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KnB Characters in Love Triangles (1)

no one asked for this, please accept it nonetheless - bliss


pattern one; aomine x you x kise

  • i’m sure you expected this. i mean, the two rivals with a love-hate relationship? 
  • aomine reenacted yesterday’s clock; went to school, cut classes then fled to the rooftop as he nodded off. nothing acted out of regularity, his world rotating clockwise. he blinked once, twice, hence finally chose to widen his eyes. that’s when he caught a glimpse of you close to the sky. as he stared at your back, the alarm went off with an annoying ringtone, a signal he would never put off.
  • it annoyed him at first, how he would lose authority over his own mind and you invading it. when he saw you everywhere he went, he was convinced outright that his world underwent a turning point. 
  • highschool sweethearts trope!
  • he befriended you thanks to momoi’s help. you and aomine bickered for the stupidest things, but that’s because he teased you on purpose. you had lunch together, watched his basketball practices and sometimes cut classes he fetched you home. 
  • you thought aomine would be a tsundere? nope. aomine has always been straightforward and rushes things out. 
  • dun dun! one day somewhere in the city, a photographer offered you a modeling job. you accepted, thus meeting kise in the modeling area.
  • kise welcomed you in pure insouciance, at first, he deemed you like any other model, professionalism at best. while aomine fell for you at first sight, kise fell for you after trials and errors. and when he decided to embrace those feelings, love created conflict— especially if that love held two rivals in its hands.
  • scenario ;
  • in the midst of going home with kise who volunteered to fetch you after work, you spotted aomine waiting in front of your house. your eyes refused to blink as they were intensely glued on the flame behind his figure, though imaginary. on the other hand, kise snickered. 
  • aomine looked at your way, both hands in pockets as he drew near. 
  • straight stance, he crossed arms, and with a glowering look, aomine remarked, “we’re rivals ‘til the end, huh kise?”
  • aomine is the first lead. doesn’t it break your heart when kise is so desperate to have something, yet he couldn’t fully have it under his grasp? he has done everything he could, but things wouldn’t go his way. like the match of tōō vs kaijo in season one, his desire to win against aomine flamed so intensely yet it died for only one reason, it was destined to rain. definitely second lead material. i am so sorry to break your hearts. 
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request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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what is it?

knb-kreations is a blog dedicated to promoting the few knb content creators on tumblr 

how does it work?

mainly, this blog will consist of reblogs of fics, art, edits, and more. in the future, there may be more additions such as prompt events, a knb-kreator list, or even a discord server

how can you help?

you can help content creators by reblogging works you like and/or adding nice comments to compliment their work. pls remember that content creators are human too and that they’re putting time and effort into their work. so pls try your best to support<3

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Hey❤️ Finished rewatching Kurobas for 10th time yesterday(yeah, I’m a crazy fan 😂) and can’t get enough of fics too. So, what would Akashi, Hayama and Imayoshi do, if their gf gets pregnant? Btw wish you all the best and good luck with fanfic author’s path🍀

hi my @brokenshrimp​ !! thank you so much for waiting, without further ado… here’s a headcanon! p.s. i’m just as obssessed LMAOOOO

Note: I’m writing this under the premise that the S/O has been dating with them for quite some time and is practically settled with them; also female S/O fyi if you want it really explicitly stated

Akashi Seijuro

How He Found Out

  • this man already knew you were pregnant before you even went to the bathroom for the first time from morning sickness
  • it’s the way you became slightly moodier, slightly more fatigue, and to anyone else (those who would even notice anyway), it’s just work exhaustion or just your level of energy for that day
  • nu uh, not Akashi… nothing escapes his EYE(s)
  • it’s really weird because when a pattern developed where you would constantly vomit at the break of day, Akashi just knew to be at your side and bring you some appropriate painkillers and water
  • while you were panicking that you were gonna FUCKING DIE OR SOMETHING WHY AM I THROWING UP HELP, Akashi does not look remotely worried at all,,, I mean he looks worried that the stress on your body might be too overwhelming, but he knows the cause of it all,,,,,, he’s totally smiling on the inside and being really gushy and thinking of THE BEST BABY NAMES AND MAYBE PLAN TO HAVE THE KID BECOME ABSOLUTE ON THE COURTS AT AGE 3 be the best father he could be
  • but he’s not gonna say anything because he knows you want to be the “first one” to figure it out and then tell him
  • you’re not stupid, so eventually, you had an inkling of suspicion of the possibility of pregnancy after your period didn’t come for that month
  • and only after a bucket of positive pregnancy tests were you finally convinced that you have a mini-Akashi in your stomach
  • and then you’re actually having self-doubts about how Akashi somehow found you attractive enough to get you knocked up??? what??? THE Akashi, perfection, emperor, and gentleman?? being the father???? with you?? girl, you were on the bathroom tiles, sobbing your eyes out from all the pent-up anxiousness and doubt and most likely definitely those pregnancy hormones kicking in
  • how the fuck were you gonna tell him? that was the question
  • and you cried even harder as you tried to rack your brain
  • what if you somehow contacted his business partners to throw a formal party with no context for Akashi and then at the end do a huge extravagant reveal?…
  • or maybe you should plan a game where you plant riddles and clues around the house for Akashi to solve and find out about your pregnancy???
  • you took a dramatic gasp
  • what if he doesn’t want the kid after all and then it’d be like in the shows where you have to leave and then have the ultimate angst and heartbreak piled upon you and then your life breaks into shambles?—
  • “(y/n), what are you doing?”
  • oh dear
  • Akashi was just standing at the doorway with the most furrowed brows trying to digest the scene of your tear-stricken (and puffy) face trying to intake gulps of air despite the sniffling, all while you were leaning against the toilet while sitting with sprawled legs on the tiles??
  • “My love, what’s wrong?” Akashi quietly asked, trying to wrap you into his arms in attempt to coax you out of your hysteria
  • as he nestles your snotty face into his chest, he noticed the scattered pregnancy tests
  • ah, so that’s how it is
  • he gently rubs soothing circles down your back to calm you down
  • long story short, you awkwardly hiccuped out your pregnancy announcement and in your head you totally wanted the tiles to swallow you up whole from utter embarrassment
  • “S-s-sei…” a hiccup. “I’m p-pregnant…” hiccup. “I think I’m… pr-pre—” hiccup. “pregnant…”
  • you were trying to gauge his reaction as best as you can, especially with your blurred vision from the tears, but you can only discern a slight smile from him
  • oh no… Akashi was trying to act surprised for your sake, but he can’t—he’s too ecstatic and already a little too prepared for this whole ordeal

During Pregnancy

  • did I mention that he was a little too prepared for this pregnancy deal?
  • he’s acting like he’s the one who’s pregnant KNFWINEIWJW
  • you’re going down in the kitchen for a snack?? SORRY, but he’s going to gently usher you with his hand on your lower back WHILE PULLING YOUR CHAIR FOR YOU… THE SNACK YOU WANTED? DON’T WORRY, HE HAD THE MAIDS PREPARE ANYTHING YOU WISH
  • ALL your cravings would be satisfied
  • except that one time at the ungodly hour of 4am, you wanted instant cup noodles, which isn’t a big deal and you could totally walk to the convenience store for a pack
  • “… Instant… cup noodles?” Akashi groggily asked. “Our staff can prepare a fresh bowl of any type of noodles you want, (y/n).”
  • “But nothing can replace instant noodles…”
  • he’s so ????? confused?? instant?? what’s instant cup noodles??? he technically has “instant” noodles with the fastest staff around?? why do you need instant noodles? was his staff not “instant” enough?
  • “Sei… have you ever tried them before?”
  • “Is it food for the lower class?”
  • “…”
  • Akashi meant no offense, truly… he was just a confused, rich man
  • Akashi really thought your pregnancy would be smooth sailing, especially since he’s so prepared for all your needs, but judging from the way he had to deal with your outburst and yells about “instant food being a luxury” at the woes of 4am from your behalf, one can never be completely prepared for such a thing
  • looks like his Emperor Eye can’t predict everything after all
  • you know what his Emperor Eye can do though? fuck up whoever is looking at you the wrong way because anyone who messes with you might suddenly get an ankle breaker on the sidewalks LMAOOOO

Hayama Kotaro

How He Found Out

  • when you told Hayama in such a matter-of-fact way that you were pregnant, he was BEYOND FREAKED OUT
  • honestly, he didn’t even noticed that you were pregnant in the first place; the reason why you told him so blithely and casually in the first place was because he was ready to pounce on you for a literal consecutive week-streak of banging and you were NOT GOING TO SUBJECT YOURSELF TO THAT MUCH EXERTION ESPECIALLY WITH A PREGNANCY NOW
  • “How’d you even get preg—oh.
  • you’re just sitting there waiting for the cogs to turn in his head as he was actually silent for the first time for so long (even when he sleeps he’s damn noisy)
  • “With that much fucking we both did, I wasn’t even surprised, Kotaro.”
  • “Wait, for real, like, you actually have a baby inside?”
  • “Yes, for real.” you have the most deadpanned face, like is this MAN FOR REAL? IS THIS THE SAME MAN WHO RAVAGED YOU IN THE SHEETS?????????
  • but what you didn’t expect was for Hayama to bounce around the room with literal sparkles in his eyes while doing some acrobatics
  • Me? I’m going to be a dad? Me? A dad! (y/n)!! Seriously!? Don’t pull my leg right now!”
  • you can’t help but laugh at his antics
  • “Stupid, you think I joke about these things?—Wah!”
  • Hayama interrupts you by picking your figure up and spinning you around… and around… and around—
  • “K-Kotaro!—wait! Ack, s-stop! I’m gonna—throw—ERF!”
  • “Sh-shit! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Wait, (y/n), are you okay, oh my god—”
  • oh boy, it was going to be a looooooooong journey for the both of you
  • honestly, Hayama was a kid in his own right and now you’re gonna end up with ANOTHER ONE in your household?? someone send you help

During Pregnancy

  • someone please send help
  • poor Hayama is so lost and he doesn’t know how to care for you and your pregnancy
  • he’s trying so hard but he just doesn’t understand hormones and why you’re acting so snappy with him???
  • especially since he’s an impatient guy too and blows his short fuse much faster—
  • it was a doozy the first couple weeks to a month, and it took a HUGE readjustment for the both of you
  • Hayama deadass calls over Mibuchi Reo frequently ESPECIALLY to deal with you and Reo just looks at him with absolute scorn LMAOOO
  • Sighhh, amateur.”
  • Reo honestly is such a mom and takes care of your needs so much better than Hayama
  • Hayama is a bit sad and jealous that you can rely on Reo so much and he wants to step up to be a reliable person for you too :((
  • you even seem to rely on Nebuya a lot for errand runs or when Reo insists he escorts you outside the house so no one DARES to try anything
  • Hayama is going through some stuff, man—he’s having his own version of moodiness and temper changes
  • when Reo cooks up something for you or expertly soothes your sickness away, Hayama attentively observes from afar on how he does it, so he can do the same for you one day
  • honestly, your pregnancy was so much for you to handle and as much as you appreciate the maturity of Reo and Nebuya, you wanted nothing more than your ball of energy named Hayama by your side
  • so when you noticed a weirdly shy Hayama peeping into your room, you had a stupid grin on your face as you beckoned him over
  • poor guy was just really nervous approaching you for the first time in a solid 2 weeks, but he’s missed your gentle touch so he wasn’t going to object
  • but he doesn’t want to be so rough or careless so he’s legit 6 feet apart, practicing social distancing
  • “Come closer, stupid.”
  • “I, uhhh…” he slightly scoots closer
  • “What? What are you so timid for? I wanna cuddle with you… please?”
  • “F-fine…” he averts his eyes as he stiffly wraps his arms around your shoulders, because he doesn’t want to hurt you and the baby, as much as he wants to wrap around your stomach and somersault you across the mattress like he used to do
  • and you grab his hands down to your stomach and he feels a very small movement?? a kick?? something?? but it feels very, very alive
  • “You’re gonna be so great with our kid, Kotaro,” you assured him, nuzzling into his body, and you smile when you feel him finally relaxing against your frame
  • “… Can we have another kid?”
  • “If we bang again while you’re pregnant without protection, would we get twins?”
  • “… do you think the kid will inherit my tooth?”
  • “KOTARO!”
  • Whaaaat?” and he’s totally pouting at you
  • yeah, you technically have to care for two kids after this… 

Imayoshi Shoichi

How He Found Out

  • DOES IMAYOSHI EVEN LIKE KIDS? was the first thing that came to your mind when you stare down at the cursed pee stick test
  • now what?
  • you two never really had a talk about having a family, being parents, none of that; you were both too busy in your own respective careers to even spend time together, let alone have a kid
  • would he be a good father?? he’s quite sly clever and would be more than capable in teaching your future kid, but would he even be willing to put that effort?
  • you were sporting the harshest frowns and the most pondering expressions around the house the entire week (alone, Imayoshi is off at work constantly), pacing back and forth in attempt to rack up the possibilities of what would happen if you told him
  • but you should probably think of how to tell him first
  • as much as you wanted to make this reveal elaborate, you knew with little free time both of you had, he’d probably appreciate a straightforward talk instead
  • so when he finally comes home for the first time in a hot second, his eyes (imayoshi: ➖👄➖) immediately scanning for you until they land right on you just a few meters away
  • he’s already having NSFW plans with you and wants to monopolize what little time you both have this evening and he SLINKS OVER TO YOUR SIDE WITH THIS NATURAL LEVEL OF SEDUCTION YOUR KNEES ARE WEAK BUT YOU HAVE TO TELL HIM THAT YOU’RE—
  • “I’m pregnant, Shoichi,” was all you said when he ghosted his fingers over your collarbones
  • his fingers froze when he heard you
  • excuse me, what? what did she say?
  • “Now, now, it’s not polite to joke like that, (y/n)-chan.”
  • his eyes are fully blown open (imayoshi: 👁👄👁) as he tries to gauge your facial expressions, your body language JUST YOUR ENTIRE DEMEANOR TO TRY TO DISCERN IF YOU’RE BEING 100% SERIOUS
  • “… you’re not joking, aren’t you,” he says, without a hint of a questioning lilt at all
  • “Do you think I’m someone who even puts in the same effort of playing mind games with people like you do?” you reply with an equally dry tone
  • “No, but you often try so hard only to come up so short,” he says, as he leans in closer to your face while STILL HAVING HIS EYES OPEN AND OBSERVING YOUR EVERY MOVEMENT LIKE A PREDATOR, and you really thought the glints in his irises meant something WILD and you were ready to put a stop to Imayoshi if he tried to take you to bed
  • but then he just places a chaste kiss on you, and his ghosting fingers on your collarbones simultaneously travel up to your face to hold your cheek
  • “Got you.”
  • “I’m obviously well aware, (y/n),” he dryly teased, but his face immediately turns very serious when he starts thinking about how to go from here
  • “C’mere.” and HUP he scoops you up from under your knees to carry you to the bed but before you can scold him again, he just tucks you in and gives you a forehead kiss
  • “You’ve been unnecessarily overworking yourself. I’ll make some calls for you and see what I can do.”
  • no matter how much you tried to object, Imayoshi is extremely firm on you getting ample rest

During Pregnancy

  • first of all, he begins to work overtime… for your sake
  • and when he does get home, he often finds you already snoozing with a growing stomach that makes his heart go yay
  • only when you’re asleep (thankfully most of the time you were anyways) he puts his hand on your stomach to try to feel anything
  • otherwise he’d just give you some chaste kisses, massages, meal-in-beds type deals
  • he’ll never admit it to you but he’s definitely done some research on pregnancies, birth, newborn care, ALL THAT STUFF whenever you were asleep (after he admires you and tries to listen for signs of the baby, of course)
  • he’s definitely asked Momoi about advice, figuring that maybe a female’s perspective on this would help
  • oh, but he’ll definitely bring along some smartass comments and double (even triple) entendres along with his small acts of kindness
  • ALL delivered with smirks
  • in your pregnancy stage, everything he does pissed you off even more in one way or another YOU’RE SO READY TO PUNCH HIM AT ONE POINT and he’s just here with his closed-eye smiles
  • but despite all those annoying comments he gives to you, never once had he complain or had any reservations about your pregnancy
  • like, you totally expected him to tell you that he wasn’t for the child and being very cynical about the entire ordeal
  • nor does he seem to complain. at all. even with the extra stress and burden he’s shouldering
  • and then that day you burst into tears seeing him when he comes home and he’s mildly confused at your stunt but calms you down nonetheless without questioning a thing
  • he’s legit hearing incoherencies of “I feel bad” and “You’re over-exerting yourself” coming from you as you cling to him and he just sighs and says sweet nothings until you fall straight asleep
  • Imayoshi… seems… softer
  • that aside, this man addresses you using everything BUT your name… like his “balloon,” his “soap bubble,” AND THIS MAN EVEN DARED TO CALL YOU HIS LITTLE BIG BASKETBALL HELP
  • every time you throw a hissy fit at every little thing because of those damn hormones, he calmly sits both of you and him down as he tries to rationally explains what the problem even was or how to find the solution but you find the entire thing patronizing because you KNOW from his dry tone of voice that he sounds completely done with this entire ordeal
  • and then it causes a lot of needless fights from the two of you considering that you’re accusing him of being patronizing and not showing you any sympathy, and Imayoshi is just here thinking you’re being extremely irrational for no damn reason other than to spite him
  • Momoi please send help
  • still, you’re uneasy because he’s taking care of you, but you’ve never seen him excited? happy? about the pregnancy? like he’s so indifferent about it and it lowkey gets you down
  • does he think it’s just an obligation?
  • and more often than not, you would walk yourself to the convenience store to buy some unhealthy snacks and chips just to satisfy your hunger and cravings because Imayoshi was pretty much always out
  • you’re lonely, hungry, and hormonal, you don’t feel good ALRIGHT?
  • and you’re just walking back to your place until someone is trying to harass you and you were READY to fuck them up but Imayoshi is magically right there giving them the most bone-chilling glare
  • “Are you friends with my dear (y/n)?” he slightly cocks his head to attempt some level of passive-aggressive friendliness. “Otherwise I’d highly advise you to scram.”
  • “Sh-shoichi!? Shouldn’t you be at work?”
  • “My, my, to think you’ve been doing your own share of traveling while I’ve been gone.”
  • “I literally just walk a block.”
  • “That’s my point, darling.”
  • and HUP AGAIN he’s doing the princess carry with you back to your place, disregarding the curious onlookers on the way
  • “… I came home early today. Figured to spend some time home.”
  • in response, you smile against his neck and you knew he cared about you and the baby, even if he wasn’t your typical type of guy to get giddy
  • he wants to save up so when you finally give birth, he’d have enough to let you AND him be permitted off work on official (temporary) leave without worrying about money
  • in other words, he wants to be able to be fully at home with you and your kid, being a good dad, and JUST SPENDING ALL HIS TIME WITH YOU AND HE’S BEEN SAVING UP ON THE BABY RESOURCES AND BABY NUTRITION
  • spoiler alert: he’s confused again for the umpteenth time JEJWIDIWO
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request from @.anon: hai hai! its me 🌺 anon! I really love your work very much <3 can i request something? Since murasakibara’s bday was 1-2 days ago, how about his gf surprising him with an all you can eat coupon and they eat alot and gf just brings out a cake when he was out to get some more food? And found a ring on top of the cake! It’s basically proposing through food 😭 anyways have a nice day!

# tags: scenario; current relationship; aged up; romance; big fluff; cute shit; sfw

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: CUTE CUTE CUTE… Thank you!! Hope you like it! Have a nice day/night too, bby! Also, I know that I’m a little late but hope it isn’t a big problem…


“… Thank you, Y/N-chin. Literally the best birthday in my whole life.” For the fifth time in the last twenty minutes, you have heard this sentence, which making you smile warmly and nod towards the tall man.

“Atsushi, my baby, you don’t have to thank me.” You spoke honestly, then put some rice with a delicious curry sauce in your mouth. “You deserve it. Anyway, you have your twenty-fifth birthday only once, so…” You added with a slight chuckle on your tongue, and he smiled lazily as he took another piece of sushi. After a moment he closed his eyes, savoring the taste of the food, and you looked down a little, making sure that the tiny bag with cake inside was still lying beside your feet. Luckily, it was there and your heart was flooded with nice warmth.

The next minutes passed quietly as the two of you talked about the days ahead; about college, about work, and of course about Murasakibara’s team who still be interested in basketball and continued to be a great center of the squad.

At one point, you got so busy with the conversation that you didn’t notice that practically all the food was gone from the table. There were no longer any warm takoyaki, cold soba noodles, curry, rice or tempura. You also ran out of iced tea, so your lovely boyfriend said he would bring you something good, as the coupon you gave him for his birthday was still working. You nodded at him, then took a deep breath as soon as the man left your table.

Judging all the ‘pluses’ and ‘minuses’ you took out a pretty, tiny and tasty-looking cake from the white, paper bag. You took the clear wrapping off it, which kept everything safe from traveling, and then placed the cake on the spot where Atsushi’s plate had been. As you were in the restaurant, you didn’t light the cake candles, but instead took out a red box from your pants pocket, which perfectly matched the strawberries and raspberries on the cream. Of course, you flipped it open so that the engagement ring inside will immediately caught your beloved boyfriend’s eyes, and then waited another long minute for the purple-haired to return to his place with a plate full of food and with two glasses of juice for you.

“… Oh, did you buy a cake, Y/N-chin? Mmm, it looks so delicious.”

“I made it myself.” You smiled softly and your boyfriend widened his eyes. He was definitely and genuinely delighted.

At first, Murasakibara didn’t notice the shiny ring, probably thinking that it was a piece of cake or a small candy, but the more he looked at the cake, the more he noticed the fact that the box with the ring was not made of chocolate, but of leather, gold and the precious gemstone that was the same color as your eyes.


“You know ‘Sushi that I love you so much, right? We’ve been together for eight years and maybe… A-Ahhh, I don’t remember what I wanted to say, I’m so sorry. I just, umm… Would you like to spend the next years with me, but not as my boyfriend, but as my fiancé and husband?” You asked shyly, and your cheeks seemed as red as the fruit on top of the cake.

For a moment neither of you spoke, and it took a few minutes for your boyfriend to lower his head and you clenched your fists.

“A-Atsushi? Baby?”

“Y/N-chin…” He whispered, lifting his head, and only then you noticed the tears in his eyes, and the blushes on his ears and nose. “I love you. Of course I will spend the rest of my life with my Y/N-chin… Come here to me, please.”

With a huge smile, you got up from your seat and sat on Atsushi’s lap, kissing him on the forehead, cheeks and lips. Finally, you reached for the ring, which was still on top of the cake, and put it on the hand of your fiancé. Fortunately, the size fit his hand perfectly.

“Now I can really say it’s the best birthday of my life.” He said happily, pressing his face against your warm neck. “Thank you, Y/N-chin.”

“Thank you too, ‘Sushi. Happy birthday once again.”

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May I request for an HC or Fic, you can choose, of like…Aomine’s crush is like the MOST OBLIVIOUS person and at least the same year as sakurai. Daiki teases them to be flirty but they think he hates them so they go to basketball practice crying looking for ryo because aomine “hates” them but daiki just butts in and tells them in frustraition? If only you’re okay with it though hahahaha

@thirsthourdemon hi!! sorry it took so long woooo thank you for stopping by this blog and sorry it took so long D:

Oblivious!reader x Aomine Daiki


Note: as much as my head is FILLED with the urge to write a fic, my uni classes said “hell no.”

  • so you can be a bit dense and while Aomine finds it really really cute at first…
  • endearing and cute… only for the first few weeks he’s tried to make a somewhat attempt to hit on you ever since he saw you smiling at your class president in the hallways
  • but after that,,,, well,,,,,,,,
  • you were very close friends with Sakurai, his mild, but responsible personality meshing perfectly well with your slightly airheaded personality
  • what does that mean? well, you would sit on the benches to watch Sakurai practice while you were either A.) doing your homework and being absolutely oblivious to the curious (or less than decent) stares or B.) eating Sakurai’s extra bentos he would sometimes pack that day because you would sometimes forget your own
  • this doesn’t bode well for Aomine, especially since he ditches practice 24/7 and every time he tries to look for you after school, he could never find you for some reason
  • until he showed up to practice that one time to steal an octo-dog from Sakurai’s bento when he saw you talking with the coach, trying to earnestly learn more about the sport
  • ohohohoho, his smirk grew and he’s having the wildest ideas in trying to get your attention
  • *proceeds to rip off the entire backboard and glances to your figure to see you wide-eyed*
  • *also waits outside the gym with a confused Momoi until everyone except you and Sakurai leave*
  • Aomine also tells Momoi to scram, also subtly glares at Sakurai
  • both leave but both give each other the look before they both hide behind the bushes to eavesdrop
  • there was no way in hell Sakurai would leave you alone to Aomine, even if he was someone who wasn’t confrontational
  • Momoi, on the other hand, even if she was pissed he name-called her, didn’t trust him to be on his own devices, especially with someone as sweet as you
  • “So you’re the one Wakamatsu has been ranting about,” you said tilting your head up as you took in Aomine’s appearances for the first time
  • “Huh? Yeah I guess,” he flippantly grumbled, scratching the back of his head as he averted his gaze away
  • you gasped, bringing Aomine’s (and the eavesdroppers’) attention back to you
  • “Wha…? Where’s Ryo?”
  • “…” - everyone right now
  • as you cluelessly look around your surroundings, Aomine steps forward to clasp your wrist and slightly tug you towards him to get your attention back on him
  • “Tch, forget about him for a second.” Aomine makes a harsh frown before remembering that he was supposed to make a good impression
  • your eyes curiously dropped to his hand on your wrist
  • “Aomine-san… Is there something wrong with my wrist?”
  • Huh?? No, obviously not you idi—(y/n)—” he coughs out in an attempt to cover up his mishap but you don’t seem to notice
  • Wahhhh, I have to look for Ryo!” you said, your brows furrowing. “He’s probably waiting for me right now! Ah, I’ll see you later, Aomine-san!”
  • and you dash from Aomine, breaking free from his loose clutch on you
  • Aomine just stands there dumbly, watching you until you leave his sight before he kicks the dirt in irritation
  • meanwhile, Sakurai leaves the bushes to chase after you and Momoi huffs as she stomps to him and pushing Aomine from behind
  • Ow—what the hell?”
  • “Mou—I can’t believe it! You can’t just treat everyone like that!”
  • “Hah? You never nagged me about this before. Besides, don’t you people like that kinda stuff?”
  • “Ugh, Aho-mine! You lack delicacy! You have to be romantic and sweet if you like the person—!”
  • “Who says I like (y/n)?”
  • “It was as clear as day, stupid!”
  • meanwhile…
  • Sakurai is gently scolding you for getting yourself into a “possibly scary” situation although you don’t really get it
  • “What’s scary about Aomine?”
  • “E-e-eh?? Lots, (f/n)!! Did you not see him beat up Wakamatsu-san and rip off the hoop??”
  • “Well, I dunno, Ryo…” you started. “He seems out there, but I think he’s a nice guy.”
  • “That’s what you say to every person you meet.”
  • “Hmpf! Not everyone,” you pouted
  • “Just… just be careful, okay?… I worry for you…”
  • for the two weeks, it was a pattern of Aomine waiting for you outside the gym after every practice, while Momoi and Sakurai begrudgingly hiding to eavesdrop, ready to intervene if needed
  • that said, both are inwardly cringing at Aomine’s attempts at “flirting” while everything just seems to fly over your head as you blink and politely smile
  • “You’re not half-bad looking, y’know?”
  • “So who’s the other ‘half-bad’?”
  • “What?”
  • “What?”
  • You would tilt your head innocently at a flustered but frustrated Aomine
  • if you listen hard enough, you could hear a loud worried sigh and an “Ahomine!” from a distance
  • or another day:
  • “So there’s a movie at 5 tomorrow, and I got an extra ticket. Wanna go?”
  • “Don’t you have Momoi?”
  • “She has practice.”
  • “Don’t you have practice, too?”
  • “….”
  • or another day:
  • he decided to take Momoi’s advice in being more “forward” but showing enough romantic gestures to get the point across… but the only thing he could settle on without getting too sappy was the kabedon
  • “A-Aomine-san! What’s wrong? Can you stand properly? Do you need to go to the—”
  • “Shut up already, (y/n),” he drawled, before he tried to lean in closer to your face…
  • but then you slapped your hand to his forehead and leaned even closer to his face to try to feel his temperature
  • oh, but your lips—too close—too close—help—
  • “Oh no! You are burning up!”
  • Aomine was ready to faint right there and then
  • “You need to tell her and be honest, Dai-chan!”
  • “Shut up, Satsuki. Non’ya business.”
  • “It is, Aho-mine!” she huffed. “(y/n)-chan is my friend too!”
  • he groans as he sits up from his napping position at the rooftop before he stretches his limbs and walks to the gym
  • “Aomine-san! You’re coming to practice today?” you turned to the blue-haired ace at the doorway in surprise
  • “Nope, I’m sleeping.”
  • “Huh?”
  • he languidly walks to your side to steal your onigiri
  • “Wha—?”
  • “Thanks for the food, shortie.”
  • “Ah?”
  • and he gives your head a few firm taps before he leaves the gym before a Momoi unceremoniously bursts into the room, wheezing
  • “Is Dai-chan here?…”
  • you shake your head “no” in response, still in a stupor at processing what just happened, and Momoi just dashes back outside to track him down
  • “A-Aomine-san!” your fingers barely grazed the pencil as he held it up way above his own head. “Could you please… give that back?”
  • “You can get it back if you manage to get it,” he said, with a mischievous smirk on his face
  • “Wh-why meee?” you whined, as your breath shortens out of exertion
  • “You’re the only one who could cure my boredom.”
  • “Aho-mine! Give it back to (y/n)-chan!”
  • “Tch, fine…”
  • yeah, he’s just been calling you various names, stealing things and taunting you to get it back by running FULL SPEED IN THE HALLWAYS, knowing FULL WELL YOU COULD NEVER CATCH UP
  • “Dai-chan, can you stop messing with (y/n)-chan? You’re so childish, sheesh!”
  • “Didn’t you say to be honest? They’re short, right? And I’m just playing with (y/n). You know that.”
  • Momoi wants to kill him right there and then
  • “Ugh! I swear, you’re so dumb! We might know you don’t mean these things, but does (y/n)-chan know? Besides, you’re not being honest with your feelings to them at all! Stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid!”
  • “Ryo,” you sniffled to him one day. “Do you think Aomine hates me?”
  • “W-well, as much as I stay away from him… If he hated anyone he would make sure they know it…”
  • “I knew it! Was it something I said?” you gasped. “Maybe I’m the reason why he never went to practice. Maybe my presence annoys him—”
  • and you’re ready to break down in the middle of the hallways at the possibility of having someone hate you because of your obliviousness to your own insensitivity
  • “N-no! (f/n)-san, it’s not that!” Sakurai uncharacteristically firmly says. “Why don’t you talk to him to sort it out?… I’ll walk you to him but…”
  • despite your reluctance, you figured it was the best course of action, and you were determined to at least apologize to him
  • well, you were until you turned around and walked smack dab into the touou ace
  • as you rub your nose to ease the pain and look up to the person, ready to apologize, you freeze
  • uh oh, did he hear the entire thing?
  • you mad dashed to the opposite direction but he immediately chases after you, leaving a concerned Sakurai in the dust
  • of course, you were no match for his long legs his agility and you were soon tackled by him when you were both outside the classroom buildings
  • as he tackled you, he cradled you into his arms as he twisted his body to take the brunt of the fall
  • “Ah! I’m so sorry, I’ll get off right no—”
  • he fully locked his lips onto yours
  • “Shut up, already.” he frowns before continuing, “I never hated you, stupid.”
  • “You… don’t?”
  • “Tch,” he clicks his tongue in irritation but he still pulled your cheek affectionately
  • “O-ow! Why don’t you go… to practice then?”
  • in response, he sighs and says, “it’s a long story, but I’ll tell you at Maji Burger… how’s that sound?”
  • “O-oh! I didn’t bring money today!”
  • “I meant as a date. You, me. Between us. As a romantic thing.”
  • “R-r-romantic!?”
  • “Do I have to spell it out?” he sighs loudly. “I like you, shortie.”
  • “H-hey!”
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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine Daiki x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: FINALLY!! After soo long, here’s ANOTHER chapter!! AHH. I hate to say it, but this story is coming to an end… I think there’ll be a few more chapters? Can’t guarantee.. But I’m grateful everyone has been patient with me!! You can also find it on my AO3!! Enjoy!


The day you met Aomine Daiki, was on a clear blue sky.

You were practicing dribbling on a nearby court, moving the ball between your legs in a quick motion. It was one of your weaker moves, but you were at least good at shooting. It wouldn’t be enough to win the next game though.. You frown, halting your movements and stare up at the hoop, as if studying it. How many times have you faced up against opponents taller than you? Surely there has to be a way to outsmart them and be able to reach the hoop?

The ball began hitting the cement once more, and you narrowed your eyes, making fake movements before spinning on your feet. Taking a jump back, you shot the ball into the hoop, watching as it effortlessly sinks in.. Wiping the sweat from your eyebrow, you sigh, staring at the ground… Is there a way to get better? How can you be the assistant captain if you can’t lead your team with the captain?

“OI! Move off the court! It’s not meant for girls!”

The voice cut you out of your reverie, and you glare, turning your attention to the group of boys… Great… You’re going to be harassed once again from playing a ‘boys’ sport. You made your way to your ball, only to stumble when one of them grabs it, spinning it on his finger as he sneers at you.

“You think a girl can play against a group of boys and win?” he laughs, not bothering to look at you. It was clear to you he was the leader… His arrogance was evident.

“Girls can play any sport boys can!” you glower, eyes narrowing. “Besides, this is a PUBLIC court… Anyone can play on it!”

He sneers, stopping the spinning of the ball. He looks at it, casting a glance at you. He then starts to tease you with the ball, watching as you jump up and down, trying to reach it… Curse your height!

“How can you play when you’re not even tall enough to reach the hoop??” He laughs, and then proceeds to throw your ball off the court… You gasp, turning to chase it, only to trip on his foot, and you almost hit the pavement. Hard…

Instead, you wind up in someone’s arms..

“OI! Pick on someone your own size!”

You blink, gasping lightly as you inhale the young boy’s scent, finding yourself blushing… He smells good… You look up at him, mouth parting as his beautiful navy blue hues meet yours, and you’re suddenly tongue-tied… H…He’s so….


“Tch… Whatcha gonna do about it, shorty?” the older male sneers, not liking his bullying was being interrupted…

Aomine’s snaps out of his fascination of you, turning to look at them, glaring. He puts you behind him, grabbing the ball from the other teen and laughs, spinning the ball on his finger…

“I’m gonna fight you! Four on one! If you can beat me, I’ll leave with her and we won’t be on the court again!” He replies smugly, bouncing the ball on the ground… “But… If I win…” He then charges at them, bouncing the ball between their legs, and throws the ball into the hoop with one hand.

“… You’ll apologize to her and never step foot on this court again.”


You watch the game, mesmerized by the young boy’s plays… He was laughing, grinning with mischief as he made each shot, dodging each of their moves effortlessly… It was hard to believe he was your age…. He plays like a natural.. As if he breathes basketball…

At the end of the match, you’re unable to tear your eyes away, feeling slightly flustered at the scene before you… No words could begin to describe what took place, and you feel rooted to the ground… Everything about this… Is surreal, and she finds herself feeling just a little envious… Not because of his skill persay… But because he looks like he’s enjoying himself… And she finds herself wishing, he never stops smiling.

The thought makes her blush deeply, and she crouches down, burying her face in her knees.

“Oi! You okay?”

His voice brings her out of her turmoil, and she looks up at him, his gaze curious and a slight hint of worry. You immediately stand up, nodding your head as you dust off your shorts.

“A…Ahh!! I’… I’m okay!!” She looks around, noticing the males are gone… “W…What happened?”

He clicks his tongue, a soft frown on his lips, “I kicked their butts..” He replies, tossing the gross ball away. He didn’t want to touch anything belonging to them.. He then runs towards the edge of the court, grabbing your long forgotten ball. He brings it back to you, holding it out towards you.


As if shocked, you take the ball from his hands, gasping at the small twinge of electricity… You hear it from his lips too, before looking up at him , swallowing the lump in your throat..

“T….Thank you…” you whisper, a tiny smile on your lips. He rubs the back of his head, unable to meet your eyes, a small blush dusting his cheeks…

“Those guys had it coming…:” he whispers, “Anyone can play basketball… and I was tired of them picking on you…”

You find yourself staring up at him, a tiny giggle leaving your lips.

“Y…You’re a really good player… er…”


Your eyes widen at his stutter, but he says his name with clear conviction, and you’re once again, amazed at his stature… And you feel… safe with him… Something you’ve only experienced with your father… Speaking of…

“AH! It’s getting late!! I have to get back home!” you gasp, bowing at him. You meet his gaze, grinning at him brightly,

“Thank you Daiki!! I appreciate what you did for me!”

You then begin running off the court, only to stop at his voice.

“Oi!! I didn’t catch your name!!”

You whirl around, eyes wide at his words, and you smile bigger, waving a hand.

“It’s _______!”

You almost trip in your haste, but you had to get home! Otherwise your dad would start to worry… and he wouldn’t let you out to play on the courts again! As you ran away, Aomine couldn’t take his eyes off your form.. You were cute, and he had caught you training a little… He could tell you were a good player, and he hopes to see you again on these courts…

“Be safe, _____-chan….” he whispers, before he makes his trek back home.


~ Two years later ~

It’d been a couple years since you ran into Daiki on the street court… And you couldn’t stop thinking about him… His enthusiasm for the sport your father played somehow renewed your interest, allowing you to bond with your father… It’d been rocky since you were forced to live with your mother, and during that time, you couldn’t return to the courts, unable to meet with Daiki again… You wanted to play with him, get to know him as a person… Everything about him, it screamed at you.. Somehow you found yourself going to Teiko… Per your mother’s request.

And that’s where you now stood, in front of the gates, staring up at them with wide eyes… A prestigious school… The aura around it was powerful, and you found yourself sweating.. You were feeling anxious, having everyone’s attention on you… Since you’d grown up, some of your assets… had well… stood out…

“Hey.. She’s cute!! We should go talk to her!”

“I’m going to make her my girlfriend!”

“Let’s get her to join our club!”

You started to feel your palms clam up, and you swallow the lump in your throat. All you want is to make it to homeroom, and relax. The first day is always the hardest, and you didn’t want to fall behind… It was when you were heading inside you saw a flash of navy blue hair.. And it made you pause… You watch, eyes wide as the boy you met a couple years ago walks by, accompanied by a beautiful pinkette, and they seem very close… You wanted to shout his name, to confirm it was truly him, but something held you back.. Before you got caught, you ran up the stairs towards your class, unaware of those hues looking in your direction.


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Hi !! OF course you can! Thanks for requesting! :D

Midorima should’ve accompanied you to the party. 

It wasn’t his scene, but the idea of you being at one without him makes him nervous.. He was calm when he heard you were going with a group a friends.. But he didn’t get the address.. And he wishes he pushed you to tell him.

His eyes are directed on the work in front of him, but his mind is elsewhere.. Thinking of you… He told you never hesitate to call him whenever you were in trouble… And so far, he didn’t hear from you.

He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

He rubs under his eyes, stretching his arms as he grunts in discomfort. He’s tired, sore and wants to go to sleep.. But he CAN’T sleep until he knows you made it home safely…

That’s when the phone rang.

He sees your name, and immediately answers, voice gruff with a hint of concern,


A quiet sniffle echoes through his ear, before a shaky sigh.


“What’s wrong?” he asks, immediately standing up and grabbing his jacket. He doesn’t hide the concern anymore, running down the stairs to grab the keys and jacket.. Slipping into his shoes, he shuts the door behind him, getting into his parent’s car.

“I… I was left alone at the party…” you sniff, letting out a shaky sigh. “M..My friends… they got drunk… and I… I don’t know where they are…”

The sound of glass smashing in the background urges Midorima to drive faster, but his phone is sitting on the seat, on speaker as he puts his focus on the road.

“I’m coming to get you, _____… Don’t hang up until I get there..”

He hears another sniffle, and a tiny whisper, “M…My phone is going to die soon… I forgot to charge it before I left…”

He looks at the gps, alerting him of the time and nods. “I should be there in fifteen minutes, _____… Can you wait outside for me?” 

“…I..I’ll see if I can find my way out… It’s crowded in here…”

“Just stay on the line until your phone dies, I’m coming for you.”


Your phone dies ten minutes later, and you’re now waiting outside, shivering from the cold.. You left your jacket at your friend’s house.. As you were supposed to spend the weekend there.. Your parents had left that day for a week-long trip, and you let them go alone, knowing they wanted some much deserved alone time.

You wish you had insisted on Midorima to come with you… You didn’t think your friends were going to get plastered, or end up leaving you for some random men.. You find yourself resting against the tree, near the sidewalk, and you want to avoid being seen… Some of the people, they weren’t friendly… And how your friends knew about this party is beyond you..

It’s then you saw a car pull up, and you breathed a sigh of relief….


You manage to stand up on your feet, urging them to move as you run to the car. He just exits the car when you jump at him, burying your face in his warm chest… He’s wearing a coat and jacket, but the outer layer is immediately taken off and resting around your shoulders.

“Are you okay, ______?”

You sniff, nodding your head with a tiny smile. “…I’m okay now… because I have you!”

Your stomach growls, and a blush covers your cheeks, eliciting a sigh from his lips. He gently walks you to the passenger side, helping you get in. 

“Let’s stop at Maji burger on the way home” he mumbles, a light blush on his cheeks. He tries to hide it with a frown, pressing a quick kiss to your cheek.

“You can spend the weekend with me, ______…. Let’s go.”

You watch him go to the driver’s side, and find your lips curling into a small smile. It warmed your heart to know he came calling for you, without any hesitation… You gently take his left hand, holding it within yours as you relax in the seat, heat beginning to reach every part of your body…

“Thank you… Shintarou-kun…”

He keeps his attention on the road, ignoring the reddening of his cheeks, as he lets out a small “humph.”

“I told you I’d come anytime you called.”

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Request: GOM having a movie night (or any kind of get together) and AoKise (especially Aomine) do a lot of PDA. [ @hkbs-world ]


pairing: aomine daiki x kise ryouta

genre: fluff, crack

trigger warnings: none

word count: 1,012

song recommendation: sucker by jonas brothers (

a/n: wrote this in class so this might be a little bad. sorry!! 😭 requests are open btw!! <33


“Can you fix yourselves, and just watch the movie?!” Midorima snapped, when he had enough of the chaos that is happening right before his eyes.

It has been 6 months since the gang got together. And Momoi being Momoi, she organized a “movie night” which took a lot of effort, and bribery so that the movie night would actually happen. It was easy to convince Kuroko, Akashi, and Kise since they are always down for anything. Akashi bribed Murasakibara with large packs of cookies, potato chips, and maiubo just so he would join the movie night.

Momoi asked Takao to convince Midorima, and Midorima being the tsundere that he is, he told Takao that he won’t go, but the green haired boy showed up the earliest at Momoi’s house, which is the venue for the movie night.

Momoi had no problems convincing Aomine because his boyfriend, Kise, is going, which means he would definitely not miss the movie night. Aomine and Kise did not see each other for 2 weeks now, which is why Aomine was so excited about the movie night.

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request from @wrinkledoldbat​: Hellou^^!! Its feels so great to interact with your blog again! Since I don’t want to overwhelm you a lot, I would just like to request Jason Silver and Haizaki Shougo (the usual tea, ya know?) with a s/o who has anxiety and gets overwhelmed (short of breath, teary eyes etc.) in certain situations? Hope its not too much! Make sure to stay safe and healthy all the time! Sending lots of love<3

# tags: scenarios; current relationships; drama; also fluff; protective boyfriends; rather sfw

{!} warnings: curses, anxiety, panic attacks (because of dogs and school/exams)

  • includes: jason silver & shougo haizaki {knb}

a/n: HEYYYYYY AGAIN, CUTIE!! I missed you, ngl. Thank you for your request and your really warm words :(( I’m so happy <3 Also take care of yourself and drink water! It’s very important! 



You’ve been waiting for today with a huge smile and joy painted on your face; you finally persuaded your boyfriend on a date, and it wasn’t an ordinary date! You two were supposed to go for a walk, then for ice cream at your favorite coffee shop, and finally to the cinema for a movie for which you had ordered tickets a week ago.

Especially for today’s occasion, you dressed the most beautiful clothes and comfortable shoes for walking around the city or park. You were really excited, that’s why you arrived at the meeting point ten minutes too early, which forced you to wait on a bench under a big tree… But luckily, a few minutes later, you got a text message from your basketball boy that he will be next to you in two minutes. So you took a deep breath, looking left and right.

Eventually a sincere smile crossed your lips as you noticed Silver walking towards you. He was wearing his favorite sunglasses, of course, and his hands tucked in his pockets, but he definitely looked so good today. You happily rose from the wooden bench and walked towards him, waving your hand at him.

“Jason! Hi!”

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request from @.anon: Hi! Can we have a part 2 or the continuation of Akashi Seijuurou scenario the one that titled ‘unplanned pregnancy’, please? Thank you!♡

# tags: scenario; current relationship?; angst; drama; slice of life; also fluff; sfw

{!} warnings: mention of vomiting, faint, needle

  • includes: seijuurou akashi {knb}

a/n: YASSSS! Thank you for this request! I waited for it so badlyyyyyy, hehe~ Love u! 


Several long weeks (two months to be precise) have passed since that one, fateful afternoon after which Seijuurou left your home. You got used to the lack of him next to you, you got used to the lack of his warm touch, his soft kisses and the silence that occurred between you two when you passed each other in school corridors or at the school gate. Of course, it was hard for you; how could it not, when you have the fruit of your (former?) love under your small heart? But you had to take it somehow.

Your tummy was slowly becoming visible, so there was no point in hiding it from your immediate family and teachers; luckily, all of them showed a lot of understanding and promised to help you at that time. Of course, your parents were disappointed with your boyfriend, but their daughter’s well-being was paramount at this point. That is why you took care of yourself, your health and your unborn little one.

You ate very well and healthy, tried to sleep as much as your body required, and you stressed less and less thanks to the support of the people around you. However, pregnancy was a very exhausting time for you; there were still mornings where you vomited into the toilet, and sometimes you felt dizzy, even though your body was full of vitamins and hydration.

So there was nothing weird when during one Friday afternoon as you walked towards the classroom you just passed out in the middle of the hall. Your friend of course managed to catch you and thanks to that you didn’t hit your head on the hard stone floor, but your condition worried both the girl and the other students… and even the teacher who was standing nearby.

Your delicate, slightly pale body was moved to the nurse’s office and an needle with intravenous drip was attached to your hand. Your fine fettle was slowly returning to normal and thankfully no one was in danger.

However, news of your health quickly reached the captain of the school’s basketball team. Seijuurou was also worried; how wouldn’t he? He’s been thinking a lot about it all since your last conversation; about you, about himself, about the child, about school, about your future, about his father, even about his mother. His thoughts were contradictory, of course, because he knew you both were young, but on the other hand, when he remembered his childhood as a half-orphan, he felt unpleasant shivers down his back. He didn’t want another child to grow up with one parent. Your fainting was a spark for his final decision.

So he went to the nurse’s small room and sat down beside ‘your’ white, big bed, lightly stroking your hand; he missed that feeling so badly.

“… Ouu, my head… S-Seijuurou?” Your voice reached the boy after twenty minutes and he quickly opened his both eyes and smiled softly at you. “What are you doing here? What happened?”

“Y/N … You passed out but you and the baby are fine. You just need to rest a little. What am I doing here…? Well, I… I couldn’t leave you. I, umm…” He said shyly, rubbing his thumb over your hand. “I know I acted immature before and I am ashamed of it, but… But I hope you will let me take care of yourself, even to a small extent. I don’t want our child to be without a father. I want to take care of you, both of you. And I need to talk to your parents… and my father… But it’s worth it for you.”

“Sei…” You felt the first tears appear in your shiny eyes. Of course you quickly pulled the boy’s wrist and nestled against his body, crying softly. You wanted to undo every ‘I’m alright mom’ you’ve said in the last two months. Only now you feel really good and safe. “Yes, big yes. I still care about you too. I’m so happy, Sei-kun.”

“Sorry for everything once again, love. I love you so much.”

“We love you too, Sei. Now, look here.” You smiled, and when the boy moved away from you so as not to strain your body, your hand took his wrist again to place his warm fingers on the skin under the fabric of your own uniform shirt. The soft skin on the bulging belly made Akashi smile with a warm, happily expression.

He was really glad that you forgave him. And that he will be able to participate in the life of his son… or daughter. But in his heart he felt that it would be a son after all.

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request from @.anon: hi! may i request a part 2 for the akashi hcs where the reader went to seirin after junior high? since they’re going out now, akashi became more jealous of reader’s teammates (i.e. izuki, kagami, furi, hell even kuroko) because he’s worried that reader will leave him for someone who,,, idk doesn’t have a bad past with her. thank you!

# tags: headcanon; seirin!au; current (long distance) relationship; manager/nurse!y/n; romance; mild angst/drama; but also fluff; sfw

  • includes: seijuurou akashi & seirin team {knb}

a/n: Seijuurouuuuuu, bby! Thank you cute anon for this request! I hope you’ll like it <3


↘ Akashi trusted you a lot, but the trust couldn’t stop his fear and jealousy for you. The captain of Rakuzan High School basketball team knew that you would never cheat on him, he knew perfectly well that your eyes were on him and only on him, and he knew that you never lied when you two were talking live or on the phone.

↘ However, he didn’t trust the boys who were around you for almost half of the day. Seijuurou knew he could rely on you, but could he rely on the Seirin basketball team who liked you more than they should?

↘ Living on the two ends of Japan and studying in two different schools was hard, it was a sad fact.

↘ For Seijuurou, however, it was even worse seeing notifications on his own phone; these tons of notifications from various social media on which you were tagged. Sometimes it was Izuki’s Instagram, sometimes Furihata and Koganei’s Facebook post, and sometimes even Kagami’s Snapchat. You were clearly having a great time and also a good relationship, with an emphasis on Kuroko who has been your closest friend, for better or worse. You had a lovely friendship with everyone in Seirin; from the beginning and possibly to the end. Not like with Akashi and this one (long lasting) moment at the Junior High and until the match against Seirin High during the Winter Cup competition.

↘ An unpleasant shudder ran through the red-haired man’s spine as he thought about how your own friendship had ended for a moment, all because of those stupid and immature games in ‘Who gets the most points’ or the sick ideals of his father, who, fortunately, some time ago realized many of his mistakes. But still… 

↘ Seijuurou still felt bad about what he did to others, especially you, during his last year at Teikou Junior High.

↘ His mind was obscured by not nice thoughts, so when his phone rang, he didn’t even glance at the colorful screen and who was making the call. He picked up quickly, still feeling the weird weight on his heart.


“Sei-kun, my baby.” Your warm voice reached to his mind and he immediately shook his head and exhaled under his breath. “Something happened?”

“Why are you asking? I’m fine, love.” He frowned and you sighed loudly.

“You haven’t written back to me for a long time. I was worried. I will ask again; if you are alright, Sei?”

↘ The male teenager smiled slightly, slowly thinking about what to say to you. Truth? Once again, a lie that he’s ‘okay’? Change the topic? Or maybe…

“… Y/N, be honest to me, please. Are you feel okay and safe with me? Am… Am I a good boyfriend for you?” Your beloved one’s shy voice reached to your ear, and you frowned a bit, as if not knowing if you understood the question correctly.

“Of course I am. Silly question.” You laughed lightly. “I don’t understand why you wanted to be sure of this, you know I love you with all my heart.”

“Yes, I know, but… You also have a good relation with your teammates and I was wondering… maybe you would feel better with someone who didn’t behave like me in Junior High School. I don’t want you to get tired or be sad because of someone like me.”

↘ You took a deep breath, clenching your free hand into a fist. “‘With someone like you’? Sei. Don’t kidding to me like that.” You started with a soft voice tone, then added a new card on the laptop screen, quickly going to the train ticket page. “You pissed me off.”


“You pissed me off. You’re gonna get punished for this stupid thing. And it will be soon. I’m going to you.”

“Wait, what? You don’t have to come here, Y/N.”

“Well, I have to. I have to show you that I love you no matter what happened. Let’s stop thinking about the past and focus on the future, Sei-kun. I love you and my good relations with the Seirin team is still not at the same level which I’m with you. I love you, they are just my friends. And you are my boyfriend, my everything. And I’ll show it to you when I get to see you… Tomorrow is Friday, so I’ll book tickets for 4pm and be in Kyoto at night.”

↘ Akashi swallowed the lump forming in his throat, then smiled softly, feeling that his heart warming up.

“I’ll come for you on the platform. Thank you.”

“Anything for you, baby. I will love you always, so don’t think about that nonsense anymore. Better tell me about your training. I prefer when you are happy and talk about the things you like…”

“I also prefer it when you are happy, love. I’m sorry to upset you. As for my training…”

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Sexy Halloween Costume You Wear That Makes Your Basketball Boy Simp Part One 🎃

GOM x fem!reader
Contains mature themes.

Akashi - A Sexy Tinkerbell 🧚✨

  • Everyone knows Akashi has a HUGE size kink!!!!!
  • Considering he’s only 5’8 with BDE that he can back up,” he doesn’t like having to look up at people… so his kink makes sense
  • So even though he didn’t realize it, when he took you Halloween shopping and you chose to wear a Tinkerbell pixie costume?????
  • His size kink when WHOA 🎢
  • Not only did you look brilliant in green, it brought out your Y/E/C like crazy …..
  • not to mention that dress showed off all your curves tantalizingly….
  • Seijūrō’s subconscious couldn’t help but think about the cartoon Tinkerbell who was the size of what, his middle finger?
  • So You somehow looked even smaller to him, and it turned your bf on like crazy.
  • When you exited the wardrobe in his mansion to show him that you were all done up, he tilted his head, studying you

“Akashi-san, why are you staring at me like that…?”

  • This man
  • This cool, calm, and always collected man……
  • This dominate man…….
  • He was now under your command that night, completely….. due to that costume
  • And from then on out her gave you the cute little nickname ‘My Tinkerbell’ 🥺✨

Murasakibara - An Edible Candy Girl 🍭 🍬

  • Mura would literally try and eat you if you dressed as a candy girl for Halloween
  • hahahahahahahaha
  • Dont laugh !!!!!!! 😅
  • I’m serious.
  • It was actually the best day of his life
  • The ONLY two things this skyscraper admits to liking in this world - Snacks and YOU have conjoined!!!!!!
  • He wouldn’t forget this day for as long as he lived !!!!
  • At the Halloween festival you dragged him to, he wouldn’t let you out of his arms, just like he does with his snacks
  • Atsushi shamelessly left bite marks on your skin in public, while you two waited in line for rides and for carnival games, and at any other point

“Mmmm… taste soooo goood…..Y/N-chaaan…..” Murmured your boyfriend as he held you from behind.

  • You giggled every time he brushed his teeth on your skin, making you shiver
  • You pushed him off, but honestly—
  • You found the way he couldn’t keep his mouth off you extremely kinda sexy

Midorima - Fortune Teller 🔮👁

  • are you surprised!!!!!
  • This man is RELIGIOUS about being able to tell his future and the future of everyone around him
  • Actually, I don’t think anyone knows what his life would be without it
  • So just to see his reaction, Takao told you to get this costume and surprise your man with it so he can film Midorima’s reaction 😂
  • Sooo you agreed & on Halloween, After a Shūtoku team reunion dinner + drinks at a local sports bar, Takao offered to give Midorima a ride home,
  • against his better judgment, the green haired athlete agrees because although he had fun he just wants to be home with you laying on your lap reading a book
  • Midorima deadpanned harder than he ever had in his life when he realized Takao was going to drive him home on his bike and attached cart 😑
  • Lmaooooooo it’s been yearsss where is your whip sir!!!!
  • Anyway, Takao biked to your house , texting you secretly that they are almost there
  • Midorima the NBA player made a mental note to buy his friend a car for his birthday, lol.
  • When the duo gets to your driveway, you grab your crystal ball and head outside to greet your boyfriend and his best friend!!
  • Midorima’s 6’5 figure was in the middle of climbing out of the tiny cart when he spotted you, taking him off guard and making him fall right out of the cart.
  • 😩😂
  • He couldn’t believe how amazing you looked
  • You laughed and high fived Takao as he filmed the entire thing.

“Keeping this to play it at our next reunion, Shin-chan!” Kazunari explained, laughing as he walked over to extend a hand out to your bf

  • Shin-chan slapped away his hand, which made the two closest people to him laugh even harder
  • The look on Midorima was priceless: a pouty glare, looking like a Christmas tree what with his red cheeks and green hair. I repeat, Priceless.

“I hate you both, really.”

  • The poor baby 🥺
  • But Don’t worry, you ended up helping your boyfriend up and whispering in his ear that you looked into the crystal ball and apparently: his future has a naked you in it, and he perked up instantly.

Kuroko - Hot Referee 👁‍🗨⚪️⚫️

  • we all know that kuroko loves following the rules lmao
  • He gets so mad in any game where the other team is slimy enough to try & cheat the well established system that is basketball
  • It literally makes him rage but in a good way
  • He just values fairness above all else.
  • So when he is met with his beautiful girlfriend dressed as the ultimate rule enforcer —he is blushing like MAD
  • He can’t stop picturing how distracted he’d be in a game of basketball if you were on the court, running up and down alongside Seirin wearing that tight uniform
  • and blowing that whistle!
  • Tetsu blushes even more at the idea of you blowing another whistle 🤤
  • The entire time you two are handing out candy that night, he can’t stop sneaking glances at you with a deeper and deeper blush
  • You caught them all & thought he was adorable!!!!
  • When it was getting late and you two gave out the last of your candy, you went straight to straddling your invisible boy’s lap, smirking down at him and kissing all over his face
  • Tetsu hummed in delight, incredibly happy

“You going to follow my rules tonight, baby boy?” You blew softly in to his ear.

  • Your sweet boy nodded enthusiastically……. wanting to score more than just a basketball.
Aomine, Kise & Kagami in part 2!

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Hi there! Thank you ! It makes me happy you decided to send me a request! I’ve been good! Hope you’re doing well! Of course I can write this for you! Please continue to remain safe!!


  • He’s disappointed the weather has changed drastically. but he doesn’t let it show on his face. He doesn’t sigh at all, rather, just smiles at you and apologizes for the weather change.
  • Of course, you know, despite him not showing it, he is bothered by not being able to have the picnic with you.. So instead, you grab his hand, and help him pack back up.
  • He watches you with slightly wide eyes, a tiny smile on his lips.
  • “Let’s go to the cafe around the corner, okay _____-chan? We can eat there, and watch the rain fall instead.. How’s that?”


  • He finds the situation ironic, because when he left this morning, it was bright and sunny… But when the two of you met up, he could tell you were stressed about something..
  • Instead of picking on you, because he knows you’re not in the mood, he slowly gathers everything, gently tugging on your hand.
  • “Ah, it appears ______-chan brought the moody weather with her..” he jokes, before bringing you into a hug, “That’s okay though, we can have the picnic in the living room… How does that sound?”
  • You don’t object to it, instead remain flustered at his little joke.. But it immediately melts into a smile, as you rest your head against his shoulder. Despite the teasing, he cares for you.. And you’d never get mad at him for showing it.


  • Like Himuro, Kasamatsu is disappointed, HOWEVER, it’s evident on his face.. He even groans loudly as he begins to slowly pack up.
  • You feel a little guilty, because he spent all this time preparing the picnic just for the two of you.. And it’s not as if it’s raining too hard!
  • You rest a hand on his, causing him to fluster from the contact, but he watches you smile, and tug him back onto the blanket. 

“Come on Yukio!! It’s just a little rain! It’s not going to hurt us!”

“O….Oi! _____!! W…We’re going to get sick, baka!”

“I just want to spend time with you, Yukio… We can take care of each other if we get sick!”

A brief silence, as Kasamatsu whispers, “….O…Okay….” before burying his head in your shoulder, because he can’t say no to you.


  • He’s dramatic about the whole thing. Here he had planned the perfect picnic and took time off JUST for you, and it begins raining!!
  • Of course, the one time he forgets to bring an umbrella, it starts raining right? Just his luck!
  • However, he doesn’t want to call it quits, so he’ll move everything as fast as he can under a few trees. (He doesn’t care if people are watching.) And he’ll place you on his lap, covering the two of you with his jacket so you can still have that special moment…
  • “_____cchi, I want us to spend time together! Let me shield you from the rain!”
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synopsis: A little bit of jokes about your height from GoM’s boys or situations where you need some help. But don’t worry, we all know that you are super cute and adorable.

# tags: scenarios; current relationships; comedy; fluff; romance; jokes; also protective/helpful boyfriends; sfw

  • includes: ryouta kise, daiki aomine, shintarou midorima, atsushi murasakibara, seijuurou akashi & tetsuya kuroko {knb}


You’ve been wondering how to impress your boyfriend for a few days, because he hasn’t paid much attention to you for a long time. Even when you came in a different hairstyle or changed your perfume, Ryouta just smiled at you, then stole one kiss from you and run for basketball team training…

Oh, right. Basketball. You didn’t know a bigger fan of this sport than your boyfriend. Stupid thought of playing basketball passed through your head to show off your skills (or rather attempts to have any skills to play in this sport) to Kise.

The more you thought about it, the more convinced you were. You decided to try and on Friday immediately after your lessons you went to the gym. You knew that at 5 p.m. the Kaijou team would start their training, so you only had an hour to take off your whole uniform, jump into the P.E.’s tracksuit and pick one ball from the big bin and start slowly throwing into the basket hoop.

Of course, it’s easy to guess that it was hard for you to hit into the hoop with your… small height. Certainly when you were born, you didn’t queue for ‘being tall’, but rather for a nice smile and big eyes. No wonder that for the first ten casts only one was successful and it was certainly a coincidence, because the ball spun three times on the rim before falling inside.

“I suck in this game.” You muttered under your breath, again taking a position on the first line on the court.

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A/N: Hi, Clover! I love this awwwww lol. I hope you like it:


The GENERATION OF MIRACLES with a S/O who sleeps like they’re on crack ⚠️ 💤😴




Originally posted by daitsuu

  • omg Kuroko is literally the sweetest when you’re starfishing in bed
  • He literally wakes up every single time your hand smacks his ear, or your foot hits his cheek, then places it back next to you…. being sure to kiss your arm, cheek, hand, or shin silently (whatever limb is flailing) 🥺
  • One night he is sleeping on his stomach but wakes up because you are literally sleeping and using his tush 🍑 as your pillow, so Kuroko moves you yet again but kisses your temple this time gently
  • Once he kisses your head your dreams change from nightmares to sweet scenes and you snuggle in close to your ghost boy, starfishing no more



Originally posted by katarinafi

  • let’s be honest, mans would be very worried about his precious s/o if he kept waking up to find you sleeping on the floor
  • He’s so used to everything in his household being prim and proper he literally thinks this is massive
  • He’s afraid you’ll injure yourself one day.
  • So he orders his mansion staff to hire a live-in Sleep Lab Technician to monitor what you do at night and how to fix it
  • When the footage is available, Akashi gets you to sit on his lap as you two watch the footage together and laugh about it!
  • He kisses your cheek and pays for your sleep therapy for months🤣



Originally posted by animescapeart

  • Lmaooo, Aomine starts swearing up a storm when you kick him in the balls during his sleep 🤬
  • You’ve given him a black-eye once when you swung your fist, so now he wears a pillowed helmet with a face mask every time it’s time for bed
  • Although, let it be known that he loves you too much not to kick you out of bed, and he’s too big to fit on the couch or chair :( so he endures it haha
  • Aomine tries to wake you up when you manage to beat him up again but you sleep like the dead so one day he decides to go to the store to buy a dozen pillows, with which he creates a pillow barrier around him for bed-time
  • This works, you beat up the pillows instead of your boyfriend, and everything is well in the world!



Originally posted by elriccs

  • This one might surprise you!
  • Midorima wakes up super early (at like 5am everyday) to check his horoscope at the desk by the bed right…
  • So he is the only member of the GOM to actually witness you in real-time moving around in your sleep like a possessed person
  • His expression is sooooo unimpressed…… but deep down, he finds it so cute and endearing that you do that
  • Midorima would never admit it…. but sometimes when you move to a particularly odd position, he takes a photo of you and stores it, having every secret intention of using it as a pick-me-up before or after his away NBA games when he misses you
  • He asks Takao for help……then he regrets asking Takao for help 😂
  • Your nightly movement is harmless, and he’s out of bed during the hours you start to move the most, so he is okay with it!



Originally posted by daitsuu

  • you warned the man! you warned him twice!
  • he just doesn’t care
  • Like at all……….lmao
  • So that’s why he earned a smack when he still managed to ask you why you didn’t tell him that you move around like that the first time you slept over 🙄
  • Nightly, the purple giant wakes up for midnight snacks.. but for the first time he sees you sleeping with half your body off the bed like a bat
  • He just gets up and puts a pillow under your head so that you’re more comfortable
  • That’s it LOL
  • The next time he wakes up for a midnight snack, you somehow maneuvered overnight so that you were completely on top of him holding his torso like a koala bear holds a tree, disallowing him from going to kitchen to get to his beloved munchies…..
  • If he moves you off him, it would wake you up and he didn’t want that, so….
  • he just sighed and stood up anyway with you still in his arms.. bringing you to the kitchen with him, your body wrapped around him sleeping the entire time
  • You felt like a feather to him
  • Atsushi eats over your shoulder and sits down on the couch nonchalantly just like that with you wrapped around him, as if you were just a t-shirt 💕
  • When Murasakibara realized that you don’t move at all and sleep like a baby in this position, it becomes a permanent way to sleep!

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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine Daiki x reader
Rating: K+
A/N: So I originally wrote this over on my DA.. But I figured it was such a cute little fic, I wanted to share it here.. Plus let’s face it, who DOESN’T like reading Aomine Daiki stories?? (People just love the smug bastard LOL) So I hope you guys enjoy it! :D


You’ve always loved high places… Whether it was the roof of a building, or the highest place on a play structure… You love the thrill of being high in the air. It didn’t matter if it was rain or shine, cold or drought, you often found yourself on the roof, until the late hours in the night…

It was the only place you could have peace.

One day, your moment of peace was… Disturbed.

Your eyes laid shut, arms resting behind your head as you soaked in the warmth of the sun. Eyelashes brush against soft cheeks, a gentle sigh leaving your lips. It’s not as if you were ditching last period on purpose… But you aced that class from the beginning, given you learned faster than most. As long as you were in classes for the rest of the day, the teacher didn’t mind if you were a no-show…

Oh, the perks of being a smart kid.

The light breeze grazing your skin brought a soft smile to your lips  and life was good… At least… until a shadow cast over your face, interrupting your blissful sun-tan… A soft frown curls on your lips, and you don’t dare to open your eyes, annoyance beginning to grow on your face at the intruder…

“I don’t know who you are, but if you know what’s good for you, you’d leave…”

A ‘tch’ vibrates in the air, before you feel heat close to your face.. When you finally open your eyes, a blush resonates on your cheeks from the closeness of the man in front of you, and it takes you a few moments to process who exactly those deep blue hues belong to…

The ace of the basketball team… Aomine Daiki.

“Hate to disappoint you, sweetie… But you’re in MY spot… Move.”

His voice, smooth as silk, brings an anger within you and you find the energy to sit up, enough to push him over, eyes narrowing.

Excuse me… But I don’t see your name here…” you blink, eyebrow raising at his appearance… “Aren’t you supposed to be in class??”

He snorts, frowning at your question before plopping beside you, arms crossed behind his head.

“Does it matter?” he grumbles, closing his eyes. “Whatever.. I’ll let you stay, just don’t talk and lay there in silence.”

You bristle at his words, but a yawn cuts you off, and you watch as he lays there, wind tousling his navy blue hair. You find yourself mesmerized by his actions, unable to look away despite wanting to go back to your previous position.. But you weren’t expecting company.. And moments like these brought out a vulnerable side in you, which were never seen by anyone else.

“Take a picture honey.. It’ll last longer…”

You find yourself stuttering over your words, and you smack him in annoyance, before turning your body to face the other way.. As long as you couldn’t see him, you should be fine to lay there in peace…


When you come to, the sun was beginning to set.. You feel a bit… warmer than normal, something that should’ve alerted you… However, it was comfortable, and you clung to that heat, determined not to be moved…

“As much as I love having a beautiful girl in my arms…” he whispers hotly, causing your eyes to snap open, “I have to get home before my mom freaks out…”

You jump away from him, cheeks flushed and eyes slightly narrowed at him… O…Oh… T…That’s so embarrassing!!! But… It’s been so long since you’ve cuddled with another person… It was just instinct to cling to it… But no way would you admit that out loud…

Wait…. D…Did he just call you…?

A hand is sitting in front of your face, causing you to look at him with wide eyes. In your moment of shock, you fail to realize he’s standing up, and bending over enough to just see beneath your shirt. As if knowing what you’re thinking, he sighs..

“I’m already late… Might as well walk you home… Come on, _____…. We can cuddle again tomorrow…”

When you hear your name from his lips, you furrow your eyebrows, before gently taking his hand..

“H…How did you…?”

“Know your name? Tch.. Please… Satsuki’s been trying to get me to meet you for a while now… Something about… you can help me study or something..”

He yawns, stretching his arms as if shaking the tension from his body. He watches your reaction, and clicks his tongue, gently tugging you to your feet.

“How about this…? You help me with studying, and I’ll be your cuddle partner… Consider it a… an agreement…” He murmurs, watching you carefully. “I’ll never hear the end of it from her if I fail another test… And judging by how you clung to me in your sleep, I’d say you need someone to sleep beside…”

He watches as your mouth opens and closes, as if contemplating his words… Well… If he’s being honest with himself, he did enjoy having you there… Something he didn’t think he would admit to… Plus this way, he gets his grades up, and has a beautiful girl to fall asleep with… He doesn’t lose out on that deal.

You frown, not liking the vulnerability you feel from his options… However, your eyes dart to the streets below, and you think about what he said… You did cling to him, and rather than him tease you about it.. He openly accepted having someone sleep in the same spot as him… Plus, if he did need your help, you could learn more about him, while getting some much needed sleep…

You turn your attention back to him, and nod your head, ignoring the heat on your cheeks.

“I… I’ll accept this proposal, Aomine-kun…” you murmur, watching him carefully… “B…But if you don’t show any results from the studying.. Y..You can kiss your cuddle partner goodbye!”

He laughs, rolling his eyes playfully at your words, before grabbing your hand.

“Yeah, yeah… Now let’s get going… I’m starving…”

Your eyes were stunned at his actions, before a tiny smile formed on your mouth.. And if the two of you noticed the few people staring at the blushing reactions on your faces, neither of you commented.

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