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#knb incorrect quotes
Kagami: Best wishes to you, Aomine!
Aomine: Yeah, thanks! ...For what?
Kagami, doing a facepalm: For Valentine's day.
Aomine, giving him a present: Yes, I knew. Happy Valentine's day.
Kagami, blushing: *whispers* Damn it! I love you.
Aomine: I love you too, Bakagami.
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Akashi: I don’t have a favorite friend. How could you even think that? All of my friends are of totally equal importance and worth.
Midorima: It’s Kuroko, isn’t it?
Akashi: I can’t help it, he has those “love me tender” eyes and I’m weak.
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Aomine: I’ll bet you’d look adorable grasping at the sheets on my bed.
Kuroko: No matter how many times you compliment me I’m not making your bed.
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