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#knb fluff

yes, of course! thank you for requesting and i’m sorry for the long wait alksfjaklg

HC: child!Akashi and his first love

notes: akjshdasjk aw this is too cute pls

warnings: none,,, a bit sad bcuz of akashi’s mother (no bad reactions,,, i mean iykyk)

taglist: @hikari-writes@kontj​ (ily both kajhdas) @masako55

join my general taglist here!

  • sakjhajfkas
  • this would be too cute ngl
  • like i genuinely think akashi would be rly confused abt this
  • like
  • what is this feeling??
  • he met you on the park
  • akashi’s mother has always taken him to the park
  • in the afternoon, with no fail
  • one day
  • he sees you
  • playing by the swings on your own
  • so, naturally, he’s curious
  • he haven’t seen you here before,,,
  • who are you?
  • “hi! i’m y/n l/n”
  • “akashi seijuro,”
  • “do you want to be friends?”
  • “hm, sure.”
  • and that’s the start of your beautiful friendship with akashi
  • akashi doesn’t really have someone before
  • and so, everyday at the parks was the best part of his day
  • you played
  • and before you know it,,,
  • you were the best of friends
  • you’ve met his parents, and he met yours
  • they would often invite you to dinner
  • where akashi will show you how to play shogi
  • you were literally inseparable
  • his mother was very happy to see his son be happy
  • one day, she talks to you
  • “y/n”
  • “yes, akashi-san?”
  • “please take care of sei for me”
  • “why, are you going somewhere?”
  • “i am, and sei is going to need you.”
  • “okay!” you nodded, enthusiastically
  • and she hugs you
  • she talks to his son after,,,
  • “sei, take care of y/n. i see how you look at them.”
  • “why, okaasan? i like taking care of them so of course!”
  • she smiles, kissing his son in the forehead
  • that was five years ago
  • you both study at rakuzan
  • you want to say nothing changed since that night,,
  • but everything did
  • but what didnt change was how you were still beside him
  • even with the manifesting of his second personality
  • you vowed to take care of him
  • and you will
  • it wasn’t until after rakuzan’s defeat did he admit his feelings for you
  • “mama made me realize how you were my first love.”
  • you gasped, looking at him beside you
  • “she was happy when she realized as well, she’s always liked you.”
  • you squeeze his hand, smiling
  • “i miss her,”
  • “me too”
  • you turned to him, and kissed his cheek
  • “you’re my first love too”
  • and somewhere above, he knows his mother is crying tears of joy
  • because he finally found someone he loves
  • and he can finally be happy again
  • genuinely, this time
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hello, my anonnie!! thank you for requesting this one, it was super cute! i’m doing okay rn actually the workload has slightly lightened up sfhoierghgero i hope you have a great day/night too!

Akashi x Jealous f!S/O


  • you only noticed more girls flocking to Akashi’s side after the Winter Cup, which totally made sense… after all, his personality did a complete 180 into the perfect ikemen suitor
  • student council president, captain of the esteemed basketball team, top student at exams… what’s there not to like about him?
  • at first, you were happy that the bad rumors about Akashi dissipated so quickly and that he was going to get along and make more friends with other classmates
  • well, at first
  • the other girls had taken advantage of the fact that Akashi is no longer cold; while these girls had admired him from afar for so long, none ever had the insanity to approach him just to flirt… that was, until now
  • not only that, they totally disregarded you even though you’re his girlfriend, although… you suppose you only started dating recently, so not everyone might know… but still
  • of course Akashi would be too gentlemanly to tell the girls off, but it still made you sulked at the fact that his new fans were getting too close to him
  • but what were you going to say? you didn’t want to be controlling like Akashi’s old self, and you wanted him to socialize with others normally
  • every so often, Akashi would glance to your figure from afar, secretly happy that you were, indeed, jealous of the new attention he was getting from the female students
  • it’s just a guilty pleasure he has
  • of course, he makes sure that none of them completely cross the lines of his personal space while still being cordial
  • but his eyes on you made him lose complete focus on his immediate surroundings because several of his fangirls grabbed his arm
  • and he immediately snapped his attention back to the girls but before he could say a thing…
  • you stomped so quickly to his side…
  • and you immediately grabbed his uniform tie…
  • tugged him down to your level…
  • and smacked your lips onto his with a resounding sound that was undeniably, an emphasized kiss
  • Akashi did not expect that… at all
  • … were you ever this assertive?
  • he’s completely frozen and wide-eyed at your stunt, but nonetheless, he recovered within a second and eagerly kissed you back with the smallest smirk
  • his eyes are half-lidded, amused at the fact that you’re squinting your eyes shut in morbid embarrassment at what you did
  • by now, all of the girls have scattered, none wanting to take part in this overly cheesy scene
  • “I did not think of you as the possessive type, my love. A welcoming miscalculation on my part,” he hums, enjoying the babbles of disbelief that came out of you
  • “So you knew what you were doing! Idiot! You did this on purpose!” you huffed, making a point to cross your arms and turn your head away
  • “Not on purpose,” he reassured. “Though, I did want to see how you would react…”
  • Akashi lightly chuckles as he guides your face towards him with his fingers on your chin, drawing nearer to your face to see you still pouting and moping
  • “Wherever did your assertiveness go, darling? Do I need to make you jealous again to see that side of yours?”
  • you’re ready to faint in his arms
  • from now on, Akashi would always tease you to give him a kiss in public while hanging over that stunt you did over your head
  • he’ll never make you forget it
  • but at the same time, he goes beyond the extra mile to make sure there are no doubts and insecurities in the relationship, you know? he will prioritize communication above all things to avoid misunderstandings between the two of you
  • but whenever you do get jealous again, it always makes his heart go yay because you care for him that much
  • and it makes him happier that he has a reason to spoil you even more with physical affection and teasing
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hi!! let’s be friends together in this ghost town together HFUWHEIGJS thank you so much for requesting <33

Sweet Sample

Murasakibara x Reader

Word Count: 2019

»»————— ☼ —————««

How did you get yourself here?

You remembered being dragged around by Himuro in a blur of houses until you both, before you knew it, stood before his house that reeked “high class.” Before you can muster up any form of complaint that you (sort of) thought up of when you were dragged, Himuro ushers you in hurriedly. Even when he was in a rush, his movements were elegant and fluid.

“… a-ah, Himuro-san?” was all you muttered, but you only got a closed click of his bulky front door as a reply. You turned around to face a nonchalant ravenette shedding off his outer coats before he hung them on the racks next to you.

Too nonchalant, in fact.

You weren’t that close to him enough to warrant a casual visit to his home, nor did you have any reason to come here in the first place. Yet, Himuro looked as if you two had plans for the evening but that you somehow forgot that you had an arrangement with him in the first place. Plus, and probably the most crucial part that made this entire ordeal awkward to you, was that you’re dating Murasakibara. Anyone with common sense can see countless implications when someone is alone in someone else’s house, let alone dragged into one.


“(Y/n)-san,” he smoothly interjects, nodding his chin to the racks to indicate for you to take off your outer layers as well. “If I may ask you something.” You only nodded in meekness as you tapped your left feet behind your right leg, a nervous tick you’ve always had since middle school.

“Have you ever gone on a date with Atsushi before?”

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Hiii, it’s me again😂❤️ congrats on your growing audience 🥳 can you write something about meeting Imayoshi’s little sister for the first time?

HI AGAIN LOL i’d be happy to do another request ♥︎ thank you for supporting me! 🥺


  • you would probably never meet his family unless Imayoshi is 100% sure that the relationship will last for a long time
  • but once you’re at that stage…
  • when you first brought up about wanting to meet his family out of curiosity, Imayoshi was uncharacteristically hesitant… and somewhat bashful (if you REALLY squint though, you have to look really hard to see that)
  • but how can he say no to you when you keep bothering him with your puppy eyes?
  • you’re way too similar to his little sister and it kind of irks him
  • when you and the little Imayoshi meet, you could barely contain the squeals from how cute she was… and she was looking up at you with the biggest saucers
  • Imayoshi is standing off to the side scratching his head as he gently reprimands his sister to greet you properly
  • you noticed that his tone of voice is a lot more genuine, softer, and even more polite when he talks to his sister, and you were ready to make fun of him once the entire visit is over
  • your schemes melt away in your head when you hear her shyly talk in her Kansai accent
  • you.exe has stopped functioning
  • Imayoshi takes note of it to make fun of you later after this
  • but then he’s kind of wary when you shoot him an equally scheming stare (he won’t show it though)
  • Imayoshi is extremely protective of her, you noticed, even if he’s always strict on her mannerisms and proper behavior
  • he’ll never say it, but it’s just the way he hovers around her or is always scanning the area around once in a while
  • this was so cute and you’re literally ready to bust into laughs in how endearing this entire thing was
  • visits to his house become more frequent after
  • you always see Imayoshi tutor her on Math subjects (that’s what he’s strongest in academically, this is canon) and help her out on homework
  • you’re more of the person she goes to for life advice or to have you tell her some stories or some interesting “gossip” in your year
  • she also makes you follow along with her cute shenanigans like practicing as the opposite lead role for her to practice her own roles for school plays or asks some questions like:
  • “I’m just asking for a friend, but what if this boy was constantly looking at you…”
  • she won’t ask these questions if Imayoshi was around, not ever
  • she’d be kind of nosy and would try to prod into your relationship with Imayoshi because she’s so curious about what you see in her stiffy older brother 😭
  • his dad (parents) is canonically revealed to have introduced Imayoshi to basketball, so I feel like his little sister knows a good amount in how to play decently, especially when Imayoshi always forces her to play so he can test out his new strats
  • she probably isn’t that enthusiastic in basketball because of her brother, but she’s still very athletic nonetheless
  • she’ll outspeed you, period
  • she’ll give you a run for your money, especially when she grows more comfortable around you enough to show her teasing side (sounds familiar, right?) and takes your things and runs off
  • she teases out of affection while Imayoshi teases to annoy people out of satisfaction
  • you are then reminded that you’re technically dealing with TWO imayoshis from now on
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Midorima x Reader

Word Count: 2686

Submission for @knb-kreations‘s All Hallows’ Eve event!

Prompt: black cat

»»————— ☼ —————««

Midorima hated Halloween.

Why would anyone celebrate the day that is especially infamous for terrible misfortune and ominous superstitions?

Scratch that—why in god’s name does October have to exist?

He swore that every step he took provoked different unsettling breezes that whispered various taunts of a series of unfortunate events for Cancers like him.

He even tried to convince Captain Miyaji to bail out of practice for the month out of fear for his “safety and wellbeing,” promising to practice in the sanctuary of his own backyard to compensate.

“What the fuck are you on about?” the said Captain glowered, his patience visibly thinning on his face. “If this is about your horoscopes again, I’m not hearing about that shit again. Winter Cup is around the corner, and you still think you’ll get special treatment just because you’re one of the Generation of Miracles?”

“Sh-shin-chan, I think this is the time for you to run—

“Takao. This is none of your—”

5 extra laps around the campus.


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A/N: Since I am not that big a fan of Momoi, this was actually a quite satisfying request I’m sorry to anyone who likes her, but please don’t feel bad for doing so…this is just my opinion ( ͡° ε ͡°)! I hope I wasn’t too biased on this one and I may have changed some small details (e.g. which year they were), hope you don’t mind that ⊂(ಥ﹏ಥ⊂)  

ANYWAY, thank you for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy it! (´▽`)  

Tags: Teiko x reader ✅  SFW ✅  friendship ✅  fluff ✅ slight angst ✅

━━━━☆ ━━━━☆ ━━━━☆

  • so first things first: how did you even become a manager despite the fact that Momoi was already filling that position?
  • well..the more games these boys won, the more attention they gained from the public, and the more training matches were requested
  • so one day Akashi suggested that they looked for another one that could help Momoi out  
  • she on the other hand wasn’t that fond of the idea, but if that was the captain’s wish, there was no way she would nor could go against it
  • while everyone went looking for a worthy candidate, you just so happened to overhear them talking about different strategies they’d use to persuade some of the most suited nominees
  • you were actually quite unhappy with the club you were in right now and had already spoken to some of the teachers regarding the possibility of joining another. Luckily they approved, so the only thing that stood between you and the new club were the members
  • normally you’d just go and ask one of the members or even the club president directly, but there was no way the same would happen regarding the famous Generation of Miracles
  • everyone at school knew just how great and intimidating these young basketball stars could be, so naturally, almost everybody avoided them (even you)
  • so how were you going to apply?

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Ello there~ May I have a have a scene where Kuroko and Akashi's S/O is taller than them? Thank you

Kuroko: “Please don’t do that _____-san,” Kuroko said as you were about to reach above him to get the book he wanted from the shelf. You simply blinked at him and flushed as you became more self-conscious about your height. Seeing the conflict in your eyes, Kuroko stood on his toes and pulled you down to his height, giving you a hug. “I didn’t mean it like that.” He said quietly. “I meant don’t bite your cheeks when you try to get something for me.” Kuroko smiled at you. “I don’t like seeing you get conflicted over something that makes you, you.”

Akashi: As the two of you walked down the street, a small sound was heard. Akashi and you looked up to see a small cat stuck on the top branch of a tree. Dropping his bag, Akashi made a move towards the tree, ready to climb it. “I got this.” You mumbled as you walked past him; simply holding your palms out towards the cat. “Come here little guy,” You said, smiling at the animal. Akashi scoffed quietly before stifling a small laugh. Leave it to you to ruining his chance of leaving a lasting impression on you.

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A fluffy study date with Midorima please~

 Here you go! Hope you enjoy it ;w; pfffft Shin-chan is so awkward – I love writing for him TuT))

Um…What was math again?

Midorima had no idea what the word stood for at the moment as he sat beside you, his glasses practically fogging over because of the heat beneath his cheeks. God, he sucked at planning out dates. He was just so awkward and clumsy when it came to you, always really flustered, so he sort of forgot how to do things correctly for a while. It was a little nerve wrecking for someone like him, after all, since he really did want to make a good impression on you (even if you have been dating for a while now) so you would want to keep seeing him. It had been a couple of days since the two of you had your last date, so he thought that inviting you over for a study date today would be a good idea.

Now, the green hued boy was desperately trying to remember the equation to the problems he had actually mastered earlier during class, your presence really seeming to distract him. Multiple times he would find himself looking over at you in the middle of figuring out the problems on his paper, just taking in how beautiful you looked. He would get distracted by the sweet smell of your perfume and lose himself when you actually spoke up because of how beautifully your voice rung in his ears. You were just so…perfect. How was he supposed to impress you when you were this amazing in his eyes? He’d never felt so ungainly in his life!

“Shintarou?” You gently tugged on his shoulder after a while of calling him only to have received a distant, dreamy look until he finally snapped out of it. This only seemed to embarrass the green haired boy further, the color on his cheeks getting darker as he looked away from you in an awkward, flustered manner. “I’m sorry, w-what were you saying, _______? I, um…was just thinking about something.” He came up with a pretty weak excuse, but it seemed to pass with you since you merely gave off a soft giggle in reply. “I was just saying that I really like spending time with you and that you’re really helpful.” You blushed shyly at this, fiddling with your pencil between your fingers. “And ah…w-would you kindly help me with this problem…?”

So, you were enjoying yourself! Great! Then he wasn’t making a complete full of himself after all!

Swallowing silently in his nervous state, he nodded his head at your request and leaned over the table to look at the problem on your page. Shit, what did that even say? Normally, he was a top student and excelled at most subjects he was in, but with you around, all that was in his mind was…well, you! Shaking his head at the thought, he desperately tried to concentrate on the problem instead of how amazing every little detail of yours was – at least for a moment. “I, ah…I actually think I need to brush up on this, too.” He finally grumbled, reaching up to push his glasses further up the bridge of his nose as he leaned back in his seat. His typical actions would hide his state of fluster, right? Yes, he was sure they would! He was a master of disguise, after all.

“Hmm, okay. We can study it together then, Shintarou!” You chimed in a positive manner. “Have you seen the textbook we were using?” You hummed your question, looking around the two of you for the bulky book. “Ah, yes, it should be around here somewhere…” He mumbled in reply, starting to look about the mess of papers and folders the two of you had on the coffee table in front of you. You two had tried to be orderly with your papers, but wow were you given a bucket of work from your teachers. Amongst the sea of homework, notes and random classroom doodles, the two of you spotted the textbook and reached for it at the same time.

This, however, led you two to bump heads.

Letting out small groans, you two pulled back just enough from each other to rub your heads before looking one another in the eye again. “Sorry!” You quickly apologized, your cheeks coloring darkly in embarrassment because of that silly little mistake. Ah, you even set his glasses askew with the collision! You thought he would be upset or at least annoyed because of what happened, but really, it was quite the contrary. He thought it was adorable how bad you blushed. You always were cute to him whenever you acted a little awkward, too.

Shaking his head, he fixed his glasses back into position, never taking his eyes off of you. He honestly didn’t care about the little bump you two got into. No, he just couldn’t stop admiring how absolutely darling you looked with those crimson painted cheeks, how sweet you were when you tried to hide your shy self away from him in fear of your own embarrassment. Really, it was pretty cute since both of you were always equally clumsy and awkward around each other, not having much of a clue on how to act. It was just something he loved about you – one of the many things he loved about you.  

“You always look so beautiful when you blush…”

Woah, did that actually leave his lips?

Midorima Shintarou was, by no means, a smooth talker. He was not good at talking to people he actually tolerated without coming off as cold, so it was no wonder why being sweet to the person he liked was extremely difficult. Yet, that slipped off of his tongue almost naturally. It was just something he thought you should know; that you were beautiful. Even if he was kind of dorky and formally rigid with dates, he could always be sweet in his own little ways. Your eyes had widened to his comment, no doubt about that, and you swore your cheeks had reached boiling point by now. Turning your view away from him, you smiled shyly to yourself as you held one of your hands up to your warm skin. “Sh-Shintarou…” You whined bashfully so.

Oh boy, was his heart running. It was going for a long marathon in his chest, the very last thing on his mind being this dumb math assignment. “Do you…d-do you really mean that…?” You murmured your question as you snuck a little peek back at him, your smile still very much visible. Clearing his throat, the green haired boy nodded his head as rubbed his hands together over and over. It was a habit he had whenever he was nervous. “Of course I do-! I wouldn’t lie to you, _______…” He muttered his reply, bowing his head a bit as he looked at you from over his glasses when they slowly slid down the bridge of his nose. “Well, I…I think you’re really h-handsome, too, Shintarou…” You complimented in return, finally turning to face him again.

Yeah. Screw math.

“Oh. Oh-! I…” He tripped over his words, his own cheeks now having the same shade as yours. “Th-thank you, _______.” He mumbled, offering you a small, but kind smile as well. Oh God, he always had such a beautiful smile. “Hey, Shin,” You reached out and gently took one of his hands in your own, smiling at him a little brighter through your flustered state. “How about we take a break from studying, huh? We could watch a movie and have some snacks, too…O-only if you want to, of c-course-!” Why on Earth would he pass up on opportunity like that? Holding your hand back, he set his notebook aside and widened his smile a bit, too, nodding his head. “I’d love to. I’d much rather spend some time with you instead of these textbooks…”

And he thought this study date would be a crummy idea~!

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Akashi with some fluffy pillow talk?:3

ive been doing homework since 10am and its 9:20 pm right now. sobs
-okay i have no idea how to make fluffy pillow talks-ive never been at a sleepover and if i did it was at my cousin’s house and he use to try to keep me awake by teasing me and stuff and then when i actually slept he placed a blanket over me and lie that he didn’t  (loser i know you care)-



As you stretched, you let yourself fall back; closing your eyes as you felt the softness of the bed engulf you. Arms spread wide across it, you sighed, feeling the tiredness from today’s activities throb your tired body. Rolling onto your side, you decided to close your eyes for a while.

Just as your breathing started to even out, you heard a door creak open. Lifting your head off the bed a bit, you rubbed your eyes, trying to get rid of the sudden blurred mess you were seeing. “Did I wake you?” You shook your head as footsteps came towards you. You gave a small grin as you jolted from the sudden wetness that felt on your head.

Akashi was in his own set of pajamas; a towel still adorning his shoulder as his hair glistened with water from his shower earlier. You crouched on the bed, earning a few springs squeaks underneath you. Taking the towel, you slid it behind him, and began rubbing his hair for him. “You’ll catch a cold if it doesn’t dry properly.”

“That’s only if I go outside.” He said, making no move to stop you.

“Still, your shirt will get wet and then you’ll be cold.”

“But I have you to warm it up for me,” Akashi smirked, moving closer to you. His eyes lit up as he saw your face turn a light shade of red; the way your cheeks brightened gave him the feeling of satisfaction-made his heart beat happily. Noticing your eyes were avoiding his, he placed a hand over your cheek. “Is someone embarrassed?” 

“N-No.” Feeling heat radiate from your skin, Akashi took your answer a lie. He laughed quietly, refusing to say anything more because he really did enjoy seeing this side of you. 

Rubbing a strand of his hair in between your fingers, you paused. “There we go…” You said quietly before taking the towel off his head and holding it to your chest. “It’s dry.” You waited for a simple thank-you to come out of Akashi’s lips, and began to furrow your eyesbrows in confusion when he took a bit longer than usual. Just as you were going to question his motive, you felt his hand slip away from your face and a pair of lips replace them. 

Wide eyed, you placed a hand over the place he kissed you. “Thank you.” He said before slipping away to walk around the bed to his side. You felt the bed dip as he laid behind you. “______,” You turned your head to him; feeling a bit breathless as he held a hand out to you. “Care to stay by my side for the night?”

You closed your eyes for a second, letting out a small laugh before taking his hand into your own. “I am already here though.” 

“So you are.” He said as he tugged you gently, letting you fall into his arms as he held you. Akashi’s nose brushed against yours as the two of you merely stared at each other. “I’m assuming today was quite tiring for you seeing that you nearly fell asleep before I came into the room.”

You nodded. “It was a bit, but nothing I couldn’t handle.”  Akashi’s hand behind you twirled your hair as you spoke. Your eyes fluttered at the feeling; earning another chuckled from him. You nuzzled closer into his chest, letting the warmth comfort you more.  “Akashi…?” 

“Yes love?”

“Did you have a good day?”

“Not until I saw you.” He told you honestly; feeling you nudge against his chest as your response. “Oh really.” You rolled your eyes at him. 

Akashi eyed the nape of your neck, leaving a trail of soft touches that you didn’t seem to notice. “Truthfully.” He pressed his forehead against yours. When you stared at him, Akashi tried to lose himself in your [eye colour] eyes; loving the way you looked at him. 

“Well then I’m glad I stayed for the night.” You whispered, already knowing what was coming.

“And I’m glad you complied.” 

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Could I request Izuki confessing to Seirin manager (reader) who loves puns just like him, please? Thanks :)

Well it isn’t exactly a confession. But I get lost when I write and all,so I stop where I think is a perfect ending. Whoops. Whelp, hopefully you enjoy it bby.

- - - -

You’re early to arrive at the gym, preparing the drinks and wet towels for the boys. Minutes tick by and one by one, the basketball team pour into the vicinity, filling it with chatters and laughter. Izuki is the first to notice you and walk over to you. Your heart skips a beat when your eyes catch sight of his approaching figure and you turn to him. Oh, god. You have just seen him yesterday and it hasn’t even been 24 hours, what’s up with your heart?

“[Name]-chan, [Name]-chan.” He begins.

Hyuga sighs exasperatedly. “Here we go again.” He deadpans.

Instead of his usual puns, he stands in front of you with a hand pointing to you before it moves to his face, making a half wave and pulling his fingers together and pulling his hand away few inches from his face. To say the least, everyone is surprised of the sudden unfolding of event, that is, until he opens his mouth.

“I learned some sign language, it’s pretty handy.”

And the other groan and go back to what they’re about to do before the interruption earlier.

“I bet he came up with that hand sign on the spot.”
“For a second, I thought he caught a fever.”

You let out a short chuckle before replying. “Riko, Izuki’s threatening to do unspeakable things to me… like sign language!” You exclaim in a feigned terror-struck voice, hearing a few snickers in the background whilst said girl shakes her head and sighs, marking the official commencing of another pun-filled hour of practice.

He’s different on court; focused and composed. You watch him practice, your heart beating erratically in your chest and your cheeks are dusted with a shade of light pink. Your mind wonders back to the hand signs he performs in front of you. For all you know, he might just be moving his hand around but something about the beginning of the gesture gets to you. He points at you first, before doing the rest of the complicates signs.

Riko calls for a ten minute interval in your midst of daydreaming and before you know it, Izuki is already taking a seat next to you and you hastily gather yourself and hand him one of the many water bottles aligned on the bench on your other side. He gulps the drink abrasively, sweat rolling down his face, making his skin glisten in the light of the run that pierces through the windows.

“Hey, Izuki, what did that sign mean? It wasn’t just for the punch line, is it?”

By the time you ask, he is already wiping the water off the corner of his lips. The aforementioned boy turns to you and smile knowingly but something about it confirms that you’re not gong to get the answer anytime soon and making it more obvious that he there’s more to him than he lets out to be.

“Hyuga and the others has been annoyed of them that I didn’t do any last week. He needs to understand that seven days without puns make one weak.” The dark haired boy sighs dishearteningly.

Okay, ouch. That kind of hurt. To know that the guy you like come to you, make the most jaw-dropping -okay, well not really- gesture only to have him admit that its all for the sole purpose of a single-liner pun. Although you get the pun in there, you couldn’t bring yourself to laugh besides the dry chortle that erupts from your mouth.

“Senpai, can you take a picture of me? I need to show Alex how well I’ve improved!” Kagami pops out of nowhere and hands out his phone for Izuki.

You’re about to ask how a single picture can show one’s improvement when you remember that Riko can tell from just a look too. Kagami is grinning ear to ear with a basketball in one hand and his other hand on his hips. It happens too fast; Izuki counting to three and Nigou barking and running Kagami’s way. The red-haired boy, noticing his approaching enemy jerks to the opposite side from Nigou’s direction and just that moment, the sound of the clicking camera rings in your ear.

Kagami stares at blurry picture in his phone screen, undoubtedly speechless at the outcome of the photo. “Don’t be mad, Kagami-kun. Nigou just want to take a picture with you too.” Kuroko tries to comfort him, Kagami doesn’t react until he hears an agreeing bark from next to him where Kuroko stands with the Nigou in hand.

“Argh! Get that thing away from me!”

You discreetly chuckle as Kuroko holds Nigou out to Kagami and start chasing after him.

“Hey, [Name], I’m no photographer but I can picture us together.” Izuki grabs your attention.

At first you just stare at him before turning into a tomato. On most occasion, you have a counter pun for him but right now, words fail you. Wait, is it even a pun? Because if it is, it’s leaning to the category of cheesy pick-up lines. And after your earlier conversation, you really don’t need him making your heart feel like its going to stop beating.

“I see, you’re so…” You trail off, “Punny.” Man, is that the best you can do? Really, [Name], really?

You’re mentally scolding yourself. But your agitation dissipates when you see the look of astonishment on Izuki’s face and he pulls out the notebook he keeps his pun in and write something on it. And when practice resumes, you can’t hold back from googling the sign language Izuki made by describing his hand movements into Google Search.

“You point to the person as if to refer to them, then make a one-hundred degree move with your palm facing your face blah blah blah…” You mumble to yourself, scanning over the text. “And that’s how you say ‘You’re beautiful’ in sign language-” Your jaw drops and you reread the whole page again to affirm what you’ve just learned.

When practice ends and Izuki is packing his things into his duffle bag with you sitting on the bench next to him, you can’t hold it in anymore and open you mouth. “Hey so I googled that sign language that you made, it actually has a meaning and it’s ‘You’re beautiful’ which is absurd, I know-” Oh god, what are you saying, [Name], stop now. “-Because I’m sure you just came up with that stuff and it just so happens to mean that-” You awkwardly laugh. “-But it’s all a coincidence, right? Because we’re friends and that’s nice of you to say that- if you really mean to but that’s just absurd, right?” And finally, you end your babbling with another short, awkward laugh.

“Nope.” He smiles casually.
“Yeah, I thought so too-” You stop mid-sentence. “Wait, what?”
“I told you, I can picture us together.” He slings his bag over his shoulder with the same smile.

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Winner’s Part 2 (thechristmasllama):

Admin Nanacchi’s Note:
This post origianlly would have been finished last night but I came down with a cold so here I am huddled with blankets with a fever typing. wooo.

Word Count: 1,313
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Imayoshi X Reader!Girlfriend
Summary: As long as Christmas is spent with you it’s all that matters Imayoshi thinks.
Series: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3

Epilogue: Breath

Just as he was about to rap his hand against the door, it opened to him. Imayoshi was pulled in by Momoi, who was giggling and talking fast as she brought him into her home. She kept going on and on about how Aomine nearly burnt some of the food she made when he came over earlier, and how you had yet to arrive. Even though he was slightly taken aback at the sound of your name, Imayoshi simply shrugged; you had told him earlier you’d be a little late so this wasn’t big news.  

Imayoshi looked around and saw everyone was sitting while some Christmas movie was playing in the background. There was a giant tree in the corner; lights flashed at him; little ornaments with glitter glistened under the light; it was nice. He merely took a glance at the presents that were under the tree before making his way over to take a cup of hot chocolate for himself. Just as he did so he could hear Momoi squealing again.

“Satsuki shut up!” Aomine shouted. He groaned when her voice grew higher; covering his ears with a pillow he stole from Sakurai.

“Guess who’s here!” Momoi grinned widely, pulling you into the room. She was tugging on your arm, making you stumble just as she let go. You let out a small squeak before Imayoshi pulled you by your shoulder, and stopping your fall. “Try being a bit gentler with what’s mine.”

You scoffed, glaring at Imayoshi. “I’m not an object baka.”

“You’re right, objects have thoughts.” He bent down, placing a finger on your forehead. “You do have thoughts right ____-chan?”

The two of you bickered back and forth until Momoi dragged you away for some errand. Imayoshi frowned. This was one of the reasons why he didn’t want to come; you would obviously be taken away from his side. Bringing his cup to his lips, he took a small sip and savored the sweetness of the chocolate. It was not too hot that it would burn his tongue, but just right for him to drown it all in one gulp. Chewing on a marshmallow, Imayoshi walked over to the tree and crouched down.

There was a giant box holding several gifts to what he assumed was the secret santa box, and other ones left around the bottom of the tree. He took out an envelope and slipped it into the box before standing back up. “What kind of gift did you bring for that thing?” Sora peeked over his shoulder. “Looks kind of….”

“Small.” Wakamatsu finished off. “Is our captain that cheap? Man I feel bad for ____, she’s probably getting some shitty gift.”

“Feel bad about what?” You walked in, fixing a santa hat on your head.

“That you probably g-“ Imayoshi slapped his hand over Wakamatsu’s mouth; forcing the boy to stop talking. He smiled at you before glancing at Wakamatsu. “He feels bad that it’s not snowing.” His eyes opened a bit, showing his devious side as his eyes showed nothing in relation to his cold grin. Wakamatsu nodded slowly, not looking away from Imayoshi. Just as he removed his hand from his mouth, Wakamatsu shakily walked away, putting as much distance between him and Imayoshi as possible.

Placing a hand on your waist, Imayoshi pulled you to him as he leaned down to your ear. “Now, what might you say to having a bit of alone time…”

“I’m game.” Aomine walked in, ruining the moment. “You don’t mind having an audience right? I’m kind of tired of those Christmas carols.”

Imayoshi growled but stopped once he heard your laughter. You simply patted Aomine on his shoulder before walking past him to the front door. You held a hand out, inviting Imayoshi with you. The two of them gave you a surprised look, but it didn’t last long. Imayoshi took your invitation, pulling you out of the house, closing the door behind the two of you.

Just as the sound of the door clicked, you were pushed against the door; hands placed between you as Imayoshi pressed his forehead on yours. “Someone is impatient today may I say.”

“You’re the one who wanted to be alone for a bit Imayoshi.” You whispered.

“You’re the one who brought me out here. Now tell me…” He moved a bit closer; your nose touching his. “Who’s the one who craves more for the other?”

“You,” You said before giving him a quick kiss on his lips. Taken aback, Imayoshi lips opened a bit before smirking; he cupped your cheeks, caressing your skin with his fingers. He could taste the strawberry on your lips from your chapstick. Imayoshi bit your bottom lip playfully before deepening the kiss.

Pulling away after some time, his gaze softened at the sight of your rosy cheeks. Your breaths mingled with each other-the cold turning them into small puffs of smoke. Feeling something prick his chest, Imayoshi suddenly remembered the other reason to why he wanted you alone. Slipping a hand into a pocket in his jacket, Imayoshi felt around, trying to find the familiar silk that he had come accustomed to. “Perhaps that kiss deserves a reward.”

“Perhaps it does.” You said breathlessly. Your eyes caught sight of a small red box in his hand. A white ribbon adorned it; seemed a bit rough around the edges making you assume Imayoshi was the one who wrapped it. That made you happy-he put thought into it. “Is this for me…?”

Imayoshi looked away, trying not to laugh. “Who else would it be for?” Nudging it to your hands, Imayoshi curled your fingers around it, letting go when he knew you had a grip on it. He wouldn’t admit he was nervous. This was the first time he felt distraught over a gift-the first time he ever had so much trouble finding one. Imayoshi tensed up as you gingerly pulled the ribbon; untangling the bow he made. Your finger grazed the box before you took the cover off. You stared at it in awe as it shimmered under the Christmas lights outside.

“It’s beautiful..” You stared at the broach. Touching it, you felt the smoothness of the crystals on it; the cool metal against your fingertips. Smiling, you hugged Imayoshi. “Thank you.”

“Tch,” Imayoshi ruffled your hair. “Do you know why I got you this though?” You shook your head. “What?” Imayoshi gave you an astonished look. “Don’t you remember?” Just as those words feel from his lips, you realized that it had a deeper meaning than you assumed. It wasn’t a pretty little thing; it was shaped in a rose that was in relation to the first date he took you on. The two of you walked around the park after having dinner together. It was around the late evening your eyes had fell upon a small garden of roses. You had gushed to Imayoshi how nice they looked and he had gone ahead and told you about the meaning behind them.

“So…the reason why this is white is because…”

“I want all my beginnings with you…” Imayoshi said before looking up; he saw mistletoe hanging at the door and shook his head as if to say how dare he not notice that before. Even though Imayoshi knew that the rest of the team had been staring at him and you through the window; covering themselves with the curtains every time they thought he looked over; he didn’t care. All he wanted was this-just the feeling of you near him. He adored the cinnamon smell that emitted from you; the way your eyes seemed to tear up at the reason to why he got you this gift; he loved it.. “…with you and only you. _____.” Imayoshi told you as he tilted your chin up, bringing his lips to yours once again.

Just you…

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Can I get a Hanamiya fluff? And good luck on the blog!❤

Sure thing hun! Here you go! Sorry if it’s very late! ( ≧Д≦)

Pairings: Hanamiya x reader
Requested by : yuriwhore

Hanamiya was quietly reading in the library, he was minding his own business when he saw you sat on his different direction. He looked at you, and you looked like you was reading a book with intense emotion in your eyes.
Then, he went back to reading. “That must have been a very interesting book.” He thought to himself.
But the truth is, you weren’t reading an interesting book, you were actually reading a DIY book but you couldn’t understand some intructions.
You saw a video and you were inspired to make so DIY stuff, so you went to the library.
“This is so frustrating. I mean, how long is 1 meter anyway?” You mumbled in confusion.
Hanamiya almost laughed. But - Well, he did laugh.
You glared at him. “Is there a problem?” You asked him.
He stopped laughing. “I’m sorry. Yes, there’s a problem. You’re sooooo stupid.” He said.
You stood up, insulted and you threw the book at him, before the old librarian could tell you to keep quiet you already left.
Hanamiya ran his fingers through his hair and smirked. “What an interesting girl.” He thought to himself.
You stomped your feet while walking downtown. “The nerve of that guy, calling me stupid. I mean, not every one knows what 1 meter is, right?” She asked herself.

“You there!” You heard someone call. But you ignored him. “Hey, stupid girl!” It was Hanamiya. You suddenly picked up your pace and continued to ignore him.
“Hey- wait!” He ran towards you. You stopped walking making him bump into you.
“What do you want, eyebrows?” You asked him, bitterly.
“Eyebrows? What’s wrong  with my eyebrows?” He asked you.
You raised a brow at him. “Seriously?”
He smirked. “I wanted to say sorry.” He said.
You sighed. “Fine, I forgive you. I’m ____, by the way. And you are?”
“Makoto Hanamiya.” He introduced himself.
“Makoto? Isn’t that a –?”
“I know, it’s a girls name. So yeah? What about it?” He quickly said.
You laughed. “No. I was going to ask if you’re from Kirisaki Daiichi.” You said.
“Oh. Uh. Yeah.” He said. “I’ve never seen you from school.” He said.
“Yeah, I rarely go to class since I’m always late. I always end up on back on my bed - asleep.” You said.
“Man, you really are stupid.” He muttered.
You threw your bag at him. “Hey! That’s the 5th time someone called me stupid this day!”
Hanamiya raised his brow. “5th time?”
You scratched your head. “Yeah. My sister called me stupid this morning, and the bus driver, oh, and the guard, and you.” You frowned.
He laughed again. “Wow. At least you could count.” He said.
You were about to throw you sandals at him but he stopped you. “Hey, there’s no shame in being stupid.” He said. “I like stupid girls.”
You blushed hard. “I-I am not stupid!”
He laughed at you. “How about coffee then, my treat?” He smirked. “If you’re not stupid, you’ll say yes.”

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Have anything for Kagami bae, sorry it's not specific

I’ll make it fluff okay?

“Kagami! How do you crack the egg?!” You were so frustated to learn how to cook, so you called your boyfriend over to your house. But you were so bad at cooking, you can’t even crack a single egg to the bowl. “It’s simple, just do it like this.” He gave an example, just with one hand making you to got envy. “Hah…. how could i be good at cooking when i can’t even do anything.” He smiled warmly at you, giving you a bowl which already has all the ingredients in it. “Here, you can mix all this at least, right?” “Y- yes, thank you.” You took it, and started to mixed the bowl.

You’re finally done mixing, “kagami, is this enough?” You showed him the bowl. “Ah, it needs to be a bit smoother. Here, it has to be this smooth.” All of a sudden he held your hand with his right hand and the other to hold the bowl. He guide you to smoothen the ingredients. Your heart was racing as you felt his body on your back.

“There! It’s done.”

You couldn’t answer him as you were to shy. “What’s wrong, ______?” He moved his face closer to you. Finally realizing what happened. “A- ah! S- sorry!!! I didn’t realize i was holding onto you.” He released your hand with a blush on his face. “It’s okay…. i’m comfortable with it…” you looked down, not able to stare at his eyes.


“Y- yes?”

Before you even realized, you’re already in his arms. He wrapped you tightly yet so comfortable, making you not wanting to let go. “You know what, you’re right….. this is…. comfortable.” he blushed even darker. you giggled at his expression. “Indeed….. kagami.”

-Admin Tiara

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I love your blog!~ Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to write these. •ω• Could you please write some random fluff with the GoM bbs + Haizaki (that turd) + Hanamiya (Wtf is up with his eyebrows?) and their s/o? (Also, before I leave anon-land, would you ever consider doing match-ups?)

Thank you for the compliments~ ^_^ And it’s no biggie~ Nothing makes me happier than seeing your lovely requests and reading your lovely tags! ^-^ And yes, I am considering doing match-ups when I open the ask box next time - which will probably be in two weeks at the most. :3 I promise I’ll have it open as soon as possible! Thank you for requesting~

You were always well aware of the melancholic beauty in Kuroko’s gentle, calm voice, but it was not until he recited poetry to you that you truly understood how breathtaking it was. His blue eyes would flicker to you from the book occasionally as he narrated the words, and his hand would slowly reach towards yours until they were entwined together. 

“My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs, that you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms,” Kuroko’s fingers tightened around yours. ”In life after life, in age after age, forever.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Midorima was nothing if not thorough with whatever he did. When one day, he asked you, still blushing as hard as one might have even if you had just started dating yesterday, to go cycling with him - at midnight. You were skeptical at first - if not shocked about the fact that your nerdy boyfriend was asking you to stay awake past curfew - though you agreed courteously, but as soon as he led his way to the outskirts of town, away from the light pollution, and dismounted on his bicycle, you understood at once. For the rest of the night you lay in his arms on the blanket he had prepared beforehand on the grassy field nearby while he pointed out random constellations and explained to you their astrological significance. He didn’t wake you up when you finally dozed off in the middle of his lengthy explanation, rather opting to pull you close to his own body and breathe in the soothing scent of your hair until he too, followed you to dreamland. 

He woke up an hour later and dragged you home because he was terrified of either catching a disease or being abducted by a serial kidnapper.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

One of Aomine’s favorite things to do whenever you got a free period and he decided to skip class to celebrate, was to lie on the rooftop with his head in your lap and relish in the peaceful serenity. He insisted that his inexpicable love for this hobby was because he didn’t want to waste even a single free minute without taking a nap. Though he said this, whenever you’re busy watching the clouds long after you thought he had fallen asleep, he would crack open his eyes ever so slightly to admire your form, and wonder about how truly beautiful you were with the wind running in your hair like that. He also liked how the angle made your boobs look bigger.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Murasakibara’s idea of a well-spent afternoon was to trek with you from one candy store to the other, splurging his entire allowance on all sorts of delicious shorteats. In each and every one of these stores, he would - after picking an entire pile for himself - press you until you picked some for yourself as well. Even aside from this, he would offer tidbits and pieces of his own candy, hoping you understood the silent message he was sending you. He didn’t share his candy with just anyone. You were very, very, very special to him. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cleaning the house with Kise was always more of an all-out war rather than a chore. You would arm yourself with different types of sponges, spray bottles and dusters but somehow his arsenal was always more impressive. It would start out with him tickling you with the duster as soon as he got bored with his chores, and would escalate when he would spray you right in the face with his spray bottle when you turned around to scold him. “Oh, it’s on, Ryouta!” You’d roll up your sleeves and say every time, but it always, always, ended with him as the victor when he’d accidentally slip on a water puddle and end up falling on top of you, laughing and giggling like a pair of third graders as he gives you his classic, cat-like grin and press his lips onto yours. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Akashi loved horseback-riding, and he loved you. So naturally, taking you for a ride on his horse Yukimaru was one of his favorite past-times during holidays. He loved the feeling of the wind streaking through his hair as he reined his horse across the field, but even more than that he loved the way you would wrap your arms around him tightly and bury your face in his neck when he started going too fast. “Should I slow down, flower?” He would ask, and then smile to himself slightly when you would smile against his skin and say, “No… I just like hiding in here.” Your childish mannerisms were quite foolish sometimes, but for some reason it made you all the more endearing. Your innocent words and carefree gestures managed to reach into crevices of his heart that he used to think was no longer accessible. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Haizaki always complained whenever you touched his cornrows, but he would never tell you lay off or bat your hands away. The truth was that he quite liked the feeling of your fingers running across his scalp, and would secretly hope your fingers would stray to that area whenever you two were cuddling or making out. This all changed one day when you discovered a photo of him when he was in Junior High, and cheekily undid his hairdo while he was asleep because you wanted to see how he looked with his hair down now. He woke up, checked the mirror, groaned, pretended to be mad and made you do his hair all over again purely because he wanted you to run your hands through his hair again. He had actually been awake at the time you undid his cornrows; but he didn’t want to stop you because damn, it felt really good when you played with his hair like that. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hanamiya thought he was being very clever when he challenged you to a game of Go Fish and insisted that the loser has to dress in a maid outfit and give the winner a lap-dance. You knew he had planned this before, and had already tampered with the cards, so you decided to up your own game by secretly switching the cards with a completely new set. Seeing the way his eyebrows furrowed in confusion as the game went on was funny enough, but seeing the way he reacted when he lost badly to you was even more hilarious. You couldn’t stop laughing at how adamantly he began refusing the initial terms and conditions of the game - that is, until he eventually silenced you with a kiss and a whisper of, ‘I’ll show you who’s boss.’ 

You definitely made him dress up in a maid outfit and give you a lap dance though. You would have distributed the video-tape you secretly made to his friends - if he hadn’t stripped you midway and effectively ended the lap dance because he decided that you had had more than enough fun. “It’s my turn to play with you now, [Name].”

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He didn’t particularly care what you looked like, at first. He just wanted you uncomfortable: wearing clothes that made you shy, watching you apply make up with a hawk’s gaze (ordering you over and over again to redo it, and smudging it across your face when you did it well), tugging on your hair, telling you how ugly your face looked with your hair up like that, but warning you to keep your hair in that style or else. Because, in the end, a good doll just has to do what he says. Regardless of what they want.

You don’t matter much. But he has a reputation, and he can’t have you ruining that. He can’t you have you appearing dishevelled in front of his mother - not that she’d mind, but because he wants to prove to her that he’ll have a well-organised household, to make her proud. And the clothes, the hair, the makeup: overtime, they’ve proved pretty good at hiding the various bruises he’s given you ‘lovingly’ (who’s he kidding - even he knows there’s nothing particularly loving about his emotions towards you). The bruises are for his eyes only. They’re sensual, in that way.

He likes staring at them when he takes pauses during afternoons of reading, when he’s comfortably stretched across the couch, and you’re sitting on your knees on the ground, on the other side of the room. Sometimes, he’ll toss a dart in your direction. It’s a test of your willpower - because willpower’s ever so important, provided it’s following his instructions - willpower that you’ll trust in his aim enough to not flinch. (If the dart hits you, it’s on purpose, and you deserved it.)

You’d better not move unless he tells you too. You’d better not forget your place.

For Hanamiya’s an introvert, you see; human company infuriates him, only the peace and quiet of having a doll as an ornament can do. And, with the doll aspect in mind, you really can’t move. That’s just not what dolls do - and any that do (move out of choice, that is) are probably haunted, and they’ll soon get thrown in the trash.

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OOO! I love this idea! I appreciate you coming into my box and asking it!! Hope you enjoy!! :D (Hope you’ve been safe and appreciate the love!)

“We should be sleeping right now!”

He rolls his eyes, walking back with you from the grocery store. His hands are full with chips, drinks and an assortment of junk food. It was the “fuel” you both need for your… ‘study’ session.

“What we SHOULD be doing is gaming, ____.” he remarks, sending a mischief smile your way. You roll your eyes, gently elbowing his ribs, but sigh, running a hand through your hair.

You reach his apartment, and he lets you go in first, gesturing for you to sit in the living room. You want to help him, but he pushes you away, telling you to set up the console while he grabs some cups and bowls. 

“You know Kuroko-kun won’t approve, Taiga… You nearly passed the last test..”

He rolls his eyes, walking back to the couch and drops to the spot, laughing as you jump out of your spot lightly.

“First you say we should be sleeping.. Now you’re saying we should be studying…” he places everything on the table, pouring the chips and drinks into the appropriate containers. “Which is it ______?”

You huff, arms crossed before relaxing in the chair.

“Well… if we ARE going to staying up.. We SHOULD be studying…” you begin, though your books are in your backpack… In his room and you don’t feel like getting up from your spot to grab them…

“How’s this… If you beat me, I won’t make another fuss about being up late and binging on food… But if I win… We have to study?”

He laughs, gently tossing you the controller, keeping the other in his hands.

“I’d say… Bring it on!”


After several rounds of gaming, including beating each other up and trying to gain the upper hand on the other.. The two of you crash on his floor. The blinding light of the sun stirs you awake, controllers lazily tossed away from your sleeping forms.. You don’t realize the time, until you look at your phone, and you gasp, almost tripping over him in your haste to get ready.

“Taiga!! We’re going to be late!!!”

He grumbles, sitting up and running a hand through his hair.. He looks at his clock, rolling his eyes..

“It’s 6:30am ____… We have time.”

He’s about to go to sleep, when you grab his hand, dragging him up.

“NO. We don’t… You have practice..”

Several groans and curses could be heard as he goes into the shower, trying NOT to cause you further stress about the time.


When second period comes, the two of you were groaning and yawning like crazy.. Only having gotten two or three hours of sleep, and having morning practice.. You just want to sleep now…

“Ugh… I swear Taiga.. This is all your,,,,”

The moment your head hits the desk, you fall asleep, and Kagami rests in his palm… You being shorter, the teacher couldn’t see you passed out behind him, and only threw the chalk at Kagami for falling asleep… 

“B…But _____ is sleeping too!!”

“N..No I’m not!!” you scowl, casting daggers at each other…

Behind you, Kuroko watches the two of you, letting out a soft sigh.. You were supposed to be the good influence on Kagami… But it seems he influcenced you to be irresponsible.. He just shakes his head, eyes back on the book and ignores the bickering…

Perhaps next time, he’ll be at the “study party” to make sure actual studying gets done.

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I had to look this up because I had no idea it had a name LOL. But now I know what it is, a scenario has come to me so easily! I really hope you like it! :D Hope you’re staying safe and well during this pandemic too!

Kiyoshi Teppei has always been a mystery. 

One minute he’s friendly and an airhead… The next, he’s serious and confident. His sudden changes has your mind spinning, and you find yourself lost in his eyes, while he braces himself above you, staring down with hooded brown hues.

Your cheeks turn red, but they stare at him just as stubbornly, and you vaguely try to wrap your head around what’s going on… He didn’t want you to keep attending practice, because he heard about the incident with another teammate. His idea was for you to take a couple days off, to rest your legs.

But you were never someone to run away, and it was part of your charm. 

“_______-chan…” he whispers, voice smooth as silk.. It sends shivers down your spine, and you avoid his eyes, until he moves his hand to your cheek, guiding your stare back towards him.

“You need to listen to me…” he murmurs, slowly, and carefully placing kisses along your shoulder. The light gasps don’t go unnoticed by him, and he smiles, eyes half-open as they stare at your skin.

“You need some time off… Don’t be so stubborn…”

Your mind is foggy, and you have to grasp at his jacket, biting back the groan from slipping without permission. When your eyes close, you don’t know.. But you focus on his heat, his scent… Every other part of him but you don’t DARE look into his eyes..

“I… I don’t run away from bullies..” you begin to explain, but when he moves between your legs, sneaking a hand under your jacket to rub your skin, you whimper…


“I’m not telling you to run away… _____-chan..” he whispers, kissing his way back to your lips. He hovers dangerously, a hand still braced over your head, watching your cheeks darken at this vulnerable position.

“You need to take care of yourself…”

He then covers his mouth with yours, silencing your protests.. You let out a soft mewl, clinging to him and trying not to shiver at his expert touches.. A leg wraps around his waist, and he uses that as leverage as he picks you up, bracing you against the wall. He smiles as your arms wrap around his neck, and he finds himself pulling away, staring at you for a few moments, before he goes to attack your neck once more with kisses.

“Let’s take this to somewhere a little more… Private…”

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