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#knb cross colors

hello every1 check out my cc main screen akashi no mayuyu harem anyway i gOT TWO MAYUYU BDAY AVATARS TODAY AND ONE OF THEM IS THE VOICED AVATAR;

“…what’s with this cake. A cake made for my birthday, you say? You guys…
…why do you even know my birthday.”

1) REO DEFINITELY MADE THE CAKE BC HE LIKES BAKING AND ALL eikichi and kotaro probably helped (tried to) and it was pure chaos. akashi did well on assisting reo (well OF COURSE) and the cake tastes pretty damn good (but lets face it; mayuyu aint gonna say that out loud)

2) i think the cake is chocolate flavored?? also if you see the VOICED AVATAR AKASHI HE’S THE ONE GIVING MAYU THAT CHOCOLATE BAR OR CAKE OR WHATEVER. white day is still weeks later akashi omg

3) wat the fucj mayuyu of course they knew yuor bday!!!! SMH

4) see that hand-on-neck mayuyu theres the tiniest blush please im gonna die hes so cute god im dying

5) my akashi avatar just screams CAKE BATH OR ME CHIHIRO. yes it is Very Intentional

6) you guys probably knew this already but mayuyu’s bday message (that one on the top right) was like “for you to remember my birthday… how strange. (sigh softly) well.. thank you.” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭i can actually hear the fondness in his voice bless ohsaka ryota bless that man

7) i almost cried during class bc this gacha ends tonight and im still short on kurocoins LOL but then theres new event and. yeah thank u cc staff

8) guys he’s secretly glad everyone bothered to celebrate his birthday ok i just Know It. oh my saltiest, precious boy you are loved your dumb kouhais loves you. I love you gdi

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(aka what I think I know lol. Anything followed by ? means I’m not really sure lol)

  • There is something called “day tickets” to advance the story?
  • There will be a training feature to increase characters skills
  • Some sort of match feature
  • A tension feature idk what this is?
  • Team organisation can lead to certain effects?
  • You’ll use stamina to practice
  • There is something called basketball sense
  • and there’s something about points and avatars idk?

so yep, that all I can sort of figure out at the moment about the gameplay of Cross Colors. Of course they might change things before the release too so none of this is really certain. 

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