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#knb scenario

{!!} request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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{!!} request from @sunnycatuwu​: Hii (o^ ^o) I think Takao (Knb) needs more love, so may i request a scenario where he’s jealous because his fem! best friend (he has a crush on her) who is introverted and socially awkward (has social anxiety) (but not THAT shy with Kazu u know,,) is seemingly getting closer with a hot boy? However, turned out she had a crush on Kazunari as well. Maybe age him up and make it nsfw at the end? Sorry i hope it’s not too much~ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

# tags: scenario; friendship, crush culture + ?; aged up; mild drama; bit of romance; smut; sfw & slight!nsfw

{!} warnings: social anxiety, making out, mention of sexual activities, first time

  • includes: kazunari takao {knb}

a/n: YAAAS, Takao needs a lot more love <3 Thank you for this request, cutie! Hope, I wrote it well for you. Have a nice day/night! AAAH and also I hope that this description of nsfw will be okay! Sorry for any mistakes :(


“Y/N-chan? Have you changed your perfume? They seem stronger.” Takao stopped, and you followed him, smiling softly and tucking hair behind your ear.

“You notice?” You asked hesitantly, to which he nodded. Of course he noticed. “I got them as a gift.”

“O-Oh? From who?”

“You know our men’s volleyball team?” You asked one more question, and your friend nodded (uncertainly this time) again. “I got this perfume from the captain. We’ve been talking to each other for several days. He approached to me while I was waiting for you outside school a week ago.” You added quietly, at which the black-haired eighteen-year-old frowned.

“You like him?”

“H-Huh? N-No. He is only a friend. He’s cool, but… not that way, I think.” You answered truthfully, which calmed down the third grade for a while. “But he’s so handsome and really nice to me. I don’t know if anything more will come of it.” You added, blushing, and Kazu’s humor dropped instantly.

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{!!} request from @.anon: Hello! Can I get a scenario for KNB where Kagami is at his gf’s basketball game and she ends up getting hurt? Can be by accident or the other team playing dirty 😊

# tags: scenario; current relationship; romance; mild drama; sfw

  • includes: taiga kagami {knb}

a/n: YAAAAY, I really like this request <3 Thank you, love! I hope u will like it!


With less than two minutes left to the end of the game, your and opposing teams still had the same number of points. When someone on your team scored with a dunk, someone on the opposing squad did it too. When your shooting guard scoring three points, the other team wasn’t lagging behind and was also picking up more numbers. As a point guard, you shouted on the team to take their seats so that you could pass the ball to them well. Everything was so frustrating and stressful. You had to win this game to reach the quarter-finals of the Women’s Winter Cup

If Taiga could do it, you could too.

But it wasn’t that easy, everyone knew it. The opposing team was playing quite dirty. You knew it from the beginning; you saw them nudge your shooter imperceptibly, you heard they laugh at your captain, you also heard them when they curses at you. But you couldn’t give up at this point.

As soon as the ball got into your hands you passed it to the farthest player. Quick grip and three points once again for your High School. You were breathing hard, marking one of the opponents.

Time passed, eighty-five seconds remained to the end of the game, and the other team wasn’t going to give up either. Kagami has bitten off all his all fingernails by now, possibly stressing even more than you are.

(Sweet and supportive boy, aww.)

“Akiko-san, Yumeno-san, go forward! Now!” You screamed, efficiently picking up the ball and then passing it to the second of the mentioned senpais. However, before the girl could jump, a hit in her belly caused her to fall to the ground along with the ball. “Hey! What the hell?!”

“Referee time!”

Your hands clenched into fists as you walked over to the blonde, checking that she was okay. Fortunately, she could continue playing, but your eyes went to the opponent who punch your teammate.

“What was that supposed to be?” You asked, getting up. “Play like a player. You are in the basketball court, not in the boxing ring!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, little one. It was an accident.” Black-haired, tall teenager from the opposing squad smiled at you, and you frowned. Taiga obviously did the same.

“Y/N, baby! Win it! You can’t give up!” He screamed, waving at you, and you laughed, nodding.

Fifty-three seconds left. You had to think a bit. Better to pass to Akiko, who could score two points, or pass to Hana, who could score three points, but was marked by the brown-headed third-grader? 

‘Shit, shit, shit.’

You passed to the first girl and she scored as fast as she could. The game was fast-paced again, full of stress and screaming.

Fifty seconds turned into forty, then thirty, then twenty, and finally, ten. During this time, your boyfriend probably lost his voice from cheering for you and for your amazing basket team.

By then more seconds had passed and your friend handed you the orange ball. 

Only five seconds left.

“Y/N, throw it! You can do it!” Your boyfriend’s hoarse but still loud voice reached your consciousness, and you closed your eyes for a one, small second and then, jumped up. Unfortunately, with the opponent who hit you on the side of your waist. Just then, the ball shot up from your hands and the last seconds kept falling.

With last points in this game, you fell on your butt, groaning in pain. Yes, you won with a three point lead, but you will have two huge bruises in return.

‘What a pain in the ass.‘

Taiga clenched his fists, glaring at the girl who punched you in the stomach. He literally felt as if he was watching a match between his own Seirin team and Kirisaki Daiichi High. But now it hurt him more, because you were his dearest girlfriend who didn’t deserve this treatment.

Luckily, it wasn’t as serious as it looked, so when you finished hugging your happy teammates and then took a deep breath, you looked towards the lowest stand where the red-haired teenager was sitting. You gave him a quick flying kiss, waving your lips that he ‘could come to your locker room in twenty minutes’.

Since you won, you wanted to celebrate it properly.

Preferably with a large lunch set from Maji Burger.

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{!!} request from @.anon: hello! i love your writing so much! can i request for murasakibara’s gf being jealous and upset because they’re from different schools and they don’t get to see each other much + there’s a girl who always hangs around him

# tags: scenario; long distance & current relationship; romance; mild drama; but also fluff; sfw

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Murasakibara my baby 😭 Also, thank you for this idea :((!! I love you too. 


You smiled at the phone, then walked into Yosen High, looking around carefully. The school was really big and beautiful compared to your regular, small and old Morioka High School in Iwate prefecture. But you didn’t come here to see the buildings. You wanted to spend the weekend with your boyfriend because you had already talked to your parents and Atsushi’s parents a week earlier about it. They gladly agreed to your trip to Akita so that you could give your tall boy a small gift in the form of your own arrival and a few packs of his favorite (and new) snacks.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that you lived three hours away from each other, and you had a lot of activities at school and after classes, you couldn’t see each other as often as you would like. Of course, you spent Christmas, anniversaries, holidays and birthdays together, but during the school year it was difficult to realize it. You had to be content with conversations on the phone, video calls and hundreds of text messages.

Luckily you didn’t go to school today and took the train to Akita instead. Atsushi’s mother and his older sister were waiting for you on the platform, so you took your bag to their house, took a quick shower after the trip, put on more comfortable pants and a loose shirt, and thanked them for everything, taking only your black bag, wallet with some money, phone and headphones. Mrs. Murasakibara wanted to drive you to her son’s school, but you refused with a warm voice saying that you would be happy to take a walk. You helped yourself with a Google Maps and finally reached the High School building, entering it.

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Hello Anon. I hope you are alright! We all have that days where our confidence is down the stream. But please remember to not be too harsh on yourself okay? Sending you love and good vibes! ✨


  • Will immediately notice how your smiles feel kinda off
  • “Baby? Is something wrong?”
  • “Huh? No I’m fine! Maybe its just my face that’s like this.” You laugh again
  • He didn’t answer. Instead, he stared intently at you.
  • “What’s wrong? Tell me?”
  • “Taiga… why did you choose me? I mean, you deserve better. I’m ugly, boring and—“
  • “Stop. Don’t”
  • He hugged you so tight, you barely had time to react. You both stayed like that until he spoke
  • “I hope you realize how amazing, wonderful and beautiful you are.” He whispered.


  • Usually doesn’t give a shit
  • But then he noticed you were extra down today
  • You didn’t even nag at him for lying down for half a day
  • “Okay what is it?” He sat down beside you
  • “WhAt?”
  • “You’re ununsually quiet its weird.”
  • “No Daiki, its me that’s weird.”
  • He raised an eyebrow
  • “What?” Its his turn to be confused
  • “I feel awful and I hate how I look.”
  • “That’s stupid.”
  • “Excuse me?”
  • He leaned over and brushed his lips lightly on your cheek
  • “You’re perfect. That’s a fact.”


  • “Okay, love, let’s go. I got the movie tickets.” He tugged your sleeve
  • “Kiyoshi, I’m sorry. I’m not in a mood to go out.”
  • “What? But you were excited for this movie.” He put down the tickets to the table and hugged you. “A penny for your thought?”
  • “My face sucks.”
  • “What? No your face does not suck.”
  • “It does. Its messed up!”
  • “Lemme see.” He squished your face between his hands. He lovingly stared at you.
  • “You are so beautiful. I hope you see what I always see.”
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Shoutout to my beautiful anons out there! So its GOM as your friends and Akashi as your boyfie right? Hope I got it right! Ily2! ❤️

Clueless (Akashi x Reader)

“Eh? Why would I be too distracting for you guys?” You blinked. You and the boys were having dinner at Maji Burger.

Akashi let out a heartily laugh.

“Now, do you see the struggle I have to put up everyday? She’s clueless.” He smiled warmly at you

“_____-cchi, you really have no idea?” Kise asked you. You shook your head as a reply.

“It’s because guys hover at you all the time and we’re busy in the court so we can’t be there.” Murasakibara muttered while chomping off fries on his mouth.

“Hover? Guys do not hover at me!” You pouted “They’re just being friendly, that’s all.”

Akashi let out a sigh.

“Face it, Akashi. That’s the downside of having a hot and cute girlfriend.” Aomine chuckled.

“Don’t you remember that guy from the last match, annoying you to no end because he wanted to buy you coffee? I had to stare him down to make him get the message.” Kagami pointed out


“Or that guy from school who insisted getting your number?” Kise added

“Well, that—“

“Simply put, _____-san, you are attractive. That’s why guys pursue you.” Midorima stated

“Very, very attractive.” Akashi put a hair behind your ear. You blushed at the gesture and their words.

“I’m sorry if I caused nothing but trouble!” You stood up, bowing to everyone at the table.

They all smiled at you.

“You didn’t cause any trouble, _____-san.” Kuroko chided

“Yeah, and we don’t mind shaking off creepy guys from you.” Kagami gave you a thumbs up.

“We are part of ‘______ Protection Program Squad!” Kise beamed

“Everyone, thank you very much!”

Akashi walked you to your doorsteps.



“Do you want me not to go to your matches anymore?”

“Nonsense. Kise was just kidding about you being distracting.” He stepped closer “I’m more at peace seeing you than not knowing your whereabouts.”

“Please tell me if I’m being a hassle to you.” You grabbed his hand.

Akashi softly touched cheek and your ear. You shivered from the sensation.

“I’m never gonna find my clueless beautiful girlfriend a hassle ever. I love you so much.” He wrapped his arms around you and hide you in an embrace.

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I’m glad you liked my Akashi Seijuro headcanons, anon!! I really liked this request too, and had a lot of fun writing it!

I’m taking a few liberties with Akashi’s father’s personality to write this scenario (as I really can’t figure out a way to work it in with his personality as portrayed in the series), but I hope you enjoy it all the same!

Good lord this ended up being way longer than I was expecting so I’m going to treat this as a one-shot instead

also i suck at coming up with titles

Declarations of the Heart (One-Shot): Meeting Akashi Seijuro’s Father

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Just a reminder Guys can cry too! I have a friend who cries and I found that endearing he doesnt mask his feelings. Anyways, Sad Kise makes me cry huhuhu -Yui


Originally posted by kugurii

You knocked at Kaijou’s locker room, which was surprisingly quiet compared to when they arrived earlier. Kasamatsu opened the door.

“Senpai, is he—?”

“Yup, he’s just taking a shower now.” He smiled politely “we’ll be leaving, so you can talk to him in private.”

“Thank you, Kasamatsu-senpai.”

The rest of the Kaijou team cleaned up, organised their things and carried their duffel bags. Being the only one at the locker room, you sat down at the bench, waiting for your boyfriend to finish his shower.

A few minutes gone by, you heard a small creak from the showers. You eventually found Kise in his clean clothes, limping his way to his bag.

“______-cchi? Are you hungry? Where do you want to eat?” He smiled. But you know when his smile is fake.

This is breaking your heart. You wrapped your arms around him. Him acting strong is enough to make you sad as well.

“Ryota.” You spoke quietly as you stood in front of him “You did great. I saw how you gave your all. And for that, I am proud of you.”

His eyes widened for a second, then tears suddenly accumulated in it. He collapsed on the bench, knees giving out and surrendering himself to you. His face rested on your chest, gripping the sides of your blouse. His muffled sobs broke you inside and you tried to comfort him by stroking his hair.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay. I’m here. And I’m so proud of you, so so so proud.” You can’t help but cry a bit too so your voice came out strained

A few minutes passed and you remained still. His sobs came to a halt, his head leaving your bossom and looking up to you.

“Oh, baby. You are so strong. I love you.” You kissed his forehead, then his cheeks and then his eyes.

“I-I’m so frustrated.” He finally spoke

“I know. I know.” You rub his back and gave an encouraging smile “let it all out.”

“Thank you.” His golden orbs seemed to be getting back to life. “I love you.”

“I love you.” Your eyes meet his soft ones “let go of the anger, but not the determination. We’ll get them next time!”

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Chapter 9: Finally Seto’s Getting His Allotted Chapter with the Protagonist! All the Other Guys Got Their’s!

“Do you really think it’s her?” Hara asked pushing the phone Furuhashi, who was scrutinizing it just as heavily.

“It looks like her but you know…really different.” Seto said zooming in on his own phone.

“Do you think she’s seen it? Is that why she’s not at practice this morning?” Hara said before answering his own question. “I’m pretty sure this was sent to everyone at Kirisaki Daiichi and then some.”

“Well that proves it then doesn’t it?” Yamazaki sounding angry. “We spend all that fucking time defending her and for what if it was all true?”

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Chapter 8: I Never Imagined My First Love Confession Would Go Down This Way

(Y/N)’s eyes fluttered open and a blinding white light consumed her senses. The sterile smell of hospital was all around her and she knew exactly how she got there.

As her eyes finally focused, she was very aware of the person seemingly sleeping at her side. Short black hair looked a mess and a pale hand was clutching her bed sheets desperately. Without thinking the girl put all her effort into lifting her arm to place it gently atop the tired person’s head.

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This is part two of my weird wannabe knb imagine, still don’t think anyone will read it, but what ever.


Originally posted by vaporwaveaesthetician

She needed a few seconds to get her thoughts back, then she looked to her blouse and saw that the middle button just in the middle of her chest had popped off.’F**k!’ she thought ‘Why did that happen today… and why did he, of all people notice this????’ she added as she ran to the bathroom to fix her blouse. 

She closed the cabin door behind her and took out a hair pin that was supposed to hold the shirt together for the rest of the day. She was just done when she heard two voices in front of the door… male… voices……’Noooo, nno no no no!!!!!’ she thought. ‘One embarrassing enough for today. Okay, I’m just going to wait for them to leave…’ was the only thing she could think about when she sat there… apparently in the boys bathroom. 

After a few minutes, the voices were gone ‘Okay, it’s probably save to leave now..’ she said to herself as she opened the door and ran towards the exit… not noticing another person entering and bumping right into… ‘ohhhh noooo not this pink haired bastard again!!!’… jep… the pink haired bastard aka. Akashi Seijuro.

As she noticed who she bumped into, she took one step too far back and fell to the floor. 

“Great, this day can’t get any worse.” she said out loud.

“I don’t want to sound rude or anything… but first, you enter this building in a inappropriate state of clothes… and now I find you in the boys facility… are you sure you are in the right school female?” he said, literally looking down on you.

“You know what? My day has been bad enough… I don’t know if it can get any worse… but you, lecturing me about my behaviour definitely won’t make anything better… I don’t have the time or the nerves to discuss my reasons with a rich, ignorant and arrogant boy like you… so if you’ll excuse me…!” she answered with a bright red face while standing up, cleaning her skirt and walking right out of the door, as Akashi was now the one who was left behind.

He stood there… completely shook, never had anyone talked to him in this tone, none of his schoolmates (of course they wouldn’t, they know he could destroy their lifes if they disrespected him) and definitely not one of his servents…. She couldn’t possibly know who he was exactly… or did she just don’t care? It didn’t matter…. she woke his interest. There are enough people who lie to his face, don’t tell him what they really think about him just to please him. That got boring when he turned six…. But she? Y/N? She was the first person to stand up to him.

“Well well Y/N, let’s see whats behind that sharp tongue of yours…” he said to himself.

She walked along the corridor… annoyed, frustrated and apparently hungry… so she searched for a quiet place to sit down, where no one could annoy her any further. After about five minutes, she found a bench outside of the school ‘Seems pretty lonely to me’ she thought. So she sat down, stretching out her legs, and taking out her lunchbox. One piece of old looking hard toast with cheese ‘Yaii’ she thought ironically. But she ate worse.  After a few bites she decided to listen to some music.

Ten minutes passed and she was in deep thought when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Ahhh, what the hell??” she screamed completely shocked. She got scared pretty easily, especially when she’s thinking about something…. looking up she met a familiar face.

“Oh man, what do you want again? Is this a special bench where only special people can sit on, or what?” she said, rolling her eyes and folding her arms infront of her chest.

“No, not this one at least…” he (tried to) joked “No, to be honest, I wanted to apologize for my behavior towards you earlier… I didn’t mean to hurt or annoy you…” he said while looking straight in your eyes.

“Pffff as if you could hurt me….” you answered lowering your gaze…”…but, I don’t want to make enemies this early on this school… so apology excepted.” you told him while looking at him again.

“Well, but I do want to help you with your orientation in this school so, let me show you around.” he added.

You looked at him for a moment, nearly telling him to f**k off, but you decided against it.

“You know what… why not.” you said.

So after about 45 minutes of showing and explaining you the school, you two reached the bench in front of the school again.

“Well, thanks for showing me around, I appreciate the effort.” you said with a hint of irony.

“No problem. I hope I could help.” he said with the same kind of tone.

“If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me.” 

“I will.” 

With that and a nod in your direction, he turned around and left.

‘Well… that took an interesting turn.’ you thought to yourself.


Originally posted by xoxomyseriesxoxo

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Hey, welcome back! I was in the same situation too with mi A-levels, I know how hard it is. May I request an Aomine fluff please? I don't have a specific type or context, but maybe a cuddle after s/o's exam period?;)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy~

“Oi, what the hell are you doing,” your boyfriend Aomine groaned as he poked at your tired body on the couch. “You know it’s only two in the afternoon right? Why are you sleeping?”

“You’re one to judge about midday naps,” you huffed yet smiled as you turn over to face him. “Anyways, I just finished up my last exam so I was just trying to catch up on rest. I’m so tired and have no energy left.”

For a minute he stared at you, almost as he was trying to piece together a puzzle. He’d notice over the last few weeks you’d been up later than normal and constantly in a stressed state talking about school work and exams coming up. He didn’t realize just how much it all took out of you until now, seeing you almost passed out on his couch. Without saying anything, he picked you up and carried you off the couch and into his bedroom. Normally you would question his actions, but right now you were too tired to anything but allow yourself to be taken away by Aomine.

When you arrived into the bedroom, he gently placed you onto your stomach and began massaging your shoulders then back. For thirty minutes he stayed at work, moving up and down your back as you laid in content silence, every now and then letting out a small moan of satisfaction. 

After he felt he did his best work, he flopped down on the bed next to you. Flipping you over to lay on your back, he quickly pulled you into his arm making you the little spoon to his big spoon. 

“I hope this helps you relax,” he whispered into your ear and kissed your cheek. “I know you’ve been crazy and stressed these past weeks so just rest now.” He nuzzled into your neck, “let’s get some sleep.”

You chuckled, “weren’t you just calling me out for trying to nap.” 

“I’m a new man now,” he replied as he pinched your ass. Smiling at the squeal you let out he whispered, “let’s get some rest now.”

“I love you,” you turned to face him real quick and pulled him into a kiss. 

“I love you too,” he smiled in return as he held you tight while the two of you fell asleep.  

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Ooh can I have a request for Haizaki,Nash,Jason and Hanamiya teasingly asking their s/o if they wanna smoke and s/o surprises them by saying yes??

Haizaki: Oh man, this boy would find it so hot. He had been trying to get you flustered but when you so nonchalantly said yes he was surprised and when it sunk in he just couldn’t get over how much more badass it made you seem lmao

Hanamiya: He’d be surprise when you said yes to the smoke. He’d probably not know what to say for a moment because he already had a quip to say to you thinking that you would say no and it would throw him off for a second but despite being thrown off he’d regain his composure fairly quickly and find your answer amusing

Jason: Wowie was this boy shocked. He had only been fucking around, he didn’t even have any cigarettes on him. I imagine him getting angry at your answer, but says nothing in response to your answer, not wanting to spend any more time on the conversation

Nash: He really hadn’t been expecting your answer. I see him looking at you quizzically trying to determine whether or not you’re just joking around. Whether or not you were or were not he wouldn’t end up giving you a cigarette, not wanting to be a part of the detriment your health if you smoked on your own terms though he wouldn’t tell you to stop either though, he lets you do what you want but wouldn’t want to be a part of it if you know what I mean.

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oof how about about cute nicknames kagami, kise, aomine and himuro would call their female s.o? for example: babe, baby, angel.. stuff like that? ox

Aaah I love this ask, I’m such a sucker for cute little nicknames in relationships you have no idea oh my god,

Aomine: I see him choosing names that can be fairly popular but also fairly unique at the same time? lol. What I mean by that is he’d choose names that you’ve heard of before but aren’t used as often but will also go for really popular ones as well depending on how he’s feeling. I get the vibe of the names used in the late 50′s early 60′s with his personality type with how he’s all like “cool” and stuff so I kept thinking of lil pet names that you would hear in Grease and movies like that but thats just me lmao.

  • Babe
  • Doll
  • Sweets

Kagami: I feel like he’d be one to keep it short and sweet. Cute little nicknames that kind of depict how he sees you; someone that he constantly puts ahead of himself because you are someone precious and smol to him. His would be fairly popular nicknames though he does have one or two unique ones that he’s come up with to try to encapsulate that whole feeling of you being a small precious little bean to him.

  • Hun
  • Lovely
  • Bub

Kise: He chooses to call you by longer more substantial nicknames that really show just what you mean to him to both you and anyone that gets to know the two of you. His nicknames typically revolve around the way in which he views you and really show the importance that you hold in his life.

  • Beautiful
  • Darling
  • Sunshine

Himuro: I’d say that Himuro’s little nicknames for you would hold lots of meaning for him. They aren’t really your typical little pet names and are a lot more… mature? lol idk if that’s the right word but that’s what I’m going with. They hold lots of depth and express how strong his feelings are for you and how he views you

  • Princess
  • Love
  • Sweetheart
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Hey! Can you do 1.Takao and kise 2.Chihiro and Tatsuya in a love triangle with a girl they really like thanks!!

I’m just going to do the Takao and Kise one in this ask, I hope that’s alright! Also I wasn’t too sure how to format it so I kind of just wrote about how they would react upon finding out the other also feels the same way towards the girl if that makes any sense? I dunno I feel like this kinda ended up pretty shit cause i didn’t know how to write it, apologies.

Takao and Kise were two of your closest friends, it was clear as day to anyone that you had really great relationships with both of them. When it came down to it they were fairly similar in personality, both being fairly out going, optimistic, fun seeking individuals made them incredibly easy for you to get along with. You would go watch them at their games whether it be separately or if they were playing against each other and just go out with them every now and again to catch a movie or go to the mall. With the amount of time you spent with the both of them it was no surprise that each of them eventually fell for you in their own ways and for their own reasons. Now neither of these two were all too secretive about their feelings, confining with their teammates and friends about it all.

The first time that Takao had come to know that Kise liked you was when Midorima told him about it. Kise had gone on and on about you to the rest of the Generation of Miracles one day and him, knowing that Takao felt the same, decided it may something worth sharing with his friend. As soon as Takao learned about how Kise felt he ended up confronting him about it. Now the conversation that was had wasn’t too over the top, both of them remained fairly civil if anything though them being them, there were times that they got a little bit over dramatic.  In the end the two determined that they would simply allow for fate to take it’s course, letting you know that the both of them had feelings for you and waiting for you to make the final decision, whatever it was and whenever it would come as to who you would want to be with.

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I just read the coach's daughter s/o and I love it! Since you said this ("your dad prefers you to be dating Akashi over any other Rakuzan members though, so after a while he gets used to it") as your Akashi headcanon, now I'm curious of your headcanon where Rakuzan's uncrowned kings and Mayuzumi's s/o is their coach's daughter 😊

Oh my god, what a fun request! I’m sorry that this took me a long while to do, butI hope that you will still read it and like it ^^

-May <3


  • your father would be surprised to say the least if he learned that Mibuchi was your boyfriend
  • it’s just that he always thought that Mibuchi was more interested in Akashi or that kid from Seirin with the glasses or, you know, guys
  • so there’s initially some big confusion when Mibuchi is introduced to him s your boyfriend
  • after getting over that first shock, the best thing he can muster is an exasperated sigh
  • Reo is very deliberate with his PDA and if you don’t completely disagree with that he doesn’t mind showing his affections for you in front of your father either
  • the only thing he and your father can really talk about is basketball and how school is goind so these are mostly the only things the both of them talk about when your boyfriend is over
  • after they get over the first few awkward meetings though, your father is actually pleaantly surprised by him because he is quite respectful and really, it could be way worse with other members of his team


  • the second your dad opens the door to you bringing Hayama home as your boyfriend he’s quite certain that he’s about to suffer a heart attack
  • fakes a cough to buy more time to think about what to say, but before he can even say anything Hayama starts talking

  • to be frank there’s only one person in his team he’d want to be your boyfriend even less

  • however, he is relieved that Hayama is so good at not shutting up and keeping a conversation going, so that he doesn’t have to worry about not talkig at all during dinners with him and your family

  • at the end of their first meeting your dad would take Hayama to the side and tell him that he better don’t dare hurt you (since he knows from experience that Hayama can be vengeful and stuborn)

  • is a little harsh with him during training after he learned that he’s dating you

  • by the way, when Hayama learned that your dad was the coach, he was psotively terrified

  • the coach will eventually accept it that Hayama’s dating you if he really does seem to make you happy, but he also always keeps an eye on him


  • when your dad opens the door to Nebuya on the evening you had announced your new boyfried he thinks that he’s here because of some basketball related thing and already wants to send him home again, when it finally klicks with him
  • the very first thing he’d say to him would be “You…”

  • doesn’t approve of this at all

  • has half a mind to slam the door in Nebuya’s face but he remembers that you were very excited about this, so he does let him in

  • that doesn’t mean he won’t glare (but it’s not like Nebuya hadn’t anticipated that)

  • Nebuya does make some smalltalk, a bit general stuff a bit basketball, but your dad‘s just very shaken up

  • if he was to be completely honest, Nebuya is the one from his team he’d want you to date the least

  • seriously asks you why the hell you chose him after dinner

  • and when yu tell him he doesn’t get it

  • will be very harsh with Nebuya at training especially the next days

  • he’s honestly between pitying himself and pitying you when he witnesses him burping or screaming about muscles or meat or whatever at training

  • once he accdentally thought about how huge Nebuya is and how he might hurt during certain thing, but the image in his head keeps him from thinking about it again

  • it takes him a long, long time to come to terms with it


  • of course, your dad is surprised when he finds Mayuzumi on his door step asking for you
  • but after he considers it for a moment, he finds that he is atually quite okay with it

  • needless to say, their next few encounters of training are more awkward and tense than usually, but your dad does not act more protective over you than he would with any other proper guy you’d have brought home

  • whenever they meet, they don’t actually talk much

  • Mayuzumi gives answers when he’s asked something, but doesn’t really contribute more than a bit polite smalltalk to the conversation

  • te thing is, your boyfriend isn’t a friend of PDA at all, neither in front of your dad or anyone else, so your dad doesn’t really witness anything of your relationship with him other than hand holding here and there or you falling alseep on his shoulder while watching a movie

  • he’s only second to Akashi in the asect of which Rakuzan team member would be the most endurable as your boyfriend

  • this is because he just wishes Mayuzumi would stop with his invisible act when he’s at your home and startle your dad everytime he says something without your dad knowing he was even in the room

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hi! can i request for a scenario where aomine and his s/o got into a really heated argument which leads to him raising his voice at them. his s/o were shaken bcos of it since it's one of their major fears 😭😭 where aomine knows nothing abt. let it be a fluffy fluffy end pls!! 😊


Omg, sorry for the long wait!! But I really want to say thank you for this request, because this is one of my absolute favorite tropes, so I’m super happy that I get a shot at writing something like this, I really hope that you will enjoy it  ^^

- May <3

“What the fuck, how can you even say that? If I didn’t love you, why would I stay with you?” Aomine snapped at you from where he was standing in the doorframe. His brows were furrowed and there was this sneer on his face that you hated. Everytime he sneered like that it meant bad news and you were already getting chills.

You hated fighting, you hated it like hell! It stressed you out beyong measure. But you just had to speak up because you were starting to get really uncomfortable with this situation.

“Well, if you really did, why don’t you bother to show it more often?” you asked. You were trying so hard to keep the tremble ot of your voice and till now you were suceeding pretty well. “It wouldn’t hurt to say ‘I love you’ sometimes, would it?”

“It wouldn’t hurt if you weren’t beind such a bother about it, would it?!” he parroted you. The volume of Aomine voice was slowly rising and you whinced at the sound.

“I can’t help it, Daiki. I just think that you don’t even like being around me anymore!”

“And why the hell do you think I’m even here anymore?!”

You didn’t even know if you were mre angry or more upset right now. For the moment you decided on being angry.

“But that’s it, Daiki! Damn it, you aren’t even here anymore. You’re hanging out with Satsuki all the time when you’re not practising and I barely get to see you these days!” your threatened to break at the end of it and you tore your eyes away from your boyfriend so he wouldn’t see how your eyes were glazing over with tears.

“No.” he said, his voice now sounding firm and final. He always got this way when you started to bring Momoi into arguments. And yes, you knew that it wasn’t okay to bring her into this argument, but at this moment… You were just so desperate and confused and sad, that ou didn’t know what else to say. You were just overwhelmed. Before you could say anything else, he continud to speak. Coldly. “You don’t get to bring Satsuki into this. How insecure do have to be to be jealous of a girl who knows me since kindergarten? That’s ridiculous…” he scoffed derogatorily.

This was it. Something inside of you finally snapped and you whipped your head up again. You didn’t even care that he saw the tears that were slowly starting to make their ways down your cheeks. “You’re acting like an asshole, Daiki! Why do you always have to be like this?”

“And you’re always whining! Ugh, I can’t hear it anymore. Can’t you just shut up?!”

With his last words his voice rose to a yell and it made you wince immediately. “Sorry!” you got out before a violent sob wrecked through your body. You hated screams, you were afraid of them and your boyfriend screaming at you was about one of the scariest thing you were able to imagine. It made your heart clench and it brought back so many horrible memories at once.

By now you were sobbing so bad that you could barely breath between your howling. Slowly and trembling you sunk to your knees and closed your eyes. You didn’t want to see his angry face or to hear how he was probably going to break up with you now.

Searing pain spread through your head, probably caused by the crying, but it only made you cry harder. Your arms moved to hug yourself.

Aomine was saying something, you were farely sure, but the ringing in your ears, the pulsing in your head and your own sobs were keeping you from understanding anything he might be saying.

Suddenly, there was a hand on your shoulder. When you looked up Aomine’s face was closer to you than you expected it to be and it startled you so much that you pushed yourself away from him. There were still tears running down your face, but as much as you hated to admit it right now, your boyfriend’s presence was making it a little more bearable to breath and you felt yourself grow calmer by the second.

You were a bit angry that he had the power to make you feel that way.

You also realised that this wasn’t only his fault.

“_____, sorry.” he said and lifted both his hands in a surrendering gesture. As if he was admitting defeat. “Shouldn’t have yelled, I know you hate that.”

Sniffing, you nodded. And after a few second you reluctantly motioned for him to come closer. “And I’m sorry for bringing up Satsuki. I know she’s your best friend and I know that you wouldn’t cheat on me. I was just so frustrated.” At the end of your sentence your voice broke again and more tears came up.

A surprised noise left you when Aomine pulled you close to his chest. “‘ts okay. I’m sorry you think I don’t care. I do.” he mumbled agaist your hair. The position made you relax more and you let yourself sink comfortably against his chest.

“We’re kinda fucked up..” you mumbled into his shirt and it earned you a dry huff.

“Yeah.” he only said and brought a hand up to stroke through your hair. “Y’know I’m busy a lot with training. I’ll try hard, but that’s what being a pro means.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Just… Be there when you can, Daiki?”

His arms grew even tighter around you and you felt your tears coming to an end.

“Sure…Hey, _____?”

You only looked up to show that you were listening.

“I love you.”

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Aomine's scenario when the first time he holds his child? Thanks

Of course!  hope you didn’t forget this request in all that time and if you did, I hope it will be a pleasant surprise ^^ I actually enjoyed writing this a lot, I don’t get many sweet requests for Aomine

-May <3

Now, this had been one hell of a day. Aomine had been on his way to his training when the call came in that you had gone into labor. The second the nurse on the other side of the line had said the words, he had almost dropped his phone.

Your target day hadn’t been until two days later and even though he had technically known that it could appen at any time now it had still taken him by surprise.

Turning on the sport he hadn’t even bothered to call someone on his team to say that he would miss practise. Instead he had chosen to run. Just run until he was completely out of breath at the front door of the hospital. What followed when he got into the room you were laying in was… certainly an experience. It was unlike everything he had ever imagined to witness and yet… It had been somehow amazing. (Even though he was pretty sure that there was dried blood on his forearm from where you had sunk your nail in his flesh.

To be honest, he was exhasuted. At that very moment he loved you and your daughter so very deeply, but he still felt on the verge of falling asleep.

Your hand was resting in his now, not longer squishing his arm like you were holding onto it for dear life. When he gently squeezed it you ave him an equally tired smile. Both of you would probably be sound asleep right now if the nurse wasn’t still keeping your girl in the room adjacent to yours.

Aomine had barely had the chance to see her before a group of nurses had taken her out of the room about ten minutes ago.

Right as he was thinking about it, the door to the room opened and a nurse came in, a white bundle in his hands. “Here’s someone who really wants to see you.” he said quietly.

As fast as his tired legs would carry him, Aomine got up and walked over to the man. “Be careful. She just fell asleep a few minutes ago.” Hastily, Aomine nodded.

The second he first held her in his arm, he barely dared to breath. “Hi…” he whispered as he closely watched his daughter’s face for the very first time. And she was gorgeous.

Little fists closed around the blanket and she slightly moved her lips in her sleep. After you, she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen in his life. A warm feeling spread in his chest, similar to the day you walked down the aisle towards him, but somehow still completely different.

Even if he’d try he wouldn’t be able to stop the idiotic grin on his face. Back when he was younger he never imagined that someday he would want kids, but now he didn’t even know why he’d ever thought that.

There was a tell tale prickling feeling behind his eyes, but he quickly blinked it away. Not now, the person allowed to cry right now was you. Carefully, he turned to you and handed her over to you. “She’s beautiful.” you whipsered and smiled up at him. Then, “I love you.”

Aomine was sure, this was the perfect picture. You, holding your daughter in your arms, smiling up at him. It was perfect. Even though Aomine was tired as heck, there was blood (maybe his own) and possible other bodily fluids all over the place, but right now, everything was perfect.

Well, at least he thought so until your daughter suddenly began to scream and for a brief moment panic was visible on both of your faces before you remebered that she was probably hugry, after, well, just being born. Aomine huffed out a tired laugh. This was going to be amazing, but you also still had to learn a lot.

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first of all, i really need to tell you that your writings are really good please keep up all the good work love ♡ so can i request haizaki or mayuzumi (up to you, whoever you think suit the story better) sugar daddy au. like he's inlove with his sugar baby or something. thank you !!!

[yes, yes, a thousand times yes! i hope you don’t mind that i chose Mayuzumi, because, like, yeah. omg can i just smooch your cheek? thanks so much for such a good ask and, honestly, for your nice words! it’s great to get positive feedback in asks, it makes me feel like i’m on the right track & it’s so meaningful.]

Mayuzumi checks his phone to find he’s two hours too late for a proper response to a text like this. He sighs, puts his phone screen-down, and slouches into the chair.

He falls asleep, with visions of you not thanking him, not wearing the pretty little nothings in the pictures you’d texted him; no, he thinks of the drink you’d ordered at your first meeting, the way you’d worn your hair, and the colour of your lips.

No woman, not even the fictional ones, are worth the input. Thus, Mayuzumi uses wealth as a barrier rather than an attractant.

Pride, status: everything else pales in comparison.

Sex is easy enough to find when he wants it and love is easy enough to lose when he lightheartedly slips through set after set of delicate fingers. Mayuzumi is the kind of man who does what he wants to make himself happy and there is no one who can threaten to set his heart on edge and his soul on fire, which is very much his preference.

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