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Unpopular opinion, maybe?

KnB needs a sequel.

(And hopefully introducing the Orange Miracle.)

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haven’t watch yet the kuroko no basuke but i’m simping 4 him already (・ัω・ั) so gorgeous ♡

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Nebuya: We should appreciate little things in life.

Mibuchi: *takes Akashi in his arms*

Mibuchi: I appreciate you.

Akashi: I understand! You think I’m short! Now put me down or I’ll stab you with my scissors!

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Izuki: I’m cold.

Mitobe: Here, take my jacket.

Kiyoshi: I’m cold too.

Hyuga: Well I can’t control the weather, Kiyoshi!

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Momoi *knocking on the door*: GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!

Riko: *Opens the door*


Riko: YOU!

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if kuroko doesn’t enter the stupid fucking zone at least once before this series is over i will Scream

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Can we get detective Aomine, who gets assigned a female partner but from the start they're always at each other's throats. During an undercover case, reader has to be super flirty and Aomine gets all jealous and mutual confessions ensues. Maybe some sexy times at the end? :') Sorry if this is too specific, feel free to come up with your own interpretation! I'm such a huge fan of your work Sam and I'm so excited that you're opening your askbox even just for a little while!

ngl idk what im doing here but this is the last request in my inbox so i wanted to finish it haha pls enjoy (not proofread so excuse mistakes) - also my first time writing smut in like years so forgive me!!

Sometimes, Aomine thinks that if he isn’t a law and order professional, he thinks he might actually commit murder and hide your body away in some undisclosed, obscure location. Most of the time, you feel the same way about him. 

The two work in different divisions—Aomine in homicide and you in robbery. The two divisions have always been highly competitive especially given how much overlap you both encounter. Things can get territorial, but their teams are used to your snide remarks and Aomine’s verbal assault. It’s just the way the world works. 

After all, the two of you were in the same graduating class. You, a valedictorian by books. Aomine, top of the class by combat. It’s natural that the two of you are so competitive with your conflicting personalities.

The two of you may have also fucked at some point. 

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if ur a coach and ur name is canonically ‘takeda sensei’ u know u got a gas team

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Kuroko Brainrot



“Testu…fuck, please.” 

Your legs were straddling his waist, rocking back and forth trying to get the most pleasure you can. Your eyes tearing up while he was watching you do your best to take him, still hazy from waking up. Your panties slid to the side, your cunt barely being covered by his shirt that you wore to bed. Not holding back any of the moans, wanting to push him to scrunch his face, showing you how good you made him felt.

Your thighs not being cold anymore as your hands rested on his, fingers gripping the muscle. The soft material of his shirt rubbing your nipples as you bounced up and down, the sensitivity making you shudder as you moaned out his name and some gibberish. Your mouth hanging open as he brought his hand up to it, you dragging two of his fingers in it as he placed it on the side of your lips. 

Sucking on them was the only thing keeping you grounded as he started thrusting into you, grabbing the soft flesh of your ass. You catching them halfway, being insatiable. The drool coming out of your mouth, dripping onto him being proof.

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