.

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While I could definitely see him relying more on alcohol this season rather than drugs (since I theorise that the flask in Luther’s car/under Klaus’s salon chair/on the coffee table in front of Klaus, Allison and Vanya to belong to Klaus himself), a part of me doubts that it will be alcohol/sex/drugs based on Robert Sheehan’s wording of a “new” addiction but rather his powers like @sunriseseance discussed fantastically. The likes of drugs/alcohol/sex would be too similar to his destructive lifestyle in Season 1, but having Klaus gain more power and instead use his powers more and more in order to feel a sense of gratification and control of SOMETHING in his terrifying, lonely situation come season 2 would make a lot of sense to me. It could offer an intriguing parallel to Vanya moving past her anger from season 1 and instead learning to control her powers healthily, all the while Klaus ends up spiralleling and possibly becoming much more destructive and even dangerous those around him rather than only his own body.

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I really wanted to make a set for the episode ‘The White Violin.’ I didn’t count on having so many extras, so there will likely be a second set at some point. If you’d like to see my other TUA sets, you can find them here

If you like/want to use, then liking/reblogging is much appreciated. 💖

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