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Lol just remembered drawing Demon slayer fanarts but never got the chance to show it off in any social media…until now 😅😅😅😅😅


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okay, but the last vampire mui fic got me wanting for more 👀👀 may i request day 6 kinks for him (just the hair-pulling and biting), scenario format, if you don’t mind ehe <3

Day 6: angry/hate fucking / hair pulling / biting

warnings: semi-public sex, dry humping, vaginal fingering

words: 873

(a/n): Muichiro is 18+ in this, art is not mine


In the midnight sky, the stars twinkle brilliantly. The bluish hue of the moon reflects on the pool of water, its deathly still visage mimicking a mirror. Warm golden light spills from the French doors, the sounds of music and chattering breaking through the night’s silence.

You’d be enjoying the ball, dancing the night away, but you don’t. Instead, you stand outside, pressed against the stone wall of the manor. The open doors only lay a few feet away, and literally anybody could step out at any moment. Muichiro stands tall above you, his silhouette glowing with the moonlight.

A gloved hand brushes against your cheek, sweeps down the column of your neck. A thick velvet choker covers the various bitemarks covering your neck; his fingers pause at the end of the necklace, fingertips barely sneaking underneath its edge. Muichiro’s eyes flickers between the necklace and your own eyes – it’s a silent question, one you know all too well. Reaching up, you unclasp the necklace, exposing the bitten flesh. Muichiro sighs in relief.  

“I’ve been thinking about this moment all night,” Muichiro mutters. His sickeningly sweet smell fills your nostrils as he leans in closer. “Hearing your heartbeat, the blood rushing through your veins – all delicious.”

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boobies. and nezuko and inosuke are trans and autistic. but fr a lot of the characters are nd coded (to me at least -_-), the animation is really good, i like all the bright colors, the action is sick, all of the characters are very interesting, nezuko and inosuke make kny worth watching alone tbh, and it kept my attention even though i get distracted very easily.

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hmmmm I’m bored sooooo— y’all send in your fav character into my inbox and I’ll reply with random hentai caps i have saved on my phone that I think will fit with the character you’ve sent me ✨

(if I do end up getting requests for this and you DO NOT want to see it, I will tag everything with — henny🔥 — so go ahead and block the tag if you do not want to see it.

also just a small reminder— this is a nsfw, 18+, blog and anyone under the age should NOT INTERACT. thank you, i love y’all 💕)

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Kokushibo: It has come to my attention that some of you have a secret betting pool on how many times Rui will lose his temper in a given day. obviously, this is unacceptable
Gyokko and Daki: [groaning]
Kokushibo: Hey, you didn't let me finish. what's unacceptable is you didn't ask if I wanted in and I do.
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obviously there’s this animosity between sanemi and tanjirou that never gets resolved but i can’t take it seriously i feel like they’re just constantly duking it out on in the comments of mitsuri’s homemade pumpkin cookies

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preview of my second piece for the kny @afterschoolzine ! it features my precious baby foster kitties :3c

pre-orders close on 11/01! you can find all information here:

all the art and merch are very cute so you should consider ordering!

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