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#knb himuro

Happy New Year 2021 and all~ ୧⍢⃝୨

Starting with some wise words and resolution from a sweet, innocent and naive boy.

Im bringing the college era MuraHimu redesign cause I just have so much stuff for grown-up them.

And now time to get back to work on them some more o/

(hahaha I honestly hope this illustration isn’t a glimpse of what 2021 could be cause damn it was sooooo exhausting to work on it ಥ_ಥ). Used some ref from Kibbitzer’s poses book and self poses to get through it.

-No reupload / repost on other platforms-

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Probably last MuraHimu post for 2020  

Already got enough stuff I’d like to doodle to go on with them until late 2021.

I’m trying different styles everytime cause I ain’t happy with my current sketching/lining and I hope it’ll improve nicely enough to get to the Himuro I’m dreaming of !!

2021 will be an interesting journey art wise, and I plan to get through it stronger, keeping those precious boys by my side o/

(Will probably go back to some MakoHaru/PharMercy/Tomoyo x Sakura as well cause I miss them so much  ╥﹏╥ )

Wish you the happiest ending for 2020 !


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So… I have a text file filled with quotes and stuff to draw featuring Atsushi and Tatsuya. Some are from funny quoting blogs or series I’m fond of while the biggest part is just from me wandering around in my thoughts and giggling like “ahahah that is actually interesting I wanna draw that”.

Today I stumbled across an amazing recipe video I found some weeks ago and a flood of MuraHimu situations just flew in. And I’m like “omfg I need to draw every quotes and ideas !!!” knowing January will be focused on that stuff cause now I can’t get it out of my stupid head… So yeah I’ll probably kinda end up like that cute drawing meme girl.

Anyway here’s some Adventure Time AU Atsushi x Tatsuya from October.

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Concept: Kagami with Braces, specifically black ones because they reminded him of Himuro.

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Still practicing and exploring - Ref taken from Pinterest (uncredited picture again…).

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with those studies and explorations but I think it can lead somewhere if I keep up at doing it somehow =X

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First, I have to say that I’m not a US citizen, so my knowledge of Halloween is strongly influenced by Hollywood and TV shows. Please, if I said something wrong, correct me on the comments and I would change what I wrote. Thanks in advance.

  • Kagami is a late Halloween kid. By that, I mean that he would (at his age) like to trick or treat, but he can’t in Japan. Oh, but nothing can change his mind from throwing a special party on the basketball club. 
  • He knows the grown-ups throw parties at discos and all of that, but he doesn’t want to go just yet. He prefers to do something more… private for now.
  • He tries to organize the party, but he can only think of his costume and the snacks. His s/o helps him, they know it’s hard to be in a country that is not entirely yours, so it’s a way to connect with the American part of him.
  • Of course, Himuro is invited, but he probably doesn’t go. Himuro is not a Halloween guy, he likes to see the sexy version of costumes and the parties, but not for the tradition itself.
  • Kagami forces his teammates to dress up and help his s/o with the organization of the party. Some people are excited (Teppei, Koganei) and some are just annoyed (Hyuuga, Riko) but they obliged. And it’s not a bad thing, because it’s the perfect excuse to have a little somewhat of a date (I’m looking at you, Hyuuga, we all know you walked Riko home)
  • Kagami forces his teammates to dress up and help his s/o with the organization of the party. Some people are excited (Teppei, Koganei) and some are just annoyed (Hyuuga, Riko) but they obliged. And it’s not a bad thing, because it’s the perfect excuse to have a little somewhat of a date (I’m looking at you, Hyuuga, we all know you walked Riko home)
  • Teppei dresses up as a vampire. Hyuuga is a mummy, Koganei is Sun Wukong (o Goku, he gives both explanations), Kuroko, OBVIOUSLY, is a ghost, Tsuchida… maybe a grave keeper (he likes the irony on that)
  • Kagami says he is a vampire, but all his teammates joke saying he is a magician. And they kept asking him for some trick. At one point, Koga grabs his hat and pretends he is pulling Nigou from it. 
  • Himuro always went with him when they were in the US. His first year was kind of bad, even with candy and all. He didn’t understand much, he was dragged with his other friends, and threw toilet paper at the houses that didn’t give them candy. He was mortified with that part of the tradition, but the second year was better. He knew more english and knew the rules. 
  • And, of course, free candy is the best.
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this is so late since i have class. also, i didn’t know that my ask box is closed, i’m new to tumblr and i still am foreign with some things here. also this is my first request, so thank you so much, i’ll do my best here!!! ^__^


- we know that this boy could COOK. when you’ll ask him to cook you your favorite food, he’ll usually say “ugh, again? couldn’t you cook for yourself?” but deep inside his heart would flutter by the thought YOU asked HIM to cook for you.

- He would be the type to tease you, especially when you’re smaller than him, it’s just because he’s really shy when it comes to showing affection !!

- everytime you would hold his hand without him knowing or maybe plant a kiss on his cheek, he will immidiately MALFUNCTION.

- it’s just because he never experienced it before, but he lowkey likes it when you’re all affectionate for him.

- he likes it when you support him in his games! the thought of you watching him would make him very nervous at first, but after recovering from his shyness, he would be the most dangerous player in the court.

- and it’s because of you !!

- if ever you two would fight, he might accidentally raise his tone at you because of his emotions that would cause you to walk out,

- but after a few minutes of him realizing what he have done, he would immidiately find you and give you a back hug.

- “baby, i’m sorry.” ‘why?“ "for my attitude earlier,” ’….’ “i don’t want to lose you, please.” 'kagami—’ “i’m sorry, let me make it up to you?” and you decide on what happens next. *wiggles eyebrows*

- i also imagine him being quiet after his games, why? it’s because he is waiting for you to give him compliments and just to tell him that you’re proud of him !!

- he wouldn’t say it but he likes receiving compliments from you. he’s usually insecure about himself, and your words and actions towards him help him to be more confident with himself.

- he would also be the type who would look at you lovingly when you’re so focused on doing something and think “ohh this person, i’m so lucky to have them.”

- he just really loves you so much please he is so soft for you.

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AU where Himuro, Takao, and Kuroko all go to high school together and form a band.

They each have different songs they sing lead on, while the other two sing back-up/harmony. Himuro and Takao both play guitar, while Kuroko is on keyboard. Maybe Kagami grows interested and joins them on drums.

Kagami and Himuro are foster brothers. Kagami and Kuroko have seen each other around at school (or at least, Kuroko has seen Kagami around), but it’s through the band that they officially meet. They soon become best friends and later fall in love.

Kise and Kuroko went to middle school together, and they’re still friends and keep in touch, though Kuroko often finds being around him to be a bit wearing. Kise attends all the band’s performances and will sometimes drop by to hang around during practices/jam sessions when he’s not busy. He and Midorima go to the same high school, and one evening, he drags Midorima along to one of their performances and to meet his friends. Takao immediately falls for him. He sees him sitting next to Kise while they’re setting up and starts quizzing Kuroko about him (No, he doesn’t know who he is. No, he isn’t Kise-kun’s boyfriend; Kise-kun isn’t dating anyone right now).

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Summary: A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

Pairing: Murasakibara x Reader


The campus around Yosen was buzzing like mad. Students running around. Brightly colored decorations everywhere. Music in the air.

The feverish excitement was typical for school festival day. Everyone had worked hard, either in their individual classes or clubs, to set up their stands and decorate the campus. Now it was time to celebrate!

“Here you go! Please enjoy.” You said cheerfully as you handed your classmate their order. You were still working, but really enjoying yourself, at the Home Ec Club stand. The club had decided to do a pop-up bakery. Selling cookies, tiny cakes, pastries, and other sweets to the students you had all made.

“This is going great! At this rate we’ll be sold out, and have enough money to roll over into our club fund!”

“It’s all thanks to [Y/N]. Their cookies are selling like hot cakes. Not to put too fine a pin on it.”

You giggle a little at the other girls’ enthusiasm, but appreciate the compliment. Baking was your passion. You really enjoyed it. It was your dream to one day open up a pastry shop to sell baked goods to people, and make them happy. So, in a way, this was really good practice.

“Come on guys. We all worked really hard, and I don’t think my cookies are more popular than anyone….else’s…..” Your voice trailed off as your vision was suddenly eclipsed by a dark shadow.

You look up, way up, from restocking the table to see an incredibly tall man in a Yosen uniform standing in front of your stand. His expression blank. His violet hair hanging in his face to all but practically cover his eyes. “Did you make these?”

Your brain and mouth sputter a little bit at the question. You look down at the half eaten package of cookies in his giant hand. Yes, the wrapping was yours. To keep track of who’s items sold best for the mini contest the club was having, you’d all picked out a color to label your treats with. Ironically, yours was purple. But now you were a little scared to admit that because he didn’t seem too pleased with his purchase. “Y-Yes. I made them….”

The giant teen sat the package down on the table. Then he bent over at the waist to get eye level with you and take your hands in his large ones. “Please go out with me.”

You and the rest of the Home Ec Club all go dumbstruck at the declaration. Loud squawks of surprise leaving your mouths in unison. Accompanied by blank, open mouth gapes of surprise. Had you all just heard that correctly????

The large teen winced as he was cuffed rather soundly on the back of the head by another student with dark hair practically covering his eyes. Was there a new trend you weren’t aware of? “Murasakibara. Don’t joke around like that. You’ll hurt people’s feelings.”

“I’m not joking Murochin.” Murasakibara, apparently, said with a whine as he rubbed his head. “These cookies are really good. I need them in my life forever.”

“That’s still not a good reason to say that to someone. Asking someone out is serious.”

“Why isn’t it a good reason?” Murasakibara asked, returning to his towering full height again, but certainly much less intimidating than before, as the two boys continued the weirdest conversation you’d heard in your life. “Getting to eat yummy sweets is a good a reason as any to date somebody. It’s better than the reasons you & Kisechin bother people. Besides,” he paused to turn and look at you, “they’re also cute.”

Your face must have turned 50 shades of red at the comment from the other teen, who smiled softly at you before he was wacked again.

“My goodness. You’re hopeless Murasakibara. We need to go to practice anyway. You can make your wild proclamations later, after you’ve burned off those cookies and all this energy.”

“Waaahh! Murochinnnnn!” The weirdest conversation of your life had now become the wildest scene in your life as the giant was dragged of, nearly kicking and screaming, by his teammate down the hall. “Let me go Murochin! I need those cookies! Murochin is so mean and he doesn’t understand! Cookiessss!”

“I think he really liked them.” One of the club members commented, coming out of their daze but still sounding confused. You guessed you would take the compliment you supposed. Were all high school boys this super weird?

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I need a Kuroko no Basuke Season 4 desperately but we’re never getting it so I will be throwing around a bunch of ideas on what could’ve been based on where we left off ;_;

Lucky for us, Fujimaki did give us hints on how things are going (Last Game does not exists *shuts ears* lalalalallaLALALALA). 

In the manga, the newest captains are:

  • Yosen- Himuro
  • Kaijou- Hayakawa
  • Shuutoku- Miyaji(Yuya)
  • Touou- Wakamatsu
  • Seirin- Hyuuga(unchanged)
  • Rakuzan- Akashi(unchanged)

Seirin has two new first years in a canon extra: Asahina Daigo and Yaagi Yuta. So that’s basically set the Seirin team pretty well. Supposing this goes like a usual sports anime and we got all three years, then season 4 would’ve focused on Riko and gang’s graduation, the second-years wrapping up & preparing Kagami, Kuroko and the bench trio to take over because they’d probably be playing first string. 

We could have a lot of stuff going on with the Uncrowned Kings, Himuro and the current captains(final year). I kind of want the Seirin upperclassmen to graduate with a win but I doubt Rakuzan would let it happen. Yosen hopefully makes it to the top three, and Shuutoku top 5. 

Kise’s pretty pissed after Kaijou losing against Touou- and honestly Touou’s going to need some work on being a team. Wakamtasu and Aomine have always been on bad terms and it’d take time to fix it, but Kaijou is getting good at team work. If they did go up against each other I think Touou would lose because of how much the team started to clash against each other(redemption arc in 3rd year tho so it’s fine). 

Yosen’s going to be on another level now that Himuro’s captain, It’s his final shot at taking on Kagami before graduation. I don’t think Seirin could win against them if they were to play in a match. They’d probably lose. Seirin placing third or fourth. 

Idk why but I’m picturing the Winter Cup finals as Yosen vs Rakuzan with Rakuzan winning. 

Shuutoku- okay I don’t remember a lot of the team dynamics but I do remember it being like- Midorima gets into a position to do his shot- ball travels- a Shuutoku member is under the basket to ensure the ball goes in if he misses. He depends on his team a LOT. Takao’s Hawk Eye, the rebound member under the basket, ensuring that no one is around him- his 3-pointers takes time. In the set-up for his 3-pointers, a lot of energy is spent. Takao’s eye and his proficiency as a PG +Shuutoku’s competency makes it possible but it clearly takes a lot of team effort- which hinders the rest of the members. 

Touou- As I mentioned before, Wakamatsu and Aomine really need to learn to put aside their differences, otherwise it’s going to be difficult to play. Aomine is literally unstoppable and in reality probably the most well-rounded player(there’s Kise and Murasakibara when he goes all out) in GoM. Any conflict probably arises from his inability to coordinate with the team and letting his pride get to him- the best way that could happen is in a match with Kise. Kise riles him up and is his eternal rival. He’s always won against him, so if he gets close to losing or actually loses- it’s going to throw him off. (We can have some Momoi and Aomine conflict as well).

Yosen- Murasakibara stated that he has to hold back lest he hurt people during games, now he doesn’t have that restriction because the GoM can handle his strength and holding back would be a problem. Honestly Yosen has a pretty good line up in second year. Murasakibara isn’t just a shield anymore- never was. All is looking good for Yosen actually, their arc could be focused around their positive developments because Himuro was so vengeful last time. MuraHimu just enjoying b-ball in s4 thank you very much. 

Rakuzan- Actually, same as Yosen, they’ve all come together as friends after first year. It’s Uncrowned Kings’ final year and you best believe that Akashi would make it fucking spectacular for them. We could probably get some insight into what’s up with Akashi’s dad and that whole thing. I can’t see them losing tbh. 

Kaijou- This team. Honestly Kaijou might be wiping the floor with everyone. Kise’s actually ready to go unhinged, he’s probably seeking fucking vengence after Kasamtasu cried and they lost. He’s got Perfect Copy on lock too, he can copy all of GoM. He’s a lean mean killing machine out for victory and he’d do anything to get it. He’s getting along well with his team too and has the flexibility to compromise. I’m genuinely scared of Kaijou in 2nd year. 

Seirin- I feel like there’s going be hiccups with the first years- Kuroko’s just learning to be his own ‘light’ but it’s such a feeble first step into a new territory and style, there’s bound to be some conflicts with Kagami. Probably in terms of passing- like Kagami expects Kuroko to pass the ball, Kuroko gets reckless with his new found abilites at times, etc. The seniors though, they’d be fine. They’d probably brush up on their pre-existing abilities and move forward. 

Really interesting match-ups:

- Yosen vs Rakuzan(we get little to nothing of Akashi & Murasakibara’s dynamics)
- Touou vs Kaijou- but Kaijou wins
-Shuutoku vs Touou
-Seirin vs Yosen- but Yosen wins
-Rakuzan vs Kaijou would be cool
-Kirisaki Daiichi vs Rakuzan(somehow, idk)

This is just a huge ramble. If anyone knows basketball well and wants to write/has written a sequel of sorts for KNB, please lmk so I can read and quench my thirst :_;. 

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This is my extremely late gift for Jenny (@/froochette) for the @knbsecretsanta . I haven’t written for this pairing or concept before and wanted to challenge myself with it. Well, the joke’s on me that (once) again the fic went out of hand. This feels more platonic than romantic to me, but I’ll let you guys be the judge.

Hope you like it anyway! ♥

P.S. Of course, I’d make it about basketball in one way or another, what are you talking about?

Genre: Humour

Pairing: (platonic) MidoMura 

Rating: G

Word Count: 4,191

Summary: Midorima only wanted to do his job properly. Not get into a fight with their most loyal customer and have his life decisions questioned by everyone. Even if maybe, deep down, he was regretting some of them.

Humans show their true colors when faced with someone weaker than themselves.

Midorima Shintarou hadn’t considered himself weak in any regard. On the contrary, he had lived most of his life in moderate privilege: well-off parents, good grades, and boundless athletic ability. This didn’t stop him from always striving with his own two hands for the best humanly possible outcome though. Thus, above all, he fancied himself as a humble person. Acquaintances–friends, depending on who one asked–would often disagree with that statement. But Midorima wanted to believe he had never been as condescending as some of his customers.

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Scenario: Getting lost at a camping trip with Himuro

Every year, your school hosts a camping trip for the second years to help them develop survival skills like map reading, first aid and decision-making amongst other things. Whilst this was the premise for the trip, most of the students just saw it as a fun outing rather than a learning experience and you weren’t any different; you were just excited to spend time with your friends and Himuro.

So there you were, at the campsite fumbling with the tent after the long hike you took to get there. The teachers made you split into groups during the drive to the start point and you had to work together to get to the site, using a compass and a map. Thankfully, you had a few smart people on your group that were good with maps so you didn’t have to do much but follow them.

Once everyone had finally arrived at the site and had their tents pitched up, the teachers said that you were free to do as you please as long as you didn’t go too far.

“Hey Y/N, I saw a lake on the way here that looked really cool. I don’t think it’s too far, do you want to go there together?” Himuro asked you while you were finishing up with putting your things in the tent.

“That sounds lovely,” you smiled at your boyfriend. “Are you sure you know where it is though?”

“Yeah, it’s just down that way I think. I’ve got my map and compass just in case,” he said, waving the folded piece of paper in the air.

“Alright then, let’s go,” you said, shoving your phone in your pocket and walking off into the woods with him.

“So how was the hike up here?” Himuro asked you.

“It was kinda fun actually. I still don’t understand how to read that damn map though so I’m counting on you.”

“Fair enough. It’s kinda difficult to understand,” Himuro agreed.

After a few minutes of walking, you finally reached a clearing that led to the lake. “Woah, it’s gorgeous,” you said breathlessly as you looked out at the water that twinkled under the orange and pink skies.

Both of you stood there mesmerised for a few moments in silence as you took in the view in front of you. The light breeze formed small waves in the turquoise waters before caressing your face and brushing through your hair. You didn’t realise how captivated you were with the sight until you felt Himuro’s fingers smoothly intertwine with yours. You flashed him a soft smile before squeezing his hand as a way of showing your gratitude.

“I knew you’d like it,” he smiled as his raven hair danced in the breeze.

“Are you kidding me? I love it! Thanks for bringing me here,” you said, looking into his dark eyes.

“Well it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t bring a pretty girl to a pretty place, you know?” he chuckled as your cheeks began to heat up and your grin grew dorkier.

“Shut up,” you laughed out of embarrassment as you looked away.

Himuro’s other hand reached for your face and tilted your chin up so that you were looking at him once again. At that very moment, the most beautiful thing was not the lake you stood in front of, nor was it the colourful skies; it was the way your boyfriend looked at you ever so lovingly before softly pressing his lips against yours.

The two of you hung out at the lake for some time before finally deciding to leave before the sun set and it got too dark to see. You began walking in the direction you came from, not really paying too much attention to where you were going because you assumed Himuro just remembered the way back without needing to refer to the map. But after about ten minutes of walking, he stopped in his tracks and pulled the paper out again, looking at it with a contorted expression.

“What’s wrong?” You asked him.

“We’ve been walking for quite a while. We should’ve gotten back by now, don’t you think?”

“I guess so? I wasn’t paying too much attention though. Do you think we took a wrong turn somewhere?” you replied, looking around to see if anything familiar caught your eye, but to no avail as everything just looked the same.

“Let’s just head that way and see where it leads, because I think if we keep going straight we’d end up further away,” Himuro suggested as he pointed to the right.

“Yeah that sounds smart,” you nodded as both of you proceeded to change directions.

Little did you know, that if you just kept walking for about two minutes more, you probably would’ve found a sign pointing to the campsite.

Eventually, it got too dark, so you had to switch on your phone’s flashlight to navigate your way around. “Tatsuya, are we lost?” You asked, your grip on his hand getting tighter.

“I don’t know,” he said, though he was quite sure it was the case. He just wanted to prevent you from getting too worked up by trying to remain somewhat positive.

“Should we try getting back to the lake and trying again?” you suggested.

You both turned around to see if going back was even an option. “Which way would the lake be exactly?” Himuro questioned, looking out into the darkness.

“Now what? Do we just die here?” you said, trying to remain calm though the shakiness in your voice said otherwise.

Himuro let out a small chuckle, bringing you the slightest bit of comfort as he gave your hand a reassuring squeeze. “We won’t die here, Y/N— I know that much at least,” he said before pulling his phone out of his pocket. “Do you have any signal on your phone?”

You looked at your screen to check. “Nope.”

“Okay, I did tell Atsushi before we left so hopefully someone’s looking for us. In the meantime, let’s just walk around to find some signal so we can make a call. How does that sound?”

“Yeah okay, let’s do that,” you nodded before the two of you continued to walk around.

After aimlessly walking for a while and not finding any signal nor the campsite, your hopelessness and fear began to kick in.

“Tatsuya, I’m scared. It’s really dark. What if we don’t make it back?”

“Hey, don’t say that. We’ll make it back, just hold on a bit, okay?” he said, his soft, calm voice never losing its composure.

“We’ve been walking around forever. I don’t think any longer is going to make a difference,” you said as tears began to well up in your eyes. Your feet were aching, you were hungry and your phone’s battery was going to die at any moment because the flashlight drained most of it— it only made sense that you’d have an emotional breakdown right about now.

“Well I don’t see what else we can do other than walk around though,” Himuro said.

He did have a point. But you really wished that it wasn’t true. You were sick of walking around like this. It didn’t help that you hated the dark too. So you just began to cry, taking Himuro by surprise.

He immediately wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tight, combing his fingers through your hair because he knew you liked it when he did that. “Hey, come on, don’t cry. We’ll be okay. I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

There was a moment of silence as you cried into his shoulder. “So, if we run into a bear, you’re going to fight it or something?” you said sarcastically through the tears.

“Exactly. I’d totally win in a fight against a bear,” Himuro joked, making you chuckle as the tears slowly began to stop.

In all honesty, Himuro was also losing his hope on making it back, but he didn’t want to bring it up. He figured that it would just be chaos if both of you were like that, so he decided to take the more optimistic role. In a way, pretending to be hopeful did create some actual positivity within him so it wasn’t all that bad.

Himuro finally pulled away from the hug and placed a soft kiss on your forehead. “You’re strong. We’ll get through this together. I’m sorry for getting us lost in the first place though,” he said.

“It’s alright. It’s not like I would’ve done a better job anyways,” you replied with a small smile.

Himuro decided to check his phone again and he was quickly greeted by something that made his face light up. “Y/N! I have signal!”

“No way! So we’re not gonna die?”

“Exactly. I told you!” Himuro beamed.

Himuro’s first call was to Murasakibara, who seemed to have not notified anyone about your whereabouts because he’d simply forgotten that Himuro had headed off to the lake. He did end up telling the teachers that you two were lost and after about ten minutes of searching, you finally managed to be found not too far away from the campsite.

Of course, both of you did end up having to endure a stern talking to from your teachers, but it didn’t really matter to you because you were just glad that you made it back. And to be honest, if Himuro wasn’t there by your side like he was, you definitely would’ve lost your mind.

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i am here to offer you cute headcanons mwehehehe

Murasakibara x Reader


  • “Muro-chin… Am I too tall?” it was quite an unusual question considering it was coming from Murasakibara
  • “Well, you are the tallest here. Why do you ask?”
  • “Tch, never mind.”
  • while Murasakibara never really thinks about anything other than having a steady supply of snacks and how bothersome basketball can be, sometimes he gets agitated at the fact that Himuro is quite a popular looker himself because 1.) it’s way too noisy with people around and 2.) it does remind him that Murasakibara is universally feared by everyone and by all walks of life
  • he really is tired of the strange/fearful looks he gets from everyone: the little kids, his own peers, the elderly, and even some strays, but it’s something he’s mostly grown accustomed to
  • but recently, he’s been thinking about his physique ever since he fell a little too hard for you

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