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Tumblr media
I was just speculating, what if the reason for their eyes being covered was for more than just concealing their identity? I mean, it's not as though "the famous Umbrella Academy" were particularly secretive in their endeavours so perhaps there is more to it?
There are plenty of examples of superheroes that have identity concealing masks that leave their eyes visible eg The Flash, Captain America and certain interpretations of Batman etc if that is the purpose of their masks. Anyway, just a thought...
Anyway, all I was thinking is that their eyes are completely covered so that Reginald could forget that they are merely children -it dehumanises them.
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Klaus: hey, do you think I could fit fifteen marshmallows into my mouth?
Luther: you’re a hazard to society
Ben: and a coward. Do twenty.
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beanpodz · 21 hours ago
I love klaus as much as the next guy but it kind of sucks how a large chunk of the fandom has turned him into some sort of selfless kind hearted soft boy who has been betrayed by the other Hargreeves rather than the dynamic and layered disaster that he is.
Let’s be honest here. Klaus, for the most part, only does stuff whenever it benefits him. It’s an ingrained survival technique from years of trauma and abuse but it has also hurt those around him multiple times through out the show. Ben most of all. The scene where Ben just states that he misses his siblings after being denied the chance to speak to them is probably the biggest example of this. The Hargreeves are all healing and I just don’t ever see the same level of sympathy given to the other siblings as I do for Klaus.
I’m not trying to say that klaus is evil or anything btw. I love him. He’s very dimensional and comes across so much as just a human trying to get by in a world he was never given the tools to succeed in. It’s what makes him so interesting to me as a character. I’m just saying that every time I see a fic where the characters are expected to apologize to klaus for the way he was treated pre season one, or they have klaus become some sort of sweet mom character I just feel like we were watching two completely different shows. The mans a fantastic Petri dish of disaster that’s slowly evolving throughout the series as he heals from his past and develops relationships that make him see outside of his chaotically constructed world view.
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peanuts-and-pickles · a day ago
Luther: How did none of you hear what I just said? Diego: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours. Klaus: I got distracted about halfway through. Five: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
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black-coffee-beats · 2 days ago
Klaus: Dave is playing hard to get.
Klaus: Little does he know, I'm a master at playing hard to get rid of.
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batfoolery · 7 hours ago
The Handler: Please sit in this chair. I want to ask you some questions.
Five, whispering to Klaus: deny. everything.
Klaus: that's not a chair.
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tuaklave · 2 days ago
Vanya: When you come over later can we just cry for like an hour?
Klaus: Duh, obviously
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salvador-daley · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Robbie on the radio this morning with a special appearance from the pink tank top. 💕💖
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peanuts-and-pickles · 17 hours ago
Klaus, taking of a hat to reveal a smaller, sparklier hat underneath: Does this answer your question?
Five: I didn’t ask a question.
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pietro-t1me · 2 days ago
Fun little Eason signing tidbit for my fellow Klave fans: Robert’s signing booth was set up where the Dune books are on the shelves
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