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Sharing the title of Uppermoon with the uppermoons
Uppermoons x male demon reader
Tumblr media
Daki & Gyutaro:
They were irritated to say the least, there was already 2 of them no need for a 3rd but orders are orders
You were friendly but not trying to please them
You joined them both in the redlight district as Daki's personal servant
You just tried to help Daki become stronger with Hashiras but she got she always got beheaded and needed Gyutaro's help which made you scold her for being weak but not without some helpful constructive criticism after your rant which was pent up anger as well
Gyutaro sure had to defend Daki but you made good points
After you cooled off you apologized to Daki for losing your cool but not for what you said
Daki was a bit angry her brother that he didn't defend her but he explained why and she couldn't go against his word
You decided to pamper Daki as an apology, like doing her hair and giving her loving complements
Daki was absolutely flustered since you're not her brother and you're handsome
Gyutaro was sort of protective but you thought he was jealous so you treated him lovingly too and he freaked the fuck out
They were surprised at how affectionate you were and kind of didn't know what to react
Daki fucking bathed in your affection while Gyutaro didn't know how to react and denied them
But over a couple of years he warmed up to you
They had developed a crush on you and were even somewhat overprotective
When you first encountered a Hashira you relied on your brute strength to intimidate them, they were going to be no problem so you took your time toying with them with a sadistic smile that had them almost in tears
Once you were bored you quickly ended the Hashira's life with your blood art
When you were done you noticed that the two were watching in awe by your blood art
Daki was just staring in awe as the remanence of your blood art remained and she thought it was beautiful
Gyutaro avoided your gaze but after said your blood art was cool which made you smile
You gifted the Hashira's body to Daki as a gift
You somewhat disliked the red light district so you often suggest other places with restaurants since none of you can taste the food but like to smell it and its nice
You are the balance between the two but you didn't mind
Once a few decades had passed they wanted to become one condition you couldn't be with them and they knew about your dislike for the redlight district and you begrudgingly agreed but they both gave you one of their eyes they could always be with. both of their eyes were under your eyes and you cried for the first time
Sure you had to leave but they would still be able to be with you
For the last time you took them to Tokyo buying both of them gifts and eating humans together
it was the best even when you had to go
There is going to be more of the uppermoons 
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Tumblr media
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Seeing Daki/Ume walk away from the light and chance to be redeemed in death because being separated from her brother is worse than any hell they’ll face together-
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
My contribution to the demon slayer fandom this season! ✨✨
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Tumblr media
★ 【忌廉c】 「 堕姬 」 ☆ ⊳ daki // demon slayer ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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Adopting Gyutaro & Daki
wholesome, angst, breastfeeding, mentions of abortion, prostitution, blood, disease, body image, bullying, mentions of a death of a pet
Gyutaro/Daki x adoptive mother reader
So I thought too hard about this and thought that it would only make sense to not call them Daki (meaning discard) and Gyutaro (meaning pimp) because those are their demon names and his human name was never revealed and Ume is named after the disease their mother had (but I also read that it means plum, someone's lying). Those will still be the names I'll write for them, but you, as their mother, get to decide what to name them. And I don't know their mother's name, so I'll just put T/M.
Edit: I had the remove the part where Gyutaro had green tips.
You grew up in the same village as their mother, were best friends in fact. The two of you were thick as thieves, getting into all kinds of shinanagens and what not, you two promised to be friends forever. But things changed.
She wanted to be an oiran when ever since she first saw one in the entertainment district when you were both fifteen. She admired their beauty, their status, it was everything that she wanted and you supported her all the way.
Since she started her training, you less and less of her to where you couldn't see her at all, but you knew she was okay, right? Five years had went by and by then you have already inherited your parents house up the hill in your village. It was on a normal day while you were tending to your garden, an old friend frantically ran up to you. He was out of breath when he tried to tell you about T/M whereabouts. She's alive, but something was wrong, after he told you where she worked at, you wasted no time, you need to see her.
You couldn't believe what you saw, the address that was given to you lead to the outskirts of the district where sick yujyo (prostitutes) worked at. Her yukaku (brothel) was old, dirty, crawling with bugs and lizards, and it wasn't lit up as bright as the more well known houses. Usually, you weren't allowed to visit the yujyo, but the mother of the house didn't care as much and let you in.
You almost didn't recognize T/M when you saw her. Her skin was pale and not all dolled up and rosey, her hair wasn't up with ornaments, but down covering half her face, her clothes were dull and dingey, and didn't have her signature smile anymore, but a gloomy face, eyes almost constantly glued to the floor. She wasn't the oiran you thought she'd be, quite the opposite. What happened to her?
"Y/N..." she smiled lazily, she even sounds different. Before you could respond, she came up and hugged you, snapping you out of your thoughts, you returned the hug. Hugged her so tight that you didn't want to let go as tears started to well up. "Hey, no tears now, what happened to the big strong headed girl I once knew?" she asked in attempt to cheer you up. You release her to wipe your tears and compose yourself "nothing" you sniffle a bit "nothing happened to her" "Good, come to my room, I'll tell you everything."
The two of you sat for hours, catching up with the last five years. She told you she had the ume disease and was put in this house are a year prior, but you weren't ready for what she was about to say next. "Y/N", I'm pregnant" your eyes widen "for how long?" "four weeks, but I'm not keeping it, I'm supposed to get medicine to get rid of it."
"What?" "Y/N, I can't afford to have children, and I don't know how much longer I hav- "then I'll take it" you interrupt "what?" You came closer and took her by her shoulders "I'll take the baby", "Y/N, you can't be serious, you shouldn't-" "Don't!" You nearly shouted "just don't worry about it, I'll take full responsibility for them, you hear? I'll come here every week to bring you food for the both of you and I'll pay for your doctor. Just please...", you pause and inhale through your nostrils "don't get rid of this baby..." And after a short pause, she silently agreed.
Back at home, you prepared everything for the baby, a crib, new clothes, wash bucket, diapers, you even hired a wet nurse. And as promised, you paid for everything thing for her and the baby's health, and after nine long months, the baby is here, he's here, your baby. After the doctor finished cleaning him up, T/M took one look at him and scowled, he was riddled with marks and it sickened her that couldn't even birth a decent looking baby.
"You probably don't want him now, do you"? Your head quickly turns towards her in disgust "What? I promised you that I was going to take this baby, that hasn't changed at the slightest" you scolded her "why would anyone want a child with a face like that!?" This was the last straw, after everything you've both done to give this baby life, she still wanted to discard him like a broken object. "T/M, Give me my baby..." you stated calmly "...Y/N" "I said give me my baby!"
You scooped up the now startled newborn, not wanting to hear another word from her and marched straight home. He wasn't even ten minutes old and he was already exposed to harsh reality of this world, especially being born in the red light district where your looks are everything.
The first thing he needed when you arrived home was a meal, but when you had your nurse come over, she was disgusted with the child in your arms and refused to let him suckle. After pleading with her, she agreed to squeezing the milk out of her in a bowl and you would have to spoon-feed him, but she can only do that so many times. When she wasn't available, you would steam and mash the vegetables you've grown for him.
You would let him suckle on you to help him sleep and after a month of this, you started to produce your own milk! Things went smoothly from then on out. You never let him out of your sight, you'd have him in a basket so you can watch him while you tended to your garden, cooked meals, and clean the house. When about in the village, you'd have him strapped to your back and would catch a few lingering stares without fail, but you didn't let them bother you. He was your son and anyone who had something to say about your son, will have to answer to you with your foot up their ass.
Men would hesitate to approach you, asking for your hand in marriage because it would mean being the "father" of this rumored "monster" everyone speaks of. But you didn't care, your goal is raising this child and a man coming into your life would only try to sevre your bond with him, hoping you would "come to your senses."
After some months went by, he started to go through some changes. During one your feeding routines, you felt a sharp pain on your breast followed by a loud yelp and prying him off you, by reflex of course. There was blood dripping from your nipple 😰. You look in his mouth and he started growing his little baby teeth, but they were pointy. Was there something wrong with him?
After a taking him to the doctor, they told you that nothing was wrong with him and that's just how his teeth and hair are. You were relieved that he was alright and you were no longer fazed by his new features, you found them unique actually. Back to square one, milking yourself this time so you can feed him.
At the age of five, he was already was such a help to you around the house, or at least he tries, but gets better every day. Such a good boy. He already knew better than to wonder off too far from the house when playing in the yard and made friends with a neighborhood dog.
You began homeschooling him after one week of public schooling and him leaving school with bruises on him. You knew it was a bad idea, but you thought you got your message across through everyone in the village, but not the children, they're dumb and don't know how serious you can be unless you break an arm which you thought of doing.
"Mama, why do people here hate me?" He asked while you were wrapping his leg up, you pause for a moment before answering "because they're ignorant and they're scared of something they don't understand and for some reason, the first response to seeing something that you don't understand is to destroy it before it can hurt them, even if there's nothing to be afraid of. Those children at school attacked you today because they are the least to understand, they feel comfortable in pacts, and if there were more people like me and you, they would've thought twice before casting the first stone. They're cowards sweetie, that's all they are and when life takes a bite at you, you bite it back."
There was this one time when some neighborhood kids found out where you two lived and tried to bully him, but he beat them up pretty good with the help of Akio (his dog). A few parents tried to confront you, but Gyutaro scared them off with his dog and sickle he grew fond of before they could step foot onto your property. Proud mama. It was rumored since then that you were a witch, Gyutaro was your demon spawn, and his dog was your familiar hellhound and who would dumb enough to mess with someone who can put a curse on them?
A year went by and the two of you haven't had any problems, but lately you had this nagging feeling in your gut. You needed to see your old friend again, meaning you needed to tell Gyutaro the truth before you could. He didn't seem too bothered by this, to him, you were still his mama and the woman who birthed him was nothing but a stranger.
As the three of you walked back into the district, you couldn't help but notice Gyutaro clinging on your yukata and Akio growling lowly. You can see the dirty looks he was getting, the looks that you tried to protect him from when he was a baby. As much as it angered you to see this happening, all you can do was tell him "just keep looking forward honey, they're irrelevant." You never wanted to bring him back here, but you knew you couldn't shield him forever.
When you saw T/M again you notice that she has one of the same kimonos from six years ago. She looks at Gyutaro and says nothing and neither does he, she knows that he knows. You both sit and and talk for a little bit before she reveals that she's pregnant again. You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose, contemplating on what to say next. This is what your gut was trying to tell you.
It angered you, yes, but it's not her fault really, she is a prostitute after all and it was never her plan to contract a disease and get knocked up twice. She just wanted to be an oiran, to be recognized, admired. "I'll bring you some vegetables tomorrow" you stated dryly "so that's it, you'll just go ahead and take this one too?""Yes! If it means that they don't have to live like this, yes, I will take them as my own. I don't care if you have a hundred babies, any child would deserve better than this!"
It was quiet for a moment before you got up and took his hand and made your way out. As you left, he turned to look at the woman and the way she lived one last time, he understands why you took him. On the way back home, you tried to get your mind off of T/M by hyping up Gyutaro on how exciting it'll be to have a little brother or sister around the house.
You were happy with the idea of having another baby, but you were also concerned. How many babies is she gonna have and dump on you to take responsibility of? You meant what you said back there, but the thought still sickens you.
Nine months later, history almost repeats itself, but this time was different. T/M had a girl, and she was beautiful and unlike last time, you didn't let T/M see the baby, in fear that she would change her mind. You knew it was cruel, but you weren't going to take any chances.
Gyutaro was thrilled to have a baby sister, it filled him with pride to have someone to protect the way his mother protected him. He was so helpful with her, he always wanted to hold her, feed her, bathe her, dress her. She was his princess, you didn't even get a chance to spoil her, he did all of that for you. Akio liked her too and protected her from everything, he even barked at a beetle that got too close to her.
You homeschooled her as well because you knew that the cycle would only continue because she is the sister of the "demon spawn of the village." On their free time, Gyutaro would take Ume to his favorite places in the forest. By this time, you already trusted him and knew he knew his way back home before dark, he knew better.
They would sometimes come back with flower crowns, firewood, and even mushrooms for dinner. Such good kids, *head pats*. By the time Ume was ten, she was already recognized as one of the most beautiful girls in the village that made the other girls ill with envy.
Akio had long passed by then, but you kept one of his puppies, Sora, and he was just as protective of the family as his father. Both Gyutaro and Sora would protect Ume from from jealous girls and boys who tried to get close to her who didn't know better than to mess with the "demon's" sister. He will NOT let anyone taint her.
Despite everything, all was well, until that one fateful day three years later...
Good Ending Bad Ending
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆ Promise? ☆
¤ gyutaro x fem!reader ¤
¤ minor Daki x fem!reader ¤
~ ¤ inexperienced!gyutaro ¤ daki watching ¤ pussy licking ¤ coercion/dub-con ¤ begging ¤ tears ¤ cum eating ¤ creampie ¤ mentions licking blood once ¤ never had a beta, we die like fools ¤ ~
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"p-please, just─ just the tip", he whined, digging his claws into the soft fat of your hips, pulling you closer to his bony frame, "I promise it won't hurt".
Your whimpers went ignored; the tears spilling down your cheeks were carefully licked away─ gentle hushes fanning into your face as you tried not to shudder from his touch. Gyutaro loomed over you, pinning you down onto the rug of your mistresses bedroom, his smile slanted into a sickly sweet leer.
"you promised us, remember? You promised I'd get to touch you if-if I stayed good. And I did─ Daki said so. She said you loved us".
"I-I do", you croaked, scratching on the tufts of the rug below you, sucking in a calming breath and almost choking from the scent of floral perfume and blood. "I l-love you both", your stomach churned, bile rising to your throat as if the truth would spill with it, "Y-you've been so kind to me, mistress. My sis─ my sister and I are so thankful for letting us work for y─ ah!"
A delightful cackle ripped from him in a staccato rhythm, your cry of pain blending with the sound. "She tastes so sweet", he moaned, tongue slinking upon the trickles of blood beading from the indents of his claws. He stroked your thighs, keening gently from the softness that filled his palm, still lapping on your hip as he cleaned the trivial marks he accidentally created. "Sweet, so so sweet─"
"No!" Daki huffed from her spot on the bed, flumping down beside you with her kimono flapping as she childishly slapped her brother's back. "You can't eat her! I promised to share so as long as you didn't─"
"I know", he gruffed, pressing a kiss on the marks instead before sitting up to admire the pretty figure spread between his legs. "Look at her", his low groan crawled down your spine as he grinned, taking in the sight of your torn kimono sliding off your chest, exposing such delectable looking skin that made him scratch at his own. You whimpered from his gaze as it lingered on your plump figure before settling on the clenched thighs hiding the sweet scent that wafted through his senses. Gyutaro's grip on your ankle remained tight as the demon siblings gazed down at you, the hunger of a frightful sort gleaming in their eyes. Seconds ticked past, the nail of his thumb lightly scratching the skin of your ankle as he marvelled at you.
You smiled up at him as best as you could, determined not to show your fear or disgust till Gyutaro leaned into his sister, whispering something in her ear you couldn't decipher before she nodded and shuffled over to where your head lay.
"Gyu is going to have first go, okay?" she lay your head on her lap, gently brushing the strands that stuck to your forehead from the sweat dripping down your temple, "You love me, right?"
You nodded, swallowing the sob that bubbled in your chest, even mustering a smile as you looked up at her. "Y-you're so beautiful─ bo-both of you. I love yo-ou", you managed to choke out, squirming beneath their grips, picturing the sight of your sweet sister safe in her bedroom instead of the position you traded for her. Your loyalty and fear towards the woman that took you in were enough to ignore her outbursts, but fear─ fear for your life, for your sister's made you complicit in their desires. The dread, the thumping in your chest─ the disgust prickling across your body became ignored for the sake of survival.
"Can I touch you?"
The softness in his tone almost had you feeling relaxed, especially the way he pushed up your kimono with a shaky hand─ as if he was afraid of tearing the fabric any more than he already had. You nodded at him, keeping your hands fisted on the fluffy rug, willing every cell on your body not to cringe when he spread your legs, a low whimper tumbling from his lips at the sight of your pussy.
"Oh─" he sank down on the rug, spreading your puffy labia with his crooked fingers, curiously inspecting the fluttering hole of your cunt with wide eyes, "pretty, pretty". Gyutaro licked his lips, flicking his gaze up from your winking pussy to your teary eyes, "'m gonna taste you now"─ was your only warning before his tongue pierced your cunt. Your cry of surprise went unheard over his slurping; the way his tongue messily fucked your tight cunt had you wriggling beneath him. Gyutaro paid it no mind, groaning loudly from the taste of your pussy, greedily pushing in and out with no skill or decorum, saliva coating your slit until he found the nub that had you bucking your hips into him. He paused from the sudden movement, looking up at his sister for guidance.
"Keep going─ you're doing so well! Keep touching her there. she likes it─ don't you?"
The tiny whimper that quivered from you was the only encouragement they needed before Gyutaro went back to messily eating your pussy. His nose rubbed along your folds as he pushed his face into your cunt, tonguing your hole with speed and strength that had your thighs clenching against his head. "mmm, tight on my tongue─ wan' you on my dick too after", his words muffled, talking into the softness of your sticky mound. His free hand settled on your tummy, squeezing the soft pudge as he continued to loudly moan into your pussy. The vibrations shook you, his hot tongue lapping up and down in rough strokes, sounds of him lewdly slurping your slick reverberated through the room.
"gonna eat you up", he moaned, eyes rolling back when he weaned on your poor puffy clit, your whines reaching new octaves when he massaged his finger on your clenching hole too. You let go of the rug, resolve snapping and grasping the curls on his head in tight fistfuls and beginning to hump his face, desperately seeking a release that coiled inside from his touch.
Shame stumbled along with your broken moans, feeling sick to your stomach from how much you enjoyed the way he suckled on your clit and tongue fucked your cunt. The claws dug into your belly the more you squirmed, but you couldn't help yourself when Gyutaro ate you like this. Hot, messy, wet─ filled with groans that tickled your clit and huffs on your pussy lips, blowing hot air that only added to the pleasure that rippled through your core.
"More, more more", he begged, pleaded into your pussy─ drunk on the taste of the slick that shined his tongue, "gimmie more". His hips started grinding on the floor, a low moan erupting into your inner thigh when his aching cock rubbed against the fabric. "I-I need it─ my cock hurts", he whined into your flesh, using one hand to scruffle out of his pants until it bunched up on his knees.
"w-wait, no─" your clit throbbed, but the sorrow of what was to happen next chilled your body, reminding you of the despair you felt earlier, momentarily forgotten from the slick dribbling down your pussy.
Daki silenced your cry with sweet hushes, bearing down at you with wide eyes shining with malice, "Should I bring your pretty sister instead?" She hummed thoughtfully, cruelly tightening her hold on your hair, her fangs gleaming in the moonlight, "I'm sure she'll know how to satisfy my brother".
You stilled, the tiny hairs on your arms standing on end as you trembled from Gyutaro's low whines into your thigh─ watching him hump the floor and whinge about the ache in his cock. With a slow exhale, you tugged on his hair gently, pulling up his gaze and freezing from the tears in his own eyes, "D-does it hurt?" you cooed gently, ignoring the waver in your voice in favour of keeping his attention.
He nodded, nuzzling into your mound, pressing a kiss to your clit, murmuring, "C-can I put the tip in?" his fingers found themselves back on your hips, claws returning to the tiny wounds he left earlier, "Just the tip─ I promise".
Gyutaro nodded, whispering a soft promise. He sat up, pulling your thighs up to his protruding hips and bending you over with a strength you couldn't fathom. His murmurs of just the tip echoed, only ever allowed to touch the girls so as long as he didn't taint them. You─ you looked so pretty he begged his sister to bring you over, and now the taste of your pussy sitting on his tongue tingled, he ached to feel it on his cock.
The dark spots that decorated his skin ran down to his cock, gliding down the side with his odd complexion and mix-match hair sitting on the base of his shaft. You shuddered from the sight, eyeing the way it jutted out and bent slightly to the left─ angry red crown leaking with cloudy white beads dribbling down the shaft onto his round balls. Gyutaro humped your thigh clumsily, sinking on top of you with your legs over his shoulders, his breath puffing against your tear-stained cheek.
"Remember to relax".
Daki whispered, unsure if she was talking to you or her brother, who she affectionately stroked the hair off before looking down at you with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. You closed your eyes, shakily moving your hand around your body and helping his messy humping by guiding his cock into your stretched pussy. He was hot in your palm, practically pulsing with the thin veins that trailed along his length emitting their own heat. Slowly, you smeared his thick crown on your inner lips, gathering the wetness of his saliva and your sticky pussy slick until it became coated enough for him to push his cock into your cunt.
"O-ohh fuck!"
Gyutaro keened softly, his eyes rolling from the sensation of your wet cunt sucking in the flushed crown of his cock, "tight! s'tight", he huffed into your neck, teeth grazing along your tender skin. He rolled his hips, unable to stop himself from grinding his tip into your greedy cunt, lost in the storm of lust to remember any words he promised or whimpered. The warmth of your pussy was so inviting─ practically begging to be filled, he ignored your whines to stop as his thick length pushed further into your silky walls.
He didn't care anymore─ didn't care about the cries in his ears or his sister's huffs about breaking her favourite toy─ Gyutaro sort the warmth of your cunt on his full length.
"'m gonna f-fuck you so good─ ahh, yes, yes", he hissed, his sloppy strokes into your cunt bubbling cries from you, once again being ignored in favour of his own pleasure. Gyutaro moaned loudly, rubbing his cheek against yours as he fucked into you harshly, the sounds of his hips snapping into the fat of your ass thundering in the room. "hot─ hot pussy, so good", he continued to wail, "shit─ y'squeezing m' so tight! ahh".
Your own moans keened loud, sensations of pain and pleasure electrifying your body; it seeped between your legs─ wetness splashing with every slap of his cock into your pussy. His thrusts were sloppy and hard yet─ the way he filled you was enough. Thick, long, penetrating deep in your core, the coil in your belly tightened once again, the squelching wet walls of your cunt tensed around his shaft, warning him of your impending release.
Gyutaro only groaned upon the feeling, his cock gliding in and out of you with speed; your conscious mind wondered how his hips hadn't snapped. "C-can─" he whined softly, your pussy gripping him so tightly he had to slow his thrusts enough to speak, "Can I cum inside?" the snug warmth of your pussy was too much─ he just had to cum.
"Of course, you can", Daki replied with a sigh, stroking your hair back and wiping off the tears on your cheek, "she's yours now─ she can't work anymore. you ruined her".
Gyutaro huffed, looking down at you with a gleeful grin, "Ruined", he echoed, nuzzling into your cheek once again, "Ruined and perfect". His thrusts restarted, the sound of your sobbing music to his ears, along with the sound of his cock pumping in and out of your gaping pussy, stretched perfectly to the shape of his dick. "Ruined, ruined─ gon' cum so deep inside you now. Ha? That's nice, right? Warm cum in your tasty pussy. It's okay, I'll lick it off and take good care of you".
His babbles and groans of looking after you squeezed your chest tight, sobs racking through you now that his cock throbbed inside your wet cunt. And yet the coil only continued to tighten, your clit pulsing with every brush on his pubic mound until it burst─ your release surging through you and splashing his torso with squirts of cum.
Gyutaro cackled as he plunged in deep and hard, seizing your thighs, hips stuttering in their rhythm as his moans grew deeper, harsher until his orgasm punched through him too─ splatters of hot, gooey cum staining your spongy walls.
"Ahhh, s-shit! Yes, yes!" he pounded his cock into you, riding the intensity of his release until it all clotted inside your abused pussy. Heavy pants wheezed into your shoulder, matching the heaving breaths that came from you.
Gyutaro leered, croaking through his laugh─ pulling out slowly, wide eyes hypnotised by the glistening sight of his cock. "You made it so shiny", he gasped in awe, the slick of your release shining upon his shaft along with rings of white cream staining his length, "so pretty". Gyutaro returned between your legs, shoving his whole face into your messy, creamy pussy and once again slobbering his tongue all over your folds.
Your fingers tangled back into his locks, pulling them harshly in your desperate attempt to get him away from your sensitive cunt. Loud whines puffed, the tears welling in your lashes once again being wiped by the giggling demon your head rested on. Gyutaro delved his tongue inside your gaped hole, scooping the combined release from your pussy and drinking them messily. The sloshing loud in the room, burning your cheeks in embarrassment, your mouth wide open in a breathless cry as you jerked involuntarily into his lips.
"More, more, more", he kept begging, back to humping the floor like a pathetic pup, drunk on the taste of your pussy, the sounds of your pleas washing over him. "gon' make a mess in you again─ and again and again". Gyutaro growled, gazing up at you between your legs, face glistening with your sticky juices and eyes glowing with dubious intent, "I promise".
Tumblr media
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elootes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
them :(
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o3o-aya · 3 months ago
Eeek I just read your gyutaro story and yes reader should be prego!! But gyutaro’s baby!!
if that's what you guys want-
Tumblr media
You could only stare down numbly as Daki brushed your hair. 
How long had you even been here...? Long enough for you to be far along in your pregnancy that was for sure...
“You should take more care of your hair!” Daki scolded you as she combed through it. “It’s all tangled!” She said, a soft huff in her voice.
You just cradled your stomach, looking down silently.
You had often fantasized about being pregnant, but with your husband’s child.
All five of you coming together to raise children, never did you expect to be impregnated by a demon.
“Brother! You broke her! Now she isn’t speaking!” Daki complained as she looked over to her brother, who was just staring at you.
Gyutaro just scoffed a bit before he walked over and grabbed your hair. “She’s just being stubborn..” He said as he pulled your hair slightly.
You winced as you looked at him teary eyed.
“She’s fine.” He said before he let you go.
Daki just pouted before she went back to combing your hair, humming a bit as she styled it.
You were exhausted... 
You had finally been left alone, but you were to weak to move.. All you could do was lay down.
You glanced over as you looked at the window opening.
You paused as you noticed... A man... His crimson eyes staring down at you.
Something about him was off.... Very off...
The walked over and kneeled down as he looked at your stomach.”Hm... Interesting...” He muttered, his hand placed onto your stomach.
You flinched a bit as you tried to shy away. “D-Don’t do that...”
This man looked at you, if he look could kill you then you would be dead.
The man just stared at you for a few moments.... Before he finally picked you up, and left.
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Headcanons of Daki and Gyutaro with a y/n that simps for them?
Tumblr media
Daki would be really smug about this.
Of course you simp her.
Or so she is beautiful, skillful and truly perfect.
( This is Daki's description of himself and ae does not match the opinions of Douma simp author. )
Daki would be really excited to learn that she would have a lot of fans in your world.
Of course you would be her favorite.
Daki would like to hear a lot of praise and praise.
Lots of hugs and kisses.
But Daki can also be really manipulative.
When she wants something you can’t give her (and this happens really often) Daki blames you and starts crying.
And you better do something fast.
Or else the overprotective big brother Gyutaro is not happy.
Other than that, your relationship could be happy.
Little toxic but happy.
Tumblr media
What is a simp?
At first, Gyutaro thought this would be a really cruel joke.
There is no way you like something like him.
Especially when he sees how handsome the other Demon Slayer characters are.
You had Demon Slayer Manga in your hand when you teleported into this world.
It becomes Gyutaro's "all the people I'm jealous of" guide.
It was hard at first to make Gyutaro believe you liked him.
But if you are patient he will get used to it.
Really a lot of hugs.
And don’t really forget the kisses.
You are like a boost injection of Gyutaro's self-esteem.
He really wants to hear over and over again why you chose him.
Gyutaro really hasn’t gotten enough love in his life.
So he would love you really much.
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smol-ackerman · 5 months ago
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DAKI 💜❤️
KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Entertainment District Arc: Ep. 04
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e-gyuu · a month ago
Tumblr media
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lev-s95 · 5 months ago
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EVIL FOUND FAMILY (Evil dad and his evil kids) (I ask this is not tagged as ship or anything, they are family)
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kimandreaaaa · 4 months ago
What Type Of s/o The Upper Moons Are
Tumblr media
Akaza is definitely the loving boyfriend. He is determined to protect you and provide everything you need. He is the one who likes to give affection, but will be happy as well if you return the favor. His favorite thing is to walk with you really anywhere, even if it is in a weird place like a dungeon, he still finds it cozy and relaxing. He will probably be the type to get really offended if you don’t spend a special amount of time with him. And If you have any guy friends, he might be a little hesitant to let you hang out with them. But not in the possessive way, but more of an “ I’m scared too lose you” way.
Akaza would be extremely shy at first, scared to even show emotions. And if you are a human the barrier of his emotions would be even harder to reach, since he has lost one of his past loves before, he won’t allow the next one to die as well. So if you’re a human, he would most likely turn you into a demon anyways. Because he is scared to loose you. He won’t let you come in any contact with the other moons, just because they would probably kill you since he is overall the upper moon three.
Akaza’s behavior throughout you’re relationship is really sweet. But don’t make him mad or upset or he will scold you. He hates when you two fights but apologizes right afterwards. He likes to gift you little things like cakes and other sweet stuff that you like. And he likes to make you little armbands so you two can match. But overall, this boy is really affectionate boy.
Daki is really possessive. She doesn’t like it when you talk to people rather than her and won’t let you get too ahead of you’re self when getting to know people. She is a perfectionist, so she would want you to be as well. She loves you and wants the best for you, but sometimes she gets easily pissed off. You and her brother would probably be the closest to her, and master Muzan of course, at least in her perspective.
She likes hanging inside where she can do really anything. She likes to practice her makeup on you if you’re a girl, and will probably do the same ether if you’re a boy. She likes gifting you jewelry and earrings just so you can stand out. You would probably be her mannequin throughout the relationship, but she is gentle with you and know when you are in discomfort.
Dates with her would be stargazing or going out in the middle of the night while shopping, she likes to wander around town to see how the structure of the houses and people are. She takes care of you when you’re sick and she generally really cares for you. She would have probably asked Muzan if she could turn you if you a human, just so she could spend the rest of eternity with you.
Douma would be the laid back type of s/o. He would of course care about you and such but he would not be as possessive and protective as Daki. He trusts you a lot, so you have a really free relationship. Throughout your relationship he likes to bring you flowers and other stuff like makeup and things you’re into. He likes to be creative so painting and drawing with him would be a must.
Douma is also really into fashion so dressing up would also be an activity that you two would do, he would also introduce you to Muzan but would ask you first. Since he trusts you, he would want you to do the same, he would want you to rely on him 24/7. I feel like being in a relationship with Douma would be very sweet and loving, he is like a friend but more. Lots of affection and cute dates.
Douma would also want to live with you, but only if you desired it. He would do anything for you, and wouldn’t hesitate to kill for you if you where in any danger. You would probably be very attached to him since you two have so much trust in each other.
This man will keep you on that train 24/7, the Magen train would probably be the one place you would have to stay besides when you’re taken with to Master Muzan’s meetings. I feel like he would want a human lover, because I feel like it would be kinda of a turn on for him. He is pretty perverted but honestly loves you very much. He will provide everything you would need for you’re stay on the train.
Dates with Enmu would be fancy dinners and activities that you like. If you like painting he would join in just to satisfy you. He would be really possessive of you, and wants you with him everywhere he goes just to keep you in his sight. He would give you space if you needed it but that wouldn’t be for long. His thirst for affection is just too strong.
Overall this guy is definitely the one who likes to give more than receive. But appreciate it if you give some back. He would probably try to turn you into a demon when you start aging. But would absolutely ask you first. And if you said no, he would be okay with that as well.
This boy would be the one to receive more than give. But he is of course affectionate as well. He is just too scared to scare you away since he is really insecure in general. He need a lot of recurrence of you and is scared to loose you. You would probably be really close to daki if you were to be with him since he really depends on his sisters approvals and such. In you’re relationship he would be really sweet towards you.
He would gift you whatever you desired. He would want you to talk with him and wants to know more about the human world. Since he got turned when he was little. It might not look like it, but I think he is really interested in knowledge about the human world. He wants to learn more about stuff like history and other topics.
Gyuutaro is sweet and kind to you and daki only. He sees others as a threat and wouldn’t hesitate to kill demon slayers. He would want you to be near him all the time, because he is stronger than you and sees that as a opportunity to keep you as safe as possible since he has the advantage. But overall, this boy is definitely a good and sweet s/o.
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*Nezuko and Tanjiro obliterating Daki on rooftops*
Red Light District civillians just trying to have a peaceful night in their homes:
Tumblr media
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1010lilfoot · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm sorry in advance for the person I'm about to become now that their backstory has been animated
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sunkoi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
@konstantin609 here you go! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Lady Muzan
Oh boy
First things first, you are EXTREMELY lucky you even caught her eye
It could've been your mental skills, fighting skills, loyalty, or even your looks in general that caught her attention
Whatever it was, she would immediately get this sense that you needed to be right by her side at all times (lil bit of a yandere moment)
I feel if she were to confess, she would do it in a romantic way like with a bouquet of flowers, a small gift and or letter
If you accept her confession she'll be happy and content but if you don't then she might kill you
But when you guys do start dating, she'll develop a soft spot just for you.
Sure she can still be cold at times but not as cold as she is to others
She likes to play with your hair
Also likes when you play with her hair
She’ll give you little gifts to show how much she appreciates you
If anyone were to talk bad about you or do bad things to you, they’d be dead in less than a second
Some days she might seem cold and distant from you, but don’t mistake that for hate. Its because she’s mad no progress has been made with finding the Blue Spider Lily or some lower demon is getting into trouble.
Tumblr media
You probably met Nakime when you were called to the infinity fortress.
At first she thought nothing of you and thought you were just another demon.
But as you kept getting called to the infinity fortress, she got more curiously of you.
Every time you saw her up in her spot, you would give a little smile and wave to her.
This made her feel things (butterflies) that she didn’t think she would ever feel again after murdering her husband and becoming a demon.
Eventually, you guys began to make small talk and over time it developed into a relationship.
Nakime likes to teleport you up with her whenever you’re not busy.
She likes sitting in silence but won’t mind if you want to have a conversation.
Likes to cuddle whenever you guys get the chance.
She either likes you to hold her while she sits in your lap or you lay your head on her lap while she combs her fingers through your hair.
Whenever you leave she will send her little eye spying things to make sure you are okay and doesn’t get hurt.
Also likes it when you kiss her on the cheek.
Tumblr media
(I don’t know much about what Orions did/do so bare with me)
You obviously met her in the Red Light District.
Every time you saw here you would praise her by telling her how beautiful she is and how she’s the best out of everyone.
This boosted her ego.
She’s used to hearing people call her beautiful since she was an Orian and she didn’t think too much of it other than it boosting her ego, but for some reason when you said it, she felt something other than pride.
You made your schedule to see Daki once a day.
When you visited her, she would always demand ask you to tell her how beautiful she was or how strong and powerful she is and you would tell her.
You are a major simp for her.
When you start dating, she will be very overprotective of you.
Like Muzan, she’ll be sweet and caring only to you (and her brother) and will be mean and cold to everyone else.
Likes hugging and face kisses.
She will definitely do makeup on your face to match hers and do your hair. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, it will definitely be decorated with bows and pins.
If you were to ever give her a small gift, she would smile and hug you. She would also go out that night and steal buy something for you in return.
Loves it when you comb through her hair with your fingers and loves to lay on your lap.
Likes to go out on walks at night through the Red Light District with you. Holding her hand is a must.
Tumblr media
Nervous Baby
You would’ve definitely made the first move, she would be to shy.
She would be shocked that anyone would even fall in love with her in the first place since she thinks that’s she’s weak and cowardly.
Your guys relationship will definitely be slow due to her always being nervous.
This nervous baby needs/deserves lots of attention and you are more than happy to give it to her.
Her favourite things are hugs and kisses. can be very timid when you give them but loves them neitherless.
Likes to hold your hand when you stand beside her or you guys are walking together.
Gets flustered very easily.
Likes it when you gently rub her horns and play with her hair as she lays in your lap.
Is very ticklish.
If there is a festival in a nearby town and both of you have nothing to do, she loves to go and spend time with you there.
If you two do sleep, she likes to fall asleep on your chest with your arms lightly around her. It makes her feel loved and protected.
Tumblr media
Spider Mother
You are most likely a new member of the spider family and have the role as a parent.
Spider Mother got nervous and scared because she thought you were going to steal her role from her, but she calmed down a little when you were just “the other parent”.
At first she wouldn’t think much of you, in fact she would be nervous and shy around you.
But after helping her when she clumsily fell down, she thought to herself that you were the first one in the family who actually cared for her.
She would develop feelings for you, and become even more shy around you.
She would always stutter and fidget and you knew exactly why.
When you told her you liked her back, she gave a genuine happy smile and happy tears flowed from her eyes.
You boosted Spider Mothers happiness up but she still had that fear of making a mistake and getting punished.
When she gets punished, you’re always there for her after, holding her close and whispering sweet nothings in her ear to calm her down.
When you get punished, she’ll rush to you and hug you tightly. She’s also crying more than you since your the first person to love her and she doesn’t want to loose that.
Her favourite thing to do with you would be sleep and cuddles whenever you guys get the chance. She also loves when she lays on your lap and you rub or tickle her back while whispering sweet nothings.
When she learns or masters something with her ability, she wants to show you and impress you.
She always has a fear of loosing you so she makes the best of anytime you spend together.
Tumblr media
Lady Tamayo
Lady Tamayo would be the sweetest lady you will ever date.
She would often be busy with making medicines, experimenting and creating drugs.
But she will always make time for you.
If you have a rough day she will rub your back and tell you how much she loves you.
Yushiro gets pretty jealous but Lady Tamayo makes sure he doesn’t step out of line and hurt you.
Her favourite animal is a cat so sometimes you’ll bring a stray home and both of you will care for it.
Secretly loves it when she kisses you on the cheek and her lip stick stains.
Likes to go on walks in the town at night. Likes how bright and beautiful the lights are.
When she has time off or isn’t busy, she loves to sit down with you and drink some tea while reading a book or having small conversations.
Secretly melts when you whisper sweet nothings into her ears.
If you ever help her with her work, cleaning or anything else, she will be in a good mood for the rest of the day and will give you lots of hugs and kisses.
She makes sure you have everything you need and often puts your needs before her.
She makes food for you every night. If you were to ever make food for her, she would smile the whole time as she ate it and would request for you to make it again one day.
She likes to tickle your back before you fall asleep.
Likes to spoon when you guys sleep in a bed together.
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