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thewinterclown · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah, I killed Fran, but I guess I didn’t. So what do you have on me? Nothing. What, attempted murder? I get arson for the building and a few other charges. With a good lawyer, which I have, I’ll be out in no time. And then you'll see just how much hell I can wreak on your life, you vicious little b*tch. get to know me meme — [3/5] movies KNIVES OUT 2019 | Dir. Rian Johnson
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gotnofucks · 2 days ago
The Fated Mate
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
Summary: Ransom always knew he’d be your alpha. Despite you not presenting yet, he just knew you were meant to be his. No matter how much you ran, you always found him waiting for you at the end of the line. They said it was fated, and sometimes fate was a bitch.
Words: 3.9k
Warnings: Smut, slight stalking, Ransom being a persistent fucker, A/B/O, language, 18+ ONLY
A/N: This is my entry for @saiyanprincessswanie​ 2.5k follower’s challenge. Missy, you’re honestly the kindest, most supportive person I know and I love you so much! 
Tumblr media
He didn’t know when he knew. In his hearts of heart, Ransom always knew you were meant to be his. Even when you both were too little to think of mates, he always knew that you were going to be a part of his life. If only you’d accept that too.
“Hugh, how many time?” You scowled, hands on your hips as you glared at him. “Leave me alone!”
He frowned, never a fan of how you continued to resist him and refused to call him by his preferred name. Leaning closer, he peered into your eyes so you couldn’t miss the anger and disappointment in his.
“Watch how you talk to me, omega.” He growled, his fingers gently cupping your jaw. “And don’t tell me what to do. I am not about to leave you alone with strange alphas. Or have you forgotten who you belong to?”
You slapped his hand away, nose flaring at his tone. The big bad Alpha who made knees tremble with his looks alone didn’t scare you a bit. Maybe it was because you’d practically grown together, being children of family friends, or maybe it was because you hadn’t presented yet and your biology wasn’t here to fuck up your senses.
“We don’t know if I’m an Omega yet, so you’ll do well to keep your hands to yourself Hugh.” You snapped. “And even if I do present as an Omega, hell would freeze over before I belong to you.”
Even by extreme standards, you were a late bloomer. Almost everyone presented by their eighteenth birthday, but you were into your twenties without having a designation yet. You didn’t have a distinct scent yet, only a neutral one. God, you wish you would come out to be a Beta. Being an Omega seems like a lot of work.
“Darling,” Ransom purred, holding your struggling hands in his as he pushed you against the wall and dipped his head into your neck. “Everyone knows you’re mine. None of these good for nothing alphas have what it takes to tame you. You need a strong hand to curb that fire of yours, and I will be the one to do that.”
Ignoring your protests, he rubbed himself against you, spreading his scent all over you until he was satisfied. Pressing a kiss on your temple, he eased away, eyes intense.
“My rut’s approaching soon. I’ll expect you at my place.” He said, like every other time. You rolled your eyes because you never went. He’d been offering since he presented, and you’d never once taken it up.
“Get yourself a nice omega who wants you, Hugh.” You said. “Going through ruts alone is dangerous. Fatal even.”
Just for a moment, his eyes went soft, and he caressed your cheek. “Either I have you, or no one at all. My knot is only for you.”
You watched him leave, slumping against the wall as you inhaled his scent. He’d always been overbearing, protective to a fault. From beating kids who troubled you at school to showing up at your college unannounced, he was everywhere in your life. Until now, you’d managed to keep him at bay, not interested in having a dominant man for a partner. He didn’t understand that you didn’t need him to protect you. You were more than equipped to do it for yourself.
“Hey, we’re waiting for you!” Ryan, one of the alphas in your work group called out. They didn’t comment on Ransom dragging you out, already believing you’d be his as soon as you present. You nodded and followed him inside, promising yourself a long shower to wash off Ransom’s stench from you.
Tumblr media
There were multiple messages from Ransom, each reminding you of his upcoming rut. You put your phone away, exhaling sharply at the thought of him struggling alone. It wasn’t that he was hard to look at, or unkind. For as long as you could remember, Ransom had been there for you as a mated Alpha would be. While he’d initially sought unmated Omega’s for his ruts, he had now been celibate for a while. His obsession with you was almost endearing, and you wondered if it would be that bad belonging to him.
Your father approved of him, seeing in him a powerful mate for his daughter. As did your mother who thought any omega should be lucky to have a mate like him. But you could never see yourself submitting to him. You and he had always butted heads, always stood at a standstill. You were too stubborn to submit, something Ransom said he found very attractive.
As you ignored another one of his texts, you sighed and grabbed your wallet. You needed a distraction, and your kitchen was in serious need of restocking, so you drove to the nearest supermarket, humming a song you didn’t remember the lyrics to. The sky was overcast once you parked, yet you pulled at the neckline of your t-shirt. It felt hotter than usual, so you added ice-cream to your shopping list and continued inside.
Your cart was full of things your mother would frown at, and that gave you a sick sort of satisfaction. Everyone expected you to evolve into her image, and you often went out of your way to be as different as possible. As you shopped, you shifted uncomfortably, wiping away the sweat that was steadily forming over your brow. There was a pulling in your gut, a restlessness sweeping through you all of a sudden that made you want to break something. Abandoning your shopping, you grabbed what you’d taken and went to check it out, putting the ice-cream tub against your cheek that was burning. Unbeknownst to you, your fists were clenching hand, nails digging into your palm as you glared at the man before you, arguing with the cashier.
“I want you to redeem that fucking coupon!” he was shouting, the scared cashier cowering as spittle flew from his mouth.
“Sir, it’s expired.” She tried to explain and you felt the need to put her behind you. You didn’t know when you’d pushed away your cart or grabbed the collar of the alpha before you, but you heard the cashier scream as you jerked him harshly.
“You better watch how you speak to her!” You snarled, a deeply competitive spirit running through you. The alpha before you exuded challenge and anger, something you found yourself reciprocating. As the man prepared to attack you, your knee shot up straight into his groin and he collapsed with an agonized scream, cursing you. Chest heaving, you turned to the scared omega who was still clutching the expired coupon in a death grip.
“Are you okay?” You asked, wanting to jump over her counter and see if she was okay. She nodded, her hands trembling as her gaze flit between you and the alpha on the ground. It took you a moment to see, but she was bowing her head, titling it slightly to the side to show her submission. You breathed sharply, her scent mingling with faint others around you. With energy coursing through you, you pushed past a stunned crowd and ran. Anger, heat and power was pulsing in your veins when you stumbled back to your car, your feet pressing into the gas with urgency.
Shooting past the horns blaring after you, you barely paid attention to the road, your phone in your hand. He answered on the first ring, his breath laboured with the onset of his rut.
“Please, help me.” You said, voice rough as you contained the onslaught of emotions coursing through you.
The change in his voice was immediate, an alertness coming into it.
“Where are you?” Ransom asked, and you could hear him moving in his house.
“Reaching my place in 10.”
“I’ll be there in fifteen.” He answered, and you frantically drove as he hung up.
Tumblr media
The room seemed too small but you were scared to move out. You were scared of yourself, of the way you had destroyed your room in a matter of minutes. A need was building in the very center of your bones, a need to fulfill something that you didn’t understand. So you curled into your sheets, torn in places where you’d aggressively ripped through them and screamed into the pillow.
That’s how Ransom found you. He walked into your room with urgency, eyes wide as he took you in. The moment you saw him, a growl ripped past your lips and you jumped to your feet, shoulders bent and body ready to attack. You threw yourself at him, the need to attack him strong, a call to establish your power in your gut. He grunted, trying to hold you away without having to hurt you. You could hear him scream your name, but you were too far gone to control yourself or your actions.
As he pushed you down on your bed, you rolled away and threw your broken lamp at him, teeth bared in an obvious threat.
“Baby, it’s me. Calm down!”
His voice incensed you further and you crouched, prepared to do some serious damage. You jumped and grabbed his sweater, tearing through it like a tigress, hair flowing wild around you. Ransom twisted in your hold, trying to dislodge your grip from him to no avail. Meeting your eyes he saw your darkened gaze and his fingers wrapped around your wrist, his own eyes swimming with unsaid thoughts. Looking you dead in the eyes, he got on his knees, kneeling before you.
Your hands were still bunched into his clothes when he tilted his head to the side, a mark of submission. You stilled, breath harsh as you gazed at his form. Slowly, very slowly, the silence stretched between you both until your grip slackened and you felt the aggressiveness give out a little. You collapsed on the floor before him, tears gleaming in your eyes as he met them.
“Baby” He whispered, hesitating before touching you. You slumped, defeated beside him.
“I am an alpha.” You said.
Tumblr media
He gave you some suppressants, the mild ones he began using when he started going through his ruts alone. You refused to get in your bed and under the sheet, a fierce need for space and domination in you. While he sat back and kept an eye on you, you paced back and forth, uneasy in your body and its energy. Unwittingly, a tear would slowly dribble down the side of your face and you’d hurriedly wipe it away. You’d lost the right to cry the moment you presented. Alphas didn’t cry.
You didn’t have the courage to call your parents. They’d been waiting to hear the news of your designation for years, already planning your future. How were you to tell them that you weren’t what they had thought? That you weren’t what you had thought yourself to be?
Never in a hundred years did you image to present as an Alpha. Female alphas weren’t unheard of, but they were extremely rare. Only a couple dozen in the male dominated designation, they often lived their lives in conflict, nobody knowing what exactly to do with them. There was always that unknown space with them, the need to choose either being a woman or an alpha. When Omega’s were headstrong, they were praised. But a female alpha who cried? She was just different, someone unworthy of that position.
You weren’t thrilled about being an omega, but you’d never wanted to be an alpha. You didn’t associate yourself with these loud, controlling men who went about ordering people and causing chaos. It wasn’t in your nature to be like them. At most, you were independent, stubborn, but not something unique entirely to alphas.
“Sit down.” Ransom said at last, having watched you almost burn a hole in your rug. “You need to eat something.”
Your fists curled in tight, his very presence feeling like an insult. Scoffing, you threw him an acrid look before looking away.
“Don’t tell me what to you.” You hissed, a sour taste in your mouth. “You shouldn’t. You can’t.”
He glared at you and you glared right back, a glossy film of tears unshed in your eyes, blurring your vision. As he stared at you silently, you picked up a cushion and squeezed it hard, trying to keep your emotions in check. You didn’t know if you were even really angry. There was enough reason to be sad, but angry? At whom? Maybe you were angry because that’s how alphas should be. Bold, strong. In control.
When he spoke your name, he did it with command. It cut into your heart, because in some of your wildest dreams, in those fantasies that you never spoke about, you’d imagined following them. Now it did nothing. His command felt flat, no longer bending you to his will. It should make you ecstatic, but it didn’t.
Ransom moved cautiously but with determination, stopping right in front of you, forcing you to tilt your head to look into his blue eyes. The dynamic between you had shifted. He was no more a chaser, no more a suiter. What were you now? Friends? Acquaintances? Strangers?
“You’re so pretty.” He breathed, his finger coming to brush a strand of hair away from your face. It was then you broke, a deep sadness bubbling in your gut because you weren’t sure if you were meant to be beautiful anymore. The look in his eyes, the feel of his touch, it shouldn’t be directed at you. It was meant for an omega, and nature had made sure to let you know that you weren’t one.
When the tears came, he caught them in his hands, until you were sobbing in his chest. His heart was beating fast, almost in tangent to yours as if your pain was throbbing deep inside him too. He sat you on his lap, your body draped over his larger one as he shushed you. It wasn’t your place, but you couldn’t help but crave it. You shouldn’t have to be looked after, but you didn’t refuse it.
“Look at me,” he urged, his voice almost begging. “Look at me. It’s okay. Everything’s okay. I’ve got you now baby.”
You sniffled into his sweater, rubbing your nose on it until your eyes met his. For a long time you’d wondered about belonging to him. You’d resented the idea of submission, so much so that you’d lost the right to do so.
“Please leave.” You whispered, moving away from him. He frowned, confused as you evaded his touch, your shoulders bunching tight. “Thank you for your help. You can go now.”
“Go where exactly?” He tightly asked, voice unmistakably angry. You hadn’t a clue why he stuck around for this long anyway, but you needed him gone. His presence reminded you of all you’d lost, of all you’d never have.
“I don’t know. To your home maybe, or to find an omega. Wherever you please Hugh.”
His growl made the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and you turned right as he advanced on you. Taking you around your arms he pulled you closer, feet pushing back until you were cornered against the wall, his scent invading every crevice of your being. You kicked out in protest but he shut you up by slamming his palms on either side of your head, the blue in his eyes darkening with each passing second.
“Never” He said through gritted teeth, “ask me to leave you alone. Never.”
He bent to meet your eyes, letting you see how serious he was. You blinked in confusion, trying not to squirm at the close proximity of his body. As his intense eyes kept you hostage, you wondered at his intent.
“But I can’t ask you to stay.” You said, and you admitted that it broke your heart. He has been a huge part of your life for years, his need for you affection every part of your life. Without him, life wouldn’t be the same. “I am sorry for all the years you wasted on me.”
Ransom sighed deeply, exasperatedly. Digging his fingers into your hair, he turned your head up and brushed his lips along your brow, his breath warm on your face.
“Since when were you this dumb?” He asked, tone lighter than before. “You’ve finally presented. Our wait it over and you can be mine.”
Your eyes widened and jerked to meet his, unbelieving of his words. Searching his gaze for any deceits, you trembled once you found none. But your head was shaking, unable to process his words for what they meant.
“I can’t be yours.” You said with a sob, a haunting realization that you never expected to hurt this much. “I am not the omega for you Ransom.”
This was the first you’d spoken his name and a soft smile curled on his lips. He pressed you deeper into the wall, until his body touched all of us, commanded all your attention.
“No sweetheart,” he murmured softly, nose rubbing against yours. “You aren’t the omega for me. You’re the alpha for me.”
He kissed you – a branding kiss that bruised you. Your lips moved with his, salty with your tears. Your fingers found his wrist, curling around them until he pulled away, mouth glistening.
“But – how?” You asked, feeling pathetic for being so small and vulnerable. You didn’t know how to alpha. “I am not – I don’t understand.”
Ransom chuckled, wrapping his arms around in a promise of never letting go.
“It was never about your designation darling. It was always just about you.” He said, lips pressing into the crown of your head. “You’re not an omega, but you’re still you. Being an alpha doesn’t take away that from you. It can’t take away my love.”
It hit you like a truck. He still wanted you. This arrogant bastard who has been a pain in your ass for decades still wanted you, regardless of who you were. And then you laughed, all snot and tears as you hugged him because it was so obvious. He had always been your alpha, even when you weren’t sure of who you were. And now, you were his alpha too.
“I am sorry.” You whispered and he peered at you in confusion. “All those years, how rude I was. I didn’t understand. I didn’t know.”
He smirked, the very one that got him labeled a troublemaker wherever he went. Sweeping a hand under your legs, he carried you towards your bedroom, nuzzling your hair all the way.
“Don’t worry about that baby. I am all about that chase.” He assured, dropping you on your bed and climbing in after you. As he spread his knees on either side of your thighs, you suddenly turned shy. You didn’t know how to behave. Should you roll him over and take control like you were supposed to? Or…
“You’re a mile away from me baby.” He interrupted your thoughts and you saw his bare chest above you, sweater discarded. “What are you thinking about?”
You chewed on your lip, the movement catching his attention as his chest rumbled in desire. Nervously playing with the corner of your pillow, you avoided looking directly at him.
“I don’t know how to do this.” You softly confessed, and then hurried on before you could lose your nerve. “I’ve never been with an alpha. And I’ve never been an alpha. I don’t know what to do.”
For a moment, you were afraid. You were doing everything wrong. You weren’t being assertive or strong. But before you could berate yourself for speaking anything at all, Ransom’s face filled your vision, his dark hair swaying softly.
“You do what feels right to you honey.” He said, pressing a kiss on your nose and cheeks before placing one on your neck. It was where an omega would typically reciprocate a mating bite, but you didn’t have one. You had this gorgeous, persistent fucker who’s teeth scrapping against that place had you gasping in pleasure. “If you want, you can turn me over and ride me. If you want, you can let me take you on all fours like a bitch. We do what you want because this is between us. Our designations have fuck all to do with this.”
And so you let him hold you down. You let him strip every piece of cloth of your body and felt his mouth rove over you. In that spot between yours legs, you mewled as he worshiped you. When his tongue tasted your nectar, you cried his name into the heavens. For as long as he was touching you, you forgot everything but him. For as long as he was with you, you remained only his.
His thrust was gentle at first, a meeting of two people that had been a long time coming. You kissed him deep, holding his sweaty body close to yours as he thrust in and out of you. Tears kissed your eyes, pain and pleasure and the shock of today all seeping out with them, and you knew little about the world but his scent and his feel, his cock that touched something deep and primal inside you. You weren’t afraid to be a woman then, because he made you sure you were one.
“You smell so good, baby. Rub yourself on me, make sure everyone smells you on me.” He moaned, and you did just that. Your hands roamed his back, legs wrapping around him until you could smell the intoxicating mix of your scents combine in your pores.
As he moved faster, you placed a hand on his chest, applying pressure until he rolled over under you, your body bouncing on him with a rhythm. Pinching his nipples, you enjoyed watching him come apart under your touch. With your mouth touching places on his body, you reveled in that power.
“You won’t be able to breed me.” You said, and Ransom nodded.
“I know. And I don’t care.” He grunted, holding your waist tight. “I don’t care about pups. As long as you stay with me.”
Mouths meeting in a messy kiss, your bodies moving in tandem, he pushed you over the edge, your vision blackening with pleasure for a moment. Your name escaped him like a chant, a prayer, until he burst into you, gathering you close as if afraid of you going away. His tongue licked your neck again, but you knew he wouldn’t bite. Not now. You weren’t there yet.
Collapsing beside each other, you wore similar silly grins, relaxed and at peace. Your world may have been taken over by a storm, but you were in the eye of it. Right now, with him, there was only calm and peace. And love.
“I love you, alpha.” You said, barely audible but he heard you. The words he has waited so long to hear.
“I always knew you would.” He teased, pulling you into his side. “I’ve always loved you my alpha, and I always will.”
His kiss was soft and promising, and you drifted away gently to sleep. Your parents were right after all, Ransom made a great mate to you. It was always fated.  
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dailyflicks · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHRIS EVANS as RANSOM DRYSDALE Knives Out (2019) | Dir. Rian Johnson
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rocketrhap3000 · a day ago
requested : saw this tik tok and thought ,   could you write a blurb for futile with chris and yn and there daughter based on this! if not thats ok but i love your works thank you!
a/n: divider by @firefly-graphics​ !! this is the sweetest 🥺 thanks for the request! ps: if you aren’t following this series, this blurb can stand alone! also, i need to make it known that i have two jobs and tumblr is not a top priority of mine. i write and post when i can and i cannot guarantee that i will complete all requests in a timely manner. that being said, i appreciate all your patience. thank you for the continued support and for 2.1k followers! 🤍
warnings: dad!chris, pregnant!reader, domestic fluff!
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
‘futile’ series masterlist
Tumblr media
Around four-thirty in the evening, you hear the front door open and shut gently, followed by the excited clicking of Dodger’s paws against the hardwood flooring, letting you know Chris is home for the night. He’s been crazy busy lately with insanely early and long hours on set, but at least the location they’re filming on is only an hour away, and at least he’s home at a normal time today for the remainder of the weekend.
“M’home, Sweetheart,” comes his tired voice. You smile when you hear Dodger let out a little howl, ‘Dad’s home, dad’s home!’ and you hear Chris talking back to him. 
“In the living room,” you call out in response. You go to stand up from your spot on the couch, but he makes his way around the corner to see you somewhat struggling with your growing baby belly. Dodger follows, trotting back into the living room and gets comfy on his bed again, leaving you and Chris to have your own reunion.
“Honey, stay stay stay,” Chris urges softly, rushing over to you. You look back at him and laugh, almost stuck in the position until he helps you back down. 
“Thank you,” you giggle, and seeing your smile is all his heart needs to be uplifted from a long day away from you. 
“Mm, missed you,” he whispers, kissing you slowly and sweetly while caressing your bump. 
“Missed you too,” you reply, gazing into his tired eyes. 
“How are you? Feeling any better?” he asks, knowing you were up with nausea through the night, which he had to help you with and felt awful that he had to leave. He then slings an arm around you and brings you in closer to him. His other hand rests on your belly, softly rubbing over it.
“Mm, much better. How are you?”
“I’m beat,” he chuckles. 
“Well you were up and out of the house before four this morning. I can understand why,” you laugh lightly, placing a hand on his face and running your thumb over his cheek and ear.
“Yeah. I am so glad to be home for the weekend. Where’s Ayla?”
“Upstairs, napping,”
“I could go for a nap right about now, too,” he says softly. 
“Go right ahead,” you encourage. “I was going to start dinner soon.”
“No no no, let me. I don’t want you up on your feet.” 
“Chris, it’s really okay. I feel so much better than this morning and I’ve been resting all day,”
“You’ve been with the toddler form of the Energizer Bunny all day,” he jokes.
“She wasn’t too crazy today, actually,” you admit honestly, laughing a little bit.
“That’s fantastic. But I still want you to rest,” he insists. 
“Just have your nap,” you roll your eyes, going to stand up off the couch, but his hands keep you close to him. 
“Nap with me?” he asks meekly. And you simply can’t resist the invitation.
The pair of you somehow manage to fit comfortably on the couch together despite Chris’ size and the size of your belly. But where there’s a will, there’s a way; Chris lays down and settles behind you, cradling your body against his front before pulling a throw blanket off the top of the couch and spreading it over your entangled bodies. You both fall asleep way too quickly, and it feels so nice to be together once again.
Perhaps another hour passes and you stir awake for some reason. You hear Chris snoring lightly behind you; it’s clear he needed a nap more than you did. Then, as if your mother’s intuition was what woke you, you hear Ayla start to babble from her room upstairs, signaling she’s napped long enough. 
You quietly, gently lift Chris’ arm and the blanket off your body and slip out of his grasp to stand up slowly and make your way up to your daughter’s room. Opening the door, you find her standing in her crib, dark curls adorably messed up, pacifier hanging from the side of her mouth, and big brown eyes peering from between the bars. 
“Oh, hello my Lovebug,” you greet softly and she yawns and smiles in response. 
She’s only wearing a diaper and a long-sleeved, mustard yellow shirt, having refused when you tried to put pants back on after you changed her earlier in the day, and everything about her appearance is just too precious for this world.
“Mama,” she babbles, and you lift her out of her crib with ease. She may be almost a year and a half but she’s still a tiny little thing. You gently tug the pacifier from her lips and set it on the shelf next to the changing table in her room.
“Dada? Dadada?” she asks, holding her arms out as if to ask “where’s dad?” 
“Daddy’s downstairs. He’s having a nap, too. Wanna wake him up for dinner?” you ask and she nods to answer.
You carry her up until you get to the stairs, knowing she’s light but you still shouldn’t be lifting her down the steps since you’ve not been feeling the best. Instead, she grabs your hand and the two of you waddle down the stairs, one step at a time, to find Chris still passed out on the couch. 
Ayla runs through the living room, ringlet curls bouncing with each step, until she finally makes it in front of Chris. She looks back to you for encouragement and you stand near her to watch her interaction with Chris. 
“Wake him up, Bug,” you whisper sweetly. 
“Dada,” she says quietly, not loud enough to stir Chris awake.
She looks up at you again and you nod and smile, prompting her to tap his hand softly a few times. That pulls Chris out of his sleep just enough for him to open his eyes for a second, finding his daughter standing in front of him.
“Hi, Baby,” he greets sleepily, making her giggle happily, too, before lifting her up and coddling her to his chest. She sits on his chest and gurgles happily. “How was your nap, Peanut?” he asks, lifting up her shirt and blowing raspberries against her tummy. “Mama and I had a good nap too,” he then says, shifting to a sitting position with Ayla on his lap as you sit back down beside him on the couch.
“I say we order dinner in,” Chris then states, kissing Ayla’s head, your bump, then your lips before continuing. “I’m way too comfortable in our little family huddle to get up to make dinner.”
“I think that’s a great idea,” you agree and smile, leaning into Chris and enjoying the simple moment of togetherness. 
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too-music · 2 days ago
“You gave him the correct medication because you are a good nurse.”
Tumblr media
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likeahorribledream · 2 days ago
Blood Moon
Chapter Four: Dinner Party From Hell
[Previous Chapter]
Summary: You finally meet the Thrombeys and it goes just as badly as you imagined it would.
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Reader / Mob!Ransom x Female!Reader
Word Count: 6.6k
Warning(s): Ransom's family, cussing, angst and fluff.
This is the hairstyle and beard I have in mind for Mob!Ransom
Tumblr media
The ride over to Harlan’s house is quiet. You don't know what to say and you can see that Ransom is nervous, anxious even. He hasn’t seen his family in over a year and though he has moved on and moved up, he knows that tonight is going to affect him. They always know what insults to use against him to really make it hurt and he fears that tonight is only going to be worse because you are there.
‘’Are you sure you want to go?’’ You ask him after 20 minutes of him fidgeting. ‘’We don’t have to.’’
He glances at you, then back at the road. ‘’Why do you say that?’’
‘’Because you’re getting more anxious with every mile that gets us closer to them. The steering wheel’s gonna be shaped like your fist if you grip it any tighter and you keep wiggling in your seat like you can’t find a comfortable position to sit in, probably because you’re so tense.’’
He stops at a red light and turns his head. ‘’Remind me never to play poker with you.’’
You laugh. ‘’Why’s that?’’
‘’You’re the first person who’s noticed that I get anxious and that could tell from just watching me.’’
You feel sad when you hear this. It's when he says things like this that it's clear for you that he has been going through life all alone, even as a kid.
You reach over to his arm resting on the middle console to take his hand in yours and give it a gentle squeeze.
He looks down at your hands and smiles at the sweet gesture.
‘’You say the word and we get the hell out of there, ok? I’m great at faking family emergencies.’’
Ransom laughs and starts driving again once the light turns back to green.
You smile, happy that you managed to make him laugh and let go of his hand, bringing it back to rest on your lap.
Instead of being quiet, you decide that it’s probably better to keep Ransom’s mind occupied. You talk to him and ask him millions of questions to keep him out of his own head. You notice his body relaxing and you mentally high five yourself; job well done.
You look at him as you talk and you can see him slowly tensing up again, no matter what you say. You don't need to look around to know you've arrived.
Ransom drives up the trail that leads to the driveway and parks his car close to the front door, in case you need to get out of there quickly. He turns off the car and takes the keys out of the ignition, he reaches to the door to open it but you stop him by putting your hand on his arm closest to you.
He stops and turns to look at you.
‘’Are you going to be ok?’’
You worry about him, even if you try not to believe every gossip you hear you know that what was said about the Thrombey family wasn’t far from the truth. Tonight isn’t going to be fun for Ransom, quite the opposite. It’ll be hell on earth for the next couple of hours.
‘’I’ll be fine.’’ He smiles.
His smile isn’t really convincing. You can tell that he’s trying to keep up appearances, but you won’t call him out on it. You’d like it more if he felt comfortable enough with you to tell you how he truly feels but if he’s not ready, you aren’t going to push him.
You squeeze his arm as a way to show him that you got his back and pull your hand away to finally let him out of the car, following shortly after him.
He waits for you on his side of the car and when you meet him, he puts his arm around your shoulders and brings you close to him.
‘’Thank you for coming with me. I know this was a big favor to ask.’’
He looks down at you as he slowly guides you to the stairs and up to the door.
‘’It’s not a favor, I’m happy I get to be here for you.’’
He smiles fondly at you, his eyes softening at your sincerity.
‘’Please hold on to that feeling.’’ He takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell.
You turn to the side and lift yourself up to give him a quick kiss on his cheek. ‘’It’s going to be ok.’’ You whisper in his ear, lowering yourself to your normal height and turning back around to face the door.
Ransom moves his arm away from your shoulders and reaches down to take your hand in his instead.
The door finally opens and a tall woman looks down on you. Quite literally, that’s how tall she is.
‘’Ransom.’’ She greets him coldly. ‘’We were just talking about how sad it would be to have our nice family dinner be ruined by something. It’s almost as if we had summoned you.’’
Ransom rolls his eyes. ‘’Nice to see you too, mother.’’
Mother? This is his mom? Oh tonight is going to be worse than you thought.
Her gaze falls on you. ‘’I’d ask you your name but you’ll probably be gone tomorrow so why bother?’’
Your eyes widen and you watch her as she walks away without a care in the world, like she had just talked about the weather instead of insulting her son and being rude to you.
Ransom sighs. ‘’I’m sorry. Maybe it was a bad idea to bring you here.’’
You quickly turn your attention to Ransom. ‘’No, it’s ok. Don’t apologize for her, it’s not your fault.’’ You squeeze his hand. ‘’After hearing what she just said to you, there’s no way in hell I’m leaving you here alone. Let’s go inside. The quicker we eat, the quicker this dinner will be over.’’
He ignores the way his heart melts in his chest at your protectiveness towards him and follows you as you step inside. He shuts the door behind him and lets go of your hand to take off his coat and scarf. He hangs them up next to the door and does the same with your own coat after you take it off.
‘’Want me to give you the tour?’’ He offers, trying to avoid his family for as long as possible.
‘’Yes, please.’’
He takes your hand and leads you up the stairs that are right next to the front door.
‘’There’s not much up here, but it’s better than being down there.’’
You laugh and follow him as he shows you around. He shows you the rooms, at least the ones that are empty. He shows you Harlan’s secret hideout in the attic and you fall in love with the small room. It’s the perfect reading nook. You look at all the art that’s hung up on the walls and admire the books that cover an entire wall.
‘’I want a room like this. I’d spend all my free time in here.’’
Ransom looks at you and smiles. Did he make a mental note about making you a room like this if you ever got together and moved in together? Maybe.
‘’Wait until you see the library.’’
‘’There are more books?!’’
He chuckles and moves to the door to leave. ‘’Oh, angel. You’re about to walk into your own little piece of heaven.’’
He brings you back to the first floor and goes straight to the library. He opens the door and lets go of your hand once more. He puts his hand at the small of your back and nudges you inside.
He turns on the light and your jaw drops.
First of all, this room is bigger than huge. It had probably been designed to be a ballroom of some kind but it had been put to better use.
There are books everywhere. The walls are covered with them.
‘’This is insane.’’ You say under your breath, walking around the room.
You take a moment to admire all the props.
‘’Is your grandfather scared he might run out of knives?’’ You stop in front of the giant display of knives.
‘’It was for one of his books.’’
‘’Are these real?’’
‘’Most of them are.’’
You turn to look at him. ‘’That many knives around your family, that can’t end well.’’
Ransom laughs. ‘’If it’s not knives, they’ll find something else to kill each other with.’’
You walk out of the library and wait for Ransom to turn off the lights and close the door.
‘’Guess we can’t hide anymore.’’
You give him a small smile and put your arm around his. ‘’Let’s do this.’’ You encourage him.
He looks down at your arm and smiles.
Once again you’re walking around the house but this time you go to, what you guess is, the living room.
Almost all of his family members are in the room, sitting around the coffee table and drinking.
Linda is the first to notice you.
‘’You’re still there? I thought you’d left.’’
‘’Sorry to disappoint.’’
He points to the empty seat on the couch. ‘’You can go sit there if you want.’’
You nod and do as he suggests.
‘’Obedient little thing.’’ The man sitting across from you says.
‘’Walt.’’ Ransom says with a warning tone.
‘’I’m just joking.’’ Walt says, rolling his eyes. ‘’Calm down.’’
The both of you know very well that he isn’t joking.
You made the decision to ignore them as much as possible and not let them get to you. Ransom had warned you that they were going to try and get a reaction out of you and that’s when things usually got ugly.
‘’I’ll be right back.’’ He says to you before leaving the room.
A small part of you panics at the thought of being alone with his family and you truly hope that he isn’t going to be gone long.
You can feel their eyes on you but you avert your gaze and look at the paintings on the walls instead.
A minute later, Ransom walks back into the room and you smile when your eyes meet. He stops in front of you and hands you a glass of water. You notice he’s also holding a beer, from himself, and you feel warmth spread into your chest. He thought of bringing you something to drink, he didn’t even need to ask.
‘’Thank you.’’ You take the glass and grin.
Later you’ll probably think back of this moment and feel embarrassed that you got so happy about him simply bringing you water, but for the moment you’re just going to appreciate the gesture.
You move on the couch as close as possible to the arm of the couch to leave enough space for Ransom to sit down next to you.
He gladly sits next to you and throws his arm on the back of the couch behind you. ‘’Thanks angel.’’ He smiles and takes a few sips of his beer.
His mother doesn’t even try to hide her disgust at the nickname.
Ransom notices and sighs. ‘’What’s your problem now?’’
‘’Angel, really?’’ She scoffs.
He moves his hand behind you to play with a few strands of your hair at the back of your head, his eyes never leaving his mother.
‘’Jealous, Linda? Did Richard stop giving you cute pet names?’’ He smirks, knowing very well that he did.
At least with his wife, Ransom’s sure he gives cute pet names to at least one of his mistresses.
‘’We don’t need pet names. We’re adults. You should try it some time.’’
‘’What you are is bitter and miserable, I’ll take a hard pass on that.’’ He raises the beer bottle to his lips and drinks more of it.
You watch the interaction, not knowing what to say or do. You aren’t even sure if you should be doing or saying anything in moments like these.
‘’What are you even doing here? No one wants you here.’’ Richard finally speaks up.
‘’Harlan wants me here and last time I checked, this is still his house.’’
You notice that Ransom’s leg was bouncing up and down, it’s barely noticeable. For now. It’ll get worse the more they’ll get to him.
You put your hand on his thigh and squeeze gently.
He looks down to his leg and then up to meet your eyes. He smiles and gives you a little nod to show you he’s ok.
You aren’t sure to believe him, until you notice that he stopped bouncing his leg. Only then do you feel yourself worrying a little less.
‘’So, what does ‘’Angel’’ do for a living?’’ Walt asks as he looks at your little silent exchange. ‘’Try to keep it PG-13 in front of my son.’’
His son, who hasn’t looked up once from his phone since you walked in earlier.
Your brows furrow with confusion at his last comment. Why would you need to keep it PG-13 to talk about your work?
He just insinuated that Ransom is paying you for… well, everything.
‘’I own a restaurant.’’ You answer simply, not giving him more details and avoiding reacting to his comment.
‘’Is it the little diner they just closed down on the edge of town?’’
Apparently they didn’t remember you from the time you kicked them out for being abusive towards your staff. You aren’t surprised.
‘’No, my restaurant is downtown.’’
Ransom’s fingers stop playing with your hair and instead find their way to the back of your neck where he draws little circles with his fingertips, making you shiver.
‘’What’s it called?’’
You hesitate for a few seconds. ‘’Nova.’’
It takes them a few seconds but you can tell that now they remember you.
‘’You’re the one who kicked us out.’’ Linda says.
She stares at you, as if she expects you to apologize for it. Instead you stare back at her and drink some water without breaking eye contact.
She scoffs and looks away.
Ransom laughs quietly and leans towards you. He kisses your cheek and sits back.
You bite down on your lip to hide your smile as he kisses your cheek.
Thankfully, someone walks into the living room to announce that dinner is ready and that Harlan is waiting for you in the dining room.
Everyone stands up at the same time and one by one you leave the room to go eat. Ransom leaves his now empty beer bottle on the table and makes a pit stop in the kitchen to get another one.
By the time you both get to the dining room everyone has sat down and left you the last two chairs at the opposite end of the table where Harlan is sitting.
You just know that they did it on purpose to piss off Ransom. They are very well aware that Ransom came for Harlan and Harlan only and now he couldn’t even talk to him. Another way to make him miserable.
He doesn’t say anything, but you can see that he’s not angry anymore. He’s hurt and that’s even worse.
He puts down his beer next to an empty plate at the end of the table and pulls out a chair for you. He helps you with bringing the chair closer to the table once you’ve sat down.
‘’Is it ok if I go say hi? I’ll be right back.’’
You look up at him. ‘’Of course it’s ok, Ransom. Take your time, don’t worry about me.’’
He hesitates. ‘’Are you sure?’’
You smile. ‘’I’m sure, go.’’ You shoo him away, making him laugh as he turns around and goes to the other side of the table.
He stays with Harlan and talks to him until the food is served and it’s time to eat.
You watch him as he comes back and sits next to you.
‘’How did it go?’’ You speak quietly. You do not want his family to hear nor do you want them to join in on your conversation.
‘’Good. He says we’ll talk more after dinner.’’
You smile and rub his back. ‘’That’s great.’’
You pull away and take your fork to do like everybody else and start eating.
They seem to be ignoring both you and Ransom, which is a relief.
Halfway through dinner, Ransom leans in to whisper in your ear.
‘’Harlan said that you’re really pretty and that I’m a lucky man.’’
He kisses your cheek and leans back to look at you.
‘’He’s right you know.’’ He adds.
You feel heat rushing to your neck and cheeks. You have never been good at accepting compliments. You squirm a little and look away.
‘’Thank you.’’ You say shyly.
He chuckles and rubs your back like you had done for him earlier. He doesn’t say anything about you being embarrassed and you’re very grateful for it. It would only have made you squirm more.
Unlike you did, Ransom leaves his hand on your back and continues rubbing up and down as he finishes eating. He alternates between his hand laying flat on your back and using just his fingertips.
You feel a lot more relaxed than you did when you first sat down. It seems like he is, too.
‘’You should run while you still can.’’ Walt says and it takes a few seconds for you to realize that he’s speaking to you.
‘’Excuse me?’’
‘’Before he ruins your life, you should run while you can.’’
‘’He? Who’s he?’’ The idea never even crossed your mind that he could have been talking about the sweet man sitting next to you and yet,
‘’He’s not going to ruin my life.’’ You answer without hesitating and Ransom’s heart swells at your answer.
‘’Yeah right. You do know what he is?’’
‘’A human being? A sweetheart? Funny?’’ You are hopeful that your answer would be enough to discourage him. You should have known better.
‘’A mobster. Scum of the earth.’’ His tone is dripping with disgust. ‘’Total waste of space, if you ask me.’’
You stop breathing at his answer. Ransom’s hand stops moving on your back and soon after he pulls himself away from you.
You are terrified to look at him, terrified to see the pain in his eyes.
‘’I didn’t.’’
Now he’s the one confused. ‘’What?’’
‘’Ask you. I didn’t.’’
‘’Well consider it free advice from someone who knows better.’’
You reach under the table, blindly searching for Ransom’s hand. When you find it, you put yours on top of it.
Ransom turns his hand, now palm to palm he intertwines your fingers together and you squeeze his hand.
You look at Ransom’s parents. ‘’Aren’t you going to say anything? You’re going to let him talk about your son in that way?’’
They don’t seem to care at all about what Walt just said. You turn to look at Harlan and he doesn’t say anything either and that’s the worst of it.
‘’It’s fine.’’ Ransom says to you and you finally dare to look at him.
There’s no emotion on his face, but his eyes? His eyes are filled with emotions. Pain, shame, guilt, embarrassment.
You open your mouth to tell him that no, it’s not fine but close it back when you see the pleading look in his eyes to stop fighting them.
‘’Why don’t we move to the living room for dessert?’’ Harlan finally speaks up.
They all agree and stand up. You watch as they all leave the dining room, chatting away like nothing happened.
Ransom stands up, letting go of your hand as he did. You look up.
‘’What are you doing?’’
‘’Harlan said we could talk after dinner.’’
‘’Ransom…’’ He just shakes his head and leaves for the living room.
You look at the empty table, shocked. You don’t understand why nobody else thinks it’s a big deal. You get that they don’t necessarily like each other, but to the point of being fine with one of them telling Ransom he’s a waste of space? Unbelievable.
With how you are feeling right now, there is no way you can go sit with them and play nice. Instead you do the one thing that you’re used to doing and you start cleaning up the table.
There’s staff hired to do it, you’re sure of it but you need to keep your mind and your hands busy before you do something that will only make things worse.
It takes you an hour cleaning everything up. Once you’re done, the table shines.
You’re not sure what to do now. It’s been over an hour since Ransom walked out and he never came looking for you. Clearly he doesn’t want you there with him. Not having anything else to do, you sit back down at the table where you’ll wait for Ransom to come tell you when it’s time to leave.
You sigh as you let your head fall down against the back of the chair.
You should have brought a book.
After Ransom left the dining room, he was relieved to see that Harlan was sitting alone and that he could finally have some time with his grandfather.
He sits down next to him.
‘’She’s a fierce one, your friend.’’
Ransom nods with a fond smile tugging at his lips.
‘’She’s very protective over you.’’
‘’She’s a mama bear. She’s like that with everyone.’’ Ransom leans back in his seat.
Harlan hums, like he knows something Ransom doesn’t. ‘’If you say so.’’
Ransom shakes his head and sighs. ‘’It’s not like that. We’re friends, ok? We just met a week ago. Besides she’s way too good for me, too much of a good person for me to drag her down to my level.’’
Harlan turns to look at his grandson, slightly surprised at his words. ‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’You’ve heard everyone’s opinion about me and I’m far from being a model citizen either. While she’s just-’’ He huffs, frustrated. ‘’She’s the best kind of person there is. You’ve seen how she is, and it’s not even ¼ of how great she is.’’
‘’She seems to like you, a lot.’’
Ransom laughs bitterly. ‘’I doubt that. No one likes me, old man. Not even my own family, so why would she? And even if she does, it would be selfish of me to bring my lifestyle into hers. I’m already being selfish by trying to be her friend.’’
‘’Have you talked to her about this?’’
Ransom shrugs. ‘’Yes and no. She knows who I am, what I do but we haven’t gotten into details. But she’s a smart woman, I don’t need to tell her for her to know.’’
‘’Have you asked her what she thought of it?’’
‘’She says she doesn’t mind.’’
‘’Well there you go.’’
‘’It’s not that simple, Harlan.’’
‘’Why not? You like her, she likes you, she knows about you and doesn’t care. It seems pretty simple to me. Stop trying to make decisions for her. You said it yourself, she’s a smart woman. She knows what she’s doing. Don’t push a good thing away because you don’t think you deserve it. You might end up regretting it in the long run.’’
‘’But what if it’s the right thing to do?’’
‘’Right according to whom? Let me ask you this. What if she’s the love of your life and you’re the love of hers and instead of being happy and in a loving relationship you push her away and end up miserable and in a loveless marriage.’’
Harlan looks around the room. ‘’Is this-’’ He motions to his children. ‘’The kind of life you want to live? The future you want?’’
He looks at his parents and then Walt and Donna.
‘’Fuck no.’’
‘’Then stop messing around, before it’s too late.’’
Deep down, Ransom knows his grandfather’s right. You are both old enough to make smart decisions and he needs to let you make yours. He’s never liked anyone as much as he likes you and that is reason enough for him to stop fighting himself and do as Harlan says.
The conversation changes to Harlan’s book that he’s currently writing and soon after the dessert is served and they continue their conversation while eating.
An hour goes by, and he still hasn’t noticed that you weren’t in the room with them, too engrossed in his conversation with his grandfather.
You’re now thinking about taking a cab home. It’s been over an hour and a half without hearing anyone scream or Ransom coming to you angry, so he must be managing just fine without you.
You’ve done your job, and now you weren’t needed anymore.
You finally get up and walk to the kitchen where the staff is most definitely hiding from the Thrombeys.
‘’I’m sorry to bother you, but could someone write down the address? I need to call a cab but I have no idea where I am.’’
One of the women, Fran, writes it down for you.
‘’Thank you.’’ You smile at her and take the piece of paper.
You walk to the front door and look through your coat’s pocket for your phone and you try to find a cab company that could pick you up here and then drive you all the way home. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a very expensive trip back home.
Fran leaves the kitchen to go pick up the dirty dishes in the living room. By cleaning the entire dining room by yourself you had given her a big break and she was able to eat dinner in peace with the other staff members.
She walks around the room and picks up the dishes as she finds them. When Ransom hands her his plate, he notices that there’s one plate left on the coffee table and the piece of cake on it is untouched. He looks around the room to see who hasn’t eaten and that’s when he notices that you’re not there.
‘’Fran?’’ He calls out to her before she leaves the room.
‘’Yes, Hugh?’’
‘’Have you seen my friend? The girl I came here with.’’
‘’Oh yeah. Last time I saw her she was calling a cab to go home.’’
Ransom’s heart drops. ‘’What? When was that?’’
Fran shrugs. ‘’I don’t know like 10 minutes ago?’’
‘’Where is she now?’’ He stands up quickly.
‘’Outside I think, waiting for her ride.’’
‘’Fuck.’’ He rushes to the front door and puts his coat on at the same time as he’s trying to open the front door. Once he finally manages to do both, he steps outside and looks around for you.
He sees you making your way down the road to the front gate and he starts running.
Ransom stops in front of you, leaving you no choice but to stop too.
‘’Angel, where are you going?’’ He asks, slightly out of breath. It’s been a while since he sprinted like that.
‘’I’m going home.’’
‘’Well, everything’s going well now. You don’t need me there to be your buffer.’’ You shrug, like it’s obvious.
‘’I didn’t bring you here just so you can be my buffer.’’
‘’You didn’t?’’ You frown.
‘’No, of course not. Why would you think that?’’
‘’I don’t know… I spent over an hour and a half alone in the dining room. I thought it meant you wanted me to go home.’’
His heart sinks in his chest. An hour and a half? No wonder you wanted to leave. He feels like the biggest asshole.
‘’Oh, angel. I’m so sorry.’’ He cups your cheeks with his hands. ‘’I was talking with Harlan about his book and I totally lost track of time. I swear I had no idea that much time went by.’’
You put your hands on top of his.
‘’Yes angel?’’ He brushes his thumbs over your cheeks.
‘’Did you notice I wasn’t there?’’
He looks away and that’s your answer.
You wrap your fingers around his hands and pull them away from your face, then let his hands go.
You pat his chest. ‘’Go back inside, go spend some time with your grandfather. I’ll see you later, ok?’’
You move around him and continue your walk to the gate.
‘’No. Please don’t go.’’ He turns around and follows you. ‘’Please. I’m sorry.’’
‘’Ransom, it’s ok. You don’t have to apologize.’’
‘’I do. I hurt you and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to and I just- Tonight’s been a lot.’’
‘’Like I said, it’s ok.’’
You stop in front of the closed gate. ‘’Do you have the code to open this up?’’
He steps in front of you and ignores your question. ‘’Please don’t go.’’
Ransom thinks back to the conversation that he had earlier with Harlan about not messing this up and now he’s scared it’s too late.
He doesn’t know if it’s because he’s tired, because of the beers he drank, because of what happened at dinner or because he’s terrified that you might be done with him but he feels the back of his throat burns and his vision starts to blur.
Normally he would be ashamed to be losing control of his emotions like this and even more ashamed that he was crying in front of someone and making himself vulnerable but he didn’t care if you saw him cry.
You see the sudden change in his eyes and your heart breaks a little. He really meant it when he said he wants you to stay and now you feel horrible for misunderstanding the situation.
‘’Ransom.’’ You say softly.
You open your arms for him and sigh with relief when he takes the few steps that separated the two of you and walks into your arms. You wrap them around him and hug him.
He buries his face into the crook of your neck and holds you by the waist.
Ransom feels his whole body relax now that you are holding him, his heart beats a little slower and the burning sensation at the back of his throat is gone. He blinks the tears away and holds onto you tightly, just in case you’d want to let go.
‘’I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry.’’ He whispers in your neck over and over again.
You ignore the way your heart skips a beat everytime he calls you baby while being thankful for the layers of clothes between you that keeps him from feeling the way your heart is beating. You rub his back with both hands, trying to soothe him and in a way; yourself for making him feel this way.
‘’It’s ok. I’m staying. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like this.’’
He laughs against the skin of your neck.
‘’What’s so funny?’’ You smile at the sound of his laugh.
He lifts his head up and looks at you. ‘’I’m the one who made you feel like shit and you somehow found something to apologize for.’’
It’s your turn to laugh.
He leans in and rests his forehead to yours. ‘’You’re staying?’’ He whispers.
‘’I’m staying.’’ You whisper back and nod as best as you can because of the position.
‘’Thank you.’’ He smiles.
He kisses the tip of your nose and pulls away from you. He turns you around to walk towards the house and he takes your hand and holds it until you’re at the door.
‘’There’s a slice of chocolate cake with your name on it inside.’’
‘’There’s chocolate cake?’’
‘’Yes.’’ He chuckles.
‘’Walk faster, old man.’’ You hurry to the front door and stop before walking inside. ‘’Crap.’’
‘’What?’’ He looks at you, worried. ‘’Are you ok?’’
‘’I forgot about the cab.’’ You turn around. ‘’I feel bad now for making them come all the way here for nothing.’’
He kisses your cheek. ‘’Go inside, go eat your cake and I’ll wait for the driver at the gate. I’ll pay him and send him back.’’
‘’Thank you!’’ You pull out money from your coat’s pocket and hand it to him.
‘’Put that back into your pockets.’’ He shakes his head. ‘’And go eat your cake.’’
‘’You’re never going to let me pay, are you?’’
‘’Nope.’’ He grins.
‘’Fine.’’ You huff. ‘’I’ll just start hiding money in your things then.’’
‘’Don’t even think about it!’’ He walks back down the steps.
‘’It’s not like you’d notice anyway.’’ You shrug.
‘’Go eat your cake!’’ He yells over his shoulder as he makes his way back to the gate.
You laugh and walk inside. You stop moving long enough to take off your coat and then you go to the living room where there is indeed a piece of cake waiting for you on the coffee table.
‘’Glad to see he caught up to you.’’ Harlan says as you enter the room.
‘’Yeah.’’ You feel embarrassed. ‘’Just a little misunderstanding.’’
You sit on the ground in front of the coffee table and slide the plate closer to you.
‘’You’ll be staying for the fireworks, I hope?’’
There’s something you find very soothing about Harlan’s voice.
‘’The fireworks?’’ You look back at Harlan, curious.
‘’Ransom didn’t tell you about it? I’m surprised. He’s loved them since he was a little boy.’’
You take a bite of your cake while listening to Harlan.
‘’Every year we have fireworks set up to go off at Midnight. It’s a tradition we started when Ransom was born. We’ve been doing it every year since.’’
‘’That’s so sweet. We’ll stay, I’m sure.’’
You smile and continue eating your cake. A small part of you is relieved and your heart feels a little lighter knowing that something was done for Ransom out of love and his life didn’t start with hate. You don’t know how long it lasted but at least for a little while, hopefully years, Ransom was a normal boy with a normal life. A kid that was loved and who loved fiercely and unconditionally.
You have a feeling that that part of him is still there, he just keeps it locked away and you truly wish he didn’t have to. You hope that one day you’ll be able to show him a life filled with love and if not you, then someone else; as long as he’s happy and loved. He deserves it.
While you sit on the floor of the living room, listening to Harlan tell you stories about a young adorable Ransom, his adult counterpart waits by the front gate for the driver to show up.
When he finally does, he opens the gate and walks to the driver’s window.
‘’I’m sorry we called you here for nothing, we don’t need the cab. Here’s something for your trouble.’’ He gives him two hundred dollars. Although at first the driver is annoyed, it’s New Year’s Eve and it’s a busy night for him, he keeps his mouth shut when Ransom gives him the money. He thanks him and wishes him a good night, driving away a few seconds later.
Ransom closes the gate behind him as he rushes back to the house to find you. He hasn’t stopped thinking about you and how you thought you were only there in case he doesn’t get along with his family, and how you thought he didn’t need you or want you there anymore. He feels bad. Very bad, for hurting you. He hates himself for not noticing that you weren’t there and the image of you sitting in the giant dining room by yourself breaks his heart. He promised himself that he would be better, do better for you and he was off to a very shitty start.
Guilt eats at him and for the rest of the night his focus will be on you, and you alone.
Otherwise, he probably would have noticed the car that was parked in the dark nearby and the man sitting in it taking pictures of him.
As Ransom walks in through the front door, he can hear you laughing and he finds himself smiling at the sound.
He hangs up his coat on top of yours and walks to the living room. He sees you sitting on the floor and listening to Harlan, smiling at whatever he is saying. For a second, he believes that his heart is literally melting in his chest from what he is feeling when he looks at you.
Ransom moves closer and looks down at you. ‘’What are you doing on the floor, angel?’’ He chuckles.
You tilt your head back to look up at him, from where you’re sitting the man is as tall as a damn tree.
‘’I was eating my cake and Harlan started telling me stories, I was too comfy to move.’’
He stands behind you and sits down, putting his legs on either side of your body. He leans forward to wrap one of his arms around your waist and kisses the back of your head as he does. He sits back and pulls you with him. Without even hesitating, you move closer and lean back against his chest.
‘’Is this ok?’’ He whispers close to your ear.
You rest the back of your head on his shoulder. ‘’More than ok.’’
He lets out a barely audible sigh, happy that you still want to be around him.
He hadn’t messed it all up. Yet.
He puts his other arm around you and holds you.
‘’What stories was he telling you?’’ He looks at Harlan. ‘’Embarrassing ones, I’m sure.’’
You laugh. ‘’No, not all. He was just telling me how precious and adorable you were as a baby.’’
‘’Please tell me he didn’t show you pictures.’’
‘’There’s pictures?!’’
‘’No. Not a single one.’’ Ransom lies.
‘’You do know I don’t need to see your face to know that you’re lying, right?’’
‘’I’m starting to think you might be a witch.’’
‘’Or maybe you’re not as subtle as you think you are.’’
‘’Mh. The witch thing is more realistic.’’
You roll your eyes and laugh.
‘’I’m surprised you didn’t tell her about the fireworks.’’ Harlan finally says after watching the two of you.
‘’Oh, shit. Right. I totally forgot to tell you!’’ He sits up straighter. ‘’We don’t have to stay, if you don’t want to.’’ He looks down at you.
‘’Oh, we are most definitely staying. I’m not missing the fireworks.’’
‘’Are you sure? It’s getting cold outside and you just have those shoes.’’ He says, nudging your foot with his leg.
‘’I’m sure Meg has socks that you can borrow.’’
‘’Oh no, it’s not necessary. I’ll be fine.’’
Harlan ignores you. ‘’Meg?’’
Ransom’s cousin looks at their grandfather. ‘’Yes?’’
‘’Do you think you have an extra pair of socks for Ransom’s friend? For the fireworks outside, we don’t want her to get cold.’’
‘’Oh, yeah. Sure.’’ She shrugs. ‘’I have a pair of Uggs, too. If she wants.’’
‘’What are Uggs?’’ You whisper to Ransom.
‘’I have no idea.’’ He whispers back.
Meg gets up. ‘’Come with me.’’ She waves you over.
You stand up and follow her to her room. You stop her in the stairs, touching the back of her arm to get her attention. ‘’You don’t have to let me borrow anything if you don’t want to. I know Harlan put you on the spot back there and like the rest of your family, you’re probably not a big fan of mine.’’
‘’They are idiots, don’t listen to them.’’ She rolls her eyes. ‘’I have no problem with you. If I hated everyone that my family members were assholes to, I would need to move to another planet.’’
You laugh.
‘’Well, thank you. I appreciate it.’’
‘’Plus, we need to talk about Ransom.’’
She says before turning around and going up the stairs. Her tone leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and you follow her, unsure of what you are about to step into.
Tumblr media
As always, the cute divider was made by @firefly-graphics
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If you want to be removed from or added to the taglist, let me know below.
Feedback, comments, likes and reblogs are always very appreciated. Thank you for being so patient with this story. I'm currently writing chapter 7, so I should be able to update more often.
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holmesandtheroman · 2 days ago
Yeah ✔️ I 👱🏻‍♂️ killed 🔪 Fran 👩🏻 but 🍑 I 💁🏼‍♂️ guess 🤔 I 💆🏼‍♂️ didn’t 🙅🏼‍♂️ so 🪡 what 🤷🏼‍♂️ do ☠️ you ☝🏼 have 🤳🏻 on 🔛 me 🙎🏼‍♂️? Nothing ❌! What ❓ attempted 🌟 murder ⚰️? I 🙇🏼‍♂️ get 🤧 arson 🔥 for 4️⃣ the 💢 building 🏢 and ➕ a ➿ few 👌🏼 other 🖇 charges 💳. With 👥 a 🦵🏻 good 👍🏼 lawyer 👨🏻‍💼 which 🧙🏻‍♀️ I 🤦🏼‍♂️ have 🕶 I’ll 🧍🏼‍♂️ be 🐝 out 🏃🏼‍♂️ in ⬇️ no ❎ time ⏰. And 🗣 then 🤌🏼 you’ll 👩🏻 see 👀 just 🦾 how 💦 much 🥍 hell 👹 I 🙎🏼‍♂️ can 🥫 wreak 🤾🏼‍♂️ on 👇🏼 your 🚶🏻‍♀️ life 🧬 you 👸🏻 vicious 👺 little 🤏🏼 bitch 💅🏻.
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ransom taking care of little!reader when she on her period
Thank you for the request! I'm so sorry it's not edited at all so there's gonna be some grammar issues💜💜💜🥺🥺🥺
|||drabble||| all of my fics are always 18+(minors do not interact!!)
“What do you wanna do today, sweetheart?”
Ransom sighed, his hand still rubbing your back carefully to soothe the discomfort. The two of you were sitting on the bed, watching your favorite cartoon with your eyes glued to the screen, letting the bed spread with crumbs of chips you were chewing on. He's been trying to get you up from bed all day, but eventually gave up once he found out that you were on your period.
“Don't you wanna go on a walk with daddy? We could go to the park.” He stared at you back, watching his hand move in circles.
“No, don't wanna,” You mumbled, suddenly cramps hit your lower abdomen and you winced. The painkillers began to wear off. “Daddy, tummy...”
He watch you hunch forward, wrapping your arms around your stomach as you groaned and whimpered. He grabbed the bottle of painkillers and water that stood by the bedside table, luckily he'd prepare everything. Snacks. Water. Painkillers. Heating pad. Stuffies. Toys.
“Open your mouth, baby,”
You turned to sit with legs crossed in front of him, opening your mouth as he placed the tablet on your tongue. Some of the water spilled from the sides of your lips as you drank, hating the feeling of swallowing medicine. You whined and immediately dropped face down into his chest, letting your stomach rest against his. Your eyes closed, hoping that the effect of the painkiller works soon.
“Do you want daddy to read a story, baby?”
“No,” You pouted.
He sighed again, this time a bit more roughly. Ransom was not a patient man. Spoiled and bratty. That was his personality.
“Tell me what you want then.”
You grabbed the paci that laid on the bed and sucked on it. Closing your eyes again as you mumbled.
That settles it. All day, the two of you slept.
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fangirllife98 · 16 hours ago
~I Just Need To Know You’re Okay~
AN: I’ve been writing this all evening! This was based on a dream I had last night, in my dream it was Chris Evans but I suck at writing for celebrities! I am English (live in England and never been to America 😭) so I don’t know the streets of Boston at all well. I’m sorry if Charles Street isn’t there! I had to Google it!
Paring: Husband!Dad!Ransom Drysdale x Wife!Mum!Reader
Characters: Ransom Harlan Drysdale Jr “Junior” and a group of friends.
Warnings: mentions of food and alcohol, mentions of gas explosion, crying, some angst but mostly fluff. Junior will melt your heart just FYI.
(gif not mine):
Tumblr media
“Come on, Y/N. You need to go. You deserve to have fun too,” Ransom said gently.
You were both lying on the sofa, your two year old son was sandwiched between you both, he was resting his little head on your shoulder.
Ransom had his arms around the pair of you, you were all under blankets watching a film - well, your son, whom you named Ransom Harlan Drysdale Jr (or Junior for short) had fallen asleep midway.
Your son was the centre of your world.
Your best friend was getting married in two months time, but she was having a bridal shower in Spain and since you were one of the maids of honour (your best friend had two maids of honour), she wanted there.
“I don’t want to leave you both,” you said tearfully as you gently looked down at your adorable son, who had a little smile on his face.
“Hey. We’ll be alright,” Ransom said gently, stroking Junior’s cheek gently, smiling as Junior smiled at his dad’s touch. “Come on, Y/N. She’s your best friend. You deserve to have fun,” he added gently.
“I’m just gonna miss you both so much,” you said tearfully as you watched your son stir in his sleep.
“We’ll miss you too,” Ransom said gently, kissing you. “Oh. Heya buddy. You wanna go to bed?” He asked gently, moving Junior’s hair out of his face.
“‘M tired,” Junior said sleepily rubbing his eyes.
“I know you are buddy. Come on,” Ransom said gently, lifting Junior up, you stood up with your boys.
You smiled as Junior practically put all his dead weight on his dad and fell straight back asleep on his shoulders.
“I don’t think we’re gonna be having a disturbed night,” you giggled as you switched the tv off and followed Ransom into Junior’s room.
Ransom laughed lightly as you both got Junior ready for bed.
The day came where you were going to the bridal shower that you secretly didn’t want to go to, but you didn’t want to disappoint your best friend either.
The day you dreaded. You hadn’t really been away from your family since Junior was born.
You were dreading being away from him. You knew Ransom was a fantastic father, and Junior worshiped Ransom, but the pain in your heart to leave your boys for two weeks hurt like hell.
“I don’t want mama to go,” Junior sulked, gripping you tighter as you hugged him goodbye.
“Come on baby. I don’t wanna go either, but I promised auntie Lizzie that I’d be there,” you said, your voice breaking as you hugged your baby boy tighter.
“Stay. Mama, stay!” Junior sobbed.
“Hey, buddy. I’ll be here,” Ransom said, his own voice breaking at Junior being so upset.
Junior looked at Ransom with his big Y/E/C shining with tears. He still didn’t want his mama to go, your heart broke as he gripped you tighter.
“Hey, baby. I’ll be home in the blink of an eye,” you said, gently placing your thumb and index finger under his little chin to look at you again.
Junior hiccuped from the crying fit he had as he gave you an uncertain look as you kissed and hugged him again before handing him to Ransom. Ransom gave you a passionate and loving kiss.
You both pulled apart from the kiss as you grabbed your suitcase and purse and made your way out the door, Ransom stood inside the front door frame.
“Call when you land. Have a lovely time,” Ransom said gently, still holding Junior close.
Ransom gave you one last kiss, you stood staring tearfully at Junior, who was on his dad’s hip, hiccuping from the crying fit and had his tiny arms around Ransom’s neck, looking sadly at you.
“We’ll be fine. We’ll have loads of fun, won’t we Junior,” Ransom said gently, kissing the side of Junior’s head.
Junior looked at Ransom and nodded slowly. You smiled tearfully.
You carefully went down the steps as your taxi arrived.
The taxi driver helped you load your suitcase in the trunk of the car as Ransom carefully stepped down the steps to say goodbye properly, still holding Junior.
“Have a good time, yeah?” Ransom said gently as you got into the car.
“I’ll try. You two have a great time, okay? Be good for dada baby,” you said gently, as you lent out the window.
Junior’s eyes began filling with more tears, your heart broke. So did Ransom’s.
“Say bye mama,” Ransom said tearfully as Junior’s grip on Ransom tightened.
“B-b-bye m-m-mama,” Junior sobbed.
“I’ll be back before you can say Spain,” you said softly and tearfully, indicating to the driver it was okay to go.
Your heart sank as the taxi drove away, you heard Junior say Spain followed by another crying fit when you didn’t come back. You cried on the way to the airport.
Your friends were already at the airport, luckily your plane didn’t leave for another hour. You rushed into the airport after paying the taxi and thanking the driver.
“Y/N!” Your friends yelled in unison.
You tried your best to give everyone a convincing smile. None of them were mothers, nor married for that matter, well apart from Lizzie who was soon to be married.
“Oh honey, what’s wrong?” Your friend, Susan said gently, noticing your blood shot eyes, and stained cheeks.
“…the goodbye was hard,” you said tearfully and truthfully.
Your friends gave you a sympathetic look.
“But. These two weeks are about Lizzie! So…let’s get this party started!” You said, forcing yourself to forget for a moment about Junior, the thought of his crying made you want to cry again.
Your friends yelled happily.
The plane journey was long, you tried to keep your mind away from not being with your boys.
When you landed, the first thing you did was text Ransom to let him know you’re okay:
Y/N: I’ve landed safe and sound. I miss you both so much ❤️❤️
You got a text back almost straight away.
Ransom ❤️: glad to hear it, baby ❤️ Jr managed to calm down after an hour or two, he’s sound asleep now. Have a great time, love you ❤️
You smiled sadly at the text.
Y/N: glad he’s alright now. Love you too baby ❤️❤️
Ransom replied with a ton of heart messages and a photo of Junior asleep on his chest, it warmed your heart.
You got your suitcase from the baggage claim area then you and your friends stepped out in the hot Spanish sun.
“Right. Hotel first, food next then DRINKING ALL NIGHT!! WHOOOAAAA BABY!” Lizzie yelled happily.
She was already slightly tipsy from drinking champagne on the plane, you and your friends laughed.
“Liz, we have a schedule,” Bonnie, the other maid of honour said giggling as you stood next to her.
“We’re in Spain to yes, have lots of fun and maybe have a few wild nights, but we also think we should go sightseeing,” you giggled as Lizzie looked defeated.
“Alright. Fine. Can we start the sightseeing tomorrow? I’m … a little drunk to be fonest and I don’t fink I’d be able to focus pocus on the sights!” Lizzie said, stumbling on every word.
You all laughed.
“Alright fine. I guess it’s a party night tonight!” Bonnie yelled, a cheer exploded.
You were a week into your holiday, when you heard the news.
“Susan! Off the phone! It’s meant to be two weeks of no Twitter!” You called.
You were all in the Sunny Spanish countryside, on a hike. You all were sat having a break, taking in a beautiful view.
“Y/N….you live Charles Street, right?” Susan asked slowly, looking up at her phone.
“Yeah, why?” You asked, nervously.
“….there’s been a gas leak …three houses have exploded and they’re evacuating everyone now,” Susan said worriedly, showing you the Twitter article.
Your heart sank as your friends fell silent. You ripped your phone out of your pocket and called Ransom straight away. Nothing.
You called again. Nothing. You called again. Still no answer.
“M-maybe it…it’s bad signal here,” you said, your voice panicked as you darted looks between your friends who looked worriedly at you.
“Alright, Y/N. Let’s get off the countryside quickly and head back to the town,” Bonnie said gently, holding your arms as you began to shake as you tried calling Ransom again.
On the walk back to the town, You called Ransom every five seconds. Your friends felt sick as they tried to help you reach him.
Your friends found a cafe once you got back to the town and they sat you down as you tried desperately to contact Ransom.
“Wh…why…why isn’t he answering?” You cried after the sixteenth voice Mail.
“Hey, maybe he’s just lost his phone,” Susan said gently, rubbing your arms as your friends sat around the table.
You shook your head tearfully, Ransom didn’t turn his phone off or lose it.
“Mike says he’s not heard from Ransom either, but he says your house isn’t one of the three that blew up,” your friend, Hannah, said gently, after putting the phone down.
You nodded, tears leaving your eyes as you heard Ransom’s voice mail message again. You put your phone on the table.
“I have to go home,” you sobbed.
“Hey. Hey. Look, it’s alright. Breath. I’m sure -“ Susan said gently.
Your phone rang, it was Ransom. You never answered more quickly.
“R-Ransom???” You said happily, relief hitting you.
“Hi, Y/N. Baby, are you okay? Sorry, honey. Junior was feeling down today so I took him to DisneyWorld to attempt to cheer him up. What happened, are you okay?” Ransom said.
“Oh thank god, baby. You’re both okay,” you breathed.
“Yeah. Junior’s fine. Buddy, wanna say hi to mama?” Ransom said gently.
“Hi mama!” Your face Lit up as you heard the tiny voice you loved so much, your friends smiled with relief when you gave them the thumbs up sign that your boys were fine.
“Hey baby. I heard you’re at Disney,” you said softly.
“Yeah! I’m having the bestest time mama! I met Mickey Mouse and Captain America let me hold his shield!” Junior said excitedly.
You gave a breathy laugh.
“That’s super cool, baby. I’m glad you’re having a great time,” you said thanking whatever being in the sky for keeping your boys safe.
You said goodbye to Junior as he passed the phone back to Ransom.
“I heard what happened in our street. Don’t worry, I’ve booked Junior and i in to stay at Disney for a few nights. It should keep Junior occupied,” Ransom said gently.
“Stay safe. I’ll be home as soon as possible,” you said softly, sighing with relief again.
You came home from the trip early. You met your boys in DisneyWorld.
“Mama!!!” Junior yelled excitedly as he saw you in Main Street.
You got down to Junior’s level as he ran to your open arms, nearly knocking you down.
“I missed you mama!” Junior said happily as you showered him with kisses.
“I missed you too, baby,” You said, hugging him tightly as Ransom came into view.
“Hey, honey,” Ransom said as he engulfed you in a tight hug.
“Hi baby,” You said, still holding Junior with one arm, you hugged Ransom with the other. “You scared me when you didn’t answer.” You said softly as you three walked down Main Street arm in arm.
“Sorry. The cue to meet Mickey Mouse was noisy,” Ransom said softly, you smiled.
“Mama! Can we go on the Peter Pan ride again pwease?” Junior asked.
“Of course baby,” you said, kissing Junior.
You three spent a few nights being happy in DisneyWorld. You were grateful Junior was such a Disney fan, had it not been for Ransom knowing how to make his son happy, things might have been a lot worse.
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dykerightsmp3 · 2 days ago
Knives Out 2 Knives 2 Out Knives Out: Tokyo Drift Knives & Out Knives Five Knives & Out 6 Knives 7 The Fate of the Knives
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · 50 minutes ago
Nothing Compares 2 U
Warnings: dubious consent; exhibitionism; cheating; forced to watch; oral; fucking; (reverse?) cuckolding; Ransom is a slimy asshole but we love him.
This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. It features Ransom Drysdale. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Synopsis: You find yourself growing apart from your husband but he has an idea of how to bring you back together.
Note: All I can do is point to the warnings above before you continue. This one was fun to write and as always I am excited to share.
Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for all your feedback. :)
I really hope you enjoy. 💋
<3 As usual, I’d appreciate if you let me know what you think with a like or reblog or reply or an ask! Love ya.
Tumblr media
It was a shallow sleep. The kind where the worries you had when awake lingered and kept you restless. You could feel the darkness on the other side of your eyelids and hear the smooth hum of cars as they passed. Your dreamt, or rather your mind summoned the memory of your last texts to your husband.
‘I thought you were back tonight?’
‘Hi? Please let me know you’re safe.’
‘Ransom, you know I hate it when you ignore me like this.’
You gave up as the clock hit eleven and another early morning awaited you. You could deal with your errant husband after another long day at work. You would have as much energy then as you did in that moment. Another argument where you were met with a wall. 
Ransom didn’t talk things out. Either he got his way or you both suffered. You wondered a lot what you ever saw in him. You told yourself he hadn’t been like this before, that he changed after he put the ring on. That was hardly true. You were just better at believing his lies then. Better at lying to yourself.
You rolled over as you heard the front door below. Fully awake you sat up and rubbed your eyes. You contemplated pretending to sleep to avoid the confrontation. Let Ransom slink into bed as you kept your face hidden.
No, you couldn’t keep doing that. You couldn’t keep running away from the problems. You couldn’t just use your work as an excuse all the time. It all just bubbled up until it boiled over and you ended up yelling or living days with a cold shoulder.
You weren’t any better than Ransom. Talking wasn’t easy for you either. There was something missing. The night before he left, he wanted to fuck you. You knew it was only because he needed to get off, it had nothing to do with you. 
That was how it had been for months. He didn’t want the intimacy or the affection, he just got his rocks off and rolled over. He got what he needed and didn’t worry about the same for you. He made you feel so bad that you always just let him do what he wanted and laid in the hollow aftermath. You stopped caring about what you wanted, too.
You heard a giggle and stood. A female voice trilled and your heart seized. He wouldn’t dare. You always expected him to cheat, one day, but in your own house?
You took a breath and your lungs burned with anger. You stomped out of the room and to the top of the stairs. You glared down at Ransom as a woman in a bodycon dress hung off his arm. You cleared your throat and descended halfway as you crossed your arms.
“Ransom,” you sneered, “what the fuck are you doing?”
“Good, you’re awake,” he smirked as the woman quieted and looked over her shoulder at you, “this is Katrina.”
“Katrina?” you uttered, “what is going on? You really can’t be this fucking--”
“Shhh,” he hushed you as his fingers curled around her side, “it’s okay, honey, you have your part in this.”
“What? What are you talking about?”
“Trina,” his hand slipped down to grope her ass as she wobbled in her heels, “do me a favour…”
His voice trailed off to a whisper as he spoke in her ear and stood straight. He winked and tapped her ass. She laughed again and clung to his arm as she lifted her foot to pull off one heel and then the other. She stumbled as she turned to the stairs and she leaned on the railing as she climbed towards you.
You blocked her way as she neared you and kept your eyes on Ransom. “No, this is my house--”
“Honey, let her pass, we have some things to talk about before we join her,” your husband said coolly.
“No-- join her?” you scoffed.
“You will let her through or I will tear you down those stairs myself,” he warned stonily as he hung his jacket, “don’t test me.”
“Ransom, you get her out of--”
He was up the stairs in an instant. He pulled you down so you fell past Katrina and against him. She turned with wide-eyes to watch and he pointed to the top.
“Go,” he ordered, “I told you what to do.”
She batted her lashes and turned back. She went up the stairs as Ransom dragged you down and spun you against the wall. She disappeared down the hall as he pinned you with his arm.
“I’m just trying to fix things,” he snarled, “you could at least try too.”
“Fix? What on earth are you even talking about?” you grabbed his arm and he leaned heavier on you.
“I think you need a reminder of what you got,” he hissed, “don’t you? You don’t wanna fuck me, you can watch someone else fuck me.”
“I’m not doing this. You go ahead, fuck her, but I’m not staying here--” you pushed on his arm and he took you by the throat.
“You do what I say,” he growled, “or I will make you. Don’t think I won’t lay you down and fuck her on top of you.” He pushed away from your gruffly, “ now, we can’t keep her waiting.”
He gripped your wrist and twisted your arm behind you. He marched you up the stairs as your elbow strained and you whimpered. You tripped at the top and he caught you around the waist and held you against him.
“I’m doing this for us,” he said as he walked you down the hall, “I could leave but I don’t want that. I want you, babe, I’m just tryna make you want me again.”
“This isn’t--”
He covered your mouth and angled you through the doorway. Katrina was naked, her dress on the floor, and she sat atop the bed with her legs wide open.
“She’s not a hooker if that’s what you’re thinking,” he purred, “she’s my assistant… she’s been trying to fuck me for the last year and I thought I might as well take her up on the offer.” He tugged at the hem of your tee, “she’s open… to almost anything.”
“Ransom?” Katrina said curiously.
“It’s okay, sweetie, she’s just surprised,” he dropped his hand from your mouth, “she’s going to enjoy it, trust me.”
Ransom kicked the door closed and shoved you away from him.
“Honey, you go ahead and get undressed,” Ransom said, “and pull up that chair.”
You glanced at the chair by your vanity and back to him. He pulled his waffle knit sweater over his head and let it fall onto the heap of Katrina’s dress. You went for the door and Ransom caught you. He tutted as he kept his arm around you and dragged you with him as he grabbed the chair.
“Fine, the hard way it is,” he sighed.
He forced you down into the chair and pulled open the drawer of your vanity. He took a braided white belt and pulled your arms behind the chair. He tied your wrists tight and placed his hands on your shoulders as he bent over you. 
“Don’t you try closing your eyes,” he whispered in your ear, “‘cause I can make her squeal louder.”
He opened another drawer as he came around you. He revealed the vibe you hid behind your make-up bag and clicked it on. He pushed it beneath your crotch so it buzzed firmly against your panties.
“I told you, you’re gonna enjoy this,” he clicked until the toy slowly vibed more intensely only to slow, repeating the pattern again and again.
He backed away as you squirmed on the chair and it only jostled the toy more firmly between your folds. You held your breath as Ransom turned and swept his white undershirt off. He stripped each piece of clothing deliberately and when he was naked, he looked down at his erection proudly and wiggled his hips.
You lowered your head and he snapped his fingers.
“Babe, if you don’t watch now, you can watch tomorrow… or the next day, or as many times as it takes,” he taunted, “Don’t you love me? Don’t you want to see me happy?”
You gulped back tears and raised your head as anger and hurt lumped in your throat. You bit down on the inside of your cheeks and nodded. Your eyes blurred as you watched his muscular back. You remembered how much fun you used to have with him, how it was you in the bed eagerly waiting for his touch.
He put his knee on the mattress and Katrina went to him and touched his chest as she kissed him. He turned her so you could see her hungrily nipping at his lip and how he filled her mouth with his tongue. He urged her down onto her back and pulled her legs apart as he bent over her. 
You took a breath and held down your nauseated dismay. He dragged his lips down her cheek as he looked over at you and winked. The woman was too drunk to notice as she threw her arms up and arched her back.
He sat up and hugged her thighs and pulled her down the bed. She giggled as he climbed over her and she gasped as he straddled her head, stroking his cock as her planted his other hand on the mattress.
“This is what you wanted, huh sweetie?” he taunted as he pressed his tip to your lips, “fuck, I want it too.”
“Rans--” her babbled protest was smothered as he sank past her lips. 
Her hands grasped his hips as he pushed deeper and her body spasmed as she gagged. He ignored her struggles and slid down her throat until she kicked and his pelvis was flush to her mouth. He pulled back and she gulped in air before he impaled her again, her whimpers made you wince as you watched her nails dig into his pale skin.
“Ransom, you’re hurting her--” you uttered, the disbelief of what you were seeing and your concern for the girl set your head spinning.
“Nah, she likes it,” he fucked her face as he gripped the edge of the bed and thrust, “she takes it good, just not as good as you.”
“Please--” you begged and pulled at the belt around your wrists, the chair shaking as the toy lodge more firmly against your cunt.
“Mmm, take it,” he sped up and hammered into Katrina as she slapped at his thick arm and the bed bounced beneath her. He groaned through his teeth and stopped suddenly, pulling out of her as he cupped his balls and gasped, “god--”
He let out a long breath as he got off her and closed his eyes. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he rolled his shoulders. He let out a ‘whew’ between his lips and reached over to smack Katrina’s leg.
“Turn over, sweetie,” he purred as he got back up on his knees.
“Ransom,” she said airily, “I want to go--”
“Shut the fuck up,” he grabbed her shoulders as she sat up and flipped her, “you said you wanted me, right?”
“I don’t… know,” she murmured as he grabbed her hair and shoved her face into the bed. He brought up her ass with his other hand and slapped it so the sound reverberated around the room.
He glanced over at you and smirked, “you liking this, babe? Wishing it was you? Fuck, you remember those days we couldn’t get enough. Out on the overpass-”
“Please, stop,” you begged and hung your head.
“Look at me,” he snapped, “I want you to see what you’ve been denying me. I want you to feel exactly the way you make me feel.”
“Ransom,” you lifted your eyes as they turned glossy, “don’t--”
“Stay like this,” he turned his attention back to Katrina as he framed her hips, “you move and I’ll break your fucking fingers.”
Katrina turned her face out and you saw the horror as the deep tone of his voice cut through her. Ransom could be utterly terrifying when he wanted to. You never worried much about it as it was rarely aimed towards you. Here eyes met yours and she closed her eyes as the guilt pursed her lips.
“Mmmmm,” Ransom bent behind her and his nose tickled her as he kneaded her thighs, “I bet you taste sweet.”
She winced as his breath grazed over her and your chest squeezed as the toy once more made its ascent only to slow again. You held in a whine as the thrumming in your core gathered heat. You didn’t want to watch but you couldn’t look away, even without Ransom’s demands.
He buried his face between Katrina’s legs and she murmured as her fingers knotted around the duvet. Her lips puffed and bared her teeth as her feet arched. She leaned back into Ransom as he moved her head and lapped at her loudly, humming as his hands covered her ass.
You sniffed and pushed your legs together. The vibrations pulsed through you and you quickly pulled your thighs apart. You shifted but it only had your clit more firmly against the toy. You could feel Ransom’s tongue, the coolness, how he played with you, flicked and teased. You clamped your lips shut as your orgasm washed over with a wave of humiliation.
“Ransom, please…” you croaked, “stop--”
“That’s it,” he pulled back and looked at you, lips glistening, “hmmm, almost at the same time.”
He straightened up and poked two fingers into Katrina as she squeaked. He impaled her to his knuckles and pressed his thumb to your clit and shook his hand. She wailed as she reached under her weakly and lifted her head. Her legs shook as she came again and you felt the warmth spill down your cheeks.
“She’s gonna cum again,” he growled, “fuck, look at her.”
Katrina hid her face as she quivered and her cunt squelched around his fingers. He kept his hand on her cunt as he slipped out and spread her lips. He pushed her legs wider around his and lined himself up with her entrance. He lingered there and raised his hand to admire the juices that slicked his fingers. He looked at you again and poked them into the mouth and sucked them clean.
“Mmmm, not as sweet as you, babe,” he braced her hip, “nothing as good as you.”
He jerked his hips and Katrina cried out as he met his limit. She whined and tried to pull away. He pulled her back and she whimpered as her ass clapped against his pelvis.
“Trina, sweetie, this is what you’ve been begging for,” he snarled, “eyeing up a married man. Isn’t this what you wanted?”
He reared back and slammed into her again. She contorted as he rutted into her and you swallowed a sob as the buzzing stoked your core once more. You shouldn’t feel like this. Your husband, the man you loved, was fucking another woman and he didn’t seem to care about either of you.
“Ple-e-ease,” you stammered, “Ransom… I love you.”
“I know,” he gritted through his teeth, “that’s why I have to do-- this.”
He rutted into the girl hard and bent to hook his arm around her neck. He pulled her back as he kept his hips tilting furiously. He stared at you as his face strained with the effort of his fucking. Your toes curled as you batted away the tears with your lashes and shuddered. You were cumming again and it only inspired another flood to trickle along your nose and cheeks.
“That’s it, babe,” he goaded, “you like how I fuck her. You wish it was you, huh?”
You shook your head as he stilled Katrina, deep inside her as he moved around and turned to face you. He hung his legs over the edge of the bed and pulled her legs up so you could see her cunt as he filled her. He leaned his chin on her shoulder as she closed her eyes and grasped at his forearms.
He fucked her from below as he watched you squirm. Your lip trembled as the toy rattled noisily against the chair and you wiggled your hips. You panted as Ransom sped up and nuzzled Katrina’s hair, his blue eyes clung to you as your body wracked and you tried to resist the next climax.
“Should I come in her, babe?” he sneered, “her pussy isn’t half as nice as yours, is it? I don’t think she deserves it, do you?”
“N-n-nooooo,” you moaned, “please.”
“Oh, you want it?” he hammered into her even harder, “you want it all for you, huh?”
“Please--” you breathed and lifted your chin as you came again. You shook on the chair and the slapping of flesh stilled.
Dizzy, you looked back to the bed as Ransom shoved Katrina off of him and she covered her cunt as she folded her legs up. He stood and neared you, his cock bobbing before him as he wrapped his fingers around it. He grabbed your head as he stroked himself and pressed his tip to your lips.
“Open up, babe,” he growled.
“Open,” he squeezed your jaw, “only you, babe. It’s only for you.”
He pushed his tip between your lips as you exclaimed at his tight grip and worked his length furiously. His hand fell to your throat and he grunted as hot ribbons coated your mouth. He spasmed as he came in a salty flow and tore his hand away as grew overstimulated. You swallowed and nearly choked as your throat clenched.
“Fuck,” he sighed as he cradled your face and slipped from your mouth. He nudged your chin so you looked up at him and he bent to kiss you, even as his cum strung over your lips. He parted as he gazed down at you darkly, “love you, too, babe.”
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