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#knb kasamatsu
For a cute moment I鈥檝e always imagined Kasamatsu attempting to give me flowers 馃拹 even though we鈥檝e been together for a while now 馃槏 because he鈥檚 just so nervous all the time

Awh, our precious nervous boi Yukio ♡

I can picture him knocking on your door dressed in a nice shirt with the flowers behind his back. His body is shaking, his lips dry, his face a vivid pink color, and his eyes wide. 

“__-__-_____…. I- i- I got you flowers.” And he just whips the flowers out to you with his arm shaking still. 

The minute you say “thank you Yukio!” The second your lips land on his cheek… ITS OVER! Boi just runs ♡ヽ(>∀<)ノ

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thank u for the ask awaaa

They’re made of the same steel, at the end of it all. Dual blades destined to be wielded together. Yukio’s sword called to Shun’s, and so they met in the middle, in a battlefield where sparks flew and they clashed. Again and again with the force of raging waves, until their wielders became one and they did too.

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Day 14: Favorite Member of Kaijo - Kise Ryouta 😍💛

Oh my boy,Kaijō no Kise…😭

He is the strongest player. But in order to preserve Aomine’s stamina, he sacrifices his own😭😭 he is too good 😭

He is playful, cheerful, and seems easy going. But in fact he knows who he is, he knows his skills and he knows his own worth. Fujimaki san says: “Kise is a person who only affable to those he admitted & feel worthy after measuring with his own eyes. Other than that, he is usually cold-hearted. I’ve recognized him who has two faces. He is not completely good-boy, you know.”

I’m just mesmerized

But I also want to include players, who are not GoM. Cause we all love them and for most of us they are the most favorite players of their teams. And it would be quite unfair. Soooo…


Kasamatsu senpai also owns (part of) my heart😂

He is the best captain, I think. He is responsible, motivated and he trusts his teammates wholeheartedly. And I really admire him cause he wasn’t affected that much by the fact that Kise is one of legen…wait for it…dary GoM. Ofc he knew about Ryōta’s abilities and he knew that he is the best player of Kaijō. But those are not the reasons to cut him some slack and ignore his inappropriate behavior (like in Too, but I like them too😭😂) “I’ll tell you what’s so great about it. Before you even factor in being good or bad, this is Kaijō High School’s Basketball Club. It’s not because we were born earlier. The second and third years here have been working hard on this team longer than you have. I’m telling you to have respect for that experience. Doesn’t matter if you’re from the “Generation of Miracles” or anything else. You’re now a freshmen at Kaijō. And I’m a senior here, the captain, Yukio Kasamatsu. Got any complaints?”

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Hi there! Thank you ! It makes me happy you decided to send me a request! I’ve been good! Hope you’re doing well! Of course I can write this for you! Please continue to remain safe!!


  • He’s disappointed the weather has changed drastically. but he doesn’t let it show on his face. He doesn’t sigh at all, rather, just smiles at you and apologizes for the weather change.
  • Of course, you know, despite him not showing it, he is bothered by not being able to have the picnic with you.. So instead, you grab his hand, and help him pack back up.
  • He watches you with slightly wide eyes, a tiny smile on his lips.
  • “Let’s go to the cafe around the corner, okay _____-chan? We can eat there, and watch the rain fall instead.. How’s that?”


  • He finds the situation ironic, because when he left this morning, it was bright and sunny… But when the two of you met up, he could tell you were stressed about something..
  • Instead of picking on you, because he knows you’re not in the mood, he slowly gathers everything, gently tugging on your hand.
  • “Ah, it appears ______-chan brought the moody weather with her..” he jokes, before bringing you into a hug, “That’s okay though, we can have the picnic in the living room… How does that sound?”
  • You don’t object to it, instead remain flustered at his little joke.. But it immediately melts into a smile, as you rest your head against his shoulder. Despite the teasing, he cares for you.. And you’d never get mad at him for showing it.


  • Like Himuro, Kasamatsu is disappointed, HOWEVER, it’s evident on his face.. He even groans loudly as he begins to slowly pack up.
  • You feel a little guilty, because he spent all this time preparing the picnic just for the two of you.. And it’s not as if it’s raining too hard!
  • You rest a hand on his, causing him to fluster from the contact, but he watches you smile, and tug him back onto the blanket. 

“Come on Yukio!! It’s just a little rain! It’s not going to hurt us!”

“O….Oi! _____!! W…We’re going to get sick, baka!”

“I just want to spend time with you, Yukio… We can take care of each other if we get sick!”

A brief silence, as Kasamatsu whispers, “….O…Okay….” before burying his head in your shoulder, because he can’t say no to you.


  • He’s dramatic about the whole thing. Here he had planned the perfect picnic and took time off JUST for you, and it begins raining!!
  • Of course, the one time he forgets to bring an umbrella, it starts raining right? Just his luck!
  • However, he doesn’t want to call it quits, so he’ll move everything as fast as he can under a few trees. (He doesn’t care if people are watching.) And he’ll place you on his lap, covering the two of you with his jacket so you can still have that special moment…
  • “_____cchi, I want us to spend time together! Let me shield you from the rain!”
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Ooh thank you for requesting!!

HC: Being Kaijo’s manager

notes: this would be a first sksks im sorry for the very late response to this request hnnnnnnnnnnnng

warnings: none

taglist: @hikari-writes

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  • okay 
  • first off,,,,
  • wHY
  • u can still run
  • i mean, nah they’re the best!!1
  • rUN
  • so like, u became the manager bcuz,,,
  • one, u dont rly care abt kise even though he’s v good looking
  • which is a plus bcuz yukio cannot stand another fanatic
  • which was weird bcuz,,, he kinda stuttered the first time u two met
  • like coach takeuchi introduced you first to the captain and vice captain of the team
  • which was yukio and koji
  • “hey! i’m y/n, im going to be the team’s manager!”
  • “hello, im koji kobori, the vice captain of the team.”
  • u turned to yukio
  • who immediately blushed as u smiled at him
  • “he’s yukio kasamatsu, the captain. he isn’t usually like this, please don’t mind him.”
  • you giggled, shaking their hands
  • it was all downhill after that
  • nah im jk
  • or am i?????
  • nah,,
  • but just so u kno,,, the first meeting wasn’t all that bad??
  • HAHA
  • kise immediately befriended u
  • while moriyama flirted,,,, 
  • which went horribly wrong
  • dont ask me why
  • it just did
  • and hayakawa is very enthusiastic
  • while nakamura can be v passionate abt cheering the team
  • ngl,, i feel like u would prolly get too close to them in just a matter of months
  • esp with kise and yukio
  • and like,, they rly like u bcuz for one, u know how to handle hayakawa’s outbursts of energy
  • and can handle kise
  • like wow,, they never saw that unless it’s from yukio or kobori,,,
  • moriyama still flirted w u teasingly
  • and u sometimes answer back
  • but u’re just friends
  • it didn’t take too long for the team to become family to you
  • yukio doesn’t say it but he kinda likes u being the manager of the team
  • it doesn’t help that the team teases u both
  • u were deemed the parents of the team,,, so
  • aHahAHA
  • “sTOP IT!”
  • that was kise which received a flying kick from yukio
  • see, that was fun, ryt? HAHA
  • and,, 
  • it’s v hard to see the team cry after they lost the interhigh
  • u couldn’t help but cry as well
  • u were still v proud,,
  • kaijo has become ur family
  • and u wouldn’t have it any other way
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