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Off to the mailbox for my monthly check,
when a crashing blow hit my neck.
I woke in a cell filled with other old guys.
We all laughed to find we’re all old spies.
An enemy hacked us and addresses found,
We were all then hostages held underground.
Our brains to be picked for treasure long lost,
the knowledge valuable as noted by their cost.
Across the hall were ladies we knew,
agents we recognized, but for a few.
A plan was hatched, arthritis be damned!
When a guard comes by they’ll be slammed.
We then waited and rested no need to hurry.
Naps are good and we’ve no need to worry.
The ladies then flirted with mature confidence.
The guard withered by worldly effervescence.
The code culled we shuffled to get free,
arm in arm in groups of three.
Footsteps heard then alarm bells rang.
Adrenaline soared and up we sprang.
Youth’s no match for the well-seasoned mind.
We hid in the shadows for them to find.
One by one the threats were gone.
And soon I’d be home to cut my lawn.
The weeds a bugger and leaves make a mess.
The grandkids expected, sorry to digress.
Now back to the story, before I forget.
We found the exit but the passage was wet.
Those rascals in charge too had a plan.
They’d drown us all like the cruelest hit man.
But optimists they are thinking they’d win.
As experts we’re all with the simple hairpin.
The water knee high and their lock we’d picked.
And soon they’d see who’d be tricked.
Gray, white and bald we glistened in the sun.
We strode out together, too old to run.
The culprits scrambled but soon were caught.
The lesson learned is time has taught.
And sometime silver is better than gold,
a precious reward growing old.


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There is nothing more acdemic than visiting the church. You get to think, to hear beautyfull music and you can learn about the world. You do not have to belife in God in order to enjoy this experience. You can understand the ground ideas of the western world and maybe, this form of meditation helps you, to finde a new side to yourself. The archtecture is so extraordinary and in my hometown there even are services in latin. I feel like Iearn so much by just listening to these words spoken and the atmosphere that churches have, it is astounding . 

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Whether you want to be wealthy or a better parent—or a great wizard, for that matter—it might not be a bad idea to fill your brain with knowledge on your chosen subject, so you have more building blocks to make a new model of the reality you want to embrace.

-Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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Pigeon: These are lessons to learn from this bird in order to succeed

The bird is called a Homing Pigeon.Google Image.

A Homing Pigeon is a remarkable bird often refers to as a messenger bird because of its ability to gather and deliver messages in the rural India. It has an uncanny instinct that enables it to fly back to its home nest, no matter how far away it is from home or what direction it follows.

Simple Illustrations.

Take a homing Pigeon out of its…


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Das ist ein erster kleiner Einblick, hoffentlich hab ich euer Interesse geweckt 😂 Wenn ihr speziellere Fragen habt, schreibt mich gerne an!

Was ist eure Meinung? Zu viel Aufwand oder geniale Sache? Schreibt’s in die Kommentare!

#mindpalace #sherlock #paracosm #gedächtnistraining #gedächtnispalast #locimethode #mind #wissen #knowledge

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This chapter is intended to give a brief introduction to the book; to keep it simple, a more comprehensive exploration is reserved for later, provided in a dedicated introductory section titled PROLOGUE, in a chapter “About This Book.” So without a further due, let us dive in. In this book, the author introduces the reader to the most beneficial words, ideas, and concepts that the author came across on their journey, as well as the epiphanies, realizations, insights, and discoveries from that journey. And so it can be said that this book is an amalgamation, crystallization, coalescence and distillation of the aforementioned.

In this book, the author does make an effort to present ideas and concepts in a way that is not bound to any one tradition or school of thought. Hence, it is important to note that the author of this book doesn’t adhere to any particular religion, doctrine, belief or creed, and therefore is not an advocate of any denomination, sect or congregation, nor does the author support any specific worldview. Nevertheless, many of the ideas in this book are presented in the context of Eastern philosophies — this is due to the fact that using these terms and concepts allows the author to share certain ideas more clearly; some of these views are contrasted with those of modern science — this combination may be the most beneficial and helpful. In most cases, a short definition is included in the text or footnotes whenever such terms are introduced. Readers may also turn to the glossary at the back of the book for additional information.

Even though this book is quite comprehensive in the aspects it covers, it is worth pointing out that it still only scratches the surface. Throughout the book, whenever we are talking about the subjects, ideas, and concepts that affect each of us in some shape or form, either in an individual or collective level — it is advisable that readers use their own intellectual capacity in gathering more information on the aspects they may need more insight. Readers may turn to the bibliography (recommended reading) at the back of the book for additional sources of information.

This book is designed in a way that allows the message to build upon itself — gradually adding new layers of depth and complexity to the whole, which in turn gives room for more context to emerge to support the wholeness. The discussion in this book is organized into seven distinct yet interconnected sections, each exploring different aspects of the larger whole. Across the chapters, readers are introduced to more topics through the seven main sections which are woven through the book: PROLOGUE, INFINITE, TRANSFORMATION, LIFE, CONSCIOUSNESS, AWARENESS, QUANTUM. Each section has been written as a fairly autonomous unit, with cross-referencing to other sections at relevant points. The entire discussion throughout the book covers a very broad range of ideas and phenomena; the interconnections and interdependencies between the numerous ideas and concepts represents the essence of this work; the resulting whole — hopefully, will be more than the sum of its parts.

The chapters themselves follow a sequence designed to help achieve a progressive understanding of the different aspects of life — including, but not limited to such areas as Consciousness and Awareness, Mindfulness and Presence, Simplicity and Stillness, Knowledge and Wisdom, Intelligence and Interconnectedness, Inspiration and Motivation, Happiness, God, Spirit and Soul, Spirituality and Religion, Reality and Actuality, Change and Transformation, and the Mysteries of the Quantum World. Having reached the end of this book, a clear picture should have emerged of the aforementioned areas, giving the reader much to think about and apply to daily life. Even if you have never wondered, pondered, or contemplated these topics, this book will most certainly help to open up some new doors to your thinking and broaden the way you see the world.

Find the book on Amazon:

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Beware of scammers

There are people who were just born criminals. I jam them today o.I was busy discussing business with one aunty like that, my phone just vibrated. I guessed it was a message, the first thing that came to my mind was alert, cos I was expecting money from someone. I never bothered to check the message immediately since I was having a discussion.It wasn’t up to ten seconds, my phone rang. I picked,…


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Early wealth secret revealed, read and become wealthy


Financial education is essential in order to know how to manage your money. By taking control of your money, you will have more head space to focus on what really matters in life.

So the sooner you start investing in a financial education, the more financially intelligent you’ll be in your adult years. With the money part in control, you won’t have to worry…


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Technology is getting updated day by day. So it our responsibility to get updated as well if we really want to get benefited from the the use of technology,

8 Best internet technologies available for use

  1. Email
    E-mail is generally used for one-to-one and one to- few communications. A bulletin board (in the form of a newsgroup or listserv) can handle one-to many and many-to-many communications.
  2. Chatting
    Chat enables several people to participate in a real-time text-based discussion. A chat session is conducted on a channel, and those connected to the channel receive all messages broadcast.
  3. FTP
    File transfer protocol (FTP) permits the exchange of files across the Internet.
  4. Telnet
    Telnet enables an authorized user to connect to and run programs on another computer.
  5. Audio Files
    Audio files are either downloaded and then played, or played as downloaded (so-called streaming audio).
  6. Video Files
    Video files, like audio, are either downloaded and then played, or played as they are downloaded (so called streaming video).
  7. Newswire
    An electronic newswire broadcasts stock prices, sports scores, news, weather, and other items.
  8. Search Engines
    A search engine supports finding information on the Web. Simple engines find Web pages. More advanced engines locate information based on defined attributes (e.g., cheapest model Y of brand X camera).Virtual Reality
    The visitor can look around a location through a full 360 degrees, as well as zoom in and out.

The branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.
the application of this knowledge for practical ends.
the terminology of an art, science, etc.; technical nomenclature.
a scientific or industrial process, invention, method, or the like.
the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization.

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<span>Quote of the Day: “It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” - Elizabeth Kenny</span>
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It’s now or never!
Start your journey today… to become the best version of yourself with Guni Guru.
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Morning worth millions…. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. Create good habits.
Follow us for motivational content that reminds you of your passions and learn how to focus on them with our high value and high impact courses.

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Local languages are dying out and taking invaluable knowledge with them

Local languages are dying out and taking invaluable knowledge with them

Local languages rely on both oral tradition and physical documentation (like dictionaries) for survival. (Pisit Heng/Unsplash/)
Linguist Nicholas Evans had heard the Kaiadilt people, an Aboriginal group in Northern Australia, utter “malji” on the beach many times. He knew the term meant “schools of mullet” and “holes of a fishing net,” but they would say it even when pointing at empty water. It…


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My supervisor’s wife keeps popping up as a suggested person to follow on twitter. She posts a lot of personal stuff on that media platform. Do I tell my supe or no??

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Innovation can likewise be a channel on the part of network realizing—when kids learn together, they learn speedier than learning all alone. During this COVID-19 era, the educational app has become an important part of our life. It has some advantages and disadvantage associated with it. 

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Within one year you get rich if you apply these principles

Below are simple ways you could get rich within 1 year

1. Invest

Those who invest are sure to reap when time comes. If you have a little money, try to invest. Investment pays alot. You can start up a POS business and be making over 250,000 monthly.

If you can start going around the streets marking cards for people it also a lucrative business. Have you ever asked yourself how much people…


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