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#knb smut

Another Kinktober drabble from me, but this time, it’s with a boy from KnB! 

Pairing: Kagami Taiga x f!reader. 

Rating: Mature. 

Tags: grinding, marking, nipple play, eventual oral sex. 

Summary: Kagami wanted one thing from you. One thing. All you had to do was very simple. Scream for him.


Kneeling over the bed, Kagami discards his shirt and smirks down at your heaving figure as he towers over you. With a devilish smile stretching from ear to ear, he wastes no time and sprawls that obscenely sculpted body of his over you until his face was right in front of yours. You were now face to face, the tip of his nose brushing against your nose while the warmth of your breath fanned over both your skin. You could relish the heat of him, the weight of him above you yet you needed more and he delivered.

He pushed your wrists down with your arms over your head, locking your eyes in a gaze so intense, they look like they are glowing. “Open your legs. Yes, just like that and wrap them around me. Nice and tight.” Even with your clothes still on, he starts grinding against you, you could definitely make out the feel of his heavy erection against on you even as the fabric between you acts as a barrier. 

Even so, he manages to draw out a moan from you as he rocks his hips against you in the most cruel and harsh way. It was delicious. The constant back and forth motion that he created was joined by the thrust of your own pelvis, wanting to meet him each tie, increase the friction as much as you could.

“Someone’s getting a bit restless.-“ He chuckles ”- Can you squeeze me tighter, baby?” He groans as he feels his own resolve wavering, you try to squeeze him between your legs when he leans down, attacking your neck, your collarbone and slowly moving down to your breasts with wet, open-mouthed kisses and nips that were so uncoordinated and wild, just like him. That was enough to throw you off and he slowly drained the energy from you, his grinding becoming even more erratic and the increased friction make you both even more needy than before. 

It’s wasn’t enough. But it’s all you were getting for now.

“Show me what’s the best you can do and maybe…” he brings his hands to the waist of your pants “I’ll let you lose these… I promise to make you sing…” He bites his way down the column of your neck to your collarbone, sucking on it hard, the little tiny squeal that ensued was enough to make him chuckle again, the imprint of your smile clearly on your warmed skin. 

Lapping at each and every mark he inflicted on your soft skin with long, lazy licks, drawing long strips across your clavicle… “No… Scream.” He hooks his fingers under your panties but makes no move to shove them and take the cursed thing off you.

“Ahhh.. Kagami! Please! Just get on with it!” You whined loud enough for it to be considered a “yell” but not a scream. Kagami trailed his eyes to meet yours, as he continued to lick his way down to your breast, his expression was haughty and his actions were vulgar. 

You wished you could resist him but your hips kept meeting every thrust of his, going with whatever pace he set, you bit down your lower lip without even noticing, holding your breath watching whatever dirty thing your infuriatingly sexy boyfriend had in mind. Kagami growled loudly, the rumble of his chest coursing through you from where your bodies were connected. He was like a jungle cat out for his prey and right now, he was prowling more of you.

“Remind why you still got this shit on…” Before you could reply to him with a quip, he bit into the corner of your bra cup, moving it to the side and making your peaking breast pop out. He let out a starved moan, completely unhinged as his tongue licked on your sensitive mound, nipping and sucking around it all around, marking every clear bit of your skin before latching on to your nipple and biting on it hard. Screamed. That’s exactly what you did but he relieved you from the pain right after by blowing softly on your tiny bud, licking it - rinse and repeat. Once that nipple was nice and perky enough for him, he moved on to assault the next one.

After having his fill of your breasts and littering your chest with dusky marks that would soon grow even darker, Kagami swirled his tongue over your other nipple one last time and let it go with a loud pop, his hips were now rutting against you at a slower pace, prolonging both your desire and pain. The crease between your eyebrows deepened as he let go of your arms. 

You watched your boyfriend lick his lips and smirk, moving his body away from you and kissing you down your stomach. “I’m gonna have to continue my feast, baby girl. I’m still hungry.” He laughed as he felt you squeeze your legs around him, attempting to push his hips on yours, telling him that you wanted him inside you.

Your efforts were all in vain, he was too strong and you had no power against him, especially when he had that crazed look in those eyes. The sound of his wet kisses rang loud and lewd, the desire pooling even more between your legs while he unbuttoned and unzipped your pants with his teeth. The loud grunt reaching your ears only meant one thing, - Lift your fucking hips, baby girl -, yet his mouth was too preoccupied as he circled his tongue back up onto your navel as he removed your goddamn jeans and panties off.

With a wide grin, he leaned down and grabbed the back of your knees, pulling them quick and fast, eyes raking over your body as you slid down the bed to where he wanted you to be. “Itadakimasu, baby.” He hoisted your knees over his shoulders and straightened his back, less than a quarter of your weight was resting on your shoulders and he pinned you to his body with an arm around your waist, his thick bulge pressed against your back. 

As much as he ached, for now, his sole purpose was to ravage you with painful nips and sultry licks and properly devour you until he couldn’t take it anymore.


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Tagging @shhhlikeme  and written because I’ve made @cleverlittlevixen watch KNB and she ended up falling for this boy💜

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A/N: Whew this got hot 🥵, and I aint mad at it…… 


Soft Domestic Smut With Murasakibara Atsushi 🍬 🍽 (NSFW 18+)

  • so this is inspired by my possessed sleeper hc for Murasakibara | so read that first if you want to understand this !!
  • As previously mentioned, your new boyfriend Atsushi found the solution to your sleeping all over the place problem: when you’re attached to him like a koala, you don’t move a muscle:
  • no one knows why this is the only way you’ll sleep soundly but who cares…. it works!
  • So anyway, your boyfriend couldn’t care less— he’s insanely strong and doesn’t even feel your weight when you’re holding onto him like this
  • Nothing stops him from getting to the kitchen for his nightly snacks, though, so tonight he gets up slowly with you wrapped around him, yawning 🥱 and moving the splayed hair out of your face nonchalantly
  • As the Purple Skyscraper slowly walks into the kitchen with his koala a sleeping you, he finds that one of the boxes containing his favourite snacks is empty

Awwww 😒 this sucks, he thinks to himself, and then settles for the other snacks you bought him on your last grocery outing

  • Deciding to eat in the kitchen, Atsushi turns and leans his butt on the counter, munching away contentedly as you sleep soundly in his arms
  • After eating, the Purple Skyscraper realizes he’s still craving snacks 😒
  • But he’s craving them more than usual tonight…..
  • Rationalizing that it’s just because his favourite snack box was empty, Atsushi raids the cupboards again looking for other snacks
  • Amazingly, he finds the fruity candy he was looking for at first in the back cupboard, silently thanking you because you knew to stock up.
  • Mura turns to lean on the counter again, eats again, and then groans again when he finishes the entire box because he still isn’t satisfied
  • He’s hella confused at this point because usually that fruity candy always satiates his late night sweet tooth so that he can go right back to bed……..

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. 😒” Atsushi whines to himself aloud.

  • Not used to hearing anything while you slept, you yawned
  • comfortably clinging to your Skyscraper as you slept soundly, the feeling of the voice vibrations coming from his chest on your chest, made you begin to stir a bit in your sleep
  • Atsushi remembered your presence when you moved then, he quickly quieted himself in a dire attempt to not wake you up.
  • Holding his breath, he waits for you to find a comfortable position and fall asleep in his arms again
  • At least, that was the first plan…
  • But plans changed when your shifting to get comfortable on your boyfriend-tree made your ass softly grind against the tip of his boner

“Shit,” Mura gasped, sucking in a quick breath, the sound consequently making you shift even more.

  • Your boyfriend resisted a moan as his dick hardened to its maximum capacity…….
  • Immediately, your slight skimming over his boner allowed Mura to realize why he hadn’t been satisfied by the midnight snacks in the first place tonight:
  • He wasn’t craving snacks, that is why. Instead…. Tonight, your man was craving sex; he was horny.
  • Your entire body clinging to him must have blocked the view of Mura’s erection so he didn’t even realize he had been hard
  • And his mind in the middle of the night is usually hyper focused on snacks, so…… that’s why he missed it mentally
  • But boy did he realize now.
  • Especially since you were still shifting on his dick (because usually Mura would be back in bed with you by now, having it usually take him 10 minutes to eat snacks then return to slumber, but he has now been out here with you for over 20 minutes)
  • Also especially since you were waking and whimpering because you wanted to be back in bed, those small whimpers going straight to your boyfriends cock as it twitched under your ass
  • Also especially since you must be having a subconscious dream that he was starring in because in-between your whimpers to fight your wake, you began murmuring his name in a sleepy voice that made your boyfriend’s heart race:


  • your boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore, he spun the two of the around so that it was now your ass that was barely sitting on the counter.
  • He was still holding you up, but he used the added support of the counter to slide his hands under your ass in your tiny barely-there sleep shorts, squeezing a bit
  • Since your legs were already wrapped around him, he leaned both of you back slightly so that he was at the perfect angle to press his throbbing clothed dick to your opening, prodding your entrance agonizingly slowly for him
  • You were still sleeping, after all 😴

“Ugh, shit…” he whispered, trying to keep his voice down as he rutted against you leisurely.

  • Mura was the King of teasing himself, so the slow-burn stimulation he was receiving from just this was more than satisfying for now. He buried his face in your neck and breathed heavily, landing slow kisses there
  • He did everything slowly, but oh so pleasurably
  • A sigh left your lips in response to the stimulation, still half asleep but loving it nonetheless, you moaned softly
  • There in that kitchen, Mura rocked his hips slowly, leading the tent in his boxers to form a wet spot due to his precum oozing out the tip
  • Still clothed, he put a bit more power into his thrusts, barely inserting his dick inside you, groaning when you stirred some more and grinded closer, desiring more penetration even in your slumber

“You don’t have to do anything, baby.. you feel so good even just like this, you can sleep….” Mura let out quietly, landing a lingering kiss on your shoulder.

  • Atsushi slowed the pace of his thrusting so that you were more relaxed and continued just like that for the next 10 minutes or so 💦
  • When he felt like he was close from this stimulation, Skyscraper pulled his dick away from you and reached his right hand into his boxers to grip the base of his rock hard cock that hadn’t been touched all night

“Mmmm….” he allowed his eyes to fall shut as he used the hand still on your ass to knead the supple flesh there… ultimately turning himself on even more.

  • he was so close.
  • Right when Murasakibara began picking up the pace of his hand job, trembling due to his approaching orgasm—your soft voice stopped him in his tracks.
  • And it only stopped him because it was your “awake” voice.

“Babe, why’d you stop….?” You inquired.

Mura lifted his head from where it was hidden in your neck to look at you, and what he saw made him almost cum untouched right there.

  • he saw you looking back at him with half-lidded sleepy eyes that he thought made you look soooo sexy, so sexy that his dick twitched in his hand.

Before he could answer, you spoke again, leaning in to rest your head on his chest encore.

Inside…….” you hummed. “Bring me back to bed…..and cum inside me.” You finished drowsily, wanting nothing more than sleepy sex with your man.

  • Atsushi groaned when he heard that, aroused to the highest extent
  • You didn’t need to tell him twice,!
  • Removing his hand from his boxers, your boyfriend picked you up with one arm and whisked you away to the bedroom.
  • …..A lot of firsts occurred that night……
  • but perhaps the most important of all was that Murasakibara, King of Snacks, finally discovered that the taste of you was way better than any midnight treat he could ever find in the kitchen.

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fandom : kuroko no basket
pairing : murasakibara, reader
stats : wc1373 ; nsfw : porn w/o plot ( trying to get used to lactation kink ha ha ) ; also on ao3 ; i honestly have no idea who is in charge here
warnings : breastfeeding / lactation kink ; spanking ; dirty talk ; not quite thigh-riding ;  praise ; fingering ; slight cum play / hint at breeding kink ; verbal power play ; mommy kink mentioned

Murasakibara leans over you when he returns to the dining room, one hand braced on the tabletop while the other reaches over your shoulder to settle on the back of your chair. There’s a smirk playing on his lips and lazy mirth in his eyes as he dips closer to your face.

With pretense long abandoned, he lowers his mouth onto yours, tongue swiping the swell of your bottom lips before he kisses you, hurriedly and hungrily, as though you all didn’t just have dinner. He doesn’t stop for air and you’re certain he wouldn’t have pulled away if you hadn’t gently pushed him once your neck began to ache from the angle.

“Missed you,” he murmurs, kneeling at your feet. “Like crazy.”

You draw your fingers through his hair, pushing it away from his forehead as he pushes between your thighs.“I missed you, too.”

“Do you mean it?”

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