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I really am so happy when I get asks cuz I super rarely get them 😊❤

You’re gonna make a fic?? That’s awesome! Hehe I may not be that deep in kagakuro/knb right now but I still love looooove that pair and series! (And I’m still hoping for more seasons ahhh)

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hewwwoooo everyone !! today I’m offering mid years commission sale so I’m gonna give you guys a special price for couple drawing ✨

couple drawing of your favorite ship is only 20 usd !! YESS YOU HEARD ME IT IS ONLY 20 USD !!


1) DM me either here in tumblr or can email me at .

2) Tell me your name, ship name (and please include the anime title ), the pose of your liking and details (reference etc)

3) I’ll make a rough sketch and send to you before I proceed with the coloring

4) When the coloring is done I’ll also send them back to you for last touch

5) After everything is done and you’re satisfied with my work, we can proceed to payment which I only use Paypal.


1) I can reject your order if I can’t do the pose you want me to do

2) I’m up for NSFW drawing so don’t be shy 😚

3) About the publish commission, I’ll ask your permission if it’s okay for me to upload your commish or nah.

4) If it’s polymary rs, I’ll charge 5 usd for the extra character

5) It’s simple drawing and coloring so don’t expect the background bc I will just leave it plain ☺ if you want complex drawing kindly visit my kofi and there’s options for background 🌸

That’s all ✨ Happy commish 🍀

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Can I just say that Tsukishima and Yamaguchi’s dynamic is very much similar to Midorima and Takao dynamic?

Let’s not forget Kasamatsu and Kise’s dynamic and Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s dynamic.

Also, Kagami and Kuroko is like what happens if Furudate ends up making Hinata the gloomy one.

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definitely not a day late ;) happy birthday bubblegum bitch boy

  • his handwriting is pretty big, but still remarkably unreadable
  • despite being on the health committee, and knowing a decent amount about first aid, hara is an absolute baby when he gets injured
  • man will whine about a paper cut like he’s just been shot, provided someone’s there for him to whine to
  • (too often this person is yamazaki. please pray for him. he doesn’t deserve to have to be hara’s babysitter)
  • the kanji in hara’s family name means field. that’s not a headcanon but i just find it neat
  • no one else is able to be as touchy with hanamiya, as hara is (it’s a miracle that he gets away with it, but somehow hanamiya’s learnt to put up with him, in the two years they’ve been in the same class)
  • confident as hara is, he’s more of a follower than a leader: he prefers carrying out other people’s plans, and watching how much damage they cause
  • he’s also a pretty loyal follower, though he may not seem like it at first glance (and this fidelity often isn’t as evident when he’s in a relationship)
  • this man quotes fucking classical quotes about love to his s/o, when they’ve been in a relationship long enough
  • he says he’s just goofing around but don’t let him fool you - he’s the kind of sucker who loves ancient literature, and gets way too involved in the lives of long-dead people
  • was probably into confucianism for like 2 weeks when he was in middle school
  • aka he’s a lot more of a nerd than he lets on
  • (how else would he get along with hanamiya, right?)
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Hello! I am now opening requests because i need more inspiration, so if you want to, just send an ask! 

last updated: july 5, 2020

status: OPEN

see my works here!

1. as of now, i can either do drabbles or longer word count fics (such as the one with ukai and kiyoko) so if you want, you can specify because if not, i’ll do what’s better for the request (imo)

2. please indicate what genre so i can do what you want,, i can do nsfw but it will take some time since i don’t really write this kind of stuff

3. i will NOT write: noncon, rape, dubcon, characterxcharacter (this is because i only write x readers for now)

4. if you want to specify what kind of reader is in your request, please do so as i only write for fem! readers,,, but i can try to write gender neutral! or male! readers if you want :)))

5. i will write in my own pace and time so if you requested something,, i will not do it if i am busy (esp since i have online classes this aug) or if i don’t have much inspiration, but i will do your requests

6. i have a list of characters i can write for (this includes the characters i haven’t written for yet)

(under the cut because there are diff. fandoms so it’s too long)

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Sexuality Headcanon: Pansexual and also a huge slut

Gender Headcanon: Cis

A ship I have with said character: There is too many but the main two is AoKuro and AoKaga

A BROTP I have with said character: AoKaga again and AoKise

A NOTP I have with said character: I…don’t have one lmao, as I said he’s a slut

A random headcanon: Aomine doesn’t like thunder but mama ain’t raise no bitch, so he acts tough during thunder storms

General Opinion over said character: Aomine is such a complex character in a sense, honestly. He’s got all these emotions about being too good for the sport he loves, but doesn’t know how to express himself without being a dick and so he just kinda shuts down and stops trying. Then when his passion is sparked again because of Kagami, he reverts back to this lighthearted and playful guy like he was in middle school and he’s just too fucking precious. He will always have my heart.

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