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andythelemon · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I desperately miss good food and good friends in these times.... (Yes, they showed up to Ichigo’s house uninvited on a school night and raided his fridge)
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aomine-ryo · 7 months ago
hey! could i please request gom headcanons whee their s/o is kissing their faces and just being really affectionate w the boys?
My heart just melted while I was writing the one for Akashi idk why 😭 I hope you like this!! xx
Headcanons: GOM with an s/o that’s being really affectionate
He absolutely loves it when you’re affectionate
Especially when you two are alone
One kiss from you would be returned by at least five kisses from him
He gets very flustered when you do it in public though, so you tend to keep that to a minimum
One afternoon, the two of you were at his house to study together but you kept playing around with Nigou and randomly placing kisses on his cheeks
“Y/N, don’t you think you should focus?”
“I’m sorry, you just look really cute today,” you replied, wrapping your arms around him and clinging onto him tightly
He wanted to be more stern about it, but you began to leave kisses all over his face and neck, which brought a smile onto his face
“That’s sweet but—“
Nigou then pounced onto him, reaching to lick his face as both of you began to giggle
“See, even Nigou thinks so,” you grinned
“Alright alright,” Kuroko laughed, pulling Nigou off of him and trying to gain some composure, “I guess we can take a break for a bit.”
Next thing you knew, Kuroko tackled you to the floor and began to attack you with light kisses
And just like that, studies were completely out of the question as both of you got caught up in giggles and hugs
This boy is the human embodiment of a puppy
Any affection from you will make his eyes light up with excitement
So days where you get extra affectionate are his absolute favourite
You spotted him waiting for you outside of school once, but he didn’t seem to notice you, so you decided to sneak up on him
You pounced on his back and your legs straddled his hips as you began to bombard him with kisses on his cheek
Taken off guard, Kise panicked for a moment at the sudden weight on his back, but as soon as he felt your lips on his skin, he began to ease
“Someone is in a good mood today,” Kise grinned as you hopped down to face him
“I’m just happy to see my lovely boyfriend,” you beamed, making his heart melt
Kise didn’t really care that he was in public and everyone could see him, he immediately held your face in his hands and kissed you all over
“Ryouta stop, that tickles,” you giggled
“But your laughs are so cute,” he mumbled as he continued what he was doing
You smiled at his sweet words and began to ease as you let him kiss you to his heart’s content— receiving affection is just as good as giving it after all
Eventually, he stopped and let go of your face, only to intertwine his fingers with yours
“You done now?” you asked sarcastically
Kise brought the back of your hand to his lips and nodded
He was so happy at this point that he was practically skipping as he walked
That’s how it always was with Kise: you could never win in a game of affection
You would try to smother him with kisses, but he wouldn’t just take it; he’d always make it his mission to return the love— just ten times more
You didn’t mind too much though, you liked knowing that just a little bit of affection from you made him as cheery as ever
My god, he does not know how to be on the receiving end of affection
The two of you would be hanging out in his living room and you’d decide to climb onto him and kiss his face and he’d just get really flustered
He’d much rather be the one clinging onto you and attacking you with his kisses than the other way around
He just never knew how to respond when you kiss him like that out of the blue
“What are you doing?” he’d ask you, chuckling slightly
“What does it look like? I’m kissing you, dummy,” you replied sarcastically as your hands cupped his face
“But why?” he asks, colour rising in his cheeks as your face was so close to his
You pulled away for a moment and looked him in the eye before giggling, “What kind of question is that? Because you’re my boyfriend and I love you?”
A small grin spread across his flustered face— hearing you say those words always brought him comfort
You were about to go back to kissing him, but his hands suddenly gripped your face, forcing you to look into his dark blue eyes
“I love you too,” he said, sincerity oozing from his tone as your entire body just softened
And just as you had expected, Aomine pressed his lips against yours
He didn’t seem to be stopping his kisses after that though, because he proceeded to just leave kisses of his own on your neck
He was never one to just accept affection for too long— he had to show you how much he loved you
Like Aomine, he does not know how to take affection
He always gets incredibly flustered
Like, his cheeks become as red as a cherry
One afternoon, you were over at his house and he was just seated on the couch, engrossed in a book
With you being in a rather affectionate mood, you skipped over to him and took a seat on the couch too, swinging your arms around him and kissing his cheek
And like clockwork, his face was painted a shade of red
You continued to leave kisses all over his face, which only made him even redder
“W-What are you doing?” He asked, putting down his book on his lap
“Kissing my amazing boyfriend,” you said simply
“Oh,” he said, a small smile appearing on his lips as he picked his book up again
“Do you want me to stop?” you asked
As much as you loved to make him blush like he was, you also didn’t want to be too much of a bother to him
“No, no,” he shook his head almost immediately, “keep going— if you want.”
He’d never say it straight, but he loved the affection
Albeit it did make him incredibly flustered at first, he’d quickly ease into it
He adored the way your soft lips left kisses all over his face
It was almost reassuring to him; he knew that it meant that you still loved him
Sometimes, though it was very rare, he’d just return all the affection with one very passionate kiss on your lips
And when he did that, it was like the roles were reversed, and suddenly you were the one with the bright red cheeks
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: he is CLINGY
He loves any attention you’d give him
So there is no doubt that he’d absolutely melt whenever you decided to be affectionate with him
So once, when he wasn’t already clung onto you, you decided to envelop him in the biggest hug you could muster while he was watching a game on the tv
You didn’t hesitate to kiss his face all over too
It was definitely a surprise to him, but it was a very welcome one
Almost immediately, a huge smile spread across his face as he hugged you back tightly, stopping your kisses as your head now moved so that your chin was resting on his shoulder
His smile somehow grew even wider when he heard you giggle
After placing a few light kisses on your shoulder, he loosened his hold on you a little so that you could pull away slightly and face him
He looked into your eyes for a few moments as your fingers began to twirl the ends of his hair
Neither of you needed to say anything to know what the other was thinking— there was nothing but love in both of your eyes
“Aren’t you gonna continue kissing me, Y/N-chin?” he pouted, feeling at ease as you continued to play with his hair
“Oh you want more?” you smiled
“Of course I want more,” he said, kissing your cheek, “what kind of question is that?”
After letting out a small chuckle, you leaned in and gave his lips the biggest kiss you could, before carrying on with your small little kisses all over his face and neck
And no matter how many times you’d kiss him, he’d never get tired of it for even a moment
You were feeling particularly affectionate one evening, but your boyfriend was caught up in some work that he was determined to finish
Yearning for affection, you made your way to Akashi’s desk and hugged him from behind his chair
“Seiii,” you dragged on after placing a quick kiss on his cheek, “are you done with your work yet?”
“Not yet my love, sorry. This work just never seems to end,” he complained, glancing at you for a moment before continuing to scribble something down on his notebook
“That sucks,” you pouted, glaring at his laptop spitefully
You didn’t want to let go of him though
Once you clung onto him, it was hard to let go
So you just remained there with your arms around him, watching him do his work
It didn’t take long for you to get bored, and you ended up smothering his face with kisses, making him chuckle slightly at the ticklish sensation
“Y/N, you’re being a little distracting don’t you think?” He said voice firm yet loving, as his brain knew that he should be telling you to stop, but he genuinely enjoyed it
“Sorry, I can’t help myself; how can I not kiss a face like yours?”
Akashi sighed and put his pen down as he turned slightly so that he could look you in the eye
“I suppose I can take a tiny break,” he grinned as he pulled you onto his lap
He had his arms wrapped around your waist while yours were swung around his neck, and the two of you were smiling like idiots
He then began to leave kisses that were soft as a feather all over your neck and cheek and your giggles began to fill the room
“Alright I’m going to get back to my work now,” he said once he felt as though he had made up for all the kisses you had given him
“Fine,” you pouted, shifting slightly to get off his lap
However, he just gripped onto your waist tighter to get you to stop, “Where are you going?” he questioned, causing you to furrow your eyebrows
“You just said that you were going back to your work...”
“Yes, but I want you to stay here,” he said simply as if it should’ve been blatantly obvious to you
You began to grin from ear to ear at the sound of those words
So you remained seated on his lap as Akashi continued his work
Of course, you didn’t stop kissing him whenever you felt like it, though he seemed unfazed by it
Every now and then, he’d return your kisses with kisses of his own
And to be honest, you made his work ten times more tolerable
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qingces · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“i don't care about what's the right argument or whatever right now. what i want is to defeat you. i'm not matured enough like an adult to hold down my instincts and play basketball with logic.”
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