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does anyone here have the copy of this aokise fic : Here Comes the Sun by rocketlaunchers (pyrodynamo on AO3). Im a big fan of her and her works but she deleted all of her fic online and i feel so sad bc i miss reading them.

if anyone here have the copy especially “Here Comes the Sun” and “Sweet On You” pls reply or message me. I promise i will not repost it, im just gonna read it and save it bc i love the fic soooo muchhh… TAT

thank you. 

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ok, soooo damn, i have several nashaka fic ideas now, that are circulating in my head, and one of them i actually started writing already, which is shoking tbh. 

BUT i have this OTHER idea on my mind that i really, really wanna write, but lack confidence, because i dont know if i can pull it off or not.

basically, the rough premise is: akashi is something akin to femme fatale, he wants to kill his father, to end his control on his life, but doesnt want to get his hands dirty and go to prison.

he has a one night stand with nash, nash gets a little obsessed, and at first akashi thinks its annoying, however, soon realizes that he can actually use him, so he skillfully manipulates nash to make him do his dirty work for him.

ive fallen so deep down the rabbit hole that is knb that i dont even give a shit if anyone ship this or not, bc im ready to sail this raft by myself lmao

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Nothing could escape Akashi’s sharp gaze, even if you tried his eyes were keen, maybe a little too keen. He quickly made the connection when you saw you staring down his body, your eyes lingered at between your bodies, watching his cock go in and out of you.

“You like watching your pussy get fucked?” he whispered in your ear.

You blushed, eyes quickly coming up to meet his.

“I… Seijuro!” without pulling out of you, he picked you up and shifted you. Your back was now pressed against his as he sat on the bed and turned you towards the mirror.

“If you like watching it so much, how about a front-row seat to how I fuck your tight little pussy.” he kissed behind your ear, his eyes locking with yours through the mirror.

Your mind grew numb as you watched with a child-like fascination, how his length went in and out of your body. Watching how he split you open and disappeared all the way inside you. Your blush grew a deeper shade of red when you noticed a small bulge became visible every time he went inside you.

“Seijuro…” your walls tightened around him, as you grew even more aroused by the sight.

“Do you like seeing yourself getting fucked by me?” he asked. Littering kisses down your neck, his eyes watching you through the mirror. 

His arms wrapped around your legs, securing a hold under your knees and he spread your legs and lifted them up. Giving you even a better view. You moaned loudly when he reached even deeper than before.

“Sei, please, I need… I am so close…” you cried.

“Help yourself and don’t take your eyes off the mirror.” he commanded.

You did as he asked, sliding your hand down your body, you began playing with your clit, pressing and rubbing and moaning at your own touch. With your free hand, you massaged your breast and pinched your nipple. Shivering and tightening against his cock. 

“Fuck, keep this up princess, I am close as well, I know you are almost there.” he whispered and bit your neck.

You whimpered at the brutal pace, listening to the wet sounds of his cock fucking and raw and permanently marking shaping your inside to the form of him.

Akashi growled as he lost any rhythm and your walls tightened around him as you reached your climax and coaxed his out of him.

You panted as you watched him thrust a couple more times and released his seed inside you, mewling at the sight of his sperm leaking out of your wet and reddish pussy.

“Enjoying the show, princess?” He asked and you mewled in response.

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