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#kneel before zod

Man of Steel slight retrospective:

Zod’s famous phrase “kneel before Zod” was never once said in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

But when Clark kills Zod in order to save others. Both Zod and Clark are on their knees and Clark ends up kneeling before Zod after he was forced to kill someone for the first time and to lose the last surviving man of Krypton other than himself.

Zod knew this battle will most likely end with either one of them dying but he would not relent. He made Superman kneel.

This is an amazing work by Snyder, saying so much without dialogue and with the power of visual aid. Say what you want, Snyder deserves a lot more praise.

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Oh one true stan can you please tell me that Dany is not going to burn down King's Landing (even though Bran saw a dragon over King's Landing). Or how the people of King's Landing deserve to be burned because they are unhappy that our benevolent queen BURNED ALL THE FOOD.

Yeah.  Such delulus those antis and JALSAS are.  ARE RITEFUL KWEEN WOULD NEVER BURN HER HUMBLE SUBJECTS!!  I mean she already burnt all the food the LanNIsteR soldiers were transporting to King’s Landing (UGH, THAT SHOULD BE KWEEN’S LANDING!!) and killed prisoners.  BUT THEY DIDN’T KNEEL TO ARE KWEEN!!  THEY DESERVED IT!!  The only reason for Daenerys to BURN PEOPLE ALIVE is if they refuse to kNEEl!!  And the people of Kween’s Landing would NEVER DEFY her and REFUSE to KNEEL.  Are One Tru Kween will be greeted with FLOWERS like a liberaTOR!!

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Jaime was absolutely justified in attempting to kill D since as per CANON she was flying around trying to kill him RESPECT CANON

Ugh.  What a delulu Jamie fan!  Dany just want her HOME.  SHE IS OWED ALL OF WESTROS!!  It is HER POSESSION and EVERYONE MUST KNEEL to HER as thier DIVINE RULER.  Jamie is rebeling against HIS RITEFUL KWEEN!  I mean self-defense?  Pftt!  What’s THAT??

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Kneel before Zod, bitch!

She kicked his ASS!!! 😂😂😂😂

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2018 with my Master and his other followers like…

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