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Yang: Oooh ara ara

Blake: *anime lust face*

Winter: oh how lewd! * makes it her screensaver*

Ruby: *BLUSH*

Velvet: mmmm big.

16 notes

naughty blake: Wants Jaune to dom her

Innocent blake: Wants Jaune to pet her and give her cuddles

19 notes

May: *takes pics*


Nora: aw i want cuddles.

Weiss: *happy mom noises*

Blake: *blush* this is too cute

49 notes

Ruby: cute rose noises*

Weiss: oh no.

Blake: *oh no. Im catchinh feelings

Yang: screams into a pillow

54 notes

Ruby: Cute Rose Noises!!!

Weiss: Cute Tsundere Noises

Blake: Smile

Yang: Happy Ugly Crying

53 notes

Jaune: hey blake i got you a present.

Blake: what is it?

Jaune: *shows her a collar*

Blake: *sigh* jaune we’re not ready for a pet

Jaune: who says this was for a pet?

Blake:… OOOOOH! Jaune you horn dog.

Jaune: put this on and get on the bed.

Blake: okay.

Jaune: ahem!

Blake: i mean. yes master

68 notes

Blake: so jaune and i decied to try anal last night.

Yang: you kinky girl. How was it

Blake: well at first jaune was a little uncomfortable, but hs took it like a champ.


44 notes

Blake: jaune its my birthday. You know what that means?

Jaune: *sigh* i’ll get the ball gag

48 notes

At the belladonna family

Kali: soooo mr. Arc do you think about having kids?

Blake: MOM!?

Jaune: maybe just a few.

Blake: JAUNE!

74 notes

Faunus Equalist Blake Belladonna: Fight for Faunus equality with her boyfriend Jaune

Naughty Pet Blake Belladonna: Wants to be punished by her human master Jaune

28 notes

Jaune being a “pure soul” decided to show whoever ships you want that he can tie a knot real quick

Would any of those ships react in a nsfw way?


dragonslayer, knightshade, rogue knight, cloak and stagger and sherwood knight

33 notes

blake rides jaune’s dick

blake: b-best birthday ever!

jaune: *ball gagged* mmmmmmm!mmmm!


72 notes

Classic Knightshade

Blake, walking through the door: “Jaune, I’m hom- oooh my God.”

Jaune, laying on his with nothing but a teddy bear covering his modesty: “Welcome to Love Town. Population you, me, and this sweet bear-skin rug.”

Blake: “What are you doing, my mom is visiting!”

Jaune: “That’s okay I got three champagne glasses.”

83 notes

just fuckimg hit cardin with a steel chair

41 notes

blake walks into the room and sees a shirtless jaune lounging on the sofa surroundes by scented candles and rose petals

jaune: welcome home blake.

blake: *blush and ears twitch* by the brothers

46 notes

Jaune: happy birthday Blake! *holding out a present*

Blake: thank you Jaune. *opens the present*

Jaune: it’s not much buuuut … I tried.

Blake: *holding it up* what is it?

Jaune: it’s a light that attaches to a book so you can read at night, not much use in Atlas; but out in the field it could be useful. *shrugs*

Blake: *hugs Jaune* I love it thank you.

36 notes

blake: *tackles him to the bed* if your gonna start something you better be ready to finish it!

62 notes

knightshade sparring that ends with jaune pinining blake to the mat, holding her wrist to thr floor

32 notes

neo:*horny icecream*

blake: stupid. sexy. jaune

nora: 😛🥵

fiona: *dont think about how hot he is!*

yang: thats daddy right there

55 notes

ruby: hahahhahaha!

weiss: heheh

blake: *rolls her eyes


yang: fucking hell

26 notes