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Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, my mom is an amazing artist and creates gorgeous knitwear, including Star Wars-themed designs (I admit, I put her up to it by requesting a Captain Rex sweater for myself :D). Her Star Wars designs are mostly featuring clone trooper, but she is working on a new custom-ordered Ahsoka Tano-specific design right now, to be revealed to the public soon :>

Sadly her yarn shop business has been affected by the quarantine as well, and she and her husband (they run the shop together) are doing whatever they can to find their footing in these difficult times. 

So to make ends meet and keep busy in quarantine my mom is now taking commissions for her sweaters (any other item is open to discussion) for a reduced price of 220$, worldwide shipping included. All her knitwear is hand-made from 100% natural top-quality yarns. Open to creating brand-new custom designs. 

Please take a look at her instagram at natela_a, and send either of us a message or email at if you’d like to order something!

Any support and spreading the word around is highly appreciated :) 

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Covid Survival Garden - Part 4
Pots are part of the equation. In this red pot I sowed Edible Pod Peas (Sugar Magnolia). The pots in the background have herbs growing in them already - sage, mint, oregano, thyme.
The plan is to train all.of the vining things onto wires on the porch to create a green screen as the porch gets hot afternoon sun in the summer. Last year we had Hyacinth Beans which are gorgeous and, though edible, they are more my favorite for looking than eating.
This year all green screen varieties will be edible.
#covidsurvival #covidsurvivalgarden #raisedbedgardening #containergardening

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Day one of the South African lockdown:

- I have cast on the owl cardigan from Knitting Wizardry. I don’t have enough yarn to finish it in one colour, so I’m going to make it multicoloured as my “corona cardigan”

- I went on a binge downloading fairytale retelling ebooks and am now considering making a side blog for books

- I have walked into three smoke clouds from a family member smoking at home

- I have downloaded more crochet patterns for afghan squares than I have the yarn or time to make

- I made bread (it wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t terrible)

- I spilled boiling water down my front

So this lockdown should be fun!

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Covid Survival Garden Part 3
It rained all day yesterday so I left the beds alone. But they are done and ready to sow with greens. And so you get a sense of what we have here, together they measure 92 inches by 24 inches.
This is plenty of space for a cutting lettuce garden of heirloom varieties plus cilantro, beet seedlings (so tasty and crunchy sauteed with their roots left on like bean sprouts), and arugula. When we want salad we’ll visit the deck with scissors.
#covidsurvival #covidsurvivalgarden #raisedbedgardening #containergardening

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Hi so I was wondering if you have any advice for someone who has trouble getting into knitting? I've tried to get into knitting multiple times over the past two years but every time I just got stuck. I tried to make a scarf using the knit stitch and following videos but usually I could barely get it past the first row without something getting messed up not to mention the issues I had with moving onto the next row. Thanks for any help you can give and grats on finishing your sweater!

heya! I had the same problem when I first started. what sucks is that when you do your first project, itll be probably be full of mistakes. but you really just have to keep going even if you’ve made a bazillion mistakes. over time, those mistakes will happen less and less, or you’ll learn how to go back and fix them. Try to see those mistakes as opportunities to better your new skill!

here’s part of my first scarf. it sucks!! but it’s functional!

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