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#knb x y/n

update: i am disappointed and let down by Kuroko no Basket. the ACTIVE transphobia + homophobia, mischaracterizations, misogyny, etc, came to light to me today. i will no longer be posting pro-knb content, so if you want to unfollow me, unfollow me. also follow @gracehasthoughts if you want to know the reasons why KNB sucks in that regard. 

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a/n: AAAAAAAA I LOVE U TOO DJDUFCXJX AND YES omg, Atsushi, I missed you…


5. A pleading kiss where one person cannot reach the other’s lips.

You and your boyfriend walked by the hand towards your home, all the time talking about various topics; from school and basketball (both trainings and matches), to plans for this weekend and plans for the upcoming winter holidays. Atsushi listened attentively to you, but also added something from himself every now and then, such as about food or drinks that he would be happy to make or taste.

When you got to your house, you looked expectantly at your tall boy, who frowned slightly. You didn’t speak to him for a moment, only after a short second you pointed your finger at your pinkish mouth.

“Umm. A goodbye kiss?” You said or rather ask softly and then stood on your tiptoes, even though it still didn’t get you much. You were short enough that the best you could do was peck him in the middle of the chest. Not that it ever bothers you, because your height difference was incredibly cute and always charmed everyone around two of you, however, at times like this when you needed a kiss or attention, Murasakibara loved to tease you, so you had to really make an effort to get the caress you wanted. “Atsushi~, please give me a kiss. Please, please. Baby.” You added after another few seconds, and he smiled very lazily, leaning forward a little bit.

Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough for you. Even though you stood at the ends of your black shoes and stretched your neck, you still couldn’t reach the lips of your beloved giant.

“Atsushi! Don’t be like that, please give me a kiss…”

“Mhm, okay. You are so cute, Chibi-chin. I love you.” He muttered, lowering his body even tighter. After less than a minute, his face was finally at the same level as your own small face. Now, you could easily reach his sweet-tasting mouth and, at the same time, cup both his soft cheeks with your tiny hands.

Your fingers tangled up in the purple locks of his long hair and you smiled shiny when you felt that your boyfriend hug your waist and lift your body up, deepening the kiss.

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{!!} request from @.anon: heyo! it’s the teiko nurse-manager anon :> promise this is the last part aaaa how about seirin’s side of the story? i mean kuroko and yn probably told them abt what happened in middle school so how would they feel abt their manager dating akashi? ft. worried and kinda jealous akashi bc why not

# tags: headcanon; seirin!au; current (long distance) relationship & friendship; manager/nurse!y/n; romance; comedy i think; fluff; sfw

  • includes: seijuurou akashi & seirin team {knb}

a/n: OOO! I like this idea very much! Thank you and have a nice day/night. Love u <3


↘ At first everyone would be VERY skeptical about it.

↘ I mean Kagami?? That one situation with the scissors and the wound on his cheek??

↘ Or that super memorable match on the Winter Cup and how Furihata stood against Seijuurou????

↘ Or that situation where Hyuuga had his inner thoughts about how Akashi was acting as the captain of the basketball team??????? Was he better or worse than him? Nobody knew.

↘ Lots of examples.

↘ Tons of different examples.

↘ That is why they were very worried about you and became very protective of you, asking every day if you were okay and if Akashi was doing you any physical or mental harm.

↘ You kept saying that Seijuurou is a very good person; full of warmth and humor, but only when you get to know him better.

↘ And they haven’t had the opportunity to do it yet.

↘ I don’t know if they even want to have such an opportunity… Even the third-graders from Seirin were afraid of Akashi and felt strange respect for him…?

↘ Lmao.

↘ Anyway, Kuroko was the one who trusted you the most about it, but whenever you talked in private, drinking milk shakes, he assured you that if you had any problems you could come over and tell him about literally everything.

↘ He added that if Akashi hurt you, he would hurt him as your best friend.

↘ Little bodyguard :) I love him.

↘ You had to calm him down ‘cause he was starting to swing in the clouds.

↘ When sometimes Rakuzan team and Seirin team got together for matches, competitions or training, your boys were closely watching you and Akashi.

↘ Without lying, your boyfriend was a bit nervous when twelve pairs of eyes (+ little dog, awww) looked at the two of you and commented on your all actions.

↘ You had to reassure Akashi that they were just worried about you, but they were supporting your relationship.

↘ He had to sigh and nod then, to which you were laughing under your breath, giving him a quick, smol kiss on the pale cheek.


↘ Hyuuga: “No kissing in training!”

↘ Kagami: “Y/N-san! Don’t show affection to our enemy!”

↘ You and Seijuurou had to roll your eyes and then return to your teams to devise a strategy for the next match.

↘ After all, you loved both; your Seirin boys, who were your wonderful friends, and Seijuurou, your precious boyfriend, and the rest of the Rakuzan team, who had a really great contact with you and a very good opinion of your person.

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{!!} request from @.anon: Hi, can i request hc akashi seijuro with his 5 y.o daughter and son (twins) meeting the gom with their kids. Maybe aomine son trying to take her (daughter) teddy but ended up ripping it’s arms, she cried for almost an hour, it was special because its given from her mother/akashi wife before she passed away. Even its been stitched up she will hugh the teddy hide her face with it and still upset for months or year or maybe more. She’ll never forget about that moment tbh, please?

# tags: headcanon; time skip; single dad; family relation & friendship; angst; drama; bit of fluff?; rather sfw

{!} warnings: mention of death, sad thoughts

  • includes: seijuurou akashi + rest of generation of miracles in the background and oc!kids {knb}

a/n: I decided to give names to these children, so I hope it’s okay for you! Thank you so much and stay healthy! <3


↘ It was a sunny week so Kise had already proposed a meeting between him and all members of the former Teikou basketball club five days earlier.

↘ Everyone confirmed their and their children presence. Therefore, when all six of them met in Tokyo, in a huge park full of greenery, peace and tall trees, smiles appeared on their faces.

↘ Six adult men and eight little kids of different ages started talking, playing and showing their toys.

↘ Kuroko’s daughter brought a small book with tons of colorful pictures, the older of Midorima’s two sons showed everyone his lucky item for today (a thermos for tea, by the way), Murasakibara’s son obviously ate snacks and surprisingly willingly shared them with Ryouta’s daughter, and the Akashi siblings were sitting politely next to each other and answering other children’s questions.

↘ Aomine’s son looked at the twins with interest, then stated that Mr. Seijuurou’s daughter is really sweet and the siblings themselves are not so similar to each other. Yes, the boy looked like a smol copy of his father, but the girl… had different hair and eyes than them. The navy-haired boy stated that she probably inherited her beauty from his mother.

“Hmm… Does this bear have a name?” He asked softly, pointing at the white stuffed animal with a pink bow around its neck. The girl nodded, blushing slightly. “What name?”

“… Snowy.” She answered hesitantly, looking at her brother (who was a few minutes older than her, by the way once again) and he smiled warmly at her.

“Yuki-chan, don’t be shy.” Her brother encouraged her to continue talking by patting her on the head and after a short while he left his sister and moving forward to meet the other kids.

↘ At first, the conversation with Daiki’s son, Kaito, was so nice. The boy praised his own basketball skills and his achievements in the game, while the little girl listened attentively, saying from time to time something like that her brother also liked basketball.

↘ Then Aomine’s son suggested a small exchange. Yuki was supposed to play with the ball and he wanted to hold the teddy bear. Unfortunately, the girl didn’t agree with it and hugged the toy tightly, to which little Kaito snorted and grabbed the teddy bear by the paw and pulled it.

“Just for a while, I’ll give it back to you later.”

“But I don’t want to.” She murmured and the dark-haired boy pulled the soft material even harder.

↘ They argued for a while before they heard the material and threads breaking. Aomine’s son fell with a piece of the toy in his hand, while the girl’s eyes widened as she looked at the broken teddy. Immediately tears gathered in her eyes and before Kaito could apologize, loud crying and squeaking came out of her mouth.

↘ Seijuurou in a moment looked at his daughter who was holding her face in her hands and a toy that didn’t look like it did five minutes ago. He quickly apologized to Tetsuya and Shintarou, then ran to his child asking what happened.

“He teared up my teddy bear that my mommy gave me!” She groaned tearfully, pointing to the dark-haired boy, who still held a piece of plush in his right hand.

↘ Aomine appeared next to his son a moment later, slapping him lightly on the head while taking the material and handing it to Seijuurou.

“Kaito, apologize to Yuki.” He grunted low. “Also we’ll talk about your behavior later.”

↘ The girl cuddled up to her father, and he looked at her, then at the six-year-old, and smiled awkwardly saying that everything was fine.

“… No! It’s not fine, daddy! It’s a bear from mommy!” She screamed, still crying. Her brother came closer and patted her little head.

“We’ll fix it, Yuki-chan. Don’t cry. Kaito-kun didn’t want to do that. I’m sure about that.” He assured her with a slight smile, and she nestled her face in her father’s shirt even tighter.

“I’m so sorry, Akashi.” Daiki spoke lowly to his friend, and he shook his head in understanding. “I know that this stuffed toy is important to her, if I can compensate for it somehow…”

“Daiki, it’s okay. The housekeeper will sew it up. Please, continue your talking. I will calm Yuki down.”

↘ The crisis was overcome a few minutes later when Seijuurou promised to fix the teddy bear and said that mom wouldn’t be happy to see that little Yuki is crying and she’s angry with Kaito who didn’t do it on purpose. The girl took his words to heart and tried to keep playing, although the broken cuddly toy was still a fresh topic in her mind.

↘ It was there for many years, because long after this situation, when she looked at the teddy bear, she remembered the sound of tearing material and the terrified gaze of Aomine’s son.

↘ And even after those several long years, when eighteen-year-old Kise’s son offered a meeting beetween all the children of Generation of Miracles, Yuki was still skeptical about talking to Kaito. So her brother had to intervene and whisper in her ear a short, ‘You know, it’s been a while… I think he still really regrets it. Why don’t you talk to him?’

↘ The seventeen-year-old girl sighed softly, shrugging her shoulders, and then she looked at Kaito, who blushed because of her eyesight.

“Well, I guess I can do that.” She whispered as she corrected the bag on her shoulder, which contained a white teddy bear with a few stitches from her beloved mother, who passed away a long time ago.

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{!!} request from @.anon: Hihi! Can I request for Murasakibara angst where he gets into a big fight with his gf because they have not seen each other in a while and she feels like they have grown apart? To the point where she asks him if he still loves her >>____<< Thank You!

# tags: scenario; current relationships; romance; angst; drama; but a fluff too;  sfw?

  • includes: atsushi murasakibara {knb}

a/n: Hope that you enjoy the plot :( Have a nice day/night, bby!


you; hiiii ‘sushi, you want to come over and watch some movies? 

You unsurely sent a phone message to your boyfriend, and then continued reading the book, waiting for a reply that came a few minutes later.

atsushi; i am very tired after training, but we can meet at the weekend, ok?

Your eyelids squeezed and a little snort fell out of your mouth. You ran your hand through your fluffy hair and after a short while you clicked on the small green icon in the corner of the phone to make a call to Murasakibara. To your surprise, the teenager picked the smartphone very quickly.

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i matched you up with:

murasakibara atsushi


it did take you some time to warm up to him, because let’s face it, if somebody is intermediating then it’s murasakibara atsushi. still you eventually did, because he has s heart of gold, and literally thinks about food the whole time.

your slightly bossy behaviour comes in handy. he is an easy going person and if he didn’t have someone hiding him sometimes, he’d probably forget to breathe.

his hands are made for eating and holding hands, there is no third function. he might not admit it but he is just as touch starved as you and initiates most of your affections.

he isn’t stupid. if he noticed you making a decision he would to his best to support you.


other possible matches:

tatsuya himoru

akashi seijuro


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Friend of Mine

•Based off Friend of Mine by Juris•

Genre: Angst, Friendzoned

Note: No actual pairing. Think of it however you want :>


I’ve known you for so long, you are a friend of mine. But is this all we’d ever be?

I’ve known you since…forever. And I’m happy that we’re always together even though you’ve made friends for yourself. I feel jealous sometimes, I don’t know how to explain what I feel. Maybe now that we’ve grown I’m finally looking forward to some change, maybe?

I’ve loved you ever since you are a friend of mine. But babe, is this all we could ever be?

Realizing I love you this way is more frustrating than missing a point in my exams. I see you every day, I’m with you every day, even at times you want me to leave. Tell me is this it, is there nothing else?

You tell me things I’ve never known, I’ve shown you love you’ve never shown

Every day you tell me something new or at least something you improved in, I think I know you more than your mom. These things that you tell no matter how small it is, it makes me love you more.

You tell me about the love you’ve had, I listen very eagerly. But deep inside you’ll never see this feeling of Emptiness, It makes me feel sad

I remember the very first time you told me that you’re in love. You smiled so brightly while looking at me that I had my hopes up sky high. But then you suddenly looked away, you stared away. Away from me, to look at her standing there.

But then again when you cry, I’m always at your side

You cried today, “She left,” you said, “I have nothing,” you said. “Nothing matters,” you said, well I have my everything right here telling me he has nothing.

I’ve known you all my life you are a friend of mine. I know this is how it’s gonna be

It’s about time it gets to me, all the pain and all the tears are all gonna end today, well at least I hope so. I tried to tell you, but before I could do so, we heard her steps and we heard her voice. Before I knew it you were already standing in front of her, ready to welcome her with a hug she doesn’t deserve.

I’ve loved you then and I love you still you are a friend of mine. Now, I know friends are all we ever could be

It’s the second happiest day you said, first was when you met her. We all saw her standing there all in white glory, and looking at you now, I know you’ll tell me all the pain and waiting was worth it. All are worth it for you, but I’m sorry I couldn’t say the same for me.

But then again I’m glad…

Well, at least you see me, even just as a friend.


@pyblos knock urself out it won’t be the last.(I hope)

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(2/2) ( like i would just play it off like it was a joke). My ideal date would be having a fancy dinner then going to the theatre afterwards. Unfortunately I do have a really loud voice and laugh ( I can relate to presentmic a lot) I love watching studio Ghibli and my favourite food is popcorn and cheesecake. These basketball boys need more love 💌🧚‍♀️. Enjoy your day too!

thank you! i hope you have a really lovely day!🧡 sorry this is so late but i was already asleep when you sent this request 😵


i matched you up with:

midorima shintaro


he literally is the polar opposite of you, but that is what makes things work out so well. he usually doesn’t talk and joke around that much, is seen as emotionless and stiff so he needs somebody to pull him out of that dark pit and compensate for his behaviour. he’ll definitely make fun of you for being romantic or affectionate, saying stuff like ‘that doesn’t work well with my stars today’ or something but he secretly really enjoys it.

he doesn’t usually like to go out but if so he would like to have a fancy evening, so your perfect date idea is approved.


other possible matches:

murasakibara atsushi

teppei kiyoshi


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yes ofc ヾ(≧▽≦*)o


i matched you up with:

tatsuya himoru


you two are a perfect match. tatsuya is very popular with the girls on his school, still rejected all of them. you are the only one he ever accepted. well not accepted since he was the one confessing to you (i know it’s hard to imagine but). he most of the times seems rather emotionless and cold but he acknowledged your beauty and gentleness right away, falling for you pretty fast.

also i think his type is rather dark skinned woman, getting that habit from staying at the u.s.a. for that long. also curvy ones are more up his alley too.

staying inside on dates rather than going outside, like drinking tea and hot chocolate together or baking or anime/movie nights. he enjoys when you cook for him and he might not say it out loud but he is quite proud of this talent of yours.

if you ever overwork yourself he would literally force you to take breaks, even observe you to make sure you were resting.

he needs reassurance. please praise him a lot. he is very envious of others for their talent and thinks he might never be as good as them. make sure he knows he is no less than them.


other possible matches:

reo mibuchi

chihiro mayuzumi


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Self Shipping Art Request: 

Canon x You: I will draw you with your favorite character! Feel free to give your ship name so I can title appropriately! There will be two method to this! 

Official Request through Ask Box or Submission Box | questions and inquiry though DMs

Method 1: the character speaking first point of view to you 

example one

Method 2: the character in the picture with a blank (Y/N)

example one


Method 3: the character in the picture with you! you can submit an actual photo of you (pics are confidential and will be deleted once i have colors down!) or submit an avatar/picrew picture with any additional details

version one: [ Manga Panel ] : example one | example two 

version two: [ Single Artwork ] : example one | example two | example three

Simple Theme: feel free to specify a simple theme you’d like! 

example: getting boba, kiss, coffee, hugging

Submission: submit official pictures through submission box only or include it with ur ask is okay as well (it is easier to delete once i’m done)

feel free to include any additional descriptions and any clothing ideas

Sample Request:

hello! may i get (character x me) with method 3, version two, and coffee date! 

Fandoms I’ll Draw For: 

haikyuu!! (please specify if you want pre or post timeskip) | kuroko no basket | attack on titan | demon slayer/kimetsu no yaiba | my hero academia | obey me! 

*any anime off this list let me know the anime and characters

I have the right to deny any request out of my range and comfort. Feel free to dm or ask about any questions! 

Do not repost my art without permission. Do not remove watermarks. These requests are for personal use only and not commercial use. 

request can take up to 1 week to 1 month to finish, feel free to message on the status of your request! 

i ask you to please support or at least follow before requesting so i know you actually like my art

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He’d like to think that this isn’t the person he fell in love with.

He’d like to think that he fell in love with a different you. 

Because there was another you; there had to be. There was the person who curled up in his arms at night, who wore his jersey, spinning around so the sleeves (because they were always a little long for you) swung and so everyone could see the number 5 on your back. The person who blushed at the pick up lines he repeated, who slurped up the noodles from his udon bowl as he tried to shelter it from those prying chopsticks. The person who hid their face in his chest, close enough he could feel their tears on his shirt, murmuring, “please never leave me, Yoshicchi, please never leave me.”

It was a different person, right? The one he replied to with, “I’ll never even look away from you.”

He’s not looking away now, that’s for sure, whilst you’re angling his chin to meet your eyes, purring that he’s so pretty when he blushes, almost trapping his irises in yours, as if trying to drag his gaze away from the streaks of crimson across your collarbones, and the darker red-brown on your hands. And the body in the corner - old enough that it has stiffened, that the skin is starting to marble in distinct purples. It’s looks nothing like his brother now.

“Yoshicchi,” you whisper now, (and, suddenly, he feels like the one who’s small, who curls up in other people’s arms, who cries into their chest; if you let go of him now, he’ll certainly crumple to your feet), “say it again. Say that you’ll never leave me.”

He drops his head. His mouth stays shut.

Your nails stab into his chin a little more forcibly. He can feel where the blood has crusted on your fingertips.

And finally, he mutters, “I’ll never leave you.” 

So you release him, and he collapses to the ground just as he predicted, and he can’t look in his brother’s direction - he can’t look anywhere but at you - as you press a kiss to his nose. Your touch is almost maternal.

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Birthday anon! (Wasn’t sure you wanted your name blasted lol) I have the offering of Iwa for you but I have received another request that I want to get to work on as soon as possible so I’m going to give you this and then do that. If I can I’ll come back to you and do some more!! Please take care of yourself you are precious and I love you!

Iwaizume x Reader comfort fic

Keep reading

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