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{!!} request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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{!!} request from @sunnycatuwu​: Hii (o^ ^o) I think Takao (Knb) needs more love, so may i request a scenario where he’s jealous because his fem! best friend (he has a crush on her) who is introverted and socially awkward (has social anxiety) (but not THAT shy with Kazu u know,,) is seemingly getting closer with a hot boy? However, turned out she had a crush on Kazunari as well. Maybe age him up and make it nsfw at the end? Sorry i hope it’s not too much~ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

# tags: scenario; friendship, crush culture + ?; aged up; mild drama; bit of romance; smut; sfw & slight!nsfw

{!} warnings: social anxiety, making out, mention of sexual activities, first time

  • includes: kazunari takao {knb}

a/n: YAAAS, Takao needs a lot more love <3 Thank you for this request, cutie! Hope, I wrote it well for you. Have a nice day/night! AAAH and also I hope that this description of nsfw will be okay! Sorry for any mistakes :(


“Y/N-chan? Have you changed your perfume? They seem stronger.” Takao stopped, and you followed him, smiling softly and tucking hair behind your ear.

“You notice?” You asked hesitantly, to which he nodded. Of course he noticed. “I got them as a gift.”

“O-Oh? From who?”

“You know our men’s volleyball team?” You asked one more question, and your friend nodded (uncertainly this time) again. “I got this perfume from the captain. We’ve been talking to each other for several days. He approached to me while I was waiting for you outside school a week ago.” You added quietly, at which the black-haired eighteen-year-old frowned.

“You like him?”

“H-Huh? N-No. He is only a friend. He’s cool, but… not that way, I think.” You answered truthfully, which calmed down the third grade for a while. “But he’s so handsome and really nice to me. I don’t know if anything more will come of it.” You added, blushing, and Kazu’s humor dropped instantly.

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{!!} request from @.anon: Hello! Can I get a scenario for KNB where Kagami is at his gf’s basketball game and she ends up getting hurt? Can be by accident or the other team playing dirty 😊

# tags: scenario; current relationship; romance; mild drama; sfw

  • includes: taiga kagami {knb}

a/n: YAAAAY, I really like this request <3 Thank you, love! I hope u will like it!


With less than two minutes left to the end of the game, your and opposing teams still had the same number of points. When someone on your team scored with a dunk, someone on the opposing squad did it too. When your shooting guard scoring three points, the other team wasn’t lagging behind and was also picking up more numbers. As a point guard, you shouted on the team to take their seats so that you could pass the ball to them well. Everything was so frustrating and stressful. You had to win this game to reach the quarter-finals of the Women’s Winter Cup

If Taiga could do it, you could too.

But it wasn’t that easy, everyone knew it. The opposing team was playing quite dirty. You knew it from the beginning; you saw them nudge your shooter imperceptibly, you heard they laugh at your captain, you also heard them when they curses at you. But you couldn’t give up at this point.

As soon as the ball got into your hands you passed it to the farthest player. Quick grip and three points once again for your High School. You were breathing hard, marking one of the opponents.

Time passed, eighty-five seconds remained to the end of the game, and the other team wasn’t going to give up either. Kagami has bitten off all his all fingernails by now, possibly stressing even more than you are.

(Sweet and supportive boy, aww.)

“Akiko-san, Yumeno-san, go forward! Now!” You screamed, efficiently picking up the ball and then passing it to the second of the mentioned senpais. However, before the girl could jump, a hit in her belly caused her to fall to the ground along with the ball. “Hey! What the hell?!”

“Referee time!”

Your hands clenched into fists as you walked over to the blonde, checking that she was okay. Fortunately, she could continue playing, but your eyes went to the opponent who punch your teammate.

“What was that supposed to be?” You asked, getting up. “Play like a player. You are in the basketball court, not in the boxing ring!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, little one. It was an accident.” Black-haired, tall teenager from the opposing squad smiled at you, and you frowned. Taiga obviously did the same.

“Y/N, baby! Win it! You can’t give up!” He screamed, waving at you, and you laughed, nodding.

Fifty-three seconds left. You had to think a bit. Better to pass to Akiko, who could score two points, or pass to Hana, who could score three points, but was marked by the brown-headed third-grader? 

‘Shit, shit, shit.’

You passed to the first girl and she scored as fast as she could. The game was fast-paced again, full of stress and screaming.

Fifty seconds turned into forty, then thirty, then twenty, and finally, ten. During this time, your boyfriend probably lost his voice from cheering for you and for your amazing basket team.

By then more seconds had passed and your friend handed you the orange ball. 

Only five seconds left.

“Y/N, throw it! You can do it!” Your boyfriend’s hoarse but still loud voice reached your consciousness, and you closed your eyes for a one, small second and then, jumped up. Unfortunately, with the opponent who hit you on the side of your waist. Just then, the ball shot up from your hands and the last seconds kept falling.

With last points in this game, you fell on your butt, groaning in pain. Yes, you won with a three point lead, but you will have two huge bruises in return.

‘What a pain in the ass.‘

Taiga clenched his fists, glaring at the girl who punched you in the stomach. He literally felt as if he was watching a match between his own Seirin team and Kirisaki Daiichi High. But now it hurt him more, because you were his dearest girlfriend who didn’t deserve this treatment.

Luckily, it wasn’t as serious as it looked, so when you finished hugging your happy teammates and then took a deep breath, you looked towards the lowest stand where the red-haired teenager was sitting. You gave him a quick flying kiss, waving your lips that he ‘could come to your locker room in twenty minutes’.

Since you won, you wanted to celebrate it properly.

Preferably with a large lunch set from Maji Burger.

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{!!} request from @.anon: hello! i love your writing so much! can i request for murasakibara’s gf being jealous and upset because they’re from different schools and they don’t get to see each other much + there’s a girl who always hangs around him

# tags: scenario; long distance & current relationship; romance; mild drama; but also fluff; sfw

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Murasakibara my baby 😭 Also, thank you for this idea :((!! I love you too. 


You smiled at the phone, then walked into Yosen High, looking around carefully. The school was really big and beautiful compared to your regular, small and old Morioka High School in Iwate prefecture. But you didn’t come here to see the buildings. You wanted to spend the weekend with your boyfriend because you had already talked to your parents and Atsushi’s parents a week earlier about it. They gladly agreed to your trip to Akita so that you could give your tall boy a small gift in the form of your own arrival and a few packs of his favorite (and new) snacks.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that you lived three hours away from each other, and you had a lot of activities at school and after classes, you couldn’t see each other as often as you would like. Of course, you spent Christmas, anniversaries, holidays and birthdays together, but during the school year it was difficult to realize it. You had to be content with conversations on the phone, video calls and hundreds of text messages.

Luckily you didn’t go to school today and took the train to Akita instead. Atsushi’s mother and his older sister were waiting for you on the platform, so you took your bag to their house, took a quick shower after the trip, put on more comfortable pants and a loose shirt, and thanked them for everything, taking only your black bag, wallet with some money, phone and headphones. Mrs. Murasakibara wanted to drive you to her son’s school, but you refused with a warm voice saying that you would be happy to take a walk. You helped yourself with a Google Maps and finally reached the High School building, entering it.

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please do not use any of my works, in any shape or form, without permission.


A small circular object twirled in between his fingers–reflecting the sun’s rays as it turned–while he debated whether or not to go through with the promposal. He’d already bought it and had practiced what he was going to say about 100 times, but maybe he’d gone about this the wrong way. What if you took it the wrong way?

Too preoccupied with the debate occurring in his head, he didn’t notice you had approached him and were hovering over him.

“What do you got there?” You spoke after a couple of seconds.

Himuro almost dropped the item in his hands at the sound of your voice. He had to scramble for a second or two before securing it in the palm of his hand and quickly shutting it. You only caught a glimpse of something silver before he moved his hand away.

“It’s…” You could see the gears in his mind running at full speed as he looked at you. “I want to ask you something, but you might misinterpret what I mean because of what I decided to use to do it.”

Your brow creased slightly, not understanding what he meant. “Just ask,” you shrugged.

He smiled, shaking his head. “Alright, you asked for it.”

Bringing his clenched hand forward once again, he finally stood up.

It surprised you a little, did he really have to stand up to ask you a question? But then you noticed the small ring as he opened his hand.

“Kagami and I have rings to show our bond as brothers, so I thought you and I should have some too. And I thought prom was the perfect time to propose the idea.” Taking your hand in his, he placed the small item in yours.

You were still a bit awestruck from what he’d just said, but you looked down at the ring to see it was engraved with the word “prom.”

“If you accept, I’ll get the date engraved as well,” he added with a smile.

“Of course, I accept.”


please do not use any of my works, in any shape or form, without permission.

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sorry for the inactivity!! i was persuaded into getting animal crossing and i’ve been so engrossed in playing (though i know nothing and am still figuring it out). but i also got around to rewatching knb and omg i’d forgotten how much i loved it, so of course i’m working on some knb requests now! but also is there a knb server out there i could join? cause i could totally gush about that anime right now… (or i could also make a server if anyone is interested…)

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please do not use any of my works, in any shape or form, without permission.


You watched in horror as Hanamiya’s team continued to inflict pain on Kiyoshi, who, against everyone’s wishes, was willingly taking all the hits to protect his teammates. The sight caused you both grief and frustration. You wanted to run into the court and slap some decency into the opposing team, but you knew better. All they cared for was winning. No amount of scolding was going to change their minds.

Instead, you focused on preparing ice packs and warm towels for Kiyoshi. Part of you was doing it so you could immediately tend to his soon-to-be bruises, but another part couldn’t bear to look at him getting hurt any longer. It was as if they were physically hurting you as well. Each elbow to the ribs or jab to his knee felt like a punch to your gut. Your heart ached with every passing second.

But soon after, he walked off the court, having reached his limit. You sighed, relieved he was no longer taking a beating and rushed over to him. Letting him put most of his weight on you, you guided him over to the bench and began to clean any cuts and tend to his bruises.

“You should be a nurse,” he murmured, grimacing when you dabbed a cut on his forehead.

“That’s not funny, Teppei.” You glared at him, but it wasn’t hostile, just a warning.

“I know, I know-”

“No, you don’t!” You paused your movements. “I get you’re trying to protect the others. I know the other team doesn’t play fair, but do you have to go that far? It isn’t just some foul. It’s not just some cut or a bruise. You’ve sustained injuries from them before. You almost didn’t get to play again because of them. Do you understand that? Do you get where I’m coming from?”

Kiyoshi looked at your saddened eyes and nodded. “I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry too, I kinda overacted, didn’t I?” You chuckled, reapplying an ice pack to a bruise on his knee.

“No, it’s okay. I appreciate it because I know you care.”

“Never do that again, okay? My heart is fragile.”

“But with you by my side, I’ll be up again in no time.”



please do not use any of my works, in any shape or form, without permission.

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Originally posted by haruicchi

| Imagine Satsuki And Daiki Falling For The Same Person

For a moment, they just looked at each other, assessing and to a part, waiting for the other to break out in a grin and call sike; anything to get them out of this rather tricky situation.

Aomine scratched the back of his head, heaving a sigh, gaining the attention of his childhood friend.

“Had no idea you’re into chicks”

Something about his voice ruffled Momoi’s feathers and she hissed the next words through tight lips.

“Didn’t know you had taste”

His eyes widened just a fraction but it was enough for Satsuki to loosen her stance and she sighed, softer.

“Why her, Dai-chan?” You could have anyone you wanted.

“(F/N) is one of a kind.”

“I know. Believe me, I know. It’s just…” Satsuki swallowed around the lump in her throat, wringing her hands. There was something deeper she didn’t want to say, maybe feared he wouldn’t understand but it made him aware that she was incapable of stepping away from her feelings.

“I can’t let go either”

Satsuki glances at him and saw the determination in his eyes, a sparkle she had only seen before he had become the Ace of the Generation of Miracles, when basketball had not become a chore yet, when he had been able to love with every little bit of him.

“I understand. Then that means we’re rivals now.”

He grinned, “Looking forward to it, Satsuki”

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Since it’s my birthday tomorrow, I think it’s fair to give Mayuzumi some love he deserves! Happy birthday to everybody who was born in March! (っ ॑꒳ ॑c) お誕生日おめでとう、黛さん!🍰🥂


The Best Gift

Featuring : Mayuzumi Chihiro x Reader


“…are you not coming home today Chihiro?”

“I don’t think I’ll make it.”

Stepped into the moving train, Mayuzumi Chihiro talking on his phone.

“___ said she had something to do this evening. We’ll be heading there next week.”

“I see. I’ll look foward to you two then.” Mayuzumi could hear his mother quipped happily at the mention of his next visit. “Tell hi for ___chan will you Chihiro? Oh and happy birthday for you honey.”

Saying his thanks, Mayuzumi cut the phone call short as another message come in.

It’s from his former basketball team mates. Started from Akashi’s early message, Hayama, Mibuchi and even Nebuya sent congratulatory message for his birthday.

No doubt Akashi told them to. Mayuzumi scroll down his phone with expresionless face. It’s a wonder how that certain Rakuzan’s former captain manage to remember him after all these years (since everyone barely even notice his presence at all). Though he should admit that ‘normal’ never goes together with Akashi Seijuurou.

His lip curved into small smile. Slightly amused, Mayuzumi typed a short replies for them before his eyes landed to certain name on his phone screen.

It’s odd.

Mayuzumi Chihiro has never been a fussy person to begin with. But when the clock already ticked to seven in evening and he’s not receiving even a single message from you, he began to question everything. Considering how worked up you were last year from surprising him at work to throwing a small party for his birthday, of course he can’t help but notice something is wrong this time.

…Maybe she’s just busy.

Trying to calm his wandering mind (thanks to that best seller mystery novels he finished reading last night), Mayuzumi sent his fifth 'where r u?’ message to your number.

No reply.

Sighed, Mayuzumi slips his phone to his pocket.

Seems he just have to go home as fast as he can then.


Mayuzumi steps home to find it on it’s usual stage. Seems like you decided not to glitter it with grey sparkles this year.

Should he be worried or happy….?

“___? Are you home?”

A loud crash followed with surprised shriek, making him lifted his eyebrow.

So you’re indeed at home.

“___,” Mayuzumi walked closer to where the voice is when you suddenly leapt out appearing after him.

“C-Chihiro welcome home! I-It’s a surprise! Did you got off work early today??”

“It’s my usual time arriving home, ___. And honestly…” He scanned you briefly. “What exactly are you doing?”

You’re what his image as color disaster. White everywhere, yellow splatter on your apron, brown streaks on your cheeks, red hue on your palms. He didn’t want to be rude, but his eyes must show his feeling as your cheek redden in embarrassment.

“Um… Nothing?”

Mayuzumi raised his eyebrow.

Sighed, you rolled your hair unconciously. “FINE. I’m… experimenting. I guess…?”

“What exactly are you making?” Mayuzumi is gonna steps into the kitchen but you stood on his path, blocking him. “___.”

You smiled nervously under his warning gaze. “It’s nothing worth seeing, so it’s better if you- C-Chihiro!”

Using that chance to pass through you, Mayuzumi stood in the middle of your kitchen.

“Geez, I told you not to bug in. Come on…”

Listening to your protest half hearted, he take a look around.

It looks normal. Nothing out of ordinary. So why are you insist on keeping him for not coming inside?


At the corner of kitchen cabinet there’s a large pile of plastic bag.

“C-Chihiro don’t-!”

Ignoring your protest, he opened up the bag only to stare at pile of… brown chunks in front of him. Some of it are hard and some are even in dark black color. Smell of burnt sugar and butter hit his nose.

This and those…

It doesn’t need deduction to reach to one conclusion.

“Did you try to bake a cake, ___?”

Standing nervously under his gaze, you laughed awkwardly. “If it’s even worth to call them cake…. Yes…”.

This explained his unanswered messages throughout the day. Judging from the amount of that thing, you must spent all your day on the kitchen.

So… You’re trying to bake a cake for him.

“Stop looking at them like that.” Sighed you took the result of your work today from his hand. “I’ll throw it away. Akashi-kun sent us a cake so we can enjoy it instead of this thing. I’m sorry… I know I should not have tried but your mom encourage me to make it for you this year and…”

At this you stopped rambling to take a deep breath. “…I’m sorry Chihiro…”

Eyes down in shame you bit your lip in frustation. Why can’t you do anything well at all?


Your eyes started to water at his desperate sigh. “I-I know right… I-”

“…what did you take me for?” Mayuzumi’s large palm landed on top of your head, making you stopped your sullen mumble. “There’s nothing worth apologizing. Stop it.”


“If you’re in my position will you upset with me, ___?”


“I’m ignorant. Selfish. And rude.” As if ignoring the confused look at your face, that boyfriend of yours continued his words. “I can’t do housechores. I hate talking and I can’t even make my own fiancee believe in herself.” Your hold breath as Mayuzumi’s face zoomed out stopping only a couple of inch from yours. “…Do you think of me as a failure, ___?”

He…? A failure…?

“No! Of course not Chihiro!” Without hesitation, you shook your head. “You are never be a failure to me. Chihiro, I…”

“That’s what I feel too.” Cut your words with slight smug smile on his face, Mayuzumi poked your cheek. “Everything you want to say to me right on this second, just turned it back to you. That way, even with that brain of yours, you’ll understand right…?”

Because he’s not a man with words…

Because he just can’t find any word that worth enough to express how precious you’re to him…

…He can only make you understand with your own words.

After all, your words are always the one who helped him to be who he is now.

“I understand…”

Mayuzumi silently sighed in relief when you finally let your defense down and tackle him on a hug. He returned your embrace, warping you in his arms without words. “Thank you… and sorry. It’s not something nice to deal with an insecure fiancee on your birthday right?” You smiled, leaning on his chest to listen to his steady heartbeat.

“…Anything is better than those silver glitters last year.”

“Hey!” You gave him the best glare you can manage. Not that it can be scary to begin with since you had to hold back your laugh with smile.

“…It’s the truth though.”

His serious expression just makes you laughed more. “Silly, Chihiro. But really…” Stood on your tip toes, you circled your hand on his neck landing a short peck on his cheek. “Happy birthday… I love you…”

“Hn… I know.”

Returning the kiss with more affectionate one, Mayuzumi is once again reminded that your smile is the true gift he always expects on his birthday every year for the rest of his life.

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Pairings: Akashi Seijurou x Reader

Summary: Being an Akashi comes with a responsibility and being his significant other means helping to ease that burden

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written like a long time ago… I want to cringe at this :’)

Piles and piles of work stacked on his desk. As each day pass, the possibility of squeezing some time to even breathe have started to diminish. Endless hours have been poured into each and every paper he filled, every plan he formed and it was nothing below impeccable.
Nothing less was to be expected of this red-headed president.

He was proclaimed the emperor, the feared captain and the perfect man in all kinds of way. But to those keen eyes, it was obvious that all his countless commitments have started to etiolate him. However, he cannot break. He was not allowed to. This was not a matter of pride and reputation. No, it was about the respect and responsibilities he was thrust upon. Even if it means no sleep and his health deteriorating, even if it means he has to put a cracked facade to cover up the complications that lie below, he cannot shatter. Even if he tears himself wholly on the inside -

“Sei?” Her whisper so melodious and her existence being the fresh air he didn’t know he needed until that moment. He’d rather hear her ramble about her day than being caged in his spacious study.

“Here’s some tea I made,” straight to the point was she. After placing the fine China set on the corner of his desk with a clutter, she made her way to his chair. Her nimble fingers planted themselves on his shoulder, pushing and pulling at all the knots before her arms relaxed around his neck. Her head was buried in his neck and shoulder juncture, her scent overwhelming him in the most pleasurable way.

He hummed in satisfaction. Every tense muscle loosens automatically. He did not need pride and reputation. Nor did he need jewels and wealth. All he needed is her.

For she is the sun while he was merely the moon.

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If it’s not too much to ask, may I ask for a Nash and Jason Silver (both seperate) head canons for their clumsy someone. ( Who might be the manager of Jabberwock )


  • Doesn’t at all understand how in the world you were able to go through every day life with how clumsy you are
  • Finds himself constantly worried about you because of how many times he’s seen you run into doorways or tripping over your own feet
  • Despite his worrying over you he doesn’t hover knowing just how annoyed he would be if he was treated that way
  • Always telling you to watch out or be careful
  • “Damn, watch where you’re going”
  • “You somehow get more injuries than I do running into big burly guys on the court”
  • Whenever you two are walking around together he’ll have an arm draped a round your shoulders or waist
  • Just cause he likes to have his hold on you but also to guide you around obstacles that should be clear as day
  • How could you not see those obstacles in your way that were clear. as. day?
  • When it comes to your managerial duties when you’re around the team he’ll be sure the rest of the team knows that you’re in the gym
  • “Y/N is here today so watch where you idiots toss the balls and where you’re going”
  • Saves you multiple times from bumping into one of the guys if you’re crossing the court while one of them are barrelling full steam ahead across the court
  • Lectures the rest of the team about being more aware of their surroundings, especially when you’re around


  • Has seen you trip over and bump into absolutely everything there is to trip over and bump into
  • Will not shut up about how clumsy you are and takes everything way out of proportion oh my god
  • Always teasing you about being clumsy and has no problem with joking around about it
  • “You know what we should to? We should get you one of those human hamster balls, you’ll be safer that way”
  • “Actually, scratch that– you’ll probably find some way to hurt yourself in that tiny enclosed space too”
  • He’ll hide his snickers and always help you up if you somehow end up on the ground after falling over something
  • But if you’re ever scraped up because of a fall it’s clear that he’s concerned and will help you get cleaned and patched up
  • Whenever you guys walk around, your hand will be in his so he can pull you away from possible dangers, and also just so he can be sure you stay on your feet
  • During practices and you being at practices for your managerial duties he’ll be even more aware of his surroundings for both his sake and yours
  • With all these basketballs flying about and big guys running around there was no way something wouldn’t happen
  • If you’re ever on the court despite him telling you that it’s not safe during the middle of practice and a ball ever comes flying at you he’ll run over in a second and catch it before it hits you, cussing out whoever it is that threw the ball
  • Despite all the teasing and everything he says, it’s clear through all his actions that it’s all because he cares for your well being
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hi there! can i get a scenario for a break up + make up with mayuzumi? the reason for the breakup is up to you! also up to you on nsfw content. thank you!!

I wasn’t too sure how to format it so hopefully it looks alright lol. This was pretty fun to write, I hope you enjoy reading it!

The break up:

Staring at the ground, you waited to hear his response, unable to meet his eyes. The both of you remained silent for a moment and when he didn’t speak you directed your gaze back towards him to see him returning it, his brow furrowed together as though he was booth surprised and confused by your words.

“I said let’s break up” You repeated again, because you weren’t getting any response at all from him.

“I know, I heard what you said”

“Then say something” You said, throwing your hands up in both disbelief and frustration.

“What is there to say?”

The corners of your lips dipped downwards into a frown as you turned away from him and headed down the hallway to start heading home, not wanting to speak on the subject any more if this was the way he was going to be. This was the entire reason why it wasn’t working out in the first place. Did you want for this to work out? Of course you did, that wasn’t a question. But that pride of his, it seemed as though he could never get past it. Not when your relationship started, not during the entirety of it, and not now. Even when you decided to end the relationship that seemed to make the both of you happy for the most part, he just couldn’t seem to swallow his pride and try to hold onto you.

The make up:

You had been going about your Sunday afternoon getting things done here and there around the house like any other weekend; homework assignments, preparing lunches for the coming week, doing the laundry, things of that sort. That is, until you had heard a knock on your door, and now here you were standing in the hallway leading to the interior of your apartment suite while Mayuzumi was stood just outside of the doorway wanting “to talk”, as he had said. Despite your better judgment you stepped aside, gesturing for him to come in and pushed the door closed before turning towards him once more. The two of you stood in your hallway in silence, neither speaking up for a moment leading for you to stifle a sigh.

“Chihiro, we can’t stand here all day, what is it that you wanted to talk about?”

You furrowed your brow when he continued to remain silent, this time actually letting out a quiet breath of exasperation as you brushed past him, it was the middle of the day and you still had things to do– that is until he caught your wrist, stopping you from going anywhere.

“I should have said something on that day” He said, causing you to turn back towards him.

When you met his gaze he returned it, reminding you of the day you had broken it off with him– though this time there was a glint in his eyes, an intensity that hadn’t been there that time.

“I shouldn’t have let you walk off. If you’ll take me back, I won’t make that mistake again. You mean too much for me to act as though you don’t.”

At his words, the corners of your lips turned upwards into a small smile, giving him a light nod. There it was, he finally seemed to be able to swallow that pride of his.

Slightly? NSFW under the cut

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Could I have a Aomine x fem reader scenario? They were on their way to a game an the bus flipped over, causing the reader to hit her head. Then they go to the hospital and she's in a coma. She wakes a few days later an remembers everything and is more worried about him. Angst to fluff please?

There’s a beeping somewhere in your ears that you can’t explain. The dream–nightmare really– of falling finally whites out as your eyes blink open, weary against the glare of fluorescent lights above your head. You close your eyes against the throb in your head and take a deep breath of pure oxygen. It burns a little but you’re thankful to be alive. 

You want to get up, want to find the team and check on them but your whole body hurts and unhooking your IV seems ill-advised. 

A nurse enters, give a soft smile as she approaches the bed. “Hello there, good to have you back with us,” she says. 

You nod, pull the mask off your face and ask, “How… how’s everyone?”

She purses her lips. “Everyone survived but they’re all heavily injured,” she advises. 

You take a deep breath of relief. You swallow against the dryness in your throat and she helps you take a drink. “Can I… can I see Aomine Daiki?”

“Right here babe,” a deep voice says. 

You look up, tears stinging your eyes to see him standing. The last you remembered of him he was covered in blood and unconscious on the ground and you were terrified he was dead. 

“I… I’m so glad… you’re ok,” you gasp out, trying to hold your sobs but failing. 

He hobbles to the bedside, leans down and presses his lips gingerly to yours. It makes you want to cry more; he’s never been this tender. 

“Everything’s gonna be ok, alright? You just focus on gettin’ better,” he says, forehead pressed against yours. 

“I love you, Daiki,” you whisper. 

He nods, kisses you again. “Love you too,” he returns. 

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Imagine Nash comes to your home and comforts you after you end up alone.

You hear thunder in the distance and a shiver runs down your spine. For a moment you find yourself being a child again. A child, who was once afraid of storm, of thunder, of lightning and usually ran to your parents’ bedroom, sleeping with them. You startle when you hear doorbell ring continuously.

With a gulp, you stand on your feet and walked on hallway, wondering just who could be coming before storm. You raise on your toes and look out through the small hole, eyes widening when you see it’s Nash standing just outside, trying to catch a breath.

Taking a deep breath you unlock the doors before you open them. You peek out and Nash’s eyes immediately lock with yours. The corners of your lips turn in a small smile. “What are you doing here?” Your voice is quiet, almost a whisper if it weren’t for the silence that was always present in your flat appartment.

“Your mom’s coming home tomorrow, isn’t she? From hospital?” Nash goes straight to the point and with a startle, you nod.

“I mean…she sent me text before…” You speak in even quieter voice, but Nash listens. “She said she still has some checkups tomorrow and more tests and I don’t know…” You bite your lower lip, eyes suddenly teary, like realization seems to dawn on you. Like everything is suddenly making sense to you. “I don’t feel good, Nash…” You look into his eyes, but he’s already pushing you back inside and wrapping his arms around you. You immediately hug him back, your face buried in his chest. His warmth and scent consumes you, lets you disappear for a while.

“She’s gonna make it out…” Nash caresses your hair, his lips on the crown of your head and you nod, believing as well. Yet with everything coming at you from behind, you were beginning to feel afraid.

“They found it before it’s too late, didn’t they?” Nash continues softly and you nod once again. “They’re just taking precautions so it won’t return. You don’t have nothing to worry about…”

“I know…” Your voice is shaky and, even in a whisper, it cracks. “It’s all too sudden… w-what if she… I-I’m scared, Nash…” You choke on a sob, your lower lip quivering, not wanting to think about the worst scenario.

Nash tightens his embrace, like he tries to make you disappear from the world. “I know…” He whispers, pressing kisses against your forehead and head every now and then. “I’m here, baby, I’m here.” He closes his eyes as he lets you sob. “I’m not leaving you and your mom is going to make it out. You’ll see she’ll walk through these doors safe and sound.”

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Can you do a Nash Gold Junior cheating scenario where s/o finds out he was cheating. He regrets his action only to see the running s/o be run over by a car. (P.S. I'm also a sucker for angst despite it making me sad 😭)

“…you said what?”

“I only stated the truth.” The young woman in front of him said indifferently, eyes glinted with everything but kindness, “Why did you look so surprise?”


“…dammit.” Cursing under his breath, Nash didn’t even waste another second to dash toward the door.

He’s a fool.

‘…it’s okay. I understand you have to stay late for practice. Just don’t overdo it okay…’

He’s a jerk.

‘…I’ll prepare some dinner for you so make sure you eat whenever you’re home…’

He’s such an asshole.

'…Have fun then. Love you, night…’

Wind slapping his cheek, Nash dashed forward. Pushing his feet to move faster and faster while his eyes darting everywhere.

Why?? Why did he even let that woman suggest that idea from the very beginning??

It all started with just a simple letter. A secret fan. It said. A bold stroke of handwriting phone number written across that sinful letter. One meeting grew into more. The excitement and thrilling adrenaline addict him, making him forget what’s truly important for him.


It finally hit him few days ago.

Your message came when he’s gonna spend another night again with that woman. A message full of love and sincerity. A proof of your feeling to him. The silver ring on his finger glitters brightly, sending an uncomfortable knot in his stomach. Cutting out the relation straight that night, he leaves that furious woman in that hotel room to go where he should go in the first place.

But guess people really reap what they sowed…

'…N-Nash… A woman just called me…’

That crazy mad woman called you. Telling you her sick stories, enjoying every details on how he spend nights away when you wait patiently for your lovely fiancé to come home.

He just wants to bang his head to the wall.

How the hell did he go this way…?

Breathing ragged with anxiety and rage, Nash just kept running like mad man.

He doesn’t care about eyes staring at him with stunning expression. He doesn’t care what those people whisper about when he shoved them away from his way. All he cares about…


It’s getting darker and with how minimum the light on the park is, it’s really hard to see anything.

“___! Answer me! Dammit, ___! Where-!”

His desperate shout stopped only when he spot familiar woman, crouching on tree trunk, faces hidden between her hands.

“Hey, babe. Don’t scare me like that. I-”

“Don’t,” Your raspy but stern voice stopped him on his way toward you. “…please leave me alone.”

“Listen baby. I can expla-”

“I! I always thought it was all wrong hunches…” You whispered, cutting him on his words. “I thought there might be really practice that you have to do until late. I thought Jason’s tease is all just his usual annoying lie. I thought… I thought we’re…alright…” You began to sob. “So why…? Why is it come to this…? Did I do anything wrong? Was there anything I do that annoyed you…? Something that make you don’t want to be with me anymore…”

“It’s not your fault-“

“Then why??” You shouted in frustration, making Nash froze at once. Never in your time together, you’d let your emotion drive you. Being with such a jerk like him, you’re the level-headed one, always kind to others and scold him for being so rude to others. Yet, here you are, shouting at him with honest sadness, hurt and anger. Something he really deserves for all the sin he done.

Nash just so lost of words that he doesn’t know what to say.

He had to say something.

He had to say anything if he doesn’t want you to go away from him.

But what? What to say?

That it was a lie? That the woman just trapped him?

NO. You don’t deserve more lies. He gritted his teeth. His heart clenched in pain as your sob became harder. “___-“

“I’m done…” Wipe up the tears that keep falling down your cheeks, you took a short glance at his face for the last time. That was a man you fall in love with. The one who protect you whenever you’re in trouble. The one who forcefully hold your hand when you’re stubbornly said that you’re not cold. The one who finally admit in his drunken state that he loves you and promise to make you his wife. The fiancé that you love even on this moment. But no. Now every beautiful memory with him only replaced by pictures of him and that woman making out behind your back.

Nash’s eyes widen when you flashed him a sad pressed smile. “Thank you… for everything until now, Nash…”


Before you regret your decision you ran. Tears blinding your eyes, you ran and ran. Away from your now ex-fiance.

“Wait, ___! ___! Don’t leave-!” Back to his senses, Nash ran following you. Desperate plea fall to deaf ears as you keep ran away. “___, don’t-“

It all gone in a flash. A scream. A sound of screeching wires and honking horn. A body. Thrown to the air before it landed on hard asphalt.

”…You promise to really celebrate it with me this year right?” You asked hesitantly as he cuddles you in his arms.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Smirked with confidence he pulled you closer to him. “You believe on what those fools said than your fiancé’s word?”

“It’s not that,” You pouted, “You always said the same thing but turns out there are other plans you have to do at the last second. It’s just… That day is our anniversary. I just want to spend that day alone with you. So promise me for real this time okay? I’ll prepare something special that day.”…

“…Nash? Where are you? It’s nine o’clock and you didn’t even home- Oh… Okay… I understand you have to stay late for practice. Just don’t overdo it okay. I-I’ll prepare some dinner for you so make sure you eat whenever you’re home. Have fun then. Love you, night.” You stared at the phone’s screen in silence as tears began to drop in silent. The candles dimmed sadly as the dinner you prepared are already cold long time ago.


Please come home to me, Nash…




“…Yeah, don’t be such a jerk Jason. If you joke about it like that again, I’ll really kill you.” Nash parked his car smoothly while talking on his phone. “I have to go now. Just pull your shit together and don’t make any trouble when I’m not there to save your ass.” Paying him no mind, Nash cut the connection down. Pulling out the prepared fresh flowers bouquet, he started walking down the hospital hall.

“Welcome back Mr.Gold. The doctor just finished his examination. You can stay until night again if you want.”

Thanking her with short nod, Nash stride down to stop in front of one room’s door.

“Hello babe. You’re awake?”

“Hi,” You smiled giving him one serene smile as he landed a short peck on your lip. “I just awake minutes ago. This little one is a little fuzzy today.”

Shifted his gaze to the bundle of joy curling in your arms, he let out a small smirk. “Well he certainly got that from his mother.”

“What’s that supossed to mean?” You pinched his cheek, pouting. “Last I checked you’re the one causing trouble in our house not me.”

Chuckling with amusement, he placed the flower on the hospital table before taking a seat on your side. He wrapped his arms around you, smiling when you lean on him in content.

“You still love me anyway.” He muttered, as his hand unconsciously rub the faint scar on your hand gently. A reminder of that one remorseful event a year ago. The day when he finally realize how much he’s willing to sacrifice only to see you smile again. “Thank you for sticking with me, baby. I love you…”

“The feeling is mutual silly…” Blushed by how affectionate his whisper in your ear is, you closed your eyes in happiness, savouring your husband comforting warmth and his unspoken promise to keep you and your child safe no matter what you’ll faces tomorrow.

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GoM reaction when receiving valentine’s gift from s/o that’s not good with cooking 🍫

Kuroko Tetsuya

“___san, where are we going?” For almost tenth times on the last five minutes, Kuroko tried not to stumble on his feet. “It’s quite dangerous to walk around like this. Can I open this now?”

“Not yet, Tetsu. Please wait. Right, turn left…and then…”

Soft wind blew on his face. Even with this blindfold on, he could tell that they’re going somewhere high.

Where are you taking him?

It’s right after practice time end, you suddenly asked him to accompany you. Leaving him no choice, Kuroko could only go along as you, with your pretty eyes, begged him to put on blindfold on his eyes and pulled-half-dragged him with you. Though to be honest he feels a little uneasy, relying only his left senses to try guessing what your intention are…

Sighed with experated smile on his face, he let you guide him through the unseen road after him.

“Ah, there it is…” Satisfaction on your voice, your hand worked on the knot, releasing him from the darkness.

“___san where-” Shadowing his eyes from the sudden light, his eyes widden on the beautiful view after him. Thousand of house all blanketed in white pure snow while the pinkish sunset gave them a glorious pink reddish glows. “So beautiful…”

“Isn’t it? Oh and…” You nodded smiling happily at him. “Happy valentine day, Tetsu.”


Blushing slightly you twirled your finger in embarrasment. “I’ve been thinking what to do to save you from eating my horrible cooking this year. Last valentine you passed out after eating my chocolate my after all…”

“It’s not your fault ___san. It’s-”

“Yet I know it is.” You smiled at his kindness. Because he knew you make it with all your heart. Because he knew you’ve worked so hard for it. You know without doubt that Kuroko will insist to eat it. However…

“…so I present different gift for you this year. I hope you’re not disappointed Tetsu.”

…that’s why you want to give him something better this year. To express your love in this very special day where people allowed to be more honest once in a year with what their heart feels…

Kuroko felt his heart tightened joyfully.

Disappointed…? How can he be…?

You jumped a little when he suddenly linked his finger on yours. Smiling with radiant happiness on his blue eyes, Kuroko squeezed your hand gently. “On contratory I’m very happy, ___san. Thank you very much. Can we enjoy the view together a bit longer then?”

Kuroko couldn’t be more happier when you nodded with big grin on your face.

Kise Ryouta

- Waiting for your chocolate since forever.

- Will be the most disappointed when knowing you’re skipping those common tradition (since he wants to brag it off to his teamates)

- His pout turned into confusion when you shove an little picture frame into his hands instead.

- It has photo of two of you posing in front of amusement land’s. That’s… There’s no way he forget. Your first date with him after you agreed to be his girlfriend.

- “I know I’m not good at making anything and this is not even worth as Valentine’s gift, but I want to tell you that I’m so happy because you’re on my side. Thank you Ryouta. I love you.”

- Lots of hugging and kissing.

- “I love you too. Thank you, I’m so happy. Then can you wait until practice is done? We should go for a little valentine’s date! Eh, why? Ah, I just don’t think I can wait for White day to show you how much I love you ___cchi. So promise? Let’s go together then! I can’t wait!”

Akashi Seijurou

- Suspected that you is working on something for him, but pretending not to know about it.

- Still he’s quite surprised when you dragged him to music room, playing a short melody awkwardly on piano as Valentine’s gift for him.

- Give you his most sincere smile accompanied with soft applause for your performance.

- “Why did you apologize? It’s such an outstanding play. I’m serious, ___. Thank you. I appreciate the effort you throw for me. This is the best gift I ever got. May I ask for one more song? Wonderful. Thank you ___. Allow me to join you this time. I’m sure this will be the best melody I’ve ever played.”

Midorima Shintarou

- Though he knew you’re terrible at cooking, he secretly hope you prepare some for him. A tradition is important for a guy like him.

- After hiding from Takao that keeps bugging you two, you finally offer him your Valentine’s present.

- Pair of deep green colored gloves. Hand knitting especially made by you.

- “So this is the reason why you lack of sleep in this past few days. Don’t lie to me ___. Your eyes are all red because of it. Don’t do that again it’s fool to sacrifice your sleep for- Wha- Why did you cry?? No, I don’t hate it! I like it! …y-yes. I-I like it… Wha- No I won’t repeat it again! Geez you’re an odd one, ___. Still t-thank you… I really appreciate this…”

Aomine Daiki

- Cares only a little for something like Valentine.

- Used to Momoi’s handmade so every year he already prepared his stomach to ‘enjoy’ (read:suffer) them.

- However he raised his eyebrow as he found himself with knee pad as Valentine’s gift from you.

- “Is there something you want to say for me ___? Wha- I don’t think I played that recklessly. Geez, okay okay. It’s just only one time. You’re such a worrywart ___. Still, thanks I guess. It’s pretty cool. Huh why? No, of course I don’t mind it to be my Valentine’s gift. Who says it has to be chocolate? Of course I’m right. Who do you think I am? Hey stop hitting me, I’m just kidding. But thanks babe. I really like this thing. I’ll wear it on right away.”

Kagami Taiga

- Of course he’s familiar with Valentine. He stayed at America for long time after all.

- Conflicted between relieved and disappointed when you confess that you don’t prepare homemade chocolate for his valentine’s gift.

- Thinking he do something wrong that made you mad at him.

- His eyes widden when you place a small charm in his big palm instead.

- “…I see. Where did you buy it ___? Huh it got a name on it’s back? Kagami Taiga? My name? Huh you made it yourself?? That’s amazing.. Wha- no! My face is not red! Don’t tease me ___! Uhh, o-of course I’m happy. Thank you ___. I’ll definitely use this everyday.”

Murasakibara Atsushi

- Always waiting for Valentine to come.

- Not only because of the sweets, you being with him has big role as part of his enthusiasm.

- Present him a store bought chocolate and an envelope with your handwriting coupon inside.

- Honestly you confess you still cannot get the hang of sweets making but you’ll try harder for it. The coupon is for when you’re ready to give him your handmade. So will he wait for you a little longer?

- “Hah~? No I don’t mind. ___chin gave me this chocolate right? I’m happy with this too thank you. Ah, but I’ll keep this one. I know ___chin wil be able to make it. So when it’s done, you’ll let me taste it first right ___chin? Yey~ It’s a promise then. Now then can we open this chocolate?”

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Okay! Since I'm trying to get back into Kuroko no Basuke, I'm going to request one for that series! Can I get Supernatural AU headcanons or scenario of a vampire Kuroko falling in love with a girl dressed as a witch on Halloween? Whether it's at a party, or if she's handing candy to kids, ect, is up to you! If it's alright, maybe it can end with a flash forward of them living together? (/)///v//(\) thank you!

Kuroko hadn’t even meant to be out that night. Even with as much personal control as he had it was always a risk allowing himself to be completely surrounded by humans on such a powerfully magic night. But there he was and so was she, dressed in a black corset and purple tulle skirt, her pointed hat completing the look; a classic witch.

He knew instantly she was human; her scent gave that much away. But that didn’t stop him from being intrigued, more curious about her than anyone else at the party.

A glass of punch later and they were talking. She was charming, a beautiful smile almost always present on her face. In all his years of existence, he’d never meant anyone like her before.

It hadn’t taken long for him to fall for her completely.

Explaining to her his origin and species had been nerve wracking, but she’d taken everything in stride, understanding his needs and even coming up with very viable alternatives to his drinking from humans.

And now, here they are, a year later dwelling in his castle on the hill. But he knows, better than most, passing time is their enemy. While he remains ever young, she continues to age. It isn’t a problem, per se, but Kuroko knows his unbeating heart; were she to cease to exist, it would be the literal nail in his coffin.

Her eyes are soft, hand gentle against his face as the smile he fell in love with takes over her face. “I’m yours, Tetsuya. I trust you.”

He sighs, drawing her into his arms, body shaking. He never thought he’d see the day he wanted to change someone, to take away the sun, the warmth, the light.

As if she can hear his thoughts, she whispers in his ear, “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve always preferred the shadows.”

He smiles around his fangs, pressing their points to her skin. “Are you sure?” he asks one last time.

When she nods, he bites down, releasing the toxin that will transform her, make her one of his kind.

Make her his forever.

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Imagine that during the winter, no matter what you do, your hands stay cold. Since you only started dating Nash, he doesn’t know of it until you sneak your cold hands around his torso in the middle of the night.

A sigh escapes your lips as you toss in your bed. You shiver and curl deeper under blankets, trying to warm yourself up. You place hands between your thighs and it is alright for a moment before you shiver once more. Blinking, you look at your right side and see Nash’s bare back. You bite your lower lip and turn his way.

A small smile spreads over your lips when you poke him first. There is no reaction, which means he is still sleeping. You shift closer and watch him for a moment. His breathing is even and you take a deep breath before you wrap your arms around his torso. The warmth of his skin makes you shudder the moment Nash snaps his eyes open.

“What the-” He turns his head and looks at you. “What are you doing?” he asks with eyebrows narrowed, supressing chills that threaten to run down his spine.

“I’m cold.” You say and bury your face in his back.

“Yeah, I can feel that.” He scowls and turns around to face you. “Jesus, what am I going to do with you?” he asks in a sigh.

“Warm me up?” There is a grin on your lips and Nash laughs.

“I can come up with few ways.” He replies and presses a kiss on your forehead. “But for tonight, let’s just sleep…”

Rising an eyebrow, you hum. “Can’t believe I’m hearing that from you of all people.” You laugh and shake with head. Nash grins and trails his kisses down your temple and cheek to the corners of your lips. “I have cold hands in winter.” You sigh in contentment.

“Yeah, I realized…” He smirks and pulls you closer. You could feel his smile at the crown of your head as he brings his arms around you tight. “Don’t worry, we’ll quickly change that.”

You chuckle and place hands with palms open on his back. You hear him gasp ever so quietly and shiver. “That I don’t doubt…”

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